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The Paystreak May 3, 1902

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"iBEF ~3SJ" "SeF
look 6
Sandon, map 3, 1902
Zocal Concentrates.
pug Pong  in its most virulent form
broken OUt in Sandon.
(oday ��.-. lhe  second  anniversary  of
don's destruction by tire.
P. H. Power is able to be around
iin after his recent illness.
���". J. Dean is   making   the   Nelson
lily News all that  its  name implies.
York was elected   mayor of Slocan
r,   having a  majority  of   16 over
.aslo   merchants  have   decided   lo
le   their   places   of   business  at   6
lock p. m.
Ivir will   soon   have  an   excelleni
orlunity to commence at the bottom
work up.
ust Almgren and Steve Watson will
nd the summer on the waters ofthe
jestic Yukon.
Duly   three  assayer  passed,   out   ol
sen   who  tried the   recent   cxamin-
s iu Nelson.
The city is building an  apron on the Faulkener    Brothers,   George    and
lower end  of the  flume  to  keep  the A. E. left   McGuigan   this   week   for
water  from cutting  the creek  bed too Alberta where they  will  lake  up land
..  I    . :..   il...    .���,,,'i,-iilliir:il  npr��5Ult.
. C. Harrington,  the  Slocan  Citv
Ktnoter, visited Sandon for a   couple
lays this week.
JFeniie is ts be incorporated and
Irry Dooian is sparring for an open-
as chief of police.
Pom   McGuigan   left   for   the   south
sterday      He   will   probably   take in
m stampede to Thunder.
Gambling has been suppressed in
osslond and 128 dealers have hit the
rit for Seattle and beyond.
Albert Karr returned yesterday from
1 extended sojourn in the cent and oil
;lt around Pelrolea, Ontario.
Arthur Quinn, a brother of Javk
fuinn of this town, left with the Kam-
pops contingent for South Africa.
Mrs. Joseph Macdonald left on Tues-
lay last for Nova Scotia to become a
esident oi the Maritime province.
The sawmills around Kootenay and
\rrow lakes are running full time
Jrnishing lumber for the Northwest
. The   Filhert  restaurant will  cut out
lhe night shift and run the dining room
Bl the  hotel plan,   serving three meals
The Golden Era joined the list of
derelicts in British Columbia's journalistic bone yard. It ceased publication
last week.
I The Kootenay Hotel is being repainted in all the harmonious splendor
of the decorator's art. Frank C. Sewell
is the artist.
. The volunteers for South Africa got a
big send off in Slocan City on Tuesday.
Robert Cooper of Sandon was one of
;the contingent.
, Sammy Lloyd is exercising his culinary talent in Fernie, preparing short
order delicacies for the denizens of the
[coal metropolis.
��� Dick McBride talked continuously
for nine hours and a half and Billy
Melnnes put in a six-hour oratorical
shift in the British Columbia legislature this week. What a pity the Slogan did noi elect "Windy" Young.
deep in that section
Kaslo hangs up a $30 purse for a
tug of war on Victoria Day and wants
a Sandon team to go over and take
down the money.
The tourist season has opened in
New Denver and Nelson. Sandon
people still pray, "Give us this day our
daily Englishman."
F. J. Donaldson is having the inscription on his Red Cross Drug
Store repainted in a style that would
make Alma Tadema envious.
The steam shovel working below
Alamo is putting that section of the
Nakusp & Slocan road into better
shape than it ever was before.
George W. Gordon returned on Monday last from Bruce Mines, Ontario,
where he has had charge of the big
copper mill there for the past year.
There will be a meeting of baseball
enthusiasts at Williamsons cigar store
on Monday evening. Everyone who
fancies the great internnlional game is
requested to be present.
"Mysterious" Joe Davis will spend
the summer in the Yukon. He intends
leaving on Monday next for White
Horse, N. W T., to try his fortune in
the new camps of the north.
H. C. Holden, formerly of this town,
has received an important contract
painting station houses and bridges for
the C. P. R. He is now making his
headquarters at Kamloops.
The K. & S. is preparing for the
tourist rush. No. 1 coach has been
repainted in gorgeous style and Great
Northern colors, until it looks as proud
as the parlor car of the "Flyer."
Victor Kleinsch.nidt has put in a
private water works system at the
Denver Hotel. A spring in the rear of
the hotel furnishes him with an adequate supply at a suitable altitude.
The $500 which the Provincial government owes the city of Sandon is not
included in the estimates, and the
member for Slocan intimates that he
expects to have considerable difficulty
in getting it placed in the supplement-
There was a trainwreck on the
Arrowhead division on Saturday lasl in
which William Lee, an old time
brakie on that branch, was killed. A
bridge which had been weakened by a
rock slide gave way and the tender
with two freight cars dropped thru.
The landslide season has opened up
in the Slocan. A large slide down at
the lower end of the town obstructed
traffic on the C. P. R. Thursday and
also wrecked a section of the curling
rink: The mail was fetched into town
by hand and the passengers took the
G O. Buchanan relumed to Kaslo
on Wednesday'from Ottawa, where he
has been absent for seven weeks as a
delegate for the Associated Boards of
Trade. He says that the Dominion
government does not look with favor
on the proposition to increase the tariff
on lead, owing to its announced policy
that no tariff changes will be made this
and engage in the agricultural persuit
They will settle somewhere in lhe
neighborhood of Edmonton. The
Faulkener boys have many friends in
this camp who wish them 40 bushels to
the acre in their new vocation.
