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The Paystreak Dec 28, 1901

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Book 6
Sandon, Becember 28, 1901
Chapter n
Concentrated Zocalite.
Coal is scarce in town.
Oscar V. White spent the Christmas
|week in lown.
\ session of the county court com-
liiieiKed in Kaslo yesterday.
BORN���In Rossi md' on December
Iio, to the wife of James Brown, a son.
Mrs. Boyle of Arrowhead is visiting
Iwitli her sister, Mrs. Chas.   McLaugh-
Robt. McTaggart, the air screw man,
Ii,, in town again.    This is his official
gov Sharpe, one of the prominent
���citizens of Nelson, spent his Christmas
Iholidays in town.
Chas. L. Culver is back from Laurie,
Iwhere lie has been engaged in dismantling lhe Laurie mill,
"Dull pick" is the latest slang name
Ilor (lie out-of-work rounder. 'Farrier,
Jbobo, stiff, gay-cat and such names are
lout of date.
R. 0. Matheson, formerly oi the
ISilvertonian, is the proud and eurley
I headed father of the first boy born in
I Frank, Alberta.
Now comes the season oi lhe heauti-
ll'uland   musical   snowslide.       Make a
|J.tle it you want to   shuffle off   on the
���hort order plan.
R. M. Trueman closed his Sandon
studio on Thursday and left for Revel-
stoke where he will spend io days before returning to the coast.
Tourists should pack thire blankets
and a grub stake these days. Trains
will only ran semi-occasionally when
the snowslide season opens.
The heaviest snowfall for several
years visited the camp this week. The
train service on both roads was disabled
and the snow plows found plenty ot
It is time to organize some businesslike scheme of promotion  if the carnival here this winter is to be  a success.
I The 171I1 of February is   not   far in the
: future.
The school children's concert attracted a large audience on Monday night.
The program was rather lengthy but
showed up admirably the brilliancy oi
'he juveniles.
A C, McArthur, the vetran C. P. R.
^ent, now of Rossland, visited Nelson
this week but did not get Up as far as
Slotan points. "Mac" spent several
Christmas times in Sandon.
''Shady" Giegerich has the distinguished honor of being the only individual who tendered the denizens of the
printing palace his Christmas compliments in the concrete form of a seasonable present. May he live in peace and
Prosperity to enjoy many more Christinas days than he vet has seen.
The benefit ball on Christmas night
"We'd the benificaries $140, Mr.
Duffy and his accompaniests tendered
tn��'��;; services gratis, ^s did also Mr.
McVichie, thereby cutting down expenses. The ball was a success socially as well as financially. The ladies
*no promoted it wish to thank those
���jho so generously assisted them in
"teir good work.
Oveat Strike on Zhe Silversmith.
two feet of 1500*ounce Ore.^k&nother  Bividend
paid bp the Bpron W. Mhite Companp.
The much-Jebaled question of the apex of the Slocan Star ledge has not
yet cost the Byron N. White Company anything. It has a very profitable
sequel. When action was commenced last summer by the Rabbit Paw-
people, claiming to have the apex on the Rabbit Paw and Heber Fraction,
the White company sel lo work to prove by exploration that they have the
apex on the Silversmith ground. A crosscut tunnel was run in 60 feet to
strike the ledge and a drift run to the west. This drift i's now in 200 feet
and shows one of the prettiest ore chutes ever opened in the Slocan country.
It is 24 inches wide in the face and gives average assays of 1500 ounces of
silver to the ton. The ore is a steel galena and gray copper, carrying low
percentages in lead.    The showing is at a depth of 150 feet.
Altho a surface showing of  clean   ore   was   long   known to exist on the
Silversmith, this claim has not, until recently, received much attention by the
White company. Added to the enormous ore reserves already blocked out in
the Slocan Star and Slocan King ground, the opening up of this strike on the
Silversmith will place the Byron N. White properties away ahead Of any
of lhe other mines of the camp and give  it rank  among  the  best silver-lead
mines of the world.
On the 20th of December lhe Byron N. White Company added one
more to ils long list of dividends, disbursing $25,000 to its shareholders. This
brings the total dividends 10 date up to the handsome sum of $385,000.
The force at the mine remains stationery, about 65 strong, and 50 tons of
ore are sent down the hill every day. The roads are in excellent condition
and the heavy output will he maintained indefinitely.
mining float.
Aside from the tempestuous state of
lhe weather, Christmas was a quiet
day. The heavy snowfall kept many
of the bovs in the hills who would have
otherwise enjoyed the holiday festivities
in town.
Sloan & Schonbergs turkey shoot
attracted quite an aggregation of nim-
rods to the concentrator fiat on Christmas afternoon. Harry Nash was lhe
most adept marksman and got the majority of the birds.
