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The Paystreak Nov 29, 1902

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Booh 7
Sandon, november 29, 1902
Good morning !    Have you  shipped
any zinc yet ?
Tomorrow is St. Andrew's day.
Andv was a Scotchman
Keep :> pushing and a shoving till
\ou push lhat snow away.
The recent cold snap has made the
ikes J)ang from  the eaves.
The thermometer indicates that winter is wid us again. It registered 11
above yesterday morning.
Serjeant Brown of the Kaslo
R. M. R.s was taking the big rubber
in San Jon last Sunday and Monday.
J. 1). Giegerich returned last Monday
from Spokan where he spent an extended visit for the benefit of his health.
Several turkeys were demolished
within the corporate limits ofthe city of
Sandon on Thursday, American thanks*
Hiving day.
Mrs. George Huston and children
and Tony Mayhaver returned Sunday
after spending a month visiting friends
in Helena,  Montana.
At a meeting of the Grand Forks
hockey club it was decided to join the
district hockey league which is being
promoted from Sandon.
John Cameron left Sunday for Edmonton, where he will spend the winter, before going into business in one ot
the northern towns of Alberta.
Curling and skating will be in full
blast next week. Last night the
ice in the curling rink was in tip top
shape to "hurl the stanes" on.
Altho Christmas and New Year's day
are only one week apart, these two
tfreat festivities do not come on the
same day of the week this year.
John Gusty, the Slocan manager for
I*. Burns, made an inspection of the
>va��lo branch this week and found
everything in the shop like the town���
Mr. Smith, teacher of the Three
Hoiks school, has received word from
the educational department at Victoria
that the school woulv be kept open all
Louis Hupperton has abandoned
hus'mess in Sandon and moved lo
Spokan. L. Cole will continue business in the boot shoe repairing line in
the same stand.
Angus McLeod, M. P., of Orillia,
Ontario, the lumberman who in com-
Pany with Thomas Ludgale was to
have built a big sawmill at Arrowhead,
died in Vancouver last week.
Quite an interest is being laken by
the children in preparing for the Christmas tree and concert io be given in the
Methodist church on Christmas eve.
"*r. S. Claus has consented to he
It is reported that R. B. McCammon,
who is visiting the scene of his boyhood 'iippy UiXVS jowll  0|1  the  fanU|
"ear Toronto, will be married in Jang-
arV to one of the society belles of the
cent belt.
II A dispatch was received here yesterday morning from Thomas Jones
J stating that the United Stales board of general appraisers have  handed
^| down their ruling placing zinc ore on the free list.
This is cheering news for lhe Slocan, as it clears the way for regular
%t exportations of zinc ore lo the gas belt smelters of Kansas and Missouri.
The Payne mine will be the first property to ship extensively. This
^J company  has  150 tons on thc road already and 250 tons of 55 per cent
ore milled ready for shipment as soon as cars can be had to take it away.
The mill is turning out 12 to 13 tons of zinc concentrates a day and will
continue lo do so for many months to come. There are 70 men on ihe
payroll at the Payne.
The Byron N. White companv has 30 men on the payroll, most of <fc
whom are breaking high grade zinc ore in the uppur levels, which is ^
being stored ready for shipment. An extensive program of improve- ^
menls will be undertaken at the Star. A new boarding house, higher ^
than any vet built in the Slocan, is to be constructed down at the mill. J
A large roasting plant will be built at lhe mill for separating iron from ^
the zinc, and several changes will be made in the mill.     Il will probably  ^
be two or three months yet before the Slocan Slar gets under full headway, but this is a matter on which no dehnite statement can be made
until Byron N. White is heard from.    Al present Mr. White is in Spokan.
The Ivanhoe is in a position to become a heavy producer of zinc.
About 500 tons of zinc concentrates have been stored in the bins al the
mill, and a zinc product of 10 tons a day crtn be lurried out steadily.
This ore will probably be shipped to Canyon Cily, Colorado.
The Bosun at New Denver is steadily improving as a zinc proposition.
Previously   the  ore   from   this  property  has been  shipped to Swansea,
Wales, but the new United States demand   furnishes  a  belter  market,
% and the Bosun will probably export three or four hundred tons a month.
Besides these there are numerous other properties capable of a
steady production of zinc which should be working again before spring.
The Wakefield mine on Vour Mile, the Whitewater, Lucky Jim, Noonday, Wonderful, and a whole list of prospects in McGuigan and Jackson
basin can be counted on as zinc producers.
Mr. Jones will be hack in the camp in a few days to make further ^
contracts for shipment lo Iola. It is the intention of his company to pul J
in a sampling works at Kaslo or some other favorably located point to *
roast the zinc ore and extract the iron and sulphur. From these works *
returns will be made direct, so that producers will not have any long *
waits for their money, as in the case of lead shipments. *
The revival in the Slocan will not be particularly rapid, but it w ill be ^
steady and certain. From this time forward the tendency will be for J
the   better. *
Who are the candidates for aldermen
al the next municipal election ?
The skating rink dance on Thursday
evening was a success socially, financially and every other way.
\   "Heart  and   Hand" marriage  is
due to take place in Sandon next week
The ladv is from New  York State ��nd
the   gentleman   is employed    at    IM
Slocan Star.
was in WW* yc^KV ^"SK "
SSSm ^fv*;.
Rev. Father Dontew ill of New Westminster is a visitor in Sandon.
Mr. and Mrs. Gintzberger of Three
Forks took in the skating rink ball
here Thursday evening.
Ore shipments for the week were :
Minnesota Silver company 5b tons.
Slocan Star 84. American Boy 63.
Puvne 158 tons of tine, and Rambler
04."   Total 4:5 ions.
