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The Penticton Press Jun 26, 1909

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Array ^XA^y H^   ;"' ^
ZTbe   l^enticton   Ifbtese
VOL. ?.   No. 50.
B. E. Walker, President.
Alexander Laird, General Manager.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Reserve Fund,   -   6,000,000
Most Successful Day's Sport at
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England.
Deposits of $1 and upwards are received and interest allowed at
current rates.     Accounts may be opened in the names of
two or more persons and withdrawals made by
any one of them or by the survivor.
Penticton Branch     =
J. J. HUNTER, Manager.
% Campbell & Kay \
(Having just completed moving our Mill and re- >A,
modelling it all over we are now in )\S
+w*+mmJ*i mmm�� tt ���mm. tt -mm. ����������*^fc�� Q ��^�� tt ^^ tt "mm. <+
I Our Prices arc Right (
J An inspection will convince you.
\ A Complete Line of   -   -
I We represent some of the best and soundest companies.   Get our rates before renewing or placing fresh
/ The Penticton Saddlery SSfeU* I
fi 3^5 Ww^ W^ W^ W^ wW W5^IV wW W*9t* \^ *iK <wWf \W*^w\t*w9V <K ^IV wW*wTA* ^K O^^R %K ^B ^K-%^
|j Livery, Feed and Sale Stable jj
g DIGNAN and WEEKS, Proprietors. jj
���5 If you vant a Stylish Outfit, this is the place to come.   You can always J|
|? get teams just when you want them.   We make a specialty of keeping *4
^ good horses, safe rigs, carrful drivers and also saddle and pack  horses, 'a
E We are also putting in Hay and Grain for sale, and as we buy  for cash 2
g                   we get the best rates and our patrons get thCbenefit. J
g              Special  Attention To The Wants Of Commercial Men. ��
W>  :: ���i 4
fc> r*> fA> TA> fA> #A> <A> <A> <���
g��j(<|�� f^g f^L% /AN <rA><A> 4S& ���^m> tmm> <*> <^>
Penticton Stage and Livery
Stage Connects with Steamer "Okanagan" at Penticton, with Great Northern
Railway at Keremeos, and with stage to Hedley and Princeton. Leaves at 6 a.m
Pianos and Furniture moved to all points,  and a general Draying
Business transacted.
Saddle and Pack Horses.
Top Buggies, Four-horse Rigs for Commercial Men.
W. E. Welby, Prop.       Penticton.
S  MEN'S and BOYS' one-piece and two-piece Suits, h
V all sizes and colors.    Prices to suit all. V
Come early. _\
��� \
Phone 9 f
*a  The Up-to-Date Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing Houce ^
V Main Street, Penticton. k
Any person laboring under the
delusion that water sports are incapable of drawing a crowd and
holding their attention, should
have been present at the first of
a series of three regattas, which
the little lakeshore town of Nar-
;amata purpose holding during
the present summer. The regatta held on the afternoon of
Thursday, the 17th inst, was
attended by large numbers from
all the lake points. The Str.
Aberdeen brought over one hundred passengers from points up
the lake, Premier McBride,
Lieut.-Gov. Bulyea, of Alberta,
and Price Ellison, M.P.P., being
among those on board. The
ferry boat conveyed large numbers from Summerland; a number of gasoline launches came
from northern points, while the
Str. Maud Moore and a number
of launches conveyed the Penticton visitors, with the exception
of those who preferred to drive
over the picturesque road between.
Extensive preparations had
been made to accommodate the
guests. A large permanent
grand stand had been erected at
the water's edge, and a band
stand, from which the Summer-
land Brass Band at intervals entertained the spectators. A gallery had been erected in a prominent position for the accommodation of the press representatives, while two large boat houses
were beautifully fitted up as
J. M. Robinson, the moving
spirit of Naramata, opened the
proceedings by a short address
after which he called upon His
Honor, Lieut. Gov. Bulyea, of
Alberta, Hon. Richard McBride,
Premier of British Columbia,
and Price Ellison, M. P. P. for
Okanagan electoral district, all
of whom made short and pleasant speeches. Then the actual
business of the day was got
down to, and the events, as appended hereto, run off with remarkable celerity.
Handicap Sailing Race for the
Stark Cup, open; 1st, Sawyer,
Summerland; 2nd, Leir, Penticton.
Children's Double Sculls,
scratch; 1st, Finney and Elliott,
Summerland; 2nd, Booth and
Wellband, Naramata.
Men's Double Sculls, open, H.;
1st, Glennie and Sharp, Summer-
land; 2nd, Wilkinsand Robinson,
Naramata; 3rd, Hill and Nuttal,
Single Canoe Race, scratch:
1st, Avis and Cather, tie; 2nd,
Harvey; all of Kelowna.
Single Sculls; 1st, Sharp, Summerland; 2nd, Hill, Naramata.
Double Canoe Race, scratch;
1st, Blewitt and Walker, Summerland; 2nd, Scott and Nichol,
Summerland; 3rd, Harvey and
Harvey, Kelowna.
Double Canoe Mixed Race; 1st,
Walker and Miss Gladys Robinson; 2nd, Nichol and Mrs. Han-
Open Motor Race, handicap,
1st, Gartrell; 2nd Garnett; 3rd,
Conway.   .
Men's Swimming Race ; 1st,
Tate and Wharton, tie; 3rd, Nelson.
Open Motor Race, scratch; 1st,
Gartrell; 2nd, Conway.
Canoe Race, paddles supplied;
1st Baker; 2nd, Cather.
Obstacle Race, swimming: 1st,
Nelson; 2nd Howis.
Canoe Crab Race, handicap;
1st, Cather; 2nd, Scott, Summerland.
War Canoe Race, three entries,
Naramata, Summerland and Kelowna ;   1st,  Summerland;   2nd,
Kelowna, the latter being one
man short in thoir crew. This
race was the great event of the
In the evening the farce comedy, "All a Mistake," was played
in the opera house to a packed
audience by the Naramata Stock
Penticton and Dominion Day.
As Dominion Day gradually
approaches so the committee in
charge of the sports are completing arrangements for a splendid
day's entertainment. In the
morning we are having the latest
in aquatic events, including a
war canoe race, motor launch
and sailing races. In the afternoon horse races, and athletic
sports will be held on the track.
This year bigger prizes are
being given for the races, and,
now we have a permanent course,
we hope to see better class
racing. The principal draw in
the athletic programme is, of
course, the ten mile Marathon.
This event has aroused a great
deal of interest, and competitors
are expected from all points.
The Kelowna City Band has
a^ain been engage! for the day,
and, as the music rendered last
year was greatly appreciated, it
is bound to be this.
The finance committee report
about three hundred dollars collected to date. As the prize list
and cost of band amount ti nearly six hundred dollars, citizens
who have not yet donated are
asked to be as generous as they
possibly can when putting the.'r
names on the list. Remember a
good day's sports is a splendid
advertisement for a town like
Merchants, storekeepers, and
everyone owning flags should
make it a point to have them
flying. It helps to brighten the
town and shows the visitors that
it is Penticton's annual sports
day. '
Irrigation Committee Meet.
The committee on irrigation
purchase held its first meeting
on Monday evening. A full com-
mitttee was not present, so it
was thought best to adjourn to a
later date. It was also felt that,
as no funds were available, nothing could be done towards making tests of the water at the various sources from which it has
been proposed to draw a domestic
This is undoubtedly true, but
we believe it would be best for
the committee keep in mind the
main purpose for which they
were appointed. The circular
letter calling the meeting at
which the committee were appointed gave as the chief item of
business, "the appointment of a
special committee to interview
the management of the Company
with a veiw of getting data, price
and terms." Besides this it
could act as an adviser to the
Council. Several schemes for a
domestic water supply have been
advanced. Some of them are,
probably, practicable, others untenable. The committee could
discuss these and advise the
Council to employ an engineer to
report on the ones that appear
most practicable. It could also
advise the Council to have official
tests made of the various waters.
