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Port Essington Loyalist Feb 20, 1909

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Vol. 1, No, 18.
Subscription $3 Pkh 'Yuar
Report of Superintendent and Treasurer of Port Simpson Hospital Is
Submitted to the Directors.
To the President and Board of
Directors of Port Simpson General
Hospital���Gentlemen: I have tho
honor to submit my report for the
year ending December 81, 1908:
There were patients In the hospital Dec.
si, MOT      %
There were admitted during the year.   08
Total number treated during yoar,,       180
The patients were classified us follows:
White, (>0: Indian, 02;  Japanese,  27:
Chinese, 1.   Total,1 80.
Male, 148: female, 32.   Total 180,
Medical cases, 70; surgical, 99: obstet.
rlc, l; gynaecological, 7.   Total, 180
No. patients discharged during year,... 142
No. patients died during year    U
No. patients In hospital Doc 81,1908...,,    7
Total         180
The total number days treatment during the
year was 8(i!)8: average days stay of eaob pa.
dent was 20.In.
Comparing the work done In the Essington
hospital and that done in the Simpson hospital, both of which are operated by this hoard,
we find there were cared for at the Slmpsou
hospital, white patients,88 for8Udays; Indian,
in for IBM days; Japanese, ,1 for 46 days. In all
88 patients for 2194 days' treatment.
At Essington hospital there were cared for:
White patients, 53 for 777 days; Indian, 22 for
225days; Japanese, 22 for 4117 days; Chinese, 1
for 86 days.
The white patients came from the following
places: Port Essington 20, Hartley Bay 1, Port
Simpson 9, Port Nelson 1, Nobles 2, Kitamaat 1,
Victoria 4, Oceania Cannery, 2, Arrandale 1.
Balmoral 2, Inverness 4, North Paeiflc 1, ('lux-
inn 14, Casslar 2, Dominion City 1, New West
minster 8, Kltsumgalltlm
i City l,
1, Hkido
gate 2, I.os
i 80, Port Essington 8, Metlekatla 7, Klt-
, Massett ��, Klthkatlo 2, Kkldegate8,
tar 8, Alyanah 1, KHwaucol 1, LnkaUap
Angeles 1, Goose Hay 8, Dawson, l'orcher IsL
and, Massett 1 each, Georgetown ��, Clark's Saw
mill 1, Prince Riipett 1, Nostrum's camp 2,
Sheady'S camp 6, McHugh's cainp 5, Copper
River 2. McDonald's camp 8, Stewart's camp 2,
Smith's camp'J, Kelih's camp 2. Craig's ramp
1, AntnnellcV camp 1, Edwards' camp 1, B��,
capllano, Nonamo, Beatrice, Princess Kna 1
each. The Indian patients came from: Port
a i.mat 1,
I and Klncollth'l.
The causes of the 11 deaths were as follow,
llroncho-pneumonia 8, tuberculous peritonitis
I. ascites and Jaundice 1, pulmonary tuberculosis 1, Ulo-colltls 1, explosion 1, ascending
spinal paralysis 1, mercurial poisoning 1, myelitis transverse tranmatlcl.
Of the cases of various forms of
tuberculosis three were of white patients, the rest were of Indian patients. The 13 cases of pulmonary
tuberculosis reported represent 11
different caries, as two were admitted twice. Two are still in the
hospital, 1 died in hospital, 3 would
not remain for treatment, 1 died
shortly after leaving, 2 stayed only
12 days but were improving and 2
cases left the hospital much improved.
The number of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis is the largest for
some years and calls for comment.
We can not too strongly urge the
importance of an active campaign
of education along sanitary lines
among the Indians. This should
include literature bearing on the
causes and prevention of this disease and should be placed in the
hands of physicians or missionaries having the care of these people
that they may instruct their cl -rges
in right living.
The year has been a heavy one
financially. The late increase in
the cost of supplies and labor has
swelled the cost of maintenance, to
meet which the hospital fees have
been raised.
The Essington hospital was in
operation from May 15 to Sept. 5.
The work here was carried on under difficulties by the staff. The
building was in bad condition, the
ceilings and walls were wet and
warped. The Methodist church
granted $500 towards the repairs,
which cost $900, the balance being
subscribed along the Skeena river.
The amount of work done proved
the wisdom of opening the hospital
as 98 patients were cared for with
1505 days' treatment.
Up to the iirst week in August
there was no hospital provision on
the line of construction nearer than
Prince Rupert, and it was necessary
to care for considerable accident
Work from between the latter point
ami Kits urn galluin     Many of the
1 i fellows were seriously injured
md would have beon irj a bad plight
had not the hospital boon operating, Certainly tho Essington hospital supplied a great neod during
the past season, The experience
there, although arduous and difficult, was pleasant, and the staff
will not soon forget the many acts
of kindness of Essington friends,
Since tho last annual meeting
the board has had the improvement of the hospital under consideration. The cost of these extensions will be about $6000, which
amount is now availablo. The encouragement and assistance which
the board has received in this undertaking is but another evidence
of the large-hearted and free, open-
handed generosity of the people of
the north coaBt of British Columbia, The canning companies and
business firms responded nobly,
there being 18 subscriptions of
$100 each, private individuals being equally generous. As an instance may be cited the crew of the
Vadso, who contributed $56.50.
It would be wrong to close a
report cf this nature without reference to the splendid assistance rendered by (he nursing staff and the
housekeeper���Mrs. Phair and the
nurses who assisted us so well during the summer at the Skeena.
In closing we desire to thank all
who, during the year, visited the
hospital, and by their assistance,
financial and otherwise, lightened
our labors. Our thanks are also
extended to the Women's Missionary Society of the Methodist church
for contributing the salaries of the
nurses, as in previous years.
The financial statement shows
assets of $12,095.78 over and tbove
liabilities, included in the assets
are the recent extensive improvements made in the hospital buildings, together with the extensions
and additions made.
Note This Correction
An error appears in the last paragraph of Mr. Manson's speech,
printed on the fourth page of this
issue. In reference to his renewal
of acquaintances, "Victoria" should
read "Prince Rupert."
