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The Paystreak Mar 22, 1902

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 [J-yrv-i^-c^J. Au.
iOOk 6
Sandon, march 22, 1902
Chapter 26
Zocal Concentrates.
car V. While  spent a few days in
this week.
ic ((ambling was shut off in K:islo
k'eek.    Nobody hurt.
emie hockey boys are  reported to
inxious to play a game with  San-
ie Kootenay teachers institute will
in  Nelson on April   ist, 2nd and
^bert Cunning and   Miss Cunning
>r the e.ist  on  Wednesday morn-
jwstorms in Manitoba and Dakota
I'd all eastern   mails   during   the
ie snowfall during the last 10 days
all  previous records,  and still it
ie hospital ball on Monday evening
��in every way as  great a success as
K M.    Benard, Tom   Lenihan,   Sid
���mhly and M. E. Hall of the Hewitt
Ited Sandon this week.
Eonrnd Bill died   iff Slocan   City on
jsday and   was  buried   in   the New
snver cemetery on Thursday.
j. There were several  meetings  of the
council   this week   at   which   the
r.elter proposition was about the only
ibjecl considered.
Miss Cora McMillan, who has been
risiting lor some time with her sisler,
VI rs. Pempsev. left on Thursday for
Jnohomish, Wash.
The lumber for repairing  the fljtne
[is expected in from   Nakusp today and
[work will be   commenced   as   soon as
the material can be unloaded.
It is reported that Jack  Whittier has
[purchased an orange grove near Riverside,   California  close to Jack  Thorhp-
son's,  and   will  become a  permanent
resident there.
The C. P. R. are offering, during the
taster holidays, round trip tickets for
Ire and one third. Tickets on sale
larch 27th, 28th and 29th, good to re-
Irn until April 2nd.
There was a taffy pull in Crawford's
lall on Thursday evening in aid of the
Presbvterian  church,   followed  by   an
Rmpromptu   hop  in  aid of the  general
[gaity of those present.
John Farady has sold his Cross
Roads hotel in McGuigan Basin to
A. A. Sparks, formerly of Lardo city.
Mr. and Mrs. Farady intend going
back to Montana to live.
D. J. McLaughlin has been awarded
the contract for building the drill shed
to be erected in Kaslo by the Dominion
government Construction will be
commenced within ten days.
Michael McAndrews (Irish Mike)
who has been in the Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokan for several months, has
recovered his health sufficiently to leave
that institution and is now in Seattle.
Thorn is Brown and A. B. Docksteader have been gazetted license
commissioners for the city of Sandon.
As Mr. Docksteader is now a resident
of Nelson, a new appointment will
have to be made.
The wife of James Wilks presented
him with a daughter on Sunday last.
S. H. Irwin of Collingwood, Ont., is
visiting Sandon. He is a brother of
Al Irwin's ofthe Last Chance.
George Aspen left Friday morning
for Thunder Mountain to get in on the
ground floor of the Idaho stampede.
mining Float.
Silver, 53JK
Lead, ^,'n, 6s.
The White company will ship a car
of ore from the Silversmith today.
The rumor is out in Trail again lhat
Gooderham & Blackstock have purchased the Trail smelter.
The Payne people expect to connect
the upraise from No. 8 with the shaft
from No. 5 within the next week.
Joseph Ryan, the Vulcan smelter
man, visited the lime quarries on
Kootenay lake near Kaslo yesterday,
looking for flux.
The bottom has dropped out of the
Horsefly boom. Prospectors who went
in on snowshoes have returned reporting tho supposed rich creeks N. G.
Tlie Goodenough Mines, Limited,
will hold their annual general meeting
at 2 o'clock p. m. on Tuesday, April
8th, at the office of the company in
McCrossan, who recently built a
Vulcan smelter in Ferguson, is in Kamloops arranging for the construction of
one of the same pattern there oi 50
tons capacity.
There was no ore shipped over the
C. P. R. this week. . he K. & S.
handled 60 tons from the Sunset, 40
from the Reco and 40 from the American Bow
the Vulcan Smelter.      IMr- Ryan said wa*no1 ta��H"j��n��ibie.
On  Wednesday  Mr.   Ryan went to
Bunsmuir's Redistribution
Victoria, March 20.���The redistribution bill submitted  today   increased the
members of the house to 42.    Victoria
retains 4 and Vancouver gels 5.    South
Victoria   and    Vancouver   Island   are
united  and  part  of North   Victoria is
merged into Saaniach,   while   all   the
islands of the gulf are  merged into the
Island constituency.    North and South
Nanaimo  become   Newcastle ;    Esquimau loses a member ;   Nanaimo City,
Alberni, Cowichan and  Comox remain
the same as before.    Delta, Chilliwack,
Dewdney, Richmond  and  New Westminster  have   each   a   representative,
while Cassiar is divided   into  Atlin and
Skeena with   a   member each ;   Cariboo retains two, and Lillooet loses one.
The   remaining    ridings   are :    Yale,
Kamloops,   Okanagan.    Similkameen,
Greenwood,   Grand   Forks, Ymir Revelstoke, Slocan, Nelson  City, Kossland
City, Kaslo, Columbia, Cranbrook and
Joseph Ryan, representing the Vulcan Smelting company of San Francisco
makes a proposal which should put a
new face on the smelter question. He
offers lo build in Sandon a lead stack
of 50 tons capacity which will treat lead
ore right here in town at a cheaper
rate than that charged bv Trail, Everett
or Hall Mines, besides which the
freight to these points will be saved.
Mr. Ryan claims that with the Vulcan furnace, very Utile flux is needed
except the gang or ledge matter in
which the Slocan ore is found. He
contends that properties like the American Boy, for instance, which has
rock on the dump that carries 40 per
cent lime and sufficient iron to keep the
furnace open, would need practically
no flux. By shipping clean ore only,
the owners are digging the eyes out of
the mine and leaving in the ledge or
on the dump large quantities of mineralized vein matter which would pay for
treatment by an economical process at
home. This is what Mr. Ryan proposes to do.
