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The Paystreak May 10, 1902

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Array THE
\B00k 6
����� ������ �����'. i ri-
t1 II*
Zocal Extract.
the fishing season is wide open on
can lake.
ilex Dodds is back from Belleville,
|ario, where he spent the winter.
I. Giegerich imported a solid car of
^Charles cream, hotel size, ion Thurs-
Sri and Ike Thompson went^orth
jsday to spend the summer in Cape
["he K. & S. bridge crew are taking
the centre pier of the bridge across
fpenter creek. /
fandon  ball  players  want a  game
New Denver today, but the ceme-
town is asleep.
fCoolgardie" Smith,Jfc mining   en-
jeer of considerable fame, is in Kaslo
cing for property.
fhe Payne mill is  running  one shift
will   put   on   another   shift  next
i-U, to run full time.
ieorge  Lee, formerly in the  employ
Bums & Co. here, died in Repub-
yesterday mottling. ,    .
'harles   Hansen  left on  Wednesday
High River,  Alberta, to become a
[dent of the prairies.
"he city  workmen   did  considerable
repairing   the   flume   above the
& S. track this week.
)ne of the ^finest ore bodies ever
ick in the mine is being opened in
upraise at the Ivanhoe.
G. Clark and Norman McLellan
��de a raid.on the piscatorial resources
[Wilson creek this week.
Ice   Davis   and   Nels   Prior   left   on
Jnesdya for White  Horse  N.W.T.,
[prospect in the Yukon country.
[Sandon does not rank ;is an ore
ipping point this week. No ship-
eats were made over either road.
The luscious strawberry, acting as a
prt of advance agent for the California
Top, has arrived on   the   local market.
(The snow is later in going off around
Midori this year than for maijy years
ist. High water can be couhhsU On
5xt week.
���"WaVd MacddhAM Has 'fetfcrned-from
rizona where lie spent the wiiiter'and
now in charge of the Wakefield mine
Frank TownsejyL, formerly engineer
n the K. & S., wil.l spend the summer
prospecting   in The   neighborhood   of
faldez, Alaska.",
Mrs. Phypers returned to town Monty to  move their  effects to Portland,
)re., wherp M,r. and Mrs. Phypers will
aside in future.
Mike  Giegerich   left   yesterday   for
ipokan and Montana points, to make
general  tour of the country and see
mat is going on.
L. R. Tyson of Nelson is taking
5ete Richardson's place in the P. Burns
kstablishment, while the latter is taking a holiday tour.
P. Burns & Co., have taken off the
Refrigerator service and are now sniping in live stock to be killed at the
>andon abbitor for the local trade
Sandon, mag f6, 19bZx
f .mi utl!l
1.11 7/
�����d 7.O.
C. J. McKeone, travelling for 'Jolin
Wanamaker of Philadelphia, was in
town yesterday selling Century Dictionaries and encyclopedias.
The Slocan Star road, which has
been in bad condition for the past ten
days, is open for traffic again and considerable ore is coming down.
C. R. Hardy, Provincial Inspector
for the North American Life, and D. P.
G'^ane, Kaslo agent, were in town Mon-
ay writing up a few policies.
' Louis Lachine was slightly injured
by falling rockin the Ivanhoe mine on
Tuesday. His injuries are not serious
and he is able<Ui he..ajound again.
A benefit concert, which was to have
been given on Thursday evening on
behalf of Fred W. Riley, turned, put, to
be a frost, ^s tjie/e, \y;is no, gate money.
The annual convention of (he Western Federation of Miner's" will be held
in Denver, Colorado, ��on May 26th.
Wm. Davidson will represent the Sandon Miners' Union. t k
W. H. McDougall, formerly of the
Steamer Slocan, was in town yesterday
representing the "International Correspondence School. He is making his
headquarters in Nelson. ;
The British Columbia Gazette of last
week contains the notice of the incorporation ofthe Washington \MVne Limited. The capitalization is 209,000
shares of one dollar each.
