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The Paystreak Oct 11, 1902

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Array ^v^^^^--t^L^��
Booh 7 Sandon, October 11, 1902 Chapter 3
9909999999999000000000000      The Tourist Association of Kootenay   loss for the future.    Should Mr. Retal-  ��00000999999999999999999*
��� . ��...,      9  is     advertising   the   leading    resorts,   laak deem mv suggestion worthy of a  2       usTKiTMr'      t?T aat
������������������       .-c  ronsideration'  I   would  be  pleased  to  J       MINUNU      rLUA 1.
* ^AA^MwmmnnmA00000,
John Gusty is in Nelson on business.
���. Giegerich of Kaslo was a  visitor
Monday. .
Norman McLellan is rusticating at
Spokan this week.
^ large number of Sandonites have
been in Nelson this week courtmg.
Mr and Mrs. M.  L.   Grimmett  and
,hiL "re   attend ng the Spokan   fair.
^Ue Wilson, Tat   Burns' Kootenay
onager, wh. a vUsttor last Saturday
Mr,  VV   W. Warner and family and
M^May Lyons left  on  Tuesday   for
JSTaking observations in  Sandon  on
The Tourist Association of Kootenay
is advertising the leading resorts,
About Kaslo the association says:
"Kaslo, a nice quiet place lo live."
The fall fair and tax sale advertisements take lhe place of wireless
specialettes in the majority of exchanges
lhat reach the printing palace these
loss for the future.    Should Mr. Retal- ��9999999999999999999999999
laak deem mv suggestion worthy of a 8 n*TviT*cTr�� ctaat 9
consideration' I would be pleased lo J MINING rLAJA 1 . 9
furnish him with a first-class cook who  0000000000000000000000000%
will lake over the boarding house  on a .
��� .j-j u:��,���if lo   ffjve   t|loro      Silver, 50M        ^^^^^^0^0M
Zinc,  New  York,   $550.    London,
lhe   Ruth   mine   has closed down
John \. ameron, of H.  Giegerich,  is
paying   Rossland   and   Nelson   a visit
this week.
J. Morgan Harris, the Pitrp Morgan
of Sandon, is rubbering the Spokane
fair this week.   ^^^^^^iW
George Waite has worked for the city
longer than any other man in the employ of the city, and has turned more
money into the city treasury than any
other one man. He goes right strait
aloig doing business for the city,
whether there is a quorum or not.
Maude   DeLacey   is   lhe name of a
young lady who  made  a   noise.    The
noise was emitted in the  neighborhood
of   the   Union  saloon, disturbing  the
deep tranquility o\ the region below the
deadline.    Maud paid   five  dollars  for
making the  noise,   which   was   cheap,
considering the small   provocation  and
the large amount  of noise.    The  city
has the money.
Will   Ullvt. mu   ,..���	
lease and bind himself to give thoro
satisfaction. The only guarantee necessary is that there should be at least
len boarders  continuously.    This is  a
business   proposition   which,   if    Mr.    . ..
,,.,,,' .    1 temporarily. ���  	
Retallack wants   to   promote   harmony *
and further his own interests,   he can-      Lead, London, ��10, 15s, od.    New
not   well   afford   to turn down.    Re-   York, $4.12^.
spectfully, l     tr... u...i ;c 1
11 ill..-. ..��,	
Alex Crawford and wife returned
home last Saturday from a ten days'
visit to the slope.
Answer to Mr. Retallack
E.��itor of ThePny^reak: _
Sir- Please allow me space in Hie
columns of yohr paper to contradict a
few misleading statements  which ap-
"- .-,* .....u..- .tl, nf till
Tig lead is fetching 3^ cents a pound
and zinc 6 cents in Winnipeg.
Eighty-live men are now employed
at the Arlington mine, near Slocan
Application is being made for a crown
grant   to   the   Orient   and    Diamond
fractions on Ruth mountain.
The ore  shipments  this  week were
^^__.  as follows:   American Boy 21, Ruth 84,
Good Aoosy iui   m��~��w  ���� ��,��� .cm       r
<uiUVU     vv Pavne   100, Minnesota Silver  Co.   20,
At  Nelson,  Tuesday,   Chief  Justice   Wonderful 15, Sunset 21.     Total   261.
Anthony Shilland.
Secretary Miners' Union.
Sandon, October 9, 1902.
Thanksgiving Ball
On Thanksgiving night, October 16,
the Sandon Miners' Union  will give its
fifth annual ball.
Good Xooso for Radcliffe
Hunter sentenced Henry Rose, aged 64
years, to be hanged on November 21,
for killing John Cole, near Nakusp,
last  June.
Large and Ovarpaid
Large hud u.��.,	
The police commissioners  of Nelson   stalled shortly.
���   ���   *  .1.-..., ^I.romen are   the present for
Around McGuigan
In the McGuigan basin there is every
prospect of a lively winter. At the
Rambler-Cariboo a new engine house
and a boiler and machinery will be  in-
As soon as this is done
Wednesoaj   ���*�����   ~i .
���   I* -..r.ll'ini'llllV.
intend residing permanently
The mailer of selecting a new governor for the Yukon will be left with
the New Denver board of trade.
Nelson 1 m>u..v, 	
"Mine Manager's Troubles,"  in which
the mine manager in question, John L.
'"'��� "-- -^^^^^^^M Retallack,   slates   that   being  an  old
ie New Denver board of trade. .-���,.������     1     m .  u    �� \ e
Iriend ol mine he  (Retallack)   sent   \or
Archie   McDougatl   left   Sunday   for   me M coine up to lhe mine a|ld t;llk ,he
'    nn   5I  v',s',i  lo h>s brother,   matter over���the matter  being the employment   of   a   Chinese  cook  al the
������*'""��    which   caused  lhe
notneceswMj   .-.   ��� -;
are quite right. Nelson is free from
crime, and the only non-producers in it
*re the policemen
-   ��   ui��>9   to his brother,
Wisconsin   on   a  visu   io  11
whom he hasn't seen for 20 years.
Nelson Tyo has w ithdrawn from the
Sandon steam laundry ******
Hoggan is now the general rustler.