The New York Brewery reports business so good that it taxes their capacity
to supplv lhe local demand. Consider-
in"- that' consumers in this district are
good judges of the amber fluid, this
speaks vxcll for the quality of the home
 ���~~��� ���
mo mule * Skinners  need
News has been received here that
the war department did not look favorably on Wine-ad's proposed contingent
of'mule-skincers, and the organiza-
,ion has consequently fallen thru. A
few packers have been taken on as
soldiers, but soldier's pay does not
appeal to the Slocan diamond hitch
Hrtists and consequently Kitchener will
nave to worry along as best he can
without the assistance of men who
C0U|d make his flying columns lose
their present awkwardness ot bemg
"not transferrable.
the mossland Blunder.
Reissland mine owners who refused
to work their mines with union labor
should now be able to see the enormity
of their blunder. When Barney Macdonald and rdmundV. Kirby tied up
the big mines at Rossland copper was
in great demand at 17 cents. Now
after eight months of expensive idleness, with the Rossland propeities not
yet re-opened, copper has dropped to
13 cents, with every indication that if
the Amalgamated continues its war on
the Calumet & Hecla and other independent producers, 10 cents will be
reached in 60 days.
Tom Blackstock and George Gooder-
ham are supposed to be good business
men, but they have proved themselves
blockheads in mining matters. They
hoped to break the union and save 50
cents a day on mucker's wages, but
they have lost a million in copper
The Knights of Pythias ball on New
Year's night is looked forward to with
pleasant anticipation, as the Knights
have made every preparation for a
spledid evening. Contrary to their
former custom, no individual invitations have been issued on this occasion,
but a general invitation is extended to
all who enjoy tripping ��the light fantastic to the gentle cadence of the orchestra's entrancing strains.
The Enterprise mill is running one
shift a day.
The Bosun, New Denver, is spipping
100 tons a month. k
The material for the Payne mill has
all been loaded at Laurie and is in transit to Sandon.
The Rambler-Cariboo and the Reeo-
Goodenough are now lhe only Slocan
mines shipping to United States smelters.
A molybdnite claim near Slocan City
has been bonded for $4500. A 100-
pound sample has been shipped to
England for analysis.
The force at the Speculator, Slacan
City division, will be doubled after New-
Years. Some good bunches of ship-
ging ore are now being found in the
drifts. The Speculator has the Arlington ledge,
The owners of the Ottawa, Slocan
City, have made a strike which should
make them all millionaires. They have
five feet of ore carrying native silver in
large and visable quantities. Any kind
of an assay can be secured from the
four feet of Clean Ore.
The ore chute in the No. 2 winze,
which is being sunk from lo No. 5
tunnel at the Payne is still widening.
The winze is now down 75 feet and
shows four feet of clean high-grade
galena, carrying no zinc. This is the
lowest level yel reached on lhe vein.
Al 100 feet depth drifts will be run and
a new block of stoping ground opened
the Similkameen Companp.
On the advice of Engineer Blake-
more, the Toronto coal mine expert,
The Similkameen Valley Coal Company recently purchased nine more
quarter sections of coal land on which
they have coal that will coke, giving a
return of 75 per cent of fixed carbon.
The shares of the company are now
selling at 50 cents.
M Christmas merrp  but
Fred Kelly, a cook who has been
working at the Trade Dollar for several
months, partook too freely of the Christmas festivities and died at his home in
the lower end of town on Thursday
morning from heart failure and too
much booze. No coroner's inquest
was considered necessary. The funeral
took place yesterday to the Sandon
Deceased was a man of about 50
years of age. He has been a resident
of San. on and vicinity for several years.
si  ' ���
I the papstreak, Sanadon,   B. C, Becember 28.
the Ibcathen Chinee.
The Chinest ire an unenlightened
race, much in need of our missionaries.
They deform their girls by squeezing
the feel mil oi shape. Our -women
only deform lheir bodies by squeezing
their waists out of shape.
They sell their infant daughters We
wait uniil ours grow up and then sell
them lo some millionaire roue or syphilitic nobleman.
They smoke opium and die a fearful
death. We drink booze and go out in
a blaze of raving and delerium,
The officials rob the poor under them
Ours rob everybody.
They think their religion the best.
We only know ours is and insist on
their accepting it.
They cannot put down brigandage.
We cannot down the trusts.
They wear rediculous clothing. We
follow the fashions.
They eat shark's fins. We eat
tripe. ���Frank Sentinel.
B few Stringers of Ibumor
Gale's nip
Is the best Tonsbfial   Establishment in the Slocan.
\T* ��,V \T*
*. ....*�������� ��
*** <i* 'i>
Balmora   Building Main St.
The Denver.
Cody Ave. Sandon
Comfortable Rooms
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hotel
A retired sea captain and a lawyer
who were always at loggerheads, lived
next door to each other.' One very
windy night the lawyer was reading a
book iu his studv when a terrible crash
upstnh.s startled him.
Vpon investigation he found that a
chimney had hurled itself thru his roof
doing considerable damage, and soon
discovered that il was the captain's
chimney. Hastening down to his library he pulled oul his law books and
hunted up similar cases, devising and
scheming how he could secure satisfaction from the detestable captain.
