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The Paystreak Dec 20, 1902

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Book 7
Sandon, Becember 20, 1902
Chapter 13
^999099000999999999999999\    The   Kaslo   skating   rink   ts being I
* x-,�� t     T?vro a r"v     i ,ceJ-    II ,s to be nol*J me Kas,�� bo>'s
S    LOCAL   LA 1KAL1.     J will   play   a  little better hockey this Will
i690000999900000000000000+ wi,Uer ,han thev did lasr-
A man is known by his "in-turns"'
ihese days.
The store windows have put on their
holiday attire.
Victor Cliffe left for Saull Ste. Marie
yesterday morning.
Joe Cote left on Monday for Montreal
io spend the winter.
James Vallance paid Nelson a busies visit last Saturday.
L R. Mclnnes left lasl Saturday for
Monte Crislo, Washington.
Mrs. Vand of Kaslo was visiting
friends in Sandon this week.
Charles dales made a lour of Nakusp,
Halcyon and Revelstoke this wcea.
R. 1). Trevor has severed his connection wilh the H. Giegerich firm.
Macdonald & Ross have a 1903
calendar that is all right.    Get one.
A. B. DocksteauVr of Nelson was in
camp Monday on mining and insurance
Alex   Crawford   went   to   Ymir lasl
"Weary" Willie Howarth will spend
the hockey season in Sandon. At
present he is in Vancouver, an unfortunate country where hockey is unknown.
Jack Macdonald will leave soon for
Chicago. He will probably put the
bulls and bears on the hike and pocket
the grain exchange, just as a winter
The second provincial tax sale took
place in Kaslo on Tuesday and realized
$250. The land that is left will be held
over with costs of sale added till
further notice.
Plav a joke on your partner al
Christinas. Santa Claus will help you,
if vou send the joke to him at the
Miners' Union hall any time during the
dav of December 23.
Purley Ward has taken over the
shoemaking business formerly conducted bv Loirs Hupperton and will
conduct the industry in the old siand.
e is an artist on repair work.
Kaslo will not have a hockey team
this   vear.     The   sports   are  too busy
M,x   vr-.w.oru    wen.    io   , m,r .asi   playing ping pi>ng and Rrlor  crcHjuet.
.uex   vniwwrv   ��vm ��� hlmdinan s burl,
Mondav to trv and locate a  rawh.dmg   l-ner   on   amc uvw,
I pussy wants a corner,  and  otner  new
1 ,,iracl- tangled   games   will  be  indulged in.
Kaslo is  bou-id  not  to  be belore the
Dune Wier -cante up from New-
Denver lasl night to spend a day  in  a
lively lown.
Alderman Walmsley lefi Thursday
for Nelson where he intends stopping
for the winter.
Andy Grierson left Thursday for
Halcyon to have the rheumatism boiled
oul oi his knees,
George W. Hughes returned during
lhe early part of the week from the
Boundary camp.
George B. Macdonald, formerly ol
the Noble Five, is auditing the books
ol Carlson & Porter.
Silver is in the sump, bul the supply
ot plum pudding promises to be up to
the demand this year.
Manager Scott of the Canadian Bank
of Commerce is spending his holidays
in San Diego, California.
Sandon has a curling club of over 40
members, the largest membership per
capita of any town on earth.
Last week was the silver age in
Kaslo. Mr. and Mrs. J. VV. Power
celebrated their silver wedding.
Operator Spencer of the C. P. R-
stall has been given the agency at the
Hull Dog tunnel on the Boundary
Win, Nicholson* messenger for the
Canadian Bank of Commerce here,
'iits been moved to the Vancouver
Skatiag rink tickets only cost $5 for
nun and $2.50 for women and children. No well regulated family should
be without a set.
The winter vacation at the public
school commences on Dec. 22. The
Pupil* ill have two weeks to amuse
themselves rubbering or helping their
parents lo cut a few cords of wood.
C, O. Buchanan left on Monday for
Ottawa to help VV. A. Galliher lobby
lhe dominion government. G. U.
represents the hoard of trade. Byron
N. White, who will.head the lead mine
owners* delegation, has not been able
10 leave vet. owing to the fact that he
got burned out in the Ridpath hotel
fire at Spokan and his son is seriously
The Kaslo Aerie of Eagles has sent
the Pavstreak an invitation to their
grand soiree on the 6th of January.
Thanks, bovs, but it's dangerously near
,he editor's' birthday, and celebrating
both events at the same time would be
too great a strain on a nervous system
Sready overtaxed by the strenous
pastime of eluding the sheriff and trying
to keep out of jail.
S 1 McClelland, who conducted a
foto" "business in Sandon for a short
period lasl summer, was arrested, with
lo other gents, in Spokan as t* k
M confidence operator,. I appears
that they slipped the cut on aSwede
f.M-*2i     The Swede must  ha\e nee"
^ as McClelland studied hole cards
nlandonforonlyafewday;j .mMjo
Ln can become a proficient bottom
Her on such �� short scholarship,
ouUt, and a rea   Santa Uj K
"SdJ laden Uh glA,   You
^vUcd1;:"bring in y  *������
your   tranus. coMW   of
1    1..     The   concert   snan   n<
b��dsy' ��� \H readings, dialogues,  drills,
-* "���s^-gy's
Be   Formed   by    thc
Mine   Owners
Following along the lines suggested
at the meeting in Sandon recently of
lead mine owners, a movement is now
on foot to form an association of lead
producers which will be al once representative and powerful.
A circular letter has been issued to
the parties interested and a meeting
will be called some time early in
January, at which definite action will
be taken and incorporation applied for.
It is hoped to have the organization in
working order before the contracts with
the smelters for 1903 are made.
At the time ofthe Sandon meeting il
was suggested thai the charter of the
old Silver-Lead Mine Owner*' Association should be revived, but it seems
that there was some misapprehension
with regard to that, as the. said association was never incorporated.