The Vulcan smelter is built on a new
principle and the company claim to be
able to not only operate cheaper than
other lead stacks, bul to save everything that goes into the furnace.
After conferring  with  several of the
mine owners in the early  part  of the
week  regarding  an  ore   supply,   Mr.
Ryan met the city council  on Tuesday
and  asked for some  concessions.    He
wanted a site, water, light,  exemption
and a bonus.    The  council  explained
that he need expect no bonus and that
the  city  did not  own  the water and
light  plants but lhat  they could probably furnish a site which would be outside  the city  limits and  therefore free
from   taxation   so  far as the city  was
concerned.    A committee was appointed to  take Mr. Ryan  over the ground
belcw the  corporation  limits  which is
claimed by the city,   so that he  might
decide if it would be suitable  as a site.
After   looking   over   the ground   Mr.
Ryan  decided  that a piece of land  on
one ofthe  Urban   Mining  Company's
properties, situated between the K. & S.
and  the C. P. R.  tracks, afforded  the
best   facilities  for   his smelter.     The
Urban directors thereupon  held an extemporaneous meeting and  generously
offered the Vulcan  company free gratis
all the  ground   they  required  if they
decided to go ahead with their smelter.
An adequate supply of water was found
in   the   immediate   vicinity,   and   the
council promised to afford the company
every reasonable  assistance  outside of
making a money  grant.    The  latter,
Kaslo to look into the matter of a dry
ore supply from Bear lake and vicinity,
and will return on Monday to visit
Roseberry, Silverton and other Slocan
lake points from which a supply of dry
ore could be drawn. On Monday
evening a general public meeting is
called to take place in the city hall at
1 which the ratepayers and others may
discuss the smelter question, and
strengthen hjs hands in representing
the matter to his company by adopting
resolutions to show the cordial manner
in which such a proposition is received
by the citizens.
This is the state in which the matter
now stands. After acquiring all the
necessary information Mr. Ryan proposes to proceed to San Francisco lo
lay the proposition before his company
and if they deem the circumstances
favorable construction will be commenced within 30 days and Sandon wilt
have a smelter in operation in less than
three months.
B Beal on at the Hewitt.
The force on the newitt has been
cut down to those working on development and there is a rumor that the
Spokan owners are trying to buy Cross
of Silverton out and stock the property.
The recent strike in the lower tunnel
makes the Hewitt one of the big properties of the Slocan and' it should
fetch a fancy price on the stock market
the Sfvanhoe.
The air drills were started to work in
the upraises from the No. 8 on the
Ivanhoe on Tuesday and considerable
progress has already been made. The
showing in the raise from the east
drift has improved considerably with
the few feet of work done and a very
fine body of ore is now exposed there.
The tram is running right along and a
good deal of ore is being sent down..
The mill will be started up for a short
run whenever the bins get full.
Card of thanks.
To the ladies of Sandon who contributed refreshments and otherwise aided
in making the Hospital Ball a financial
success, we desire to extend our sincere
Committee of Arrangements.
Miss Cameron of Edmonton and W.
Macdonald, manager of the Imperial
Bank at Ferguson, were married in
Edmonton on the 19th. Mrs. Macdonald is a sister of John and Howard
Cameron of Sandon and has many
friends in this city.
D. J. Robertson & Co. of Sandon
and Nelson have purchased the Bunyju.
furniture stock in Nelson. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C.t march 22.
the Bl Borado mpth.
El Dorado is the term now heard on
every side in connection with placer
and lode mines.
Its derivation is of interest. In the
fifteenth century it was rumored that
there existed in the northern part of
South America a city of great wealth
called Manca, whose king, El Dorado
by name, was periodically smeared with
gold dust until his whole body had a
gilded appearance. It was said that
on these occasions he threw gold,
emeralds and other precious metals
and gems into a sacred lake, in which
he afterwards bathed.       ���
Beginning in 1532, the Spaniards
sent many large expeditions to search
for this phantom city and most of them
ended disastrously, hundreds of lives
being lost. One explorer, Oreliano,
averred thai he found El Dorado in his
vovage down the Amazon in 1540.
. This was disproved, but the search
was continued down to the eighthteenth
century. Some of the results were the
conquest and settlement of New Grenada, the making known to the world of
the mountain regions of Venezuela, the
Orinoco and the Amazon, and the e.\-
ploration ofthe vast forests west ofthe
Andes. About the end of the sixteenth
centurv an English expedition, either
sent out by or under the personal leadership of Raleigh, penetrated into
Guiana, thereby obtaining a claim to
that country which has resulted in the
acquirement of the modern British colony of lhat name.
It ha> been supposed that the origin
ofthe fihle arose from the yearly celebrations of a tribe of Indians near
Bagota, whose chief was on these
occasions guilded with gold dust; but
this ceremony was never witnessed by
the Spaniards, and the story may simph
be another version of the El Dorado
The name El Dorado was commonly
used to describe the city or countrv
which was the object of search, but
later usage of the term has been its
figurative application with regard to
any region of more than common richness. El Dorado county in California
was the scene of a famous gold find in
'49, and since then the expression has
been used to describe many of tlie gold
camps of the west.
Bob Green on the proper
R. F. Green, M. L. A. for the local
constituency, was the father of the following motion in the house: "That in
view ofthe present depressed condition
ofthe lead market, and the disability
under which the producers of lead and
silver within the province labor in not
being able to have the product of their
mines economically smelted and refined:
therefore, in the opinion of this house,
the public interest requires  on the part
ofthe government the serious consideration of the establishment and operation
by them of lead smelting and refining
works within the province."
In good condition. Twenty
first-class records. Large brass
Horn. Going cheap. Address
P. O. Box, il9, Sandon, li. C.
Established IK'ft.
