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The Paystreak Jul 26, 1902

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BOOk 6
Sandon, Snip 26, 1902
Chapter 44
Just for a starter���Have you seen
Tracy ?
The last few days have been hot,
holler, holtentot.
James Vallance paid a business visit
to Kaslo last Saturday.
Mrs. (Dr.) Gomm has been visiting
friends in Nelson this week.
Mrs. Lawson of Silverton visited
friends in Sandon this week.
Edward Seal is visiting with his
sister, Mrs. VV. W. Fallows.
David Moore, ore buyer for the Trail
smeller, is in town this week.
Fred Bailey loomed up this week on
his way to the sports at Nelson.
0. V. While ofthe Star is examining
j property at Lemon creek   this  week.
Mrs. Boyle left this week on a visit
to her parents at Strathcona,   Alberta.
Thomas Hickey, foreman at the
Ivanhoe,   left    Monday -on  a  visit   to
Lowery's Claim for August is before
[the world. It is not behind the
I weather.
K. J. Hamilton came in with his grip
lis week.    He reports   business good
|in the Boundary.
It is reported that James Ci Devlin of
[Nelson left this week lo try and get
[a -hot at Mr. Tracy.
Jim Dallas, an old timer ofthe Slocan,
iwas shaking hands with Sandon
friends, Wednesday.
Mrs. R. B. Patterson left for Tacoma
llast week to be treated by Dr. Wing,
|the eye and ear specialist.
Dr. Gomm left last Wednesday to
[rusticate at Bonnington falls. He ex-
|pects to return in ten days.
Miss Riddcll of*Kaslo, who has been
���visiting her sister, Mrs. Bewley, re-
fumed home last Saturday.
Charles McLaughlin has carpenters
til work ihis week building an addition
|to his residence on Cody avenue.
The Lardeau seems to have a great
Attraction for Minneapolis preachers.
Il must look like heaven to them.
Three loads of piping went up to the
[Star mine last Saturday. It was
[manufactured by H. Byers'& Co.
A carload of Alberta   fed   steers  arrived Monday night for P. Burns & Co.
They looked like 30 cents���a pound.
Captain Reid of Kaslo, who left   for
v\ Lite Horse last spring, arrived  home
jlast   Sunday.    The   captain   says   the
I woods are full of idle men.
Fred Ritchie is taking in the regatta
jat   Nelson   this  week.    He   went   via
[Kaslo and   Ainsworth.    At  the  latter
Place he stopped over a day  to  inspect
(his claim, "The Summer Girl."
By a cave in at the Surprise mine
last Monday Isaac Linrose had his
ankle badly fractured, and received
jMier injuries. He was brot in on
lluesday's train by Dr. Gomm and
[taken to the hospital.
The health of this camp is as good
as usual.
B. G. Perry is spending a few days
al Rosebery, fishing.
Mrs. Davis of Revelstoke is visiting
her brother, Rev. Mr. Maclntyre.
Large number of Sandon millionaires
are taking in the sports at Nelson.
The Sandon ball team are in Nelson
today.    We hope the brothers win.
Miss Wilson left Wednesday morning
to visit friends at Red Deer, Alberta.
Consulting Engineer Parrish of
Greenwood has been examining the
Payne mine this week.
Miss Hollby of Revelstoke, who has
been visiting friends in Sandon, returned home Thursday.
There's a number of bears near the
Payne mine���also other animals. If
you don't believe the Paystreak ask A.
Mayor Cunning is doing development
on the Mercury, above the Payne mill,
and reports the properly showing
up well.
Lcstock R. Forbes, formerly provincial policeman at Silverton, New
Denver and Three Forks, has been appointed chief of the new division of
southeast Koolenay, with headquarters
at Fort Steele
Last w eek assessment work was done
on No. 2 engine on the jerkwater line.
The showing looks first-rate, thank
you. A Utile surface work on the box
cars and the company would make
quite a clean up.
Rev. Mr. Robb will be in Silverton
Sunday, assisting in special services.
Rev. Mr. Maclntyre will conduct union
services in Sandon in the Presbyterian
church in the morning and Methodist
church in the evening.
The Clarion, published at Nanaimo,
a new weekly devoted to the interests
of the toilers of Vancouver Island, has
reached this shop. The thot molder is
J. Edward Norcross, and the financier
II. Buckle. The Paystreak wishes the
Clarion a long life and  successful  one.
Another Combine.
A special lo the Paystreak from Kaslo
gives the information of the consolidation of H. Byers & Co., H. Giegerich,
Green Bros, and A. B. Morris, merchants of that place, under the style of
Byers, Giegerich, Green Bros. Company, limited. We understand lhe
capitalization is heavy.
Daylight Robbery at Nelson
By Wireless to The Piiystrcuk.
Nelson, July 25.���While the ball
game was in progress this afternoon,
between Sandon and Rossland nines,
Willie Richards stole a base.
Drowned in Trout Lake
A ten-year-old boy, named Cedar-
staff, fell off a barge at Trout Lake
City on Tuesday evening and was
drowned. His distracted father worked
over the boy for an hour but could not
bring him back to life.