If the original suggestions are followed out, representation in the new
Association will be on a sliding scale,
based on the payroll, so that the larger
owners, or'rather the companies working UW Urge forces wttl have a voice
proportionate with iheir interests.
The new association will be different
from the old one in many important
respects. It will be purely a business
proposition in which politics will have
no place! It will give the mine owners
an opportunity to present an organized
front in dealing with smelters, railroads
and tariff committees. In making
contracts the association should be able
to prevent discrimination by the smelter
men, which is undoubtedly being
practiced now, as In the case of the
Lardeau properties which only receive
settlement for 90 per cent of lhe si,ver
contents of their ore. In short, it is
hoped to form an association of lead
,ducers in   B. C.   on  the  lines and
Mine Owners'
Bar Silver, New York 48^
Lead. New York, $4.12^
Lead, London, j��to, 16s, 3d
Zinc,  New York,    $4.90
Zinc, London., ;6'9> tos, 6.
A Big: Zinc Producer
The Payne is beating all records as a
zinc producer. The mill is running
day and night and keeps the crew
jumping to keep the concentrates
away. If the water holds out the
mill will run all winter and produce an
enormous tonnage.
Ore Shipments
Ore shipments for the week were:
Minnesota Silver Co. 26 tons and the
Payne 20 tons. Over the K. & S. the
Payne shipped 146 tons of zinc to Iola
and 20 tons of lead to Trail. The
Slocan Star shipped 63 tons of lead and
the American Boy 42 tons.
The 0. O. D.
John VVolverton has purchased
Andrew Erickson's interest in the C. O.
D. claim on Bear Lake and work is
now being done on the property to open
it up. U is a high grade dry ore pro-
) perly, from which a couple of test shipments were made last summer, giving
returns that were away up. J. D.
McLaughlin and Ernest Ennerson
are the other owners. Work will he
continued all winter.
lets,   instruments.
|and have a goo
A lime Christmas eve.
quite as powerful as the
Association of the Coeur d Alenes.
The formation of tbe new association
will be welcomed by all who hope for
lhe welfare ofthe silver-lead'.mining
industry. Something of this kind has
|0ng been needed, and the good work
it might do can hardly be overestimated.
Sunset and Trade Dollar
Seven men will be kept at work on
the Sunset all winter doing development. Considerable ore has been taken
out ready for shipment and enormous
reserves are blocked out, but only enuf
rawhiding will be   done   to   keep   the
trail open. ^	
Hot Tomala at Miners' Cafe.
After the first of the year the base-
mn{ of the Methodist church wUJ he
used as a reading room, lhe latest
magazines and papers will be kept
on file.
Progressive Party Meeting
About 40 members of the progressive
party met at the city hall on Thursday
evening and did considerable business
for the promotion of purer politics.
There were no orators on hand, but a
good bunch of debaters showed up
during the course of the evening. A
constitution and bylaws was adopted
and a movement made to have a district
executive appointed so as to complete
the organization for the Slocan electoral
 _���<���- ���
Foresters Elect Officers
The Independent Order of Foresters
held their annual meeting on Thursday
evening and elected the following
officers: Court deputy, A. David;
chief ranger, H. Nash; vice chief
ranger, Norman McLennan; financial
secretary,  A.   David;   recording-secre
W.  G.   H.   Todd;  treasurer, E.
Stein; senior beadle, James Vallance;
junior beadle, M. L. Grimmett; court
phsician, Dr. W. E. Gomm.
���_ ���������	
Coming events���Christmas tree at
Miners' Union hall on the evening of
the 2*rd. Christmas tree at the Methodist church on the evening of the 24th.
Bear in mind you will not be arrested
for high treason if you take part in
these festivities.
Practice   Hockey   Sticks���25   cents
each at H. Byers & Co.
���mi .wiiii www MBi'ii the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Becember 20
These "Trust" (monopolies, in fact)
Must starve the needy;
They from the poor life's blood exact
With death not speedy.
Bread, iron, coal and such they  seize,
For who dare cow them ?
And they'll keep up the price of these���
And other matters if they please,
While you allow them !
The ore shipments   from   Rossland
last week were 7290 tons.
The gold output of the Atlin  district
will reach $boo,ooo lor the year.
The Centre Star, Rossland, is reducing its debt at the rate of $30,000 per
The new Golden smelter will be of
the so-called Vulcan type���the kind
that was a failure at Ferguson.
Rambler- Cariboo stock has slumped
from 80 to 28 cents. It is the best buy-
in British Columbia at that price.
The provincial mineralogist estimates
the mineral output of the province increased 20 to 25 per cent this year.
Somewhere in the world there are
119,000,000 big copper pennies, but no
one appears to know where they are.
Spokan parties have organized (he
East Crow's Nest Coal and Coke company and have purchased 540 acres 01
coal lands.        	
A payment of $16,500 was made last
week by the Northwestern Development Syndicate on the Cambourne
group at Goldfields.
Neat, Clean and Comfortable Rooms. Wines, Liquors and Cigars, thc
Accomodations Unexcelled. Best that Money can Buy.
First Class Dining Room Sernice.
American and European Plan.
Joplin mine owners are planning to
ship 5000 tons of zinc ore from the
Missouri field to Swansea in order lo
hold up prices in United States.
On the tramway being put in at the
Triune mine in thc Lardeau it has
been found necessary to double the
number of buckets used, the line as
originally built proving too light lo
work properly.
Mexico has abolished free silver and
gone over lo the. gold standard. This
will throw $34,000,000 worth of silver
annually onto the world's markets,
which will probably cause another
slump in the white metal.
The North Star has paid to date in
dividends $312,000, of which $58,500
was paid this year. The issued capital
of the company is $1,300,000.
C. H. Mackintosh says that if the
strike in the Le Roi had been averted
when copper was at its high point, a
loss direct and indirect of $750,000
would not have resulted.
According to statistician Charles G.
