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The Paystreak Aug 23, 1902

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Array THE
m _IIMJ   ���~-?H��CT
Book 0
Sandon, Bugust 23,1902
Chapter 48
Rossland will celebrate Ubor Day.
Pr. A, Milloy is In town this week
repairing damaged molars,
W, W, Warner visited Kaslo on
Wednesnay and Thursday.
W, G- Roger is doing some work on
the Glenore, near the Monitor.
Tom Hancock is back in town again
from the Lardo��Duncan country.
The huckleberry crop is being garnered in the Slocan lake region.
There are rumors of a big general
store to be opened up at McGuigan.
Dan Munro, formerly of Sandon but
late of Phoenix, has closed up business,
E. G. Robinson and W. J. Patterson
are doing some work on  the Palmita.
Philip Hickey, jr., and A. W. Grierson are doing assessment on the Sunshine,
The Stranger property, above Cody,
is being worked with four men on the
President Moyer, of the Western
Federation, was in town Saturday and
Sunday J ist,
The Granby smelter now has a complete stock of coke on hand and is again
running full blast,
J. Peck McSwayne, the boozological
editor of The Paystreak, ��* taking his
holiday this week.
James Crozier, who at one time ran
the O. K. Farmers' Union here died in
Vernon on August lath. ���
Bob Cunning sprained his ankle at
the Mercury property on Thursday and
is off shift for a few days,
W. V. Papworth and A, T. Garland
struck ore on a fraction adjoining the
Carbonate No. a this week,
Mrs. Beer, Mrs. Passage, Miss Mc-
Kinney and three other Kaslo ladies
paid Sandon a visit on Wednesday,
The New Denver Ledge reports that
the Ajax and Palmita properties will
soon be working with a large force-
The Vulcan smelter in Ferguson
was blown in last week and according
to newspaper report works satisfactorily.
Ed Murphy, Mining Recorder at
Creston, was in town Tuesday and
visited his property, the Northern Belle,
in McGuigan Basin,
Andrew Corneilson, who was dangerously ill at the Miners' Hospital last
week, is now out of danger and improving very rapibly,
D. R. Young is now promoting a
smelter scheme in the Similkameen.
"Windy" would do all right with a
blast furnace proposition,
County Court was held in Trout
Lake City this week and there are indications that judicial seances will be
periodical in that camp in future.
The St. Eugene mine at Moyie, on
which 30 men have been employed for
the last year and a half, doing' development, will be closed down entirely
until lead prices-rise. The St, Eugene
is one of the greatest lead mines on
eat (hand ranks about third on the
North American continent but it cannot
ship lead at $1.30 a hundred,
Rockenfield, formerly the baseball
idol of Nelson, is playing for Tacoma.
"Rocky" holds down the second sack.
Ernest Stein has secured a writ of
attachment to attach the property of
R. B, Patterson under the absconding
debtors' act,
"Doc" MUloy's Lardeau property,
the I, X* L., is turning out a bonanza.
It carries good gold values besides
running high in silver and lead,
Greenough Bros, have closed a contract for some development work on
Washington and another for a tunnel
on F, J, Donaldson's at good figures.
Charles E, Sands, who holds a roving commission for the Kootenaian,
visited Sandon and the McGuigan
Basin camps on Wednesday and Thursday,
Colonel Prior, Minister of Mines,
visited Sandon on Tuesday and Wednesday and spent a few hours visiting
mining properties in the vicinity of the
Trail's assessment roll shows a valuation of $160,000 and the tax rate is
io mills. The smelter is not inside the
corporation, and consequently not assessed,
Bruce White is buying iron properties in East Kootenay, He visited
Cranbrook last week to look over the
Baker H\\\ property there and found it
all right,
The R. & S, is doing a good average
business these days. A considerable
quantity of freight is going out in
small lots to prospectors doing de-
Owing to the change in time on the
K. & S, the Nelson morning paper now
arrives at noon, just 24 hours ahead of
any other publication, The News has
a clear held.
F. J. Dean of the Nelson News is
going to take action against the R- G.
Pumm & Co, mercantile agency for
having reported that the News had
ceased publication,
Probate of the will of the late Howard West was granted by Judge Fprin
in Nelson on Monday and letters of
probate issued to John H. Strickland,
executor, The estate "is valued at
E, J. Coyle, general passenger agent
ofthe Canadian Pacific and J. S. Carter, district passenger agent, visited
Sandon Thursday. Mr. Coyle reports
that the tide has turned and the rail*
road traffic indicates that business in
the Kootrnay is once again on the upward trend,
Sir John Bough has returned tp town
after spending a few months in tee gold
camps of East Kootenay. He says they
have all (he constituted elements of
natural wealth over there, but at the
present time it is remaining peafectly
natural. There is no capital on hand
tp transform it into the yellow coin of
Will Kaslo Get its Smelter?
During the last few days the air has
been full of smelter talk and Kaslo
people are once again fanning up their
fond ambition, J. Lougheed of Spokan, representing St, Paul parties, presumably J, J. H��C spent the past week
in Kaslo looking over the situation and
during the present week a team of expert mineralogists have been inspecting
Slocan mines in order to discover the
possible ore supply,
There is no doubt that the smelter
proposition is being seriously considered
by Amerian capitalists and shOMld they
decide to go a.head with construction it
will very probably be found that the
concern is a side issue of the American
smelter trust,
This is in line with the announcement made in The Paystreak some
four months ago to the effect that rep:
resentatives would look over the ground
this summer with a view to building a
big smelter on the Canadian side.
