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Port Essington Loyalist Mar 27, 1909

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Vol. I. No. 23.
Subscription $3 Per Year
Old Boxes, Barrels and Rubbish of All
Sorts Should Be Removed, and a Gen-
eral Gleaning-lip Inaugurated
With the disappearance of the
snow and ice, and the near approach of warm weather, a word
concerning the cleaning up of the
winter's accumulation of rubbish
will not be out of place.
It should not be necessary for
the health officer to personally notify each individual resident of the
importance of performing what is
his plain duty in this connection,
but every one should begin the
work of removing from their premises all deposits of dirt and filth
which have been made during the
past winter.
Essington has been singularly
favored in her freedom from epidemics of infectious diseases, and
should be kept in sueh a condition
that will insure immunity from a
visitation the coming summer such
as Nanaimo is now grappling with.
In addition to absolute cleanliness being necessary from a sanitary point of view, it is equally important as a safeguard against fire.
The old boxes, barrels, etc., in the
rear of residences and store buildings are a standing menace to the
safety of the town; for, should a
fire occur, they would greatly facilitate the spreading of the flames.
An hour or two put in each day
at the work of cleaning up around
the yards and in the rear of business houses would soon effect a
wonderful transformation in the
present conditions.
fused to grant. After being idle
nearly two weeks the men have
been promised $3.00 a day if they
will return to work, but���the contractors will raise the price of board
proportionately. ,
This is a concession with a vengeance, and as the men are not plumb
"locoed" they failed to look upon
the offer with any degree of hilarious   enthusiasm.    They  are  still
holding the fort.
 ��� ��� i	
Gralgflower's Gaptain Arrives
A. P. Dougherty, who will be in
command of the Craigrlower in the
Skeena river trade this summer,
arrived from Victoria last Monday,
and is registered at the Essington.
Capt. Dougherty is a man of wide
experience in the trade in northern
waters, and brings to he Craigflow-
er's clientele executive ability of a
high order.
Ed Deen, who will be m charge
of the engine room, has been engaged for the past two weeks in
overhauling and refitting the steamer, and has had quite a force at
The Craigflower's owners, Messrs.
R. J. McDonell and J. Sloan, have
spared neither money nor pains in
making her "fit as a fiddle," and
this trim craft will start on her
maiden trip for the summer finely
equipped for  an active campaign.
To Our Advertisers
We call attention of the public
to our advertising rates at the top
of the first column, second page, in
this issue. The Loyalist has been
Importuned upon several occasions
for space on the first page. This
We positively can not grant, as that
page is reserved for local news only,
The Loyalist is treating all alike
in this matter, and will continue
to do so. While local business notices may sometimes appear on the
first page, they will at all times
take tho run of the paper, We owe
it to our subscribers to supply them
With home news; wo can not do
this and  cut  out our  local  news
.~_- ..�� . .
Chieftain Creek Bridge Ready for Travel
The work of replacing the Old
bridge spanning Chieftain creek,
about a mile below town, with a
Hew and substantial structure has
been in progress for the. past two
Weeks, under the supervision of
Road Superintendent Clarke. The
Work is now completed) and pedestrians atid teamsters can approach
this particular spot with a much
Stronger assurance of safety than
The mechanical Work was done
by J. N, McPhecj and is a highly
creditable specimen of bridge building. ��
j �����^*_*���i	
Ross & McGaull Make Novel Proposition
The firm of Ross & McCaull, the
Prince Rupert contractors, whose
men have been out on strike for
the past two weeks, submitted quite
a nov'el proposition to the strikers
this Week, Which was, of course,
turned down by the: men;
A demand was blade for an increase ill wages from $2.50 to $3.00
Jim' day, which  the contractors re-
Gets an Alopalhic Dose
Provincial Policeman Wynn returned from Prince Rupert last
Saturday, to which place he went
on Friday, having in charge Herbert Sawyer, whom he arrested on
the charge of drunkenness, and for
using indecent language on the
streets. The case was tried before
Justice of the Peace Manson, and
resulted in the defendant's conviction, This being Sawyer's second
conviction within the month on the
same charge, Justice Manson imposed a fine of $100 and costs or
six months.
A mossbuck Vat on a ilry goods box,
There were holes in his trousers, holes in his
lie whittled aii,l crooked, and kicked iind said
That business whs bum anil the town was dead.
People passed by his cobweb slore
Each day by the dozens and by the score;
For men are not caught like foolish Hies
By merchants who never will advertise.
lint the mossbaek sal nil  the summer through
With nothing al all in his store to do;
lie kieked on sidewalk, sewer and street,
Till the moss on bis backgrewdowu to his feel.
Ilis money drawer got all eovered with dust,
And the boll won't ring because of the rust;
lint the mossbaek looked With bis cobweb eyes
And cursed all the people of enterprise.
The mossbaek had fop companions they
Who make lols of money bin never pay;
The miserly people ol narrow spun
Who value the dollar above [ho man,
And fight to place upon the shelves
All things not original with themselves,
The slimmest, wartiest human hanks
That ever retarded Progression's ranks.
There's coming a time, and it won't be long,
When we'll gladly join in a requiem song,
And all walk slowly behind Ihc slnvy
With the mossbaek labeled for Judgment Day;
And along with Ihc warty old miser will go
The fellow who says, "I told you so."
And  the fellow who feeds on  his neighbor's
hike a game trout feeding on salmon spawn.
The day is dawning, and let us pray
Unceasingly long, and in fervent way,
That the toll of Belzoehuh's funeral bell
Will ambulate kicker and croaker to���well,
To the laud where Progress is only a name
In the sulphuric valley with lurid like llanie,
Where the mossbaek is found on asbestos box,
With holes in his breeches and holes in his sox.
at Prince Rupert, requests The
Loyalist to announce that he will
be in Essington today. The reverend father will arrive this (Sat.
urday) morning and stay at the
Essington, thus giving his local
parishioners an opportunity to fulfill their Easter duty.
Tomorrow (Sunday) morning at
10 o'clock sharp, there will be
church services in Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Burns Return
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Burns, who
left Essington four weeks ago for a
pleasure trip which contemplated
Vancouver and other points in the
south, arrived home last Saturday
afternoon on the Princess May.
During their absence Mr. and Mrs.
Burns visited the principal sound
cities, making a lengthy stay in
Seattle. Mr. Burns resumes his
managerial position in the Essington hotel with renewed vigor, as a
result of the beneficial effects of his
much needed vacation.
Hold Lumber for Salvage
Last week Albert Ross, who has
charge of the building of culverts
for Contractor Neil Keith, lost
about 1500 feet of lumber which
was carried away by the high tide.
The stuff was coralled by some Indians, and is now being held by
them in a slough near Smith's Island. The Indians have set the
price for the release of the lumber
at so stiff a figure that Constable
Jones has been delegated to visit
them and try to effect a compromise if possible. He will leave for
the Island as soon as needed repairs to his   launch are completed.