There is every indication of a very
late spring in the Kootenay this year,
,and damage by high water is apprehended. The season is already well
advanced but very little of the snow on
the hills has melted and both the Slocan
and Kootenay lakes are very low. A
sudden raise in the temperature, which
may occur at any time would be dangerous to the lake towns.
Over the Bivide.
Another Slocan boy passed to the
other shore on Thursday when Nei
O'Regan died at Grand Falls. N B.
He had been in poor health for a long
time and sought relief in Kamloops,
then afterward in Southern Arizona,
but in his old Canadian home he laid
the burden down, another victim of the
great white plague.
Neil was a man   prized   among   his
associates, of winning ways, charming
personality   and  exemplary   habits, he
was  the   friend   of   everyone   and an
enemy of none.    There  are many who
will hear with regret the  sad   news of
his death.    He has only one relative in
this country, John   0'.Regan,  superin-
tendant of the Last Chance.
&& the Government plaping
Bouble ?
Subsequent to the Sandon fire, which
occurred two years ago, the Provincial
government by order in council remitted all taxes on property within the
burnt district for the year 1900. This
week properly owners have received
notification of taxes due for the amount
supposed to have been remitted, with
the usual extra expense of arrears.
Considerable indignation is expressed
by the citizens, who believe that the
government is imposing on them. The
matter will be brot to  the  attention of
the Gold Commissioner.
Mill Biscuss the tariff on
A public meeting has been called by
the mayor to take place at 8 o'clock this
evening in the city hall for the purpose
of urging on the government the paramount import mce of placing a high tariff
on lead products at the present session
of the Dominion House. The meeting
is called at the instigation of the Nelson
Board of Trade, which has already
taken similar action. A large attendance of interested parties is requested
and a full and free discussion of the
matter courted.
Chapter 32
Mining Float.
Silver, 51
Lead, ^n,  15s.
The Rambler mill will be started about the 10th. of this month.
Ten more men were put on at the
Bosun mine, New Denver, last week.
The water was turned on and the
machinery turned over at the Payne
mill on Tuesday to make a test.
The electric plant at the Payne mill
is being placed in position rapidly, and
will soon be in working order.
It is reported that a tramway will be
built from the Sunset to Cody this summer to handle Trade Dollar ore.
The Ivanhoe mill was forced to sus
pend operations on Thursday by the
landslide which carried out   the flume.
T. B. Lane of London, England, has
arrived to take charge of the Wakefield
mine. A small force of men has been
put on at the property on  development.
The total mineral production of Canada for the year 1901 was $09,407,031.
Of this $26,292,000 was non-metallic.
The lead production for the year was
A copper agreement is reported from
New York, by which the  warring  factions who are   now  demoralizing  the
market will join   bands  to   restore the
price.    If true, this will  be joyful news
for Rossland and the Boundary.
Another step was taken in the Noble
Five vs. Last Chance apex case this
week, when John O'Regan of the
Chance was examined before the registrar in Kaslo. The examination was
to ascertain whether or not the Last
Chance people had extracted ore from
the World's Fair grojnd since the injunction which was  issued in January.
Ben ttllcgfsaac is Bead.
Ben Mclsaac, formerly secretary of
the Whitewater Miners' Union and
known to almost everyone in the Slocan
camp, died in Vancouver on Tuesday of typhoid fever and was buried in
that city Thursday.
Ben Mclsaac left the Slocan country
for the Coast last fall. He has since
been working at the Lenora mine,
Mount Sicker, and had come into Vancouver to outfit for a prospecting trip to
the Skeena river when he was taken
ill. His brother, J. A Mclsaac of Sandon, left for Vancouver immediately on
receiving word of his illness, but arrived a few hours after he had expired.
Ike Thompsson returned from Nova
Scotia last night.
Rev. J. H. Robb and bride are expected home this evenidg. The ladies
of the Presbyterian church are preparing a hospitable reception for them.
Alex Sproat of NeW Denver was an
arrival on last night's train.
Steve Watson leaves this morning
for St. Michaels.
The celebrated Merino vs. Sproat
case was settled in favor of Merino in
the Nelson court Thursnay. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, &lap 3
the impolitic Wise Man.       Dissolution of Partnership.
There was a wise man once
Who sought the truth; who dared
To   stand  for  Right,  who  struck at
Where'er its front was bared.
The clamor of the crowd
He suffered not to sway
Him from the course his reason told
Him was the honest way.
When masters wronged the men
Who did their bidding, he
Cried out against the masters then,
And shamed them fearlessly.
When servants, led astray,
Wronged those above he came
Forth boldly, as a righteous judge,
To tell ihem of their shame
O he was wise and he
Was Error's fearless foe���
He never got elected to
A public office, tho.
���S. E. Kiser.
ffll %e Wanted.
Superintendent of a German penitentiary to convict: "Your term of imprisonment expires today."
Convict:    "I am glad of that."
"I hope that from now on you will
lead an honest, upright life."
"You may be sure I will."
"Are you sure that you will not return to your evil ways ? "
"Never again will 1 be up to anything crooked."
"You can go now."
The released convict hesitates.
Superintendent: "Why don't you
go ?    What are you waiting for ? "
"Ain't you going to give me back
my dark lantern, and my jimmy, and
the rest of my professional implements.
See our 50c Shirts. The best
value evor offered.
Application for Water Right.
