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The Paystreak May 24, 1902

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Array 4H*
)00k 6
Sandon, map 24, 1902
Chapter 35
Zocal Extract.
Inn McCauley is prospecting in the,
>m   Hancock   visited   Nakusp  on
C.   P.   R.   has put a   can on
rciVs Claim.
lr. and Mrs. Joseph Sells left on
iday for Spokan.
larlie Hoggan has gone to Albert i
jcome a cattle rancher.
Macdonald is in Frank, Alberta,
tre he proposes settling.
Davis is in Dawson  City, where
Intends to spend the summer.
feorge Powell,  the   clothing   man,
it a few days in lown this week.
Albert Ross visited   Silverton   yesler-
It was a strictly business trip.
fear hunting has  become a favorite
{time in the neighborhood  of Kaslo.
)an Kelly died in Rossjand on Mon-
from a super-abundance of alcohol.
[wing to   the   recent   cool weather
lenter Creek   is  less  turbulent this
UigusJ. Macdonald   went lo Fernie
Thursday   to   put   in a season   in a
llier camp
[he Dominion parliament prorogued
{May 17th without taking any action
e lead tariff.
ieorge C.  Tunstall,   the   dynamite
it, was   in   Sandon   this   week to
ce a few tons of giant.
Ed. Giegerich who paid a brief but
jting visit to United States, is on
/ay back to the Slocan.
7\n Wilson went over to Fernie this
fck to put in a couple of months on
struction for the coal companv.
[\\ Miners License expire on the 31st
lis  month.    Thomas  Brown, sub-
>rder has a large supply on hand.
The B. N. While Co. is making
le repairs to their bunk house,
liott & McMillan have  the contract.
lunter-Kendrick received a car of
I Charles by lake and rail from Tor-
|o in 20 days.    This is not so slow.
Lobert Strathem is  the   representa-
of the Kaslo militia  to the corona-
He leaves   for London Sunday.
larry Stinson,  who   is   engaged in
:k farming at  New   Denver, visited
idon Thursday looking for a  mar-
There will be only one ball game in
[slo today, Nelson  vs.  Kaslo.    Mur-
and Richards will  act   as   battery
the Kaslo team.
lev. John Pye is slated for Nicola by
Vancouver conference.    R. J. Mc-
yre   will   become   shepherd  of the
dist Hock in Sandon.
[ames J. Godfrey will spend the sum-
prospecting in the neighborhood of
Idez   glacier.    He   will   not   touch
)thing that is nailed down.
J. McLaughlin, who has been a
lent of Kaslo for the  last couple of
, where he has the drill shed
tract, returned to town yesterday,
[reports progress satisfactory.
D. A. Carmichael left on Tuesday
for his home near London, Ontario, to
spend a few months with the old folks.
He will stop in Calgary en route.
The K. & S. is running two coaches
again. They are painted a splendid
pea green and would make the Empire
State Express look like 30 cents.
John McKinnon of this town and
Miss Kitty Stevens of Libby, Mont,,
were married in Nelson on Wednesday
and Have gone to Calgary to live.
C. C. McCrae, formerly of Sandon,
and Miss Jennie McMillan, until recently school teacher at Whitewater, were
married in Vancouver on the nth inst.
The sensational and touching drama
entitled "Chips that Pass in the Night"
is being reproduced in town nightly.
Kitty, Ante and Jack Potts are the
leading features of the play.
Mr. Twogood of the New York
Brewery killed a beautiful martin in
the brewery yards on Tuesday. He
sent it to Edwards, the Revelstoke
taxidermist to have it mounted.
Sandon sent three candidates  to the
high   school    entrance    examinations |
which a're   being held in   New Denver
this week.    They   are   William   Karr,
Vicie Cameron and Mabel Karr.
Chas. W. Aylwin visited Sandon this
week to find a market for the product
of his ranch al New Denver. He will
make regular daily consignments of
fruit and vegetables to Williamsons.
John Bough is spending a few days
in Spokan. He has a few propositions
on tap such as placing a pair of cyclone
spools in St. Louis and getting a corner on the surplus energy of the St.
Pierre Volcano.
Lord Sholto Douglas has gone into
the cattle ranching business at Creston,
B. C. Sholto has had a varied and
picturesque experience and there will
be no dull moments in the neighborhood of Creston if he can help it.
Sandon ball players swiped New
Denver by 23 to 11 last Saturday. It
was a yellow burlesque on the great
international game, the only redeeming
feature being Murphy and Richards
work as battery during the last three
The Grand Forks Gazette has gone
where the woodbine twineth. The
Grand Forks News has purchased the
plant. The Hot Air Line is supposed
to be subsidizing the News. The Paystreak is now the only paper in B. C.
than has never accepted a bonus of any
A Chinaman who is no respecter of
local sentiment has been selling vegetables in town during the last few days.
As there is an exclusion law in Sandon
based on mutual consent and as the
Chink has paid no peddler's license he
will find himself up against the worst
of it next time he appears on the scene.
John Boyd, a brother of Dan Boyd of
this town, was drowned at the Big
Canyon of the Columbia, above Revelstoke, on Wednesday. He had the
mail contract for the north and met his
death while in the discharge of his
duties. Dan went to Revelstoke on
Thursday to attend to the funeral arrangements.
Colorado miners Get a Return for Zinc.
