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The Paystreak Jun 15, 1901

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Array z2
Tack Caldwell went to Revelstoke on
Monday lor a brief visit.
Fred Hulten left Nelson a week ago
| Saturday for Skagway.
E. C. Lyons is  attending  the grand
lodge I. 0. O. F. at Nanaimo.
Eri Thompson and Jack Lowes left
(Seattle for Cape Nome last week.
The Slocan district license commiss-
lioners meet in New Denver today.
Angus J. MacDonald is classifying
[formation at the Hartney mine, New
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Sirs. Henry Tattrie in   New Denuer on
[he 7th inst.
Jimmy Wilks was elected vice-presi-
lent of ihe W. F. of M. at the Denver
Geo. \V. Hughes of the Idaho mines
Ind Geo. Petty of the Monitor visited
[Nelson this week.
Hugh Mcintosh  is making his head-
I quarters at   Comaplix,    where   he   has
some mineral property.
Ed Boyce, president ofthe Western
Federation will be at Slocan City labor
picnic on the 25th of June.
Ernie Burns left on Tuesday for the
Boundary country. He will make
Phoenix his headquarters.
F. M. Sandilands is in Spokan on
mining business which is reported to
be of considerable importance.
William Walmsley has taken an
option on the Gluepot saloon in Nelson
and will probably move to that city.
Wm. Hagler went thru by Slocan
lake for Nelson e>n Wednesday. He
will return to Sandon in a few days.
VV. W. Warner and family returned
from Spokan on Monday and are now
living in their Cody   Avenue  residence.
Brinsley Walton came up from Slocan
on Monday, where he has been for
several months with the Arlington company.
The inspector of weights and measures spent a couple of days this week
inspecting Sandon adjudicating appliances.
Cieo Weinant and S. C. Jackson are
doing some development work on their
Margery group, First North Fork of
Lemon creek.
V. A. Klicnschmidt went over to
Duncan City on Thursdav. He has
rented his hotel property to Billy White,
formerly of Kaslo.
W. B. Kelly, wbo spent the winter in
Toronto, returned from the east Tuesday. He will probably spend the summer in the Boundary.
The Nelson celebration committee
has collected $3,189 for the Dominion
Day celebration and has apportioned
$850 prizes.    That's good finance.
There are only two patients in the
hospital this week, Col. Pearson and
Herb Peyzant. Both are doing well
and will be discharged in a few days.
Johnnie Cunning went to New Westminster with F. L. Christie on Monday.
Johnnie will spend the summer attending school at the Frasi 1 nver metropolis. '
An ice-cream social will be given in
Crawford's Hall under the auspices of
the Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian
church on Tuesday evening next, June
James McGregor is mining inspector
for West Kootenay, excepting the Goat
river division; and also has charge of
the divisions of Grand Forks and Kettle
river.    His headquarters are at Nelson.
It is rumored that there will not be
as many saloons doing business in
Sandon after the 15th of July. Some
of them will not renew their licenses.
There are too many gin mills in the
Track-laying has been commenced
on the Lardeau railroad. A locomotive
was sent up from Nelson this week and
a gang of men is now putting down
steel on the section graded two years
Today is nomination day in Slocan
Cily. D. D. Robertson and A. York
will be the mayorality candidates and
there will be a contest for the alder-
manic honors. Flections take place on
June 22nd.
There will be a grand labor demonstration and picnic at Slocan on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 25th and
2bth. Several hundred dollars in prizes
and trophies will be hung up for sports
and games.
F. L. Christie left on Monday for
Victoria, where he will make a brief
visit previous to departing for the old
country to represent the Copeland interests in the Cube Lode case when it
comes before the Privy council.
Joe Stocker has sold out the Miners'
Restaurant and will leave for the north
today. He intends to go to Dawson
City to spend the summer in the gold
region. Rufus Draham will conduct
the Miners Restaurant in future.
A. B. Docksteader returned on Wednesday from a ten-day's life insurance
raid into the Boundaryc amps. He reports business good, especially in
Phoenix, where strangers have to speak
early for a bed or sleep under the depot
The main shaft house at Bruce
Mines, construction of which was completed only a few days ago by Tom
Mitchell, was burned on Thursday
morning. The loss is reported at $35,-
000 with insurace at $20,000, altho tbe
shaft house contained machinery worth
considerably more than that amount.
Nick McKian and Dune Kennedy
are meeting with great success in the
development of their property on the
First North Fork of Lemon, they are
working on a big iron cap lead, and
the breast of their drift is entirely in
ore. It resembles the Rossland article,
but has in addition a small percentage
of nickel.���Slocan Drill.
Tom Mitchell returned to the Slocan
on Tuesday. Since he left here about
a year ago Tom has built one of the
biggest copper concentrators in America
at Bruce Mines. Incidentally he visited
New York, Boston, Washington and
other centres of commerce and culture.
He was much astonished and impressed
with the mineral possibilities of New
Ontario which he believes will be one
ofthe greatest mining countries on
Cunliffe & McMillan of the Rossland
Engineering Works are making a determined bid for lhe machinery trade of
the Kootenay. They have a plant in
Rossland especially designed for the
construction of mining machinary, ore
cars, tram buckets etc., and they repair and overhaul engines, boilers,
pumps, hoists etc. They also keep a
large supply of new and second hand
engines and pumps in stock. Their
enterprize is worlhy of recognition and
they will no doubt secure the trade
The Cmadian Bank of Commerce
has issued a statement of the business
done for the year ending May 31st
which shows that the institution made
$1,450,000 during the twelve months
and has assets to lhe extent of $67,550,-
000. Considering that this is the year
immediately succeeding the Sandon
fire, the bank seems to be doing fairly
Wants to Get to Them Strong.
The Sandon baseball boys have been
trying to rib up a Sunday excursion to
Kaslo, but have run up against a hard
proposition in negotiating with the K.
& S. The management of that company asks the boys to dig up $100 for
the train to t.ike them down and back.