Is a Nervy Engineer
A special dispatch to the Vancouver World from Los Angeles,
Cal., says: A. W. Baldwin, an engineer on' a local San Bernardino-
Santa Fe train, is the hero of a
hundred or more passengers, whose
lives he saved oy remaining at his
post, when his train threatened to
go down with a sagging, 6waying
bridge over Arroyo Seco.
Baldwin, who is the hero of half
a dozen wrecks, felt the bridge give
slightly as the engine struck the
trestles. The vibration of his train
caused the steel structure to sag,
and when the central pier began to
buckle Baldwin's fireman and a
brakeman leaped from the train*
The engineer, however, stuck to the
throttle and pulled the passenger
coaches to safety.
An examination of the bridge
showed that the center had fallen
a foot and a half.
Let me sleep
Where 1 have fought; and, lighting;, sank to
rest |
In slumber deep
Let nielle
Amongst the pine and tamarack In the grnp.
dour of the West.
Unafraid to die,
Let mo sleep, let me lie
On Western Boll, 'neritli the Western Shy���
God's  Glorious West, where all His uhlldren
live who love Him best.
Let me meet
When I have crossed (he Great Divide, ft West.
ern welcome Unci
In pleasure sweet
Let me dream
Among the  mansions and   the palaces of this
Western liomo of mine;     j(
Content, seref*;*
Let me live, let me die,
On Western Brill, 'noath a Western Sky-
God's marvelous Wont,  with all His master.
pieces of art divine.
Aberdeen, 11, C.
To the Patrons of The Loyalist
In this issue of Tho Loyalist the
new editor has been seriously handicapped by a'chain of circumstances
over which he had no control, and
this will explain the lack of news
of local interest.
It is the purpose of the present
management,-' howovoiv tot give to
the readers of-The Loyalist^ plean,
interesting family paper devoted
to the interest*'of Port Essington
and her business circles. But to
do this the paper must have the
hearty support and co-operation of
the people interested in the growth
of the town and the expansion of
the different industries in the immediate vicinity.
While the advertising columns
of The Loyalist give evidence of the
fact that Essington's merchants
are alive to the efficacy of judicious
use of printer's ink, it is our desire
to so extensively advertise the port
as an advantageous point for location that parties seeking a safe investment for idle capital may have
their attention directed this way.
No other section of North America
affords so many golden opportunities for the man of moderate means
to enrich himself, in a comparatively short time, than does Northwest British Columbia. Rich in
mineral resources, with countless
acres of fertile agricultural lands,
patiently awaiting the hand of man
to transform it into a section teeming with wealth, these opportunities, if judiciously set forth, can
not fail to produce results.
There is a chain of towns on the
coast and inland, roundabout Essington, and by concerted action
much good can be done.
The Loyalist will never be accused of being a "knocker," but
will lend its aid toward the advancement of any legitimate commercial
enterprise which may be projected,
always having an eye in the direction of Port Essington, however,
as first choice.
W. H. Roberts.
G. T. P. Is Pushing Things
The Grand Trunk Pacific has
announced that within two or three
weeks the first standard gauge locomotives, passenger coaches and
freight cars to be used on the road
in British Columbia will be shipped
from New Westminster to Vancouver, being the m-w equlprnent
which will Be dperated out of Prince
Rupei t,
How About That Fire Apparatus?
A matter of immense importance
to the property owners and citizens
generally, and one which certainly
should not be permitted to lag, is
the installing of an efficient fire-
fighting apparatus here in Essington.
The recent disastrous fire should
have the effect of stimulatfng efforts in this direction, and in the
organization of i\ volunteer fire association, properly officered, for operating whatever type of machine
that may be decided upon. Funds
for this purpose could be raised by
popular subscription, or through a
peries of entertainments. There is
ample local talent, both vocal and
instrumental, of a high order, none
of whom would refuse to volunteer
their services for this purpose,
Sinoe the fire in Essington atten->
tion of the fire insurance companies has been directed to the lack
of proper fire-fighting apparatus in
the towns in this section, and ft
number of risks have alroady been
canceled in Prinoe Rupert, and
similar action in other dirootions
will soon be taken.
This is too vital a question to
admit of either discussion or a moment's delay. The bald fact that
Essington is without protection
from fire is here staring us in the
face, and the only way to remedy
the matter iB to get down to business right now, and keep the question hot until substantial results
- ������ ��� m i
Arthur Flewin Drowns.
Word was received at this place
on Monday last of the death of Arthur Flewin, the 17-year-old son of
John Flewin of Port Simpson.
The young man, accompanied
by his brother, was out in tho
harbor with a sailboat, and, get.
ing caught in-a gale, their little
craft became unmanageble and
captized. After a hard fight for
life they succeeded in reaching the
shore, where Arthur collapsed from
exhaustion. His brother immediately started for assistance, but before his return young Arthur had
succumbed to the awful strain and
The parents have the heartfelt
sympathy of a large circle of acquaintances in   the loss of their
young son.
��� �� aw   i
If you want to keep up with the
procession, subscribe for The Loyalist.
Until further notice, the steamer
Rupert City will discontinue making calls at this port.
Sajiro Sasaki, a Japanese, was
arrested last week for having deer
meat in his possession out of season. He paid a fine of $50 and
The Princess May arrived in port
Thursday afternoon, 48 hours late.
Squally weather delayed her on
her downward trip. She left with
a good list of passengers for Vancouver.
Martin O'Reilly of Essington
has been looking over the Prince
Rupert field, with a view to opening up a branch store in our thriving sister city.
H. F. Kergin arrived in town
a few days ago, having walked
from Port Simpson to Abeuleen.
He was accompanied by Mr. W.
Logan. They brought a Bleigh
load of goods for one of the railroad
camps, and it took them 14 days to
make the trip.
Ice in the lower stretches of the
river has all disappeared, and from
Telegraph Point to the mouth of
the Skeena is all plain sailing.
Above Telegraph Point the river is
one solid roadway, over which
many men are making their tracks
for the interior.