Yale, the source of gold production in
California for the year 1901 were as
follows: Quartz mines, $14,264,369;
pla.er mines, $1,191,800; drift mines,
$1,062,450; hydraulic mines, $1,699,-
781. Copper mining and smelting
produced $421,385 in gold. The output of the gold dredging industry
amounted to $471,762 for the year,
which was an iinrease of $271,000 as
compared wilh  1900.
Is Granite a Mineral
The supreme courl of lhe United
States has begun the hearing of a case
of the-Northern Pacific railroad against
J. A. Soderberg, of the state of Washington. The suit involves a controversy about land within the grant ofthe
railroad company The land in question is covered wilh granite, and Soderberg asserts that it is mineral and
therefore exempt from the terms of the
grant. The point at issue is whether
granite is a mineral.
Holiday U.ites
The Canadian Pacific railway will
issue tickets to local points account of
lhe Christmas and New Year's holidays
al fare and one-third for the round trip.
Tickets good going December 23, 24,
25�� 3��. 31 antl January 1, good to return up to and including January
.1.   I9��3-
Montana has probably produced
about $175,000,000 of gold since discovery, and the output in 1901 was
$4,700,000. Milling and cyaniding
ores contributed $2,300,000; copper
ores, $1,100,000; and other smelting
ores, $700,000. The placer ouiput
was $500,000.
To the lucky man, prospecting for oil
is the finest line in the mining industry.
The new Gurd well, recently struck in
Raleigh township, Ontario, is flowing
1000 barrels a day and oil sells for
close to $2 a barrel. Gurd sold a sixth
interest in the well for $20,000 within
a few hours of the strike, and the
Standard has since offered half a
million for the property. The cost of
sinking the well would be about  $500.
Tourist Travel
The cost of the additions to the
Canadian Pacific Railway company's
hotels in British Columbia is estimated
at fully $400,000. By next spring
there will have been added to the company's various hotels from Banff to the
coast no less lhan 200 rooms, not taking
into account the new hotel now in
course of construction ,'it Vancouver.
The tourist traffic thru British Columbia has increased so wonderfully
during the past two or three years that
even with the additional accommodation which will be at the company's
disposal next summer, it is questionable
if other extensions will not have to he
made next fall, as increased trade is
looked for each year.
This is the season of the year when
you   should    order    your    Winter
Garments.    Good  Tailoring at our
Shop does not cost you any more
than poor Tailoring in some other.
* AND   A J
I        HAPPY   NEW   YEAR        j
We have just   received   75  dozen   Neckties.    All j
Shades, Colors and Prices.    See our line of Neckties }
$ done up one in a box; just the thing for  a present   for a
J your best fellow.    Also  a  line of  Fancy  Suspenders J
5 arid  Silk   Handkerchiefs that can t   be beaten.
line of Shirts are complete.    Call and see.
Our J
The Auditorium
Is the  only   hall   in   the  city
suited for Theatrical Performances,   Concerts, Dances and   i<
other   public   entertainments.
For   bookings  write or  wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,   Sandon   Miners'   Union
Sandon. B. C.
Ibalcpon toot Spring*
HE medical,waters of Halcyon
IV are the most curative in lhe
world. A perfect, natural remedy f��r
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidnev and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
f.ir "That Tired Feeling." Speci'i
rates on all boats and trains.
mails arrive and depart every
Telegraph communication
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
wilh   all
������HHMMI ��� l ��� 1 the Papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Becember 20
Bound to the wheel of life we whirl
ihru space.
Whence the begging, where the resting
\nd what  the purpose,   no man can
But this we know���God made no thing
in vain.
Each    is    essential  to the   rounded
The anchored mountain and the moving stream,
The >ea below us, and the stars on
All, all obey the Cause, nor question
Glad is the mountain is the  morning's
The river  laughs  and  leaps  the pre-
The sea shouts loud   Hosannas,   while
The eves of planets radiate   with  love.
Thou art a portion of the perfect whole.
Be glad, be glad of life, immortal soul.
Modest Girls
Some young ladies who are loo" modest to say "leg" do not object to
showing (heir ankles on the street
crossings on a rainy dav.
Spread of Trade Unionism
.Teacher���"Johnny Bagshaw, step
up Ihh and take the strap." Johnny
��� "No sir; 1 ain't no scab. That there
strap is scab goods. 1 don't take no
lickin' until you git a strap with the
union label onto it."
Looking Ahead
"What will you do for your supporters ii you are elected?" "Oh,"
answered the easy and affable politician,
"I'll start righi in and promise lliem
something handsome if they elect me
tor a second term."
Woman Again
"I suppose," said the long-faced
visitor, "lhat a thirst for whisky brot
you here." "Not much," replied the
convict. "This is the last place I'd
come to lookin' for whisky." "Ah!
'here was a woman in the case, perhaps." "Well, the Black Maria brot
>��e here sure enough."
Thought  He Had  Km
lhis man did not need to go lo Kamloops. A man in Paris, Ontario, became convinced recently that he had
incipient consumption. Every time he
drew a full breath he heard a crackling
sound. A doctor discovered lhat the
crackling sound was made by a small
buckle on his suspender.
A Fatal Prescription
the lown poet, writing of the departure of a late esteemed citizens, says
"�� a rural exchange :
He didn't want no doctor,
But, pitying his groans,
" c- held a consultation
And called in Or. Jones.
He wrote a long prescription,
With all a doctor's pride;
Farewell, my wife an' children,
The palienl said, and died !
take the in turn at the Kootenav.
; Studied Female Human Nature
J    At Cherry-vale,  Kansas, on  Sunday,
Rev. M. D. Atkinson delivered an illustrated lecture.    He asked the ladies to
remove their hats so that all might see
the pictures.     Several  ladies did  so,
hut more of them did not. "All ladies,"
said the  preacher,   after an  awkward
I pause, "who do not crimp their hair
and those with false bangs  may  keep
| their hats on."   And every  hal came
( off wilh a jerk.
' -*-	
Who Knows ?
