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The Paystreak Jun 22, 1901

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Array jOy-ti-V
V1b& pMy$m��M1k.
Robt. Mcdonald visited Nelson on
Lowery'i Claim is out.   It certainly
a warm baby.
Mrs. Win.  Richards  went   to Priest
liver, Idaho, on  Monday to  visit relatives.
Thomas Brown went to Nelson on
Wednesday to attend the grand lodge,
L F. & A. M.
Jim l.uzier will play lacrosse with
U Kelowna team at Kamloops on
lominion Day.
IJ. F. Gentry returned from Spokan
Klerday, where he has heen spending
k' last three months.
Lambert Nelson left on Thursday for
(orrison, Oregon.     He   will spend the
|uminer in the land of the free.
A. \V. CawleV went   down to  Silver-
ton i>n Thursday to  employ his   talents
|on the construction ofthe Hewitt tram.
There was an ice cream social in
[Crawford's hall Thursday evening,
���given under the auspices of the Ladies
Thos. Duffy and Jack Carohn went
to the Lardo-Duncan country on Wednesday to open up their mineral properties in that region.
Charles Gales left on Wednesday for
a holiday tour. He has no particular
destination, bui intends to spend a
month's vacation in travelling.
C A. McLeod returned with his
bride from Edmonton on Tuesday.
They have taken up housekeeping in
Walmsley's house, on Cody Avenue.
E. M. Sandilands came in from Spokan Thursday. He reports that considerable attention is being directed to
the recent copper discoveries on Prince
of Wales Island.
The gray team which did the freight"
ing lor P. Burns' Sandon establishment
has been shipped to Rossland. The
grays are the finest samples sif equestrian physique in the mountains.
Four special constables were brot in
here yesterday by the C. P. R. Pat
Galliher was in charge. They are
doing duty as watchmen and drawing
pay from the government. All the
trackmen on lhe Nakusp & Slocan are
The Riddle of the Slocan Unraoelled.
Ore in Place on the Mysterious
The Slocan City Demonstration.
Slocan Cily is making great preparations far the Labor demonstration
which is to be held there on June 25th
and 26th. Several athletic events will
be pulled off, for which prizes to the
extent of $350 are offered, and together
with parades, dances and speechmaking
will make up quite an interesting program. The C. P. R. is giving a special service on both days, leaving Sandon
for Slocan at at 6:30, and returing will
leave Slocan at 18:30 for Sandon. The
fare for the round trip is $1.95.
In years past, when a mining man
wanted to wish for anything big, he
invariably wished that he could find
the vein that the Wonderful ore came
from. No less than $40,000 worth of
galena was taken out by ground sluicing, and it always has been a slock expression that "the lead is there some
place." Notwithstanding the abundance of float, different managements
have worked on the property and in all
probably $50,000 worth of work has
been done, but so far as the general
public has been aware nothing in the
nature of a well defined lead had ever
been located. Tunnels, drifts and upraises were run in all directions until a
blueprint of the property looks like the
v\eb-work of a spider with a Slocan
jag on.
Recently a lease on the propery passed into the hands of W. W. Warner.
He also holds a large block of stock,
but the stock is not for sale as Mr.
Warner considers he has a bonanza.
Work was started on the property
about two months ago with two or
three men at fir.st, which force has now
been increased to ten.
The first work done on the property
under the Warner management was to
prospect on the surface, and two parallel veins were located without much
trouble. The larger of the two ledges,
which is helieved to be the Wonderful
ledge from which the large deposits of
float came, has been opened up in
several places by open cuts and invariably shows ore. On Thursday afternoon a new opening was made on the
surface near No. 3 tunnel which ex-
poded 18 inches of clean sleel galena.
In some places these cuts are made in
deep wash and it is with difficulty that
the vein is exposed, but in others the
formation is exposed with very little
work and the outcrop of the vein is
easily located.
Taking the trend and dip of this vein
as it appeared on the surface some engineering work was done which demonstrated that if the vein went down
the No. 3 tunnel should have crossed it
at about 100 feet from surface. Going
into the tunnel the miners tore the
lagg'm out and found that the ledge
had not only been crossed at the point
indicated by the engineer but that it
had been partly opened up by a short
drift which was run in from a raise in
the roof of the No. 3. This drift and
raise was carefully lagged up and
would possibly never have been located
without some pretty good engineering.
Opening this drift up and continuing
it along the vein to the west, Mr.
Warner has exposed a magnificent
chute of ore which is unquestionably in
place. For 45 feet along the vein it
averages over a foot of clean steel galena, assays from which show a net
return, allowing for freight and treatment of over $75 a ton or $1,500 to the
car. In running this drift several tons
of ore have neen taken out which are
now sacked ready for shipment. The
miners are at present doing their best
to fix up the timbers of the old workings, and when they get matters
straightened out will open the drift
further along the vein and stope lo the
Taking the same dip and angle, in
the No 4 tunnel the ledge was located
at about 400 feet from surface, and in
this tunnel also the showing was lagged
up and the tunnel swung off to the
left so that il ran away from the ledge
entirely. A short drift to the right exposed some more hidden workings in
which a foot of carbonates and four
feet of concentrating ore is showing.
Here the ground is caving badly and
the present No. 4 workings mav have
to be abandoned altogether.
In the No 5, which is the lowest
tunnel of all, the ledge has been exposed at 600 feet and from where the
tunnel crosses it an upraise is being run
on an incline to get under the ore body
shown in No. 3 and -., and when this
is completed the property will be in a
very fair state of development.
No shipping has been done from the
property yet, altho there is about two
cars of ore on the various dumps. Mr.
Warner intends to commence shipping
about the ist of August and hopes then
to put the property on a steady producing basis.
The Mountain Con.
Canadian Group to be Worked.
