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The Paystreak Dec 14, 1901

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 P ,1^fr^/^U^^^A^4^
Sandon, Becember U, 1901
Book 6  	
Concentrated Zocalite.    \  I 3 5 ���- night from \ Socialist Educational Club.
LOncmu uiiv ,*vwiiii*. Rossland wHere |ie has been attending
1     .        .. A..   ._.     ...   iL��      l.��   .UU'il    Putt'
Chapter 12
Lead in London is /.in,  15s.
Copper prices are going fluey.
The curling   Reason   opened   yester-
Municipal candidates are still in
Bar Silver has not developed any
strength this week
the Supreme Court on the   Rabbit Paw
The provincial government wants information   about   the     Sandon   junior
jay. ^^^^^^^^^^^H    I'HH'kev to "i
It is again reported that the Miner-
Graves company will work the Rockland on a lage scale  next summer     I
engui uus �����  ife   a   copper-gold    property   Oil     KeJ
The Mollie  Gibson is shipping again   Mountain, near Silverton.
10 the Nelson smelter. T|     una| ec|ipse of the  sun is on in
Geo. WeJriant and James Howe left;
Thursday for St. Louis.
Tom Mitchell and Fred Tunstall were
visitors in the city yesterday.
It is rumored around  that   Ed.   Mc-
Leod went for a cutler ride.
Miss Mav Lyons is tfble to be   out
again after her recent illness.
WVd Macdonald is making his head-
quaters at New Denver now.
R. T. Lowers, the philosopher of tho
Lucern.wastn town Tuesday;
P   I   Hickev has been confined to his
room all week by an attack of qumsv.
Christmas is coming     You can tell
H   by   ifie   appearance   ol   the   ^re
w mdows.
Tllis vear  Sandon  will have the fin-
os,   winter   carnival  ever   held    in   the
Ore shunts m.he^oo", a, vd-
tsion  have  increased 115  lxr
vear over last.
Jimmy Dimmick left on Mwdayfaj
Trout Lake and Alex  Oliver for Grand
Fork* on  Monday.
Nelson  amateur ^��^���
"Chimes of Normandy   in that cuj
Wednesday evening.
Will street   is   the   greawau
��� .nb     This is no dream.
place on eartli.     inn
There I, . rT>;;^:lT^
~&?Xtt ����� * ,
S.ocnn Ci.y nod Silverton *!����
is a winner.
Alex   Dodds  left    yesterday  for  .Ik
east.     He   will   spend   the   W
BrocJcvUlei Ontario, going via salt
City and Chicago.
in the Enterprise, rn U ���� ren   1
faulty   and   considerable
will have to be <\ow. ^   ^
According to the Coast papers ^   ^ &
Young has a syndicate react) , w
smelter    at    Ashnola,     W
build a blast furnace.
Tickets for the benefit ball c-Chnst-
mas night have been liner ^
ed and there is  sure to
semblage on that eveiiin, ^   ^
Andrew   and   Ch" j Qntario,
east   yesterday   *' .1      (nother
having received news  hat til
is in a precarious cond,U.idur_
ing the   month   01       Washington 30,
Rambler,   477  ���������       tons.
Red Fox 20 and SoliO    b
Following up the  movement  inaug
urated by J, M. Cameron, an organize
tion meeting   was   held   in the Union
block on Thursday evening at which an
educational   club   was   started for the
purpose of studying  and furthering the
doctrine of socialism.   The attendance,
while not large  was enthusiastic   enuf
to give the movement a fair start.
Arrangements will be   made   for   the
use of Fraternity   hall   in   the   Union
block  and   regular   weekly   meetings
every Tuesday evening.    The initiation
and   membership   fees   are very   light
and an invitation  is extended to everyone.    Attendance will not be limited to
members   but   all   meetings    will   bt
thrown open   to   anyone   who cares to
participate.      When    the   organization
gels on its feet   regular weekly debates
will be held   on live    political issues or
theories,    and   all    who   believe    that
does not skate neuner  uuo ,..    socialism is   fundamentally  wrong are
Coasting on Cody Ave. and Main St.   invited   to   come   forward   and   prov'e
>,'*.,���   these  their convictions in debate.
TAabbitpaw__ Case.
privilege Given to Snrvep
the Slocan Star
Sandon.    The Silver City of the Slocan
has not seen Old Sol for 30 days, and
will  not see his smiling face again for  every Tuesday evening
six weeks.    The scenery intervenes. and
Dunsmuir has locked out his Alexandria miners because they joined a federation made up of all the coal miners
on the island. Dunsmuir evidently does
not intend to remain in politics long.
"Hughie" Cameron is as much interested in good ice-making weather
as either the Skating Rink Co., Ltd.
or Curling Rink Co., Unlimited. Yet
he does not skate neither  does he curl
is the fashionable recreation these
moonlight evenings. Sandon is the
only place in the world where you can
reach auv part of the city on a coasting
'^Tlie Last Chance  people believe they
'���'���������'    ^>i'h    from
The case of the Star  Mining & Milling Company vs. the   Byron   K, White
Company came   up   in   the   Supreme
Coqrt at Rossland on Thursday and an
order was made granting the owners of
the Rabbit Paw or their representatives
not exceeding ten   in number, power to
enter the Slocan  Star mine at any time
on giving 24   hours' notice,   to survey,
examine and inspect and to make plans
of the workings  sufficient   to   demonstrate whether   the   Byron   N.   White
Company have worked or  are working
under the surface of the Rabbit Paw or
Heber Fraction  claims.    Access to the
White Company's   plans and surveys is
also granted and the Star Mining Company is given power to   take   samples,
make observations and try experiments
for the purpose of obtaining full   information on the question.
the   ledge   150
feet   back   from
have  me  ic^k*   'a-   ��� <mj nn
thefaec  DHfttng^Ill be commenced on
Um  showing  and  an upraise   made to
The next meeting will   be   on   Tuesday the 17th at 7:30.
the Smelter expert.