Sandon, B. 0.
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Storks bought and mo Id. Genera 1 acer.t for Slocan Properties.
Promising  Prospects for  Sale.
Mining Properties  Examined   and   Reports
Made.   Will Open up Mining Projierties l>.v
Contract or Salary.   Twenty Years'
\I. L. Grimmett*
L. L. B.,
B. C.
F. L. Lhristie,
L. L. B..
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $i per month ; Private
patients, S2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Dru^s.
Open To The Public.
I>R. \V. E. GOMM,   Attendant Phy.-ictan.
MISS s. 1.   CHISHOLM, Matron.
���I. "L Mi .SKILL. Pres Hospital Hoard.
ANTHONY SHII.LA>1>. Secretary.
I. O. O. F.
Meetings in the Union Hail every Friday
Evening at 10Q, Visiting Brethern coidially
invited to attend.
''ecret.ry Vice Grand.
A. F. & A. M,
Regular Communication held first Thors
day in each month in Masonic Hall at ��hh
Sojourning brethern are cordial1,��� invited'to
attend, wlu
JAMES M. BARTON. Secretary.
Gale's BarbsIp
Is the best Tonsorial   Establishment in the Slocan.
��J <4�� *i\
Balmoral  Building Main St.
Send  for   -eO.pajre pamphlet
containing  (.mentions   asked by
Examining:   Hoard of Engineers
tho obtain   Engineer's license.
IS, S. 4th Street.
St. Louis,
About two week* ago on the
train between Kosebery and
Sandon, a Small lied Leather
Hand Satch >!, containing some
toilot articles. No name on it.
Anyone returning same to C. I',
K. ttffent ht*re will recive reward.
Notice of Dissolution.
NOTICELiherebygiven t ..t theeartnerehip
heretofore existing between the nndereigned
denying on boaiiieet of uotel-fceepen nt the
P.ilaee Hotel in:he City of Sandon. British
Colombia    ha- ttria day boon  dieolved  by
mutual cn,eiit. All ftocOUtM due to the
������id partner-hip arc pojohla to M. A. Car ir.-r.
who will pay all out- (tanding hi counts
against the same and who will continue the
Ijusine.ssof the said partnership.
Dated'at Sandon, Briti-h Col tinlia.
this 11th day of Fehrnarv. A. !>.. I;.,!.
Dissolution of Partnership.
NOTICE is hereby given that the partner-
'hip heretofore existing between Paeon \
Han-en. carrying on business at the t'nion
Hotel has been diaolved. All b|Ua due to the
-aid Hrm must be paid forthwith 'o Charles
Han-en. of the new firm of Han-eu ft Lawsnn.
who will continue the business.
Doted at Sandon this isth day of fob, 1MB.
NOTICE b hereby iriven that t'nion Block
S ript No. 1.11. issued  to M.   McGuigan.  Aug-
u-t  ��>. IfDl, has been lo.-t  by the undersigned
Parties finding the same will please return to
the secretary of the Sandon  Miner.-'   Union.
Dated this lflth -lay of February V.*v
Dissolution of Partnership.
NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between the under-
sinned, heretofore carrying on business in the
Union Block, Sandon, B C, has been dissolved
by mutual consent.
ALL ACCOUNTS due to the said firm
must be paid to \V. J. Pat tenon.
Dated at Sandon this 18th dav of Feb., 1902
Certificate    of    Improv
Situate in the Slocan Mining DiruioaofWtf
Kootenay District Where loe*t��& (.
Tributary creek, adjoining the t,
TAKE NOTICE that I. T. W Oemud y...
Miner's Certiiii ate No BBfTft, a-itiiv u ,.��� ���
(orOeorire Kvd I, Free Miner'- C.r'i:. ,���. \
BSOt&X intend, .sixty days from the detoaettd
to apply to the Mining Recorder foi 11 r;.
tii ate of Improvements, for the poipen <,(
obtaining aOrownOrnnt of the al era nWfa
And further take notice that action. lUl,|,.
section :;7. HUM he comnieiii c | before tbj b
.nance ol such Certificate of [mprovenM
Dated  rIii-. .list ilay of DeOOBlber, A  D. BR
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of Wea
Koot.nay    District   Wlore    U>OOt��d:-0l
We,t Fork of Codj Creek
TAKE NoTicK th.tt i.e M.Sai.dilaiid-Fna
Miner's Corthteota No Dhrm, opting m agei J
tor Voli.ev. D. Wtlliain-on Fr.-e  Miner'- icr:
ticate. No  BttOaeV, ./   D   F.irr, U Fr-M  Mil., r-
Certifi -te No BHBttOnd Charle. Roller Fret]
Miner's Cortisoote No   BBUJbs intend, tUtj
day* from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of UnpTOTi
niei:t>, for ��he pur;����-e of obtaining a Crow]
(irant of the a) ove claim-.
And further take notice that notion, 1
���action :!*. ii'.u-t be reuniaeocod before I
-uai.ee of .sin!: Certificate of Improvement.
"K   M   SAM II.A.Mi-
Dote i thi- l*rii do* <>'��� .January. 1>..'.
Certificate of Improvement*.
situate in tae Slocan Mining Di\ bdon of Wesl
Kootenay l'i-frict Where located. I hi
Noble tin Mountain, adjoining American
Boy Mine.
TAKK NOTICE that I. W D.Mackay, I
ing as agent for the American Boj hfining
and Milling Company Fnae Miner1 Oarti
No. B38MT, intend, aixty dojra from latt bereol
to apply to tho Mining BeoOrdrr fur n Certifl-
>-ate of Improvements, (Of the purpose of ob-
toll ��nu a Crown Orant of the above claima,
And further toko notice that  action   osdei
-ection  .17  must   be  eommwiced Iwfore tlu
issuance of anohCortifieote* ��l [mproTement*
\\ .   D   MA' 'KAY.
