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The Paystreak Dec 21, 1901

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# pafstkeaa:.
#00ft 6
Sandon, Becember 21, 1901
Chapter 13
Concentrated Zocalite.
Rossland   has shut oil" the gambling.
This is the Christinas Number of The
The Rambler has over a hundred
men working.
Mr. and Mrs. VV. F. l)u Bois will
reside in Nelson.
j.  i).   McLaughlin   is   spendinj
holiday in Seattle. H	
Mayor York will run for a second
term in Slocan City.
\\*. VV. Warner is shipping ore from
lhe Wonderful again. ���
t'lco. Alexander of Kaslo was a visitor
ii the city yesterday.
The K&.S will build a section house
at the old i ayne siding.
The Arlington mine has shipped
MOO ions of ore this year.
The Benefit Ball in the Union Hall
is the event ol Christmas night.
Andrew lirierson is keeping the books
for the Minnesota Silver Company.
The Minnesota Company shipped
three cars of concentrates this week.
A David visited his Slocan City
agency on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Lead   is   ji to, 7s., bd., in    London
Rambler-Cariboo stock i�� up around
65 tents. It is the favorite Slocan
slock and should reach the dollar mark
before spring.
A lund of $242.25 was raised at the
Payne tor Louis Miller. The men put
up $142.25 and the company gave a
check for $100.
There is only one  crop garnered  in
this region which depends  on   climatic
conditions���the ice crop.    Slocan never
Iliad a crop failure.
A strike of 3000 ounce ore has been
made on the Ottawa group at Slocan
city. The foot of the lake folks are
excited about the find.
Jack    Manning,    "Black    Scotty,"
Bob Marshall and Angus McLeod have
taken a contract to sink a winze from
the No. 5 at the Payne.
Prof. Parks spent several days in
town this week. It is understood that
he is retained by the Byron N. White
Co in the Rabbit Paw case.
The Payne and lhe Last Chance are
both adding to their forces. The payroll on either of the properties is gel-
ting up near the hundred mark.
Maurice Gintzberger went over to
Kaslo again yesterday in connection
with the smelter   deal.     He   says   that
everything looks favorable so far.
Hall   Mines stock  is  advancing  in
According to the Victoria Times Joe
Martin is going to contest Victoria
igainst E. V. Bodwell.
Lardeau mine ownes are packing ore
to Twin Falls, the winter terminus of
the Arrowherd &   Kootenay Railway.
There are only 74 names on Sandon's
civic voters list. The nominatiions will
he on the 13th of January and election
on the ibth. The council will hold one
more meeting on the first Monday in
Payne slock is down to 14 cents. A
fine body of ore is being opened up
below the No. 5 level. The chute now
shows in lhe winze 3^ feet wide.
When stoping is commenced on this
chute and the mill is completed, shipments will he heavy and Payne slock
will go up.
The curling season is in full swing
and this week the prsident vs vice-president games were played. After a
hard contest M. L. Grim met, the president, won defeating N. J. Cavanaugh
(vice-president) teams by six points in
four games played.
A freight train ran away on the Spokan Falls and Northern on Wednesday.    The locomotive and   twelve  cars
of the
l&ow "Iklondike"  applied.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   were smashed to  scrap.    None
All C. P. R. agents in local  territory I trainmen were injured, altfio tlie  train
iilver is 55 '���
in  (New York.
Dr. A. Milloy   will be   in  the Slocan
again duting the first week in January.
Charles CCliffe joined  the Socialist
Club at its last meeting.     Oh, Gawd !
H. E,  Chipman   was   in  town this
week fixing up the provincial assessment.
The   Sandon   Curling   Club  is much
strugerthis winter than it ever has been
he tore.
Owing to discords   which
are   not
a  band.
musical, Sandon   is   without
This, is sad.
George Petty of Three Forks
of the Monitor mine,  will   spend   the
winlei in Yakima.
|. Ci. Macdonald left on Monday for
Smart Mountain, P. E. L, to spend
Christmas at home.
Mrs. H. Compeau and Mrs, N.J.
Cavanaugh left on Monday for Applelon
Wis. 10 visit friends.
New Denver K. oi P's will hold their
installation of officers ceremony on
Monday, January bth.
The Goodenough has proclaimed a
dividend of one cent a share and promises another on January 15.
The skating season opened on Tuesday evening and the first hockey practice took place on Wednesday.
Frank, Alberta, a new town on the
Crow's Nest railroad has been made a
flag station for passenger trams,
:hool conceit
The program  for the
on Monday night has been prepared am
a good entertainment will be  provided.
The rhvmatic, flowing language oi
the picturesque mule skinner now
wakes the sombre echoes of the snow-
clad hills. The rawhide season is in
full swine
issue   return   tickets at   tare   and
third   for lhe   round trip  on Ded
23,   24,  25,   30, Jan. 1st, good   to   return till Jan. 3.
