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The Paystreak Dec 27, 1902

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Array THE
Booh 7
Sandon, Becember 27, 1902
Chapter 14
The Red Fox laid off a few men  this
Oscar V. White spent Christmas  in
On the dead square, who is the ugliest
man in Sandon.
K. B. McCammon has returned from
his eastern visit.
William Yawkey is Spending   a   few-
days in the camp.
Miss Augusta Anderson spent Christmas with friends in Kaslo.
The Enterprise, Ten  Mile,  has been
closed down for the winter.
There have been some "hot" curling
tonnes at the rink this week.
Fellow pilgrims, have you noticed it.
The days are stretching out a bit.
N.   J.   Cavanaugh   is   ill   In   New
Denver, but his case is not serious.
The Last Chance has half a dozen
men prospecting for new ore bodies.
Rain ;i pouring and snow-slides roar?
ing���that was Christmas in  San Jon.
The annual meeting of the Kootenay
Pros Association will be held in Nelson
next month.
George \V. Hughes left last Saturday for Eastern Canada, where he will
spend the winter.
\ number of Sandonites took   in   the
Janceatjini   Bowes'   hotel,   Silverton, J
Christmas night.
W. R. Hood, Angus J. .Macdonald
and Win. Macdonald returned this
week from  Fernie.
George Lux, pioneer of Slocan and
Lardeau, spent Christmas in town.
Ike Thompson returned from Camborne lo spend the Christmas holidays.
It is probable thai lhe liquor licenses
will not all be renewed in Sandon on
January 15.
The Paystreak towel dropped and
broke in lhe moving. Il was washed
in September.
Mrs. Captain Reid, who is now a
resident oi Slocan City, spent Christmas
in Kaslo, Visiting Sandon en route.
There was a big dance at McGuigan
on Christmas night, at which Sandon
and Whitewater was represented. Jim
Brown was host of the evening.
The Filbert is the only hotel tn the
Kootenay that furnishes orchestra
music with the meals. The Waldorf-
Astoria in New York does the same.
J. I). Giegerich ate Christmas dinner
at Kaslo. When J. D. left Sandon he
had enuf packages concealed about his
wardrobe to be taken for Santa   Claus.
Will Hiiv   Plenty ofTlim
The dominion parliament will not
meet until the middle of February, a
month later than usual The lead tariff
lobby will have plenty of time to do its
work before thai time.
Mr. Claus in Kaslo
Talk about Christmas sox. A young
miss in Kaslo hung up her dainty little
stockings, and when Santa Claus saw
the size of them he did not know
whether to put m a town lot or a cottage piano, so he just dropped in a carload of zinc.
Miss May McNeil, who is attending
Bchool at Nelson, is spending Christmas
vacation in Sandon
The Christmas window decorations
in Sandon were simply beaulitui. So
were ihe other decorations.
The American Boy now has about as
flood a show ing of clean ore as can be
seciumywhere ill the Slocan.
the Lucky Jim slide and several ol
the oilier big avalanches ou the McGuigan side have reached the bottom
The first hockey name of the season
was pulled off on Christmas day. The
scrubs heal the professionals bv 7 10 4
in a red hot game,
The rotarv is a main feature in lhe
equipment of the K. &* S. these days.
The ���rain crew was busy yesterday
clearing the Cody branch.
In some respects the festive holiday
season is a delusion and a snare. The
ghost of the Christmas turkey haunts
us in the next day's hash.
The Kootenav bonspiel will take
place in Rossland on or about the 20th
of January. It will be the biggest rock
rolling contest this far north.
The Payne shipped 105 tons of zinc
to Iola and 50 Ions of lead to Trail
during the past week. The other
shippers were Slocan Star 50, Ruth 42,
Ivanhoe 30.
If you need any ruling work, book
binding or anything else in high grade
priming, an order left at the new printing palace will secure what  you  want.
William Hood nd Alex Williamson
have moved along the line from Revelstoke to Lagt-an, where they will help
the C P. R. 10 put up a hotel for
There will he services in Craw ford's
hall on Sahbiuh at lhe usual hour
morning and evening. Mr. Rohb will
not be out of town as was announced
lasl week.
Pete Richardson has won fame as a
decorative ariist. He fixed the P.
Burns meat emporium up With Christmas decorations 10 look more handsome
than a flower show.
George Hoggan is thinking of going
on the stage as a basso prolundo. It
beats the laundry business, because
after you get their money you don t
have to give anything back except
The Knights of Pvthias annual ball
takes place in the Union hall, on New-
Year's night. The preparations have
,|| been' completed for one ol the
grandest social events in the history ol
the town.
Rod Mntheson, formerly of lhe Silver-
Ionian i has plunged into another news-
r  enterprise  at   Pincher   Creek,
Got n Vote
All   who   are   entitled   to    vote   at
municipal elections should see to it that
their names are placed on the list before
the 31st of December, as  after that   it
will   be   too   late   to register.    Those
qualifying as holders of traders license
or tenants must make a declaration   of
eligibility   before    a    notary     public.
Forms for the purpose can   be  secured
at the city clerk's  office.    There  may
be no election this year, lis heretofore���
hut then again there may.
Kxt-tiding Op rations
The Western Federation of Miners is
extending iis operations into Old
Mexico. If the federation succeeds in
organizing the peons it will remove the
Slocan's fear of cheap lead from Mexico.
Jj-w Gas B It
A new gas belt has been struck at
Webb City, righl in lhe zinc belt oi
'Missouri. This will probalby have the
effect of moving the smelting center to
Joplin or some other point in the
mineral area, which would leave the
Kansas smellers without supplv and
dependent on Colorado and British
Th-ra With tho Goods
The Provincial Progressive   Party  i:i
the  Slocan  evidently   has   the kind of
people included within   us  ranks   who
take   their   politics   seriously.      Altho
lliere is no election  positively in  sight
yet lhe treasurer of the Sandon club is
in receipt daily of handsome  subscriptions   toward    lhe    campaign     fund.
Nothing can  be   done  without   money
and the boys of lhe  P. P. P. are  there
with the goods.
paper   ciiivii.������"��    ��� .
Alberta. It is called the Roundup. A
i, is published in (he cow camps the
name will probably lit in every sen*
but a financial oiw.
