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The Paystreak Jun 21, 1902

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tT^TVi i/nF\�� JttFx*
$5ooft 6
Sandon, 3nne 21, 1902
Chapter 39
Zocal Attract.
John Cameron   visited   Nelson   this
w cck.
The tourist travel is not so vciy
Thursday and Friday are school
Coronation Day, June j(>th, will be
.i public holiday.
George Alexander o\ Kaslo visited
lhe citj yesterday.
Lorenzo Alexander was in town from
liNew Denver yesterday.
\ ! mi bsche and bride are spending
|t    ii honeymoon in Spokan.
The Berkley University team play
Ih.ill in Nelson yesterday and to.lay.
George B. Macdonald is able to be
Rround again alter his recenl illness.
There in no iruth   in   the repor.   tb.it
|ohn Bough is attending  the coronation.
John Daly o\ the Rambler-Cariboo
baid Sandon a brief visit on Wednesday.
There are ,<> hotels and saloons doing
business in the Slocan and Slocan Ci y
liv i~.ii>ns.
D.   W.    Moore,   the   Trail  smeller
in, was  in town  Thursday   looking
|oi i onlra'cts.
Alex Dodds went to Ferguson yesler-
lav to spend the summer in the Lar-
|eni country,
J. M.   Harris   has appealed   against
Is assessment and  will  carry his ease
lhe county court.
There was   no  council  meeting  on
ondiis evening, hut considerable committee vvoik was done.
Martin McAndrews, proprietor of 'the
Haw a House, Kaslo, died in the Nel-
\n hospital last Sunda).
the climatic arrangement now eor-
Iponds with the calender. That is to
\, this is June weather.
he Imperial   Limited is running Oil
main   line and   mail   from   the ea..i
jpi now arrive one dav earlier.
Kjolin T.  Black   and   Charlie   Nelson,
P1 oi New Denver's most prominent
wlti/en-., \isiivd Sandon Thursday.
���Arthur Goodenough unloaded a ear
���the beer that made Milwaukee faui-
fls, lor the Sandon trade yesterday.
rhos.  Jalland has closed  OUt his in-
|es|   in  lhe   Lndeihy   store   and   will
am become a resident ol Sandon.
Michael McAndrews, the veteran
inspector, is again in the Slocan hills,
ier having spent the winter in Seattle.
the strawberry season will be on
ECt week. Rosehcrry and New Dens'   horticulturalists   expect   a    large
Charlie Hunter came in from the
lundary country Thursday to infect die business outlook at elose
RD. P. Kane, the Kaslo insurance
Wan, has taken a lar^e amount in lire
ws in Sandon recently. He is offer-
Bg the best rates ever given in San-
jlbn and represents   reliable companies.
Byron N. White left on Wednesday
for his   home    in    Spokan.     Oscar    V.
White   accompanied   him   as   far  as
Jim McVichie and Tom Hancock
have gone to the Lardeau counin to
commence the summer's campaign in
the hills.
Following the style of the fashionable eastern hotels, The Denver is putting on a meal "like your mother used
10 make."
Rev. Mclntrye, the new shepherd o\
die Methodist sheep fold, delivered his
first sermon in Sandon on Sundav
evening last.
Dudley Blackwood, Nelson's star
baseballist, cracked a rib in a practice
game recently and will not be able to
twirl  lor sometime.
There is a rate war on the Yukon
river, small pox in Dawson, labor
troubles in Atlin and the boom has
collapsed in Cape Nome.
Ike Thompson and Jack O'Donnell
have returned from Cape Nome and
are now in the Lardeau country, where
thev will probably spend   lhe   summer.
The report o\ die Royal commission
on the Oriental immigration question
has reached this olVice. It is a blue
hook of 430 pages which tells all about
John Rockney, shipping agent ^i the
Rambler at McGuigan, and a man by
the name Of Gibson got into an altercation that is being aired in the Kaslo
police court.
Chew Brothers, who recently purchased Hill Brothers' mill, on Slocan
lake, are going to put up a big shingle
mill at Vancouver. 'They have pleniy
ol capita] and understand the lunilv
business thoroly.
Eugene V. Debs has laken charge ol
the political department o\' the Western
Federation and will visit British Columbia. Sandon is included in his iliu 1 y
Inn no arrangements have been completed for a lecture here yet.
Kaslo had a combination of lire,
Hood, high wind and other climatic excitements on Wednesday which effectu*
ally awakened several o\ the citizens
from their lethargy and reminded them
ofthe epoch-marking events ol '93.
"The P. Bums Company rcccn lv
purchased the Conrad Harris outfit ol
steers   at     Fort    Benton,     Montana,  tor
$188,000.      'This   is   the   I. G. Baker
herd which was at one time the largest
in Montana. The steers are lor the
B. C.   market.
The drilling match will be the most
important feature o\ the slocan City
celebration on Dominion \^a\. It is
for vv'orking miners only and the contestants must be employees ol some
mine. The prizes are $75, $35 and
$15.    I )ovvn holes only.
An Alberta long-horn critter got loose
from P. Bums' corral on Wednesday
night and made some rapid passes up
and down Main Street, pursued by six
or seven thousand dogs. As the steer
had received its education on the prairie
it was a little oul of its element and in
its bewilderment collided with the
Virginia sale and broke its neck. 'The
safe was uninjured.
The latest from Victoria is that
Dunsmuir will retire from politics and
that Dick Mi Bride, Bob tireen and
Colonel Prior will form a strictly conservative government. Tlie story
sounds like a pipe, as Dunsmuir is noi
of lhe retiring disposition���then there
is Martin.
Lot Willie has had a very unfortunate
acquaintance with tire insurance policies. He has been burned out of house
and home no less than six times.
Once in Kaslo, twice in Bear lake,
once in Argenla, once in Kuskonook
and now again in the lire that destrov-
ed Michel."