Empire: "Horn at Prince Rupert.
Friday morning, Feb. 12. 190V), to
the wife of W. E. Burritt, a daughter. This birth gives Prince Rupert her first native daughter."
A long life to the distinguished little lady, is the wish of the Loyalist.
According to the railroad contractors, the late heavy fall of snow
has somewhat hampered them in
their work; hut, taking everything
into consideration, better progress
has been made than was anticipated. The campB are ill well
supplied with men and provisions,
and, of late, very little grumbling
has   been   done   in any   quarter.
Everything-is progressing in u 1
Enabling "Loyalist" Readers to Keep
Posted as to What Ttielr Friends
Are Doing During the Week.
Pr-ov, Constable Jones made an
official trip to Rupert this week,
H. E, Kirby left for Vaneouvtr
last Tuesday, on a business trip.
H. N. Boss, ftsst, supt. Yukon
Telegraphs, was in town this week.
R, J. McDonell arrived home by
the Prinoess May last Thursday,
Mrs. R. M. Burns arrived home
last Thursday on the Prinoess May,
C, J, Lallemand returned from
Vancouver last Sunday morning
on the Camosun,
Mrs. G. Friwell returned home
last Thursday night on the steamer
Mr. and Mrs. Frizeell gave a progressive whist party at their home
last Friday,
Miss Minnie Alexander left for
her home in Port Simpson by the
Camosun last Sunday.
P. R. Fleming arrived in town
Thursday from Prince Rupert. He
was a passenger on the Princess
M. Sheady was in town for a
couple of days this week. He reports everything on his section in
first-class shape.
F. F. Quinn, representing McLennan, McFeeley & Co,, Vancouver, was in town this week. He
was registered at the Essington,
Messrs. Brommell andWadhams
went south, after a short stay, on
Tuesday. Mr. Brommell was adjusting the losses at the recent fire.
James H. Rogers, the steamboat
agent of Prince Rupert, was a passenger on the Camosun from Vancouver Sunday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Burns left
on the Princess May Thursday afternoon for Vancouver, where they
will remain for a two weeks' visit
with relatives and friends.
Mr. Alex. M. Manson, of the firm
of Williams & Manson, barristers,
paid our town a professional visit
this week, from Prince Rupert. The
firm may shortly open a branch
office in Essington.
O. A. Ragstad, the jeweler, is at
present located in the building adjoining McArthur's Emporium,
where he will carry on business until a more suitable building is
erected near his old stand.
Messrs. Birely and Lersch, representing Matthews, Towers & Co.
and the Sandford Manufacturing
Co., respectively, were in town last
week They left Sunday for Prince
Rupert on the Camosun.
Tony Menard, one of the pioneers
of the Ingenika country, was in
town a short time this week, on his
way back to the interior. Civilization holds no attraction for Tony
now. He is after the dust���gold
dust���and he seems to know where
to get it. He is heading for McConnell Creek,
Canadian Building Site Chosen
The site for the Canadian building at the A.-Y.-P. exposition to be
opened in May at Seattle has been
selected and the government officials are on the grounds perfecting
plans. The structure will be 150x
90 feet and will follow the French
style of architecture. More than
15 carloads of exhibits will be displayed in the building, showing
the various resources of the Dominion,  including  those exhibited at
| London Inst year.   The value of the
exhibit wili exceed $60,000.
The fite is near the music pavil-
ioi '������! ��� i" of the most central on
Ih. grounds The (i. T. R. will
erocl  buildings   just  opposite  the
i Canadian structure JST
Coal  Prospecting and Timber  Notices, 30
days |S Ot)
Land Notices, fill days  * IHI
Certificate  of  Improvement   Notices,  m
days  7 (XI
All Timber and Lund Koticas must be ac '
companiod by check; otherwise they
will rcmsiti linpublished.
Foreign subscription price per ytMir    . '.'... :'. <)0
From all accounts there appears
to be every probability that the
next two or three years will witness
great activity in railway construction in British Columbia. Instead
of being apparently necessary to
offer subsidies and land grants for
railway construction, we now see
one railway corporation and am -
ther engaged in planning to secure
n feasible route for its line before
the same can be located by a rival
company. Very different is the
situation in British Columbia to
day from what it was ten years
ago, and it is the railway corporations rather than the Provincial
Government or the people of the
Province' that are concerned in the
development of railway facilities
within our borders. While the
grants of subsidies and bonuses, of
which governments and legislatures
were so prodigalat one time, really
did little to achieve the end desired,
the very policy actually retarded
railway construction. It led to a
great traffic in paper charters by
promoters who hoped to dispose of
their charters and accompanying
subsidies tp bona fide railway companies. In more than one instance
it actually prevented the construction of,a line because it was found
impossible to raise capital for a
legitimate scheme, while another
charter for a similar project \yas
being hawked about... The history
of assisted railway legislation in
British Columbia is not a record
that can be looked back upon with
much satisfaction and as reflecting
any credit lor shrewdness and $11-
gacity on the governments and legislatures which figured as principals in those schemes.
, The Canadian Pacific Company
is strengthening its position and
extending feeders to draw traffic to
its main, line. The Grand Trunk
Pacific, engaged in thegrcat task of
pushing its line from the Coast to
Edmonton, is yet not so pre-occu-
pied as to neglect arranging for
branches to tap the traffic available
at Vancouver. The Great Northern
is now seriously engaged in pushing
its road from the Boundary district
to the Coast by the Hope Mountain route, and is likely to find the
Canadian Pacific challenging that
attqmpt to trench on territory
which the latter has regarded as
tributary to its own organization.
Finally, we have the Canadian
Northern definitely deciding to
take the North Thompson route,
with the probability of some arrangement for running rights over the
Great Northern line on part of the
route to the Coast.
The prospects for activity to railway construction in the Province
are therefore Very favorable) and
that means the circulation of money
that will stimulate and increase
business in inahV directions,
The outlook for nn utluSU&lly
prosperous year in British Columbia and across the border was
never better, What with big expenditure? in railroad improvements, the immense building activity, it looks like capitalists are
pinning their faith to the northwest.
