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The Paystreak Sep 20, 1902

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$ooA 6
Sandon, September 20, 1902
Chapter 52
No Power to Strike a Tax Rate or Pay Accounts.
Schools May Haoe to Close���Waiting for an
Anstoer From the Attorney-General's Department.
Sandon is up against a unique
dilemma. It has no city council and
Recording to the depuly-attorney-
general, there is no power to either
elect or appoint one. The whole
municipal machinery is inoperative and
there is no power in the hands of what
i> left of the city council to start il
Ruing Again. The attorney-general's
department is dilatory to the last
degree, and il seems that no assistance
need be looked for in that quarter. No
accounts have been paid for three
months. The policeman and the city
clerk are without salaries. The school
teacher has $285 coming to him, with
no way of getting it. The school is
without fuel and there is no money appropriated to pay for the same. No
tax rate for 1902 has been struck and
there is no power to strike one, in consequence of which not a- cent of taxes
has been collected for the current year.
The taxes of 1900 are overdue, but there
is no power lo order a sale for taxes.
There is no police commission, no
license commission and no finance
In the meantime the city's financial
condition is the best in British Columbia,   if   not   in   Canada,  .  It   has
, ��� J'   *
practically no floating debt except the
accounts outstanding since the council
lost its quorum, there is money in
the bank to pay everything and conduct
the city's affairs on a cash basis. The
bonded indebtedness of the municipality
is only $15,000, against which there is
sufficient taxes outstanding and recoverable by sale to pay interest and sinking
fund lo date. The city is ready to go
mto the water business on its own account, has the money promised with
which to carry out the enterprise, and
has applied to the government for the
water rights, but has received no recognition of its claim from the lands and
works department at Victoria, notwithstanding that Vancouver, applying 30
days later than Sandon, for the Capi-
lano water on precisely the same terms,
received its water ten days ago. As
there is no council to press the city's
claim ihe matter stands in statu quo.
The story of the city's troubles is as
follows:   On thc  15th of of January
lasl the following council was elected:
Mayor, Robert Cunning; aldermen,
Thomas Brown, Robert Jalland, Ernest
Stein, T. B. Folliott, Thomas Duffy and
E. A. Cameron. All went well for the
first few months and the affairs of the
city were conducted in a capable and
business-like manner. The treasury
was put in good shape and the city
placed on a cash basis. In April,
however, the council commenced to go
to pieces. Alderman Duffy changed
bis place of abode from Sandon to
Grand Forks, B. C. The last meeting
of the council he attended was on April
10. Next Alderman Stein moved to
Portland, Oregon, and was no longer
present at (be council board. April 18
was the last meeting at which he was
present. This left lhe council with a
mayor and four aldermen. Owing to
the fact lhat there were only about a
dozen citizens outside ofthe council who
had the required property qualification
to become aldermen it was known that
there would be difficulty in gelling candidates to fill the places of Messrs.
Duffy and Slein, their resignations
were not accepted until it became
necessary. In July, however, Alderman Jalland decided to move to Edmonton, Alberta, and it was up to the
council to make a move.
Consequently on July 7th an election
was advertised for and the date of
election placed at July *i. In the
meantime Alderman Jalland moved,
and left the council with a bare quorum,
Mayor Cunning, Aldermen Brown,
Cameron and Folliott.
On July 21 the last meeting of the
council was held. The election called
for resulted as expected, as no nominations were made. Following the law
as laid down for such emergencies the
council appointed two men to act as
aldermen, Messrs. Crawford and
, On July 26 Alderman Folliott's sad
and sudden death deprived the council
of a quorum, leaving only the mayor
and Aldermen Brown and Cameron of
the old council.
On the 4th of August, the first Monday of lhe month, the council was due
to meet, but the new appointees, Craw
ford and Osborne, refused to act and
failed to attend the meeting. In consequence of this the council no longer
had a quorum and was unable to call
for another election or make any new
appointments to fill the vacancies or
even to declare the seats of ex-Aldermen
Jalland and Folliott vacant so that the
lieutenant- governor-in-council could
make the necessary appointments.
Consequently the attorney-general's
department was requisitioned to fill the
vacancies of Messrs. Duffy and Stein
and start iht* council off as n ��oing
concern. On the 13th of August the
city clerk wrote to the department as
follows :
Sandon, B. C, August 13, 1902.
The    Honorable,     the    Attorney-
General, Victoria,
Sir: I have the honor to inform you
lhat owing to the removal from the
province of Alderman Robert Jalland
and the death of T. B. Folliott, which
occurred on July 2b ult., there is not at
present a quorum of lhe municipal
council, two members ot the council,
viz.: Ernest Stein and Thomas M.
Duffy, having previously resigned, said
resignations having been accepted
July 7, and a new election ordered by
the council; the nominations for which
were ordered to be held on July 21, at
which time no nominations were made.
At the next regular meeting of the
council, on July 21, upon their bein^
notified of the fact of their being no
nominations for lhe two vacancies then
existing, the council proceeded to appoint two persons to fill such vacancies,
and from whom 1 have this day received
formal notice of their refusal to act. 1
hereby make complaint as a ratepayer
under section 84 of the Municipal
Elections Act, and hereby request you
to have a warrant issued to me as city
clerk for the holding of a new election.
I have the honor to be, sir, your
obedient servant,
C. E. Lyons, City Clerk.
After a wait of nearly a month
the deputy-attorney-general finally
answered the letter as follows:
Attorney-General's Office,
Victoria, September 5, 1902.
C. E. Lyons, Esq.,
City Clerk, Sandon, B. C.
Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge
receipt of your communication of the
13th ultimo.
Section 84 ofthe Municipal Elections
Act provides that in case of a vacancy
occurring in any council, if the council
does not proceed to an election within
the lime appointed by section 83, to fill
up such vacancy, then on complaint of
any elector of lhe municipality it shall
be lawful for the lieutenant-governor-in-
council to issue a warrant for the holding of a new election. According to
your letter Messrs. Stein and Duffy
resigned their seats as councillors, their
resignations were accepted and the
council duly proceeded to hold an
election to fill the vacancies, but owing
lo the fact that there were no nominations no one was elected. I think the
council did proceed to an election to fill
up the vacancies as provided by the act
and therefore the lieutenant-governor-
in-council has no power to intervene so
a   reso-
a reso-
far as the two vacant seats are concerned. You state that Alderman
Jalland has removed from the province.
The mere fact of his removal from lhe
province does not vacate his seat. His
office in such a case becomes vacant
only when he has been continuously
absent front the municipality for the
space of ihree calendar months
and the council has pissed
lution declaring lhe office
(Chaplin vs. School Board of
stock, 16 O. R. 7^8.) Such
lution has not, and as 1
from your letler, cannot be passed as
there are not now enough members of
tho council to constitute a quorum.
You also slate that Alderman T. B.
Folliott died on thc 26th July. lam
inclined to think that in the case of a
death of a member of a council, the
office is not legally vacant, so that an
election can be held in the usual way or
under the warrant of the lieutenant-
governor, until a resolution has been
passed hy the council declaring the
office vacant. In my opinion said
section 84 does not, under the above
mentioned peculiar circumstances, empower the lieutenanl-governor-in-
council to issue a warrant for the election of members of the Sandon city
' As the attorney-general may not
take the same view of this matter that
1 do, 1 shall submit it to him on bis
return to the city, which will take place
in a short time. In the meantime it
would be well for you to comply with
section 84 so far as \ou are concerned.
The lieutenant-governor-in-council can
act only upon the complaint of an
elector. You make the complaint in
the capacity of ralepa\er. You might
be a ratepayer but not an elector ofthe
municipality. 1 have lhe honor, to be,
sir, your obedienl servant,
H. A. Maclean,
The   city   clerk then  amended   his
complaint so as to read "elector" instead
of "ratepayer," and the following letter
accompanied the complaint, the  documents in question  reading  as  follows:
The     Honorable,    the    Attorney-
General, Victoria,
Sir:    I beg to acknowledge receipt of
yours of the 5th instant.    Enclosed you
will find Iwo amended complaints made
by me as'an  elector.    The complaint
asking for a warrant for an election   to
till two vacancies will, I   think, explain
itself.     The   resignation   of  the   two
members,    Messrs.   Duffy   and  Stein,
was accepted by the council, an election
was called for, the electors neglected to
elect,   the   council   failed   to appoint,
therefore, a warrant from the lieutenant-
governor is the only  way by which a
new election can be held.
1 send the other complaint as it would
simplify matters greatly if a warrant
was issued to hold an election for four
members. Alderman Jalland left the
province over two months ago, and
though his resignation is in my hands
it has not been accepted by the council
as there was no quorum to transact
business. In the same manner the seat
of the late Alderman Folliott could not
be declared vacant for want of a
quorum. The want of a quorum to
transact business is causing great
annoyance, as no accounts against the
(Continued on Second Page.)
MWWflfe-... * the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, September 20
city or salaries can be paid without
authority from the council, and the tax
bylaw for ibis year has not yet been
finally passed. For these reasons I
would respectfully ask that a warrant
be issued to hold a new election as soon
as possible.    I am, sir,
C. E. Lyons, City Clerk.
Sir: As an elector of the city of
Sandon 1 hereby complain under section
84 of the Municipal Elections Act, that
after lhe electors of the municipality
had neglected to elect two members of
the council at lhe election held on
July 21, 1902, the municipal council
failed to appoint the requisite number
as provided by section 82 of the
Municipal Election Act, and I hereby
request lhat a warrant be issued to me
as city clerk to hold an election for the
purpose of filling the two vacancies. 1
am, sir,
C. E. Lyons, City Clerk.
Sir: As an elector of the city of
Sandon 1 hereby complain under section
84 ofthe Municipal Elections Act, and
request that a warrant be issued to me
as city clerk lo hold a new election for
the purpose of filling four vacancies in
the municipal council caused by the
resignations of Aldermen Duffy, Stein
and Jalland and the death of Alderman
Folliott.    I am, sir,
C. E. Lyons, City Clerk.
In the meantime the school board has
a terrible heap of trouble on its hands.
Mr. Lovering, the teacher, has $285
coming to him and there is no money
voted to pay him. Neither have am
appropriations been made for fuel or
any olher school supplies. And all this
notwithstanding that the city lias money
in the bank to carry on everything
smoothly. In consequence of -ibis
unique situation the secretary of the
school board wrote the superintendent
of education as follows:
Sandon, September 4, 1902.
Mr. Alexander Robinson,
Superintendent of Education,
Victoria, 13. C.
Dear *ir:    I regret it has again been
found   necessary   lo   call   on   you   for
advice in school matters.     1   will   state
the   situation   of affairs   in   Sandon as
succintly as possible.    There seems   lo
be  a  lack  of public  spirit among the
citizens  who own   property,   in that it
seems to be  impossible  to  secure  the
required number of aldermen.    By the
resignation of part of the existing   city
council and the deavh  of one   member,
it leaves the council without a  quorum
to transact and pass  the necessary   bylaws and business to  raise  money   by
taxation.    We are, therefore,   short   of
the necessary amount   to  conduct   the
school, the government grant alone not
being sufficient.    Some lew  days  ago
we decided it would be more economical
to buy our winter's supply of coal, and
tried to arrange for a supply of anthracite  coal.    There   were  not  sufficient
funds in the treasury for  this  purpose.