James M. Martin of Rossland died in
that city on Monday and was huried on
Tuesday. He was onv o( Rossland's
most prominent citizens and served for
for a term in the legislature. Few men
in B. C. have more friends than Jim
Martin hand and no man deserved the
the confidence of his friends more.
New Denver is making arrangements
for a coronation picnic on Thursday.
"The town will be decorated and firecrackers, stump-oratory, football, baseball and all the oilier features o\ a
patriotic celebration will he indulged in.
The people from Sandon and vicinity
are invited to come and bring the
juveniles for a  picnic  in   the   woods  of
The Lucerne.
The Canadian Socialist is the name
ofthe latest addition to lhe British
Columbia press. It is the Citizen &
Country moved to Vancouver with
R. P. Pettipiece and Weston VVrigley
as editors. Pettipiece is onto his job
and Wrigley knows his business, so lhe
paper is not likely to reach the journalistic boneyard unless it should chance
to travel thence by lhe contempt o(
court  route.
B Ulhitcwater 3Bonan$a.
What promises to be   one of the bij;-
gest   concentrating  propositions in the
Slocan camp lias been uncovered in the
Whitewater   district    about    one    mile
below the   town.     W.  11.    Banting has
been steadily prosecuting development
on   the   Iron   Hand   an.I   several  oilier
claims,    for   the   lasl    live   years.     The
ledge is about  35 feet wide,   full of galena   and   carrying gold values ol lour
dollars per ton.     'The silver values   run
from   So to   120 oz.   with   35 to  45 pe ���
cent  lead.     The ledge is being  worked
o\) the quan v plan, every shot bringin :
down more 01 less   galena  from   which
clean ore is pick and the remainder put
on the dump.     Mr   Banting   has abou
[SO sacks   of clean   ore   laid  by   and a
whole   show room  oi samples showing
many   different   grades   of ore.    'lhe
claims lie near where the Hall   smelter,
at one time got   their iron   ore for llux-
ing   and a spur  (since   taken up)   goes
right under the Banting properties.    A
sin id   mill could   load   its concentrates
right into the cars saving many charges
which accure 011 properties distant from
transportation,    If silver or lead values
raise this will be o\w o\ tlie bonanzas o\'
the country, and   even at present prices
it looks like a big winner.
mining Float.
Silver, %^",
Lead,    ��\ I,  5s.
Operations have been resumed on a
small scale at the Hampton, Four
Corey & Foster are doing some work
on their Silverite property, adjoining
the Queen Bess.
'The Slocan Star Hume Ins been repaired where it was carried out last
winter by snowslides.
George Weinant went down to
Sproles yesterday lo make arrangements
for doing some work on the Paystreak
properly there.
'The shipments from Sandon this
week were as follows : Payne 80, American Boy 44, Slocan Star 40, Reco
jo.    'Total iSi).
'The Ivanhoe mill is running on ore
taken from the upraises in development. It is a high grade feed that
will net the company a good return.
The Fish Creek camp in the Lardeau
is on the verge of a boom and some
printer with more audacity than judgment, is starting a  newspaper there.
Holders of mining property should
keep in mind the fact thai they do not
have lo do assessment for a lazy partner. A delinquent co-owner notice
will force him to put up or pass out.
Quite a rush has set in from Kaslo
and Nelson 10 Fish Creek, owing to (he
favorable reports ofthe j^old properties
in that district. 'The Northwest Mining Syndicate recently acquired some
valuable properties there and will do
considerable work this summer.
The Ruth mill was started up on
Tuesday and is now running two shifts
on rock from the No. 3 dump. A new-
pocket has been built at the dump for
handling the rock to the tramway.
'The sawmill is working on lumber for
the Hope buildings and the payroll at
the mine is being  gradually   increased.
Martin Sleight, a Chicago chemist,
has written this journal stating that he
has a process which he believes will
separate lhe lead and Vine in Slocan
ores without loss. He read a clipping
in a Chicago trade journal relating to
the large bodies o\' zinc-lead ore in this
camp, and he wants samples with
which  to   experiment.       The  samples
will be shipped without delay.
Unothcv Slocan   Bividcnd.
'The Sunset mine, near Cody, will
distribute to its co-owners on the 20lh
inst. its ninetll dividend ot St),000,
making the total amount o( dividends
to dale $54,000, oi which $30,000 lias
has been paid since the first of January,
altho no shipments have been made
since the first oi April. 'The average
silver and lead contents o( all the ore
shipped to date is 1^4.40 oz. silver,
74. ; per cent lead per ton. Some
shipments contained over So per cent
A Kaslo man has offered to keep the
next couple who get married in that
town supplied with ice for the balance
o\' the season. ' 'They must be warm
babies over in   Kaslo.
���^*rt&J Che papstreak, Sandont B. C. ffune 21
Iking of Wealth producer*.
"'The man who makes a fortune on
the board of trade, or in the stock exchange, or in building up a gigantic
business, adds not om.' cent to tIk-
world's state of available wealth," says
Secretary Malum oi the miner's congress.
���' The world in other words is no
richer because he is richer. Me is
rather richer because some one else is
poorer. On the other hand the miner,
whether he digs oul $10 or $100,000
adds that much to the world's wealth.
and with this added wealth contributes
just that amount of the world's comfort
and happiness. 'The miner is the king
wealth producer oi the nation.
"Few explorers have endowed a nation with a richer dower than tlie prospector; he it was who gave California,
Colorado, Montana, Idaho and the
great west to civilization. Inn tor the
prospector and the products of his discoveries there would be no great west
today. The frontier would be resting
on the Missouri river.
"It is claimed thai (he agricultural
products of the country exceeds that oi
its mineral. The mining industry can
well afford to acquience in this cl urn,
since permanent an substantial gain
belongs to our mineral product.
