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Port Essington Loyalist Apr 24, 1909

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 t       *
Vol. I.
-No. 27
Subscription $3 Pkr Year
Wharf Presents a Busy Appearance Tuesday. When Essington Is Visited by Five
Liners and One River Steamer Same Day
On last Tuesday Essington people witnessed a scene which was
certainly calculated to make a person feel good, and one that, in the
recollection of the "oldest habitant," never before happened.
Five big ocean-going vessels and
one big river steamer discharging
passengers and freight at the wharfs
all at the same time, looks like
there was something doing up here,
and there is, too,
The Princess May, Amur, Princess Ena, Coquitlan and St, Denis,
and the Skeena formed the fleet
that arrived Tuesday, and things
were humming about the wharf
for quite awhile.
The May was here for over an
hour, en route to Skagway, and
while she was discharging freight
for this port many of her passengers passed the time pleasantly in
strolling about town, viewing the
pretty scenery hereabouts; for Essington's location is surely an attractive spot, nestled down among
the high hills, with which she is
surrounded, and which arc just
now taking on their bright green
hues, certainly no prettier site can
be found in the northwest,
Essington is also a place where
more actual business is transacted
than at any other point between
Vancouver and Sitka, and her mercantile interests arc on a firm and
solid basis. Her river trade during
the open season furnishes business
for the large fleet of steamers plying between this port and Hazelton. This is but the natural result of her location, and from which
she has earned the title of "Gateway to Skeena Trade," The large
number of settlers, all ofthe sturdy
farmer class, that is coming into
the Skeena valley will stilt further
enhance Essington's trade, which
will redound to the benefit and advantage of the farmers as well as
to local merchants and local business institutions. A readv market
for all the products of the farm or
truck garden can be found here in
Essington, and no more advantageous spot in British Columbia or
the northwest can be found than
Is encompassed by the Skeena river
Valley, the development of which
has only just begun.
Will Establish a Hotel In the North
A. R. McDonald of the Alberta
hotel, Victoria, Who, for the past
two weeks, has been Visiting old acquaintances here, left for upriver
points Friday. Mr. McDonald is
a veteran in the hotel business, and
no man possesses a more extended
acquaintance with the traveling
public, or is equipped with a more
thorough knowledge of all that
goes to make for the comfort of his
Recognizing the fact that British
Columbia is How filling up with a
fine class of settlers, and that the
dawn of what will be an unprcce-
. dented era of prosperity for this
country is awakening, Mr. McDonald will establish himself in the
hotel business in the borth. He
will go to Aldermereand from that
point Will determine his location.
��.n-v,i   i   j*0) i   ii     I���_^
Hatchery Has Good Season
T. Whittvell, in charge of the dominion hatchery at   LakclUe hike,
75 miles north of Essington, came
down the river, arriving here Saturday noon. Mr. Whitwell made
the trip in a canoe, and was accompanied by his son Stanley, J.
B. Johnson and G. Kelly, who have
been working with him at the
Mr. Whitwell states that they
began spawning August 6 last, collecting 4,848,000 sockeye eggs, and
finished this work August 30.
Between April 9 and 13, inclusive, he liberated 4,300,000 young
fry in splendid condition, and, taking the season all through, it has
been the most satisfactory of any
in the seven years of Mr. Whit-
well's connection witRthe hatchery.
Beautify the Main Street
Dufferin street residents and merchants should see to it that that
thoroughfare is made more attractive thissummer than it is at present.
The stranger coming up from the
wharf gets his first view of the
town on Dufferin street, and these
first views give birth to impressions that may warrant either favorable  or unfavorable comment.
Robt. M. Bums, who with his
family has recently taken up his
residence in the Cunningham house
on Dufferin, has taken the initiative in this direction, and has begun to prepare the grounds about
his residence for flower beds. The
canvas covered shed in the rear of
the premises has been removed,
and the old tennis court will be
For the glory of Essington, let
others along this street enter into
the spirit of adorning their premises with like enthusiasm.
Rankin Is Held for Trial
Constable Jack Monroe came up
on the May Tuesday, having in
custody P. Rankin, whom he arrested in Vancouver on the arrival
of the May there last Saturday.
Rankin is charged with forgery,
having signed another man's name
to a time check which was cashed
by a local merchant.
It seems that The Loyalist was
given a wrong version of the affair
last Wednesday when the act was
committed, but its information was
derived from what we considered
a reliable source.
The details as given The Loyalist were that a man named McDonald came to town with two
time checks, one of which he blew
in, and meeting Rankin, to whom
it was alleged he owed money, gave
him the other to get cashed. These
checks are not transferable, and in
order to get the money Rankin
signed McDonald's name and. cashed it at a local store,
At the trial of Rankin, however.
which Was held before Justice Bail-
lie Wednesday! McDonald denied
having given the check to Rankin,
and the hitter Was remanded for a
hearing before Judge Young at
Prince Rupert,
System Will Be Discontinued
The Loyalist is informed by Mr.
Helgerson) fishery overseer, that
the system oi issuing ten cannery
licenses to each of the canneries
will be diacohtitUiedi
Also that there will be 36 hours'
close Season ending each Sunday
at H o'clock p:ln> lUirlhg the present season.
ii���stol. vi t      ������������ ���**;<.*
New ads. on page 4: F. CrftHiIoll
of the G. T. P.; Provincial Land
department) McArthur's locals?
Well, the town does look neater.
But a little more "ruobin' ain't
goin' to hurt."
Turn to page four for additional
local and new ads.
The Sadie Hiltz made a trip up
the Skeena Wednesday.
Seven Scandinavians have signified their intention of becoming
British subjects the past week.
The strong wind that prevailed
Wednesday sent the white caps
bobbing around here in the harbor
in grent shape.
Another big consignment of machinery whs unloaded from the Ena
Tuesday, all of which goes to the
Skeena River sawmill.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Burns
have taken the Cunningham house
on Dufferin street, having removed
there Monday of this week.
The Essington league season has
opened; Jack Halley says so, and
he knows. He now has Dune McMillan in training for the sockeye
Foreman MePhee has about finished planking Dufferin street. It
will, when completed, have a solid,
well built walk from one end to
the other.
J. H. Hodder, who has been absent in the east since last fall, returned to Essington this week and
on Tuesday departed for Bulkley
valley, where he will locate.
Ed Sundberg left Tuesday morning for a canoe trip up the Skeena.
He will go as far as Copper river,
and look over the country for a
good spot in which to settle down,
The Chieftain, R. Cunningham
A Son's neat river craft, has arrived from Vancouver, where she
has been undergoing repairs. She
is now ready1 for the summer's
Miss Loudon, housekeeper at the
Essington hotel, had the misfortune to lose a sunburst pin, Wednesday. It was lost between the
hotel and the residence of Robt. M.
Burns on Dufferin street. Finder
please return to the hotol office.
Wednesday morning A. J. Hig-
gins and A. J. Sweeney of Portland,
Ore., two young men who have
been stopping at the Essington for
the past week, started up the river
in a canoe with Hazelton as their
objective point, They will eventually locate in the north.