The   government's   Side of land tor
. wv ��Kash> was ft frost  and  ft de-
... .s vnfre has been  arranged.   "We
fowmmsk stoowKI K\��rn how   to get
\........ wJN* Sar tW ��wn*ey it spends in
tfl^ iv^rilt lrW ?*��* 5*3P��S   J-A.
u..i...  w.+��ww   '���     v,^>  Colorado.
... 1  Mihm^oVmM ****��*�� U> the
w^c^h WJWiiw tfmmK*   His
Chapter 10
Change of Venue
if the lead mine owners who fired the
reporters from the Sandon conference
do not like the unanimous verdict of
condemnation which disinterested
papers have rendered they should take
a change of venue to the editorial office
of the Kootenaian. No false ideas of
modesty will deter John Keen from
eulogizing an idea of which he was
the author.
The New Government
Colonel Prior has filled out his
cabinet as follows: Prior, premier and
minister of mines; Prentice, finance
minister; Wells, minister of lands and
works; Eberts, attorney-general; Dennis
Murphy, provincial secretary, and W.
W. B. Mclnnis, president ofthe council.
The Norlh Victoria constituency will
be opened immediately, while Mclnnis
and Murphy, being the only new mem*
hers of the cabinet, will go back lo their
constituencies, Nanaimo and West Yale,
for re-election. Ex-Premier Semlin
will probably run against Murphy, with
good chances of turning him down.
J. W. Paterson is the probable opposition candidate in North Victoria with
excellent chances of election.
Colonel Prior announces his policy as
one of " liberal assistance lo railways to
open up the country," which, interpreted, means that he will pul thru the
Canada Northern deal if such a thing
can be done. Dan Mann is on the
coast and is keeping close to the premier. Recently he has thoroly inspected Dunsmuir's island railway with
a view to taking it over as part of the
deal when the bonus is passed by the
_ A*.	
November School Report
Average attendance for the month,
$o. Standing pf pupils, names according to merit:
Deportment���Mabel Karr.
Class V���Mabel Karr.
Class IV���Willie Karr, Myrtle Karr,
Arthur Karr, Sylvia Warner, Neil
Maclntyre, Violet Jones, Minnie
Class 111���Horace Little, Mary Maclntyre, Ruben Warner and Guthrie
Brooks tie, Peter Hupperton.
Class 11���Lendrum Karr, Maria
Brochier, Marlha Brochier, May
Class I���Russell Gordon, Mary Gordon, Harold Waite, Muriel Fallows,
lva Corneilson.
Second Primer���Francis Garde, Liha
MacKenzie, Jennie Winters, Harry
Isham, Annie Winters.
First Primer���Parkman Huston,
Orval Corneilson, Alice Mason, Ivor
Isaacson, George Huston.
The Sandon Forwarding company
will send a string of pack mules over
to Okanogan next week to winter them
near Vernon.
M��jiilB��l"WI!WBPIWRlKitii��' '���' tbe papstreak, Sandon, B. C, November 29
[Mr. Speeds men have suecesifnlly vanquished
the Doukhobors���Press dispatch.
Forward the Speer's brigade,
Forward the great brigade,
Was there a man dismayed
Men of the skin type ?
Honor the charge they made,
Into the Douks the'y wade,
Was there a man afraid ?
Not on your tin type !
Douks to the right of ihem,
Douks to the left of them,
Douks right in front of them,
Then as the jay-lights,
On the small festive worm,
Did they in manner stern,
Out of each Douk so firm,
Hammer the day-lights !
Back fell the whiskered men,
Back fell the Douks again,
Back fell they to their pen,
Back fell they fighting.
Jabbed in the bloomin' necks,
Jabbed in the solar plex���
Thus, they were reg'lar wrecks,
���   Their hopes went kiting.
Then Mister Zummokoff,
Then Mister Turomodoff,
Then Mister Drumtoostoff,
Stopped in their pillage.
Mister Demenskiment,
Also Romenskivent,
And all the ski's they went
Back to the village.
thing.    First class brinks served
DriscolPs bar, downstairs.
We have assisted many a poor woman on the road to prosperity. Special
attention given to widows
We are indorsed by the mayor, chief
of police, city council, county attorney,
sheriff, Butte Business Men's association, Ministerial association and all
good citizens.
Married ladies will be protected.
Come while your husband is asleep
or at work, and should he object we
will furnish legal advice and money to
procure a divorce.
We furnish dream books and good
dope. You can drop into our place J
without being seen. The M. &. M.
does not give odds that we do. Keep
away from the cellar under the Red
Boot���they will skin you.
Remember the place,
38 J4 East Park street.
Toronto Moon: The Doukobors
started out to meet Jesus, and met
Frank Pedlev.
Toronto Telegram: Douhobor pilgrims will lose the savings of a lifetime
if they have to pay C. P. R. rates for
transportation back to their adopted
Toronto Telegram: The Doukhobors
cannot he much crazier than the people
who tolerate the Roblin government,
and these poor pilgrims should easily
assimilate with that part of the Manitoba population which supplies votes to
thc machine politicians on both sides.
The Rube Is Happy
The man who wrestles wilh the cow,
and learns the calf to suck, who casts
the corn before the swine is now in
greatest luck; for butler's on lhe upward grade, veal's higher than a kite,
pork is climbing up the scale, and beef
is out of sight; the eggs he gathers
every day from his Poland chicken
coop, are almost worth their weight in
gold and we are in the soup. His corn
brings him a fancy price, it is raising
every day. and he rakes in a bag of
cash for half a load of hay. The
farmer's in the saddle, and when he
comes to town, the rest of us by right
should go way back and sit down."
From now  until  Christmas we will sell
for Cash anything: in our line of
Gents' Furnishings
Ready Made Clothing
Boots   and   Shoes
Hats   and   Caps
Horse   Blankets
Wall Paper
Look Out, Girls
There is one way in which an observer can approximate a woman's age
���by watching her put on her shoes.
