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The Paystreak Aug 9, 1902

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Array Vv^i^^^-- t***-
Book 6
Sandon, Bugust 9, 1902
Chapter 46
I ^9999999999999999999999999
Expert! are experting thc hills these
I days.
Dr. Power paid New Denver a professional visit Tuesday.
Byron N. While of the Star arrived
|from Spokane Saturday.
Mysterious Billy Mills arrived from
[Silverton this week and will go to work
Li the Ruth.
Billy Walmsley arrived in camp
jThursday from Nelson. He brol his
(smile with him.
John Keen, C. E., Kaslo, was in
[SanJon this week looking after his
[mining interests.
Ernest Stein arrived from Portland
{Tuesday and has taken over the bakery
lot R. B. Patterson.
A trick b'lKe guy gave xhibitions
Ion the C. P. R. platform Tuesday and
[Wednesday evenings.
P. H. Murphy   of  lhe   Filbert   left
Tuesday for the   Lardo  to   do   assessment work on his claims.
James V tllance, manager for Byers
|& Co., was in Kaslo this week in con-
piexion with the combine there.
Rev. Mr. Mclntyre will preach at
jNcw Denver on Sunday and each night
���he following week in the special union
|ser\ ices.
The average number of pupils who
ook the  xamination   tor  high  school
jaiid passed for the entire province  was
13')K per cent.
Mrs. Gardiner, Miss  Durraiit,   Miss
lorell,   R. Irving  and   P.   H.   Walsh
came up from Kaslo last  Saturday and
{visited the Star mine.
Dr. Gomm returned Monday from a
two w\eks outing al Bonnington Falls
and reports having had an enjoyable
time fishing, boating, etc.
Miss Nettie M. Radcliffe ol' Three
Porks successlully passed her entrance
Examination and will continue studies
Y Ihe Whitby high school.
If a bicycle is a bike,
A tricycle must be a trike;
And il will be found,
When winter comes round,
An icicle is an ike.
Nat Darling, the hustling representative ofthe Mainland cigar factory,
Vancouver, was in Sandon   this  week.
Nat says altho times are quiet there's
[no falling off in the sales.
The xcursion to Bear lake Sunday
jwas well attended, there being standing
! room only on the car. There were
I enough wild berries captured lo start a
| canning foundry. These xcursions are
becoming very popular.
E. E. Sawyer, representing the oil
concentration process, which has made
such a stir in the Rossland camp, was
m lown Monday. Mr. Sawyer interviewed the local concentrator people as
to the adaptability of the process to the
Slocan ores. Some tests are to be
made in the near future with  the  ores
j��f the camp. Several mines in lhe
Lardo   have    had     very    satisfactory
\ results with the oil process.
Today (Saturday) is a public holiday
thruout the dominion.
The Bruce fall fair takes place.in
Spokane from October 6 to 14.
Charlie Kent, an old-timer of the
Slocan, died at Seattle last week.
Jimmy Band of Nelson was taking a
slack of rubbers in camp this week.
Sheriff Tuck arrived in camp yesterday. He did not call at the Paystreak
Rev. Mr. Craw, Presbyterian minister
al Kaslo, was visiting Rev. Mr. Robb
Mrs. V. A. Kleinschmidt and Miss
Schultz visited friends in New Denver
this week.
The Fernie strike is over and all the
old men are back at work. The boys
won a victory.
Harrold Hat arrived from Kaslo on
Tuesday and is back in his former
position with Byers & Co.
The prize lisl for the world's fair at
Kamloops is out. This xposition takes
place on September 24-25-26.
Rev. Mr. Robb will preach at the
union services on Sunday at 11 o'clock
in Crawford's hall, and at 7:30 in the
Methodist church.
George Roger returned Thursday
from Trout lake, where he has been
doing assessment work. George says
he has a million in sight.
Last Saturday the Sandon junior
freaks defeated the New Denver lobsters by a score of 22 lo 19. Dilly's
zulu curves saved the game.
Hon. W. C. Wells, commissioner of
lands and works, was in Nelson last
week. The reason he did not visit the
Slocan was that he had corns.
Ed Ward, foreman at the Surprise
mine, left yesterday for Washington, to
lake charge of a mining property. Ed
is well known in the camp and will be
Onlv four subscribers needed to reach
the million mark. As the circulation
is limited to 1,000,000 the books will be
closed when the number is reached.
Call early and avoid the rush.
Rev. A. Fitzpatrick is in the camp in
connexion with the library xtension in
Ontario and British Columbia mining
camps He has arranged lo send a
box of books to the Payne.
The Mining Review's society column
last week commences: "Annie Rooney
is taking in the sights at Victoria."
Annie Rooney has fallen so low that
dogs won't bark at her, but she gels a
very prominent place in the reubin rag.
Last evening at a meeting of the
Kootenav Presbytery held in the Presbyterian church, Sandon, Rev. Mr.
Robb was licensed and ordained. The
following ministers look part in the
service: Rev. J. Ball of Trail, Rev.
Mr. McKee of Slocan, and Rev. Mr.
Mr. McColl of Denver.