W. H. Brandon came up from Silver-
ton on Thursday to make arrangements
for commencing work on the Canadian
group. A contract for 200 feet of tunnel will be let and work commenced
early next week The Canadian group
has the greatest altit'ude of any
property operated in the vicinity of Sandon, but Mr. Brandon says he does not
apprehend any difficulty in doing the
work as the snow has disappeared sufficiently for them to commence operations without inconvenience.
The Slocan Star.
The Star shipped 102 tons of ore this
week. Surveyor Drewry is running
lines on the Shogo and Morning Star
claims of the Slocan Star group. The
claims will be crown granted.
The Star is working full-handed and
the mill running steadily.
H. C. Riehle, representing the London company which owns the Mountain
Con group, arrived in Sandon this
week and is now making preparations
to open up the property. He has let
two contracts to C. A. McLeod, who
will put on about 20 men early next
week. A few men were put on yesterday to put the trail in better condition
so that supplies can be packed to the
The Con property was bonded from
W. W. Warner last tall by W. J. Graham, representing a London syndicate.
Considerable money was spent on the
property but outside of erecting cabins
very little progress was made. The
prospects are promising ones and the
present management will undoubtedly
accomplish something in the way of
Mr. Riehle has been mining in Norway recently, where he handled asbestos and zinc-silver-lead ore propositions.
Speaking of the smelter situation here,
he said that Slocan mine owners should
experience no difficulty in disposing of
all the lead ore they could produce to
English smelters, especially if they
shipped in large consignments. The
Norwegian properties with which he
was identified previous to coming to
B. C. produced something like 40,000
tons annually, and he always found
competition for the zinc-silver-lead ore
very keen  among English   purchasers.
Star Team Will Drill in Nelson.
While in Nelson last Saturday, Oscar
V. White, superintendent of the Slocan
Star, made arrangements with the
celebration committee for an additional
prize for drillers. The official prize-
list, when published, will offer two
prizes for drilling, one of $125, open to
all coiners, and the other of $75 for
men who have not won a prize before.
With the first mentioned prize will go
the Gold Fields cup, which Ringwood
& McLead, the Star team, won last
year. If they win it again this year
they become possessors of the cup and
champions of Kootenay.
The Star team is practicing fait' fully
and are already in better form than
they were last year, Barring accidents
they should have an easy thing of it in
It is remarkable how the little
things will sometimes escape the notice
of the newspaper man. Violet Margret
Duffy arrived in the Duffy home circle
on May 28th and reached an age of
almost a month before her infantile
presence became known to the society
reporter of this great family journal. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON,  B. C, JINK 22,
Wanted���A Literary Genius.
(Spokesman Review.)
Homer says "all folk yearn after the
gods." The depth of the yearning of
English-speaking folk for a contemporaneous literary god is indicated by the
forced admiration bestowed on the recent doggerel stuff which Rudyard
Kipling pathetically puts out as poetry.
A week or two ago Mr. Kipling published some verses on "the guard at
Karoo." Two stanzas were cabled to
the United States along with the remark that the English critics were saying that Mr. Kipling had recovered his
lost fiie and his old swing. The cabled
stanzas run thus:
"Quick, ere the gift escapes us,
Oul of the darkness we reach
Eor a handful of week-old papers
And a mouthful of human speech.
"More than a little lonely,
Where the lessening tail-lights shine.
No, not combatant, only
Detail guarding the line."
United States poetry ofthe 20th century is not a product to brag about, but
it is not exaggeration to say there are a
thousand scribblers in this country who
could writr better lines than these.
One of these days, it is hoped a real
literary genius will come up from obscurity. A greeting awaits him that
will turn his head. If his genius should
entitle him to a place with lights ofthe
second magnitude���if he shall write
poetry with Byron, Tennyson, Moore,
Poe or Longfellow, or fiction with
Scott, Dickens, Irving or Hawthorne���
he will have praise and honors above
our great millionaires and statesmen,
our noted jurists and our distinguished
fighters on land and sea.
If he should visit Washington, the
president and his cabinet, members of
tlie supreme court aud noted leaders of
the house and senate, all will pass into
the background. If he should honor
New York with his presence, interest
would instantly decline in J. Pierpont
Morgan, James J. Hill aud the great
host of lesser lights who count their
fortunes in the millions.
The time has passed when one might
gain distinction by amassing millions,
or putting himself at the head of a
great railway system, or organizing a
gigantic trust. These achievements
have grown commonplace. Also the
country has had a surfeit of military
glory. The nation now reserves its
most ardent plaudits for the coining
literary genius.
"What are you crying about?" asked
a kind hearted stranger of a lad standing in front of a newspaper office, weeping as if his heart would break.
"Oh, pa's gone upstairs to whip the
"Well, has he come down yet." pursued the gentle Samaritan.
"Pieces of him have," said the boy
with a fresh burst of tears, "and I'm
expecting the rest every minute."
filbert   Cafe.
Open Day and Night.
Best Meals in Town.
Everything Necessary to
Satisfy the Internal
Muvopean plan.
Ship Your Trophies of the Chase to
Harry VV. Edwards,
Revelstoke,    B. C.
He  will   stuff and mount   in   good
style any Bird, Beast, Reptile   or Fish
that you can present. You  do the killing.     We do the rest.
T. Gallon L Co.
No. 44 K. W. C. Block.
Ore Bags and Twines.
A Large Stock Always on
Hand.    Write for Prices.
P.O.Box, 217
NELSON    -   -   -     B. C.
Application for  Liquor License.
FROM 1'. Hums iS;  Oo'l slioiKli'*>r  lions..,
a oolite bitch and two pups.  Binder will be
paid for returning mum to U��e ondereigned.