There will be a turkey shoot on the
flat below the Minnesota concentrator
pn Tuesday and Wednesday, the 24th
and 25th. Ii will be a rifle competition
open to all comers.
The Christmas number Of lhe Toronto Mail-, mpire is in eleven different
languages. We have not read it all
yet. The Cree and Sareee sections are
intensely interesting.
Robinson Lumber Co's boat on
Arrowhead Thompson's Landing run
will in future make one trip a day only.
Leaving Arrowhead 10 a.m., returning
arrive Arrowhead 2 p. m.
Dedication services were held in the
Methodist church last Sunday. A. M.
Sanford oi Rossland held the pulpit.
A social was given by the ladies of the
church on Monday evening.
The newspapaper element of Sandon
has issued a challenge to play hockey
against the universe. Andrew Walter
Grierson is busy rustling up a learn to
meet them on Christmas Day.
The Spokan manipulators have been
at work on the American Boy stock and
beat it down to 5 cents, but il quickly
reacted and is now on the rise, having
reached 7 cents. American Boy is
good at that price.
A molybdanite vein is being worked
with satisfactory results on Lemon
creek. There is a good deal of this
metal about the head of Ten Mile and
Carpenter creeks but so far it has received little attention.
The Christmas rates on the K&S are
fare and one third, good going December 23rd. to 25 th. and returning until
fanuary 3 rd. For New Years the
same rates are in force, going December 30  th. and returning January 1 st.
reached a speed oi 100 miles an hour
before it piled itself up into kindling
at the foot of the grade.
J. C, r aton, formerly oi the While-
water, is spending the winter in Oakland, California. Mr. and Mrs.
Eaton have spent two years travelling
in United States and Canada and say
that they are now about half done
touring America, after which they will
visit Europe. "Joe" made a home-
stake when he sold the Whitewater and
he is spending it wisely.
The   brown dog   is   gone.    He   has
quit    the   printing   palace   cold.     He
came to   us from beyond   the   horizon,
an Ishmaelite from   the regions of the
unknown, unheralded and   unannounced, with a   history   mysterious   and   a
past life dark.    Only a  little   white aluminum tag with the mystic   numbers
"27" served as a clue   to   his  ideality
and a guarantee oi his previous standing in canine society.     Like a phantom
he has vanished as   he  came.    He has
pulled his freight for other   parts.    No
more he seeks his   favorite   haunts beside The Paystreak   stove.    We  never
learned the  sad story   of his   life, but
the pathetic look oi those tired   brown
eyes told an eloquent tale oi a mysterious painful past.     May   he   always   be
lucky enuf   to   rustle   a   hand out   of
beef bones and   find a   camping   place
behind some blushing, red hot stove.
Percy VV. Johnston,   alias   Klondike,
is secretary   of   the   Sandon   Socialist
club.     He is also a scientific packer and
rawhide transportation agent.    Recently he heard that   a   knowledge  of the
applied science of the   diamond   hitch
fetched fancy figures  in   South   Africa
and, garnishing his practical knowledge
of mule-skinning   with   the   beautiful
literary   descriptiveness   which     could
emanate only from a Trinity college finish, he collaborated   an  application so
dashing as to make Kitchener's mobile
colums look like  thirty cents compared
to what they would be if equipped with
one of the Slocan pattern of pack-mule
Spasm Two. ��� Klondike attended a
socialist meeting and took the minutes.
Spasm Three. ��� Klondike produced a
large roll of manuscript at the next
socialist meeting to read the minutes���
and, oh ! ye gods ! ! Kitchener has the
minutes and the socialists have the
Prologue. ��� Important changes of
policy are expected at the war office.
A campaign of brotherly love will undoubtedly be inaugurated when Kitch
claps his opalescent orbs on those
Moral. ��� Klondike is not Irish. He
only comes from Dublin,
mule Skinners for South
R A Winearls has sent word to parties
in the city that he will be in Sandon
next week to recruit a contingent of
packers for service in South Africa.
He proposes to take an outfit of experienced men who will be able to add
mobility to Kitcheners flying columns
and instruct Thomas Atkins in the
science of the diamond hitch. He is in
Nelson at present and has already received twenty applications, mostly from
Slocan points. The pay will be $5 a day
for head packers and $3 a day for suds.
He will find no difficulty in raising a
corps of experienced men around Sandon.
White   Companp    Mppeal
.The Byron N. White Company,
owners of the Slocan Star mines, have
entered an appeal against the order of
inspection granted a few days ago to
the Star Mining Company by the chief
justice at Rossland. The appeal will
be heard on the 7th of January at
Ibospital mews.
The Hospital has six patients under
its roof this week. There no new
patients in the institution. Bert Conn-
ley who came down from the Rambler
With rheumatism has gone over to
James Weeks, who has been in with
typhoid for several weeks, left for his
home in Three Forks on Wednesday.