Rev. J. G. Shearer, general secretary of the Lord's Day Alliance of
Canada, will address the citizens ot
Sandon on Thursday, the 14th instant,
in the Methodisi church. Subject:
"The battle for the toilers; Sabbath
against corporation greed." This address will be of interest to miners.
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Macdonald
returned yesterday from a six weeks'
visit to coast cities.
Billie MacAdams, who has bten
visiting government officials on the
slope, will return home Tuesday.
Mrs. James Vallance and daughter
leave today for a two-months visit on
the coast. Mr. Vallance accompanies
them to Vancouver.
An ice cream social will be given in
the Methodist church Wednesday evening, August 13. A good time expected.    Come and have some.
Yesierday the bush fires at 8-mile
reached the railroad irack and caused
a two-hour delay of the K. & S., burnt
timbers having fallen across the track.
Those popular entertainers, E.
Pauline Johnson and J. Waller McRaye,
gave one of their delightful programs
in the Methodist church Wednesday
evening. Miss Johnson proved herself
as of yore, a right up to dute entertainer, while Mr. McRaye, in Dr.
Drummond's "Habitant" characters,
was there with the goods.
Day of Ro��*t
September  1   is labor day.    Sandon
should  celebrate.    Let   a  meeting  be
called and a committee appointed for
the purpose of drawing up a program
of events and attractions for the day.
Boquet of Weeds
I have perused these few issues of
your paper which I have here, and 1
must say that a more disreputable and
atrocious paper I have never seen.
* * * The Paystreak had been an
absolute disgrace to British Columbia.
���Chief Justice Hunter.
This is more than the present thot
molder of The Paystreak can stand.
Hit the rods, Billy, immediately, and
come home and run your own atrocious
paper.    We prefer being a hobo.
Narrow Escape.
While the C. P. R. steamship Victoria was making its usual slow run
between Trout Lake City and Gerrard
Wednesday afternoon she caught fire
from sparks from the smokestack. By
the prompt action of the hucket brigade
the fire was soon extinguished, and the
passengers gave the captain and crew-
great praise for their gallant work.
The Victoria is a fast boat, and has
made 4^4 miles an hour.
Death of D. M. Da*is
By the death of Daniel Morgal Davis,
which occurred in Sandon on Wednesday, British Columbia loses another
pioneer. He came to the province 20
years ago, 10 of them being spent in
the Slocan. Mr. Davis had been ailing
for a year and steps were being taken
to get him admitted to the old man's
home. The funeral took place Thursday afternoon and was largely attended. The deceased was born in
Wales, and was 66 years of age.
Atherton's   slaughter   sale   is    still
going on.    Call and get bargains.
5    MINING   FLOAT.    I
Silver, 52 # ��
Lead, ��,\\.  is, 3d.
The Whitewater mine for the month
of July shipped 213^ tons.
New York metal quotations: Lead,
quiet, at $4.12^. Copper, weak, at
$11.68 to $11.80.
Silver is the best conductor known
for electricity, copper is second, gold
third and aluminum fourth.
This week two and one-half feet of
high grade ore was struck on the
Cromwell group, Lardeau camp.
The shipments this week were as
follows: Rambler 140, Whitewater 40,
Payne 120, Ruth 100, Silver Glance 20,
Sunset 20.    Total 440 tons.
The Monitor mine at Three Forks has
struck an important body of ore three
feet wide, 'lhe rich ore chute is believed to be 217 feet long. This strike
will greatly increase the property's
Important to Claim Owners
The following decision ofthe minister
of mines with regard lo the recording
of trail work as part of an assessment,
will be of interest:
With a view, therefore of establishing
an uniformity of practice, gold commissioners and mining recorders are
instructed that, provided they are satisfied that the construction of a trail is
essential to the proper development of a
claim, a free miner may be allowed lo
count the cost of the same towards his
annual assessment work, on obtaining
permission before hand from the proper
official, and subject to the inspection of
the government.
The Sons of Rest
The annual convention of the Knights
of the Road will be held in the jungles
near Spokane  next  week.    The  password is "Give Us a   Rest," and   the
motto of this  grand  order  is,   "Don't
do any  work;  don't   look   at   anyone
working, but take to the woods."   The
chief business before the tourists is the
election of a new    High   and   Exalted
Navigator,   Frisco   Red   having   been
killed in a  railroad accident;  and  the
kicking out of the order  the  writer of
these   lines,   who   has  been   in  good
standing for 17 years, it having  leaked
out that he has gone to work.     Weary
Willie is a delegate from   Sandon  .;. d
he is now registering  at  the  principal
watertanks along the road.
Tracy, who escaped from the Oregon
pen just two months ago today, is now
dead. He killed himself in a wheat
field in eastern Washington Wednesday. He was surrounded by a gang
of cut-throats.
Kaslo's only industry, the school,
re-opens next Monday. This means
that the town will soon boast of a
i the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Bugust 9
St. Peter he stood  by the Golden  gate
When Morgan, J. P., hove in  sight;
St. Peter came out with a smile  and a
And asked the great man to alight.
Bre you Well Bressed ?
:,��� not, Bre you Milling to be?
P. was astounded   by  that   kind  oi
And said he  felt greatly relieved
To hear the kind words of a   saint   he
And likewise 10 be so received.