Anv iiitrtit-s retaining possession of tin- -lotfs
after publication of this notice will b�� prosecuted.
Sandon. June 15.
*T*HK   attention   of   l'rc-ein|��tors   of   Crown
���   lands *U hereby called to an amendment]
to the "Land tot," paeeed al the lasl leeelon
of the Legislature, which   provide* us follows.
Underground Surveys
and Examinations. Dc
velopment and Assess'
ment Work. Surveys
and Estimates made for
Virginia Bloch, Sandon, B.C,
*".i.  Pre-empton of Crown land*, whether In
arrears in payment Of installments of purchase inaney or  not, wlio at   the   time of  the
ooming into force of this Act I av.- obtainrd
Certificates of Improvement, or who shall tinve
obtained Certificate*-! Of Improvement within
twelve months thereafter, <hall on conforming with the provisions ofthe "Land Act." except as hereii.\ altered, be entitled to obtain
Crown grants of their pre-emption claims npon
completing payments of purchase money at
the rate Of seventy-tlve cuts per acre, ami
Growngrant fees, which payments may be
made as foi l...\v=_ .���
"Twenty-live cents per acre on or hefore
the .""1st .lay ol 1 eceml er. 1901 :
"Twenty-live cents per acre on or In-fore
the Both day of .lime. 1808 ;
"and the remaining���
"Twenty-five cents per acre on  OT before
the :n ,t day of Deoeml er. vnt, ivml without any further payment of interest or
arrears of interest .'*
Deputy Commissioner of Lands A Works.
Lands and Works  Department,
Victoria,B. O. l��l June, IflOi.
A. F. & A. \1,
Regular Communication held first Tim.
dav in each month in Masonic Hall st 8ft
Sojourning hrethern nr.- cordially hivivi'.
A B. DOCKSTIAireR, Secretary.
NOT'CE is herehy given that thirty days
from date hereof I intend tq apply to the
License Commissioners of the City of Sandon
for a license lo sell liquor by retail on the
premises kaown as the Brewery hotel.
Dated at Sandon this loth day of June, 1901.
j 'he undersigned, am duly authorized
' by power of attorney to collect all
dehts due to .Joseph Stocker, lately of the
Miners' Resfcaardnt, S.indon, B. 0., and to
transact all ousine.s in which he may be concerned Oi' interested.
All persons who are indebted to the said
Joseph Stocker may secure a SO per cent, discount on all aocouii s by .settling on or before
August 15th. After said date all accounts
will be dealt with by force of law.
Sandon, B. C , June 17th. 1901.    *
Notice of Dissolution.
NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between Fred Hulten and
Andrew Hendrickson In the Miners' Hotel has
beon disolved. All bills due the firm will be
collected by Andrew Hendriokson aint all ao-
���mint . against the linn must be presented to
him for payment.
Application  for Transfer of Liquor License*
NOTICE is hereby given that thi.ty days
from date hereof I intend to apply to the
License Commissioners of the city nf Sandon
for a transfer of the liquor license formerly
held by Hulten & Hendrickson to myself.
Dated at Sandon this lo*h day of June , 1901,
Mine    Timbers,    Lagging.   Etc,
THE undersigned will receive bids up to
Ith day of June next for the purchase in part
or whole of the estate  of  Judd   Rhorer.   con-
Bisting of tunnel sets, shaft sets, mining timbers, piled at the Siding at McGuigan and
nearby.    Particulars of t he same can he seen
at the office <>f the undersigned  on   Reco
Street, Sandon. B. C.
Tbe lowest or any   tender  not   lieeessairly
Dated at Sandon, B. C , May 27th, 1901
NOTICE is hereby given that all unpaid
taxes for the Corporation of the city of Sandon must be paid on or before June 80th, 1901,
After that date all overdue taxes will be
placed in court for collection.
W. H. LILLY, Collector.
F. L. Christie,
L     L      B.f
Sandon Cartage Co,
Express, Baggage,
and Cartage.
Delivery to   all   Parts sif the Citv.
Established 1805
Sandon, B. 0.
Notary  Public.
Insurance  and Mining
Mining stocks bought and sold. General aireiit for Slocan PropertiM
Promising  Prospects for Sale.
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $i per month ; l,,'|Ut1'
patients, $2 per day, exclusive ol
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To Tin-: Public.
DR. W. E GOMM,   Attendant Phyeiotan
J. H. McNKILL. Pree. Hospital Board
Meett-in Crawford** Hull evcrj   W'"'1^
day Evening.    Visiting   Brethern cortW
Invited  io   uttend.
M. L. Grimmett,
L. Li B.,
I. O. O. F.
��� PfiddJ
Meetings   in the Union   Hail ' v"r> -V.^
Evening at 7:80.   Visiting Brethern <'"" '
ited to attend.
GEO. WAITE, 1' '        ���''"
I .*.Lv;-. -i
Clothes that Fit the Han.
Owing to the fact that  the man
is not made to order, he cannot
be expected to fit the clothes.
The clothes must be made to fit
the man.       <&      o��      &      &
Leave ns yonr order.
give von satisfaction.
We will
>:.' a^TKlOTHlBI
m -AA mmlm.****.
CITY COUNCIL. count was laid over.
,   Bylaw No. 24, an Htnendmenl to the
!.   C.   Ll]0ll8   Elected   City   Clerh.  health bylaw was read a third time and
Health By-law Amended. ������������������U adopted.    The amendment pro
vides  thai all  residences and  businsss
Council iik-i on Monday evening with   houses be provided with a proper closet.