" For example at the end of each and
every  vear the  agricultural   product is
consumed, even in its  production,  pari
of the previous  supply being  destroyed
as seed.     This   U not a feature in mil -
oil:; on the contrary, the mining ii  '   s-
trv is constantly  adding lo the permanent stock   ofthe   wealth ofthe w irld.
"Much   oi   precious   metals   are   bv
nature  in   forms   that   bear  no resemblance  to the   brilliancy  oi the molten
metal.    Sometimes it is concealed in a
thousand times its weight   of worthies?
rock; but the ingenuity of man extracts
"u in   perfect  purity,   ready for the various uses of human  life,   and there is
nothing relieves husiness depression,
the bonds oi industry and labor as
quickly and as certainly as increased
supply ofthe coinage mentals of tin-
"From 1892 until 1898, gold, silver
and copper mining were about the only
industries that paid dividends, and in
fostering and advancing the mining industry which is the aim and purpose oi
the International Mining congress,
holding its fifth annual session in Butte.
We give practical recognition to the
greal solid and lasting rock upon which
rests the success of all our other industries.-  Butte Inler-Mountain.
placed it on the stump oi a tree, and
left. Tor some time lhe natives worked
like elephants, hut at last one of them
seizing his tin in which he carried his
food, approachod the tree, and placed
il ovei the eve. As soon as thev saw
thev   were not   being watched   thev   all
lay   down   and   slept  peacefully  until
sunset.    Sharp fellow s.
The Auditorium
Sandon    Bottling
C.  A.   BU.NI.V.
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Orinlks
oi all  kind,.
Sandon Miners
Subscribers, s 1    per   11     ,|, .    p ���
patients, S,   p, ,
I   xpellse of   I'll
and  Di ii;
Is the only hall in the citj
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings  write  or  wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,  Sandon   Minors'   Union
Sandon, B C.
Gales arShop
Is the best  Tonsorial   Establishment in the Slocan.
\?�� ����* *T>
��� ����������.���-.^
*t\  /��> *��V
Has Passed into New
Hands and will be Cotv
ducted in such a Manner
as to Warrant your Pat'
B Snap in -fewelerp.
I -till have considerable Jewelery
Stock and Watches ^n hand I will dispose ol al 1 nst. Anyone wanting anything in this line cannot afford to miss
this offer.     L< I me ki ow vour wants.
Geo. B. Tknowles.
\\<. sidence    Cody Avenue.
Application  Tor Transfer of Liquor Lie miso.
NOTICE is hereby Riven   that  thirty days
rrom   ��� i:i * ��� ��� hereof we, the undersigned, inten I
:;,.,'���'.'���   I..���>���!.    >'    I       ' ,.       (jf   thi
city of Sandon for it transfer to u- of the
liquor license formerly hehi bj Westerberg &
Gardner of the Palace Hotel.
II Ol llll 1 i.N
Dated at Sandon this 711. day of June iw !
Balmoral  Building  Main  St.
F. L. Christie,
I.. L.  I'-..
solici roR, 1 r<
\\. L.  Grimmett,
I..  1.   B.,
NOTARY  I'l lil.U ,  I. rC.
Open   Vo Thi   r bi u.
DH   VV. E  ' 1 'MM.    v
.1   II. Ui N ���ILL. l'i      i! ||
\N rilu'.v.   SHILI  VS
I. o. 0. \:.
Meeting*  in Hie l'nion II
E v e 11111 g a 1 Visit     f
n.-.a. 11     1 ��� ��� ��� .  I
IAS H   : Hi >MPSON   N 11
l   E. LOVF.RI.NO, V
S rretai 1
A. F. c\-  A. \1.
. 1
1 vMI��� M   RARTON   -
TO    DELINQUENT    CO-OW \i-.i;    OF   THE
To   William   Mel aid  o
r mo   person  or
A Ceylon lea planter with a glass eye
who wanted to go away for a day's
shooting, approaching his men said:
"Altho I myself will be absent, yel I will
leave one oi mv eves to see that you do
vour work." And to the surprise oi
the   natives, he took   out the glass eve,
pt'Tsons in whom lie may have assigned
his interests in the Florence Mineral Claim,
���iituated one mile and n quarter from New
Denver, adjoining the Turris Mineral Claim
and registered in the Recorder's nil ire I. n the
Sloea 11 M ining I 'ivision.
U nderground Surveys
and Examinations, I )e-
velopment and Assessment Work. Surveys
and Estimates made for
Tramw a vs.
Sandon Cartage Co,
Mi PI  1 RSON a III l<\\\
Ex iress, Baggage,
and GaL'j!r.f3.
'Viiveiv   tO    all    Palis  nl   thclitv.
Excursion Rates East.
\    e
B. C.
EstaUishi l :-
. m. s/MBQELArjDS.
Sarjirfon? B. 0.
Notary  FuBjiiifc.
insurance  amd)  Mining
&IV r.
Mining Stocks bought and told. (Ion-
1 rn I agent for Slocn n Properl ies
Promising   Prospects   for   Sale
1 :ire hereby noi iii'"l 1 hal   we, t he undersigned, T. W.  Fitzgerald  and J. A. Black,
have caused to be expende I one hundred 'l"l-
lars   in   labor  ami   improvements upon tho
above-mentioned   mi leral   claim    under   the
provisions of the Mineral   Act, and if within
ninety days from the date "l this notice you
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion
of such expenditure, together with all costs
of advertising, your   interest   in said   claim
will   becomo   the propertj  oftne subscribers
under Section I of an  A< 1  entitled "An  Act
n Aini'iid t hr  Miner.! I   \<-i. ^^_^_ ^^mMmMUUl
T  W   I'TI'/i; Kit M h        k Mining   Properties   Examined   and    lloports
.1   \   BLACK. Made.   Will Open up Mining ProportioH by
Dated ul Sandon this siSrd day ol May lfiui! Conl racl or Sain ry.   Twi nty Years'
l'.i-h-iij    I Experience,
Hi 41 D   ������:
May 26, 30,     June 29,
July 2, 3, I
mosslandV      Kelson >
and intermediate pointe to
Minneapolis   $ 44$
77 00
100 oo
Huron to
(. orrespi iiiuiiiL!   reuw
all     KootCIl iv      poi
diverse    routes.
hei th  ioi luded   on  *-
lake stcitmei s-
I h rough  booking   to I
Atlantii  I .i >es, Pi epaid t ii
point s at  low est  i al e >.