The following were guests at the
Methodist parsonage on Jg ���
Rev W. I). Mtsner and wife ol Miio,
Rev' \. I- Seymour oi Slocan Cit\,
Geo ge Beavo and Miss Blanche Davis
of Revelstoke, and A. Sullvan. principal of Nelson public school.
mat   wneu Ko out with a
some  one  will   nave  u> r.
f   ��� ���   ���nd   rone   in   enuf lo  make a
munity will sit around and k ck lo
year,   just   to  demonstrate their civ
J pride.
A Hockey Challenge
Sandon has a hockey team this year
that can skin anything west oi Winnipeg. The hoys are willing to play at
anv time, in any place, on any kind of
ice, for money, chalk or marbles, with
cups, trophies and glory badges thrown
in. If there is any hockey team anywhere that wants to take a try al it,
thev can arrange details by writing or
wiring Fred Ritchie, the secretary.
There is only one provision lhat will
be insisted on. The other team must
.rive Sandon a return game.
Tho Wonderful
W. W. Warner has taken a new
lease on the Wonderful and resumed
operations with a small force. He will
lMke out a few cars of zinc for which he
will trv to find a market for in Kansas. About a year ago several hundred
1(,ns of zinc blende was .aken out, but
thrown over the dump as it was then
valueless. This dump may be gone
over and the. ore recovered. During
the past .8 months Mr. Warner has
spent $17,000 in work on the Wonder-
ful and the showing now is such that
with the prices of two years ago the
property would be one of the biggest
bonanzas in British Columbia.
It is reported that the Wonderful
and Miller Creek companies are to be
reorganized and consolidated.
on Christmas.
Practice   Hockey   Sticks^   cents
each at H. Byers & Co.
Hockoy in Plttsbars
The Ontario Hockey Association has
decided to boycott the Pittsburg hockey
club for   professionalism.    Il   appears
that   Pittsburg   is   taking    its hockey
seriously and pays its boys a salary  on
condition   that   they   put   up  a good
game     Pittsburg players are  trained
in the regular athletic course and   brot
right up to the pink of condition before
the season opens.     The  strictest   kind
of   rules   regulate   the   players.    If a
Pittsburg hockey player gets ruled  olT
the manager taxes him $2.    If  it   occurs twice, the fine is $5.    If a  player
shows    up     with   the   symptoms of
tobacco or boozerino about   him   he is
fined $5, and if he is found  drunk   the
management lels him out immediately.
The   Pittsburg   rules do not  apply in
Interview With Yawkey
Wm. Yawkey visited the Ivanhoe
yesterday Id take a look at the properly
in which they invested half a million.
When asked by The Paystreak man
what he thot about it, he said there
was no use talking, lhe Ivanhoe was
simply immense.
He said: "We have one of the best
mines I ever saw in my life. Ore all
over; everywhere. Twelve feet ill the
No. 8. Eight feet in the No. 6. We
could stope out lead enuf to supply the
whole of Canada for a year; bur we
don't intend lo do it at the present
The Lardo branch of the Canadian
Pacific has Ween closed down for the
������ tbe papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Becember 72
The people by thousands were crowded
And the president spoke, with intent to
give out
His position on trusts���and the things
that he said
Caused every old codger to doddle  his
And remark :
"Well, whar does he stand? 'D'ye see?"
And I said
"Search me!"
The  newspaper fellows were  writing
like smoke,
Shorthanding every darn'd  word   that
he spoke,
But when all the pothooks and  curves
were unspun
1 heard each a-asking the next  other
This remark:
"Where did he land?   Could you see?"
And he said:
"Search me!"
The folks read the papers,  all  anxious
to see
How dead right on trusts great  Teddy
could be,
But when they had scanned all thorough
and clean
Each   turned   to   his    neighbor   with
questioning mien
And remarked :
"Well, whar in this damned trust business is he ?"
Bul t'other un said:
"Search me !"' t
German   Producers   Favor   Levy  of  an
Producers   Favor
Import   Duty
A majority of lhe lead mining com
panies in Germany, recently held a con
venlion in Dusseldorf, with a \iew of
improving the conditions of the industry
in that country. Commenting on lhe
meeting the Financial News of London
says :
It appears lhat the price of lead declined by more lhan 60 per cent between January and December of last
year, and that this reduction, taken in
conjunction wilh the technical dfficul-
ties of lead mining, excludes the possibility of any proht being earned. The
diminution in price is mainly attributed
lo the incapacity of the London market
on behalf of Europe to resist the large
quantity of imports. Ten years ago
Australia, Mexico and Spain delivered
30 per ceul of the world's consumption,
but in 1901 they supplied more than 50
per cent of the European demand,
while the United States as a buyer will
not fail lo render the pressure of overproduction of the exporting countries
of a permanent character 10 all other
The production of lead  in  Germany
in 1901 was considerably  less  than  in
1885, and lhe  imports,   both of crude
lead and lead ore have very extensively
increased since 1885, whereas   the   exports   have   largely diminished.    The
disproportion   which   has  arisen   since
1901, between thc cost of price ore and
the   prices   of the overloaded London
market   has   already .resulted  in  the
closing of several German  mines and
the  bankruptcy   of  others.    In  these
circumstances the German  firms have
appointed a committee to advocate the
imposition of a duty on lead imports
into Germany and to propose the
establishment of more intimate relations
between the various works���perhaps
of a combine.
What Makes Gold Valuable
The quality which makes gold the
most valuable of the metals is its ductility. The cunning hammer of the
9inith can teach it most anything.
The more stubborn metals crumble
after they have been reduced to a certain point of fineness; but gold can be
hammered into a sheet so infinitely fine
that 282,000 of them, piled one upon
the other, would be but an inch thick.
And a flake of gold, tiny as a pi ahead,
can be drawn out in a finer thread than
ever man spun, in a spider���to a spider
thread���to a length of 500 feet. They
broaden every day. In one of its many
forms, our Yellow Slave helps us to
almost every art and walk in life. It
is as necessary as its red fellow servant,
Fire���and a better in one way, since,
unlike fire, it can never become "a bad
master,"' except thru our own fault.
Wear and Tear of Gold
If one could have just the annual
loss by abrasion on the billions of
dollars' worlh of gold now in the world's
hands, there would be no need to envy
Croesus. Every year an impalpable
golden dust, so infinitely fine as to seem
more like vapor than a dust���is worn
from all gold in use, and passes forever
from our wealth and our knowledge
and in our handling, enuf gold lo make
one person incalculably rich disappears
everv vear, lost as absoluieUas if it had
never existed. So even if ihe world's
need of gold were not multiplying very
rapidly, there would be required a large
annual production merely to meet this
shrinkage by wear and tear.
