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The Paystreak Sep 6, 1902

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BOOk 6
Sandon, September 6, 1902
"   .. mi ^1 <y .A* Ad AS AW A* A* A* AS Am a%�� ^a  At At At At  At am aa ��t&L
The Reco will be re-opened in a few
B. J. Perry returned last night from
the coast.
Albert   Ross   is   touring    in    Ea t
Wm. Beat tie   of  New   Denver
visitor in the city.
Operations have been commenced on
lhe Texas with q small force.
Wm. Yawkey left yesterday for his
home in Detroit, Michigan.
A Detroit syndicate has t iken up he
Republic group at Slocan Jily.
Harry Compeau is going to Seattle
next week lo make his home on Puget
Frank C. Sewell is book-keeping for
the Coquitlam Tunnel company in
Life subscriptions to The Paystreak
are now going al $20. Get your
money down.
The owners of the Mercury have a
car of ore ready for shipment. It will
return about $3000 to the car.
Cjuit? a number of miners have come
into the camp during the last few days
;md all have readily found employment.
Father McKennan of New Westminster will hold trass In the Catholic
church at io o'clock tomorrow morning.
Thompson brothers, Eri, James aid
Jack, received the sad news on Tuesday
of the death of their mother in Nova
Joseph Macdonald and wife returned
on Monday from Truro, Nova Scotia,
where they have spent the last few
The prov'n cial conservatives meet in
Revelstoke next Friday and Saturday.
There is no conservative association in
Sandon and this town will consequently
he unrepresented.
D. J. Robertson, the enterprising
furniture man, holds the top place on
the honor roll of The Paystreak. He
is paid up to April 27, 1904. If
Lowery's adage be true that the noblest
work of God is the man who pays the
printer, Dave has a pre-emption on a
front row seat in the grand stand of
The Filbert cafe will reopen its night
sessions some time next week. During
the summer months this favorite restaurant has been ru on hotel schedule,
but now lhat the k g days are over
and autumn is comi ��� on apace, the
hospitable doors of t e Filbert will be
open day and night, Sunday and every
other day.
According to the Kootenaian, a Minneapolis syndicate is going to build a
monorail system of electric tramways
up the South Fork of Kaslo creek, another up the Duncan and a third up
Sawyer creek from Crawford bay.
Kaslo is to be the center of all operations and lhe new railways are to
make the surrounding country tributary
to that town.
An incessant reader of The Paystreak
informed us the other day that he could
not sleep last Saturday night because
he had not read this great family
journal. The editor of our puzzle department is now engaged in trying to
figure out whether this -vas intended
for a boquet or a testimonial. We
never calculated that this paper was
valuable as an opiate.
I    J. D. Farrell has got another boost
...., up !he
the long ladder of success and is
getting near the top. He is now general manager of Jim Hill's Pacific fleet,
one of the finest on the seas. J. D.
has worked his way up from a track
worker in 1S77 to his present position
of prominence without getting anything
that didn't belong to him. He is a wise
man and owns considerable mining
property in the Slocan which will some
Jay add an odd million or two to his
present handy balance.
W. G  C ark and  William Bennett  Re.
locate  a   Mine.
Another chapter has been added to
rhe long story of the Cody Fraction.
This property has been in litigation for
many yeirs. Thousands and thousands of dollars have been spent for
costs. It has been carried thru every
court from the county assizes to the
Queen's bench. Appeals and cross appeals, applications and adverses have
been made, until the Cube Lode and
Codv Fraction has become synonymous
of the law's delays and the horrors of
litigation. The case has been fought
as no other case has ever been fought
for a Slocan mine. McCjuillams of
Vancouver, Joseph Martin, Bowser &
Godfrey, F. L. Christie, and many
others of the legal fraternity have had
their fling at it. In the meantime the
property with its immense store of
mineral wealth lay idle.
Last Wednesday night at 12 o'clock
il ran out. One year and thirty days
had expired since the last assessment
was recorded. Precisely as the minute
hand passed the top of the dial a nice
new set of stakes was added to the
cluster over which the litigants waned,
and the property changed its name and
its proprietors. W. G. Clark is the
name that now appears on the stakes
and the claim will henceforth be known
as lhe Wild Rose.
Somebody has blundered. This
goes without saying. But for Clark &
Bennett the blunder furnishes a short
cut to wealth. The property is a
bonanza, and as the present owners are
miners and not lawyers they will undoubtedly spend their energies in extracting the ore and placing the proceeds in the bank instead of promoting
the legal industry.
The claim is worth at the least calculations $100,000, and the wonder
grows as to how the former owners
came to let it run out.
He Gives It to Them Strait on the Lead
Question and Tariff
Interviewed in the Victoria Colonist,
B. J. Perry says:    At present the silver
lead mine owners of the Sandon district
are seriously considering  several problems which are a deterrent factor to
their making what they consider to be
a legitimate profit from their operations.
They cannot understand  why  for raw
lead,   which   at  present  is quoted in
Montreal at $4.70 per 100 pounds, they
should receive Irom the Trail and  Nelson smellers a little  better than  $1.30
per 100 pounds.    With  the Trail  and
Nelson smellers in this regard must be
coupled the Everett ipid Selby smelters,
which are not members of the American
Smelting Trust.     With the American
Smelling Trust they do no business as
the latter will not buy the Slocan ores.
t ut  the  impending  war  between the
American   Smelting   Trust    and    the
owners of the great American lead producers of lhe Coeur D'Alene, is a source
of congratulation to lhe mine owners of
the Slocan district, as,   whichever  way
the cat jumps, it means another market
for the Slocan ores.    This is what they
demand and what is absolutely  necessary to make the Slocan as prosperous
as in the days of yore.    The big American Smelling Trust is tyrannical in  its
business methods, but it is but  a sucking   infant   compared   to   lhe limited
octopus���lhe    Selby-Everelt-Trail-Nel-
son combination, to  whose  mercies it
consigned    the    blocan   lead   output.