R. B. McCamiiMMi.
J. s. Carter
Nelson, B.C.        Van
B. .��. ��� i>.vlc'
\. ��    P. A..
.vcr,BC the papstreak, Sandon, SB. c��� $unc 21
advertising Ibis Goods.
(Tacoma Ledger.)
Adverse comment has been provoked
m the circumstance thai an Englishman oi title has advertised tor an
American wile.     The feeling provoked
ih.it his conduct constitutes a shn on
Uuerican womanhood. There is a
ioutran view that m.i\ he logically
sustained. In the lirsl place the oiler
has nothing to do with American
womanhood in general. It has been
excited h\ the facl   that   a  certain  ele-
ineiit that is no  pari   oi   the   leal life ol
this countn has been engaged in the
purchase of lilies. Females with fortunes, Inn lacking in brains and character, and, it their conduct is to he
closeh considered, lacking also in
morals, have been in the habit of buv-
inv old w i eeU lh.it chanced lo
e a title attai lied. In return for
t it lo the purchaser has given gold
! repul tti n. For the female w bo
uvs a title sells herself, '.'nder certain
i. i Jit ions the woman who sells herself becomes m outcast. The one who
i^ betrayed bv false promises, the one
who is forced bv want into some nn-
boh alliance, is regarded as unclean.
1 he other one, the gilded wanton, who
(would shuddei al contact wih her sister
|oi the pave, is no heller. Il there is a
Idifforence it is all in favor ol lhe out-
itast. The appeal ol the fellow with a
t! i vv hit h he oilers at a bargain is not
[to respectability, bul to thai element
{which is itselt on the bargain eountei
andie.idv tti haggle over the price oi
virtue and honor.    The   reproach these
females constitute 10 the eonntiv   is lhat
heir shallow pretense ol decenc\ is received as  genuine.    When   for  a consideration greater than the daughter ol
lovertv e.m command, the  daughter ol
���wealth   pursues an evil course,   justice
|would give   to her a  penaltv as severe;
Hit   justice is blind,   an.I save   that tlie
hoi I ul express   condemnation,   there is
io   penaltv.     Assuredly   the   advertiser
Jii this   instance   is a blaguard, bul his
Ippeal is only   to sneh as   have a desire
���oi his  wares.     Ii is noi   unlikely   that
She bidding will be spirited   and iii.it in
lie end   there will   be a splendid   wed-
Kihl;, and a new   lie to bind   two great
nations.    At least   ihe societj   reporter
��� \\ ill lake I his view oi it.
thep vie sail there.
ABANDONED    BY    Till:
"1 had a lot ol old mining stocks in
tlie house," said a Detroiter who invests
in most   anything   lo  oblige  a   friend,
''and when I went west lasl fall I took
along a list ol iheni. One dav in a
Nevada town I asked a real estate man
il he   had ever   heard   of the    Red Bird
' 'Certainly    1   used   lo own   half of
it,' he replied.
" ' What became oi it ? '
'Well,    it's   ihe   well   in   mv   hack
yard today,   and a good   ono it   makes.
1 here was no extra   charge for it when
I bo.l the place.     It's the only   $^,ooo,-
ooo well in town.'
Etc &ou ffllell Bvessed ?
Jf not, Brecon milling to be?
Cameron the Tailor makes a business of turning out
clothes which are stylish and up-to-date in every particular. His goods arc worth the money and the workmanship is guaranteed. Keep these facts in mind when
you want a new suit for the summer, it does not cost
any more to have your clothes cut by an artistic cutter
and put together by first-class workmen.
. Game von,
Merchant Hailovs,
IReco Zlvc, Sandon
ai \
Neat, Clean and Comfortable Rooms. Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
Accomodations Unexcelled. Best that Money can Bug.
First Class Dining Room Sernice.
American and European Plan.
Repairing is our Speciality
38ut voe also
carrp a fin:
mens Shoes
est styles.
Miner's  boots made on demand.
Will stand mote wear than anp two
"'And what about the I.one free
mine ? '
" ��� The Lone Tree'.- Oh, that hole
has I mil; been used to bun dead Chinamen iu. Makes a $3,000,000 tomb for
them, and the critters are almost glad
to die.'
" 'And tne Blue Hill mine/' 1 continued.
" ' The   Blue   Hill ?    Let   me  see ?
Whv, 1 believe some saloon keeper over
at the Hills is rising  it lor a  cellar.     It
keeps  lagar   beer cool   lhe year   round   ^j ,,.. ,
without ice.    Makes a nice little cellar     | |i'v?'���/.
for a million dollars.
" ' here is one more. I want to
ask about   the American   Ragle   mine.
Pel baps v OU have heard ol it ? '
" ' Von have come to the right   man, ��� . .
sir.     That was mv $4,000,000 pet mine.     Qflil* Qf faCtOVP UtahC.      MadC tO fit U)C tCCt.
Yes,    sir,  1   helped    to   sink   that    shall    ^
mvself,    and ii  was   hones!   work.     We    J
put il down at least si\ feet   while floating the stock.'
" ' Ever raise any ore ? '
" ' Not an ounce.'
" ' And no dividends were ever paid?'
" ' Not a penny.'
" ��� And w hat finally became oi the
mine ? '
t's ritrhi back of the liverv stable
Louis Hupperten
Main Street
Neto York Bretory
Totogood & Bruder, Proprietors.