It could present the Council with
reasons why the irrigation system should, or should not be acquired. The office of the committee, as we understand it, is advisory, not executive and it has a
wide field in which to operate.
C. P. R. Train No. 97 Ransacked
by Desperadoes Monday N.'ght.
Half a dozen masked desperadoes held up C. P. R. westbound
express No. 97 just east of Ducks
a few minutes before midnight
Monday night, broke in the doors
of three express cars, and failing
to find anything of value made
their escape.
Two masked men crawled over
the coal pile on the tender of the
locomotive on Monday night, and
jumping suddenly down on the
floor of the cab, they levelled revolvers at the heads of the engineer and fireman and ordered
the engineer to pull up at a signal fire which he would see some
distance to the east of Ducks.
A few minutes later the train
was at a standstill. It is believed
that the men boarded the train
at Notch Hill.
Four men, masked and each
bearing a rifle, ran in the direction of the bcomotive as soon as
the train stopped. One man
fired two shots in the air as he
ran, evidently for the sole purpose of intimidating any of the
train crew or passengers whose
cariosity might tempt them to
put their heads out of the coaches
to see what the trouble was.
These were the only shots fired
during the holdup. The whole
thing was over and the train
started on its way again within
20 minutes.
The leader of the robbers
forced the fireman to take an axe
and break in the panelling along
the sides of the three express
ears. Holes sufficiently large to
enable a man to thrust his head
into the cars were knocked
through the panels. This method
of investigation failed to discover
anything of value and in a very
few minutes the men decamped
in the direction of the lake, disappearing in the darkness.
Two armed posses are now
scouring the counrry in the vicinity of the holdup, and they are
composed largely of Indians
whose ability in tracking down
criminals is well appreciated by
the police in this district.
It is now thought that the bandits have started for the boundary country. The police are
confident that they will be run
to earth before many hours. A
number of horses have been
stolen through the district, and
the robbers must have used them
in their flight.
The police do not believe that
the robbers were looking for
silver bars. It is known that a
quantity of money was being
sent from the east to one of the
western banks, and this is the
booty that the robbers sought,
according to the latest theory of
the police.
The robbers took nothing from
the cars, refusing to even tamper
with the mail or express packages. They were looking for
something in particular, for
Engineer Crawford overheard
them say that they had ''got the
wrong train."
The Lakeshore Telephone Co.
is making extensive additions to
its local telephone system.
Two Hundred and Sixty-Three Acres;
about 30 acres can be cultivated and
watered ; over * mile lake frontage ;
2 acres six year old bearing orchard; 5
additional acres cleared for crop ; 2
springs at house ; wharf 170 ft. long ;
good log house; 6 chicken houses; good
stable i(ixl6 with hay loft and shingled;
roof; lean-to 16x16 ; good corral ; good
root cellar where nothing froze this
winter; first water right on Shoot
Creek for 100 inches ; unlimited range
for stock ; 5 miles from Naramata ;
wagon road will be built this year or
next; one of the most delightful locations in the Okanagan. Last year the
owner was asking ten thousand for
place but as he has something else in i
sight now, he will sell for six thousand.
This is a bargain.
Apply for particulars at the  PRE��S
office, or to F, G. ANDERSON,
Summerland, U. 0.
$1.00 Per Year In Advance
Local and Personal
Those having friends visiting them
will confer a favor by acquainting the
Pkess with the fact. All other local
news thankfully received.
Const. Tooth, of Kelowna, was
in town this week.
Steward is advertising just
what you need, see his ad.
A. S. Smith has bought eleven
lots between the Cannery and
the lake.
Born-on Thursday, June, 17,
to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parmley,
a daughter.
A coat of paint has much improved the appearance of the
Baptist church.
Miss E. A. Hancock's nursing
home will be closed for one
month from July 19.
J. W. Jackson returned last
week from Moose Jaw after an
absence of several months.
Rev. A. W. K. Herdman, of
Kelowna, will conduct the Presbyterian service next Sunday
Miss Tupper, of New Westminster, arrived on Wednesday
to visit her brother, J. F.Tupper,
and wife.
Miss V. Sutherland has returned home after spending several weeks with her brother and
his family iu Keremeos.
Wm. Orr left for Seattle this
week on horseback by the Hope
trail. He will sell his horse at
the other end of the trip and return by rail.
The New Williams and White
sewing machines need no introducing, buy a machine with a
reputation. Call and get our
easy payment plan, Steward's.
A meeting of all the committees of the Athletic Association is called for to-night in the
Council Chamber to make final
arrangements for July 1. Remember, to-night.
Premier McBride and Hon.i
Thos. Taylor spent the evening
and night of Thursday, the 17th,
in Penticton, leaving on the following morning for Keremeos,
Hedley and Princeton.
During the past week the Hot* 1
Penticton has been brightened
up by the application of a coat
of white paint trimmed with
green, and part of the interior
has been re-varnished.
Mrs. R. Walton, of Fort Saskatchewan, Sask., arrived on
Wednesday night to spend a
month with her daughter, Mrs.
L. A. Rathvon. Mrs. Walton
purposes attending the Seattle
Fair before her return east.
Rev. A. F. Baker will preach
his farewell sermon in the
Baptist church on Sunday
evening, 27th inst. Mr. Baker
has accepted a call to the Baptist
church at New Westminster,
and leaves to assume his duties
The ladies of St. Saviour's
church will hold a garden party
at the home of W. H. T. Gahan
at 7 p. m. (not 5 p. m., as on
dodgers) on Tuesday, the 29th
inst. The proceeds will be devoted to the church building
fund. Strawberries and ice
cream and promenade concert.
All are invited. .   .
A Kamloops Day has been arranged for at the A. Y. P. Exposition on June 29. A rate of
single fare for the round trip
from stations including Revelstoke and west to Mission Junction is to be authorized, and tickets will be sold on June 27 and
28 with final return limit July 5.
Now is your chance to see the
Exposition at half usual railway
charge, as this rate includes Penticton. THE PENTICTON PRESS, PENTICTON, B.C. JUNE 26, 1909.
THE PENTICTON PRESS ff*"'*"' kU!^^JW"WJ1M,a,,'g^,'lgTO
Population, 800.   Area, 7,041 acres.    Maximum
temperature 1908, 95V4 F.;   minimum temperature
1908,��� HF.   Incorporated into a District Municipality Jan. 1, 19w9,    Located at south end of Ok-
auapan Lake.   Communication by C. P. K. steamers on OKanagan Lake.     Wagon  road connects
with Summerland  on   west   side of lake and all I
(mints to the north ;   also with Naramata on east
side of lake. Okanawan Falls, Fairview and  Boun- '
dary country to the south,  and  all  Similkameen j
points to the southwest.     The mildest climate in i
Canada east of the coast.   Public school with four j
departments.    Nursing Home.    Cannery,    Two i
Subscription $1.00 Per Year in
Advance.   Foreign, $1.50.
Advertising Rates:
��� i
ceeding one inch, one insertion, 50c.
for each additional insertion, 25c.
more particularly peaches and other tender kinds.
Twelve hundred acres planted. Excellent boating
and bathing in the summer.     Beautiful scenery.
A sunny climate.   An idea) place to spend either   Lodge Notices, Professional Cards, &c.
$1.00 per inch, per month.
the summer or winter month*
Fur business places see our advertising columns.
Meets Thursday evenings in Council Room, Smith
street.     A.  H.  Wade,   Reeve.     Chas.   Were, I
meets 1st Monday in each month at 8 p. m. K.
Wilton, Sec'y-Treas.
Annual general meeting, 2nd Wednesday in January of each year. General Quarterly meetings, 2nd Wednesdays in January. April. July
and October at 8 p.m. Affiliated with Okanagan Hoards of Trade. J. J. Hunter, Pres.;
M. C. Kendall. Sec'y.
Land and Timber Notices���30 flays, $5;
60 days, $7.
Legal Advertising���First insertion, 10
cents ner line: each subsequent insertion, 5c. per line.