The officials of the little road must have
absorbed a touch of Jim Hill's community of interests elixir lately and
decided to raise rates. They have been
in the habit of running specials from
Kaslo up to Sandon al $40 per, and on
one occasion gave a train to McGuigan
for $30. They figure that it requires
two round trips to take an excursion
from Sandon to Kaslo and back, which
is probably correct, but nothing short
of railroad arithmetic can make twice
forty equal one hundred.
The man who dubbed the K. & S.
the "chippie" road was wiser than he
Fred Benson's Luck.
(Slocan Drill.)
Some weeks ago it was announced
in these columns that VV. J. Hinchliff
and Fred Benson had made a rich discovery between Twelve Mile and Ten
Mile creeks. Fortune has followed
closely upon them, for on Tuesday the
two claims were bonded to R. E.
Fishbum, of Nelson, for a sum ranging
in five figures. It is a working bond,
running for one year, and the papers
were drawn up by A. M. Johnston, of
Nelson, the legal representative of Mr.
Fishbum. A contract was let to the
owners to run 100 feet of tunnel, upon
which they started Wednesday. The
property is also to be surved aud Crown
granted at once. The two claims are
known as the Happy Medium and International and they adjoin the V. &
M. group.     A chute   of  clean ore has
been exposed for 100 feet on the surface
which gave $10.40 in gold and 670
ounces in silver.
Rumor that Shaughneset, Will  Get
Control 0* the K. ,c S.
There is a rumor afloat that Jim Hill
and Tom Shaughnessy have come to
an arrangement for a division of B. C.
territory by which the C. P. R. will
take over the K. & S. The rumor is
not altogether improbable. * Hill recently hot a piece of the Great Falls &
Canada road from Great Falls to
Shelby Junction for $750,000, and has
an option on another piece of the same
road from Shelby to the 49th parallel.
It is undsrstood that the C. P. R. is to
take over the G. F. & C north of the
boundary and that lhe whole road will
be made a standard gague. Also, that
the Great Northern will be allowed
running rights over the Canadian section of the road from the boundarv to
McLeod. The charter under which the
Crow's Nest was built allows running
rights to any road connecting with il,
and the Great Northern will take advantage of this clause to reach the coal
fields from McLeod.
Such an arrangemens would render
un-necessary the construction of the
Crow's Nest Southern, of which so
much was heard recently, and it is
more than likely that some _u��ch arrangement has been, or will be, reached
by the two big roads. It would not be
at all surprising to find the C. P. R.
coming out of the deal with possession
of the K. & S. and absolute control of
the Slocan, Lardeau and Lardo-Duncan
While such an arrangement would
convey an absolute monopoly to the
C. P. R. so far as this district is concerned, it would not be altogether unwelcome. The United States market
for lead ore is now practically shut off
and the K. & S. thereby ceases to be a
competing factor tor this freight and
also looses its value as a feeder for the
Great Northern. Added to this, it
furnishes one of the poorest services in
Canada and charges a passenger rate
of 7 cents a mile. The rate would he
lowered and the service improved .by
C. P. R. management.
Farewell at the Paqne.
E. W. Zwickey left on Saturday last
for Butte, Montana, from whence he
will go to Colorado Springs. On
Friday evening the band went out to
the Payne office and gave him a harmonious farewell. Several of the most
prominent business men and mine
managers of the city were present and
Mr. Zwickey certainly got a grand
send otf. The festivities were continued at a later hour in the Reco hotel
and it is reported that the wing con-
vivialty was not permitted to moult one
��� j
By   Burt  A. Judd,   Hesperous,   Colo.,
in the Denver Post.
There has been all kinds of gush about
the man who is behind,
And   the man   behind  the cannon   has
been toasted, wined and dined.
There's  the man behind   the   musket,
and the man behind the fence;
And the man behind his whiskers, and
lhe man behind his rents;
And   the  man behind  the plow  beam,
and the man behind the hoe;
And  the man   behind lhe  ballott,  and
the man behind the dough;
And the man   behind the  counter, and
the man behind the hill;
And the man behind the pestle, and the
man behind the pill;
And  the man  behind the jimmy, and
the man behind the bars;
And the Johnny that goes swooping on
the stage behind the stars;
And the  man  behind   the  kisser,   and
the man behind the fist;
And the  girl   behind   the man   behind
the gun is on the list;
And the  man   behind   the  bottle,   and
when they were short of men,
There   was some  small rhymster  warbled off the man behind the pen;
But they missed one honest fellow, and
I'm raising of a kick;
They didn't make a mention ofthe man
oeh'md the pick.
Up the  rugged mountain   side a thousand feet he takes his way,
Or as far   into the   darkness   from  the
cheering light of day;
He is  shut out   from   the  sunlight,  in
the glimmering ofthe lamps;
He is  cut off from  the sweet air in the
sickly fumes and damps;
He must toil in   cramped   positions, he
must take his life in hand,
For he works in deadly   peril   that but
few can understand ;
But he does it  all   in   silence, and  he
seldom makes a kick,
Which is why I sing  the praises of the
man behind the pick.
He unlocks   the   bolted   portal   of the
mountain to the stores
Hid in Nature's   vast  exchequer in her
treasure house of ores.
He applies  the   key dynamic   and the
gates are hack ward rolled,
And the ancient rocks are riven to their
secret heart of gold.
Things of COlflfort and   of beauty and
of usefulness are mined,
By this brave and quiet worker ; he's a
friend of humankind.
Who, tho trampled  down   and  underpaid, toils on without a kick,
So I lift my  hat in   honor to   the man
behind the pick.
That's What the  Ball Game in Netc
Dcnccr Was.
Sandon's aggregation of freaks went
down to New Denver last Saturday to
play a return game of ball with the
lake dwellers. It was a great game.
Not exactly baseball, but a pretty gosid
burlesque. Denver had a sea-faring man
from somewhere who was going to
pitch���but he didn't dolt. His name
was Green. He threw lobs and rainbows, and the Sandon boys baited him
all over the pasture. In the second
innings Sandon made a procession of
twelve runs and then Willie Thompson
took the box, and for the rest of the
game it was better hall. Charlie Greenlee played left field for New Denver and
gobbled up everything that came his
way, but he had the star role all to
himself. No one else on the New
Denver side earned distinction.