���lu/xSSHS Brewers of Fine Lager Beer
and is used for a dump, while the None-
Such is down the street, and is used
for a town lockup. The Nonpareil is
over on lhe hill, the Monte ChristO jllSl
10 the left of that grove, and the Bottom Dollar
" Bul    I had   heard   ennf,"   said  the
Detroiter,   "ond    I   came  home   and
traded all mv  shares for a rat   trap with
two doors, and   made a big  bargain at   Qcmflr\ri
Special attention given to our rapidly increasing
hot lie trade. Give it a trial. Both of us will
make by it. We a little. You much. Let us
hoar from you. Telephone, 24, Denver and
Silverton.    Worden   Bros.,   agents,  Slocan   City
Detroit free Press.
British Columbia Cfte papstreak, Sandon, X. C SFune 21
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription   -   -   -   -   $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacApams,    -   Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, JUNE 21, 1902.
All playing that  a man is paid to
do is called work.
Mark Hannas anxiety to settle
coal strikes seems to limit itself to
election times.
A medieval burlesque entitled
"The Coronation" will be enacted in
London on the 26th.
The laundries of Chicago are
amalgamating. They should be able
to put up a stiff front.
Many a man fails to get elected
to the second term of office because the
people find him out during the first
Catch onto how the "old historic
parties" jump the Progressives for in-
traducing machine politics into B. C.
Wouldn't that make you laugh.
Jim Hill is visiting Greenland
and Labrador. He is probably prospecting for a country where all the land
has not been given to Bill, Dan &
If British. Columbia had the imperative mandate every member of the
legislature who voted tor those bonuses
would be walking home on his own
Owing to church influence the St.
Louis world's fair will be closed on
Sundays. The people oi St. Louis
should play back by closing the
churches on Sunday also.
Just to demonstrate that it has no
intention of quitting freak legislation,
the provincial parliament, which will
not extend the franchise to women, has
reduced the voting age from 21 to 18
Barney Macdonald is going to
save Rossland by the Elmore oil process. Considering the amount ot
turbulent water there is in Rossland
stocks the judicious application oi a
little oil does not look unreasonable.
The Japanese are changing their
alphabet to conform with the English
and calculate to change their language
to English as rapidly as possible.
This will remove another bar to the
annexation of British Columbia by
New Zealand is figuring on doing
away with freight rates altogether and
throwing her railroads open to the
free use oi everyone. This is the country in which, so the monopolists tell
us, socialistic legislation is a dismal
failure. It certainly is, from their
point oi view.
The Conservatives outvoted the
Liberals in Ontario by 5000, but as
Mr. Ross, the man who built up
Ontario, also planned the geremander
and engineered the recounts, he will
still hold the top hand in the legislature. The Conservatives of Ontario
are up against a brace game.
Dewet, Botha and Delary, now
being British subjects, may be reckoned
the greatest generals of the Empire.
They come pretty high, but God knows
the Empire needs them.
Rooseveldt says : "Englishmen
and Americans share the contempt that
the free man has for the man that is
not free." These words were meant to
refer to Canadians, and Teddy knew
whereof he spoke. If Canada had
less flunkeyism and more wisdom she
would be independent.
The city of Chicago raised its
assessment $129,000,000 by assessing
franchises held by water, light ami
sLreet car companies Neither the franchise nor the plant of the Sandon
Water & Light Co. is assessed.   Why?
The mine owners of the Transvaal are loser on the war. Kruger
taxed them five per cent and they raised
such a roar that hostilities ensued.
Now peace has been declared and the
royalty is fixed at 10 per cent. Sometimes the fortunes of war look like a
The Province of B. C. is now to
raise a loan of $3,500,000 to meet the
deficit caused by railway bonuses and
exemptions from taxation. This is
what is called encouraging legitimate
Mount Ranter is smoking a
little and Seattle people are scared.
Sodom and Gamorah went up in
smoke some twenty centuries ago because the census did not show a sufficient percentage of respectable inhabitants.       It   is   a   knowledge   of   that
circumstance that makes Seattle folks
a little shaky.
Rosslvnd boomers claim lhat with
the Elmore process they can handle
five-dollar rock at a profit. This will
bring prosperity back to the camp in
large chunks. Already the Chawleys
around the War Eagle office and the
deah gov'nor's headquarters throw their
cigarettes away ducedly long, doncher-
Half a dozen monopolists in Chicago fix the price which eighty million
citizens oi United States shall pay for
meat. Thev doit by the aid ofthe
transportation companies. There are
a thousand other reasons win the government should own the railways, hut
this one should be sufficient for anyone
with intelligence enuf to follow a train
oi thot across two sentences.
The Dunsmuir government wants
to give the Columbia & Western two
million acres oi land tor a railroad
which has not been built and which
would not be under provincial jurisdiction if it were. Joe Martin is on
record against the Columbia & Western land grab two years ago hut is tor
it now. The circumstances are the
same today at thev were when he
voted against it two years ago. This
makes it that Martin is either a fakir ot
a fool, and public opinion does not
indict him as a fool.
It is rumored that Tracy &
Merill, who intend to leave Oregon
shortly, are undecided whether to emigrate to the Bad Lands or come to
B. C. The Hole in The Wall countrj
offers a better base oi operations from
which tn transact express robberies and
similar enterprises, but there is always
the chance ni B. C. that thev would be
elected to the legislature.
A Kansas man on receiving news
that he had suddenly fallen heir to
twenty million dollars promptly fell
dead. His two brothers shot each
other in a quarrel over the admintstra*
tion of the estate. His son got overloaded with firewater and married a
chorus girl who is now siieiiii.* K1,a
divorce and ten million alimony, and
his wife has produced a will showing
that she is sole legatee, while tho families oi four lawyers employed are
travelling in Europe ; all oi which goes
to show that law and justice giyes
every man his dues and it's an ill UIIU
that blows nobody good.