Reading Notices in Local News Column
15c. per line, first insertion; 10c. per
line, each subsequent insertion.
Contract Advertisements���Rates arranged according to space taken.
All changes in :o:itract advertisements must be in the hands of the
printer by Tuesday evening to ensure
publication in the next issue.
St. Snviour's Church, Fairview Avenue : Vicar,
Kev. J. A. Cleland.   Celebration of Holy Communion the 1st and .''.nl Sundays of the month
after 11 o'clock matins; the 2nd Sunday at 8 a.
m.   Morningpruyeratlla.nl.     Evensong at
7:30 p.m.
Presbyterian services each Sunday in ehurch at
11 a.m. or 7:3U p.m.   Kev. Jus. Hood, pastor.
Baptist services each Sunday in church, at 11 a.
m. or 7:30 p. m.    Rev. A. F. Baker, pastor.
Presbyterian   and   Baptist   services    alternate,    the importance Ot ltS pOSltlOn, tlie
morning and evening.
Methodist services in church each Sundny at 11a.
m. and 7:3u p.m.:   Sunday School 2:40 p.m.
Prayer meetings 8 p.m. on Wednesday.    Kev.
R. W. Hibbert. pastor.
Young Peoples' Christian Union   meets  in  the
Methodist church every Tuesday ut H p.m.
Pull Together.
There   are   few    who     visit
Penticton that do not appreciate
beauty of its townsite, its unsurpassed climatic conditions, all of
which claim for it, at no distant
date the leading place, not only
among Okanagan towns, but a-
mong the interior cities and tswns
of the province.
Nature, however never built a
city. Such are built only by courage and co-operation of individuals, where people pull together,
towns with few natural advantages are often made to surpass
those much better situated. Of
course it must be expected that
the people of Penticton, as is the
case in all young settlements,
will experience discouragements.
A. F. & A. M. meet in Mason's Hall. Main St., lsl
Wednesday in each month at 8 p.m.
W. O. W. meet in Woodmens' Hall, Ellis St., 2nd
and 4th Saturday in each month at 8 p.m.
1. O. O. F. meet in Odd  Fellows' Hall, Main St..
every Monday at 8 p.m.
1.. O. L.  meet in Woodmen's Hall 2nd and 4tl
Friday in each month at 8 p. m.
Staffe leaves for Keremeos, Hedley and Princeton, at 6 a. m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Returns on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Stage leaves for Fairview and Oroviile on Tues
days, Thursdays and Saturdays at 6:3u a. m. He
turns on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays ai
Up. m.
Hours 9 a. m. to 5 p, m.
Registered Letter and Money Order wickei
closes 5 p. m.
Wicket opened for half an hour after mail ii
Arrivals-Per Str,   Okanagan:    Daily   except I Some   will    llPCOme    disheartened ' E
Sunday 6 p.m.;  Per stage from  Hedley,  Kere-    ou'"K   w"l    UcCUIIie    uiSlltMI ItMieu
ineos,   Olalla, Allen   Orove,   Oroviile, Fairview.   nrtrl mnvf>  nwnv    hut   rriie   urinnlrl
and White Lake: Mondays. Wednesdays and Fri-    dUU In0Vt-   ^Wdy,    OUT.  H'.IS   .-,110111(1
days at 6 p. m.
Closing���For boat and stages: 8 p. m. daily.
sug & Co.
Phone 25
&tt\s> Street
During the past two vceefts vce fierce pCacecl in stocfi a
good assortment of ait the Cities we carry. We mention some
of tfie new tilings just to fiand.
Dry Goods
Indian Head Costume cloth in white,
15c. and 20c. a yard.
White Costume Duck, special 15c. yard.
Pongee Silk, 26 in. at 35c. a yard.:
Navy Serge, 54 in. at 60c. yd.
Navy Lustre, 42 in. at 40c. Both these
lines just the thing for bathing costumes.
Nainsook, nice qualities, 15c and 20c a.
Silk Mull, 27 inch, at 35c a yard';'/'
Hosiery and Gloves.
"Bull   Dog,"   "Buster  Brown"   and
"Hercules" Stockings for boys, all
sizes, 30c. per pair.
"Little Princess" Stockings for .girls,
all sizes, in white, tan and hlack, 25c
and 30c a pair.
Ladies' Cotton and Lisle Hose, a good
in tan, brown,  white and black,  2
dome fasteners, 60c. pair.
Lace Lisle Gloves in white at 35c.
Boots and Shoes.
Ladies' Tan  Calf  Blutcher  Oxfords,
$3.75 per pair.
Tan Calf Blutcher Shoes, $3.50 a pair.
Bovs' Tan Calf Blutcher Shoes at $2.75
and $3.00.
Hams and Bacons.
Hog products are very high and going
higher. We have just received a shipment of high quality goods���Armours'
choice Bacon, Hams, and Simon Pure
Lard���a little higher priced but much
better than the common kind.
Hay and Oats.
A car of Hay just to hand, fresh
Daily both way's during summer except Sunday.
.Str. Okanagan leaves Penticton 5 a. m.
Train arrives at Sicamous 6.16 p. in.
Train leaves Sicamous 11.25 a. rn.
Str. Okanagan arrives at Penticton (i p. tn.
First-Class Accommodation For Tourists or Commercial Men.
A. Barnes
PENTICTON,      -       -       B.C.
Notary PublU.
KELOWNA,        - - B. C
S.. O. Land Company's   Block
'Phone II.
Accountant & Auditor,
Notary Public
Nursing Sister
C. M. B., London, England.
Patients nursed in their own homes
or in the
Terms :-$2 to $3 per day.
Telephone 33.
not at all dampen the spirits of
those who remain. If the people
will have confidence in one another and pull together, every
resident will yet have reason to
be thankful for having settled
It is to be regretted, however,
that co-operation is not always
the rule in Penticton. Propositions are turned down without
having been given due business
Prop. ! consideration, and men who advance schemes which they believe to be for the public good
are harshly accused of mercenary motives. Human nature is
not as base as some would sup-
ipose. and the average individual
is as honest as we ourselves. Let
us then, as a community, boost
Penticton anywhere and everywhere, but above all things let
us be honest with, ourselves and
honest with our neighbors, and
pull together to make Penticton
the star city of the interior. If
a buiness proposition is put before you, treat it as such, and do
not, without weighing the matter
thoroughly, jump at the conclusion that an attempt is being
made to swindle you. Selfishness may be a strong element ir:
human nature, but we do not believe that there is a single individual in Penticton who would
allow a spirit of selfishness to
dominate him where the welfare
of the community is at stake.
Men will differ in opinions, of]
course, but they need not mis- j
trust one another when they do.
Let them get together and talk
business deliberately.
assortment just to hand in tan,- black baled.
and white. Oats, No. 1 feed, at $42.00 a ton is a
Ladies' Fine Lisle Gloves in white at good buy just now, as oats are scarce
35c. a pair. and have advanced very much in price
Ladies' Fine Lisle Gloves, super quality since our last shipment.
Banner Sewing Machines, drop head, 10 year guarantee, all attachments free
Special price to introduce, $25.00.
Schram Fruit Jars still to the fore.   Pints $1.10,  Quarts $1.35, Half Gals $1.60
per dozen.
p 2-
��   0
��� t
3) r wvi
3 = ^3
h, 3'K> g
B-S �����[?
-3 Si i
o 3 <��� -H"<
2 fD M c 3
�����. O  "> B _
ES 3.C.I
fi S.�� X: 5>
a f�� �� S.
m.'   m < (t��
9 "" ti i_fc
a     t/i i ��;'
2. ' ��
S *���?!
(B   -   ra
��� 8S JS
n "
���O 5 EC
�� H.aJ
Iain's Pharmacy
Phone 10.
We have of late
and can give you
prices than
Main Street i
increased our stock
better service and
ever before.
3J We carry a full stock of Patent and Proprietory
gj Medicines.