The   Kaslo   Kootenaian   Is making
prorations for tl, adveriis^.  the
delinquent     taxes.     1 nc
swepl out this week.
SdS:Sri.tted in **�� P-
periies in the Slocan.
S��nd��y'.��^nontheK*& ��� �����
sainon in a can.    ra������ u' - ., ,- ;r
gers were bound for thc Bruce  fall
at Spokan. ,     .
Fatal Accident at the Star
^_ The first fatal accident in lhe history
lovmcnt   ot   a   ��  -^ ��� ,    _, _ . . .     .    ,
Vashington   mine,   which  caused  the  of the Slocan S��ar mine occurred m the]
tuners at said mine to walk out.    This   No. 5 drift at 7:30 p.m. Thursday,   by  should tie seven. .-.v t
suilement on the part Of Mr. Retallack which David Keir lost his life. This is lr;uM from the Rambler wagon road to
is utterly false, as Mr. Retallack never the drift which is being driven to con- the properties in the upper basin is in
did   send   for me, nor did he send for .h h   SUveremUh.    itisofor. terrible   condition,   and as there is a
"   ���""�������   union    to .    j     1      c   .     a* >.   ^1
A_1���n.\   ��im0st   ^reat  deal  ot  tramc  over it the con-
'-' ��"ft   exnense1 to mine
Lral machine   drills  will  be  started
l�� On te Antoine, Red Fox, Surprise,
Robert E. Lee, Dardanelles and Maudie
E forces of from 8 to 15 are at work.
At all of these properties^ develop-
me��ts are most encouraging, and there
should be several steady shipper,.   The
11..- ......rr.it   rnad    to
did   send   lor   mc, ..v..   .
anyone else belonging to our union   to
my knowledge; bul to  the contrary the
Sandon Miners' Union, of which 1   am
secretary, delegated me to go to Kaslo
and interview Mr. Retallack and ascertain what he intended doing in  regard
to   the   Chinese  question,   before   the
union took any action.    He  also states
that if the union sent him  a  cook  and
guarantee that he would give the   men
satisfaction that he (Retallack) would
lire the   Chinaman   at   once.    Which
guarantee, he says, 1 could  not  make,
and as a consequence the Chinaman is
Tl Hi*,   being   timbered  jw* �����uen,  m,  and  ,xPens��
r.  from end  to   end.    The miners I   Jne��� is heilvy.	
80,1,1   fr�� "...   , .' ���st the Kround each  ���* ~
with valuable anthracite cw' absolutely f��'8ean_u
safety vault.
Does Psalm Sing, or^Jj
One  Lung,   the   ^^dtal  vege-
from Whitewater,   who petWltt>      h
tables in Sandon, take out a peddlers
license?    Heap sabey?
John Walker, the Kaslo Rents
furnisher, paid Sandon a VlSl^n^
,    . ' ' ...1 ,,* k�� mi ie at home in ���'
1    .tl-iv    Mr.     rvvif...���--
ing,  and   wH>   *' comprehen-
make them is he>ond ~V      . J ;vith
sion.    He said in   h      '^ hefe ,
me in his own Ojc. Wjg;   jtarnhtol
l,Tiet h,mS -cook and would guarantee
him a while ^; ,l he might sus-
to make good an to^ Jj^^
tain  from a  ��"11 ,      Chinaman,
that   he .would fie
Mr- R^allack lamis .n ft   .  |<f
 it.' ���������������- .....
imiiii    ,.��������*��� 1     - . .,   cmitittVi 1 Ktr   KeiHiiwi-1* *���      .        �� :.i   a   little
furnisher, paid Sandon a v;��l. ^>  I Mr. WJ ^        ding ^ "^Lg
Jack appeared to be quite at *b uh an average       m_
real livJ town, which proves tin t Ik o,,<���. 1   ��-        m     ek
.    ..:n,r.�� than Kasio.        I rorce yi ��� .   e
real live town, wnun |�������   r.iwirt
been in a larger village than Kaslo.
Tueslav   afternoon   three   or   (bur
loaded  ars got  tired  standing  on U
over a year �� men.
force of fr0,\Cre is evidently misman
if this be so, there1- without   pre
agement   *0��\e*' \r  0   Mr. Retallack
suining   to   d,cla-te   t0...  L.^est for
solid  iron    *uu  . _ und eRch
were cautioned to test tne h
m, -^ those miners -^/^ .
fime of the accident,   report   that  the)
^the ground afewmo^nubefo.
We,\TjrJaownrnd<  in  .rim-
miner, had pete
minglhe,      1 ��!��ut. ton ot rock
White company   ..nmeJ.a   y
coroner.  It *��� noi 11    7 . was one
,     .rt the men or the company,
either to the men u Mdneoue,
David Keir is a native of Malpeque
i��   f..ihpr   is   a   medical
p F   where his fatner   i>
V He has been in the Slocan
Church Services
Methodist Church���Morning 11 a.m.,
evening 7.30 p.m. Subject, morning,
"Leaves Only." Evening, "Jonah."
Son^ service will begin at 7:20. Sunday school at   2:30.
Presbyterian Church���Service will be
held in Crawford's hall on Sabbath at
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sabbath school
at 2:30 p.m. The pastor expects to
conduct both services himself.
A Narrow Escape.
Wednesday  noon  the K. & S. train
ran into the  Payne speeder and   completely demolished it,  near bridge 31.
The  occupants oi the, speeder, A. C.