The Loyalist would like to call
attention to the fact that in some
branches of business money is an
indispensable factor, We say in
some branches, not all, for happily
the newspaper man is free ttnd exempt from any taint of a sordid
nature in conducting his business.
He just simply hasn't any use for
money, for his work is a labor of
love. The Lord will look out for
him, for all time to come.
iji ii   ������       jt*0m+    ��� *i* . r * mm
Saturday Was Unlucky Day
Last Saturday waS certainly an
unlucky day in the railroad camps
near Essington. when three accidents occurred, one of tlicm reuniting in death, While one man had his
left foot badly crushed and another
had his eyes burnt with powder.
While preparing ft blast lip at
Smith's No. 2 camp, a premature
explosion burned the face of a Swedish workman so severely that his
eyesight is despaired ol.
Wm. Tteston, another employe
of No, 2, had a foot crushed by a
'block of stone fulling  on it.    He
j whs brought in Sunday and the in
jured member was dressed by Dr.
T. if. MePhee.
John Albi's camp, above Aberdeen, was the scene of the fatality.
While four men were on their way
to work, in descending a bluff on
the river the dirt began sliding,
causing them to Iofc their footing,
and three of them were precipitated into the river. Two of the
men managed, to reach shore in
safety, but Vomer Anderson, who
was thrown out into the swiftly
running current, was drowned.
Search was immediately made for
the body, giant powder and dynamite being employed to raise it,
but all to no avail. It is thought
that the swift undercurrent lias
carried the bodv  far out of reach.
Pioneer Prospector Here.
Chas. McKinnon, one of the oldest, if not the oldest, mining men
in the province, from the view of
continuous residence, came down
from the Omineca country last Saturday and is visiting old acquaintances and old scenes in and about
Mr. McKinnon has been in the
Omineca country for many years,
where he has several good paying
placer claims. He tells The Loyalist that a number of men have
gone into that country of late, and
all are doing well.
The Kildare Mining Co. recently
took on 30 men, all of whom were
put to work in mines controlled by
the company.
Mr, McKinnon is located on
Manson's creek, about ltio miles
distant, and. expressed bis belief
that the country in his immediate
vicinity was as rich in mineral as
can be found anywhere. It is rapidly filling up, and this summer will
see much development work done.
Leg Is Broken
Joseph Messenger, watchman at
the Balmoral cannery, came over
to Essington Wednesday, and on
Thursday morning while engaged
in watching the workmen who are
repairing the Cunningham wharf,
stepped on a defective piece of timber which broke with his weight,
throwing him to the ground and
breaking the small bone of his right
leg. He was taken to Dr. T. J.
MePhee's office, Where the fracture
was reduced.
Capture Their Man
Prov. Policeman Wynn, on word
from Hazleton, has been on the
lookout for a man named Harmon,
who escaped frcyu the Hazelton jail
on the 12th. Yesterday morning
about 1 o'clock he rounded Up his
man and arrested him near the B.
& A. cannery.
When surprised by the officers
Harmon had a load of booze' which
he was carrying to ��>me Indians
who were awaiting him on the river
in a canoe, witli whom he met up
at Kitwangaw. He will be returned
to Haselton.
    .i^ I        1   ��� m
But He Won't Come Home Alone
George  McKen/ie left for Vancouver last Wednesday,
j    This  mere   announcement cer-
Itainly  looks innocent enough, for
j people are going to the metropolis
j every day; but they don't all go
| with the same Mid In  view.    Mr.
i McKenxie  has   departed   for   the'
BOtith���this \\-v know.   HSfi most
intitimte frietlds say that when he
! returns he'll  Hot   be alone,   We
! look for unUBttal activity lil the rice
, market,
Enabling Loyalist Readers to Keep Posted
as to the Movements and Whereabouts
of Their Friends During the Week
C. Parsons was in from McLeod's
camp Tuesday.
Chas. Barnes arrived home from
the south Tuesday.
J. E. (iilmoro came over from
Rupert Thursday.    '
J. Minnie, from Swanson's bay,
was in town this week.    '
J. J. Sloan returned from the
south on the May Tuesday.
Postmaster J. W. Patterson of
Kitselas is expected here today.
F. Crandell, G. T. P. tie and timber agent, was over from Rupert
1). S. Lothian arrived from Vancouver on the Rupert City on last
Mrs. J. W. Dean and children are
home from the  south  after an ex-'
tended absence.
Henry Doyle, manager of the
Millbank cannery, came over from
the Naas Tuesday.
W. H. Viekers was over from
Rupert several days this week on
official business.
; G. A. Buttimer, manager of the
Carlysle cannery, was in town the
first of the week.
C. H, French, of the Hudson's
Bay Co., passed through Tuesday,
en route to Port Simpson.
Supt. of Works Pearse, Frank
Whitlow and Louis Schremp are
down from  the canyon  by canoe.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Ev Stillings of
New York city came in on the May
and are registered  at the Queen's.
J. L. Stewart, of Foley, Welch
& Stewart, passed through on the
Princess May Tuesday for Rupert.
R. G. Cunningham returned on
Tuesday from the south, where he
has been for the past two weeks on
a business trip.
Vadso passengers last Sunday
for the south were: Mrs. Robert
Cunningham and family, Mrs. S.
Kirby, F. F. Quinn, T. Whitwell
and Stanley Whitwell.
The following are the arrivals
and departures for the week end*
ing April 23;
April    18, Vadso Naas River
"       18, Henriette. . .Vancouver
10, Native Rupert
"      20, Princess Ena, .Victoria
20, Amur	
20, Pr. May	
20, Native  Rtipert
"       21, St. DeniB Victoria
21, Native Rupert
22, Skeena     "
22, Chieftain . , , . , Victoria
22, Native. Rtipert
"      22. Amur. . , , ..Naas River
"       23. Native. Rupert
23, Chieftain     "
28, St. Denis,,  Naas River
nkl'-wtTKi) I'ou
18, Vadso Victoria
"       IH. Henriette Rupert
"       19, Native ,,,    "
20. Pr. Ena ,,,,,, Victoria
"      20, Amur Naas Rivef
20. Pr. May ..... Skagway
20, Native Rupert
21, St. Deltis. ..Nans River
"       21, Native Rupert
22, Skeena Op Rivef
22. Native M. Rupert
"      22, Amur Victoria
211, Native Rupert
20, Chieftain         "
"      23, St; Denis Victoria
^_.a�����^ ��� <
C. B. Walk of Rupert on Thursday delivered for McArthur's Emporium a handsome cash register.
It's ii pretty piece of store furniture. The Port Essington Loyalist
W. H. ROBERTS,  Editor and Manager
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and Sc line each Bl}bseu.uenl Insertion.
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Display A.is. 25c Un\\ each insertion,
Nn display mis. will be given *p>i<io on first
page, Business notices will take the ran nl the
hi ut i., r, us tho (Irs! |.titf.' of The Loyalist is POSITIVELY IIKrKKVKIl I'OK I'l'KKI.Y LOCAL KEW8.