George B. Baillie has received
notification of his appointment as
notary public.
Viano Oak, who went up the
river on a business trip Saturday,
returned Tuesday.
The Strongheart left her dock
here last Saturday with 25 prospectors en route to the Ingenika.
Mi's: Geo. Frizze'ii announces her
millinery opening for Tuesday,
April li. Look for her ad, in next
week's Loyalist.
The Beatrice came in yesterday
morning over six hours late, having been delayed at SWanson bay
loading lumber.
The Native, Wednesday, brought
over from Prince Rupert B0 men,
who are on their way up the Skeena, after the yellow stuff.
Hi Dagnall, the well known carpenter, has been busy this week on
repairs and improvements being
made at the McDonell hostelry.
Rumors of a rich strike on the
placer district up the river were
flying about town Thursday, but
it was impossible to obtain any authentic Verification  of their truth.
Dune McMillan suffered a painful sprain of the right knee last
Saturday night, on the way to his
room, by slipping up on a piece of
ice, and now walks with a decided
The steamer Native will ftln an
excursion today to Port Simpson;
round trip frdm Essington $8.00.
Leaves here at 2:00 p. m.; returning, leaves Simiiron 4;00 p,ni, Nun-
S. Akuda, tlu- lap who was bootlegging whisky nt the Inverness
cannery, was al last captured by
Officer Jones, and on trial was fined
$100 and costs, Rather than take
a six��months' outing at New Westminster he paid
George Merrill, the popular steward at the Essington cafe, was.con-
lined to his bed three days the past
week, under  the care of   Dr.-   Mc-
Will Repair the Roads
Road Supt. Clarke lias started
in on his spring campaign of road
and bridge repairing, and will begin over here onj-the road running
from Dr. Wilson's residence to the
corner of Jackson's lot and down to
Dufferin street.
S. N. MePhee will have charge
of the work, and will make all repairs needed in bridges and culverts, besides paying close attention
to the grades.
Returns Vastly Improved
Mrs. L. J. McArthur, who lias
been in California since December
last, where she went for treatment
under the care of specialists, returned home yesterday morning
on the Beatrice. Mrs. McArthur's
trip has proven highly beneficial
toiler, and she returns vastly improved in health. During her'absence she. visited many different
points in the Land of Sunshine,
and all together her trip was certainly a pleasurable one.
Big Verdict Is Relumed
Enabling Loyalist Readers to Keep Posted
as to the Movements and Whereabouts
of Their Friends During the Week
Neil Keith has left for the East.
Martin O'Riley, from Vancouver,
arrived Tuesday.
Pearl Fleming transacted business here this week.
P. Mackenrot arrived on the Camosun last Saturday.
F. P. Deacon of Victoria is in
Essington for a short stay.
Wm. Mclver, Dan Stewart's timekeeper, came in Thursday.
Cyrus Peck of the Georgia Sawmill Co. was here Thursday.
M. J. Nichols of the Crown Tailoring Co. was a visitor this week.
D. I). Sprague was a visitor two
days the past week.
N. S. Clarke, the Skeena lumber
man, came in on the Beatrice yes-
it rday.
J. Y. Rochester of Prince Rupert
was taking in the sights here the
past week.
C. C. Van Arsdol, division engineer of tile G. T. P., was in town
this week.
T. Dunn of Hill, Ellis & Co..
Vancouver, visited our merchants
M. M. English and M. Dickinson
of Balmoral came in on the Princess May Saturday.
Road Superintendent Ed Clarke
was over from Prince Rupert Monday on official business.
I. B. Patullo, of Patuilo & Radford, Prince Rupert's real estate
firm, came over Wednesday.
Provincial Constable Jones, after
an absence of several weeks cruising, came in from Prince Rupert
T. Hall, of Rithet & Co., Victo.
ria, came in from Skagway Thursday and left for Queen Charlotte
Islands on the Beatrice.
R. J. McDonell went over to
Prince Rupert on a business trip
yesterday morning, returning to'
night he will board the Ciunosun
for Vancouver.
Pretty Birthday Party
Last Thursday afternoon a number of little ladies and gentlemen
enjoyed the hospitality of Master
Clarence Burns, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Robt. BqrnBj at the family residence, the occasion being the sixth
anniversary of Clarence's birth.
A delightful time was hud by the
little folks, wliOj when the time arrived for taking their departure,
left fof their homes with evident
regret that afternoons weren't longer and that birthdays didn't cornel phe(/ f,llft-(.Hng u.orn !UI aggravated
��ft<3nef._  ^ a attack of tonsilitiS.   He is up and
! about again, however, but ha? not
vet resumed his duties.
The suit of the Station men employed by Fred Peterson, on construction work up the river, against
the latter for violation of contract
was tried in Prince Rupert, consuming the better part of last week.
A verdict was returned awarding
the meil $25-10 for work already
done and $5000 damages in addition for violation of contract,
Important to fishermen
Overseer of Fisheries Stewart
Norrie has received telegraphic notification from Inspector of fisheries John T. Williams, stationed at
Vancouver, that tin- Minister has
I consented to a suspension of the
closed season for halibut for this
year, and requests the Loyalist to
publish the information for tin'
benefit of the fishermen of Eseing-
lon and Prince Rupert.
Walter Founts of the engineer-
irig corps at Smith Bros," citlup has
been ill this week, suffering from
all attack of tonsilitis, under treatment by Dr. MePhee; He is now
Fred Eklund, 8. Si Eklurtd and
R, W. Smart came ih from the Ingenika Tuesday, ilnd kit for Seattle, where they hope to interest
capitalists in their recent discovery.
If you are contemplating buying
it heW suit fof the ������tinmief, ^ee the
Fit-Reform   sampled   for  luade-to-
! measure suits at  the  North Coast
KfeV. Felix Kientz, D. L.. Roman Commercial Co., Ltd   They aft) the
Catholic  mission  rector, stationed ' nicest yet.
Will Hold Catholic Services
The following arc tha arrivals
and departures for the week endJ
ing Friday, March 26;
March 20, Skeena .  Telegraph PL
20, Pr. May Victoria
20, Native Rupert
"       20, Queen City . , ..Victoria
"       21, Camosun . . . Vancouver
22, Skeena.. Rupert
22, Native Rupert
"       22. Queen City    Naas Riv.
"       28, Native     Rupert
" 21, St. Denis, . . .Victoria
24, Skeena    Telegraph   PL
24, Native Rupert
25, I'r. May Skagway
"        25, Native' Rupert
"      25, Skeena Rtipert
"      26, St. Denis. . Naas River
26, I'r   Beatrice     Victoria
Match 20, Skeena  Rupert
20,    I'r. May ,,,, Skagway
20, Native Rupert
20, Queen City.  Naas Riv.