Bret Harte, the most picturesque and
beautiful writer that the west has ever
known, died at his home in England on
Tuesday. He did more for California
than any other ���one man living or dead.
j Fred Bakect, formerly foreman of the
'Noble Five, will take charge of Porter
Brothers contract at the Granby. Minesl
The contract calls for the loading of
1500 tons of copper rock a day from the
Old Ironsides glory holes.
Sandon will not put a base ball team
into the 24th of May competition at
Kaslo, but will assist the'Kaslo boys to
|win that $250 Paddy Murphy and
Billy Mills* will probably shoot the
shoots, and Willie (Richards will play
centre field.
On .account pf theffact that the Carpenter creek bridge is being repaired
and the Y cannot be used, the locomotive on the K. & S. limited has to
back, all the way from Kaslo. That
puts both systems on an even basis, as
the C. P, R. ,,has to come in on the
crawfish plan.
Sandon's fire protection service is
now. N. G. The hydrant at the Paystreak office, the one at the C P. R.
depot and the one on the old Reco corner are all out of commission and.two
or three at the lower end can not be
depended on. It is time for the city to
get a jersey oh with that municipal
water works.
The ladies of the Methodist church
made a presentation to Mrs. Pye on
Friday last, which was followed by a
very enjoyable evening at the parsonage. Mr. Pye attended the district
meeting in Nelson Tuesday and will
preach in Trail tomorrow, after which
he will leave for Vancouver to attend
the Methodist conference which meets
this week. Mrs. Pye accompanies
I him.
XUipefr @iit.
The worst slide that has occurred \n
the  McGuigan   Basin  for years came
down on Thursday  morning at about
9 o'clock.   The slide started up above
Powers' freight camp, in heavy  timber
and took an entirely new and unexpected course.    It carried awayThe stables,
bunk house, store and everything but a
couple of old unoccupied buildings.
1    The avalanche came as they always
���come, suddenly and  without  warning.
The six' teams of fours which  are used
to do the' freighting  on the  Rambler
road.1' were all out with their drivers.
Thirteen mules and three saddle horses,
just brot in the day before from Wash-
ingtoni  to- do   lhe .summer's   packing
stood, in the stable*    A string  of heavy
ore  wagons, just  received from   Brantford  lay  in  the  yard. . Supplies and
provisions for a heavy season's business
filled  the store to'the rafters.  .A* the
fatal moment when the slide came Billy
Douglas,   the camp blacksmith,   was
busy shoeing a mule.    Sandy Macdonald, the  corral boss,  was  busy .about
the stables.    J. H. Power,  who owned
the outfit, had just got on horseback to
.start up the hill when he saw  the slide
coming and  giving the warning to his
companions, rode like mad for safety.
His escape  was  providential,   as   the
edge of the slide caught him and stripped the leather legging from one of his
feel, but  left  the  man  and the horse
uninjured.    Sandy Macdonald reached
the edge of the slide, but was carried
down a' few feet  before lie tvas  thr.own
.������I      ���> ���>. i\ ������
out ofthe track. Billy Douglas,, not
as fast a runner, was caught in the
slide and smothered, hui his boday lay
where it fell. The camp, with its live
stock and equipment was swept to destruction in a flash. Searchers afterward found the safe within a few hundred feet of McGuigan, and the wreckage ofthe camp scattered along the
trail of the avalanche for three miles.
The warning was quickly sent to the
Rambler mine, from which a relief expedition came and recovered Douglas'
remains and bore them to Sandon,
where they now await the last sad rites.
Macdonald was brot down the bUl, but
is not seriously injured.
The avalanche was sudden, swift and
terrible. Its work of destruction was
complete. Of the $15,000 invested in
the freighting outfit nothing remains
but the teams that were on the road.
In less time than he could say it, Powers saw himself $10,000 poorer and his
companion kHtedr''''The snowslide's
verdict is irrevocable^'there is no insnr-
ance and no salvage'. "Wle work of
yeaiwgones in a flash. A Mfti' snaffed
ouf. ,:"*tfhen the rumble ceases, the
smW'���������clouds subside, the tragedy is
effded land the tale is told. Such is
lifeuuriful deatfc*-in-the snow clad hills
of'tUei Siftfery 81oefe.ni,,.
"���    mining Floa't^-^
Silver, 5i#
> 1;
Lead,. ��\i,t 9s. 3d.