Garde,   superinlendent   of the   Payne
mine,    and   Mr.     Bait     a   Rossland
mining expert, jumped    ifore the  collision occurred,  and  tl    ; saved their
 .*. j	
I    A Spokan fireman got killed in Vic-
I toria the other day  while exhibiting a
��� -i������c    The life saving
Tueslav   afternoon   three   or mcllt   somew    -      ^ k  t}|       t the   Slocan--.��� tor7aXe other day  while fmmnn^-
loaded  ars got  tired  standing oflithe �� *��ffi$M  suggest  for  friends have been not. hed  of   ^ oria ratu8     The life savmg
Payne .witch on the C. V;*���^ what he shall do l��       0f leasing h��s ^ ,nd arrangements are being h {& patented.
menced to move.    One of the.n jun considera on u    v responsible ,
and fell across the mam ^k'^ boarding .^ avoid all  possibility of | for the
nvwip th.. Nakusn fiver   very   late n!irlv, and thus avoi
and tell across tne   ��"���� -��� .
made the Nakusp flyer   very   W
usual. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C> October 11
A sense of triumph filled his breast
And gladness lay within his eyes;
He had not done his best,
The world had not beheld  him  nobly
To heights that Others sought in  vain.
He had not been accounted w ise;
The honors he had longed to gain
Were far away.    His fame
Had reached no distant clime;
He had not carved his name
High on the walls of time;
He had not won in love or in lhe mart,
But gladness tilled his heart;
One who was poor and meek
Cringed when he frowned, and ran
To do his bidding when  he  deigned to
He was the master ofthe weaker man���
And one who said him nay one day,
Came humbly every week
To draw her husband's meagre pay.
who bathed just opposite her window at
5 o'clock every morning- The council
wrote to the man, who replied that it
was so early in the day he had hoped
no one could take exception lo his
bathing off the Front; but that he would
gladly go two miles higher up. Last
week, however, the council received
another letter of complaint from the
lady: "The man 1 wrote you about
has gone higher up the beach, but 1
can still see him wuti a telescope."
Why  a Trust  Is  Like a River
A few reasons why a trust is like a
river :
It looks on the level, but it isn't.
It is always next to the banks.
There are sometimes a great many
bluffs along the way.
Some are a "dam site" worse than
There is a lot of water in some of
Its course is strewn with wrecks.
It flows thru many communities o:
It is usually rather crooked.
It floats bubbles nicely.
_,      ,.      C1     ���     ��� ... .1    I needn t worry yet
Tne   big   fish   in   it   gobble  up the |
small fry.
11 runs smoothest  where lhe  waters
are deepest.
It abounds with rocks.
Suckers are numerous.
It takes an awful frost to stop it.
Beware of running the rapids.
Trusts are like rivers.
Dam the trusts !
A Sensible Woman
The prince of Wales once called his
sisler, the duchess of Fife, "her royal
shyness," on account of her modest and
retiring disposition. Princess Victoria
is, however, even more retiring, her
overpowering shyness making publicity
quite a martyrdom to her. "I wish 1
were plain Miss Wales, without any-
great title or splendor to keep up,"
once said princess Victoria with a sigh
to her merry sister, princess Charles
oi Denmark.
Needn't Worry
The United States trust magnates
say they are not alarmed about what I
legal steps may be taken to curb their
rapacity. What should they be
alarmed? If they read the president's
speeches they must know that he has
pledged his party against the tariff
remedy, the only way the most of them
can be reached.    Oh,  no!    The   trusts
Catching On in England
The London Times remarks: When
the Chinaman comes into the presence
of   a   white population,   in   a  climate
Christian Civilization
Now lhat the South African war is
over the wages of the blacks have been
reduced from $15.24 under Boer rule
to $6.34 per month under British capitalistic rule. The native chiefs are
being arrested for inciting their tribesmen to go  on strike.     Yes,    we   have
introduced Christian civilization into
South Africa. At least that is what
the sky-pilots call it.
All the Sani3
Trust Magnate���Why don't you   fel-
suited to their requirements and favor-1 lows   ^o   to   work?    Weary   Willie	
able   to  the   full   development of their'Why   don't   you?    Trust   Magnate���1
energies, the most signal   effect   of his
presence is to degrade the lowest  class
of   the   white   community   to his own
level, to lower wages by a  very   undesirable form and degree of competition,
lo reduce the standard of comfort, and,
generally, lie lends lo   become  an  element working  for evil  in   the  society
into  which he   has   been   introduced,
and   lo   which   he   speedily   becomes
hateful.    He is never absorbed into lhe
general population around him,  but  is
always an alien,   worshipping  strange
gods, following strange  customs,  and
believed   to   be   addicted to the most
degrading   vices.     His  personal  filth
exceeds that of the lowest of European
don't have to work���I'm a capitalist !
Weary Willie���Shake! I'm a capitalist,
too. Trust Magnate���What, you! you
don't look like it. Weary Willie���No?
Well, I robbed a blind man awhile
ago, just the same.
The Candidate
Politician���If you expect to be a candidate why don't you come out with a
platform of your principles ? Intending
Candidate���How can I until I know
what kind of principles the people
want ? Only let me know what they
are hankering for, and I'll give it to
them quick enough.
Could Still See the Horrid Man
An English town council is in a slate
of delighted amusement. An old maid
living on the Front wrote to it about
ten days  ago, complaining  of a  man
Whither Are We Drifting ?
An Ayr (Ontario) constable arrested
a lady of thai village for displaying an
attractive pair of ankles. It appears
that to save her skirts from dragging
in a pool of water the lady raised them
slightly and by ibis action so shocked
the modesty of the officer lhat he
run her in.|
This Week
I        AND YOU  WILL
Mmimmm the Papstreak, Sandon, B. C, October 11
Hordes burros, dogs and mules,
Blankets, tents and mining tools,
Scores of young and ancient fools,
On, to Thunder Mountain.
Heavy pistols on their hips,
Mining phrases on their lips,
Fakirs, giving suckers tips,
On, to Thunder Mountain.
Climbing hills like mountain goa'.s,
Dropping ulslers, furs and coals,
Wishing the) could sail in boats,
On, to Thunder Mountain.
Once I saw a lady pack
Ki^his pounds upon her back,
All in ow big gunny sack,
On, to Thunder Mountain.
Heavy mil fits passed her by,
Climbing over mountains high ���
Leaving her to do or die.
On, to Thunder Mountain.
Such i selfish crowd of men
Ma) I never see again!
Miners, thev?    Not one in ten.
On, to Thunder Mountain,
Vet ihey can both do and dare,
And .ne bound to have their share
Ol those castles in lhe air,
I'p in Thunder Mountain.