" 21, Camosun . . Vancouver
22, Skeena   . Telegraph  PL
''      22, Native   Rupert
22, Queen City.. . .Victoria
" 23, Native ..!,.,. .Rupert
24, St, Denis. . .Naas River1
24, Skeena ...Rupert
24, Native . . Rtipert
25, Pr. Mav Victoria
28, Native." Rupert
"      25, Skeena.. Telegraph PL
"      2fi, St. Denis Victoria
"       26, I'r. Beatrice Victoria
Due   from Vancouver   tonight, (V
mosun. The Port Essington Loyalist
W. H. ROBERTS,  Editor and Manager
Local Biuinoss Notices Hit' line first Insertion
and 5<i lineeftuli subsequent Insertion.
Obituary Poetry, over tour lines, $1.00 per lino
Dlppluy Ails. 25o im-li eai-li Insertion.
No dispay ails, will lie given space OH first
page. Husiness notices will taketne run of the
matter, as the first pane of The Loyalist is POSITIVELY RESERVED FOR PURELY UtCAt. HEWS.
Ads. or Business Locals will he run until ordered out, and will be churged for nt regular
rates. Resetting display mutter will be charged
for at the rate of 6c an  iiu-h to pay for composition.
Coal Prospecting and Timber Notices, 80
dars So on
{And Notices, I'D days  7 HO
Certificate  of Improvement   Notices, fit)
days  7 00
All Timber and bund Notices must   be accompanied by check; otherwise they
will remain unpublished.
Foreign subscription price per year  :i oo
No Patent Medicine Ads. Will Be Accepted
Kaiskk Wiliiklm is again in
trouble. It has been but a few
weeks ago since the reichstag put a
quietus on Wilhclm's claims to absolutism and infallibility, and up
to a few days ago be lias been a
very docile individual; but he's up
against it again, and is now being
"cussed and discussed" by the tier-
man press for ignoring Premier
von Buelow in the Moroccan affair.
Wilhelm telegraphed congratulations to the German minister at
Paris, giving that individual all
credit for having brought about a
peaceful solution of the controversy
between France and Germany.
Von Buelow, prime minister, is the
man who accomplished the settlement of the questions involved,
hence-the arraignment of Wilhelm
by the German editors, as he is not
on kissing terms witli the press of
the country,
Fuom Arabia comes this remedy
for enabling wives to retain ascendancy over their husbands. The
Bedouin Arab women take especial
pains to see that their husbands
do not become rich; in fact, by
their lavish expenditures, these women keep their husbands "broke."
The philosophy of this system is
that, being poor in purse, the men
do not become vain and foppish,
thus failing to be an attraction to
younger and prettier women who
might supplant the wives in the
affections of their lords. This is
nothing new, however, for the practice of making "John Henry" dig
up has been in vogue in tins country since 'way back.farther than
we can remember.    We know it,
"Count" Boni Cabtbllainb is a
hard loBer. Deprived of Anna
Gould's millions through her divorce from him and her marriage
to "Prince" dc Bagan, his meal
ticket is gone and he is now hoarding with the old man. Boni is so
sore over losing this good thing
that he has challenged de Sagan to
meet him "in zee m-o-r-t-a-l-e combat." By nil means get them together, Load two sawed-off shotguns with lOqit'imy nails, give one
to each of these two degenerates,
place them three feet apart and
force them to blaze away.
The halibut fishing ground:-; in
Hecate strait will be amply protected the coming summer, through
the recent action ofthe department
of marine. The British Salvage
Co.'s Btcamer William Joliffe has
been chartered, and Will assist the
cruiser Kestrel in patrolling the
fishing grounds this season. This
in macto 'lecf.-sKn.ry  Iri order to pre
vent a recurrence of the extensive
poaching practiced in former fishing seasons.
Real shamrock, direct from the
Little Green Isle, was brought over
on the Oceanic on the 16th and unloaded in New York City. Over
2000 pounds of the bright green
tri-leaf, together with 8500 bags of
St. Patrick's day greetings, were
received from the "old folks at
home" by the sons and daughters
in America.
" 'Souse me, Mistah Johnsing,"
but there is another chocolate-colored individual who has lately developed championship possibilities.
His name is Callaway, hails from
San Diego, CaL, and is said to be a
wonder. Johnson's career as a pugilistic hero may be of a somewhat
ephemera] nature, after all.
The Center of Construction.
Canadian Pacific Employment Agency.
Oestall River Sawrniil,
JAMES A. BROWN, Proprietor.
Bkeona Land District-District ol Bkecna
Take notice, that John Flewin of Port Simpson, B. c, occupation mill owner, Intends to
apply  I'm- permission   10 lease the  following
described land!
Commencing at a post planted at high-water
murk (post marked "J. F.'s n. e, cor,), mi J,
I'le win's I a ml fronting on Port Simpson harbor;
thence west 850 feet to low-water mark ; thence
along low-water mark south HO degrees east 87",
feet; thence along low-water mark.north 112degrees east 250 feel; i hence north (Asl.) ion feel
lo high-Water mark, containing six (0) acres
more or less.
Dated March 12, 1000. H-27
Canadian Pacific Railway
From Port Essington
Vancouver, Victoria.
Seattle, Tacoma
Including Meals and Berth
Secure information  as to sailing
and tickets from
A. J. MATHESON, Agt., Queen's Hotel
McArthur's Emporium
Next door to the Essington Hotel.
Penman's Underwear,
Oiled Clothing,
Leckie's Boots.
L. J, McAilTHUR, Prop.
W. G. C0NN0N,
���iOHANN   BBHBENS,  wllO   recently
died in Germany, left a will whereby his entire fortune of $125 is to
be invested Until, with compound
interest, it has reached the sum of
$80,000. This will be about the
year 2179, when his descendants
Will divide the money. This is a
Wise provision and proves Joliann
to have been a long-headed individual, foi' about thai time, accord- j
ing to tin' reincarnation theory, In
will be on earth again, when Ik
can again come into his own.
(BALER, tx
Cigars, Tobacco,
Soft Drinks, &c,
Graphophones and Records
Cor. Hazleton  and   Dufferin   Sts,,
Port Essington.
A complete set of DiiBarry-���20
volumes���new and uncut. For par*
ticuiars apply at       TihsOfkIck.
DR. QUTNLANj      ,
The Pioneer Dentist.
f RIiNCB HUI'BRTj   B.   Ci
..Boscowitz Steamship Co..
Weekly Sailing- Between
Victoria,  Vancouver, and
Northern B. C. Ports,
For particulars address
Victoria, IS. C.
Vancouver.   15.    C.
E. C. Shelton
Fruit and Vegetables.
