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The Paystreak Jul 13, 1901

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 * I ,
Mrs. Wm. Bennett left  yesterday for
,i visit to Halcyon.
Vivian   McCune arrived  in the city
yesterday from the south.
The provincial government is putting
a trail up Wilson creek.
The huckleberry crop in the Slocan
lake region is being harvested.
German concerts at the brewery are
becoming the popular society fad.
Norman McLellan is expected back
from his eastern tour on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Alexander paid
��� Sandon a brief visit on Wednesday.
John Faredy is opening the cross
roads hotel in the Washington basin.
George Ii. Knowles spent a few days
at the Halcyon Hot Springs this week.
The ore shipments for the entire
Slocan district  for this year total 1200
Work has been resumed on the building of the Silver Mountain road at Nvw
Dr. A. Milloy spent the week at the
Reco hotel practicing his  profession of
H. H. Pitts was in town for a couple
of days this week, returning to Nelson
on Thursday.
Tlie recent sultry weather is driving
the snowline up the hills and humanity
to the water front.
The force at the Hewitt is being enlarged again. The tramway will be
handling ore in a few days.
The annual meeting of the Rambler-
Cariboo takes place at the company's
office in Kaslo on July 30th.
Wednesday, the 10th, was pay day
at the Payne, Star, Cjueen Bess and
others ofthe larger properties.
Hrucc White, Byron Sharpe and Roy
Sharpe were in town Thursday to attend the Culver-White nupitals.
W. G. Roger and J. C. Winter, who
have been prospecting in the Lardeau,
are spending this week at the coast.
Ward Macdonald returned on Wednesday from the Halcyon Springs,
where he has been spendin a week's
Billy Newell returned on Wednesday
from the Boundary country. He has
been residing in Phoenix for a few
Buffalo excurs'on tickets are now
being sold by the K. & S. good for 60
days. Previously the tune limit has
been 30 days.
Fred Garner, cl ef and culinary specialist, returned on Tuesday from the
east, having visited Buffalo, Detroit
and Cleveland.
Charlie Bennett of the Kaslo house
ot H. Byers & Co., is in town for a few
days exercising his. ingenuity in the
tinsmithing line.
J. P. Graves says that the lead refinery
will be built in. Nelson and that unless
s��me other party embarks in the enter-
prize in the near future that his company will take it up.
Capt. Thompson and Kx-cpngress-
man Jones of Spokan were iu town
during the early part of the week visiting the Wondeful.
The Ruth company has a couple of
men doing surface work on the Lone
Star fraction, between the Ruth and
the Star properties.
L. J. Bourassa, who has been running a photograph art gallery in Three
Forks, intends closing business there
and moving to the coast.
The management of the Halcyon
Springs intend giving a tennis social
and a summer hop during the last week
of July or the first week of August.
Jas. Vallance has had his house
painted in colors that h.irmonize with
the idealistic mountain scenery which
surrounds the Silver Citv of the Slocan.
George Hambly and his partner,
D. C. Lindsay are applying for a Crown
grant for their Lemon creek property,
the G. H. It is considered a valuable
The trains on many of the C. P. R.
branches are late in arriving these
days and freight service is much behind. The trackmen's strike is responsible.
Sidney Hambly returned from Toronto and Buffalo on Saturday last and is
again at the Hewitt mine where he
guards the sacred flame which heats
the range.
The Kelly Merry Makers will appear
in the Union Opera House on Thursday
July 25th. They come well recommended as clean and vivacious vaudeville artists.
John McKenzie will leave about the
end ofthe month for the land ofthe
heather. He intends to see the Glasgow exhibition and visit his old home
in Scotland.
Lost���A gold brooch, on Cody Ave.
or the K. & S. track. Any parties
finding the same will confer a favor
and receive a reward by leaving the
it at this office.
The Slocan and Silverton football
teams will play off for that silver
trophy in Slocan City this afternoon.
Sandon will play the winners about the
end ofthe month.
Yesterday, July 12th, was the anniversary ofthe battle of Aughrim, which
is celebrated by orangemen and others
as a token of the lasting properties of
religious antipathy.
Willie Sheritt left on Thurday for
Nelson to commence work in his new
field of operations with the Bank of
Commerce in Nelson. Mr. Carmichael
of Toronto succeeds him  here.
"Cayuse" Brown,  an  old-time prosector in the Slocan  lake country, died
in Slocan City this  week.    The coroner's jury  brot   in a   verdict  indicating
that his demise was due to bad whisky.
The Junior Freaks are making arrangements with the New Denver base
ball juniors to play a game on the New
Denver grounds on Tuesday next.
Chas. L. Culver is a patron of the
Junior Freaks to the extent of supplying them with suits. It is rumored
that the kids took advantage of Charlie's
modesty to blackmail him.
Andy Wallace of New. Denver will
build the Gr.ady hotel at St Leon Hot
Springs. The building and furnishings
will cost $25,000 and it is intended to
be a complete and modern summer resort.
J. P. Miller, who is foreman for
Ernest Mansfield, has a force at work
on the Joker claim in Camp Mansfield.
The property has been pumped out
and put in shape for an extensive summer's operalons.
Percy Johnston and Dave Hope went
over to Fish Creek yesterday to ^locate
some of that free gold which is creating
all the excitement in the Lardeau camp.
Percy says he is ready to take the gold
cure on the free milling basis.
"Little Sammy" Lloyd has added a
high pressure ice cream freezer to his
plant at the Filbert Cafe and he now
takes contract-* to inoculate his customers with the common-sense antidote for
that tired feeling which hot weather
John L. Retallack has taken a lease
and bond on the Washington and has
put a small force to work. Retallack
is one of the principle stockholders of
the Washington. A deal for the property was talked of not long ago bul has
not been consumated.