"Forget, forget it," St.   Peter  replied,
"Walk in, sir, we don't fear a splice;
You see you can't Morganize anything
For there's only one Paradise."
Mr. Morgan alighted and walked with
the saint
Thru the beautiful Golden gate,
And he looked all around   and   sighed
to himself:
"1 am sorry I got here too late."
Cameron thc Tailor makes a business of turn ing out
clothes which are stylish and up-to-date in every particular. His goods a're worth the money and the workmanship is guaranteed. Keep these facts in mind whon
you want a new suit for the summer. It does not cost
any more to have vour clothes cut by an artistic cutter
ami put together by first-class workmen.
Where Are Yon ?
A list showing ihe estimated
for two weeks of a  few  of the
holders of railway  securities  has
prepared as follows:
J. D. Rockefeller $30,000,000
Vanderbilt interests  25,000,000
E. H. Harriman    15,000,000
J. H. Moore     5,000,000
Judge Moore     5,000,000
Marshall  Field      3,500,000
John W. Gates     1,500,000
fohn Lambert....      1,500,000
John Dupee     1,500,000
Isaac Ellwood     1,500,000
D. G.  Reid      1,500,000
J. Ogden Armour      1,000,000
John J. Mitchell     1,000,000
VV. B. Leeds     1,000,000
S. W.  Allerlon      1,000,000
J. K. & 2). Cameron,
Neat, Clean and Comfortable Rooms.
.    Accomodations Unexcelled.
Merchant Waiters,
IReco a pc, Sandon
Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
Best that Moneij can Buy.
First Class Dining Room Sernice.
American and European Plan.
Almost one hundred
million   in   two
P. H. MURPin
weeks, and the lisl only shows those
who received dividends of a million or
over for two weeks' work���of the
other fellows.
Prefer Chinks
At present in the Yukon whenever a
cook is necessary at the police posts a
Japanese or a Chinaman is employed.
The salary paid is $40 a month. White
cooks receive from $100 to $125. A
Japanese man and woman are employed
at the major's quarters and one al the
captain's Captain Macdonald left
Skagway for the Dalton trail with a
Japanese servant, who is also a special
constable. The Dawson Liberal association has protested against the employing of Japanese by the dominion government. Probably il is for "imperial
reasons" that the Japs and Chinks
are employed.
On�� on Morgan
A member oi parliament is said to be
circulating about  the London   clubs   a
typewritten copy of an  epitaph  which
he solemnly declares is intended  for  J.
Pierpont Morgan and should   be   taken
by him as a warning   not   to  push   his
world-grabbing    enterprises     too    far.
The epitaph is as follows:
Here lies   bis  head   at   last   upon ibis
He now belongs  lo   what   he   made
his own;
He hot ihe world for  whal   he  thot   il
And God once more is running things
alone !
Repairing is our Speciality
But we also
carrp a fine
line of Oentle
mens Shoes
in all the latest stples.
Miners  boots made
gp. .
What It Would Be
Numerous inquiries are being made
as to what would be king Edward's
name if he were a citizen of the United
States. His mother's name was Guelph
and she married a man whose family
name was Wettin. Therefore should
his most gracious majesty desire to become a citizen of the United Stales his
papers would be made out to Albert E.
Wettin.���Chicago Chronicle.
it's a Shame
Think of it���168,6^4 children under
the age of 14 are employed in the mills
and factories of the United States. In
many instances these children are little
better than slaves. They are underpaid, overworked, and deprived of the
necessities of life, God's pure sunshine,
and the joy which should attend their
age. The want of food forces the little
ones into the factory and workshop as
soon as they are able to stand. Amid
the noise of the mill they spend their
childhood hours, reach maturity, and
pass into the great beyond without
having experienced real happiness and
forever followed by tlie fear of hunger
and want.    Is this not   a condition   of
      on demand
_    Will stand more wear than anptM
pair of factorp make.   Made to fit the feet.
Louis Hupperten Main Street
Neto York Breton}
Totogood & Bruder, Proprietors.
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer
which the nation can be
grand is civilization.
proud?    How
Special attention  tfiven to our rapid!)
bottle  trade.    Give   it a trial.    Both  o
make  by it.    We a little.    You   much
hear   from   you.     Telephone,   24,
Silverton.    Worden   Bros.,   agents,
I' us WlH
Let us
British Columbia the papstreak, Sandon, B. C Bugust 9
Just meek enough for submission,
Just bold enough to be brave;
Just pride enough for ambition,        ^L
Just thoughtful enough to be grave.
A tongue that can talk without harming,
Just mischief enough lo tease,
Manners     pleasant     enough     to     he
That put you at once at your ease.
A Proud Father
John Wilson, a farmer, living in
Waterloo county, Ontario, is the proud
father of 44 little chickens, but much of
the credit for the results is due to his
wife. Wilson has been ill with fever
so she decided to utilize him as an
incubator. She bcrrowed the eggs and
plated ihenrt abiut his roi'y. Only
fcur failed u rrccuce il.Uter.s.
(Bet on the Jnside of an Wp*to*date
Summer Suit.
It does not cost any more to wear good clothes
than poor ones. The only difference is where
you do your purchasing.