Sandon. B. C , April 80th, 190*.
NOTICE is hereby Kivon that the nndersiRn-
ed will at the expiration of four weeks from
the first puMication hereof apply to the Gold
Commis.-ioner for a record of water as hereinafter set out.
[al The name of the applicant is the Corporation of the City of Sandon.
[b] The name of the creek is Sandon Creek.
[c] The point of diversion or intendad ditch
is fifteen hundred (1500) feet above its confluence with Carpenter creek.
Tho point where it is to be returned is Carpenter creek at Sandon.
The difference in altitude between the point
of diversion and the poin* where it is to be
returned is about three hundred (800) feet.
[dj Tlie means by which it is intended to
store and divert water is reservoir, flume and
|e] The number of inches applied for is one
hundred (100) miner's inches.
[f] The water is required for Are protection
and domestic use.
[g] The land or mine on which the water is
to be used is the City of Sandon.
[h] This notice was posted on the 80th day of
April, 1002, and application will be made to
the commissioner on the 80th day of May, 1902.
Per C. E. LYONS, City Clerk.
Sandon, B.C.
NOTICE is hereby piven that the partner-
ship heretofore existing between Hansen &
Lawson, carrying on business at the Union
Hotel has been disolved. All bills due to the
said firm must be paid forthwith to Benjaman
Lawson, and all bills against the said firm
will be paid by him.
Dated at Sandon this Mth day of April, liHtt.
Slocan License District.
The following application has been made
for trunsfiT of liquor license aivl will be considered by the board of License Oommis-.inners
for the Slocan License District at the Oily of
Sandon on Friday the !ith day of May at *even
o'clock in the alternoen. Normnn Spicher.
C.oss Roads Hotel, Washington Basin.
Dated at New Denver, this 7fii dny of April UN
Chief License Inspector.
Notice to Contractors.
CEALED TENDERS, indorsed -Tender for
'-' Scbool-Hou.-e," will be received by the undersigned up to noon of Friday, the !'th of
May, 1003, for the erect ion and completion of
a school-house at New Denver, R.C
Plans, specifications, forms of tender and
contract mav be seen on and alter the X5th
April, 1002, at the Lands ami Works Office,
Victoria, and at the Mining Recorder's oltice,
New Denver.
Tenders will not be considered unless made
upon the printed forma supplied for the purple, and tlie agreement to execute aloud,
appended to the form of tender, is duly signe I
by the contractor hiouel and two other responsible residents of the Province in the
puna, gam of .I.*-, for the faithful performance
of the work.
The lowest or any tender not necessari'v accepted.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B. C. 22nd April. 1!��>2.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District Where located:���On
West Fork of Cody Creek, B C.
TAKE NOTICE that I, E. M. Sandilands.
acting as agent for P. Burns, Free Miner's
Certificate, No. B50S98, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 12th day of April, 1902.
Application for Water Right.
Sandon, B.C. April 2.1th, 1!H��2.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned will at the expiration of four weeks from
the first publication hereof, apply to lhe Gold
Commissioner for a record of water as hereinafter set out.
|a) The name of the applicant is the Corporation of the City of Sandon.
(b| Tlie name of the creek is Falls Creek,
situate on Payne Mountain, between Sandon
ami the Payne tram.
[o] The point of diversion or intended ditch
is four hundred l*m) feel above tho K.&S
railway track; about one thou-and (Woo) or
fifteen hundred (UOQ) feet below the Payne
Consolidated  Mining Company's water right.
The point where it is to he returned Io I'ar-
pantaroreek is at tendon.
The iliMVr.-mc i> altitude batwaaa the point
of diversion and the point where ills to be
returned U about three hundred  :t>>)feet.
[d| The means by which it is intended to
aore and divert the water i., Reservoir, Flume
and Pipe.
[e] The number of inches applied for la one
hundred (100) miner's inches.
|f| The water is required for fire protection
and domestic purposes.
(g) The land or mine on which the water is
to be usad is the City ol Sandon.
This notice wu-, poatad on the 2">th day of
April. l'K'2.
IVrC. E  LYON'S, City Clerk.
tendon, B 0.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District Where located. On
Noble Five Mountain, adjoining American
Boy Mine,
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. D. Mackay, act-
ing as agent for the American Boy Mining
and Milling Company Free Miner's Certificate
No. B38747, intend, sixty days from date hereof
to apply to tho Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notioe that action under
section 37 must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificates of Improvements
Dated this 1st day of March, A. D. 1002.
Established 1806.
E. m. SAH23LA31DS.
Sandotif B. 0-
Notary Public.
insurance  and Mining
Mining Stocks bought and sold. General iic-nf for slocan Propartlas
Promising   Prospects   for   Sale.
Mining   Properties   Examined   and     Reports
Made.   Will Open up Mining Properties by
Contract or Salary.   Twentv Year-.'
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $i per month ; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drills.
Open To The Public.
DR. W. E. GOMM.   Attendant Physictan.
MISS S. L. CH1S1IODM, Matron.
J. H. McNEILL, Pre*. Hospital Board.
I. O. O. F.
Meetings in the Union Hail every Friday
Evening at 7:30. Visiting Brethern coidially
invited to attend.
Secretary Vice Grand.
A. F. & A. M.
Regular Communication held first Thurs
day in each month in Masonic Hall at 8 i> M
Soumrning brethern are cordially Invited'to
JAMES M. BARTON, Seoretary.