"Shady" Giegerieh turned amateur
fireman on Sunday last. Cinders from
the K. &. S. locomotive set the depot
on fire and a cheerful blaze had started
on the roof, when "Shady" with his
two-inch hose appeared on the scene
and averted a conflagration.
Mike McAndrews, a land mark in
the neighborhood of Sandon, has moved
to Nelson to make his headquarters
there. Mike was sick for many months
and he attributes his recovery to the
health restoring properties ofthe Mount
View Sanitarium in Spokan.
John W. McKane, who ran for the
Dominion house on the conservative
ticket last fall, is operating mining
properties in the Lardo-Duncan country. He has a silver lead proposition
at Argenta which promises to make
him rich enuf to buy several parliaments.
The first shipment of clean ore that
has been made from the Noble Five for
many years was made on Wednesday
when a car of high grade stuff was
was sent out over the K. &. S. The
ore was taken from the chute recently
openened up thru the Last Chance
Wm. Rowen intends to leave about
the end of the month for the copper
mining country of New Ontario, w^bich
he believes will eventually become a
great mineral producer. Billy's extensive experience in the mining camps
of the west should place his services at
a premium in that country.
Fred Smith, traveller for W. J. Gage
& Co., the largest stationery house in
Canada and one of the largest in the
world, was in town yesterd.ay for his
firm. Fred says that business in the
Kootenay is not very brisk, but his
orders for the province on this trip
over-run the corresponding trip of last
year. As Gage's business is largely
with the newspaper profesh, this is a
significant indication of a revival.
Chas. L. Culver and Elizabeth White
were married at the home of the bride's
sister, Mrs. Thos. M. Sharpe, on
Thursday evening. Members ot the
family and a few invited guests were
present and after die ceremony the band
extended its congratulations with a
musical serenade. Rev. J. A. Ferguson of the Presbyterian church was the
officiating clergyman.
Nakusp House Burned.
The Nakusp house, occupied by Mrs.
Manuel, was completely destroyed by
fire on Wednesday morning. The fire
is supposed to have originated from a
defective stovepipe. Most of the furniture and stock was saved. The
building was owned by Mr. U. S.
Thomas.    Loss about $1500.
The L. 0. L.
A meeting ofthe Loyal Orange Lodge
was held in the lodge rooms of the
order yefterday afternoon in commemoration of the battle of the boiling water.
Last night a social was held in the
reading room of the Methodist church
which the L. O. L. attended in a body.
Altho Sandon was unrepresented at the
great Vancouver gathering, the glorious
12th was fittingly celebrated by the
followers of King William at home.
Freight Rates Maq be Reduced.
There is a rumor in railroad circles
that a serious disturbance in transcon-
tinental freight rates may be precipitated by the Santa Fe road, which
will have some effect in lowering
freight rates to inland points. Rates
for inland points are usually made up of
the sum of the terminal or Coast rates
plus the local rate to the inland point,
and lowering the terminal rate would
make a considerable reduction to interior points." It is rumored that the
Santa Fe will slash continental rates
from 30 to 50 per cent.
Fred Urban has arrived in Dawson,
N. W. T, ar writes to The Paystreak
stating that *e has met many people
from the Slocai who all seem well and
happy but the hermometer is up around
90 in the she .e and the whole Arctic
region is swe ering. Tim Lane had
hard luck with the scow load of horses
he was taking in as several head were
lost in the river. This was the scow
from which Jack Lowes was drowned.
Mrs. Lane and family are in Dawson
and Mike Bartlett is also back there
The ladies of the Methodist church
gave an ice cream social in the reading
room last night.
James and C. D. Hunter are expected in town today.
Roentgen Rays.
I bot a patent camera a little while
About it 1*11 a history relate.
It's small,  compact and  portable and
and fitted with, you know,
The very best improvements up to
It photographs an object in a box, so
it is said,
And in your hand it shows the bones
and veins,
But when I tried developing the brains
inside my head
A negative rewarded all my pains.
I  used  to live in  lodgings, but  they
proved so very dear
That now I am residing in a flat,
For my spirits and tobacco would often
My landlady declared it was the cat.
I thot it strange the cat should have so
queer an appetite,
But  "snapped"  the gentle feline all
the same,
And  then  I  took a snap shot  at the
landlady one night
And  found the cat was not the one to
I loved a maiden  madly for a month
or even more,
And then I thot it best for us to part;
I photographed  the darling,   whom to
wed I rashly swore,
But  found,  alas, she had  not got a
Said I,   "'Twere best   to leave thee,"
but   she   answered   sharp   and
short, ���
"A lesson,  sir,   to you   I  mean to
She turned away and  left  me, but I
photographed her thot
And found she meant to have me up
for "breach."
We had a "paying guest" who stayed
with us five months or six,
But who   had  never paid  a single
I photographed  his boxes, which were
full of straw and bricks,
And now my lawyer's suing him for
I snapped at my solicitor, but found to
my dismay
His mind was only bent on  getting
He didn't get that rent, and yet his
costs I had to pay,
Which made me feel  extremely ill at
I went into a coffee  shop, and  there I
ordered tea,
A meal I did not often patronize
I felt a little hungry, so I thot that it
would be
A good idea to have an egg likewise.
They told me they had got some which
were fresh and newly laid,
And  so they may have been a year
The specimen they brot me I "kodaked"
before I paid,
And then the bird inside commenced
to crow.
At a meeting of the Sandon Miners'
Union the following motion was
"That this Union is and always has
been of the opinion that the introduction
of Chinese and Japanese labor into this
camp is detrimental to the best interests
ofthe community.
