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The Paystreak Jun 7, 1902

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Array i y\jT^^<A,(M  Pu/X<>A
��  ...  .  tur
Book 6
Sandon, gune 7, 1902
Chapter 37
Zocal Brtract.
Peace has been declared in South
Angus McLeod lefl on Monday for
Dawson City.
Mayor Cunning and sister returned
home on Thursday.
Manageo Garde returned from Trail
and Rossland Tuesday. '
Oscar White and family returned
from Spokan Thursday.	
The Lardeau Eagle has been taken
over by E. G. Woodward.
Mrs. Eagan and her daughter left on
Wednesday for Wallhalla, N. D.
Ed. and Mike Giegerich returned to
Sandon on Thursday from Spokan.
Dr. P. H. Power relumed on Tuesday from a trip to the Boundary
Frank Malcolm almost cut his thumb
off with an axe while timbering in the
Ruth mine.
John T. Campbell left on Thursday
for a two month's visit at his old home
in Cape Breton.
Dan Hurley has purchased Charles
Walmsley's interest in the Sandon
Cartage company outfit.
It is expected that some development
work will be started on the Slocan Sovereign in the near future.
The Wilson Bros, of Edinburgh
Scotland spent Thursday and Friday in
town leaving for Kaslo Friday.
Ed. Nichols received injuries while at
the Payne his shoulder and arm were
bruised and badly shaken by the cage.
The Fisher Maided has several carloads of ore ready for shipment when
the Four Mile road is in shape to haul
Alex Crawford is in the Okanagan
country preparatory to bringing over
the stock for the summer's packing
F. P. McNeil one of the former own-
ners of the Ruth is in the City, looking
aftet some claims he is interested in,
near Cody.
John Knight, of Three Forks, was
married to Miss V\ bite at Algoma on
May io. Mr. Knight is shift-boss in
the Bruce Mines, Algoma.
Chief engineer Ostead of the Pacific
Division ofthe C. P. R. and Inspector
of Roads Bainbridge, visited Sandon
and other Slocan points this week.
Jack Loftus, while suffering from an
attack of delirium tremens attempted
suicide in Kaslo last Monday evening
by severing the arteries of both wrists
with a razor. He was nearly a gone
man when Dr. Hartin was summoned
but after careful medical attention he is
now on the road to recovery.
The C. P. R. has notified all agents
to accept free of freight, express or
other charges, all goods, or moneys
intended fop delivery to the Fernie sufferers.
The smiling countenance of Neil
Mclnnis, formerly Cheif of Police and
Fire Dept, of Sandon, loomed up on the
streets Monday. The old timers are
sjowly dribbling back.
S. 1 wogood returned yesterday from
i trip to the Lardeau.     He reports
business booming in that locality.    The
completion of the railway has improved
facilities for all classes of trade.
Ernest Petty returned on Wednesday
to commence work on the Bachelor
group, above Three Forks. Ernest is
"de guy wot twirls de ball," and the
Aggregation of Freaks is happy once
Chas. W. McCrossan the evangelist
mining stock promoter says the Ferguson Vulcan smelter would start up when
they could get the ore and fluxes. He
should have added if the suckers kepi
on biteing.
Archie Filmore and Robert Gordon
have taken over the Palace hotel and
will conduct it on strictly first class
principles. Archie and Bob are well
known in the Slocan and ought to
make a success in their new venture.
The little steamer Sandon on the Slocan lake broke all previous records by
travelling 3,480 miles during the month
of May. This is the largest mileage
made by any boat in the C. P. R. lake
service. The rush was caused by the
Crow line being blocked with mud
slides which diverted the traffic over
the Nakusp and Slocan City branches.
Daniel A. Crawford and Miss Agnes
Rae of Kaslo were married al the residence of Mr. and Mrs. A. McCallum on
Wednesday morning by the Rev. R.W.
Craw. Only a few of their many
friends were present and after the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Crawford left on
the Kokanee for Nelson where they will
spend a few days before going to Fernie
to reside.
Better   prices   at   three
Arthur Mullen sold the Slocan Hotel,
at Three Forks, this week to Sloan &
Neven and Harry Lowe, for $1000 cash.
Three years ago Mr. Mullen paid $700
for the property. Prices of real estate
in Three FoJks are advancing, and Mr
Mullen is negotiating the sale of another hotel, there. The people think that
North Fork will be a good place this
summer. Mr. Mullen has the enviable
faculty of knowing how to sell things,
it being considered a dull day in Three
Forks when he does not turn something
into money.
must be Recorded   When
"2 Bone.
In the B. C. Gazette notice is given
that the Lieutenant-Governor in Council has made the following order relating to Sec. 143 of the Mineral Act:
That paragraph two of Sec. 5 of \he
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1898, be
so interpreted that should any free
miner perform assesment work on his
claim during any one year to the value
of one hundred dollars or more in excess of the amount required to be done
in any one year by the Mineral Act,
the right thereby given such free miner
of recording a certificate of the work
done lo the value of each one hundred
dollars so as to cover his assesment
work for an additional year in respect
of each one hundred dollars in excess,
shall he exercisable only at the time of
record of the certificate of work in respect of the amount required to hold the
claim during the year in which such
excess shall be performed. This order
comes into force on June ist.