What a waste of grit and push,
In this frightful, bughouse rush !
Hearts of oak and brains of mush,
On, to Thunder Mountain.
When we reach thc Dewey mine,
That is where we miners shine
And display our talents line,
Up in Thunder Mountain.
For we stand outside and yell:
"Wildcat Dewey, fake, and sell,"
Wi-liing thai we were���ah, well���
Urokf, in Thunder Mountain.
Some men turn their heads to home,
Others, still for placers roam���
Wishing they were in Cape Nome,
Far from Thunder Mountain.
In tlie Klondike I have been,
Where great rushes I have seen;
Hut what surely can it mean;
On, to Thunder Mountain.
Not an ounce of gold in sight,
Not a piece of ore thai might
Shed one truthful ray of light
On this Thunder Mountain.
1 am in the scramble, too,
Striving fiercely lo gel thru,
Dewey's bogus mine to view,
On, to Thunder Mountain.
You ��an buy a pick and pan,
Horse and saddle, and a man,
For a hoho's lump and can,
I'p in Thunder Mountain.
' on who dearly love a snap,
Listen lo my gentle rap,
^r. tjo fall into a trap,
Up in Thunder Mountain.
I rode in wilh cash to spare;
Now I'm hiking oul from here;
And to all 1 say:    "Beware
Of this Thunder Mountain."
One big dollar is the score
���i' a meal that's mighty poor;
But you dare not make a roar
Up in Thunder Mountain.
j ;"'i now both blythe and gay,
In the meadows pitching bay,
Happy to be safe away���
Far from Thunder Mountain.
Neat, Clean and Comfortable Rooms. Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
Accomodations Unexcelled. Best that Money can Buy.
First Class Dining Room Sernice.
American and European Plan.
lhe salmoneaters of Westminster
won two of the three games of lacrosse
P'siyed with lhe frogeaters of Montreal.
Mulock and the Flower Girl
They are telling a good story in London of Sir William Mulock. the sedate
and scholarly gentleman who combines
the duties of trustee of the university of
Toronto wilh those of Canadian posl-
masler-general. Walking along the
Strand with a di>linguished London
lawyer, Sir Willian was inveighing
fiercely against English ignorance of
Canada. The lawyer pooh-poohed Sir
William's assertions. "Very well,"
said the Canadian postmaster-general,
"we will ask the next three people we
meet if they have ever heard of Canada."
The three they met were all Londoners.
The first answered "No." The second,
an old man, said that he had been
round London very near to sevent\
years and he knew it was nowhere
near the Strand. In his mosl amiable
manner, Sir William then accosted a
cockney Bower girl. She looked as
tho she might have been at a board
school, so the Canadian minister altered
his question, and asked her if she was
familiar with Otlawa. " Familiar
with who?" she replied. "You just go
along or I'll smack your dirty face."
This is the season of the year when
you should order your Winter
Garments. Good Tailoring: at our
Shop does not cost you any more
than poor Tailoring* in some other.
An Obsolete Idea
My dear, said the gentleman with
gold-rimmed glasses can you recite
Mary had a Little Lamb ? No, answered the little girl, who also wore
gold-rimmed glasses. The poem has i
Hi tie or no literary value, and its spirit
is contrary to our modern institutions.
Since the organization of the meat
trust, Mary would be lucky to get a
chop, without assuming proprietorship
of the entire animal.
ffialcpon Wot Springs
Zhe Summer Wesort of the
'HE medical waters of Halcyon
iV are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and depart every Day.
Telegraph communication with all
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
| ....Sandon Steam Laundry.... |
I           re-opened |
I   |
I In the Old Stand,   -   Under New Management ��
5   |
8 Strictly  first class work guaranteed.    Collection *
8 and delivery promptly attended to. J
SI   ��
ti ��s
8 Your trade is solicited. Terms strictly cash. J
8   8
8 TYO & LOGAN, Proprietors 5
Neto York Brewry
Torogood & Bruder, Proprietors.
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer
Special attention given to our rapidly increasing
bottle trade. Give it a trial. Both of us will
make by it. We a little. You much. Let us
hear from you. Telephone, 24, Denver and
Silverton.    Worden  Bros.,  agents, Slocan  City
Sandon        -        -   -   British Columbia Vbe papetreak, Sandon, ��. C, October 11
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Chuip on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription   ....   $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams,    -   Publisher and Proprietor.
Coal Strike and 3ts memedp
The first low rumblings of the
great storm which must some day
break upon the great American republic
are heard in United States. Pennsylvania is a garrisoned camp. Her
people are in a state of rebellion.
Coal can be extracted only under arms.
Millions ot homes are cheerless and
fireless. The gaunt spectre of famine
hovers over half the republic. Mills
are idle, factories shut down, cold and
destitution reign. A hundred and
sixty-five thousand coal miners have
laid down their tools to demand their
rights. Capital and labor are involved
in the greatest industrial struggle of
modern times. What will be the
Experience  has  proven   that the
coal barons are no more to  be  trusted
with the fuel supply of a million homes
than would a band of timber wolves to
herd   sheep.    The   economic   system
which appoints such men as Baer and
Truesdale (or any men,   for that   matter) the custodians of the nation's happiness is wrong on the face of it.     It is
just as insane   to give these  men  the
control of the fuel supply  and   permit
then to name the  terms on   which   it
shall be mined as it would be  to  give
them the right, title and ownership of
the earth, the water and the air.    The
folly  of it all is so obvious as to be
patent to anyone.   Carried to its logical
conclusion   it  means  that no one can
live in the coal  country  except   under
sufferance of the coal  barons and   no
one  can   burn  coal   except    by   their
The system is itself inherently
wrong; consequently it cannot live.
If the present industrial struggle does
not upset it and start off a new one, it
will lead to a greater struggle at some
future time. In the end the system
must fall. No man can be greater
than the whole people. No group of
men can be greater than the nation.