Sandon Cartage Co,
Express. Baggage,
and Callage.
Delivery to  all   Parts of theC
Can be Effectually Pre/
vented by Wearing a pair
of Custom Made Snoes.
Manufactured in the shop of
Winnipeg Vancouver
On aw a
New York
San Francisco
St Paul, Chicago and all United States
EAST:   Leave Dunmore daily.  Leave
Kootenay Landing Tuesday and Frio��J
for St. Paul, Toronto, Montreal ;"lJ
WEST; Leave Revelstoke daily f"r
Vancouver, Seattle and Coast Points.
Excursion Tickets on Sale Westbound.
March ist to April 30.
Through booking to Europe via a
Atlantic Li 'es, Prepaid tickets from all
points at lowest rates.
R. It. McCaiiimon.
J. S. Carter
D. P. A.
Nelson, B. ���.
E. J. Coy UN
A. G. P. A.��
it C
Vancouver, *����� the Papstreak, Sandon, B. Q., map 3
e are Boing the Business
Bo not Overlook tf)at point.
We arc the .Leading Tailoring Establishment ofthe Kootenay and
re turning out clothing that cannot be excelled in the province of British
Columbia.   Keep in mind the fact that we have the only artistic cutter in
:hiscamp. Our stock of Serges and Twccdsfor the springtrade is complete
We Guarantee Satisfaction.   Our prices are night
B Matnral Sfnquirp.
A lady in a small country town in
le Midlands of England had three
Ions who had volunteered and been accepted to tjo to the front, and in honor
)f the event she decided to give a confer! in the town hall, at the same time
innounctng her intention oi reciting
the Absent-Minded Begger, To lend
; fleet to the recitation she had her three
fcons  dressed in   khaki,   sitting  on the.
[platform,   while   she   stood in   front o\
The first verse  went off all  right he-
Kbre the crowded audience, till she came
[to the well known chorus, foiein tragic
tones; while pointing dramatically to
her three sons, she recited: ''Duke's
son, cook's son, son of a belted earl."
Then came a voice   from  the crowd;
"Where's the guVnor?"
the fflewest Version.
" Where are you going my pretty
maid?" "I'm going a pingr-ponging,
sir,"-she said. " Ma\ I go with you,
my pretty maid?" "Yes, if you like,
kind sir," she said. She led him away
to the ping-pong net; and then came
an hour he'll never forget, for his
shoulders ache Irom the many stoops
to pick up the ball, and his eyelid
droops where she smote him twice with
he racquet small, which left her band
as it struck the ball; and .he'll never
ping where she pongs again, for she
heard him swear when she pinned him
then.���Baltimore* American.
Neat, Clean and Comfortable Rooms.
Accomodations Unexcelled.
P. II. MURPHY    ���
Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
Best that Money can Buu.
B problem.
A young girl five feet two inches in
height, weighing 114 pounds can waltz
three hours straight without stopping,
while a young man five feet nine inches
vVeighing 102 pounds, can waltz only
32 minutes. How many partners averaging 170 pounds, and five feet seven
inches in height, will the young girl
exhaust in one evening of 11 hours,
allowing twenty minutes for refresh-
meats ?
Mr. and Mrs. Ace of Montgomery,
Ala., were kicked clear out of a buggy
by an unruly mule last week. This is
probably the first instance on record
where one Jack beat two Aces when it
came to a show-down.���Ex.
A married editor soliloquizes thus of
the gentler se.\: "There is gladness in
her gladness when she's glad, and
there's sadness in her sadness when
she's sad, but the gladness of her gladness and the sadness of her sadness is
nothing to her madness when she's
mad.���Pittsburg Kansan.
A knock down proof of the efficaee of
the faith cure is given in the Saybrook
Gazette, which states that the wife of
a farmer near Kenny had a liniment
she used for everything. The other
night she was sick and her husband
got up in the dark, got the liniment
and rubbed it over her body. She was
given instant relief. The next morning it was discovered that he had gotten a bottle of blueing instead of the
From a bushel of corn a distiller gets
four gallons of whiskey, which retails
at $16. The government gets $3.60,
the farmer who raised the corn gets 40
cents, the railroad gels $1, the manufacturer gets $4 the retailer gets $7,
the consumer gets six months and the
policeman gets paid for running him
He that knows not, and knows not lhat
he knows not, is a fool���shun him!
He that knows not, and knows that he
knows not, is simple���pity him!
He lhat knows, and knows not that he
knows, is asleep���wake him!
He  that   knows,  and  knows   that   he
knows, is wise���follow him.
Now April comes with March winds,
Theh May with April showers,
And pretty soon we'll have glad June
With all its sweet May flowers.
The Denver.
Victor Kieinschmidt, Prop.
Rooms  Large,   Neat,   Clean,
Airy and Comfortable.
Dining Room Service Unsurpassed.
Every Effort Made to Provide
Comfort for the Guests.
filbert Cafe,
Cody Avenue
Binner from 12 to S.
Oust. Almgren,  * the papstreak, Sandon, B. C map 3
The Paystreak.
PuLlished Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription    -    -    -    -    $2.
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspi
00 ay
and P
William Mac A dams
SANDON, MAY 3, 1902.
While the newspapers and boards
of trade thruout the province are agitating for an increased duty on lead
and lead products, in order to build up
the refining industry in the Kootenay,
why not consider the matter from the
mine owners' side ofthe question ?
