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The Paystreak Oct 18, 1902

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Array /^^^T/^M^U^rt^
Sandon, October 18, 1902
Chapter 4
There was an eclipse of the moon on
Thursday night.
The Eagle at the Kootenay  will not
huri you.    It has no mil. ,
Ore shipments for this >ear from the
Slocan are above S3,ooo.
Mr and Mrs Pratt returned on Wednesday from a trip to Spokan.
The K. and S. is making extensive
repairs to its McGuigan  depot.
Ceo B. Macdonald ofthe Noble Five
went to Victoria on Thursday, ui Nel-
Thomas Jones the  Lanyon zinc man
...    ��� i   r...��..-. ..    lnr�� to
Andrew Krickson left for Seattle on
Monday lo spend several months on
lhe Sound. He will amble back to the
Slocan when the robins nesi again.
Neil Gething, who went into the Cariboo lasl spring intending lo stay two
years wired his partner in Slocan City
the other day that he would be oul in a
few days. EL
Fred   Ritchie and   Wm.   Crawford
,weut to Halcyon yesterday   morning lo
'attend the annual ball there and test the
medicinal   properties   of   the   famous
mineral springs.
J.D. Geigerich left on Wednesday for
Spokan to spend a week or ten doys in
lhe Washington metropolis. He will
probaly spend the winter with the old
folks in Pennsylvania.
The   Miners   Union  annual   ball on
tion is contained in  the  following  dispatches and letter:
Sandon, October 10.
Chief of Customs Division,
Treasury Dept.,   Washington, D. C.
Please wire at my  expense  if any
duty  is chargeable on   raw zinc ores
entering   United   States   for  smelling
and  consumption.     Write  particulars
in addition.
Geo. Huston.
Thomas Jones the  Lanyon zinc man       ine   mmc-i*  v. im....	
returned on   Wednesday from a  trip to   Thursday evening was a sucess socially
and financially.    There were about fifty
Spokan. ^	
Byron N. White spent a few days in
Kaslo and Nelson this week, returning
A court of revision for the Slocan riding will be held at Kaslo on Monday,
November 3rd.
Mr. and Mrs. Niven of Whitewater
returned on Tuesdsy from u holiday
trip to the Coast.
Dick Butner has gone to the new
low 11 of Morrisey, where he will start
in the hotel business.
Hill Dayton intends to spend lhe winter on the Pacific slope, wilh head-
ijuai ters at Vancouver.
and financially.    There were about fifty
couples present and a delightful evening
was spent, without an  untoward incident to mar the harmony ofthe occasion.
Arthur  Nichols, who  sustained  ser-
injuries  al lhe   Payne mill last   Friday
evening, is at   the Miners hospital and
doing  as nicely as could be  expected.
He got caught in" a belt and had his arm
broken in two place and his hip dislocl-
Lawrence E. Sylvester, advance
agent for the Lindley company, was in
lown yeslerday. They play here Wednesday. Lindley is travelling a good
company and will put up a good show.
David Harum is the cast   for   Wednes-
Washington, October n.
Geo Huston,
In the absence of specific provision
raw zinc ores probably  duitable 20 per
cent advalorum  under paragraph   183
present acl.    Letter follows.
O. L. Spaulding,
Acting Secretary.
Bar Silver, New York 50J4
Lead, New York $4.12^
Lead, London, jQio, 15s,
Zinc,   New York,    $5-50
Zinc, London, j��, 19, 5s.
Municipal Election.
Acting   by   virtue   of  the   warrant
which  has finally  been  issued  by the
Attorney-General's department, lhe city
clerk is   advertising   for   an   election.
Nominations will be received at the city
hall on Monday the 27th and election wi 1
take place on Thursday  following, the
lhe 30th.    Two  able-bodied aldermen
are required to set thc municipal machinery in motion.
Treasury Department
Office of lhe Secretary,
Washington, October 11.
Mr. George Hoston,
Sandon, B. C.
Noble Five Closed Down.
The Noble Five mine has been closed
down and all work on the property suspended.    Orders to close followed immediately  on  Mr.   Dunsmuir's  return
from England, and lhe intentions of the
company are not known, but  the property will probably be idle all winter, or
at least until the   company is   out   of
litigation.     The   showing   never was
r: litigation.      me   snowniK   "<=*
The department   is   in   receipt  of|beUer ,n the history of property.
��� telegram of this  date,   requesting     *
lULk ^^��� -��� Press Association.
Mr. ar.d Mrs. Chas. H. Sandiford of
New Dei.ver attended the Miners Union
ball on Thursday evening.
The Interior ofthe Filbert Hotel is
being brightened by a liberal application of the decorators' art.
J P. Forcslell secretary of the
Cooks and Waiters Union of Nelson, is
spending a couple of days in town.
A trail is being build from Slocan
City to the Little Slocan. About 40
families of ranchers live in there
Ross and Macdonald have purchased
Jas. Winning's house on Cody Ave. ana
leased the same  to Douglas Anderson.
A. J. McGowan, jig man at the Rambler is holidaying among the webfoolers
He will probably spend the winter in
Charles C. ClilTe, ofthe Mining Review left for Saulte Ste. Mane yesterday
morning, where he intends to start a
daily paper.
The Sunday boalson the Arrow lakes
now lay over lor three hours at Halcyon
giving passengers an opportunity to iry
the hot baths.
Tom Carly will exercise his profession
classifying rock in the Highland con-
centralor at Ainsworth this winter; lie
leaves Sunday.
The B, N. White Co. is making extensive tests and calculations to determine the capacity of ihe Slocan Star
mine as a zinc producer.