When the final struggle comes the
group will have to pass up to the
State ownership operation and
control of the coal mines is the only
solution of the coal  strike.    Turning-
the Lehigh into an armed camp and
extracting coal under arms is no settlement. All the armies of all the nations
on earth can not make a vested right
of an economic wrong. There is no
power, legal or military, that can alter
the truth. And the truth of the whole
matter is that the coal was put in the
ground by an Almighty God for the
use of the whole people. Laws, titles,
vested interests, capitalistic organizations, or any other agencies which
purpose to subvert this great truth
must eventually be brushed aside. If
the people of United States have a
conception clear enuf to see the truth
now they will take over the mines and
work them for the state. If they fail
in this they lay up a larger stock of
trouble for themselves in future. .
Ontario's mural ^Journalism
Ontario newspapers  are  setting
up   a   howl   because   magazines   and
newspapers  from   United   States   are
cutting in on their  trade.    This   howl
is emitted as a roast   on   the Canadian
people for reading sensational Yankee
literature, but it works the other way.
It    is   a    boomerang    on    Canadian
journalism.    Canada has a  bum lot of
newspapers,   and    Ontario    has    the
rockiest   galaxy   in   the     Dominion.
Journalism in the agricultural regions
of   Ontario   is   simply    vile.      Party
politics has reduced Ontario editors to
the   level   of   sycophants    and    mud
slingers, adoring their own  party  and
detesting the other fanatically.    With
very few exceptions we have yet to discover   one  spark  of originality or  a
trace of genius, thot or ability  in the
whole string  of country   papers  that
disgrace Ontario.    Their news service,
as well as  their editorial department,
is  something  awful.    Quacks,   boiler
plate and patent insides take the place
of news, and ninety-nine out of a hundred Ontario newspapers are  botched
and   pan-noodled   in  a   manner   that
should lead to the afrest of the editor.
Pay for subscription  is taken  in anything  moveable  from   tombstones   to
turnip seed.    Ads are  convertible into
orders   on the country store,   and the
printers get their pay in tickets to the
church social and orders on   the  harness   shop   or   the   brickyard.     The
editor   is   generally    regarded    as   a
parasite on the community, who has to
be kept  at  the public  expense.    He
usually lacks ability to make his presence valuable to the town he lives  in,
or his paper worth  reading.    Ontario
printers, as a rule, get  rat wages  and
they do rat work.    Not one paper out
of twenty carries the label or pays the
scale.     Typographically   they   are   a
regular abortion.    The ads in most of
them would give a sign fence painter
the nightmare.
These are the papers which do the
most kicking about sensational Yankee
journalism. Many of them want a
duty placed on American papers and
some of them even advocate restricting
their sale. Instead, the great hulk of
Ontario editors should be fined for
indecent exposure.
Andrew Carnegie says there is
no name so sweet to him as "Andy."
He says: "When I go to Pittsburg
some of the old railroad men in the
yards come up to me and say, 'How-
are you, Andy ?' When thev do that
I feel like saying, 'Here's my pocket
book." But there seems to be a wide
gulch between what Andy feels like
saying and what he does.
General Booth of the Salvation
Army is in the United States conducting meetings. In New York Pierp
Morgan was chairman of his meeting,
and in Cleveland Mark Hanna. Fellow convicts, let us pray.
The entertainment of Prince Hank
during his flying visit to the United
States cost $1,275,000. That money
could be used in a much better way
now in helping the striking miners in
Pennsylvania. , *
Barroom brawls and disgraceful
fights, in which men are pounded into
unconsciousness, in the presence ot a
gang, are among the more dignified
and respectable features of the Montana state election.
A national memorial will be
erected in London to the late Cecil
Rhodes. The next thing we'll be
hearing is that a national monument is
to be erected for Mr. Harry Tracy.
The latter was not as big an assassin
as Rhodes.
A fatal duel has occurred in
Franee, but neither principal was a
Frenchman. One was Niecengelweicz
and rhe other Belkenceikwicz. iney
are supposed to have used then names
as weapons.
Alphonso,   the   batty    king   W
Spain, is going to visit America, in tne
hope of finding  something  lively.   *
the   Yankees   cannot fill  the aching
void the only sensation left to Alphonso ���
is that furnished by suicide.
The Toronto  Globe   thinks the
present prosperity in the east will
two or three  years  longer,     inarm >
awfully.    There is no  reason  wny
should not be permitted to lastfoove^
Sandon is richer than Now Yofk.
She has coal to burn. Ml
the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, October 11
The campaign at Dawson between
ex-governor Ross and Joe Clark is
getting to be a hot one. The machine
element is behind Ross with all the
money necessary and Clark must be
beaten at any cost; otherwise the
Klondike will be represented by an
independent man and the whole Yukon
administration with its record office
and mounted police corruption will be
shown up. Some of the Yukon
judges stood in with the gamblers last
summer and got a rakeoff for permitting the games to run. Clark showed
them up in the Klondike Miner, and
the judges put him in jail for contempt
of court. Unless Ross and the Sifton
machine can down Clark at the election
it will l?e much the best for these
judges to resign and change their
In the meantime a property that would
otherwise be a great producer is tied
up and Sandon is thereby deprived of
a large payroll and an extensive
The delinquent tax sales will add
a few dollars to the provincial treasury
and also help the financial standing of
the papers that are publishing them.
The Cube Lode and Cody Fraction case is proving how tangled the
mining law can become when a gang
of champerty lawyers get a chance at
it. The case has been in litigation
since 1896, and if the court follows the
dilatory methods adopted in the Clark
and Collom case and the Sandon
townsite case, the Cube Lode and Cody
Fraction case will soon be so tangled
up that it will never be straitened out
before Gabriel blows the golden horn.
Get your money up on zinc and
get in on the ground floor of the big
boom. Slocan is not only the richest
white metal camp on earth, but it is
due to become the greatest zinc producer on the North American continent. The silver values in Slocan
zinc alone are worth more than the
total net returns of Joplin ore.
A million dollars reward awaits
the company of capitalists which will
build an up to date zinc smelter in the
gas belt at Medicine Hat. The reward
will be paid in legitimate profits on an
industry in which there is no chance to
According to the Montreal Star
Quebec will go conservative by a big
majority next election. Perhaps it
will. Quebec occasionally takes a
notion to be painfully grit.