Kaslo and Five Mile point are the
most likely sites,
The Payne,
Ne*t to the Rambler the Payne now
has the largest payroll in the camp,
At the mine there are 70 men working,
and ?�� more are employed in and about
the mill and lower terminal. The No.
6, 7 and 8 tunnels are being driven
ahead. Jn No. 7 an electric drill is
working and another is to be started in
No. 8 in a few days. Power and fight
for the mine and camp is generated at
the mill. The shipments last month
were 250 tons, and this month's will be
about tlie same*
They Don't Like tlie Merger,
The Kaslo merger is not popular
among some Of the mine owners and a
co-operative supply concern operated in
the inierests of the mining companies is
being talked of in Kaslo. Mining men
Claim that with a $10,000 capital they
could purchase and distribute their own
supplies cheaper than any mercantile
Activity at Power's Camp.
J. H. Power was in town Wednesday hiring men to go op to the camp
to put up a couple of warehouses, pne
a two storey building \* x 20 and one
a frost-proof single storey building of
the same dimensions. It is uodsrsood
that Mr- Power intends to put In a
large stock ol groceries and supplies to
furnish mines in McGuigan Basin.
The Last Chance,
There are now 18 men working ��t
the Last Chance, eight of whom are
employed at the Galena ledge. Ore is
being taken out at the surface on the
Galena and a 100-foot crosscut is being
run to tap the vein. Only one tunnel
is being run in the Chance  workings.
I    MINING   FLOAT.    8
Silver, 52 #
Lead, j��h, 2s, &d��
T|ie ore shipments for the week were
Ruth I ^P tpns, Rambler too, While-
water 8q, American Boy 40, Sunset 20,
Slocan Boy 20, Payne 20.
At a meeting pf the Canadian Mining
Institute in .Nelson next month, A. C.
Garde, manager uf the Payne, will
read a paper upon mining machinery.
Pig lend i# quoted in Toronto this
week at $3.50 to $3.75 a hundred and
bar lead at $��. Thp price paid Slocan
droducers for lead in ore is $1.30 a
Lasl year the Arlington paid the
government $2607.73 as a tax upon its
output o( ore, and the Enterprise
$7.58-44- This would give the value of
the two mines at $130,388 and $37,922
Canada, during the year ending June
30, exposed to the United States 30,-
419.000 pounds pf fppper matte, valued
at $2,990,000. Over two-thirds ofthe
product was shipped from thc Boundary camp, in British Columbia.
Three shifts are working in the No.
5 tunnel On the Slocan Star, driving it
ahead to get under the Silversmith
workings, with Which it will be connected by an upraise. There is 400
feet of work IP be done yet before
making the connection.
The Trade Dollar will be one of the
heaviest shippers in the Slocan during
lhe com'mg w��nler, Twenty men are
working on development, opening the
property up. It js estimated that the
shipments during the rawhiding season
will be pot less than  2��00 tons. ��
Some very high smelter returns have
been received from ft 15-ton shipment
of orp from the Silver Glance property,
Bear Lake, the gross returns being
$4 30JQ. The owners of the Silver
Glance include D. McPeail add Dr.
Rogers of l^asjo and Dr. Arthur of
W. Wepd, a geologist from Mon-
in   (he   employ   of  the United
Stales government, visited Sandon this
week and |iad a look over a number of
the mining properties, among others
ihe Noble Five which he examined on
Tuesday, accompanied by B. J. Perry.
Mr. Weed expresses himself as thoroly
satisfied with the geological and min-
erological features of the Slocan, and
predicts lhat this is undoubtedly destined to become,one of the great silver
camps ofthe continent.
There are 12 men working at the
Noble Five and the showing is Improving with every shift, The Noble
Fivp is once again entitled to rating
among the banner mines of the camp.
A short drift run bv the original locators 200 feet to the right of No. 8 tunnel, which has been barren, is being
continued by the present management.
It now shows two inches of high grade
ore in the face and looks as tho it
would widen out and in the opinion of
HarA*ey W,   Weed   it   is probable   that
'this is
the true Noble Five ledge.. the papstreak, Sandon,B. C Bugust 23
A Bowery Omar.
A paper wid de latest sportin' nooos,
A san'wich   an'   a shell   uv   beer, an'
A-spielin' wid me down ter Coney Isle���
If dat ain't heaven  den  dc angels lose.
Little drinks of whiskey,
Little drams of gin,
Make a man feel tipsy
And his head to swim.
Little cups of ice-cream
At a church bazaar,
Make a dollar bill seem
Scarcely up to par.
Little sheets of paper,
Little drops of ink,       ���
Make a modern writer,
Many people think.
'Strike for your altars and  your fires,'
They said in that historic day.
Time has remodelled men's desires.i    . ���;
And now they strike   for' better pay.
In Legal Terms
"If I were to give you  an  orange,"
said the judge, "I would simply say, '1
give you the  orange,'  but  should  the
transaction be entrusted to a  lawyer to
put  in   writing  he  would  adopt   this
form:    "'1 hereby  give,   grant,   and
convey to you  all   my  interest,   right,
t'ule   and   advantage   of   and  in said
orange,    together with  its  rind,   skin
juice, pulp and pits; and all  rights and
advantages therein, with full  power to
bite, suck or otherwise eat the same or
give  away  with  or  without  the rind,
skin, juice, pulp or pits; anything hereinbefore or in any other deed  or deeds,
instruments   of   any   nature   or   kind
whatever to the contrary  in  any  wise
His Open Eye.  ������*'
A man lhe other day went to. a.Boston dentist to have a tooth extracted
and decided to take gas. The doctor
administered the hypnotic, and the
man soon appeared to. Jbe under the
influence, hut he continued to keep one
eye open.