If you want
Groceries of
Why They Married
An editor sent out circular letters lo
a large number of married men asking
why they got married. He received a
great number of pointed answers, the
following being some of lhem:
1 was crazy.
Don't mention it.
I didn't intend to do it.
Please don't stir me  up.
Because it was just my luck.
Because I was loo lazy to work.
1 married to gel the best wife in the
Because I did not have the experience
1 have now.
Married to get even with her mother,
bus never have.
1  yearned   for  companv.    We   now
have il all the time.
I thought it would be cheaper than a
breach of promise suit.
That's what I have   been   trying   for
eleven years to find out.
Because  Sarah told   me   that   seven
others had proposed to her.
That's  ihe  same   fool  question   my
friends and neighbors ask inc.
I wanted a companion   of the  opposite se:..     N. B.���She is still opposite.
The old man thot   that  eight   years'
courting  was   almost   long   enough.
The governor was going to give  me
bis foot, so 1 took his daughter's hand.
Had difficulty in unlocking the door
;it night and  wanted   somebody   to   let
me in.
Because I asked her if she'd have
me. She said she would. 1 think she's
got me.
I think it was because 1 was crosseyed; now I am afflicted with two pairs
of cross eyes daily.
Because I thot she was one among
thousands; now 1 sometimes think she
is a thousand among one.
1 was embarrassed and gave my wife
my name so I could take lhe benefil of
her name signed to a check.
1 was lonesome and melancholy and
wanted some one lo make me lively.
N. B.���She makes me very lively.
I was tired of buying ice cream and
oysters and going " to theaters and
wanted a rest.    Have saved money.
the best quality
that the market
affords send in
your orders to
We are THigf)t XLtyvz wit I) tlje (Boobs
all tlje XSAmc.
If there is anything you want in the Ready-
Made Clothing line, Hats, Neckties or Shoes
you can find it on our shelves.
Gale's Bar��p
Is the best Tonsorial   Establishment in the Slocan.      I
\i* ��j> *?>
Balmoral Building f.'.ain St.
The only Indo-Ceylon
Tea on the market having
two qualities combined.
Try one pound and be con'
��r)e fbuntev&endviCR Co., Zimited
Si Co.
^ Power* contained in tvo certain indentures of mortgaged whioh will be produced at
the time ol tfte sale, there will be offered lor
sale l>v public auction, l��y S l' Tuck,
auctioneer, in front of the oftloe of the wind
S. P Tuck, ii tlie city of Nelson. British Col-
uniiiia. on Wednesday, the _'7th day of August,
A. 1) , 1008, ut the hour "of 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, the following property:
That certain lot or parcel of land in the city
of Sandon known as lot, 4. in blook fi, Map
On the said property is situated the frame
building known as the "Balmoral," containing a saloon and barber shop.
For tevrnrt And conditions of sale and anv
further information apply to tbe undersigned.
So'ici*or for Mortgagee, Atherton Block, Main
stieet, Sandon, B. C.
Dated this 86th day of July, 1908,
Bealers Sn
The slaughter sale is still going on
at Atherton's. Catch on when you
have a chance.
of all
BRITISH COLUMBIA. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Bugust 9
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription    -   -    -    -    $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams,    -   Publisher and Proprietor.
The only motive present to my
mind in writing the article published
in The Paystreak, May 17, 1902, was
what I conceived to be in the interest
of the public and I wrote it on the
impulse of the moment. In do\ng so
I used language referring to the court
in terms which were intemperate and
improper and void of due respect to
their lordship's persons and office.
The expressions were not deliberately intended to bring discredit on the
bench but were the outcome of my
strong feelings, and I deeply regret the
publication ot the article and the inexcusable and insulting language in which I
referred to the judges of the supreme
court of British Columbia and herewith
withdraw and apologize for the same.
William MacAdams.
As the price of my liberty I publish an apology. I have learned many
strange things about courts and contempts of courts recently. Many of
these I will not relate because it is not
legal. One ofthe strangest is that it
still lies within the power of certain
judges to charge and sentence anyone
who offends their dignity. These
judges are the interpreters ofthe meaning of the word dignity and they can
construe pretty much whatever they
choose into what is called "scandalizing
the court." The truth or falsity of the
statements made, it would seem, are
not necessarily the points at issue. It
is not a question of whether the statements are founded on fact or not, but
whether or no they bring the court
into contempt. This, of course, is
manifestly unjust, as a court might be
brot into contempt by relating the
truth regarding some of its members.
Supposing, for instance, that a judge
got drunk and neglected his duty; it
could be contempt of court to publish
the fact. The offending editor might
be brot before a court including the
erring judge, which could summarily
convict. No jury is necessary, and
(as in my case) the defendant may be
given no opportunity to rebut the
charges.    The sentence may be for any
length of time that the judges see fit.
Sureties may also be called for, failing
to produce which the editor may be
kept in jail for life. I know this to be
true because I myself was ordered to
get four sureties or stay in jail for the
balance of my days, and I have the
words of the chief justice to show that
this was a perfectly regular proceeding.
The department of justice at
Ottawa, so it says, is impotent to
interfere in such cases as the matter
rests entirely with the prosecuting
judges. The) are amenable to public
opinion only to the extent that it
threatens their jobs. There is no court
of appeal.