Ill the members present excepl   Alder-      The  applications for city  clerk were
|nan Macdonald. then   considered.     There  were   three
Communications  from F. C.   Sewell applications,   Messrs  E.  C. Lyons, C.
|oflerin$>   to put the city  books in shape C.   Clifie  and   E. A.   Hall.    Only one
11 * $100.    Matter laid over. I ballot was recorded,'electing Lyons by
The   Tenderfoot   Reporter's   First
From I-:. A. Brown offering lo sell U to Chile's _., Hall getting nsme.
he city a map and blueprint for S75. Moved by Gomm, seconded by Duffy
Laid owr. that the election sif E. G.   Lyons as city
Mayor Lovatt reported regarding the  clerk be nve.de unanimous.    Carried.
(nuisance ground.    He interviewed the I    A  small   bunch  of accounts   which
K.   &S.   officials  who  told   him   that   were marked Rood by lhe finance com-
the believed the ground belonged to the  mittee  were   passed  and   the council
government.    Should  this  prove to be| adjourned.
true the  citj will  have no difficulty in
securing   title to the  ground,    Should
ii prove   to belong to the   railway land,
I the officials state thai ihov will transfer
il to the city on reasonable terms. \ man hilled a dog belonging to an-
A communication was received   from   other man.      The son of the man whose
the   police    commissioners   accepting  dog was hilled   proceeded   to whip the
George  Waite's appointment   as eon-  man who killed the dog of the man he
stable. ��� I was the son sif.    The man who was the
Some   difficulty    arose    regarding   a   son of the man   whose dog   was   killed
hydrant near the C.  P. R.  depot.     The   was arrested sin   complaint   sif the man
Water & Lighl   Company  put the hy-  who was assaulted by  the son ol  the
clrant on  grade  and the  railway com- man whose dog the man who was as-
pany are building a platform which will  saulted had killed.
Lover   it over.    The matter   was left in
lie hands of the fire chief to see  that
he hydrant was not   put out of service.
Name It.
The question of collecting the scaven- New York is to have a woman's hotel
i-lei Tees attracted a good deal ofatten- and the Sun has been soliciting names
lion from the council. The chief of for the hostelry. Here are a few of the
police did not consider that this was a suggestions: The Henroost, The She-
part   of his   duties  and  refused 10  act. ba,    Paradise    Lost,     Hotel     Magpie,
orge Waite  was given a raise ot $10
a month on condition that he conduct
this branch  of the city's  business after
hours or during   the time the team was
An account was submitted for repairing the llume near Burton's which was
damaged by a landslide on May 3rd.
Alderman Cameron was authorized by
H. H. Pitts who was then mayor, to
oversee the repairs and the account
contained an item sif $10 lor Aid. Cameron's   time.     This item   was   disputed
Hoiel des Dames, Joan D'Arc, The
Nomansplace, The Angels' Roost, The
Henery, The Rib Swiper, The Chatterbox, Old Maid's Retreat, The Martha
Washington,    The     Woman's    Hotel,
Eve's Paradise.
What Would You Take for Me.
She was   ready lo sleep   and she lay on
my arm
In her little frill cap so tine,
With her golden hair falling out at the
Like a circle of noon sunshine.
i And I hummed   the old   tune of "Banbury Cross,"
And "Three Men who put out to Sea"
! When   she sleepily   said  as she   closed
her blue eyes.
"Papa, what would you take for me?"
And 1 answered, "A dollar,   dear   little
And she slept, baby weary with play,
But I held her warm in my love-strong
And 1 rocked   her and rocked   away.
Oh, the   dollar meant   all the world  to
The land and the sea and the sky,
The lowest depth ofthe lowest place,
The highest of all that's high.
All the cities, with   streets and   palaces
With their people and stores of art,
1 would not take for one low, soft throb
Of my little one's loving heart.
Nor all the gold that was ever found
In the busy wealth finding past
Would 1 take for one smile sif my darling's face
Hid I know il must be the last.
So 1 rocked my baby and rocked away,
And 1 fell such sweet  content,
For   the   works  ofthe   song expressed
nunc to me
Than thev ever before had meant.
And the   night crept  on, and   slept and
Of tilings far too gladsome to be.
And 1   wakened with   lips saying   close-
to my ear,
"Papa, what would you lake for me?"
��� Eugene Field.
Should w.ur meanderings about
this mundane sphere take you to
New Denoer
Remember that there is a hotel
in the Lucerne of America at
which pilgrims ma\ enjoy all the
comforts of a home, at prices on
a par with the damage levied by
other houses thruout the district.
lhe Idealistic Scenery of this
Beauty Spot in Nature's Wonderland can be best enjoyed from
tbe balcony of the
Newmarket Hotel.
The cuisine supplied assays high.
Tbe bedrooms are large, airy
and luxuriously furnished. The
other accomodations are unexcelled in lhe Slocan, and the
brands of bottled comforters kept
in slock are health-giving and
soul-inspiring when taken in
proper quantities. The proprietor's name is
benry Stege.
Is the best Tonsorial   Establishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral  Building Main St.
The Denver.
1 looted from those \\ho were our
enemies, and I only regret I didn't
have more time to loot from such despicable wretches. 1 confess that I
looted���but I was in good company���
Rev. Gilbert Reid, Christian Mission-
by Aid Duffy   and Jalland, and the ac- j ary in China.
Too many men  screw up their   cour
age with a corkscrew.
Codv Ave.
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hotel
..Ti \r. Ale���a. f.-^W-Jllat.*  A,mm..-JmH~\0
Sandon    Bottling
Manufacturers 01
Carbonated Drinks
sif all  kinds.
He who will   not light for freedom is
unworthy to be free.
Just received a brand
new stock of Whiskies, Brandies, Wines
etc. Will be pleased
to have old customers
call and give them a
trial. Certain to
please and always
"To ride with truth is noble.
When we share her wretched crust."