Zinc prices are going up in London and zinc percentages are going
down in Missouri. Slocan will take
the zinc route to prosperity.
Cattle are down in price, and
soap has gone up. This is joyful
news to meat eaters and hoboes.
The anthracite coal strike situation
remains practically unchanged, being
still in eastern Pennsylvania.
Pierp Morgan is now the father
of a greater country than Chris Columbus ever dreamed of.
Free coinage of coal is the popular cry in New York this week, where
it costs $16 for 1 ton.
Laurier has sailed for home. He
expects to do a little housecleaning
when he arrives.
A few sets of blue papers were
issued locally this week. With the
snow coming on so soon, it is kind of
hard for the boys to lose their homes.
Zinc advanced 7s. 6d. in London
this week. May it rise till it reaches
the rafters.
Buy zinc and wear diamonds.
V. A. KLElNSCHrilDT, Proprietor
Rates Moderate.
Accommodations Good
Dining Room Equal to
Any in the City	
New Fall...
Of the Very Latest Style and the Very
Finest Quality of Suitings and Pant-
ings have recently been received
Heating  and Cook Stoves,  Ranges   Etc.
Tinsmithing and Plumbing.
I.    1. 'i '   i. *"
j*****.* the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, October 11
If I can live
To make some pale face brighter and
lo give
A second lustre to some tear-dimmed
Or e'en impart
One   throb of comfort  to an  aching
Or   cheer   some   way-worn soul   in
passing by.
if I can lend
A strong hand lo the fallen, or  defend
The  right  against a single envious
My life, though bare
Perhaps of much that seemeth dear and
To us on earth, will not have been in
The purest joy,
Most near lo heaven, far  from  earth's
Is bidding clouds  give  way  to  sun
and shine,
And 'twill be well
If on that day ol" days the angels tell
Of me:    "She did her best for one of
Price of Pig Lead at London Since 1880.
Of Interest to Lead Miners.
Every community has a certain number of croakers. There are plenty ol
men today who will tell you that the
price of lead was never so low as at lhe
obtain there is less robbery under legal
forms than elsewhere. In 1872 a
general mining law with certain local
privileges was passed, and we do not
think or believe that the history of
jurisprudence will show as much
bribery, corruption, perjury and downright brazen robbery as followed the
operation of that law up to 1894.
Yet with all its evil, lhe prospeclor and
miner has been almost a generation
working under il, he has followed the
rulings, decisions, etc., until now he
can barely protect his interest without
consulting an expensive attorney or a
purchasable expert.���San Francisco
Mining Engineer.
Fal.se Utterances
No man is more roundly abused today
in British Columbia than Kdmunn B.
Kirby, manager of the War Eagle and
Center Star mines at Rossland. Strange
to say, the abuse is not coming from
labor organizations, but from men who
are seldom in sympathy with labor
organizations. The false anil pessimistic utterances of Mr. Kirby are
having widespread circulation and are
doing lhe province no end of harm.
Altho his utterances were known lo be
false and pessimistic, Mr. Kirby '-
associates in lhe Canadian Mining Institute had not the courage lo repudiate
and refute them, and they were allowed
lo go forth as the views of not only Mr.
vxTSTttinrfim inmnrmnr
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands,
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
the    Mining   Trade.
present   lime,   and   that   there is   no
possible chance of it  ever rising again.   H\m,yt but of the  eminent   gentlemen
As  a  matter  of fact in the years 1893  who compose the Canadian Mining In
and 1894 lead was down much lower
than at the present time, and yet it
rose again. Lead miners will be interested in the following table, whi.-h,
taken from the Mining Industry of the
United Stales, gives the average price
of pig lead at London since 1880:
Year                                        �� s. d.
1880  16 6 9
1881   18 19 9
18S2   14 7 3
1883 ;  12 18 o
1884 j  11 6 o
1885 j  11 10 o
i8rtb ;....:  13 4 6
1887....;. 12   17    6
1888 j  13   18    3
1889 ;...... 10    o   10
1890 1,..;  13 7 10
1891 j  12 8 10
1892 > ....'.  10 15 1
1893 ...'....     9 18 6
1894     9 12 o
1895  11 0 0
i8q6  11 6 o
1897  12 o o
1898  13 3 o
1899...  13 18 6
1900  13 4 o
1901.'  11 10 6
As It Is  Today
0 Law is the rule of action. It should
be the essence of common sense. Laws
' should be few in number and easily understood and interpreted, not by the
few, but by lhe mass whose industries
or lives are affected by them. Previous
to 1872 miners formulated their own
district laws, suited to local conditions,
and never have rights of common
miners and prospectors been so rigidly
conserved as under those old local
ordinances, and  where such  laws yet
stitute. From this time on thai scientific body will be as discredited as the
late Mine Owners' Association was before ils timely demise.���Nelson Tribune.
Sleepy Canadians
VV7. F. McCreary of Winnipeg  earnestly advocates trie advantages offered
by the west.     "Ever, thing is all right,"
he says.    "It   is   to  be regretted that
eastern Canadians are not in touch with
the great development that is going on
in the west, and   aware   ol the   money
that   is   being   made   by   Americans.
Rossland   and   the   Yukon,    in    their
palmy days, were exploited  by  Americans and millions of dollars   taken   out
of them before Canadians awakened to
the fact that there  was  any   money in
it. The same thing is occurring today on
the Canadian prairies.
Under capable management
Will be open day and night.    Meals on the
Short Order and American Plan.
MEAL   TICKETS,   $5.00....
"What is your rule of business���your
maxim," we ask of the Wall street
baron. "Very simple," he answered.
"1 pay for something thai I can't get,
with money that 1 haven't got, and then
sell what I never had for more than it
ever cost."'
w The    Best    Short    Order    House   in   the   City
G. II. MURHARD, Proprietor
Folliott & McMillan
Dealers in Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast Flooring and Joint Finishing
Lumber, Moulding, etc. Sash and
Doors on Hand or to order. Jobbing
promptly attended to.
