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The Paystreak Aug 2, 1902

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 ' A
Book 6
Sandon, Mugust 2, 1902
Chapter 45
| ^000000000000000000000000%
A. D. Sykes of Vancouver was a
| rubberneck this week.
Fred Bailey, second baseman of the
I Sand on nine, is going to locate at Pilot
I Hay.
W. E. Zwicky, superintendent of the
JRambler-Cariboo, was in lown
A. J. Curie, K. & S. land commissioner, Kaslo, was doing business in
Jandon, Tuesday.
Rev. W. D.   Misner of Kaslo held
.'ivicos in Sandon last  Sunday.    Rev.
J. Maclntyre preaching in Kaslo.
Captain Kane of Revelstoke visited
Sandon, Wednesday.    The captain was
[lie original locator of the townsite of
No   matter   how   poor   people are,
hearty every one can afford  to keep a
air of horses���one for clothes, and the
)ther for wood.
William Twiss came up from Kaslo
in Saturday to meet his sister, who has
^een spending a month al  Banff,  and
ft for home Sunday.
W. H. Sleeves, the weed pedler of
Vancouver, and E. Ferguson, the booze
lender of Nelson, were giving Sandon
jaloon men the glad hand this week.
Charles Cliffe arrived home Monday,
yiiile in the east he did not change
le political situation in Ontario. Premier   Ross   still   retains  his majority
W. E. Hodder, inland revenue officer
Kaslo, paid Sandon a  visit on  Sun-
friy on business connected with the de-
lrtment, and to see what a  real   live
vn looked like.
Hon E. G. Prior, minister of mines
)J acting premier, is making a tour
iru the Kootenay country, and will
pit Sandon shortly upon business in
Innection with his department.
[F. H. Hawkins, who  was assistant
aver ;it the  Hall's  Mines smeller,
'son, has taken over the assay  plant
��� he   late  Howard  West, and   will
frrv on the business for the executor.
Archie McDougall and Angus Mac-
I>nald, who have been doing assessment work on their property on Twclve-
jile, returned to town last Saturday,
|nd report the claim has all the
jurmarks of a mine.
The beer brewed at the Sandon
ewry is superior to any beer brewed
Hritish Columbia. The Paystreak's
Innking editor, and he's an artist at his
justness, has sampled it, and pronounces it the genuine article.
Guide Andy Grierson piloted a party
|f young people to Bear lake last Sun-
jiy, where they spent the day fishing.
[lie catch for the dav was small; but
'Jinewhere between Pat Burns' butcher
flop and the lake they caught  a duck.
Nelson is situated at the head of
pvigatibn on Kootenay river. It's the
ply time it ever got ahead of anything
-when it got head of navigation. And
citizens point proudly to the rugged
Jges   where   navigation   was  rudely
roken off, some years back.
Miss Smith of Moosomin, N. VV. T.,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. Bewley.
The Sandon junior freaks are playing
ball today with the Denver aunty-phats.
Colonel Brayton, P. Walsh and J. L.
Retallack were taking gapings in town
W. J. Macdonald, merchant of
Whitewater, paid a flying visit to
Sandon, Wennesdav.
Ernest Stein is expected to arrive
from Portland, Oregon, to take over
the bakery of R. B. Patterson.
P. H. Murphy of the Filbert took
advantage of the excursion rates and
visited his properly at Pilot Bay.
Mrs. Folliott left for Rossland on
Thursday, where she intends residing
for a time with her uncle, W. H. Bell.
Mrs. (captain) D. S. McMorris of
Nelson, Mrs. (captain) Seaman of Kaslo
and Mrs. George Losby of Lethbridge,
were visitors this week.
The pealings of thunder Wednesday
scared a number of Crawford's pack
animals. Housekeepers ought to be
careful where they throw their peelings.
Dave Keir and Charlie Johnstone
returned from the Horsefly country,
Saturday. They report prospectors
bringing out lots of dusi���on their
On Thursday evening Mr. Anthony
Shilland, secretary of the Sandon
Miners' Union, was married to Miss
Anne Beck, by the Rev. R. J. Maclntyre. The Paystreak extends its
The fire brigade had a run Sunday-
night to the assay office of F. H.
Hawkins, next to lhe Paystreak. A
gasoline lamp had exploded and the
room was in flames. Hose was attached to Byers' hydrant, and in a short
time the flames were extinguished.
R. Hood says he overheard lhe following conversation on lhe steamer
Kaslo coming from Nelson: Ainsworth
Girl���"Oh, dear! I wish l had somewhere to rest my head." Kaslo Lass
���"Gosh, durn it ! I wish I had somewhere to rest my feet." And Hoodsy
adds, "she was right there with the
goods���number threes,   I don't think."
Death of Thomas B. Folliott
Sandon lost one of ils most respected
citizens on Saturday morning, July
26th, in the death of Alderman 1 nomas
B. Folliott. For some time he had
not been feeling well; in fact since
January lasl he was known to be a
victim of Bright's disease. He purposed closing up business at an early
dale, taking a trip east and having, if
necessary, an operation performed, but
there seemed no immediate cause for
alarm. On Friday he was about his
work as usual, but on Saturday was
suddenly taken sick and was unconscious from 9 o'clock to 11:30 o'clock,
when he peacefully passed away.