William Tattrie who has had a
siege of bronchitis, was discharged
yesterday. the papstreak, Sanadon,   B. C, Becember 21.
Wochep Motes.
The Winnipeg Vies have accepted a
challenge from the Wellingtons of
Toronto. This makes four teams in
the Stanley Cup competition, the Winnipeg Vies, the Wellingtons, the Montreal Victorias and the Dawson City-
Roy Clothier, who played with the
Columbias of Rossland last winter, is in
Sandon and will put in a few shifts with
the cyclone arresters here.
Nelson hockey players are trying to
form a city league.
The Montreal Victorias will play two
games in New York on Christmas,
againtt the Crescents and the New
York Sevens.
The Canadian Amateur Athletic Union threatens to taboo many of the Can
adians who are going over to New
York and Pennsylvania for the winter.
It is claimed that they are accepting
bonuses and fat jobs for going across
the line, and consequently are in the
professional class.
To A. R. Porter.J. R. Cameron or any partial
bO whom A. R. Porter.or I It Cuiiu-ron limy
haw  transferred intenlit >��r interest* In the
Pamlmloo and Bell Mineral olaima, aifoatad
n.'ur Cody, and recorded i", Mm Beoordar'e
ollice of tlie Slocan minim: -li\ ision.
You lire  hereby   notitit-.l that   I.  Philip J,
Mickey, acting at agant for J. D. Varrall and
Voiney I). Williamson have oaniedtottaexpended one hundred dollar- each in labor and
improvement* ttpon the above mentioned
mineral claims under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, and if within ninety day>
from the date of this notice you fail to
contribute your portion of inch axpodituro,
together with all cost of advertising, your
interest in said property will become the subscribers under Motion  IV. of an  act entitled
���'An Act to Amend the Mineral Act. 1900"
Dated this 18th day of October. 1981
The Capitals will not be in the Stanley cup competition. The Ottawa team
is financially defunct. Their manager
says they have not money enuf to go to
Bobcaygeon, even if they walked.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Minim: Division of Went
Kootenay District    Where located.  Near
TAKE NOTICE that we, P. C. ('lark. En e
Mimr's Certificate No. BttMP, A.M. Ruilton,
Free Miners* Certificate No. :17:(H4. ami S M.
Wharton Free Miner's Certificate No R^s is;,,
intend, sixty days from date hereof, to apply
to tlie Minim; Recorder for a Certificate <>f
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining B
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action under
section 37 mn.t be commenced before tin
issuance of suchCertilicatcsof Improvements
Dated this 18th day of December, A. D. 1001.
Oerttfioata    of    Improvements.
filbert   Cafe.
Open Day and Night.
Best Meals in Town.
Everything Necessary to
Satisfy the Internal
American and
European plan.
M parable on
$ *
Extensive improvements to the Phoenix1 rink have just been completed and
the dinner bucket city now has the best
rink in the Boundary. They will turn
out a fast hockey team this winter The
Phoenix rink was built by a joint stock
company of citizens, the same as the
Sandon rink.
The Winnipeg Medical College team
which contemplates touring Kootenay
ask the Sandon club for a guarantee of
$ioo and hotel expenses. Arrangements have not been completed for a
By the Ontario Hockey Association
rules this year a substitute may be put
on the ice when a player is hurt in the
lirst half.
Situate in the Slocan Minim; Division of Weal
Kootenay District.    Where  located:    On
���Cody creek, adjoining Franklin and Inlander    mineral    claims,    Slocan      Minim?
Division. West Kootenay, B. C.
TAKE NOTICE that I, E. M. Sandilands.
acting as agent for.lake Kelsen. Free Miner's
Certificate No. BM,84I, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certilicate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section .'17. must be commenced before tlie issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 86th day of October, A. D. 1801.
Application for Tninsfer of Liquor License.
A skating rink is being built at
Frank Alberta, the new coal town of
the Crow's Nest and a hockey team
will be formed which will probably go
into the East Kootenay league.
This  is the Tom  and Jerry season.
Try one at the Kootenay.
Notice of Dissolution.
NOTICE is hereby gnren that I. the undersigned, have disposed of my interest in The
Denver Hotel and that I will not be responsible for debts contracted by the present
Dated at Sandon, Dec. 10th, 1901.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date hereof 1, the undersigned, intend to
apply to the License Commissioners of tin-
City of Sandon for a transfer to me of the
liquor license held by Knowles & Finlay of
the Palace Hotel.
Dated at Sandon, B. C. December 12,1801.
Application for Transfer ot Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that thiity days
from date hereof we, the undersigned, intend
to apply to the License Commissioners of the
city of Sandon for a transfer to us of the
liquor license formerly held by John Nelson
& Co.. of the Denver Hotel.