4 We will fill your Prescriptions with care and prompt- K
il nsss.                                      K
5 vjhj;v;ij, mocuaicui ucou,  unaivcn oiJiajio  rtuu  i uwuci.ip ^
3 JTJWJWJKWJ?H5^W'W*?l!"^J^rKSJKJW^WS53*!*?��53*5'!f5Ji5!��I X*
Watch for garden pests.     We carry a large stock of Paris ^
Green, Arsenate of Lead, Chicken Sprays and Powders.      B
Harris   Nursery
Co., Ltd.
Beautify your lot with  some
of our shade trees.
We have Elm, Ash, Maple,
Catalpa, Mulberry, Black Walnut, and Ash Leaved Maple.
Some perennial shrubs and
apple trees left.
Value Received.
Only corporations expect privileges   for   nothing.     When   a
merchant establishes a store he
does not ask to be given a  location for nothing.    He either has
to buy a lot upon which to erect
a building, or to pay  rent.    In
addition to this he contributes to
i ihe revenue of the country by
way of taxes and trades licenses.
The same is true of any  other
business.    If you build a fence,
a house or a stable on the street,
j the council will make you remove
fit.   You  are  not privileged to
j place any obstruction, whatever,
on the highways.
The citizens of Penticton will,
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corporation to erect poles upon
the public streets. In the first
place the poles, where such was
possible, should have been put
on the lanes and not on the
streets, but wherever they were
put, the privilege was worth
something and should be paid
for. A telephone system is a
paying proposition; and the
people of Penticton are giving
dollar for dollar for what they
are receiving. We trust, therefore that whether a franchise'Ice
granted or merely an agreement
entered, into the company will be
made to pay what the privilege
required is reasonably worth.
Further than this, an improvement in several details of the
system should be insisted upon.
Maintaining the Trunk Roads.
The statement made by Hori.
Thos. Taylor, Minister of Public
Works, while in Penticton last
week, that the government would
assist municipalities in maintaining trunk roads, should be received with gratification by our
local council. Assistance has
been given to the Coldstream
municipality to maintain the
Lumby road, and the municipality of Enderby has also been
promised assistance for the Armstrong road.
For a number of years that
part of Fairview road for several
miles south of Penticton has received no repairs, and is in about
as bad a condition as it is possible
for a travelled road to be. A
portion of this is now inside the
municipality, but the council
have felt themselves unable to
put it in shape this year. We
understand the Department will
bear fifty per cent, of the cost of
maintaining such highways, and
we trust that the municipal
authorities will avail themselves
of the proffered assistance without delay.
Freight Rates Reduced
The following six companies lead in Fire Insurance business
done in Canada for year 1908.    In order as follows :
1, Liverpool, London & Globe,
2. Royal Fire Insurance Co.,
;:. Phoenix Assurance Co., of London, Eng.,
4. North British & Mercantile,
5. Guardian Assurance Co.,
6. Commercial Union.
KendalL & MasoN
Inductions in fruit freight
rates ronning from five to seven
cents per hundred on carload lots
are announced by the C. P. R.
freight department. The date
for the operation of the new
schedule is not given, but it will
be effective for this season's shipments.
Last season the fruit canners
of the Okanagan objected to the
existing tariff, declaring that it
placed them in unfair competition
with the eastern canners. The
freight department looked into
the question, and has given
effect to the grievance.
An indication of the substantial
nature of the reductions is seen
in the old and new rates from
the Okanagan to the coast. The
rate from Penticton and Summerland to Vancouver has been
reduced from 71 cents to 64 cents,
and from Peachland and Kelowna
from 69 cents to 63 cents. The
rate from Montreal and Toronto
points was $1.05.
Victoria, Calgary. Strathcona
and Nelson are the other centres
on which similar reductions are
made. Action of the railway
company is a boon alike to the
canners, the consumers, and one
of the most promising industries
in the province. It has averted
the closing down of at least two
Okanagan canneries. THE PENTICTON PRESS, PENTICTON, B.C. JUNE 26, 1909.
The Spoilers.
Copyright.   1005.  by  Rex  E.      Beach.
She thought tenderly of her uncles
goodness to her. clung with despairing
faith to the last of her kin. The blood
ties of the Chester* were close and
she felt iu dire need of thai lost brother
who was somewhere in this mysterious
land-r-nced of some one In whom rau
the strain that bound ber to the weak
old man up yonder. There was .McNamarn: but how could he help her.
how much did she know of him. thi*
mnn who wns now within the darkest
shadow of her new suspicions?
Feeling almost Intolerably friendless
and nlone. weakened both by her recent fright nnd by tier encounter with
Struve, Helen considered ns calmly ns
her emotions would allow nnd decided
that this was no day In which pride
should figure. There were facts which
it was imperative she should know,
and Immediately; therefore, u few minutes Inter, she knocked at the door of
Cherry Malotte.
When the girl appeared. Helen was
astonished to see that she had been
crying. Tears burn hottest and leave
plainest trace in eyes where they come
most seldom. The younger girl conld
not guess the tumult of emotion the
other had undergone during her absence, the utter depths of self abasement she had fathomed, for the sight
of Helen and her fresh young beauty
had aroused iu the adventuress a very
tempest of bitterness and jealousy.
Whether Helen Chester were guilty or
Innocent, now could Clenister hesitate
between them? Cherry had asked herself. Now she stared nt her visitor lu-
hoRpltab'y nnd without sign.
"Wl!l you let tne came In?" Helen
asked her. "I have something to say
to you."
When they were Inside. Cherry Ma
lotte stood aud gu^cd ut her visitor
with Inscrutable eyes and stony  rut*
"It isn't easy for Die to come hack,'
Helen began, "hut I felt that I had to
If you can help me. I hope you will
You said that you knew n great wrong
was being done. I have suspected It.
but I didn't know, nnd I've been afrn d
to doubt my owu people. You said I
had a part in It���that I'd betrayed tuy
friends. Wait a moment." she hurried
on, at the other's cynical smile. "Won't
you tell me what you know aud what
you think my part has been? I've
heard nnd seen things that make me
think���oh. they make me afraid to
think, and yet I enn't find the truth!
You see. in a struggle like this, people
wl 1 make nil sorts of allegations, but
do they know, have they any proof,
thnt my uncle hns done wrong?"
"Is thnt all?"
"No. You snld Struve told you the
whole scheme. I went to him and
tried to cajole the story out of him,
but"���    Bhe shivered nt the memory.
"What success did you have?" Inquired the listener, oddly curious for
nil her cold dislike.
"Don't ask me. I hate to think of
Cherry laughed cruelly. "So. falling
there, you came hack to me. hack for
nnother favor from ihe waif. Well.
Miss Helen Chester. I don't believe
n word you've said, and I'll tell you
nothing. Oo back to the uncle nud the
rawboned lover who sent you. and Inform them that I'll speak when tlie
time conies. They think I know too
much, do they?���so they've sent you to
Rpy? Well. I'll make a compact. Yon
play your game, and I'll play. mine.
Leave Clenister alone, nnd I'll not tell
on McNamara.    Is It n bargain?"
"No. no. no! Can't you see? That's
not it. All I want Is the truth of this
"Then go bnck to Struve nnd get It.
He'll tell yon: I won't. Drive your bargain with hhn���you're able. You've
fooled better men���now, see What you
enn do with him."
Helen left, realizing the futility of
further effort, though she felt that this
woman did not really doubt her, but
was scourged by Jealousy till she deliberately chose this attitude.
Reaching her own house, she wrote
two brief notes nnd culled In her Jnp
boy from the kitchen.
"Fred. I want yon to hunt up Mr.
Clenister nnd give him this note. If
you enn't (Ind him. then look for his
partner nud give the other to him."
Fred vanished, to return In an hour
with the letter for Dextry still lu his
"I don' Cfltcli dls feller." he exp'nln
ed. "Young minis sny be gone, come
bn,ck mebbe one. two, 'Ipven dnys."