Under 15 she sits en lhe floor to perform the operation, from 15 to 30 she
puts her foot on a chair; from 30 to 45
she sits and endeavors, more or less
successfully to obviate the inconveniences of increasing avoirdupois by
reaching down wilh a long-handled
button hook; after 45 she gives up the
battle and depends on the children or
the maid to perform this office.
Frank Sentinel: The Doukhobors
have finally .been headed off arid vagged
by the mounted police, which is what
should have been done with them at
the start. Canada's foreign immigration policy is being shown up as about
as rotten as it very well could be and
the Canadian people can thank the
Doukhobors for bringing this home to
the government and paving the way for
a change in the policy.   ,
 ������> -
From the Home of Mary Maclean
Here is a copy of a circular which recently was widely distributed at Butte.
It tells its own story :
Gentlemanly   attendants.    Come once
and you will come again.
All ladies like to make easy money,
and our customers  think   us  a good
A Great Honor
"And so the street was named after
his grandfather?" " Yes. The tree
on which the old man was hanged
stood right over there un'.il a year ago."
The Paint Industry
He put his arm around her waist
And the color left her cheek,
But upon the shoulder of his coat
It showed up for a week.
A Self-Evident Lesson
Teacher���Now, Minnie, what do we
learn from the parable of the prodigal
son? Minnie���Why, I suppose it
teaches us not to be a calf.
The estimated   income of J.
Morgan is $113.12 per minute.
Hot toddy, like your  uncle  used  to
make, at the Kootenay hotel.
A trust is a small
rounded by water.
hody of men   sur-
Boys' Suits, $1.50
Boys' Underwear, 75c a suit
Boys' Overshirts, 50c
Boys' Caps, 25 c
Boys' Sweaters, 50c
Boys' German Sox and Rubbers, $1
Men's All Wool Sox 5 pair for $1
Men's Wool Underwear, per suit, $1
Men's Wool Pants, $2
Men's German Sox (best) 75c
Men's Overshoes at $1
Men's All Wool Shirts, $1
Men's Mackinaw Coats, $;,50 and $5
Men's Mackinaw Pants, $2.50
Men's Sweaters, 75c.
Valises, 35c and up
Boots, $2 and up
Shoes $1 and up
Overcoats, anywhere from $5 to $25.
Stetson Hats (best value) $4.50
IniflH����H| 9
t999M tbe papstreak, Sandon, B. C, November 29
'Tis the last rose of summer
Left blooming alone;
All her lovely companions
Arc faded and gone;
No flower of her kindred,
No rosebud is nigh, ^^^^^
To reflect back her blushes,
Or give sigh for sigh.
I'll not leave thee, thou lone one,
To pine on the stem;
Since the lovely are sleeping,
Go, sleep thou with them.
Thus kindly 1 scatter
Thy leaves o'er the bed
Where thy mates of the garden
Lie scentless and dead.
So soon may 1 follow,
When friendships decay.
And from Love's shining circle
The gems drop away.
When true hearts lie withered,
And fond ones are flown,
Oh ! who would inhabit
This bleak world alone ?
There's   still   a  lack of coke at the
Granby smelter.
The   Boundary   mines shipped  last
week 11,334 tons��
While lead is al a low price now it is
no lower than in 1892*95.
Last week's shiptn.nts  from   Ross-
land mines am.ui ued to 7512 tons.
The Le Roi made a profit of $68,617
last month, and cleared $417,686 for
the last five months.
A modern bessemerzing plant will lie
added lo the B. C. Copper Mining
company's Greenwood smelter.
Copper   exports   from   the    \j instates for the nine  months ending
September were $ 11,000,000 in  excess 1
of the exports  for  the corresponding i
period of 1901.
Fife, on Christina lake,   will  shortly I
have a payroll of $4000 per month.    A
gang of men is being employed  there
to get out lime to be used as .1 flux  at
the Trail smelter.
Old Cariboo is again coming to the
front. On tbe Point company's claim
on Lightning creek, $3000 was taken
out in six days. Some of the old channel wash ran an ounce of gold to the
. Tlie Granby Consolidated Mining
and Smelting company has placed an
order for two additional furnaces for
the Grand Forks plant. At an early
date tbe smelter -*���"��� ���*��
4000 tons daily.
Wonderfully rich placer fields have
he en discovered on the fork of the
Salmon river, near Erie, 30 miles sou '
k up
day  on
Sandon Miners*
Subscribers, $1 per month ; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
DR. W. E. OOMM,   Attendant Phygictan.
Address all communications to
I. O. 0. F.
Meeting!* in the Union Hail every Friday
Evening at 7:30. Visiting Brethern coidially
invited to attend.
A.J   BECKER, Noble  Grand.
Secretary Vice Grand.
A. F. & A. M,
A Table that is Replete with the
Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms: Large, Airy and
Special Attention to
the   Mlnlnj_Trade.
Regular Communication held first Tours
day in each month in Masonic Halt at 8 v. M
Soiourning brethern are cordially invited to
Sandon Cartage Co.
Express. Baggage,
and Cartage.
Delivery to all  Parts of the City
All    sensible   people   travel
by the
Under capable management
Will be open day and night.   Meals on the
Short Order and American Plan.
....MEAL   TICKETS,   $5.00....