The appointment of W. H. Lilly, ol
Sandon as stipendary magistrate, magistrate under the Small Debts Act, and
coroner, has been cancelled.
your telegram of tins uaie,   reque
to be advised whether raw zinc ores are
duitable  when  imported  for  smelting
and consumption.
In reply I have to stale thut there is
no specific provision in the present
tariff act, to wit,  the actof July  24th,
Tho Pavs.reak has a peck of Uoubfe l_. R       . of which  .s forward^ to
o������; hands.   J.   feck ��*��������*?L^rfe,*p��ratecoqer,and, further
"-*"��.��^..Ser^r ..-,--*..- Heard
intelligent  li>ih|.v........,
art entangling alliance with Sandon tarantula juice. When last heard from he
had Se igram hacked off the board and
Hiram Walker is figuring on doubling
his capacity.
Chas. L. Culver  is  going to change
his occupation from mill man to farmer.
He has a beautiful homestead on Puget
Sound on which he and Mrs. Culver intend to reside after  the  10th, proximo.
Charlie  has been one  of the most successful mill men in   B.   C.   and besides
understanding the  concentrating business thoroly, has made some very useful
improvements in  milling  practice, the
yatienls on which  bear his  name.    In
taking up the  agricultural   pursuit he
does so as much   for the benefit of his
health as for any other reason.
U There a Duty on Zinc
The one question which is agitating
.    ,i���.   present   moment
the   Slocan   at   the   present
,i   r   ,11 others  is the doubt a* to
more than all others
u.hather z nc   ore   shippeu
^        smelters ,s duitable.    The  tariff
I     , ems to   be very   indefinite,   and
n.lv the secretary of the treasury
apparently the seer
himself is undecided about
.      .    , ihfl same basis as cop-
\i /mc s nut on the saint
r��dfwtt <uty free.
t'PPf; u.ia�� .akea alonK .he proper
Aeon ,s beiair bul
'���"^"���Trof^oK.o press .he
you unuei ��c|��	
there has been no decision of the Board
of U. S. General Apprisers or the
courts as to the classification of crude
zinc ores and that question is one
whieh is primarily determined by the
Collector of Customs.
In all probability, however, the ores
would be held duitable under paragraph
183 of said act. If the ore be in the
form of red zinc ore, in olher words,
an oxide of zinc, it would be duitable
under paragraph 57 at one cent per
pound. The character of the merchandise, however, would be determihed by
the Collector of Customs and the classification governed accordingly, subject
to the protest of the importer.
O. L. Spaulding,
Acting Secretary.
The annual convenliou of the Press
Association Brititsh Columbia will be
held at Halcyon on Thursday Nov. 9th.
Mr. F. J. Deane of the Nelson Daily
News and President of the Association
will preside. There are now over 20
newspapers represented in the Association.
Metallic mineral substances in a
crude state and metals unwrought,
not specially provided for in this act:
Twenty per cent advalorum.
It will be noted that the paragraph
calls for "metallic mineral substances."
Native copper, for instance, would be a
metallic mineral substance, but it is
scarcely possible that zinc in ore could
he construed to come under this  head,
Church Services
Methodist Church���Morning 11 a.m.,
evening 7.30 p.m.    Subject, morning,
"Thanksgiving."    Evening,
ous capacity lost by   neglect."
A basket social will be given in the
Methodist church on Wednesday evening, the 22nd of October in aid of a
fund to open up the reading room
during the winter months. Everybody made welcome.
Presbyterian Church���Service will be
held in Crawford's hall on  Sabbath at
II a.m. and 7:30   p. m.    Rev.   F. H.
Bartlett, B. A., of Silverton  will conduct the services.    Sabbath  school at
2:30 p.m.
Rev. Robb expects to spend thc Sabbath in Kaslo, holding services there.
'   ��� '     ���   ���   " ���   ��
There will be a meeting of the curling club at the city hall on Monday
eveing to prepare for the winters campaign.
Thursday was Thanksgiving but the
supply of turkeys was short and all that
Sandon people could get to eat was
quail and spring chicken*. Life in the
mining camps has its hardships,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The Grand Master of the Oddfellows
he construed to come under inn  i.c��u,. wil, be Jn Unvn  Thursday evening.    A
as the mineral   contained is   not   in a I special meeting of  the lodge   is called
I for the occasion.
only avaiiabl
MBMWf the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, October 18
Medicine Hat's Natural Gas.
As lhe natural gas supply of Alberta
is destined in the near future to play an
important part in devloping the zinc resources of the whole Kootenay country
and most especially those of the Slocan
by providing cheap fuel for zinc smelters
any information pertainig thereto is of
peculiar interest to this camp. The
Kansas smelters use a pressure oi 220
ponds in there zinc furnaces, and as
there is no question about the quantity
of gas in Alberta, and as the supply
has been proven permanent and the
quality A No. 1, the only feature about
which there could be any doubt is lhe
matter of pressure. The following
from the Winnipeg Commercial should
set at rest any doubt on this score:
"At present Medicine Hat has four
gas wells averaging 600 feet in depth.
The strongest one has a pressure of 270
pounds to the square inch; the other
three, each 225 pounds per square inch.
To give some idea of the great advantage this is to the town, the large
well, while experimenting, ran the
water plant for two days,pumping daily
500,000 gallons, and only reducing the
pressure 35 pounds to the square inch,
still leaving 235 pounds per square inch
in the 270-pound well.
The municipality owns both water
plant and gas, and is making preparations to heat and lighl lhe town. The
plant will cost, complete, about $35,000
and the council have $15,000 yearly income in sight. They have decided
upon rates for the gas as fuel which
will be equivalenf to coal at $4.00 per
ton. The Merchants Bank has purchased $32,000 of debentures at an average of 4^ per cent.