Bear hunting on Wilson
The New York bear hunters who
have been hunting on Wilson creek for
a month back, left on Thursday for
their homes. They got three beautiful
grizzleys during their stay and might
have easily killed a carload of black
bears and mountain goats, but as they
are sportsmen of the real type they do
not bother with anything short ofthe
Rocky Mountain Grizzley. Shields of
the Outing magazine, was one of the
party, and will undoubtedly give the
district the benefit of his literary
the Washington.
Since its reorganization last summer
lhe Washington mine has shipped close
upon 500 tons of crude ore,and the company has now in the treasury $20,000
whiCh it is said is available for cividend
purposes. A meeting of the company
was held in Spokan Wednesday
when an announcement was made respecting the dividend.
XZhe Meepawa.
Ten men were put to work on the
Neepawa, on Ten Mile, this week.
The property is under bond to the
Northwest Syndicate, who also own the
Bosun, and the first payment on the
bond has just been made.' It is the
intention to work the property as extensively as possible during the summer. Thos. Avison is in charge of the
work. I
mining Float.
Silver, 5a
Lead, ;��ii, 7s. 3d.
The ore shipments from Sandon and
vicinity were 280 tons.
The Enterprise mill and tram is
working beautifully and the big Ten
Mile property is a steady producer of
high grade concentrates.
Unless the price of silver advances
the Molly Gibson will close down next
month, except for development purposes. About 750 tons of ore will be
shipped within the next few weeks.
The Lasi Chance will on or about the
15th. put a few men on developement
work. They will use the American Boy
workings and should be in a position to
resume shipments at no distant date.
The American Boy is sending down
5 or 6 cars of high grade ore v. hich has
been sacked up since the rawhiding
ceased. -The output during the summer will be about 200 tons per month.
'Ruth Opening Zip.
The mill men at the Ruth have been
busy all week overhauling the concentrator machinery and getting everything into shape for a long run. At
the mine the bunk house and boarding
house has been completely overhauled
and made ready for the men. A small
force is also working in the Ruth tunnels, cleaning them out and getting
ready for work. The trail to the Hope
is progressing favorably and wijl be
completed in a few days, after which
construction ofthe upper bunk house
will be immediately commenced. Within a week the payroll will commence to
grow to respectable proportions and the
mine and mill will be started on a long
steady run.
Suppose a proposition is before a legislature to pass a bill that will give
some set of men a fortune under the
guise of doing something for the public,
which is the way such things are done,
do you think anybody would put up
money to get legislators to vote for such
a measure when the people would have
the veto powers? Nixy. They are not
given to bribery unless the goods can
be delivered. Then if there were no
private gain that could afford to pay the
bribery, do you beleive that the legislators would vote for such a measure?
Nixy. They get something out of it
for voting for bad measures. Direct
Legislation will knock the boodler.
When people vote on the laws, if they
petition for it, bad laws will not be proposed, And would be defeated if they
were. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, SFune 7
Zater ��n.
Ther'll be kicks about the heat
Later on;
There'll be growls from all we meet
Later on;
Every fellow wilt declare
That its mighty hard to bear
And will wish for chilly air
Later on.
They will oft express regret
Later on.
When their brows and cheeks are wet
Later on;
That rude jibe they used to fling
At the backwardness of spring
And sigh for winds that sting,
Later on.
High the mercury will rise
Later on;
And Old Sol blaze in the skies
Later on;
All the electric fans will whiz,
But the heat will fairlv sizz
Later on.
1 Shop
Is the best Tonsorial  Establishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral Building Main St.
Application for Transfer of Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date hereof we, the undersigned, intend
to apply to the License Commissioners of the
city of Sandon for a transfer to us of the
liquor license formerly held by Westerberg &
Gardner of the Palace Hotel.
,     A. FILMORE.
Dated at Sandon this 7th day of June r.W2.
Application for Transfer of Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date hereof I, the undersigned, intend to
apply to the License Commissioners of the
City of Sandon for a transfer to me of the
liquor license held by Hansen & Pasco of
the I'nion Hotel.
Dated at Sandon, B. C. May 1.1, 1902.
Friends a-smilin' ev'rywhere,
Weather lookin' mighty fair;
Skies a soft an' tender blue,
Birds a-singin' songs to you.
"Hello there," an' "Mornin' Bill,"
How their eyes wilh gladness fill,
How they grab your hand an' shake,
How they bid you come an' take
Something wet an' hot with them,
Jes' to loosen up the flem
In your ihroat, fer 'tis so;
Sich like favors count, you know.
When a man has money.
Don't th' world look bright an' fine,
In her gown of sun an' shine?
Hain't she smilin' sweet an' pert,
Like a reg'ler little flirt ?
Don't th' glad hands to you reach ?
Don't they holler, "You're a peach ?
Don't luck come jes' on the whirr,
When you hain't a-needin' her ?
of   License
Slocan License District.
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $i per month; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
DR. W. E. GOMM,   Attendant i'hysictsrt.
J. H. McNEILL, Pres. Hospital Board.
NOTICE is hereby given that a meeting of
the License Commissioners of the Corporation
of the City of Sandon will be held in the
City Hall, Sandon, on Wednesday. June llth,
at 10 o'clock a. m.
Chairman of Board of License Commissioners.
Dated at Sandon this 28th dav of May., 1902.