The   Best   Short   Order   House   in   the
WHY? I""        G. H. MURHARD, Proprietor |
is the symbol of ljuiiuuutJtiut��JLaJiiuu>j.g��g a b JULftJUUULttJUUUUUiB tuuuuuugjuuuuu
^ IThe Newmarket Hotel
City a
���       Winnipeg   *"��   *���* B?M *'*'
Arrive ���. 3       m
Arrive Chicago gf   ���      ��
Arrive Toronto ftth Clay, K
The only ��P^ *���
Resort in the Slocan. "% ��*'*
furnaces  lor ���-      "
the Uranct   roms  P.��.��.    At an early T0URIST  SLEEPING CARS
date the smelter will be  able  to treat   LUXURY^^^^
Ken   discovered   on   the  lorn w.  �����-
Salmon river, near Erie, 30 ������>f *��f\
of Nelson.   Two brothers took up ^
claim and have cleared  $:5  a  d,l>
each man employed.
The Granny company recently deposed of 1*5,000 shares of its lrea"r,?c
stock in New York for $500,000. ��
money will be used in paying ott i'��
indebtedness and carrying out the
tensive improvements outlined >
Mr. Graves.
,     ���i operated by the Company,
��W"ta"foS-St as follow.
ftre Junction daily for St. Paul.
From ^ro��"^tn��Tue��iay and Satu,
*S?B^ I?W -* ftU ��ther
extern l>oint��c pR.
��������������������� h> lbwi8>
 ���       , Sandon
*   .���,        B. J. Ooyle,
���"���8-C"f A.G.P.A..
Henry Stege
a T��U
Ontario Grapes Received Daily
WILLIAMSON'S. tbe papetveak, Sanoon, X. C, Movember 29
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth.
Operate.! in the interests of the Editor,
Subscription    -   -   -   -    $2 oo a year
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams.    -   Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, NOVEMBER 29,   1902.
Zast Chapter in the
parodp of Orafi
Another turn of the crank in
British Columbia's political kaleidoscope, and colonel Prior is premier.
This is the climax; the triumph of
irresponsibility ; the zenith of
inefficiency.      ���
Nothing could be worse. All
that is representative of graft, greed,
avarice, corruption and incapability in
government is synonymous with the
fact of his appointment.
Prior was elected in Victoria less
than a year ago in the hope that his
added weight would give the Dunsmuir government strength to force the
Canada Northern grab thru the legislature. The plot failed, but the hope
remains. Prior's commission today is
to meet the legislature and make a last
desperate effort to give over 8,000,000
acres of land and $2,500,000 to Mackenzie & Mann as a land grant and
bonus for the Canada Northern.
The reign of graft in British Columbia is drawing to a close. This
province has been bilked by a potlatch
policy until today she is a mendicant,
begging f��r favors from the shylocks
of the money markets. Her heritage
has been sold for a mess of pottage.
Her destinies have been guided by
fools, her affairs administered by
imbeciles; the richest province in
the broad dominion is the poorest.
Bill & Dan, with their troop of
harpies, recognize that it is now or
never. The people have at last
awakened to the fact of their folly in
electing such incapables. The legislators of today represent no one but
themselves. An appeal to the people
would send most of them over the
dump into political oblivion. Therefore, to take one more long chance
before the deal is closed on them forever, the grafters, move Prior to the
front and parade him as a central
figure in the big tableau of grab.
There is only one question which
presents itself to the people of British
Columbia. That is, can Prior deliver
the g uds? There is no doubt about
his intention to do so.     There  is  less
doubt about the willingness of several
other members of the legislature to
help thru the steal. The records of
the past session would seem to indicate
that the majority of our members elect
have their price, either in land, money
or opportunity. Animosity, rather
than principle, is the fundamental
basis of opposition. Policy and
pledges are lost in the shuffle, while
greed, jealousy and the struggle for
office reign supreme. With material
such as this to work on Mackenzie &
Mann may be able to get a free gift of
an enormous empire of land, timber,
coal, oil and precious metals in the
Yellowhead and $2,500,000 cash..
If the Canada Northern deal is
put thru by the present government
there is only one thing for the people
of the province of British Columbia to
do.    That is, Repudiate.
& financial Genius
John L. Retallack read a resolution to the lead miners meeting proposing that the government be
requested to place a tariff on lead
which would raise the price paid by
Canadian consumers to a parity with
the price paid by American consumers.
This resolution also proposed that tlie
government be asked to give a bonus
of$i5aton on the surplus lead exported from Canada.
Lead sells for $2.75 in Montreal
and $4.12J/2 in New York, a difference
of $1.36^ a hundred, or $27.30 a ton.
On 13,000 tons of lead consumed in
Canada, Canadian consumers would
pay $39,000 by reason of the tariff.
A bonus of $15 a ton on a probable
30,000 tons for export would amount
to $450,000. This would come out of
the pockets of Canadian taxpayers.
The aggregate which Canada
would pay in tariff and bonus in order
to keep the lead industry alive by the
Retallack system would be $489,000
per annum.
Add to this $100,000 a year which
the government is already offering as a
bonus on lead refining, and the total
reaches the stupendous figure of $589,-
000 per annum.
The amount of nVoney which Mr.
Retallack proposes to give away is
more than the total aggregate dividends
of British Columbia mines for any
one year.
It is also more than the average
annual payroll ofthe Slocan.
At 2.80 per cent, the rate at which
the Dominion of Canada borrows
money, $589,000 would pay interest on
a funded debt of $21,035,710, an
amouot;greater than the entire value
ofthe lead mines and lead smelters in
British Columbia today.
Subtracting  the   amount  of  the
dominion bonuses granted to railways
and adding the value of land held by
railways, the amount of capital which
could be raised on an annual interest
and sinking fund of $589,000 would buy
every foot of railway in the province of
British Columbia.
Thus we see that the gigantic
intellect with which Mr. Retallack
is blessed has conceived a scheme
whereby the dominion government can
save the lead industry from destruction
by giving away more than the payroll
of the lead mines which he proposes to
save; or by giving away more than the
entire earnings of the mining industry
in British Columbia; or by giving
away an amount which, capitalized, is
greater than the entire assets of the
lead mines and smelters ; or by giving
away an amount which, capitalized,
would buy the whole railway system
which is strangling the  lead industry.