While thus engaged a note arrived
from his enemy that read as follows :
"If you don't return those bricks at
once 1 will put the matter in the hands
of the law.",���
A hotelkeeper in the Catskills put up
a sign as an advertisment :
"Fifty dollars will he paid to any one
who can beat this hotel for two dollars
a day."
Not long afterwards a slick fellow
arrived. He occupied a room and look
three square meals; then he vanished.
The proprietor had him arrestee by the
the village constable under the charge
oi defrauding or "beating" his hotel.
The fellow hired a country lawyer, who
promptly sued the landlord for the fifty
dollars reward,claiming that it was a fair
game as he had "beaten" the house for
the two dollars a day, The prisoner
being discharged, gave the claim for
fifty dollars for his fee. The lawyer
sued, and in the course of events, being
indebted to the Judge, turned the claim
over to him. His Honour went
promptly to the hotel to board out the
bill, and on Sunday had the landlord
arrested for contempt of court because
there was no chicken pie served.
It was the irony of fate. A couple
of burglars broke into a building at
Rochester, N. V'., which they supposed
was a warehouse. It proved to be a
Should y..ur meander'mgs about
this mundane sphere take you to
Neto Denoer
Remember that there is a hotel
in the Lucerne of America at
which pilgrims maj enjoy all the
comforts of a home, at prices on
a par with the damage levied bv
other houses thruout the district,
'lhe Idealistic Scenery of this
Beauty Spot in Nature's Wonderland can be best enjoyed from
the balcony Of the
Newmarket Hotel.
The cuisine supplied assays high.
The bedrooms are large, airy
and luxuriously furnished. The
other accomodations are unexcelled in the Slocan, and the
brands oi bottled comforters kept
in slock arc health-giving and
soul-inspiring when taken in
proper quantities. The proprietor's name is
Henry Stege.
malcpon Ibot Spvings
The Winter Resort of the Kootenay. When the snow lies deep on
the Slocan Hills the roses bloom
in the Banana  Patch.
TO $15,00 A WEEK.
TT^IIK   medical   waters of Halcyon
jlf^   arc t,K- most curative In  the
worlc. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Ltomack ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cnre
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and depart every Day.
Felegraph communication with all
parts of lhe world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, 13. C.
Far* and One Third for
Round Trip for
Tickets on Sale
Dec 23, 24, 25.
Dec 30, 31, Jan. 1, 1902.
All Tickets good to Return
Till January 3, 10.02.
Tourist    Sleeping Cars, Crow's   Nest
Section, have Kootenay Landing for
St. Paul and all I*. S. points via Soo
Line, Tuesday and Friday; for Toronto,
Montreal, Boston, Friday only. For
time tables, rates and complete information call or write nearest C. IV R.
II. \V. Harbour.
Agent. Sandon
J. s. Carter        B. .1. Coyle,
I). i\ A. a. (;. i\ A.,
Nelson, B. C.      Vancouver. B. C.
George H. Thompson
Barrister   -:-    Solicitor
Notary Public.
\1. Iv. Grimmett,
L.  L.  B.,
B. C.
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
Mining Propmtfea Biamined  and  it
���^ wiii,M "<.Mu,i,1,i.r���1,r,i;;";,r,,|
r.mtru.torSHlury.   Tweutl featf
Bxnerien '���.
A. F. & A. \|,
EUffubirCommunication i,, *i -;r. T,
day In aaafa month In Maaoi i.-'n',,? , :,;r
Sojourning brethern it, ,
A.11. DOCKOTBADEB.*.-*.,������.
F. L. Christie
L. L.  B.,
ATHERTON  BLOCK       sandon
Sandon Cartage Co,
Express, Baggage,
and Callage.
Delivery to   all   Parts of the Ct
Bitebli*hed  IKtf
Sandon, B. (J.
Notary Public.
Insurance  and fining
Mining Stooka bought and ��old Gen-
��� 1 ��i I agent fur Slocan Prop '���������
Promising  Prospecta for Sale.
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $ 1 per month,; Pnvate
patients, $j per day,exdusive ol
Expense oi Physician ftf Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
Hit. W. B, GOMM,   Attendant Pbyslcta*-
MISS s. L  CHISHol.M. Matron.
.1  H. MCNEILL, Pre*. Hospital Board.
Ship Your Trophies oftheChaseto
Harry W. Edwards,
Revelstoke,    B. C.
He  will  stuff and  mounl  in H
stvloanv  Bird, Beast,   Reptile orfjj
that you can present.    You do the w
ing.    We do the rest.
I.  O.  O.   F.
Meetings In the Wn Bail every Wg
Evening at MO. Visiting Brethern oouw .
invited to attend.
\ U'C (01111"
I': the Papstreak, Sanadon,   B. C, Becember 28.
<foow M SFurp Was Worked.
Once there was a sawed-off attorney
who had studied until he was bleary
around the eyes and as lean as a
ra/or-back. He knew the law from
soup to nuts, but much learning had
put him a little bit to the Willies.    And
his size was against him.    He  lacked
He was an inconspicuous little runt.
When he stood up to plead he stood a
trifle higher than the cheir. Of the 90
pounds he carried, about 45 were gray
matter. He had mental merchandise
to hum, but no way of delivering it.