Copper Stain
There's an old saying in the territories of Arizona and New Mexico that
a copper cent will stain an acre. This,
of course, is somewhat allegorical, but
it is a fact that in sandstone and limestones a vein of copper ore only a few
inches in width will frequently stain the
enclosing rock for a distance of many
feet on each side of a vein. These
stains are so dense that in many cases
they present almost exactly the same
appearance as the pure carbonates and
silicates of copper and only an assay
can determine whether the ore is payor not.
Poor Andy
Andy Carnegie was subject to a severe
strain by being on the water six days.
Think of six days with no chance to give
a library to some suffering camp.
Very Likely
A lecturer recently remarked that the
wickedness of the world is due partly
to the papers and the rest to tobacco.
Probably when Cain killed Abel the
murderer had been reading the Christian Guardian and smoking a pipe that
did not draw well.
 ��� ��� ��� ��� ������ ���> ���' WHY DOBS A DUCK WADDLE
For the exercise it giveth ?
For the graceful locomotion
When she comes to terra firma
After swimming in the ocean ?
It may be so���1 do not know���
Hut once I tried to see;
And, in answer to my query,
Caine a stinging repartee.
1 sai J:   "My lovely water fowl,
Oh, tell me, tell me true,
Win is it that you waddle
\\ lien you pass the barnyard thru ?
��'0h, say, how can you waddle
Anil still avoid all dizziness ?"
She looked at me and quaked out :
"It's none of your damned business!"
the Papstreak, Sandon, B. Q., Becember 27
Important   Changes    That   Should
Noted by Voters
During the lasl silting of the legislature several important changes were
made in the Municipal Clauses and
Municipal Elections Act. As the elections are approaching and as the change
affects the registration of certain quali-
tied voters, a summary of the same is
given below :
Nominations for the offices of mayor
and alderman take place on the second
Monday in January, between the hours
of 1 2 and 2, and polling on the Thursday foi lowing.
A radical departure is more in connection wilh naming the hours in which
polling shall take place. L'nder the
old act, the polling booths were open
from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Under the
amended at t, this has been changed
to i) H.m and 7:30 p.m. The keeping
ol the polls open to the evening hour
named is done wilh the object of making it convenient for workingmen to
Another important new provision is
that all electors must he British sub-
jects. Under the old act all who paid
licenses, foreigners included, could
vote, as could also foreign properly
In respect to properly owners, it is
now provided that they must have $100
worth of property to qualify. Under
tin* old act 10 joint owners could vote.
Again, license holders and householders must make a declaration that
they have been a continuous resident in
tlie municipality for one year, and that
they are British subjects.
The "one man, one vote," principal
is aimed at under the new act. There
will he no more voting by one person
in three wards. Electors must vote in
'lie wards in which Ihey reside. In
llie case where a voter resides outside
tlie city limits he will vote in the ward
in which he has lhe most real estate.
Ore Shipped to Nelson lor Treatment
will be Carefully Looked Alter.
red with ,000 mere is an increase of ICHADBOURN & McLAREN*
26,863 persons at the coal mines and a
decrease of 2022 persons at metalliferous
mines. The output of minerals at the
coalmines were 231,343,224 tons, of
which 219,037,240 were coal, and the
balance was fire clay, iron, stone,
shale and sundry minerals. Adding
9,705 tons which come from open
quarries, the total output of coal for
the year was 219,046,945 tons, and this
is a decrease of 6,134,355 tons-
Gale's B8rber
Big Price for Silver
In London recently h silver Elizabethan salt cellar of the date of 1577
and weighing nine ounces was sold at
auction for $15,000. Strange what a
great commercial value the simple date
upon a commodity reaches sometimes,
but perhaps it was the "intrincsic"
value of the contents of the cellar that
was responsible for the immense price
paid. According to latest quotations
salt is about on a par with silver, i.e.,
ten pounds of sail is worth about as
much as that many pounds of silver.
Gold in U. S. Treasury
The hoard of gold in the United
Slates treasury is now greater than
that which any nation ever possessed
before, reaching ahove $600,000,000.
This, says lhe New York World, is
more than three times the combined
coin, bullion and reserves of thc Bank
of England; it is $100,000,000 more
than the gold holdings of the Bank of
France, three limes those of the Imperial Bank of Germany, and 60 per
cent  more  than   Russia's.     It   is   an
astonishing showing.
_ -j.	
M. L. Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
Is the best Tonsorial   Estab-
lishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral Building Main St.
F. L. Christie,
L. L. B.,     "
Silver in Mexico
According to late dispatches the silver
question continues lo begone of the
greatest topics of public discussion in
Mexico. Il is now certain that the
silver miners and farming classes will
make a common cause against the
adoption ol" the gold standard. Meanwhile all prices are being raised and
there is much anxiety among the middle classes, especially wage earners and
salaried men. The cost of living is
considered lo be out of proportion
to incomes.
Butte Copper Deposits
Theories as to the extent of the copper deposits of Butte have frequenll)
been exploded. Fifteen years "ago
Michigan experts predicted that Butte's
copper boom would collapse al a depth
of 700 or 800 feet where iron strata
were encountered. Now, at greater
2000 feel, very high grade
is found in  large bodies
1. O. O. F.
Meetings in the Union Hail every Fri<li��\
Evening at 7:Sn. Vi.-dting Brethern eoidialb
invited to attend.
A..I   BECKER, Noble  Ornntl.
Secretary Vice Oran.l.
A. F. & A. M,
Regular Communication held lir.-t ThPta
dav in each month in Masonic Hall at x r. >i
Sojourning brethern are cordially invited to
Mining in Great Britain
A blue book has just been issued,
giving the statistics of the persons employed, the ouipul and the accidents in
tlie mines >f Great Britain for the year
,()oi. Il appears from the statistics
thai the total number of persons employed in and about the mines of the Tom and Jerry have made their head-
United Kingdom  was 839,178.    Co 1111 quarters at the Kootenay house.
depths than
copper glance
and the bottom of any copper deposit m
Butte has yet to be found.
Busy Charity
Mr. Rockefeller has been giving
away some more money. It may be
announced that there has just been an
advance of 3tf ^��l* il *al,cm ,n t,,e
price of oil.	
Sandon Cartage Co.
Mcpherson & hurley.
Express. Baggage.
and Callage.
Delivery to all  Parts of the City.
Established &*>
Sandon. B. 0.
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Stooks bought and sold. General agent for Slooan Properties
Promising  Prospects for Sale.	