George Hayes
Importer unit  Dealer in the
finest brands ol
Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco
Pooi Rooms & Barbershop
Leaves Cuilhlllglia.m'l' VVHarl every
ilny fill' fullmvlim KnUrnm! Camps!
Keith's,   McDonald's,   Antonclli's,
Sliady's,   Smith   Bros.,   Dan
Stewnrt's, Aug. Stewart's,
and McLeod's,
Mckenzie & Jackson, Agents,
Tort Essington, IB. C,
Hicks & Lovic Piano Co., Ltd.
1204   Douglas   Street,
victoria, b. a
Victor Talking Machines,
Pianos and Organs.
Subscribe for The Loyalist and
keep posted on affairs at home.
The paper is devoted to the interests of Essington and vicinity, and
Will b<i essentially a local paper.
SON, Ltd.
mPe&S \
"&AM& ��������� Em'��� f v..  ,
and Shirts
The Most Complete
in the Northwest
We are justified in saying thai our store counters and shelves
are carrying'more desirable goods this spring than for ninny a
season, which claim will be verified by an inspection. We invite attention to our new Walk-Over High Boot, which has no
equal on the market for comfort and wearing qualities.
���WhenReQU^sted-" his-Is^yor
to Name
ObservgS'Wilb'MucMlee I
the Same
R. J. McDonell
The leading hotel in northern British Columbia, elegantly equipped to meet the requirements of a fastidious public, and commanding a superb view of the approaching
Hot and cold baths at all hours. Baggage
transferred from all incoming and to all
outgoing boats.
MMmmmn n\W BM -1' ���    ' ��� ���'���--*���    '���'  >"r-.  -i i     ������������.. r
and farther, and at last, when the
day is 35 times as long as it now
is, the moon will again face the
same sido of the earth.
"It follows, then, that by reasoning from which it is impossible to
escape, we may trace the moon
from a time when she was close to
the earth to a distant future when
she will he an immense distance
from it, and we begin with a day
of three or four of our present hours
and end with a day of 35 of our
present days."
Skeena Land District���Dlstrlcl of Coast,
TAKK NOTICE thai Cecil J. Payntcr, dfTor-
puta,Ontario, occupation departmental map.
aircr, intends to apply for permission to pur.
chase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted athead of
buy in south end of Prescott Island and marked C, J. Payjiter's N. E, corner; thence west
about 2bchainsto   ueiioh;   thenco following
around bay to point of commencement, and
containing 160 acres more or less.
IV. W. ci.ahkk, Agent
Dated Dee. 12, I'.ms.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKK  NOTICE  that il< :>i y N.  Phillips, of
Vancouver, occupation accountant, intends to
if you are contemplating buying   "I'l -r 'or permission to purchase the following I
..  ,      ,,        l    .     ,7   ., -+1.7.   described lands i
i new suit for the summer, see the    Comnieuoltlg ���, , p08t plalU(, at llu. ,������,���
Fit-Reform   Samples   for   made-tO-   endof ,���, island off Stephen Island in channel I
measure suits  lit   the   North   ('oast j between   Prescott nii'1  Stephen   ftlands, unil
Commercial Co. Ltd.  They are the
nicest yet.
Scientist Declares That Days Are Growing
Longer, and Will Some Time Be Thirty-.
Five Times Their Present Length
Caniille Flainmarion caused a
sensation in Paris recently by making what he described as the "almost incredible announcement"
that it hud been established as the
result of recent observations that
the earth, twice every day, experiences general undulations corresponding to the ocean's tides. This
discovery is due to observations
made at the Potsdam observatory
by Heckler, the astronomer, who,
by   means of  special instruments,
has ascertained that the apparently I There was a young man from Dated dBc. 12, ious.
solid earth is subject to daily oseil- j Havana, who slipped on a vacant
lations analogous to the tides of tho banana; the words that he said
ocean, rising and fulling twice in vvhen he fell on his head wouldn't
every'24 hours about eight inches. j0 ror ., Sunday sohool .ban nab,���
The movement is  no more notice-  Boston Transcript.
able than is that of the tides to one -���. ���*���	
on board a ship at sea.
More than 25 years ago Hir
George Darwin and his brother
Horace, sons of the great Charles
Darwin, together made elaborate
experiments with a view to computing the yield of  the earth to ti-   ,.
\ .   . ������ ,   1   ,   .,   ,   Freeman, pastor,    morning service
dal   forces.    Ihey  concluded  that  n a m      Sunday school  2 p.m.
almost all   the movements of their I livening sermon. 7:30.
very delicate pendulum which they      st. John's  Church���Rev.  \V. F.
could measure   were due to extra- j Rushbrook,   rector.     Morning ser-
lieous causes, such as minute earth 'vice, 11 o'clock.     Sunday   school  2\ea George E. Parry's Initial post; thenee run
i 1    a.    ,        r  , o. 111.     Evening Service 7 o'clock.        nine south about ��� chains, taking in tin
quakes and effects   of temperature. , 1 .      * ,.        k "'hole island, and containing 100 acres more 01
I     I he regular Salvation Army ser-1 [08]
Skeena Land District���District ol Const. Skeena Land District���Dlstriet of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE Hint Albert Jameson, of St.      TAKK NOTICE   thai  Luui-  Kiliuilirandt, of
Mary's, Ontario, occupation student,Intends tu j 11 Angel Court, in the City of London, England,
pply tor permission io unrcb.agc the following
described Inn,Is;
Commencing ;it a post planted on the east
side of Stephen Island, on channel between
Proscotl and Stephen Islands, and marked
Albert Jameson's S. E. corner; thenoc west SO
beach around southern end  of promonotory   ohalnsi thence north20chains| thence cast80
_ ,   i   ...   . ....   . c      ....      ... ,     ..,..,; i. .   , i     r.o, :,..,   I ,.    ...
Iinins to beach) thence following beach to
point of commencement; and containing 160
acres more or less.
W. W. Ci.ahkk, Agent.
Dated Dec, 14,1908,
occupation gentleman, Intends to apply for
permission to lease the following described
Commencing nl n post planted, about ilfto
yards from the point on the easl of the entrance
ofNmlen Ilnrbor on the north coast of Graham
Island, thence along the const In u northerly
and noi'tli-wcsterly direction for a distance of
four hundred yards.
II. M. Dense rr, Agent.
Hilled Nov. 1, 1(K��.
marked 11. N. Phillips' Initial'post; thence
running south about 90 chains, taking in the
whole Island.
\Y, IV. clabkk, Agent,
Monopoly reaches its limitations
when an ice man takes up plumbing as a winter side line.
Skeena Land District���Dlstrlcl ofCoaBt.
TAKE NOTICE that Joseph Jardine, of Van-
couyer, 11. < ., ��� ��� Tiiim'.ion euginoer, Intends to
apply (or permlsgfon to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing ut a post planted on the north
side of Stephen Island, about 80 chains west
from Wm. Bruce's X. E. corner, an'd marked
Joseph Jardine's N'- E. corner; thence so*uth 80
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE 'NOTICE lli.it Louise Scott, of Toronto.