When there was a rally or some other
gabfest on the^ bills, the committee
never asked him to make an address.
The committee wanted a wind-jammer
gho could move the leaves on the trees
,H��) feet away. The dried-up lawyer
could write great stulY that would
dwrm a bird out of a tree, but he did
not have the tubes to enable him to
spout. When he got up to talk it was
ill he could do to hear himself. The
juries used to go to sleep on him, He
needed a   megaphone.      And   he   had
about as much personal  magnetism as
an undertaker's  assistant.
The runt lost many a case because he
COtltd not bark at a jury and pound
holes in a table. His briefs had been
greatly admired by the supreme court.
Also it was known that he could
draw up a copper-riveted contract that
would hold water, but as a pleader he
was a pickerel.
At ou^' time he had an important
suit on hand, and he was worried, for
he was opposed by a couple oi living
gas engines who could rear up and
down in front of a yap jury for further
"1 have the law on my side," said
the runt. "Now, if I were only six
feet two, with a sole-leather thorax, 1
could swing the verdict."
While he was repining, in came a
fraud of his youth, named Jim.
This Jim was a hook agent. He had
1 Voice that sounded as if it came up an
levator shaft. When he folded his
anus and looked solemn, he has a colossal picture of "Power in Repose" He
tt'orea plug hat and a large black coat.
Nature intended him for the United
States senate, but used up all the
material early in the job, and failed to
Nock the brain cavity.
J'1" had always been at the foot o(
ft* class in school. At the age of 40
he spelled sure, with an sh, and sank in
8 heap when he tried to add 8 and 7.
Bl" he was a tall success as a book
Ndler, because he learned his piece
a|id (he 218 pounds of dignified superiority did the rest.
Wherever he went he commanded
respect. He could go into a strange
hot*1 and sit down at the breakfast
Jal>le and say: "Please pass the syrup,"
"la tone that had all the majestic stg-
nlficanceofan official utterance. He
Would  sit   there  in  silent  meditation.
nose who sized up that elephantine
��rm�� and   noted  the  gravity   of  his
That is what everyone wants who orders
a suit of clothes or pair of trousers. We
guarantee SATISFACTION to all our customers.    Leave your order with us for a
��7je Union -fewelerp Store
We Wish all Our Customers a Bright
and prosperous Mew Wear.
(Beorge 3B. <knovoles>
pioneer Sewelev.
Vlmon Block * Sandon
countenance and the fluted  wrinkles of and dismay the  opposition   by looking
his high brow, imagined that he was
pondering on the immortality of the
soul. As a matter oi fact, Jim was
wondering whether he would take ham
or bacon with his eggs.
Jim had the bulk and the awe-inspiring front. As long as he preserved a
Napoleonic silence he could carry out
the bluff, Little boys tip-toed when
they passed him, and maiden ladies
sighed for an introduction. Nothing
but a post mortum examination would
have shown Jim up in his true light.
The midget lawyer looked up at his
mastodonic acquaintance  and   sighed.
"If 1 could combine my intellect with
your horse-power, 1 would be the largest dandelion in the legal   pasture," he
Then a bright idea struck him.
"]im, 1 want you to be my associate
counsel," he said.    "Of course I know
that you do not know the difference between  a Caveat   and   a   caviar sandwich, but   as long   as you   keep your
hair ,ombed   the way   it   is   now and
wear that thotful expression, ybu'r just
,dat the whole   Choate family.
as  an eminent at-
East.   1   will guard
will   sit   there
as gov
1 1 will introduce you
' torney from the
j the law points and you
So when the case came up for trial
the runt led the august Jim into the
court room and introduced him as associate counsel. A murmur of admiration ran thru the assemblage when Jim
showed his commanding figure, a lawbook under his arm and a look of heavy
responsibility on  his  face.    Old Atlas,
who carries the globe on his' shoulders
did not seem to be in it with this
grand and gloomy stranger.
For two hours Jim had been rehearsing his speech.    He arose.
"Your honor," he began.
At the sound of that voice a scared
silence fell upon the court room. It
was like the lower octave of a pipe
"Your honor," said Jim, "we are
ready for trial."
The musical rumble filled the spacious room and went echoing thru the
corridors. The sound went out thru
the open windows and checked traffic
in the street. It sang thru the telegraph wires and lifted every drooping
The jurors turned pale and began to
quiver. Opposing counsel were as
white as  a  sheet.     Their   mute   and
frightened faces seemed to ask, "What
are we up against ?"
Jim sat down, and the trial got under
Whenever Jim got his cue he arose
and said, "Your honor, and gentlemen
of the jury, I quite agree with my
learned colleague."
Then he would relapse and throw on
a Socrates frown, and the other side
would go all to pieces. Every time
Jim cleared his throat you could hear a
pin drop. There was no getting away
from the dominating influence of the
master mind.
The jury was only out 10 minutes.