,!�����  ������      ��    IHISI
Hicks & Lovic Piano Co,, Ltd.
1204   Douglas   Street,
Victor Talking Maehir.es,
Pianos and Organs.
McArthur's Emporium
Next door to the KsMnpton Hotel.
Penman's Underwear,
Oiled Clothing,
Leckie's Boots.
L. J. MoARTHUR, Prop.
W. G. C0NN0N,
Cigars, Tobacco,
Soft Drinks,,&r
Graphones and Records
Cor. Hazleton and  Dufferin   Stn.
Port Essington.
Leaves Cunningham's Wharf every
ilay for following Railroad Camps:
Keith'9,   McDonald's,   Antonelli's,
Shady's,   Smith  Bros.,  Dan'
Stewart's, Aug. Stewart's,
and McLeod's.
Port Essington, B. C,
The Center of Construction.
Canadian Pacific Employment Agency.
Ocstall River Sawmill,
JAMES A. BROWN, Proprietor.
A complete set of DuBarry���20
volumes���new and uncut. For particulars apply at       Tins Office.
Leavers Pier 2 every Thursday for
FIRST-CLASS ,,  $1.2 00
SECOND-CLASS       8 00
DECK PASSAGE        5 00
Tickets for sale at Ragstadt's
Jewh'V Store. Tickets mustoe purchased before boafding Steamer.
DR, A.  M. LOWE,
Painlcrls Extraction,    Crown and
Bridge work a specialty.
polt'r ESSINGTON, B, C:
���-���mtir  i*-     ��� ^*-~ * ��� .-���-.. .., |     n i im
the Pioneer Dentist,
R. Cunningham & Son, Ltd.
hepe coas an 0)d
Man of <0)undeG
io Dpank cSpiPits
as otherjDnnk tea
People jaid It islsky
,  4 Drink jo much Whisky
W he told them if 0M5
R. J. McDonell
The leading hotel in northern British Columbia, elegantly equipped to meet the requirements of a fastidious public, and com1
nianding a superb vidv of the approaching
Hot and cold hatha at all hours, Baggage
transferred from all incoming and to all
outgoing boats.
 I 'in   in    -      BifflfrTiliiii
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Bernard Leitch
Johnson, of Victoria, B. C, occupation, master mariner, intends to
apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post  planted
immediately  north of  the  north'
I west corner of Jus. Watts' purchase;
j thence east -10 chains; thence north
to shore line; thence along shore
line to point of commencement,
and containing about 80 acres.
Bkii.n'aiu) Lkitch Johnson,
Dated Dec 9. 1908.      '.    Locator
..Boscowitz Steamship Go..
Ss. ST, DENIS    k
i.     i
> Weekly Sailings Between
Victoria,  Vancouver  and
Northern B. C. Ports,
For particulars address
Victoria, B. C.
Vancouver,   B.    C.
l'ortKasington, 1). C,
Serves Best Meal in Town
Try Our Coffee and Cakes
EvorytHlng NEAT.   Prompt Service..
iMifferln St., Port Essington.
MM. if. 'MCAPF, Proprietress.
E. C. Shelton
fruit and Vegetables.
George Hayes
Importer add Dealer iit the
fluent brntllls of
Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco
Pool Rooms & Barbershop
Calumet Restaurant!
Center St.,
first-class meals,
Meals 25 cts-
Italian and French Management.
The Pacific Coast Fisheries, under the superintendence of Mr. C.
Morris, have begun operations on
Selwyn Inlet, Moresby Island,
where the company has established
its base of operations, A building
215x40*26 feet is now In course of
erection, Wharves will also be
built rat this point;, also a three
story concrete building of 40x110
feet. The company Is principally
composed of Vancouver people,
and they expect to have the industry in full swing by May 1st. Mr.
George St. Denis, for many years
with the New England Fish Co,, is
in charge of the fresh fish department, In which business he is well
posted} his headquarters will be
There is also In operation at
Jedway a new clam factory; they
are at present putting up 100 cases
per day, but will have to increase
their capacity, as the demand is
greater than the supply, In speaking of the fish business. Mr, Morris
remarked; "After the mines have
become exhausted we will still be
catching fish, and the fact that
everything caught will be utilised,
will prevent waste. If it should be
that the halibut should not bo sufficient in quantity to supply the
demand, we have the black cod to
fall'back upon. This fish compares
very favorably with the halibut in
quality; in fact, many people declare it is better, and there are
great quantities of black cod in the
Skeena. Laud District���District pf Const.
TAKE NOTICE that K)izuuetl> Oorilon Mac-
Don��|il, ol5JH Wellington street, Torunto, occupation spinster, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described
ContmcnpliiB at a post planted on the north
corner of I'rflwott Island, opposite small island,
and martu'l KlUf&heth Cordon JI��l��loiiiil'l'��
N.W, corner: thence east along baited so chains;
thence south 1�� chains; thence wpst HO chains;
thenee nurth 40 chains fc> beach, and following
beauh to point of commencement, containing
820 acres (nore or less.
W. W, ('I.AKKE, Agent.
Date4 Dee. 12,1908.
Skocna Land District���District of CoaBt,
TAKE NOTICE that Isabella Simpson, oi
Toronto, Ontario, peenpation spinster, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands;
-Commencing at a post planted on the northwest tide of I'peseott Island, on channel between Stephen and Pfesoott inlands, and
marked Isabella Simpson's N.W. comet! iliencu
east 80 chains) thonee south 20 chains; thence
west 80 ehajns to beach; thenee following
beaeli to point of commencement, containing
160 acres mora or loss.
W. W. Cl.AhKE, Agent,
Dated Pee, 12,1908.
Skeena Land District-^District of Coast,
TAKE NOTICE that Ueorgn ]). Seott, of 85SI.
Gebrge street, Toronto, Ontario|  occupation
gentleman, intends to apply for perimiwion to
purchase the following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted at the north
end of William Island, on the nnrth.west side
of Henry Island, and marked 0. 1), Scott's
Initial post: thence running about ISO chains
south, taking In the whole island, and containing UIO acres more or less.