T.  B.   Stewart,   of Glasgow,   Scotland, the smelter expert, arrived Wed-
1,16 Sh��:iV",di^eU.e'Se oS   �����>"ay evening  went over to Kaslo
a slip.
There are i 25 men on the payroll at
the Whitewater, Which is as large a
force as was ever employed at the mine.
A little difficulty has been caused at the
mill by shortage of water, due to cold
Peter Westerburg,   formerly   of   the
���^_^__ "r.
Thursday. Mr. Stewart is the expert
sent out by the Glasgow company organized by Maurice Gintzberger to
build a smelter at Kaslo. On his report depends  the  construction   of the
After looking   over   the  situation at
,Mcr Westerbur*,  ���������*   T��� kado Mr. Ste*art  will  return to San-
ElES^XS."S/overU , *i ..nines of thee p��
UU91HV' ��� ,      ..���11     ,-.,-,.m>   nn   1
business in ui��un... ...
the Palace Hotel and will open up tonight. Pete has a large circle of acquaintances in the camp and therefore
needs no introduction   to   the   Sandon
The children of the public school will
give  a concert  in the   Union   Hall on
Monday evening,   December 23rd.    A
large   program   is   being prepared  for
the occasion and the concert is to be an
interesting and amusing affair not only
for the  parents oi pupils but  for  the
general  public.    The   proceeds  are to
be devoted to  buying a library  for the
mil %rpOUGoncentration
It is   reported'  that   the   London &
British Columbia Goldnelds will make
* ..wii the new   process 01
an experiment with tin \
concentration for the   saving of values
in the ore of the Enterpnze mine on
Ten Mile. The results attained with
chc present concentrating plant are said,
to be rather unsatisfactory as consider-
able of tlie values in the dry ore escpae
It is predicted   for   the   process of oil
���      .i,..t   the  greater part ot
concentration that   tne  grt.u     1
,       .1   ���   .,,,��   lost   in the  water
the values that  are   io��i
.0.1   he saved by   the oil.
concentration can   be savcu   ,
l\rioi..   .....
don and visit the mines of the camp in
order to acquaint himself with the
resources of the district. He expressed
himself as being very much pleased
With what he had already seen and was
satisfied that the Slocan mines are all
right. 1.
Skating tonight.
The skating season in Sandon will
open this evening. Messrs. Sewell &
Grierson have been busy all week gel-
ting a good bottom on the rink and
now have it ready for business. There
will  be  a  hockey   practice    tomorrow
Parties wishing to purchase season
tickets can secure them at the door or
from Chas. Walmsley, R. D. Trevor or
M. L. Grimmett
Ibow   TRailwaps  Compete.
An illustration of competition in railways on the modern   plan is  furnished
right here In Sandon.    The   Byron   N.
White Company is  shipping about 100
tons of Star ore   a   week   to  the Trail
smelter.      This   freight is   divided up
equally   between   the   two   roads, the
White   company   shipping  alternately
over   the   C. P. R.   and   the  K. & S.
I The freight  is   the   same   over   either
road and is settled for  by the   smelter,
which makes returns for  the  ore shipped less  freight  and  treatment.    The
division of the profits  is fixed   up  between the two  companies.    The  shipper has not a word to  say about which
way the ore shall be shipped, but  is in-
instructed by the smelter  management
to ship via the C. P. R. or the K. & S.
as the case may be.
M  Ulecruit from  Sandon.
Pete Simpson leaves this morning
for South Africa with the Canadian
contingent. He will go with Major
Leckie's detachment. Simpson was a
member of the Strathcona outfit,
the Ik. of p. Ball.
Most of the   arrangements   for   the
annual ball of the   Knights of   Pythias
have been completed,    The ball will be
held in the Union Hall on   New Year's
night.    Invitations  will   not be issued,
as in former years, but  everyone  is invited to attend.    This  year's   ball   will
be in every respect the  equal of former
events and as the   K. oi P.   is   famous
for its hospitality and the splendor of its
social functions it  will   be   looked forward to with   pleasure by   all   the devotees of the terpsichorean art.
The deal  between  the  Similkameen
Valley Coal Company and  the Toronto
.Syndicate which is buying part oi their
holdings, has been  put   thru   and the
I first paoment   made.    This   deal  puts
[the coal company on velvet. the Ppstreak, Sanadon.   B. C, Becember 14.
Che Bonspiel.
What this word means will be better
understood when it takes place.
The Kootehay Curling Association
bonspiel will, if weather permits, and
other concomitant circumstances prove
auspicious, open   in   Sandon  February
17th,   U)02.
Immediately after, an amendment
will be made to all dictionaries, giving
the correct definition of the word "Bon-
The two most coveted trophies known
to true sportsmen the world over are
the America cup and the Bostock cup,
Lipton came within a few seconds of
winning the former and he is going to
try again. Kaslo, Nelson and Rossland curlers have on frequent occasions
come very near lifting the latter and
they will try again. This year the
contest will take place in Sandon.