Sandon Bottling Co
Manufacturers oi
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
Folliott & McMillan
contractors and builders
Dealers in RoJgn~and Dressed Luni-
ber,Coast Flooring and Joint mniihtng
umber Moulding, etc. Sash and
Doors on Hand or to order. Jobbing
promptlv attended to.
Factory on Main Street
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $i per month ; Privale
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
DR. \V. E. GOMM,   Attendant Physictan.
Address all communications to
Certificate* of Improvements
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District    Where located.   Adjoining the   Cultus,  near the  Canadian
TAKE NOTICE  that  I, J.   M.   McGreiror,
acting thi agent for \V.   It    Brandon, Free
Miners    Certificate    No.    Bttil4!>.     and    C.
Kloepfer, Free Miner's Certifloate No. B6D180,
intend,  sixty  days   from   the   date   hereof,
to apply to tbe Mining Recorder lor Certificate* of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining Crown Grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
���ection SI. mu*t. \>�� commenced before the issuance of such Certificates 01 Improvement*.
Dated this Both dav of September. A. D. JWtt.
nov^-Oi J. M. McGREGOR
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: About
one mile'from Sainton,on Ruth Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE  that  I, E. M.  Sandilands,
acting as agent for Roi ert McTacgert Certificate No BK'484, and A. Scott,Certificate No,
B68U85, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of ol).
taining a Crown Grant of the above claims
And further take notice that action, under
section  87,  must  be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this 4tn day of October, lim*.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.   Where  located:   On
Cody Creek, about two and one-halfi miles
from Sandon.
TAKE  NOTICE that I, E.  M. Sandilands,
Certificate No. B��iR514, acting as agent for W G-
ClarkFree Miner's Certificate No. B(K!i70, intend, sixty davs from date  hereof to  apply
to the Mining Recorder for a  Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action  under
section  87  must  be  commenced before  th��
issuance of such Certificates of Improvements
Dated this 25th day of September, A D. 1W2.
Certificate of Improvements
Situate  in   the  Slocan  Mining   Division   of
West Kootenay District.   Where located:
On the north fork of Carpenter creek, five
miles from Three Forks.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. D. Mackay, acting
as agent for Wilbur A   Hendryx. special Free
Miners'  Certilicate  4358, J.  O. Regan,  Free
Miners' Certificate B6B848, Willard H Stimson,
Free  Miners'   Certificate   BKW20,  and   Alice
Trenery, Free Miners'  Certificate BtWSMW. intend, sixty days from date hcreef, to applyjto
the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a
crown grant of the aboveclaim.
And further take notice that action under
section 37 must be taken before the issuance of
said Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 4th day of October, 1002
s Zbe papetreaa, Sanoon, 9. C.. Becember 27
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor.
Subscription   -   -    -   -   $2.00 a year
1 Strictly in advance.
Specimeni> Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams.    -   Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON,   DECEMBER 27,   1Q02.
B Vtappp \ftew Wear.
Another year has rolled around.
The past is dead���the future is all before us. Possibly not as promising as
might be, but when low expect a rise.
The pendulum swings as far one way
as another. The mantle of adversity
cannot forever settle o'er the Slocan.
Hope reaches forward to a betterment.
Don't growl ; leave that to the dogs
and the disconsolate. Kicking only
wearies the anatomy and dulls appreciation of life's brighter phases. Remember that you can't laugh hearty
with the head bowed down. The
happiness of life is less in accomplishment than in pursuit. Keepa'trying ;
the mountain trail rig-zags like the
vagaries of fortune, but it finally
reaches the glorious sunshine on the
summit above the clouds. Don't
waste your time in vain regrets about
what might have been. Where the formation is hard the vein is true. So
hit the kitty and keep on a'dealing.
Meet the New Year with a smile and
enjoy life while you draw this fleeting
breath for you will be a long time
dead and the scene beyond the divide
is ail curtained with mystery.
Wanted^B Ibomestead Zaw
Some coast newspapers and politicians are talking about the chance of
British Columbia getting a share of
the United States immigration which
is now filling up the Northwest.
Under trje present regulations this is
impossible. British Columbia is
handicapped by the fact that there is
no homestead law in this province.
Notwithstanding that seven-eighths
of the country is still unceded crown
land, there is not one acre in the whole
province open to location for agricultural purposes. The prospective
settler must either buy land from some
railway or speculative holder or purchase it under the pre-emption provisions from the government. As
there has never been a comprehensive
survey ot the province the government
or its agents is totally unable to advise
the settler as to where he should go or
what he might expect to find. Moreover, the country has been plastered
indiscriminately by railway and other
land grants and reserves to such an
extent that there is not a government
agent in the province who can tell
what land in his district is open to preemption and what is held against the
settler by corporations. The system
of pre-emption is slow and cumbersome, and it frequently takes six
months to find out thru the lands and
works department whether a preemption will be allowed or not. Considering these circumstances, the intending settler would be a fool to waste
time searching around British Columbia for a farm when he can go over
into the territories and get a Torrens
title to 160 acres of the finest farm land
on earth for nothing. Until British
Columbia has a comprehensive survey
and a homestead law there is no inducement to settlers to come this way.
After that, all that is needed is a little
judicious advertising. British Columbia should have a farming population of at least a million people, but
we will never get them under tlie
present antiquated and unfair laws.
XLhe Jfallacp of protection
The completion of the big irrigation works on the Nile furnishes a very
neat object lesson on the workings of
United States has a tariff arrangement by which she purposes to sell all
she can and buy as little as possible.
The difference is supposed to make
United States rich. One of the largest
items of export is cotton, from tlie
southern states. In order to capture
the world's markets child labor more
heinous than chattel slavery in Georgia
and Alabama is resorted to in cotton
mills. Poor little waifs from six to
twelve years of age are worked to death
tending spindles for a few cents a week.
Production is certainly cheap, disproving the theory that protection
raises wages.
Great Britain can not grow cotton and must buy, but she can sell
nothing in the southern States because
of the McKinley tariff* Therefore, to
play even and furnish herself a market
Great Britain has quietly and unostentatiously set to work to reclaim a
stretch of the Nile Valley capable of
producing an enormous tonnage of
cotton. The land is more fertile than
any of the cotton states of the south
and owing to the fact that it is on
irrigated land the crop is a mechanical
In this country Great Britain can
sell as much as she buys; her ships will
be loaded both ways and both countries will be profited by the trade.