W. W.Clakkk, Agent.
Dated Dec, 12,1908.
Skeena (-and District���District of Coast.
TAKK NOTICE that James Musgrave, of
Toronto, Ontario, occupation physician, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Cominonctng| at a post planted on the wesl
side of Prescott Island, on channel between
Stephen and 1'rescott Islands, and marked
.lames Musgravo's N. W. corner; thenee east
80 chains) thence south 80 chains; thence west
SO chains to beach) thence following beach to
point of commencement, and containing 840
acres more or less.
W. W. Ci.akkb, Agent.
Dated Dec, 12,1908.
After being ice-bound at the Balmoral and otherwise discouraged
for the past month, Al Buttimer
paid Spokeshoot a visit this week.
liquidated some business at this
office, and before we were aware of
it, broke out into the following refrain, which quite unsettled us:
It was down at old Balmoral
Where the Oestall river flows,
Where tho sock'eyfc finds a resting placee in cans
Of course wo had to put him out
before ho got through with his
song, which is no doubt quite original and certainly has the Balmoral twang, but this shop is no
rendezvous for poets, especially for
men who have been away from
civilization for over a month. Outside of his poetical infirmities Al
is all right. However, the weather
is moderating and thore is little
chance of the Oestall again freezing
Provincial Finances Are Sound
The public accounts for the year
which were recently laid before the
legislature, furnish the most definite proof of the excellent condition of the Provincial finances.
They also show how great has been
the growth of revenue during the
last few years, arising not from additions to the direct taxation of
the people, but from the manner in
which the natural resources of the
country are being developed and
the degree to which those resources
especially as regards the Province's
wealth in timber, are being appreciated fully.
��� ��� ��	
, Methodist Church.��� Rev. B. C.
Freeman, pastor. Morning service
11 a. m.     Sunday school 2 p. m.
Evening sermon, 7:30.
St. John's Church���Rev. W. F.
Rushbrook, rector. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Sunday school 2
p. m.   Evening service 7 o'clock.
The regular Salvation Army services are held by Adj. Blackburn.
 ..�� . _
Subscribe for The Loyalist and
keep posted on affairs at h,ome.
The paper is  devoted to the intcr-
. of Essington and vicjhfty, and
'*���".' !.��? essentially a. local paper.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Cecil J. Paynter, of Toronto, Ontario, occupation departmental manager, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted at head of
bay at south end of 1'roscott Island and marked C. J. I'aynter's S. E. corner; thence west
about 20 chains to beaeli j thence following
beach around southern end of pronionotoi >
around bay to point of commencement, and
containing 1IW acres more or less,
W. W. clabkk, Agent.
Dated Dec. 12, 1908.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE  NOTICE that Henry  N.   Phillips, oi
Vancouver, occupation accountant, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands;
��� Commencing at a post planted at the. north
end of an Island off Stephen Island in channel
between Prescott and Stephen Islands, and
marked II. N. Phillips' initial post; thenee
running south about 00 chains, taking in (lie
whole island.
\V. W. Ci.ahke, Agent.
Dated Dec. 12, 1908,
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Joseph Jardlne, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation engineer, Intends lo
���apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the north
side of Stephen Island, about 80 chains west
from Wm, Bruce's N. E. corner, and marked
Joseph Jardine's N. E. corner: thence south DO
chains; thence west to beach; thence following
beach to point of commencement, and containing about 80 acres more or less.
W. W. Cl.AHKE, Agent.
Dated Dec. 14, 1908.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that George E. Parry, of Vancouver, B. c, occupation hotel-keeper, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the follow-
tug described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the north
side of an island in the channel running between Prescott and Stephen Islands, and marked George E. Parry's initial post; thence running south about ���- chains, taking In the
whole island, and containing 100acres more or
W. w. Clabkk, Agent.
Dated Dec. II. 1908.
Skeena Land District-District of Coast,
TAKE NOTICE that William D. Earngcy, of
Toronto, Ontario, occupation bi\rrister-at-law,
intends to apply for permission lo purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at head of
bay on south end of Prescott Island and marked W. D. Earngey'sS. E. corner: thenee west
about 20 chains to beach; thence north 80
chains) thence cast 20 chains; thence south 80
chains to point of commencement, and containing 160 acres more or less.
w. w. Clarke, Agent.
Dated Dec. 12, 1908.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE  that   Charles J.    Cume, of
Toronto, Onti,  occupation physician, Intends
to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted on the north
side of PresCott Island, marked ('. J. Currie's N'.
W. corner; thence south 80 chains) thence en >t
40 chains; thence north to beach; thence following beach to point of commencement, and
containing 320 acres more or less.
tc w o uikk. Agent.
Dated Deo, 14, 1008.
Skeena Lund District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that CharlotteGlenn, i>J Vancouver, Jl, C, occupation Housewife, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the following
described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted on the north
side of Stephen Island, about GO chains west of
W. p, Knee's S- E. corner, and marked Charlotte Glenn's N, W, comer; tlmnco south 80
chains; thence east 40 chains; thuuee north to
beach and following beach around bay to point
of commencement, ami containing ftjp acres
acres more or less,
W. W.t'i.ABgt:, Agent.
Dated Dec. 14, 1908,
.���hi   , inn. ..iip.i.h.ipw^^^W.       i i  i  ��,     .���
Skeena Lartd Diitrlgt���Dtstriit of Coast,
TAKE NOTICE that Thomas K. Washington,
of Bay street, Toronto, Ontario, occupation
real estate agent, intends to apply for permission to purehauB tile following described
Commencing at a post planted at the north
side of Stephen Island, about 20 chains west of
J. 1). Tooiney's N. E. corner, and marked T, E.
Washington's N. E, corner; thmice south 80
chains; tliciice west 20 chains; thence north to
beach; thenee following beach to point of commencement, and containing 160 acres more or
W. W, Ci,*rke, Agent.
Dated Dec, 14, 1908,
Skeena Land District���District of Coast,
TAKE NOTICE that Jumps W. Graham, of St.