Howard West's Property
A will was left by Howard West,
with full instructions for the disposition
of his properly. Harry Strickland was
made executor of the will, and has taken
full charge of the properly. Steps have
been taken to have the will probated in
regular form and the matter will come
up before the supreme court in due
time, when, if the court carries out the
wish ofthe deceased, Strickland will be
made administrator. The matter will
have to come up before the supreme
COlirt, since the deceased left real estate
to be disposed of.���Ledge.
The Baseballers Hop
The dance given by the baseball club
last-Tuesday evening in the auditorium
was attended by about 40 couples, aitd
was a success socially as well as
financially. Dancing wis kept up
until 4 a.m. One of the latest additions to the up-to-now program was a
flashlight foto of the participants.
The music was good and the midnight
supper xcellent. The boys desire to
thank the ladies of Sandon who volunteered their services to make the occasion a pleasant and enjoyable one.
Did a Little Business
The city council met lasl Monday
night. There were present mayor
Cunning and aldermen Brown, Folliott
and Cameron. C. E. Lyons, reluming
officer, notified the council thai no
nominations were offered for the vacant
seats in the council. It was moved
and seconder thai Alex Crawford and
A. Osborne be appointed members of
lhe city council. Alderman Brown introduced a bylaw authorizing the city
borrowing $10,000 for the purpose of
establishing a municipal water works
system. The bylaw was read and carried the first time.
Sandon   Boys Won
On  the 4H1  of July at Randsburg,
California.  Dan   ^arham,   formerly  of
Sandon, and Lest     Short,   another ex-
Canuck, won the double handed drilling
contest and beat all previous records of
southern   California   made  in the exceptionally hard granite of that district.
The  rock  used  was a granite boulder
containing plenty of iron and other substances which are most  trying to steel.
Parham sharpened his own drills and
has gained quite a reputation  in  that
line as his steels came out of the contest
pretty well chewed  up  but  in  perfect
form.    Lasl   4th   of July 26^ inches
was the record.   This fourth a hole 29%
inches took the money and also took in
the sports of the town as all the betting
was against the winners,   Parham and
Short.    L. A. Parham left  on the 14th
for   the   boon.ir.g camp of Tonopah,
where he will reside.
5    MINING   FLOAT.    I
Silver, 52U
Lead, j��ii, 5s.
The Kaslo smelter was only smelt.
The Vulcan smelter at Ferguson will
commence to smelt on August 1.
The Wonderful shipped a carload ol
high grade ore this morning to Nelson.
Last week's ore shipments from
Rossland amounted to nearly 7000 tons.
Eleven men are employed at the Last
Chance. The force will be doubled
New York metal quotations: Lead,
quiet, at $4 i2x/2. Copper, weak, at
$11.Q5 to $12.05.
The shipmenls this week were as
follows: Ramhler 100, Whitewater 40,
Payne 40, Ruth 80, Trade Dollar 20.
Total 280 tons.
The Trail smelter has received from
the officials of the Paris show a handsome medal and several diplomas for
their exhibit at the fair.
The Granby smelter at Grand Forks
is the only smelter in the Boundary at
presenl working and il has only half of
its number of stacks blown in.
Al the present time the great Tread-
well, Douglas island, Alaska, is estimated to have above the 400-foot level
4,131,640 tons of ore, carrying about
$2.12 per ton gold.
Philadelphia    Capitalists     Looking    for
Smelter Information
Office of J. P. Cather, 1410 Otis street,
Philadelphia,   Real    Estate    and
Broker.    Mineral lands a specialty.
Philadelphia, July 14, '92.
W. MacAdams, Sandon:
Dear sir: Yours of the 22nd to
hand, and thank you very much for
reply. I am interested in the manufacture of zinc and would be glad to go
further in this matter. I am getting
the cost of a smelter and would like the
cost of the ore there, as well as the
freight to Chicago and Buffalo on the
slab zinc. I can get the capital if it
shows up well, and 1 think it will. Let
me know on what terms the ore can be
obtained and if there would be any one
likely to take stock in a smelter at
Kaslo. Send me all the dala you can
that will help me in getting at the cost
of finished spelter and I will let you
know what I can do.    Very truly,
J. P. Cather.
Hard on the Ladies
Now that water sports are in season
it would be advisable for the city to take
up the matter of a bath house and
dressing room on the beach for ladies.
���Kaslo Kootenaian.
1    How would you like to be the iceman?
.-^���teMfeJ the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Julp 26
He came from where he started,
And was going where he went.
He hadn't had a smell of food,
Not even had a scent.
He never even muttered once
Till he began to talk,
And when he left the kitchen door
He took the garden walk.
He said: "There's no one with me,
Because I am alone;
I might have scintillated once;
My clothes have always shone.
" 1 got here 'fore the other ones
Because I started first;
The reason I look shabby is
Because I'm dressed the worst."
Then I asked him where he came from���
This was just before we parted���
And he muttered indistinctly:
"Oh, I come from where 1 started!"