The funeral service, which was one
of the most largely attended ever held
in Sandon, was held in the Methodist
church at 7:30 Tuesday morning, con
ducted by Rev. R. J. Mclntyre. The
church was packed to the doors, and
was but an intimation of the esteem
in which the deceased was held. Such
an outburst of sympathy has seldom, if
ever, been seen in Sandon. After service the corpse was borne to the train
and taken to New Denver, lollowed by
a large number of friends, where it was
interred in Denver cemetery.
The deceased was a man of quiet disposition, a gentle and devoted husband,
a kind and loving father, and a good
citizen whose keen sympathy was always given to any undertaking for the
welfare of the city. He leaves a widow
and daughter 5 years of age to mourn
his loss. The sympathy of the whole
city goes oul to these in their sad
Thomas B. Folliott was born near
Beaverton, Ontario, June 13, 1865.
From there in 1890 he removed to
Edmonton, N.W.T., where he lived for
about seven years. It was here in 1894
he married Miss Maud Munson, who
survives him. In November, 1897, he
came to Sandon, and about a vear later
entered into partnership with Alex
McMillan in the contracting and
building business, which has been very
successfully carried on. He was in
1901 elected alderman, in which capacity
he has ably and faithfully served the city.
No   Flies   on   the   Windy   City  as   a
Commercial Center
To show the amount of business
transacted and the medium of exchange
in Kaslo, we print the following story,
which has been worked off on another
camp, bul it actually happened in Kaslo:
It was in the morning hours of bake
day in Kaslo. The mingled odors of
fresh bread, pies and cookies floated out
ofthe open kitchen windows. From
one of the smaller houses on A avenue
came a bare-fooled 16-year-old girl in a
colorless calico dress, and slat sun-
bonnet. With lhe important air of a
heavy buyer she entered a Front street
store and handed across the counter a
blue teacup. The proprietor took the
cup and said in brisk tones: "Well,
Emmy, what does your ma want today?" "Please, sir, ma wants an egg's
worth of molasses," and she carefully
placed a large white egg on the counter.
From a stone jug a little molasses was
poured, and the cup set before the customer. " I'll be back in a little while
for some ginger," she said, as she took
her purchase. "Ma said to tell you the
black hen was on the nest." And the
buyer walked with dignity out of the
store door to her home.
The slaughter sale is still going on
at Atherton's. Catch on when you
a chance.
I    MINING   FLOAT.    ��
Silver, 52 &
Lead, ��ix,  12s, 6d.
Development work was commenced,
Thursday, on the Stranger, Jackson
Twenty men are now employed at the
American Boy, and 16 at ihe Trade
The Last Chance is steadily increasing
its force. Four more miners going to
work Thursday.
New York metal quotations: Lead,
quiet, at $4.12%. Copper, weak, at
$11.95 t0 $12.05.
The shipments this week were as
follows: Rambler 140, Whitewater 40,
Payne 40, Antoine 20, American Boy 20,
R. E. Lee 20, Bismarck 20. Total
300 tons.
After many delays, the announcement is now made that the construction
of the Marysville smelter in East
Kootenay will be pushed to early
��� The Silver Cup and Nettie L. mines
at Ferguson are now owned solely by
the English shareholders. The new
management will push wrork with renewed vigor.
W. Blakemore, M. E., thinks if the
strike is not immediately settled the
Coal Creek mines may be closed and
the town of Fernie ruined, as the mine
was so badly shaken up by the recent
explosion it may cave in.
The Mercury claim, situated above
the Payne mill, owned by Mayor Cunning and Albert David of Sandon and
H. Twigg of Denver, is going to be a
wonder. The paystreak is 18 inches.
Carbonates went 174 ounces in silver.
Two men have been at work nine
days, and have sacked 35 sacks of ore,
which will be shipped to Nelson.
 .Q, ���
Home, Sweet Home
A wireless received by the Paystreak
from Revelstoke states that Big Bill
Galliher, M. P. (mighty poor) is expected to arrive in the Stoke today.
The wireless man doesn't state whether
Bill is coming by freight, express or
walking.    Anyhow, we're glad he is
 �����. ���
Up at the Rambler
The Rambler-Cariboo at McGuigan,
presents a lively appearance these days,
Upward of 100 men are employed there.
Considerable work is being done on the
buildings, etc. The bunk-house, eating
factory, offices and mill, are being
dressed up���the painters putting on the
finishing touches. In fact every one
and everything around the mine "looks
good to me." The foremen wear biled
shirts, and muckers have been known
to go to work with paper collars and
gum boots on. It wouldn't surprise
the Paystreak to learn that miners were
down with appendicitis���just to be in
the swim with King Edward.
Don't     overlook   the   bargains  at
Atherton's. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Bugust 2
There are ninety and nine that live
and die
In want and hunger and cold,
That one may revel in luxury
And be wrapped in its silken fold;
The ninety and nine in their hovels bare,
The one in a palace with riches rare.
They toil in the fields,  the ninety and
For the fruits of our mother earth;
They dig and delve in lhe dusty mine,
To bring her hidden treasures forth,
And the wealth released by sturdy blows
To the hands of one forever flows.