Ontario, occupation spinster, intends to apply
(or permission to purchase the following described hinds:
Commencing at n posl planted on the north-
west side of PrcBeotl Island, on channel between Stephen nud Prescott Islands, and niark-
ed Louise Scott's K. W. corner; thence east 80
chains; ihence south 10chains; thence wesl 80
chains to beaeli; llicucc following beach to
point of couiiiHiitcemeut, mid ;I2'.�� acres more
or less,
w. \Y, clarkk, Agent.
Haled Dec. II, 1908.
Skeena Laud District.-District of (dust.
takk Notick thai Charles A, Bender, of
Toronto, Ontario, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described
Commencing al n post planted on the east
ldq of Stephen Island on the channel between
hoins; thpnee west to beach; thenee, following I pregcotl   and  Stephen  Islands,  and   marked
bench to point of commencement,and contain- j charlesJA. Bender's S. K. corner; ihence wesl
Ing nbout 80 acres more oHess^ IA|{1)|N|.       j ,��� 0iiui,ls; thoncenorth 20ehains; tlieiicecnst
W W Clarke  Went    80 chains to beach; ihence following beaeli to
point of commencement, iind   containing 1t',o
Dated Dec, 11, 1908.
aires more or less.
Methodist  Churcl
Rev.  B.C.
Skeena Lam! District���District of Const. w- W. CLARKB, Agent,
1 Dated Dee. 11. 1908,
;    TAKK NOTICE that Qeorgo E, Parry, of Van- j 1
; comer. B.C., occupation'hotel-keeper, Intends ena Land District-District of Coast.
lo aoplv for permission to purchase the follow-
lugdescrtbed hinds; !    TAKI': N'0TI('K l1"1'  BnlPh WDy Coxon,of
Commencing atapost planted on the north   Vancouver, is. ('., occupation merchant, In-
'side of nn island in ihc channel running be-1teiMs t0 "PP1* forPermission to purchase the
i I ween Prescott and Stephen Islands, and mark
Sir George Darwin in a recent
lecture referred to these experiments. His subject was the effect
of titles on man, and when he dealt
with earth tides   his remarks must,
vices are held by   Adj.  Blackburn, j <'!",;:      !   !''':!"
 : ��� | Dated Dee. 14, 1008.
Ikeona Laud District���District of Const.
wing described bind
Commencing al n post planted on the west
dde of small Island at the mouth of channel
running between Prescott and Stephen Islands
md mnrkeil  Ralph Selby Coxon's Initial post;
j thence running east about st) chains, taking in
w. w. Clarice, Agent. I the whole island nutl containing200 acres more
or less.
IV. w. ci.ahkk, Agent,
Skeena Land District���District of Coast. TAKE NOTICE  that   CharlosJ.   Currie, of
Take notice thai  Bernard Leitch Johnson of  Toronto, Ont.,  occupation physician, inlends
have  been   prepared  before   Flam-  Victoria, B.C.,  occupati   master mariner,  to ���ppiy for permission to purchase the follow-
lutcli'ds to apply  for permission to purchase    |luj rlcserlbod landBI
Ihe following described lands: Commencing at a post planted onthenorth
Commencing at s posl planted Immediately | ^i;|,. ,,f prescott Island, marked C. J. Currlo'sN.
Dated Her. 12,  1908,
murion's announcement ha<
made.    lie said;
'if the eartl
i  were mam
of st
irlh of the norlhwesl
if .Ins.   Watts
ihence south 80 chains; thence cost
north to shore line; thenee along shore line t
! point of commencement, and containing about
SO nc res.
Dated Dee. 9, 1908. (8-20) Locator.
Skeena Kami District-  Dlstrlcl ofCoast.
TAKE NOTICE thai   Elisabeth G��rdon Mac-
Donald, of:,.",I  Wellington street, Toronto, occupation spinster, intends to apply for norwls-
! sion  in   purchase  thy   following    described
lamb :
Commencing at a post planted onthenorth
. irnorof I'rescoll Island, opposite ��� mall li land,
md  marked  Elizabeth   Gordon  Macdonald's
N.W. coiner; ihence east along bench SOchaini ;
��� ihence south 10 chains; thence wesl 80 chains;
i thence north 10 chains to beach', and follow Ing
1 each to polnl of commencement, containing
| rio acres more or '
lotto Claim, of Van- j Dated Dec. 14, 1908.
tputlon housewife, intends to i
purchase, Kundls Island, Massctt's Inlet, Q.C.   [UGriains; thence north to beach; thorico fol
it would he easy  for the niatlienia- | isis.; theuee east   forty (IO) chains;   thence I lowing boaoh to polnl qi commencement, and
tician to calculate how much it
would rise and fall with the tide.
In fact it would move up and down
a third as much if it ���were liquid
throughout, but we would be unconscious of this movement he-
cause we have nothing as y.el with
which to measure it."
Sir George then dealt with another way in which the tide has ail
interesting effect upon the evolution of the planetary and stellar
'littwl.il    mn+inn �� lio   uuwl   "(1,,.! ELIZAllETIKibRDON JIaoDONALD
ill 11(1.1.1    motion,    lie  S.IKI,    Hie W. W. Cubkr, Agent.   Dated Dee. 14,19j��
containing 320 acres more or less.
W. w. Clarke, Agont.
Dated Dec. 14, 1008.
skeena Land Dlstriet���District of Con t.
couver, B, C
apply (or permission to purchase the following
describe 1 lands:
Commencing at n posl planted on  the north
side of Stephen Island, about 00 chains wesl of
W. 1'. Bnee's N.  E. corner, and marked Charlotte Glenn's  N.   W. crner;   thence south 80 1
chains; thence east 10 chains; thenco north to j
bench and following beach.around buy to point j
of commencement, and   containing 820 acre,
acres more or less.
w. W.Clarke, Agent.
Skeena l.niid District--District of Coast,
takk NOTICE that William Bruce, of Vancouver, B.C, occupation gentleman, intends
to apply for permission to purehnsc the following deserlbed hinds:
Commencing at a post planted on the north
hie of Stephen Island, about 20 Chains  west
ofT. E. Washington's N. K. corner, and marked
William Bruce's N. K. corner;  thenee south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; ihence north lo
beach; ihence following beach to point of commencement, and containing 040 acres-more or
W.  W. claukk. Agent,
movement of the water is subject
to friction ��� slight, though it is.
This friction acts as a very slow
brake on the earth's rotation. It
is so small that it has never been
measured, yet it must exist.
"Acting always in one direction,
the earth must   be gradually spin-
Dated Dee. 12, HUM.
Skeena Land District   District of Cons!.