New Treadwell  Process  May  Revolu/
tionize Mining.
He Is Now Dead
John W. Mackay of Frisco, died in
London, England, last Monday. He
was the last surviving member of the
four bonanza kings, Flood, O'Brien
and Fair, the other three members of
the quartet, having long since died.
He died "rich bul honest."
Guess This Is Poor.
A Philadelphia clothing firm is creating a sensation. The firm employs
none but union clerks, handles only
union goods and gives 15 per cent oft
to all customers who can show a paid-
up working card in some bona fide
labor union.
Of Course She Got It
After praying for forty years for a
baby, a New Jersey couple placed a
small want ad in the newspaper and
that same night a bouncing baby boy
was left on their door step. Prayer is
all right if you are not in a hurry, but
for quick returns use printer's ink.
About the Weather
In order to make sure that our report
of the weather will be correct when ihis
issue   appears   we  will  state   that the
The improved method of mining and
milling adopted by the company owning
the Treadwell mine on Douglas island,
Alaska, which reduces the cost from
$t.io lo 66 cents per ion, means a
great annual saving in the operation of
the 800 stamps which the company
owns. As the ore overages less than
$2 per ton, the new process means not
only a cut of nearly one-half on the
xpense of mine and mill operation, but
it brings within the field of profitable
production a vast amount of quartz
which under former conditions would
be classed as virtually barren and
The San Francisco Chronicle has this
to say on the matter: The new process
will make one dollar ore profitable to
work, and in the case of lhe Treadwell
mine the dollar standard will add
millions of tons of available quartz in
sight to the corporation's slock. No
one save a practical miner can fully
comprehend the significance of a profit
in dollar ore. If the new Treadwell
process can be applied in California,
and it probably can, it will bring into
the field of active operation an indefi-
volume of- gold bearing quartz which
now affords no profifunder the methods
employed here.
There are innumerable quartz veins
of enormous bulk in Ibis state which
carry from $1 to $2 per ton of gold,
but with one or two exceptions the
cost of mining and milling has
been higher than the value of the
mineral contents of these big ore
bodies. They have been condemned,
therefore, as unavailable. If a 66 cents
per ton piocess can be applied to them,
these big quartz deposits will possess a
commercial value which cannot be
sneezed at, and the gold quartz resources of the state will be tremendously
expanded. If it can be applied to
the mines operated on the mother lode
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
the   Mining  Trade.
folliott & mcZRtllm
Contractors and Builders.
Hough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Joint Finishing: Lumber
Moulding, Etc.
Sash and Door on  Hand to Order,
. Factory on Main Street
atmospheric conditions, or the state ot I practically   renew   the   lives of   those
the air, with reference to the question | properties,   because  it   will    make   it
The Newmarket Hotel
The only up'to/date Summer
Resort in the Slocan. ��fc ��* "% .
of heat and cold, pressure, dryness,
humidity, presence and absence of rain,
and occurrence of sunshine, have noi
presented any special meteorological
phenomena worth setting up the drinks
Grab It Quickly
Opportunity knocks at every man's
door once. On some men's doors it
hammers till it breaks down the door,
and then it goes in and wakes him up
if he's asleep, and afterward it works
for him as a night watchman. On
other men's doors it knocks and runs
away; and on the doors of some men it
knocks, and when they come out it hits
them over the head with an axe. But
every one has an opportunity. So you
had better keep your eye skinned and
nab it before it slips by and is lost
Observe the  bargains  in  Atherton's
profitable to extract every pound of ore
lying between the walls of that great
tissure vein, and it will also pay to
mine and reduce much of the slate
formation in its neighborhood, which is
gold bearing.
The cost of mining and milling on
that lode has been cut down from about
$9 per ton 25 years ago to $2.25 at
present, and now $4 ore is worked at
a profit. But there is a vast reserve in
the vein, carrying from $2 to $3 per
ton, which nobody can afford lo touch
with a $2.25 process, all of which will
yield a big profit for working if the
new process of the Treadwell mine can
be applied to it. Gold quartz mining
has reached a wonderfully fine point
when the cost of winning the precious
metal from its matrix is reduced to 66
cents per ton.
Henry Stegc
The   Kootenay   Hotel   is   the right
place to get those nice summer mixes.
Ibnlcpon Sot Springs
the Summer TResort of the
HE medical waters of Halcyon
1^' are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and depart every Day.
Telegraph communication with all
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
The Denver.
Victor Kleinschmidt, Prop.
Rooms  Large,   Neat, Clean,
Airy and Comfortable.
Dining Room Service Unsurpassed.
Every Effort Made to
Comfort for the Guests,
Cody Avenue
gando" I'l
! '1
the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Julp 26
If 1 should die to-night
And you should come  to  my cold
corpse and say,
Weeping and heartsick o'er my lifeless clay���
If 1 should die to-night,
And you ��hould come in deepest grief
and woe���
And say:    "Here's lhat ten dollars
that I owe,"
I might arise in my white cravat
And say, " What's that?"