This being the case the public is
powerless. Judges may postpone
and adjourn cases as often as they
choose; the law's delays uiav break
unfortunate litigants; the rich may employ shrewd lawyers to keep a case out
of court bv whatever means they can,
yet if a newspaper denounces such
things on behalf ofthe suffering public,
unless his language is sterilized so as
not to offend the judges, the editor
may be thrown in jail for life. Thus
is tlie press muzzled.
This state of affairs calls for legislative action. If courts are to be
operated for the glorification of judges
it is just as well that the public should
understand it so. If they are to be
conducted for the speedy administration
of justice the law should be made to
conform with the principle. No law
which places a judge on a pedestal as
a paragon of purity, impervious to
human influences, to be exempt from
criticism no matter how badly he acts,
can be founded on justice. Such men
do not exist on this Jordan's wave.
The press is the guardian of public
liberties. A law which permits the
court to roast the press to its heart's
content, but restricts press comment on
the court, is manifestly unfair and
unjust. If the censure is deserved it
will not go unnoticed, just as when
you throw a stone in the dark and hear
a yelp you know it was a yellow dog
you struck. If it is uncalled for it will
revert as a boomerang on the party
publishing. History has shown that
the clerics of old who persecuted men
to establish their own purity were
worth watching. History sometimes
repeats itself.
to the striking miners. Some of the
citizens who felt that they had rather
see the men, who refused to work for
the coal trust, eat than starve lo death
furnished them with food. The judge
immediately ordered the arrest of those
who distributed the supplies and com-
milled them to jail. The judge would
make a good overseer of the Siberia
The grave diggers of Chicago
have gone on strike and several of the
leading cemeteries have closed their
gates in consequence. Denizens oi
Cook county and other adjacent sections of Illinois will now have to defer
any intended demise until the trouble
is settled. Otherwise they will be
planted by non-union men, and might
even have their funerals raided by
strikers and their remains interred in
t'.ie sewer or the South Branch. We
would advise our Chicago friends not
to shuffle off for a few days yet, until
this matter is fixed up.
KlNO Alphonso of Spain has been
convicted oi having a high old time
and is sentenced to early matrimony.
He will be thrown into matrimonial
bonds as soon as a bride can be found
with sufficient blood to perpetuate the
tollies of royalty.
A Rerun man has been sentenced
to five days in jail for kissing his wife
as she was leaving bv train, the charge
being "impeding traffic." Now it he
had kissed some other woman they
might have charged him with "train-
The Toronto Star suggests that
our laws be made in Latin, so as to
get over the difficulty of learned judges
reading in them matter, the existence
of which no ordinary reader ol English
The social federation ot Great
Britain has addressed a letter to the
king, in effect asking him to put him*
self at the head of the socialist party.
Kven the so socialists arc not devoid
of humor.
Dispatches from Charleston,
West Virginia, state that the judge of
the federal conrt has issued bench
warrants calling for the arrest of fifteen
citizens for contempt of court. The
men, it is alleged, are guilty of contempt of court. Judge Keller had
issued an injunction enjoining any
person from distributing or furnishing
food and the other necessaries  of life
Miners and their wives, and all
fair minded people should remember
that Tim Eaton cSt Co. of 1 'oronto ��
an unfair concern. There is a striKe
on there.
Ik king Ed continues  to improve
much longer he  will  be  far strongc    j
than he was before anything was tne
matter with him.
Uncle Psalm must be thinking
of going into the cold storage business.
He wants to buy Greenland.
..I'.^A).-.'^..^..-. the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Bugust 9
The Philadelphia physician,  who
Intended  Magee,   the  Pittsburg   millionaire, in his last illness, sent in a
bill of $350,000.    The executors were
not so easy, and they declined to pay
Ithe amount.     The doctor sued,   and
now the court has given judgment for
$;aj,ooo.    If that doctor would put on
Ithe market the nerve tonic that he uses
lhe might soon become a millionaire.
The fact that apprehensions prevail in London that many of the peers
will not trouble to attend the coronation show today, is an indication that
the postponement has caused a number
to come to their sober senses, and see
the absurd nonsense of making such a
fuss over nothing.
One would not look for humor in
|the report of the department ot mines.
And yet this interesting document is
[not without that quality where it gives
the   following tabulated information :
Cassiar���Atlin:      Number   of   mines
���shipping, 1; number of men employed
���in these mines, below, 1; total number
|of men employed, 1.
A company is being formed in
iNew York with capitalization of
|<j$ 2 5,000,000, to purchase four of the
heading newspapers of that city. They
:ould purchase 40 papers in Canada
for half that amount, with Cliffe's
(Review thrown in as a prize package.
A   smelter  meeting was   held   at
[Kaslo last week, and Kootenaian says
I'only a few unimportant matters were
taken   up."    The   question    is    why
don't they take up important matters.
The time is not far distant when
there will not be a thing that we eat,
drink or wear that will not be made by
a trust. If such is the case it will not
be long until it will be a financial impossibility for the average young man
to get married.
There ought to be more money
expended on Trails around Sandon.
It appears that most of the money appropriated by the government is being
spent near Kaslo, building trails to
gopher holes, etc.