Undoubtedly Mr. Retallack is a
wonderful financier and a more wonderful statesman, and a still more
wonderful mining man.
But while he is giving away all
this government money, why not get
something for it. The potlatch policy
has already landed British Columbia
in the poorhouse, and if carried out on
the Retallack system would land
Canada in the same place.
If the dominion government wants
to help the lead industry it can do so
by abolishing the tariff on mining and
smelting machinery and supplies. Or
it could do so by regulating the freight
rates ofthe railways which are squeezing the lead mines to death.
Neither of these systems would
require the outlay of one cent and the
cost to the people of Canada would be
If the government of Canada is
prepared to use money for the purpose
of encouraging the industry, the money
should be invested in a government
refinery which would handle the mine
owners' product at a fair profit and
turn over the balance to the producer.
Talking of tariffs and bonuses as a
panacea for the lead depression is the
most childish kind of twaddle, worthy
ofthe minds of such men as Retallack.
The railroads and smelters are in a
position to absorb the whole amount
in freight and treatment rates. I he
mere fact that any part of either the
bonus or the tariff might be paid to the
mine owner does not alter the circumstances. The smelters and railways
are skinning the mine owner to the
hoof right now, and in future they can
take away from him any tariff or bonus
which the government may happen
to name.
If John L. Retallack does not appreciate this feet he is a bigger tool
than he looks.
j ' the Papstreak, Sandon, B. Q��� Movember 29
the Bqations of Wealth
As Eugene V. Debs puts it, there
are   no  beneficaries   oi   the    present
system.   Jay   Gould    killed   himself
trying to work out  a stock   jobbing
scheme on the  Southern Pacific.    As
a penalty for the prominence which his
money  brot  him,   Collis P. Huntingdon   was roasted  into   his coffin   by
Ambrose Bierce and   Homer  Davenport.    John   D.   Rockefeller worried
himself  baldheaded   over    a   fortune
which has become too unwieldy for him
to watch, and the Nepoleonic Rhodes
found an early grave as a result of the
strain on his nervous system.    Now it
is Morgan who  has  troubles.    Spies
follow him everywhere,  to guard his
life or observe his movements.    Every
move that he makes is reported  thru
secret service agents.    He is shadowed
at every turn.     Holders   of Morgan
stocks all over the world have insured
his life, as a hedge  against  the  panic
which must inevitably follow his death,
and agents of insurance companies are
continually with him, altho against his
wilh     Brokers   and   financiers   have
detectives camped  on  his  trail,   who
keep cases on every move, report every
visitor and  follow   him  wherever   he
goes.    This     continued    system    of
espionage has so haunted Morgan that
he threatens to break  down.    He sees
in every man a shadow and recognizes
in every curious gazer  a  spy.    If the
thing keeps up, as it undoubtedly will,
Morgan's nerves must break under the
strain and he will soon find himself in
the cemetery or rated in the  long  list
of has beens.    Thus does wealth have
its equations, as well as poverty.
Charles M. Hayes, superintendent of the Grand Trunk, announces
that his road will build from North
Hay to Port Simpson, making another
transcontinental. Meantime minister
Blair nods and the people of Canada
sleep. Some day the giant of democracy will awake to discover that government ownership of railways is
necessary as a measure of self
At the meeting of the lead mine
owners held in Sandon it was unanimously decided that nothing should be
be given out for publication except the
resolutions finally adopted. A paper
read at the meeting by John L. Retallack was published in full in the Nelson
News next day. John L. Retallack
was the only party who had possession
of the paper. Who broke faith with
the meeting ?
If it took John L. Retallack ten
days to prepare the paper he read at
the lead miners meeting in Sandon on
what he knew about lead mining and
the tariff; how many years would it
take him to prepare a paper on what
he don't know about lead mining
and the tariff ?
How times do change. Ten years
ago Canada was beseeching Uncle Sam
to make a reciprocity treaty. Today
it is United States that is doing the
wanting. Probably ten years from now
both countries will have come to their
senses sufficiently to tear down the
tariff wall and abolish all artificial
barriers to commerce. Oh, let it be soon!
Bill & Dan have undertaken to
introduce wireless telegraphy all over
Canada, and if they would follow their
hand by introducing wireless politics in
British Columbia the world might
recognize them as self-sacrificing
A report got out from Victoria
somehow that Eberts had refused to
accept a portfolio in the Prior cabinet.
The correspondent ought to change his
Chinaman. Eberts never refused an
office in his life, and never will.
A Victoria dispatch says that uMr.
Mann is constantly with the premier
and is evidently satisfied that the new
government will not jeopardize the
contract." Exactly. And if the cabinet
should display a waver Dan would
simply withdraw his proxies and appoint a new government or announce
himself dictator.
Innes will run in Burrard on the progressive ticket to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of George R.
Maxwell. The liberals and conservatives might just as well lay down their
hand and let it go by acclamation.
The progressives will elect their man
The Grand Trunk and the C. P. R.
are raising freight rates in Ontario.
If this starts a few Ontario people to
thinking, Canada's chances are still
There is nothing of the Gaston
and Alphonse about Prior and Eberts.
"After you ' is a case of have to in the
grab for premiership.
School teachers in Ontario are
forming a union to raise wages. They
claim that they impart too much
knowledge for the money they receive.
Silver is going a hundred fathoms
deep, but zinc is the raft that will
rescue the Slocan.
The days of forty-nine are over.
It begins to look like thirty cents.
New Fall...
Of the Very Latest Style and the Very
Finest Quality of Suitings and Pant-
ings have recently been received
Heating  and Cook Stoves,  Ranges   Etc.