Mary's,  Ontario, occupation barrister.at-law,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands)
Commencing at a post planted on the north
side of Prescott Island, and marked J. W, Graham's Jf, Wi corner j t hence south 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence north to beach;
thence following beach to point of commencement, and containing wo acres more or less.
W. w. Clarke, Agent.
Dated Doc, 14, 1908.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTH'E that Oeorge Arthur Godfrey,
of 4 and 6, West Snjithticld, London. England,
occupation solicitor, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted about thirty
yards east of tho mouth of Naas Harbor ('reck,
Naas Harbor; thpnee south !W chains| thence
east20ch��ifl��| thence north 20 chains) thenoc
west 20chains to point of commencement and
containing about forty acres,
H, M. llHHXErr, Agent-
Dated Nov. 11,1908.
Skeena Land District -District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Wilfred Henry Godfrey,
of 4A 5 West Smithfleld London,England, occupation solicitor, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted one hundred
yards north of an unnamed creek on the east-
em side of Massett Inlet, about live miles from
the village of Massett) thence east 20 chains;
thence south 20 chains; thence wast to the
coast, and containing about 40 acres.
H, M. Bennett, Agent.
Dated Nov. 5, 1608.       ,   .
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Samuel B, Jameson, of
Kegina, Saskatchewan, occupation Customs
Collector, Intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted on the north
side of Prescott island, at head of small bay,
and marked S. 11. Jamesons' >*. W, corner;
thmice south SO chains; thenee east 40 chains;
thenee north to beach; thence following beach
to point of commencement, and containing 340
acres more or less,
W. W. Claukk, Agent.
Dated Dec. 1-1,1908.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Elizabeth Scott,of 85SI.
George street, Toronto, Ontario, occupation
spinster, intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the north
side of Prescott Island, opposite corner of small
island, and marked Elizabeth Scott's N. W.
corner:thence south 80 chains; thence east 40
chains: thence north to beach; thence following beach around bay to point of commencement, and containing ;)20 acres more or less.
W. W. Clarke, Agent.
Dated Dei'. 14, 1908.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Albert Jameson, of St.
Mary's, Ontario, occupation student, Intends to
apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands;
Commencing at a post planted on the cast
side of Stephen Island, on channel between
Prescott and Stephen Islands, and marked
Albert Jameson's H. E. corner; thenee west SO
chains; thence north 20 chains) thence cast 8i
chains to beaeli; thence following beach to
point of commencement, anil  containing  10U
acres more or less.
W. W. Clarke, Agent.
Dated Dee. 14,1908.
Skeena Land District ���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Louise Scott, of Toronto,
Ontario, occupation spinsteri intends to apply
tor permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a posi planted on the northwest side of Prescott Island, on channel between Stephen and Prescott Islands, and marked Louise Scott's N. W. corner; thence east 80
jchalus; thence south 40chains; thenoc west till
chains to beach; thence following beach to
point of commencement, and 829 acres more
or less.
W. W. claukk, Agent.
Dated Dec. 14.1908.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Charles A. Bender, of
Toronto, Ontario, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted on the east
side of Stephen Island on the channel between
Prescott and Stephen Islands, and marked
charlesJA. Bender's S. E. corner; thenee west
80 chains; thence north 20 chains: thence east
80 chains to beaeli; thence following beaeli lo
point of commencement, and containing 100
acres more or less.
w. w. Clarke, Agent.
Dated Dec. 14. 1908.
Skeena Land District ���District of Const.
TAKE NOTICE that Ralph Sclby Coxon, of
Vancouver, B. C��� occupation merchant. Intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing ata post planted on the west
side of small Island at the mouth oi channel
running between Prescott and Stephen Islands
and marked Ralph Sclby Coxon's initial post:
thence running cast about 80 chains, taking in
tile whole island and containing 200 acres more
or less.
W. W. CLARKE, Agent.
Dated Dec. 12, 190S.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE thai William Bruce, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation gentleman, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the north
hie of Stephen Island, about 20 chains west
ofT. E. Washington's .V. p. corner, and marked
William Bruce's N. E. Corner; thence sunt ii 80
chains; thence west W chains; thence north to
beach, thence following beach to point of commencement, and Oonlatttlng Oiu acres more or
W.  W. ( I.akki'., Agent.
Dat. -i Dee U, iw
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that LOuls Ritterbrandt. of
11 Angel Court, in the City of London, England,
occupation gentleman, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following descrtb.
ed lauds;
Commencing at a post planted 360 yards
from the point on the east of the entrance of
Naden Harbor on the north coast of Graham
Island; thencv east five chains; thence norMi
to the coast: thence following the said coast to
the point of oomnienoenient and containing
about 40 acres,
H, M. Bemmett, Agent.
Dated Nov. 4, 1908.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that George Arthur Godfrey,
of 4 and ",, West Smithfleld, London, England,
occupation solicitor, intends to apply for permission to lease the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted about thirty
yards oast of the mouth of Naas Harbor Creek,
Naas Harbor; thenee east along the coast for a
distance of twenty chains and containing
about half an acre.
H. W, Bennett, Agent.
Dated Nov. 11,1908.
Skeena Land Dlstriet���District of Coast.
TAKE NOTICE that Wilfred Henry Godfrey,
of ilitt Smithfleld London, England, occupation
solicitor,  intends to apply for permission to
lease the following described laud:
Commencing at a post planted about one
hundred yards north ofan unnamed creek on
the eastern side of Massett Inlet, about five
miles from the village of Massett; thence
along the coast in a southerly direction for a
distance of 20 chains,
II. M. Bennett, Agent.
Dated Nov. ft, 1908.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
TAKK NOTICE that Louis Ritterbrandt, of
11 Angel Court, in the City of London, England,
occupation gentleman, Intends to apply for
permission to lease the following described
Commencing at a post planted about 860
yards from the point on the easl of the entrance
of N'adcu Harbor on the north coast of Graham
IsHud, thence along the coast in a northerly
and north-westerly direction for a distance of
four hundred yards.