The pipe from the gas well being
directly conected with the engine of the
waterworks, there is no hanling fuel,
simply turn the tap; so lhat this municipality not only saves the price of fuel
but also lhe additional cost of handling
il. Then, think how convenient this
gas fuel will be for the inhabitants during the summer months when hurried
fires are in order, and also think of the
great saving in fuel with the present
rates Not many towns will be heated
this coming winter as cheaply as Med-
icin Hat.
Neat, Clean and Comfortable Rooms. Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
Accomodations Unexcelled. Best that Money can Buy.
First Class Dining Room Sernice.
American and European Plan.
give evidence. He assisted Coplen to
locate the Cube Lode in 1893, and gave
evidence as to the manner in which the
location was made. Springer had no
intrest in lhe location, bul Coplen having helped him on previous occasions,
he was giving him a hand-. Evidence
only was heard in Nelson; the argument
will be heard in Victoria,
The Cube Lode is now probably the
most celebrated case in the B. C. courts.
It has already been to the Supreme
court at Ottawa and an effort was made
last summer to get heard ibefore the
Cjeens Bench in London.
Cannot Keep 'em Dmn
In spite of all drawbacks the mining
industries of British Columbia are
growing rapidly. The product last
year was $20,086,780, nearly double
the production of 1897. The principal
minereals were gold, $5,318,000; copper, $4,446,963; silver, $2,884,745, and
lead, $2,002,733.��� Toronto Globe.
 -A*. .	
Cube Lode Case.
The big legal fight for possesion of
the ground covered by the old Cube
Lode location occupied the attention of
the Supreme court at Nelson for the
most of this week.
"Bill" Springer, one the pioneer prospectors of the Slocan, who has been
out of the country for several years
came all the way  from  Cape Nome to
There is Wisdom in This.
Eastern manufacturers have raised a
a great howl for higher protection.
They want protection from the terrible
Yankees, who have been scaling a protection wall of 30 to 35 per cent and
then giving the Northwest farmers and
British Columbia mine owners cheaper
machinery. Il is about lime that those
eastern Canuck manufacturers looked
more to competition and less to protection. Competition of the Yankees
should be met, as they are the same
class of people. Where would those
manufacturers be at if they had���like
the people of this province���to compete
with Chinese and Japs?���Wilmer Outcrop.
After Petroleum.
The oil fields of South Kootenay Pass
region are attracting considerable capital and as a result a company has been
formed in Vancouver which has acquired all of the holdings in these oil fields
of Mr. Aldrich. Mr. Trethway, one of
the company is now east to purchase a
complete drill outfit which they expect
lo have running in   about three weeks.
twml!��J'.wwwl���"* 1-w.
Ibalcpon Tfrot Springs
the Summer HHesort of the
^Ip'HE medical waters of Halcyon
jm$o are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and depart every Day.
Telegraph communication with all
parls of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
This is the season of the year wlioiv
you should order your Winter
Garments. Good Tailoring at our
Shop does not cost you any more
than poor Tailoring in some other.
I ....Sandon Steam Laundry....!
1 In the Old Stand,
Under New Management |
������ ^
Strictly  first class work guaranteed.    Collection j
g and delivery promptly attended to.
�� Your trade is solicited.    .
Terms strictly cash. J
TYO & LOGAN, Proprietors
Neto York Bretorij
Totogood & Bruder, Proprietors.
Bretrjersofi Fine Lager Beer
Special attention given to our rapidly Increasing
bottle trade. Give it a trial. Both of us will
make by it. We a little. You much. Let us
hear from you. Telephone, 24, Denver an"
Silverton.    Worden   Bros.,   agents,  Slocan  U >
Sandon        ....   British Columbia the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, October 18
His wife is back!
No more at night
When seems the town to him a sombre
Too dull and gray���
May he tfo forth with paint  to make it
He's had his day,
His wife is back!
But who is that
With glossy hat,
And step as springy as the step of fawn,
Who leaves at   night,   returning wilh
tlie  dawn?
Ii is ihe other man, whose   wife's  just
He'll see the painting done;
He'll have the fun;
The lown shall never stay
So dull and grey���
His wife has gone!
So gentle nature makes
A compensation sweet ;
She gives for what she lakes,
And it is meet:
An where the flower is plucked .-mother
So she, providing for a   myriad things,
The town may not be left to stay-
All dull and grey;
One wife comes home   lo-day���
Another g.>es away.
A Year of Calamities.
So far the year 1902 has been a year
el' calamities) Mount Pelee got hot
an ! destroy \l thousands of people, the
coil miners' strike threatens to leave
hui.liv.ls without fuel this winter, arid
ihis will iu sooner ba settled than the
British Columbia legislature will in jet.
Som&talng Wrong H>r_��.
The Associated Press send; out a
story of a Canadian newspaperm m
named John Jones, being held up by a
Buffalo footpad and relieved oi $3o.
Something wrong here. Wi it would
a newspaperman be doing with $80,
aid where could he have got it? And
if lie had got it honestly, 'now is it that
he did not die of heart disease without
waiting for lhe highwayman?���Vancouver World. *
dim U Not Talking Politics.
The following extracts of an inter-
view with Premier Dunsmuir by lhe
Vancouver World will be oi interest lo
those who are still guessing on the
political situation:
The Premier was unwilling to talk
politics. He believes there will be
enough talk of politics later on to justify
a rest from them at present. Asked il
lhe reporls about his intended resignation were true he said the authors oi
such reports seemed lo know more ab-
����t his intentions than he did himself.