Ads, or Business Locals will bb run Until ordered out, and "HI be churned tor nt regular
rates. Resetting display matter will beoharged
for at tlit' rate of :*��� nil Inch to pay for composition, when ohanged ..lienor than once a
Coal Prospecting and Timber Notices, SO
diivs  f". on
Land Noticed, 110 diiys.  7 on
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days  7 00
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oompanled by cheek; otherwise they
will remain unpublished.
Foreign subscription price per year    :i 00
No Patent Medicine Ads. Will Be Accepted
For some years the editor of The
Loyalist lived and worked in the
Southern States, and in Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama. Kentucky
and Louisiana is he thoroughly acquainted with the characteristics
of the people, their peculiarities,
fads, etc., and in nothing docs a
Georgian or Kentuckian pride himself more, when lie can engage the
attention of an audience, than in
his boasted "chivalry." To hear
him enlarge upon the heroic spirit
with which he is imbued would
throw the "days when knighthood
was in flower" away back in the
tall timber. During our labors in
the south, however, we read much,
heard more, and saw less of this
"chivalrous spirit" than one can
witness among a gang of Zulus.
As a curtain-raiser on the true
conditions in Southern States generally, and Georgia in particular,
we ask Loyalist readers to digest
the following and reconcile, if they
can, the Georgian's claim to his
"chivalrous" heritage with the outrage perpetrated by a court of "justice"  upon  an   unfortunate  white
Athbns, (Ia., April 10.���Con vie ted of being an
"undesirable," Kate o'liwyer. a handsome
young white woman, has been sent lo I lie county chain gang and is now serving with negroes.
Bupt, Kelly admits be Iihs placed irons on the
girl, and that She is foreed to sleep in shackles,
lie also admits she Is Chained with negroes. II
was lielicved after I be exposure of convict horrors before the legislature last summer Unit ill
least, a little humanity would bo shown In
Georgia Damps, but the ease of Miss O'Dwyer
indicates that the .old system prevails.
Here is duplicity, brutality and
arrar.t cowardice unmasked. It is
difficult for one to believe that men
who could countenance such an
outrage upon a poor, helpless girl
were ever horn of woman, and until The Loyalist lias more convincing proof than it now possesses
that they are the legitimate offspring of woman, it will continue
to doubt it.
Here in the Twentieth Century,
an age with its flaunted intelligence, advancement, and enlightenment, we have the living evidence
of an existing order in Georgia's
social fabric that would, for very
shame, drive a Skeena river wharf
rat to hide its pestiferous presence
from the light of day forever.
In Kentucky, too, we have this
"chivalrous spirit" in large sized
bunches. A state where men lay
in ambush and shoot down defenseless women as they walk along the
road. The cowardly murder of
Gov. Goebel is still fresh in the
minds of the people, and it is safe
to say that no man was ever killed
in the state of Kentucky who ever
had the ghost of a show to defend
himself from his assassin.
The cowardly tactics of the so-
called "night-riders," who go about
masked and hi gangs after dark,
assaulting men and women against
whom they may have sonic fancied
grievance, is typical of the Kentucky brand of "chivalry."
In Arkansas, where peonage is
in force and tacitly endorsed by
the "flower of Southern knighthood"; where white men are sold on
the block to contractors, and condemned to long terms of servitude
for trivial offenses which, in an en
lightened community, would entail
a small fine or he passed up altogether, we have still another brand
of "chivalry."
Volumes could be written on the
flagrant, cowardly abuses in practice in the Southern States, and
upheld by a class who point with
pride to their illustrious ancestors,
and regard themselves as having
been made of a quality of clay superior to that of the ordinary run
of humanity. But a class of people who, to establish their own respectability and worth, must, per
force, dig deep into the graves of
their ancestors, have very little to
commend them to the consideration of people with a high concep-
liiin of the laws of humanity, and
Georgia must not expect to occupy
a very exalted position in the estimation (if the world until proof
that she has ceased chaining white
girls to negroes is produced.
"Southern chivalry"��� God save
the mark!
E. C. Shelton
O, A. Ragstad, the jeweler, is at
present located in the building adjoining McArthur's Emporium,
where he will carry on business until a more suitable building is
erected near his old stand.
Subscribe for The Loyalist and
keep posted on affairs at home.
The paper is devoted to the interests of Essington and vicinity', and
will be essentially a local paper.
Skeenn Land District���District of Coast
Notice Is hereby given that I, Robert M.
Hums, Prospector, of Port Essington, B.C., in-
i Mid to apply to the lion. Chief Commission) r
of Lands mid Works for permission to purchase
Ihe following described piece of land, situate
in Skeena River District, range 5, on the rigbl
bank of the Skeena river, three-quarter miles
north of Phillips creek. Commencing nt ii post
planted by side of J. D. Wells' northeast corner
post; thence west :I0 chums; Ihence'north :;()
chains; I bonce east 88 chains to bank of river;
theuee south 80 chains by the meandering of
ihe river to post of commencement, containing 100 acres more or less.
ROBERT M. BURNS,  Locator.
I'er.l.-UIK/. KASIIMAN, Agent.
April 18, 1009.
Skeenn Land District���Distriel of Skeonn
Take notice, that John Flewin of Port Simp-
on,ll.  I'., occupation  mill owner, inlends lo
apply   for permission   Io lease the   following
described land;
Commencing it! n post planted at high-water
marl; (post marked ".I. I'Vs n, e. cor.), on ,i.
I'lewin'sland fronlingon Port Simpson harbor:
Ihence wesl 850 feel, lo low-waler murk; Ihence
along low-water murk south 00 degrees oasl S7",
feel; ihence along low-water mark north li'i degrees easl 250 feci; Ihence north (Ast.) HID feel
m high-water mark, containing six (ii) acres
more or less.
Diilcd March 12, Willi 8-27
Canadian Pacific Railway
From Port Essington
Vancouver, Victoria,
Seattle, Tacoma
Including Meals and Berth
Secure  information  as  to  sailing
and tickets from
A. J. MATHESON, Agt., Queen's Hotel
McArthur's Emporium
Next door lo ihe Essingtou Hotel.
Penman's Underwear,
Oiled Clothing,
Leckie's Boots.
L. J. McARTHUR. Prop.
Fruit and Vegetables.
George Hayes
Importer end  Denier in the
finest brands of
Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco
Pool Rooms >$: Barbershop
..Boscowitz Steamship Co..
Weekly Sailings Between
Victoria,  Vancouver  and
Northern B. C. Ports,
For particulars address
Victoria. B. C.
Vancouver,   B.    C.
I.enves ('iiiininttliiim's  Wharf every
day for following Railroad Camps:
Keith's.   McDonald's,  Antonelli's,
Shady's,   Smith   Bros.,   Dan
Stewart's, Aug. Stewart's,
and McEcod's.
I'ort Essington, H. O,
Hicks & Lovick Piano Co.,
1204   Douglas   Street,
Victor Talking Machines,
Pianos and Organs.
Oestall River Sawmill,
JAMES A. BROWN, Proprietor.