If 1 should die to-night
And you should come to my cold
corpse and kneel,
Clasping my bier to show   the grief
you feel,
I say, if I should die to-night
And you  should come  to  me, and
there and then
Just even hint 'bout  payin'  me  that
1 might arise the while,
But I'd drop dead again.
Her Breath Came in Short Pants
The authorship of "Little Breeches,"
written by John Hay, was frequently
attributed lo the late Bret Harte. A
young lady once said to him: " I am
highly pleased to meet you; Mr. Harte.
I have read all your poems, but 1 have
enjoyed ' Little Breeches' the most "
" Pardon me, madam," replied Mr.
Harte, "but you have put the 'Little
Breeches' on the wrong man."
<Bet on the Snstde of an Zlp*to*date
Summev Suit.
It does not cost any more to wear good clothes
than poor ones. The only difference is where
you do your purchasing.
If you want.
Groceries of
the best quality
that the market
affords send in
your orders to
Her Intentions Good
There is one woman in Kootenay
whose benevolent disposition received a
severe shock recently. She was at
church and satdirectly behind a tall,
well dressed stranger, who had a
raveling hanging over his collar. Being
one of those generous-hearted, whole-
souled girls who grow up to be
motherly old ladies, a friend to everybody in town, she thought how glad
she would be if some kind-hearted girl
would do as much for her father, if he
were to go lo church with a raveling
hanging down his hack; so when the
congregation rose for the first hymn
she decided to pick it off. Carefully
raising her hand, she gave a little
twitch, but the raveling was longer
Ihan she supposed, and a foot or more
of thread appeared. Selling her teeth
she gave a pull, and about a yard more
of that horrible thread appeared. Tfcis
was getting embarrassing, but still determined, she gave another yank, and
then discovered she was unraveling the
man's undershirt. Her discomfiture
was evident when the gentleman turned
with a kindly and inquiring look to see
what was tickling his neck.
Gale's Batsi
Isnhe best Tonsorial  Establishment in the Slocan.
We are VtighttCheve with the Good*
all the trime.
If there is anything you want in the Ready-
Made Clothing line, Hats, Neckties or Shoes
you can find it on our shelves.
If you  wantra good,  well   cooked
meal, try the Denver hotel.
���--#-.. mmmt .����.�����>
Eat Fruit
The only Indo-Ceylon
Tea on the market having
two qualities combined.
Try one pound and be convinced.
E     .
That is the best  way to
retain    your    health.    All
medical   authorities   agree
that the people who eat
most fruit  and  vegetables
are    the    most     healthy.
There is no reason why you
should not do so as
The Union
and Grocery
Receives   daily   shipments
from Okanagan and Walla
Walla. A Fresh supply-
always on hand.
XChe 1bunter*1kendvick Co., Zimited
p. SBurns <�� Co.
Ibead Office,
meco Mvenue,
Sandon, B.C.
Balmoral Building Main St.
Beaters Jn
of all
l tbe papotveak, Sandon, X. C, SFulp 2$
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest, White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription   -   -   -   -   $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams,    -   Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, JULY 26, 1Q02.
The editor of this  paper   being
unavoidably  detained in Victoria,  the
manager   has   decided  that   all   subscribers who have  shown  a contempt
for paying" their subscriptions shall be
sentenced to do without   this journal.
To those who are short of money this
may seem unduly severe, but as necessity, in addition  to being the mother
of invention, knows no law,  we must
insist  upon  the cash  before allowing
this literary production in blue to leave
our doors.    The public can readily see
that we have  strong reasons  for   demanding money in advance.    With the
editor in jail and his bank  account all
torn to pieces by the shot of hard times
it  must be evident  to   all  intelligent
folks that the manager pro tern has no
bed of roses upon which he can  slumber in blissful oblivion   to  all things
financial.    So come a-flying with  the
cold  cash  of  commerce  and shove it
under the door if you find it locked.
Crime is mis-directed energy,
usually the result of an unfortunate
environment. Tracy, for instance,
would have made an excellent soldier
had the conditions been right, whereas
king Edward on the other hand is
credited by phrenologists which, according to the hypothesis of bump-
ology, indicates a weak and criminal
nature. We take it, therefore, that
had Tracy been brot up in the same
environment as lord Kitchener he
would have been an equally great hero,
and had Edward VII first seen the
light of day in Whitechapel he would
probably have picked pockets for a
living and contracted a matrimonial
alliance with Calamity Jane. Arguing
along the same lines, it is a natural
inference, therefore, that as men we are
all the product of circumstances, it is
futile to punish criminals with imprisonment or death after the crime has been
committed. It is claimed that fifteen
per cent of the entire revenue of United
States is spent in the administration of
justice. This administration is punitive rather than preventative. Over
and above this cost  of administration
there is of course  the  great  loss  sustained by private citizens thru robbery,
embezzlement and destruction of property.    Reducing this thing to a strait
business proposition, it is worth  considering   whether   it,  would   not    be
cheaper to prevent crime than to punish
it.    This, of course, is  assuming that
crime,   in  the  accepted  sense of the
word, could be prevented  by  altering
the   environment.    Suppose,   for   instance, that the amount of money which
is now invested in penitentiaries, workhouses, reformatories, and all the paraphernalia of the  police   departments
were   invested   in   boarding    schools
where  children  otherwise  unprovided
for could be sent to get an education in
comfortable    circumstances,    relieved
from want or the fear of want.    Suppose  as  much  money  as, is paid out
annually  for  police  services  and  the
salaries   of   the   numberless   judges,
justices of the  peace,   clerks,   magistrates, etc., etc.,  were  paid  instead to
capable teachers who could inculcate a
healthy moral spirit, it seems perfectly
reasonable to believe that a better world
would be born, that judges and officers
of the law would soon  become superfluous, except as courts  of arbitration
to settle differences in civil cases.