Murphy pitched for Sandon and he
had an easy thing. He Was in particularly good form, and New Denver fans
couldn't hit a baloon with an oar.
Willie Richards wore the big mitt and
stopped everything that passed the
willow. The Sandon freaks did poor
fielding, all except Bailey, who made a
star double from second in the last
innings.    The players were :
Sandon New Denver.
Murphy Pitcher            Thompson
Richards Catch                      Long
Foote First                       Gibbs
Bailey Second                 Nesbitt
Giegerieh Short                   Tucker
MacAdams Third              DeVeber
McKinnon Right                 Taylor
Mavhaver Centre                    Green
Johnston Left                 Greenlee
The score by innings was :���
New   Denver 1    000    1    3    O- .5
FROM P, Rums & Co'h -daughter  house.
a colliehitoh and two pups, finder will be
paid for returning lame to tho undenigqed.
_Vny parties retaining possasaionof the <l"��-t
after publication of this notice will beproee-
Bandon, June 16,
Ti>   I'RF.-F.Ml-TORS   OF   CROWN    LANDS.
2   12
The subject of socialism is not one
to be ignored nor to be sneered out of
discussion by the beneficiaries of the
oligarchy of wealth. It is receiving
the best thots of the best minds ofthe
most enlightened nations of the earth.
���Seattle Times.
gilbert   Cafe.
Open Day and Night.
Best Meals in Town.
Everything Necessary to
Satisfy the Internal
Bmevican and
European plan.
THE attention <��f Pre-emptore of Crown
���    lands is hereby sailed to an amendment
to the "Land Act," paeeed at the lasl session
of the Legislatnre, whioh provides a> follows.
"9, Pre-einptors of Crown li.mts, whether in
iirrcurs in payment of Installments of purchase niiinoy or not, who nt the time of the
ooming into force of this Aot have obtainrd
Certificates of improvement, or who shall have
obtained Certificates of Improvement within
twelve months thereafter, shall on oonform.
ing with the provisions ofthe "Land Act," except as herebj altered, be entitled to obtain
Crown grants of I heir pre-empt ion chums upon
completing payments of purohase money at
tho rate of .-.eveuty-llve oents per acre, and
Growngrant foes, which payments may be
made as foi low i :���
"Twentyafife cents dot aero on or before
the 81st day of December, 1901:
"Twenty-five   cents  per   acre on or hefore
the 80th da.\ of June, 1808 ;
"an I the remaining���
'-Twenty-flve cent, per acre on or before
the ���'!' ��t day of December, 190*1. ami without any further payment of Interest or
arrears of interest."
W.s. GORE,
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.
Lands and Works  Department,
Victoria. B.C., 1st June, 1901,
Notice of Dissolution.
NOTICE Is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between Fred Hulten and
Andrew Hendrickson In the Miners' Hotel has
hoon disolved. All bills due the iirm will be
oolleoted by Andrew Hendrickson ana all accounts against the firm must be presented to
him for payment.
Application for Transfer of Liquor License.
NOTICK is hereby given thai thirty days
from date hereof 1 intend to apply to the
License Commissioners of the city of Sandon
for a transfer of the liquor license formerly
beld by Hulten it Hendrickson to myself.
Dated at Sandon this totb day of June . 1801.
Mine    Timbers,    Lagging.   Etc,
THE undersigned will receive hids up to
Ith day of June next for the purchase in part
or whole of the estate of Judd Rhorer, con>
sisting of tunnel sets, shaft set-, mining tim-
bers,piled at the Siding at McGuigan and
nearby. Particulars of the Same can be ecu
at the office of the undersigned on   Reco
Street. Snndon, B, 0.
The lowest or any   tender   not   necessiiirly
Hated at Sandon, B. C , May 3?th 1901,
ArtS-mA.^mti-r*'.     ��*.*������*
NOTICE is hereby given that all unpaid
taxes for the Corporation of the City of Sandon must ho paid on or before June 80th 1001,
After  that  date   all   overdue   taxes will   he
placed in court for collection,
W. 11. LII.LV, Collector.
M. L. Grimmett,
L. L.  B.,
Underground Surveys
and Examinations. De/
vclopmcnt and Assess*
ment Work. Surveys
and Estimates made for
Virginia Block, Sandon, B.C.
A. F. & a. \%
Regular Communication beld tint Tim
dav iu eaoh month in Masonic Hall ttiri
Sojourning brethern are cordially invited'i
A. B. lHM*KSTKAI>K*LS,.cr..-,iry
P. L. Christie,
L. L.  B.,
Sandon Cartage Co,
Express, BaggEge,
and Oa'/tage.
Delivery to all   Parts of the City.
Established l-:��."..
E. Zl* SA-3DiLA-?<!QG.
Sandon, B. 0.
Notary  Fc^sg.
Sttsucanco  and finning
Mining Stocks bought and -.ill. General agent for Slocan Propertis-*
Promising  Prospects for Sale
Sandon Minors'
Subscribers, $1 per month ; Private
patients, $2 per Jay, exclusive w
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Oim<:n To Thk Public.
1)11. W, K. GOMM,   Attendant Phy-uota**
Miss s. L, CHISHOLM, Matron
.1. II. MrNKli.L, des. Hospital Hoard.
Meets in Crawford's Hall evorj   Wednw
day Evening.    Visiting  Brethern cordially
Invited  io   attend.
B. C.
1. O. O. F.
Meetings in the l'nion Hail eviirj*Fri<W
[livening at 7:80.   Visiting Brethern eoidf*"
j invited to attend.