Jimmy VVaugh says he will make one
more effort to win the cup. G. O.
Buchanan says he thinks it can be
A new attraction of the bonspiel will
be a curling competition between married ladies and ladies who wish to get
married. A house and lot and a husband is offered as a prize should the
latter win.
Sandon has unequalled natural facilities for two classes oi recreation, ice
sports in winter and ariel navigation
sports in summer.
The permanancy and good condition
of Sandon ice continues up to the 24th
of May. This fact alone will contribute
largely to the success of tlie carnival.
Other requisites to making it a success
lie within ourselves. Let every curler,
skater, citizen join in one pull together,
and failure cannot   be.
Gale's BarbSoP
Is the best Tonsorial   Establishment in the Slocan.
\��> *J* \1a
<l+ '4* *4>
Balmoral  Building Main St.
The Denver.
Cody Ave.
Comfortable Rooms
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hotel
Ibockep team Organised.
An organization meeting of the hockey club was held in Christie's law office
on Saturday evening last. There was
a quorum and business went thru
with a rush.
As an opening ceremony it was
unanimously resolved that Sandon
is to have the champion hockey team of
the Kootenay.
James Vallance was elected president whether he liked it or not and
E. M. Sandilands came in for the vice-
presidency on the same terms. Chas.
Walmsley was impressed into the service as manager and Fred Ritchie was
sworn in  as   secretary-treasurer   by   a
unanimous vote. The appointment of
captain was left until the first game���a
sort of natural selection process on the
survival of the fittest plan.
Membership in the hockey club costs
$2, and all who have the price and are
willing to furnish their own ambulance
wagon are invited to drop into line.
v The hockey boys will have the rink
on Sunday afternoon and Wednesday
evenings, and other evenings after 10
Charlie Walmsley, Fred Ritchie and
Weary Willie Howarth were appointed
a committee to arrange a match with
the Winnipeg team which will come
west next month prospecting for a
Should y.air meanderings about
this mundane sphere take yen to
New Denser
Remember that there is a hotel
in the Lucerne oi America at
which pilgrims max enjoy all the
comforts of a home, at prices on
a par with the damage levied by
other houses thruout the district.
lhe Idealistic Scenery of this
Beauty Spot in Nature's Wonderland can be best enjoyed from
the balcony oi the
Metomarket Hotel.
The cuisine supplied assays high.
The bedrooms are large, airy
and luxuriously furnished. The
other accomodations are unexcelled in the Slocan, and the
brands oi bottled comforters kept
in stock arc health-giving and
soul-inspiring when taken in
proper quantities. The proprietor's name is
Henry Stege.
The Most Complete   Health   Resort on
the Continent of North America.
Situated    'midst    Scenery   Unriyalled    f<>r
Halcyon Hot Springs
toSSS; Sanitarium. iSSSS
Exoursion WVA* **VA**and Nurse
Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lahe B. C.
Terms, $15 to .^8 per week,   accord Ing
to residence in Hotel or Villas
Its Baths cure all Nervous and Muscular Diseases.     Its waters heal all
Liver, Kidney and Stomach
Ailments and  Metallic   Poisoning.
Telegraphic   Communication   with   al
parts of the World.
Two Mails arrive and depart Every Day
Sunday excursion rate good leaving Saturday, returning Monday, $2.76.
Christmas Sailiugs to
St. John to Liverpool.
Parisian, Nov. 23       Numidian Nov. 30
Ionian, Dec. 7 Tunisian, Dec.  14
Portland to Liverpool.
Dominion Nov. _���;, Cambroman Nov30
Vancouver, Dee. 14.
Boston to Liverpool.
Ivernia, Nov. 23 Saxonia, Dec. 7
N England, Dec. 4      Ultorrio, Dec. 21
New York to Liverpool.
Celtic, Nov. 26 Ktruia. Nov. 23
Germanic, Nov. 27     Campania, Nov 30
Majestic,  Dec. 4 linbria,   Dec. 7
Cymric Dec. 10        Lucania,   Dec  14
Oceanic, Doc. 11      Etruria, Dec. 24
Teutonic, Dec. 18   Campania, Dec. 28
New York to Southampton.
Haverford Nov. 27, Philadelphia Dee. 4
St. Paul, Dec. 11     St. Louis,   Dec is
North German Lloyd, Hamburg
Packet L'o., Holland American Red
Star French and Anchor lines on
application. For reservation oi
berths, rates and complete information call or write nearest C.P.R.
II. \V. Harbour.
Ajarent. Sandon
J, S. farter B. .1. Coyle,
I). 1\ A. A. (L 1'. A.,
Nelson, Ii. C. Vancouver, B, C.
George H. Thompson
Barrister   -:-    Solicitor
Notari) Public.
M. Iv.  (irimmett,
L.  L.  P.,
B. C.
Sandon   Bottling
f   Manufacturers 01
CaHiojaatesl Drinks
of all kinds.
����� * �� ��
Mininsr Properties Examined  and   Reno
Ma.I.-.   Will <>,���.,�� op Mining Pr, ,   ..;.     .
(imtra. i or Salary. Twi nt\ \. ,.-,���
A. F. & A. M7
BagnlarCommunlcation heldflrni Thn��
���lav in taoh month in Mi ic Hall ��t 8 p m
Solon/nlxm brethern ar lialiy inviW*
A It D00K8TBADER, Secretary.