W. G. C0NN0N,
Cigars, Tobacco,
Soft Drinks, &c.
Graphophones and Records
Cor. Hazleton and   Dufferin   StS.,
Port Essington.
Hats, Boots,
and Shirts
The Most Complete
in the Northwest
We are justified in saying that our store counters and shelves
are carrying more desirahlc goods this spring than for many a
season, which claim will be verified by an inspection. We invite attention to our new Walk-Over High Boot, which has no
equal on the market for comfort and wearing qualities.
��� ������   A-4*       JCr 13 I
General - Dealers
A First-Class Hotel also
Adjoining the Premises
A Good Point at Which to Outfit From for the Interior.
In traveling up the Skeena make this your
The Right Place To
Buy Fine Jewelry
If your Watch  does  not keep you  the correct time,
send it  to  us  and   have  it made  to  do  so, or  let
us supply you with  one that WILL.    We carry a
COMPLETE LINE  of up-to-date  JEWELRY, from
Before Selecting a Suitable Gift be sure and
call and inspect our stock.
Stop at Hotel Northern
When in Port Simpson, B. C
A  subscription   to The Loyalist
is a good investment.
Under new management.    Has been thoroughly reiiued and
refurnished, and now affords every comfort and convenience.
E. W. RICHARDS, Prop., (formerly with Ss. Camosun) I
the proceedings were Admiral Lord
Charles Beresford, Prince Louis of
Batten berg, Lord Curzon, Sir Hiram Maxim and Admiral Sir Percy
Seott, all of whom heartily supported energetic action. Admiral
Scott advocated a new two-power
standard in airships as well as in
Dreadnoughts, and mentioned incidentally that the navy has designed a gun which, at a distance
of 6000 feet, would be exceedingly
destructive to airships.
Head of London Firm Declares That Business Concerns Prefer Men in Their Off-
ices Who Wear Glasses
Spectacles, which used to be considered a drawback in business life,
have now actually become a valuable asset to those pursuing commercial careers.
Inquiry among a number of employes disclosed the fact that on
the whole the heads of firms were
in favor of the bespectacled man,
whom they considered cheerier,
more alert and more attentive to
Serious, thoughtful eyes behind
a pair of thin spectacle glasses create confidence, as does the merry
twinkling of these same eyes when
the spectacled worker interviews
his employer or his caller.
At one time the business man who
had passed middle life looked upon
the adoption of spectacles as one of
those little tragic incidences that
marked the beginning of his decline and fall.
The young woman thought of
spectacles with a shudder. To her
it seemed the death knell of all
prospects of happiness.
But today the wearers of eyeglasses may be assured they are
highly valuable in commercial circles. They can work longer without fatigue, for they endure none
of the headaches that are the portion of many of their coworkers,
Who suffer without knowing it from
eye strain and consequent depres'
"Spectacles ure certainly more
of an advantage than the reverse
in human life." said an experienced
optician; "many very ordinary looking men present a much more distinguished appearance in pince-nez
Or spectacle's than they do without
them. Of course, an employe! may
be prejudiced against an applicant
for a position who presents a goggle-eyed appearance in the old
fashioned, lieavy-rinilneil specs of
Our grandfathers.
"Nowadays the smartest pince-
nez are quite rimless, and almost
invisible, so they do not at all detract from the yotithfulnesfl or the
beauty of a woman who liml& it
necessary to wear them,
"In the course of my business
experience, said the managing director of it well known agency, "I
. , .      .    .,    ,   ., ,       Toronto, Ontario, oecnp'aflon spinster, intendi
have never found that the specta- ,��� ���j,,,iyforpennimilcm to purchase th��follow
eled man  or girl is hahdic'appedi ingdescribed lands!
.," ,     , . Commencing ill   n post planted On till) Ilortli
I think, tooj that spectacles are in- L,ost sUle of \>nmm island, tin charinei bo
a  lif'l'soil   a cheerier   uvden   Stephen and   I'ruseoti    Island*)  inn
" Please Lift me Out, the Thorns Hurt"
'I'llis story of the queen of Holland is going the rounds of Europe:
When her majesty was a little
girl she was not often seen in the
company of her father, owing to
his resentment of the fact that a
son had not been born to him. Little Wilhelniina's mother was much
distressed at this, and thought of a
novel plan to win the king's favor
for his little girl. One morning at
breakfast as he leaned over to smell
a large bank of roses that covered
ihe center of the table, a baby face
peeped out and a baby voice said:
"Ob, papa,please lift me out of the
(lowers, the thorns hurt me!" It
was little Wilhelmina, and from
that moment the king's heart softened and tin1 young princess became a great pet with her father.
Lieut, Shackelford has planted
be British flag within 111 miles
if the south pole.
Skeenn Land District������ District of Const.
Take notice that Bernard l.elicli Johnson of
Victoria, li. C.i oecopiitioii, muster mariner,
intends to apply for permission to purchase
Ihe following described hinds:
Commencing nt h post planted immediately
north of the northwest corner of .las. Watts
purchase, Kundis Islnnd, Mnssctl's Inlet, fit'.
Isls.; ihence easl forty (Hi) chains; thence
north to shore line; thenoc'along shore line to
point of commencement; and continuing about
>-0 neres.
Dated Dec, II, 1908. (H-20) Ldi'iltor,
Skeeiln l-niid Dlslrlel    District of Coast,
TAKK NOTICK Unit   EliSnibeth flordon Mnc-
Donald, of iifil  Weill ngloii si reel, Toronto, occupation splnsierj inlends to apply for pcMnls-
ion   to   purchase  Ho'   following    described
Commencing nt a post planted oh tho north
eorne'rof IM'oseot.l Island, opposite Small island,
ami rrtarked lSll/,nlIotll Clordon Maodouold's
\.\V. corner; Ihence ti'iisl nlong bench 80 chains!
thence; south in chains) thenee>vest Ki) chains;
ihence not'tll to chains io beach, ami following
hunch topolhl oil tmcncenient, containing
; J'l acres nunc or less.
W, W. CI.AHKK, Agent.
Dated llBe. 1'-', IDO81
Skccim. Iiitnd District -Dlstriet of Const.
TAKK  NoTK'K Unit  Isabella   Simpson,  of
marke'cl Isabella Simpson's N.W.corner: ihence
eilsttlOciininsI thence UOUth 21) chains! thenee
,vesl mi chains to bench; Ihence following
heiiCh lii (mint of commencement, containing
iiki acres niord or less,
Dated DBc, 12, 1008;
W. W. CLARKE, Agent.
clined to give  a pi
disposition.    .Many who try to dispense With them, though they really require  them,  are  morose and
miserable  without knowing Why."
A principal in a, commercial college was also  of opinion that eyeglasses tend  rather to smarten si !