Added   to  this there is  owing  to   the
teacher $285 for salary, and there does
not seem to be any   immediate chance
to secure payment.    We have reviewed
the situation  and  find  lhat  there are
ample funds in sight to conduct  every
branch of the  city's  government on a
nearly  cash   basis,   if only the council
could be appointed or another election
called, to place   the   necessary   representatives in office.    There is no  town
in  the   Kootenay  that   will  be able lo
show  any   better   financial   standing.
Some three weeks ago the matter  was
referred to the  attorney  general's  department, but up to date no way out of
the difficulty has been evolved.    Would
it be possible for you lo see if you   can
bring pressure to bear and help  us   to
some settlement ?    If you cannot, then
as business men we, as the school
trustees, can see no other recourse but
to give the notice and close the school
down until sufficient funds are provided to conduct operations���a step we
view with great regret. I have the
honor lo be, sir, your obedient servant,
George Huston,
Secretary Board School Trustees.
To this letter the superintendent replied in the following brief and concise
manner :
Education Office, Victoria,
September 8, 1902.
George Huston, Esq.,
Secretary School Board, Sandon.
Sir: I beg to acknowledge receipt
of your letter of the 4th inst. I regret
10 learn that through lack of public
spirit on the part of your citizens you
have now no quorum of the city council
to transact the ordinary business and
that as a result the teacher's salary re-
ivm'ms unptnJ,      I kw��i no wuy out of thp
difficulty and can only advise you that
under the circumstances 1 think it
would be well for your board to give
the usual notice to your teacher and
close the school indefinitely. I have the
honor to be, sir, your obedient servant,
Alexander Robinson,
Superintendent of Education.
This   leaves   the   school   board   no
alternative but to close the  school and
dismiss the teacher wilh his salary unpaid, unless the deputy-attorney-general
very quickly finds  himself disposed   to
have the necessary appointments-made.
In   the   meantime    the    remaining
councillors, the school   board   and   the
citizens     generally     are     impatiently
awaiting a reply from Deputy-Atlorney-
Gcneral Maclean.     The time  is  long
past when he should have answered the
letters, but there is nothing astonishing
about this as the department over which
he is now presiding   is   notoriously   the
most dilatory branch of a  superlatively
dilatory administration.    Nor  is  il   at
all probable that when the answer does
come it will afford any relief as it   is  a
well   known   fact   that   Maclean  is a
stickler for red tape and  technicalities.
His  last  letter clearly  shows that his
sympathies are not with the city  in  its
dilemma, but rather that he rejoices to
continue  an  awkward  situation.    Instead of finding a  common  sense  way
to help the council  out of   its  troubles
his letter would seem  to  indicate  that
he is bent on discovering legal obstacles
to making any appointments.
What the outcome ofthe matter will
be remains to be seen. The case is no
doubt without precedent and if the
deputy-attorney-general's position is
unassailable there is to be no outcome.
The case cannot improve with time as
lhe council, having no quorum, can
not make any arrangements for an
election either now or on January 15
next, when the annual election should
take place.
The members of the city council are
entirely blameless in the matter as they
have done everything in their power to
avert difficulties, but circumstances
conspired against them. Messrs.
Osborne and Crawford were entirely
within their rights in refusing to act,
as they are under no obligation to do
so if they do not care to sit at the
council board. Now that the matter
has come to a show-down, others could
be found to fill the vacancies, but the
ogemah of the attorney-general's department says that no appointments
can be made and no election held.
Altogether the situation is certainly
This Week
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will be
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square meal for 35 cents.    Try it once
E. R. ATHERTON the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, September 20
Silver, 51^
Lead, ��10, 5s, gd.
The summer season in the Slocan
lake region is over.
James Dimmick came in from the
Lardeau camp on Thursday.
Tom Fox and Miss Katie Welch were
married in Kaslo on Monday.
A residence is being built at the
Payne mill for Foreman Little.
The first shipment of grapes for the
season arrived at Williamson's yesterday
Ed. Robinson left on Monday for
California  to spend the  winter in the
SOU til.
W. E. Koch got the contract for ihe
bridge over Carpenter creek at New
The net earnings of the C. P. R. for
the year ending June 30, 1902, were
Forest fires at thc head of Coffee
creek are keeping the atmosphere of
1 lie Slocan hazy.
The Sandon steam laundry was
blown in again on Monday. Tvo it
Logan are the proprietors.
The Crow's Nest Southern is open lo
Morrisey, connecting the coal mines
with the Montana smelters.
William H. Richards, who has been
\isiting his son here, left on Monday
tor Iron  Mountain, Michigan.
M. L. Griinmelt's family and E. R.
Atherton's family have closed their
summer residences at New Denver and
returned lo the city.
R. B. McCarnmon is relieving at lhe
Rosebery station and " Rusty " Crawford is keeping him company, catching
lhe fish for the family.
Mrs. Vallance and her daughter
Jeanette returned last Saturday from
lhe Pacific slope where thev have been
spending the last six weeks.
There were no delegates from Sandon
to the conservative convention. Con-
servativism as they have il in Bruce
county is dead in the Slocan.
The ore shipments this week were
as follows: American Boy 21, Ruth 42,
Payne 82, Minnesota Silver Co. 20,
Mercury 21.    Toial 186.