When the verdict was rendered the
runt, who had provided everything except the air pressure, was nearly trampled under foot in the general rush to
congratulate the distinguished attorney from the East, The little man
gathered up his books and did the customary slink, while the false alarm
stood in awful silence and permitted
the judge and others to shake him by
the hand.
Get a line on those Oyster Cocktails
at the Hotel Kootenay. Nothing can
size up to them in these parts. C*e papetreak, Sanation,   SB. C, Becember 28.
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heiirtof the Bioheat White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operate! in the interests of the Editor.
Subscription   -    -    -   -    $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Speolmtna Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams,    -   Publisher and Proprietor
SANDON,   DECEMBER 28,  1901.
The mine owners will receive a
New Year's present of $3 to $4 a ton
reduction in freight and treatment.
With the exorbitant deductions for
moisture and the $16 a ton for freight
to London, the rates are still far too
high. Added to this, the smelter will
in future retain 10 per cent of the net
returns for 90 days to protect themselves against fluctuation. If prices
go up the mine owner will get the
differance, but if prices go down the
smelter keeps the money. In the
meantime, the mine owner will lose
the use of 10 per cent of his money for
90 days.
Coming as it does, however, when
the differance between profit and loss
is a matter of a few dollars either way,
this $4 a ton is not to de despised.
In some cases $80 a car will permit
properties to operate which would
otherwise be compelled to suspend. A
reduction of $4 a ton on 50 per cent
ore is equivalent to a raise of 40 cents
a hundred on lead.
If there was any proof required
that the Canadian Pacific is in the
hands of the Hill-Morgan-Rockefeller
community of interests it should be
abundantly furnished by the company's
system of handling the smelter business. The Canadian Pecific stands to
make millions out of the prosperity of
Kootenay, and it has the key to the
whole situation in the Trail smelter,
yet it is undoubtedly doing its best to
give this camp and every other camp
in B. C. the worst of it.
If the Canadian Pacific were not
in sympathy with the Hill-Morgan-
Rockefeller combination, and, thru it,
the lead trust, it would smelt ore on a
reasonable basis, refine it, and lay it
down in London as cheaply as possible, returning to the mine owners all
the exigencies of trade will permit.
The revival of business in this and
every other camp in the Kootenay
would crowd the C. P. R. with freight
and passenger traffic and thereby repay
any reduction in the smelting rake-off
a thousand fold.
A bill has been introduced in
congress to levy a duty of 25 per cent
ad valorum on   silver  in  ore entering
United States. If this bill goes thru
and has the effect of cutting the price
of settlement for Canadian silver down
25 per cent it will shut the Slocan
down so tight that there will not be a
drill struck in the camp.
The Paystreak has always contended, and still contends that the government of Canada should take over
the railways of Canada and operate
them in the interests of the whole people. It is over five years since this
paper first advanced that contention
and it has the distinguished honor of
being the first paper in B. C. to agitate for government ownership.
We lay no claim to being a prophet or the son of a prophet, but we do
claim to have forseen the contingency
which has arrived. While other more
influential (and possibly more purch-
aseable) journals were advocating a
policy of indiscriminate bonusing, we
have been pointing out that followed
to its logical conclusion this policy
could not fail to tie the country up in
the grasp of an international monopoly. While partizan papers, for party
purposes, have assisted land grabbers
and charter mongers to rob the country we have always endeavored to
point out the iniquity of such a policy.
While self-conscious patriots have harbored and furthered the hallucination
of a "national" highway, we have
been harping on the fact that there is
no sentiment to the dollar, that capital
has no home.
We have stood religiously by our
convictions, and for so doing have suffered the penalty of being called a
crank, a socialist, an agitator, an anarchist and the whole lexicon of epithets usually applied to an advocate of
radical ideas.
Nowr at the commencement of another year we have the satisfaction of
knowing that we have been on the
proper trail. Canada has been traduced, betrayed and outraged by the
monopoly begotten by her misguided
generosity. Her treasury has been
looted, her lands stolen and her sons
peoned to a foreign money power.
The road built by the people's land
and the people's money is owned and
controlled by a ring of conscienceless
operators in Wall Street. The province of British Columbia has been
roped and thrown like a maverick at
branding time. The lead industry, one
of the most promising in this broad
dominion, has been well-nigh strangled
to suit the convenience of these Wall
Street cormorants, and the railroads
the people have built are active allies
in the deal, If it suits Wall Street to
shut this camp down altogether they
will do it.
What is happening to the lead in
dustry could happen to every other m
dustry in Canada. As long as the
railroads remain in private hands the
people of Canada are not the authors
of their own destiny. It is Canada's
only salvation to take over the railroads.
Joe Matrix has the Coast liberal
machinists badly scared. They want
a convention to declare Bodwell pro.
vincial leader but they are afraid to call
one that is on the square for fear Joe
will capture it. These eminent states-
men���liberals for revenue only -have
put up a scheme to beat Joe. Thev
have in their mind's eye a convention
at which a retinue of self-appointed
flunkey delegates from Victoria will
have a majority vote, and in order to
work the scheme out properly thev
have invited liberal clubs from interior
points to send delegates on such a
basis of representation as would not
permit them to out-vote the Hankies.