Richard   Orando. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON,  B. C, JUNE .2,
T*i r% 4. 1 clip all the poetry he finds in the news-
I Me    PayStreaK.       papers that drift 'his way ; we are ready
Pul-lishod Every Saturday in tlu- heart of the Richest White
Metal Camji on Earth.
Operated in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription   -   -   -   -   $2.oo a year.
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams,    -   Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, JUNK 22,  iqoi.
The Spokesman-Review man is
editorially prospecting for a literary
genius. He is ont with a declaration
that Kipling* writes doggerel stuff.
Judging from this side of the Atlantic,
the Review man's criticism has the
merit of truth. Maybe in India or
Africa or some other God-forsaken
region where war is the principal industry and murder is a fine art, Kipling's bloodthirsty sentiments may jibe
with public opinion, but he is several
degrees out of his latitude when he
spring's truck like Gungha Din and
Fuzz}* Wuzzy on Canadians or Americans. The Lord of our far-flung battle
line don't live in these parts.
So far we are willing" to agree witli
the Spokesman-Review man ; but
when he yearns in Mergenthyler type
for the advent of a literary (renins who
can write poetry like Tennyson, Poe
or Longfellow, or fiction like Scott,
Diekens, Irving or Hawthorn, he is
surely following the Chinese fashion of
eclipsing* the ability of the present generation by a fatuous worship of ancestral splendor.
There is not a little red school
house from the Saskatchewan to the
Rio Grande where it is not spoken
that these chance pets- of history are
the literary geniuses of all time. This
is accepted, but is it true? Laving
aside the homage which all men in a
greater or less degree render to the
idols of early training, and comparing
these men with the writers we have today, is there not room for the conclusion that the old timers are equalled, if
not outclassed ?
There is only one literary assay
office���appreciation. If the work of a
literary man finds favor with the world
it certainly assays high. ' There is a
self-appointed superior class of literary
critics who presume that they alone
are qualified to pass judgment on
literary production, but as a general
rule these marks live in a flat, wear
their hair long, smoke cigarettes and
lack ability to attract attention at a
camp meeting.
Accepting the referendum of public opinion as proof, we will offer the
Review man a test. Let him go to his
exchange   table    and   indiscriminately
to bet a seven-dollar bill to a three-cent
piece that when he gets done Byron,
Tennyson, Moore, Poe and Longfellow
will not assay a trace. We are willing
to bet The Paystreak against the
Spokesman-Re view that if he keeps
the process up for a month and reads
Edwin Markham's "Man With the
Hoe," for instance, or James G. Clark's
"If Christ Should Come Today" ever)
time it crops up, the lines will be so
seared into his brain that he will not
forget them on this side Jordan's wave.
If he collects and pastes on end like a
printer's "doup" all that he finds of
Eugene Field or Ella Wheeler Wilcox
he will have a "string'* that will reach
around the Review building. He
could also collect enuf of James Whit-
comb Reilley's and the Atlanta Constitution man's poetry to paper his house
inside and out.
As for prose, present day writers
are so far ahead of Scott, Dickens,
Irvinp- or Hawthorne that if ancestry-
revering parents and dead-level school
mams did not carefully instill it into
the young mind these men were great
authors the rising generation would be
liable to waste all its time on such examples of present day inferiority as
Mark Twain, Anthony Hope, Robert
Barr, Grant Allen, Robers Louis .Stevenson and other modern romancers
whose books generally reach a circulation of a hundred thousand or so before
the literary critics have a chance to
head off the stampede and warn the
poor ignorant herd of plebians that
such works are   totally without   merit.
The Spokesman-Review man is
simply echoing thru his sombrero when
he awards his guarantee that if a really
C_> mi
great literary man should crop up he
would have honor and praise above the
billionaire railroad wrecker, the professional politician or the vain-glorious
fighting-man. Bret Harte did more
for California than any other man
living, yet they starved him out of the
land of sunshine and banished him to
London to become a space writer.
Joaquin Miller's poverty is proverbial.
Walt Whitman was for many years a
cipient of Dr. Bucke's charity. We re-
have yet to see the dispatch which
states that Eugene Field was a guest
of honor at a state-house dinner. As
a penalty for displaying literary ability
George D. Herron is being prosecuted
by the conventionality cult in every
state in the Union. John J. Ingall's
''Opportunity" made him famous, but
to his temerity in writing what he believed to be true he sacrificed liis seat
in the senate and his chance of wealth.
Gilbert Parker married an heiress and
thereby escaped literary poverty. Bliss
Carman is dead broke.    Tolstv's treat
ment in Russia is not a circumstance
to what Eugene V. Debs got in x\v
United States for speaking and writing
icy truth in capstil torm.
Literary genius is not appreciated
in United States or Canada and never
can be so long as the purveying of
news from which sentiment necessar.
ily springs is left in the hands of such
money-worshipping, wealth-lauding in.
slittitions as the Associated Press. If
the Review man could temporily di.
vource himself from the mechanical
strenuous atmosphere in which the
modern daily paper is produced : if he
could jar loose from the telegraph
editor's admiration of war dispatches,
murder and divource stories, stock exchange sensations, etc., ami could,
witJi John Boyle O'Riellev, wander jP
"down by the dear old river where 1
dreamed my youth away" he would he
able to see that appreciation which will
deny an auth >r the necessities while
living will build him monuments when
dead. "A dreamer lives for ever and
a toiler dies in a day."
The names of Edwin Markham,
James G. Clark, Charles Ci. D. Rob-
erts, Eugene Field, Bret Harte, Ella
Wheeler Wilcox and many other contemporaneous writer*, will emblazon
the nation's hall of fame when the
Spokesman-Review man and thousands
of other flunkey journalists are lost to
posterity and such modern vaquerosas
Morgan, Gould, Rockefeller, Schwab
and Hanna are remembered only as a
horrible nightmare.