Night sessions at the Filbert restaurant will be commenced this evening,
lhe key will be flung in the ash barrel
and the door kept continually open.
William Hood is able to be down
stairs at the hospital and will be out in
���1 few days. William Mitchell and
Mike Duff, lonsilitis patients, are also
improving rapidly.
Seventy mines in British Columbia
paid the two per cent tax last year.
Of this number 38 are in the Slocan
district. The total amount paid was
$7.^002.18 of which Slocan paid
Thomas Jones, the Kansas zinc
buyer, returned ou Wednesday evening
from a lour of inspection in the Slocan
1 ike region. He. is satisfied with lhe
quality ot the ore and may close some
contracts within the next few days.
M. McCarthy of the C. P. R. telegraphic force" has purchased Stein
brothers building on Railroad avenue
;tnd will open up in a couple of weeks
���n the grocery line. Mac intends to
put in a full line in order lo capture a
good share of the business.
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Under capable management
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The best short order house
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I ���
r      ���
I       I
-****1!:. 3&e pagetvenk, Sandon. 3B. C, September 20
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription    -    -    -    -    $2.00 a year
Strictly in ndvance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams,    -   Publisher and Proprietor.
Garte and the ZCariff
And    now   the   large   howl   for
higher protection has arisen.    It  was
expected and it  has arrived  on  time.
Manufacturers in Eastern Canada have
slept while Americans  climed  a  tariff
wall thirty per cent   high   and   raided
the     Northwest.        Suddenly     they
awaken   to   the fact  that  while they
slumbered an alien race has raided their
country and taken the trade that  they
lacked enterprise  to  hold.    Then   the
manufacturers yawn a little and hold a
meeting   of their  association.     They
want more protection, so that Canadian
farmers and miners and  fishermen and
lumberers can   not   trade with   United
States, no matter how  slow   Canadian
manufacturers may be.    They  want a
Chinese wall.    J. I. Tarte is the man
for the emergency, and he catches on.
Party alliances weigh nothing with the
agile Frenchman.    He has tried being
both conservative and liberal and either
party looks good to him, so long as it
holds the route to power.    Protection
that means isolation is what the manufacturers want   now and Tarte   has  a
whole boat load  of it.    Like a good
navigator he whistles a little when  he
enters the canal, so that the gang may
know that he is ready   to  deliver  the
goods.    But his shriek  raises  a commotion   in   the   liberal   councils,   and
there   is   trouble    in   sio-ht.      Sifton
returns to the  traditions of liberalism
and declares tor free trade.    Sifton will
not  abolish   the   tariff  in   one bunch;
that would rob him of an  issue.    But
he   would  gradually  reduce  it.    The
other members of the cabinet gradually
drop  into line.    Templeman,   Fisher,
Cartwright,      Fielding,      Blair     and
Charlton are with Sifton  for a  lower
tariff.     Patterson,      Fitzpatrick    and
Bernier are with Tarte for a high protection.    Sifton has the support of the
Crow's     Nest    Coal    company,    the
Toronto  Globe   and   those   heavenly
twins, Bill &  Dan.    He will  play   it
strong for the agricultural and mining
vote of the west.    Tarte has the Manufacturers' Association and the C. P. R.
on his overdraft, and he will  sing soft
and sweet to the manufacturing com
munities of the east. The fight is on
that will bust the government. It is a
case of the west against the east with
free trade or prohibitive tariff as the
terminus. Laurier has seen his best
days and is counted out of the game.
His "peace, friendship, fraternity and
progress " hymn of rest is listened to
no more. He cannot ride two locomotives going different ways, but he
will make a handsome ornament to the
supreme bench of Canada.
The only problem that agitates
the minds of politicians is, what is
Tarte's game ? Does he hope to
flagrantly violate every tradition of
liberalism and pledge the party of
Mackenzie and Blake to the policy of
Sir John Macdonald ? Or does he
calculate to jump the hurdle when the
play comes right, and lead his following into the Conservative camp?
Tarte's dream of bliss is to be premier
of Canada and he has the audacity and
ability to usurp the throne, if he expected that he could make it stick. It
cuts no ice with him whether he gets
there by the liberal or the conservative
route, just so long as he lands. But
it will be a bad day for the west when
this political acrobat gets his nervous
carcas  seated   in   the   saddle  and   his
surcharged with prunes. In trying to
make a protection on lead look like a
benefit to the mine owner ho has got so
badly buffaloed that he has no idea
where he is at. The smoke eaters at
Trail and Nelson should gather him in
and tuck him away in his little bed.
He must be real tired. At least he
makes other people awfully tired.
hands on the reigns of government.
Cvoasdiales mational Tpolicp
H. E. Croasdiale went to Halifax   agitating   for   a   tariff   on   lead
products   and   came   back   to   Nelson
agitating1   for   a   bonus   to  the   mine
owner on every ton of lead ore stoped.
Mr. Croasdiale says   a   tariff  on   lead
would not help the mine   owner except
on   the   lead   sold   in  Canada.    Mr.
Croasdiale    must     have    a   gigantic
intellect.    Does he ask the   people   of
British Columbia to believe that if the
protection is put on   lead the   smelters
will settle on a Montreal   basis   up   to
the time that they have  hot in   13,000
tons each year and that they will   then
break off and settle on a London basis
for the balance ?    If that is  to  be  the
case what is the matter with the Slocan
Star mine, for instance, having  13,000
tons ready in the warehouse to ship on
New   Year's   day   so   as   to   get   the
Montreal   price?    Or   how    is    Mr.