They charge the lead ore with all il can
stand, and anything else in the  way of
charges lhat an inventive imagination
can think of, and they have not even as
a reasonable excuse, which is often put
forward,  cxhorbitanl   freight  charges,
as both the Kaslo & Slocan and C.   P.
R.   railroads are  most   reasonable, in
their freight rates.
Another point the lead mine owners
are discussing, is the proposed import
duty on raw lead, suggested to the
federal government by representatives
of the smelters. Ninety per cent of the
Slocan mine owners and managers are
absolutely opposed 10 the imposition oi
any such duty, as they feel that eventually it will curtail the market for their
raw products. They expected great
things from the $5 bounty given by the
Dominion government 10 every ton of
lead refined in Canada. Of the 25
cents per hundred pounds of lead refined the mine owners have found out
by experience that just one-quarter of a
dollar is retained by the Trail smelter.
Therefore they very wisely say: "Leave
things as they are, but if you must do
something to relieve us, take the duty
off dynamite and candles." We have
to pay  16 cents per pound for 40 ptr
Chapter 50
cent powder, which costs just 8^ cents
per pound in Butte, Montana, and lllo
we are patriotic and believe in home
industries, close on lo a hundred per
cent in cost is almost too high a price
to pay even for patriotism.
II You Don't Cash Up  Before  the  20th
the Sheriff Will Get You.
The provincial govemmsnt officials
in Kaslo are advertising the fact that
all taxes, property, income and personal, due on or before the 31st of
December, 1901, must be paid by the
20th ol September or action will be
taken to recover the amount.
The officials of ihe record and registry office have been husy for several
months checking things up and bringing the tax rolls up lo date. In years
gone by it has been the custom of the
government to accept what money was
sent them and as for the rest, just
let'er slide. No tax sale has ever been
held in this district on provincial account betore, and as a result there are
many parcels of property on which no
money has ever been paid. The government also has several long accounts
against individuals for income tax and
many firms for personal tax. Now
that the government has adopted th
policy ol" collecting what is coining to
it, the arrears of taxes will be collected
according to the methods provided by
law. This will hit some property
holders pretty hard and a large and
vigorous kick mav be expected, but as
the government needs the money, and
it is undoubtedly due, it will be collected up to the last dollar.
The work of summing up the rolls
has not yet been completed and consequently the amount due cannot be exactly computed, but we have it on
absolutely reliable authority that the
Slocan division is at '.he very least calculations $30,000 overdue.
Old Voters  Lists Hold Good Until thc
Legislature Dissolves/
The statement published in this and
many other papers that all voters' lists
in British Columbia would be cancelled
on September ist is not correct. The
lists will not be cancelled until the
legislature dissolves and a new election
is called for. When that takes place
collectors of voters will be appointed
for every division and entirely new lists
will be prepared. The present lists
w ill not be used again except in the
case of a by-election, of which there is
no probability in the  Slocan  division;
consequently any registration made
now or previous to the cancellation of
the lists would be practically lost.
1 the papstreak, Sandon,B. C, September 6
What  a   Phoenix Miner Thinks ol the
Lord's Day Alliance
To tho Editor of The Paystreak:
Sir: The writer begs leave to take a
somewhat critical view of the tour
which Rev. J. G. Shearer is making
thru this province for the purpose of
instituting branches of the Lord's Day
AHiance'. Now, in beginning, he
wishes to make it plainly understood
lhat he does not challenge the avowed
object of Mr. Shearer's efforts, that of
preserving a day of rest for the work-
ingman, but it is the futile and haphazard attempts of the latter to palliate
a deeply rooted evil, and his palpable
ignorance of the real status of the
workingman which excites, as it mnst
excite, the contemptuous pity of every
well-informed and right thinking person. The spasmodic and puerile put-
terings of such intellectual "babes in
the woods" can only be placed in the
same catagory as the famous attempt
of Mrs. Patrington to mop up the incoming tide.
Here are a few very unpolitical fads
which plaster and patchwork reformers
like Mr. Shearer will do well to read,
mark, learn, and inwardly digest.
By reference to  the statistics  of the
U. S. census  bureau   for  1900  it  has
been found lhat the  laboring  men of
America receive 17 per cent of the product of their toil.    The men who work
for the famous billion dollar  steel trusl
produce per man per day wealth to the
amount   of  $10.50,   and  the average
wage, including  that  of foremen and
overseers,   is   $1.35    per   day.    Since
1900   wages   have   maintained    their
falling tendency, so that now it will  be
approximately correct to say  that  the
American workmen   receives  one-sixth
of the product of his toil; or to put it in
another way, he works five days of the
week for his masters and  one  day  for
himself.    Think   of   it   again.    He is
working one day of the week  to obtain
thc food and clothing and  other things
which he must have to   equip  him  for
the whole six days of his  arduous toil.