"Therefore, this organization makes
earnest call upon its friends and those
in accord with its principles lo avoid
patronizing the Japaneze laundry now
in operation in this city."
""THE Inspectors of Mettaliferous Mines are
hereby assigned the following as their
respective Inspection Districts with head-
quaters as noted. Such assignment to take
place from June 15th 1!K)1, until further notice.
Archibald Dick, Inspector.
Headquarters, Cranbrook, office of Deputy
Mining Recorder.
Inspection District shall comprize all of
East Kootenay and also Goat River Mining
Division of West Kootenay:
In addition to the duties cf Inspector of
Metalliferous Mines, Mr. Dick will also act as
Inspector of Coal Mines within the same District.
Jahks McOkkoob, Inspector.
Headquarters, Ottice of Mining Recorder,
Inspection  District  shall comprise  all of
West  Kootenay except Goat River Mining
Division, and also the Grand Forks and Kettle
River Mining Divisions of Yale District.
Thomas Morgan, Inspector.
Headquarters,    Government     Buildings,
Inspection District, Vancouver Island and
Coast district.
Mr. Morgan is also Inspector of Coal Mines
for this District.
Notice is hereby given of such Inspection
Districts and that in accordance with the
'Inspection of Met alliferous Mines Act, 1807,"
and Amending Acts, notice of accidents to
employees happening within any of such Districts must be promptly reported both to the
Inspector of such District and also to the
Minister of Mines. Victoria.
In mines not included in the above Districts managers will report, in duplicate, to
the Minister of Mines direct, who, if he considers it necessary, will assign an Inspector to
specially report.
Blank forms upon which to make reports of
such accidents may be obtained from the Inspector of the District, from the Mining Recorder, or upon application to this office.
Minister of Mines.
Department of Mines, 5th of June, 1901,
Application for Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date hereof I intend to apply to the
License Commissioners of the City of Sandon
for a license to sell liquor by retail on the
premises known as the Brewery hotel.
Dated at Sandon this 10th day of June, 15)01.
Notice of Dissolution.
NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between tbe undersigned
at the City of Sandon. British Columbia and
known as Macdonald Brothers has this day
beon disolved by mutual consent. All accounts due to the said partnership are payable
to Robert Macdonald who will pay all outstanding accounts against the same and who
will continue the business of the said partnership.
Dated at Sandon, British Columbia,
this 19th day of June, A. D., 1901.
The Art Piano of Canada,
Heintzman Co.
Toronto,  Ont.
Thomas. Duffy,
Sandon - B. C.
THE attention of Pre-emptors of Crown
* lands is hereby called to an amendment
to tho "Land Act," passed at the last session
of the Legislature, which provides as follows,
"9. Pre-emptors of Crown lands, whether in
arrears in payment of installments of purchase maney or not, who at tho time of the
coming into force of this Act l*ave ohtaiurd
Certificates of Improvement, or who shall have
obtained Certificates of Improvement within
twelve months thereafter, shall on conforming with the provisions of the "Land Act," except as hereby altered, be entitled to obtain
Crown grants of their pre-emption claimsupon
completing payments of purchase money at
the rate of seventy-five cents |>er acre, and
Crowngrant fees, which payments may be
made as follows :���
"Twenty-five  cents  per aire on or before
the Slst day of December, 1901;
���'Twenty-five  cents per  acre on or before
the BOth day of June, 15)02 ;
"and the remaining���
'Twenty-five cents per acre on or before
the 81st day of December, 1!(0_!. and without any further payment of interest or
arrears of interest."
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.
Lands and Works  Department.
Victoria,B. C, 1st June, 1801.
Application for Transfer of Liquor License.
E. A. BROWN, M. E.
Underground Surveys
and Examinations. Dc
vclopmcnt and Assess'
mpnt Work. Surveys
and Estimates made for
Virginia Block, Sandon, B. C.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date hereof I intend to apply to the
License Commissioners of the city of Sandon
for a transfer of the liquor license formerly
held by Hulten & Hendrickson to myself.
Dated at Sandon this loth day of June., 15)01.
Amknumknt ACT, 1001."
'M'OTICE is hereby given that conies of the
*���'    Cod�� of   Mine  Signals   provided  by  the
above Act. which comes into force on the 1st
prox., can be obtained from the Kings Printer.
Copies on paper will be furnished free, but a
charge of fifty cents will be made for those on
rubber cloth.
Minister of Mines.
Department of Mines, 27th June, 15)01.
1 the undersigned, am duly authorized
' by power of attorney to collect all
debts due to Joseph Stocker, lately of the
Miners' Restaurant, Sandon, B. C, and to
transact all business in which he may be concerned or interested.
All persons who are indebted to the said
Joseph Stocker may secure a SO per cent, discount on all accounts by settling on or before.
August 15th. After said date all accounts
will be dealt with by force of law.
Sandon, B. C , June 17th. l.toi.
Mining Properties Examined   and   Reports
Made.   Will Open up Mining Properties by
Contract or Salary.   Twenty Years'
M. L. Grimmett,
A. F. & A. M,
Regular Communication held first Thuri
dav in each month in Masonic Hell nt 8 *��� u
Sojourning brethern are cordially invite.'.,,
A. B. DOCKSTEADER, Secretury.
L. L. B.,
F. L. Christie,
L. L.  B.,
Sandon Cartage Co.
Express, Baggage,
and Cartage.
Delivery to  all   Parts of the City.
Established  UN.
Sandon, B. C.
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
$ Mining Stocks bought and sold. (len-
eral agent for Slocan Properties
Promising   Prospects  for Salt?.
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $i per month ; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive 01
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
DR. W. E. OOMM,   Attendant Pliysirt-in
J. H. MCNEILL, Pros. Hospital Board.
Ship Your Trophies of the Chase to
Harry W. Edwards,
Revelstoke,    B. C.