Btudeiit'B  appearance  than to mar:
it in any Way.    They give a serious i
and   responsible expression   to the \
face that promotes confidence* But ���( n,.,,,-,.- island, ami  marked u. d. Beott'i
Some people are afraid to use them iilliU'11 l^t; thenco running "bom m chain.
r    f , south, tailing In the whnlo Island, andcontttln
because they  think   they  detract in^��id����res inoroof loss.    .
from their youth fulness;    We (hid j w. Wi Oi.aiikb, Agent
.     , . . . . I Dated Dec. 12, 1908,
that employers do  not object to i usuk_^a*4���j _^_*���, _
skeena Kami District- District oft'onst.
TAKE XOTICK thai leiii.l. Paynler, ofTor-
onto,Ontario, occii]iatiou departmental mnn-
ager, inlends to apply for permission  to purchase ihe following described lands:
Commencing at h post planted at head of
bay at south end of Prescott Island and marked C. J. I'ayiiler's N. K. corner; thence west
about 20chains io beach; thence following*
beaeli around southern cud of promonotory
around bay to poini of commencement, and
containing 100 acres more or less.
IV. W. Clakkk, Agenl.
Dated Dec. 12, 11108.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKK NOTICE that Henry X. Phillips, of
Vancouver, occupation accountant, Intends to
apply for permission to purchase the following
described in mis:
Commencing at a post planted nt the north
cud of an island off Stephen Island in channel
between I'rescotl and Stephen Islands, and
marked II. N. I'hlUips' initial post! thence
running south about lii) chains, taking in the
whole Island,
1IKNKV N.   I'll I I.I.I PS.
\\. W. Ci.ahkk, Agenl.
Dated Dec. 12, 1908.
Skeena Land District���District ol Coast.
TAKK NOTICE that Joseph .laidine, of Vancouver, II. C.i occupation engineer, inlends lo
apply for permission to purchase the following
described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted on the north
side of Stephen Island, ahout 80 chains west
from Wm. liruce's N. IS. corner, and marked
Joseph Jnrdinc's N. K. corner: thence south SO
chains; Ihence west to beach; thence following
beach to point of commencement, and containing nbotu HO acres more or less.
W. W.jCl.AUKK, Agenl.
Dated Dec. II, 1908.
Skeena Land District���District oft'onst.
TAKE NOTICE Hint Oeorge E. Parry, of Vancouver, J8. c, occupation hotel-keeper, intends
io apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the north
side of an island in the channel running between Prescott and Stephen Islands, and marked Oeorge E. Parry's initial post; theuee running south about ���- chains, taking in the
whole island, and containing 100acres more or
W. W. Ci.ahkk, Agenl.
Dated Dec. 14, 1908,
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE thai Charles J. ('time, of
Toronto, (int., occupation physician, intends
lo apply for permission lo purchase Ihe following described lands:
Commencing al a post planted on the north
-ide of Prcscolt Island, marked C. J. Currle's N.
W, eoiner; thence south 80 chains) thence cast
III chains; thence north to bench; thence following beach to point of commencement, and
containing 820 acres more or less.
Vi. W. CI.AUKU, Agenl,
Dated Dec. II, 1908c
Skeena hand District���District of Coa t.
TAKK notice thai CharlotteCllenn,of Vancouver, II. tl,, occupation housewife, Intends lo
apply for permission to purchase the following
described hinds'
Commencing at a post planted on the north
���ode of Stephen Island, nbout en chains west of
IV, P. Slice's N. E. corner, and marked Chur-
iolle (llcnn's N. W. corner; thence south nil
clinlus; ihence ensi it) chains; tbelicc north to
bench and following bench around bay lo polnl
of commencement, and containing :','2(i acres
acres more or less.
W, W. CI.AHKK, Agent,
Dated Dec. II, 1908;
Skeena Land District -District of Coasl.
TAH !���: NOTICE that George Di Scott, of B5SI
ieorgfe street, Tdronlo, Ontario; oecupnttoi
luntlcfnnMi, lnteuds tonpply for permission t<
purchase ihe following described lands;
Commencing atliposl planted at the north
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE .NOTICE that Albeit Jameson, of St.
Mary's, Ontario, occupation student,intends to
apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted ou thecnst
Side of Stephen Island, on channel between
Prescott and Stephen Inlands, and marked
Albert Jameson's S. E. corner; thenee west 811
chains; thence north 20 chains; thence easl 8(1
chains to beach; thence tollowing bench to
point of commencement, mid containing mo
ceres more or less.
W. W. Clakkk, Agenl.
Dated Dec. 14,1908.
Skeenn Land District���District ol Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Louise Scott, of Toronto,
Ontario,occupation spinster, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing al n post planted on the northwest side ol Prescott island, on channel between Stephen and Prescott Islands, and marked Louise Scott's N. \V. corner; thence cast 80
chains; thence south lllchains; thence wesl 80
chains to licach; thence following bench to
point of commencement, nnd :i*J9 acres more
or less.
w. w. Clarke, Agent.
Dated Dec. 11.1908.
Skeenn Land Dlstrlcl���District of Coast.
take notice that Charles A. Bender, (of
Toronto,.Ontario, intends to apply for permission lo purchase the following described
Commencing ut a post planted on the cast
side of Stephen Islnnd on the channel between
Prcscolt and Stephen Islands, and marked
Charles A. Mender's S. E. corner; Ihence west
Ml chains; Ihence north 20 chains; thence enst
8'J chains to beach; thence following bench lo
point of commencement, nnd containing IfiO
acres more or less.
W. W. ci.ahkk, Agent.
Dated Dec. 11. 1908.
~i!i      una Land District ��� District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that  Ralph Selby Coxon, of
Vancouver, B, ('., occupation merchant, intends to apply for permission i<> purchase, ihc
following described lands:
Commencing ata post planted on the west
side of small island at tin1 mouth of channel
running between Prcscolt and Stephen Islands
and marked Ralph Selby CoXon's initial post:
thence running cast about 811 chains, Inking in
the whole island and containing'2(111 acres more
or less.
\V. W. ci.ahkk. Agent,
Dated Dec. 12, 1908.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast,
TAKE NOTICE that William Bruce, of Vancouver, it. ('., occupation gentleman, inlends
to apply for permission to purchase the following described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted on the north
side of Stephen Island, nbout 2ii chains west
of T. E. Washington's N. K. corner, and marked
William liruce's N. K. comer; thence south 8(i
chains; thence West 80 chains; thence north to
beach; thence following beach to point of com-
inenceiiicnt, and containing (il'i acres moreor
W. iv. Ci.ahkk, Agent.
Haled Dec. II. 1908.
Skeena Land Dlstrict"-Dtstrict of ('oast.
TAKK NOTICE that Thomas E, Washington,
of Hay street, Toronto, Ontario, occupation
real estate agent, Intends to apply (of permission to purchase Ihe following described
Commencing at tl pdgf planted nt the north
side of Stephen Island, about 2dtihnlll8 west of |
.1. II. Toomey's N. K, corner, and marked T. K.