United States stands  to  lose  her
foreign trade, because Egypt and Great
Britain will beat her oui. The inevitable result will be a stagnation in the
south caused by the loss of the British
market. United States will find herself with a cotton surplus on hand and
no place to put it. Then will come
another chapter in the long story of
abandoned farms and profitless production. And while Egypt and Great
Britain flourish with free trade and fair
wages United States will shove the
tariff higher and kill some other
In the Hoskins case, tried in Nelson last week, the jury rendered a verdict for $5000 damages for Mrs.
Hoskins against the Le Roi No. 2.
Hoskins was a miner employed by that
company, who got drowned by raising
into the bottom ot an abandoned shaft.
The jury decided that the company was
responsible and rendered a verdict accordingly. Judge Martin took the
judgment out of the jury's hands and
rendered a decision which cleared the
Le Roi No. 2 company entirely and
assessed Mrs. Hoskins with the costs.
As the jail yawns for he who criticizes
a judge we refrain from expressing our
opinion of Judvje Martin and his judgment. But we can think. And a
whole lot more people are doing a little
thinking on their own account.
If a judge is to exercise the power
of setting aside the findings of the jury
and making himself the sole arbiter,
then there is no safety nor freedom in
the courts and the Magna Charta
must be fought for over again.
Slogan mine owners would like
to know how it happens that the North
Star has been able to ship 500 tons a
month to the Trail smelter. North
Star ore is so much lower grade than
Slocan ore that if the North Star ore
paid the Slocan rate for freight and
treatment the North Star company
would owe the Trail smelter several
hundred dollars on every car. It may
have nothing to do with the case, but
it is noticable that the North Star is
one ofthe principal allies of the Trail
smelter gang in boosting for protection. The North Star belongs to
MacKenzie & Mann.
W. A. Clark says he did not
know he was giving a million dollars
to his first grandson until he read
about it in the newspapers. A million
looks a little high for a "Boy Wanted
ad, even to the Montana senator
According to the Spokesman-
Review the Canadian Pacific is going
to build into Spokan. The Spokesman
is the paper that discovered theSpokan
route to the Klondike. the Papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Becember 27
The socialists of Nanaimo claim a
moral victory. Wandering Willie
Mclnnes will undoubtedly grant them
that so long as he holds the seat. As a
general principal the socialists are all
right theoretically, but when it comes
right down to a case of hard practical
politics they usually fail to deliver
the vote.
As a philanthropist, Pat Burns
comes nearer touching the spot than
Andrew Carnegie. He offered a nice
Christmas turkey to everyone in the
Cootenay who was short of the price.
There is a free-handed, unostentatious
hospitality about Pat's action which is
characteristic of the man.
Jim DriNSMUiR is travelling incog
in California. Californians should be
immadiately notified of the circumstance. Otherwise Jim may have
them taken into camp on a land grant
deal before thev discover who he is.
It will be surprising if the railroad
and smelter companies do not give
better freight and treatment rates after
the new year. The Trail lead stacks
have been working on North Star ore
up to date, but that property is now
dug out, and unless a supply is forthcoming from the Slocan the Trail
stacks will have to be blown out. This
supply cannot be had at the present
rates, and consequently it is up to the
smelter to come down extensively in
rates or shut up their plant.
A St. John, New Brunswick, girl
with a fortune married a title in Ireland
the other day with an 82-year-old man
attached to it. She should have emigrated to the Slocan where every boy
is a prince and her money would not
be a considered a bar to matrimonv.
The ship subsidy bill has been
put to sleep at Washington and the
British parliament has declared hostility to all subsidies. British Columbia
will do the same when an election presents the opportunity.
Patterson has been elected in
North Victoria. If the Prior government still has a working majority that
is about the only thing it has got,
except its gall.
Patterson in North Victoria
says that Eberts is a blackmailer.
Patterson should tell us something we
don't know.
��� II ��� Ml��� IMI. 1 .���^���I . ���      I��� ..��� ..�����    ���-���������^-    II . .1      I   ���       ������     !���������      Ill    ..
It is just about an even break
now whether that Venezuela racket
will turn out to be a regatta or a gun
Clifford Sifton says the Grand Marconi has his wireless working
Trunk Pacific will get no  land grant,    satisfactorily,   but  the  Paystreak   in-
Clifford should know. strument has not been toned yet.
Our   display   of   Holiday   Goods,   consisting   of  Dressing Cases, Military Brushes, Sharing Cases,
Hand Brushes, Mirrors,  Albums, Glove and Handkerchief Boxes, Manicure Sets, Work Boxes, Traveling
Cases, Jewel Boxes, Cigar Cases, Atomizers and Novelties of Every Kind now open and ready tor business.
' We are not giving any prizes this year, owing to the quiet times.    We are dividing  our  profits  with  our
customers.    It would surprise you what a nice present you can get for so little money.
Chemist and Druggist
Neto York Bretoru.
Torogood & Bruder, Proprietors.
Bretoersof Fine Lager Beer
Special attention given to our rapidly increasing
bottle trade. Give it a trial. Both of us will
make by it. We a little. You much. Let us
hear from you. Telephone. 24, Denver and
Silverton.    Worden  Bros.,  agents, Slocan  C.ty
Skates!   Skatesl
Secure a
Pair of
British Columbia
While there are plenty to choose  from
Prices lower than ever
Seen in Sandon
NELSON     . . . the papstreak, Sandon, B.C., Becember 27
These are the new commandments ten,
Which wives must  make for married
Remember that I am thy wife,
Whom thou must cherish all thy life.
Thou shalt not stay out late at night
When lodges, friends and clubs invite.
Thou shalt not smoke indoors or out,
Or chew tobacco round about.
Thou shalt with praise receive thy pies,
No pastry made by me despise.
My mother thou shalt strive to please,
And let her live wilh us at ease,
Remember 'tis thy duty clear,
To dress me well thruout the year.
Thou shalt in manner mild and   meek,
Give me thy wages every week.
Thou shalt noi be a drinking man,
Bul live on prohibition plan.
Thou shalt not flirt, but must allow,
Thy wile such freedom anyhow.
Thou shah get up when baby cries,
And try the child to trairquilize.
These are my commands  from  day to
Which thou >hall implicity obey.
Qu.'en in th * Hole
" The   bride  looked  like  n o,ueen."
"The groom looked like the Jeuce."