Sooretury. Vice G"*-*ld' THK PAYSTREAK,  SANDON, B. C, JUNE 8,
(Appeal to Reason.)
lui into the mammoth factories, or
the offices of the great railroads, or the
places from which the operations ofthe
immense modern industries are directed,
and, if you have mind of sufficien
breadth, (which is doubtful) to comprehend the magnitude of .the work there
being done, you must be impressed by
the harmony, the easy, smooth movement of the industrial wheel, the perfect systematization to be there observed.
Every    man    has   his   place ;   even
machine has its place.    Tho  work of
sine til- the work ofthe others.  There is
noconfusion, no interference, no working at cross purposes, no tearing down
lu one t!u- work of another.   Xo energy
is 'Aii-ted *,    little    time    is   lost.     Two
men do die work ot"  two men, and if a
man does no! Iii  the niche he occupies,
lie is prompt!)   put into  another.     Five
hundred me*!,  a  thousand men,   work
together, and each   accomplishes   lhe
full amount!   sif  which   he is capable.
System does it- the system  that is devised and   directed   hy a   master mind,
and makes millionaires  ot" the men foi
whom we toil.
Leave these thousand men and go to
any rural community where the same
numher of people an* employed, in their
respective ways, in working out the
purpose o! their lives���the pursuit ol
happiness. What do you see if you
have tin- faculty of seeing ?
Four, perhaps live or d\, little, half-
~*r-~ 0* >-***�� I   Jmf      <    \
Clothes that Fit the Han.
Owing to the fact that the man
is not made to order, he cannot
be expected to fit the clothes.
The clothes must be made to fit
the man.      o��      o��      <��      &
Leave us your order.
give you satisfaction.
$m��&m:��mr- g^aii&aeBittasH^^
wa>.     .���  T-frTfa.��� ___________________
poorly appointed   stores, eacl
employing one to four clerks ; tne tour,
live or six stores with their ten or
twenty people, trying to supply the
mercantile needs of a community thai
could better be served by one store,
under one roof, with less capital and a
greater variety of goads, *ml with
fewer clerks, than the five sir six little
establishments. But lhe many represent Competition, the lite of trade -that
pretty little tin god of the self-styled
People going from one end ofthe
town to the oilier to save a few cents sm
the price of sugar, and others going as
far in the other direction to save a dime
on sonu- other purchase. And this is
economy, the source of wealth���sif your
wealth and mine, but nol of Rockefeller's or Carnegie's.
Two jewellers where there is work
for one���each waiting to starve the
other out ; two or three blacksmiths
engaged in the same pleasant occupation ; painters, cobblers, lawyers, doe-
tors, all likewise enmloved. That's
more competition.
One merchant occupy.. ,.
down shanty (you always see him) while
a line brick building stands vacant he-
cause the owner demands more rent
than he can afford to pay. That's
necessity, the sister of poverty.
The choicest block of the town grown
to weeds and thistles and littered with
trash and rubbish, while business
houses line   the   hack   streets.
���ine a tumble-
speculation,  and who   would  deny
man's right to do as he pleases with his
own ?
Families of four, si\ or eight, huddled
together in hovels, while comfortable
dwellings are rotting down. That's
poverty, the father of sin.
A planing mill and a cannery a mile,
perhaps, apart ; men walking from
beyond one to work in the other, and
vice versa. That's wasted energy, the
dwarfer of souls.
Seven churches, each employing a
pastor ; each pastor half starved ; each
building unpainted, small and uncomfortable. That's idiocy, and inexcusable.
A bank, two hanks, lending money-
it usurious rates, living off the misfortunes of impecunious borrower
foreclosing roofs from over the heads of
widows and orphans. That's business
��� Christ threw it out ofthe temple.
Narrow, crooked streets, dilapitated
(if any) sidewalks, tumble-down fences,
mud holes -n\d cess pools. That's individuality, the priceless treasure th.it
Socialists are seeking to destroy.
Fertile acres lying fallow while industrious toilers wear their lives out on
barren hills.    That's speculation.
You see���oh, you see thousands of
things (if you see at ail, which most
people do not) demonstrating the foolishness, thotlessness, ignorance, selfishness, arrogance and brutality of men
and women ; emphasising lhe lack ot
system in our so-called methods ; cry-
in"* aloud for some master mind to lead
the community up out of the slough of
avarice, the mire of selfishness, the
slime of incompetence, md put it on
the solid footing of the productive, well-
directed factory, that is making fortunes
for a few while it should
comfort for the manv.
Contractors and Builders.
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Joint Finishing Lumber
Moulding, Etc.
Sash and Door on  Hand to Order.
Factorj on Main Street
���______MW____W__PI*****W__MB_WMI I
MS;.|We. arc   Receioing   Daily   Consignments oi- Cherries,
Strawberries Peaches, Tomatoes etc., etc,
No. 4 K. W. C. BLOCK, NELSON. B. C
Gold, Silver-Lead nnd Copper mines "wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FEEE MILLING GOLD properties wi^xted for Eastern Investors.
Pa,rtiea having mining property tor sule are requested to semi samples of their ore to the
EXCHANGE for exhibition.
All samples should l>e sent by express PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communications to
Telephone No. U.   P, 0. Box. 700 ANDREW P. ROSENBERGER, Nelson, B. C.
For a Unicersal Eight-Hour Daij.
The International Miners'Conference
last week in session  in   London, Eng.,
and which was  attended by many continental delegates, passed   a   resolution
in favor of a universal  eight-hour day.
The   cl airmail,    William   Abraham,
That's -M. P..   expressed   the  belief lhat   the
British parliament would pass an eight-
hour law in 190.?.
M. Cottee, the delegate of the French
miners, said lhal if lhe eight-hour bill
now helore le Chamber of Deputies did
not progress rapidly, the Trench miners
were   prepared  to declare a strike.
n__-.n.ii,r_..__...a�����..���'�����... I      ���     am. _������ ���
Ship Your Trophies ofthe Chase to
Harry W. Edwards,
Revelstoke,    B. C.
He will stuff and mount in good
style any Bird, Beast, Reptile or Pish
that you can present. You do the killing.    We do the rest.
T. Gallon & Co.
No. 44 K. W. C. Clock.