This worried the doctor, and he gave
the man more gas. Still the eye remained open. "Shut that eye," said
the doctor finally, losing patience.
"Can't," said the man in a drowsy
voice; "it's glass."
Precocious Yonth.
Mother���What's baby crying about,
Nurse���1 don't know" ma'am, unless
it was what the parlor maid said. She
remarked that Willie looked like his
pa, and I'm afraid Willie heard her.
The Roumanian Minister of Education has issued an order torbidding the
wearing of corsets by girls at the public schools. With the governments
regulating our clothes, prohibitionists
prescribing our drinks, and Mrs.
Grundy keeping an eye on our morals
the only thing left for Liberty is io
take to the woods.
And Catch oh to the
Before They Are Gone
If your
Is not up
To the mark
You should
You can not
Make monep
By obscuring
The fact
That you have
6oods to sell
Try a live
Ad. in the
Hi .1
ii! 1^1
the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Bugust 23
He says the Public is Interested in Know/
II there was or was not Undue Delay
In Bringing the Case to Trial.
Tho  Edmonton   Bulletin,  edited  by
Frank Oliver, M. P., says:
Wm. MacAdams, editor of the San-
Jon Paystreak, has been sentenced lo
twenty-one months' imprisonment in
the Victoria jail, for contempt "of court.
Hi' may secure his release at the end of
nine months by finding four sureties in
ihe sum of $1000 for future good conduct The sentence amounts practically to the destruction of MacAdams'
business which has cost him the labor
and effort of years to build up. His
offence was the publication in his paper
of a criticism in his paper of the action
the supreme court oi the province in
postponing an important mining case.
The case had been post-poned from
time to time, the latest making a total
of twenty-eight months. The Paystreak said lhat the postponement was
on account of a pull which one of the
parties had, and that the court was
corrupt. On being hrol before the
court MacAdams admitted that he
should not have charged that there
was a pull or that the judges were
corrupt, and apologised for saying so,
but maintained lhat there was undue
delay in lhe case and that he was justified in lhat portion of his references.
The Paystreak  was not   a very   big
paper and   MacAdams   may   noi  have
been  a   very   important   person.      But
the case is not less  impartant  on  that
account'.       It   is   usual   in public and
private life where an   insult   has been
given,   lo   accept   a   proper   apology.
This is considered    to    be    the   course
[which best justifies lhe person or insti-
tunion   assailed.       It will    be observed
���that    MacAdams   apologised    for   and
IwithJrew   the   aspersions  cast   on   the
[motives of the judges.     Under ordinary
Ipircumstances  this  would   have   been
JBuflicieui,  with   perhaps   imprisonment
for  a   nominal   term,   to   uphold    lhe
lignity of the bench.    The sentence of
Imprisonment    which   is   evidently   in-
|L'iuled to mean ruin, if not inflicted oul
revenge, is the reply of the court to
BacAJams' charge oi undue delay.
V\ hile comment on this  case may be
angerous   the   Bulletin    ventures   to
luggest lhat the   members   of   lhe supreme court of British Columbia   have
pone more lo arouse  suspicion  in  the
Hiblic mind in support   of  MacAdams'
���riginal charges bv the  circumstances
Itnd severity of his   sentence, than any
pvords oi his could have done.
Notwithstanding the possible outrage
Upon the dignity ofthe   bench the gen-
al public are interested in knowing
fcvheiher there was or was not undue
Welay in bringing the case in question
[0 (rial. It seems strange that the
court which took such a short time to
>ring MacAdams from the Interior of
[he country to the capital and sentence
\\m to imprisonment and financial ruin
hould have taken twenty-eight months
lo reach an important civil case When
Judges use the power necessairly placed
Bre Jjfou Well Bressed 7
���ff Mot, Bve Won milling to he 7
Cameron thc Tailor makes a business of turning out
clothes which arc stylish and up-to-date in every particular. His goods arc worth the money and the workmanship is guaranteed. Keep these facts in mind when
you want a new suit for the summer. It does not cost
any more to have your clothes cut by an artistic cutter
and put together by first-class workmen.
J. TH. & S). Cameron,
Merchant Wailors,
T&eco Bve., Sandon
Neat, Clean and Comfortable Rooms. Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
Accomodations Unexcelled. Bf>st that Money, can Buy.
First Class Dining Room Sernicc.
American and European Plan.
in their hands to gag public opinion on
matters of ihe most intimate public
interest, thev necessairly raise a question as to their motives. The press
.annot afford to be gagged in this
manner, and the public cannot afford to
allow it even il the press were willing.
Public opinion should be brot to bear
on the minister of justice to secure the
speedy release of MacAdams, and to
probe to lhe bottom lhe methods which
occasioned his Criticism, as well as lhe
motives which occasioned the sentence.
A judge, or bod) oi judges, who use
the authority placed in his or their
hands to unduly deprive a citizen of his
liberty offers lhe most complete reason
for his or their removal.
This Is Poor
A Topeka policeman arrested a
sleepwalker a few nights ago, who had
wandered away from home in his night
clothing. "Surely you are not going
to lock me up," said the sleep-walker.
"1 can't be responsible for the position
you found me in; 1 am a somnambulist." It don't make any difference
what church you are a member of,"
said the cop. "You can't walk the
streets of Topeka in your shirttail if you
belong to all the churches in town."
_ ^ ���
Finest   draught   beer.      Coolest   in
town, at the Denver house.