II. M. Bennett, Agent.
Dated Nov. 4, 1908.
EDWARD THE SEVENTH, by thcGracc of God,
of the Culled Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland, and of the British Dominions
hcvond the Seas KtKO, Defender of the
Ea'itli, Emperor of India.
to all to whom these i'kksents shall come.���
a proclamation.
W. J. Bowser, I \X/HEREAS, by section
Utnrnev-Gcncral. ( ������ Ii, of the "Game
Protection Act. 1898, Amendment Act, 1901," as
re-enacted by section 19, of the "Game Protection Vet, 1898, Amendment Act, 190,*,," It is en-
scie.ii that itshall be lawful for the Lieutenant-
Governor in Council, by Proclamation In two
successive issues id the British Columbia Gazette, to declare a close season for the animals
mentioned In Schedule B to the "Game Protection Act, 1898," or any amendment thereof,
in any portion of the Province which may be
donned by such Proclamation, and for any
period of time; and
Whereas Our said Lieutenant-Governor, bv
and Willi the advice of bis Executive Council,
has been pleased to direct, by an Order In
Council in that helmlf, a close season for Caribou on Graham Island, Moresby Island, and
the other Islands forming the group known as
theQUeen Charlotte Islands:
Now Know Ye, tuekkfoke, that In pursuance
thereof, We do hereby  prohibit  the  bunting,
killing or taking of Caribou on Graham Island,
Moresby Island, or   any of the other Islands
forming the group known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, from the date hereof until other,
wise ordered.
In  Testimony  Whereof,   we  have   caused
these Our letters to  be made Patent, and
the Great Seal of the said   Province  to Inhere!! nto affixed:
Witness, His Honour Jambs Dcnsmi-ir, Lieutenant-Governor of our said  Province  of
British  Columbia, in our City of Victoria,
in Our said Province, this fifteenth day of
December, in   the   year of  Our Lord one
thousand nine hundred and eight, and the
eighth year of Our Reign.
Bv Command,
Provincial Secretary.
Laundry for the Cascade, Vancouver, will be sent down on each
trip of the etr, Rupert. Thursdays,
and will leave Vancouver ou the
following Thursday by the Caroo-
sun, A. Lang, Agent.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public.
Mrs. S. FrizzeU,
Ladies' & Gentlemen's
Dufterin St. Fort Esstniton.
European and American Plan
RATES $1.00 TO $3.00.
Hot and cold running water on
every floor.
Contractor and Builder.
Dufferin Street, opposite Morrow A Kriznell
Dufferin Street,  -   Port Essington
Port Essington, B, C.
Vegetables, Green Groceries, Fruits.
Wc   also  make   it specialty of
handling and forwarding freight
from our large new Warehouse to
all points.
Valpy& Flewin,
House. Store and Office Work
A Specialty. 1,-vi.iST
Delivered Before a Public Meeting
Held at Prince Rupert
February 8
For the benefit of our readers wc
are printing a verbatim copy of the
speech of Mr. M. Manson, at the
meeting of the Hon. Wm. Temple-
man, held on the evening of his
election by acclamation for Comox-
Atlin, together with the articles
which the Hon. Wm. Templeman
pledged himself to carry out in the
event of Mr. Manson not placing
his name in nomination against
That Mr. Manson would have
been elected in Comox-Athn district had there been a contest there
is little doubt; that he was justified
in his action in retiring from the
field will always be open to criticism; that his election could accomplish, any more for British Columbia than a further demonstration of the feeling of the province
toward the Laurier government,
which has already been amply demonstrated, we agree. British Columbia has done enough for principle. That the Hon. Wm. Temple-
man was forced to admit that he
holds his seat by courtesy of the
Conservative party, and that he
pledged himself in the articles set
forth by Mr. Manson, renders his
election a hollow victory.
Following .is the speech in full:
"Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen:���Permit me, before addressing you, to extend to the Hon.
Mr. Templeman, minister of inland
revenue and minister of mines in
the Dominion cabinet, my hearty
congratulation upon his election.
I am frank to say that I know of
no man on the other side of politics, to whom as a man of honesty
I would sooner extend congratulations under circumstances of this
nature than the honorable gentleman.
"The position in which I appear
before you tonight is a little different from that I expected a few days
ago, I was requested by friends
from Comox, Alberni and Prince
Rupert to. make the contest against
the Hon. Mr, Templeman in the
present election.
"I consented to run, provided
satisfactory arrangements could be
made to conduct the campaign.
The large and scattered district of
Comox-Atlin has made it most difficult to contest. Not being a man
of large means, and owing to the
position taken' by many friends
and also the leading newspapers,
in questioning the wisdom of a
contest at this time, which is only
a by-election and can not materially affect the standing of the parties at Ottawa, I have found it impossible to make satisfactory arrangements to cover the district
With speakers and carry on a contest.
"To decide what was the right
thing to do under tho circumstances has caused mc a great deal
of thought and anxiety during the
past few days. Any man aspiring
to political preferment should in
my opinion be prepared) if occasion demands it, to sacrifice his
own personal consideration.'? for the
sake of his district,
"In looking over such a large
district as thisj which I have had
extensive opportunity of doing the
past teri daysj and facing eqliarely
the position, looking to the Advancement and development which
is so near at hand, particularly in
this locality, I liiiVe had to decide
Whether it Was right, after1 a fuller
knowledge of all the facts, to carry
on the fight or allow it to go in favor of a minister of the Crown. I
Would ii'1 doubt be in position to
do more for the district during such
an important stage of development
than I could do if elected.
"It must be admitted that in the
past, on account of party differences
the feeling between the Federal and
Provincial authorities on questions
as between the Dominion and the
Province has been at times somewhat strained. From the standpoint of the party I represent���the
Conservative party���every principle has been vindicated, and it now
hardly seems necessary to carry the
war into Africa.
"Therefore, after the most careful and mature consideration, and
realizing that the course I have
taken today is one which may be
criticised by my friends, yet, after
they learn more of the conditions,
I am satisfied they will be prepared
to admit that more good has been
accomplished by me for the district
than could have been accomplished
hail I continued in the contest and
been elected. Consequently I have
taken the very great responsibility
after fully advising with friends, of
withdrawing from the' contest, and
have allowed the Hon. Wm. Templeman to be returned by acclamation.