This looks bad. Rumor has it
that E. V. Bodwell is to get 850,000
if he puts the V. V. & E. bonus thru.
It is also reported that the Ottawa government will take good care of Bodwell
if he is elected in Victoria. The idea
is like this : If Dunsmuir cannot control a majority when the house meets,
Jolv will simply fire him and, without
the formality of an election, call on
Bodwell. In return for such favors
Bodwell will be expected tohand over
a solid liberal party for dominion purposes as well as provincial. The only
question is Bodwell's ability to deliver
the goods. To sort of establish himself, so to speak, Bodwell wants to call
a flunkey convention and name himself
This   kind   of   politics may look
good to professionals, hacks and gratters, but it looks like   petty larceny to
the people who   have the votes.   The
small cunning which    will pack a con-
vention to keep it from being representative can never   provide   brains tor a
leader.    Joe   Martin   is a  better man
with the   people   today   than  he ever
was, and all these   convention-stuffing
self-appointed  liberal superiorities will
never keep him   down.    They   should
know that by now.    They  have spent
barrels   of 'money   to defeat him and
they have declared him dead thru ever)
purchasable newspaper and from ever)
public platform in   B.C.; hot it Joe s
mangled remains lay  a  thousand feet
beneath a   Slocan   snowslide and nis
ghost appeared at this liberal  convention and   swore   on a   stack of bible
from here to Three   Forks that ho was
really dead those mercenary Coast poi-
ticians   would   carefully   search   trw
trhost to see if it had  not
a bunch ot
popular issues cached somewhere a*
its clothes.
_______ the papstreak, Sanadon.   B. C, Becember 28.
lb. Bpere & Co.
We wiirgive away One
Dollar in Belgian Glass
Ware, Fancy China
Dishes, Wedge wood
Jars* Jardencrs, Yazes,
Boys and Girls Sleighs
with every S5 purchase
Call Marlp as ��ur Stock is
��. Tit. Btbetton, Co,
for a
Suit with
M. 2>avid,
Zlye Wiinev& XL&ilov.
Mdvertise in
27je papstreak
u the papstreak, Sanadon.   B. C, Becember 28.
Wandering Willie Water*
Wandering Willie Watertank of Walla
Walla, Wash.
A  peregrinating   printer and  a  good
fellow too, begosh!
Came recently from Texas to Tacoma
on lhe Sound,
To rubberneck and  chew the  rag for
which he is renowned;
With hair unkempt and face unwashed
and shoes that sadly showed
The effect  of hitting   railroad   ties on
some rough graded road,
He struck the town, and  thereupon he
hunted high and low
For some  other print  who'd   listen to
his little tale of woe.
For Willie he  was busted,   and to him
'twas very clear
That he had to get a rustle OQ  and organize a beer.
So as it was early   morning, to achieve
his juicy aim
He would strike among the day shops
and get there just the same;
He was likewise very hungry, and thot
that some old chum
Purchance    would    have   a   pie-card,
whereof a meal he'd bum.
So 'twas  in this  yearning humor  that
Wandering Willie strayed
Into  the  Herald  office,   where  public
thots are made,
And  he  told   us his  taleful  story in a
meek and tired way;
How he'd walked  down from Puyatlup
since early break of day���
How   nothing   but   a   turnip   and   a
draught from babbling streams.
Had he  to bring  contentment  o'er the
spirit of his dreams.
So Willie  got his  grubstake  and   the
���   price, too, for bis beer.
And in about  an hour returned  chock
full of cheer,
And   sitting in our only  chair  regaled
us with bis jokes,
Interspersed with hobo  stories of other
tourist blokes.
And   when   we asked   him, 'midst  the
laughter, of his title style and name.
"Welt,   I'll   tell you," said he,   "pard-
ners, I'm a duck of varied tame.
T<> A. R Porter,.I. R. Cameron orany purtitte
to whom A. R. Porter ,or .). R. Cameron may
have transferred interest or interest* in the
l*ainlmii'o ami Bell Mineral claim*, situated
near Cody, ami recorded in the Recorder**
office of the Slocan milling division.
You are hereby   notitied that   I,  Philip J.
Mickey, acting an agent for .1. D Farrell and
Volncy I). Williamson have caused to he expended one hundred dollars each in labor and
improvements   upon   the   above   mentioned
mineral claims under the provisions of the
Mineral    Act,  and    if  within   ninety   days
from   the   date  of  this notice  you    fail to
contribute your portion of such ex|>editure,
together  with alt cost  of advertising, your
interest in said property will become the sut��-
scriher* under section IV. of an act entitled
"An Act to Amend the Mineral Act, 1M>."
I>ated this l��th day of October. 1SS1
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District     Where located.   Near
TAKE NOTICE that we. P. C. Clark, Free
Miner's Certificate No. BBHS\ A. It Railton.
Free Miners' Certificate  No. TOM, and S. M.