From the sweat of their brows the desert
For the forests before them fall;
Their labors have built their humble
And cities with lofty halls;
But one owns cities and homes and
And the ninety and nine have empty
Dear God! how long will their wrongs
be dumb,
How long the hopeless strife,
Ere the hearts that die and the souls
Shall quicken in new born life;
And  the empty hands that toil from
Be clasped in a hand  that spans the
Ere the nights so dreary and dark and
Shall that glorious morning bring,
When over the world the victor's song
Of the ninety and nine shall ring;
And the echo afar from zone lo zone
Rejoice that labor shall have its  own ?
nature is an open book in her geological formations, her language is oftimes
as Greek to those who have conversed
with her in the Queen's English, and
this is why the most favorable indications and the broadest kind of hints are
not seen or taken advantage of by those
in search for the keys to her treasure
vaults. Asa matter of fact, nature is
no niggard in her deposits of the
precious metals, and these deposits
often exist in duplicate and even triplicate where the claim owner expects to
find nothing more than a single ledge,
the single vein. Instances are not uncommon where the value of a mine has
been more than doubled by the following of a stringer into a new ore body
in virgin ground; by breaking through
what was supposed to be one of the
walls of a known deposit into a blind
vein, the presence of which was not
even indicated at lhe grass-roots.
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands,
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Follow the Stringers as They Olten Lead
to Big Ore  Bodies.
It is an old saying that "straws show
the way the wind is blowing." We all
know that this is generally the case,
and many experienced mining men are
of the opinion that stringers often lead
to big ore bodies. Follow your ore is 1 opened up coal mines at Frank,
excellent advice to heed in lhe explor-|    The accident and strike have forcibly
Smelting in the Boundary Still Cramped
for Lack of Fuel.
Neither the British Columbia Copper
company's smelter at Greenwood  nor
Sunset smelter three miles below  has
been   running   for over three weeks.
Since the strike at Fernie no coke has
been regularly furnished by the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal company, and as soon
as the reserve of coke at  the smelters
was exhausted they were compelled  to
close down.    Since then the coal  company   has been  rich  in promises of a
regular coke supply, but the shipments
have been so sparse that the managers
of the smelters have refrained from renewing operations until there is some
assurance that a regular supply of coke
will   be   forthcoming.     The    Granby
company has been more fortunate.    Il
succeeded in getting coke from Fernie,
, Michel and also from the more recently
Special Attention to
the   Mining   Trade.
folliott & ti&cflxi Urn
Contractors and Builders.
Rough and Dressed Lumher, Coast
Flooring and Joint Finishing Lumber
Moulding, Etc.
Sash and Door on Hand to Order.
Factory on Main Street
ation of a prospect, and many instances
are not wanting where stringers from
the main vein have been investigated
and followed with most gratifying results. As a rule, no mining property
should undergo extensive development
work without first having been carefully examined and reported upon by a
competent expert and engineer. He
should lay down the lines of intelligent
exploration and his directions should be
followed in the main. In his decisions
he is largely guided by surface indications and conformations and yet with
development, it may be found that the
property in course of exploitation contains blind veins and ledges, some of
which may be stronger, larger and of
more value than the ore croppings at
the surface, and upon which development is in progress. It is a safe plan,
therefore, to pay attention to the
stringers branching off from the vein,
as they often connect with magnificent
bodies of mineral, the existedce of which
might never be known but for these
little feeders, so often ignored and
passed   by almost unnoticed.    While
drawn attention to the fact that the
mining and smelling industry is at
present almost dependent upon the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal company. There
is a strong movement on foot to bring
pressure to bear on lhe dominion government to either open up or lease its
coal measures in the Crow's Nest Pass.
It is stated on good authority that
the company purposely provoked the
strike to avoid forfeiture under contracts.
All in a Cubic Foot
A cubic foot of copper weighs 537
A cubic foot of gold weighs 1224
A cubic foot of iron weighs 456
A cubic foot of lead weighs 712
A cubic foot of silver weighs 655
A cubic foot of zinc weighs 449
A cubic foot of granite weighs 172
A cubic foot of tin weighs 468 pounds.
The Newmarket Hotel
The only up>tO'date Summer
Resort in the Slocan. ��% ��% ��%
Henry Stegc
fbalcpon %ot Springs
the Summer faesort of the
f^HE medical waters of Halcyon
K are the most curative in lhe
world. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and depart every Day.
Telegraph communication with all
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
The Denver.
Victor Kleinschmidt, Prop.
Rooms Large,  Neat, Clean,
Airy and Comfortable
Dining Room Service Unsurpassed.
Every Effort Made to
Comfort for the Guests.
Cody Avenue ���    :t
the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Bugust 2
They wear their breeches in their hoots,
Oul west;
Their jewelry's the sort that shoots,
Out west;
The men are toughs with lighting sand,
The women holy terrors, and
The girls are fresh to beat the band,
Out west.
There's   lightning  in   the  booze they
Out west;
The friendly glass they never clink,
Out west;
They fill it till it overflows
And raise it up beneath their nose,
And say, "Here's how!'" and down she
Out west.
The preachers get their Sunday tips,
Out west,
In faro b ink and poker chips,
Out west;
And Monday 'round the games they trot
And cash in the collection pot,
And buck the tiger, like as not,
Out west.
The maidens all wear cowboy hats,
Out west;
And wear no corsets on their slats,
Out west;
And when a lover seems to feel .
Too shy to make the sweet appeal,
Thev pull a gun and make him squeal,
Oat west.
The women vote the same as men,
Out west;
Preach politics with voice and pvn,
Out west;
And if a husband makes a play
To take the sacred right away
He grows bald headed in a Jay,
Out west.
And yet we love those ratty cranks,
Out west;
We get the gold to fill our banks,
Out west;
They dig it up in every yard.