P. L. Christie,
L L. P..
Sandon Cartage Co,
Express,, Baggage,
��� and Cartage.
Delivery to all   Parts of the City.
Established 18 ���'���
Sandon, B. C.
filotary FulbliG,
2nsura-Jic8  and  finning
& poker..
Mining Stocks bought and wld. Gen-
* r:iI agent for sin. an Properties
Promising  Prospects for Sale
Sandon Minors'
I lospital
Subscribers, $]    per   month;    Pi
patients, S2 per o*a\, exclusive ol
Kxpen>e of Physician or Surgeon
and Drills.
Open To Tin: Pubi ic.
DR. \V. B. GrOMM,   Attendant Phy*lctan.
.1. II. M( NEILL, lv..,. Hospital Board
ANTHONY Sill 1,1.AND. Becretar)
Ship Your Trophies oftheChiise lo
Harry W. Edwards,
Revelstoke,    B. C.
He   will   Stuff and mount    in   good
style any  Bird, Beast, Reptile  or I '-j1
that you can present. You do the kill-
injj.     We do the rest.
I.   0.  O.   F.
Meeting  in the Union  Hail everj F    ;v
Evening at 7i80.   Visiting Brethern ooidiai
11        0   nth ml
Vice Gran 1 the Ppstreak, Sanadon,   B. C, Becember 14
Uhe Belle of Zong &go.
\ watched her sitting, rocking there,
And gazing dreamily away ;
Her hands are wrinkled now that were
So plump and  smooth and soft   one
day ;
Her hair that once In ringlets hung
Forms one wee coil as white as snow
Once   she   was   free   from   cares and
Perhaps she flirted long ago.
iler   nose   droops   down, her lips are
She sighs for loved ones gone before;
The lustre from her eyes is gone,
Her once round cheeks are round no
more ;
Yet once, perhaps, her glance was coy,
Perhaps it made   her smile to   know
That for her cruelty some boy
Was broken-hearted long ago.
She rises slowly, bent and small,
And moves with feeble, careful tread,
She wears a sombre garb, and all
The graces  from her   form are fled ;
But once, perhaps, she tripped along
In airy robes���the note of woe
In some forgotten poet's song,
She may have given, long ago
Ah Time, thou rogue ! I see   her now
In all her youthful grace and charms,
Behold the ringlets on her brow,
Thtf rounded whiteness of her arms ;
1 hear her merry laugh, she skips
Down flowery lanes,her cheeks aglow
With pleasure at sweet words from lips
That fell to dust long, long ago.
That is what everyone wants who orders
a suit of clothes or pair of trousers. We
guarantee SATISFACTION to all our cus-
Leave your order with us for a
B Sermon.
"The Devil   never divides his
We intend to speak respectfully of
the devil. We may be in his kingdom
under the sea some day. If so, we
hope somebody will bore a ho e m the
bottom of the ocean.   We'll risk drown-
The devil is the   devil and   he don t
pretend to be a saint.    He  knows   Ins
business and he   keeps   his   wares hot
He has directness about htm.    He is a
great organizer.    Go  into any City and
LdeviPs armies are well-dried   com-
pact forces.    They  do not   figh t ��dk
other.   You will find the vices all work
together, all working for the com-
���1 good, the advancementofv.ee
The devil uses   the finest music   the
m0st costly furniture, the choicest P*
tares.    He   is   lavish   In.top*.    ��
decks his folders in  sdks  and  ham
end,     put   them   in   tine   hou.es and
. 1Kr    \nd you   nevei
tempts them royally.   Ana
heardofonefolloxverotte, i stand
ing up in his   pulpa   and   ��
other followers, and telling the p
they can only go to  the
his road ?    Not on you, lift.    "
tioh of the devil's army helps the othe
They stand shoulder to she 1 *J
saloon, the  wine^  room
infamy, the gamblers    du  , ^\
brickers, the bunco   steerers
flowers in  Paradise.    The Methodists
light the Presbyterians, and  the   Pres- j
byterians fight   the   Baptists, and they
fight the   Episcopalians, and they fight
the Roman Catholics, and all fight each
other.      You   will   find   one   halt the
church   bouncing    domicks    off    the
houlder of the other  half of the same
church.    And you  will  find that while
the hible  makes  a  strait  and  narrow
path for  us sheep to  trot in, the sheep
are trying to   make the road   still narrower and  shut out  all  sheep  who do
not wear a certain   brand of   wool and
who do not have   a  certain   wobble to
their trot.    You will hear one say, "He
is a good Christian  man, but   he does
not belong to my branch of the church,
and 1 can't associate with him."
Worshipping the same God, using
the same bible and the same commandments, and yet the meat of one is the
poison of the other.
This gives the devil a great advantage. He likes to see these people
divided up and fighting among themselves. He knows that when they are
so engaged the victory will be his.
The emancipation of the people on this
whole outfit are like  brothers and sis-
.. U Carload of Mpples..
We have just received a Carload of the Fiuest Apples ever
shipped into Sandon. All selected Okanagan Fruit	
Sallano .Bros.