Wharton  Free Miner's Certificate Xo.  B.V01C.
intend, sixty days from date hereof, to apply
to  the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action under
section 37 must be commenced before tru
lnMBM of such Certificates of Improvement*
Dated this i:tth day of December. A. D. DM.
Certificate     of    Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay  District     When,   located:    On
Cody creek, adjoininu Frnnklh. ami Bolan-
der    mineral    claims,    Slocan      Mining
Division. Weal Kootenay. B. C.
TAKE  NOTICE  that  I. E. M. Sanlilands.
actinc as agent for Jake Kelsen. Free  Miner's
Certificate No. Btt,M4, intend, sixty .lays from
the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvement*, for
the purpose of Obtaining a Crown Grant of tin-
above claim.
And further take notice that  action, under
section ST. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated thi> ttth day of October, A. D. i:��>l
"Oh,   I'm   the  czar  of tourists, I'm a
traveller gay ;
I'm the box-car artist who scorns what
brakeys say ;
I'm  the dude of the dingbat  on  the
great pan handle line ;
I'm   the   boss  of the growler,   and  in
curbstone sessions shine;
I'm the  festive  roadster  known from
Yamhill to Oshkosh
As   Wandering   Willie   Watertank  of
Walla Walla, Wash."
-���Seneca G. Karonm.
Notice of Dissolution.
NOTICE is herebv gi^en that I. the tinder-
signed, have disposed of my interest in The
iVnver Hotel and that I will not be responsible   for  debts  contracted   by   the   present
pnted at Sandon. Deo. 10th. liK'l.
Application for Transfer of Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date hereof I. the undersigned, intend to
apply to the License Commi>*ioners of the
City of Sandon for a transfer to me of the
liquor license held by Knowles & Finlav of
the Palace Hotel.
Dated at Sandon, B. C. l>eceinber li. 1!��>1
Application for Transfer of Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that thiity days
from date hereof we. the undersigned, intend
to apply to the License Qemmiaaioncn Of th.
city of Sandon for a transfer to us of the
liquor license formerly held by John Nelson
& Co.. of the Denver Hotel.
' Dated at Sandon this 12th day of Dec . 1 ��<1
M parable on
* $ #
0nly a blind man could live
in  the  Slocan  and  not read
Zhe papstreak.
��� * ��� ��� #
^ou cannot not get away
from it. It is like the beautiful snow���it goes everywhere.
* $    *
��t finds its way into every
human habitation in the camp
* %    *
Wo man, woman or child
in the Slocan country ever
passes a week without seeing it
* %    ���
fls an advertising medium
it is complete.
Xthe papstreak
��an do something for- you
that all the other papers on
earth combined cannot do.
It can introduce you and your
goods to every human being
in the Slocan.
#    %    *
The Paystreak advertising
rates are
per 3nch
per Qlontb
*  ^  *
The Paystreak circulation
list is open io examination at
all times. the papstreak, Sanadon,   B. C, Becember 28.
Ibockep motes.
In the first game of the City League
which took place at the rink on Wednesday afternoon, the printers made a
Mexican   stand-off with the  City team.
It was a red hot rugy style shinney
game right from the start until half
lime the score then showad the printers
had a little the worst of it to the tune
oi three goals to two. Hut in the last
half the printers got down to biz and
played the national game in such a
manner that the Vic's of Winnipeg
would surely drop the Stanley Cup in
the Red River if thev had seen those
tvpe-slingers coming after it. When
time was up the score was even up
both teams having six goals to their
It was then decided to break the tie
on New Year's Day, as quite a number
of the lady rooters were subject to
heart failure and could not stand the
awful strain.    The   line up was   as fol
B. Cliffe
\V. MacAdams
Wm. Cliffe
VV. Howarth
R. Hood I
VV. Cliffe
F. McKinnon
J. Crawford
W. Crawforu
J. Gusty
A. Grierson
E.    Crawford
R. Clothier
filbert  Cafe.
Open Day and Night.
Best Meals in Town.
Everything Necessary to
Satisfy the Internal
Bmevican and
European plan.
The Wellingtons oi Toronto will
plav the Winnipeg Vic's iu Winnipeg
on January 21St, 23rd and .'51I1, for
lhe Stanley Cup.
Jells, Archibald and Thompson, who
were excontrnunicated by lhe Canadian
Amateur Athletic Association, iov professionalism, will play on the Nelson
H'vUev team this winter.
Eddie O'Brien, who was captain of
the Rosslaqd hockey team last winter,
is living an uneventful life in Seattle.
He is out oi the Hockey business.
Marysville, the new smelter   town in
East  Kootenay,   is up-to-date.    Allho
only three months old, it will put a
hockey team on the ice this winter to
meet ;ill comers.
The Ontario Hockey Association has
7�� teams in the league. Hockey is
booming in Eastern Canada.
Star Boarders,
Pause a Homent.
We have Pre-Empted
a Large Showing oi
Boots and Shoes,
Which we will sell lower than the
market quotation for silver Do not
waste time chewing the rag over the
smelter question. Blow into our store
and get something more substantial
than a lig leaf to protect you from the
chilly breeze.