And that is why we try so hard
To hold them in our high regard,
Out west.
Certificate of Improvements.
The Difference
Two newsboys were standing in front
of a Houston cigar store, when one of
them asked the other: "Have you got
three cents?" "Yes." "Well, I've
got two cents. Give us your three
cents, and I'll buy a five cent Havana
cigar." "All right," said No. 2, handing out the money. He enters the
cigar store, procures the cigar (on
credit possibly), lights it, and puffs
with a great deal of satisfaction.
"Come, now, give us a pull," said No.
2, "I furnished more than half of the
money." "1 know it," said the smoker;
"but, then, I'm president, and you're
only a stockholder, you know."
A lady, walking on a wharf at Vancouver, asked a sailor whom she met
why a ship was called "she." The son
of Neptune ungallantly replied that it
was because the rigging cost so much.
In Spokane a man cannot lake a
couple of chairs to a cabinet maker for
repairs without hearing such inquiries
as "Hit you with a chair, did she?"
An honest man is the scarcest work
of God.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District    Where located.    On
Washington  wngon   road,  about   three
miles front McGuigan.
TAKK NOTICE that I, David Stevenson
Wallbridge, acting as agent for S. K. Green,
Free Miner s Certificate No. BSUSt, and .1. W.
Power, Free Miner'K Certificate No. B5W47,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvement*, for the purpoM of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of July, A. D. 11K)2.
Application for Transfer of Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that thiity days
from date hereof ve. Hie undersigned, intend
to apply to tlie Liceu-e Commissioners of the
city of Sandon for a transfer to us of the
liquor license formerly held by Westerberg &
Gardner of the Palace Hotel.
Dated at Sandon this 7th day of June liioa.
To C S. Falls or any person or persons to
whom be mil v have assigned his interest in the
O. K. No i Mineral Claim, situated on Seaton
creek, and about two miles from Three Forks,
and lecorded in thi' Recorder's Office for the
Sloctin Mining Division.
Yon are hereby notified that we. the under-
signed, James Lowdon, Gust Johnson and
Margaret McCuaig, have caused to be expended
four hundred and ten dollars in labor und improvements upon the above mentioned
mineral olaitn under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, and if within ninety days from
the d'.te of this notice yon fail or refuse to
Contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising,
ymr in Fere t tn MM claim shall become the
property of the subscribers under section IV.
of an act entitled, "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, 190 I."
Dated at Sandon tin, -'.Mb day of July, liXhi.
To William McDonald or any person or
pei sons to whom he may have assigned
his interests in the Florence Mineral Claim.
lituated one mile and a quarter from New-
Denver, adjoining the Turris Mineral Claim
and registered in the Recorder's office for the
Slocan Mining Division.
Yon are hereby notified that we, the undersigned, T. W. Fitzgerald and J. A. Black,
have caused to be expended one hundred dollars in labor and improvements upon the
above-mentioned mineral claim under the
provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within
ninety days from the date of this notice you
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion
or such expenditure, together with all costs
of advertising, your interest in said claim
will become the property ofthe subscribers
under Section 4 of an Act entitled "An Act
to Amend the Mineral Aot,1fton."
Dated at Sandon this 88nl day of May 1902.
Beverage for single ladies���Pop. I
To Arthur Mullen or any person or person.,
to whom he may have assigned his interest iu
the Reliance Mineral claim, situated one
mile and a half from Three Forks, adjoining
the Hinklev Mineral claim and recorded in
the Recorder's office for the Slocan Mining
You are hereby notified that I, John Foster,
have caused to he expended one hundred and
two dollars and flirty  cents  in labor  and
improvements upon   the   above  mentioned
mineral claim under the provisions of  the
I Mineral    Act,  and    if within   ninety   days
! from  the   date  of  this   notice you fail  or
I refuse to contribute your proportion of such
expediture, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said claim will become
the property of the subscribers under section ���
I IV. of au act entitled "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, 1000.'' JOHN FOSTER.       |
Dated at Sandon this 10th day of J une, 1!K)2.     -
Hotel Slocan
Has Passed into New
Hands and will be Con/
ducted in such a Manner
as to Warrant your Pat/
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other puhlic entertainments.
For   bookings  write or wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,  Sandon  Miners'   Union
Sandon, B. C.
F. L. Christie,
L. L. B.,
M. L. Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
B. C.
Established 1895.
Sandon. B. 0.
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Stocks bought and sold. General agent for Slooan Properties
Promising  Prospects for  Sale.
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $i per month ; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
DR. VV. E. GOMM,   Attendant Physictan.
J. H. MCNEILL, Pres. Hospital Board.
I. O. O. F.
Meetings in the Union Hail every Friday
Evening at 7:30. Visiting Brethern coulially
invited to attend.
Secretary. Vice Grand.
A. F. & A. M,
Regular Communication held first Thurs
day in each month in Masonic Hall at 8 i\ U
Soionrning brethern are cordially invited to
JAMES M. BARTON, Secretary.
Sandon Cartage Co.
Mcpherson & hurley.
Express, Baggage,
and Callage.
Delivery to all  Parts of the City.
From Fort William,   the  favorite   summer
route to all eastern points.
For St.   Paul.   Duluth,   Sault   Ste    Mario
Chicago, etc.
Through Tourist Sleeping Cars
Leaves Dunmore Junction daily for St. Paul;
Kootenay Landing Tuesday and Saturday for
Toronto,'Montreal and all eastern points.