"In doing so I felt it my duty to
do what I could towards securing
some assurance that the needs and
wants of the district should receive
attention at the hands of the Dominion government, and therefore
prepared a memorandum setting
out various items which are most
urgently needed. This was submitted to Mr. Templeman, and he
lias pledged his hearty support.
The articles follow:
"1. That immediate action be taken to protect the halibut fisheries
from American poachers, by providing a sufficient number of vessels of required speed, not less than
"20 'mots, for cruising the northern
waters along this coast, and placing
fishing officers in the small harbors
to prevent the cleaning of fish by
American vessels therein, in order
that our fish may be preserved and
utilized by our Canadian people.
"2. That the manager of the telegraph lines in this district be
clothed with authority and granted
a free hand to engage sufficient
men to keep the telegraph line be*
tween here and Hazelton and Port
Simpson in working order continuously. The present condition of
these lines, which were never satisfactory, has been more seriously
interfered with during construction
of the railway, and provision must
be made in this connection forthwith. Also that the telegraph line
lie extended to give direct communication with Port Essington, either
by cable or wireless,
"3. A telephone line to be established between Georgetown and
Prince Rupert, to connect with the
present line, and thereby give telephone communication with Port
"4. That a fortnightly mail service lie established by steamer from
Prince Rupert as home port to
Massett, Queen Charlotte Islands.
That a weekly mail service be provided for between here, Skidegate,
Jedway and Lockeport, and that
postmasters be appointed and offices opened at each of these places.
That the postoffice inspector be
sent at an early date to Visit Portland Canal, and other outlying
points in the Comox-Atlin district,
and establish poBtoffices where nee
essarj'; all postofficeB in this portion of the district- to have direct
communication with Prince Rti*
pert. That a Weekly mail service
be provided tor Bella Coola imme��
"5i That a Wharf be erected at
Massett at dome Suitable point near
the Indian village, but not on the
Indian reserve, to enable mail and
Other boats to htild,
"0i That the Dominion govern'
rhent take steps to erect wireless
telegraph stations at Prince Rupert and on  Queen Charlotte 1*1*
lands; also at as many points as
may be necessary between Prince
Rupert and Vancouver Island and
on the northern portion of the latter island, to provide an efficient
service; that this work be undertaken and completed within twelve
"7. That a telephone line be extended to Valde-z and adjacent islands, similar to that of Denman
and Hornby islands.
"8. That an experimental farm
be established in the Comox-Atlin
"<). That the extension of the
branch lines north of Wellington,
on Vancouver Island, be carried
through without an extension of
"10. That in the future the general elections of British Columbia
for the Dominion house of commons shall in all cases be held on
the same date as the elections
throughout the whole of the Dominion,
"11. That, the district of Comox-
Atlin be divided into two electoral
districts before the next general
election, in order that it may be
possible for the electors to record
their votes. As it is at present no
man of ordinary means is in a position to cover the district or carry
a contest through, and this has
been the means of disfranchising
the electors of this district for the
[>ast five years.
"I would now ask Mr. Templeman to repeat to this gathering the
pledge already made, that these
various matters will be given his
earnest and  immediate attention.
"Now, gentlemen, I want to express to you all my thanks for yjmr
(dose attention. I also desire to
express to my friends and to all
whom I have met my appreciation
of the kindness and courtesy extended to me while among you.
"I hope that in the future I may
have the opportunity of meeting
you and renewing acquaintance
with Victoria and its people, who
are to be congratulated upon the
growing importance of their city."
The, Hon. Mr. Templeman followed and pledged himself to have
all the various items proposed
by Mr. Manson carried out at the
earliest possible date. He addressed the meeting at considerable
length, dealing with many matters
of interest to the district.
Mr. Sloan addressed the meeting
in explanation of his resignation,
which was submitted that the cabinet position might be retained for
British Columbia.
Satisfaction is general over the
results, and time only can prove
the wisdom of the action taken at
the meeting.
Duck shooting has been good this
week���for some. Others have kept
up their reputation as hunters by
secretly paying $1,00 a brace to
the old-timers wlio, at this season
of the year, generally have a supply
on hand.
Union Steamship Go.
Fost, New Steel Built
Leaves Port Essington
Every Saturday Night for Vancouver
Leaves Vancouver Every Thursday
at 9 o'clock P. M.
Tills is the only steamer on the
Northern British Columbia route
fitted with double bottom and steel
bulkhead*. For passage arid fur��
ther particular? apply to
MORROW & FRIZZELL. Pt. Essington
The Right Place
To Buy Jewelry
If your Watch does not keep you the correct time,
send it to us and have it made to do so, or let
us supply you with one that WILL. We carry a
COMPLETE LINE of up-to-date JEWELRY, from
Before Selecting a Suitable Gift be sure and
call and inspect our stock.
C. B. WARK. The Reliable Jeweler.
Queen's Hotel,
Port Essington, B. C.
The only First-Class Hotel north of Vancouver.
Cuisine can not be surpassed
anywhere in the north. .   .   .
Baggage transferred to and from hotel.
Sample rooms Hot and cold baths
Capital (paid up) $3,900,000.      Reserve fund, $-1,390,000.
Total assets $46,000,000.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Head office: Montreal, Que.
pays particular attention to the  accounts  of out-of-town
The  Savings Bank department offers great advantages  to
Why run the risk of losing your money by fire  or  otherwise when you can leave it in the bank and have it safe.
One dollar opens an account.
We issue drafts and money orders payable in all parts  of
the world.
Port Essington Branch, S. A. Morley, Manager
General Dealers
A First-Class  HOTEL also
adjoins the premises.
A Good Point at which to Outfit for the Interior.
In traveling up the Skeena make this your
i IT i - ���""��� "
Hotel  Northern
Simpson, B. C.
Under new management. Thoroughly renovated,
LateSS. Ciunosun.


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