Ore Bags and Twines.
A Large Stock Always on
Hand.    Write for Prices.
P.O. Box, 217
NELSON    ��    -   .
B. C.
The Art Piano of Canada.
Heintzman Co.
Toronto,   Out.
Thomas.  Duffy,
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription   -   -    -   -   $2.00 a year.
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion,
William MacAdams,    -   Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, JUNE 15, iqoi.
The Nelson city council is still
scrapping about Sunday baseball. It
seems that the church element and the
street car company have formed an
alliance to suppress Sunday ball within
the city limits���for the glory of God
and a ten-cent fare.
The church people are forninst the
Sunday game on the same old basis.
Every one should have a religious feeling too deep to indulge in any other
enjoyment on Sunday than listening to
some talc-brained gospel shark pounding the pulpit and dealing out longdistance options on golden chariots and
jaspar-finished pedestals in the happy
hunting grounds, where pin-feathered
angels flutter around the golden streets
packing a harp or spend the moulting
season perched on a sun beam, their
mouths held agape from singing ceaseless hozzanahs until their physiognomies look like the Payne tunnel by
moonlight. If Nelson baseball players haven't been properly inoculated
with these religious superstitions during
their earlier days, or if they have drifted so far from the atmosphere of grace
that the seance no longer holds, then
Nelson church folks are going to imbue them with a proper reverence for
the cobwebby notions of blue-law
religionists, even if they have to inject
a hypodermic of police court justice
into the whole outfit to put them into
the required trance of respectability.
These bad ball players have simply got
to be good or the church element will
know why. Virtue is violent in the
city of Nelson.
The street car company is not a
religious institution, but its dividends
suffer by Sunday ball within the city
limits, too. The street car outfit has
a park out at the end of its track, and
if baseball fiends are not allowed to
play the game in the city they will
have to dig up a ten-cent fare to get
out to the park and another dime to
get back. This is a better graft, even,
than the exhorters have, for the street
car company's touch is systematic and
compulsory while the church rakeoff is
backed only by an appeal to prejudice.
But there is a bet on the layout
that the street car push overlooks. If,
with the aid of the street car influence,
the Lord's Day Alliance fanatics succeed is shutting off all innocent Sunday
recreations within the city limits, the
next turn will be to shut off Sunday
street cars. As an exchange of courtesy for the noble work done in the
cause of Christianity, tlie Nelson
Yerkes and Loweries will be gently
suppressed from doing business on the
Lord's day.
Then there will be no clamor
within the gates of the sanctimonious
city of Nelson, save the jangling of
church bells, the low discordant moan
of the forty-dollar church organ and
the shrill soprano screech of the choir,
while professional purveyors of prayer
earn their measly stipend by thanking
God that their congregation are not as
these wicked baseball cranks.
What a nice, clean, consistent,
moral, religious eommunitv Nelson is
g"ettinof to be.    Lead   them   not   into
o i*��
The government of Canada should
own the telegraph. It should also
own the telephone and the cables,
Pacific and Atlantic.
The telegraph is the natural complement of the post office. It is solely
for the purpose of transferring information. It could be operated much
cheaper by the government than by a
private concern. The present exorbitant charges could be greatly reduced
by cutting off the enormous dividends
on watered stock and eliminating the
un-necessary expense of construction
and maintenance of duplicate lines.
Wages could be greatly increased by
combining the post office, telephone
office and telegraph office. Under the
present system each is run under
separate management, each paying
rent, and, in many rural communities,
each maintaining a staff sufficient to
operate the whole three. By adopting
a nickle-in-the-slot telephone it would
be possible for the business man to
send a dispatch from his own office to
any part of the world without even the
necessity of writing it. A messenger
service and a system of telegraph
stamps, similar to postage stamps,
could be used in the same way by
parties who did not have the telephone
in the house. The telegraph service
could be so cheapened that telegrams
would to an enormous extent take the
place of letters, which under the present
postal system are a slow, unsatisfactory
and antiquated system of transferring
The ownership of the Atlantic and
Pacific cables by the Dominion, or by
a coalition of the British, Canadian,
Australian, Indian and Hong Kong
governments would assure a release
from the present exorbitant cable rates.
A step in the right  direction   is being
made with regard to the Pacific cable.
The profits of some of these cable
and telegraph companies are stagger-
ing. Notwithstanding that the Com.
mercial Cable Company has been
watered beyond recognition, the stock
is earning heavier dividends than any
bank or railroad in Canada and is
standing at $ 188  a  share.    The  A
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ m"
erican Telegraph &   Telephone Com-
pany met in New York   last week and
watered the   stock of that   corporation
by $50,000,000 at  one clatter, raising
the capitalization from  one hundred to
one hundred and fifty million.
The mere fact that a message
which costs 25 cents, and in some
cases 50 cents, over corporation-owned
Canadian wires, costs only 2 cents over
government-owned British wires, is
sufficient proof that the people of Canada are giving themselves a lot the
worst of it by not taking the business
over right away. Added to this, Canada has a news service that tor a
people of five million is a positive disgrace. Canada has always been ;i
lean-to on the United States in this
matter and Associated Press news with
a New York color is all that Canadian
newspapers have been able to dish up
in the way of British cables.
These and similar circumstances
lead such men as Henneaker Heaton,
Sanford Fleming and William Mulock
to believe that it is time for the government to take the business over. One
bv one the great newspapers of Canada
are coming round to it, and politicians
east and west are falling into line.
Mulock intends to give the matter
careful study while in Australia and,
with a sale majority at its back, the
Laurier government may take tlu4
matter up next session and make some
radical move.
It may surprise many in Canada to
know that action in this matter is so
close at hand, but it is nevertheless a
lively possibility that within a year
from now every man who touches the
wires in Canada will do business with
lightening-jerkers employed by the
Dominion government.
King EDWARD is out with a declaration that he will not become a
member of any club, under any circumstances. Edward is a trifle hasty.
He will probably feel sore when he
discovers that it was the intention to
offer him honorary membership in the
Sandon base ball club.