In order lo encourage the reading of
j the good book the keeper of the  Pay-
streak's   circulation   department    will
give a  life  subscription  to this great
moral     journal     to     the    first    per-
; son who will answer correctly  the  fol-
I lowing question :    Did Adam  smoke ?
Did Eve wear corsets ?    Did  Solomon
I chew tohaao?    Did Ruth chew gum?
: Did the children of Israel make a beer
j garden after crossing  the   Red   Se i ?
Did Rebecca cat gumdrups ?
Up-tO-Date Reporter
An amusing storv is told of the editor
of a go-ahead London evening news-
| paper, who, in lhe eternal rushing lo
press lo get ahead of the opposition,
was constantly impressing upon his
reporters lhe necessity of condensing
all news. A terrific boiler explosion
had taken place on board a big ship
King ill Portsmouth. "(Jet down
there as hard a> you can," he. said to
ope of his ijien. "If you catch the
11.40 from London Bridge you'll be
there soon after 2, and can jusl wire us
something for the fifth edition, but
boil it down." And the reporter went.
Soon alter 3 o'clock that afternoon they
got a wire from him: "Terrific explosion. Man-o'-war. Boiler empty.
Engineer full.     Funeral tomorrow."
Ore Shipped to Nelson lor Treatment
will be Carefully Looked Alter.
M. L. Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
F. L. Christie,
L. L. B.,
I. O. O. F.
Meetings  in the Union 1-1 nil every Friday
Evening at 7:*).   Visiting Brethern ooidtallj
inviteil to attend.
A..J  BECKER, KoUe Grand.
Secretary Vice Urm.il.
A. F. cv A. M,
Regular Communication held tirst Thot.-.
ilay in eaofa month in Masonic Hall al s \\ m
Sojourning brethern are cordially inviteil te
JAMES M. BARTON,Secretary.
Gale's "X
Is the best Tonsorial  Establishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral Building Main St.
Sandon Cartage Co.
Mcpherson & hurley.
Express. Baggage.
and Cartage.
Delivery to  all   Parts of the City.
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $1 per month ; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
DR. W. E, GOMM,   Attendant Physictan.
Address all communications to
Certificate of Improvements
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay  District    Where located.   Adjoining the   Cultus,  near  the Canadian
TAKK NOTICE  that  I, J.   M.   McGregor,
acting  as  agent for \V.   H    Brandon, Free
Miner s    Certilicate    No.    B0U14R,     and    C.
Kloepfer. Free Miner's Certificate No   B0918U,
intend,   sixty   davs   from   the   date   hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder  for Certificates "of Improvements, for the purpose of
olitainiug Crown Grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 31. must he commenced tiefore the issuance of sweh Certificate*ot Improvements.
Dated this .St>th dav of September^ A. V. l".'.
novtt-os '    ���/. m, McGregor
Hiw Editors Get Rich
Alter a fjreut deal oi study and worry
we   have at  last   figurred out how so
many   editors  get   rich.     Here  is   the
secret of their success:    A child is born
in   the   neighborhood;   the   attending
physician gels $25, the editor gives the
loud-lunge J \oungster and  the  happy
parents a  send off and gets $0.    It is
christened and the minister gets $5 and
the editor gets $00.    It grows up  and
marries; the  editor  publishes  another
long-winded flowery article and tells  a
dozen lies about  " the beautiful and
accomplished   bride/'     The   minister
gets $10 and a piece oi cake,   and   the
editor gets $000.     In  the   course   of
time it dies and the doctor gets  from
$5 to $100, the  minister  perhaps  gets
another five, the undertaker gels  from
$50 to $100, the editor publishes notice
of death and an obituary  two columns
long, lodge and society relations a  lot
of poetry and a free card of lhaaks and
Rets   $0000.      No   wonder   so   many
country editors get rich.
Treat vour friend to Christmas
candies. ' Some of the finest ever brot
int0 the Slocan at Williamson's.
Established 1805,
Sandon. B. C-
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Stocks bought mid sold. General agent for Slocan Properties
Promising   Prospects for Sale.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West.
Kootenay District. V\ here located: About
one mile*from Sandon,on Ruth Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, E. M. Sandilands,
acting as agent for Rol ert McTacgert Certificate No B.V434. and A. Scott,Certiticnte No.
Bw.'Ho. intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of ol>.
tain ing a Crown Grant of the above claims
And further take notice that action, under
.-ection 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this 4tn day of October, 190*
Sandon ^Bottling Co
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
Folliott & McMillan
Dealers in Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast Flooring and Joint Finishing
Lumber, Moulding, etc. Sash and
Doors on Hand or to order. Jobbing
promptly attended to.
Factory on Main Street
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.    Where   located :   On
Cody Creek, about two and one-halfl miles
from Samlon.
TAKK   NOTICE that I, E.   M. Sandilands,
Certificate No. Btt!i214, acting as agent for W. G-
ClarkFree Miner's Certilicate No. B��8!��70, intend, sixty days from date  hereof to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a  Certificate, of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action  under
section  37  must be commenced before  the
issuance of such Certificates of Improvements
Dated this 25th day of September. A. D. V.H12.
Certificate of Improvements
Situate  in  the Slocan  Mining   Division  of
West Kootenay District.   Where located:
On the north fork of Carpenter creek, five
miles from Three Forks.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. D. Maokay. acting
as agent for Wilbur A Hendryx. special Free
Miners' Certificate 4353, J. O. Regan, Free
Miners' CertificateBti!>-'42, Willard H Stimson,
Free Miners' Certificate BH8!I20, and Alice
Trenery, Free Miners' Certificate B6JWHM. intend, sixty days from date hcreef, to applySto
the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a
crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that aotion under
section 37 must be taken before the issuance of
said Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 4th day of October, 1!K)2.
���.��.���'���'."	 tbe papetveak, Sanoon. SB. G., Becember 20
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Ei -th.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription   -   -   -   -   $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams.   -   Publisher and Proprietor.