3Britlsf) Columbia
16 But look you at the battalions of the
,nm of the' King. You go into one
cnJch and the preacher over t*Jg��
of the bible denounces alt other
churches and unchurches them in spie
0f the fact that if only members of hs
hurch could go to heaven there woukl
n0, be enuf people saved to  water the
Lth from slavery to all forms o    ev,
wilI come when the forces of good are
united and fighting together.-Carbon
(Mont.) Chronicle
countenance, lately came to the clerk of
Boxelder county in that slate.
"You're the man that keeps the marriage books, ain't you?" she asked.
"Yes, ma'am," he answered. "What
book do you wish to see ?"
"Kin you find out if Jack Peters was
married ?"
Search developed the name of John
Peters, for whose marriage a license
had been issued two years before.
"1 thot so," said the woman. "Married 'Lize Waters, didn't he ?
"The license is issued for a marriage
with Miss Eliza Waters."
"Yep. Well, I'm 'Lize. I figured
I'd orter come in and tell you that
Jack Peters has escaped."
Many simple people who buy marriage licenses of city clerks imagine
that the clerk in some way becomes responsible for their marriage, and that ]
they are in duty bound to report to him
afterward  and let him  keep   track of
their affairs.
A Salt Lake City paper reports that
a tall, gaunt woman with ginger hair
and a somewhat   fierce   expression   of
Christinas Cheer.
There are several brands of Christmas Cheer, but the Tom & Jerry,
come-and-have-something kind has all
others out-drawn, out-played and out-
spotted. Talk about your rural scenery, with waving green fields and kind
faced old cows, but the Kootenay
Hotel Tom & Jerry will give you flashlight glimpses of the Land of Goshen.
Try one and be happy.
tfilbert   Cafe.
Open Day and Night.
Best Meals in Town.
Everything Necessary to
Satisfy the Internal
Mmevican and
European plan.
���Hi the ppstveak, Sanadon,   B. C, Becember 14.
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday In the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription   -   -   -   -   $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams,   -   Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON,   DECEMBER 14, iqoi.
When Prince Henry won out
Queen Wilhelmina, Europe went frantic with joy. Here was a royal marriage based on love, and it was celebrated with all the pageantry and pomp
that the circumstance demanded.
Now the truth outcrops. Henry
is a leacherous libertine. Wilhelmina
is a fool. Kaiser William staked the
man to marry the woman and hand
over Holland to Germany.
Henry was tough in his time and
went the route at the pace that kills.
Booze, the green cloth and the red
light caught his game. He is in hock
to his last shirt and he spends his
leisure hours getting sloppy jags.
When he tried to touch the lady for the
price, Wilhelmina refused to dig up,
and Henry licked her to a flat-iron
finish. Now a separation is in order
and Holland is sad.
This sounds more like a story of
African Avenue than a romance of the
royal court. Transpose the names :
call them Rough-lock Hank and
Scrap-iron Mina and you have a common phase of life below   the deadline.
The Dutch are fools to stand such
work. The royal household should
be pulled. Henry and Wilhelmina
should be yanked into the police court
and given thirty days. After that turn
them loose to rustle their own living.
Tho creatures of royal blood, flattered,
feasted, pampered, petted and idolized,
the crowned heads of Holland are not
above the brutal passions of the coarsest of their serfs. Kings are brutes
when the play comes right. Only
fools and sycophants worship the
featish of royalty.
less freight ? The Canadian market is
safe enuf. Sane men do not ship coal
to Newcastle.
It is not a tariff on lead we want,
but free trade in machinery and supplies, which will let the Canadian beat
all other lead producers in the markets
of the world. The priee realized on
the surplus shipped abroad will always
fix the price paid to the producer at
home. Protection in Canada will not
raise the price in London. A tariff
might foster monopoly but it would
not stimulate industrv.
The lead industry wants a release
from the burdensome protection which
makes mining, smelting and refining
machinery and supplies cost more in
Canada than in any other mining
country on earth.
Canadian manufacturers have been
pampered and wet-nursed until they
are a great big lot of greedy, pap-
sucking babies. Slocan is loaded
down with a burden of protection to
build up artificial industries in Ontario.
Mining bears the burden. Throw off
this tariff and make these cowardlv
manufacturers stand on their feet or
seccumb to their fate as incapables.
Then mining supplies would cost a
fair price and Kootenay lead mines
would beat the world.
over the dump and still be getting a
better price for their lead than they
ever got before. This could only be
accomplished by the construction and
operation of a government smelter and
refinery. Under any other management the refiner, not the producer,
would get the money for the lead con!
sumed, and he would base his price for
the lead produced on what he got for
the surplus shipped abroad. London
price, less freight.
The Toronto Globe has preempted a Paystreak idea. It is now
using a 17-em editorial column.
For a paper published in the red
pump belt The Globe is not bad. We
do not begrudge it any success it may
attain thru copying our style.
G. O. Buchanan has figured it
out that the Dominion government
shoujd increase the tariff on lead products, and argues that this would
stimulate the Canadian industry.
G. O. has this thing put up wrong
and we want to show him where.
With a refinery established in Canada no foreign competitor could cut in
on the Canadian market. Canada can
produce lead too cheap. How could
the American lead trust, for instance,
paying $3.50 in the Coeur d'Alenes,
undersell a Canadian concern buying
lead in the Slocan at the London price,
Smith Curtis says the Vancouver
papers lied about him. We congratulate Smith Curtis. Whenever the
Coast papers begin to lie about a man
it is a good sign.