"Did you deliver the oue to Mr. Olenlster?"
"Lea, ma'am."
"Was there nn answer.?"
"I.es. ma'am."
������Well, give It to me."
'Hie "Ote read:
Penr MlM Chester���A discussion of a
mutter bo famlllnr "> U�� both as the Anvil
creek controversy would be useless. II
your Inclination Is flue to tht. Incidents ot
iast night, pray don't trouble yourself
We don't want your pity. I am your serv-
As she read the note. Judge Stlllman
entered, nnd it seemed to the girl thnt
he hnd aged n yen- for every hour In.
the last twelve, or else the yellow aft
enioou light limned the sagging hoi
Jows nnd haggard lines of his face
most pitilessly. He showed In voice
nnd manner the nervous burden under
which lie labored.
"Alec hits told me nbout your engagement, and It lifts a terrible loud
from me. I'm mighty glud you're going
to marry him. i'.e's n wonderful man.
and he's the only one who enn save
"What do yon mean by that? What
arc we In danger of?" she Inquired,
avoiding ulscusslon of McNamara's
"Why. that mob. of course. They'll
come hack. They said so. But Alec
can handle the commanding ollicer at
the post. and. thntiks to him. we'll have
soldiers guarding the house hereafter."
"Why���they won't hurt us"-
"Tut. tut! I know what I'm talking about. We're In worse danger
now than ever, and If we don't break
up those vigilantes there'll be bloodshed���that's what. They're a menace,
and they're trying to force me off the
bench so they can take the law Into
their own bands ngnln. That's what I
want to see you about. They're planning to kill Alec and me���so he says���
and we've got to act quick to prevent
murder. Now, this young Olenlster is
oue of them, and he knows who the
rest are. Do you think you could get
him to talk?"
"I don't think I quite understand
yon," said tlie girl, through whitening
"Oh. yes. you do. I want tho names
of the ringleaders, so that I can jail
them. You can worm it out of that fellow if you try."
Helen looked at the old man In a horror thnt at first was dumb. "You ask
this of mo?" she demanded hoarsely
at last.
"Nonsense." he said Irritably. "This
Isn't any time for silly scruples. It's
life or death for me, maybe, and for
Alec too." He said tlie last craftily,
but she stormed at him:
"It's Infamous! You're asking me to
betray the very man who saved us
uot twelve hours ago. lie risked Ills
life for us."
"It Isn't treachery nt nil. It's protection. If we don't get them, they'll
get us. I wouldn't punish that young
fellow, but, I want the others. Come
now. you've got to do It."
But she said "No" firmly, and quietly
went to her own room, where, behind
the locked door, she sat for a long time
staring with unseeing eyes, her bands
tight clinched In her lap. At last she
"I'm afraid it's true. I'm afraid It's
She remained hidden during the
dinner hour, and pleaded a headache
when McNainarn culled In the early
evening. Although she had uot seen
him since lie left her ihe uighl hefore.
bearing her tacit ptoiui.ie to wed bin),
yet how could she meet him now with
the conviction growing on her hourly
tbat he was a master rogue? She
wrestled with the thought thut lie und
her uncle, her own uncle who stood in
the place of a father, were conspirators. And yet, nt memory of the
judge's cold blooded request that she
should turn traitress, her whole being
revolted. If he could ask a thing
like that, what other heartless, selfish
net might he not be capable of? All
Ihe long, solitary evening she kept her
room, but at lust, feeling fnint. slipped
down stairs in search of Fred, for she
had eaten nothing since her late breakfast.
Voices reached her from the parlor,
audits she came to the lust step she
froze there in an attitude of listening.
She froze th, re In nn attitude of listen-
The first sentence she henrd through
the close drown curtains banished nil
qualms at eavesdropping. She stood
for many breathless minutes drinking
in the plot (hilt came to her plainly
from within, then turned, gathered up
her skirts, nnd tiptoed buck to her
room. Here she made haste madly,
tearing off her house clothes nnd donning others.
She pressed her face to the window
nnd noted Unit llie night was like a
close hung velvet pall, without a star
In sight. Nevertheless, she wound a
heavy veil about her lint and face before  she extinguished  the  light  and
stepped Into Ihe hull.    Hearing Mc'Na-
mnru's "Onod night" nl the front door,
she retreated ngnln while her uncle
slowly mounted tbe stairs nnd paused
before   her  chamber.    lie  called   her
name softly, but when she did not answer con'inucd on to his own room.
When he was safely within she descended quietly, went out. and locked
the front door behind her. placing the
key in her bosom. She hurried now.
feeling her way through the thick
gloom in a panic, while iu her mind
wns but one frightened thought:
������I'll be too late.    I'll be too lute."
EVEN alter Helen bnd been out
for some lime she could barely
see sufficiently to avoid collisions. The air, weighted by a
low hung roof of clouds, wns surcharged with tlie electric suspense
of :in impending storm, nnd seemed to
slfTli nnd tremble ut the hint of power
in leash. It was that pause before the
conflict wherein the night laid finger
upou Its lips.
As tlie girl nenrcd Olenister's cabin
she was disappointed at seeing no light
there. She stumbled toward the door,
only to utter a half strangled cry ns
two men stepped out of the gloom nnd
seized her roughly. Something cold
and hard wus thrust violently against
her cheek, forcing her head bnck and
bruising her. She struggled and cried
"Hold on. It's n woman!" ejaculated
the man who had pinioned her arms,
loosing his hold till only a hand remained on ber shoulder. The other
lowered the weapon he had Jammed
to her face nnd peered closely.
"Why, Miss Chester." he snld.
"Whnt nre you doing bere? You enme
near getting hurt."
"I am bound for the Wilsons', but I
must have lost my way in tlie darkness. I think yon have cut my face."
She controlled her fright firmly.
"Thnt's too bad." one snld. "We
mistook yon for"- Aud the other
broke In sharply, "You'd lietter run
along.   We're waiting for some one."
Helen hastened bnck by the route she
hnd come, knowing that there wns still
time, and thnt as yet her uncle's emissaries had not laid bunds upon Glenlster. She hnd overheard the Judge
and McNnmnrn plotting to drng the
town with a force of deputies, seizing
not only her two friends, but every
mn.u suspected of being a vigilante.
The victims were to he jailed without
bond, without reason, without justice,
while the mechanism of the conrt was
to be Juggled in order to hold them
until fall, if necessary. They hnd snld
that the ollieers were already busy, so
haste was a crying tiling. She sped
down the dark streets toward the house
of Cherry Malotte, but found no light
nor answer to her knock. She wns distracted now, und knew not when? to
seek next among the thousand spots
which might hi,!e tlie mnn she wanted.
What chance hnd she against the posse
sweeping the town from end to end?
There wns only one; he might be st
the Northern theater. Even so, she
could not reach hhn. for she 'hired not
go there herself.   She thought of Fred,
her Jnp boy,  but there was uo time.
Wasted momenta meant failure.
Roy had once (old her that he never
gave up what he undertook. Very
wil, she would show that eveu a girl
may possess determination. This was
111 time for modesty or shrinking Indecision, so she pulled the veil more
closely about her face and took her
gir.d name Into her bands. She made
rapidly toward the lighted streets
which cast a skyward glare and from
which through the breathless calm
arose the sound of carousal. Swiftly
she threaded the narrow alleys iu
search of the theater's rear entrance,
for she dared not approach from the
front. In this way she came Into a
part of the camp which had lain hidden from her until now and of the existence of which she had never
The vices of a city, however horrible,
are nt least draped scantily by the
mantle of convention, but iu a great
mining camp they staud naked and
without concealment. Here there were
rows upon rows of erlblike houses clustered over tortuous. Ill lighted lanes.
like Idow flies swarming to an unclean
least. From within enme the noise of
ribaldry and debauch. Shrill laughter
mingled with coarse, mnndlln songs.
till the clinging night reeked with
abominable revelry. The girl snw
painted creatures of every nationality
leaning from windows or beckoning
from doorways,, -.\ bile drunken men
collided with her, burred her course,
challenged her, and again nnd again
she was forced to slip from their embraces. At last the high bulk of the
theater building loomed a short distance ahead. Panting nnd frightened,
she tried the door with weak hands, to
find it locked. From behind It rose the
blare of brass nnd the sound of singing Sho nccosted n mnn who approached her through the narrow alley, but he
bad cruised from the charted course In
search of adventure and was not minded to go In quest of doormen; rather,
he chose to sing a chantey, to the bibulous measures of which he Invited her
to dance with him, so she slipped away
till he had teetered, past. He was some
longshoreman In thut particular epoch
of his Inebriety where life had no burden save the dissipation of wnges.