Patterson   &    Patterson
A Frank mother scut her young
hopeful to the Sunday school where he
heard the song, "Jesus Bids Us Shine."
When he returned home he horrified
his mother by singing "Jesus' Breeches
Some people's religion is like a
tt'0oden leg. There is neither warmth
nof life in it ; and altho it helps them
'Hobble along it never becomes a
^* of them, but has to be strapped on
.*his  is the  Tom   and Jerry   season.
ri,(Jiieat the Kootenay;
The Auditorium
Is the only hall  in  the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
Eor   bookings  write or  wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary  Sandon   Miners'   Union
Sandon, B. 0.
The Art Piano of Canada,
Heintzman Co, Thomas. Duffy,
Toronto,   Ont. Sandon - B. C.
A Table that is Replete with the ,
Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
the   Mining   Trade.
Contractors and Builders.
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring: and Joint Finishing' Lumber
Moulding', Etc.
Sash and Door on  Hand to Order,
Factory on Main Street
.. B Carload of Mpples..
We have just received a Carload of the Finest Apples ever
shipped into Sandon. All selected Okanagan Fruit	
gallant ffiros.
British Columbia
In order to close ou a few lines
we are offering1 some great bargains
Look in the window.
Zouis Ibuppevten
/lain Street
Sandon the papstreak, Sanadon,   B. C, Becember 28.
Smelter ���Items.
The Argentine smelter at Kansas
City has been closed down until February ist. This is one of the biggest
smelters in control'of the trust.
A report is current that Aldrich of
the Trail smelter has been experimenting with refining processes and has decided that he can build a refinery at
Trail for $40,000 which will handle all
the lead product of the smelter,
The Hall Smelter Company has
signed a contract with the Granby
company to have all its copper matte
handled at the Granby convenor in
Grand Ferks. This conveitor reduces
the matte to blister copper, taking out
all iron and reducing the weight by 50
per cent, but it does not separate the
gold and silver values.
The Trail smelter is now the only
one in the province which ships its copper matte out of the province and it is
expected that in a few months when
their contracts with the Newark refinery lapse the Trail matte will be sent
to the Granby convertor for treatment.
The Granby company contemplates the
construction of a copper refinery to finish the copper so that it can be placed
on the market in a manufactured state.
The Nelson Tribune is authority for
the statement that T. B. Stewart, the
smelter expert, has decided to go ahead
with the Gintzberger smelter at Kaslo.
If this report is true the Glasgow company is not losing much time in getting
to business. It is rumored that they
will work on a new process by which
they will treat lead ore alone, without
The Sullivan company is going ahead
quietly but rapidly with the work on
their smelter at Marysville. A large
force of men is at work making brick,
getting out timber and grading the
site, and construction will be commenced as soon as circumstances permit.
They will build a lead refinery when
the smelter is completed.
"That white cow," said the waggish
farmer, "is the one that gives milk."
"Ah !" exclaimed the city girl, "and
those brown ones, I suppose, give  beef
Mamma : "Do stop crying, Ethel.
You never hear me crying when my
hair is combed*"
Ethel : "B-but your hair isn't fastened on to your h-head   like m mine is."
A limited number of shares in
the Similkameen Valley Coal
Co., Limited. For further particulars apply to
Sandon, B. 0.
Red Cross
Is Giving Away a Beautiful $60
As a Holiday Souoenir.
Every cash customer is entitled to
one chance for each one dollar purchase
Call early and get a ticket before they
are all gone.
Just One Prize
A Grand Sweepstake
The Lucky Number Takes It
\ 3
!  SayPard! !
^ How are you     * ^
5 Fixed for:::: *
I ikubbevs
\ **
5 ^Underwear
I Xlankets
J     Don't, let   the   winter
5 Zephyr's chill your anat-
j omy
j clothing so cheap at
you can get
|ff#og. SBrown.l
-   w
' cap
Mere pou ever satisfied
goods of any kind, especially   OvOCerie*.    We think not
but of course we may be mistaken,   however we have  just
received the  following Canned OOOdS and they arc all
the finest, freshest and best brands of goods in the  Koote
nays today.    Kent brand tCOmatOCS, Kent brand CoW
Kent brand peaS, Kent brand   (BoldCU War Beam
Cutting's   California   JfVUitS and  Simco   brand oi
SBerrleS of all kinds for pie and table use.    We have also
the only  complete lines of fancy  canned   Vegetables
OleatS,  frith, and   Shell*rfiSk in   Sandon; call and
see them at
25. (Biegericfts
To give away to the customer who holds the
lucky number. A ticket goes with every cash
purchase of
$   ONE DOLLAR   $
If this prize should fall to one of those unfortunate
gentlemen who have no home we will substitute a
handsome silk umberella from the Furnishing
tthe 1hunter*1kendrKh Co., Zimiteb
90000 0000 0000000��tt000 000��
p. Burns & Co.
Head Office,
Kelson, X. C.
IReco Bvenue,
Sandon, X. C.
Bealers ffn
of all


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