Dated at Sandon this 12th day of Dec. 1901,
Star Boarders,
Pause a Homent.
We have Pre-Empted
.1 Large   Showing of
Boots and Shoes,
Which we will sell lower than the
market quotation for silver Do not
waste time chewing the rag over the
smelter question. Blow into our store
and get something more substantial
than a fig leaf to protect you from the
chilly breeze.
Patterson   &    Patterson
The Art Piano of Canada,
Heintzman Co.
Toronto,   Ont.
Thomas. Duffy,
Sandon - B. C.
For the Christmas
5 will be in Sandon from
Becember 16th to 26th
Christmas  Bap.
Do not forget the date.
Send a Christmas Photo to the
old folkes at home. Come any
time. Lack of Sunshine does
not interfere with our business.
Opposite C. P. R. Depot.
0nly a blind man could live
in   the   Slocan   and not read
XLhe papstreak.
jJJou cannot not get away
from it. It is like the beautiful snevw���it goes everywhere.
jFt finds its way into every
human habitation in the camp
*   ��   *
n^ man, woman or child
in the Slocan country ever
passes a week without seeingit
Us an advertising medium
it is complete.
* # *
XChe papstmk
Can do something for you
that all the other papers on
earth combined cannot do.
It can introduce you and your
goods to every human being
in the Slocan.
The Paystreak advertising
rates are
The Paystreak circulation
list is open to examination at
all times.
���B> the Papstreak, Sanadon,   B. C, Becember 21.
make Christmas fl&errv.
Christmas Confectionerp.
fflfle have a fine line of McCormick's and
Wf. Ganong's Chocolates and Bonbons in
parcels suitable for presentation.
/ancjp Candy and Candy Toys, the special
line for Santy Clause work. Nuts and
Raisins, Figs and Dates, all new, fresh and
good, just received from the importer.
/or Hfottv (Bentlemen friends.
UP Oranges, California Oranges, Bananas
Canadian Apples.
Me have the finest selection of pipes in the
Kootenay. French Briar, Meersham,
B. B. B. The very thing for a Christmas
imported Cigars of the finest brands.
J* Cuban, Manilla, and Mexican. Cigar
Holders, Cigarette Holders, Pouches and
Match Safes.
Smoker's Sundries of all Ikinds
S 0 5TS
the State %ouse.
By Ernest U. Crosby. ex-United States
' Ambassador to Egypt, and author
of "Plain Talk in  Psalm
and   Parable."
Up to the Slate House wend their way
Some score of thieves elect ;
For one gre.il   recompense   they pray ;
"May we grow   rich from day  today,
Altho the state be wrecked."
Up to the   State   House   climbs   with
Another pilgrim band���
Tlie thieves who have   acquired  their
And, careless oi their country's health,
Now bleed their native land.
And soon the yearly sale is made
Of privilege and law ;
The poor thieves by   the   rich   are paid
Across the counter, and a trade
More brisk you never saw.
And we, whose rights are bot and sol J,
With reason curse and swear ;
Such acts are frightful to behold,
Nor has the truth been ever told,
Of half the evil there.
At last the worthless set adjourn ;
We sigh with deep relict.
Then from the statute-book we learn
The record of each theft in turn���
The bills of every thief.
Now at a shameful scene pray look ;
For we who cursed and swore
Before this base-born statute book,
Whose poisoned   source   we ne'er mistook,
Both worship and adore.
"For law is law," we loud assert,
And think ourselves astute ;
Yet quite forgetful, to our hurt,
That fraud is fraud and dirt is dirt,
And like must be their fruit.
We laugh at heathen who revere
The gods they make oi stone.
And yet we never ask, I fear,
As we bow down from year to vear,
How we have made our own.
We all deny the ri^ht of kings
To speak for their Creator ;
May we   not   wonder,   then,   whence
The right divine to order things
Of any legislator ?
���. M Carload of Mpples..
We have just received a Carload of the Finest Apples ever
shipped into Sandon. All selected Okanagan Fruit .....
���falland SBros.
British Columbia
Long years ago, in the early days of
this Silver City, there was a time when
the thrifty householder could take a
moonlight ramble along the thorofare
and accumulate samples of heat-producers sufficient to stand off the frost
king's chilly breath ; but those palmy-
days have tied. The crafty citizen no
longer leaves his fuel in the road, but
secludes it under lock and key in a dismal cellar or back yard shed. So universal has this habit become that we
would not be at all astonished to discover that some of our neighbors had
built a vault in whi-Mi to secrete their
coal. Thus is thrift frowned down in
this prosaic age.
folliottd McMillan
Contractors and Builders.
Rough and Dressedw Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Joint Finishing Lumber
Moulding, Etc.
Sash and Door on  Hand to Order.
Factory on Main Street Cfte papetreak. Sanation,   3B. C, Becember 21.