If Secretary Gage's scheme for a
mint in Minilla is carried thru it cannot fail to raise the price of silver. A
ten-cent advance would make Slocan
the best silver camp in America. y��
ahead, Secretary. We can put up with
a few lines of prosperity now. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, JUNE 15,
.. Clothing. [
Shorey's Rigby Waterproofs,
The most stylish and comfortable rain
proof garments made. Guaranteed to Keep
the wearer dry under any circumstances.
penetrate a TtUgty
Just the Thing for the Moist Spring Weather.
Ma OaMaMaMa
m.-rnm. -mm-.m��..mm-.m
*k> <k* *S* Ak\ Ak\
��ealers in
mine and mill
urns & Co.
��ve Cavs,
Steel Kails,
Canton Steel
powder, Caps ano fuse,
Bandon   %
Stoves at
���fc    'kaslo
-> -/4V -/AV -/4> /i> -/AV ���***-> <iV
W Ma OjaaIa Oa
j ?.*
Suroci)8 Nearly Completed. A Thousand Ton Test to be Made of
the Dumps.
Surveys for the new works at the
Payne have been about completed. A
right of way for tlie survey line where
the flume will run is being cut thru the
bush along the creek bank.
A test of 1000 tons of roek from the
Payne dump will be made in
some one of the Slocan concentrators,
probably the Noble Five, to finally determine the values contained, and if
this is satisfactory arrangements will
be made immediately for the construction of lhe mill.
Ten men are employed at the mine,
mostly at timbering and keeping lhe
tunnels in shape.
If a   man's weak  spots  were  visible
vou would think he had the measles.
The Icanhoe.
Some overhauling was done 011 the
Ivanhoe mill this week. Ten men are
working at the mine. It is rumored
that the mill will be started up for a
short  run, but   nothing  definite can be
obtaiued from the management.
The Slocan Star.
The Star is running with a full tone
and the mill is making ore at a rate
that promises lo break all previous
records. The week's shipments from
the property totalled 186   tons.
The Last Chance
There is no change in the situation
at the Last Chance this week. Sixteen men are driving lhe Galena tunnel
ahead as rapidly as possible. No work
can be done in the upper workings as
the mine is still very wet. Manager
Heap has been sick tor a few days, but
is able to be out again.
The Ruth.
A small force has been started on development at the Ruth. The work is
being done in the lower tunnel in which
the Ruth ledge was lapped shortly before the close down last January.
A. Daoid Th^rs'
Washington Working.
Work has been commence on the
Washington with a small force. There
is reason to believe that the deal
which is on the tapis for the Washing-
Ion will be successfully consummated
and another producer will be added to
the long list of properties that will be
operating in the Slocan camp this summer. The Washington is capable of
employing quite a large force and
could substantially augment the payroll tributary to Sandon.
! MIN E R S1
mwxmmmmi�������� �����_*���wi
We have   the  finest
line of miners'
s Rubber Footoear
Earnest Mansfield was due to arrive
in Nelson yesterday. Indications are
that the English boomer has again won
favor with the old country capitalists
and Camp Mansfield may hum again
this summer. The Joker property is
being pumped out and preparations
made for starting work.
now on exhibition in
the city. The wet
shaft has no terrors
for  the   man in the
gum clothes. Size
up our stock,  j$ oJ��
I���������I aanMlM    _������
Main St., Sandon,
Importers and Dealer in
Mining and Miners' Supplies,
Staple and   Fancy  Groceries,
Bennett Crown Brand Fuse, (mod.
win Candles, Giant Powder.
Reco Ave.
Btpsqn 0 id son & Co's
Wlfjite Btnr Coffee
Fifty cents a pound. A coffee mill 1
��� goes with even* five pound purchase, j
��� Get one before they are all gone, 1
aliand Bros.
SBvitisf) Columbia
Bandon   *
Having made special   arrangements 10 receive DflilV
Shipments of 0veen Ovocevies, jfvesf) Xutter
a7ti> 'J&QQS we are in a position to fill your orders promptly
with Efood selected stock.
Special bargains in Ladies Shirt Waists consistingct
Silks, Organdies, Muslins and All Over Laces. Ready-
made Skirts in Tweeds, Serges, Crash and Ducks.
n few Sailor Tftats to Close Out at Cost.
Mens' Furnishings.
The most complete line of shirts ever shown in the
west. Neglige, Cambric, Silk and Flannel! Outing. A
laro*e shipment of ties in latest styles to arrive this week.
XXbt ^unter^lkendrich Co., Zimited
niwiiiiiniMm ___��������� ���
Rossland Engineer's Works cti!��!!2
ORE OARS.   This is our speciality.   We make the belt oro cur oa the market and sell ,l"""
FOR SALE. Oneeohp return tula.hu- boiler 6-16" shell, "' beads, 888" liu.-s, tested to��
cold water i-ressiir.., 82 ft heavy, 80" smokestack and all fittings complete. One I -
horizontal slide valve engine. 25 h plow-motive tvi.e boiler, Under engine -attachedi
WANTET). wo small air compressors Hor 4 drill, Two hoists about 10 h p. Small boiie"
lo to 20 a l>.
P.O. Box 198, ���      Third Ave,, Rossland jOy-t~��
:��� \sC
AstO^     A^^v"
SANDON, JUNE 22 1901.
Robt. Mcdonald visited Nelson on
Lowery's Claim is out. It certainly
|s a warm baby.
Mrs. Wm. Richards wont tn Priesl
tiver, Idaho, on Monday to visit relatives.
Thomas Brown wont   to  Nelson  on
IVednesday to attend the grand lodge,
F. & A. M-
Jim Luzier will play lacrosse with
io Kelowna learn at Kamloops on
lominion Day.
|. F. Gentrj   returned  from Spokan
sterday, where he has boon spending
io lasl three months.
Lambert Nelson lefl on Thursday for
Ilorrison, Oregon. He will spend the
summer In tlu* land ol the free,
A. W. Cawley* wont down to Silver-
Ion on Thursday to employ his talents
|nn the construction ofthe Hewitt tram.