The Byron N. White Company has
20 men on the payroll. Ojily four are
working in the Star ground. '
F. L. Christie attended court in
Nelson Tuesday, being retained on the
reHurrt'case against the Payne.
" TVenty-five hundred shares of Ramb-
il^r stock "Changed hands on the Spokan
exchungfe oni-Wedrtesday at; 8h^ cents.
Sandon   Should   f^ave
Countp Court.
Now that the Slocan has., been made
an electoral division, it is an opportune,
moment   for the  crfV^^^ ^^Mt^fi^i^^iijy^^^ .^
and secure the establishment of a county
court in Sandon.    At the time  the city
hajl was built the Province stood a part
ofthe expense on  the. condition  that
court chambers should be  provided in
the municipal building.    These chambers were built iq compliance  with the
government's specifications and are all
ready   for' otic'upancy.     They   are  in
every  way  adapted to the "business,
whereas the  Nelson  court  house is a
rickety, ramshackle affair in which the
litigants endanger their health by visiting:    In every court which is held in
Nelson by far the   greater part  of  the
litigation   is   from   the  Slocan.    One
attorney visited Nelson this week with
no less than nine Sandon  cases  on his
hands���enuf alone to justify  the establishment of a county court here.    Kaslo
in which not one   half the   business of
the old district  originates,   also  has a
county court which  sits  every quarter,
and in that court also the greater part
of the business is from Sandon.
It is a matter of rank injustice to
to this town that it has so long been
deprived of a county court, and action
should be taken at the earliest possible
moment to see that it is secured.
Norman McLellan and Archie Full-
more intend to spend the summer in
the north. They will probably try the
Skeena River country.
J. Peck McSwain says that those
people who borrow their neighbor's
p iper certainly glory in the freedom of
the press.
A two-nicker comp is holding cases
on the Ledge. The bull pup has been
turned loose to protect the office from
P*1 :"< ���-'�����'..<��� ,*ni���
^"*"^����*^^ i the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, map 10
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription   -   -   -   -   $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William Mac Adams,   -   Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, MAY io, igo2.
Some   people   in   United   States
appear to be quite   hostile about   the
application   of  the  water   cure to the
natives   in   the   Philippines.    This is
inconsistent on  the  part  of the great
American  people.    They   have   gone
into a war with the intention of raising
hell in Asia;  then when   their military
agents use   a   barbrrian   enemy   in a
thoroly   warlike   manner   they   kick.
What did   they   send the   army there
for anyway ?    A soldier is���or should
be���a wholesale murder, a  red handed
cut throat and a genuine all round son
of a gun.    He is paid for  killing, ravaging, devestating and giving the other
fellow the worst of it   in   any  old way
that comes handy.    With him, murder
is a fine art.     The more men he kills,
the greater a hero he becomes.    Carnage, cruelty, torture,  rapine  and   lust
are  essential features  of   a  well-conducted   war.      War   is   hell, and  the
more hell a soldier  injects, the   better
the soldier.    If he pumps the   nigger
full of swamp water  and then  tramps
the liver out of him, that is good mili-
tarv tactics,     Of course   the   nio-p-er
may burst, but that is one of the dangers of expansion.     If the soldier burns
towns,   slaughters  helpless   heathens,
massacres   women   and  children   and
turns the scene of his operations into a
literal hell so infernally hellish that the
clerical hell would be  double discounted, that is military genius.     Humanity
and sentiment have  no  place   in war.
Sparing life is displaying  effeminacy.
Quarter is a concession to  squeamish-
ness.    The soldier's  hobby should be
to raise the dath rate  and increase the
percentage of misery.     That  is  what
all these modern   war  appliances   are
for, and the water cure is  certainly an
effective system of making the Philippine   miserable.    The   United   States
should either reward the  inventors of
the water cure or admit that  war is a
wrong policy and call  the soldiers off.