City of Sandon Court of Revision
NOTICE is hereby given that the annual
sitting ��f the Court of Revision for the pur-
p <se of hearing all complaints against the
(assessment for the year 1902, as made by tho
assessor of the city of Sandon, B.C. will be
held in the connc.il chamber, city hall. Sandon, on Friiay, June 13th. 1902 at lo o'clock
a.m. C. E. LYONS, C. M. C.
Sandon, B. C. May fith, 1902.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District Where located:���On
West Fork of Cody Creek, B. C.
TAKE NOTICE that I, E. M. Sandilands,
I acting as agent for P. Burns, Free Miner's
Certificate, No. B60BU, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Re-1 Sandon, B.C.
corder for a Certificate of Improvements, for
THE following applications have been
received for Retail Liquor License and will be
considered by the License Commissioners of
the Slocan License District at the Court
House, New Denver, on Monday the seventeenth day of June at the hour of eleven
o'clock a. m.
James Brown, McGuigan.
Norman Spicher, Washington.
Mrs. Annie Winter, Cody,
Caief License Inspector.
Dated at New Denver, British Columbia,
this 29th day of May. A. D��� l'.atf.
Application for Water Right.
Sandon. B. C, April 30th. 1902.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned will at the expiration of four weeks from
the first publication hereof apply to the Gold
Commissioner for a record of water us hereinafter set out. ^B~
[a] The name of the applicant is the Corporation of the City of Sandon.
[b] Thc name of the creek is Sandon Creek.
[c] The point of diversion or intended ditch
is fifteen hundred ��� i.'hxij feet above its continence with Carpenter creek.
The point where it is to be returned is Carpenter creek at Sandon.
The difference in altitude between the point
of diversion and the poin* where it is to be
returned is about three hundred 1300) feet.
[d] The means by which it is intended to
store and divert water is reservoir, fiume and
|e] The number of inches applied for is one
hundred (100) miner's inches.
[f] The water is required for fire protection
and domestic use.
[g] The bind or mine on which tlie water is
to be used is the City of Sandon.
[h] This notice was posted on the 80th day ol
April, 1902, and application will be made to
the commissioner on the 80th dav of Mav, ltxtt.
Per C. E. LYONS, City Clerk.
I. O. O. F.
Meetings in the Union Hail ���YtryFridaj
Evening at 7:30. Visiting Brethern coidinlly
invited to attend.
Secretary Vice Orsnd.
A. F. & A. M,
Regular Communication held first Ttaut
dav in each month in Masonic Hall attP.N
Sojourning brethern are cordially invito!to
JAMBS M. BARTON, S..cr.t��rv
Sandon Cartage Co.
Mcpherson & hurley.
Express. Baggage.
and Cartage.
Delivery to all  Parts of the City.
Come a-runnin' down your way ?
Don't it seem an easy game,
Pillin' up some more the same,
When a man has money ?
Quick and Effective.
Panic stricken, the stage manager
rushes to the chairman of the school
"The hall is on fire !" he exclaims.
If we tell the audience there will be a
roit and many will be killed in the rush
to get out. If we do not tell them,
they will all be burned. Oh, what
shall we do ? "
Now the chairman is a man of coolness and ingenuity. Stepping quietly
before the curtain he says:
"Ladies and gentlemen, we will next
be entertained by Miss Winnie Wur-
deigh, the well known elocutionist,
who will render 'Curfew Shall Not
Ring Tonight.
As by magic the audience flits from
the hall, one by one, until naught but
the empty seats is left to satiate the
furious appetite of the red demon.
���������he purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 12th day of April, 1902.
To William McDonald or any person or
persons to whom he may have assigned
his interests in the Florence Mineral Claim,
situated one mile and a quarter from New
Denver, adjoining the Turris Mineral Claim
and registered in the Recorder's office for the
Slocan Mining Division.
You are hereby notified that we, the undersigned, T. W. Fitzgerald and J. A. B'ack,
have caused to be expended one hundred dollars in labor and improvements upon the
above-mentioned mineral claim under the
provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within
ninety days from the date of this notice you
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion
of such expenditure, together with all costs
of advertising, your interest in said claim
will become the property of the subscribers
under Section 4 of an Act entitled "An Act
to Amend the Mineral Act, 1900."
Dated at Sandon this 23rd day of May 1902.
Excursion Rates East.
Mau 26, 30,     June 29,
July 2, 3, 4.
Application for Wnter Right.
Sandon, B. C. April 25th, 1902.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersign
ed will at the expiration of four weeks from
the first publication hereof, apply to the Gold
Commissioner for a record of water as hereinafter set nut.
[a] The name of the applicant is the Corporation of the City nf Sandon.
|b] The name of the creek is Falls Creek,
situate on Payne Mountain, between Sandon
and the Payne tram.
[c] The point of diversion or intended ditch
is four hundred (4(io) feet above tho K. & S.
railway track; about one thousand ^looo) or
fifteen hundred (1500) feet below the Payne
Consolidated Mining Company's water right.
The point where it is to be returned to Carpenter creek is at Sandon.
The difference is altitude between the point
of diversion and the point where it is to he
returned is about three hundred (300) feet.
fd] The means by which it is intended to
store and divert the water is Reservoir, Flume
and Pipe.
[e] The number of inches applied for is one
hundred (100) miner's inches.
If | The water is required for fire protection
and domestic purposes.
fg] The land or mine on which the water is
to be used is the City of Sandon.
This notice was posted on the 25th day of
April, 1902.