Tinsmithing and Plumbing.
I the papstreak, Sandon, B. C November 29
Why should I bet
Upon a horse
Who goeth 'round
Upon the course.
Were I to run,
'lis plain to see,
The horse would never
Bet on me.
The reason is,
He hath a lot
Of plain horse sense���
Which 1 have not.
5 ��� 8
Y* Tbe trains  come   in   and   the  trains <fc
^ go out: ^
to Meanwhile we find something to talk to
to about. to
Just to change the monotony���the
political situation on the sloppy slope is
picking up.
Dunsmuir should congratulate himself. His troubles are over, while those
of Prior have just hegun.
A dispatch from Ashcroft states that
one pan of dirt there has yielded $982.
Some one must have staked the bank
of B. C. vault.
Neat, Glean and Comfortable Rooms. Wines, Liquors and Cigars, the
Accomodations Unexcelled. Best that Money can Buy.
First Class Dining Room Sernice.
American and European Plan.
off the streets after a certain hour at
night, is being circulated. Why not
pass a bylaw to keep a ball and chain
on the youngsters thru the day ? I
Nelson bigots will soon make their j
city a place in which it is intolerable
to live.
Only one man has been killed so far
this year in the rugby football matches
between American colleges, and that
was on last Friday. Rugby this year
seems to be rather lame.
The smelter trust has paid off its
heavy indebtedness from the profits of a
year's operations. Smelting pays everybody but the mine owner.    .
C. Simpson Garland last week paid
McCuaig, Rykert & Co. $25,000 for a
seat on the Montreal stock exchange.
The seat is not upholstered either.
Last Thursday premier Laurier was
61. All the celebreties appear lo be
born in the same month: President
Diaz of Mexico, king Eddie, Wilfy, the
new dago princess, and the Payslreak's
Jim Hill says : "Open the door.
Don't say no. 1 would like 2000 or
3000 Chinamen a year to come to this
country. They won'l do any harm.
They won't drive you or anybody out."
Jim has a great head. Chinese pay
fare when they travel.
The country is now safe. At a
meeting of the New Denver board of
trade the members, without a dissent-
ing voice, resolved that Jim Dunsmuir,
in handing in his resignation as premier
of the province, accomplished the only
really important achievement of his
miserable existence.
The queen of Italy gave birth last
Friday to a daughter. This is number
two. The king and queen were very
much disappointed as they were praying for a boy. They ought to be more
up-to-date and try the incubator process. The king is doing pretty well,
thank you, under the circumstances.
A   petition   to   have  a curfew  law
passed in Nelson, to keep boys and girls
A printing office in Michigan is
opened and closed with prayer. This
is a rare exception to the rule, as from
time immemorial it has been the custom for the printing office to be
opened by the devil and closed by
the sheriff.
Strange things happen in Kaslo.
The Kootenaian, a liberal organ, is
edited by John Keen, a rank lory, just
to amuse himself���and his mental
lightweight efforts amuse the half
dozen subscribers of that sheet. It
wouldn't surprise the Paystreak if the
Catholic and Protestant skvpilots exchanged pulpits and Al Palmer became
a deacon in the Methodist church in
that village.
This is the season of the year when
you    should    order    your    Winter
Garments.    Good   Tailoring  at our
Shop does not cost  you any more
than poor Tailoring in some other.
A tourist struck the printing palace
the other day, and after telling the
Payslreak's society critic how he moped
from Nakusp, Ire Was asked to rite a
story on a tramp on ��ramps, and this is
what he sprung :
I've written on the ocean,
I've written on the sand,
And would you just believe it
I've done it all by hand.
I've written on thc waler tank
And on the miner's pick ;
But on an empty belly, no !
Nor damned if I'll do it !
P.S.���He  got the price   of a square.
Served Him Right
" I knew a fellow down in Texas,"
said colonel Thomas Ochiltree, "who
held a coin between his fingers for a
drunken cowboy to shoot at. He
never trie'' it but once." " Had his
hand shot off, I suppose," suggested a
listener. " No," answered Ochiltree,
"he was hit in the foot."
Neto York Brewry
Totogood & Bruder, Proprietors.
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer
Special attention given to our rapidly increasing
bottle trade. Give it a trial. Both of us will
make by it. We a little. You much. Let us
hear from you. Telephone, 24, Denver and
Silverton.    Worden   Bros.,   agents, Slocan   City
Sandon        .    .   ,    -    British Columbia
I Big Snap in Groceries!
* ��������� *
We have just acquired the  Patterson   Stock
at   a
�� sacrifice and are willing to divide the profits with our J
J customes.    Must be cleared out in 30 days J
Cheapest   Groceries    and   Canned |
I Goods over offered in Sandon.
I Gents' Furnishings, Hats, Caps
Boots, Shoes, Rubbers
Athletes agree that the best exercise
for  cold weather   is   shoveling  snow
Byers & Co can supply you  wi(h  t|/
necessary shovel.
�� A Beautiful and complete stock, suited  to the climate 4
$ as well as the fashion.    Prices at Bedrock. *
I       MACDONALD & R05S       j
��� the Papstreak, Sandon, B. C, November 29
The half-back stands upon the murky
And contemplates with joy the patting strife,
And swears a swear thai he will never
While there is life.
Six tcetli arc out; he's lost a  hunch of
His collar-bone is slightly out of place.
While some bright,  skilful youth  has
bumped him where
He wears his face.
Spiked footprints show his manly chin,
His ribs are not on special speaking
While  with   the   mud he must have
taken in
Three million germs.
Lo����t arc some ligaments   about   the
While   that   important   article,   the
Is twisted round to 45 degrees���
O, he's a wreck I
And yet, a wad of joy reigns in his
His face is seen to light  up once
For he himself has done his little part���
He killed four men.