TAKE NOTICE thai Isabella Simpson, of
Toronto, Ontario, occupation spinster, Intends
Lo apply (orpermission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing nt   u posl planted on the north-
ivostsideof I'reseoii  Island, on  chai I  be-
.weei, Stephen and l'ri loot! islands, and
marked Isabollu Simpson's N.W.coruer; ihence
isi 80 chains; thence south 20 chains; thenco
Skeena Land Dtstrle
-District of Coast,
Skeena Laud District���District of Const.
TAKE NOTiCE thai George Arthur Godfrey,
if 4 andS, West Sinithflold, London, England,
���eeiipation solicitor, intends io apply for per-
j mission to fiurchn.se the   following described
f lands;
Cqmmencing at n posl planted about thirty
yards oasl of the mouth Of Nans Ilnrbor Creek,
Naas Harbor; thence south 20 chains; thence
enst 2011)11 i11.-; thence north 20 chains.; thenee
west 20 chains to polnl of commencement and
] containing about forty acres.
II. M. Bennett, Agent.
! Dated Nov. 11.1908.
Skeena Kami District���Dlstrlcl of Coast.
TAKE NOTiCE that Wilfred Henry Godfrey,
,.f -IA :, Wesl Bmithfleld London.England, occupation solicitor, intends to apply for permis-
TAKK NOTICE that Thomas E. Washington,
of Hay .-.tree;. Toronl ,, Ontario, occupation
reel estate agent, Inten Is to apply for permission   to   purchase    tlie  following  described
, ,  i sion to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a posl  planted at the north      ,. .    ,    .   , ,      ,,   ,
' Commencing at a post plained one hundred
side of Stephen Islam, about L!'i chains west  ol , ,,     , , , ., ,
1 | yards north of an unnamed creek on the east-
.1. D. Toomoy s N. E. corner, and marked I.E.
Wellington's   N. K. corner; thence south ho
chains; thence west 20 chains; theuee north 1
ein side of Massett Inlet, about live miles from
11 the village of Massett;   thence enst 20 chains;
llinc   slower.     Further    than   this, I'west 80   chains  to bench;   thenee  following Ifnains;tnunce_west^enainsjtnence ��������  ltoM ���ti, a [taln,; tace  west to the
! Vuoh to point of commencement, containing | bench; thence tollowing beach to point oi com- { ^^ ftnd iinl||;; ftbou, ^���rl,.s.
li. m. iikn.nhtt, Agent.
.. .",,  100.S,
W. W. Claukk, Agont
Haled D,
ltiu acres more or le
ineiicement, and containing Hiti acres moreor
W. W. Clarke, Agent. ! THOMAS E. WASHINGTON.       | |,.ltr(1 N,,v.
.11, 1908.
Slu-enu Laud District -District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that George D. Seott, of 85 St.
leorge Street, Toronto,  Ontario;   occupation
gentleman, intends to apply for permission to
Skeena Land District���Dlstrlcl of Coast
TAKE NOTICE thai lames W. Graham, of St,
Mary's,  Ontario, occupation banistor-at-law,
iirchase the tollowing described lands;            I Intends ion pply for p rmisslon to purchase the
Commencing atiipost plantedal the north; ollnwing deserlbed lnndsl
ndof William Island, on the uorth-wosl side ,    '' monclng al u pint planted on (ho north !
thence following hem l, to poini of commonce-
as the friction is due principally to
the moon, there must be a reaction ;
on the moon, and the effect of that i """"' '""'���'"' 1""H-
reaction is to drive tin; moon farther and farther from the earth.
You may say that if this friction
of the tides is driving the moon
away from the earth now, on going
back, in time   far  enough, we milSt   of Henry Island, and   marked Cb D, Scott's ' sldoof Prescott Island and  marked .1. W. Grn
come to ���! tin,,. u'liiM, the monn wnHlnilial post; thenco running about  120 chains   ham's N. W, corner;    hence south Ro chains;
COlllC to a tunc WtlCll tile moon Was j a0UtIl> i,lklllK ln tho will(ie islana. and contulu-   ihence east 80 chains   thenee north to head,:
close to the earth.    Such  a conchi
sion is obvious, but the remarkable j
fpet ahout this result is that it ap-1
pears that when the moon was close !      Skoonn Land District -Dlstriet of cast
to the   earth   it   always   faced   the      TAKE NOTICE   thai   James   Musgrave,   of        Skeena Land Dist   ct���District, ofCoasl
.,      t ,, ,," Toronto.   Ontarl ecupution physician, in-      TAKE NOTICE thm Bamtiel B. Jameson, of
same side ol the earth. honds to apply for permission to purchase the   ,,.,.,,������,   s.,,kat,.h, .   :0upalion   Customs
"Thus  these   two   bodies   moved   tollowing described lands; Colleclor, Intends to apply for permission to
,    ,,,    ,    ,,     , ,,    ,, r   i     i !    Commencing atapost planted on the west   p,Irohasetho following described lands;
about as   though they  were linked Ulde of Prescott Island, on channel   between |   commencing at o post planted oi i north
together.     This    points   clearly   to   Stephen and   PresCott   Islands, and   marked Lulu of Prescott Islami, at head of small bay,
,,���-,,,,. ,     ,. i 'lun.es Musgrave's N. W. corner: thenee east  ftnd  marked   s.  I?. Jamesons' N. W. corner;
the idea   that in   vcrj   early  times  so chains; thence soulhSO chains; theucowest Uheneesouth 80 chains; thence cm iOchains;
the moon and earth were one body,   80 chains to beach;  thenee following beach to   thence north to beaeli; thenco following beaeli
.. :��� I l'niuyof <'"mii>cnccineiii, and containing <>��)   to point of commencement; and containing 840
.1 \\\] s MUSGR W'V acres more or less.
W  Wc.arkk.Agent.! SAMUELl, JAMESOW.
W. W. CIiarkk, Agent.
Dilicd Dee. 11, PHIS'..
iug 010 acres more or loss.
''w"w 'i i"'n i'"?' nt  I  't> and contalnim UiOaorc! more or less.
natcdDcc.12,1908. "���"'"������ lAMESW. GRAHAM.
\n . \\. Ci.AiiKR, Agent.
Dated Dee. 11, 1908.
Skeena Land District���District of Const.
TAKK NOTICK that Louis liitlcrbrnudt. of
ll Angel Conn, in the City of London, England,
occupation gentleman, Intends to apply tor
permission to purehnsc the following described lands:
Commencing al n  post   planted  880 yards
from the polnl on tho enst of the entrain (
Naden Harbor on tho north coasl of Graham
Island; thence easl live chains; ihence north
to the coasl: thenco following tho laid cnsi to
the polnl of commencement and containing
ahout 40 acres.
II. M. IIi:nni.tt, Agent.
Dated Nov  I, Pius.