There is one thing about Colonel
Prior that is  worthy  ot  the  sincerest
admiration, and that one thing  is  his
bravery.    Prior has more gall  than   a
book  agent.    When   he  ran   for   the
legislature in Victoria he explained  in
the most brutally frank manner possible
that his object in seeking election was
to  assist  in   turning over $3,500,000
ofthe province's money and 8,000,000
acres of the province's  land   to  MacKenzie   &    Mann.      When   he   was
elected he set  out  in   the  most  coldblooded manner imaginable to  secure
the   conservative   leadership.     When
the Revelstoke convention   turned him
down Prior  returned to Victoria  and
immediately set out to defeat the intention of that convention by grabbing for
the premiership.    There was no  room
for any doubt that Prior wanted to be
premier,   because   Prior   himself  announced without any reservation of any
kind whatever that he wanted the place
and was going to get  it   if he  could.
Having  succeeded   in   capturing   the
premiership he now sets out to  form a
government which he hopes will assist
him in attaining his  original   object���
the bonusing of the Canada Northern.
No considerations ot honesty, integrity
or common decency  are  permitted   to
interfere in   anyway with   his   plans.
He simply proclaims his   intention   to
get there by any old route   no  matter
how crooked.    In order to  attain   his
end he swipes out the writs of election
for   West   Yale   from   the provincial
secretary's office and proclaims without
a blush that he will leave the constituency unrepresented until he gets  good
and ready.    His action may be unconstitutional, dishonest, or anything else
that  his adversaries  care  to name it,
but   all   that is wholly immaterial to
Colonel Prior.    There is no consideration of honesty with Prior; it is merely
a matter of getting there and  he don't
care a continental who knows it.      He
recognizes perfectly that he  represents
nobody but himself and the little gang
of pillagers who are trying to loot the
treasury, and he does  not  waste  any
breath in   hypocritical efforts to  convince   the   public   that he   is  on  the
square. Prior is the most brazen,
consummate villain who has yet shown
up in British Columbia politics and he
has the audacity to own right up to it
and keep on going. His frankness is
certainly admirable, but his ideas of
honesty would be scorned by any self-
respecting horse thief.
Once attain the dominion cabinet
has turned down the anti-Asiatic legislation ofthe British Columbia government. This time the Natal Act, recommended by Joe Chamberlain, is numbered among the rejected bills, proving
beyond a doubt that the freedom of
this province to legislate for herself is
being trampled under fooi not for imperial reasons, but to suit the convenience of the corporation allies of the
Ottawa government. It is now up to
the people of British Columbia to re-
enact their anti-Oriental legislation
and enforce it to the limit, even if in so
doing it becomes necessary to turn this
province into an armed camp and hoist
the standard of revolution. If Canada
as a whole has no more respect for
British Columbia than to make her a
nuisance ground into which Asia may
dump her excretion, then British Columbia as a country cannot afford to
recognize the dictatorship of the
dominion government. Rebellion is
preferable to exile, and no Ion ally can
be expected of a hungry man. In its
last analysis the law of self preservation
invariably takes precedence over the
shipped into Canada duty free. Considering that Clergue got his Soo
water p6wer franchise for nothing, has
been awarded a gift of 3,000,000 acres
ol land and a million dollars or so of
railway subsidies and gets $6 a ton
bonus for all the rails he produces,
Germany must be producing rails for
considerably less than nothing to heat
him out. When it is further considered
that Canada is furnishing Bill, Han &
Van with the money, in the shape of
railway bonuses, to buy these German
rails it is clearly apparent that Canada
is getting jobbed.
Ik Canada owned the Canadian
Pacific and the Canada Norihern and
the Grand Trunk and the Grand Trunk
Pacific and the Trans-Canada, Canadian rail mills would not he closed
down while Canadian money purchased railroad steel in Germany.
Neither would British Columbia be
in a state of political chaos brot on by
the intrigues of corporation gratters.
Neither would the lead mines of the
Kootenay be closed down on account
of excessive freight and treatment rates.
Neither would railway promoters who
have invested nothing but their nerve
be able to dictate to the people ot Canada how their country should be governed. The next great national i^stte
which Canadians will have to face is
whether Canada shall own her railways
or the railways shall own Canada.
Le Roy Pelletier, a well-known
Klondike prospector, and a couple of
other northers, intend to start out
next summer to "mush" to the north
pole. They will take a dog train and
a regular Yukon outfit and calculate to
make the round trip���a matter of some
two thousand miles���inside of a year.
Pelletier says that Peary and
Baldwin and Nansen and DeLongand
Abruzzi all put together did not know
enuf about arctic travelling to keep
themselves warm. According to his
way of thinking, there are hundreds of
prospectors in the Klondike who would
have the whole region surrounding the
pole staked out long ago if there was
anything in it for them. He figures
out that a thousand-mile walk will
land his party on the spot, and as
something like twenty thousand people
have walked over the ice to Dawson
and carried their bacon and beans
along with them, there is nothing
about the north pole tour that has not
already been duplicated in other latitudes.
A Washington scientist has di -
covered the germ of laziness and is
now prospecting for a serum with
which to inoculate victims ot that
tired feeling. We may expect to read
pretty soon the advertisments ot "l'r.
Quack's Nervous Energy Compound,
guaranteed to exterminate the laziness
bacilli in one clay," with testimonials
from the man who saws a cord of wood
every morning before breakfast and
insists on shovelling the snow oil Ins
neighbors' sidewalk.
MacKenzie & Mann, who are
building the Canada Northern with
subsidies granted by the people, purchase their rails in Germany. 1 he
The Ontario government, which has
been refused a Dominion subsidy for
the Temiscamang railway, now being
built as a public work, purchases its
rails in Sault Ste. Marie.
Clergue has closed the Soo rail
mills because he says he cannot compete    with    German    railroad    steel,
The London firm  which   underwrote British   Columbia's $3,500,000
loan still has 80 per cent, of tbe scrip
left on its hands, which it  is unable t(
dispose of on the money market.