The Paystreak.
Published Every Snturiliiy in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Ciimpoii Earth.
Operate! in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription   -   -   -   -   $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
gpflpintaa Shipped on Suspicion.
among his countrymen speaking to
them the truths for which he died a
martyr at their hands, then his words
and works were those of one whom we
do not need to believe divine in order
to remember his name with all the joy
and gladness of the glorious Christmas
William MacAdams,    -   Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON,   DECEMBER 21,  1001.
Wednesday next, so the calenders
say, is Christmas, and the Christian
world will once more celebrate it as
the day of Christ's nativity. With the
twenty centuries that since have rolled
around the exact date has become
somewhat uncertain, but it is no longer contended by educated churchmen
that December 25th represents the
day on which Christ was born. As a
matter of fact, there are reasonably
authentic records to prove that the
date celebrated as Christ's birthday
was not his birthday at all but a sort
of Norwegian festival celebrated as the
commencement of a new year. This
confusion with regard to the date is a
trivial matter, however, in Christian
Christmas reminds us once more
of how futile nineteen centuries of
Christianity have been to redeem the
world. After it all we find the world
as much in need of a redeemer as it
was when Jesus of Nazareth trod the
pavements of Jerusalem nineteen
hundred years ago ; and most peculiar
of all is it that the Christain nations
which pretend to accept his teachings
are the farthest from redemption.
Jesus said, "Thou shalt eat bread in
the sweat of thine own face," and they
killed him for such blasphemy. The
same fate would overtake him today
could he personally preach that same
doctrine on earth, and yet the very
people who would murder him are
erecting costly edifices in which praises
are offered in his name.
The story of Christ's life is hazy
and his works are obscure. Tradition
has touched him with its glamor and
placed him high on the pedestal of
fame as one immortal. But history,
which gives him scarcely a line, writes
him down as a man who went about
preaching and doing good works.
And history gives a kindlier, nicer
version than the fables from which the
priestly fairy story is made ; for if he
was a God, all-powerful, immaculate
and immortal, who died to save the
world, then he was a fool and a bungler, for while the world is still unsaved
he has permitted his followers to stumble along in sin and darkness these
nineteen hundred years. But if he
was a mortal   man   who   went   about
Geo. P. Rowell's newspaper directory of Canada says that there are
only two comic papers in Canada, the
New Denver Ledge and the Pacaud ot
Quebec. Rowell has overlooked one���
the Mining Review. Altho Mr. Cliffe
is probably innocent of any such intention, he is inadvertantly running one
of the most comical papers on earth.
His latest contortion of switching over
to socialism is certainly a beautiful
We advise all our speculative
friends to cover their shorts and prepare for a panic. Trust stocks are
going to go fluey. Cliffe has deserted
the capitalist class.
When the Red-Handed Sons of
the Society of Gory Revolution learn
that Cliffe has quit the capitalist class,
what rejoicing there will be around the
anarchist rookeries of Patterson, New
Jersey. To complete the bluff Cliffey
should get himself arrested as a friend
Czolgosz, and then the yellow journals
would publish his photograph. What
a picturesque anarchist he would make,
his luxuriant alfalfas waving in the
breeze, a flaring torch in one hand, a
dripping stilleto in the other and a red
flag abut his bloody brow, while he
danced the can can around the gillotine
to the tune of a commune cake
way. Ninety per cent of the senators
have senile dementia. They are 1
grinning, yammering, garrulous lot of
bald-headed Rip Van Winkles who
are responsible to no one hut themselves, and they carry on the game of
government for the benefit of them.
selves and their friends. When the
C. P. R. or any other big corporation
wants some deal knocked and can not
control a cheap majority in the com-
mons it merely passes the tip to the
senate and they do the rest. When
the labor party wants a union label act
put thru and bluffs the commons into
passing it, the senate stands always
ready to throw it out. Protection of
Chinese and Japs is one of the senates
special hobbies and they worship the
"Imperial reason." A hundred other
such legislative iniquities are due to the
senate. If they ever do a good turn it
is a rank scratch. The senate is not
in touch with the people and never
was. It is a cumbersome and useless
contrivance which ruff-locks the wheels
of progress and hampers the barge o\'
We are not only against the appointment of a senator from Kootenay,
but we are against the appointment oi
any senators from anywhere, and not
only that, but we would like to see the
whole gang of them fired bodily and
the senate relegated to ancient history
along with the fudal system and the
divine right of kings.
The Paystreak has received from
the Kaslo Board of Trade a circular
asking us to agree with it. We are
sorry, gentlemen, but we really can't
do it.
The thing is like this. For political reasons Templeman of Victoria
is going to resign and levae a gap in the
British Columbia contingent of senators. Last week the Kaslo Board of
Trade took action. It advised the
Dominion government to appoint a
man to the senate from the Kootenay.