The following item clipped from the
last issue of the Zinc and Lead News,
published in St. Louis, seems to indicate that Colorado mine owners are
doing a profitable business on a class of
ore which is invariably thrown away in
the Slocan :���
Denver, Colo., May 10.���The Colorado Zinc Works, at Denver, are now
receiving about 40 tons a day of zinc
from the Reynolds & Hanifcn lease in
the Yak tunnel. The ore carries 30
per cent zinc, 10 to 12 per cent lead
and a few ounces in silver. The zinc
works are treating this material succes-
fully, and the lesees expect to be able to
increase their shipments.
progressives are Bctive.
Primaries of the Provincial Progressive Party were organized this week in
Silverton, New Denver and Slocan
City. Chris Foley, president of the
executive of the parly, was present to
assist in the organization. The usual
enthusiasm was shown at the meetings
and the clubs start off under favorable
auspices. With the exception of Nakusp, this completes the organization
in the Slocan, and steps will now be in
order to form a division organization
with an executive for the riding.
The activity shown by the Progressives thruout the Slocan indicates unmistakably that this constiuency will
return the right kind of a representative
when the lime arrives. The people are
tired of grafter governments and want
something better.
Railwap Beal is Off.
The latest reports from Victoria are
to the effect that the Canada Northern
Railway deal is off. When Dunsmuir
discovered that he could not put the
land grant thru the house, he undertook to compromise by striking out the
land grant and raising the cash bonus
to $5,000 a mile. This did not suit
Greenshields and he threw up the deal,
declaring that he could not raise a
postage stamp on a charter which did
not give a land grant. Consequently,
it is pretty safe to forecast that the
Canada Northern bill will be dropped.
The Coast-Kootenay still remains to be
dealt with.
mining Float.
Silver, 51 #
Lead, ^'11, 12s. 6d.
Trout Lake is enjoying a mild building boom.
Copper is showing considerable
strength on the New York market.
The ore shipments for the week were:
Slocan Star 84 tons, Minnesota Silver
Co. 21 tons.
The sixth annual meeting of the
Selkirk Mining Co. will be held in
Sandon on the 24th of June.
The Bosun at New Denver is shipping zinc ore to Belgium. They are
held down to 2 per cent of lead.
The Rambler will commence putting
on men again in a few days. The
danger of slides is practically over.
The new owners ofthe Wakefield,
Four Mile, are preparing to make a
heavy shipment of zinc to Belgium.
American Boy stock is down around
the 5 cent mark and Payne seems unable to f>et past 30 cents. Rambler-
Cariboo is steady at 80c.
According to the monthly statement
the Whitewater made only $216 for the
month of April. There are 80 men on
the payroll and 172 tons of concentrates
were shipped.
The Lardeau brance, officially known
known as the Arrowhead & Kootenay,
will be completed to the fool of Trout
Lake by the ist of June, thus opening
up another big silver-lead section.
The annual report of the Payne Mining Company, as presented at the
meeting in Montreal on May 13th, is
now in the hands of the stockholders.
It is a neat and comprehensive publication, well worthy lhe attention of anyone interested in mini��:g in the Slocan.
Bnother Slocan Bividend.
On May 20th the eighth dividend of
$6000 was declared on the Sunset.
This brings the total dividends on the
property up to $48,000, of which $24,-
000 has been paid since January ist,
notwithstanding that no shipping has
been done since the ist of April. The
Sunset is not incorporated, but is in the
hands of a private syndicate of which
Geo. W. Hughes is the manager.
The Victoria Day special on the K.
& S. will leave for Kaslo this morning
at 8 o'clock. The round trip fare is
$2, good returning Sunday. An excursion on Kootenay lake will be run
on the steamer Kaslo, for which lhe
fare will be 75 cents.
The annual report of the Ymir mines
shows a profit, for the year ending Dec.
31st, of ^45,242-
To William McDonald or any person or
prisons to whom he may have assigned
his interests in the Florence Mineral Claim,
situated one mile and a quarter from New
Denver, adjoining the Turris Mineral Claim
and registered iu the Recorder's office for the
Slocan Mining Division.
You are hereby notified that we, the undersigned, T. W. Fitzgerald and J. A. Black,
have caused to be expended one hundred dollars in labor and improvements upon the
above-mentioned mineral claim under the
provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within
ninety days from the date of this notice you
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion
of such expenditure, together with all costs
of advertising, your interest in said claim
will become the property ofthe subscribers
under Section 4 of an Act entitled "An Act
to Amend tho Mineral Act, 1900."
Dated at Sandon this 83rd day of May 1902.
23-8-02 the papstreak, Sandon, B. C��� map 24
tribalism and Religion.
(Bobcaygeon Independent.)
In the early ages of the world it was
necessary that the small number of human  beings  ott  the face ofthe earth
should,  for the sake of mutual   protection, divide  themselves into tribes.    A
few families joined together and formed
a tribe and for many hundreds of years
attatchment to  the tribe  was the most
marked   characteristic   of the  human
race.    The  tribal instinct  exists to the
present day.    The  individual   loves his
own   tribe  and   hates  all other  tribes.
He believes his own tribe to be the best,
biggest  and bravest in  existence, considers  every  other tribe  to be inferior,
and takes delight in denouncing  them,
making war  upon  them  and   slaying
them.    The  word   'tribe' has gone out
of use, and the word nation substituted
in its place.    But  what  is now  called
"patriotism" is  after all nothing more
than pure, undiluted tribalism, and it is
is patriotism  joined to religion,   which
is the  cause of every war with  its barbarism,   cruelty,   and   murder.     C in
anybody point to a war  which was not
caused   by   patriotism   and   religion ?