Is it any   wonder   he   sometimes   encroaches upon the Sabbath in order to
win for himself a few more of the good
things of life which he  has so   bountifully provided for those who are pleased
lo   style    themselves    "Captains    of
If Mr. Shearer and his ilk arc sincere
in their protestations of friendship for
the workingman let them at once set
about removing this overwhelming injustice, and they may feel assured lhat
when the men of toil receive the full
reward of their six days labor none of
them will feel any desire to work on the
seventh. Not only will they keep their
rest day inviolate, but they will be able
to afford a half-holiday on each of the
other days of the week.
As Mr. Shearer is now posing as the
patron and benefactor of workingmen
will he kindly tell us why it is that the
institution under whose auspices he is
working has left the battle  for labor's
rights to be fought out entirely by labor
unions and other secular organizations.
The writer is now referring not specifically to the Lord's Day Alliance,
but to the Christian church at large.
Does not the very fact lhat labor unions
exist prove that the church has been
weighed in the balance and found
wanting ?
The simple fact is that men who are
outside the pale of the church are today
formed in the battle for humanity and
justice, while that egotistical institution
is crooning itself to sleep with melli-
flucjs panegyrics in adulation of a
Saviour who, were he cognizant of the
state of soperific absolescence into which
it has descended, would spew it out of
his mouth in disgust and loathing.
A Workingman.
Phoenix, September 2.
1 Atherton's
This Week
Gale's Buter
Is the best Tonsorial   Estab-
lishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral Building Main St.
Ibalcpon fbot Springs
the Summer .Resort of the
'HE  medical  waters of Halcyon
1^   are the most  curative in  the
world. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and depart every Day.
Telegraph communication with all
parls of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
The Denver.
Victor Kleinschmidt, Prop.
Rooms Large,   Neat,   Clean,
Airy and Comfortable.
Dining Room Service Unsurpassed.
Every Effort Made to Provide
Comfort for the Guests.
Cody Avenue Sandon |
At a Big Discount
Boy's Suits
One Dollar
And Up.
Shirts, 50 Cents: Each.
E.R. ATHERTON the papstreak, Sandon,B. C, September 6
A Pennsylvania Dirge
Old Mother Hubbard
She went to the cupboard,
And rummaged the shelves all about;
But the cupboard was hare���
Not a coal lump was there,
And so the poor cook stove went  out.
Mountain   Journalism   That    Sets   the
Metropolitan Productions Back in
Another Class.
The Paystreak mel with a sad dis-
asler last Saturday which delayed the
issue of this greal blue weekly for all
of ten hours. Just as the pressman
was finishing up the steenth thousand
on tlie mammoth perfecting press
which whirls and clanks and grinds
out millions and millions of copies
every���every century, the do-fluer flew
into the flop-jack and threw the jim
crank against the minion pin so (hat
tin uonpariel twelve point got mixed
up with lhe riglet case, and the mammoth press came to i standstill. Altho
a very serious accident, and one that
would have baffled the enterprise of
Hearst or Pulitzer, the Paystreak was
not to be outdone. A large force of
mechanics was employed immediately,
an J put to work to repair the press,
Inn after several hours of fruitless endeavor the work was abandoned, and
another means was adopted of getting
the paper out and into the bands of an
anxious reading world. A C. P. R.
train was standing at the station and
onto this the staff loaded the massive
forms and told the conductor lo start.
He did so (when he got ready) and
the metallic reproduction of our editor's
burning thots were born lo the Lucerne
of America where, with the bull dog
chained and the sporting editor of the
Ledge backed off the board by our
fighting editor, the machinery of New
Denver's sensation was turned loose,
the wheels revoluted, and once more
the Payslreak was ready for its readers
at $2 a year. When it comes right
down to real enterprise this paper is
not going to be outdone even by the
Youth'* Companion or Eaton's
There may be things which the
Saturday Glol>e and the Toronto Telegram can do which we cannot do, but
there are things which this great
journal can do lhat. those eastern productions have not thc nerve to try.
I wo hundred cents a year. Delivered
l�� any address this side of Mars.
Circulation limited to one million.
Agents wanted.
A Fable in Slang
When Miss Dovey lit from the Stage
and the Gang of Rubber had all sized
her up, She had the whole Camp Coppered. She looked like the Cherry in
a cocktail or the Joker in a Double Ace
Hush after the draw. Every Gazabo in
Camp polished up his Chin Music and
sent to Montgomery Ward for Winning
Ways   in   Carload   lots.    They  made
Cod Fish eyes at her by the Cord, and
sent her candy iu Water Barrels. But
one by one they Wore out until the
contest narrowed down to the Big
Husky that had the Camp Buffaloed
and the Little Wise Guy who could
Waltz like a dream and handle the
Atmosphere like the Duplex Blower.
He would collar Miss Dovey and pour
Hot Air into her Shell-like ear till she
voted him the only Pay Streak in the
Ledge. Big Husky was lakingall this
in, but he was a Chuckawalla and a
Waster, and had to go Away Back.
This put him on his Ear at the Wise
Guy and he concluded lo do him up
and make a Shining Light of him. He
tackled Wisey on the Trail near the
Main Drag and put a face on him that
was Unfit for Publication. Then Miss
Dovey got next to his Collar, called
him a mean thing and an Old Chump,
and left him at the Post. She nursed
Wisey hack lo Life and 1 hey are now
Traveling in Double Harness with the
Stay Chains down and are eating oul
of the same Nose Bag.
Moral���Don't try to uppercut your
way into a woman's heart.���Fad in
Sure Cure for Liberty
Toronto Tele<?rHm.