The late Mr. Harry Tracy would
have made atgood trust magnate if his
genius had been directed the right way.
Some Kaslo prospectors have
named a claim near Fry creek Tracy.
Must be a lead proposition.
"Every cloud has a silver lining,'
but never in paying quantities.
For the past four weeks this great
family journal has not been up to its
usual high standard. The reason is
that the editor has been in jail. But
now that he's out you can xpect to see
the next issue as of yore a strictly up-
to-now newspaper. He will tell you
all about jail life, etc. But then Mac
has no linch on that, as we have been
in more jails than he has, but we have
never been sent up for such a serious
crime, contempt.    No, nor never will.
In all towns where a newspaper
is published every man should advertise in it, if nothing more than a card
stating his name and the business he
is in. It does not only pay to advertise, but it lets people at a distance
know that the town in which you
reside is a prosperous community of
business men. As the seeds are sown
so the seed recompenses. Never pull
down your sign  while  in business.
One of those schoolm'ams who
left the cent belt to go to Africa to teach
the Boers the English, asked a pupil
who touched the 50-year mark, who
was queen Victoria eldest son, and
after a short pause the reply was
" Oom Paul."
Have you seen Cudihee ?
The Pioneer and Leading Tailoring
Esta lishment of the Slocan.
Always Carries a Complete Stock ot*
Imported Suitings and Pantings
Material,   Fit and Workmanship
Fully Guaranteed
If he is Decked in Shoddy, Sweat Shop Goods
Assay His Character and You will Find Him a
Shoddy Man.    If he has the Lael on His Garments
He is Sterling.    So are the Garments.
Stores at Sandon and Slocan dtp.
B Full Zine of Furnishings Carried at Both Stores.
No Flies on You.
If you use our Screen Doors,
Screen Windows, Wire Cloth
and other devices for protection agaiust flies.
Lirje in Comfort
During the summer months.
Our stock of Fly Arresters is
H. Btjers & Co.
Fresh  Lettuce and  Raspberries at
��*iB^!6tl!> the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Bngust 9
Prices Cut and Slashed in a Ter
rible Manner.
For the next Thirty Days we will give you clothing and underwear at Bedrock Prices. We have no
Respect for Cost or Value.
Wle need the Qkonep.
Come in and Stock yourself up with Socks,
Shirts, Underwear and Re?tdy Made Clothing. This
is a Genuine Clearing Sale for Financial Purposes.
Take a look at the Bargains in our window.
Here is a Sample of our Prices.
Socks, three pair for 50 cents.
Best American Overall 85 cts.
Hip   Rubber   Boots,   leather
soled and nailed, $7.50.
California Flannel Underwear
$2.00 per suit.
Rubber Coats, $3.00 per coat.
Good Working Shirts 50 cts. each
Underwear, all wool, $1.25 a suit
Best Stetson Hats $5.00
Working Gloves, American Call.
25 cents per pair.
Fancy Stripped Balbriggan l>
derwear. $1.00 per suit.
Linnen Towels 25 cents per dozen
Miners Shoes $1, $2 and m
you will never have Bnother Opportunitp
tike this.
E. R. ATHERTON CO., LIMITED the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Bugust 9
Don't know Flynn���
Flynn of Virginia,���
Long 89 he has been yar?
LooU'ee here stranger,
\\ liar hev ye been?
Here in the tunnel
He was my pardner,
That same Tom Flynn?
Working together
In wind and weather,
Day out and day in.
Didn't know Tom Flynn?
Well, that is queer;
Why, it's a sin
To think of Tom Flynn���
Tom without fear,
Stranger, look yar!
Thar in the drift,
Hack to the wall,
He held the timbers
Ready to fall;  "
Then in the darknes
I heard him call:
"Run for your life, Jake!
Run for your wife's sake!
Don't wait for me."
And that was all
Heard in the dm.
Heard of Tom. Flynn,
Flynn of Virginia.
That's all about
Flynn of Virginia,
That's let me out.
Here in the damp,
Oul of the sun,
That 'ar derr.e.l lamp
M;ikes my eyes run.
Well, there I'm done!
But, sir, when you'll
Hear the next fool
Asking of Flynn.
Flynn of Virginia,
Just you chip in,
Say you know Flynn;
Say that you've been yar.
A Public Benefactor
The   fearless,   sturdy   miner,    w ho,
torn   the   rocky   fastnesses   of God's
jernal treasure vaults brings forth un-
}ld   wealth   without   the   loss  of one
)llar's   worth  of previous  accumula-
is certainly   a   public   benefactor,
>u Ihe industry   he  represents  is  en-
led to the fostering care of a just and
lpreciative people and government.
Minister of Mini's Report
jThe mining industry has, during
>��' still maintained that rapid
ruvMli which lias characterized it since
le inception of lode mining some ten
^irs ago. It is all the more grati-
Ing to he able to make this announcement again this year, inasmuch as re-
|rts to the contrary have heen so
Idely circulated that the impression
jiit 1901 has proved a disastrous year
M gained much credence, not only
"*oad, but even within our own
orders Statistics are the best refuta-
"1 of this impression, and attention is
fawn to the statistical tables. These
low that the value of the mineral pro-
'Jction of this province for the past
far is greater than that of Yukon;
lit we have in our mineral deposits a
|Jondike of our own, and a permanent
^d growing one at that. The Yukon
.credited with an output of $18,000,-
?o, while British Columbia produced
FOR SALE OR TO RENT-A two story building, hake shop (with complete fixtures) and
Htor�� fixtures, at Sandon.   Inquire of
,E  STEIN. Sandon.