Leaves Revelstoke daily for Seattle and
Through bookings to Europe via all Atlantic
Prepaid tickets at lowest rates issued from
all European countries.
For rates and full particulars apply to local
agents or
R. B. McOammon.
Agent. Sandon
J. S. Carter E. J. Coyle,
D. P. A. A. G. P. A.,
Nelson, B. C.      Vancouver, B C.
i Vfr papemak, Sandon, X. C Bugnet 2
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription    -   -   -    -   $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
Wulum MacApams.   -   rubUsherana^opriHOT
Slocan is full ot scenery, but little
of it has been located by tourists.
The Paystreak has the strongest
company on earth behind it���the king.
Ed's coronation may not have as
many frills as were originally intended,
but it will do.
Pierpont Morgan says the kaiser
is a great man. Probably that was a
good lunch they had together.
There's no truth in the rumor
that Mr. Harry Tracy will be taken
into the Dunsmuir cabinet. He would
make a good minister���of highways.
Carrie Nation says she is getting messages from heaven. One
would think heaven would be a little
more particular in picking out people
to talk to.
A Miss Vining writes in an eastern paper concerning the growing drink
habit among the young women of the
east. This news is extremely shocking
to the west.
The great international game of
ping pong attracts more real interest
these days than politics.
"All things work together for
good to those who love the Lord."
This also applies to others.
Many capitalists are coming to
the Slocan, and Kaslo wastes energy
in trying to flag some of them.
Poor Tracy! It's ail off with the
picturesque outlaw. They have
started to write poetry about him.
The Rossland papers are making
as much fuss about burglaries as though
the office towels had disappeared in one.
Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage ;
The walls are brick, the bars are steel,
In this prosaic age.
Colonel Arthur Lynch, now in
an English prison, was the correspondent during the Boer war for an
American paper. It is not for this
Lynch is in jail.
Presidents Jim Hill and Mellen
have accepted invitations to address
the farmers of Washington. Mr. Tracy
was not invited, possibly because he
has tor some weeks past been enjoying
the hospitality of the farmers of that
The Lord's Day Alliance bigots
say they don't want Toronto to become
a New York or a Chicago on Sunday.
They want to see it a Nelson or a
Kaslo. This small clique is making
Toronto, on a Sunday, a place in which
it is intolerable to live.
The power of capital can work
wonders, even to filling Fernie with
policemen, while other towns are left
Justice, unalloyed with mercy, is
a coin that does not ring right to a
soul that rises above the baser passions
of this errth.
A tourist climbed to the top of
the glacier across from New Denver
the other day, and nearly went insane
with the pleasure that the sight of so
much magnificent scenery gave him.
In the future that glacier will have its
beauty praised in every land under
the sun.
The sultan of Zanzibar is now
dead. At last he accomplished the
only really important achievement of
his whole career.
The Dominion revenue from
Chinese immigrants for the year ending
June 30th amounts $264,972, compared
with $178,7:4 during the previous year.
The poll-tax last year was increased
from $50 to $100. The number who
paid the tax was 2526, compared with
2518 in 1901.
The Ladysmith Leader says that
Jim Dunsmuir should receive from the
king at the very least a knighthood.
As Jim owns nearly all of Vancouver
Island the king should confer the title
Monarch of All he Surveys.
The maharajah of Japur, an
Indian ruler, is now visiting in Europe.
He travels with a suite comprising 20
dignitaries and 123 servants. The
baggage of the party weighs 50 tons.
Different with the editor of this great
family journal when he visited the
slope. He only had one valet, and
their baggage weighed one pound
one and one-half ounces (Troy weight.)
County Jail, Victoria (Cell 4;
Top  Flat),   today.���Now  that  1 ijj
safely settled   in   the  king's boarding
house   and   my  dates  are  kindly arranged by the supreme court,   1" sun-
pose it is about  up to me to write a
few lines*    A 1 it tie description of what
it feels like to be in jail and what the
supreme court looks like at close raiure
would probably   be  apropos (I  think
that's the word, I left my dictionary on
the  ink  keg);  but  I will begin at the
When my friend the sheriff landed
in   Sandon   on   Monday,  July 14, he
went to the postofiice and got his warrant   by   registered   mail.    Then  he
ricocheted  around  town  a while and
enquired of several of the most peaceful looking inhabitants if 1  was liable
to offer any resistance and  whether 1
generally   carried  a   Hotchkiss gun.
Being assured by disinterested parties
that I was not liable to shoot  without
warning he advanced on the printing
palace in a large   body  (21S pounds)
from the south and entered by the stieet
door.    When   I   gave  him   the glad
hand and assured him that I was ready
to start any time he could produce the
transportation, he seemed considerably
relieved.    Then he  produced his warrant   and   I   experienced   the  exciting
sensation of being under arrest.
But to digress:    In applying tor
this    warrant    the    deputy    attorney
general, I am told, notified the supreme
court that this man MacAdams would
be arrested "if he could be found in the
country."    His object   in  getting off
such   a   scurriluous  and   unnecessary
insult is not very plain, especially when
he had never  seen   the   man.    But01
course he is the deputy attorney general.
However, that has nothing to do
with thc story.    After leaving Sandon
we   had   a  very   pleasant  trip.    i'ie
sheriff is a good side partner on a tour,
a resourceful conversationalist, a pretty
good rustler and not very hard to keep
track of, altho I was a little afraid once
or twice he would get lost and 1 would
have to meet the supreme  court without my sheriff.