Returning, she pounded on the door.
possessed of the sense that the mnn
die sought wns here, till at last it wns
flung open, framing the silhouette of n
shirt-sleeved, thick-set youth, who
"Whnt 'n 'ell do you want to butt In
for while the show's on? Go round
front." She caught n glimpse of disordered scenery, nnd hefore be could
���hmi the door in her face thrust a sliver dollar Into his band, nt tlie snme
lime wedging herself Into the opening.
[Ic picketed the coin nnd the door
���licked to behind her.
"Weil, speak  up,    The net's closin'." j
Evidently' he ws\:i the directing genius
f the performance, for at that moment
lie chorus broke into full cry, nnd he
aid, hurriedly:
"Wr.it n minute. There goes the
finally." and dashed nway to tend his
drops und switches. When tbe curtain
v.v.s down and the principals had
sought their drawing rooms be returned.
"Do yon kuow Mr. Gleuister?" she
"Sure. I seen him tonight. Come
here." lie led her toward the footlights and. pulling back the edge of
the curtain, allowed her to peep past
bim nut into the dunce hall. She bud
never pictured a place like this, and In
spile of her agitulim was astonished
at its gnudy elegance. The gallery was
formed of n continuous raw of com-
purtments with curtained fronts, in
which men and women were talking,
drinking, singing. The seats on the
lower floor were disappearing, and the
canvas cover wns rolling bnck, showing tin? polished hardwood underneath,
while out through the wide folding
doors that led to the main gambling
room she henrd a brass lunged man
calling the commencement of the
dance. Couples glided into motion
while she watched.
"I don't see him." said her guide.
"You better walk out front nnd help
yourself." He Indicated the Stttlrs
which led up to the galleried boxes
und tbe steps lending down on to the
main Hour, but she bunded bim another
coin, begging him to find Glenlster nnd
bring him to her. "Hurry, hurry!'' she
Tlie stage manager gazed tit her curiously, remarking: "My! You spend
your money like it hnd been left tu
you. You're n regular pie check for
me.   Come around nny time."
She withdrew to u dark corner und
waited interminably till her messenger
appeared at the head of the gallery
stairs and beckoned to ber. As siie
drew near he said: "I told him there
was a $1,000 filly flaggin' liini from tho
stage door, but he's got a grouch an'
won't stir. He's iu number seven."
She hesitated, at which he said. "Go
on���you're lu right," then continued
reassuringly: "Say. pal. if he's your
white haired lad. you needn't start uo
rough house, 'cause he don't flirt wit'
these dames none whatever. Naw!
Take it from me."
She entered the door her counselor
indicated to find Roy lounging back
watching the dancers. He turned inquiringly���then, ns she raised her veil,
leaped to his feet und jerked the curtains to.
"Helen!   What are yon doing here?"
"Y'ou must go awny quickly." she
gasped. "They're trying to arrest you."
"They!  Who?   Arrest me for what?"
"Voorhees and his men���for riot or
something about last night."
"Nonsense," he said. "I had no part
lu it.    You know that."
"Yes. yes���but you're a vigilante, a:*d
they're after you and all your friends.
Your hi mo is guarded and the town
h alive with deputies. They've planned
to Jnll yon on some pretext or other
and hold you indefinitely. Please g<��
before it's too late."
"How do you know this?" ho asked
"I overheard them plotting."
"Uncle Arthur and Mr. McNamarn."
She faced him squarely as sho said It
and therefore saw the light flame up in
his eyes as ho cried:
"And you came bore to save mo-
came bere at the risk of your good
"Of course. I would hnve done tho
snme for Dextry." The gladness died
awny. leaving him listless.
"Well, let them come. I'm done. 1
guess. I henrd from Wheaton tonight
He's down nnd out, too���some trouble
with the 'Frisco courts about jurisdiction over these cases. I dou't know
tbat It's worth while to light nny
"Listen." she snld. "You must go. I
am sure there is a terrible wrong being done, aud you and I must stop It.
I have seen the truth nt last, and you
are In tbe right. Please hide for a
time at least."
"Very well. If you have taken sides
wltb us there's some hope left. Thank
yon for the risk you ran in warning
She hnd moved to the front of the
compartment nud was peering forth
between the draperies when she stilled
a cry.
"Too hire! Too Inte! There they
nre. Don't part the curtains. They'll
sec you."
Pushing through the gambling hall
were Voorhees and four others, seemingly in quest of some one.
"Run dowu the back stairs," sho
breathed nnd pushed hhu through the
door. lie caught nnd hold her hand
with a hist word of gratitude. Then
lie was gone. She drew dowu her veil
and was about to follow when the
door opened nnd he reappeared.
"No use," he remarked quietly.
"There are three more waiting at the
foot." lie looked out to find tbat the
ollieers had searched the crowd and
were turning towurd the front stairs,
thus cutting off his retreat. There
were but two ways down from the gallery und no outside windows from
which to leap. As they had made no
armed display, the presence of tlie
officers hnd not Interrupted tho dunce.
Glenlster drew his revolver, while
Into his eyes came Ihe dancing glitter
thnt Helen had seen before, cold ns
the glint of winter sunlight.
"No. uot thnt. for God's sake!" she
shuddered, clasping Ills nrm.
"I must for your sake or they'll find
you here, and that's worse than ruin.
I'll fight It out In the corridors so that
you can escape In the confusion. Wnlt
I ill the firing stops nnd the crowd gathers.!! Ills hand wns on the knob when
she tore It loose, whispering hoarsely:
"They'll kill you. Walt! There's a
belter way, Jump." She drugged
him to the front of Ihe box nnd pulled
aside the curtains. "It Isn't high, nnd
they won't see you till it's too Inte.
Then you can run through tho crowd." j
All the (lour mills throughout the country have advanced
the prices on all grades of flour very considerably of late,
but as we had a good supply of certain brands on hand before the raise we are offering them at the old prices, viz.: ���
Moffel's Best    $1.80
XXXX 1.50
Three Star $1.60
Strong Bakers       1.40
A. N. WADE,   General Merchant
Phone 6.
Agent for Giant Powder Co.
The Domestic Water Question solved at
Laid on to each 5 acre lot by next spring.       No expense of clearing either stumps or rocks.       Lake front property.
Choices now available.
Daily delivery of Fresh Milk to
all parts of the town.
H. M. McNeill,    .     Prop.
The office, shed, stable and cold storage
buildings oi' the Okanagan Nursery Co.,
Main St.    Apply
40- Assignee.
He grasped her iden. nnd, slipping liis
wonpun back Into Its holster, laid hold
of the ledge before him nnd lowered
himself down over the dancers, lie
swung out unhesitatingly, nnd almost
before he hnd been observed hod dropped Into their midst. The gallery wus
but twice the height of a mini's head
from the Boor, so he landed on his
feet nnd hnd drawn his revolvers even
while the men nt tlie stub's were shouting nt him t> Unit.
At sight of the naked weapons (here
wns eoufuslon, wherein the commands
lle lowered him sell down over ihe dancers.
of   the   deputies   mingled    with   tht
shrieks of  the  women,   the  crash  ot
overturned  chairs  und   the  sound  of
tramping feel, us the crowd divided
before (ileillstcr nud swept buck
ng.iinsl the wall In the snme ominous
wn.v thai n crowd In the street bad
once divided on the morning of Helen's arrival. The trombone player, who
had sunk low In his chnlr with closed
eyes, looked out suddenly nt the disturbance, nnd his nlarin wus blown
through the horn in n startled sipinwk.