Per C. E. LYONS, City Clerk.
Sandon, B.C.
IRossland TLrail flelson
and intermediate points to
$ 4450
100 00
Corresponding reduction from
all Kootenay points. Usual
diverse routes. Meals and
berth included on C. I
lake steamers.
Through booking to Europe via all
Atlantic Lhes, Prepaid tickets from a."
points at lowest rates.
R. B. McCiiniiiio"'
Agent. Sandon
J. S. Carter
D. P. A.
Nelson* B.C.
B. J. Coyle,
A. G. P. A.,
Vancouver, B���� mmm*
the Papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Sfune 7
Casep at the Bat.
Il looked extremely rocky
For the Mudville nine that day;
The score stood two to four,
With but an inning left to play;
So when Cooney died at second,
And Burrows did the same,
A pallor wreathed thc features
Ol' the patrons of the game.
A straggling few got up to go,
Leaving there the rest,
With that hope which springs eternal
Within the human breast,
For they thot:    "If only Casey
Could get a whack at that,"
They'd put up even money now,
With Casey at the bit.
But Flynn precceded Casey,
And likwise so did Blake.
And the former was a puddin',
And the latter was a fake;
So on that Stricken multitude
A deathlike silence sat,
For there seemed but little chance
Of Casey's getting to the bat.
But Flynn let drive a "single,"
To the wonderment of all,
And the much-deepised Blakey
"Tore the cover olf the hall,"
And when tlie dust had lifted,
And they saw what had occurred,
There was Blakey safe at second,
And Flynn a-huggin third.
Then, from the gladdened multitude
Went up a joyous yell,
It rumbled in the mountain tops,
It rattled down the dell;
It struck upon the hillside
And rebounded on the Hat.
For Casey, mighty Casey,
Was advancing to the bat.
There was ease in Casey's manner
As he stepped into his place,
There was pride in Casey's bearing
And a smile on Casey's face;
And when responding to the cheers,
Ik- lightly doffed his hat,
No  stranger in the crowd could doubt
Twas Casey at the bat.
Ten thousand eyes were on him
As he rubbed his hands with dirt,
Five thousand toungs applauded
When he rubbed them on his shirt;
Then when the writhing pitcher
Ground the ball into his hip,
Defiance gleamed in Casey's eye,
A sneer curled Casey's lip.
And now the leather-covered sphere
Came hurtling thru the air,
An' Casey stood a-watchin' it
In mighty grandeur there;
Close by the sturdy batsman
The ball unheeded sped;
"That ain't my style!" said Casey;
"Strike one!" the umpire said.
From the  benches, black  with people,
There went up a muffled roar
Like the beating of storm waves
On a stern and distant shore.
"Kill him!    Kill the umpire!"
Shouted some one on the stand
And it's likely they'd have  killed  him,
Had not Casey raised his hand.
Bre you Well Bressed 7
Jf mot, Bre tyou Milling to be 7
Cameron thc Tailor makes a business
clothes which are stylish and up-to-date
ticular. His goods are worth the money
manship is guaranteed. Keep these facts
you want a new suit for the summer. It
any more to have your clothes cut by an
and put together by first-class workmen.
of turning out
in every par-
and the work-
in mind when
does not cost
artistic cutter
$. TH. & B. Cameron,
merchant bailors,
TAeco Mve., Sandon
Neat, Clean and Comfortable Rooms. Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
Accomodations Unexcelled. Best that Money can Buy.
First Class Dining Room Service.
American and European Plan.
With a smile of Christian charity
Great Casey's visage shone;
He stilled the rising tumult,
He made the game go on;
He signalled to the pitcher,
And once more the spheroid flew,
Bul Casey still ignored it,
And the umpire said "Strike two!"
"Fraud!" cried the maddened thousands
And the echo answered "Fraud!"
But one scornful look from Casey
And lhe audience was awed;
They saw his face grow stern and cold,
They saw his musles strain,
And they knew that Casey
Wouldn't let the ball go by again.
The sneer is gone from Casey's lips,
His teeth are clenched in hate;
He pounds with cruel vengeance
His bat upon the plate;
And now the pitcher holds the ball,
And now he lets it go,
And now the air is shattered
By the force of Casey's blow.
Oh, somewhere  in this favored land
The sun is shining bright.
The band is playing somewhere
And somewhere hearts are light;
And somewhere men are laughing
And somewhere children shout,
But there is no joy in Mudville;
Mighty Casey has struck out.
There may be others, but there is no
getting around  the fact that   the Kootenay carries the finest line of fizzes and
[ summer mixes in the Slocan.
Repairing is our Speciality
55ii t we also
carrp a fine
line of Gentle
mens Shoes
in all the lat*
est stples.
miners  boots made on demand.
_    Will stand more wear than anp two
pair of factorp make,  made to fit the feet.
Louis Huppertcn Main Street
The New York Brewery has
secured a pre-emption on this
space. the papstreak, Sandon, B. ft, W 7
The Paystreak.
_  .     .      i-it.i ���+nfflm Richest Wh
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription'   -   -   -   -   $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William Macadams,   -  Publllher and Proprietor.