Too much liberty is the trouble with
Canada. It is obvious that the average
citizen of this country thinks more
about his liberties than about his
duties. The need of this country is for
a strong government that will narrow
lhe bounds of freedom. It is easy to
locate the long-felt want, but from
whence is to come the strong government that is to fill to overflowing the
yawning chasm of this country's
greatest need ? From whence bul
British Columbia, from Nova Scotia,
the city of Toronto and the county of
York? The large-minded men who
would satisfy Canada's need of a strong
government are as follows:
Premier and president of the council
���Chief Justice the Hon. Gordon Hunter of British Columbia.
Attorney-general ��� Hon. Justice
Meagher of Nova Scotia.
Minister of war���His worship Col.
G. T. Denison of the city of Toronto.
Minister of ihe interior���His honour
Edward Morgan of York county.
Put these strong men on guard and
there will be no more of this nonsense
about liberty and the rights of the
people. The representatives of the
Nova Scotia and the British Columbia
judiciary ought to be in a position to
swiftly fill the jails according to the
workings of their sovereign will and
pleasure. And the caitiff citizens who
are not hurried into jail for contempt of
court could be clubbed into oblivion by-
Col. Denison's police methods or shot
full of holes by judge Morgan's ball-
cartridge system of popular education.
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
the   Mining  Trade,
folliott & a&cmaian
Contractors and Builders.
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Joint Finishing: Lumber
Moulding, Etc,
Sash and Door on Hand to Order.
Factory on Main Street
The Newmarket Hotel
The only up/to'date Summer
Resort in the Slocan. "% ^ ��k
Henry Stege
*��        I    CAN    YOU    CAN   ATTEND   THE 2
October 6th to 14th Inclusive.
^lUCIV  cattle, Sheep
Fine Arts Exhibit SS
Fruit Exhibits "SSSii^?
r*.     i  a.   r\ 0��^:*��^.   BIO EVENT EACH DAY
Eight Day Racing 300 horses entered
Agricultural Exhibits ^aum!*
$25,000 In Premiums.	
RFST MUSIC���Amusement Extrordinary.    Concession Privileges of
All kinds for Sale.    Write for Catalog GEO. H. MARTIN
FRANK LEAKE, Advertising Agent. .     Mgr. and Secy
FOR SALE OH TO RENT-A two story build.
ing, Wke shop (with complete fixtures) and
.tore fixture., at Sandon.  Imgljj of^ ^    | {^^^ ^^^^^aj^^
V the papstreak, Sandon,B. C September 6
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription   -   -   -   -   $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion,
William MacAdams,   -   Publisher and Proprietor.
Bvarice and   Bloodshed  in
Sixteen weeks have passed since
the miners of Pennsylvania laid down
their tools, and the strike is still unsettled. Ninety millions of money
have been lost in the industrial war.
Many lives have been sacrificed. The
machinery of production has slipped a
cog and the concussion has vibrated
thru the whole industrial system. No
one can be altogether free from the
effects of the disturbance for the whole
civilized human race is interdependant,
even to the remotest part of the world.
Those closer to the scene are more
affected; those more remote less so,
but the effect is universal tho sometimes imperceptable.
Six men sitting" in palatial   offices
in New  York  control   the   situation.
They are the coal barons and the   railroad kings.     They control   the   land,
the   money   and   the   transportation.
Their power is more absolute than the
Romanoffs and they are more despotic.
Thousands of poor  people will   shiver
this winter within sio-ht of their  office
windows, but the trust  magnates will
capitalize  their  loss  and   saddle   the
public with the interest on   the  bonds.
It the strikers win   the   magnates   will
increase the price of anthracite.    If the
strike is lost the miners go back to  a
worse   condition   than   that    against
which thev  now revolt.    Avarice and
arrogance are the magnates  stock   in
trade.    Living luxuriously they refuse
the miners a  scanty livelihood.    Tho
it may lead to revolution, they   refuse
to arbitrate.    They will accept nothing
but   a complete   subjugation   of   the
workingmen.    They   are  the government and they control the state.    The
army, the navy and the police  are  at
their command.    The courts are theirs
for a price.    They  enforce  their  rule
with the bayonet.   To resist is anarchy
and rebellion,  punishable with  death.
Can it be wondered at, then, that
the miners of Pennsylvania are becoming desperate.    Condemned to lives of
squalor  and   drudgery  by  an   insane
social system, they know only a hopeless  present  and  see  a future full of
gloom. Only a miracle could relieve
them���or death. To the coal miners
the declaration of independence has
become a satire. The emancipation
proclamation is a josh. The land of
the free is the home of the slave. The
statue of liberty is a blasphemy in
bronze. There is no happiness for
them. Only grinding toil and the
carking cares of poverty. No fullness
or freedom or gladness of life. No
respite except in the grave.
Can it be wondered at that these
men will fire a mine or burn a tipple?
Is it astonishing that they should shoot
from ambush ? To them justice is an
effigy; they have met no law but force.
They know that the trcop-; will shoot
to kill. They are starving and desperate and they strike back.
The amazing part of it all is that
they have stood it so long. Think of
it! Six millionaires in New York; one
hundred and forty six thousand miners
in Pennsylvania. Some day soon the
miners will drill in secret as the Dutch
did in St. Louis previous to the American war. Some day another Coxey's
army will march to Washington, but
next time the army will go on business
and if the subsequent proceedings fail
to make a prophet of Ignatius Donnelly then United States will be more
lucky than she deserves. The Pennsylvania strike is only a ripple of the
storm that is to come.