The latest   illustration   is  furnished   in
the Phillipine   Islands.    Inherited tribalism   led  the  American  people to the
desire  that their own  tribe  should be
the biggest and most powerful, and thev
set lo  work to thrash,   beat and  overpower,   a  much   smaller   tribe  in   the
Phillipine Islands.    The American tribe
partially  succeeded,  but only   partially
and then religion   came into action and
promises  in co-operation   with patriotism to  produce  very  bad  results.    In
the Phillipines in one locality, there are
about a  million   of people who   believe
not in Christianity,  but in Mahometan-
ism, and the Mahometans are now preparing   to   fight   'lie Christians to the
death.     Trib- lism.      Patriotism.    Religion.     I he   following  statement   has
been published by the New York newspapers:���
Unofficial advices reaching Washington from Manilla, point out what is
declared to be a great danger���that
the whole of the Mohammedan fanatics
in Mindano will rise and wage a "holy
war" against the Christian invaders.
In such event the Americans will face a
problem much more serious than any
that has yet.arisen in the Phillipines.
like unto a trust, and exhorted his
hearers to become stockholders rather
than try to do spiritual business individually. A number of prominent clergymen declare that this is blasphemy.
Mr. Carnegie, however, sticks up for
Mr. Rockefeller, and says: "Maybe he
is indiscreet, bul he means well."
Ibard Znck in the 'CUest.
The cowboy sat down on the ground,
fingered a roll of bills and looked sadly
at his pard.
"Bill,', he said, "it's no use. I can't
go to lown with you todav."
"Why? "asked Bill.
"I've only got $25 to my name."
"Figger it up ag'in," said Bill.
"No use. I've figured it up a dozen
times, and it always comes out the
same. It will take $20 fer the drunk,
dollar an' a half fer bed an' breakfast,
three an' a half fer ca'tridges, an' that
won't leave a cussed cent to pay the
See our 50c Shirts.   The best
value ever offered.
Dissolution of Partnership.
NOTICE is hereby given that the partner-
khip heretofore existing between Hansen &
Lawson, carrying on business at the I'nion
Hotel has been disolv.-d. All bills due to tho
said firm must be paid forthwith to Henjamnn
Lawson, uid nil bills against the said lirm
will be paid by him.
Dated at Sandon this *Uh day of April, 1����.
Everything from the amber fluid that
made Milwaukee famous to Extra Dry
at The Kootenay.
��������������� ������   ������w���WF���������������j���
Fresh Strnwberriesjust received front California.
City of Sandon Court of Revision
NOTICK U hereby given that the annual
sitting dfthe Court of Revision for the pur-
p se of hearing all  complaints  against the
assessment for the year 1908, as made by the
assessor of the city of Sandon. It. ('.will be
held in the council chamber, city hull, Sandon, on Fri iay. June ISth.UOS at lo o'clock
a  ni C. E.LYONS, CM. C.
Sandon, B. C. May 6th, 1908.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining I'ivision of West
Kootenay    District   Where    located:   On
Wm< Fork of Cody Creek. Ii. C.
TAKE NOTICE that   I. E.  M.  Sandilands,
acting as agent  for 1'.   Bums, Free Miner's
Certiorate, No   B8 UfcW, intend, sixtv days from
the .late hereof, to apply  to  the  Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for
���he purpose of obtaining a Crown Orant  of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section .'17, HUUft be commenced before the issuance of nob Certitli-ate of unmovwntntt,
Hated this 1Mb day of April. Mt.
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $1 per month; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surge*
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
OK. W. E. tlOMM.   Attendant Phwfcki
.1  H. MCNEILL, Pres Hospital Bond
ANTHONY BHILLAND, -,   r,.tlirv
A New York dispatch says that (he
son of Mr. John Rockefeller, the Standard Oil king, has aroused an indignant protest by his novel methods of
inculcating religion. He conducts a
bible class in Fifth Avenue Baptist
church, and neither smokes, drinks or
swears. Recently, addressing the students of Brown University, he said:
"Trusts are products of the devine law,
and the Standard Oil corporation resembles the American beauty rose,
whose perfection is obtained by killing
the buds around it." Recently, in a
sermon he said the Church of God was
Application for Water Right.
Sandon. B. C , April .lith, V.i 2.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned will at tho expiration of four weeks from
the first publication hereof apply to the Gold
Commissioner for a re sord of water as hereinafter set out.
[a] The name of the applicant is the Corporation of the City of Sandon.
[b] The name of the creek is Sandon Creek.
[c] The point of diver-iion or intended ditch
is fifteen hundred (1500) feet above its continence with Carpenter creek.
The point where it is to be returned is Carpenter creek at Sandon.
The difference in altitude between the point
of diversion and the poin*; where it is to be
returned is about three hundred (900) feet.
[d] The means by which it is intended to
store and divert water is reservoir, flume and
|e] The number of inches applied for is 0110
hundred (100) miner's inches.
(f] The water is required for fire protection
end domestic use.
(gl The land or mine on which the water in
to be used is the City of Sandon.
[b] This notice was posted on the 80th day of
April, 1008,and application will be made to
the commissioner on the 80th day of May 10.;'
Fer C. E. LYONS, City Clerk.
Sandon, B. C.
Application for Water Right.
Saudon. B. 0 April S.'.fh, !0tr_>.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned will at the expiration of four weeks from
the first publication hereof, applv to the Oo d
CommiMionai for a record of water as hereinafter set out.
(a) The name of the applicant is the Corporation of the City of Sanioii
[b] The name of the creek is Falls Creek,
situate on Payne Mountain, between Sandon
and the Payne tram.