SANDON, JUNE 7�� I9��2-
It is a low down trick that the
snow is playing on the Slocan hills this
summer. _^:	
Bear hunting on Wilson creek is
likely to become the New York fashion
but most of the citizens of these parts
are willing to give the New Yorkers
an absolute monopoly. Not many
people in the Slocan have lost any
Some of those Spokesman-Review
prospectors who have been on the
Thunder Mountain trail for the last
three months ought to arrive there some
time in the near future. Otherwise
some skeptic will be cruel enuf to insinuate that they are trying to catch a
raise all of its revenue on land. If the
same law were in force in B. C. the
business men of Sandon would not be
compelled to pay out all their profits
for ground rent. Under single tax no
man could afford to retain a dozen lots
vacant in order that he might collect
enuf ground rent off one lot to pay
interest on the dozen. Sandon needs
single tax.
After demonstrating to the world
that they were good fighters and hard
loosers,  the   Boers  have   finally  laid
down their arms and decided to go back
on the farm.    Thousands of ignorant,
prejudiced   Dutchmen  and  thousands
more of foolish   Britishers have  fallen
victims  in the  capitalists  war  which
has just  closed,   but  their  valor  has
added  nothing to Boer  dominion and
less to  British honor.    The  survivors
receive the  empty plaudits  of the empire,   while  the  sheeneys   proceed   to
rake in the sheckles.
unknown until Ontario's people raise
gumption  enuf to  require something
off a politician except beautiful words.
Then,   and  not till  then,   will it quit
being a fossilized, moss-grown, creed-
ridden,   antiquated,   agricultural back
number and will become an up-to-date
country which will not ship its sons and
and  daughters   across  the   border in
million  lots to  look for a job in competition  with the   Dago and  the Finlander.
And now John D. Rockefeller has
insomnia added to his list of troubles.
Poor John D. We are certainly sorry
for him, and just to demonstrate how
anxious we are to help him out, we are
willing to put in with him, and work
as a team. He can do the financing
and we will do the sleeping.
If the coroner's inquest which is
investigating the recent explosion fails
to sift to  the last grain every particle
of information which may   throw light
on the  cause of the  explosion, it  fails
to do its duty.    If the   inquest  shows
that  the  insenate   greed   of the  coal
company directors  caused the death of
150 miners, the  directors  should   pay
the legal penalty for cold blooded murder.    Exploiters who must water their
stock by  scores of millions to give its
dividends  an  appearance  of modesty
are  ghouls  and  fiends if they  fail   to
take every precaution for the safety of
their men.
If somebody don't swipe that crown
to salt a diamond mine with, the British public will succeed in decorating
King Edward's cranium with it on or
about the 26th of June. Jim Dunsmuir is requested to take notice and
check his turkey thru by the most
direct route. Otherwise the game will
be closed before he gets there.
J. Israel Tarte says that Pierp
Morgan may buy the Canadian Pacific
but  that Canada  will  still   have  the
government,   which   is   the   supreme
power.    Judging from where we sit it
would seem  that Tarte has this thing
put up wrong.    If surface  indications
prove anything the  Canadian government has been  an asset of the  Canadian   Pacific since 1876, and  would be
included in the  purchase  as an unass-
essed franchise.
In New Zealand there is an optional single tax law under which any
municipality which votes to do so may
It certainly  looks good  to see
the  gingerly  way in   which the coast
papers   treat  the   Progressive   party.
There is not a newspaper in Vancouver
or Victoria which is in touch   with the
interior   and   the   Progressives    have
them guessing.    They are walking all
around it and sizing it up  about like a
sand   hill   crane  would   investigate  a
snapping   turtle.     They  don't   know
whether to  take  hold of it and  shake
the  life  out of it  or try to swallow it
whole.    In   the   meantime   the   politicians are  making goo goo eyes and
the Progressives are standing pat with
a full  knowledge  that  they  have the
top hand and the play will come up to
Ontario continues true to her love
of Liberalism and returned Ross,the man
Globe says built up Ontario. Seeing
that the Conservatives were so cultus
that they could not raise an issue more
substantial than a shadow, Ontario is
about as badly off one way as another.
Ontario's mines will be undeveloped
and  Ontario's   resources
will  remain
Now watch the puny, warp souled
theologians  as  they each thank their
denominational   God that he has hrot
this  awful  war to a successful close.
Watch them as they turn   their eyes to
the  planets  and jerk  out  stereotyped
baritone phrases of exultion of a diety
whom they say has sanctioned the war
and   vanquished   the   enemy.     Then
think how disappointed the Boers must
be in their  God,  who  stood  out and
permitted them to get  licked.   Think
also  of the  egotism  of these men in
imagining  that an almighty God, bio
enuf to hold the world in the hollow of
his hand, should value their  supplications.    Think  again of the  fallacy oi
supposing that the great God  of love,
who has permitted these   thousands of
people  to  wantonly   kill   each  other,
would  arrest the Boer  bullets in their
flight and   save the  British   legions in
answer to their prayers.    Think ofthe
horrible   hypocracy     which    prompts
these men   in the   name of a christian
God to pray that their enemies may be
tortured  and killed, that   they may be
brot into subjection of the king defender of the faith.    Think how   preposterous  it is for  followers of the meek
and lowly Jesus, who preached nothing
but the simple brotherhood oi man, to
imagine   that   any   people   are  their
enemies and must be killed.    Remember that   while  the   British   pray, the
Boers  also are praying, each that the
other   will   meet  a  horrible death in
battle; remember that Briton and Boer
are   both   praying  to the  same  God.