TAussel Sage and the trusts.
Russel Sage says the trusts in the
United States will lead to a revolution.
Russel must be a very wise man, as
he has come to exactly the same conclusion as The Paystreak. No one
man or group of men is or can be
greater than the whole people. The
concentration of wealth does not increase the physical or mental force of
the individuals who do the accumulating. Any time that the whole people
catch up with the fact that the multimillionaire is a dangerous animal the
plutes will have to go. There are no
enuf of them to stand against the
world, and as the revolutionists are
liable to be pretty hungry about the
time the play comes up, vested rights
and vested wrongs are likely to go over
the dump together. The revolution
may be a peaceful one, enforced by the
ballot as the socialists claim, or it may
be a bloody one, enforced by dynamite
and Hotchkiss guns, similar in character to all the other great revolutions
of history; but whatever form it may
take it is certainly coming and United
States is traveling toward the cataract
on a swifter current -than any other
nation ever did. It took Egypt several
thousand years to get to the revolutionary stage. Persia and Thibet made it
in a little less, and Rome accomplished
her rise and fall within a few centuries
But with the aid of modern appliances
such as steam, electricity, tariffs'
monopolies and joint stock companies'
United States has hit a pace that has
put her over more ground in the last
fifty years than Egypt covered in fifty
centuries, until today ten per cent of
the people in the great American republic own ninety per cent of the
wealth. When the crash comes it will
surely be a corn-cracker that will put
any little side shows like the Pennsylvania strike or the Homestead riots
away back in the shade and will make
the war of secession and the French
Revolution look like thirty cents. If
Pierp Morgan and John D. live out
their time they may yet find themselves
chasing around back alleys for a dark
corner or trying to convince some
torch carrying factory workers that
they have been hod carriers all their
lives and wouldn't know a merger if
they saw it in the garbage barrel.
Time works some wonderful changes
and history repeats itself with unerring
regularity. It is only fifteen minutes
walk from the palaces of Fifth avenue
to the tenement quarters of New York.
When the storm breaks there will he
something doing in the tenements and
it will be a bad dav for Fifth avenue.
Russel Sage has the situation sized up
right. United States is sleeping with
a glycerine can under the bed. Il the
people fail to legislate the trusts into
public utilities the friction of concentration will light the fuse.
If the little chippie boards oi"
thruout the Kootenay have their way
the mine owners ofthe Slocan will soon
find a tariff placed on lead which will
stop them from selling ore in United
States and prevent them from getting
a reduction of the tariff on mining
supplies. These boards of trade have
no license to speak for the mining industry and the members thereof do not
represent anyone but themselves and
the corporation interests for which thev
continually speil. If all the boards 01
trade in the Kootenay were off the map
this country would be many times better off. The aggregate intelligence of
the whole works is not. sufficient to run
a sawmill.
Clifford Sifton's Doukhobors
are getting so freakish over in the 1 er-
ritories that they threaten to starve
themselves to death this winter for
religious reasons. Saving the soul by
starving the body is a curious process
of salvation, but as Sifton imported the
Douks in job lots at $3.65 per, religion
included, the people of Canada are
getting an elegant display of the imbecility of the European outcast at
bargain counter rates. the papstreak, Sandon,B. C, September 6
Canadian journalists have lately
become so contemptuous towards
Canadian judges that the judicature
will soon have to relinguish its shroud
of dignity or follow the example of the
corporations by retaining newspapers
to speil their cause. We would
respectfully suggest to the honorable
chief justice Hunter and the honorable
judge Maegar that the Vancouver Province and the Winnipeg Free Press
should be come-atable on a very reasonable basis. As neither of these
papers have any dignity or probity of
their own worth defending they could
afford to take a sub-contract upholdin5
the dignity of others at cost prices.
When Colonel Prior returned from
his tour of exploration in the Kootenay
he told the Victoria Colonist that, contrary to expectations, he had been hospitably received. The colonel probably
expected that the populace would line
up along the gulches and heave
porphyry at him.
Another strike is due to come off
in Fernie as soon as that 60 days time
limit expires. It will tie up every
smelter in Kootenay and the Boundary
and leave the whole country idle this
winter while the inhabitants rustle
wood   to cook  their bacon with.    If
William Lyon MacKenzie King's department of labor is any good this is a
fine opportunity for it to get action.
A little common sense and an impartial
enforcement of the alien labor law
would save British Columbia from the
worst catastrophe in her history.
The miners of the Yukon are
going to elect Joe Clark to the Dominion parliament and burn Clifford
Sitton in effigy. This action will not
hurt Joe and it may jar Sifton a little.
Canada has a free trade government which advocates protection and a
protectionist opposition which roasts
the government for abandoning free
trade. Between the two they have got
the thing so sadly transmogrified that
the free traders are hollering for protection on a free trade basis and the
protectionists are hollering for free
trade on a protectionist basis. Will
some politico-economist Moses please
fetch along a light. We want to know
where we are at.
A bartender at Whitemouth,
Manitoba, shot two men last week because they refused to dig up tor the
tarantula juice they absorbed. This
booze slinger must have been a rank
amateur. Page 127 ofthe Bartenders
Guide prescribes the soda syphon for
such emergencies.
Bill  Galliher   is   touring    the
A commission has been appointed
to investigate the Fernie explosion.
It is a safe bet that its report will bring
out the fact that those 139 miners are
still dead.