He will stuff and mount in good
style any Bird, Beast, Reptile or Fis-
that you can present. You do the killing.    We do the rest.
I. O. t). F.
Meetings  in the Union Hail every Friday
Evening at 7:80.   Visiting Brethern ooidift'O
NOTARY  PIJRT If*    i.'tp"' invited to attend.
SANDON, B     C        GEO. WAITE,        JAS.H.THOMISON
Vice Grand. f
11       i'
(Merchants' Review.)
"Say, what kind of a house is this ?"
asked a green looking man as he
stepped up to the counter and registered his name, and added "and wife"
after it. "Can a newly married couple
settle down here for two or three days
and have a quiet time with each other,
and not be scared  out of their boots ? "
The hotelman told them they could
go right to their room and stay there
three days or three weeks, and never
come to their meals if they don't want
anything to eat. "But what is the
matter! have you been annoyed ? " asked the hotel man.
"Annoyed? That don't express it.
We were married day before yesterday
at Winnipeg, and went to a hotel. We
live about eighty miles from Winnipeg,
and the travellers put up a job on us.
There were about twenty-five of them
snowed up, and I'll be darned if they
didn't keep us awake all night.
"They knew  we'were a newly  married couple,  and they  bribed  the bell
boys and  porters  to let   them act  for
them.     When   we   rang   the   bell   a
traveller from a Montreal  cigar factory
came in disguised as  the bell  boy, and
wanted  to know  what we  wanted.    I
ordered a  pitcher of ice   water  and a
grocery traveller from Hamilton brot it
in, and  he looked  at my wife,   who is
bashful,  and made her feel real  mad.
1 didn't know they were travellers until
the next day, or I should  have  killed
some of them.    I rang the bell for coal
and a traveller who posts up cards for a
baking  powder concern, came in and
fixed the tire, and he stayed and poked
it for half an hour and   he had  more
gall than  anything  1 ever saw.    He
asked  so  many questions about  how
lontf we were married that I wanted to
thump  him, but my  wife said  we did
not want to have any row the  first day
we were married.    I rang for a chambermaid   to clean   up  the room   and
bring some  towels,  and it was about
half an hour before she came.    I went
down to the office to see about my
trunk,   and  the  chambermaid   stayed
about half an hour, and was very interesting,   my  wife said  she was a real
pleasant, affectionate sort of a creature,
far above her station, and 1 tell  you I
was real mad when I found  out that it
was a  smoothfaced   handsome young
Hebrew  traveller for a Montreal clothing house.    He was in the gang and
Rave the chambermaid three dollars to
loan him an old dress so he could play
chambermaid.    When my wife told me
that her chambermaid  patted her on
the cheek, and said  that she was  the
sweetest   bride that  was ever in  the
hotel and asked  for a  kiss,  and my
wife said she thot it  would be no harm
to kiss a poor chambermaid,  and encourage her, I wanted to kill  him.    I
went down to the office next  morning
b��Jt the smooth-faced  fellow had gone
to Brandon.    It was  all the landlord
could do to hold me.
'Well,   while
^^^^^^^^ we were at supper
somebody <jot into our room and put
cracker crumbs into the bed, we found
a cold oil cloth floor mat over the top
sheet enuf to freeze anybody. But the
worst was at night. We had just got
comfortably into bed when there was a
knock on the door, I -jot up, the night-
watchman was there, he said he wanted to point out to me the location of
the fire escape, so I could get out in
case of fire. I went out to the hall, he
took me away out to the end of the
building to show it to me, and while I
was looking out of the window, my
wife came running down the hall, begging me to save her. I asked her
what was the matter, she said that as
soon as I left the room, a man that
looked like a porter came into the room
and told her to fly and save herself and
follow her husband. She felt awful
when she found there was no trouble.
We got back to our room half frozen.
"I've got  them  fellows down  fine
The chap that called me out to look at
the fire escape, is a traveller for a Toronto millinery house, and the one that
scared  my wife out of her wits, travels
for a furniture factory.    My wife  says
she would know him because  he has a
big grey  mustache, and  wears a diamond collar  button  in his shirt.    She
says she thot he was pretty stylish for a
portfer at the time.    They  woke us up
several  times in the  night,  to  tell us
what to do if we were sick, and  in the
morning   before  we were  up, a waiter
brot  up  our  breakfast.    He said   the
landlord   sent it up, and   he just  stood
around  until   we had   to sit up  in bed
and eat our  breakfast.    I thot at  the
time it was kind of the landlord lo send
up our breakfast, but when I found the
waiter  that  brot it up  was a traveller
for a binder  factory at   Brantford, and
remembered  how darned impudent he
looked at my wife 1 could have murdered him, but the clerk said he had gone
It was just about as bad coming
down here on the sleeping car, and 1
think half the passengers on the car
were those same travellers that were
snowed in.    It was colder than   Daw
son City, and I would order extra
blankets and they would steal them.
I had more than ten blankets put on
the bed, and in the morning there was
nothing but a sheet over us, every time
there was a blanked spread over us
there was a different porter put it on.
I think they were all travellers.