I'ated this 1st day of Man h. A 1�� 1 "'-
To J R Cameron and A  R   Portexor any
peraon orpetaoni  to whom  they may 1 >"v���;
naaigned their tatereeta  In the BiiverCbord
Mineral  Claim,   situated   near Sondon   and
regieterod in  the  Etecorder'a offloe for tl"'
S|o< an Mining Divi-lon.
You arc hereby notified that I. Philip J
Hickey. acting hs agent for J. D. Farrell and
Volney D. Williamson, have caused to be expended one hundred dollars in labor and improvements upon the above-mentioned miner
oi claim under the provision- of the Mineral
Act. and if within ninety days from the date
of this notice you fail or refu-e to contribute
your proportion of such expenditure, together
with all costs of advertising, your Interest W
-aid claim will become the property of tlie
subscriber under Section 4 of an Act entitled
"An Act to Amend the Mineral Act, l!��'
Dated thi.- isth Day of .January. WW.
The Kootenay Hotel is adjacent 10
the skating rink, hut is not running
opposition. They handle a different
kind of skates.
..���-* the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, march 22.
e ave Boing tfye 3Bu$ines$
 Y ���	
Bo not Overlook that point
We are the Leading Tailoring Establishment of the Kootenay and
ire turning out clothing that cannot be excelled in the province of British
[olumbia. Keep in mind the fact that we have the only artistic cutter in
(his camp. Our stock of Serges and Tweeds for the spring trade is complete.
Me Guarantee Satisfaction.   Our prices are ffigf)t.
m. & B. Cameron,
Mzabor partp Convention.
James Wilks,   president,  of  Nelson,
{Rupert     Buimer,     vice-president,     of
tossland, Alfred l\irr,   secretary-treas-
ir, of Vniir,   district   association No
fit, of lhe Western Federation of Miners,
rhave issued a call   for  a   convention to
be   held   in   Kamloops    on    Monday,
.April 14th.    The  object of lhe convention is lo decide  whether the labor and
reform   interests  shall   take   an active
part in politics.     Following are extracts
from the call issued :
Tlie question of political action being
[taken on the   part   oi organized labor
[with a view to securing   a   more   substantial and satisfactory   representation
)f labor   interests   ill   the   Legislative
Issembly   of   our   province and in the
arliament of Canada,   is   a   principle
Piat has received careful   consideration
ind thoro discussion   at   the   hands of
local unions affiliated   with   our district
The decision has been arrived at that
before any such step so important in its
nature, and so far reaching in its effect
can be taken with any degree of confidence and propriety, it is absolutely
essential that the various labor unions
and reform associations thruout the
province should be by some means
brot together in the closest possible
touch,-both in sentiment and action.
It is self-evident that the only effective means we can adopt, in order to
ascertain the views of those interested,
and to reach sound conclusions upon
the subject, is thru the medium of a
of a general provincial convention, at
some suitable and centrally located
The executive officers of the associa-
Neat, Clean and Comfortable Rooms.
Accomodations Unexcelled.
P. H. MURPHY    ���
Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
Best that Money can Buy.
tion have received instructions from the
local unions affiliated therewith to
assume the initiative in this matter,
and we do hereby issue a call for a
convention (for political purposes) of
delegates from all trades and labor
unions, single tax associations, socialist bodies and other reform organizations in the province whose aim it is to
improve the social condition of the
people of Canada by the ballot.
The basis of representation will be as
follows : Central bodies such as Trades
and Labor councils, dislsiet or provincial associations of Single Tax,
Socialist, Labor,or other reform bodies,
composed of 100 members or less,
shall be entitled to two delegates, and
one additional delegate for each additional majority fractional part thereof.
Subordinate or local Trades and
Labor unions, Single Tax, Socialist or
other reform organizations with a membership of 100 or less, shall be entitled
to one delegate, and one additional
delegate for each additional majority
fractional part thereof.
Two or more organizations entitled
lo representation at this convention,
whose aggregate membership does not
exceed ioo, may combine together and
have the right to be represented by one
delegate who shall  have  but one vote.
The objects of the convention are as
follows :���
1. To unite and harmonize all labor
organizations and reform bodies in the
province together for purposes of political  action.
2. To adopt a provincial platform
and promulgate a policy tor the guidance of organized   labor   and   oilier re-
; form bodies   in   future  political   cam-
\ paigns.
3. To do any or all other things
i which in the judgment of the conven-
j tion will in any way promote or protect
the interests of those represented.
Special arrangements have been
made with the C. P. R. for a reduced
rate. If fifteen delegates attend the
convention, fare and one-third will be
charged for the round trip. If fifty or
more delegates attend, the rate will be
sidgle fare for the round trip.
An attempt is being made to introduce Japanese labor into Atlin to work
in the hydraulic mines. A few mysterious disappearances may be expected to occur in that region.
J. Cooper Abbs, at one time a prominent resident of Three Forks, has
been heard from in the Orient. He
sailed from Portland, Oregon, in the
steamer "Knight Companion," for
Hong Kong but the steamer was
wrecked on the Japanese coast on the
3rd of February. The ship and cargo
were a complete loss, but the crew and
passengers escaped.
MM ��� "��.������������Iw������W������pi������������������������
Fresh Ranch Eggs at
0rand Opening
filbert Cafe,
Snndap, march 23.
The new management of
the Filbert Cafe will hold its
Grand Opening tomorrow,
when a special effort will be
made to serve a spread that
will please the most fastidious
Come in and get your Sunday
Binner from 12 to 8.
Oust. Almgren,
d the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, march 22.
i : j
II! :
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday la tho hciirt o' the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operated in the interests of tho Editor,
' Subscription    -    -    -    -    $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacApams,    -   Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, MARCH 22,  1Q02.