By no means all crime originates
in poverty, but want and squalor are
nevertheless the hot beds of iniquity and
a nation which brings up a large percentage of its people in conditions of
distress it can have no real grievance
if many of these rebel against the social
order which has misused it.
Discussion such as this is, of
course, largely academic and the conclusions are no doubt alturistic, but
the theory is backed by tacts which no
one can avoid. In Iceland, for instance, where there is no excessive
poverty and no great wealth, where
the land is free to anyone who cares to
use it, and where every man, woman
and child of a school age can read and
write, in this little commonwealth of
the north there is really no crime.
With all of its 80,000 population,
scattered thruout the length and
breadth of the island, there is only one
policeman, and his office is a sinecure,
just to fill in his spare time he acts as
janitor of the parliament buildings and
looks after the gardens. If he ever
has to arrest a man it is an epoch in
his life.
Compare this with any rural
municipality in America of a like
population, and who can say that the
simple, placid Icelanders, who regard
education as the greatest function of
the state, have not come nearest to discovering how to deal with crime���or
maybe it would be more correct to say
that they have discovered how to avoid
having crime to deal with.
The labor union has been introduced into the church in Pennsylvania"
Last week a preacher down in one of
the coal camps was asked by his flock
to fire a couple of non-union men out
of the sanctuary as the union men
refused to have their souls saved under
the same roof. The sky pilot refused
to act, and as the "scabs' stood pat
the whole church walked out and
declared the church unfair. This is
the first time a strike has been declared
against a church, altho there are a
large number of people who systematically boycott the gospel temples bv
staying on the outside. Of course this
particular strike may have been a little
hasty and unwarranted, as it yet
remains to be proved that a man who
would scab on the poor unfortunate
coal miners of Pennsylvania lias a soul
worth saving���or even has a soul
of any kind.
At latest accounts a Denver
lawyer was held captive in his own
office by a man who demanded ��17,000
as the price of release. His keeper
was holding a pistol at the head of the
prisoner, and threatening to pull the
trigger if the police interfered. Even
a lawyer may get into such a tangle
that lie has to depend upon prayer for
a stay of proceedings.
An editorial note in a gopher
belt paper (Regina Standard) reads:
44 Charles Schwab, the steel trust magnate admits that when a boy he stole
apples. He was qualifying tor his
present position then." He was qualifying for his present position then by
stealing apples, and he has been stealing and robbing the people ever since.
In the States the other day an
umpire of a baseball game shot a base
runner because he would not stop running when he called him out. I hi*
reads something like that story about
the worm turning, and should be a
warning to beware of the umpire when
his wrath boils over and his gun Hashes
across the diamond.
Canadians in the cent belt are very
generous. Last Saturday a little girl
in Toronto found and returned to a
Stratford woman a purse containing
$930, and was offered ten cents reward,
which was returned. Perhaps the
child feared that if she took it the
owner of the purse might drop dead.
The Paystreak acknowledges
the receipt ofthe annual report of the
minister of mines for the year 1901*
It contains an account of mining operations for gold, copper, silver, coal,
etc.; also a sketch map of the province,
showing the mining divisions. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Julp 26
President Roosevelt has pardoned five men who were adjudged
guilty of contempt of a federal court
and sentenced to imprisonment therefor.
The act of executive clemency may be
taken as a disapproval of the growing
custom of federal courts to imprison for
contempt without a trial by jury.
Eleven years ago the Slocan was
discovered. Up to date no murder or
any other serious crime has been committed within its borders. This is a
better record than any other mining
district can show in western America.
The world is gradually getting
sensible. A college has been founded
in Tennessee to teach scientific methods
of courtship. Later no doubt colleges
will be founded to teach everything
else that usually follows a courtship.
A Maryland man is out with a
statement that the cold weather is
caused by the locusts. The fellow
must be a full brother to the Canadian
who attributes every sign of prosperity
to the Laurier-administration.
Carrie Nation seems to have
gone to some camp meeting and sat
down. She hasn't broken a booze
joint in many full moons.
By working steadily at his profession a judge is likely to lose sight of
the fine line that runs between law and
justice, much the same way as smokers
lose their sense of taste when they
indulge in too many cigars.
Prosperity is again commencing
to blow its breath lightly upon the
Slocan. There are few idle men around
Sandon and the mines are gradually
increasing their forces.