Then  think for a moment of the confusion that would   follow if the prayers
of both were answered.    Think ot the
dead   immortal cinch that either army
would have if God were on  their side.
Think of what  would  happen  on this
old     earth    if   God    were    playing
favorites,     as    the     preachers    presume    to    believe.     Then    think of
the  audacity  of these   professional religionists who will stand up in cathedrals,   churches   and   meeting   houses
thruout the world and chant and pray
to  their  mythical  diety,   with   whom
they  claim to hold preference stock -
and all  because of a natural  sequence
of events,   because  the  weaker   have
fallen and the fittest have survived. the Papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Sfune 7
Those dollar-grasping Lardean
merchants'who drove Pettipiece out of
Ferguson and tried to run Langstaff
out of Trout Lake because they told
the truth about the McCrossan gang,
had better bury the hatchet with the
Topic man and coax Pettipiece back
onto the Eagle. They are a bright
team of newspaper boys who have
spent the best years of their lives in an
honest endeavor to build \ip the great
Lardeau camp, and they are worth
more to the country in a minute than
McCrossan with his hypocritical
Methodist praying wild cat companies
and silent smelters could be in a generation. The Lardeau merchants will
live to rue their bargain, and if McCrossan hands it to them as strong as
he is handing it to the widows and
orphans of Minnesota they are only
getting what is coming to them. Only
this and nothing more.
Mark Hanna is not going to permit Teddy Rooseveldt to get away
with that 1904 nomination if he can
help it. Mark the Tyrant, backed by
the merger and the trust, has led the
Republican party around with a lariet
of monopoly until the land of the free
has become a seething mass of political
corruption and social unrest. But now
comes Rooseveldt, with honesty enuf
inside his skin to see the light, and he
threatens to wreck the oligarchy and
turn the party loose. To head off the
Rough Rider, he of the apostolic name
has inaugurated a presidential boom
for the man whom he considers best
fitted for the highest office in the gift
of the Republic ��� namely himself.
Mark has the money that makes the
machine rotate, but Teddy has the
sympathy ofthe great American people
behind him, and if the trail to the
White House gate leads over Hanna's
political grave Rooseveldt will tread it
without a sigh or a tear.
The One Big Question, is the
title of an article clipped trom the Toronto Telegram and will be found on
page 7 of this issue, is about as hot
a roast as ever an independent paper
gave the people of Canada, legislators
included. The beauty of it is, that it is
true and sorely needed. It seems to
be an accomplished fact in Canada that
nothing in the railway line can be done
without a bonus, land grant, or subsidy, and it is not altogether that the
money has been freely given, but in
the totally irresponsible manner it has
been bestowed on the promoters. The
people have furnished the large share
of the cash used to build the lines, the
promoters have treated it as capital,
built the lines and charged the people
interest   on   the   investment  of their
money in the form of high rates. Does
anything ever occur like this in private
business management. And the infamous and insane business goes
merrily on and will go on until the
next generation stops the folly. The
buying ofthe C. P. R. stocks by Canadian capitalists who hold the stock in
trust for American interests as a blind
to the Canadian people will soon be
unearthed, and we will have a pretty
spectacle; our enormous burden of
expenditure gone to serve the interests
of our southern neighbor. Brother
Robinson has started on a righteous
crusade. A campaign of education is
what is needed-to open the eyes ofthe
public on this One Big Question.
One of the greatest evils in Canada
today is that the people are almost
totally ignorant of the transportation
- - - - ���
What sense is there in the King
giving the Duke of Marlboro a garter.
If he had given it to the Duchess, and a
pair of braces to the Duke, it would
have been more sensible, tho even that
would have been doubtful, for this great
journal is credibly informed that garters are no longer worn by women.
This masculine garter business is too
blamed silly for anything. Give the boy
a wool covered rattle, and a rubber
The Pioneer and Leading Tailoring
Establishment of tlie Slocan.
Always Carries a Complete Stock of
Imported Suitings and Pantings
Matorial, Fit and Workmanship
Fully Guaranteed
If he is Decked in Shoddy, Sweat Shop Goods
Assay His Character and You will Find Him a
Shoddy Man.    If he has the Label on His Garments
He is Sterling.    So are the Garments.
Stores at Sandon and Slocan dtp.
B Full Zinc of Furnishings Carried at Both Stores.
mill Ibose.
Garden Ibose.
The Finest Line and Largest Stock
of Hose in the Country.
Sizes to Suit all Purposes.   Cotton
and Rubber.
Prices Consistant with the Quality
of the Goods.
inspection Jnvited.
Fresh Lettuce and Strawberries at
��� ; <<
'i' ii
_��*��ftj the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, &une 7
Curious Bits of Mews.
Worn oul billiard balls are usually
cut up for dice.
Wallpaper was first made in Germany about 1650.
The domestic fowl is not mentioned
in the Old Testament.
Forty-eight different kinds of house-
flies have been classified by naturalists.
One of the hospitals in Moscow is
large enough to accomadate 7000
Ivory may be rendered flexible by
steeping it in a solution of hydrochloric
Saccharin is so sweet that one part
lends a perceptible taste to 10,000 parts
of water.
The roar of a water fall is produced
almost entirely by the bursting of millions of airbubbles.
taint* tni'iTn ���rrrrVca
Slocan License District.
The following Application lias tieon made
for tsansfer of liquor license and iv meeting of
tlie Hoard of License Commissioners of tho
Slocan License District will ho held to consider said transfer at New Donver on Monday
the Hit h day of June, IBM.