Patriotism, as applied to the
policy of protection, is a curious combination of paradoxes. For instance:
previous to the close of navigation last
fall the Winnipeg grain exchange
asked the Dominion government to
permit American lake vessels to carry
Canadian grain from Fort William to
Owen Sound or Sarnia, where it would
be transhipped by rail to Montreal for
export. But the C. P. R. got its fine
work in and the government turned
the proposition down, with a patriotic
flourish about protecting tlie Canadian
merchant marine. Since navigation
closed there has been a continuous
grain blockade all over Manitoba, and
the farmers have been unable to get
their wheat marketed. The C. P. R.
is now making heroic efforts to relieve
this blockade by shipping wheat out
via Portal and the Soo road to Duluth,
from where it will be steamboated to
Buffalo and  railroaded to Portland for
According to this it was disloyalty
or high treason or something of that
sort for the grain dealers to consider
using American vessels from Fort
William to Sarnia, but it is gijt-edgfed
patriotism to ship the same grain out
of the country at Portal and then
handle it by lake and rail thru United
States to Portland, Maine, for export
to Liverpool.    "Me no savy that."
you are looking for a nice artistic,
brilliant picturesque boom, just keep
your eye on the Silver City of the Slocan when those Vulcan lead stacks
begin to permeat the adjacent atmosphere with smelter fumes.
Tom Johnston, mayor of Cleveland, believes in single tax and public
ownership of natural monopolies, and
is demonstrating the soundness of these
principles in his administration of
Cleveland's municipal affairs. Johnston is a democratic democrat, a good
speaker and an intensely popular man.
He is mentioned on all sides as the
next presidential candidate on the
democratic ticket. In going into
federal politics he would take single
tax and government railways into the
campaign with him. As these issues
are becoming very popular in United
States and would probably land Tom
Johnston in the presidential chair,
Mark Hanna is beginning to have
visions. He dreams that he can beat
Johnston in the local elections and put
him out of politics in Ohio. In this
Mark has taken the largest contract of
his career, and it would not be surprising to see the republican boss land up
against a hard defeat himself.
the Coast to tell the government not to
make the amendments suggested by
the Associated Boards. #The govern-
ment should make an examination for
discovery to find out whether these
board of trade people know what it is
they do want���or whether they know
anything at all.
Now the capitalist press greets
the news ol his death with the announcement that John P. Altgeld's
life was a failure. And from a material, wordly point of view so it was, for
Altgeld never accumulated millions
nor cornered wheat, and leaves no
fortune to build him monuments. But
in days to come his name will be a
beautiful memory when the epitaph has
faded from his revilers' tombstones.
Altgeld loved his fellow men.
Ryan, the Vulcan smelter man
says that his people can build smelters
of from seven tons capacity up, costing
anywhere from $10,000 to a million or
more. With such stacks as these available, it would be a case of every mine
owner his own smeller man, and instead of companies building concentrators they would build lead stacks
and sell matte. This will put the
kibosh on the smelter trust, especially
when the British Columbia government gets its refinery working. Then
any kind of a prospect that has ore in
sight will have a lead stack of its own
and instead of paying freight to Flverett
or Trail and $20 for shipment, the
mine owner will get full value for all
he produces. Then watch this city
soar into the  realms of prosperity.    If
Charles C. Clifke ofthe Mining
Review was told in Nelson that he is
the only man in British Columbia who
can write a sensible article. Mr. Cliffe
did not question the accuracy of the
statement, as he was perfectly satisfied
with the authority on which it was
made. You see, the old man told it
to himself, and as he is a first-class
judge of what wisdom is, and was undoubtedly beside himself whenever he
did any writing, and moreover is an
honest man who could not tell a lie
without getting his pay in advance,
the information must he correct. Cliffe
is certainly a wonderful man. Nothing
but hard times could hold him down.
Otherwise the inflation of his self-
esteem would burst his suspenders and
carry him strait up in the air for at
least three million miles, where he
would go bumping around among the
stars, scattering the germs of infinite
wisdom among the inhabitants of other
worlds than ours.
That Associated Boards of Trade
meeting in Kaslo was a hot thing.
The conglomoration of intellectualalies
constituting it passed a resolution advising the government to raise the
price of location and assessment record
fee to $12.50 and make several other
equally idiotic amendments. Now
Mayor Goodenough and a couple
more members of the Kaslo board of
trade are humping   themselves  off to
Bob GREEN has the distinguished
honor of introducing the project of a
government refinery to the B. C. Iclms-
lature. As Bob voices the unanimous
sentiments of the opposition in its
favor, and as the Martin party is also
pledged to build a government refinery
with the Dunsmuir gang still to he.tr
from, it looks like a sure thing that
the government   refinerv will be  built.
THOSE Kaslo people who have
been so long watching and waiting for
a smelter had hotter rouse themselves
from their dreams and treck to Sandon,
the future smelter centre ofthe Slocan.
We cannot give our smelter to Kaslo,
but we will let Kaslo people come up
and live in Sandon if thev will promise not to go to sleep on us.
The British governmeat is shipping Ontario school mams out to
Africa to educate the Boers into a
proper state of peacefulness.    If these
school mams are selected with a care
to age, style and disposition they
should be able to make some important
Thk Mitchell-Kahn bill before the
United States congress provides tor a
Chinese exclusion wall so high that the
most agile Oriental in the Orient could
not climb over it. The bill is not
copyrighted and the Dominion parliament could use it to save British Columbia from a yellow' death.
Jim DuKSMIJIR told the opposition
the other day that he knew he had a
card up his sleeve when he had the
Martin party's support. Jim must be
an awful dub. If Joe Martin supports
him for three minutes after the redistribution bill goes thru, we will eat his
hat, sweat band and all.
������ the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, march 22.
Here is a little object lesson on
socialism. The Phoenix board of
trade adopted a resolution petitioning
the Dominion government not to sell,
lease or otherwise dispose of the Crow's
Nest coal land reserve, but to hold the
50,000 acres and operate the field as a
government industry. The Nelson
Miner is the official vindicator of the
Crow's Nest Coal Company, and it
naturally rises to defend its paymasters.