At the time  the   bonus was being
asked for by the   Kootenay delegation
The Paystreak   took   the   lone   stand
that this bonus,  while it   might   promote refining,   would   not   benefit the
mine owner, simply because  there was
no cruarantee   that   the   mine   owner
would get a  higher   price for   lead in
ore on account of the  bonus.    Everv
other newspaper  and  every  board   of
trade in the Province took   a  different
view, and The   Paystreak  had the distinguished honor of holding an opinion
on which we had   a   copyright.    Time
has proven, nevertheless, that we were
right.    The bonus   has not  raised the
price of settlement one   cent, notwithstanding that the Canadian   Smeltimg
Company   has   established   a  ten-ton
refinery at Trail.    We  claim   now, as
we always have   claimed, that   this refinery is a bluff, built   for   the purpose
of keeping others  out; and  we  claim
furthermore that if any other company,
such as the Hall   Mines, for  instance,
were to  build  a   refinery   sufficient to
handle   the   lead    product,   that   the
Canadian Pacific railway would crowd
it out of business by arranging freight
rates in such  a   manner that the independent   refinery   could   not   make a
profit.    On the   face   of   it this   may
seem improbable, but   when   it  is considered that  the   C. P. R.   gets by far
the greater part of  the   haulage of all
the matte   produced   at   Nelson   and
Trail to Newark, N. J., and then back
to Canada, it is   easily   seen   that the
freight is a  larger  consideration   than
the   probable    profits   of   a   refinery,
especially when we take into  consideration the   fact   that   the   railway is a
going   concern   to   which   any  extra
freight is like  clear profit, whereas the
refinery and manufactory would require
the investment of a large capital before
it would be in a position to   handle the
business.    This much at least is clear,
that the C. P. R. and the Trail smelter
are taking all the traffic will stand
under the present circumstances, and
could not take a cent more even tho
they invested millions in a refinery.
Therefore the construction of a real
refinery would, from their point of
view, be not only un-necessary but
superfluous.        ��
So much for that part of it. Now
with regard to the proposed tariff.
The Paystreak claims that a heavy
duty imposed on lead imports would
not benefit the Slocan mine owner and
would in all probability injure him.
As it stands now the Everett and Selby
smelters can buy lead ore in the Slocan, treat it in United States in bond
and return the manufactured product
to Canada for sale. So long as these
circumstances exist there is always a
possibility for competition, but once
the duty is imposed it would drive the
United States ore buyers out of B. C.
by taking away their Canadian market.
It is clearly evident that this would
have the effect of placing the whole
lead mining industry entirely at the
mercy of lhe Trail smelter and the
Canadian Pacific Railway. Of course
we admit that it is not good policy to
ship onr raw lead out of the country to
be manufactured, but it is a case of the
devil and the deep blue sea.
As   thi C. P. R.    is   already   responsible for practically all the troubles
the Slocan is heir to, it is obvious that
the mine owners of this  district would
be making a  sucker   play   by helping
them to   perfect   their   monopoly.     If
relief is to be had   it  must  come   from
a different   direction.      The Paystreak
claims that a  government smelter and
refinery is the  only   logical  and complete relief, but   there is  practically no
possibility of getting  such relief   from
the Dominion government.    What the
mine owners should look for  from the
Dominion, and what they could secure
by a proper presentment of their case,
is a reduction of the   tariff on mining
machinery,   supplies  and   explosives.
The cost  of   mining   supplies   of   all
kinds is greater in the  Kooteany right
now than in any  other  camp on earth
that is opened up.    This is so because
Canadian manufacturers will not make
the articles required, and  therefor they
must be imported   from United   States
or Europe.    We ask   anyone  familiar
with the circumstances to compare the
price of track iron,   ore  cars, tramway
machinery, steel,   sacks,   twine,   etc.,
paid in the Slocan with that paid in the
Coeur d'Alene   and answer  if   we are
industry. The silver-lead mining in.
dustry is carrying the heaviest load of
monopoly and tariff that any industry
on earth ever carried and lived. The
effort should be to lighten the load.
We want not more tariff, hut less.
THE Nelson Daily News talks like
one of those free   trade   Liberals who
believe in protection.    It wants a tariff
placed on lead imports, to build up the
lead   refining     industry   in    Canada.
Will the   News   man please explain to
us how much encouragement these re-
finery people want in Canada, anyway?
They now get $5   a ton   bonus  for refining lead   which   they   buy   in   the
Slocan for $1.50 a   hundred ami soli in
Montreal at   $5.      Smelter   workmen
in Trail and Nelson   get   lower  wages
than in  Everett   and   San   Franciseo.
The   product   is   hauled   east   over a
railroad that has been   bonused   to the
extent of $13,500 a mile  and sold thru
the agency ot  banks which    h ive  tree
use of half   a   billion   dollars   oi  the
people's  money.    An   infant   industry
which can    not    pay   its   way   with a
cinch like that is much too expensive a
luxury for a   young   and   struggling
nation like Canada to maintain.
If thk Dominion government
puts a 25 per cent tariff on lead and
lead products, the mine owners will be
up against a cinch that will peon them.
As it stands no\\\ tlie producers of
silver-lead ore can sell to United States
smeltermen, who smelt and refine in
bond and re-ship the product to Canada. The competition thus afforded
is not very strong, but there is always
a possibility that it will lead 10 something belter. Close this outlet and the
Trail smelter with its ten-ton bluff at a
refinerv is completely master ot the
situation ; no mine owner in the Slocan could turn a wheel except by consent of the Trail smelter and its ally,
the Canadian Pacific Railway.