This resolution has been printed and
circulated to the press thruout the
country with an invitation to push the
thing aloug.
We can't see it that way. We are
against the senate from the ground up.
The senate is a glaring survival of
irresponsible government. It is composed of useless, played-out political
hacks who are shoved in there to pension them off or get   them out   of the
Seats in the senate have been
soiling at Ottawa lately for $10,000.
Kaslo wants a senator and at the
same time is offering a $50,000 bonus
for a smelter. Why not switch the
cut and buy five senatorships. Possibly on the six for five plan they could
get an even half dozen for that money.
Marconi sent a wireless signal
across the Atlantic last Monday and
the cable company immediately in-
juncted him for cutting in on their
monopoly. This is the first corporation to establish a pre-emption on the
The doctors who killed McKinley
have not yet been paid and they want
the United States government to grant
them a healthy bonus for doing the
job. Considering that these men
probed the life out of McKinley prospecting for the lead and then alter
cutting his carcas to pieces, burrie him
with the bullet still in his sking, they
feel justified in demanding a big fee.
These medical men have a lovely gall
but they undoubtedly did a complete
job.    McKinly is still dead.
This is the real New Years Day.
The sun starts north   this afternood. ������� ���mini ,'.v
the Papstreak, Sanadon,   B. C, Becember 21.
We will give away One
Dollar in Belgian Glass
Ware, Fancy China
Dishes, Wedgewood
Jars4 Jardeners, Yazcs,
Boys and Girls Sleighs
with every So purchase
Call Marlp as ��ur Stock is
and all the best designs.   No better
1b. ffipevs & Co.
for a
Suit with
M. Bavi6,
Wbe flbiners bailor.
Mdvertise in
Vf)t papstreak the papstreak, Sanadon,   B. C, Becember 21.
Grace and the Smelter.
In Kaslo's church 'twas solemn, still,
And pious sighs each pause did fill,
While,the parson good laid rule on rule
And faithful taught his little school.
The parsin mused how best to teach
The worth of grace within man's reach
And said. "I'll ask one quention more,
And children, then our lesson's  o'er.
"What is God's choicest gift to man ?"
Full serious eyes his face did scan.
Oiw hand was raised, then half a score,
Qne eager lad jumped to the floor.
"Well, Fred, what is the choicest gift?
Our   shortening   time    needs   answer
swift ?"
Out spoke the hoy with slight  demur,
"Please sir, it's  the  s-m-e-1-t-e-r, sir."
���Andrew DeMartin.
Bill Mpes insurance.
The late Bill Nye's indorsement of
life insurance is probably the most characteristic paragraph to be quoted from
his writings:
"In these days of dynamite and swift
chaging presidential administrations,
and dark tunnels through which an
engineer goes groping his way .it twenty-five miles an hour; these days of
tumbling signs of the times and tipsy
telegraph poles, live wires and dead repairers; these days when the politicans
and deadly bridge policeman with his
pull lie down together (under the influence of the same stimulant); these
���days when death lurks in the air we
breathe, the earth we tread, the food
we eat, the water��� the water we bathe
in���I say it behooves us to look well to
our insurance and our future slate, and
I take pleasure in certifying and saying
to whom these presents may come, that
since I became fully insured my health
has impoved so much that it is a subject for profound congratulation on my
own part,and the deepest disgust on the
part of those who would naturally inherit my vast wealth."
the Romance of mining.
Truly, this is the great age of romance, and it is in the buisness of mining
that the most astonishing manifestations of the modern magic are to be witnessed,���making poor men wealthy in
a single day, What enchanter or what
fairy genii of the old mythology could
compass such deeds of magic as every
day take place among mining men in
some quarter of the world. What old
galleon of the middle ages ever sailed
with such a burden of treasure as modern ships of commerce carry hither and
thither. There's not half so much charm
and glamor or romance in winning a
fortune by cruelty and deeds of blood
upon the high seas, as in peaceably locating a claim, uncovering a ledge of
mineral and selling out for a million.
That is what everyone wants who orders
a suit of clothes or pair of trousers, \\\
guarantee SATISFACTION to all our customers.     Leave your order with us for a
���   -   ��U/--^
Wnion $tmlerp Store
We have just received
a beautiful line of:::
2     W
Obanicuve Sets, &oilet Sets,  Gravelling Cases, CuffZinhs,
racelets, Kjrtn   and paeseniation novelties of all Ikinds.
These goods are all imported direi t   from the m.tetil'acturer and
r prices   are the lowest at which   sterling  goods can be sold.
$?      9&#f/\ 11*//*><>     Pioneer jeweler of the Slocan
JV+     hXllVWllLZ). Union Block. Sandon
& gmas Ibamper H
the Sandon 'Mine and
Ziquor Ibouse
Have a full line of imported California
and Native Wines, suitable for Family
Use and the Holiday j rade, in bottles
or on draught. This stock includes
the celebrated California Wines
PORT        AND        SHERRY
Don't overlook the dumb and delicious oyster. Found in great abundance
in the Kootenay cocktails.