Ontario builds up Clergue at the
Canadian Soo, and Clergue builds up
Michigan at the American Soo. The
ledge of wisdom is not very wide in
Canada's legislators.
A strange story comes from Salem
that other convicts are planning to
escape. The strange feature is that
the prison authorities should have
found it out.
Bets are being made freely in
England as to whether the king will
live to be crowned in August. They
call this sort of thing insurance
over there.
The most enthusiastic prohibitionist in Calgary will admit that he has
been getting more water than he wants.
The man who endeavors to have
another thrown out of his position
simply to avenge a petty spite, is the
dirtiest kind of a knocker a community
can have.
The Paystreak is willing to bet
six bits that if Mr. Tracy was handed
to one of Cudihee's scouts on a golden
tray he would let the tray drop.
The Cranbrook Herald wisely remarks: God pity the people if the
Fernie Coal company had a monopoly
on the air in this province.
In the clouds that hang over this
office and Sandon there is one rift
through which the sun peeps. Cliffe
is happy.
Dog Oil is a new commodity. It
is sold to persons who believe it a cure
for consumption. Look out for a dog
An export duty should be put
upon pulp and pulp wood. It would
give Canada millions of money every
It would be dangerous for the Nelson baseball team to win a game. The
spectators might drop dead.
The Pioneer and Leading Tailoring
Esta lishment of the Slocan.
Always Carries a Complete Stock of
Imported Suitings and Pantings
Material,  Fit and Workmanship
Fully Guaranteed
If he is Decked in Shoddy, Sweat Shop Goods
Assay His Character and You will Find Him a
Shoddy Man.    If he has the Lael on His Garments
He is Sterling.    So are the Garments.
Stores at Sandon and Slocan dtp.
B Full Zine of Furnishings Carried at Both Stores.
No Flies on You.
If you use our Screen Doors,
Screen Windows, Wire Cloth
and other devices for protection agaiust flies.
Lioe in Comfort
During the summer months.
Our stock of Fly Arresters is
H. Byers & Co.
Fresh Lettuce and Strawberries at
V,     I the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, July 26
  "'' *wwwmmw���wmwwwwmmmmmm
Prices Cut~and Slashed in a Ter
rible Manner.
Reject for Cost or Value.
We need the ZRonep.
Come in and ^.S^olfe^
Ta\?Xk at the Bargains in our window.
Here is a Sample of our Prices.
Socks, three pair for bO^erits
Best American Overall fe cts.
Hip  Rubber   Boots    leather
soled and nailed, y>* 'DV*
Sornia Flannel Underwear
%'2 00 per suit. ,
iXrCoats, ^0 Per coat
Good Working Shirts 50 cts. each
Underwear, all wool, $1.25 a suit
Best Stetson Hats $o.00
Working Gloves, American Can,
25 cents per pair. .
Fancy Stripped Balbnggan I n
derwear, $1.00 per suit.
Linnen Towels 25 cents per dozen
Miners Shoes $1, $2 and $3
Won mil never have Bnother epportunitp
tike this.
E. R. ATHERTON CO., LIMITED the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Julp 26
Nothing to do but work,
Nothing to eat but food,
Nothing to wear but clothes
To keep one from going nude.
Nothing to breathe but air���
Quick as a flash 'tis gone;
Nowhere to fall but off,
Nowhere to stand but on.
Nothing to comb but hair,
Nowhere to sleep but in bed,
Nothing to weep but tears,
Nothing to bury but dead.
Nothing to sing but songs;
Ah, well, alas! alack!
Nowhere to go but out,
Nowhere to come but back.
Nothing to see but sights,
Nothing to quench but thirst,
Nothing to-have but what we've got;
1 hus thru life we are cursed.
Nothing to strike but a gait;
Everything moves that goes.
Nothing at all but common sense
Can ever withstand these woes.
The Verdict  of an Atlin Jury on One
Harry Henning.
Great conlempt of the judiciary has
been shown by the recent verdict rendered by a jury in Atlin on a jail
prisoner who committed suicide. This
The deceased, Harry Henning, came
to his death by a self-inflicted wound in
the throat.    It   is  the  opinion  of the
| jury that the deceased was of unsound
mind and also that the long and solitary
[confinement, extending front October
14, 1901, accorded the deceased without
.the opportunity of a trial, w as an  out-
i rage on British  justice.    Further   th it
the uncertainty ofthe time of trial and
the     consequent     brooding    of     the
prisoner intensified his mental condition
Jand was responsible for   the deceased's
action.    The jail building iu which the
jdeceased  was  confined  was  unfit  for
human   habitation.      This country   is
[easy to access, and at no time since lhe
arrest of the deceased has it  been  impossible  for a judge  to have reached
lAllin.    Signed, Henry E. Young (fore-
Ivna.i) and eleven associate jurymen.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District    Where located.    On
Washington wagon   road,  about   three
miles from McGuigan.
TAKE NOTICE that I, David Stevenson
Wallbridge, acting as agent for S. K. Green,
Free Miner s Certificate No. B51461, and J. W.