Washington's N. IS. corner: tht'nce south 80
chains; thence west 20 chains; thence north to
beach ! Ihence following beach to point of commencement, Hfld containing inn acres moreor
Skeenn Lund District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that George Arthur Godfrey,
of I and". Wesl Smithfleld, London, England,
occupation solicitor, intends tonpply for permission to purchase Ihe following described
Commencing at a post planted aboul thirty
cards easl ��f the mouth Of Nans Harbor Creek,
NaasHarbor I theneesouth i' chains: thence
east 20 dial us; thence north 20 chains; I hence
���v."t'Jdcluilns lo point of commencement and
containing it bout forty acres.
ii. M. liKNNKTT, Agent.
icilcd Nov. 11, 1908,
W. W. ci.ahkk, Agent.
Skeena Land District -District of Coast.
TAKK NOTICE thill Wilfred Henry Godfrey,
nf i& fi West Bmltlifield London,England, occupation solicitor, Inlends to apply for perm Is-
. loll |.o purchase the following described hinds:
Commencing at a post planted one hundred
\ilrds liorth of an unnanied creek on the eastern side of Massetl Inlet, nUnlit live miles from
the Village of Massett! thence easl 20 chains;
,lichee South 20 chains: thence wefll to Ihe
coasl, ftnil containing aboul 10 neres.
II. M. Hknnktt, Agent,
Dated Nov. ���">. 1908,
Skeena Land Dlstrlet"-Dlstrlet of Coast.
TAKK NOflOKthnt Jalnes \Y. Graham, of SI.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Louis Ultterbrandt, of
11 Angel Court, in the City of Loudon, England,
occupation gentleman, intends to apply for
permission to lease the following described
Commencing at u post planted about 3fi0
yards from the.point on the chs! of theentrance
alNaden Harbor on the north const of Graham
Island, thence along the ooatt In a northerly
and north-westerly direction for a distance of
four hundred yards.
H. M. Bennett, Agent.
Dated Nov. I, 1908.
European and American Plan
RATES $1.00 TO $3.00.
Hot and  cold   running water on
every floor.
Union Steamship Co.
Fust, New Steel Built
Leaves Port Essington
Every Saturday Night for Vancouver
Leaves Vancouver Every Thursday
at 9 o'clock P. M.
This is the only Bteamer on the
Northern British Columbia route
fitted with donUo bottom nnd steel
bulkheads. For passage and further particulars apply to
BORROW & FRIZZELL. Pt. Esslngtrif
Dated Dec. II
��� -  i       Skeenft Land Dlstrlcl -District of Court,
|    TAKK NO'I'MK  linn   Louts   Rittel ���hriimll. of
11 Angel Court, 111 the City of London, England,
occupation gentleman,   Intends to npply  for
Mary's; Ontario, occupation barristor'at-law,   permission to purchase the following descrlb-
| inlends lo a pply for permission lo purchase the I ,.,| lands !
following described lands I Commencing al a  posl   planted  BOO yards
ltd of Wtlllcui Island, on Ihc   liorih wesl side \    Commencing at a post   planted on the north \fratA (he polnl  on  the eilsl of  Die outrun. f
side of Proscbtt Island, and marked .1. w. era-   Nnlll.��� Harbor ,,,, tlu, nort|, ,.,���,sl ���; u,.,,!,,,,,,
hum's N.W, corner;  ihence south ��0 chiilnK;   island: thenee east five chains: ihence north
ilicnce cast no chains: thence north to beach; \ t0 the const: thonce following the said i-i to
(hence following beachto point Of Commence-   tno ,���,i,,t of commencement add containing
| : iicn I, it ud   Uortliltlllllg (i III acres more br Ic<s.        about 40 ucrbsi
JAMESW.OIUHAM. LOt'tS i;iT'li:f:Mi;.\NHI".
W, W. Ci.ar.ke, Agent. II. M. lir.wiKTT, Atfelit,
i Dated f)oc. 11, 1008. ! Dated Nov. I, 1008.
Contractor and Builder,
Dufferin Strict, opposite Morrow A   Krlzzell.
Dufferin Street,   *    Port Essillgton
Will Construct an Mr Flee*
. i
skeena Lund District -Dlstriol nfCoast
Sfci'i nn Land District -District of Coast.
TAKK notk'K   that   James   Musgrare,   ..
OillliriOi occupation  physician, i���. |    TAKK Nol'K'K  thai Saui,���.|  li. Jameson, of |
other nations of the world arc leaving her behind in the race for' command in the air. While' the members of the house of commons were.
the other day;  drawing the atten-
I .'uids'lo appiynVr' 'pe'tmlssioil to' purchase the I ��������*��.   Snskntellfcwafi;  occupation   Customs |
| following rfdWribe'l binds: ! ' "ll"""1' """"'" "' '����? ""' Permission to
Great Britain seemS to be n.i>^ : ,,,.,������ i ���   ;. >.
,, ]   Commencing at uposl planted on tne west
ing   up    to   the   fact   that   all   the   Jdc df Prescott Islandi dn tlhauncl   between
Stephoii  and   I'rescotl    Islands, and    marked
.lames  M.lisgrilVo's  S.  W,  corner;   thence cast
stfdHains;thenee south 80 chains; ihence west >
Wiciiiiins to beach;  thence1 following beach to I
point of commencement! alid liOhtttining 540
acre., mifre of less.     jAMJSBMC801tAVJl.
\V, W, CI.AiikK, Agent. ;
Dated bee; vi. ions.
tion of tlie governmeht to the fact j _i.-_c���- ������ ���<���:    ��-. ' �����   ���
that Germany has built, oi' is tiiliith |     sujena Litnd District -bistrfet ol roust.
ing, a dozein dirigible til^hips, and'   TAuic notice tb.at wifimm I), icamgey, of
'   , occupaliou  barrisler-iit-law, ;
purchase Ihe follow!nn descrlbi'd lands:
Coittmeneing at a post planted on the north
side of Prest'Ott Island, at head of small bay.
and marked S. Hi .laiilt'sons' \, \V, comer;
Ihencesouth 80chains; thence east 10chains;
thence norlli to bench': thenee following bench
lo point of eomincni'chient, ahd containing S-10
acres more or less;
w. \V, ci.ahkk. Agenti i
Dated Dee. 11, inns.
Skeenn Land District���District of Coasl.
TAKK N'D'I ICK Ihal Oeorge Aiihur OodfreJ-; :
of -1 ilild fi| Wesl 8mlthfltld| London, ICllgltthd, I
occup^atlbri solicitor, Intends td apply for per- I
mission Id lease the following described land: '
Commencing at n pus! planted aboul thirty I
yards can of the nioiilh of Saas tlarbor Creek, !
Nans Harbor;  thence east along the cb'ttdl for a
distance  of   twenty  chttlrla   and  e,'iii:iluing
about half an hcfC
OKoi;i,|' AlM'fiCIt .GOppfeKYj
ii. \s  iiKssi.n, Ageirt;
I Dnleil Nov. 11, 1908, I
urging the government to tiike up
with energy the construction of a
Briti.vh air fleet, there was being
held t't the same time a meeting in
the toaheibii house] uhfler the chair-
rnansnip o'f the lord mayor of Lon-
Botlj iri siifriort of the same object.
Atrioni* t,ho,si> \\)\o took part in
Skeena Land Dlstrlcl -Distrlcl of Coasl.