According to Curtis' say so, he
delivered a speech in Vancouver laying
down a political creed of eight stanzas
in which he did not advocate bonusing
Jim Hill. This the Vancouver papers
failed to report but they counted him
among the grafter gang. Curtis indignantly denies that he ever advocated
bonusing the V. V. & E. He says
he wants to see the Coast-Kootenay
road built by the government, or,
failing that, by the corporation giving
the best terms.
This is sound policy, and Curtis
will do well to stay by it. Bonuses
and land grants for railways may look
good to Victoria folks, but they are
not popular in the Kootenay.
Curtis made an off-side play,
nevertheless, when he identified himself
with McBride and Bodwell and the
V. V. & E. ring. Curtis is right to
oppose Dunsmuir, but he should give
the grafters the shut-eye
While Slocan and East Kootenay
is standing still waiting for some bio;
monopolist to come along and build a
refinerv, what is the matter with the
people of Kootenay building one them-
selver. It seems that the B. C. government will not build it, the C. P. R.
will not build it, Gooderham & Black-
stock will not build it, and the many
other moneved men who have a loose
million or two handy don't seem to
care much about it. Then why not tlie
people of the country build it.
There is an opening here for a
good promoter. Every business man,
miner, prospector and mine owner is
directly interested in seeing a refinery
built. Suppose a company were incorporated with the right kind of men
at the head oi it, and stock were put
on sale at $100 a share, how long
would it take to find $1,000,000 p
finance the scheme ? It would be the
most popular stock ever offered for
sale, as it would pay the purchasers
not only good interest on the money
invested but enormous dividends thru
the business revival that would follow.
If Canadian lead producers received as much money tor the 20,000
tons of lead produced annually in the
Dominion as Canadian lead consumers
pay for the 13,000 tons of lead consumed annually in the Dominion, the
producers   could    throw   the   surplus
Many oi the boys who are puzzel-
ing their brain what to send the old
folks for Christmas should remember
The Paystreak. It is a typical production of the camp, and it' is always
welcome at the old home. Over sixty
copies find their way to the homes o(
the McDonalds and the McDougalls
and the McLaughlins and folks in the
Glen, and as many more visit the
homesteads of Cape Breton and P. E.
I. The annual assessment is only $2
and it is a Christmas gift that is good
every week of the year.
The Coeur d'Alene mine owners
have knuckled down to the trust and
will take $3.50 for their lead. Another
cut will probably follow when the trust
gets rid of its surplus. ������������������i
the Ppstreak, Sanadon,   B. C, Becember 14.
We will give away One
Dollar in Belgian Glass
Ware, Fancy China
Dishes, Wedge wood
Jars4 Jardeners, Vazes,
Boys and Girls Sleighs
* with every $5 purchase
Call Marlp as Our Stock is
16.1L mt)evton> Co,
me have the finest line
of fbockep Skates in
the Ikootenap.
and all the best designs.   No better
lb. mpevs & Co.
for a
Suit with
M. Bzvid,
&he Wiinevs XLailov.
Mdvertise in
Vf)t papstreak the ppstreak, Sanadon,   B. ft, Becember 14.
prospectors' Superstition.
With an idea that physiological principles run through the formation of ores
many mines believe in what is termed
the "mother lode" It has grown to he
a popular superstition that in almost
every mining district that somewhere in
the locality a mother lode can be found,
compared with which the "kid" amunts
to nothing. Nobody thinks of looking
for the "brother'Mode, the "sister" lode
or the "mother-in-law" lode, hut all are .
on the search for the mother lode.
The Western Mining World says that j
as a matter of fact there is no such thing I
as a mother lode, unless at some great
depth in the bowels of the earth a lumi
ber of veins carrying similar classes of
ore run together into a common body.
But a mother lode, if entitled to that
never comes to the surface.
Some veins are larger than others,
but there is no parentage applied to the
fact. It is merely the circumstance of
a larger fissure in the rocks fitting up
with veinous matter and ore. Thousands
upon thousands of dollars have been
squandered by men in search of some
great parental lode.
This is one of the most prominent
features of a placer district. In the
Klondike country promoters talk glibly
of the mother lode, as if a rich placer
necessarily meant the existence of some
lode that had mothered the deposits
without impaling her own productive
Wnion Jevoelerp Store
We have iust veceived
a beautiful line of:::
Manicuve Sets, XEoilet Sets,  Gvavelling Cases, Cuff Zinhs,
Xvacelets, Mings and paesentation novelties of all Ikinds.
These goods are all imported direct  from the maeufacturer and
our prices  are the lowest at which   sterling  goods can he sold.
(Beorge B. fcnowles.
pioneer jeweler of the Slocan.
Union Block, Sandon.
M gmas IhamperM
the Sandon VUine and
Ziqnor Iftousc
Have a full line of imported California
and Native Wines, suitable for Family
Use and the Holiday i rade, in bottles
or on draught. This stock includes
the celebrated California Wines
tttbo Patterson &s.
We were in error last week in stating
that R. B. Patterson of the Star boarding house was a member of the firm of
Patterson & Patterson. J. G. Patterson
formerly of Whitewater, dealer in drugs
and Stationery there for some time, is
the gentleman we should have mentioned.
the Benver Changed Ibands
John   Nelson & Co.  have  sold   The
Denver Hotel to Antone Moran and D.
Maglio.    The  latter  are  applying for
a transfer of the license and will coninue
the  business,   catering to the   wants oi
all the old   patrons of the house and as
many   new ones  as  strict attention   to
business can secure.