[0] The point of diversion or intended ditch
is four hundred (100) feet above the K. & S
railway track; about one thousand ilo��i) or
fifteen hundred (UOO) feet below the Payne
Consolidated   Mining Company's water right.
The point where it is to be returned to Car-
penteroreeh is at Bandon.
The difference is attitude between the point
of diversion and the point, wher.- if is to be
returned is about three hundred (300) feet.
(d| Tho mean., by which it is intended to
store and divert the water is Re>et voir. Flume
and Pipe
[e] The numl er of inches applied for is one
hundred (100) miner's inchc i.
|f| The water is required for fire protection
and domestic (KUrpOaM.
[g] The land or mine on which lhe wat*r is
to be used is the City of Sandon.
This notice was posted on the SMh day of
April. 1008,
Per C. E. LYONS, City Clerk.
Sandon, B. C.
I. O. 0. F.    '
Meetings iu the Union Hail srarrFridi]
Evening at 7:*>. Wilting Bret hero eotdfaffi
invited to attend.
Secretary Yi.,- Oram!.
A. P. & A. M,
Regular Communication held tint Tbt.
dav in each month in Masonic Hall nt 81 1
Sojourning brothers are cordially tnritMti
JAMES M. BARTON,Se, rotary
stablished lSBfl,
Sandon, B. C.
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Stocks bought and sold. General agent for Slocan Projterties
Promising  Prospects for  Sale.
Application for Transfer of Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
I from date hereof I, the undersigned, intend to
j apply to the License Commissioners of the
City of Sandon for a transfer to me of the
! liquor license held by Kansen & Pusco of
i the In ion Hotel.
' rw   ,   . a     , BEN DAWSON.
Dated at Sandon, B. C. May 13, 1008,
Mining Properties  Examined   and    Reports
Made.   Will Open up Mining Properties by
Contract or Salary.   Twenty Years'
Sandon. Cartage Co,
wAlmsley & Mcpherson
Express, Baggage,
and Gai/*!cn!e.
Delivery to  all   Parts id" the City.
Excursion Rates East
May 2(5, 30,     June 20,
July 2, 3, 1.
mossland Gvail melson
and intermediate points to
$ 4450
WO 00
Corresponding reduction from
all Kootenay point-. VsmA
diverse routes. Meals ��nd
berth included on C I' ,v
lake steamers.
Through booking to Europe via;'
Atlantic Lhes, Prepaid tickets fromal
points at lowest rates.
R. B. McCain in
J. 8. Carter
D. P. A.
Nelson. B. C.
E. ,1. Co.vle,
A. G. P- v*
it C
Vancouver. ����� the Papstreak, Sandon, B. C, map 24
fflle ate 2>oing fye business
' v :	
Bo not ever look that point
We are the Leading Tailoring Establishment of the Kootenay and
are turning out clothing that cannot be excelled in the province of British
Columbia. Keep in mind the fact that we have the only artistic cutter in
this camp. Our stock of Serges and Tweeds for the spring trade is complete
We Guarantee Satisfaction.   Out prices are Wtgb t
J. HI. Si ��. Cameron,
ping pong poetrp.
Delightful game,
With unctuous name,
The same.
What joyous sound,
With every hound
The ball goes
Delicious thing,
And then goes
My soul be calm.
Mellifluous ping,
Melodious pong;
Be calm, oh, soul,
Be calm.
From Mafeking
We hear the ping,
From far Hong Kong
Come sounds of Pong;
From Rome to Guam
Steals now
As soft as any
Angel's psalm���
My ruffled soul's
Sweet balm���
I know the angels
Love to play
All day;
On some soft cloud
Ping-pong's allowed,
Where afternoons
Sweet seraphs all
Can pat
The opalescent ball;
They know a thing
Or two of
You bet they're on
To Pong.
Neat, Clean and Comfortable Rooms. Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
Accomodations Unexcelled. Best that Money can Buy.
First Class Dining Room Sernice.
American and European Plan.
It's dull below,
1 want to go,
I want to shirk
And work,
And die
And fly
Far in the sky,
And play all day,
Oh, say
St Peter, say
Where lies the way,
Where I can play
Alway ?
Says Pete,
"Just stir your feet
Up this gold street,
And when you hear
Some joyful sounds
Go in;
You've struck the
I'm dead:
No weeps in-ours���
Cut out the flowers;
I'm on the wing
Repairing is our Speciality
But we also
carrp a fine
men's Shoes
in all the lot*
est stples.
miner's boots made on demand.
_    Will stand more wear than anp two
pair of factorp make,  made to fit the feet
Louis Hupperten Main Street
For ping,
So long
For Pong.
A popular commercial traveler told
us the following story this week on a
hotel man in a townjnot far from Kaslo.
A flashy young couple appeared at the
hotel and when requested  to register
the man wrote: "W. E. R. Notman
and wife, Norfrom Mo." They wanted
the best the house afforded and mine
host hustled and beamed. After the
couple had gone our friend asked the
hotelman to read over that particular
incription on the register several times.
He did so and slowly a light dawned
upon him. Then he hustled and���well,
he certainly did not beam.
I the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, map 24
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
ion, whose hand is for peace and
democracy, who feels himself ruler of
his own destiny���not a subject but a
peer.    Then Canada will come to her
pared to them, Sontag & Evans were
the personification of honesty and
Jesse James was a gentleman.
Subscription   -   -   -.   -   $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams,   -   Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, MAY 17, 1002.