By YESTERDAY'S mail   we received
a   communication     of   inquiry     trom
Quiik. Barton &   Co.     This   linn has
��� 1 *
smelting works at   Rotherithe, S. b.,
and St. Helen's, Lancashire, England,
with head office in-Gracechurch street,
London, England. They are purchasers of gold, silver and silver-lead ores.
and are anxious to secure a share ol
the product of Slocan mines, lhe
attention of the firm was called 10 the
circumstances existing in this camp
thru coming into possession ol a copy
of The Paystreak.
This is evidence, if any were
needed, of what we stated two weeks
ago. If Slocan mine owners will get
together and pool their output, estaD*
lish a selling ag-ency in London, the)
will find no difficulty in disposing -11
their ore in England on verv favorable
terms. By making large enuf consignments, say 50 cars at a time, advantageous freight rates, either around tlu1
Horn or across the continent could -H
It is a waste of time to wait tor the
establishment of a   Canadian renr>er)'
which will not   raise the  price 0
a cent a ton.    Negotiate with London. THK PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, JUNK 22,
"keep your Ifoead Cool
During the 1 lot Summer Weather by
Wearing One of
Mthevton'8 Straw ft>ate.
We have everything in the line of Summer
%ea6 Gear, from a Bruce County Straw to
the Latest New York Styles. Canvas I lats
in all Shades Styles and Colors.
lb. SBpeps <�� Co.p. ffiuvtl8& Co.
Bealevs in
mine and mill
��ve Qavs,
Steel Wails,
Canton Steel
jpowoer, Caps and fuse.
Ak\ *k\ *k\ Ak\ Ak\ Ak\ *L\ ��k\ 4k\ -/A* ���/���> Ak\ *A* Ak\ *iS?k^k^k^k&tC?k&l<&l?4>l
Ma Ma Ma Ma Oa Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma OaMa Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ml a V
���/4-v *kS*k\ *k\ <a> *i+ -/av *k\ ���/**��� -/a-* -/iv -/av <Jv *k\ ���/av-/avvaVVawav>av>av>av>av^1
Bandon   ���%
Stoves at
*    fcaslo
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma <
m.mm.mm.m ai.a.aaMa.a ��� . -a m.mlm.
Ak\ <*> ���/**��� -/A* Ak\ /A-* *i> ���/A'* <A
Ma \1a \1a Ma Oa Oa Oa Oa Oa V
'a Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma .
Ma Ma Ma OaMaaIa:
> *k> **A**�� ��k\ *k\ -/A** *.\ <
> Ci
> <*> <
a'AV ���/*> -/A**
Vou kissed me!    My head
Dropped low 011 your breast
With a feeling of shelter
And infinite rest,
While the holy emotions
Mv tongue dared not speak
Flashed up in a flame
From my heart to my cheek.
Yonr arms held me fast;
Oh, your arms were so bold;
Heart beat againsi heart
In their passionate fold.
Your glances seemed drawing
Mv soul thru my eyes,
As the sun draws the mist
From the seas to the skies
Your lips clun-< to mine
Till 1 prayed in my bliss
They might never unclasp
From this rapturous kiss.
You "kissed me!    My heart,
And my breath, and my will
In delirious joy
For a moment stood still.
Life had for me then
No temptations,  no .harms���
No visions of happiness
��� Outside of your arms,
And were I this instant
An angel possessed
Ofthe peace and the joy
Thai are given the blest,
I would fling my white robes
Unrepiningly down,
I would tear from my forehead
Its beautijul crown,
To nestle once more
In that haven of rest
Your lips upon mine,
My head sin your breast.
You kissed me!     My soul,
In a bliss so devine,
Reeled   and   swooned   like   a   drunken
Foolish with  wine,
And 1 thot 'twere delicious
To die there, if death
Would but come while my lips
Were yet moist with your breath;
'Twere delicious to die
If I might grow cold
While your arms clasp me round
In their passionate fold.
And these are the questions
I ask day and night:
Must my lips taste no more
Such exquisite delight?
Would you care if your breast
Were my shelter as then?
And if you were here,
Would you kiss me again?
A Parable.
Be hold the advertiser went forth to
And when he sowed some seed fell
into handbills and dodgers, and the
street cleaner came and gathered them
Some fell among concert and theater programs and the people being
interested in the performances and nol
in bargains, they were left on the seats
or crumpled and thrown on the floor.
And some fell among fake schemes
and the gift enterpri/es, and popular
contempt sprang up and choked them.
But some fell into the newspapers,
which found their way into the homes
of people who had time to read them,
and thev brot forth fruit, some a hundred
some sixty and some thirty fold.
Who has ears let him hear. ��� Ex.
The Art Piano of Canada,
Heintzman Co,
Toronto,   Ont.
Thomas. Duffy,
Sandon -- B. C.
Call at the
Reco   Barber   Shop
Bath Rooms.
For a stylish haircut or a
clean  shaoe or Shampoo
Tonsorial  Artist.
T-nnni'ipajimii ��iinii.pni.i) ������"*��������� i
2T#e Bfioemakev,
Has the Best Stock of
Oentlemens footwear
To be Found in the City.
Customs and Repair
Work  a  Speciality.
Zouis Ibuppevten
Hain Street.
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the city
suited for Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other public entertainments.
For   bookings   write   or   wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,   Sandon   Miners'   Union
Sandon, B. C.
���jnnrBTy \rtns mrs ?mmnr yy
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable  Viands.
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
the   Mining   Trade.
Contractors and Builders.
a**> Ma
Rough and Dressed Lumber, ('oast
Flooring and Joint Finishing Lumber
Moulding, Etc.
Sash and Door on   Hand to  Order.