The two per cent mineral tax is
attracting considerable attention, and
the low grade camps have a strong
kick coming as they claim that the
tax is not two per cent but in many
cases 30 or 40���not of  the output but
of the profits. That is to say, money
received for ore raised is in many instances returned to the ground for
further develoament, instead of being
distributed as profits. Consequently
some mines might raise several hundred thousand tons of rock and pay two
per cent on it all but never pay any
dividends. Therefore when the dividends finally accrue they are earned
from ore developed by money out of
which the two per cent has already
been paid, in some cases many times
over; nevertheless the tax is again
The low grade man's argument is
fallacious in this particular, that it
matters nothing whether the returns
from ore shipped are distributed to the
shareholders as dividends or "applied
for the further development of the
property, thereby increasing its value,
the profit ���when there is one -goes to
the  shareholder just the same.
The fallacy  of   the   two per cent
tax is in its fundamental principle.     It
aims to tax industry and exempt privilege.    This is inherently   wrong.    The
enterprising mine  owner   who   works
his property and adds to  the wealth of
the country, pays the tax.    The   other
fellow, who may hold property capable
of   equal    or    greater    development,
escapes so long as he   refuses to work.
He may not   be   making   anything by
lying idle but he is certainly depriving
others, who might work the ground, of
access thereto.    Therefore   lie   should
pay equally with the   man   who works
to the limit the   resources  at  his command.    Any tax on   output is   manifestly wrong in   principle  and   effect.
Any tax based on   the value of the resources within the control of the owner
of such resources  cannot  be otherwise
than just.    Consequently the   mineral
tax should be  altered so as  to bear on
privilege and exempt industry.  Charge
the owner who does not work his claim
equally with the owner who does work
and the   non-worker   will   become   a
worker   or   relinquish   his    holdings.
Land and the products of land natural-
l>^belong to the whole people, and the
basic moral principle of private owner-
snip is incorporated in a   title in    usufruct.    No man is  good enuf to   lock
up any section of land which might  be
profitably worked by himself or others,
and any law, taxation   or   system   of
ownership   which   tends   to   promote
such monopoly is   inherentlv   wrong.
No man should be  deprived of   access
to   any   latent    resource   unused   by
others, and any law, taxation or system
of ownership which   tends to   promote
such freedom is right.
This is scientific single tax in
capsul form. We recommend it to the
careful consideration of Colonel Prior
and others who are at sea on the ques
tion   of   mineral   tax.    i U1,   ;��
1 , c 1S no
axiom in single tax   that   is not self
evident.      Study    merely   crystal
Dr. Seward Webb, the gentry
recently got  an option on the Canada
Atlantic, has put   thru a very success.
ful swindle on Wall Streat.   He floated
a securities company which he claimed
had options on the intercolonial as well]
as the Canada   Atlantic, and he circulated a flossy prospectus showing what
a pretty system these two roads would
make under the control of himself and!
Mr. Vanderbuilt.    Of cou re Webb hail
no option on the I. C. R. and as soon
as Biair got  an   opportunity to deny
the allegation the   securities company
went up in the air.     In the meantime,
however, Webb had  sluffed considerable stock and got   the  money, which
he probably needed.    As  ii   wasonlyl
Wall Street dealers  thai   he swindled
there was  no   harm   done.    Any man
who can   beat   Wall  street  shouldba
awarded a   grant   of   land.    But the
prettiest part of the  proposition is to
learn what a high estimation the street
places  on   the   Intercolonial.    When
these gentlemen show such an anxiety]
to   jump   in   On   a   pr >position like
Webb's, our national highway must he
O. K.     All Blair has to do  is to take
the hint, grab up the Canada Atlantic
and extend the   I. C. R.   to Georgian
Bay.    Then tlie  government   railway
can give a grain  rate   from   the gfeal
lakes to Quebec   that   will  make the
corporations sick and   the North Wea
farmers glad.
OVER in Russia they have aline
system of state religion. The church
lays down rules according to whicht
man must worship and be saved. It
he departs from these perscribeddog-
mas in order to follow some other
route to the happy hunting groundsw
is adjudged not only an heretic buta
lunatic. Being insane, he loses citizenship, rank and propert)
finds his way to Siberia,
less to state that Russia is
nation.  -
ana usually
It is need-
a Christian
Teddy Rooseveldt is goin|j
shatter aijpthe traditions of his office
by going on the stump, redd)' M-
already shattered all the the traditions
ofthe Republican parly b\ r&slQn
place the government in the "ands,f
the trusts, so it will be necessary
him to take his re-election campaig
out of their  hands  and run it himseu.