Colonel Prior has filled bis four
flush by catching a^knave.    Hilly iV1
In ties was elected in Nanaimo. ��*w
;>���:��� MJ����.
���     .1
&&c payetreaft, Sandon, 3B. C, JB)ccem5er 20
The recent action of the Mexican
government in  resorting to the gold
standard hardly bears out  the  theory
that the trusts control  the actions ot
governments on the North  American
continent.    Guggenheim   and   Harry
Payne Whitney, with whom are associated the lead trust,   the  smelter  trust
aud half a dozen other trusts,   recently
put something  like $50,000,000 into
Mexican silver mines, and the demoni-
tization of silver by that  country  will
certainly  not  suit  the   Guggenheim-
Whitney syndicate,    It is also noticeable that the movement to place Mexico
on the gold basis received all  the  encouragement possible from Wall street
financiers,   right   in   the very  circles
where Guggenheim and  Whitney with
their smelter and lead trust allies, such
as Rockefeller, Hill and  Morgan,   are
supposed to be all powerful.
The city of Halifax has been compelled by action of the court to  accept
a Carnegie library.    Andy is having a
hard time  giving his   money   away.
He should have paid  fair  wages and
saved   himself  the   inconvenience   of
having such a large pile.
Prefontaine, on being asked for
his views on the tariff, said that they
were to be found in the tariff law of
1897. This makes Prefontaine out as
much a protectionist as Tarte, with
less bravery. Laurier might better
have kept Tarte.
Johnston, the C. P. R. employe
at Montreal who .gave conductors tips
when to look out for railway spotters,
was sent to the pen last week for two
years. Had Johnston swiped a few
millions, or robbed the widows and
orphans, he would probably have gotten a land subsidy of ten million acres
or a seat in the Canadian senate.
It costs more money to get a carload of mining supplies thru the customs office than it does to ship it across
the continent.
The Ontario government  is  busy
writing   testimonials   for    the    Ross
referendum     as     a   preventative
St. Louis judges are proving that
a man with a common million is not
too rich to be sent to jail.
Canada should own the Canadian Chris Foley was never cut out
Pacific -and every other mile of rail- for the political game in Vancouver,
way in the dominion. He is honest. 	
Canada needs a little less imperialism and a little more Canadianism.
Never kick at a man who is down
-he may get up again.
Our  display  of  Holiday   Goods,   consisting  of Dressing Cases, Military Brushes, Sharing Cases, %
.,u r, ~j H^nHlfPrrhiKf Boxes   Manicure Sets, Work Boxes, Traveling
Hand Brushes, Mirrors, Albums, Glove and Handkerclwel Boxes, mud c
Cases   Jewel Boxes, Cigar Cases, Atomizers and Novelties o. Every Kind now open and ready tor bus ness.
wTaLL ^ing any prizes .his year, owing to the ouiet tin.es.    We are dividing onr profits wuh our
easterners.    It would surprise you what a nice present you can get for so little money.
 Chemist and Druggist
Nero York Bretoru.
Totoflood & Bruder, Proprietors.
Brercersof Fine Lager Beer
Special attention given to our rapidly increasing
bottle trade.    Give it a trial.    Both of us will,
make by it.    We a little.   You much.    Let us
hear   from' you.     Telephone,   24,  Denver  and
Silverton.    Worden  Bros., agents, Slocan tit)
Sandon'      -   -   -   -   British Columbia
Skates!   Skates!
Secure a
Pair of
While there are plenty to choose from
Prices lower than ever
Seen in Sandon
. ������
fit. the Papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Becember 20
Scene-The settle of the Fox Inn. Stagfoot
Lane. . .     ...   ,
Characters���Tbe speaker (a returned soldier)
and his friends, natives of the hamlet.
Had he and I but met
By some old ancient inn,
We should have set us down lo wet
Right many a nipperkin.
But ranged as infantry,
And staring face to face,
I shot at him, as heat me,
And killed him in his place.
1 shot him dead, because���
Because he was my foe.
You see: my foe of course he was ;
That's clear enough; although
He thought he'd 'list, perhaps,
Off-hand like���just as I���
Was out of work���had sold his traps���
No other reason why.
Yes; quaint and curious war is !
You shoot a fellow down
You'd ireat if met where any bar is,
Or help with half a crown.
The big jackpot at Caracas threatens
to end in some extensive gun plays if
Mr. Castro refuses to ante.
General Kitchener doesn't want his
officers to marry. But where would
Kitch be if his father had never married?
'Pears to us that when the czar
"graciously allowed" the Douks to
come to Canada he worked off a
beautiful imperial gold brick on this
unsuspecting country.
Monday is lhe shortest day. But the
wages of the Paystreak's literary artists
and large staff of mechanics will not be
reduced on that day. We never attempt the impossible.
Last Friday
raided a bakery,
the cake.
thieves    in    Golden
Golden thieves   take
Silver will soon have to go and get a
rep if it expects to retain its place
among the precious metals.
Willison and his new independent
paper is as much talked of in Toronto
as Harry Tracey was in Seattle.
The Canadian Pacific has increased
their employes wages 15 per cent. The
world must be coming to an end.
Next Thursday is Christmas. The
Paystreak wishes its million readers a
merry Christinas and a healthy, happy
and prosperous New Year.
The Kaslo board of trade has unanimously approved of the resolution
adopted at the Sandon meeting of lead
miners. Thc federal government cannot now refuse to act.
This is the time of the year that the
purse proud should remember they began life bare-footed, and that (he
reverses of fortune might leave them
any old time without a "bite* to their
Those who pronounce the Slocan
dead because silver is low would, by
the same rule, pronounce a man dead
because his clothes need mending.
A cold wave has struck the Yukon.
The thermometer around Clark's
corners is 800 degrees below Ross. Joe
had belter go south and thaw out.