HukIi Ncvin. transfer from Miners' Exchange to Slocan Hotel Three Forks,
JOHN 1. black. ;
Chief License Inspector,    i
New Denver, B. C, June 3rd, 1!XW. Sir*
B Snap in jeweler p.
I   still   have considerable   Jewelery
Stock and Watches on hand I will dis-
pose of at cost.    Anyone wanting any- |
thing in this line cannot  afford to miss
this offer.    Let me know vour wants.
0eo. B. Tknowles.
Directs Zegislation.
To recount what the Swiss have done
by Direct Legislation:
They  have  made it easy at any time
to alter  their cantonal and federal constitutions���that is, to change, even radically,  the organization of societv, the
social contract, and Thus* to   permit a
peaceful  revolution at   the  will ofthe
majority.    They  have  as well cleared
from the of majority rule every obstacle
privilege of ruler, fetter of ancient law,
power of legislator.    They   have simplified the structure of government, held
their officals as servants, rendered bureaucracy   impossible,   converted   their
represntatives lo simple committeemen,
and  shown  the parliamentary  system
not    essential   to   lawmaking.    They
have written   their laws in language so
plain that a layman may be judge in
the highest court.    They have forestalled monopolies    improved and reduced
taxation, avoided incuring heavy public
debts, and made  a better distribution!
of their land than any other European
country.    They have practically given
home   rule   in   local   affairs   to every
community.    They have calmed disturbing   political   elements���the  press  is
purified,   the  politician   disarmed,   the
civil  service  well   regulated.    Hurtful
partisanship  is passing   away.    Since
the people as a whole will never willingly surrender their sovereignty, reactionary  movement   is possible only in case
the nation should go backward.    But
the way is open forward.    Scocial ideals
may be realized in act and institution.
Even now liberty loving Swiss citizens
can  discern in the  future a freedom in
which   every   individual���independent,
possessed of rights in nature's resources
and in command of the fruits of his toil
may,  at his will, on the sole condition
that he respect the the like aim of other
men, pursue his happiness.
Residence���Codv Avenue.
F. L. Christie,
L. L.  I>.,
M. L.  Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
B. C.
E. A. BROWN, M. E.
Underground Surveys
and Examinations, Development and Assessment Work. Surveys
and Estimates made for
B. C.
On the 24th of May, on Main
Street or Cody Avenue, a baby's
gold brooch. Finder will please
leave same at this office and receive reward.
Established 181)5.
Sandon, B. C.
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Stocks bought and sold. General agent for Slocan Properties
Promising  Prospects for Sale.
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands,
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
the   Mining   Trade.
folliott & mcZbillm
Contractors and Builders.
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Joint Finishing Lumber
Moulding:, Etc.
Sash and Door on  Hand to Order.
Factory on Main Street
Mining Properties Examined   and   Reports
Made.   Will Open up Mining Properties by
Contract or Salary.   Twenty Years'
The Newmarket Hotel
The only up40'date Summer
Resort in the Slocan. ?% ��fc ��%
Henry Stegc
Ibalcpon Ibot Springs
the Summer TResort of the
HE medical waters of Halcyon
��( are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Peeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and depart every Day.
Telegraph communication with all
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
The Denver.
Victor Kleinschmidt, Prop.
the cm
Rooms  Large,  Neat, Clean,
Airy and Comfortable.
Dining Room Service Unsur-
Every Effort Made to Provide
Comfort fur the Guests.
Cody Avenue
<*. J
the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Sfune 7
XLhe One Big Question.
(Toronto Telegram.)
Ontario millers assembled in solemn
jonference have been asking themselves
jand lhe country this question :
Why should the rates on
flour from Detroit to Montreal and from Toronto to
Montreal be respectively as
Rate per Hundred.
For local    For
use.    export.
iDetroit to Montreal 15,'/^c       qJ^c
[TorontotoMontrsal is^c      u^c
The distance from  Detroit to Montreal is 564  miles.    The distance  from
oronto to  Montreal is 333  miles, and
tlie question which  the millers of Ontario are asking   themselves and  the
fiumtry can be repeated as follows:
Why     should     the    Grand
Trunk and the C. P. R. carry
American Hour 564 miles from
Detroit to Montreal, for 2 cents
per hundred  less  than   these
railways  will carry Canadian
flour 333 miles, from  Toronto
to Montreal ?
The  millers  of Ontario  should   noi
Lisk silly questions.
What bearing can the rates paid on
lexports of American flour from Detroit
Uiave upon the rates levied upon exports
|of Canadian flour from Toronto?
The millers and everybody else
Ishiuild realize that Canada, judged by
|lier railway policy, is the biggest fool
country on earth. *
Michigan taxes her railways for
tnore dollars than Ontario takes cents
nit of lhe Grand Trunk and C. P. R.
Michigan compels her railways to carry
assengers for two cents a mile. Ontario permits its railways to charge all
Hie traflie will bear. The Federal and
provincial governments of Canada
ave lavished subsidies and the Ontario
nunicipatities have bonused railways
,hich carry American flour from Detroit to Montreal for 9J2 cents per hun-
Ired, while it is a concession for these
ailways to carry Canadian flour from
loronto, a little more than half the
listance, to Montreal for 11 yz cents
xt hundred.