"Every little while somebody would
pull open the curtains and sit down and
begin to pull off their  boots.    I would
tell him  that the berth was occupied,
lhat he must have made some mistake,
then he would look at us as innocent as
could be and ask our pardon, and then
go and damn  the porter.    Once I felt
somebody feeling about   my berth.    I
asked him   what was the matter, and
the fellow said  he was looking for my
wife's   shoes   to   black.      Then about
every   fifteen   minutes   the   conductor
would open the curtains and hold a red
lantern in and ask  for our tickets.    I
think they punched my ticket fifteen or
twenty times ; anyway it  looked like a
porus   plaster  when  I   got up  in the
morning.    I think it was the travellers
who were playing conductor, but I was
sleepy and thot the best  way was to let
them punch it.     Well   about  three in
the morning somebody punched us and
said it was   time to get up, as all  the
passengers were up, and we would have
breakfast in fifteen minutes.    Then we
hustled around and got dressed the best
way we could   lying on  our backs and
kicking our clothes up in  the air and
catching   them   on   us   as they came
down.    I got  my pants on   back side
foremost and lost everything out of my
pockets ; my  wife   lost  her back hair
and had to tie a handkerchief over her
head.    Then   we had our berth made
up and sat there until  daylight.    The
porter found my wife's hair and pinned
it to the curtains of a berth occupied by
a traveller from  Portage ;   he kicked,
got mad and talked about it; wondered how  it  came there,   then he swore
about it.    I think  he's a traveller from
a St. Cathrines factory.
"Oh ! I never had such a night, or
two such nights, in my life, and what
I want to know is, if I can be quiet
here and get a little sleep and not be
The hotelman told him if anybody
came around to bother him to knock
him clean down stairs, the house would
shoulder the responsibility.
The bridegroom took, his valise and
his wife ; the porter guided them to a
room. That was three days ago.
They have not showed up since.
There are a milllion men wishing to
paint their houses, but cannot on account of the high price of white lead.
There are ten thousand expert miners
who would like to mine lead but cannot on account of the low price of lead
ore. There is an octopus in between
that destroys the concord of trade and
prevents labor from satisfying the
wants ot the world when a fair reward
is offered by the user of the fruits of
honest industry.���Idaho State Tribune.
Union Opera House
tC1jnvo6ap, 3ulp 25tf).
PRICES. - - - 75c. and $1.00
Tickets at Donaldson's
Clothes that Fit the JTan
Owing to the fact that the man
is not made to order, he cannot
be expected to fit the clothes.
The clothes must be made to fit
the man.      o*      ^      o#      *o��
Leave us your order. We will
give you satisfaction.     $j��     ^>
��  J. R. CAflERON.
* :
The Paystreak.
Publiahed fi-rery Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
will catch on that he is a political
broncho buster, trying to fasten himself onto the hurricane deck of the
labor cayu.se while he rides it into the
corral of liberalism.
Subscription   -   -   -   -   $2.00 a year.
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams,   -  Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, JULY 13, 1901.
William Lyon MacKemzie King,
a cultured dub with a university education, a picturesque name and a
thrilling ignorance of labor as a concrete sociological force, takes down
$2500 a year from the Dominion government for editing the Labor Gazette.
Two fair wage officers get $1500 each
from the Labor Bureau, one staff clerk
gets $850 per annum and another $800
besides which there is a gang of helpers who figure on the payroll as stenographers, messengers alien officers,
law correspondents, etc., etc., who
all draw fair wages from the government on account of this Labor Department. Then there is Ed Bremner
gallavanting about the Coast as a professional peace maker with no power
but smooth words to enforce his pacification, and Foley, Munn and Clute,
with their side kickers scraping together anti-Chinese evidence to be done
up in neat volumns and pigeon-holed
alongside the Crow's Nest investigation
and the Slocan inquiry.
All this makes a hot combination,
and Wilf Laurier has been quite sagacious in his selection of end men for
this labor minstrel show. Such a bill
of specialties should be a success where
votes go a gate money.
But our -astute premier should
make his friends cut out those horrible
by-plays ot they will put the kibosh on
the whole works. Some of them are
rank. For instance, after all this
grand stand play and three-sheet poster
guff about alien labor agents and fair
wage conciliators, the C. P. R. jumps
in and imports men from United
States in job lots to take the place of
striking trackmen.
The trackmen appealed to Deputy
Minister of Labor William Lyon Mac-
Kenzie King to do something for them
and Deputy Minister of Labor William
Lyon MacKenzie King told the trackmen he would write Shaughnessy a
letter about it.
Of course every body is sorry for
Wilf. After such a careful caste of
characters, to have his whole show
spoiled by a great big overgrown bully
like the C. P. R. is certainly hard
First thing Wilf knows the gang
It is about time to turn the fool
killer loose in the city council chamber.
Between Mayor Lovatt and City Clerk
Lilly the municipal administration is
becoming a poorly-acted burlesque.
W. H. Lilly is acting as city clerk
against the will of the council. He is
not an efficient city clerk and never
was and the council is anxious to dispense with his service. He never held
the respect of the rate payers and citizens and his bungling work as an accountant has placecf the city books in
such a condition that an auditor could
not find head nor tail to them with a
Pennsylvania search warrant. The
city council has voted Lilly out of
office and has elected E. C. Lyons to
succeed him. Mayor Lovatt, for personal reasons, stands in the way of
Lyons accepting office. Until such
time as the mayor sees fit to accept the
services of Lyons as city clerk, the
council has gone on strike.
Meanwhile the city affairs are in
very bad shape. The city is several
thousand dollars in the hole and jangling at the council board is not going
to pull it out. Unless the mayor quits
introducing school boy foolishness and
personal animosity into the council
meetings the auditor should call on
the government to take over the books
of the city and run its affairs until such
time as a new mayor is elected or the
present one comes to his senses.
If Lilly won't quit when he is told
he should be dragged out of the city
office by the heels.
There is only one redeeming fea-
ure about the whole busines. ' A copyright on it should sell well to some
farce-comedy concern. It is ridiculous
enuf to make the sphinx laugh.