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carrp a fine
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make by it. We a little. You much. Let us
hear from you. Telephone, 24, Denver and
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British Columbia The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Biohast White
Metal Camp on Earth
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription   -   -   -   -   $2.00 ;i year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
Publisher and Proprietor.
If  the   eastern   papers   are   to
have their way, it seems that  the now
famous contempt of court  case  is not
going to be  forgotten  as promptly as
some big-wig luminaries might desire.
The Toronto  Telegram, for   instance,
intimates that  in its  anxiety to  climb
down   the court  overplayed  itself by
assuming the  pardoning   power.    As
the Telegram  probably knows what it
is talking,about, this   would   seem to
place the court and the  department of
justice in a somewhat  ridiculous position.    At the time   the   editor of  the
Paystreak   was   discharged   we   were
given to understand that   the Minister
Justice   at   Ottawa   wired   the   Chief
Justice at Victoria that  the pardoning
power was in the  hands of the   court
which convicted.    As a  matter of fact
there were only   two   justices  present
when  the   prisoner   was   discharged,
and as no two justices can constitute a
full court, the discharge could not have
been valid anyway, but  that is merely
a   technicality   and   neither   here nor
there.    The point is that  if  the Telegram is right and the pardoning power
is in the   hands   of   the   Minister   of
Justice, then the Minister   of   Justice
must have been wrong when he said it
was not.
The Paystreak is  not   up  on law
and   never   learned    enuf   about   the
statutes to keep out of jail, but it  has
been digging up  a  few  recent  precedents which seem to  indicate that had
the   sentence   been   tor   an indefinite
period at the  discretion  of the  court
the court would have had the power to
discharge, but in making the  sentence
for a   definite   period   the   full   court
thereby relinquished the  power to discharge.    Of  course  in this particular
case the  full   court   might  grab onto
the fact that the   sentence was for life
and therefore  indefinite, but  the awkward part of that is that  the full court
can't hang a  man  for  contempt  and
therefore there is no reasonable method
of bringing the life sentence to a close.
Anyhow, it seems that there is a kind
of a long chance that,  notwithstanding that the editor of The Paystreak is
loose and unfettered, he is still legally
in jail.    This is   certainly a   startling
possibility  and it makes us feel a little
shake, because if the  combined intelligence of the  Minister of Justice  and
the full court is not capable of interpreting the law  and  turning a  victim
loose legally, then who  in thunder is?
Moreover, if The Paystreak  man is in
jail and at the same time  free where is
he at anyway ?    Then  again, what  is
the matter with some  officious  sheriff
of   somewhere   grabbing  up  the  ex-
prisoner and throwing him into a dungeon again until he coughs up another
apology?    This   thing is   getting too
deep  for   The   Paystreak  altogether,
and unless we can  conjure  up the immortal shade of Lord Russell of  Kilo-
een we will certainly breed bats   in our
belfry trying to ygure  the matter out.
The only   rational   conclusion   we can
land on is that   somebedy somewhere
has been putting  in  a   few   shifts   at
framing   up  precedents.     Some day,
when we succeed in putting thru a few
mergers and make a bunch of millions
thereby, we   will   employ   a  corps of
capable   lawyers   to   investigate   this
matter and discover   where   we are at.
In the meantime our  greatest  anxiety
is the  keep   out  of. the   small   debts
then all the other newspaper men in
Canada could be thrown in jail on gen-
eral principles, without the expensive
formality of a trial.
We presume that the law which
relates to The Paystreak with a circulation of six hundred and a deficit,
also applies to papers with a national
circulation and a handy balance in the
bank. The court would no doubt have
^wholesale contract on its hands if it
had to put all the newspaper men in
the Dominion behind the bars, hut if
that is the law   why not cany  it out?
There   are   a   number   of other
things which puzzle us about this contempt of court business, and   which  in
our sublime ignorance  of the  law we
cannot hope to  comprehend.    Ottawa
Events, for instance,   speaks  of  "the
idiocy of the British Columbia courts."
The   Toronto   Telegram    says     that
"there is more  law   than   liberty" exercised by the same   body.    The Vernon News intimates that   the editor of
The Paystreak and   the   court   which
sentenced him constitute a "medlay of
fools."    The Hamilton Spectator went
pretty strong as did also the Winnipeg
Tribune and the   Edmonton   Bulletin,
and one hundred and one other papers
used language that   was  undoubtedly
contempt if we accept  the  court's   interpretation of   what   constitutes   the
same.    In Nelson  the   gentlemen   of
the legal profession held  a  star chamber session and  took  action   to  have
letters of catched  issued   against F. J.
Dean of   the   Nelson   News, and   we
have it   on  good   authority   that   the
same   aggregation   is   keeping   close
cases on Lowery's Claim and the New
Denver Ledge.
What strikes us  as   being a little
peculiar is that these  numerous journals being guilty of contempt, the proper legal authorities do not  take action
to have them all   squelched   forthwith.
The matter would be  very   simple, as
one of the leading editors,   J. R. Robinson of the Telegram or Mr. Willison
of the Globe, could be dragged up and
sentenced as a  sort of a test case and
As a  demonstration   of   the fact
that there is   a  universal   brotherhood
of trades unionism  it   may   ho  noted
that the W'elsh coal   miners  have put
up $50,000 for the Pennsylvania strikers.     If  the   people   who are forever
blowing off   about   foreign   agitators
will analyze the   circumstances   which
lead to such action   they   will   understand why the labor  movement  must
be international to be effective.