Power, Free Miner's Certificate No. B59047,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of July, A. D. V.m.
Application for Transfer of Li*
quor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date hereof we, the undersigned, intend
to apply to the Liceiue Commissioners of the
city of Sandon for a transfer to us of the
liquor license formerly held by Westerberg &
Gardner of the Palace Hotel.
Dated at Sandon this 7th day of June 1902.
This Is Not a Dream
A writer in a newspaper replies to a
Icorrespondent who wants lo know if it
lis hard to write funny paragraphs:
" No; all you have to do is to provide a
pen, some paper, some ink, and then
sit down and write them as they occur
to you. It is not ihe writing, but the
occurring, that is hard." There is the-
rub���the occurring.
To C. S. Falls or any person or persons to
whom he may have assigned his interest in the
O. K. No. 2 Mineral Claim, situated on Seaton
creek, and about two miles from Three Forks,
and recorded in the Recorder's Office for the
Slocan Mining Division.
You are hereby notified that we, the undersigned, James Lowdon, Gust Johnson and
Margaret McCunig, have oatued to be expended
four hundred and ten dollars in labor \n 1 improvements Upon the above mentioned
mineral claim under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, and if within ninety days from
the date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising,
your intere .t !n sai I claim shall become the
property ol the >ul scriher.-. under section IV.
of an act entitled, "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act. 1901."
Dated at Sandon this 86th day of July, 1902.
Hotel Slocan
Has Passed into New
Hands and will be Con/
ducted in such a Manner
as to Warrant your Pat/
To William McDonald or any person or
pe'.sons to whom he may have assigned
his interests in the Florence Mineral Claim,
situated one mile and a quarter from New
Denver, adjoining the Turris Mineral Claim
and registered ii: the Recorder'a office lor the
Slocan Mining Division.
You are hereby notified that we, the undesigned, T. W. Fitwraid and J. A. B'aok,
have caused to he expended one hundred dollars in labor and improvements upon the
above-mentioned mineral claim under the
provisions of the Mineral Act, and If within
ninety days from the date of this notice you
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion
of such expenditure, together with all costs
of advertising, your interest in said claim
will become the property of tlie subscribers
under Section 4 of an Act entitled "An Act
to Amend the Mineral Act, liKW."
Dated at Sandon this 2^1 day of May 1902.
Benevolent Steel Corporation
No wonder the United States steel
corporation voluntarily increased the
wages of its employes. Its quarterly
statement shows earnings of nearly
$40,000,000, an increase of over
$11,000,000, as compared with the same
quarter last year.
If you  are tired of Restaurant  fare,
try the Denver hotel.
To Arthur Mul'.en or any person or persons
to whom he may have assigned his interest in
the Reliance Mineral claim, situated one
mile and a half from Three Forks, adjoining
the Hinklev Mineral claim and recorded in
the Recorder's office for the Slocan Mining
You are hereby notified that I, John Foster,
have caused to he expended one hundred and
two dollars and nifty cents in labor and
improvements upon the above mentioned
mineral claim under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, and if within ninety days
from the date of this notice you fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion of such
expeditnre, together wi'h all costs of advertising, your interest in said claim will become
the property of the subscribers under section
IV of an act entitled "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, 1900." J0HNF0STER.
Dated at Sandon this 10th day of June, W02.
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Drinks
Sandon Miners*
Subscribers, $1 per month; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
DR. W. E. GOMM,   Attendant Physictan.
J. H. MCNEILL, Pres. Hospital Board.
of all kinds.
The Auditorium
���      OF THE
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings  write or  wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary  Sandon  Miners'   Union
Sandon. B. C.
F. L. Christie,
L. L. B.,
M. L.  Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
B. C.
Established 1805.
Sandon. B. C.
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Stocks bought and sold. General agent for Slocan Properties
Promising Prospects for Sale.
I. O. O. F.
Meetings in the Union Hail every Friday
EveninR at 7:30. Visiting Brethern coidially
invited to attend.
Secretary Vice Grand.
A. F. & A. M,
Regular Communication held first Thurs
day in each month in Masonic Hall at 8 \\ M
Sojourning brethern are cordially invited to
attend, ..
Sandon Cartage Co.
Mcpherson & hurley.
Express, Baggage,
and Cartage.
Delivery to all  Parts of the City.
Knights   of   Pythias
San Francisco, August 1 to 5
For the above the C. P. R. will issue
tickets from Kootenay common points at
Good all rail, or via steamer, including
meals and berth from Victoria, Portland or Seattle. For full particulars
apply to local agent.
Corresponding reduction from
all Kootenay points. Usual
diverse routes. Meals and
berth included on C. P. R.
lake steamers.
Through booking to Europe via all
Atlantic Li *es, Prepaid tickets from all
points at lowest rates.
R. B. McCammon.
Agent. Sandon
J. S. Carter E. J. Coyle,
D. P. A. A. G. P. A.,
Nelson* B. C. Vancouver, B O..
1 ill
\ i
1        !