What is there in a  name?**
Jim   Dunsmuir  gets   back   from ��
coronation there   will be   a WVjj
his.    James Mud-Dunsmuir, or w
to that effect.
tm4g��$%��.v the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, map 10
Eli Perkins said that if anything
[bad enuf it is really good.    Accord-
to that, Mr. Cliffe's conception of
single tax proposition is excellent,
says that farmers in the Okanagan
111 have to pay $3 and acre taxes on
[eir land.    There  are some 22,000,-
acres of land   alienated   from the
rown in B. C, and as the single tax
[stem  proposes to  tax  not  land but
id values, exclusive of improvement,
id would therefore be  uniform on all
ild land capable of the same improve-
jent,   Mr.   Cliffe's   $3   an  acre rate
mid give the  Province an income of
)6,000,000 per annum���just $4,000,
lore than the consolidated revenue of
|e   entire   Dominion.      Oh,   Cliffy,
liffy, what a crustaceous   old   fossil
>u are !
The  beautiful   snow   which   has
intled  the   Slocan   hills   for   many
>ons is gradually retiring before the
lent gaze of a   summer sun.    The
>ble Five slide,as strenuous as of yore,
���ived in the gulch on  schedule time ;
boisterous   creek,   with   its   glad
lay rush,   makes  the  canyon   laugh
id sing ; all   nature   smiles   in tune
jth the joyousness of a balmy spring.
ily the sulky sluggishness  of  a de-
Ining   silver   market   overcasts   the
Irizon.     Silver !    oh, sflver I   Thou
icious  virgin   metal, whither  goest
thou. Will Japs use thee for salmon
cans and Missourians - use thee for
horse weights.
The Chinese Commission h^s reported���and silence follows: "Laurier
says that the east must be educated up
to the pitch where it will stand for exclusion. The eastern press says that
exclusion is purely a western case.
Meanwhile the heathens pour in and
Dunsmuir lights out for the coronation. Misgovernment is secured thru
the consent of the misgoverned. B. C.
is getting what is coming to her.
Jim Hill says that if Rooseveldt
does not quit busting mergers the
financiers will have to throw the Rough
Rider at the next election. Good
enuf! But who are they going to put
in his place? Torrj Johnston, the
single-tax Democrat ? Well, hardly !
Might try Mark Hanna, but Rooseveldt would skin him to the hoof.before
he-got past the Ohio primaries. Hill
is up a tree.
Beef is "hitting the high places in
New York, and the trust will have to
be roped and thrown before the price
subsides. In the Slocan, steaks are
going higher all the time, till now-a-
days it is a rare coincidence to discover
one from anywhere below the neck.
The Provincial Progressive Party
is starting right from the scratch.
The first organization meeting was
he|d in Kamloops on Thursday evening*. Other constituencies are getting
intO'litte. 1 Slocc .ill make the move
in the near future. All who aim to be
on the right side of everything should
crawl into the band wagon without
J. P. Morgan has made $172,-
000,000 organizing trusts. There are
thousands of. men in this country who
work harder every day trying to organize three squares, but they will
never get rich at it. On the other
hand, Piep would probably be a rank
failure as a mucker in a mine.
Certain candidates for the ministry have been denied the right to
preach because they did not accept as
literal the story of Adam and Eve.
The examining committee escaped
being questioned on this  same point.
Thousands of poople are rushing
off to London to see the king crowned.
They should save their money and
come to the Slocan, where every man
feels himself a king and no crowns are
Pioneer and Leading Tailoring
^Establishment of the Slocan.
Always Carries a Complete Stock of
Imported Suitings and Pantings
Matorial,  Fit and Workmanship
Fully Guaranteed.
jje is Decked in Shoddy, Sweat Shop Goods
Assay His Character and You will Find Him a
Shoddy Man.    If he has the Label on His Garments
He is Sterling.    So are the Garments.
Garden Iboee.
The Finest Line and Largest Stock
of Hose in the Country.