A Montana man is suing the
Northern Pacific for not running its
trains on time. If this man gets
judgment we can see the finish of a lot
of jerk lines in B. C.
Building railroads from the Coast
to Kootenav has now advanced from
being a legislative industry to the stage
of an industrial enterprise.
The leaders of the Conservative
party are going to visit British Columbia. This brings to memory the
fact that there once was a Conservative
party in B. C.
Mackenzie & Mann are still at
Boundary.    Some of our readers may    war writh their employees and at peace
remember the name. with the Dominion government.
The Pioneer and Leading Tailoring
Estalishment of the Slocan.
Always Carries a Complete Stock of
Imported Suitings and Pantings
Material,   Fit and Workmanship
Fully Guaranteed
if lie is Decked in Shoddy, Sweat Shop Goods
Assay His Character and You will Kind Him a
Shoddy Man.    if he has the Lael on His Garments
He is Sterling.    So are the Garments.
Stores at Sandon and Slocan dtp.
% Full Zine of Furnishings Carried at Both Stores.
No Flies on You.
If you use our Screen Doors,
Screen Windows, Wire Cloth
and other devices for protection agaiust flies.
LiDe in Comfort
During the summer months.
Our stock of Fly Arresters is
H. Buers & Co.
are Ripe
.   I
I the papstreak, Sandon.B. C September 6
Labor Herald, Savannah, Oa.
When I read of the fellow  behind the
Who adds to his golden store
By raisin' the price of the dear-bought
At the cost of the suffering poor;
1 don't git mad, but I figures out
How he'll fare at the judgment call,
For "the mills o' the gods grind slow,"
no doubt,
"But they grind exceedingly small."
And then when I hears how  the  man
who's riz
By tramping the poor,  rough  shod,
Gives thousands of dollars for  lib'aries
To square his account with God���
1 jest cain't see how  his surplus gold
Can balance his sins at all;
Tho "the mills o' the gods grind slow,''
I'm told
That "they grind exceedingly small."
If Christ Came to Pennsylvania
W. F. Clark of Wilkesbarre, Pa.,
recently addressed a letter to president
Baer of the Philadelphia and Reading
Railroad company, appealing to him as
a Christian to settle the strike. The
writer says that if Christ was taken
more into business affairs there would
be less trouble in the world and that if
Mr. Baer granted the strikers a slight
concession they would gladly return to
work, and the president of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad company would have the blessing of God
and the respect of the nation.
President Baer replied as follows:
" I see you are evidently biased in your
religious views in favor of the right of
the workingman to control a business
in which he has no other interest than
to secure fair wages for the work he
does. I beg of you not to be discouraged. The rights and interests of
the laboring man will be protected and
cared for not by the labor agitators but
by the Christian men to whom God in
his infinite wisdom has given the control of the property interests of the
country. Pray earnestly that the right
may triumph, always remembering
that the Lord God Omnipotent still
reigns and that his reign is one of law
and   order,   and   not of violence and
Mre Hon Well Stressed 7
Cameron the Tailor makes a business of turning out
clothes which are stylish and up-to-date in every particular. His goods are worth the money and the work-,
manship is guaranteed. Keep these facts in mind when
you want a new suit for the summer. It does not cost
any more to have your clothes cut by an artistic cutter
and put together by first-class workmen.
J. ��. & S>. Cameron, ""KZZ
Neat, Clean and Comfortable Rooms. JAfines, Liquors and Cigars, the
Accomodations Unexcelled. Best that Moneu can Buy.
First Class Dining Room Sernice.
American and European Plan.
The populace of ancient Rome was
kept from revolt by distributions of
bread and performances in the circus.
In London king Edward recently fed
half-a-million poverty stricken working
people and then treated them to a
variety show. One square meal in the
course of a reign is small recompense
for a life-time of robbery.
Miners unions have recently been
organized at the Chika Ho and Ubari
coal mines in Japan. On June 12 a
convention of 150 delegates representing 500,000 miners was held. The
Labor World, the organ of socialism in
Japan, is agitating for the formation
of a national union.
"Idle luxury and idle misery always
come and go together. They belong
together. The millionaire hobo and
the ragged hobo are products of the
same cause. They are manifestations
ofthe same social disease. They made
their appearance at about the same
time. Each is a parasite upon productive industry. E;ich is supported
by the labor of the industrious. And
the ragged hobo is the less virulent
manifestation of the disease: he doesn't
cost so much to keep."���The Public.
The farmer puts in longer hours
than any other class of workmen. He
buys his tools and m ichinery from the
trust and the trust sets the price; he
sells his wheat to the trust and the
trust sets the price; he sells his cattle
to the trust and the trust sets the price.
And yet there are a whole lot of people
that the fool killer missed in the rush
who think that the farmer is the most
independent person on earth. And
there are just lots of farmers who think
they own the farm they work because
they happen to have a title deed  to it.
The cheering welcome to the Boer
generals in London, and the crowding
of the Poor Houses with discharged
soldiers, is one of the peculiar freaks of
Finest draught beer. Coolest in
town, at the Denver house.
Repairing is our Speciality
But we also
carrp a fine
men's Shoes
est stples.
Miners boots made on demand.
Will stand more wear than anp two
pair of factorp make.  Made to fit the feet.
Louis Hupperten Main Street
Neto York Bretort)
Totogood & Bruder, Proprietors.