The   government  has  decided
appoint  a commission   to   invcstiga
the two   per   cent   tax.    This   is t|u the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, June 21
modern method by which politicians
slave off remedying a self-evident
wrong. If the government would
quit giving bonuses and would collect
what is owed to it in land taxes and
timber leases by the parasites who
infest the legislature and live off its
privileges, there would be no necessity
to put a two per cent handicap on the
most princely of all industries. Unfortunately, however, these parasites
compose the government and as lynch
law is not in vogue in B. C. they will
probably live out their term of office.
MONTREAL police are enterprising
and up to date. Last week they
peddled tickets to a hanging and the
execution was performed before a large
and enthusiastic audience, altho it could
hardly be said that the affair was
pulled off without a hitch. The price
of admission was regulated according
to what the traffic would stand, varying
from $10 to four bits. This was on
the European plan of paying according
to how bad you wanted it, and may
act as a basis for fixing rates when
necktie socials become the popular
amusement. No doubt if ticket holders had the privilege of selecting the
party to be hanged a much better price
would be realized, and if the selection
were arranged on a basis of io cents a
vote like the "Most Popular Young
Lady" contests at the   church fair the
government would soon be able to pay
off the national debt out of the proceeds of its hangings.
Thk United States customs officers
in Tacoma and Seattle are having a
bad time of it with the Jap smugglers
who spirit women across the 49th parallel by the light of the moon. These
women are purchased from their parents in Japan, shipped to Japanese
agencies in Vancouver and from there
smuggled into United States where
they are sold as prostitutes to the
highest bidder. Uncle Sam has always
made an effort to stop the traffic, but
as it runs wide open in Canada there is
no particular difficulty about getting
the Jap women into the land of the
free, where they are slaves in the most
literal sense of the word. As a consequence Japanese houses of prostitution
are running in nearly every town and
city in California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska,
and the women are invariably owned
by some Japanese pimp who grows
wealthy out oi the traffic. This is a
phase of the Oriental question which
does not frequently get into print and
it is noticable that it is entirely overlooked by the missionaries and goo goo
church folks who oppose exclusion
because it is un-Christian.
Latest wires   from   London state
that   King   Ed   is   weakening.     His
physicians admit that he is off his feed
and they will not be able to bring him
to the scratch in   proper form.    Some
say that he is buffaloed, that the game
is getting too big for  him, others suggest that those American heiresses give
him   that   tired   feeling,   while   some
literary folks insinuate that it is Alfred
Austin's poetry, but  there  is a shrewd
suspicion in  diplomatic  circles  that it
is that loyalty slop   in   the   Canadian
papers   that   makes   him sick.    This
recent collapse is  a  great  disappointment to his trainers.    Just  think what
a bum show  it   would be  if   the kino-
had to be propped   up by a   couple of
boosters   while    the   old    archbishop
plunked   that   crown   onto   him ;   or
worse still, if they had to load his limp
anatomy   into    a    wheelbarrow    and
trundle him into  the arena like a sack
of hay.    No, no !    That  would  never
do.    The gang  has   everything nicely
arranged for   a spectacular coronation
and Ed will have   to   pull   himself together and go  thru  with it.    He may
be showing his age a   little   now   and
probably lacks  the  steam  for  a long
engagement, but  the people are going
to get that crown onto him anyway* so
he might as  well   ginger   up  and get
into the game.
The Pibneer and Leading Tailoring
Establishment of the Slocan.
Always Carries a Complete Stock of
Imported Suitings and Pantings
Matorial,   Fit and Workmanship
Fully Guaranteed
If be is Decked in Shoddy, Sweat Shop Goods
Assay His Character and You will Find Him a
Shoddy Man.    If he has the Label on His Garments
He is Sterling.    So are the Garments.
Stores at Sandon and Slocan dtp.
& Full Zine of Furnishings Carried at Both Stores.
No Flics on You.
If you use our Screen Doors,
Screen Windows, Wire Cloth
and other devices for protection agaiust flies.
Liue in Comfort
During the summer months.
Our stock of Fly Arresters is
H. Byers & Co.
Fresh Lettuce and Strawberries at
��� the papstreak, Sandon, B, C. June 21
ZBlmore process.
The new Elmore process of oil concentration of ores appears, nays the
Colonist, judging from recent numerous tests, to promise great tilings.
Tests made on the low-grade ore of
one oi the Rossland mines gave the
following results: The concentrates by
the oil process contained 6.08 per cent
of copper, while concentration by water
gave only 2 6 per cent, the silver and
j^old contents being proportionately
higher and the tailings showing much
higher recovery in the case of oil than
by the water concentration.
Preliminery tests by this process oi
ore from the Snowshoe mine, Boundary
district, have also proved satisfactory,
and it is very probable that several
Elmore plants will ere hmg be in operation in the low-grade camps of the
There is a free   lunch on  every evening at   the   Kootenav   Hotel.     Do   no
miss it.
At the early hour of 5 o'clock   yesterday morning the  fortunes of Bella McDonald  and Adam   Esch  were united.
The wedding ceremony was  performed
bv Father Cole and   witnessed by quite
a number of relations, friends and well-
wishers  of the   young   couple.    J.   F.
Maloney     undertook     the     duties    oi
groomsman and lhe bride was attended
by her   sister,   Miss   Flora   McDonald,
both of whom were charmingly gowned
the bride especially   appearing  the personification   of sweet   girlish   maidenhood.    The youthful pair   were the recipients of many costly and  useful gifts
and   left by   the seven   o'clock   boat for
Spokan,   where they   will  spend a part
of their honeymoon.    Judging from lhe
prolonged   and somewhat   thrilling salute given by the departing boat, which
was echoed and   re-echoed by the other
vessels of the lake  fleet and  also taken
up  by  the   K. & S.   railway  and  mill
whistles,   the   young  couple took with
them the good   wishes ofthe citizens of
Kaslo and the  expression of which   Ihe
staff ofthe Kootenai.in join.