Croasdiale going   to  discriminate   between those who would  be entitled  to
the   Montreal   price   and   those   who
would only get the London price ?    Is
he going to pick out one or two mines
like the St. Eugene or the Slocan Star
and say, "You produce 13,000 tons at
$3.50 for the Canadian   market,"   and
then tell all the rest  to  produce  what
they   can   at   $1.33  for  the   London
market ?
The   fact   of   the   matter is   Mr.
Croasdiale's gastronomic  organs   are
B Wap Out the Muddle.
Sandon's Municipal Dilemma is
a hot combination of circumstances.
If a play like it came up in some other
burg a sense of humor would compel
us to regard it as a farce comedy. But
when the drama is enacted in our own
town���well that is different.
Coming as it does at the present
moment it hits the corporation at a
particularly inopportune time. The
city's finances are in good shape for
the first time in its history. A tax
rate was due to be struck this month
and the regular collections made lor
the current vear. The overdue taxes
of 1900 become recoverable on the 15th
instant and a tax sale was due to take
place as closely following this date as
possible. The city council was also
due to make a move for a municipal
water plant, and had arrangements
almost completed.
By far the greater part of the city
real estate belongs to  j. M. Harris of
Sandon and G. M. Sproat of Victoria.
Owing to  this   circumstance   there are
few citizens qualified  to  act   as  aldermen.    The greater   percentage ot  the
overdue taxes   are   owed    by   Messrs.
Sproat and Harris, and   thev also own
the water   and   light   plants.    To recover these taxes and to find an escape
from this monopoly   was   the councils
object, had not unforseen circumstances
intervened.    On January 15th, when a
new council was due   for  election, the
citv would have found itself in the best
circumstances of any   municipality  in
B. C.    It seems hard that   just at this
time such an unfortunate tangle should
present itself.
We have only one remedy to suggest to the city council ���or what there
is left of it. There is no use wasting
time with the deputy-attorney-general.
The council should first find two citizens qualified and ready to act as aldermen, then make arrangements to pay
Mr. Jalland's expenses for the purpose
of making a quorum by which these
two men could be appointed to the
council board, and thc municipal
machinery again   started  in   motion.
ior. as
This is clearly a  legal  proceed;
the    deputy-attorney-general    in   n
letter claims that   Mr.  Jalland is stu
an alderman.    It  is  the  only   ogi��
escape from the  present  absurd  m
up. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, September 20
R. L. Borden says the conservative party would put a tariff on lead to
build up Canada. Sure thing!
Make the smelter monopoly complete
while you are at it-, old boy. Nothing
like being thoro in your work. Then
stick up the tariff on mining supplies
to about 110 per cent so that the mine
owners will have to buy from sleepy
eastern manufacturers at their own
terms or go without. Canadians
don't make any rails or candles or ore
sacks, but that don't cut any ice. The
mine owners can get along all right
with home made wheelbarrows and
rush lights, and ore won't be worth
sacking anyway. Nothing like building up Canada. The mining industry
may ^o fluey in the process, but let'er
flicker. A few flourishes of the old
flag will square the murder with the
savages of the red pump belt.
The United States government
has appointed a commission to learn
the whyfor of the Mount Pelee eruptions and find out what the volcanoes
intend to do. The investigation will
probably unearth ample proof that the
unusual volcanic disturbances all over
the world are due to the fact that there
is a strenuous man president of the
United States. It will then be up to
Mark Hanna to stop such Rooseveltish
demonstrations by introducing a bill for
the suppression of unauthorized earthquakes and unruly volcanoes.
After having promenaded the
Kootenay country and proclaimed to
everybody who would listen that he
was the leader of the conservative
party in British Columbia, Colonel
Prior must feel like thirty cents,
plugged money.
There is a sneaking suspicion
prevalent that R. L. Borden is a
branch of the same family tree as Dick
Borden, the notorious Winnipeg clown,
altho Dick could hardly be expected to
.acknowledge it.
British Columbia conservatives
have lived up to the traditions of their
party by selecting a leader who is too
weak to carry his own constituency.
It has recently been discovered
that the bronze statues in several of
the Roman museums have the smallpox. This proves that smallpox is
almost as contagious in Rome as
smelter talk is in Kaslo.
The Vernon News says that the
conservatives under the able leadership
of Sir John A. Macdonald and Charles
Tupper gave the west to Canada.
The recollection of our political editor
does not extend back to the date of the
Pacific Scandal, but we always had it
put up that the conservatives under the
able leadership of Sir John A. Macdonald and Charles Tupper gave the
west to the Canadian Pacific. The
only change in policy that we have
noticed in thirty years is that it is now
the liberals under the able leadership
of Wilfrid Laurier and Clifford Sifton
who are giving away the west, and it
is Bill & Dan of the Canada Northern
who are getting it.
R. L. Borden can never get a
copyright on his Chinese policy. It
is not original. He says that on the
Mongolian question he will consult the
wishes of the west. This is the same
damned lie that Wilfrid Laurier told
six years ago when he said "the will
of the western members  will  prevail."
All such mutton heads as Colonel
Prior look easy to John Houston when
it comes to manipulating a conservative convention.
If the " wishes of the west"
could prevail, Wilfrid Laurier and R.
L. Borden would be gently led to the
shores of the sad Pacific and asked to
cross over to China themselves���
on   foot.
V. A. KLELNSCHrilDT, Proprietor
Rates Moderate.
Accommodations Good
Dining Room Equal to
Any in the City	
New Fall...