Free Lunch Hustl -rs
In some parts of England there i��< a
"no breakfast'' fad. 1 1 other parts of
England there is a hustle for this meal
or for any of the others.
l$.-i jlit and Brnzy
A clergyman in an Australian city-
was reminding one of his congregation
that all the hairs of our heads are
numbered." The parishioner, who
was bald, turned sharply round and
said: "You don't know where I can
get any back numbers, do you ?"
Rainbow Colors
The Baltimore American says lhat a
"man feels blue wilh trouble, red with
rage, white wilh fear, yellow with envy
and green with jealously." And occaS'
ionally he turns all colors, especially
when his wife meets him al the door as
he tries to crawl in at 5 a.m.
Tramps vs. Millionaires
The average tramp is a very harmless
person   compared   with    the    average
millionaire.      The   tramp   forces   the
community only   to   support   himself.
He does not ask for extras and a  bank
account.    On the  whole  his  demands
are  simple.    The millionaire, however,
wants   legislation   twisted   to save his
charters; he asks that the representatives
of the people belray the people for his
benefit; that the courts shall be a center
from which technicalities must  radiate
instead    of   a   straight   line   running
directly from injury to justice; that that
which was originally intended for the
protection of the public be used for its
injury. He crosses the boundary of
felony on a trestle work of technicalities.
A tramp will steal a ride on (he
bumpers of a train. A millionaire will
steal the whole road. His ideas are
larger. On the whole the tramp is the
belter citizen.
Latest From South America
By Wireless to The Paystreak.
Caracas, Venezuela, December 27.���
Representatives in great numbers ofthe
world's foremost nations are assembled
here wilh the evident intent of doing
some assessment work. "A hot time
in the old town" was played by the
band on board of King Ed's men-of-
war last night. As an enchore the
nigger quire iu this city sang "I'm a
hot thing." Temperature ii2deg.Fnhr.
Having taken over the business
formerly con J ��� ted by Louis Hupperton, I am in a position to do first-class
customs work and repairing.
SANDON. ' British Columbia
All    sensible    people    travel
by the
Because  it is the symbol of
Arrive   Winnipeg   3rd   day, (WO p m.
Arrive St. Paul 3rd day. 8i40 pm.
Arrive Chicago 4th day, !��:S'�� p.m.
Arrive Toronto 5th day, 2:45 p.m.
Arrive Montreal 5th day, 6:30 p m.
Arrive New York 6th day, 8:55 p.m.
Owned and operated by the Company,
leave for the east us follows:
From Dunmrre Junction daily for St. Paul.
From Kootenay Landing Tuesday and Saturday for Toronto, Montreal and all other
eastern points.
Further information as to why the C. P. R.
is the most desirable route can be had on
application to
A.   H.   LEWIS,
Agent. Sandon
J. S. Carter E. J. Coyle,
D. P. A. A. O. P. A., I
Nelson, B. C. Vancouver, B.C. I
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands,
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Speclnl Attention to
the   Mining   Trade.
_nrmnnnr5 v imrrainnrrraTr��TOTr�� wvy^tsyyvwh yvTrroy&'jrm r\
The Only  Ail-Night Restaurant  in  the
Slocan Division.
Under capable management
Will be open day and night.   Meals on the 3
Short Order and American Plan.
.,.. MEAL   TICKETS,   $5.00	
The    Best    Short    Order   House   in   the   Citij
G. H. MURHARD, Proprietor
The Newmarket Hotel
The only up/tO'date Summer
Resort in the Slocan. Tfc ^ Vt
Henry Stege    -    ���    -    Proprietor.
Christmas  Smokers'  Supplies
the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Becember 27
mu.s been in France and Germany,
S,K.'s journeyed up lhe Nile;
she lived in England for a year
���  in almost regal style;
She's been in Florida and crossed
T|,e broad Pacific, too;
The wondrous canyons of lhe west
Have spread beneath Iter view.
She's been to London and Berlin,
'  To Venice, Paris, Rome;
Bu, nol ��� square away from where
She sits at ease at home
K poor, sick child is dying m
'   \ room that's small and bare;
U might be made more cheerful-bul
She never has been Hare.
Neat,. Clean and Comfortable Rooms. Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
Accomodations Unexcelled. Best that Money can Buy.
First Class Dining Room Semice.
American and European Plan.
They Suited the Bible
The best slory of a "salted" mine we
e er heard had quile another ending.
This lime it was the real, genuine
miners who did the work, and the game
was played not on the big lour���Fair,
Flood, Mackay and O'Brien���bul on a
mine owner  named Julien, a  shrewd
bible and lake the oaths they have taken
if he was lying.    I can't help believing
every   word   they  have   said."   Then
Mr. Julien not up from his  chair and
attempted to lift the big bible on which
lhe oaths had been taken  lor  the  purpose oi replacing it on its proper shell".
As he did so the cover came off and the
whole inside oi the book dropped down
,���i���eo��n.r ���,.,���d Julien, �� *^J__T _��   Ju.Unlooped **��   ��'
I,, ,v,��� in .he ,wift��.t compnny. J** '^ ��   J _,���  p.**.    I. read:
h.d.hreeinW*! ">���"��" ��h0 ����� ""E*.,  UrufcridKed   Diciiunnry.
Jok a. .1.1.1" he crievl, as he  held .1
L.OUK ��v mom.
diamond drill with which he  did  pros
..ding for stock jobbing W^Y^JlTd^Mj in ** r^
Bu, tese three m'nen* got infected |up ui ��gW ^, -^ vilhlins have
.villi lhe sunk speculation   virus.    On
one occasion, when ihey were  holding
a considerable quantity of stock  for a
big rise, tlie three put   their   be.ids   together and 'Salted"  the bore  in   their
drill   with   a  lot of gold-bearing dirt.
julien had it assayed, and sent   oul   10
buy up all tbe siock offered.    As a re*
~-ult his own miner-,   unloaded   on   him
al a big  profit.    Then when   the   drift
was   run    no    pocket   of  pay dirt was
Those   villains have
Julien did nothing
Only be changed  the
This is thc season of the year when
you should order your Winter
Garments. Good Tailoring* at our
Shop does not cost you any more
than poor Tailoring* in some other.
'Look   at   this.