A Full Line of
Brandies, Whiskies, Rums, Gins and
French Liqueurs and Cordials
Bass d Co's Mies
and Guinness' Stout
Be sure to call and leave your order
for a Christmas Hamper. Orders by
mail or   phone will   secure   prompt  at-
j tention.     Store   and bottle  department
j on Main St., Sandon.
<B. M. Main,
imnnrs ���anrmrH* vmnnrs ft
A Table that is Replete with t
Choicest  Seasonable  Viands.
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
the   Mining   Trade.
In order to close on a few lines
we are offering some great bargains
Look in the window.
Zouis mppertett
nain Street ��� Sand��" the Papstreak, Sanadon,   B. C, Becember 21.
fust a man.
Men tell such strange, fantastic tales
Of gods that they adore,
And stories just as wild and strange
Of devils they abhor,
Till I must say as from my place
Their devious ways I scan,
I'm thankful I'm no diety,
I'm glad I'm just a man.
I'm glad I'm not the Lord of Hosts
Upon his great white throne,
With ne'er a wife to comfort him,
No wife to call his own ;
Assailed by e'er conflicting prayers
tM'all the saintly mob ;
It seems so lonely being Cod,
1 grudge him not his job.
I'm thankful I'm not Jesus Christ,
For sorry is his plight.
Oa Sabbath days and Holy days
He's eaten at a bite.
He's perched   upon   his  father's  hand
And in each pious breast,
He's on the everlasting jump
And never gets a rest.
I'm glad I'm not the Holy Ghost,
1 could not bear to be
Shut up within a soul as small
And mean as some I see ;
1 trow his narrow prison walls
His tender form must hurt ;
I could not bear to  occupy
A home so full of dirt.
I'm glad I'm not old Beelzabub,
So slandered and besmirched,
Tiie Jumping ground oi all the tilth
Of sinners duly churched ;
Vet he is patient as a lamb
And never once complains.
1 would not be old Beelzebub
And bear their guilty stains.
la church the parson herds his flock
To give and sing and pray,
To tell them how   he toils   for them,
To beg for bigger pay ;
Hut I upon the  wind-swept hill
Will sing as sing 1 can,
I'm thankful I'm no diety ;
I'm tflad I'm just a man.
���Wall A. Radcliff.
Gale's Barbli;op
Is the best Tonsorial   Establishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral  Building Main St.
The Denver.
Cody Ave. Sard>n
Comfortable Rooms
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hotel
ftow Cape Hlome Got $ts
Cape Nome has been a riddle to geographers for years. By no method
Could they discover how it came to be
so named. Prof. Davidson of the University of California has just solved the
Problem. After a great deal of investigation in the United States he communicated with the British Admirality,
ar,J this is the information received :
"When the MS. chart oi this region
���*''is being constructed on board II. M-
S. Herald, attention was drawn to the
'afl I hat this point had no name, and a
mark (? Name) was placed against it.
to the hurry of despatching this chart
from this ship this ? appears to have
been inked in by a rough draftsman
;md appeared as Cape Name, but the
Stroke of the'a* being very indistinct,
H was interpreted by our draughtsman
ils ' Nom.e' and has appeared with this
name ever since."
Should y..ur meanderings about
this mundane sphere take you to
NetD Dencer
Remember that there is a hotel
in the Lucerne of America at
which pilgrims may enjoy all the
comforts of a home, at prices on
a par with the damage levied bv
other houses thruout the district.
The Idealistic Scenery of this
BeaUty Spot in Nature's Wonderland can be best enjoyed from
the balcony of the
Newmarket Hotel.   ;
The cuisine supplied assays high,.
The bedrooms are large, airy
and luxuriously furnished. The
Other accomodations are unexcelled in the Slocan, and the
brands oi bottled comforters kept
in stock arc health-giving and
soul-inspiring when taken in
proper quantities. The proprietor's name is *
Henry Stege.
Ibalcpon Ibot Springs
The Winter Resort of the Kootenay. When the snow lies deep on
the Slocan Hills the roses bloom
in the Banana Patch.
TO $15,00 A WEEK.
50HE medical waters of Halcyon
��K are the most curative in the
work. A perfect, natural remedy tor
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Ltomack ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure enre
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and depart every Day.
Felegraph communication with all
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
-pacific r\Y.
Fare and One Third for
Round Trip for
Tickets on Sale
Dec. 23, 24, 25.
Dec. 30, 31, Jan. 1, 1902.
All Tickets good to Return
Till January 3, 1902.