If the British Columbia legislature passes the Canada Northern
swindle tile Provincial Progressives
will undoubtedly declare fov repudia-
tion, and will sweep the country on
t'.iat policy. Outside of the grafter
constituencies on Vancouver Island,
not one per cent of the electors are in
favor of the bill.
Therefore we claim that instead of
agitating for an increase ofthe tariff in
a direction to suit the smelter and railway monopoly the Slocan country
should petition for a decrease of the
tariff in a direction to suit  the mining
Now that Mr. Morgan has captured the supremecy of the ocean, it is
up to some alleged poet like Alfred
Austin or Rudyard Kipling to revise
the wording of that grand old song to
read something like this :
Rule J. Pierpont ;
The trust controls the waves.
Count all steamboat men as Morgan's slaves.
twRftinqEMiptnMptft the Papstreak, Sandon, B. C, map 3
There is a gent down east by the
lame of George Washington Ross
rho must be a pretty handy kind of a
ian. According to the Toronto
rlobe he is a sort of a sub-contractor
to the Creator���in fact he built up
Ontario. As we were not on the
ground at the time Ontario was built
re will have to let the Globe's state-
tent go by default; but it is obvious
that George Washington Ross bungled
>adly in the matter of architecture
men he placed the destinies of the
richest mining country on earth in the
lands of an agricultural legislature
mich has spent 35 years passing mineral acts tnat would give a Rocky
[ountain prospector chills and ague.
toss may be a fast enuf man to capture the premiership of yahoo Ontario,
Kit he would be canned off the map if
le tried to'fasten Ontario mining laws
>n any camp in the west.*
Joe   Chamberlain   contemplates
'isiting Canada next summer.    If he
)lays the date we can  see a  first-class
>pening to pull off a  ten-round slang-
mangfng bout between  he and Can-
Ida's sunny ways  artist, Wilf Laurier.
[Chamberlain advised British Columbia
[to put on a Natal Act; then Wilf put
[the kibosh on the anti-Mongolian legislation and tried to  shuffle  the blame
on the Colonial Secretary.    In view of
these circumstances, if the people of
B.C. can manage to bring Laurier and
Chamberlain together somewhere in
the neighborhood of the Pacific Coast,
with Joe Martin as interlocutor, the
subsequent proceedings should be decidedly interesting. Somebody certainly is lying about this Mongolian
business, and if what has been said and
written about Joe Chamberlain is any
criterion, Laurier's version would not be
allowed to go by default.
And now comes the joyful intelligence that good seats are still on sale
in London for the coronation parade.
All you have to do is to plank down
your dust and you have the privilege
of rubbernecking the panorama from a
second-story window. Twenty guineas
will pre-empt a choice location from
which you can gaze on the king and
the vast parade which will follow in
his line. This is positively the greatest phantasmagorra on this earth or
any other earth ; none other genuine.
Get your money down and secure a
ticket at the big wagon. This may be
your last chance to see a king crowned
in England. The people will not
stand for many more.
Several brilliant eastern papers
have suggested that the people could
kill the meat trust by  refraining  from
eating meat. This may possibly be
so, but what are they going to eat instead ? Fish supplied by A. Booth &
Co., capital $8,000,000 with a New
Jersey charter; flour made by the
Northwestern milling combine ; canned
salmon put up by the Pacific Coast
Packers Association, fruit supplied by
the Southern Pacific monopoly and
corn furnished by Armour, Cudahay &
Co. From the standpoint of an ignorant observer it would seem that the
trusts have a game that is hard to
Dr. Talmage left $300,000 worth
of gilt-edged   securities   on  this   side
Jordan's wave, and   it is   to be  presumed that when he hit the other shore
he ran up   against the usual embargo
placed on rich men at the pearly gates.
However, as T. Dewitt was gifted with
persuasive eloquence and was in pretty
close touch with the  money changers
he may be able to convince old Saint
Peter that a   New Yorker with only a
trifling $300,000 is far   from being a
rich man in this trustifying age.
A YOunG lady in Detroit last
week had a man arrested for robbing
her, and them married the man. The
boys in Detroit must be awful slow,
where a woman has to call in the
police to help her capture a man. It
don't work that way in Sandon.
The Pioneer and Leading Tailoring
Establishment of the Slocan.
Always Carries a Complete Stock of
Imported Suitings and Pantings
Matorial,  Fit and Workmanship
Fully Guaranteed.
If he is Decked in Shoddy, Sweat Shop Goods
Assay His Character and You will Find Him a
Shoddy Man.    If he has the Label on His Garments
He is Sterling.    So are the Garments.
Stores at Sandon and Slocan dtp.
B Full Zine of Furnishings Carried at Both Stores.
Mill, Mine and Blacksmith's Supplies of Every Description.
SANDON     KASLO     NELSON the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, map 3
MhP mining is  popular.
(Salt Lake Mining Review.)
For the past five or six years in |this
inter-mountain region a gre.itly increased activity in mining matters has
been noticeable, and it is no longer
difficult to interest capitalists and men
of means in the mining industry ; and
for the reason that profitable results
have followed in a majority of investments of this character.