The Blairmore town site is in litigation and the inhabitants are ina
state of agitation because a decision
will not be given tor six weeks, They
should possess their souls in patience.
Judge Walkem heard the Sandon
town site case in Nelson in October,
1900, and handed down his decision in
July, 1902. We will not venture to
state that the judge was dilatory, because that would be contempt ot court.
T,ih Canadians won that y^
cup with the uopronouncab e n����
tot it is Soubtful who .ROtth wo ��
it as the Canadians w, have to *
the name every ..me they ���-<
victory. It might have been easier.
throw the race. ^^
trat"on,   announced    himseii ^
manufacturers of   Halifax. recenUy,
an advocate of high   tantts.
that the  Laurier  governmeint ��r
posed to he a freer trade^gfj^
and Tarte is the  boss  ot  tne ^
ment, the most  reasonable c<       his
we can come to is that   I ant
gall. ���-���4
s=: ������ 7^  i:    ���   settle-
It seems  that the   ternie   .^
ment is only a sixty-days ' tthe
probable recurrence of host" ^ g
expiration of the time limit.
The   Australian  pa^^^Jio
opened in May   19��'   '    !' ,,nd ff��<f,
session.    If it gave away  �� ��,,
at the same acerage pel  nu ���]
B.C. legislature the Aus-.^^^
have to annex Mars and
get extralateral nghts on me the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Bugust 23
Before the Manufacturers' Association in Halifax H. E. Croasdiale
ofthe Hall Mines smeltsr represented
that the lead mine owners wanted a
duty of one cent a pound placed on lead
in ore and one and one-half cents on
manufactured lead. In making these
representations Mr. Croasdiale was
not abiding strictly by the truth. If
he had said that the Hall smelter and
tlie Trail Creek smelter want a tariff
placed on manufactured lead he would
have been precisely correct. But in
stating that the mine owners wanted a
tariff of any kind he made an entirely
unauthorized and unwarranted statement. Croasdiale is a smelterman,
not a mine owner, and he stands between the lead producer and his market. His interests and the mine
owners' interests are radically different.
In speaking for the mine owners he
took an unwarranted liberty. The
mine owners do not now ask and have
never asked for a tariff. Just so long
as there is a surplus for export the
price paid for raw lead will be based on
the export price, and no tariff can be
devised to help the producer. What
the mine owner wants and what he
demands and what he must have is a
large reduction or a complete abolition
of the tariff which makes the dynamite
monopoly possible and makes all other
mining supplies and machinery cost an
exorbitant price. We intent to go
into this matter more deeply later on.
When Jim Hill told the Board of
Trade at Grand Forks that his company did not want any bonuses he
gave the lie to the Bodwell outfit in
Victoria, who have been representing
all along that they were the accredited
representatives of the Great Northern,
specially appointed to collect bonuses
and land grants from the B. C. government. If Jim Hill does not want
any bonuses Bodwell could not have
been his agent, which makes him just
a common political grafter, working a
personal game on the outside and using
Jim Hill's name to give him a presti-
age. The fact that this man is sparring for the premiership indicates the
depths of depravity to which politics
and politicions have sunk in British
bonus or a charter. Over these lines
Hill intends to haul coke from Fernie
to Grand Forks for $i a ton, which is
just half what the Canadian Pacific is
charging for hauling coke a less mileage over the Crow's Nest, bonused to
the extent of $3,000,000, and the
Columbia & Western bonused at
$4,000 a mile. Hill now announces
that he would like to get an opportunity to build from Grand Forks to
Coast without a bonus. This is a
matter of foreign agression which
should be brot to the attention of the
governmant without delay. If Hill
gets into the habit of building railroads without bonuses and then persists in giving a 50 per cent reduction
on the rates charged by railroads
built with bonuses, what is to become
of the old battle cry "Canada for the
Canadian Pacific."
Jim Hill built a railroad from
Fernie to Kalispell without a bonus,
to connect with the Great Northern
which was built without a bonus, to
connect further with the Spokan Fails
& Northern at Spokan, also built
without a bonus, and to further connect with the Washington & Northern at Bossburg, built without either a
The vicissitudes of the travelling
politician are enuf to drive a man to
drink. When Colonel Prior landed in
the Silver City of the Slocan Mr.
Cliffe got his auger in and bored him
about the eight-hour law until the
minister of mines fled to the hills in
self defense. When last heard from
the Colonel was coming to slowly and
there are hopes of his ultimate recovery.
The Pioneer and Leading Tailoring
Esta lishment of the Slocan.
Always Carries a Complete Stock of
Imported Suitings and Pantings
No Flies on You.
If you use our Screen Doors,
Screen Windows, Wire Cloth
and other devices for protection agaiust flies.
Material,   Kit and Workmanship
Fully Guaranteed
If he is Decked in Shoddy, Sweat Shop Goods
Assay His Character and You will Kind Him a
Shoddy Man.    If he has the Lael on His Garments
He is Sterling.    So are the Garments.
Stores at Sandon and Slocan dtp.
B Full Zine of Furnishings Carried at Both Stores.
Um in Comfort
During the summer months.
Our stock of Fly Arresters is
H. Byers & Co.
are Ripe
wiwaiil i��w wm the Papstreak, Sandon,B. C Bugust 23
In this age when gold is king,
Seated on a brazen throne;
When 'tis thot the proper thing
Rating men by what they own;
When the brute is more and more,
And the spirit less and less;
When the world is lorded o'er
By corruption and excess;
It is time that men of worth
Boldly stepped into the van,
With this challenge to the earth:
Down with Mammon, up with Man
We have seen the idler feast,
While the toiler lacked for bread;
We have seen the king and priest
Rob the living and lhe dead;
We have seen the   thief arrayed
In thc purple robes of state,
While the fionset man was made
To beg succor at the gate.