Tourist Sleeping Cars, Crow's Nest
Section, leave Kootenay Landing for
St. Paul and all U. S. points via Soo
Line, Tuesday and Friday; for Toronto,
Montreal, ��� Boston, Friday only. For
time tables, rates and complete information   call or write  nearest C. P. R.
Mining Properties  Examined   and    Reports
Made.   Will Open up Mining Properties by
Contract or Salary.   Twenty Years'
~A. F. & A. M7
Regular Communication held first Thur*
day in each month in Masonic Hall at 8 P, m
Smonrning brethern are cordially invited to
A. B. DOCKSTEADER, Secretary.
H. W. Harbour.
Agent. Sandon
J. S. Carter E. J. Coyle,
D. P. A. A. G. P. A.,
Nelson, B. C.      Vancouver, B. C.
George H. Thompson
Barrister   ���:���   Solicitor
Notary Public.
M. L.  Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
B. C.
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
F. L. Christie,
L. L. B.,
Sandon Cartage Co.
Express, Baggage,
and Cartage.
Delivery to  all   Parts of the City.
Established 18i)5.
Sandon. B. O.
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Stocks bought and sold. General agent for Slocan Properties
Promising Prospects for Sale.
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $i per month ; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
DR. VV. E. GOMM,   Attendant Physictan.
J. H. MCNEILL, Pres. Hospital Board.
Ship Your Trophies of the Chase to
Harry W. Edwards,
Revelstoke,    B. C.
He will stuff and mount in good
style any Bird, Beast, Reptile or Fish
that you can present. You do the killing.    We do the rest.
I. O. O. F.
Meetings in the Union Hail every Friday
Evening at 7:30. Visiting Brethern coidially
n       o attend.
feeeretary. Vice Grand.
I the papstreak, Sanadon,   B. C, Becember 21.
Zabor partp platform.
The Nelson Labor Party has adopted
the platform recently compiled by the
Labor Congress of (Canada. It has
sixteen planks, as follows :
i. Free Compulsory education.
2. Legal working day of eight hours
and si.\ Jays to the week.
2. Government inspection of all industries.
4. The abolition of the contract system on all public works.
5. A minimum living wage, based on
local conditions.
6. Public ownership of all franchises,
such as railways, telegraphs, waterways, lighting, etc.
7. Tax reform by lessening taxation
on industry and increasing it on land
8. Abolition of the Dominion senate.
9. Exclusion of Chinese.
The union label   to be   placed   on all
manufactured goods where practicable,
and on all government and municipal
Abolition of child labor by children
under fourteen years of age, and of
female labor in all branches of industrial life, such as mines, factories, workshops, etc.
12. Abolition of property qualification for all public offices.
13. Compulsory arbitration of labor
14 Proportional representation with
grouped constituencies and abolition of
municipal  wards.
15. Direct legislation thru the initiative and  referendum.
17. Prohibition of prison labor in
competition with free labor.
7He6 Cross
Is Giving Away a Beautiful $t>o
As a Holidai) Souoenir.
Every cash customer is entitled to
one chance for each one dollar purchase
Call early and get a ticket   before they
are all gone.
Where TRoses Bloom.
While the snow is deep and the ozone
is frosty in the Silver City, it is only a
few miles to where the climate is so
genial that the roses bloom. We are
this week in receipt of a beautiful rose
from N. F. McNaught of the Halcyon
Springs. It grew in the Banana
A limited number of shares in
the Similkameen Valley Coal
Co., Limited. For further particulars apply to
Sandon, B. C.
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings  write  or wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,  Sandon   Miners'   Union
Sandon, B. G.
Just One Prize
A Grand Sweepstake
The Lucky Number Takes It
I  SayPard!  f
fe How are you
5 Fixed for ::::
5 TAubbevs
I lllnderweav   *
I 5
I miankets I
i s
J      Don t   let   the   winter $
J Zephyr's chill your anat- ��
J omy  when you  can get
j clothing so cheap at
\Uhos. SBrown.l
Mere pou ever satisfied
goods of any kind, especially 0VOCeVieS We think?*!
but of course we may be mistaken, however we have ' *
received the following Canned 0OOdS and they arid!
the finest, freshest and best brands of Cfoods in th.' u
nays today.    Kent brand VomatOeS, Kent bran(
the only  complete lines  of fancy  canned   WeQctnhiZ
meats, JTwd/and Sbell*lfisk in *   .~*���<w
see them at
call and
56. (Biegerictys
To give away to the customer who holds the
lucky number. A ticket goes with every cash
purchase of
$   ONE DOLLAR   $
If this prize should fall to one of those unfortunate
gentlemen who have no home we will substitute a
handsome silk umberella from the Furnishing
XChe 1bunter*1kendrich Co., Zimiteb
p. Burns & Co.
Wead Office,
melson, 3B. C.
TAeco Bvenne,
Sandon, 3B. C.
Bealevs 3n
of all


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