The Duke of Marlboro is pulling
wires to get Minto's job when that gent
goes off shift. That would be a sweet
adjustment. Imagine the beautiful,
accomplished and diamond bedecked
daughter of the New York House of
Marlboro reigning at Ottawa with a
governor-general for a husband. What
an edge. Talk about your talk-abouts
but wouldn't the ferry man's offspring
cut a swath. Maybe she wouldn't
snub those Astors and Goulds and
Oleriches and things. First lady of
Canada! Why, that's right next thing
to breaking clear into the inner circles
of royalty. Society on Fifth avenue is
away whole streets behind that. Marlboro was considered an expensive
luxury when the Vanderbuilt girl pick
ed him up in the bankruptcy court, but
he was a bargain-counter snap is she
can only plant her epidermis in the
seats of the mighty at Ottawa. How
those cheap Canadian society folks
would surrender to her fashion fancies
in knock-kneed adulation for the title
she wears. And the New York Journal
and Munsey's and Harper's Weekly;
they wouldn't do a thing but just print
her picture in every edition.
But while this matter is before the
public, what is the matter with preparing a few titles for export, Say we
give J. P. Morgan an option on a dozen
titles a month with the privilege to
auction them to the best advantage.
They should sell well in the land of the
free^ ..MiUionaires are cropping up so
numerously in United States that good
hand-made titles should be in great
demand. Judging by the price paid
for Marlboro, Castellane and other
moth-eaten titles, the Duke of Three
Forks or the Count of Bobcaygeon
should fetch fancy figures on the New-
York market.
There is a better feeling in the
Slocan camp this month than there
has been for a long time. Business
has been very slack for several months
past, but it is picking up now. All
the merchants report better orders for
July. The payroll on many ofthe big
properties is as big as it ever was and
on others it is steadily increasing.
Miners are scarce. Many small properties are working and there are indications than many more will be opened
up. Lead prices are not what operators would like to see them, but lead
has been mined in this camp as cheap
before and many believe that silver
will rise. Added to this, there is an
optimistic feeling that the depression
has passed and that better times are at
hand. The indications are that this
summer and autumn will be busy
seasons in this camp.
The papers in B. C. which are
kicking about the two per cent tax are
doing so without a thoro knowledge of
the circumstances. The two per cent
tax does not make mining cheaper by
any means, but it is not the damper
that the kickers would have us believe.
The Dominion tariff is the tax that
hurts. Supplies, tools, explosives,
machinery and all other articles used
in mining cost from 35 to 50 per cent
more in British Columbia than they
should cost. With free trade, B.C.
would be the most prosperous mining
country on earth.
Guggenheim says silver is goi in
to rise. Guggenheim should know
what he is talking about. f. mmmm.
tkeep ^our Ibead Cool
During the Hot Summer Weather by
Wearing One of
Mtfterton's Straw tats.
We have everything in the line of Summer
Ibead (Bear, from a Bruce County Straw to
the Latest New York Styles. Canvas Hats
in all Shades Styles and Colors.
lb. SBpers & Co.p.SBuvns&Co.
Bealevs in
mine and mill
@ve Cave,
Steel IRailo,
r 5
: I
��� j
Canton Steel,
powder, Caps and fuse.
Stores at
Bandon   *   Vleleon   M   **#!&
Mining at New Denoer.
Several properties in the vicinity of
New Denver are showing up well this
summer. The Rochester owners of the
Hartney are in that town this week inspecting their property, on which the
last payment was made only a few
weeks ago. The property is reported
to be looking excellent, amply justifying their investment.
The Marion, which is being worked
with a small force, has long ago proved
itself a meritorious proposition and had
it not been for entangling litigation
would have been a steady producer before now. A foot of clean galena is
showing in the face of the tunnel.
The Merrimac group,  including the
Bay State, Bay State fraction, Eclipse
and Merrimac claims, adjoin  the California, Marion and  Hartney and carry
the   Hartney   lead,   which   has   been
opened up by a crosscut tunnel on the
Eclipse property to a depth of 100 feet,
showing 8 inches of clean galena running 90   ounces   in   silver  and 78 per
cent lead.    On the   surface a 16-inch
steak of carbonates running 60 ounces
in silver and 48 per cent lead has been
opened up.    In the  Number B tunnel,
close to the Merrimac line, a very high
grade stringer of ore has been encountered.    This   streak   is   only 2   inches
wide but runs over 1100 ounces to the
ton and is found in an  16-inch lead of
quartz which shows black sulphides of
silver.    Corey, Tucker and Allen   are
the owners.
Strike is on at Rossland.
By almost a unanimous vote of the
Rossland Miners' Union a strike has
been declared against the Le Roi, Le
Roi No. 2, War Eagle and Centre Star
properties and today not a miner is
working on either the Rossland Great
Western or the Gooderham-Blackstock
group of mines. Altogether about
1200 men are directly affected by the
strike. The Iron Mask, Homestake,
Spitzel, Velvet and others ofthe smaller
properties have conceeded the 50 cents
a day for muckers and are working
uninteruptedly. The Trail smelter will
have to suspend operations in the immediate future as a result of the tie-up.
The board of trade and other bodies in
Rossland are making efforts to conciliate the rival parties and a special meeting of the board was held for that purpose last night.
Important Strike at the Queen Bess
A surface showing of six feet of concentrating ore was made on the Young
Dominion claim of the Queen Bess
group this week. The ore was exposed by ground sluicing in the creek
bottom, just below the bunk house and
within a few feet of the wagon road.
The ledge has been proved by open
cuts right over to the Alamo lines,
showing ore in several places. A drift
will be started in on the ledge in a few
ithe Shoemaker,
Has the Best Stock of
Gentlemen's Jfootweav
To be Found In the City.
Customs and Repair
Work a Speciality.
rtain Street.
rmnrmr u t b <t��"b rovmnnnr
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
the   Mining  Trade.