At Nakusp we started meeting
people, and from there to Revelstoke
that was our continuous occupation.
just meeting people. It is surprising
sometimes how many people you wi
meet on a trip like that.
At Revelstoke we failed to connect
with the Imperial,  or  rather  the 1'"*
perial failed to connect with us, so
had to stay over night, and get up
4 o'clock in the morning to catch
train.    This is the earliest  1 ever g
up in all my life, altho I have a brotne
who once stayed up till hall pastttir^
Before   leaving    Revelstoke the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Bugust 2
started meeting people again. Among
others I met Harry Edwards, my old-
time partner in trampology. Harry
and I came into B. C. by the side door
Pullman route pretty nearly seven
years ago. Harry has been working
ever since, and never got arrested;
which proves that life is real, life is
earnest and the gaol is not its goal,
altho virtue is its own reward and
things are not what they seem, notwithstanding the chips that pass in the night.
A little later farther down the litre we caught
up with "Weary Willie," who had been visiting
friends in Kamloops. He came along thru to
Vancouver and has not been arrested yet.
From Cragalachie to Vancouver sheriff Tuck
surveyed on the construction of the C. P. R. and
be related many thrilling reminiscences regarding
the scenes we passed.
In Vancouver we meet alt kinds of people and
missed the boat. We were traveling as king
Edward's special guests, but as the steamboat
company didn't know that they did not wait.
However, we had the whole British empire backing
us so we could afford the delay.
We left Vancouver Thursday afternoon and
arrived in Victoria Thursday night about io o'clock.
Then lhe fun commenced. The sheriff's warrant
required him to produce me (dead or alive) before
the supreme court at the earliest opportunity. Of
course the supreme court wasn't in session at 10:10
p.m.���that is, not in judicial session���and there was
our old obese sheriff of South Kootenav with a
desperado on his hand and no place to put him.
The deputy attorney general evidently was taking
no chances of losing an officer, as he had no one
in sight to meet the wild man from the hills, so
after gropeing around in an official uncertainty as
to what he should do, the sheriff finally decided to
take me to the county jail. 1 offered to stay at lhe
Driard,   but   he  had it  put  up that   1 should be
handled about the same way as a stage robber or
a man killer. It is doubtful if the Driard man
would have let me in anyway. If he harbored the
same superstition as the balance of Victoria folks
he would probably fear that I would show up in
the morning with a deed to his place. So I was
hustled off to the county gaol and chucked behind
the bars in close proximity lo my friend the burglar
and other similar characters, of whom I will write
more laler.
As the warrant which the sheriff produced did
not call for my confinement in a dungeon before
trial this part of thc proceedings was obviously
irregular and gives me good ground for an action
against the province. Some day when I happen to
need a million or two 1 will just enter suit and
recover the amount from British Columbia. That
would be much nicer lhan the Victoria system of
working the legislature for a grant of land.
Next morning deputy sheriff Sidall came around
for me and conducted me to the court house.
While I was waiting for the machinery of the law
to get into action I discovered that in the eyes of the
audience I was a Mollie McGuire, a Nihilist, a gun-
carrying bad man from the hills and (dear God, but
this was the most unkindest cut of all) an American
citizen. When I assured the rubbernecks thai I
never was in Patterson, New Jersey, nor lhe Coeur
d'Alenes, didn't know where the H.iymarket was,
had forgotten both the Clan Na Gael grip and the
Maffia passward, and positively didn't have an
inch of fuse about my clothes, the gang seemed
very much put out, like a bevy of chawleys who
had paid a dollar and six bits lo see a leg show and
learned too late lhat the living picture was on strike.
As I am not acquainted with court procedure, lhe
system looked a trifle odd to me.
There was no jury.
No witnesses.
No lawyer except my friend the deputy.
No official court stenographer.
And 1 was answering to the full court for a
contempt against it. ,
My kind friend, the deputy attorney general,
started the ball rolling. He related the awful fact
thai I was editor of The Paystreak,  and  produced
Mr. Sandilands' affidavit to show that lhat was no
lie. I have been trying to get hold of a copy of
that affidavit of Sandilands, but some way or
another it seems non-come-atable. However I will
remember the favor and may be able some day to
assure my kind friend that I have not forgotten it.
The deputy attorney general then read a few
lines from The Paystreak and dwelt long and
knowingly on a precedent, something about a man
in Toronto who made a public speech and got 30
days, or words to that effect. I don't know who
the man was, but I hope he is not in jail yet. After
this he quoted from several volumns of law, but 1
did not hear Blackstone's name mentioned. Then
the court asked me what 1 had to say for myself.
I got up to declare myself. I related the fact
lhat the particular case in point of which I had
been accused of commenting on, had not yet got to
trial, altho action had been started many, many
moons ago. I stated the relative difference in
financial standing of thc litigants, and dwelt on the
catastrophe which overtook victims of the law's
delays. From this I was leading up to a statement
of why I published the article in question, when the
chief justice volunteered the information that what
I was saying was entirely irrevalent. Had nothing
to do with lhe case, whatever.
He reminded me that I was there because I
had stated lhat the court was corrupt.
I admitted that I had overshot the mark, and
consequently owed the court an apology and was
willing to retract the statement.
About this time judge Walkem said: "I do
not suppose any judge cares what you say."