Sizes to Suit all Purposes.   Cotton
and Rubber.
Prices Consistant with the Quality
of the Goods.
inspection fnvited.
H. BYERS <3c CO.
Stores at Sandon and Slocan dtp.
?ull Zinc of Furnishings Carried at Both Stores.
Fruit and Vegetables. Consignments from California and
Walla Walla received every
day of the week.
; if
We papstreak, Sandon, B. C> fB,ap 10
the Conqueror.
The tempter halted where she stood
Sweet in her spotless maidenhood ;
He sot to charm her with a smile;
She turned her fair sweet face away ;
He thot of nattering words to say,
And praised her for her beauty while
She prayed for grace and left him there:
Her heart was pure, her face was fair,
And he touched only to defile.
Another day the tempter came
And sot to dazzle with his fame,
Which men had heralded abroad ;
He praised her for her girlish grace,
He babbled of her "angle face"
And ofthe "saintly paths" she trod ;
He promised love and faith and ease,
And spoke of journeys over seas.
She left him, with her trust in God.
Once more he met her when she strayed
Alone along the path ; he paid
No pretty compliments nor tried
With love to set her'heart aflame,
But said: "The one that I  shall claim
To sit in splendor at my side
Shall be ablaze with gems !" She threw
Her arms around his neck and drew
His lips  to   hers   and   laughed and
manded the score back to the eighth
inning. An effort will be made to
bring the teams together in West Virginia.
All the old reliable spring remedies
for that tired feeling can be found at
the liquid refreshment dispensary of the
Kootenay Hotel.
I am offering for sale at a sacrifice the Sandon Steam Laundry
situated on Cody Avenue. Doing
good business. Cash or time to
the right parties. _^_
F. L. Christie,
L. L. IL,
rmn imnhnn mrm
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
the   Mining  Trade.
Baseball bp injunction.
Apropos of all the litigation going on
in the National League, the following
dispatch may be of interest :���
Fantown, Pa., May 3.���The championship between Fantown and Rooters-
ville is siill unsettled. They played a
great game today and Fantown would
have won but for the action of the
Supreme court. At the beginning of
the last half of the ninth inning the
score was a tie and Fantown was in.
Flynn came to bat and would have
struck out, but Judge Fowler of Fan-
town granted an injunction restraining
the pitcher from throwing a curved
ball. This made it look like a cinch
until Judge Striker of Rootersville issued an interim injunction to prevent
Flynn foom hitting the ball. Finally
he got to first on four bad ones. He
stole second, but Rootersville got out a
writ of replevin and recovered the base,
Flynn advancing to third.
Nolan made a hit, but was declared
oul for contempt of court. Then up
came mighty Sweeny. He went to
first on writ of error. It was all excitement. Every Fantown man on the
bleachers was in a fight with a Rootersville neighbor. Captain Sullivan of
Fantown took advantage of  the  riot
M. L. Grimmett'
L. L. B.,
E. A. BROWN, M. E.
Underground Surveys
and Examinations, Development and Assessment Work. Surveys
and Estimates made for
SANDON    -   -   -    B. C.
folliott & mcmuim
Contractors and Builders. I
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring: and Joint Finishing: Lumber
Moulding, Etc.
Sash and Door on  Hand to Order.
Factory on Main Street
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Drinks
The Newmarket Hotel
of all kinds.
The Leading Hotel of the Lucerne.
Service the best in the Slocan.
Unexcelled.       %t,       %c       %c
Henry Stege
Dining Room
fc,       fc.     It-
The Auditorium
He began habeas  corpus proceedings,   THE MINERS' UNION BLOCK
got Flynn off third and  started   for the 1
home plate with the winning run.
There was a mighty uproar. The
members of both teams rushed to the
plate, all carrying bats.
It looked like a dizzy time. It seemed to be Fantown's pennant. Suddenly
there was a change. The Supreme
Court, which had been watching the
game from the guest box, took a hand.
Quicker than Flynn could get home
the court put every man on both teams
under bonds to keep the peace, and re-
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings write or wire
Anthony Shilland,
Sandon  Miners'
Sandon, B. G.
tbalcpon tbot Springs
The Winter Resort of the Kootenay. When the snow lies deep on
the Slocan Hills the roses bloom
in the Banana Patch.