Open Day and Night.
Best Meals in Town.
Everything Necessary to
Satisfy the Internal
Bmevican and
European plan.
H ���
The Auditorium
folliott & Mem Man
Contractors and Builders.
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring: and Joint Finishing: Lumber
Moulding:, Etc.
Sash and Door on  Hand to Order.
Factory on Main Street
fresf) Woseberrp
Bap at
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings write or wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,  Sandon  Miners'   Union
Sandon, B. C.
No. 4 K. W. C. BLOCK, NELSON. B. C
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted for Eastern investors.
Parties haviag mining property for sale are requested to send samples of their ore to t he
EXCHANGE for exhibition.
All samples should be sent by express PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communications to
Telephone No. 24.   P. 0. Box, 700 ANDREW P. ROSENRERQER, Nelson, B. C.
T. Gallon &. Co.
No. 44 K. VV. C. Block.
Ore Bags and Twines.
A Large Stock Always on
Hand.    Write for Prices.
P. O. Box, 217
NELSON    ...    b. C.
Just received a brand
new stock of Whiskies, Brandies, Wines
etc. Will be pleased
to have old customers
call and give them a
trial. Certain 40
please and always
Richard   Orando. 1 'W
Lonci Lost Mine Rediacooered.
Seattle, June 15.���Last week a long
|0St silver ledge���the richest placer
mine in the world���was rediscovered
by a man  wl,�� ,,as  ,*Pent a lifel,me in
the ���earch-
The lucky miner is W. W. Warner,
and the ledge which he has discovered
is just across the American line in the
Slocan district of British Columbia.
Among miners it is known as the
" Wonderful" silver mine.
In the early seventies, when Warner
was mining in the foothills of Idaho, a
dving fellow-miner told him a story of
a lost mother lode in the northern
mountains. Rich white nuggets, the
dying man said, were to be found
washed from its seams.
Warner located and leased the mountain in which the lost ledge was said
10 exist. In the gravel at its base 1 e
found plenty of nuggets, and after put-
ting up sluice boxes he and his men
washed up $150,000 in a single year.
After a few years, however, the gravel yielded no more nuggets. The
sluice boxes rotted. Warner's money
melted away, and still the mother lode
was not brot to view.
Warner persisted in his search. He
had built a cabin at the foot of the
mountain and spent every day prospecting.
Several days ago he removed a pile
of brushwood and discovered some old
workings!. On clearing away the rubbish he found that a short tunnel had
been driven into the hillside.
A few hours' word with pick and
shovel revealed the lode for which he
had been searching for thirty years.
He could cut off the white metal with
his knife.���New York World June 22.
Guess You're Riflht, John.
(Nelson Tribune.)
Once upon a time the Tribune stated
that   Kootenay   could  wallop  the  remainder of the province at any game of
sport in which skill, pluck, and endur
ance were factors.    That was two years
ago.    Now  where are  we at?   Only-
one man in the whole of Kootenay that
can  twirl a ball  with  any degree ot
accuracy, and none  that can hit it over
the  fence for a home run.     Lacrosse
players are heard of, but are not in evidence during a game.    The pigskin is
seldom kicked during a so-called game
of football.     Firemen   are   unable  to
keep their feet in a hub-and-hub race,
and deluge  the street at the hydrant,
instead of at the  nozzle, in a wet test.
Crews upset their boats in rowing contests, and sprinters have all gone lame.
What is wanted is   new  blood,   and
plenty of it.
The reason why dark-haired and
dark-complexioned people are more inclined to mental disorder than the
lighter-haired and complexioned has
never, as far as our recollection serves,
been accounted for by the wise in such
matters. It may perhaps, be consoling
to tbe fair-skinned to hear that in one
madhouse, out of two hundred patients,
only four have light hair and complexions, and one red hair.���Health.
A Fairi* Tale 0* Science.
The New York Herald has demonstrated that wireless telegraphy can be
utilized to transmit pictures thru a
brick wall eight inches thick. Portraits, sketches, maps and diagrams, may
now be acurately transmitted by the
wireless method, and faithfully reproduced at remote points within the space
of a few minutes. This achievement is
made practical by combining with the
resources of wireless telegraphy those
of the Hummel picture telegraphing
machine, which is known as the teled-
iagraph. The most marvelous part of
the experiment is that a solid wall of
brick and plaster is no serious impediment.���London Free Press.
Should y*ajr meanderings about
this mundane sphere take you to
Neto Denoer
Remember that there is a hotel
in the Lucerne of America at
which pilgrims may enjoy all the
comforts of a home, at prices on
a par with the damage levied by
other houses thruout the district.
'1 he Idealistic Scenery of this
Beauty Spot in Nature's Wonderland can he best enjoyed from
the balcony of the
Newmarket Hotel.
The cuisine supplied assays high.
The bedrooms are large, airy
and luxuriously furnished. The
other accomodations are unexcelled in the Slocan, and the
brands of bottled comforters kept
in stock are health-giving and
soul-inspiring when taken in
proper quantities. The proprietor's name is
Henry Stege.
1  ___.��-__________H_B_a_Mn_____a___a_Mr_B
Figures and estimates
cheerfully furnished for all
Booth & Robinson,
Reco Are. Sandon
Our Circulation
> o Barber
Gale o   shop
Is the best Tonsorial  Establishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral Building Main St.
The Most Complete Health Resort on
the Continent of North America.
Situated    'midst   Soenery   Unrivalled   for
Halcyon Hot Springs
K Sanitarium.^"-
Excursion wvt** *1~****and Nurse
Halcyon Springs, Arrot-o Lake, B. C
Term9, #15 to *18 per -week, according
to residence in Hotel or Villas.