Certificate of Improvement*.
Situato in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District Where located. On
Washington wagon road, about ttiree
miles from McQuillan.
TAKE NOTICE that I, David Stevenson
Wallbridge, noting as agent for S.K.Green.
Free Miner nCertincate,No. B51461, and J. W.
Power, Free Miner's Certificate No. B.r��;Ki47,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof.
Io apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining aCrown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of July, A. D. VM>.
To C. S.Falls or any person or persons to
whom he may have assigned his interest in the
O. K. No. i Mineral Claim, situated on Seat on
creek, and about two miles from Three Forks,
and recorded in the Recorder's Office for the
Slocan Mining Division.
You are herehv notified that we, the undersigned, .fame* Lowdon, Gust John.-on and
Margaret McCuuig. have caused to be expended
four hundred and ten dollars in labor and improvements upon the above mentioned
mineral claim under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, and if within ninety days from
tlie d te of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute ynur proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of Advertising,
V>nr i: ten- t :u said claim shall become fhe
property ol the subscribers under section IV.
ot an act entitled, "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Aot, I'.hh."
I luted ;it Sancton thi-, ittth dav of July. 1JK��.
To William McDonald or any person or
persond   to   whom    be   may  have  assigned
bis interests in the Florence Mineral Claim,
dtunted one mile mil a quarter  from New
Denver, adjoining tlra Turris Mineral Claim
imd registered   in the Recorder's office for the
Slocan Mining Division.
You are hereby notified that we, the undersigned, T W. Fitzgerald and J. A. B'aclc.
have caused 'o be expended one hundred dollars in labor mil improvements upon the
above-mentioned mineral claim under the
provisions of the Mineral Act. wnd if within
ninety days from the date oi tijij notice you
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion
of such expenditure, together with all costs
of advertising, your Interest in said claim
will become the property of tuetmbsoribera
under Section i oi' an Act entitled "An Act
to Amend the Mineral Aot.uvw."
Dated at Sandon this '.'.'trd day of May 1i��'>-*-
To Arthur Mul.en or any person or persons
to whom he may have assigned his interest in
the Reliaiioe Mineral claim, situated one
mile and a half from Three Forks, ad mining
the Hinklev Mineral claim and recorded in
the Recorder's office for the Slocan Mining
You are hereby notified that T, John Foster,
have caused to be expended one hundred and
two dollars  and  nifty  cents  in   labor and
Improvements  upon   the   above   mentioned
1 mineral claim under the provisions of the
j Mineral    Act,  and    if  within   ninety   days
I from   the   date  of  this   notice  you fail  or
refuse to contribute your proportion of such
expediture, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said claim will become
the property of the subscribers under section
IV. of an act entitled "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, WOO."
Dated at Sandon this 19th day of June, 1W2.
Hotel Slocan
Has Massed into New
Hands and will be Con/
ducted in such a Manner
as to Warrant your Pat/
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $1 per month ; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
DR. W. E. GOMM,   Attendant Physictan.
J. H. McNEILL, Pm, Hospital Board.
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings  write  or  wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary.,   Sandon   Miners'   Union
Sandon. B. G.
I. O. O. F.
Meetings in the Union Hail every Friday
Evening at 7:30. Visiting Brethern coidially
invited to attend.
Secretary. Vice Grand.
F. L. Christie,
L. L. B.,
M. L.  Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
B. C.
Established 1895.
Sandon, B. 0.
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Stocks bought and sold. General agent for Slocan Properties
Promising Prospects for Sale.
A. F. & A. M.
Regular Communication held tirst Thurs
day in each month in Masonic Hall at x i> m
Sojourning brethern are cordially invited'to
JAMES M. BARTON, Secretary.
Sandon Cartage Co.
Mcpherson & hurley.
Express, Baggage,
and Cartage.
Delivery to all   Parts of the City.
From Fort William,   the   favorite   summer
route to all eastern points.
For St.   Paul.   Dulnth,   Sault    Ste    Marie
Chicago, etc.
Through Tourist Sleeping Cars
Leaves Dunmore Junction daily for St. Paul;
Kootenay Landing Tuesday and Saturday for
Toronto, Montreal and all eastern points.
Leaves Revelstoke daily for Seattle and
Vancouver. ,     .
Through bookings to Europe via all Atlantic
lines. ,        , ,
Prepaid tickets at lowest rates issued from
all European countries.
For rates and full particulars apply to local
agents or
R. B. McGammon.
Agent. Sandon
J. S. Carter E. J. Coyle,
D. P. A. A. G. P. A.,
Nelson, B. C. Vancouver, B C.
( the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, Bugust 9
I'd love you pensive, love you gay,
I'd love you in the same old way;
And whether you were rich or poor,
My love for you would still endure.