Of the Very Latest Style and the Very
Finest Quality of Suitings and Panting* have recently been received
Mining and
Mill Hardware
Every description of Hardware
required in the Mining Industry
always kept in stock by
H. Byers & Co.
This Is Preseroing Time
We have Pears, Plums and Prunes
in great abundance and at prices to suit
the times.
**���**>���*&��.. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, September 20
Go draw the curtains, sister,  and  stop
up all the chinks,
For microbes and  bacilli are kicking
up high jinks;
Go sterilize the water and disinfect the
The germ is grimly stalking like some
pursuing spook !
And while you're doing these things,
Don't fail to do 'em twice���
And when you've got 'em finished,
Go down and boil the ice !
Be careful ofthe mutton (oh! guard  ye
well the meat !)
It's full of varied  microbes  we  would
not care to eat!
And trace the antecedents of that seductive stew���
We know  not how   much   danger is
lurking in the brew !
Go vaccinate the oatmeal !
And sulphurize the rice���
And, once again, dear sister,
Don't fail to boil the ice !
London Daily Chronicle.
"Oh, woman in our hours of ease,
Uncertain, coy and hard to please,"
(Thus saith Sir Walter Scott)
Pray tell us, do you really crave
To help Britannia rule the wave,
Or would you rather not.
They   tell   us���men   who   think they
You seek no suffrage.    Is it so ?
Or is ii mere pretence ?
Mere man, who judges by the view,
To fathom and interpret you,
Is certainly too dense.
He cannot tell by what you say,
Or even by the pretty way
You have of putting things,
What 'tis you want���or pow'r or place,
Or overlordship of the race,
Or���dresses, hats and rings.
But if you would but take the place
We fill with neither wit nor grace,
We might your courage hail.
Since when we vote we try to do
The thing acceptable to you,
And nearly always fail.'
He Wanted Action.
A well dressed man went into the
telegraph office of a southern Michigan
town and wrote a message tor money.
He then laid down a quarter and asked
that it be sent as soon as possible.
" Three cents more," said the agent.
"Haven't got it," replied the man.
"Can't send the message, then."
"Well." said the fellow, "send it as far
as you can for a quarter. 1 am a
gambler and I want action on my
money, if it is only 25 cents."
Repairing Shoes
It takes a scientist
at his business to
make old shoes look
like new.
FOR SALE OR TO RENT-A two story build,
ing, Lake sho,. (with complete fixture*) ������1
store lixtures, at Samlon.   Inquire of
E. STEIN. Samlon.
rnnn SHARES (of *1 each) fully paid up
3UUU stock in the Similkameen Valley Coal
Company, at 8 cents each. In lots of 100 shares
or more.' This is not pooled stock, anil the
certificates will he delivered on receipt of remittance. If you want to hay or sell stock of
any kind *rite us.
Chartered Accountant, Nelson, B.C
Try Louis...
The Shoeist
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
NOTICE is herchy Riven that the partnership heretofore existing between the under
signed under the firm name of the Coin Mining
& Development Company has this day been
dissolved l>y mutual consent.
Dated at Sandon this 17th day of August, liXtf.
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings  write  or  wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,   Sandon   Miners'   Union
���Sandon. B. C.
F. L. Christie,
L. L. B.,
Just Think of It
You may hive the stars in a nail keg,
hang the ocean on a fence rail to dry,
put the sky to soak in a bucket and
unbnckle the bellyband of eternity and
let the sun and moon out, but don't
think you can escape the place that
lies on  the other  side of purgatory if
yOu fail to pay for your paper.
It is not always what a man does
that goes .against him, but what he
happens to get caught in.
Don't overlook the new line of
tarantula juice at the Kootenay.
M. L.  Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
B. C.
Established 18!��.V
Sandon, B. 0.
Notary Public.
Insuranco and Mining
Mining Stocks bought and sold. Gen-
eral agent for Slocan Properties
Promising Prosp ;cts for Sale.
Sandon Miners1
Subscribers, $i per month ; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive o(
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
DR. \V. E. QOMM,  Attendant Phy��ietan,
Miss s. L. CHISHOLM. Matron.
J. H. McNEILL, Prat. Hospital Board.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay  District    Where located.     On
Washington   wiikdii    road,   about    three
miles roni McGuigan.
TAKE N<TI(E lhat  I, David   Stiveison
Watlhrilge a ting a* agent  for S. K. Green,
Free Miner S Certificate No. ll.'UV.l, and .1. W.
Power,   Free   Miner's (Vrtitica'o   No.  B.Y��>47.
intend    sixty  ��1avs   from   the   date   hereof.
���o apply to the Mining Recorder fur a Certificate of Improvements, for   the nurpose_ ol
obtaining a Crown Gnu tj.>f the above claim.
And further take notioe that action, under
s,>, lion 37. must he commenced before the is-
inai ce < f such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of July, A. D. WM,
To C. S Falls or any person or persons to
whom he may have assigned his interest in the
O. K. No 2 Mineral Claim, situated on Seaton
creek, and about two miles from Three Forks,
:md worded in the Recorder's Ollice for tin-
slocan Mining Division.
You are hereby notitled that we, the undersigned, James Lowdon, Oust JobnsOU and
Margaret McCuaig, have caused to be exi>onded
four hundred and ten dollars in labor and improvements upon the above mentioned
mineral claim under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, ami if within ninety days from
the date of this notice you fail or rofuso to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, toKether with all costs of advertising,
your interest mi said claim shall become the
property of the subscribers tinder seetion IV.
of an act. entitled, "An Act, to Amend the
Mineral Act, 190J."
Dated at Sandon this 8Seh day of July, 1902.