He did not feel called upon at lhe present lime, however to deny or confirm
lhe report. While in England the
Premier says he was made to feel thai
British Columbia's importance is recognized abroad, but when asked by lhe
reporter  what he had   to say in regard
to the alleged backward attitude of o[d
country capitalists towards British Columbia on account of labor legislation
and instability of government, he said:
"Nothing; that is getting into politics
again, and as I told you before I am
not talking politics at the present time'
Can you ride a bucking pony;
Can you throw the diamond hitch; ���
Can you climb where it is stoney;
Do you-dizzy at a pitch;
Have you got the nerve to travel
When your muscles all are lame
And the trail is shifting gravel;
. Are you game, boy,  are you  game?
When vour sweat rolls down in   rivers,
Soaking all your clothing thru;
When at night you shake with shivers,
As many times I do;
When an unexpected shower
Quenches every bit oi flame
And your grub gets wet and sour,
Do you think,   boy,  you'd   be game?
There'll be days when   all   is  sunshine
And there's color in the pan;
There'll be nights   when   all   the stars
Shine on a soundly sleeping man,
But there's work with   pick and shovel,
Fresh or weary, just the same.
There's no time to read a novel;
Are you game, hoy, are you game?
Then just follow me up  yonder
Far bevond the summer snow;
Show your folks at   home, by   thunder.
Thas you've got the grit 10 go,
And if we happen not to strike it���
Many failures I could name���
We will find a job, and hike it,
-And be game, boy, and be game.
���Vancouver Independent.
Repairing Shoes
It takes a scientist
at his business to
make old shoes look
like new.
Try  Louts...
The Shoeist
Folliott & McMillan
Dealers in Rough and Dressed Lumber Coast Flooring and Joint^Finishing
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Doors on Hand or to order. Jobbing
promptly attended to,
Factory on Main Street
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Choicest Seasonable Viands.
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Special Attention to
the   Mining   Trade.
Under capable management
Will be open day and night.    Meals on the
Short Order and American Plan.
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| The    Best    Short    Order   House   in   the   City
G. H. MURHARD, Proprietor
Newmarket Hotel
The only up/to/date Summer
Resort in the Slocan. "^ ^ "%
Henry Stege    -    -    -    Proprietor.
Notary Seals, Stencils,
Price Mnrkers.Printing
Wheels, Numbering
Miicliines,Bunil Dating
& Numbering Stump-.
Wax Seals, Check Perforators, Rubber Type.
Crown Printing Presses
etc., etc. Your patronage respectfully solicited.
H.     J.     FRANKLIN
Vancouver,    >    B. C.
Gale's Bar��p
Is the best Tonsorial   Establishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral Building Main St,
'; Xthe papetreak, Sanoon, $S. C October 18
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in tho heart of the Pichest White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription   -   -   -   -   $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams,    -   Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, OCTOBER  18, 1902.
B new moute to prosperitp.
A Market for zinc ore will bring
prosperity back to the Slocan with a
rush. The Joplin smelter men have
put up a neat corner on Missouri and
Arkansas ore, forcing the gas belt
smelters of Kansas and Missouri to go
into Colorado, Utah and Idaho to look
for a supply. Recently the demand
has become so great that the gas belt
smelters are looking north ofthe 49th
parallel for ore that will suit their
purpose. The Slocan ore is just exactly the article wanted. It carries
high values in silver and zinc and low
percentages of sulphur and iron. It is
worth more money, is more easily
handled and will suit the smelters better than .the Leadville, Reco or Creede
product from Colorado. There are
many properties in the Slocan which
are in a position right now to become
steady producers of zinc and there are
many other propositions which could
be made zinc producers in the near
future. It is no flight of imagination
to state that the zinc resources of the
Slocan are worth  more  than the lead.
At the present time there is only
one question to be settled ; that is the
matter of a freight rate to the gas belt
smelters. If the Great Northern can
see its way clear to give a ten-dollar
rate to Kansas points the trade will
commence the day the rate is put in
force. A production of at least 50 tons
a day will be immediately available.
This is a tonnage which the Great
Northern is not likely to overlook,
and as freight rates are usually levied
on a basis of what the traffic will
stand, the rate will be forthcoming.
It need not be expected that the
Canadian Pacific will be satisfied to
see this large tonnage hauled out of its
territory over foreign roads. When
the C. P. R. wakes up to the fact that
it is being beaten out it will undoubtedly make a move to get a share of the
trade, and the facilities at its hand are
excellent. Over in Alberta, in the
neighborhood of Medicine Hat, there
are gas fields as good, if not better,
than any in Indiana, Kansas or Texas.
On the Pacific Coast there is a market
for 2000 tons of zinc a   year at   $1 a
hundred better than New York prices.
This extra dollar, combined with the
fact that any smelter built in Idaho,
Washington or Montana would have
to use coal fuel, would more than offset the United States duty of $1.50 a
hundred, and would place a Canadian
smelter at Medicine Hat in a position
eminently more favorable than any
smelters in United States territory,
either north or south.
There is no doubt whatever that
the demand for zinc is going to make
this camp more prosperous than it ever
was before. The market for zinc is
brisk and all the indications point to a
long siege of high prices. The Slocan
has the stuff to supply the market and
the day of prosperity is at hand.
���   Building up Canada.
Honorable J. Israel Tarte has
given his proposed western tour an indefinite postponement ; which goes to
prove that J. Israel is a wise man.