: the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Jnlp 26
Press Dispatch.
News of battle!    News of battle!
Hark! 'Tis ringing down the streets
And the pavements of Seattle.
Hear the clang of hurrying feet!
See the hordes of gallant warriors
Armed and eager for the fray,
Hunting for the outlaw Tracy
In the wilds of Yesler way!
See lhe cartridge belts and pistols,
See their rifles gleaming bright,
They wouldn't do a thing to Tracy,
That is, while he's out of sight.
News of battle! have they caught him ?
Has death closed his path of crime ?
Not quite; but he's now surrounded
For the ninety-second time.
Laler bulletins arriving,
Hear the watching hundreds groan,
"Tracy has again levanted;
"Present whereabouts unknown."
And they still are chasing Tracy,
He's the smoothest rogue unhung.
Pretty soon he'll have them crazy.
Go it Tracy, while you're young.
Bre you Well Bressed 7
$f not, Bre yon milling to be!
Cameron the Tailor makes a business of turning out
clothes which arc stylish and up-to-date in every par.
ticular. His goods are worth the money and the workmanship is guaranteed. Keep these facts in mind when
you want a new suit for the summer. It does not cost
any more to have your clothes cut by an artistic cutter
and put together by first-class workmen.
Weather Report.
Clear sky  with  good  trade  winds;
advertising brisk and  subscriptions on
the jump     Regular boom prospects.
Would Make a Good Cemetery
limes must be quiet at  Kaslo.    Alderman Dave Young, the newsy, has disposed of his business and is leaving for
the gopher belt.   Jack Walker has a
going out of business sale on, and will
setile at Kuskonook or Kemp's springs.
Stralhearn the jeweler intends hitting
the   trail   for   new   diggings.    A. T.
Garland,   who  has  been   in  the camp
ever   since   Mr.   Columbus  sailed  up
Kaslo creek and discovered America, is
selling out.    The next  thing  we'll  he
hearing is that they are surveying  the
town into sections and throwing it open
for settlement.    It would be ��>   good
place to put a colony of Boers lo go into
mixed   farming.     Two  crops of hay
have been cut on A avenue this season.
J. ��. & JS>. Cameron, ""m
Neat, Clean and Comfortable Rooms. Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
Accomodations Unexcelled. Best that Money can Buu.
��� First Class Dining Room Serrice.
American and European Plan.
Examination Hard
Some of the provincial newspapers
are kicking about the recent examinations for enlrance to the central high
school. They say that many of the
papers were altogether too hard and
silly. We do not know how hard or
foolish they were, but probably they
were something like this:
��� Why is a hen ?
How many birds are there in seven
boiled eggs ?
If the price of beer is a long bit and
silver remains at 52^, what will a ton
of coal cost next winter ?
If premier Ross has only one majority
in Ontario, how long will it be before
Charlie Cliffe is emperor of China ?
A man has six sons and four daughters. If he had had six daughters and
four sons, how many more sons than
daughters would he have had ?
If a horse weighing 1605% pounds
can haul two tons of pig iron, how
many seasons will a front gate painted
blue carry a young woman  on one side
and a young man on the other?
Finest   draught   beer.     Coolest   in
' town, at the Denver house.
The Sandon football team was reorganized this week." They purchased
a $^0 pigskin. v'
Ex-mayor John Houston, M. P. P.,
J. P., is now manager of the Nelson
baseball team.
The management of the Nelson ball
tournament cut Sandon's expenses from
$80 to $50. They evidently think the
Sandon freaks are a lot of gophers���
and will eat baled hay while in Nelson.
The fight between Mr. Jeffries and
Mr. Fitzsimmons took place al Frisco
last night. Up to the hour of going to
press4he Paystreak was unable to learn
which one got killed. Il was reported
that Fitz had concealed in his left
a hard blow that he intended to throw
at Jeff when he wasn't' rubbering.
Tracy will challenge the winner.
Charlie Ink of Nelson, who held down
a mile or two of center field for the
Bogustown nine a few years ago, sends
the sporting editor of the Paystreak a
clipping from the Wilmer Outcrop about
a baseball tournament that took place
at Cranbrook between the Wilmer,
Fort Steele and Cranbrook nines. The
Outcrop says: "The box work was excellent; xcellent playing alround." In
the first game the score was 35 to 17;
the second 31 to 19. Ink says it reminds him of the game the Nelson
fans played two years ago.
Repairing is our Speciality
But we also
carrp a fine
line of Oentle
men's Shoes
est stples.
Miners  boots made on demand
_    Will stand more wear than anp W
pair of factorp make.  Made to fit the feet
Louis Hupperten Main Street
Neto York BretDry   j
Totogood & Bruder, Proprietors.
Bretoersotf Fine Lager Beer
Special attention  given to our rapidly  ���JcreaSJ
bottle  trade.    Give  it a trial.    Both of us w
make  by it.    We a little.    You  much.   L��^
hear   from   you.     Telephone,   24,   Denver
Silverton.    Worden   Bros.,   agents, Slocan ^ {
Sandon British Columbia


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