Factory on Main Street
We are   Receioing   Dailij   Consignments of Cherries
Strawberries Peaches, Tomatoes etc., etc,
No. 4 K. W. C. BLOCK. NELSON. B. C.
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper mines wanted at the EXCHANGE,
PREE Ml I.LI Ni' GOLD properties wanted for Eastern Inventors,
Parties having mining property for sale ar.' requested to send samples of their ore t"'1"
EXCHANGE for exhibition,
All samples Bhonld be sent by express PREPAID
Correspondence lolioited.   Address all oomraunloafclons to
Telephone No. U.   P.O. Box, 700 ANDRfew F. R08BNBBRQER. Nelson. B.C
District Agent for The Great
West    Life  Assurauce   ilo.
Winnipeg, Man.
Grimmett Blook, Reco Ave.
Norwich Fire [nsurn
Connecticut I nsuri.11
ul Hartford)
/Elum Fixe [nsuranoe
PliOBnix, of Hartford, Conn.-
Pacific Coast Fire [nsuranoe Co
Imperial Registry Company
The Dominion of Canada Guarantee
and Aooident [nsuranoe Company.
ucr  Co
ieCo -I
Samee J. (Bobfrep,
Mines, Inocstments and Insurance.
[hat that Railicaq Speed Means to
Canada. -Canada Would Attract
Before long ihe hundred-mile-an-
|our railway train will be with us.
Orangemen is are under way, says
|Un's Bulletin, to construct one from
lerlin to Haniberg in Germany, and
mother from Liverpool to Manchester
lg England. The latter is to be a sin-
be rail road. The train will be run on
track shaped like an inverted V, with
single rail as its apex. It will con-
ist of but one long car, which will
Iraddle the track, so to speak, one
lalf of it hanging on each side, just as
pack saddle hangs on the back of a
ink*. Every car will carry its own
fetor. The cars will cover the whole
Ltance of 33 miles in 20 minutes���a
feed of 110 miles an hour. As the
in- will be overhead and derailment
.possible, this record-breaking rate of
Ipeed will be quite safe. If the new
n'Stem works as well as anticipated,
he speed of travel by railway will be
Practically doubled. Such a speed will
|i*i\ ite a revolution in the business
(world. Two hours and a half would
(be the time required to travel between
Toronto and Ottawa, and three hours
between Toronto and Montreal. The
sleeping car would become superfluous
except sin transcontinental trains or
journeys covering long distances. It
the Liverpool-Manchester line proves a
success, there is no doubt the new system will be rapidly extended between
all populous centers both in Europe and
America. The 100-mile-an-hour railway means everything for Canada. It
will be the means of attracting to Canada the bigger share sif the transatlantic passenger, mail and express business. The adoption of the Liverpool-
Manchester System between Sydney
and inland points in Canada and the
l'nited States would make possible a
lour days' trip between Great Britain
and the cities of the Eastern States and
provinces. The voyage between New
York and Liverpool by the fastest
steamer would occupy six days. The
same journey via Sydney and the new
railway system could be made in four
days. With such advantages in its
favor, we do not see how Canada could
fail to attract the hulk sif the transatlantic business. The success ot the
electric mono-rail system will be followed by the inauguration of a daily
transatlantic service via Sydney, C. B.,
or some maritime province port. The
adoption of such a service is by no
means a remote possibility.���Ottawa
Ira W. Black was in town for a couple of hours yesterday from Phoenix.
Ira was a pioneer in the Slocan. He
built the first hotel in Three Eorks
many years ago, and afterward built
the Reco in Sandon, which he conducted for two years. He is now doing
business in Phoenix.
Interesting Table Showing the Variations for Twenty Years.
Lead miners will be interested in the
following table, which, taken from the
Mining Industry of the United States,
tfives the average price of pig lead at
London since 1880:
Year �� s.        J.
1SX0 if, 6 9
1SH1  18        19 9
Out Circulation
���4 7
12 18
11 6
11 10
��3 4
,12 17
,13 18
,13 o
13 7
12 8
,10 15
, 9 18
. 9 12
.11 o
.11 b
.12 o
���3 3
Big Strike at Ainsteorth.
(Nelson Tribune.)
Tbe long tunnel in the Highlander
mine has reached the vein and is now
in it over 20 feet. It is supposed to be
150 feet wide. The ore carries gold,
silver and copper, and as the tunnel
taps the vein at a depth of 1200 feet
from the surface, which is the greatest
depth of any mine in British Columbia,
the future of Ainsworth is assured, as
many properties can be worked thru
the Highlander tunnel. The Highlander is owned in Philadelphia, and
Maxwell Stevenson of lhat city is resident manager.
The Hewitt Tram.
E. A. Brown, who has the contract
for the Hewitt (ram, has finished cutting
the right of way and has commenced
construction of the towers. If there is
no delay in receiving the cable and
other material the tramway will be in
working order in three weeks and Sil-
verton's banner property will have a
payroll again.
Crayon Enlargements
Have your photo and
those of your dear
ones  enlarged +  +  |
Enlargements of all Kinds.
Specimens of work on
exhibition at Louis
Huppertens. Photography in all its
Gallery at Three Forks.
L.   J.   BouraSwSa.
A Trial Order Solicited.
Ibas not touched the
OHillion mark
Catcf) 0n
While pon have a
Figures and estimates
cheerfully furnished for all
*<___�� _____-.
Booth & Robinson,
Reco Are. Sandon
The Most Complete  Health   Resort on
the Continent of North America.
Shunted    'midst    Scenery    Unrivalled    for
Halcyon Hot Springs
-"""��� Sanitarium. "	
Physic mil
and Nurse
Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B. G
Terms, US to glfl per week,  accordin-*:
to residence in Hotel or Villas.