Conditions, in the mining world,
have greatly changed within the past
ten or fifteen years, and the season of
distrust that ensued after the collapse
of the great mining excitement of 20 or
25 years ago has given way to a period
of confidence and successful operation
that is doing much in establishing the
fact that mining, as now conducted, is
just as legitimate, just as safe, and far
more profitable than the old lines of
established business; while it is more
popular and conducive of greater profits
than operations in industrial securities,
in railroad shares, in wheat, pork or
An evidence of this growing popularity of mining can be seen in nearly
every mining camp in this western
country, where, as a general rule, there
are a number of heavy producers and
regular dividend payers which are very
largely owned by eastern investors,
who bot largely when these mines were
mere prospects, thus realizing handsomely upon the increased value of
their holdings, while their bank accounts have been inflated by dividend
A mine is never found.    It is  made.
A surface   bnnanza   is   a   rarity,   the
majority of mines  only  reaching  the
producing and   paying-   stage   after   a
considerable amount of money has been
spent   in   their  development.       What
others have done can   be  done  again,
and this is one of the reasons why there
is such a fascination   in   mining, as the
records of the west show that new discoveries are   always  being   made, any
one of which are as ripe  with  promise
as were once   the   greater   producing
mines of to-day,   which, ��at   one time,
were nothing but   mere prospects ; and
which would still be so  still but for the
faith, energy and money  spent in their
development by men who had the courage of their   convictions   and   who engaged  in  mining  on  strictly business
As a matter of fact,   mining in these
days has  been shorn  of most of its objectionable features.    No guess-work is
indulged  in in  the purchase of mining
property,   and   once- favorably  passed
upon by competent expert authority, its
operation and development goes  forward like  clockwork,   and with a cer-
tainity of results that almost eliminates
any question of doubt as to the ultimate
outcome ofthe enterprise.    In Utah, in
Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming and
Arizena, thousands of people are taking
chances in  legitimate    mining where
there  were  but  hundreds a few years
ago, and the success which the major
ity of these have met with is one of the
reasons why mining is constantly-
growing in popularity, and this growth
in public favor is bound to continue
until every section of this continent will
have its mining magnates, its fortunate
mining shareholders, as well as the
railroad kings and its Wall street
Black prince Bonded.
(Spokesman-Review April 28.)
Sidney Morman, western manager
of the Ohio Northwestern Development
company, who came down last night
from Slocan City, reports papers were
signed at Slocan City on Saturday by
which the company acquires possession
ofthe Black Prince on the second north
fork of Lemon jreek, about 1 x/2 miles
east of the Arlington mine and eight
miles from Slocan City. The transfer
is in the nature of a lease and bond, running from May 1 of ibis year lo May 1
of 1904, with payments aggregating
$65,000 distributed over that period.
The property consists of six claims,
the Black Prince and the Dundas. recently relocated as the Slocan Prince
and the Dundee, and the Sommerseith,
the Four Friends, the Doirest and the
Black Prince fraction, altogether covering about 150 acres of ground. The
owners are John Elliot of Nelson, W.
E. Bore of Kaslo and Cornelius Murphy, Peler M. Schonberg, Joseph and
Leo Dorin, Frank Sherry, David Arnot
and W. T. Shatford of Slocan City.
The Kootenay Hotel is still doing
business at the old stand, and there is
no diminuation in the quantity or quality ofthe liquid refreshment served.
Sandon   Bottling;
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
the   Mining  Trade.
Contractors and Builders.
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring: and Joint Finishing: Lumber
Mouldings Etc.
Sash and Door on   Hand to Order.
Factory on Main Street
The Newmarket Hotel
The Leading Hotel of the Lucerne. Dining Room
Service the best in the Slocan. Accomodations
Unexcelled.       *tc       <t       *e,       %o       *t      *<���
Henry Stege    -    -    ���    Proprietor.
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings  write  or wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,  Sandon   Miners'   Union
Sandon, B. G.
Ibalcpon Ibot Springs
The Winter Resort of the Kootenay. When the snow lies deep on
the Slocan Hills the roses bloom
in the Banana Patch.
TO $15,00 A WEEK.
^Ip'lIK medical waters of Halcyon
jlf^ are the most curative in the
worlc. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure,
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and depart every Day.
Felegraph communication with all
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
We have
a fine  line of Hriar   Pipes
come  in  and  see   then).
Our stock
of Smoker's Sundries i<
the most complete in the
Kootenay   :   : : : '��� :
��*'��� 11 ���iiniinimw���w nwiiimwMiiiiii
���MfMUJwf.'^^'WWlw^,. ���
'"^^Vt^w^kT^ r
the Papstreak, Sandon, B. C, map 3
the Boom town.
Bill DeVerc was once an editor. He
has also written poetry Here is one
that will act like soothing syrup upon
those who have lost money in towns
like Pasco, Gray's Harbor and one or
two near home.
Down the street of a western town,
Neath the beeting  brow of a mountain
Elbowing his way 'mong the  bustling
That  surged  and  swayed and jostled
Came a miner,   old  and   bronzed  and
He  noticed   none as he passed  on his
But beneath his breath you   could hear
him say���
"Damn Anacortes ! "
The "con" man grasped his horny hand
And  prated of friends in a far-oft' land.
He told of Swigging, his brother-in-law
And every friend that he ever saw ;
But (he   miner looked   in the  distance
As if he were  drawing a spectre   near,
And only these words could the listener
" Damn Anacortes! "   ���
The real estate  man, ^reat .and  gruff,
Extends   his   hand   and   unloaded  old
He told of a country  that made   people
On a gopher hole or a s\\*amp) ditch,
But the miner was versed in Los Angeles lore,
And San Die��,ro, he'd been there before.