Americans are pouring into Alberta in thousands and will soon outnumber all others in  the  Northwest.
This is a hopeful   sign of the  times.
Canada will  never   amount  to  much
until she throws off her allegiance to
Great Britain and  declares  for  independence.    The  maudlin,  silly  sentimentality which has prompted Canadians   to   remain    colonials    has   cost
Canada dearly in self respect  and self
reliance.    The spectacle of this great
Dominion of ours, with room between
its  borders for twenty  countries   like
Great   Britain,   mimicing   in  politics,
religion  and sociai life this little, old,
played-out    monarchy   on   the   other
side of the world is, to say the least of
it, painful.    Canadians lack the backbone and stamina to be Canadians first
and   Britishers    afterward,   but    are
Britishers in a colonial sense first, last
and all the   time.    We   are   literally
dangling at our mother's apron strings.
Our theory of dependence has stamped
its impress  indelibly on   our  national
life   and  national   character.    It  has
been inculcated in   the  rising  generation at   the sacrifice   of our   dignity
and national spirit.    It  has taught us
to idolize a king who  is a   stranger to
us, to revere a government   which  is
foreign to us, and  to  worship an artificial   aristocracy which   is   an  exact
antithesis of all that is good  and true
and brave and free and  democratic in
Canadian  traditions.
If the influx of Americans will do
anything to remove this feeling of
vassalage and can infuse a new,
strong, manly feeling of self-reliance
which will make for Canada an independent national sentiment to take the
place of our second-hand British
loyalty, then the Americans are just the
people we want; and we want hosts of
them. We have room for all the
Americans who care to drive their
prairie schooners across the Montana
line. May they come in hordes and
convert the great lone land of the
Canadian west into an empire of smiling farms and fruitful homesteads,
whose every owner is a king in his
own right, owing allegiance to none
but himself and the land  of his adopu
Crown granted mineral claims are
taxed 25 cents an acre. If the same
tax were applied indiscriminately to all
other land alienated from the Crown in
B. C. the government would have a
revenue of over $4,500,000 annually
from this source alone. Dunsmuir,
who says the government cannot make
bricks without straw (it is noticable
that he is making gold bricks) would
pay $500,000 a year on his 2,000,000
acres of Vancouver Island land, and
the C. P. R. would pay $750,000 on
the 3,000,000 acres it holds in East
Kootenay. In the Okanagan there
are thousands upon thousands of acres
ofthe finest agricultural land in the
world held by speculators and assessed
at$i an acre. Charge these men 25
cents an acre and see what would
happen !
Our present system of taxation
which permits these corporations and
speculators to escape taxation while
they refuse to develop the resources
within their control is, to say the least
of it, vicious and idiotic ; and the
system which cinches mineral land for
25 cents an acre and then cinches the
mining industry for a two per cent tax
is suicidal. It can be justified on no
grounds except that the government
needs the money. As the land-grabbing corporations have so debauched
the legislature that they have been
granted exemption from taxation, the
taxes must be extorted from the honest
capital which is endeavoring to create
honest industry by developing the mining resources of the province.
Johnny Mitchell has a strike on
his hands which will probably bust his
union and throw the coal miners of
Pennsylvania into a worse position
they were before. One hundred and
forty-five thousand men have laid
down their tools to wait for the mine
owners to pay them a living wage.
By depriving and starving themselves
they hope to bring to terms the multimillionaires who could live in luxury if
the coal mines never turned a wheel.
In their search for better conditions the
miners have taken the wrong trail.
They hold within themselves the
power to capture the legislative machinery of the state of Peensvlvania, and
w w *
by so doing they could accomplish
more in one year than by a century of
boycotts and strikes. To Mitchell's
everlasting credit be it said that he
recognizes this monumental truth and
used every effort within his power to
avert the strike.
The more you look at that Canada Northern swindle the uglier it
gets. The bill proposes to place a
reserve on all land for 20 miles on each
side ofthe proposed right of way until
MacKenzie & Mann pick out what
they want. In Montreal the other
day Dan Mann said that the road
would not be completed for seven
years. Then taking Dunsmuir and
Dan at their word, we would have a
strip of country 40 miles wide and 560
miles long reserved from trespass for
seven years. Anyone caught prospecting within the lines would be
branded a criminal and his claims declared forfeit. The bargain which
contemplates this horriable travesty is
heralded by the Dunsmuir gang as a
triumph of statesmanship. If ever
there was a band of miscreants richly
deserving a literal application of lariat
law it is this outfit styling itself the
British Columbia government.    Com-
The man who can discover a process for separating zinc from lead without losing either can make himself
richer than Rockefeller and can make
the Slocan more prosperous than Virginia City in its palmiest Jays. This
camp has more zinc than lead, but the
zinc is all wasted to save the lead and
silver. There are hundreds o\ thousands of tons of zinc ore thrown over
the dump or lying untouched in the
stopes, which will not pay freight and
treatment because the ore carries too
much lead. A zinc smelter in Kaslo
might relieve the situation, but zinc
smelting is a very difficult, expensive
and complicated process in which capital would not readily embark.
The Sandon city council has the
city's enemies groggy and grabbing
for the ropes. In ninety days they
will be down and out and the city will
have the money. Landlordism has
cost this city its prosperity, but no
landlord can further escape paying his
fair share of the taxes. As the immortal Abe once remarked, you can
fool some of the people all the time
and all of the people some of the time,
but you cannot fool all of the people
all the time. If John Morgan Harris
and Gilbert Malcolm Sproat arc wise
they will take a hint from Davy
Crockett's coon, and climb down.