Giving Height  ol  Points in   Kootenay
and   Boundary.
The following table, prepared from
Jata from the department of the interior at Ottawa, for the most part,
shows the elevation of many of the important points an J mining camps in the
Kootenay and in the Boundary :
Camp McKinney (estimated) 5000
Cascade 1587
Cranbrook 3OI4
Eholt 3096
Fernie 33oa
Grand Forks 1700
Greenwood  *3<x>
Kamloops 1160
Kaslo  1752
Midway  1913
Nakusp  1384
Nelson 1731
New   Denver 17b 1
Phoenix     4*>QO
Revelstoke 1503
Robson 1419
Rossland 34^
Sandon 3488
Silverton  1761
Slocan City 1761
Trail 1364
Ymir ^95��
fully   $12   a   ton  above the
market for the past 10 years.
The ouiput for ten months ending
October 31 amounted to 454,000,000
pounds of zinc and 54,000,000 pounds
of lead, which has sold for a total value
of about $8,100,000. This amount exceeds by $1,500,000 the cash value of
the production for tne corresponding
period of last year and indicates quite
clearly that the value of this year's
output from the district will just about
reach the $9,500,000 mark.
Zinc ore remains strong and steady
at a $35 basis, altho some lots have
been purchased at a price indicating a
$36 basis, while some lower grade ores
have sold at prices equivalent to a $34
basis.    The market for lead ore remains
strong and unchanged at $49-50 a ton.
Thc New Provincial   Loan  Proves Ihv
successiul in London
In London the new British Columbia
three per cent loan of ��721,000 is believed to be unsuccessful. The slock
is now purchasable at a small discount,
whereas the Natal three per cents are
dealt in at \% premium. It is feared
that over-borrowing by the colonies
will spoil the British markets again
just when they are recovering from the
last long spell of over-borrowing.
Christina lake 15*15
Kootenay lake 1735
Okanogan lake 1138
Osoyoos lake  860
Slocan lake ��755
Shuswap lake 113b
Flourishing   Condition  ol  the Industry
A Strong  Demand.
Conditions In the Joplin district at the
close of the tenth month   of 19��- iire
within doubt the most prosperous ever
known.    While ore is not so high as
A Sticky Luxury
Pork pie fanciers in England are
much disturbed. Their perturbation
owes its origin to a statement hy a firm
ot glue manufacturers that glue is used
bv   one   Of   its   customers in  making
pork pies.    What a mess.
 ������* ������
A Financial Pointer
Before placing your life insurance you
should see the new compound investment policy issued by the North American Life Assurance company of Toronto.
It guarantees to carry after ten years
lor full amount of policy, no deductions
peing made in case of death; or if premiums are paid after ten years, it
guarantees to return them, together
with the lull face oi the policy. After
three years it gives cash, surrender,
cash loans and extended insurance
values. Issued on endowment and
limited payment life plans. No extra
charge for quartz miners For full
particulars see or write I). P. Kane,
district manager, or W. Irwin, special
agent, Kaslo, B. C
Tom and Jerrv have made their headquarters at the kootenay house.
Gale's Bar��P
Is the best Tonsorial  Establishment in the Slocan.
Ore Shipped to Nelson lor Treatment
will be Carefully Looked Alter.
Established 1106,
Sandon, B. C.
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Stocks l>oi\aht and sold. Gen-
��� rul agent for Slocim Propertied
Promising Prospects for Sale.
F. L. Christie,
L. L. B.,
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers or
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
M. L. Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
Notice of  involution of Partnership.
NOTICE is hereby Riven that the partnership
heretofore existing between the undersigned
in the carrying on of business as hotel-keeper*
at Whitewater, British Columbia  has this
day been disolved  by mutual consent.   All
debts owing to the said partnership are to be
paid to Charles Borene, who will pay all debts
and liabilities owing by the said partnership.
Dated at Whitewater, B. C , this 17th day
of October, 1902.
The Auditorium
Is the only hall in the city
suited for theatrical Performances, Concerts, Dances and
other puhlic entertainments.
For   bookings  write  or  wire
Anthony Shilland,
Secretary,  Sandon  Miners'   Union
Sandon, B. C.
ffialcpon Ibot Springs
during the boom  period of 1899 U is
within $5 or $6 per ton of the average        , ,   Dyjldfog   Main    St.
Mgh market during  that period, and BalOlOrai   DUliuu &
HE medical waters of Halcyon
Lj\ are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
I iver Kidney and Stomach ailments,
and Metallic 'Poisoning. A sure cure
"That Tired Feeling." Special
on all boats and trains. Two
arrive and depart every Day.
communication with all
parts of the world.
Halcyon Hot Springs,
Arrow Lake, B. C.
Folliott & McMillan
Dealers in Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast Flooring and Joint Finishing
Lumber, Moulding, etc. Sash and
Doors on Hand or to order. Jobbing
promptly attended to.
Factory on Main Street
Certificate of Improvements
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District    Where located.   Adjoining ihe  Cult us, near the Canadian
TAKE NOTICE that I, J.   M.   McGregor,
acting as agent for W.  H.  Brandon, Free
Miners   Certificate    No.    BfeiU.t,     and   C.
Kloepfer, Free Miner's Certificate No. BftllSO,
intend, sixty  days   from  the   date  hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining Crown Grants of the aliove claims.
And further take notice that action. under
section 37. must be commenced tiefore the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 30th dav of September, A D. ml.
novtt-02 .1. M. MCGREGOR
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District., W.h��|e located: About
one mile from Sandon.on Ruth Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, E. M. SaadiUnds,
acting as agent for Robert MeTaggert. Certificate No B5.M34. and A. Scott, Certificate No.