Factory on Main Street
The only up/to>date Summer
Resort in the Slocan. ��fr ^ ��k
Henry Stege    -    -    -    Proprietor.
Notary Seals, Stencils,
Price Markers,PrintinK
Wheels, . Numbering
Machinos,1)an<l Dating
& Numbering Stamps,
Wax Souis,'Check Perforators, Rubber Type.
��� Crown Printing Presses
etc., etc.. Your patron-
ago respectfully solicited.'
H.     J.     FRANKLIN
Vancouver,    >    B. C.
^^^^^    Shop
Is the best Tonsorial  Estatj
lishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral Building Main 51, the Papstreak, Sandon, B. C, October 11
Kiss yo' han' ter trouble���
Dat what dem singers say;
Hut dat won'l do,
I sez to you���
Can't kiss dat thing away!
Fer trouble
Ain't no bubble���
Hit's one long, rainy day!
FngllHh Laws
In 1363 a law was enacted in England t'1 regulate the diet and apparel of
laborers. The price to be paid for
cloth for said apparel was also regulated
bylaw. It took 300 years lo abolish
this law.    Think of thai, labor men !
How is this one���enforced in 1646:
"The poor may be whipped to death
and branded lor rogues, and so become
felons by the law, and the next time
hanged lor vagrancie, before any
private man will set them to work, or
provide houses for labor, and stock and
materials for them." And yet we have
a number of preachers who say lhat
"the poor ye have always wilh you."
SEALED TENDERS or bids for the entire
stock in trade of R. B Patterson will lie re-
ceived up to Monday, the 18th instant. The
stuck may lie inspected by intending pur-
chafers at the Stein block, Sandon, B C, and
copies of the inventory of the s*ock may be
had at tlie office of F. L, Christie, Sandon.
B C, to whom all bids are to be  addressed.
Terms of sale cash.
The highest or any bid not necessarily
Hated this 3rd day of October. liKW.
S. P. TUCK, Sheriff.
Application for Liquor License.
Of Vancouver, B. C. Merchants,
Formerly of Sandon, B. C,  Merchant,
lefen hint
To the defendant, R. H. Pa i"AttflOM
Take notice that Kelly, Douglas & Company
of Vancouver have issued a writ of attachment
against you and have attached all the real
estate, credits and effects belonging to you in |
the city of Sandon, B.C., which said writ is
issued out of the County Court of Kootenay,
holden at Nelson, and dated the 7th day of
August, 1!N)2, and is to satisfy a certain debt
of >3 4 IB. and the said honorahle court has by
order, dated Hud Sepseinber, 1808, ordered the
notice to lie published lor four successive
issues in The Sandon I'ay.streak newspaper;
and you are required by the said order, within
twenty-one days after the last publication
hereof, to appear to the ��aid writ, and in default of your api>earance the plaintiffs may
proceed as if the said writ had 1 een personally
served upon you, and judgment may be given
in your absence.
You may appear to the said writ by causing
special bail to lie entered for you in the office
of  the   Registrar  of   the   County   Court  of
Kootenay, holden at Nelson.
Dated this 88th day of September, A D., 1808.
Solicitor for Plaintiffs.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from .late hereof we intend to apply to the
License Commissioners of the City of Sandon
fora license to sell liquor by retail on the
premises known as the Balmoral saloon,
Main street, Sandon.
. Dated at Sandon Miis 1st day of Octol ei,ld(tt.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay DL.tr lot. Where located: About
one mile from Sandon, on Ruth Mountain.
[AhE NOTICE that  I, K. M   Sandilands'
acting a�� agent for Rot art McTuggert Certifl"
l;,"Ni. I!:i;.|:u. ���,���! a. Scott. Certificate No"
n.s.is.,, intend, sixty days Irom the date hereof,
"���'I'i'U to the Mining Recorder lor a CortiiP
J"!80' bnprovements.for the purpose of oh.
,l'ninK n Crown Grant of the above claims
��� vi.I !\,ither take notice that action, under
*''<'��� inn  .17,   most   be  commenced  before the
��u men ot buoIi Certificate of Improvements
' uteu this Un day of October, iUttt.
Certificate ol" Improvements
situate in theSIooan Mining Division of Wast
Kootenay District.    Where   located :   On
Cody Creek, about two and one-half| miles
from Sandon.
TAKE  NOTICE that I, E.  11. Sandilands,
CertiticateNo.Bti.i2U, act ing as agent for W G-
ClarkFree Miner's Certificate No. BQ8870, intend, sixty days from date  hereof  to  apply
to the Mining Recorder for a   Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
>i Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action   under
-.ection   87   must   be  commenced before   the
Issuance of such Certificates of Improvements
Dated this 85th dav ol September, A  D. PH>2.
Certificate of Improvements.
situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay   District    Where located.     On
Washington   wagon   road,  about    three
ini as from McGuigan.
TAKE NoTICE  that  I,   David   Stevenson
Wailhri Igc. acting as agent, for S.K.Green,
Free Miner s Certificate No. B51481, and J. Y\ -
Power.   Free   Miner's Certificate   No. B5.KU7,
intend,   sixty  days   from   the   date   hereof,
to npplv to'the Mining Recorder for a Certificate ol Improvements, lor the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section Hi. must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of duly, A D_'�������
)���_. D. S. W ALLBRlUGUi.
Certificate of Improvements
Situote in the Slocan  Mining   Division  of
�� "st. Kootenay District.   Where located:
inn    .���1,orth,, lo,k of Carpenter creek, five
Ta ��� ta&gg Three Forks.
us uV^��"CE that I, W. D. Mftckay.aot.lng
Mi .1.5!t,),orAv'llllur A   Heudryx, special Free
Minor*'r^F0**^4868'  ���'���  0   Regan,  Free
Free M^L','tlllir,'^eB6��ii��, Willard H Stimson,
TrenW '17s   Certificate   Bh**1,  and   Alice
ten    ,')', r,,,e Miners'  Certificate B68.164. In-
the Mi,Yi,y �� ys fr.om (,,it�� hereof, to apply to
prove   . !? ll?cor��l?r for ft Certificate of lul
ling a
provem. . ?��� 7 iT ,or tt v��wwoaie o
An   n V l ofit,.'e Hboveolaim.
teet   , i ther *��ke notice that action under
sal I C ,'t i "lV  "? *lvko" before the issuance of
Dated tbtCaitei ��  ImPr��>vements.