Drink and the gang drinks with you;
swear off and you go it alone, for the
bar room bum who drinks your rum
has a querulous taste of his own.
Feast and your friends are many ;
fast and they cut you dead ; they'll not
get mad if you treat them bad, so long
as their stomachs are fed. Steal if you
get a million, for then you can furnish
bail ; it's the limit thief who gets out
on leave, while the little one goes to
jail. Advertise and the dollars come
rolling ; quit and they fail to arrive ;
for how are men who have money to
spend to know that you   are still alive.
A Full Line oi
Brandies, Whiskies, Rums, Gins and
French Liqueurs and Cordials
Bass & Co's. nies
and 0uinness' Stout.
Be sure to call and leave your order
for a Christmas Hamper. Orders by
mail or phone will secure prompt attention. Store and bottle department
on Main St., Sandon.
0. m. main,
*  ��� v.
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
tho   Mini n ir   Trade.
Contractors and Builders.
B>��.*|fc-S> -4
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring* and Joint Finishing' Lumber
Moulding, Etc.
The Art Piano of Canada.   Sash and Door on  Hand to Order.
Heintzman Co.
Toronto,   Ont.
Thomas. Duffy,!
Sandon -- B. C. I
Factory on Main Street
Oyster Cocktails at the Kootenay.
For the Christmas
5 will be in Sandon from
Becember 16th to 26th.
Cljristmas Bap.
Do not forget the date.
Send a Christmas Photo to the
old folkes at home. Come any
time. Lack of Sunshine does
not  inlerfere with our business.
Opposite C. P. R. Depot.
Bargains in
In order to close out a few lines of GFNTLE-
MEN'S FINE SHOES we are offering
some great bargains.     Look in the Window.
Zouis Ibupperten Bliggerson's Begree.
Thomas Henry Bliggerson
Longed for a degree.
"Like to sign
This name of mine
With a tail of LL. D."
Said he.
"Ora Ph. I)., or a plain A. B.,
Or any old letters would give me glee."
And he gave away
All his cash one day
To a school and a college and a librare.
Thomas Henry Bliggerson
Looked for his degree-
Watched the mail
Till hope would fail
For a note to give him glee,
You see.
He fully expected he would be
At once created an X. Y. X.
Or an LL. I).
Or a plain A. P.,
Put the poor man wasn't even 1-2-3!
Thomas Henry Plifjgerson
Now has his degree.
Each thing sent
His establishment
Peais mystic letters three,
You see.
There was no more cash in his treasury,
And he went down into bankruptcy.
So the credit men,
With a large fat pen,
Write "T. H. Bliggerson, C. O. D."
���.Baltimore American.
the Ppstreak, Sanadon,   B. C, Becember 14.
"I don't think  I hear anyone  trying
to get into the house."
It's not  necessary to go down and
see if the celler door  is  fastened.    1
know it is."
"Well I think that's about all. Yon
see, my wife asks me certain questions
every night as I am going to bed, and
if I had a printed list 1 could show to
her it would save lots of trouble. Besides that it injures my lungs to answer
them. Have the lists printed as soon
as possible.
B megiean personal.
A Mexican Herald, Oct. 14 contains
the following personal:
Ladies���One Mexican gentleman of
good manners and regular position
wishes intimate with an illustrated and
handsome young lady, tho she were
poor. The object is easily exchange
their native language and if it were
possible to marry themselves. Write
in Spanish or English, giving references to Anuncion, P. O. Box 455,
Mexico, D. F.
To A. R. Porter, J. It. Cameron or any partise
to whom A. R. Porter,or J, R. Cameron may
have transferred interest or interests in the
1'iimlmico and Bell Mineral claims, situated
near Cody, and recorded  in  the  Recorder's
"Mice of the Slocan mining division.
You are hereby notified that I, Philip J.
Mickey, acting as agent for J. D. Farrell and
Volney D. Williamson have caused to be expended one hundred dollars each in labor and
improvements upon the above mentioned
mineral claims under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, and if within ninety days
from the date of this notice you fail to
contribute your portion of such expediture,
together with all cost of advertising, your
interest in said property will become the subscribers under section IV. of an act entitled
''An Act to Amend the Mineral Act, lltoo "
Dated this lfith'day of October, 1991
Ibis printing Order.
While on business in the office of a
printing house the other day a thin,
tired-looking man entered and ap-
praoching the proprietor said, "1
want to have a list printed. Suppose
you write it down as I tell you."
The proprietor made ready and the
man said:
"Yes; I'm sure 1 locked the front
door.     Have you got that?"
"Yes; but 1 don't understand."
"Never mind; don't interupt me till
I have finished.    Are you ready ? "
"I turned out the light in the bathroom."
"All right; I've got it."
"The kitchen widdows are fastened."
'The dog is in the cellar."
"I didn't   forget to put ashes on the
parlor fire."
"The servants are all in."
"The stable door is locked."
"The Kitten is out of doors."
"I  turned off the  draughts ot the
"No, I do not smell smoke."
"No the wates is not running in the
During the iriflhth of October the
Dominion government paid out $180
000 as bonuses on iron and steel. The
Sydney works got most of the money.
Application for Transfer of Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date hereof I, the undersigned, intend to
apply to tho License Commissioners of the
City of Sandon for a transfer to me of the
liquor license held by Knowles & Finlay of
the Palace Hotel.