To Arthur Mul.en or any person or persons
to whom he iniiv have assigned his interest in
the Reliance Mineral claim, situated one
mile and a half from Three Forks, adjoining
the Hinklev Mineral claim and recorded in
the Recorder's ollice lor the Slocan Mining
You are hereby notified that I, John Foster,
have caused to he expended one hundred and
two dollars and flirty cents in labor and
improvements upon the abovo mentioned
mineral claim under the provisions of the
Mineral Act. and if within ninety days
from the date of this notice you fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion of such
expediture, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said claim will become
the property of the subscribers under section
IV. of an act entitled "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, 19007'
Dated at Sandon this 10th day of June, 1808,
NOTICE is hereby given that I, the undersigned have disposed of all my interest in the
Coin Mining Company, and do not hold myself responsible for any accounts against the
company. All liabilities have been assumed
by the present owners.
Dated at Sandon this 27th day of August, 1002,
I.  O.  O.   F.
Meetings in the Union Hail every Friday
Evening at 7:*>. Visiting Brethern ooidiall)
invited to attend.
���Secretary Vice (Jrand.
A. F. & A. \I,
RegularCommunii'ution held tir^t Thm,
day in each month in Masonic Hull at (P N
so'ioiirniiig brethern an- cordially invited to
JAMES It. BARTON,Secretary.
Sandon Cartage Co,
Mcpherson & hurley.
Express. Baggage.
and Cau*!&ge.
Delivery to  all   Parts oi the City.
Reduced Rates East
SEPT.   29-30
Washington, DC
From  Rossland, Nelson, etc.
Corresponding  Reductions
from all stations.
Through Tourist Sleeping Cars
Leaves Dunmore Junction dftilyi��J,Jdaj for
Kootenay Landing Tuesday a 11.I ""Jfofc
Toronto, Montreaiand all eastern l"
Leaves Revelstoke   daily   f"r   s"tttt,��
Vancouver, _        ���;,. ,iil.vtl|intic
Through hooking* to Europe v la
lines. ,        ,     ,���. [8gnad from
Prepaid tickets at lowest, rates in
all Euronoan countries. ,  ,��� local
For rates and full particulars appu
agents or
R. B. MeOammon.
Ajyent. Sandon
J. S. Carter        B. J. C<��,c'
D. P. A. A. G. P; A"   0<
Nelaon, B. 0. Vancouver,�� the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, September 20
How to Discover   the Value ol a Mine
lor Purposes of Taxation.
The Rossland Evening World says :
The Nanaimo Herald (and lhe editor
of an esteemed Slocan contemporary)
suite that the proper system of mine
taxation is on the estimated value ofthe
mine, The World has no douht that
iis contemporaries' are prohahly correct,
ethically, hut wants to know, practically, how the estimate is to be arrived
at seeing that proverbially nothing is
known of a mine beyond the point of
the pick. Are the improvements,
machinery, etc., to be included in the
estimated value of the mine ?
Here is the how. Seeing lhat Manager Edmund B. Kirby is the hottest
kicker in the bunch, we will lake the
Centre Star as an instance. The company is capitalized at 2,000,000 shares
which are selling on the open market for
20 cents each, equals $400,000. Add
10 this the debt against it, which, if
our memory serves, is $600,000, and
you haw the value of the mine. This
cannot possibly be unfair as il is the
valuation placed on it by the owners of
the property in question.
Carry the matter a little further, just
for the sake of argument, and assess
the Centre Star on this basis at the
samer.iieasre.il estate, which is . U
of one per cent, and we tind thai the
Centre Star would be paying $7500
taxes every year, as against $3840.95
paid last year on the two percent basis.
So far as ihe improvements and
machinery are concerned, these things
are assessed when owned by farmers or
manufacturers and certainly would be
in the case of a mine if the assessment
system with its present iniquities were
substituted for the per centage basis of
In case these things were lo be exempted they could be deducted Irom the
market valuation, just as the city of
Chicago deducts the tangible assets
from the stock valuation in order lo discover the value of the franchises held
by street car companies in that c'uy.
The nvo per cent tax is absolutely
indefensible on either economic, or
politic grounds as it is an overbearing
burden on industry. The government
has Kss ri^ht to seize two per cent of a
mine's production every month than it
has to raid {l merchant's cash register
every night* and take a rakeoff'on bis
diiv's sales. In just exactly the same
sense any taxation on improvements
;u,d machinery is equally  indefensible.
*-hi the same principle a tax on
profits would be fundamentally vicious.
A good mine under bad management is
frequently a losing proposition, whereas
a poorer mine under good management
as often* pays. A tax on profits is
equivalent to a fine placed on stockholders as a penalty for employing
efficient managers.
Ihore is only one sound and safe
scheme of taxation : Tax the holders
��f natural resources and franchises for
lhe opportunities and privileges within
'heir control. Any time that you can
Ret the holders to do iheir own   valu-
Neat, Clean and Comfortable Rooms.        Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
Accomodations Unexcelled. Best that Money can Buy.
First Class Dining Room Sernice.
American and European Plan.
aling on the slock market, so much the
better. The rale of taxation must depend on how badly the government
needs the money. This is up-to-date
single tax.