Protection may look good to the
smoky east where live the fat manufacturers who love a cinch and the underpaid factory hands who should know
better ; but if Tarte or any of his
disciples should happen to stray so tar
from their home ranch as to stray into
these latitudes with that song and
dance entitled "Building up Canada"
he would in all probability get up
against the man with the blue overalls (protection 35 per cent) who drills
with Sheffield steel (protection 30 per
cent) by the light of Chicago candles
(protection 25 per cent), shoots with
California giant (protection 3 cents a
pound), loads the ore on Truax���
made in Denver���ore cars (protection
25 per cent), runs it out to the tunnel
mouth on Colorado Mine supply Company eight pound rails (protection 30
per cent), trams it to the mill on a
Leischen���made in St. Louis���wire
rope) protection 25 per cent), mills it
in an E. P. Allis-���made iu Milwaukee
���concentrator (protection 25 per cent)
sacks it in Bombay jute (protection 20
per cent) and ships it over the C. P. R.
(average bonus $11,760 per mile) to
the Trail smelter (bonus $5 a ton)
where lead fetches the London market
price (free trade) less $1 a hundred
(stolen by the smelters and   railways.)
Oh, no, Israel, ma chere, don't
come. "Canada for the Canadians" is
a beautiful chorus, but when sung in
B. C. it requires a trifling explanation
as to who are meant by "the Canadians." There is a sneaking suspicion
in these parts that the Canadians who
are to benefit by the high tariff system
of building up Canada do not live in
the mining camps of the west.
If Wilfred Laurier can pull any
strings over his cabinet at   all he will
keep Tarte east of the lakes and send
his free trade members out wist/
Their song makes a nicer echo in the
B (Sood Qkan for the Sob.
On his own responsibility, Col.
Prior has employed Rod Tolmie as
deputy minister of mines. There is
no such office as deputy minister of
mines, and no appropriation has boon
made to pay the wages, but a little
thing like that don't bother Prior.
It goes without saying that the
Colonel did not hire Tolmie to do any
work���not if he knows Tolmie. Consequently there must be other reasons
why Tolmie is put on the government
payroll. What are they ? If the Colonel hired Rod Tolmie in' order to increase his own popularity in the
Kootenay, he is out on a limb. Hut
if he hired Tolmie to handle the corruption department at his next election,
then the Colonel is onto his game.
Tolmie cot fired from the record ollice
in Nelson some three years ago tor
good and sufficient reasons. He spent
the next six months herding scabs for
the Mine Owners' Association, trying
to break the Slocan strike. Since then
he has had a diversified experience in
the capacity of a non-producer, race
horse and saloon man. He also acted
as plug-ugly around the legislative
lobby for a while and has the record of
having put John Houston, M. P. P.,
to sleep with a right hand swing to
jaw. Altogether, Mr. Tolmie is a
real nice man with considerable native
ability, and if Colonel Prior wants a
man to frame up phoney work on the
political campus R. Tolmie, Esq.,
gentleman at large, is de guy wots
onto de job ; See!
Cpclone TtZemedp for Strikes.
John Bough, Sandon's most celebrated sociologist, has been carefully
studying the coal strike of late with a
view to evolving a scheme of settlement. He believes that Mayor Hurley of Salem is on the right track when
he proposes hanging the coal operators
up until they admit the efficacy o\
arbitration, but the hanging method is
a trifle crude and by no means modern.
Mr. Bough offers as an amendment to
this a liberal application of the cyclone
remedy. He explains that cyclones,
like electricity and gravity, arc due entirely to natural causes, and alter
carefully investigating these cause1 he
proposes to create conditions controlling the latent energy in the elements
in such a manner as to cause a cyclone
wherever required. Recent experiments in Kansas and Nebraska have
proven that cyclones are an irresistabie
argument, and Mr. Bough proposes to the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, October 18
try them on in the strike region in
Pennsylvania to see if a well directed
twister would not change things around
a little down there. The first business
cyclone will be introduced on the right
of way ofthe Philadephia <9t 3 'iding,
following very closely in the <*ear of
Mr. Truesdale's private car. If arrangements can be made to have Mr.
Baer and Mr. Morgan and Mr. Oli-
phant on the same car, of course it
will centralize matters considerably
and save development work in other
quarters. The cyclone will be arranged
so as to confine operations exclusively
to the railway company's property and
if a severe application is found necessary the steel, ties and roadbed could
be lifted out of the strike region altogether and spread around the Hole in
the Wall country or up in the MacKenzie river basin.
A few miles of this remedy, properly applied, would no doubt bring the
coal presidents to terms and as the
cyclone would be no longer necessary
it could be given a six months' hoist.
Ol coure if Mr. Baer and Mr. Trucs-
dale still remained firm and reftsed to
arbitrate it might become necessary to
accelerate the action ot the cyclone
slightly so as to overtake their private
car and transfer it to the Sargasso sea.
The remedy could   then   be   tried on
their successors.
The Nelson Board of Trade is at
again. W. A. Galliher, M. P., has
called for a meeting of the lead mine
owners in order that he might get
authentic representations at first hand
on the tariff question from the men
who actually have their money tied up
in lead mines. At a session of the
Nelson board on Tuesday evening that
aggregation threatened to take the
management of this meeting out of the
mine owners' hands and arrange dates,
place of meeting and no doubt the
personnel of the representation. If
the Nelson board of trade had a lick of
sense on earth it would take a tumble
that the very reason for which this
meeting is requested is in order to get
a meeting of the mine owners that will
not be dominated by the Nelson board
of trade or the Kaslo board of trade or
any other board of trade or association
of boards of trade or by produce merchants, real estate agents and liquor
dealers who hope by tariff manipulation to get a monopoly fastened on the
country which will build up Nelson,
Trail or Kaslo at the expense of the
If the Nelson board of trade
wants to help the lead mining industry
it can not do better than go 'way back
and sit down, and let the men who
own the mines make their own representations. They are by no means
illiterates, and they do not require the
assistance of officious interlopers whose*
interests are diametrically opposed to
their own interests.