Dated at Sandon. B. C. December 18, 1901.
A limited number of shares in
the Similkameen Valley Coal
Co., Limited. For further particulars apply to
Sandon, B. C.
Notice of Dissolution.
NOTICE is hereby given that I, the undersigned, have disposed of my interest in The
Denver Hotel and that I will not be responsible  for debts contracted  by  the   present
Dated at Sandon, Dec. 10th, 1901.
Application for Transfer of Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that thitty days
from date hereof we, the undersigned, intend
to apply to the License Commissioners of the
city of Sandon for a transfer to us of the
liquor license formerly held by John Nelson
& Co.. of the Denver Hotel.
Dated at Sandon this 12th day of Dec, 1901.
Certificate     of    Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.   Where located:    On
Cody creek, adjoining Franklin and Bolan-
der    mineral    claims,    Slocan     Mining
Division, West Kootenay, B. 0.
TAKE NOTICE that I, E. M. Sandilands,
acting as'agent for Jake Kelsen, Free Miner's
Certificate No. Bo2,344, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 86th day of October, A. D. 1901.
We  have a
monopoly of
the Canadian
apple supply
in Sandon.
Get some before they are
all gone. The
best eating
apples in the
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings write or wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,  Sandon   Miners'   Union
Sandon, B. G.
# parable on
��nly a blind man could live
in the Slocan and not read
XH)z papstreak.
* % *
JJJou cannot not get away
from it. It is like the beautiful snow���it goes everywhere.
* %   #
fft finds its way into every
human habitation in the camp
* *   *
^o man, woman or child
in the Slocan country ever
passes a week without seeing it
* %   *.
2ls an advertising medium
it is complete.
* %    *
��/)e papstreak
Can do something for you
that all the other papers on
earth combined cannot do.
It can introduce you and your
goods to every human being
in the Slocan.
* %   #
The Paystreak advertising
rates are
jper Sfnch
pev month
* * #
The Paystreak circulation
list is open to examination at
all times.
'ii the ppstreak, Sanabon,   B. C, Becember 14.
Vhe Papne.
There are still seven or eight cars of
material to come in from  Laune before
construction can be commenced on tie
Payne mill. The contractors expec to
haie all the material on hand ms.de of
a week. ,    .      e-
Several  carsofspir,! steel  pipe for
the flume, have arrived and the pipe
line is now being laid.
The company reports that the eletrc
drills are working >atisfactor,ly.   There
are 50 men on the payroll.
pap #ow taxes.
Today is the last day on which prop-
'erty owners may secure the rebate on
th'ir taxes. After today all taxes for
I90, become overdue and delinquent
The names of those who have not paid ^^ ^ customer IS ent.tled to
their taxes previously and fail t0 Pay I one chance for each one dollar purchase
them today will be struck off the voters ^     ^        ^ ^  ^ ^
list     The citv clerk wdl be mh.softice .
aU day for the purpose of receiving tax   are all gone,
moneys.    Cash up and keep your vote, I
Mere pou ever satisfied   r
JSTof .ny��nd. *tSBJB��SSSr  Steffi
Red Cross f^liB��^&p&p
the finest, treshestana �� _        f    - K ��� brnlKi (Jorn
tay" ft iK   KcntSand*SS�� ��W *�����8
Kent b?nd JPf��&������i��    rnilitt and  Simeo   brand ot
Cutting's California JW�� ��       Wc have also
Berries of ^t^T*'  canned Vegetables,
mX?&^^i8h in S:,,,don: caU and
see them at
Is Giving Away a Beautiful $60
As a Holiday. Souoenir.
��. eiegerich'e
Vtnslo                Mnswovth
Sandon    viasio	
-v   riA
A Grand Sweepstake     I
The Lucky Number Takes It'
Curling Club meeting.
A meeting of  the curling club   is|jU8t0ne Prize
called to take place at the curling rink I
w.iiting rooms at 9 o'clock this evening. I
Skips will be elected and other business
transacted.     A full  attendance  is requested.
Platinum Sftrown Mm��\   p j  D0NALDS()N
C. S. Hurter, Dominion Government
metallurgist, of Vancouver, states that
mixed with the millions of dollars' worth
of Yukon gold purchased by the Government this season, he found hundreds ol
li.t'.e   nuggets  of platinum daily, and
believed that the miners of the Klondike
were throwing away thousands oi dollars worth of platinum daily. The Govern
ment is sending an expert to the   Klondike to investigate.
1  ��*	
Going up in an airship is not as dan-1
gcmous j.s am ng down.
$jar Boarders,
���T,  ewe away  '**^&��i��
lucky  number.    A  ticket  goes
purchase of
Say Pard 1
How are you
Fixed for ::::
If this prize should fall to one of those unfortunate
gentlemen who have no home we will substitute a
handsome silk umberella from the Furnishing
tw tounter*1kendrick Co., Zimited
Pause a r\oment.
I miankets
We have Pre-Empted
a Large  Showing of
Don't   let   the   winter
Zephyr's chill your anat- *
omy  when you  can get
SBoots and Shoe**
Blankets. ^
.      Which ^e will sell lower  than, tlieill clothing SO cheap at
Sfe^^-^ xcDos. Brown.
*fn 5 fig leaf to  protect you from the |       ^  	
��*m& kASH  KOUNTS. II ^T
Patterson   &   Patterson | ��
UNION BLOCK Il#*������*#������*��l����000000t


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