The city of Berlin has cleared over
$2,000,000 on gas, which it supplies at
40 cents per thousand feet. The good
people of the city are in no haste to
transfer their gas plant to a private
There's a move on foot in Sandon
among the bigots to have Sunday
hockey plaung stopped. Of course
Sunday playing is "bad," hut the pilgrims of the camp want lo see the game
on Sunday so as to understand, just
how bad it is.
It is reported lhat Haji Muhammed
Abdullah,', better known as the Mad
Mullah, has heen assassinated. While
he was praying a good Samaritan thrust
a spear in his anatomy. If this is so
it adds one more to the list of things
for which humanity should be grateful.
From now until  Christmas we will soil
for Cash anything: in our line of
Gents* Furnishings
Ready Made Clothing
Boots   and   Shoes
Hats   and   Caps
Horse   Blankets
Wall Paper
Boys' Suits, $1.50
Underwear, 75c a suit
Overshirts, 50c
Caps, 25c
Sweaters, 50c
Nelson now has a wholesale Chinese
establishment, the goods coming direct
from China. Nelson also has a lot of
Chinamen it could dispose of by
wholesale. *
Among the dreams of Hon. D. Mc-
Ewen Eberts is that of being premier.
When the time arrives that the New
Westminster asylum can elect its choice,
Eberts may be it.
Three weeks from Monday is nomination day for mayor and aldermen of
the city of Sandon. While in other
towns they are scrambling for the honors
as if they were equal (o a premiership
or a drum mayorship, Sandonites don't
appear to care a clam who are
The way for missionaries inio Thibet
will have to be blazed by an army.
Until the army has done its part the
missionaries could do more for humanity
if they would go away back and sit
down. All they could possibly accomplish fcviwJ/J    be    lo   gel  killed,  and
there is very little in   hes,
A Good Asset
Tbe giant among trusts, the Standard Oil company, issues certificates
which earn 80 per cent dividends on a
hundred millions of stock. The only
picture on those certificates is a
picture of the capitol al Washington, in
which congress sits, and that picture is
an apt indication of the Standard Oil
trust's principal asset.
Tom and Jerry have made their headquarters at the Kootenav house.
Boys' German Sox and Rubbers, $i
Men's All Wool Sox 5 pair for $1
,Men's Wool Underwear, per suit, $1
Men's Wool Pants, $2
Men's German Sox (best) 75c
Men's Overshoes at $1
Mens All Wool Shirts, $1
Men's Mackinaw Coats, $3.50 and $5
Men's Mackinaw Pants, $2.50
Men's Sweaters, 75c.
Valises, 35c and up
Boots, $2 and up
Shoes $1 and up
Overcoats, anywhere from $5 to $25.
Stetson Hats (best value) $4.50
1 stood upon thc ocean's briny shore,
And with a fragile reed I  traced upon
the sands these words :
Irene, I love thee!
gut   the   mad   waves   rolled  by   and
blotted o'U the fair impression;
Frail reed 1
Cruel waves!
Treacherous sands !
I'll trust ihee no more.
Hut with a giant hand  I'll pluck  from
Norway's frozen shore
Her tallest pine,
And dip ils top in the craler of Mount
And on the high and barnished heavens
I'll write:
Irene, 1 love thee !
And I'd like lo see the gol darned waves
wash that out.
the Papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Becember 20
A Had Reflection
" Well, 1 never!" exclaimed Mrs.
BiKgins. �� Whai's the matter?"
asked her hushand in a startled tone,
as he turned around from his shaving
glass. "The idea of a grown man like
you standing there for five minutes at a
time admiring yourself." "I'm not
admiring myself. My feelings are
those of astonishment, not admiration.
I can't realize that I'm the same person
who years ago was called ' precious
pet,' and held on people's knees
and kissed by the neighbors. It's an
awful thought."
The Power of the Trunts
Satan stepped into the furnace room,
gazed into the bottomless pit for a few
minutes, and walked over to the
thermometer. "Here!" he thundered
when lie noted the figures, "shovel in
more coal, or some of the gentlemen
down there will be having influenza!"
"We can't, your majesty," responded
Azr.iel, the head fireman; "there is
none." "No coal ?" stormed his
majesty. "No siree; not since the coal
trust gentlemen arrived. The)Vis organized a combine and we can't get a
lump." "Oho!" laughed his majestv;
they're at their old tricks, are they ?
Well, just dump a few barrels of oil.
That'll make a cheerful fire." "The
oil trust magnates have also arrived,
your majesty." explained the faithful
A/rael. The brow of Satan grew
black. "Chuck in a lot of hams and
shoulders and send an imp up lo sit on
thc safety valve," he commanded
sternly; tor he had had experience on a
Mississippi river steamboat and knew
his business. Azrael trembled, but he
could not tell a lie. "The pork packers'
combine has been wilh us for several
days, your majesty," he said briefly.
Satan gave Cerberus a kick in the ribs
which almost stopped lhe animal's
vitality, and started for the door.
"Well," he explained, "these trusts
boat hell, and no mistake !" And
Azrael, bowed by the weight of combinations, leaned on his shovel and
Kazed upon the ground.
Square  Men
Last Tuesday a dead man sat up in
Ms coffin and refused to be taken from
flw house because the driver of the
iieuisc was a non-union man. 1 don't
doubt it. Why, when I rose to move a
vote of thanks the other evening they
told me 1 was out Of order, because all
votes of thanks must be moved by
union expressmen.
All the Siune Injun
Il is said thai when a hungry Indian
K��es hunting he kills the first thing he
st'es, if it is only a crow. If he kills a
duck, he drops the crow, and if he gels
H d��er, he ihrows away the duck.
Some Kr,r|s are regular Indians,
ar��u't they ?
He���1 love the true, the good, the
beautiful. Miss Sereleaf��� Oh, Mr.
Blank, this is so sudden.
Having taken over the business
formerly conducted by Louis Hupperton, I am in a position to do first-class
customs work and repairing.
SANDON. ' British Columbia
All    sensible   people   travel
by the
Because  it is the symbol of
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms: Lar^e, Airy and
Special Attention to .
the   Mining   Trade.