Its Baths cure all Nervous and Muscu
lar Diseases.    Its waters heal all
Liver, Kidney and Stomach
Ailments and Metallic   Poisoning.
Telegraphic   Communication  with  al
parts of the World.
Two Mails arrive and depart Every Day
Sunday excursion rate Rood leaving Saturday. returniiiK Monday, J2.75.
'^pacific ky.
Summer Vacatson Trips.
June 18.
July 2 and 16.
Aug. 6 and 20.
Epworth    League    Meeting
San Francisco $50.00
JULY J 3th ** J4th ** 15th
Christian Endeavor Convention
Cincinati $68.50 July 2 and 3.
National Education Assa.
Detroit $7 L75 July 2 and 3
For time tables, rates and full inform
ation  call on or  address  nearest  local
H. W. Harbour.
Agent. Sandon
J. S. Carter E. J. Coyle,
D. P. A. A. G. P. A.,
Nelson, B. ���.      Vancouver, B. C. THK PAYSTRKAK, SANDON, B. C, JUNE 22,
The American Boq.
The American Boy is now employing
a force of 3a men and will send down
eight cars of ore this month. Most of
the ore runs low in leaJ and a very
favorable treatment rate is secured
from the Hall Mines smelter. No inconvenience is being experienced with
water at the American Boy this spring
and there will be no cessation of operations there.
Thomas McGuigan, superintendent
os the property, went out yesterday on
a brief visit to Nelson.
The Payne.
Three carloads of rock from the
Payne dumps were shipped up to the
Noble Five at Cody on Thursday and
the big mill will star: to grind on the
1000-ton test on Monday. An elevator
will be built on the outside of the mill
to carry the rock up to the ore bins.
David Ferguson, assnyer, arrived
from Rossland Thursday and is now a
member of the Payne official staff. It
is reported that George Ransom is to
be book-keeper for the company.
The Rambler Cariboo.
H. T. Twigg, surveyor, spent a few
davs with his gang at the Rambler
this week making preliminary surveys
and determining the available water
supplv for tbe proposed mill which the
Rambler company will sooner or later
have to build. T'ie mine is working
full-handed and shipping  regularly.
Importers and Dealer in
Mining and Miners' Supplies,
Staple and   Fancy  Groceries.
Bennett Crown Brand Fuse, Goodwin Candles, Giant Powder.
The Monitor.
Maurice Gintzberger, superintendent
of the Monitor, is calling for tenders
for the erection of a dwelling and office
building and an ore shed for the Monitor mine. The site for the buildings is
close to the C. P. R. track and near
the No. 5 tunnel. The ground is now
being graded for the buildings.
The Monitor is working a full force
and is looking well under development.
Keco Ave.
A. Daoid ThSr'
-^FOR^- 1
Sandon is Getting Good.
The Silver City of tlie Slocan is becoming on intensely mond community.
For lhe past three weeks the police
officer's job has been a sinecure and the
stipend;iry magistrate has not work
enuf to keep his hand in. Jags are
scarce, stud horse poker is an unknown
quantity and African avenue is as complacent as a Bruce county cemetery al
sunset. "Hit the Kitty/' "I'm Fat,"
and "That's the Baby," are forgatten
songs. Except for the fact that some
of the boys smoke cigarettes and occasionally play baseball on Sunday, Sandon is the most moral community in
the shadow of the Selkirks. If virtue
is its own reward this town will soon
be wealthy.
*Am*AV*w.imT\ r-ev- ���
THE undersigned will recfiive ten-lora-up to
the 80th day of .June. Inst, for the erection of n
dwelling house and ore shed near the C.P.R
depot at Three Forks. Plans can be seen at
the office of the Monitor Mines at Three Forks
on or after June 88rd inst. The lowest or any
tender not necessarily accepted.
Rubber Footwear ��
We have   the  finest
line of miners'
now on exhibition in
the city. The wet
shaft has no terrors
for the man in the
gum clothes. Size
up our stock.  o�� of
Thos. Brown,
Main St., Sandon.
Bvpson 6ib$on <K Co's
Wljite Star Coffee
l Fifty cents a pound. A coffee mill!
[goes with every five pound purchase. I
I Get one hefore they are all gone. !
^^-������������------���������'-���^���������������������������������^���������^���W,,,*************^^ m\ ������w n* **
Jalland ffivos.
JBritisl) Columbia
Having made special   arrangements to receive E)flUy
Shipments of 0ve:n (Bvocevies, jfvesh Mutter
a.tdZLZggs we are in a position to fill your orders promptl)
with good selected stock.
Special bargains in Ladies Shirt Waists consisting 0
Silks, Organdies, Muslins and All Over Laces. Ready-
made Skirts in Tweeds, Serges, Crash and Pucks.
B few Sailov Ibats to Close Out at Cost.
Mens' Furnishings.
The most complete line of shirts ever shown in the
west. Neglige, Cambric, Silk and Flannel! Outing. A
large shipment of ties in latest styles to arrive this work.
tCfye fbuntev*1ken6tick Co., Zimiteb
Rossland Engineer's Works
Cunliffe 4 McMillan
Founders and Machinists
ORE CARS.  This is our speciality.   We make the best ore car on the market and sell thf"
pnp afAf*M n���&V^aKthemi   Write us for particulars and photo, , ,���.*>
FOR SALE. One60hp return tubular boiler tie" shell,<V" heads, 883" flues, ������ ������'������������ ' ,.
cold water pressure, 68ft heavy, 80"' smokestack and all fittings oompleti One"-"
horizontal slide valve engine.   8fih ploooinotive type boUer, im.i.-r engine  .��acbed<
W^To^hT)WOhmHll,,iM ''"���"-"������-������"'������'���������ill.   Two hoistsftboul I8hp.   Small bolle"
P.O.Box 198, Third Ave., Rossland


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