It says :
The most fareial pari of the resolution is
where lhe Phoenix aldermen request the government to operate the reserves for lhe benefit of the
mines in their town and vicinity. There is no danger whatever that the Federal authorities will ever
undertake so foolish a move. The mining of coal
and the making of coke are industries of no small
magnitude in the Dominion of Canada. There
are many millions oi dollars invested in ihem by
the citizens. If the government embarked in the
husiness il would spell ruin to those engaged in
this line of industry, because if the government
went into such an enterprise in Hast Kootenay il
could do likewise in Eastern Canada. No corporation, no mailer how great, could hope to compete
with lhe government. It would amount to a
monstrous piece of injustice for the goverment to
adopt such an unfair policy."
EXACTLY. If the government goes
into the coal and coke business the
Crow's Nest outfit will have to lay
down. Notwithstanding that Jaffray,
Cox & Co. got these coal lands for
nothing, had unlimited capital to develop them, and imported large herds
of Daooes and Slavs to build their rail
ways and draw their coke ovens at
European wages, the coal company
will be ruined any time the government
goes into the coal and coke business.
This must be true because the company's own newspaper is back of the
If these corporations, such as the
Crow's Nest Coal Company, cannot
produce coal as cheap as the government, what apologies have they to
offer for continuing to exist. The
people were certainly under no obligation to hand them over the land in the
first place, and they are under no obligation now to permit them to make
an enormous profit out of this land.
When the people get onto the fact
that an industrial government can
beat out any and all private monopolies
hands down, it is all off with the monopolies. The Miner man should be
more careful not to give the snap
away. He has inadvertantly handed
socialism the finest testimonial it has
received for many moons. First thing
he knows he will get his two by four
with a recommendetion to apply for a
job on the Citizen & Country.
viously the legislators and subsidy-
hunters had a monopoly on the sure
thing business in the provincial capital
but now anybody with a calloused
conscience and a constitutional antipathy toward hard hard work may go to
Victoria and open a brace game without going thru the formality of being
elected to the legislature.
Now that British Columbia has a
minister of mines who does not know
a mine from a gravel pitx the government only needs a safe majority and
the work of altering the mining laws
will go merrily on.
The first specimens of this year's
crop of the lucious ranch egg have
made their appearance in the local
market. Hen fruit fetches about five
a copy around these parts just now.
Victoria is once more a wide
open town, as the authorities decided
recently to throw off the ruff-lock and
let the gamblers roll  'em  high.    Pre-
To a man up a tree it would seem
that the Canada Northern contract has
served its purpose and will now be
filed away among the archives.
The returns are not all in yet, but
according to the latest in the Spokes-
man-Reviewr it seems that Thunder
Mountain is still somewhere in Northern Idaho at the other end of a route
starting from Spokan.
The  Pioneer and Leading Tailoring
Establishment ofthe Slocan.
Always Carries a Complete Stock of
Imported Suitings and Pantings
Matorial,   Fit and Workmanship
Fully Guaranteed.
If he is Decked in Shoddy, Sweat Shop Goods
Assay His Character and You will Find Him a
Shoddy Man.    If he has the Label on His Garments
He is Sterling.    So are the Garments.
Stores at Sandon and Slocan dtp.
B Full Zine of Furnishings Carried at Both Stores.
Mill, Mine and Blacksmith's Supplies of Every Description.
SANDON     KASLO     NELSON the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, march 22.
B Smelter magnate Bead.
(Nelson Miner.)
On   March 5th  Leonard   Lewisohn
died    in    London.      Mr.    Lewisohn's
health  was seriously   affected  by  too
close attention to a business during the
several  months sjnce the beginning of
the copper slump.     He was on Ins way
to Carlsbad,   where he   intended   to try
the effect of the medicinal  waters when
death overtook  him in   London.    The
immediate  cause of death   was   pneumonia    superinduced     by   cold.     Mr.
Lewisohn  was  one ofthe chief spirits
in the American Smelting and Refining
Co   and of the  United Metals   Selling
Co.    It is thot lhat the anxiety   caused
by the fall in copper and the consequent
depreciation in the shares of the copper
companies   in   which   he   was  a   large
stockholder and his intense  devotion to
business,  as a consequence of the critical condition   ofthe market,   brot on a
low state  of health   which   made  him
an   easy   victim   oi pneumonia.      Mr.
Lewisohn    was   a   man   oi   wonderful
financial   ability   and   had a clo^e  and
intimate  acquaintance   of the   mineral
market.    By  reason of this knowledge
he made a larjje fortune.
moncp in Coal.
The net profits of the Crow's Nesl
Coal company last year, alter paying
operating expenses, and other charges
amounted to $270,848, paying dividends iii the rate oi ten per cent per
annum, and leaving a balance of $28,-
14.' 10 carry forward. The number of
men employed during the year was
A proposition ior tlie establishment
of a U. S. branch mint at Manila, P. I.,
i* reported to have behind it the powerful interest ol the American S. & R. Co.
The report is 'probably correct. The
establishment of a branch mint there is
bound to add to the consuming market
for silver. It was proposed and strongly advocated in this journal a vear ago
as a practical measure for assisting the
silver mining industry. It would be
entirely self-supporting from the start,
and there should be no delay by Congress in providing for its establishment.
���M. & S. Press.
The Spokan Spokesman-Review comments that while Editor Houston i^ at
Victoria attending to his legislative
duties, his paper has gone to the wall���
political life and journalism not making
a successful mixture in British Columbia. But think oi the prima facie evidence of Houston's honesty in politics!
���Vancouver V\ orld.
Adam and Eve were great
advertisers and among the
various methods employed by
them to make known their
stoek of wares they made a
record of apple-eating which
has hung tenaciously to their
names ever since. This proves
that sensational advertising is
sometimes lasting.