Senator Templeman't* Visit
Senator Templeman visited  Sandon
on Sunday last, accompanied by Robert
Irving of the 1\. &.- S.    They arrived on
the noon train and spent the afternoon
as   the   guests of   Oscar   V.   White,
going thru the Slocan  Mar  mine.    In
the evening a number of mining men
met lhe senator at the Reco hotel, when
they laid their case  before  him.    The
senator   was   somewhat   surprised   lo
learn lhat the silver-lead  mine  owners
were  not  the  parlies agitating  for a
tariff on  lead ore  and lead products,
but that on the contrary the noise  was
being made by parties in Trail, Nelson,
Kaslo, and Grand  Forks, where there
are no lead mines.    It was pointed out
that a tariff on lead would not help the
mining  industry  bul   might  have an
opposite effect; that the mining industry
would be better served by a cancellation
oi the tariff on  other articles  such as
powder, candles, rails, and own or two
other articles which enter  largely into
the   cost   of   mining   in    the   Slocan
country.    The     fact    that     Canadian
manufacturers are  not  keen  after the
Slocan trade was pointed out  and  ihe
difference between   the  prices  charged
in British Columbia and  in  the Coeur
d' Alenes was clearly explained.    The
senator was glad to learn the other side
of the story and for that   reason  alone
was glad that he  had  visited   Sandon.
He upbraided the mine owners gently
for   permitting   the   boards   of  trade
thruout the country to place themselves
before the government in the  light ot
representatives of the mining  industry
while   the   mine    owners    themselves
made  no  representations,  as  he contended that all the government  had  to
act on was the representations made to
them.    Altho Senator Templeman did
not commit himself in any way  to any
line of action  it is a  well  known fact
that he is by persuasion  a  free  trader
and a reduction of tariff is  more likely
to find favor with him than the adoption
of a policy of protection.    A statement
of the case from the mine owners' point
of view is being prepared for his benefit
so that  at the next session of the Dominion   parliament   the  wants of the
lead   mining   industry     will    not    be
This is the season of the year when
you should order your Winter
Garments, Good Tailoring at our
Shop does not cost you any more
than poor Tailoring in some other.
1 ....Sandon Steam Laundry.... |
I In the Old Stand,   -   Under New Management |
i   *
Strictly first class work guaranteed.    Collection *
8 and delivery promptly attended to. *
* Your trade is solicited.
Terms strictly cash. J
TYO & LOGAN, Proprietors
Neto York Breton)
Totogood & Bruder, Proprietors.
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer
Special attention given to our rapidly increasing
bottle trade. Give it a trial. Both of us will
make by it. We a little. You much. Let us
hear from you. Telephone, 24, Denver and
Silverton.    Worden  Bros.,   agents, Slocan  City
British Columbia
! i
,*���#��*.,.. -;i the papstreak, Sandon, B. C September 20
Three Cases From Sandon
The autumn session of the supreme
court opens in Nelson on October i.
There are three cases from Sandon on
the calander. Mrs. J. M. Winter of
Cody is suing the K. & S. for damages
for injuries sustained in an accident on
the railroad about a year ago. Fry
brothers, owners of the Cube Lode, are
adversing an application for a crown
grant made by the Cody and Joker
fraction. Docksteader brothers, owners
of the Colonial, are also adversing the
same application. The Cody fraction
has been allowed to lapse since the
action was commenced, but the case
will undoubtedly be fought out on the
grounds of costs, which must now be a
very large item.
Lend Situation in U. S.
The Coeur d'Alene mine owners are
holding a conference with officials ofthe
smelter trust and railways in New York
this week. The mine owners demand
an unlimited production at $3 50, failing to receive which they threaten to
build a lead smelter in Spokane. Should
this be the outcome, Slocan will be the
biggest profiter by the light as the
American smelter trust will have lo look
to B. C  for its supply of ore.
You will Find Them Superior to  Pills.
We Guarantee them to Give Satisfaction
Dandruff, Promotes the
Growth of the Hair and
Clears the Scalp.
Zatge Mottle 50c
A Ten Dollnr Jag
Rose P-dwards, a lady from below the
deadline, was arrested and tried Tuesday morning for carrying concealed
weapons.    The authorities did not find
any weapons, hut as the evidence
showed that with the assistance of a
comfortable jag Rose had mixed things
up considerable around the tenderloin
precincts, she was fined $10 and costs
on general principles.
It Will Cure Rheumatism.     If it Does
Not Give You Satisfaction we
Will Refund Your
THed Cross Brug Store.
Chemist and Bruggist
Beautifying the Home
As a floraculturalist and landscape
gardner, James Vallance takes the belt.
His lawn and flower garden which adjoins the printing palace on the east is
a little of the prettiest in the Slocan.
Sandon could be transformed into
nature's beauty spot if the citizens a
had the artistic ambition which prompts
Jim to beautify his home.
Building Up Canada
Revelstoke Mail
The local customs office made a haul
ibis week, Mr. Atkins collecting about
$2000 duly on the stamp mill for the
Northwest Development company's
Camborne group.
Dr. A. Milloy, Dentist,
will be at the Reco Hotel,
Sandon, until Tuesday.
Baled Hay for Sale
Offers are invited for Fifty
Tons of Prime Rye Grass
Hay, this year's crop. F.O.B.
at Bowden, Alberta. Address,
If you want
Groceries of
the best quality
that the market
affords send in
your orders to
Underclothes for Men
A fine line of reliable goods for the
Autumn trade.
Fall Hats
The most recent styles and shapes in
headware at prices to suit the times.
Read to Wear Clothing
Superior in many respects to lhe best
customs made suits, at a fraction of
the price.
We are Not in
The Merger....
Prices    have    not    advanced   at
We are  giving better discounts than
ever on Hotel and Mine Camp orders.
Bowden, Alberta.    IH.   GIRGERICH.
The Hunter-Kendrick Company, Limited
p. Burns & Co.
%eab Office,
IRelson, 3B.G.
SReco Bvenne,
Sandon, 35.C.
Bealevs 5"
of all


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