It has ever been the same
Since the reign of wealth began;
Let us stop the sickening game,
Down with  Mammon, up with Man.
Earth is far too wise and old
For a lordling or   a slave ;
To respect a cup of gold
On the forehead of a knave;
Far too old for war and hale,
Oid enuf for brotherhood,
Wise enuf to found a state
Built around the common good;
We have lived for self too long,
Let us try a better plan,
Let us live to lift the throng,
Down with Mammon, up with Man.
Many ofthe brightest, best,
Ofthe earth were counted  poor;
Some possessed "not where lo rest,"
Others toiled and hardships bore,
Homer, in the dawn oi Greece,
Sang and hedged from   day   to day;
Buddah, born with palaces,
Flung as bauble all away.
Wealth isHiy ihe devii prized;
God has placed it on a  ban;
Let us hear the pauper, Christ;
Down with Mammon, up with Man
O, my people will you heed?
Be no more like beasts of prey,
Turn from selfishness and greed,
Let us find a nobler way.
From the worn-out lies of old,
Let us make the whole world free.
Down with kings and priests and gold,
Up with God, humanity;
Lust for gain   breeds hale  and  crime,
Let us crush it while we can,
Let us bring the better time,
Down with Mammon, up with Man.
A   Bid   SNAP
FOR SALE OR TORENT^A two story build-
ing>/keshop (with complete fixtures, and
.tore fixtures, at Samlon.   Inquire of
E. STEIN. Sandon.
Hotel  Slocan  Sandon Miners
x Hospital
Situato in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District Where located. On
Washington wagon road, about three
miles from McGuigan. 4
TAKE NOTICE that I, David Stevenson
Wallbridge, acting a* agent for S. K. Green,
Free Miner s Certificate No. B.MM, and J. W.
Power, Free Miner's Certificate No. BfiDOfT,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, lor  the purpose   of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
* Hated this 18th day of July, A. I). 1008.
Has Passed into New
Hands and will be Coiv
ducted in such a Manner
as to Warrant your Pat,
Subscribers, $i per month; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Kxpense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public,
OR. W. E. GOMM,   attendant IMiysictnn
MISS S. 1,. CHISMOI.M. Matron.
J. H. MCNEILL, Pre*. H�� ��pit��l Board.
ANTHONY SHIM.AM'. Secretary,
Sandon   Bottling;
To C. S. Falls or any person or penona to
whom he may have assigned hi* Interest in the
0 K. No. -J Mineral Claim, situated on Beaton
creek, and ahont two miles from Three Forks,
mid recorded in the Recorder's Office for the
Slocan Mining Division.
You are hereby notified that we, the undersigned, James Lowdon, Gust John on anil
Margaret Media ig, have caused to be expended
lour bundle i and ten dollars in labor .ml im-
p-ovements upon the above mentioned
mineral claim under the provisions of the
Mineral Aot, and if within ninety day* from
the d.'te of this notioe you fall or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all co,ts of advertising,
your intere .t ;n said claim  shall  become  the
property of the aubacrlbera under section IV.
Ol an   act entitled, "An  Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, UK) i."
Dated at Sandon tin- gfttli day of July, 1S01
Manufacturers oi
I. O. 0. F,
Meetings in the t'nion Hail .v, rv Krilaj
Evening at 7::m. Viaiting Brethern eoidiaiq
invited to attend.
Secretary Vire (tasi
Ga^bonated Drinks
of all kinds.
To William McDonald or any person or
persons to whom he may have assigned
his interests in the Florence Mineral Claim.
situated one mile and a quarter from New
Denver, adjoining the Tunis Mineral Claim
and registered in the Recorder's office for the
Slocan Mining Division.
You are hereby notified that   we. the undersigned, T. W, Fitzgerald and J. A.Black
have caused to he expended one hundred dot
lars  in   labor   and   improvements upon  the
above-mentioned mineral claim   under the
provisions of the Mineral  Aot, and if within
ninety days from the date o( this notice you
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion
of such expenditure, together with  all costs
oT advertising, your  interest in  said  claim
will  become  the property of tlie subscriber*
under Section I of an  Act entitled  "An  Act
to Amend tho Mineral Act, 1800."
Dated at Sandon this 88rd day of May 1008,
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the. city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other puhlic entertainments.
For   bookings  write  or  wire
A. F. & A. M,
Regular Oommnnication held Ant Thnr,
lav in aaoh mouth in Masonic Ha tfttlP.I
Sojourning btatbarn are cordially united t��
Sandon Cartage Co,
Mcpherson & hurley.
Express, Baggage,
and Gat/^p-ce.
Delivery to  all   Paris of the lily.
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,   Sandon   Miners'   Union
Sandon. B. C.
F. L. Christie,
L. L.  R., I
\ W.nlVKR
>K V.W.W
NDER    AND   BY    VIRTUE     OP     THE
^ Powers contained in two certain indentures of mortgagee which will he produced at
the time of the sale, there will he offered for
sale 1'V puhlic auction, l>y S P. Tuck,
auctioneer, in front of the office of the said
S. P. Tuck, in the city of Nelson. British Columbia, on Wednesday, the 27th day of August,
A D., MM. at the hour of 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, the following property:
That certaii lot or parcel of land in the city
(jf  Sandon  known as lot 4, in hlock 5, Map
BOB "A."
On the said property is situated the frame
building known as the "Balmoral," containing a saloon and barber shop.