There was an ice cream social in
[Crawford's hall Thursday evening,
given under the auspices ol the Ladies
Thos. Dully and Jack Carolin wont
to the Lardo-Duncan country on Wednesday to open up their mineral properties in that region.
Charles Gales left on Wednesday for
a holiday tour, Ho has no particular
destination, but intends to spend a
month's vacation In travelling.
*a'. A. McLeod returned with his
bride from Edmonton on Tuesday.
They have taken up housekeeping in
Walmsley's house, on Cody Avenue,
E. M. Sandilands came in from Spokan Thursdav. Ho reports that considerable attention is being directed to
lhe recent copper discoveries on Prince
of Wales Island.
Tho gray team whioh did the freighting lor P, Burns' Sandon establishment
has been shipped to Rossland. Tho
grays are the finest samples of equestrian physique in the mountains.
Four special constables were brot in
here yesterday by the C. P. K- Pat
Galliher was in charge. They are
doing duty as watchmen and drawing
pay trom the government. All the
trackmen on the Nakusp & Slocan are
The Slocan Citij Demonstration,
Slocan Cily is making great preparations far the Labor demonstration
which is to be held there on Juno 25th
and j()th. Several athletic events will
be pulled off, tor whioh prizes to the
extent of $360 are offered, aud together
with parades, dances and speech making
will make up quite an interesting program. The C. P. K. is giving a special service on both days, leaving Sandon
for Slocan at at 6:30, and returing will
k-ave Slocan at 18:30 for Sandon. The
fare for the round trip is $1.95.
The Kiddle of the Slocan Unracelled.
Ore in Place on the MijHterious
In years past, when a mining man
wanted to wish for anything big, he
invariably wished that he could lind
the vein that the Wonderful oro came
Irom. No less than $40,000 worth sif
galena was taken out by ground sluicing, and it always has boon a stock expression that "the load is there some
place." Notwithstanding the abundance ot float, different managements
have worked on the property and in all
probably $50,000 worth of work has
been done, but so far as the general
public has boon aware nothing in the
nature of a well defined lead had ever
boon located. Tunnels, drifts and upraises wore run in all directions until a
blueprint of the property looks like the
web-work of a spider with a Slocan
jag on.
Recently a lease on tho proporv passed into the hands of W. W. Warner,
lie aUo holds a large block of slock,
bul tho stock is nol for sale as Mr.
Warner considers he has a bonanza.
Work was started on the property
about two months ago with two or
three men at first, which force has now
been increased to ton.
The fust work done on the property
under the Warner management was to
prospect on the surface, and two parallel veins wore located without much
trouble. The larger of the two ledges,
which is believed to be the Wonderful
ledge from which the large deposits of
float came, has been opened up in
several places by open cuts and invariably shows ore. On Thursday afternoon a new opening was made on the
surface near No. *; tunnel which ex-
poded tS inches of clean sleel galena,
lu some places those cuts are made in
deep wash and it is with difficulty that
the vein is exposed, but in others the
formation is exposed with very little
work and the outcrop sif the vein is
easily  located.
Taking the trend and dip of this vein
as it appeared on the surface some engineering work was done which demonstrated that if tbe vein went down
the No. 3 tunnel should have crossed it
at about 100 feet from surface. Going
into the tunnel the miners tore the
laggin out and found that the ledge
had not only been crossed at the point
indicated by the engineer but that it
had been partly opened up by a short
drift which was run in from a raise in
the roof of the No. 3. This drift and
raise was carefully lagged up and
would possibly never have been located
without some pretty good engineering.
Opening this drift up and continuing
it along the vein to the west, Mr.
Warner has exposed a magnificent
chute of ore which is unquestionably in
place. For 45 feet along the vein it
averages over a foot of clean steel galena, assays from which show a net
return, allowing for freight and treatment of over $75 a ton or $1,500 to the
car. In running this drift several tons
of ore have neon taken out which are
now sacked ready for shipment. The
miners are al present doing their best
to fix up the timbers of the old workings, and when thev get matters
straightened out will open the drift
further along the vein and stope to the
Taking the same dip and angle, in
the N'o 4 tunnel the ledge was located
at about 400 foot from surface, and in
this tunnel also the showing was lagged
up and the tunnel swung off to the
left so that it ran away from the lodge
entirely. A short drift lo the right exposed some more hidden workings in
which a foot of carbonates and four
Feet of concentrating ore is showing.
Hero the ground is caving badly and
the present No. 4 workings may have
to bo abandoned altogether.
In the No 5, which is the lowest
tunnel sif all, the ledge has been exposed at 600 feet and from where the
tunnel crosses it an upraise is being run
on an incline to get under the ore body
shown in N'o. 3 and *., and when this
is completed the property will be in a
very fair state of development.
No shipping has been done from the
property yet, altho there is about two
cars of ore on the various dumps. Mr.
Warner intends to commence shipping
about the 1st of August and hopes then
lo put the property on a steady producing basis.
The Mountain Con.
Canadian Group to be Worked.
W. H. Brandon came up from Silver-
ton on Thursday to make arrangements
for commencing work on the Canadian
��>*roup. A contract for 200 foot sif tunnel will be let and work commenced
early next week Tho Canadian group
has the greatest altitude sif any
property operated in the vicinity of Sandon, but Mr. Brandon says ho does not
apprehend any difficulty in doing the
work as the snow has disappeared sufficiently for them to commence operations without inconvenience.
The Slocan Star.
The Star shipped 102 tons of ore this
week. Surveyor Drewry is running
lines on the Shogo and Morning Star
claims of the Slocan Star group. Tho
claims will be crown granted.
Tho Star is working full-handed and
the mill running steadily.