Its Baths cure all Nervous and Muscular Diseases.    Its waters heal all
Liver, Kidney and Stomach
Ailments and Metallic  Poisoning.
Telegraphic   Communication with al
parts of the World.
Two M nils arrive and depart Every Day
Sunday exclusion rate good leaving Saturday, returning Monday, J2.75.
mbao not touched the
million mark
The Denver.
Cody Ave. Sandon
Comfortable Rooms
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hotel
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
Summer Vacatson Trips.
June 18.
July 2 and 16.
Aug. 6 and 20.
Epworth   League    Meeting
San Francisco $50.00
JULY 13th Ho 14th Ho 15th
Christian Endeavor Convention
Cincinati $68.50 July 2 and 3.
National Education Assa.
Detroit $7 J .75 July 2 and 3
For time tables, rates and full inform
ation call on or address nearest local
H. W. Harbour.
Agent. Sandon
J. S. Carter E. J. Coyle,
D. P. A. A. G. P. A.,
Nelson, B. O. Vancouver, B. O.
Catch On
While son have a
\ 1
!    j
���, ���_
i    t
III   '
The Bachelor and Victor.
George Petty has three men at work
on the Bachelor and Victor claims,
adjoining the Queen Bess and Palmita
properties. A large amount of surface
work has been done on the claims,
opening up the ledge by means of open
cuts. Ernest Petty is in charge of the
The Payne Will Build.
Grading will be commenced next
week for the compressor plant which is
to be installed by the Payne to furnish
power for the mine.
The test which is being made at the
Noble Five mill of the Payne dump
and back-filling will be completed in
a few days. It is reported that the
test has proven very satisfactory.
The Mountain Con.
Rapid progress is being made with
the contract tunnels at the Mountain
Con and the property is looking remarkably well with development. Nine
men are working on the job just now,
driving in two places. Some of the
directors of the company are expected
in town from London in a few days.
Wonderful Shipping.
Two car loads of clean ore have been
packed to the Ruth sidetrack from the
Wonderfull property. The ore is of a
very good grade and will net about
$76 a ton after all charges  have been
 1 ���
Icanhoe Mill Will be Re-Opened.
The Ivanhoe mill will be re-opened
within a week or ten days to handle
the big dumps which have accumulated
during the development of that property. The dumps are large and are
known to be very rich, assuring a continuous and profitable run for the mill
for many months.
dL     jfc    siL,
T"* ��� *-t-
A. Daoid Thfirer8'
Miners are Scarce.
Owing to the recent increases in the
various payrolls in the camp all the
miners who were looking for it have
found employment and skilled labor is
scarce in town. There is employment
for 75 or 100 first class miners here
now with a prospect of further demands
on the labor market in the near future.
The strike in Rossland will probably
send plenty of miners into this camp
within the next few days.
8 8
5 *-*>F0R-*- 1
The B. C. Riblet Company of Nelson
has commenced work upon a tramway
at Hay's Landing on Vancouver island
for the Nahmint Mining Co of Portland. The tramway will be booo feet
in length and will have a capacity of
400 tons per day. The builders expect
to have it completed by the first of
Hugh Mcintosh returned from Fish
creek in the Lardeau country, bringing
some sample of very high grade gold
rock from that district. The free-milling properties of Fish creek are creating considerable excitement.
We have the finest
line of miners'
Rubber Footwear |
now on exhibition in
the city. The wet
shaft has no terrors
for the man in the
gum clothes. Size
up our stock.
o��   <&
Importers and Dealer in
Mining and Miners' Supplies,
Staple and  Fancy  Groceries.
Bennett Crown Brand Fuse, Good
win Candles, Giant Powder.
Reco Ave.   - - H
Brpson (Bibson & Co's
White Star Coffee
(    Fifty  cents a pound.    A coffee mill}
goes with every  five pound  purch.
Get one before they are all gone
rchase. I
: )
3allan(> 3Bvos.
Bandon   *   ���*   British Columbia
Having made special  arrangements to receive BailV
Shipments of (Bveen (Bvocevics, ]fvesh SButter
and JBggS we are in a position to fill your orders promptly
with good selected stock.
v   V       IN DRY GOODS.
Special bargains in Ladies Shirt Waists consisting oi
Silks, Organdies, Muslins and All Over Laces. Ready-
made Skirts in Tweeds, Serges, Crash and Ducks.
B few Satlov Wats to Close Out at Cost
I Thos. Brown,!
I     Main St,, Sandon.
Mens' Furnishings.
The most complete line of shirts ever shown in the
west. Neglige, Cambric, Silk and Flannell Outing. A
large shipment of ties in latest styles to arrive this week.
XChe%unter*1kendrtck Co., Zimiteo
Engineer's Worksc���?S��
wecin��niak��efCwLity* ,.^? mftk,e the best ore ���* <>" th�� market and sell them
we can make them.   Write us for particulars and photo.
till....    I...:!.._.    fi a_i#-   _a   _.a     ...    . r.
ORE CARS.    ^vuuo
as fast as we can make them'
FOR""""    -   ��� ���
RSALEOileOOhn~tn���m*    Write us for particulars and photo. , .  1ft)
cold water dmhum   flVf7\ tubular *)oiler ��-10* shell, *" heads, 8a 8" flues, tested tolg
horiWtaM smokestack and all fitting complete.   One 9x"
skids g   e*   * h p Emotive type boiler, under engine attached on
m ���%\Trrrwm>-r\       m          �����*��      ���
SlClQR mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmm
WASi?25 h pW�� 8maU Rir comPre^O" 3 or 4 drill.
P. 0. Box 198,
Two hoists about 10 h p.   Small boilers
. Third Ave., Rossland


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