HTu<l thl�� *th day of October, 1808.
ToC.S Fulls or any .person   or persons  to
whom he muv have assigned his interest in Idw
OK No i Mineral Claim, situated on Seaton
creek and about two miles from Hiree *orks,
!nni ui orded in the Recorder's Office for the
%11S"notified that we the UUdeN
Mineral Act, and i   w gj| 0r refuse to
the d. te ol tn s iuh       ; h ndl.
rmtrS liTw t��� all costs of advertising,
ture,.together wnn��l become the
vourinteivst mi s   ��Uum . ^
1SStf ���%a��P*? Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, 1800." TAMBg LOWDON
Dated at Sandon this 8Bth day of July, 1902.
If you happen to raise a thirst you cah
satiate it at the Kootenay hotel.
Repairing Shoes
It takes a scientist
at his business to
make old shoes look
like new.
Try Louis...
The Shoeist
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $i per month ; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
DR. W. E. OOMM,   Attendant Physictan.
J. H. M<;NEILL, Pres. Hospital Board.
I. O. O. F.
Meetings in the Union Hail every Friday
Evening at 7:80. Visiting Brethern coidially
invited to attend.
Secretary Vice Orand.
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Drinks
pf all kinds.
A. F. & A. M,
Regular Communication held first Triors
day in each month in Masonic Hall at 8 I' M
Sojourning brethern are cordially invited to
JAMES M. BARTON, Secretary,
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings write or wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,  Sandon  Miners'   Union
Sandon, B. G.
F. L. Christie,
L. L. B.,
Sandon Cartage Co.
Mcpherson & hurley.
Express, Baggage,
and Cartage.
Delivery to all  Parts of the City.
ft; r J lie
M. L.  Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
B. C.
Established lftits.
Sandon. B. 0-
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Stocks bought and sold. General agent for Slocan Properties
Promising Prospects for Sale.
From Fort William,   the  favorite   summer
route to all eastern points.
For St.   Paul.   Duluth,   Sault   Ste   Marie
Chicago, etc.
Through Tourist Sleeping Cars
Leaves Dunmore Junction daily for St. Paul;
Kootenav Landing Tuesday and Saturday for
Toronto,'Montreal and all eastern points.
Leaves Revelstoke   daily   for   Seattle   and
VThroSgh bookings to Europe via all Atlantic
��� Prepaid tickets at lowest rates issued from
���4SSBTMparticulars apply to local
agents or
R. B. McOammon.
Agent. Sandon
J. S. Carter        E. J. Coyle,
D. P. A. A. G. P. A.,
Nelson, B. C. Vancouver, B.C.
��������� '.'
I the papstreak, Sandon, B. C> October 11
He used to send her roses;
He sent them every hour.
But now they're married, and he sends
Her home a cauliflower.
An Editor's Reflection
A highway rohber is a prince compared to the fellow who, in the guise of
friendship, will take a drunken man's
money at gambling. Such a fellow
will generally die in the gutler and
furnish a feast for the flies, while his
soul poisons the ozone of hell with its
vile presence.���New Denver Ledge.
Accident at Whitewater
What might have proved a fatal
accident occurred last Monday afternoon
al Whitewater, as Mr. Wheeler and his
family were coming from the Whitewater mine on a wagon, intending to
go to Spokan. On the way down the
team ran away, throwing Mrs. Wheeler
down the mountain side. Altho she-
was badly bruised and shaken no
serious results are anticipated.
You will Find Them Superior to   Pills.
We Guaranlee them to Give Satisfaction
A Great Man
Chief Justice Gordon Hunter, who is
holding   court   at   Nelson for the first
time,   on   his   arrival   was    cordially
greeted by a number of old-time friends.
He and   D.   Mark  Carley   worked together   al   odd   limes  in  Victoria, al
composing   dramas   and   poems   that
were   never   put  on  the  stage   or in
books; and be and Dr. Quintan studied
Latin and Greek in the same  school at
Brantford, Ontario, when  they were so
small   that   the   teacher could  wallop
them both al once.    It   is   not  so long
since the chief justice and the editor of
the Tribune discussed schemes  on  the
James Bay bridge that, had  they  been
carried out, would   have  either  bankrupted   the   province   or   made  it an
eldorado.     Now Mr. Hunter has a life
position of $5,000 a year as the head of
the highest court in the  province,   and
the other three are  rustling   to   make
boih   ends   meet.      Such    is    life.���
Nelson Tribune
Dandruff, Promotes the
Growth of the Hair and
Clears the Scalp.
Zavge SBottle 50c
It Will Cure Rheumatism.     If it Does
Not Give You Satisfaction we
Will Refund Your
Vied Cross Bvug Stove.
Cftemistanb Bvuggist
.   try
Denver   h
35 cents.
i Potcdcr, Fuse
Groceries, General
Mine Supplies
Boston Comedy Co'y
and Amusing.
Just returned from a successful Australian tour.
Admission 50 and 75 cents
Reserved seats at the  Red
Cross Drug Store.
The Largest Stock in
the Slocan
Discount for Car Lots
or any Heaoy Order.
Underclothes for Men
A fine line of reliable gooJs for the
Autumn trade.
Fall Hats
The most recent styles and shapes in
beadware at prices to suit the times.
Read to Wear Clothing
Superior in many respects to the best
customs made suits, al a fraction of
the price.
We are Not in
The Merger....
Prices    have    not    advanced   at
We are  giving: better discounts than
ever on Hotel and Mine Camp orders.
The Hunter-Kendrick Company, Limited
p. Burns & Co.
fbead Office,
Kelson, B.C.
3f! t*5
TsZeco Bvenue,
Sandon, B.C.
Bealers 3n
of all
I**?"*-.""*- vvA^m*^*-*.**,, ���


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