H. C. Richie, representing the London company which owns the Mountain
Csm group, arrived in Sandon this
week and is now making preparation
to open up the property. He has lei
two contracts lo C. A. McLeod, who
will put on about 20 men early next
week. A few men were put on yesterday to put the trail in better condition
so that supplies can be packed to the
The Con property was bonded from
W. W. Warner lasl fall by W. J. Graham, representing a London syndicate.
Considerable money was spent on the
property but outside of erecting cabins
very little progress was made. The
prospects are promising ones and the
present management will undoubtedly
accomplish something in the wav sif
Mr. Riehle has boon mining in Norway recently, where he handled asbestos and zinc-silver-lead ore propositions.
Speaking of the smelter situation here,
he said thai Slocan mine owners should
experience nsi difficulty in disposing of
all the lead oro they could produce to
English smelters, especially if thev
shipped in large consignments. The
Norwegian properties with which he
was identified previous to coming 10
IL C. produced something like 40,000
Ions annually, and he alwavs found
competition for the zinc-silver-lead ore
very keen   among English   purchasers.
Star Team Will Drill in Nelson.
While in Nelson last Saturday, Oscar
Y. White, superintendent of the Slocan
Star, made arrangements with the
celebration committee for an additional
prize for drillers. The official prize-
list, when published, will offer two
prizes for drilling, one of $125, open to
all comers, and the other of $75 for
men who have not won a prize before.
With the first mentioned prize will go
the Cold Fields cup, which Ringwood
& McLead, the Star learn, won last
year. If they win it again this year
they become possessors of the cup and
champions of Kootenay.
The Star team is practicing fait1 fully
and are already in belter form than
they were last year, Barring accidents
they should have an easy thing of it in
ll is remarkable how the little
things will sometimes escape the notice
ofthe newspaperman. Violet Margret
Duffy arrived in the Duffy home circle
on May 28th and reached an age eif
almost a month before her infantile
presence became known to the society
reporter of this great family journal. THE P.AYSTREAK, Sa\NDON, B. C, JUNE 15,
Suroet)8 Nearly Completed. A Thousand Ton Teat to be Made of
the Dumps.
If a man's weak spots were  visible
you would think he had the measles.
.Surveys for the new works at the
Payne have been about completed. > A
right of way for the survey line where
the flume will run is being cut thru the
bush along the creek bank.
A test of 1000 tons of rock from the
Payne dump will be made in
some one of lhe Slocan concentrators,
probably the Noble Five, to finally determine the values contained, and if
this is satisfactory arrangements will
be made immediately for the construction of the mill.
Ten men are employed at the mine,
mostly at timbering and keeping the
tunnels in shape.
The Icanhoe.
Some overhauling was done on the
Ivanhoe mill this week. Ten men are
working at the mine. It is rumored
that the mill will be started up for a
short run, but nothing definite can be
obtaiued from the management.
The Slocan Star.
The Star is running with a full force
and the mill is making ore at a rate
that promises lo break all previous
records. The week's shipments from
the property totalled 186 tons.
The Last Chance.
There is no change in the situation
at the Last Chance this week. Sixteen men are driving the Galena tunnel
ahead as rapidly as possible. No work
can be done in the upper workings as
the mine is still very wet. Manager
Heap has been sick for a few days, but
is able to be out again.
The Ruth.
A small force lias been started on development al the Ruth. 'The work is
being done in the lower tunnel in which
the Ruth ledge was tapped shortly before the close down last January.
 o 1	
Washington Working.
A. Daoid Th��.er8'
Work has been commence on the
Washington with a small force. There
is reason to believe that the deal
which is on the tapis for the Washington will be successfully consummated
and another producer will be added to
the long list of properties that will be
operating in the Slocan camp this summer. The Washington is capable of
employing quite a large force and
could substantially augment the payroll tributary to Sandon.
Earnest Mansfield was due to arrive
in Nelson yesterday. Indications are
that the English boomer has again won
favor with the old country capitalists
and Camp Mansfield may hum again
this summer. The Joker property is
-being pumped out and preparations
made for starting work.
We have  the  finest
line of miners'
Rubber Footwear
now on exhibition in
the city, lhe wet
shaft has no terrors
for the man in the
gum clothes. Size
up our stock.  o�� o��
Thos. Brown
in St,, Sandon,
Importers and Dealer in
Mining and Miners' Suppl
Staple and  Fancy  Groceries,
Bennett Crown Brand Fuse, Good-
win Candles, Giant Powder.    I
Reco Ave.
IDvpson (BWson & Co's
White Star Coffee
fCBg-KiT \mm-\m?TZE3'KmMTmZ~ %
I    Fifty cents a pound.    A coffee mill 1
Get one before
y  five pound   purchase. |
thev are all ijone. I
Sanoon   ��   ��   Xritieh Columbia
Having made special  arrangements to receive ZDallJ!
Shipments of <5vem Ovocevies, ffvesh Snttet
and ZBggS we are in a position to fill your orders promptly
with good selected stock.
Special bargains in Ladies Shirt Waists consisting ol
Silks, Organdies, Muslins and All Over Laces. Ready-
made Skirts in Tweeds, Serges, Crash and Ducks.
M few Sailov mats to Close Out at Cost.
Mens' Furnishings.
The most complete line of shirts ever shown in the
west. Neglige, Cambric, Silk and Flannell Outing A
large shipment of ties in latest aStyles to arrive this week.
��0e %>untev*1ken6rick Co., Zimitet
Rossland Engineer's Works ctiS
ORE CARS.  Kite Is our speciality.   We make tho best ore car on the market ami sel
"'fi" n �� TV��� k1thcm ��� .Write ��� ' ��-* particulars and photo. . ,
DOR SALE OneflOhp return tubular holler 5-1'**' shell, V heads, Mi**1 Hues, test**,
cold w'^.P^^e^ ��2 ft heavy, 80" smokestack and all. fittfui complete. On
skids engine.   2.1 h p locomotive type boiler, Under ongfjie h I '>'1
WA1?TP4LTaW08mallaircompressorsao^ Two hoists ahout 10 h p-   ���*i"';,l!
lo to *o n p��
P.O. Box 198,
to I*1
e wi-'
hed on
Third Ave., Rossland


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