TO $15,00 A WEEK.
HE medical waters of Halcyon
(^ are the most curative in the
worlc. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and depart every Day.
Felegraph communication with all
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C
The Denver
Victor Kleinschmidt, Prop.
Rooms   Large,   Neat, Clean,
Airy and Comfortable.
Dining Room Service Unsurpassed.
Every Effort Made to
Comfort for the Guests
Cody Avenue
mmmm the papstreak, Sandon, 3B. C, map 10
dtp Council.
hty council met on Monday evening,
por Cunning in the chair and Alder-
Brown, Folliott and Jalland pres-
nie minutes were read and adopted. A
jmunication .was read from C. Cliffe
(Son  regarding   the   city   printing,
fich he claimed was not   fairly divid-
The communication was  received
'he scavenger report   was   received
filed.    The police department   reft, showing April fines   and   collect-
[s to the extent of $170, was received
'he finance committee's  report   was
jived and   the   following   accounts
bepted for payment :
Waite $100.00
|E.  Lyons     00.00
IE. Lyons, Freight on lumber $S2.iq
|E. Lyons,   Sundries,       2.50
G. Wilson      '7-S0
tstreak     21.00
kling  Review       3.85
jme Payroll 1224.15
. Lovering, Salary $100.00
petition was  presented   from   resi-
itsofCody   Avenue  asking   for  tho
.'ices of the   city   team   to   assist in
filing the creek in   the  upper   end,
���ch was being  done  gratuitously by
citizens.    The request was granted.
'lie Mayor and  Aldermen  Jalland,
jliott,   Cameron   and   Brown   were
pointed  a  commission   to revise the
fssment roll.    The   court   will meet
[he city hall on   Friday,  June   13th.
The clerk was  instructed   to   notify
. Hickey, Manager of  the   Minne-
Silver Company, that the intake of
|r Hume must be  removed   from the
flume on or before the 8th inst.
What Me are Boing to 6et
ZBlonep this SRonth.
B Snap in Jewelerp.
General Float.
hitario elections occur on   the  29th
Hit    &    Dan    have   a   trackmen's
on   their hands  on  the Canada
Ithern which will probably   interfere
h the   construction   of   the   Prince
irt-Edmonton section.
[he Coast to Kootenay and the
lada Northern have  been combined
one bill which has been introduced
Uhe British  Columbia  legislature.
two bills combined propose to give
$3,000,000 and 9,000,000  acres of
as subsidies,
Reports from Rat Portage indicate
, a good deal of serious work is to
(one on a number of Lake of the,
kds mining properties this year,
iral of the companies owning
ts there will commence work at an
date and either make paying
hs out of the properties or demon-
|e their worthlessness.
le Granby  Company   claims  that
I improvements now being made to
plant they will be   able   to mine,
|nnd smelt copper   rock   from   the
Hill and Old Ironsides mine   for
Hon.    The output will be raised to
|tons a day.    A contract has been
two new compressors of 30 drills
fflle ave selling
Ready-Made Clothing,
Uuderclothes, Shirts,
Up-to-date Neckties,
English and Canadian Hats
Trunks and Valises
At 25 per cent off.   This discount
is real.   No bargain counter fake.
Besides this big slash we are selling
Boots and Shoes and Gloves of all
kinds at
20 per Centeff
And again we are selling Stetson
Hats at 10 per cent off.
I still have considerable Jewelery
Stock and Watches on hand I will dispose of at cost. Anyone wanting anything in this line cannot afford to miss
this offer.    Let me know your wants.
Ceo. B. Iknowles.
Residence���Cody Avenue.
Gale's *&���
Is the best Tonsorial  Establishment in the Slocan.
*A* *jv ����V
Balmoral Building Main St,
Mottling but tf)e Zong 0reen
Gets these prices. It is a purely Cash Sale. If you
can buy cheaper in any department store or Eastern
Hand Me Down Establishment, go at it and we are
in with you. This is positively the biggest bargain
sale that ever happened.