I'd love you loving, love you cold,
I'd love you young, I'd love you old,
And were you false, I'd still he true,
So mighty is my love for you.
[Spasm three]
Yea Sweet, to prove I  love you  more
than any other girl,
I swear that I'd adore you though your
hair was out of curl!
Is   What   the   Supreme   Court
Gave MacAdams
don girl is so modest thai she won't
retire al night with a copy of the
Christian Observer lying on  the   floor.
Outlook Bright
The outlook for British Columbia's
mineral country is not dark; it is rather
bright and cheerful, and every year is
giving more absolute certainty to the
claim which has been made by mining
men of large experience and knowledge,
that a decade will rind this province the
largest producer of any country in the
world.���Vancouver Province.
Victoria Times
Public interest in the case of William
MacAdams, the editor  of the  Sandon
Paystreak, who was committed   to  the
jail here ior contempt of court, has been
revived by inquiries which   have  been
made by a number of legal  gentlemen
into the terms of his committment.    It
is   alleged   that   the    sentence   is   so
framed that MacAdams is really incarcerated for life if he fails to secure  the
sureties exacted by the court.    The intention ol the court  evidently  was  to
commit him for nine months, and   failing his obtaining securities to keep him
in  jail  another  year.    But   the exact
terms of committment leave a  very different impression, and  are  as   follows:
"And   this   court   doth   order   and
adjudge that the said  Win. MacAdams
for the said offence be imprisoned in the
common jail at the city of Victoria  for
the term ol nine months,  to commence
from   the  day  of the date hereof, and
after the  expiration   of lhe  said   term
that he be confined in the said jail until
he, the said W. MacAdams, shall have
given security to the satisfaction of the
registrar  of this court in  the sum of
$1000, in four sureties in  the sum  of
$250 each, conditioned   that   the  said
Wm. MacAdams will for  a  period  of
one year,  after the expiration  of the
said nine months, be of good behavior.
"And further, this court  doth  direct
that the keeper of the  common jail  at
the city of Victoria do forthwith receive
the said Wm. MacAdams into his  custody in the said jail, and there keep him
for the said term of nine  months,   and
for the said further period until the said
Wm. MacAdams shall have furnished
the security above mentioned."
Kaslo Smelts
Bv Wireless to The Paystreak.
While prospecting on A avenue this
week alderman P. McGregor discovered
a fine ledge of clover, and traced it do
the cemetery. Specimens were taken
to an assay office and when put thru
the baling press went 2000 pounds to
the ton.
Now that dog oil has been discovered
to be a cure for consumption a company
is being talked of to start a refinery. There's enough dogs here to
keep in operation for years a large
refining works    Get onto our bark.
The railroad track ijelween here and
10-mile is lined every day with berry-
pickers and fishermen. When meat is
high, cat berries.
The trust don't appear lo be scaring
our capitalists. The stores vacated by
the combine people will be occupied bv
new merchants.
It is reported that several new boats
will be built here shortly. They are
not ironclads, but stoneboats.
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
the   Mining   Trade.
Contractors and Builders.
Hough and Dressed Lumber, (Oast
Flooring and Joint Finishing: Lumber
Moulding, Etc.
Sash and Door on  Hand to Order,
Factory on Main Street
Modest Kootenay Girls
A Boston young lady once draped the
bare legs of her piano, according to
Michael Scott. A Rossland young
lady calls a slut a female canine.���
Rossland World. But there's a young
lady in Denver so modest that she calls
bureau drawers the garments of a
bureau. A Nelson lass refused to help
her mother in the kitchen because the
table legs were bare. The silence is so
profound you could hear a stovepipe
drop every lime the Kaslo dame hears
mentioned the pants of a dog.    A San-
Xamiiiation Blunders
Some funny answers are given to
questions asked at a school examination. The historical and other facts
given here are taken from an examination paper:
Who owns Canada?    The C. P. R.
Mv favorite character in English history is Henry VIII, because he had
eight wives and killed them all.
Edward III would have been king
of France if his mother had been a man.
Alexandria the Great was born in the
absence of his parents.
The chief clause in Magna Charta
was that no free man should he put to
death or imprisoned without his own
Where were the kings of England
crowned?    On their head.
Who was George Washington ? A
What is Milton's chief work? Milton
wrote a sensible pome called the Canterbury Tails.
A man who looks on the bright side
of things is called an optionist, and the
one who looks on the dull side is called
a pianist.
An optimist is a man who looks after
your eyes, and a pessimist is a man who
looks after your feet.
Finest   draught   beer.      Coolest   in
town, at the Denver house.
The Newmarket Hote
The only up40'date Summer
Resort in the Slocan. ��fc ��k ��%
Henry St ego
Ibalcpon Ibot Springs
the Summer Resort of the
^|R/11E medical waters of Halcyon
MBS sire the most curative in lhe
world. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for 'That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails arrive and depart every Day.
Telegraph communication with all
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
The Denver.
Victor Kleinschnmlt. Prop.
Rooms  Large,   Neat, Clean,
Airy and Comfortable.
Dining Room Service t>'jr"
Every Effort Made 10 Pr��vide
Comfort for the Guests.
Cody Avenue


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