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer
Special attention  given to our rapidly  increasing
bottle trade.    Give it a trial.    Both ol us wm
make  by it.    We a little.    You  much.    Let us
hear   from   you.     Telephone,   24,   Denver  a"
Silverton.    Worden   Bros.,   agents, Slocan cuy
Sandon British Columbia the Papstreak, Sandon,B. C, September 6
Made Net Earnings  of   $4,900,000   Last
Year/"Has Paid   Seventy Nine
Millions in Dividends.
The annual report of the Calumet
and Hecla company for the fiscal year
ending April 30, 1902, has just been
issued to the stockholders of that celebrated mine. The report shows that
the net earnings of the mine for the
year was $4,900,000 exclusive of nearly
a million dollars expended in additional
machinery equipment and various surface improvements. The Calumet and
Hecla has earned $79,000,000 in dividends since its opening 50 years ago,
which is equivalent to average annual
dividends in excess of $1,500,000. This
is the world's banner record for a metal
mine ;ind is calculated to more thoroly
establish the belief lhat the particular
industry of copper mining is rather
profitable business. Six mines in the
lake Superior copper district���Atlantic,
Calumet and Hecla, Osceola, Quincy,
Tamarack and Wolverine���up to the
first of llie year had earned dividends
amounting lo $107,497,300. While
the dividend record of the Michigan
mines makes an admirable showing
it is not lo be compared with the record
ot" Hutu's copper mines, which have
distributed over a hundred million dollars during tne past 20 years. The
copper mines of Arizona are becoming
noted by reason of their large dividend
earnings, and it is said senator Clark's
United Verde mine is the most valuable
copper property in the world, its fortunate owner having refused seveniy-five
million dollars for it. The immense
producing capacity of the Verde ex-
p'ains why Clark has been titled the
"Copper King" by common consent.
Provincial Tax Sale Notice.
Slocan  Sawmill
Slocan City has a sure thing on a
sawmill that will employ 100 men.
The company has plenty of capital and
a contract with the railroad that will
permit them to lay down lumber in the
Territories at a rate to compete with
anv other firm west of the Rockies.
This will give Slocan City a permanent
prosperity that will keep the metropolis
���it tlie foot ofthe lake humming.
If you want to change your boarding
house, try The Denver " Hotel. Best
meals in lown.    All Home Cooking.
Sfinn SHARES (of �� each) fully paid up
^VUXJ stock in the Similkiimeen Valley Coal
company, at k cents each. In loiaoflOQ shares
"r more. This is not poo'ed stock, and the
cert Ifloatei will he delivered on receipt of remittance. If you want to buy or sell stock of
any kind *rite us.
Chartered Accountant, Nelson, B.C.
NOTICE is hereby Riven that the partner-
slop heretofore existing between the under
signed under the firm name of the Coin Mining
& development Company has this day been
dissolved by mutual consent.
Dated at Sandon this 27th day of August, 1902.
NOTICE is hereby given that all property of
every description, in the Slocan Assessment
District, upon which there were taxes in arrears, and remaining unpaid, and due the
Provincial Government on the 81st day of
December, 1901. will be advertised for sale for
the same aftei the 20th day of September,
VMYi. All persons in arrears for personal property or income tax will be distrained upon.
This is the final notice and costs of the sale
or distrangement can he saved by paying the
said arrears  at  the   Government  Office  at
Kaslo, B. C, before the above last named date.
Assessor and Collector.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District Where located. On
Washington wagon road, about three
miles from McGuigan.
TAKE NOTICE that I, David Stevenson
Wallbridge, acting as agent for S.K.Green,
Free Miner s Certificate No. B51401, and J. W.
Power, Free Miner's Certificate No. B5'.KH7,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of July, A. D. WO*.
iyi'Vo.' D. S. WALLBRIDGE.
To C. S Falls or any person or persons to
whom he may have assigned his interest in the
O K. No 2 Mineral Claim, situated on Seaton
creek, and about two miles from Three Forks,
and recorded in the Recorder's Office for the
Slocan Mining Division.
You are hereby notified that we, the undersigned, James Lowdon, Gust Johnson and
Margaret McCuaig, have caused to be expended
four hundred and ten dollars in labor and improvements upon the above mentioned
mineral claim under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, and if within ninety days from
the date of this notice you fail or refuso to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising,
your interest Jn said claim shall bocome the
property of the subscribers under seetion IV.
of an act entitled, "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, WOO."
Dated at Sandon this 25th day of July, W02.
To Arthur Mul'.en or any person or persons
to whom he mav have assigned his interest in
the Reliance Mineral claim, situated one
mile and a half from Three Forks, adjoining
theHinklev Mineral claim and recorded in
the Recorders oflice for the Slocan Mining
You are hereby notified that I, John Foster,
have caused to be expended one hundred and
two dollars and nifty cents in labor and
improvements upon the above mentioned
mineral claim under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, and if within ninety days
from the date of this notice you fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion of such
expediture, together with all costs of advertising, vour interest in said claim will become
the property of the subscribers under section
IV of an act entitled "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, 1900." J0HN F0STER.
Dated at Sandon this 19th day of June, 1M2.
Hotel Slocan
Has Passed into New
Hands and will be Con/
ducted in such a Manner
as to Warrant your Pat*
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For  bookings write or wire
Anthony Shilland,
Sccretarq,  Sandon  Miners'   Union
Sandon, B. G.
F. L- Christie,
L. L. B.,
M. L.  Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
B. C.
NOTICE is hereby given that I, the under-
sinned have disposed of all my interest in the
Coin Mining Company, and do not hold myself responsible for any accounts against the
company.   All liabilities have been assumed
bv the present owners. [1
by        v J()HN D  CAMPBELL. I
Dated at Sandon this 27th day of August, 1908.