To Arthur Mullen <>r any person or peraoni
to whom In- may have uMigned bit Interest in
the Reliance Mineral claim, situated one
mile and a half from Three Forks, adjoining
the Hinkley Mineral olaim and recorded in
the Recorder's office tor the slocan Mining
You are hereby notified that [, John Poster,
have caused to ho expended one hundred anil
two ilollar> and liilty cents in labor and
Improvements upon the above mentioned
mineral claim under tho provisions of tho
Mineral Act. ami if within ninety days
from tho date of thil notice yon fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion of suoii
expediture, together with all costs of advertising, your interest In >ahl claim will become
the property of tin- subscribers under section
IV. of an act entitled''An Act lo Amend the
Mineral Act. 1000."
Dated at Sandon lhi> l'.ifb dav of June. ISO*.
If your
Is not up
To the mark
You should
You can not
Make monep
Can a first class meal be served for
two bits. Some people say not, but
the Denver House is .doing  it.
Excursion Hates.
On June 23rd and 24th the Canadian
Pacific Railway will sell round trip
tickets from all sections in Kootenav to
Vancouver and Victoria at single first
class limited fare for the round trip.
Tickets good for 15 days. Full particulars from local agents.
By an experienced woman cook
employment as cook at a mine.
Can jfive references. Address or
apply at this office.
By obscuring
The fact
That you have
(Boods to sell
Fry a live
Yd. in the
mnmns inrs sirs rB-mnrmr v
*m A Tabic that is Replete with the
��j Choicest Seasonable Viands,
jJSj Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
tlie   Mining  Trade.
Contractors and Builders.
Hough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Joint Finishing Lumber
Moulding, Etc.
Sash and Door on   Hand to Order,
Factory on Main Street
The Newmarket Hotel
The only up4o/date  Summer
'     Resort in the Slocan. ^ ��fc ^fc
Henry Stege
Tbalcpon Ibot Springs   TUp Denver.
<*, Victor Klelnschmldt, Prop.
the Summer TAcsort of the \
^Jp^HK  medical  waters of Halcyon
jlfS are ,l10 most curative in the
world. A perfeGt, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure erne
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and deparl every Day.
Telegraph communication with all
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
Rooms  Large,   Neat,  Clean,
Airy and Comfortable.
Dining Room Sen n l1  I ns'jr-
Every Efforl Made 1*' Provide      ^
Comfort for the G icsts.
Cody Avenue
Sand"1' OTe papstreak, Sandon, B. C, June 21
\Zhe Faro Bealer's Storp.
About the game's mondity, I think
That's neither here nor there���
It's pretty much like other games
When dealt upon the square.
It men have cash and want to play,
The game won't  hinder them a bit;
j In time they learn it doesn't pay,
And then they sometimes quit.
I've dealt the game for twenty years;
I've left it now���I didn't fail���
I sickened at one sight 1 saw,
And thereby hangs a tale.
Some three years since I ran a game,
A high toned one���dead on lhe square
It" I'm not wrong, you know the place,
I think I've seen you there.
Well sir��� 1 ran a thriving game,
And dealt for half lhe bloods in town;
jl've had as much as live layouts,
And no place to sit down.
[One night a young chap strolled in;
Fair hair, blue eyes and clear cut lace.
[So fresh, lhat you could see,
He was a stranger to the place.
He was at home tho for you could see
In his blue eyes the love of play;
And alter that first evening's deal
He scarcely missed a day.
He played his pile right up and up,
And never growled if luck was hard,
He stacked the limit up in blue,
On every second card.
His luck was bad sometimes the worst
1 ever saw   -and I've seen lots.
I've seen him in a single deal
Lose seven double-shots.
Business for me of course, and yet,
Sometimes it seemed too had���
(Of course I couldn't say a word���
Hut then 1 liked the lad.
He'd lots of cash tho;
He must have lost,
A hundred thousand first and last,
Before he gave up play.
[We both quit gambling the same night;
He, poor  boy, for a sufficient  cause,
And I because 1 loathed ihe game���
And this was how it was.
ille didn't have much coin along���
It gave out in a deal or two���
So he put up his diamond ring
To see his ill-luck thru.
The chips soon   went���he had a pin,
a flaming stone in massive gold;
Without a word he passed il in
And drew live hundred cold.
So help me God! 1 wished him luck,
As did each player in lhe place,
Hut no! His last stack came my way
L'pon a losing ace.
He passed me in his watch and chain
And drew 1 think three hundred more
And tried his line of bets again,
The luck was as before.
My God! I never shall forget
The pale drawn look upon his face;
Hut still he never spoke a word
He never left his place.
His hand lay where his chips had been
And moved at times as if to bet;
A thin worn circlet of dull gold,
Was on his finger yet.
It caught his eye at length-he stopped
And looked at it a little space,
And a warm Hood of crimson blood
Passed hotly o'er his face.
And then he drew it off���it came
Reluctantly���this worn old ring,
For closer than the flashing gem
This circlet seemed to cling.
He handed it across to me���
"1 don't know what its value is
Hut I'll redeem it first of all,
What can 1 have on this ? "
1 took the ring, it might have cost
Five dollars���'twas worthless then���
Hut I passed out a fifty stack
1 o lei him try again.
He planked the pile down in the pot;
Then low upon the table laid
His head upon his folded arms,
And so that deal was played.
Well  sir  the  luck   changed;  he  won
three times,
1 told him when the limit barred.
He took no notice���so we played
Two fifty on each card.
Well sir,   would you   believe it, in that
The pot won out and never lost;
And slill the winner hid his face
l'pon his two arms crossed.