H. E. Croasdaile says he did
not go to Halifax to represent the
smelters at the meeting of the Manufacturers Association. If this is the
case Mr. Croasdaile should have stayed
home ; he certainly did not represent
the men who have their money in
mines. Furthermore, Mr. Croasdaile
insinuates he does not read The Paystreak. This is Mr. Croasdaile's misfortune. Had he carefully perused
these colums he would have been
thoroly familiar with the Slocan idea,
and would not have made such a consummate ass-of himself as he did at
Halifax. Mr. Croasdaile has our
Teddy    Rooseveldt    is   having
more difficulty making peace in  Pennsylvania than he had*
war in
There is a   zinc    lining   in   the
Slocan cloud.
V. A. KLEINSCHfllDT, Proprietor
Rates Moderate.
Accommodations Good
Dining Room Equal to
Any in the City	
New Fall...
Of the Very Latest Style and the Very
Finest Quality of Suitings and Pant-
ings have recently been received
Heating  and  Cook Stoves,  Ranges   Etc.
Tinsmithing and Plumbing.
WILLIAMSON'S. m papstreak, Sanoon. *. C, ��ctobee 18
t   ���^^������
The climate is a wondrous tiling,
It never comes to terms
With human beings; but somehow,
It's always good for germs.
An Indiana farmer has sold his wife
for thirty cents. It is easy to see what
she looked like to him.
Ute Indians are accused of having
shot a game warden. The Indians
should have known the game law belter
than do such a thing.
Mayor Humes of Seattle thot that he
was out of luck because he got lost in
the woods for four days, but it is not so
long ago that Sherrif Cudihee travelled
lhe same precincts haunted by the
horrible expectancy that he might find
Tracy for one second.
Aulum is here, and nature now is using the hand of an artist in giving the
rich tints lo the luxurant foliage. It is
a pleasing sight to look upon the mountains capped capped with snow, while
lower down there is the magnifticent
coloring brought about by the touch of
King Frosts hand upon the summer
garb of the bushes and trees. The
lover of natue is happy these days in
tne magnificent pictures presented.
A Cleveland  contractor woke up the
other night with a  sore  ihroat 'and his
false teeth  missing.    He  immediately
called in an X-Ray Surgeon who quickly located the missing molars in his internal anatomy and proceeded to cut Ihe
man up to  get   them out.    About the
time the surgeon had lhe contractor all
carved into sections his sister-in-law arrived on the scene with the teeth, which
she had found under the bed.  The contractor will die, and the surgeon ought
to be shot, but it remains an open question as to what   it was the  X-Ray saw
in the  neighborhood of the   man's diaphragm.    Probably a  pants button on
the other side.
The Old Favorite
In  the  World-Famous   Pastoral   Drama
Bavid fmrum
Supported by a Brilliant Com
pany of Actors.
One Night Only
October 22nd.
Resolution Of Condolence.
Whereas���Il has  pleased Almighty
God,  in   the wisdom  of His  Allseeing
ProviJence,   to remove from our midst,
onr late brother, David Keir.
Thetefore' be it resolved:
That   in the  death   of brother   Keir,
Sandon   Miners Union has sustained a
severe  loss, in the withdrawal from its
ranks  of one of its eanest   workers, a
cheerful comrade, a faithful friend, and
Beit further resolved:
That the Sandon Miners Union extends to the parents and relatives of
David Keir, our late brother, this ex-
prssion of heartfelt sympathy for them
in their hour of sorrow and bereavement
Be it further resolved:
That a copy of these resolutions be
forwarded to his parents; also a copy
furnished the Press for publication, and
that these resolutions be spread on the
minutes of this Union.
Sandon, B. C. October 14th. 1902.
There is no limit to the output at the
Hrrry Lindley is playing
to better Houses to-day than
he ever did before and he
carries one of the Best Companies that ever visited the
Kootenay. You will not get
an opportunity to see a better
play or to see a play better
played for a long time. Do
.not fail to see David  Harum.
Reseroed Seats
at   the
Red Cross Drug Store
This Week
BE HAPPY . . . .
E.R.ATHERTOH the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, October 18
City of Sandon.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that by
���itatofa warrant from the LleutenKnt-Gov-
or-in-l'""'"'1- to me directed, requiring me
tn)ist|1(. ,|,it i which  shall   be   held the
lection of two aldermen for the Municipality
(tii.-Citv <>f Sitiolon, to till the vacancies
I |,v the resignations of Krne.it Stein
��iThoma�� M huffy, I do hereby net the
j��tef(ir ��aid Humiliations Monday, October
(jth, 1 ��r-'. Ill", the l>o11' lf Bny�� Thursday,
IttobcrSOth, WM.
Given under my hand at the City of Ban*
dun tbii ITth day October, IMS,
City Clerk.
Jpl'lil.H' NOTIOE bi hereby given to the
LotON of tlie municipality of the City of
'union, that I require the presence of the
Lid elector* at the Council Chamber in the
lity Hall on Monday, the 27th day of October,
m.at twelve o'clock, noon, for the purpose
If electing two Aldermen to lepresent them in
lhe Municipal Counoil,
jThemodeof nomination.* of candidates shall
mm follows:
The candidates shall be nominated in writ*
Big;the writing shull lie subscribed by two
Iroters of the municipality as proposer end
Kconiler, and slmll he delivered to the returning otticcr at any time between the d.ite of
kotloeand :' o'clock p.m. of the day of noinin-
ptiou. and in tin- event of a poll tieing neces-
ary.sucli poll will lie opened on Thursday the
Wh day of October, UKU, at the-aid Council
Chamber in th'. City Hall.  The poll will open
lat'.iam andclo��eat4 pm., of which every
er.i��n is hereby repiired to take notice and
iiwni him ell accordingly;.