This being the case, of course talking was a
waste of breath, so I sat down.
I learned my fale in thirty minutes.
Nine months.
And bonds of $1000. Four of them at $250
each.    Failing to produce which, one year more.
Wouldn't that jar you. hritish justice and it
is 5000 miles to the nearest port in Russia.
1 have been reflecting recently on the blessed
liberty of the press; also I have some interesting
romances about my friend the burglar. 1 will write
more later. William MacAdams.
The Pioneer and Leading Tailoring Always Carries a Complete Stock of
Esta lishment of the Slocan. Imported Suitings and Pantings
Material,  Fit and Workmanship
Fully Guaranteed
If he is Decked in Shoddy, Sweat Shop Goods
Assay His Character and You will Find Him a
Shoddy Man.    If he has the Lael on His Garments
He is Sterling.    So are the Garments.
Stores at Sandon and Slocan dtp.
B Full Zine of Furnishings Carried at Both Stores.
No Flies on You.
If you use our Screen Doors,
Screen Windows, Wire Cloth
and other devices for protection agaiust flies.
Liue in Comfort
During the summer months.
Our stock of Fly Arresters is
H. Byers & Co.
Fresh   Lettuce and  Rasp-
berries at
. ���*-***i(
I the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Bugust 2
Prices Cut and Slashed in a Ter-
rible Manner.
For the next Thirty Days we will give you clothing and underwear at Bedrock Prices. We have no
Respect for Cost or Value.
Come in and Stock yourself up with Socks,
Shirts, Underwear and Ready Made Clothing. i his
is a Genuine Clearing Sale for Financial Purposes.
Take a look at the Bargains in our window.
Here is a Sample of our Prices.
Socks, three pair for 50 cents.
Best American Overall 85 cts.
Hip  Rubber   Boots,    leather
soled and nailed, $7.50.
California Flannel Underwear
$2.00 per suit.
Rubber Coats, $3.00 per coat.
Good WTorking Shirts 50 cts. each
Underwear, all wool, $1.25 a suit
Best vStetson Hats S5.00
Working Gloves, American Calf.
25 cents per pair.
Fancy Stripped Balbriggan I n-
derwear, $1.00 per suit.
Linnen Towels 25 cents per dozen
Miners Shoes $1, $2 and $3
������A J '���.
you will never have Bnother Opportunitp
tike this.
E. R. ATHERTON CO,, LIMITED. the Papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Bugust 2
VVe have no cookless kitchen now,
The horseles age is due;
Brave man is gelling hairless and
He'll soon be toothless, too.
The loveless wedding common, oh
The childless flat is here;
The waislless maiden comes  and goes,
And shows the ringlessear.
A pities* hell's established for
The heartless, and I'll bet
That up in heaven we shall find
The wingless angel yet.
Twas a Hard Tug.
Jaggsby (1:30 a.m.)���Now, don't
scold, my dear, I know its rather late,
but I had a hard tug of it. Mrs. Jaggsby
���Yes, I've got a picture of your tug.
How m.iny schooners did you pull over
the bar with it ?
Ruby Has Fallen
Ruby Marion, a member of the Telephone Girl" company now playing at
Denver, Colorado, has renounced the
stage and joined thc Salvation Army.
Her jewels and her bank account will
be turned into funds to aid her in her
work. She intends, in future, she
says, to atone for her life of levity
spent in playing lhe cornet and doing
d uice turns.
Honors an American
A pair of American women, just returned from the Phillippines, brot with
them a pair of bead-bedecked trousers
which were obtained in a rather startling way. One of lhe women, who
lived many years in Samoa, found that
she could converse readily in Samoan
with one oi the Filipino chiefs. The
chief whom she addressed threw up his
hands in surprise. "What," said he,
"does the white maiden talk our language?" and he promptly asked her
the Samoan equivalent for "What can
1 do for you?" She told him in her
sweetest Samoan how much she admired lhe headwork on their garments,
and how much she would like to buy
a piece of it, to take back to her own
country. "No," said the chief, with a
loudly wave of the hand, "you shall
not buy; you shall not buy; you shall
take this as a gift." Whereupon he
quickly removed his trousers and
handed them over with the unblushing
grace of a child of nature.���San Francisco Argonaut.
<Bet on the Snside of an Hlp*to*date
Summer Suit.
It does not cost any more to wear good clothes
than poor ones. The only difference is where
you do your purchasing.
If you want
Groceries of
the best quality
that the market
affords send in
your orders to
The Denver Hotel is the only place
in the Slocan where you can get a good
square meal for 25 cents.    Try it once.
If you   want a  good,   well   cooked
meal, try the Denver hotel.
Eat Fruit
We are Wight Uheve with the Goods
all the TClme.
If there is anything you want in the Ready-
Made Clothing line, Hats, Neckties or Shoes
you can find it on our shelves.
The only Indo-Ceylon
Tea on the market having
two qualities combined.
Try one pound and be convinced.
&he f>untev*1kendrick Co., Zimited
That is the best way to
retain your health. All
medical authorities agree
�� '% that the people who eat
;i-��� most fruit and vegetables
are the most healthy.
There is no reason why you
should not do so as
Gale's BX
Is the best Tonsorial   Establishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral Building Main St.
The Union
Bakery and Grocery
Receives daily shipments
from Okanagan and Walla
Walla. A Fresh supply
always on hand.
p. 3Burns & Co.
mead Office,
melson, B.C.
meco Bvenue,
Bealers Sn
of all
I       .