The deal was out; we shook him up.
He did not move! 1 raised his  head;
And there amid his piled-up gains
The boy was silting dead!
I've often wondered to myself
What   thots   were   flitting   ihru   his
When he laid   down his fair young face
And hid it from mankind.
We cannot know; and it is well,
Such pangs we guess at���do not feel;
His face showed countless years of hell
Lived thru in that brief deal.
It was not until lhe inquest sat
That 1 learned all remorse's sting;
The ring that changed his luck and life
Was his dead mother's ring.
Poor boy! Had his sad lot been cast
'Mid different and better men
He might be living now !
For me���1 never dealt again !
To W. H. Barrett.
Compliments of
Theodore Roherts.
<CUhat Betained Kim?
An   up-country pastor  posted  on his
church door the following notice :
Brother   Smith    Departed   for
Heaven���4:30 a. m.
Oi\  the next  day  he  found written
Heaven���9:40 p. M.    Smith  not
in yet.    Great Anxiety!
N. Y. World.
There may be others, but there is no
getting around the fact that the Kootenay carries the finest line of fizzes and
summer mixes in the Slocan.
dominion Bap
Mt Slocan, $. C.
JULY 1st, 1902
$500 to be Given in Prizes.
Brilling Contest
Open only to teams actually working* at one mine and must be miners
who have not won prizes at former
contests. 1st prize, $75; 2nd prize,
$35; 3rd prize, $15. Contest is for
down holes only.
Aquatic Sports, Caledonian Sports,
Horseracing, Bicycle Races.
tug of WLav
Slocan vs. All Comers.
(Brand Ball
In the evening: for the benefit of the
Special service on rail and lake. Passengers arive in Slocan at noon and depart:
Nelson, at i\ p. m. and for Sandon and lake
points at 7:30 p. m.
Slocan Brass 3Ban6 in Mttendance
B. Work,
C. E. Smitheringale,
B. S. McVannel
IK. S. mrkwood
George JMchol
W. 3. 3Batp
Executive Committee
M, the papstreak, Sandon, B. C June 21
M natural Wonderland.
Ainsworlh has a natural phenomena
which should attract the attention of
scientists and tourists if properly advertised. On the Carbonate claim, just
below the historic Skyline property,
about four miles and a half from Ains-
worth, there is a mammoth cave which
has never been fully explored and even
the existence of which is not very generally known. It is situated in the
big lime dike which cuts across the
formation therefor miles and dips into
the lake at Ainsworth. This lime dike
is already noted for its hot springs and
other natural phenomena, but the cave
is the greatest wonder of all. Theodore Adams, Henry Cody and Jack
McKinnon, all of Kaslo, visited it not
long ago and thev have a great story
to tell
The cave can be reached bv the Skyline wagon road and a short trail which
runs lo within  a few   hundred yards of
it.'   The entrance, which is   situated in
a rock slide, is  small,    permitting only
one at a lime to enter.    The  exploring
partv   took   ropes,   picks  and   lanterns
and entering the cavern's   mouth   they
followed down a natural   tunnel   which
led in on  a   pilch   of   about    45 for 50
feet, and then opened   out   into  an immense cave with a  roof a hundred feet
high, lined and frescoed   with  dazzling
crystals and beautiful stalactites, which
shone and glittered   like   diamonds, reflecting back the light oi the   explorers'
lanterns.    Along   the   main   cavern, in
which   there   runs   a   stream  six feet
wide and a foot deep,   they   followed to
where they came to a  waterfall   which
emptied into a second large chamber of
unknown    proportions.      Other   large
chambers open on every   side  and   the
cave is undoubtedly an extensive one as
a brisk wind blows thru   it everywheie.
The stream drops in   from   above   by a
funnel-shaped sink   hole   and   follows
along the floor of  the cave for   a long
distance,    finally   disappearing   into a
crevasse   which   probably   leads lo another extensive cavern   below   and   the
explorers believe il is the   source ofthe
hot springs, the   water   following  thru
the lime dike for four miles.
It is the intention to run an excursion
up from Kaslo some time in lhe near
future and thoroly explore the cave.
The Kaslo Miners' Union may take the
excursion in hand and supply all the
facilities for a complete investigation,
after which the cave could be charted
and made a point of interest for tourists, scientists and others interested in
natural phenomena. The scenery along
the roule is the grandest in the Selkirk
range. From the Skyline wagon road
the whole of Kootenay lake, right to its
head at Bonners' Ferry, seventy miles
away, cm be plainly seen and the
grand panorama of glaciers, peaks and
pinnacles simply beggars description.
The great cave at Ainsworth is sure to
take a place among the attractions of
this nature's Wonderland called Kootenav.
If you want
Groceries of
the best quality
that the market
affords send in
your orders to
(Bet on tf)e 3nsi6e of an tlp^to^6nte
Summer Suit
It does not cost any more to wear good clothes
than poor ones. The only difference is where
you do your purchasing.
Eat Fruit
That is the best way to
retain your health. All
medical authorities agree
that the people who eat
most fruit and vegetables
are the most healthy.
There is no reason why you
should not do so as
The Union
Bakery and Grocery
Receives daily shipments
from Okanagan and Walla
Walla. A Fresh supply
always on hand.
Wlc nre Wight XLheve with the Goods
all the Zime.
If there is anything you want in the Ready-
Made Clothing line, Hats, Neckties or Shoes
you can find it on our shelves.
Ease Up
With a Pair of
President Suspenders
XLhe hardest Work Becomes Easy.
KigblP TAecommended bp
mo ffriction when Stooping, Works
Zike Ball Bearings for sale onlp bp
Uf)e 1bunter*1kendrick Co., Zimiteb
p. Burns <�� Co,
Bealers 3n
tibead Office,
g^l IA��
TAeco Bvenue,
of all
*AV *vv /*V *iV


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