TAKc'VotlCK thai   Kli-iiheth Scott, of 85 St. j
Oeorge sircci.   Toronto,   Ontario, occupation <
purchase I 'p'nstbt, Intends i" apply (or permission to
' pdrchase ihe fdilowingdescribed lands!
Commencing' at n post planted on  Ihe north j
Toronto, Ohtnrl
Intends to apply for permission i
tlie followingdeserliii'.d binds.
Commencing at a  post planted a! bead ol
)'re cot- I-bindniifl mark-   t,;|p",' Prwcdtt IM'ind, opposite cofntfr of small
E. corner;  iheiic West:   W'lhd. and   marked   Kuznbeth So
ndrth 80 l comer! th<hc8 snutll KOcholns; tlienc
bay on. so'uth end of
eo w. !'. Eartigey's f
about    20   chains  t
beach;  thence
eoriu r
', S. W.
enst l��
tHdnee north to bench; theh'oo follow^
cH'itiis; thence east '20 chains; thenee South SO
ehthns u; point otcommeneement, and cdrttaln' j '"�� bench firound bay  t lul of rommen	
,. .- ment,.inui'ontainlnR taa nos more or lew.
me U'i acres morn or ipss. ^A. t..( \7 �� i.i/tii  m otr
WILLIAM D. 8ARNGfefl '''v^";' m!!\��w���
,. , .,    , w w. rum. K|efitj ��� ii,,t^,) /ih:. u, n��m
Dated Dec. vi, vm. >
skeena Land Dlstriel   District of Coast.
TAKK N'OTICK Ihal Wilfred Henry '.odlrey,
oi -uy Smithfleld LoWlon, Knglahd, occupation
���o'lcibii. Intemb lo applj for permission id
li'ltse the following described Inildl
I oulmcneiut; a! a pdsl planted aliool one
hundred yntdi north of an unnamed creek of)
lllfleksterii "ide ol Milssetl Inlef, abotil five
miles from the rlilage of Massetl I (lichee
nlong (he coasl inn southerly direction (or*
distance of 20 chains,
II.  ,\l    IlKINWTT, AgPflt,
Dated Sov, 5, I'Jes
Port Essington, B.C.
Veflelobles, Green Groceries, fruits.
We   ttlSt)   make   a   sjiecialtr  of
handling   mid  fctwarding freight
fi'oin our Inrjre new  Wareliolisc   to
all points,
���    ��� I       i       '    --ri 'if r*   i -
Latlntlrv foi
the Cascade,   Yali-
l-iiIIVci". Will  be
scnt  down  "ii each
triji of the str,
Rupert, Thuradaysi
and will leave
Vaneouver  on  the
following Thun
A. I.
v tlie Canio-
A Remonstrance
To the Bdltol of The Loyalist;
An attempt has heon made to
throw cold water on Essington by
creating the impression that passengers for upriver points could
best consult their convenience by
shipping from Prince Rupert and
ignoring this port.
Why, sir. E'ssington is the natural
gateway trf all points up tho Skeena river, and is the safest and most I pleasure
Fit-Reform Styles Spring and Summer 1909 SEE OUR LINE OF LADIES' FURNISHINGS
Have you seen the window display of Canada's most popular styles in
Men's Suits at the Fit-Reform Wardrobe that wiil be
worn by good dressers this Spring
direct route. In coming to this
port  both  passengers  ami freight
are shipped direct, where, if they
go to Rupert (o ship up the river
from southern points they must
travel 35 miles for nothing, as all
vessels from the south touch here
before going to Rupert, which is 85
miles from the Skeena route,
Hut the scheme is easily seen
through. It is an attempt of lirit-
ish Columbia's marine octopus to
drive the old-time river men out of
the trade; hut Port Essington's
ability to give Skeena river traffic
all conveniences for quick and safe
passage is too firmly established to
be seriously interfered with by a
line which plies boats about two
months in the year.    EtlVERMAN.
When you think of boots, think
of McArthur's Emporium.
Will Confer on Fishery Matters
Prof. Prince of the marine ami
fisheries department at Ottawa, has.
gone to San Francisco, where he
will confer with the American fishery commissioner, Starr .Ionian.
concerning international questions
bearing on fishing on the Pacific
coast. He will return in about
two weeks, when the result of the
conference will   be Hindi  public.
Have your shoes repaired neatly
at Shade's shoe shop, opp. postoffice,
The large number of arrivals ol
late indicate that EsBillgton is still
in the public eye.
A visit to the Pit-Reform Wardrobe will convince one of the superiority of these genuine hand-tailored garments over the ordinary
ready-made clothes.
Fit.Reforni leads, others try to
imitate. Spring 1909 styles just
in. North ('oast Commercial Co.,
The Bateman came in Wednesday morning from Swanson's bay
and discharged a number of passengers for upriver ports.
THESE are but a part of the Fit-Reform fashions for 1909, but they
give a good ��� idea of the taste and originality of the Fit-Reform
designers. It may be that we have nut. shown just the style that appeals t" you. We have some that will, be sme of that, and will gladly
show then) when you call. It is always a pleasure" to demonstrate the
superiority of Fit-Reform garments. We trust you will give us this
soon. The Fit-Reform trademark carries with it the strongest
uaranteu ever given with a suit or overcoat, it not only says "money
back if satisfaction be not given,''but (be company behind the trademark insures you getting your money back. It is placed only in garments that have passed the rigid inspection of the Fit-Reform experts.
And we will take it as a personal favor if you will bring to our attention any garment bearing this trademark which may not come up to
Ihe Fit-Reform standard. We not only make the guarantee good but
thank you for your trouble Every Fit-Reform suit and overcoat is made
as though the Kit-Reform reputation depended on those individual garments. From the time the cloth goes to the cultci's until the garments
are ready to try on, every stage of the making is carefully watched. |
When the completed garments leave the hist tailors, skilled experts examine every detail of workmanship to make doubly sure that each garment is worthy of bearing the Fit-Reform trademark. Fit-Reform has
won the bulk of its customers from men who formerly patronized the
best custom tailors. Fit-Reform has clearly demonstrated that a man
gets better value for the money in these garments than lie can get at a
tailor's. Aside from the greater variety to choose from ami the Fit-
Ueforin trademark to guarantee satisfaction, there is the added pleasure of having garments ready to try on, alterations made if necessary
and the perfect fitting suit or overcoat, delivered the same day it is ordered.    This no slight convenience to the busy business man. ���
North Coast Commercial Company, Limited
In addition to our superbly outfitted Millinery Department the ladies
of Essington and vicinity will find a newly selected.stock of Women's
Furnishings embodying all the latest patterns and designs in Silk and
Net Waists, Costumes, Cravenettes and Raincoats, etc., and to which
we call special attention.
Corner Dufferin and Wharf Streets.:    : Port Essington, B. C.  ,
Notice to Water Consumers
bain on white paper, serve hot.