Established 1895.
Sandon. B. G.
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Stocks bought and sold. General agent for Slocan Properties
Promising Prospects for Sale.
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $1 per month ; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
DR. W. E. GOMM,   Attendant Physic tan.
J. H. MrNEII.L, Pros. Hospital Board.
I.  O.  O.   F.
Meetings in the Union Hail every Friday
Evening at 7:30. Visiting Brethern coidially
invited to attend.
Secretary Vice Grand.
A. F. & A. M,
Regular Communication held first Thins
day in each month in Masonic Hall at 8 P, H
Soiourning brethern are cordially invited to
JAMES M. BARTON, Secretary.
Sandon Cartage Co.
Mcpherson & hurley.
Express, Baggage,
and Cartage.
Delivery to all  Parts of the City.
'Pacific Ky.
From Fort William,  the favorite   summer
route to all eastern points.
For St.   Paul.   Duluth,   Sa&lt   Ste    Marie.
Chicago, etc.
Through Tourist Sleeping Cars
Leaves Dunmore Junction daily for St. Paul;
Kootenay Landing Tuesday and Saturday for
Toronto,'Montreal and all eastern points.
Leaves Revelstoke daily for Seattle and
Vancouver. .     ���...,
Through bookings to Europe via all Atlantio
lines. :        ,  .
Prepaid tickets at lowest rates issued from
all European countries.
For rates and full particulars apply to looal
agents or
R. B. McCammon.
Agent. Sandon
J. S. Carter E. J. Coyle,
D. P. A. A. G. P. A.,
Nelson, B. C. Vancouver, B C.
jwitHik,tf Cfte Vagstveak, SanOon.X. C. September 6
Hong Brothers, Plugugglies
Walter and Robert Hoag are in the
Slocan no more. They have left for
other parts, address unknown. Last
Thursday Robert left the city for the
Rambler mine, on the same train with
Albert Peterson, a peaceful Swede. At
McGuigan Robert and the Swede got
into an altercation, in which the Swede
got the best of il. Resorting to
diplomacy Robert induced the Swede
to call it a draw, and proceeded to the
mine, accompanied by a bottle of firewater. On the trail hostilities broke
out afresh, ai.d Robert struck the
Swede with the bottle and fled down
the hill. Mr. Peterson proceeded to
the half-way house with a sore head
and stopped to irrigate. While engaged in this delightful pastime Robert
passed the house and arrived at the
mine where he engaged the services of
Walter Hoag and Jim Piatt lo help him
knock the Swede's block off. The
triple alliance met the Scandinavian
about a quarter of a mile from the half
way house and pulling him off the
horse pounded him until he was soft.
Then they kindly put him on his horse
and headed him down to the hotel,
where he arrived in a badly delapitated
condition. Foreman Zvvicky fired
Hoag brothers and they came to town.
Here again they resorted to strategy
by swearing out a warrant against Mr.
Peterson for attempt to hold them up.
But in the cool shades of the evening
they vanished down the trail and the
law has no cognizance ot their whereabouts. Mr. Peterson is an honest
man and peaceful. Hoag brothers
have established no claim lo honesty
and their greatest delight is to lick
somebody. Considered in a national
sense, Canada is winner by their
migration. But Mr. Peterson got a
hard deal.
You will Find Them Superior to   Pills.
We Guarantee them to Give Satisfaction
Dandruff, Promotes the
Growth of the Hair and
Clears the Scalp.
Zavge SBottle 50c
It Will Cure Rheumatism.     If it Does
Not Give You  Satisfaction we
Will Refund Your
IRed Cross Brug Store.
Chemist and Bruggist
Labor Day in Slocan City.
Labor Day in Slocan was a success
from a labor union point of view.
Tiiere were fully twelve hundred people
present from Rossland, Nelson, North-
port and Slocan points, in fact it was a
grand reunion of workingmen from all
over lhe Interior. Some very forcible
speeches were made by Smith Curtis,
Jas. Wilks and others. Rossland and
Norlhport learns played a good game
of ball, and there was the usual accompaniment of rock and athletic coniests
with a grand ball in the evening. The
gathering demonstrated beyond a doubt
the industrial and political strength of
the labor organizations of the Kootenav.
Oct on the $ wide of an Wp*to*buu
Summer Suit.
It does not cost any more to wear good clothes
than poor ones. The only difference is where
you do your purchasing.
Me are might XCheve with the 6006s
all the Vime.
If there is anything you want in the Ready-
Made Clothing line, Hats, Neckties or Shoes
you can find it on our shelves.
The only Indo-Ceylon
Tea on the market having
two qualities combined.
Try one pound and be convinced.
Notary Seals, Stencils,
Price Markers,Printing
Wheels, Numbering
Muchines,Band Dating
& Numbering Stamps,
Wax Seals, Check Perforators, Rubber Type.
Crown Printing Presses
etc., etc. Your patronage respectfully solicited.
H.     J.     FRANKLIN
Vancouver,    /    B. C.
If you want
Groceries of
the best quality
that the market
affords send in
your orders to
2T/je fbuntev^lkendvick Co., Zimitet
p. Burns & Co.
h. gii;gerich.
fbead ��ffice,
IRelson, B.C.
Ttleco Mvenue,
Sandon, B.C.
Bealers -Jn
of all


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