The persons quatifie I to he nominated and
looted aldermen lor the said city shall be
moh persons a> aie male Britiah subjects of
Ithe full age nl twenty-one years, and are not
p��qaalitied under any law and appear on the
pit revised assessment roll of the said .-ity
la> owners oT land or real property of  the
lusefeed value of five hundred ( :>*<> dollars
liivrraud above any registered incumbrunceor
marges and are otherwise qnalitled tu munioi*
|pal voters.
fJlven under my band at the City of Sandon,
|thU nth day of October, liKW.
��� Returning Officer.
Notice to Creditors.
In the County Court of Kootenay, Holden at
Nelsdti. [n ie. the Estate of James S. Con-
uaoher. Ueoeaaed.
Any person or persons having any claims
of any kind or nature whatsoever, against
the estate ���f tho late James S. Conna-
cl'��. w.il please send the same to Arthur
"��� feuman, Administrator of the said
����tate, in care ol Galliher & Wilson, llarris-
t��*iKelson, which claims shall be verified by
Statutory Heel a ration, and claimant shall
nate if lie holds any security therefore, and
mm nature of auoh security. Said claims
wall be received by said administrators with-
''��tliirty |80) days from the issue of this notice
*�����' Which time the -ail administrators will
Proceed to dUtribute tlie assets of the said
���J^ate, having regard oniy to such claims as
sll"U have been received by him in accord-
Woe with this notice.
Dated at NeUou this ��rd day of October. UXB
Certificate of Improvements.
tuate. in the Slocan Mining Division of West
v����jetiay District. Whore located: About
Of Vancouver, B. C. Merchants,
Formerly of Sandon, B.C., Merchant,
To the defendant. R. B. Pattkiihon
Take notice that Kelly, Douglas &. Company
of Vancouver have issued a writ of attachment
against you and have attached all the real
estate, credits and effects belonging to you in
the city of Sandon, B.C., which said writ is
issued out of the County Court of Kootenay,
holden at Nelson, and dated the 7th day of
August, lilOt, and is to satisfy a certain debt
of -3 '4 1ft. and the said honorable court has by
order, dated ttnd September, VMM, ordered the
notice to be published for four successive
ii.iiies in The Sandon Paystreak newspaper]
and you are required by the sRid order, within
twenty-one days after the last publication
hereof, to appear to the said writ, and in default of your appearance the plaintiffs may
proceed as if the said writ had 1 een personally
served upon you. and judgment may be given
in your absence.
You may appear to the said writ by causing
special bail to be entered for you in the office
of  the   Registrar  of  the   Comity   Court  of
Kootenay, holden at Nelson.
Dated this Wfch day of September, A D., 1908,
Solicitor for Plaintiffs.
Certificate of Improvements
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.    Where  located :   On
Cody Creek, about two and one-half)miles
from Sandon.
TAKE   NOTICE that I, E.  M. Sandilands,
Certificate No BftttU, acting as agent for W G
Clark Free Miner's Certificate No   B68370, intend, sixtv days from date  hereof  to apply
���o The Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
improvements, for the purpose ot obtaining
a Crown Grant oi the above claim
And further take notice that action   under
teotion  :t7  must  be  commenced before  th*
Issuance of such Certificatesof Improvements
Dated this 25th day oi September, A D tint.
Ocrttfleata of Improvements
\ ,1?,'\\,,,w�� Grant of
sect , u'����'take notice
iss���  " '17v must he cor
- purpose  .
the above claims.
- that action, under
i^u.uu ,,',?, "ll\"\ ue  commenced before the
,   0I 8Uoh Certifloate of Improvements
Jated this 4tn day of October, 190)1.
Situate  in   the  Slocan   Mining   Division   of
West  Kootenav District.   Where located:
On the north  fork of Carpenter creek, five
miles from Three Forks.
TAKE NOTICE thot I. W. D. Mackay. acting
as agent for Wilbur A- Hendryx. special Free
Miners'   Certificate  4888.  J. 0   Itean,  tree
Miner,' Certificate B8.K**. Wulard H Stimson.
Free  Miners'   Certificate   BW983,  and   Alice
Trenerv, Free Miners'   Certificate  Il(iS,i(il.  intend, sixtv dav- from date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a Certificate ot  Improvements  for  the purpose of obtaining a
crown grant ofthe above olaim.
\nd further take notice that action under
section 87 must be taken before the issuance or
sai I Certificate Of Improvements
Dated thi- 4th day of October, gg^
ToG S Fall-or any person   or  persons  to
WhSm bemay have ^^k^tfiffi
0 K NO -' Mineral Claim, situated on Seaton
week and about two miles fromiThreei Forks,
and recorded in the Recorder's Office for the
"S^lhSlIv^W that we the under-
i),    I     anel bowdon, Gust   Johnson  and
slgnea, ���'<l"'\.     ���    .   v  cftnsed to be expended
BS^d^SWdolliSi in labor and im-
foui nun utn   I , mentioned
,,r"Vl'l"if -laini under the provisions of the
Miner    A, and ii"within ninety Hays from
1 ,    , ���'   e of    his notice you fail or refuse to
Mineral Aot, 1900.      ^ LOVV1)0N
,,1 ..^lou this *M.h day o< July, inoj.
If you happen to raise a thirst you can
satiate it at the Kootenay hotel.
SEALED TENDERS or bids for the entire
stock In trade of R. B. Patterson will be received up to Monday, the ISth instant. The
stock may be inspected by intending purchasers at the Stein block, Sandon, B C, and
copies of the inventory of the stock may be
had at the office of F. L. Christie, Sandon,
B C, to whom all bids are to be addressed.
Terms of sale cash.
The highest or any bid not necessarily
Dated this 3rd day of October. l!��oa.