For terms and conditions of sale and any
further information apply to the undersigned.
Solicitor for Mortgagee, Atherton Block. Main
street. Sandon. R. C.
Bated this m day of July, VKS.
To Arthur MuLeti or any person or persons
to whom he mnv have assigned his interest in
the   Reliance   Mineral   claim,   situated   one
the Reliance Mineral claim, situated one
mile and a half from Three Forks, adjoining
the Hinklev Mineral claim ami recorded in
the  Recorder's  office for the Slocan  Mining
M. L.  Grimmett,
L.  L. B.,
From Fort  William.. ��.,���   f, *��� H
route toalleaetern points.
For St.   Paul.   Duluth,   Sautt   BM  ^r"
Chioago, etc.
B. C.
Dated at Sandon this l(*th day of June, l!K>v*.
Established i��!)5.
Sandon. B. C.
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Stocks bought and sold. General agent for Slocan Properties
Promising  Prospects for Sale.
Through Tourist Sleeping
ii   for St ���'l"ll:
Leaves Dunmore Ju^t^jl^Jsatttrdaj(or
Kootenay Landing toaMa> ��n��    olnu,
Toronto, Montreal and all east"
, ���, ���   ror Seattle "��d
Leaves  Revelstoke   da.lv
Vancouver vlft rIIA^
Through hooking." to I'."i"l'
Prepaid tickets at lowest r -��-*��j
^FS'raCa'nd'nllh^ici -^^
agents or
R. li. McOanimon.
4. Sandon
Agent. n      ,
J.S. Carter ! ' '     ,, .
Nelson, B.C.     Vancouver, the papstreak, Sandon,B. C, Bugust 23
Items Concerning   Slocan   Men   in  the
Lardeau Camp.
(Trout Lake Tciic.)
Hancock   is from  Bear
creek, about four miles .rom Hall's
Landing, where he has rxHMi doing
some work on the Commercial group,
a properly he is interested in with Jas.
McVichey. He left at the Topic office
a line sample of ore he is now mining
from a nine-inch streak in a three-loot
vein. It is almost solid and is composed of iron, zinc and galena, giving
good returns in silver, lead and gold.
The tunnel they are now driving is in
about 43 feet with ore for the entire
Alfred C. Garde of Sandon, manager
ofthe Payne Consolidated Mining Co.,
LiJ., was in town this week and secured an option on the Linson View, a
property adjoining the Pedro. He
I will make an exhaustive lest of the ore
ot ibis property and if the results come
up to bis requirements a bund will be
taken on the property and a force of
i men sel to work developing il.
N.J. Cavanaugh, of the Slocan Star,
jSandon, spent a few days in   town  this
week.    "Nick,"  together  with  Oscar
V. While, of Sandon,   is  interested   in
llhe   copper   Cliff   };roup,   on   Gainer
reek, and bis trip is in connection with
Ithe development work now going on at
[that properly.
As we were going lo press today Joe
iVerschoyle brot down the news that
Ithe lessees bad tapped the lead on the
II. X. L. and broke into eight inches oi
as line xilver-gold ore as there has been
���seen in the country. With this stuff
[running as high as the assays recently
obtained by Dr. Milloy, the lucky
lowner, there is a bonanza in the prop-
lerty for the parlies holding the 12-
[months' lease.
Messrs. Bailey, Smith and Davey,
owners of the Rusty   Axe  on   Haskins
reek, have si ruck about 14 inches of
���re.    They are driving a tunnel on the
lhe Dominion Kxpress Company established an office  at  Trout   Lake last
Vrsons going lo Trout Lake can
Inow leave Kaslo Monday, Wednesday
land Friday evenings and arrive at their
���destination the same night.
Excess Assessment Must be Registered
During the Year in Which it
Is Performed.
The latest Official Gazette contains
the following:
"Notice is hereby given that under
the provisions of section 143 of the
"Mineral Act," His honor, the lieutenant-governor in council has been
pleased to rescind the order of the 15th
of May, 1902, published in the British
Columbia Gazette of the same date,
with regard to the interpretation to be
placed upon paragraph 5 of section 5 of
the "Mineral Act Amendment Act,
1898," and to make the following
order in lieu, thereof, namely���
"That paragraph 2 of section 5 of the
"Mineral. Act Amendment Act, 1898,"
be so interpreted lhat, should any free
miner perform as assessment work on
his claim during any one year work to
the value of one hundred dollars in excess of the amount required to be done
in any one year by the "Mineral Act,"
the right thereby given such free miner
of recording a certificate of work done
to the value sf each one hundred dollars
so as to cover his assessment work for
an additional year in respect of each
one hundred dollars in excess, shall be
exercised only during the year in which
such excess shall be performed.
"And it is further ordered that this
order shall take effect from the first
day of June,   1902.
J. D. Prentice,
"Clerk of the Executive Council."
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
the   Mining   Trade.
folliott & mcmilan
Contractors and Builders.
The Mercury.
A Big Farm.
A syndicate of Americans led by
P. H. Hoard, a wealthy cattleman,
will establish the tirsi bonanza wheat
farm in Canada between Craik and
Davidson, on the Prince Albert branch
oi the Canadian Pacific. Forty thousand acres of land have been purchased
for $200,000 and another $ioo,o0o has
been sel aside by the syndicate for improvements. One whole township has
been converted into a monster wheat
field and a greater portion of the township adjoining is to be a portion of the
syndicate's interest. Mr. Hoard and
his associates will introduce steam
plows and other modern machinery.