Bont Wake ��nr Word for Mnpthing.  Come
and see the Ooods and Satisfp yourselves.
Macdonald & Ross.
Main Street
Sandon, B. C,
Victoria Bap
map 24th.
3n prises
Baseball Tournament
$230 in Prizes.   Open
to All Comers.
Bquatic and Caledon*
ian Sports.
monster   Calttbump*
ian processian.
Dancing   Pavillion.
Open  all   Day and   Evening.
Good Music.    Admission Free
Reduced Rates on all Railroads and
Steamboats.   For  Further  Particulars Address
C. H. BONNER, Sec.
Kaslo, B. C. the Papstreak, Sandon, B. C, CT*ag 10
Bnother   Case   of Mater
The   city authorities   on   Thursday
undertook   to   remove   the  Minnesota
Company's intake from  the city flume,
but met   with  resistance   and the  job
was not completed.     The city  council
on Monday night passed   a   resolution
to notify the company to  remove their
intake,   which   was   claimed   to   be a
menace  lo lhe   flume,  and   gave   the
company until  the 8th   to lake   it out.
This the Minnesota company refused to
do,   claiming that   the intake   was no
source of danger, and lhat by removing
it the company  would  forfeit its water
records.    Failing  action on the part of
the company, the  city   sent   workmen
there on Thursday morning to chop the
intake out, but   P. J. Hickey,   superintendent of the Minnesota arrived on the
scene and stood on   his   rights   by refusing to let   the work  proceed.    Alter
a brief parley the matter was left in the
hands of the   gold   commissioner   and
will no doubt   be   amicably   adjusted.
As the city merely wants  to  protect its
flume, which the company  is  satisfied
should be done   in   case   a   danger is
proven to   exist, and   the  companv on
the other hand   desires  only to   protect
its water   rights,    which   the   city   is
ready to give it every  assistance to do,
there is no occasion for friction.
B Mater THate that Differs
from Sandon.
Phoenix pays $3.78 pet month each
for 12 hydrants to the private company
which owns the waterworks there As
the number of hydrants increases the
cost per hydrant decreases, until the
$2.50 mark is reached.
Tn.il paid nothing fur fire protection
previous to the incorporation and at
the time the city became incorporated
Daniels, the manager of the water
company in Trail, made the city a pres- .
ent oi one year's water free of charge. I
The year has not run out yet.
A goat, as the story goes, butted a
boy out of the front. A young lady
just home from college is credited with
describing the accident after this fashion : He hurled the previous end of his
anatomy against the hoy's afterward
with an earnestness and velocit) which,
backed by the ponderosity of the goat's
aviordupois, imparted a momentum
that was not relaxed until he landed on
terra tirma beyond the pale ofthe goat's
If you want
Groceries of
the best quality
that the market
affords send in
your orders to
Pants are simply a covering for the legs.
Trousers are a stylish and correct part o\
a  stylishand  correct  suit.     Our  price?
$3.50 to $6.00
pants, a Bollar a Zeg.
(Seats free.)
Ease Up	
With a Pair of
President Suspenders
Uhe hardest Work Becomes JBasv.
IbighlP Kecommended bp
Wo friction wb*n Stooping. Works
Zthe 3Ball hearings for sale onlv bs
2#e IbunUv^endvick Co., ZimMb
Handles Green Goods,
p. Burns & Co,
Not the Kind the Farmers  Buy
in New York ^_
But the Kind  Farmers Sell in
mead ��ffice,
melson, B. C.
Bealcrs gn
Fresh Strawberries just received from California.
mtmWK0mWKmmW0Kt0KmmmWtmmmimt mmmmmmmmmmWMmWmWtmm'
B Snap in Sfewelerp.
I still have considerable Jewelery
Stock and Watches on hand I will dispose of at cost. Anyone wanting anything in this line cannot afford to miss
this offer.    Let me know your wants.
Geo. B. Iknowles.
Residence���Cody Avenue.
Receioed Eoerij Daq.
The Lucious Pie Plant is now in season. Try some of our stock. Green
Onions, Fresh Lettuce, Spinich and
several other brands of agricultural
'Reco Mvenne,
Sandon, 38. C.
of all
m        r /-vtj


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