A large wpman whimpered, "lion't
shoot," nnd thrust her palms to her
ours, closing her eyes lightly.
Glenlster covered the deputies, from
whose vicinity the bystnndcrs surged
ns though from the presence of lepers.
"Hands up!" ho cried sharply, nud
Ihey froze Into motionless attitudes,
one poised on Ihe lowest step of the
stairs, the other n puce forward. Voorhees appeared at the beau 01 Lui! Ulght
ami rushed down il lew steps only to
coine abruptly Iuto ruuge nnd to as
snme u like rigidity, lor the young
man's aim shifted to him.
������I hnve n warrant for you." the ofll-
cer cried, his voice loud lu the hush.
"Keep it," said Olenlster, showing
his teeth in u smile In which there wus
uo mirth. He backed diagonally across
the bull, bis boot heels clicking in llie
silence, his eyes shifting rapidly up
nr.d down the stairs where the danger
From her slnjion Helen could see
the whole tableau, nil but the men on
the slnirs, where her vision wns cut
off She snw the dunce girls crouched
behind their partners or leaning far
Weather Report.
Observations at Dominion Government Meteorological Station
at Penticton for the month of
May 1909 :
1 64   34
2 82}  37
3 87   46
4 64   29
6 60   34
6 56}  40
7 62   30
8 7?}  43
9 54   33
10 60J  30
11 63   30
12 76   36
13 61}  31
14 78   41
15 61   34
16 65   38
17 67   35
18 74J  49
19 69   47
20 65   40
21 64}  33
22 66   41
23 72   41
24 72}  48
25 79   07
26 65  51
27 57}  40
28 67  45
���29 73   40}
30 73   40}
31 80} 52
The total rainfall was 1.30 inches.
"Dominion" Mineral Claim
Situate in Ihe Osoyoos Mining Division
of Yale District.
Where located���Pearson Mountain.
Take notice that I, Alexander Ford,
Free Miners Certilicate No. B 96068,
intend 60 days from date hereof to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of securing a Crown Grant of
the above named claim.
And further take notice that action
under Section 37 must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 25th day of May, A.D., 1909.
Business block on Main Street; two
storey with two compartments downstairs and hall upstairs, $2,500. Lot 63,
seven and one-half acres on Fairview
Road, $2,200. J. D. McDonald,
12-tf Potlatch. Idaho.
A good general servant to cook and do
housework.   Wages not to exceed $20
per month.   Apply through
Four lots on Main St.; two corners.
Two buildings, store and private house,
with well inside. Opposite Methodist
church. $2,500 for two lots with buildings on, and $800 for other two. For
cash. Apply
Similkameen Division of Yale District.
TAKE NOTICE that Alexander
Henry Steven, of Summerland, B. C,
accountant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:-Commencing at a post,
planted at the south-east corner post of
Lot No. 106 (S.); thence south 40
chains; thence west 20 chains: thence
north 40 chains; thence east 20 chains
to the point of commencement, and
containing 80 acres, more or less.
Dated at Summerland, B.C., 26th of
May, 1909.
(Tu be cunl
For sale���$30.00,���complete new set of
works of Dickens, and 2 new Lawn
Mowers   or exchange.   Applv
-- -   ��� ���-�������� -*������"
Municipal Council.
June 18. Present the Reeve
and Councillors Murk. Power
and Barnes. Minutes of previous
meeting read and adopted.
Communications from J. A.
Nesbitt. re claim for damages by
flood, from the Lakeshore Telephone Co., re franchise, were
read and disposed of later in the
meetin j?. A letter from the
Commissioner of Works, stating
that 15,000 inches had been reserved on Okanagan River as requested, was ordered to be acknowledged and filed. Letter from
Heaton's Agency, re advertising,
ordered to be acknowledged and
filed. Letter from McKie-Ellm-
worthCo., re street lights, ordered to be acknowledged and quotations asked for.
The Parks committee reported
that the grand stand was completed for the contract price of
$225. and that a satisfactory job
had been done.
The Works committee reported
that certain repairs had been
made to sidewalk on hill near
Hotel Penticton.
The Council then went into
committee of the whole on the
Subdivisions By-law and Firearms By-laws which were read
a third time after having been
reported completed.
Barnes-Power, that the Clerk
be instructed to inform the Lake
Shore Telephone Co. that the
matter of franchise was receiving the consideration of the
Council, and that they would be
notified of a day for meeting the
Council to discuss the terms of
the agreement submitted.
Power-Barnes, that the Clerk
be instructed to write to the
Secretary of the Rifle Association informing him that the
Council recommended the removal of the present range at the
earliest possible opportunity owing to the danger to the public-
safety of the present site.
Murk-Barnes, that the clerk
inform Mr. Nesbitt that while
very much regretting the misfortune sustained by him in the
recent flood, the Council do not
consider themselves responsible
for damage done, and cannot see
their way to entertain his claim.
Tenders were opened for grading Ellis St. and it was decided
to hold the matter over for two
days before awarding contract.
Mr. Murk asked permission to
repair Main St. beyond the
schoolhouse, which is in bad
Barnes-Power, that a one
plank sidewalk be placed along
the lake front for the convenience of foot passengers and
that the planks be connected by
2 x 4s at the ends.
Meeting adjourned.
nrr, ^BESJSaSS-^sx^z^irrrssi ���ffB.nizn
Irrigation rates were due and payable May 1st, 1��0��. Kindly pay same on
or before July 10th, 190Q.
Land payments in arrears must also be settled before the end of July.
F~'jff'fai't~' it^mTi--^'- a���
The Southern Okanagan Land Company,
Trees to taC0MMl)NICATI0N$
Layritz Nurseries,
Victoria, B. C.
We have a fine stock of all tho leading
varieties on hand.
All stock is propagated   from   fruiting
trees rendering practically no risk
regarding untrueness to name.
Write' for catalogue
ind price list to our local representative
KEI/)WNA,        -        13. C.
The only preparation on the market that will
KILL Bud Moth, Catapillars, Codlin Moths,Aphis,
Scale, Bark lice, Brown Tail Moth, San Jose
scale, and Cherry Slugs. Improves the foliage.
Ready for use in a few minutes. No experiment-���thoroughly tested by Experimental
Stations.   Ask for Booklet of testimonials.
Main's Pharmacy
Another car of
McLaughlin    Carriages
Aiso a
Car of Cockshutt  Goods
Comprising the following :���
Adams'   Log   Trucks,   Adams'
Teaming  Trucks,   Adams' one-
horse   Wagons    (low   wheels),
Adams' Lorries and Drays.
Cockshutt 3, 2, and 1-horse
Cockshutt Drag and Lever and
Spring-Tooth Harrows.
Cockshutt Wheel Scrapers and
Drag Scrapers.
Cockshutt 1-horse Cultivators.
Cockshutt Potato Diggers.
Also Bolster Springs, Light and
Heavy Harness, Sharpies Cream
Separators, I. H. C. Gas Engines,
| Ideal Pumping Plants, etc.
Ca!l and Inspect our Stock.
(We do not hold ourselves responsible fur the
opinions of correspondents.)
Goods delivered to any part
of the town daily.
Prompt attention given to mail
Phone 21. P. O. Box 203.
Get your name on the voters' list. It
will cost vou nothing. Applv at the
Press office.      W. J. CLEMENT,
Rowdiffe Block
Is now open  for Portraiture
Other  days   by  appointment
Painter, Paperhanger
and Sign Writer
Picture Framing a Specialty.
WALL PAPER Carried in Stock.
Penticton, British Columbia,
Canada,   ,
June 21st, 1903.