All the brands ot liquid refreshment
you know and a few brands you don't
know at the Kootenay.
See the beautiful assortment
of blankets in our window, all
going cheap.
was a very patient advertiser
and today is known to the
whole Christian world. Had
he quit advertising when he
was ill he never would have
been successful. No doubt he
never suspected that- even the
sound of his name would be
changed and used to classify
another class of advertising
now known as Job Work.
Every man of consequence
now uses job work in varied
forms, and in these parts all
sensible   men   have it done at
Vbe papstreak
where neat things are got up
at reasonable prices.
Fresh Ranch Eggs at
rmnnnr wmnnnr imnnnrY y
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms: Large, Airy and
SptM'inl Attention to
the   Mining   Trade.
folliottX McMillan
Contractors and Builders.
Rough Bind Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Joint Finishing Lumber
Moulding, Etc.
Sash and Door on  Hand to Order.
Factory on Main Street
The Leading Hotel of the Lucerne.    Dining Room
Service the best in the Slocan.    Accomodations
Unexcelled.       Hz,
Henry Stege
*c %*
Just Imported
A fine line Of griar Pipes. Come
in and see them,   zfc   ^   $t   %
Our Stock
Of   Smoker's Sundries   is the
most complete in the Kootenay.
'., the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, march 22.
Ztttle Bateese.
You bad leetle boy, not inoche you care
How   busy   you're   kipin'   your   poor
Tryin' to stop you ev'ry day
Chasin' de hen aroun' de hay���
W'y don't  you gecv' dcm a chance to
Leetle Bateese!
Off on de fieP you foller de plow,
Den w'en you're tire you  scare de cow,
Sickin' de dog till dey jump de wall,
So de milk ain't good for not'ing at all���
An' you're only five an'a halfdis fall,
Leetle Bateese!
1T00 sleepy for sayin' de prayer tonight?
lever min'; I s'pose it'll be all right
av dem tomorrow���ah! dere he go!
fas' asleep in a minute or so���
[n' he'll stay lak dat till Je rooster crow
Leetle Bateese!
yen wake us up right away Unite suite
���ookin' for somet'ing more to eat,
Makin' me t'ink of dem long leg crane,
soon as dey swaller, dey start again,
jl wonder  your stomach  don't  get  no
Leetle Bateese!
But see heem now lyin' dere in bed,
Look at de arm   underneat' hees head ;
If he grow lak dat till he's  twenty year
I bet he'll be stronger dan Louis Cyr
An' beat all the voyageurs leevin' here,
Leetle Bateese!
Jus' feel de muscle along hees back,
Won't geev'  heem   inoche   bodder  for
carry pack
On de long portage, any size canoe,
Dere's not many t'ing dat boy won't do
For he's got double-joint on hees body,
Leetle Bateese!
But leetle   Bateese! please don't  forget
We radder you're stayin' de  small boy
So chase de chicken an' mak'dem scare
An' do w'at you lak wit' your ole gran'
^For w'en you're beeg feller he won't bj\
Leetle Bateese!
Sweet Confidence.
A six-year old young lady
Stood near the music stand
In Central Park, one Sunday,
With candy in her hand.
0 ��� ���
She looked around bewildered,
As if she were afraid;
Then to a park policeman
The little maiden said:
"Do you like candy, mister?"
"Not a bit," said he.
"Well, then." she cried, "I'll trust you
To carry mine for me!"
"Can you tell why George Washington was such a great man, Willie?"
"Yep. He got to be President without ever tellin' a lie."
O merchant! in thy hour of e e e,
If on this paper you should c c c,
Take our advice and be thrice y y y,
Go strait out and advert i i i ;
You'll find the project of some u U u,
Neglect can offer no ex q q q,
Be wise at once, prolong your da a a a,
A silent business soon de k k k.
The Denver.
Cody Ave. Sandon
Comfortable Rooms
Reasonable Rates
Sandon Cartage Co.
Express, Baggage,
and Cartage.
Delivery to all  Parts of the City.
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hotel
Beautiful Snow.
[Infinitesimal atoms of solidly congealed
Precipitated earthward, how  charming you seem !
[The  incomparable   whiteness  of your
crystallized enity
Causes the question.    "Are  you but
a dream ? "
Observing the rapidity with   which you
decend, we are
Struck  dumb  by your  beauty,   and
our praises we hush.
Then we ascertain  with  dismay that
our senses have fooled us;
You're   not   beautiful  snow;  you're
nothing but slush !
IHo Zocal Bpplication.
Many readers of local newspapers
are forever looking for taffy rather than
news, and they want this unalloyed
from any grain of truth. It is for this
class of readers that the editor imperials
his immortal soul when he reports local
entertainments, writes up weddings
and indites obituaries. It is a groundhog case if he wishes to save himself
trouble. According to him every local
bun-fight is a "great success" or an
"enjoyable affair"; no bride is so old
and battered that she cannot he "young
and charming" in the colums of the
the local paper, and her victim, who
perhaps drives a butcher cart, is for
once "a popular and influential citizen."
And does the editor like this?
Is he pleased when someone puts the
old gag about the wool dyer being like
the editor because one is a lamb dyer
and the other a damn liar?
He is not.
He goes to a concert. Does he tell
all he endures? Not if he's next, he
But to save himself endless trouble
he seldom gets within shouting distance
of the truth. Should he limit his
praise of the amateur eloquitionist,
who may be both prosy and woodeny,
what a howl there would be; if he
dares to hint an improvement in a stage
setting, he is abused, and should he
overlook mentioning some one thing in
his report���Mrs. Blazer's sniffling hopeful's "piece," or Miss Dirge's murder
of a solo���Heaven help him!���Frank
Now is the time to buy your
I blankets.    The best value ever
British Columbia has a premier who
is a follower; a minister of mines who
thinks of torpedos when his depariment
is mentioned; a minister of public
works who cannot tell a sewer pipe
from an irrigation ditch, and a leader
of the opposition who votes with the
government. This they call government on non-party lines.���Frank Sentinel. *
A number worth remembering���Thejj
Kootenay. ��
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers oi
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings  write or  wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,  Sandon   Miners'   Union
Sandon, B. G.