\     tl
; *
'  t",,*    Jjin the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Bugust 2
Victoria, August I���[Special.]���
The Supreme Court set William MacAdams free today. Billy will be home
next week.
Nelson Had the Lead Pipe Cinch in the
Baseball Tournament.
The baseball games  at  Nelson  between Sandon,   Rossland  and  Nelson
turned out a  fizzle,    it  was arranged
that each of the competing  teams  had
to  play only  local   men,  and that the
draw for matches should take  place on
the grounds when the teams arrived.
Instead of this Nelson brot in men from
Spokane,   Rossland.    Northport    and
elsewhere, and the drawing  took place
in the absence of the competing teams.
Of course  the  drawing  part   was all
right for the   Nelson   boys, as it   gave
them   the   cinch  on  second   money if
Rossland skinned   Sandon.    And  then
the $80   guaranteed   Sandon   for   expenses   was   thot   loo   much and  the
general  freight  agent  of the  tournament cut it down to $50.   The game
between  Sandon    and   Rossland   was
scheduled for   10:45   Friday  morning,
but the boat with Sandon players on did
not   arrive   in Nelson till   11   o'clock.
After arriving the boys went  up  lown
to   look    for    the    manager   of    the
tournament  (there being no one at the
wharf to  meet   them)   but  could  not
locate  him.    Miortly   afterwards  they
were besieged by about  110^   messenger hoys, who told them lo hurrv  and
gel to the grounds  as everything  was
in readiness for lhe game.    The  manager of the Sandon team  went  to the
grounds  and  tried to explain matters
lo an excited   mob,  but  the    Nelson
crowd wouldn't listen to  him;  all   the
satisfation he could get, "you're a
"go   away   back   and sit down," etc.
He then wanted to draw on the ground
to see who would play and  if Sandon
was drawn against Rossland he  would
have   his   team   on   the  field  in  five
minutes; but no, it was different  with
Nelson.    At last umpire Jimmy  Neel-
ands pulled  out   his  Waterbury  clock
and  said  he  would  give  the Sandon
team five minutes to play ball,  and the
boys   forfeited   to Rossland.      In   the
evening Sandon and  Rossland  played
an xhibition game and our  bovs  were
defeated by 22 to 10.
The Nelson boys were afraid to take
an even draw on the grounds.
The Sandon team forgot to thank
Nelson for the loan of a dead man.
The Paystreak don't like to mention
who is to blame for the fizzle, but it's
Plunger Charlie  Ink went broke on
the  Rossland-Nelson  game.    He  lost
five hundred���mills.
The Nelson bawlers met our boys at
the wharf and xtended to them the
freedom of the city.    Nice fellows (nit).
Bre you Well Bressed 7
5f not, Bre you milling to be!
Cameron thc Tailor makes a business of turn inn nut
clothes which are stylish and up-to-date in every particular. His goods are worth the money and the workmanship is guaranteed. Keep these facts in mind when
you want anew suit for the summer. It does not cost
any more to have your clothes cut by an artistic cutter
and put together by first-class workmen.
^. 5K. & S>. Gameron,
Merchant bailors,
meco Bve., Santon
Neat, Clean and Comfortable Rooms. Wines, Liquors and Cigars, thc
Accomodations Unexcelled. B��st that Moneu. can Bui).
First Class Dining Room Sernice.
American and European Plan.
i a
All the Sandon players are hard
working men, the majority of them
being employed in mines, and never
have a chance to practice at ball.
The editor of the weakly guttersnipe
printed every Saturday in Nelson,
gave the Sandon boys quite a roast;
but then no harm will come from the
all the|artjcje as lne weakling has no circula-
ifraid," tion, and its influence is correspondingly
small.    The editor is a golf player.
The Anaconda mine in Montana in
the largest single producer of copper is
the world. Its annual production is
about 100,000,000 pounds.
Powers contained in two certain iinlan-
tur6n of mortgagee which will ho produced at
the time of the sale, there will tie offered lor
mile by public auction, by S P, Tuck,
auctioneer, in front of the Office of the said
S.P Tuck, in the city or Nel m . 1 riHsh Columbia, on Wednesday, the 27th day ol August.
A.D., 1908. at the hour of 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, the following property:
That certain lot or parcel of land in tho city
of Sandon known as lot 4, in block 5, Map
CO!) "A."
On the said property is situated the frame
building known as the "Balmoral," containing a Halqon and barber shop.
For terms and conditions of sale and nny
luvther information apply to the undersigned.
Solicitor for Mortgagee, Atherton Block, Main
street, Sandon, B. C.
Dated this 20th day of July, 1!>02.
JUU Similkameen Valley Coal Company, at
ten cents per share cash.
Chartered accountant, Nelson,
Repairing is our Speciality
But we also
carrp a fine
line of Oentle
men's Shoes
est stples.
Miners boots made on demand,
Will stand more wear than anpwo
pair of factorp make.  Made to fit the feet
Louis Hupperten Main Street
New York Bretory
Totogood & Bruder, Proprietors.
Brewers off Fine Lager Beer
Special attention  given to our rapidly increasi a
-r0th of us will
bottle  trade.    Give  it a trial.    Both
make by it.    We a little.    You  much
hear   from   you.     Telephone,   24,   Denver
Silverton.    Worden   Bros.,   agents, Slocan
Let us
British Columbia


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