Down in   Walla Walla   he sold a farm,
And al Puyallup a horse and barn.
He sold a mine in the Coeur d'Alene,
And a herd of cattle  from off the plain;
All that he  had, every  inch of ground.
And he'd joined  the stampede  down to
Puget Sound;
He dumped it all in,   made a  sucker's
They told him the railroad would come
that way.
He  lived on  bologna,  his hair  turned
And   now  he's a tramp and does nothing but say���
" Damn Anacortes! "
Victoria Bap
map 24th.
3n prises
Baseball Tournament
$250 in Prizes.   Open
to All Comers.
Mquatic and Caledon*
ian Sports.
monster   Calitbump*
ian processian.
Bs it Seemed to Tbim.
An Oak Park boy who began going
to school last iall has been learning to
declaim with his class. Lasl Monday
eavening he informed his father that he
had just learned a new piece. After
he had recited the lines he was requested to repeat them and do it slowly
This is the way they were rendered:
When Freedom from her mountainite
Uncurled the dander from her hair
She wore her  bathrobe all   the night
And et the starch in glory there.
���Chicago Record Herald.
All the old reliable spring remedies
for that tired feeling can be found at
the liquid refreshment dispensary of the
Kootenay Hotel.
Dancing   Pavillion.
Open  all   Day and  Evening.
Good Music.    Admission Free
Reduced Rates on all Railroads and
Steamboats.   For   Further   Particulars Address
C  H. BONNER, Sec.
Kaslo, B. C.
I toill be at the Reco Hotel
Sandon, during the first ttoo
voeehs in May.
Dr, A. Milloy.
Gale's Bartcr
Is the best Tonsorial   Establishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral Building Main St.
Adam and Eve were great
advertisers and among the
various methods employed by
them to make known their
stock of wares they made a
record of apple-eating which
has hung tenaciously to their
names ever since. This proves
that sensational advertising is
sometimes lasting.
was a very patient advertiser
and today is known to the
whole Christian world. Had
he quit advertising when he
was ill he never would have
been successful. No doubt he
never suspected that even the
sound of his name would be
changed and used to classify
another class of advertising���
now known as Job Work.
Every man of consequence
now uses job work in varied
forms, and in these parts all
sensible  men   have it done at
t:he papstreak
where neat things are got up
at reasonable prices.
I'��� the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, map 3
map he important to the
The United States Reduction & Refining Company at Canyon City, Colorado, are working with a new process
by which they claim to be able to save
all values in zinc-lead ores. If the process is as successful as claimed it will
be a most important development for
the Slocan cimp, as ore carrying high
percentages of zinc is now penalized 50
cents a unit on all zinc contents over 8
per cent. 1 he Canyon City smelter
works on an entirely new principle.
Instead of melting the zinc-lead contents and running off the values in a
molten form, the metal is super-heated
from the liquid into a volitile state and
the fumes arrested in long hotizontal
flumes stuffed with sacking and natural
wool, thru which the valueless smoke
will pass, but in which all mineral
contents are saved. The fumes are
collected, refined and oxidized and the
lead and zinc are sold as oxides of lead
or white lead for painting purposes.
The plant is working satisfactorily
and was recently absorbed by the
Ore Shipments.
The ore shipments  from  Sandon for
the month of April were:
Sunset    39 tons
Star 192 Ions
American Boy  41 tons
Reco  20 tons
Last Chance  20 tons
The Whitewatei   mine shipped 172
tons during the month.
All the old reliable spring remedies
for that tired feeling can be found at
the liquid refreshment dispensary of the
Kootenay Hotel.
If you want
Groceries of
the best quality
that the market
affords send in
your orders to
1 hi 1������ii
I am offering for sale at a sacrifice the Sandon Steam Laundry
situated on Cody Avenue. Doing
good business. Cash or time to
the right parties.
e,v*.n*^&f*mmw*mMBmmmmt*jmf*ms*xrMm-v~*mi*tMirAm0*rii jh - ���,"^c*'ak<
F. L. Christie,
L. L.  B.,
. Patterson.
Handles Green Goods,
M. L. Grimmett4
L. L. B.,
E. A. BROWN, M. E.
Underground Surveys
and Examinations, Development and Assessment Work. Surveys
and Estimates made for
SANDON    -   -   -    B. C.
Pants are simply a covering for the legs.
Trousers are a stylish and correct part of
a stylishand correct suit.     Our price?
$3.50 to $6.00
pants, a Bollar a Zeg.
(Seats free.)
11 ���     *9mmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmi mm*
Ease Up
With a Pair of
President Suspenders
XLhe hardest Work Becomes Easp.
fbighlp IRecommended bp
Wo friction when Stooping, Works
Zike Ball Bearings for saleonlp bp
XLf)e 1bunter*1ken6rick Co., Zimited
p. Bums & Co.
Not the Kind the Farmers Buy
in New York
But the Kind Farmers Sell in
Receioed Eccrq Dau.
The Lucious Pie Plant is now in season. Try some of our stock. Green
Onions, Fresh Lettuce, Spinich and
several other brands of agricultural
Ibead Office,
Ulelson, B. C.
TReco Bvenue,
Sandon, B. C.
Bealers 3n
of all


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