European and American Plan
RATES $1.00 TO $3.00.
Hot and  cold   running water on
every floor.
Union Steamship Co.
Fast, Now Steel Built
,   Steamor
Leaves Port Essington
Every Saturday Night for Vancouver
Leaves Vancouver  Every Thursday
at 9 o'Clock P. M.
This is the. only steamer on the
Northern British Columbia route
fitted with double bottom and steel
bulkheads. For passage and further particulars apply to
MORROW & FRIZZELL, Pt. Esslngtrn
Contractor and Builder,
DVlfferlnStreet, opposite Morrow A  Frl��2��U.
Dufferin Slrcct,   -    Port Essington
Port Essington, B. C.
 ,\ N D	
.rr^lr,:���,,:,"";,,, Vwtables, <km Groceries. Frails.
Datinl Dec. 12,1008.
which spun so fast that it broke in lacr    ;.���.., .
two, and the smaller bodv -*- the
tnoon���was sent away by tidal friction to where we sec it now.
"It has been suggested  that the
Skceun Lund District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICK thai William l��.  Earngey, of
,,     ... ,,      i    ,     i   ���    ,        ,     I Toronto,.Ontario, occupation bnrrister-al-law,,
Pacific ocean is the bole left by the i intt.i���i�� ,��� ���,,,,!, ,���,��� permission to purchase''   '
moon.    I will not say that I accept!tlK' followingttescrlhcii lands;
this���T do not  thin"
I eft W, Di Earngoy's S.   K. e'orher; thonco il'CSI
Commencing at a  post planted at head of
Skeena Land District���-District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE ii.:.-  Elizabeth Seott, of 85St.
Tori ito,   Ontario, occupation
| spinster, Intends  in apply for permission to
purchase the following described linuis
of ���! and 5, AVcsl Bmlthflold, London, England,
occupation solicitor, intends to apply (or permission to li-iiM.' the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted about thirty
yards easl of the mouth of Nans Harbor Creek,
Nuiik Harbor! Ihence easl along the cuasl for a
distance of twenty chains and containing
about half an acre.
II. W. Hknnkti, Agent,
Dated Nov. 11. 1008.
Skeena Land Dlstriet���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Wilfred  ItcnryGodfroy,   all points,
il l&ij Smithfleld London, England, occupation i
We also make a specialty of
handling and forwarding- freight
from our large new   Warehouse   to
solicitor,  Intends to apply for permission to
,v,,   |,'iVl. ',,,\    , , , Commencing at a post planted on the north   lease the following defcrlbcd land i
im Ibayon southend of prescott Island and mark-1.ldcott)i,esddtB{lBlw ���,.,,,,,���;.;,,,���,.,���.,.,������..,���������,    Commencing al a posl   planted  abOut one
proof of it.
"Now, if instead of looking hack-
ward we look forward, we shall
find the earth spinning slower and
Slower and the moon going farther I DUt��d Dec. lai wiw.
about 20 chains to beaeli; thence north'80
cMhlns i thenee east 20 chains; thence south 80
,'linins in point of commencement, and containing lt'��u acres more or leRS.
w. \v. ci.ahkk. Agent,
Island, and rharkc 1 Ellnabeth Scott's N, W.
corncrj tbeuco south 30 cliains; thence easl 10
chain's; thence north to licach; thence follow -
lug beaeU uround biii to point of commencement, and I'onliiiniiu' 820 aCrcs more or li"������������
vv  w, ci.'.iiKi;. Agent,
i Hated Dec. U, loos
hundred yards north of an unnamed creek nn        Lallllill'V for   the Cascade.   \ an-
thceastern side ol   Massett Inlet, about five   roilvcr. will !"��� soiit    down    on each
,���;,,, ,',������, the village ot Maasett; thence     .     f tf     t     Rupert, Thursdays,
tilong the coast Inn southerly direction fora        I; .   ' ���.
distance of 20 chains, and \\ ill leave  Vancouver  on  the
wilkred uenry Godfrey.     ; following Thursday bv  the t'aino-
II. 11. Uhnnki i. Agent i ' i  ,'.. .    i , .,,,
; sun. A. Lav., Agouti
I Dated Nov.;,, KH)B. T
frick Monkey Draws a Salary Larger Than
the Salary of the President of the United
States, and Earns Every Cent of It
If the ''stars" of the music ball
stage are pot careful, says a Lonr
don letter, tho trained animals that
appear in the variety theaters will
be able to boast of earning more
money for the income tax collector
than any singer or dancer,
The statement made that the
chimpanzee now at the London
hippodrome draws about $500 per
week for eating his meals and smoking a cigarette twice a day in public appears surprising, but managers explain that high salaried
"turns" are engaged according to
their power to attract money to the
box office. There is a monkey called
Peter Consul, at present filling engagements in Germany, for which
$1500 a week for nn American en*
gageiuent was refused,
A troupe of throe or four elephants will appear on a salary list
at from $500 to $(i25 a week, and
the two tiny parrots shown in the
piusic halls are good for $250.
Pllu, tho thought-reading dog,
earns his master $150 a week, $100
less than goes to the boxing kangaroo,
One of the most expensive animal turns is Seeth's troupe of lions
which got $1500 a week, Valleci-
ta's leopards are another high-
priced troupe, drawing $800 per
Merrian's dancing dogs get $500
a week in Paris, and Barnold's dog
pantomime, on the fame of a terrier which acts the part of a drunk
en man, is drawing $1000 a week
in New York.
There is an elegant line of new
spring shirts displayed in the window at the Nortb Coast Commercial Co. Ltd., this week; any one
for $1.25.
MdPHA CAKB,--=rPut 4 eggs and 4
tablespoonsful siugarin a basin and
beat them over boiling water till
they are quite thick, remove the
basin and beat for five minutes,
then sift in 4 ozs, flour and 1 teaspoonful baking powder, stir gently; pour mixture into buttered and
floured tin and bake 30 minutes in
moderate oven; remove from tip,
let it get quite cold, then ice with
the following frosting: Beat 2 ozs,
butter and i-\h, confectioner's sugar till it is white, then add 3 tablespoonsful clear, strong coffee
very gradually till it is a smooth
paste; put this into a forcing bag
with tube,  and decorate  the cake.
Clams, ,\ la Nkwhkiig.���Drain 1
quart (dams from their liquor, cut
off the hard black necks and sit
them to cook slowly in 2 tablespoonsful butter) when ready season with salt and pepper and add
J-oup sherry wine;-pour in 1 pint
cream, let all come to boiling point
and stir into it, moving the pan to
a place where the cream can not
boil, 2 well beaten eggs and ^-cup
milk and serve.