The syndicate will own its own elevators, two of which are to be built this
year at Garvin, in the centre of the
new farm. It will also operate nine
elevators al adjacent points.
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Joint Finishing Lumber
Moulding, Etc.
Sash and Daor on Hand to Order,
Factory on Main Street
The Newmarket Hotel
The owners of the Mercury will ship
the first car of ore next week. The
chute has been found further down thc
bill and a tunnel will be run in to prove
the extent of the paystreak. h is the
opinion of many mining men that the
ledge is a continuation of the St. Kev-
erne, and that the Mercury is to rival
the Payne. The owners are not considering any offers for the property,
preferring to take the chances of development themselves. Robert Cunning
I and A. David of Sandon and Herbert
Iwigg of New Denver are the owners.
The only up'to/date Summer
Resort in the Slocan. ��% "% "%
Henry Stege
Is the best Tonsorial   Establishment in the Slocan.
*S�� ����V \T*
Balmoral Building iMain St.
Ibalcpon Wot Springs
Qhe Summer Hesort of the
f^HK medical waters of Halcyon
^ are the most curative in the
world'. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and depart every Day.
Telegraph communication with all
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
The Denver,
Victor Kleinschmidt, Prop.
'     I
Rooms   Large,   Neat,   Clean,'
Airy and Comfortable.
Dining Room Service Unsurpassed.
Every Effort Made to Provide
Comfort for the Guests.
Cody Avenue
Sandon ���
Th* Mountain Con.
At the Mountain Con some of the
richest ore uncovered in the district for
some time has been struck in the No.
a at a depth of 160 feet. There is a
showing of 10 inches of carbonates from
which assays of 1019 ounces and 884
ounces have been secured. D. W.
Moore of the Trail Creek smelter has a
lease and bond on the property from
C. W. McLeod of Sandon and Jack
Whittier of California. Four men are
at work on the property and a large
stock of supplies has been packed up to
the mine. Shipping will be commenced
in the near future. There is a rumor
that a deal is on for the property but
up to date nothing has been confirmed.
The Business Outlook.
Notwithstanding that the prices of
lead and silver are still very low and
show no indications of reviving, business in the Slocan has wonderfully improved during the last thirty days and
there is a more hopeful feeling all
around. Including McGuigan Basin,
there are fully 600 men on the payroll
adjacent to Sandon and for the last
few days it has been impossible to find
an idle miner in the camp. Shipments
for this month show a large increase
over last and the indications are that
the output will continu to grow. All
things considered, this should be a good
autumn season in the Slocan.
Should it transpire within the nest
tew weeks that the American smelter
people intend to build on Kootenay lake
there will be an instantaneous burst of
activity, as it is generally conceeded
that the American company will settle
on a much more equitable basis than
at present obtains.
William L. Hearne, son of Frank
J. Hearne, preside* of the National Tuber company, spent several
months this year In Black Diamond,
one ot the new mining camps of
Arizona. As it was his first experience in the West he accumulated a multitude of expressions
and stories.
" When I first went to Black
Diamond," he said the other day,
"there had been bnt one death
in the camp. They burial the unfortunate in a lonely grave midway
betweent the mine and the camp.
Immediately they began to call the
spot 'graveyard/ A few days
after my arrival a miner named
Cobb was taken with smallpox.
The manager was away and they
telephoned to him for instructions.
" Build a shack for him down
near the graveyard, was the answer
the wires brought.
" The orders were carried out to
the letter, and the shack was built
right up against the grave. The
patient was permitted to move himself and left to fight the disease
alone. The next day an Irish miner
hailed the shack from the trail.
" 'I say, Cobb,' he cried, 'how
are you coming on today?'
" 'Badly, rather badly,' was the
weak reply from thc nick man.
" 'Don't you worry, Cobb,' an
swered the Irishman in a tone that
was meant to be encouraging.
'Don't you worry, you ain't got
far to go anyway, if bad comes to
worse an' that} Jist remember
you're living in the cemetery, already'." 	
The mint of Canada still exists only
in a dream.
Asbestos mining may some day be
ot considerable Importance in the
���. 1  m   ��� in   1 ���"^" ��� ���
Meals 35 cents at Denver house.
cnflfl SHARES (of II each) full/ paid up
OUUU stock in th* Similkameen Valley Coal
Company, at I oents each. In lota of 100 abates
or more. Thin ia not pooled stock, and the
certificates will be delivered on receipt of remittance. If yon want to bny or sell atook of
any kind grite no.
Chartered Accountant, Nelson, B.C.
If you want
Groceries of
the best quality
that the market
affords send in
your orders to
Notary Seals, Stencils,
Price Markers,prlnttng
Wheels, Numbering
Machines,Band Dating
& Nnmbering Stamps,
Wax Seals, Check Perforators, Rubber Type,
Crown Printing Presses
etc., etc. Vour patron*
age respectfully solid,
H.    J,    FRANKLIN
Vancouver,    ,    B. C,
Get on the $nside of an Wp'to*<mx
Summer Suit.
It does not cost any more to wear good clothes
than poor ones. The only difference is where
you do your purchasing,
Me are Tight there with the Oooto
all the time.
If there is anything you want in the Ready.
Made Clothing line, Hats, Neckties or Shoes
you can find it on our shelves,
The only lndo��Ceylon
Tea on the market having
two qualities combined.
Try one pound and be convinced.
XChe tountev-Kendvick Co., Zimitrt
p. Burns & Co.
Head Office,
Kelson, S.C,
Reco Bvenue,
Sandon, B.C.
Dealer* 9n
of all


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