Dear Mr. Editor: ��� Perhaps
your people may not take it amiss
that a recent arrival in your
beautiful valley should express
the pleasure it has given him to
fin I that spirit of sturdy English
democracy away out in this far-
f rom-home land.
Among the many things that
impress me is the way in which
your people all pull together to
help one another and build up
the place. In .many places that
I have visited for shorter or
longer periods I found frequently cliques and factions that hindered the progress of a small
community through their jealousy
of each other, but I am glad 'io
say I have not noticed it here. ���
Another commendable symp-
txn I notice here is the willingness of your people to take up
the 'White Man's burden,'particularly in regard to the aboriginal
settlers. The Indians, I am told,
do not long survive the colonist's
invasion1 6f their country and it
must be particularly gratifying
to them to be treated in the spirit
of brotherhood which is so notic-
able in Penticton.
I understand that in your annual sports you set aside a very
large amount of money in the
way of prizes in such a manner
that your Indian brothers are
almost invariably the winners.
The delicacy of the compliment
being increased by the fact that
they are not permitted to con-
tiibute toward the pu.-ses.
This is one of the evidences of
a kindly feeling between the
new and the old that I will very
gladly remember and mention oh
my return to the Old Country
where the opinion is general that
there is no sympathy between
the Red Man and the colonist.
In fact, before coming here I
was under the impression that it
was dangerous f��,r a White Man
to travel a'one in a community
where Indians were likely to be
There are many other conditions here that are surprising to
one coming fvom the Old Country, but yon certainly have a
magnificent country with a most
delightful climate, and on my
return at some future time I hope
to find you well on toward the
place that this valley is bound to
occupy as a fruit producing district.       Yours very truly,
Niwde Hctum.
Late of Ynots Knab, Elay.
I To the Editor of.The i'kntioton Press:
Dear Sir : ��� Being ^identified
with the president of the Board
of Trade-in bringing to the notice
of the public the need for a water
supply here for domestic use, I
wish to make it known that we,
brought up the question of a
gravity system merely to have it
discussed on its merits, to try
and get the residents here interested in the matter, and to have
some move made towards the attainment of it. '
| Anything is bettor than the indifference ..and apathy usually
shewn in regard to such projects.
Nb'one knows better than myself
the number of people we have
tamed awa/y and are turning
away from Penticton because we
cannot give them a domestic
water service on the benches.
The subject is of vital importance
to the place, and unless the ratepayers want to sit ,dpwn and
wait for the railway to come in,
we cannot get this water system
pushed on to completion too
I weuld suggest that those who
have other schemes on hand
bring them "forward ' with the
necessary information at an early
date, and keep interest alive in
the matter.
Yours truly,
M. C. Kendall.
Lawn Sprinklers.        Rubber Hose.        Sheet Packing.
White Lead, Oil, Mixed Paints, Agate Wall Finish.
The Brown Brothers Company
Nurserymen,   -   of Ontario
Are extensive growers of all kinds of Fruit Trees, Shrubs. Roses, and Ornamental Trees, and
the members of the firm are all practical nurserymen of 25 years experience, and have built up
the most successful and extensive business of the kind in Canada.
The growing of the stock, as well as every other detail in connection with the work, is
personally superintended by the individual members of the firm, and they work on the plan that
the best is none too good for their customers.
We have made large shipments of trees into the Okanagan Valley and can give the names
of the largest planters in that district, who have planted our stock successfully, if desired.
Our trees are grown in the famous Niagara district, in Ontario, in a climate very similar
to that of the Okanagan Valley, and our trees are consequently better suited to the needs of
planters there, than are the Coast stock, being more hardy in the wood, with a more abundant
supply of fibrous roots, which count for much in making an investment in an orchard a safe and
permanent one. , [, .
We shall be pleased to hear from prospective planters, with a view to supplying them with
the best grade of trees, true to name.
We wish to secure the services of a good reliable man to represent us at Penticton 'and
vicinity, and will make liberal terms to the right party, for all, or a part of his time., i   ,,.
Write for terms, prices, etc., to
CHAS. L. TROTTER, Manager,
Brown Brothers Company, Nurserymen, Ltd.,
1125 8th Aye., Vancouver, B. C.
Master Henry Johnson, of Okanagan College, who has been
spending a month in Peachland,
Went to Summerland on Friday
night to spend a short time before returning to his home in
Quite a few Peachhnders took
in the regatta on Thursday at
Naramata, those going from
I Peachland were Mesdames Town,
I Lang, and Miss Babbitt, Lieut.-
��� Gov. Bulyea and Messrs. Lang
; and Wilson.
Mrs. Burtch, of Kelowna, with
j her children, is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Jack Wright.
Mrs. Hamilton Lang, with her
children, is visiting her father,
N. A. Pope..
Mrs. Alox. Miller made a trip
down the lake on Monday evening.
Miss Lula Brown, of Okanagan College, Summerland, came
up ou Saturday morning to spend
her summer holidays with friends
S. E. Lang, head master in
Manitoba University, and his
wife, have come to Peachland to
spend the summer. They have
taki .n up their residence in their
cotl age on Glen Road.
Mri and Mrs. Ed. Taylor, of
Summerland, drove up on Sun
day, and, after spending the day
here, returned in the evening.
Paul Brown left for the coast
on Wednesday morning.
John 'Gummow was a passenger to Kelowna on Wednesday
morning. ���,
The little Misses Hood, of Summerland, are at present \ visiting
their grandmother, Mrs. Wm.
Mr. Martin and family, of
Kelowna, came down in their
gasoline launch on Wednesday
night and were the guests of F.
C. Callendar over night. The
next day they continued thsir
trip down the lake as far as
Naramata, where they attended
the regatta.
A. N. Pope's home on Beach
Avenue was the centre of a general good-time gathering last
Saturday night when nearly all
Peachland turned out to enjoy
a strawberry fete which was
gotten up by the ladies of St.
Margaret's Guild. T. Guy supplied the ice cream and confectionery, while the ladies catered
to the wants of the paople with
delicious cakes and pies. During
the whole evening Mr. Garroway
and J. Drought had their launches
filled with different parties who
passed away the time on the
water. A neat sum was realized,
which will go towards the English Church and Guild.
Thomas Armstrong finished up
the season's work on the wagon
road through Marron Valley last
The Hon. Richard McBride,
Premier of B. C, passed through
this locality on Friday.
A very heavy rain fell here on
Mrs. R. L. Allen and children
were in Penticton ori' Tuesday.
Let everyone take in the sports
at Penticton on July 1st.
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned up to and including the
30th day of June, 1909, for the erection
of a magaiine on the property of the
Giant Powder Co., Penticton, the same
to be of peeled logs not less than 10 in.
in diameter at the small end. Inside
measurements to be 15 ft. long by 12 ft.
wide by 8 ft. high in rear and 10 ft.
high in front above floor. Shed roof
with 8 in. of earth on top of 1 in. plank
and 1 in. plank battened over all. Floor
to be i in. plank 18 in. above the
ground. Double doors; inner door of
2x4 edge, lined on outside with h in.
sheet iron, opening inwards; outer door
to be made of 2 in. plank connected by
A in. straps of iron., Staples for hasp
and padlock to be secured inside by
clamp or screw nut to insure against
being pulled out. Four ventilators' on
each end of the building; two oil floor
level and two 8 ft. 6 in. from the floor,
so protected on the outside as to prevent rain beating in. One ventilator
in centre of roof to be made of 6 jn.
galvanized sheet iron pipe with hood.
Building to be chinked outside and in
above floor with wood strip wedges.
Logs to be dovetailed at corners and
cut flush with sides of building.
Agent for Giant Powder Co.
Penticton, B. C., June 17, 1909.
Is hereby given that the owners of
any horses pasturing on the Recreation
grounds are required to notify the Municipal Clerk and obtain a permit before
turning in h��rses. Any horse found on
the pasture without the owner having
taken out a permit will be impounded.
Pasture fee, $1.00 per month or part
therefore.        By Order
June 24th 1909. Municipal Clerk.


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