Get in line with the Provincial
Progressive Party. If you admit the
soundnssss of single tax or if you. De*
lieve that the people should own the
trusts you cannot vote against it ant
be honest or consistent.    If yoU be" the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, map 24
lieve'in taxing, industry and promoting
monopoly, vote against the Provincial
Progressive Party. The line drawn is
so clear that no man can misunderstand There is no fence, but a yawning gulf between, into which the politician who undertakes to straddle will
fall with a plunk to oblivion. It is a
strait case of right and wrong in which
there is no compromise.
Some reformer with a stentorian
voice and a lucid comprehension is due
to rise and propose that the administration of this province be de-centralized. With county administration it
would not be necessary to petition Victoria every time a culvert gets out of
repair. The present system is copied
after the British scheme of adminis-
stration, which may have been all right
for that country about the time of the
Saxon heptarchy but is too antiquated
and cumbersome to suit B. C. What
is wanted is a replica of Ontario's system of administration by counties.
MacKenzie & Mann have recovered $327,000 from the Dominion government because they asked for a
twenty-million acre land grant and the
Senate refused to let them have it.
This opens up a new line of possibilities for financial operations. We may
next expect to  hear   of   Bill   &  Dan
asking for everything west of Lake
Superior, and then suing the Dominion
for everything on earth except the old
flag if the request is refused.
The Granby Company is going
to handle copper ore from mine to
market for $2 a ton ; but it still costs
anywhere from $25 to $50 to get a ton
of Slocan ore treated. As a ton of
Slocan ore is worth from 12 to 25
times as much as a ton of Boundary
ore, the ratio is the same in both cases.
It amounts to just exactly all the traffic
will stand.
Rossland schools are without
visable means of support and the authorities are trying to maintain them
with police court fines. A city which
has to levy tribute from drunks and
hookers to keep its schools open has
a lot of educating to do among people
old enuf to vote.
Earthquakes in Gautarnala are
reported to have stopped the gushers in
the Beaumont oil fields. Interested
parties are keeping it dark so that they
can unload on eastern suckers. The
earthquake will probably be injuncted
or extradited and   tried for conspiracy.
Andrew Carnegie has offered
$20,000,000  for  the   Philippines,   in
habitants and all.    It is Andy's intention to send the  soldiers home and set
the niggers free, but as  real estate has
advanced  some���presumably   because
there are less niggers in the archipelago
now than when Uncle Sam bot  in���it
is not likely that the deal will go thru.
The  offer,   however,  suggests a new
plan ot amalgamating.    What  is  the
matter   with   John   Bough  and  J. P.
Morgan and   R. J.  McTaggart and a
few more of those large  manipulators
forming a little  syndicate  and buying
up the universe.    As they  would then
have all countries  under one   control
expenses   could   be   greatly   reduced.
All customs  houses   would   be   done
away with, kings put to work and the
navy put to   practical use  as   harbor
tugs.    The scheme   is   one  of   large
possibilities and is worth looking into.
The British Columbia legislature
has developed into a long-distance
slang-whanging race. The man who
can talk most and say least is the
winner. What's the maiter with turning it into a pie eating contest, so that
the members would have to do something to prove their ability.
All well regulated families in the
east now have a burglar-proof safe in
the kitchen in which to' put the beef-
stake for breakfast.
The Pioneer and Leading Tailoring
Establishment of the Slocan.
Always Carries a Complete Stock of
Imported Suitings and Pantings
Matorial,   Fit and Workmanship
Fully Guaranteed.
If he is Decked in Shoddy, Sweat Shop Goods
Assay His Character and You will Find Him a
Shoddy Man.    If he has the Label on His Garments
He is Sterling.    So are the Garments.
Stores at Sandon and Slocan dtp.
B Full Zine of Furnishings Carried at Both Stores.
(Barren Those.
The Finest Line and Largest Stock
of Hose in the Country.
Sizes to Suit all Purposes.   Cotton
and Rubber.
Prices Consistant with the Quality
of the Goods.
inspection Jnvitebw
Fruit and Vegetables. Consignments from California and
Walla Walla received every
day of the week.
WILLIAMSON'S. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, map 24
the Brpress train.
A light was shining in the west:
It glitters like the evening star.
No sound yet strikes the listening car,
But still the light gleams from afar.
The crowd has waited for an hour,
And now they murmur at their fate,
They can't see how this road is run,
And why the trains are always  late.
"Not always late," a fair one said,
"For I have travelled far and  near,
And only had hut once to wait.
And that is while I'm waiting  here.
Have you not heard a storm  has raged
And  tilled the cuts with  hanks of
And when the engine stuck in these,
'You may be sure it could not go."
The one that spoke was but a child,
But she was wise beyond  her years,
And while she waited near the door
1 saw her eyes were filled with tears.
I said, "Why do you look so sad,
And   standing   here  in   the   falling
rain ? "
She said, "I'm wailing for my pa,
For he is coming^ on this train."
A sound was heard from hill lo hill,
It was a mighty monotone.
A distant voice,   both loud and   hoarse,
And with a savage warning blown
It nearer comes; the steel rails sing;
The fires  now loom upon   the night,
And as the thunder dies away,
My heart beats faster al the sight.
1 turned to find mv little maid;
I saw her run with nimble feet;
I followed her with anxious eyes
To see if pa and she would meet.
Amid the din I heard a shout,
"Hello, my pet, and are you here?"
Two strong   arms  clasped   her  to his
Her father was the engineer.