The short haul on exports of Cana-
lian flour from Toronto to Montreal
costs two cents per hundred more than
the long haul on American flour from
Detriot to Montreal. This discrimin-
ition gives a preterence of two cents
|?er hundred pounds of flour to the
nillers of Michigan as against the
idlers of Ontario on the British market. The preference is really to the
farmers of Michigan and other western
states as against the farmers of Ontario.
Canadian statesmanship urges Britain
to give a tariff preference to Canadian
iroduets on the English market, and
anadian statesmanship at the same
ime allows the Canadian railways to
rive American products a freight rate
^reference on the same market.
But  why  do the  millers of Ontario
isk questions ?
Canada is an Ephraim joined to his
idols. Canadians attend to the politics
of the country and allow the raihvas to
boss the business of the country. Canadians are instructed in the noble art of
voting hy the leaders and orgins of
railway governments and railway oppositions. Parliaments and legislatures,
with their pockets full of passes, talk
airy empty nothings about the transportation problem, and this little question and the other little question. Thc
one great question in Canadian politics
is the freight question, which conies
closer to the commerce, the industry,
the agriculture of Canada east and
west, than any of the alleged issues
which move the jaws of the politicians.
Canadian  statesmanship as revealed
in the  life  of Sir John A.  Macdonald,
Alexander  Mackenzie or their  successors, including Sir Wilfrid Laurier, may
have achieved triumphs.    The attempted solution  of the transportation  problem is not one of these triumphs.    The
Canadian has reason to doubt  the sanity  of his country  when  he contrasts
what Canada has done for the railways
with   what lhe   railways are  doing for
Canada.    Old Canada allowed   private
capital   to   share   the risks ofhuilding
the  Grand  Trunk  and other Ontario
lines.    The administrators of new Canada   have  given,   or  are  giving enu
public   lands   and   public  money   and
public credits to more than build all the
lines completed  or seriously  projected
by  tlie C.  P.   R.-Mackenzie  &  Mann
Canada and her railways are a glorious spectacle. The attempted solution
of the railway question could not have
been any worse if it had originally come
in equal parts from the penitentiary
and the asylum and had been worked
out by a joint committee of criminals
and lunatics.
Mhat Me are Boing to (Bet
Monep this Month.
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings  write  or wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,  Sandon  Miners'   Union
Sandon, B. C.
Me are selling
Ready-Made Clothing,
Uuderclothes, Shirts,
Up-to-date Neckties,
English and Canadian Hats
Trunks and Valises
At 25 per cent off.   This discount
is real.   No bargain counter fake.
Besides this big slash we are selling
Boots and Shoes and Gloves of all
kinds at
20 per Cent ��ft
And again we are selling Stetson
Hats at 10 per cent off.
i    i
nothing but the Zong Oreen
Gets these prices. It is a purely Cash Sale. If you
can buy cheaper in any department store or Eastern
Hand Me Down Establishment, go at it and we are
in with you. This is positively the biggest bargain
sale that ever happened.
Bont XLake Our Word for Mnpthing.  Come
and see the Goods and Satisfp yourselves.
Macdonald & Ross.
Main Street
Sandon, B. C. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C.t Sfune 7
Those who suffer from eye trouble in
any form should not fail to consult Geo.
L. Pedlar, Opt. D. Specialist, who will
be at Nelson's drug store, New Denver
until June 21. His outfit of appliances
for testing the eye including the Geneva
Retinoscope, Jebb Optmeter, Ophthalmoscope and Test Case cannot be dup-
cated west of the rockies. If glasses
will improve your vision this is the
golden opportunity of obtaining the
best service in the Dominion. Examination free.
Adam and Eve were graet
advertisers and among the
various methods employed by
them to make known their
stock of wares they made a
record of apple-eating which
has hung tenaciously to their
names ever since. This proves
that sensational advertising is
sometimes lasting.
Get on the $nside of an Wp*to*6*t(
Summer Suit.
It does not cost any more to wear good clothes
than poor ones. The only difference is where
you do your purchasing.
If you want
Groceries of
the best quality
that the market
affords send in
your orders to
was a very patient advertiser
and today is known to the
whole Christian world. Had
he quit advertising when he
was ill he never would have
been successful. No doubt he
never suspected that even the
sound of his name would be
changed and used to classify
another class of advertising���
now known as Job Work.
Every man of consequence
now uses job work in varied
forms, and in these parts all
sensible  men  have it done at
Eat Fruit
Me are might Vhere with the (Boott
all the Xtime.
If there is anything you want in the Ready-
Made Clothing line, Hats, Neckties or Shoes
you can find it on our shelves.
&be papstreak
��� where neat things are got up
at reasonable prices.
That is the best way to
retain your health. All
medical authorities agree
that the people who eat
most fruit and vegetables
are the most healthy.
There is no reason why you
should not do so as
The Union
Bakery and Grocery
Receives daily shipments
from Oka- - jan and Walla
Walla. A Fresh supply
always on hand.
Ease Up
With a Pair of I
President Suspenders
XLhe fbardest Work Becomes Easy.
tiighlp Recommended bp 1
Wo friction when Stooping, Works    }
Zike Ball Bearings for sale onlp bp    1
XLl)e t>unter*1ken6rick Co., Zimiteb
p. Burns & Co,
Tbead Office,
Kelson, B. C.
IReco Bvenue,
Bealers 3n
of all


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