Stuffed Eggplant.���Roil d <-jig-'
At ii meeting of tlie owners ol the I'orl Es-
stngton Wntor Works, helii April 18, 1II0H, tlie
Potato CROQUETTES.���Mix �� Clips   following rules mnl regulations were adopted:
...... 1. Thai  no further connections be inuile to
hot mashed   potatoes  With  I table-   water main for the season of llKW.
.      i , '-��� That nil eonneetions with water main be
SPOOIl hot milk, 2 Of melted OUttcr,   nuule umler the supervision ol Witter Hoard.
' . . 11. Tlnil eneii pipe he fitteil with stop-cock and
1 teaspoon   salt,   few   grains   cay-   union within one foot ol water main.
' . . " 1. That all ]il pes must be put in lirst-class re-
enue   dust of paprika, 1  tablespoon , pair before being permitted to connect with
' .        main,
chopped   parsley,   lew  drops onion     .">. That all person* must notify the secretary
11 *        nil) 11        before milking eonneetions with water main,
juice' beat well,   add   2   egg yolKS,   s.-une lo in- inspected and passed on by the
-' "...      Hoard .before water is turned on.
shape into   mat  croquettes; (lip in     0. That the fees "will be payable in advance;
1 icii   TlDIBK Months to be paid down   before water is
(lour, beaten   eggs   anil   fine  bread   turned ou, the follbwlng rates to be charged:
enimbs;   fry  in   smoking  hot   fat;   x ^o^m^uov^. -^
!-    Ineli Pipe, per Month     li tin
:.'-ii-lneh I*tpe, per moil 111    5 (HI
C.-lneli I'ipe, per Month    4 nil
i;,.Inch  I'ipe, per Motilh    f2 00
plants 30  minutes; cut lengthwise.      Permits granted for Six   Months only: any
| . longer time at tho discretion of the Hoard.
SCOOP OUt centers,   drain   on Sieve;      7. That the Hoard reserves the righl to ills-
1 .      'connect branches at any time, and is in no way
mix in a basin i-CUP bread crumbs,   responsible for any damage which might occur
-        , ; through thesiunu.
l-cuii eooi) ant   1    chopped tomato..    8. Any interference with stop-cocks after wa-
11     &&1 '\ ..      | tor Is cut off by the Board -will bo deemed a for-
2 tablespoons butler, salt, paprika,   felture of any further rights to the use of such
J water pipe; norwlllany refund of fees bomade,
and cavenne. and 1  beaten egg; fill     0. Tho public Is hereby warned that failure
. on 1 heir part to comply with the above rules
coo-plant shells    With   this mixture, I and regulations will result In disconnection of
bhl I heir branch, and no further porinit will  be
granled,   ilv order Owners of Water Works.
G. II  DAIIJ.1B, Secretary.
(European   Plan)
Cafe Service Best in the Northwest
R. J. McDONl3LL, Proprietor
The leading hole! in northern British Columbia, elegantly equipped to meet the requirements of a fastidious public, and commanding a. superb view of the approaching
Hot and cold baths at all hours. Baggage
transferred from all incoming and to all
outgoing boats.
Headquarters for Alaska, Yukon and Ingenika Tourists
115 Branches Throughout Canada and Cuba
CAPITAL, PAID IP $3,900,000
RESERVE FIND $4,600,000
cover w ith buttered ami seasoned
crumbs and bake in moderate oven
for one hour.
I'orl Kssington, It. C, April 1:1, 1.IIUI
..S. S. NATIVE..
ttockmen, miners'and surveyors
boots.    McArthur's Emporium,
Methodist Church.��� Rev. B, C.
Freeman, pastor. .Morning service
11 a. in. - Sunday school 2 p. in.
Evening sermon, 7:30.
St. .John's Church���Rev. \V. K.
Riishbrook, rector. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Sunday school 2
]). in.    Evening service 7 o'clock.
The regular Salvation Army services are held by   Adj.   Blackburn.
S'l't'i-'i-Kn Pepimsrs.���Cut tops from
10 red or green peppers, remove
seed, covrtr with boiling water; let
stand ���"> minutes; fill with rice;
boil cup of rice until tender, drain
and season with salt, pepper, paprika, 1 chopped onion, 1 chopped
tomato, 1 tablespoon each melted
butter, chopped red pepper and
mushrooms, till peppers, cover with
buttered bread crumbs, arrange in
baking dish and   bake 40 minutes.  SINGLE FARt $1.50
������"*- ROUND TRIP  2.50
Frizzei.l's Whahf
at 2:00 p.m.
Have your shoes repaired neatly
at Shade's shoe shop, opp. postoffice,
"Your glasses" she said.'���have  Tickote ou   Balo  llt  the  Essington
made a great difference in your ap-   Hotel office, Port Essington.   Connects   with  boats  in Skeena  river
"Do you think so?" he asked.
"Yes; you look so intelligent."
Headquarters  for   Leckie boots
.McArthur's Emporium.
"Are there degrees of rank in the
servants' hall?"
''Of course; maids who take care
of dogs won't associate with maids
who only have children to care for."
Old Kiisscin���(lot any barometers?
Clerk���Don'1 keep 'em; this is a
book store.
Old Fussi in���Yes. I know, and
that's why you ought to keep 'em.
Weather report says they're station ar.yi
Leekic boots->-aII kinds
McArthur's Emporium.
''A case of love at first sight, eh?''
"No, second; first time he saw her
he didn't know she was rich.
Harrison, Campbell 4 Mills
Company, Ltd.
Agency in New York and correspondents throughout the world.
General banking business transacted. Savings bank department
in connection, in which deposits of $1.00 may be made and interest obtained. Accounts of out-of-town customers receive prompt
attention. We issue drafts ami money orders payable in all parts
of the world
S. A. MORLEY, Alanajrer Port Essington Branch
Kodaks, Films and Photo Supplies
Big line   always on hand
Seiid in youl' orders
A> tin- Land Registry OftlBe hi Prince Rupi rl
will noi in- rcaily tor some time, unties is here-
given.  Unit niuil  lurtlior notteo  nil  appitca-
Hoils for registration of litk-s lo lainl and of 111-
! Mriiiin-Ms nfi'itiIiik biii'l in the I'rini-e Rupert
  i L.-ii'il la :.'i-trillion District should Ijoadtlresaell
.     . to W. K. BuimiTT, Registrar Of sntil District, al
A   little   bov s   description   of   a  his temporary, office fii theImnil Registry Office
, ,, ,..,.,  , nt Ho- i-iiv oi victoria,
horse was   a great big animal with; iiknkv KSSON voi'so.
.       i  .    ���   i        ��� . ..' Provincial Secretary'     n ,   ., .  ,, ,   ,
four legs���due oil each corner." Viotonai 14th Aptii( lflotf ��t>w . Prescriptions carefully compounded
The only First-Class Hotel north of Vancouver,
Baggage   transferred   to  and from hotel.
Large Sample Rooms for Traveling; Men.    :   :    Hot and Cold Baths
The Pioneer  Dentist,
A complete set of  DttRarry���"7(1
volumes���new and unci'    For par
ticularsapply it       T��- ii (raCK


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