���W. F. Stewart.
that the new company has been formed
by Ernest Mansfield, the promoter well
known in the Slocan.
All the old reliable spring remedies
for that tired feeling can be found at
the liquid refreshment dispensary of the
Kootenay Hotel.
I am offering for sale at a sacrifice the Sandon Steam Laundry
situated on Cody Avenue. Doing
good business. Cash or time to
the right parties.
F. L. Christie,
L. L. B..
M. L. Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
the   Mining   Trade.
B. C.
E. A. BROWN, M. E.
mansfield    has   Bnother
Underground Surveys
and Examinations, Development and Assessment Work. Surveys
and Estimates made for
SANDON    -   -   -    B. C.
Sandon   Bottling
Contractors and Builders.
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Joint Finishing: Lumber
Moulding, Etc.
Sash and Door on  Hand to Order.
Factory on Main Street
Instructions were received by Taylor
& O'Shea, solicitors, of Nelson for the
registration in British Columbia of the
Kaslo-Slocan Mining &. Financial company, Ltd., with a capitalization of
^"500,000. Of this amount ,& 100,000
has been paid into the treasury. The
properties taken over by the new company are those formerly belonging to
the Chapleau Consolidated, the Rene
Laudi and the Mansfield syndicate,
embracing the properties in Camp
Mansfield, on the south fork of Kaslo
creek, in the Slocan, and including the
well known Joker mine and the Chapleau, on Lemon creek.
Operations on an extensive scale are
to be commenced immediately on the
Chapleau and the Joker mines. On
the Chapleau a 10 stamp mill and a
tramway were put in by the old company. On the Joker the principle work
done consists of the stripping of the
ledge thru the width of the claim.
These properties have now been lying
idle for over a year.    It iy understood
Manufacturers 01
The Newmarket Hotel
The only up40'date Summer
Resort in the Slocan. Tfr ^ ^
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
Henry Stege
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings  write  or  wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,  Sandon   Miners'   Union
Sandon, B. C.
Walcpon foot Springs
The Winter Resort of the Kootenay. When the snow lies deep on
the Slocan Hills the roses bloom
in the Banana Patch.
TO $15,00 A WEEK.
^I^/HK medical waters of-Halcyon
jjjfQ arc the most curative in the
worlc. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and depart every Day.
Felegraph communication with all
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
The Denver.
Victor Kleinschmidt. Prop.
Rooms  Large,   Neat,  Clean,
Airy and Comforl;iM^
Dining Room Service Unsurpassed.
Every Effort Made to Provide
Comfort for the Guests.
Cody Avenue
Sand*"1 the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, map 24
mill the trust Enter the
Slocan market Bgain ?
There is a feeling among mine
owners here,backed by what is purported to be reliable information, that the
American Smelting & Refining Co. is
going to reenter the Hritish Columbia
market in the near future. It is pointed
nut by those who claim to be in the
know that the trust is spending a large
amount of money on the East Helena
smelter, and that the Great Falls plant
is being overhauled. Also the Great
Northern is standardizing the Great
Falls & Canada road to the Alberta-
coal fields and the Crow's Nest Southern will be completed by the middle of
next month, definately settling the fuel
question for the Montana smelters.
Besides this, it is well known that the
enormous surplus of lead which the
lead trust had on its hands on January
ist 1901 has been reduced to normal
proportions and the demand for lead in
''. S. is looking up a little, in consequence of which the lead trust will undoubtedly be able to contract with the
smelter trust for a larger ouiput. A
couple of local managers have intimated
that they have had assurances which
lead them that to believe that the
smeller trust will again be in the Slocan
market in the very near future.
Should these predictions prove to be
true it will mean a sudden return of
prosperity lo the Slocan camp and the
silver-lead sections of East Kootenay,
as the trust will undoubtedly put the
price back to the old settlement,basis of
New York quotations less duty and
moisture. This would net the mine
owner about $2.40 for lead, which
would permit every property in the
camp to operate. The Slocan was
never in a better condition to make a
large output and $2.40 for lead would
make it the most active and prosperous
camp on the North American continent.
It is a conservative estim ite that the
payroll for mines tributary to Sandon
would immediately jump to 1,200 men
and for the remaining six months the
output would touch 30,000 tons, making the year's production for the district over 40,000 tons.
which handle a feed from the inch and
the three-quarter screens. Everything
that cart be separated on the coarse
jitfs is handled in that way, and the
work of the fine jigs and vanners is
consequently light. As there is very
little slime and practically no carbonates in the feed, the vanners are working mostly on a zinc product which will
he stored and shipped when a couple of
hundred tons have accumulated. The
zinc is separated so close that it carries
only 5 ounces silver and a small per
centage of lead, making it a merchantable product. The lead product carries
130 ounces silver and 70 per cent lead
with the zinc below the penalty margin.
The management is delighted with
the working of the mill and feel satisfied that the profit from the operation of
the plant will be a handsome one.
the papne mill.
Wlhai: Me are Boing to (Bet
Monep this Month.
The Payne mill is now running
steadily with a double shift and handling 135 tons of rock a day. The feed
is taken from the dumps below No. 3
and gives a satisfactory return. The
mill, which is a very compact little
plant, is running smoothly and satisfactorily. There are two crushers, a
double set of rolls, five trummel screens
graduated from one inch to two millimeter mesh, two Hartz jigs and four
Frue vanners. As the ore is strait
lead with a small percentage zinc, it is V'^ |
' a very easy feed to concentrate and the
Japan's mineral products
Recent advance sheets of the Consular Reports dealing with Japan's
mineral products show that that country has supplied a considerable proportion of the world's mineral ouiput of
precious metals. For the year iqoo as
reported by the mining inspection
boards the gold output was $1,410,390.