Savahi.v.���Put 1 yeast cake into
cup with teaspoonful each, of flour
and sugar, ndd ^-cup lukewarm
water and milk mixed, let stand
in warm place 15 minutes; sift -4-lb.
flour into basin, Jet it get warm,
sprinkle in pinch salt, teaspoonful
sugar, 1 oz. blanched and shredded
almonds, 3 ozs, melted buttor, and
3 well beaten eggs; boat for 10 minutes with your hand, pour into well
buttered mould with hole in center; let rise in warm place till double in size; bake in hot oven 45
minutes; serve cold with stewed
fruit, _____
Cold Stuffed Tomatoes,������ Peel
tomatoes, cut slice from top of each
and scoop out some of the pulp:
till tomatoes with equal parts of
chopped sardines, celery and olives
seasoned with oil and vinegar, salt
and paprika; serve on lettuce oi
cress. A teaspoonful mayonnaise
dressing on the top of each cup improves the appearance.
The North Coast Commercial Co.
Ltd. arc showing some nice lines of
laces and embroideries at very attractive prices.
Train Robber Took From the Wealthy Class
and Gave to Those Who Were Less Fa=
vored by Fortune's Freaks
In tho house of commons, says a
dispatch from Ottawa, all papers
connected with the escape of Bill
Miner, the train robber, from the
penitentiary at New Westminster
in 1907, have been tabled. It appears that Col. Sherwood, commissioner of the dominion police, reported to the minister of justice
that he had information from a reliable source that Miner escaped,
not through a hole under tho fence,
but through the gate.
Col. Sherwood then recommended
increasing the reward for Miner's
capture from $500 to $1000, but
the minister turned this down on
the report of the investigation of
Inspector Dawson.
Rev. Mr. Owen, chaplain, testified that Miner said to him: "I do
not consider it a crime to lift money
from rich corporations.   It is not     The North Coast Commercial Co,
a crime;   it is   not a sin.    (hi the1 Ltd.   have their   new spring   hats
contrary, 1 feel it to be my duty to  and caps in
lift money from rich corporations
and give it to  the poor.    Many a
mortgage on a   poor man's home I
have helped to pay with money I
have taken from rich corporations.
I am what I  am, and I have done
what I have  done,   but I can look
God  and   man   in   the   face unashamed."
As the result of a return brought
down tpday, Mr. Taylor of New
Westminster will renew his application for an inquiry into the escape at an early date.
Why Bobby Wept
Little Bobby had been scraping
the snow from the sidewalk for an
hour, when the minister in passing
found him weeping as though his
heart would break.
"What's the trouble, my little
man?" asked the minister.
"Booho!" sobbed Bobby, "bad
tramp came along and stole the
snow shovel  from boy next door."
"Well, my lad, it's nice to be so
sympathetic, but you must not bo
worried too much over other people's affairs."
"Oh, it isn't that, sir. I'm mad
'cause he didn't   take my shovel."
Proposition |s Made to Bore a Hole Ten
Miles Deep Into the Earth and Utilize the
Heat Obtained as Substitute for Fuel
Sir William Ramsay, the famous
English chemist, who fears exhaustion of the coal supply within 500
or (iOO years, says: "We may ex.
pect that within not more than 200
years, or even Jess, the high price
of coal will render tho conditions
of living very difficult.
"The available water power of
Europe is estimated not to exceed
2,000,000 horsepower; it is probable that England alone uses 100,-
000,000 horsepower today,
"The use of tides has been suggested, but the capital cost and the
danger of destruction by storms
render the idea chimerical,
"In hot countries engines are run
by solar heat, but even granting
that such a process could be applied in England���whore sunshine
is too ran���the cost of apparatus
and danger from destruction place
that source of energy out of the
"Another alternative is to supply
heat in the form of steam, by
drilling a hole in the earth's crust
at least ton miles deep.
"Such a project has been considered from a practical standpoint
by tho Hon. Charles Parsons of
turbine fame, and his verdict is
that the execution of the project
would cost $25,000,000 and take 80
"The question of export duty on
coal at once suggests itself, with a
restriction of machines which consume largo proportions of energy
compared with their results, and
consideration of the wasteful consumption of coal for domestic purposes, and the waste of valuable
nitrogenous material in sewage."
O, A. Ragstad, the jeweler, is at
present located in the building adjoining McArthur's Emporium,
where he will carry on business until a more suitable building is
erected near his old stand.
Society Belle���The man I accept
must be an experienced man of the
world; in fact, he must have been
through the mill.
Suitor���Through the mill! Great
Scott! You Must be looking for a
Was Highly Colored
"How do you like my now tie?"
inquired the society swell.
"It looks to me very much like
a chameleon sliding down a rainbow," answered his friend.
Edyth���Was Tom on his knees
when he proposed to you?
Maynu���No; he seemed to bo up
in the air.
A  subscription   to The Loyalist
is a good investment.
McCall's patterns and D. & G.
corsets at the North Coast Commercial Co. Ltd.
The Wife���It's the duty of every
married man to make homo happy.
The Maid��� But suppose he is
unable to doit?
The Wife���Oh, ho can do it all
right���even if to do it he has to
stay awav from it.
..S. S. NATIVE..
Leaves from
Fhimell's Wiiakf
at 2:00 p.m.
Tickets on   sale  at  the  Essington
Hotel office, Port Essington.
Harrison, Campbell & Mills
Company, Ltd.
Bead The Loyalist for local news.
Kodaks, Films and Photo Supplies
Big line  always on band
Send in vour orders
Prescriptions carefully compounded
15 Branches Throughout Canada and Cuba
CAPITAL PAID LP  $3,900,000
RESERVE FIND $4,600,000
Agency in New York and correspondents throughout the world,
General banking business transacted. Savings bank department
in connection, in which deposits of $1,00 may be made and interest obtained, Accounts of outH>f-town customers receive prompt
attention. We issue drafts and money orders; payable in all parts
of the world.
S, A. MORLEY, Manager Port Essington Branch
The Right Place
To Buy Jewelry
If your Watch does not keep yon the correct time,
send it to us and have it mado to do so, or let
us supply yon with one that WILL, We carry a
COMPLETE LINE of up-to-date ��� JEWELRY, from
Before Selecting a Suitable Gift be sure and
call and inspect our stock.
C. B. WARK. The Reliable Jeweler,
Queen's Hotel,
Port Essington, B. C.
The only First-Class Hotel north of Vancouver.
Cuisine can not be surpassed
anywhere in the north. .  .  .
Baggage transferred to and from hotel.
Sample rooms Hot and cold baths
General Dealers
A First=Class  HOTEL also
adjoins the premises.
A Good Point at which to Outfit for the Interior.
In traveling up tho Skeena make this your
Stop at Hotel Northern
When in Port Simpson, B. C.
Under new management.    Has  been thoroughly refitted and
refurnished, and now affords every comfort and convenience.
E. W. RICHARDS, Prop., (formerly with Ss. Camosun)


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