Arrive   Winnipeg   8*1   day, 8*> tun-
Arrive St. Paul !lr.t day. 8:40 P ��>���
Arrive Chicago 4tli .lay, Ri80 p.m.
Arrive Toronto (th <lay. ��s48 p.m.
Arrive Montreal 5th day. BiSO i> m.
Arrive New  York 8th .lay. S..V. P.TJ1
Own*! und operated by the Company,
leave for the east as follows:
tnxa Dunmore Junction dally forSt.Panl.
From Kootenay Landing.Tuesday and Sator-
dRy for Toronto, Montreal and all other
eastern points.
Further information as to why the O.P.E.
lK  the  most .lesirahle route can he had on
npplioation tp
A.   H.   LEWIS,
Agent. Sandon
,,. S. Carter B. J- Coyle,
I* |��   \, A. *����� * ��� A,��
Neison, ����� 0. Vancouver, B.C.
The Only  Ail-Night Restaurant  In  the
Slocan Division.
Under capable management
Will be open day and night.   Meals on the
Short Order and American Plan.
....MEAL   TICKETS,   $5.00....
The    Best    Short    Order   House   in   the   City l
G. H. MURHARD, Proprietor
The Newmarket Hotel
The only up'todate Summer
Resort in the Slocan. "% ��k ��k
.    -    -    Proprietor.
Henry Stege
Christmas Smokers' Supplies
WILLIAMSON'S. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Becember 20
In the world's broad field of battle,
In the bivouac of life,
Be noi like dumb, driven catlle,
Be a hero in the strife.
Holiday Rates
The Kaslo & Slocan railway will
issue tickets to local points account of
the Christmas and New Year's holidays
at fare and one-third for the round tiip.
TLkets good going December 23, 24,
25, 30, 31 and January 1, good to return up to and including January
3.   '903-
License Commissioners
The license commissioners met in
New Denver on Monday and renewed
all liquor licenses for the Slocan
licensing district. By the new license
law only such as are on the voters' list
can reteive a license in unincorporated
towns. This clause was intended to
debar aliens, bui the law makers evidently overlooked the fact (hat they al.so
debarred women.
site. Sandon can sympathize wilh
Nelson in this respect. This cily has
been trying for pretty nearly a year to
get a water record of some kind in
order to put in a municipal plant, but
has never been able to get a pleasant
look from the department.
Winter Underclothing:
To shield your limbs from Thula's wintry
blasts. All sizes, and Prices, but only one
Quality ; the Best.
Anniversary Services
The anniversary services in
Methodist church last Sunday were
very successful. Rev. S. J. Thompson
delighted the congregations morning
and evening by his forceful and eloquent sermons. On Monday evening
a dinner was served by the ladies in the
basement of the church, after which a
lecture full of humor and good ;-ense
was delivered by Rev. S. J. Thompson
on "Lincoln the Liberator."
Chriy Foley's Attitude
Chris Foley has sent a letter lo  the
coast papers saying that his attitude to
the   progressive   party at   the present
time   has   been  misunderstood.     Mr.
Foley says:      "1   have   not  cut loose
from the progressive parly,   bui   rather
from  the  Vancouver branch   of   lhat
body, and the following  is  my  reason
for so doing:    Some two  months ago
we organized a local   body  here and 1
was almost   forced  to  take the chair.
The men largely instrumental in   placing   me   there   have   since studiously
avoided   attending   our  meetings   bit
have spent their evenings at the liberal
or conservative    associations'    rooms,
taking an  active  interest   in   the  proceedings of those . bodies.    Al intervals
they would drop  in  at  our  meetings,
after   the   other   gatherings   had   adjourned, and by their action they made
me and the body I   represented  a  bull
of ridicule.     I had understood   that the
workers  of Vancouver  would   not   he
united politically to either of the old
parlies, and 1 felt it was a little uon.hr
wilh  such  leaders.    In  conclusion,   I
would repeal thai I have   not   deserted
the party, nor its principles,   but   I   do
refuse to be made a figurehead   behind
which political labor schemers can  ply
their vocation."
Overshoes, German Socks, Clothed Topped
Rubbers, Gum Boots for Miners, and
numerous other kinds of Footwear.
Church Services
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church���
Services will be held io Crawford's hall
on Sabbath at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.,
conducted (D.V.) by the pastor,
Rev. E. G. Robb, M. A. Sabbath
school and B.ble class at 2:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting Tuesday evening at 8.
All are cordially welcomed at all the
Methodist Church���On 'Sunday-..the
pastor, Rev. R. J. Mclntyre, will preach
at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Morning
subject: "Christ ' before the world
was." Evening: "Christ's advent into the world." Special Christmas
music by the choir. Sunday school at
2:30 p.m. Junior League at 3:15
Tuesday afternoon. Service at Three
Forks Monday evening at 6:30. All
cordially welcome.
New Electric Plant
By a vote of two to one Nelson has
declared in favor of raising $150,000 to
invest in an electric plant to be put in
on the Kootenay river. The only thing
that now stands in the way of Nelson
having the finest municipal plant in
North America is the acquiring of a
site. The city has had an application
in for several years for ground on
Kootenay river, below the West
Kootenay plant al Bonnington Falls,
but as Attorney-General Eherts is also
lawyer for the West Kootenay company,
Nelson has never been able  to get  its
Potoder, Fuse
Groceries, General
Mine Supplies
The Largest Stock in
the Slocan
Discount for Gar Lots
or any Heaou Order.
The Hunter-Kendrick Comyany, Limited
Christie's Plum Pudding
Christie's   Fancy   Mixed   Biscuits
Better than your mother ever made.
The Hunter-Kendrick Company, Limited
������������  ���������        ������m��������������� *   ���������������^���i "
p. Murns & Co.
Fresh Salted and Smoked
Just Receioed
No further shortage.  Regular consign*
ments imported daily from Nebraska.
Sausage   of   all   kinds    made    Fresh
every day of the week.


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