Some zinc is being shipped from Japan
to the continental smelters, especially
during the past year. In 1900 the lead
production of that   country was 20,Sf>7
tons, valued at $162,113.
General mining Float.
The Rand gold ouiput last month
was 110,588 ounces.
The Le Rot is fighting the Great
Northern over freight rates and the
high price of coke, and has cut down
shipments in consequence to the amount
necessary to cover development expenses, until cheaper rates are granted.
The Free Miner's License is no longer required by working miners in the
Klondike, as only property holders are
now required to take them out. The
license in the Yukon costs  $10  a year.
The Shwanigan Falls Power Company, which is furnishing electric
energy for Montreal, has let a contract
for 260 miles of aluminum wire to be
used on its main line. The aluminum
will be made and the wire drawn at
Shwanigan Falls by the Pittsburg Reduction Co. This is the largest aluminum order ever placed in Canada.
The value of diamonds for industrial
purposes depends largely on the shape.
For boring and drilling round hard
stones are preferred. For wire drawing
a flat stone is suitable ; for stone sawing angular diamonds are consideied
to be the best.
The Leadville output for the month
of May will amount to 80,000 tons.
This is the heaviest output for a long
time, and 15,000 tons over the April
The North Star mine in East Kootenay commenced shipping last week.
Tlie production will be 40 tons a day.
There   is a  strike  on  at   the  East
Helena   smelter.     The  smelter   trust
magnates  have    refused  to  recognize
the union and every man on the job has
called out.
We ate selling
Ready-Made Clothing, ���
Uuderclothes, Shirts,
Up-to-date Neckties,
English and Canadian Hats
Trunks and Valises
At 25 per cent off.   This discount
is real.   No bargain counter fake.
Besides this big slash we are selling
Boots and Shoes and Gloves of all
kinds at
20 per Cent ��ff
And again we are selling Stetson
Hats at 10 per cent off.
nothing but tf)e Zong <5reen
Gets these prices. It is a purely Cash Sale. If you
can buy cheaper in any department store or Eastern
Hand Me Down Establishment, go at it and we are
in with you. This is positively the biggest bargain
sale that ever happened.
It is reported that the Sullivan mine
loss is very small. Over 50 per cent of m j��ast Kootenay will be opened up on
the saving is  from   the   first two  jigs'the ist of June.
Bont XLake Our Word for Hnpthing.  Come
and see the Ooods and Satisfp yourselves.
Macdonald & Ross.
Main Street
Sandon, B. C. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, MaP *4
dtp Council.
At Monday evening's council meeting
there were present Mayor Cunning and
Aldermen     Folliott,     Cameton     and
Communications were read from C.
C. Cliffe regarding the city printing
and from G. M. Sproat regarding his
taxes on city property, in which he
stated that he would like to make a
compromise. The letters were filed
without action. A communication was
received^from the lands and works department and from R. F. Green stating
that the balance on the city hall amounting to $432.10 would be included in the
supplementary estimates.
J.   M.   Harris   wrote   stating   that
altho the council  has  not made any
contract with  the company he would
hold the city  responsible for the use of
the hydrants at $10 per month, as he
claimed that the chief ofthe fire department made regular inspections.
A letter was received from E. C.
Chipman stating that the Minnesota
Silver Co's water right would not be
prejudiced in any way on account of
the intake having been temporally removed from the city flume.
A letter was received from the
K. & S. regarding a sheer to be built at
the Carpenter creek bridge.    The letter
was filed.
The city clerk was instructed to write
Thomas Duffy and  secure his resignation as an aldermnn. ft
Arrangements for fixing up the front
office in the city hall for the clerk were
left in the hands of the board of works.
��� ���
B Snap in Sewelerp.
I   still   have  considerable   Jewelery
Stock and Watches  on hand 1 will dis-'
pose of at cost.    Anyone wanting any-
thing in this line cannot afford to miss |
this offer.    Let me know your wants.
(Seo. B. Tknowles.
Residence���Cody Avenue.
If you want
Groceries of
the best quality
that the market
affords send in
your orders to
Handles Green Goods.
Pants are simply a covering for the legs.
Trousers are a stylish and correct part of
a stylishand correct suit.     Our price?
$3.50 to $6.00
pants, a Bollar a Zeg.
(Seats free.)
Ease Up
With a Pair of
President Suspenders
XLhe Hardest Work Becomes Sasp.
fbigblp Recommended bp
Wo friction when Stooping, Works
Zike Ball Bearings for sale onlp bp
TH)e %bunter*%ken6rick Co., Zimiteb
p. Burns <X Co
ItSI lOQ    Barber     Not thc Kind thc Farmers Buy
V>CllV> O Shop in New York
Is the best Tonsorial  Establishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral Building! Main St.
^^^   in New York
But the Kind Farmers Sell in
Tbead Office,
nelson, B. C.
and   Views.
I Will bo, at Mu Studio in
For one week commencing May 20th.
Do not forget to call when you take in
the celebration. Get a view of the
great McGuigan snowslide to send to
your friends.    Studio on Third street.
Receioed Eoeru. Dat).
The Lucious Pie Plant is now in season. Try some of our stock. Green
Onions, Fresh Lettuce, Spinich and
several other brands of agricultural
Keco avenue,
Sandon, SB. C.
Stealers 3��
of all


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