'salted' the bible
more about it.    ^...^^^^^^^^^^
g.tng in charge of the diamond   drill in
R. & 1). CAMERON
no further chance  to lam                           ^ .a
.          ru\.-vo Tribune.            \t* __._-..��-��.                   ��.
slock market. - Chicago                            , 5
Mining and Mechanics
The influence of muung on   modern
uas   run   no   puuiw��   -   .   . I       .   ,.���.���! orogress is  nottcea
,.,u���d. and. eooseuuen.lv, juhen   M �����taJ-* I���� ,  ���Uu ������p   be-
con.iJ.rHM.WO> of n.oney     ��'"H*L''��ilrf* "' -n"
he.,���eM�� -., and, without deUy. tw��oranhlS_ __   i���t
���..������, tor, he .hreeu.env. ho ,.��.   the U ��,��������- ___,  ���u,  ���,   a
diamond drill.    Flr.t he  had  .he �����-��*. ��������   '     I     �� ^ .���, lhe evolu-
p,c,od ,hree bre, into his pnva.e offic.   ��"�����-'*,_, ������,���,. and, U. return
a.uUxandned ,l��.n 00. hy  one.    bd    Men Ol h.  ,	
�����������,  swore .ha, he  ��.,. .nnocwrtjlh.��'������� >.��<
dozen   Neckties.    All
See our line of Neckties
  Jevelopmenl  ol
lhe mam ��.��*�� - ; hon
i.  .......   , -  - .   .     .    . .    -r,M..nj steel jndustrx   was
,V0Ilofany renune intention oldecen-hheio-md ;,r   to be
ing his employe, They bad had �����*���*"* ^ int0 lhe blast furnace
hand in "sailing" lhe bore, and , fH*^ the production ot cast
had   been   done   II   M VHhoUt theirUnp*^��t*U^**r��
No, eventhen|tron.    Hie nrs^   .^ was cvolveu the
of   railway that   traverse
We have just  received
Chides  Colors and Prices. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
i one in a box-, ju, the thing for  a present   org
.      bLreMow.    Also a  Hne of Fancy  Suspend ���
,Kl  Silk  Handkerchiefs that can ��   be beaten.
,oe of Shirts are complete.    Call and see.
and   from
great   lines
consent or knowledge.
. ,���   i      i-i..  .a led  tbem
was Julien satished.     H��.   C"1'8
Kongtoput ihem  under ,,._,'
of the three men was a good lr��h
Catholic, as was Julien, and he pro-
ceeded  to appeal  to them from th��
standpoint.    The three prok-ssedtlKm
The Oluto'8 Choice
,u-io-do Winnipeg
A good-looking, welHo-ui    ^^^
|W   to   take anv oath Julien   young women
selves   ready   to   i��i*�� . l   .      ..it...-.w1
that he was not averse to matrimony.
Each girl went to a corner and wrote
her choice on a piece oi paper, dis-
her handwriting. There were
the club, and the
b.    The
, wcJ mo girl whom inc
,   ,      \ bible was produced, and, Irving, offeree  o sluUV
demanded.     A �����"����� ww ' tl   ... should elect ht^ w,,r' J
������, after ,he o.her, .he three   M>   P" 1 ^ '"'  m
Mr left hamls on .he hook, ami, ��-...
riKh, htinda  upraiseJ,   OWJa"
selves Khw1ul.lv Innocent ol    *'""*
,���, bore or having ��nvfhi��K l>   ��*  ��� ' '"^ ���,
i,   Tlwir aeclara.ion was hound by a    ���,     ' 0���e vote (o, mc
the met wlemnonth.Which a��,��cnri w��.*�� . ���iu,K,or, ,u, ,
t0 ���K.��� vv���o beheve as ,hov do.      -  b     0U��K nu,^ ^ __, ^  ,���L������lx.rs ,lK
Julien told Ihem he was ready   w    ��� j olher.
their statements  and   dismissed   then^ all mad atj      __
they had gone out.      They all j ever wrote I forge
as I do, and I'm sure nol one o   thejh besj J ^^
would dare io put his hand on the holy  could w
The Auditorium
For   bookings write
Anthony Shilland,
Sandon. B. *.
%a(c,i?on ^ot Springs
HE  medical  waters of Halcyon
j__A   are  the most curative  in   the
orld.    A perfect,  natural remedy   for
all   Nervous  and   Muscular   diseases,
Liver,   Kidney and Stomach  ailments,
and Metallic  Poisoning.    A sure  cure
for   "That   Tired   Feeling."     Special
rates on all  boats /and  trains.     Two
mails  arrive  and  depart   every   Day.
Telegraph    communication    with   all
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C. C-J* fW��ir��rit MM. M. C Becember 27
**$    ^*��SWV\
VVv.x    >N   'S    V'V*'^"
%xX    v\.vSx...x x..x s       S-*ifcJ��X*l
N\ xv    v     x.    ,Vv>V\   V..V,     <xx. N   V^"  V
,   x       , x       x y   ,*y,    S,V  xv      ���     KK��V
Vv   W    v v v v,.:   ��    �� Vh x   -V"-
,  ,v >i^ ��ms��, mhI (<** w* *******
*>. v      .-  -.,x-   .        V v  "v-       ' "xV
|%^y   sx  <vxvt ��% n4ir x?����r *��*4 *�� ifce
���TK ,v��n\H *mi ��xl���� ���%.;�����**>  ?-��* *��
fern* *****
. ���.    ��     V.x^.    ^-,      x    lK    x  ^    .    ^       _      ...      _   .
i^jyxVK    ^x.Vx    V\s SxH.��vs
..x^,,^^   viSv  ,>^ Sot,       Tx��*C
V.x        V  ^v.      V��xVvV
S'-'��Xv'l'S **      >x"'>V       > "V       'WX^X
Winter Underclothing
To sfc?e ?J your limbs (froos  Tb��ak & vintrv
Na>x->x-    All ��k** i*"*i P^x*.  b.
iy&klitv ; she B*sl.
OvirsSj*^ C*iTTT.e ? S.citJ*. Cli:.*c :   T :cc:
��� . TTti-;>..s roec ernes :t r.'.r�� :."