B68U85, intend,sixty days from the date hereof,
to applv to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of'Improvements, for the purpose of oh.
taimng a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that notion, under
section  37,  must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Hated this 4tn day or October, V.MB.
Certificate of Improvements
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located : On
Cody Creek, about two and one-half| miles
from Sandon. ��.���-��;     ;,.,     j
TAKE NOTICE that I, E. M. Sandilands,
CertincnteNo. BOTU, acting as agent for W.G-
ClarkFree Miner's Certificate No. B<(8!>70, intend, sixty days from date hereof to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that, action  under
section 37  must  be commenced before  the
issuance of such Certificates of Improvements
Dated this 25th day of 1Septemlier, A D. l!Ki2.
Certificate of Improvements
Situate  in  the Slocan  Mining   Division  of
West Kootenay District.   Where located:
On the north fork of Carpenter creek, five
miles from Three Forks.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. D. Mackay, acting
as agent for Wilbur A- Hendryx. special I ree
Miners'   Certificate  4353, J. p. Regan,  Free
Miners' CertificateB60242. Willard H Stimson,
Free  Miners'  Certificate   BK8U20,  and   Alice
Trenerv, Free Miners'  Certificate B68964. intend, sixty days from date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a
crown grant of the aboveclaim.
And further take notice that action under
section 37 must be taken before the issuance of
said Certificate of Improvements
Dated this 4th day of October, gJ^RAy
I'' :
In :
ii����iiim��i umi'.'i '"
-..���������- the papstreak, Sandon, B. C, November 29
A major loved a maiden so,
His warlike heart was soft as Do.
He oft would kneel to her and say,
"Thou are of life my only Re.
"Ah, but if kinder thou wouldst be,
And sometimes sweetly smile on Mi.
"Thou art my life, my guiding star,
I love thee near, I love the F i.
"My passion I cannot control;
Thou art the idol of my Sol."
The maiden said, "Oh, fie, ask pa,
How can you go on so?   Oh, La!"
The major rose from bended knee,
And went her father for to Si.
The father thot no match was finer,
"A major" once had been "a minor."
They married soon, and after that
Dwelt in ten rooms all in "one flat."
So happy ends this little tale,
For they lived on the grandest "scale.
Something Neto
Just arrived today a large
import order of Perfumes.
Roger & Gullet, Ed Pinaud
and L. T. Piver French Extracts and Toilet Waters.
Face Potoder, Sachet Potoder
Hair Lotions, Theatre Rogue
and everything required for
the Toilet.
To shield your limbs from Thula's wintry
blasts. All sizes, and Prices, but only one
Quality ; the Best.
Rubbers .. . .
Bar Silver, New York 47X
Lead, New York $4.12^
Lead, London j��io, 13s, od
Zinc,  New York,    $5.25
Zinc, London ;6i8, 17s, 6.
Church Services
Methodist Church���On Sunday the
pastor, Rev. R. J. Mclntyre, will preach
at n a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Morning
subject: Matthew's Gospel. Evening:
Noah and the Ark. Special music in
evening by choir. Sunday school at
2:30 p.m. On Tuesday afternoon at
3:15 the monthly consecration meeting
of the Junior League will be held.
Prayer meeting on Tuesday evening at
8 o'clock. Service at Three Forks
Monday evening at 6:30. All cordially
v\ elcome.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church-
Services will be held in Crawford's hall
on Sabbath at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.,
conducted (D.V.) by the pastor,
Rev. E. G. Robb, M. A. Sabbath
school and Bible class at 2:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting Tuesday evening at 8.
A series of studies on the Holy Spirit
has just been commenced forthepraver
meeting hour.1 All are cordially welcomed at all the services.
Are gradually arriving. Ask
us about these. Buying direct
we can furnish you a nice present for very little money.
Overshoes, German Socks, Clothed Topped
Rubbers, Gum Boots for Miners, and
numerous other kinds of Footwear.
Ked Cross Brng Store.
Chemist and Bruggist
Buying East Kootenay Property
Nelson News
The Bayonne mine at the head of
Summit creek has been bonded by the
original owners, George Harrison and
Frank Risdon, to Byron N. White.
The bond is said to be for $50,000, the
first payment being $5000 cash. The
property was bonded some time ago by
L. Davenport of Spokane for $40,000.
A good trail was built in from the
landing on the Kootenay river' to the
group by the government, and a force
6f men who worked there all last winter and part of the summer. In August
the bond was dropped, but % "was believed by many that the ^property was a
rich one, and the present ^deal^is tlie
result of a close examination^) the
property by Mr. White and his associates.
It is reported that John Houston~of
Nelson will contest jlhe new Ymir-Trail
constituency in the next provincial
Potoder, Fuse
Groceries, General
Mine Supplies
The Largest Stock in
the Slocan
Discount for Car Lots
or atiu Heaou Order.
Skates is made for men, not beasts, although some
men is beasts when they gets a skate on. Women also
wear skates on ther feat, an sum times ther feat fly from in
under them an ther skates is temporarly wher ther lied ot to
be. But these women is poor skaters, whos erlv educasun
has been neglected, or they was born in Oregon. Juvenils
also wers skates. As the poets calls him, "the ubiquitos
small boy" doth invaribly apear on yur rite-of-way just erlv
enuf to transmogrify a graseful swing into a strenutis panorama of legs an arms, shoking to yur best girl an conclusive
of horrible language as regards the small boy.
Skates is not all the same. Some is made in VValker-
ville and others is sold on the installment plan. But the
best skates on erth is the hockev skates sold at the
The Hunter-Kendrick Company, Limited
p. Burns & Co.
Fresh Salted and Smoked Fish
Just Receioed
No further shortage.   Regular consignments imported daily from Nebraska.
Sausage   of   all   kinds
every day of the week.
made    Fresh


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