Jbalcpon fbot Springs
The Winter Resort of the Kootenay. W7hen the snow lies deep on
the Slocan Hills the roses bloom
in the Banana Patch.
TO $15,00 A WEEK.
fr'HE medical waters of Halcyon
^ are the most curative in the
worfc, A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and depart every Day.
Felegraph communication with all
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
Can be Effectually Pre/
vented by Wearing a pair
of Custom Made Snoes.
Manufactured in the shop of
New York
San Francisco
St Paul, Chicago and all United States
EAST:    Leave Dunmore daily.   Leave
Kootenay Landing Tuesday and Friday
for St.  Paul,   Toronto,   Montreal  and
WEST:   Leave   Revelstoke   daily for
Vancouver, Seattle and Coast Points.
Excursion Tickets on Sale Westbound.
March ist to April 30.
Through booking to Europe via all
Atlantic Li *es, Prepaid tickets from all
points at lowest rates.
R. B. McOammon.
Agent. Sandon
J. S. Carter E. J. Coyle,
D. P. A. A. G. P. A.,
Nelson, B. C.      Vancouver, B. C. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, march 22.
%ockep with a ping pong
The Rossland   hockey   team   came
over on  Monday to win a game  here,
but met with a disastrous defeat.    Carmichael and Winn, the Rossland stars
were not along, which left the visiting
team very weak and the  Sandon  boys
put in goals whenever they had a mind
to.    McCreary played a beautiful game
in goal for Rossland, and  Roy Clothier
proved  himself a working  man on the
forward line.    The playing of the balance of the Rossland team is hardly fit
for publication.    The score was:    Sandon   14,   Rossland  3.    Jim   McVichie
did the referee act to the satisfaction of
all parties concerned.
Now that the Lenten Season has
come we are offering a change of
(Fish) diet to discriminating people
that will be hard lo equal in the
province. These are clean fresh
goods and we have them in barrels
kits, cans and bottles.
Big Beal at Ferguson.
J. J. Young  of Calgary  and W. B.
Pool are said to have  closed  a deal for
the purchase of the  Silver Cup mine in
the   Lardeau,   the  consideration beinjj
$500,000 cash.    The  Silver Cup is one
ofthe most valuable  mines in the Lardeau, having shipped  ore aggregating
$250,000   in   value.    The   ore is of a
high grade running  35   per cent lead.
200 to   250   ounces   silver   and   $8 in
gold.    It is claimed   that the ore in the
property has practically  been untouched as only that   was   taken   out in lhe
course of development.    The new owners are among  the   most progressive in
the country and   they   propose   to open
up the  property on   a large   and comprehensive  scale by long tunnels, etc.,
to the end that  it   may   become one ol
the largest shippers in  the Kootenay ol
silver lead ore.
Salmon Bellies
B Few "thats."
Tennyson could take a comparatively
worthless scrap of paper, write a poem
on it, and make it worth $5000���That's
genius. I
Vanderbilt can write a few words on
a sheet of paper and make it worth
$100,000,000.���That's capital.
A mechanic can take raw material
worth $5, and carve it up into ornaments worth $500.���That's skill.
Your  wife  can  buy a cloak for  $15
but prefers one at $50.���That's natural.
We can write our check for $300,000,
but   the  bank  won't  cash  it.���That's
A full line of rubbers and gum
boots at Atherton's which will
be sold for the next 10 days at
10 per cent off for cash or city
time chocks. Just the thing for
working on the flume.
Spring Clot1)inQ
Now is the time to make  your selections before the
tock has all been picked over and the nobbiest suits
The  Rainv  Season is due in a few  days.    Prepare
for it by getting a Mackintosh that will keep you dry.
neckties and Sljirts
Wear something that is not a year  behind the date.
A carefully selected stock on exhibit.
...A BONANZA....
Fresh Ranch Eggs at
Codfish Steak
Beardsley's Shreaded Codfish
" Bonless Herring
Bayle's Lunch  Herring
Mackerel Broiled in Tomato Sauce
"       Choice Soused
Spiced Brook 'lrout
White Rose Salmon
B. C. Smoked "
B. C.       "    Halibut
Lake Ciscoes
Lake Shad
Rock Bass
Whitefidi Roe
Royans A La Bordilais
A La  Yatel   Aux  Truffes  and
Aux Achards
Sardines des Sportmen
A L'Huile
Anchois A La Saumure
Anchois A L'Huile D'Olives
Sandwich Halibut
Green Turtle Meal
Clam Chowder
Clam Nectar
Little Neck Clams
S. and W. Oysters
B. P. Oysters
Deviled Crabs
Baratarier Shrimps
Nobles XXX Lobster
Golden Key Lobster
Newfoundland Lobster
Imperial Leaf Lobster
Prime Russian Caviar
Filets D'Anceois A L'Huile IVOIive
Golden Haddies
Herring in Tomato Sauce
" Anchova    "
Shrimp      "
Preserved Bloters
Tunny Fish
Kippered Herring
15 lbs. White Smrar
:\ lbs. Best Mocha and Java
3 lbs. English Breakfast lea
;Hbs, Best Japan Tea
5 cans California Table Fruit
20 bars Laundry Soap
5 lbs. Fancy Mix Biscuit
.51 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
Fall in Line and Get Your Share of These
Zhe 1bunter*1kendrick Co., Zimited
p. JBurns & Co
Ibead Office,
Melson, B. C.
Bealers 3n
NOTICE is hereby given that I, the undersigned, have taken over the Filbert Cafe, and
will not lie responsible for debts contracted
by any former proprietors.
7&eco Bvenne,
Sandon, B. C.
of all


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