, S. P. TL'CK, Sheriff.
Application for Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date hereof wo intend to apply to the
Incense Commissioners of the City of Sandon
for a license to sell liquor by retail on the
premises known as the Balmoral saloon,
Main street, Sandon.
Dated at Sandon *his 1st day of Octobei, 1.102.
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers oi
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings  write or wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretarq,  Sandon   Miners'   Union
Sandon, B. C.
F. L. Christie,
L. L. B.,
M. L. Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
B. C.
Established 1896.
Ga��cJon�� B. 0>
Notary Public.
Bnsuranco and Mining
Sandon Miners*
Subscribers, $i per month ; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
DR. W. E. HOMM,   Attendant Physictan.
J. H. McNEILL, Pres. Hospital Board.
I. O. O. F.
Meetings in the Union Hail every Friday
Evening at 7:30. Visiting Brethern coidially
invited to attend.
Secretary Vice Grand.
A. F. & A. M,
Regular Communication held first Thura
day in each month in Masonic Hall at 8 1'. M
Sojourning brethern are cordially invited to
JAMES M. BARTON, Secretary.
Sandon Cartage Co.
Mcpherson & hurley.
Express, Baggage,
and Cartage.
Delivery to all  Parts of the City.
From Fort William,   the  favorite   summer
route to all eastern points.
For St.   Paul.   Dulttth,   Sault   Ste    Marie
Chicago, etc.
Through Tourist Sleeping Cars
Mining Stocks bought and sold.   General    agent    for   Slocan  Properties        ,
Promising Prospects for Sale.
Leaves Dunmore Junction daily for St. Paul;
Kootenay Landing Tuesday and Saturday for
Toronto/Montreal and all eastern points.
Leaves Revelstoke   daily   for   Seattle   and
Through bookings to Europe via all Atlantio
Prepaid tickets at lowest rates issued from
all European countries.
For rates and full particulars apply to local
agents or
R. B. McCammon.
Agent. Sandon
J. S. Carter        E. J. Coyle,
D. P. A. A. G. P. A.,
Nelson, B. C. Vancouver, B.C.
I the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, October 18
Here la a Legitimate Kick.
Three Forks, B. C. Oa. 13th.
Editor of The I'*y*< renk:
Dear Sir:
I have heen informed thai the
Hritish Columbia mineral exhibits,
which created such a huge impression
at Paris, Glasgow, and later al lhe
Royal Exchange in London, are lo be
packed up and sent to the Victoria,
H. C. museum.
I am surprised that the government
could ever conceive such an absurdity.
The specimens were loaned or given for
exhibition purposes abroad. Then
what good will they do if placed in the
Victoria museum? 'lhe main object of
the exhibits being to shew the mineral
resources of British Columbia abroad,
to a public which, up to recently, knew
nothing or very little about our province, and which practically means advertising abroad, then what benefit
will the country derive by advertising
at home?
There are m; ny ways of using tie
whole exhibit to good purpose. Wl.y
noi send it to lhe Si. Louis exposition
and if not used for exhibition purposes
later, the Imperial Institute or any
other prominent location in London
where they would always be before the
eyes of lhe British and foreign publ'c,
would certainly be a b. t er place than
the Victoria museum.
Yours truly
In the   foregoing   letter   Mr.    Ginf?-
berger has drawn attention   to an   un-
warranted act on lhe part ofthe British
Columbia  department   of   mines,   aid
the public owes him a vole   of   thanks
for pointing   it   out.    Everyone in the
Slocan will remember tlie circumstances
aonnected with this exhibit.    It cost a
lol of money, time and   trouble  to collect it, and the exhibit itself was se< o (1
to none on earth.    It  created   a sens; -
tion in  Paris,   Glasgow   and   London,
and thousands of people who had never
before heard of  British   Columbia   became impressed with the mineral possibilities  of   this   province.      Now   the
government   proposes   to   take it from
the one place in the  world where it can
d) the most good   and   take  il   to the
museum in Victoria.    This is  not only
an utterly absurd and childish thing to
do, but il is a distinct breach   of faith,
as the parties who contributed   the exhibits at their own expense  did   not do
so to have them hidden in  the museum
at Victoria, but to advertise the mineral
resources of British Columbia  in Great
Britain and Europe.    The  department
should rescind this order and leave the
exhibit   where   it   is,   in a prominent
place in the greatest money market on
You will Find Them Superior lo   Pills.
We Guarantee them to Give Satisfaction
Dandruff, Promotes the
Growth of the Hair and
Clears the Scalp.
Zavge Mottle 50c
It Will Cure Rheumatism.      If it Does
Noi Give You  Satisfaction we
Will  Refund Your
TAed Cross Brug Store.
Chemist and Bruggist
Potcder, Fuse
g Groceries, General
Mine Supplies
He thought   the earth was given him
To hold'against all others,
And staightway did he then proceed
To boldly rob his brothers.
. But when he settled up .accounts!1
Ttien he was pained to see   !
Tl 6 earih he owned was but a plot
Just seven feet by three.
The Largest Stock in
S the Slocan
Discount for Car Lots
or anu Heaog Order.
> ���
Underclothes for Men
A fine line of reliable goods for the
Autumn trade.
Fall Hats
The mosl recent styles and shapes in
headware at prices to suit the times.
Read to Wear Clothing
Superior in many respects to lhe best
customs made suits, at a fraction of
the price.
We are Not in
The Merger.... j
Prices    have    not    advanced at
We are giving better discounts than
ever on Hotel and Mine Camp orders.
The Hunter-Kendrick Company, Limited
p. Burns & Co,
��ead ��ffice,
Kelson, X.C.
TReco Bvenue,
Bealers 3n
of all


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