V    -x Nr
^ n  ^   -v^ ^*������^ ^*��kx ^^NTHOrixA^   BRO��^ N,
v    -    xvx^x. ^x����     iw��.K.tK     %*afc  ike
v    ^^       V>v     ^X   	
���x.    x.x-Xv    "tVl   >x*��.<    ii      -V-*       A^xj.  ���       ���mam^mmi^MM>a mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
^*HxV " -    V   ^'    '- "^       ""��� '""��    Wev ��%9t    *     -
fcwMl^ ���8>j;i>hw4 **<   ��fce -imwANf xrf1
V ^ V* -xN Xi5y -.x
Vxx>��5x. Hhfe Hjk >j<x^��>Jw>B.>x ��9��; -*r?K '����������� .
x*xv��r��*^x.  ��,����� ...   v v        -, .^
N.xs     ��M,  >x>��MlC   tMtat    xiJB>i.**xN4i*����<       ^-^
x^N ��� ���- - ^    v   x ^   X.
x.v    v ;.��.,,     X.X..V    *--:N    x...   ^-x  .     v
..     ..-"x.��. X \* fc-X^ X ��XX��>.    S^��> VX*f
'X    x- ���������   < -   *.'v ���  ..    ��� v ���
r-? Hx,~^-K^crd C^)i*i..~:ec
I.***. X >%  :^viA.x>. ���<
N     *��S��i.'  ����-M^ IPs   xjiMy      xxx
X-.. V        \x.       ���>    xx   ^v X
������ IMMMMNHM VM .^t,*t��<
^hrx-i i  t**.^ ����� iii m*
<IS   xsy    v-Vx >    vx-,..   . X      ������ ���.�������#*.i
*>V , V   ������- --.-X. X 'X.
^^.^ifivV,     -- XV. X. ,Xv,
in,   -\   v  .     ���   >*���>
\(Hjlhi -S*Vx>. .��    X s
V X        '^X>v       V'"V -    x
V x-v
>N^    j ...    .^    fc -^
X. .1--X.X,       .,-.,.
"V ���        .      - X      V  x;
���       . X      - X. , __
���^^V x,
���        -X- -x?
��>��� lajiiLirfiAa
m vr: vie smt:
lit Hxiirrijr^^rnira Jxirmiiin^ _~
>VHTCX        . J-'xXC   -������-
cr*T -""��
..      ^. , |      xi,
**iSfc. ^H-   ���������*��b^n*[i   lant   '**?9t
H   . .. .
M*?%i���xas. iii|MMr��t:Nr ila*^  :1r>*a��  ^^iirisfe��fiau
SlitxlSSSlttSH        t��       Ml       S:iK��
fc,   *% -lie %.��^^
'������*�����- ���**! -���-������'��� r
the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Becember 27
To eat or not lo call
That is the question:
Whether Vis nobler in the mind
To he abstemious and resitfned,
Or leave all doubts and fears behind
And for one day to BO it blind
And fill one's self with turliey meat
Without regard t.�� one's digestion!
Home Ajrnln
Charles Dempster, promoter of the
Republic mine, Slocan City, returned
lo the Kootenay this week after an extended campaign in New York.
Bur Silver, New York 48H
Lead, New York, $4.12,^
Lead, London ��*o, 16s, 3d
Zinc,  New York $4-uo
Zinc, London., ;6��9. ��os, 6.
New Printing Pnlnee
The Paystreak has been moved front
the Cody avenue printing palace to
more spacious quarters on Main street.
Our erstwhile neighbors on Cody
avenue can now take lhe padlocks off
their coal vaults.
To Light Now  OxMiver
Colin Campbell, acting for the Slocan
Li^lit and Power company, has applied
for 1000 inches of water, to be taken
from Carpenter creek at Box canyon.
The plant is to be built upon the Apex
claim. The company proposes to light
Now Denver and Silverton and furnish
power to the mines. The companv
proposes to charge 50 cents a month
for lights in residences and $i in stores.
The successful Routing of this enterprise will mean much to New Denver
and vicinity.
Claus was found in the chimney,, unloaded his pack, and gifts were handed
out to all the children, and a great
many to men, especially the Star mine
men. Oranges and candy were given
to all. This entertainment and tree
was as good as thc one held in the
Miners' Union hall.
The concert and Chmtmas  tree in
the Miners's  Union  hall on Tuesday
under the auspices of the   Presbyterian
Saobath  school  was Very   successful.
There was a crowded  house and  the
program \,as the best.    Some delay in
bringing on some of the numbers made
the second half rather long, so lhat  it
was late before Mr. S. Claus put in his
appearance.      The children rendered
their   pieces   remarkably  well,  which
showed    careful   training;    while the
adults recited and sang in  their usual
winning style.    The Christmas tree was
prettily decorated, and  the  number  of
gifts   was   exceptionally large.    S inta
Claus and his assistants were kept very
busy for some time  distributing  these.
Everyone went home well satisfied with
the evening's entertainment.   This concert and tree was as good   as  the  one
held in the Methodist church.
Winter Underclothing:
To shield your limbs from Thula's wintry
blasts. All sizes, and Prices, but only one
Quality ; the Be,st.
Rubbers .. ..
Overshoes, German Socks, Clothed Topped
Rubbers, Gum Boots for Minors, and
numerous other kinds of Footwear.
A Frenchman has invented a jagless
booze. A consignment of it is needed
in Sandon.
A skeeing club has  been  formed  at
Take the in turn at the Kootenav.
rranrvrvYYiTV BrxroTmnmrsTQ
Church Services
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church ���
Services will be held in Crawford's hall
on Sabbath al 11 a.m. anJ 7:30 p.m.,
conducted (D.V.) by the pastor.
Rev, E, G. Holm, M. A. Sabbath
school and lllhle class at 1:30 p. in.
All are cordially welcomed at all the
Methodist Church-On Sunday tlie
pastor, Rev. R.J. Mclntyre, will preach
at ti a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Kvening
subject: "Power of tbe Hunan
Tongue." Mr. Sullivan of Nelson will
assist the choir in service of song.
Sunday school al i:y> p.m. Junior
League at 3:15 Tuesday afternoon.
Service at Three Forks Monday evening al 6:30. Watch night service on
New Year's eve at n.15. All
Cordially w elcome.
Potoder, Fuse
Groceries, General
Mine Supplies
Christina* Trees
The conceit and Christmas tree in
the Methodist church on Christmas
eve was thoroly enjoyed by a crowded
house. The church was beautifully
decorated wilh evergreens, Christmas
bells, etc. The program was well
rendered, and almost all thai could be
desired. Specta mention might be
made of some of the drills and choruses.
At the conclusion of the program Santa
The Largest Stock in I
the Slocan
Discount for Car Lots
or anu Heaoy Order.
The Hunter-Kendrick Comyany, Limited
Agff f��� 1 ^
Tho Triumph of Canadian
1902      PATTERN
GET   -A.   PAIE
The Hunter-Kendrick Company, Limited
p. Burns & Co,
Fresh Salted and Smoked Fish
Just Receioed
No further shortage.   Regular consign*
monts imported daily from Nebraska.
Sausage   of   all   kinds    made    Fresh
every day of the week.


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