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The Paystreak Aug 10, 1901

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Array ,.*'
Tom McGuigan of the American Boy
is visiting in Spokan.
liH- Brewery hotel is being offered
for -sale by Carl Band.
Albert David returned yesterday from
,1 brief visit to Spokan.
William  Yawkey left  yesterday  for
|,*,s home in Detroit, Mich.
Sup't Garde of the Payne is spending a few days in   Rossland.
The Ivanhoe   mill   is   now running
steadily on oi\- from the dumps.
The raspberry crop is being harvested
on the hills surrounding Sandon.
Miss B. Radclifie   went   to  Nakusp
on Wednesday for a few days visit.
Chas. Callahan oi Cody and Joker
fame left Friday for San Francisco.
VV. W. Warner shipped two cars oi
Wonderful ore to Nelson  Thursday.
Travelling Freight Agent Becker of
the C. P. R. was in town Thursday.
1). \V. Moore, ore buyer for the Trail
smelter, spent a few days in town this
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. George  Petty of Three  Forks on
It is reported here that Sandiford Jr.
has been made superintend of the Hartney at New  Denver.
The Noble Five will ship another car
oi high grade ore on Monday trom the
Last Chance tunnel.
Cranbrook is billed to hold a mineral,
agricultural and industrial exhibition
on September 25th to 271I1.
Mrs Ginlzenberger returned to Three
Forks yesterday from a visit to San
Francisco and other coast cities.
The piscatorial attractions ol Hear
Lake took a fishing party OUt to that
gem ofthe mountains last Sunday.
Nominations iov another alderman
will lake place in the City Hall on
Monday and election on Thursday.
J. C. Drewry, the Rossland mining
man is expected in today to expert the
Big Beaver group in the Blue Ridge.
Mrs. Jas Williamson has been appointed trustee for the Jas. Williamson
estate.     The bond was   placed al  $10,-
A couple of drunks got a sentence ol
seven days in the police COUrl on Wednesday and are now working out then*
sentence on the streets.
Division Engineer Sullvan of the C.
P. R. was in town  Thursday.    He inspected   the K. & S.   track and trestles
ind left for Raslo Friday.
Harold Halt has relumed to Sandon
and is again with the H. Byers concern. He has been spending the last
few months on the coast.
The big tunnel at the Last Chance is
in nearly 1700 feet and may tap the
the Galena ledge in the next 50 leet.
It is the finest tunnel in  the Slocan.
Dick Lovah, an old timer in the
Slocan, returned to Sandon this week
from Phoenix where he has been in
the restaurant business for  some time.
^ H. A. Blackburn, editor of the
Kootenaian, and Miss Mabel Davenport of Nelson were married in that
city on Monday. "Here's looking at
you,   Blackie!"
The Urban Mining Company is applying for a Crown grant for the Donnelley group of properties. The claims
are the Daniel, Cordon, Gait, Donnelly
and Crawford Fraction.
Alex Crawford is over in the Lardeau
looking up some contracts for the
Sandon Forwarding Companv. Ernie
Crawford went over to the Okanagan
this week to look after the company's
stock there.
What might have been a serious tire
started on Tuesday morning under the
K. & S. bridge, probably ignited by a
cinder from the locomotive. It was
promplv located and extinguished bv
R. 1). Trevor.
If the famous Italian climate which
has made that distant land the pel
health resort of the universe is any
improvement on what is now being
served out to the Slocan it is worth
going to Italy to enjoy.
Jack Carolin and Tom Campbell
struck luck in leasing the Snow-
don and Bristol Fraction. Altho they
have only been at work for a week they
have uncovered a showing of two feet
of carbonates and Galena.
Slocan City's municipal aggregation
evidently does a few lines of chin wheel
work occasionally. The mayor and
members oi the city council of lhat
burg have an altercation on hand regarding the salary ofthe city clerk.
The Slocan aggregation oi freaks
have been negotiating for more ball
games, but so far have found no one
willing to accomodate them. Trail,
Rossland and Nonhport seem to be-
dead so far as base ball is concerned.
A dance was given in the Union
Opera House on Thursday evening by-
several of the young gentlemen who
do not like to see too long a period
elapse between dances. The dance
was a very successful and enjoyable
affair, which did not break up until
some time after daylight.
A pack train is working from the
Sunset and Trade Dollar, packing
down ore to Cody. A car of ore was
loaded yesterday. It is the intention
lo eventually connect lhe tunnels of
the Sunset with lhe Trade Dollar workings, and do all the mining from this
side. The Trade Dollar is on the Sandon and lhe Sunset on the Whitewater
side oi the divide.
The fishing season   is  on the Slocan
lake and Sandon   parties  are   again 10
the front with   rod   and   reel.     Heivy
Siege of lhe   Newmarket   is   making a
specialty of the fishermen's trade.    He
has an   abundant    supply   of   all   the
angling apparatus   known   to   modern
science and keeps on   hand every appliance and device  calculated   to   lure ihe
wily troul.    Boals can   be   ob ained at
the hotel boat house ; also bait  in bottles, flask or kegs and an  appreciative
audience always on    band   to   listen to
any reasonable   fish   story   you have to
tell.    What more could a man want.
Neil Regan returned yesterday from
and extended trip in which he visited
his home in New Brunswick and took
in Buffalo, New Vork, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver and Frisco.
He will spend a week at the springs
before going to work.
Tom Allis and Geo. Kirk of the Turner-Beeton firm visited Sandon this
week looking up trade for their company. Mr. Kirk, who has been in
charge of the Nelson house, will take
charge of the whole business when
Hon. J. H. Turner leaves for   London.
A hazy blue smoke which permeates
the atmosphere and dallies 'round the
hill lops tells oi ihe incalculable injury
that is being done to lhe timber reserves
of this district by forest tires. In the
near future the scarcity of limber will
be keenly felt   by the mining industry.
Jimmy Wilkes got canned out of
Northport the oilier day by the deputies
who are there lo suppress strikers.
Wilkes is vice president of the W. F. of
M. and went to Northport to look over
the situation there but had been in
town only a few hours when he was
served with Judge Hanford's injunction
and a request to make himself scarce
in the neighborhood of Northport.
Wilks says that he intends to go back
to Northport when he gets ready and
that he does not fear the injunction.
I No Portfolio    in   Sight,   says Bob.
Robert F. Green came in yesterdav
on his way home from the Coast where
he was reported to have gone to make
arrangements for that portfolio. When
spoken to yesterday he said that he had
not accepted any portfolio from the
Dunsmuir government nor had he had
an opportunity to refuse one ; that he
had not been offered the portfolio.
James Dunsmuir is at present up
north while J. H. Turner is preparing
to go to London to re-open the British
Columbia agency. Prentice is in Rossland looking up some school mrtters.
Some Railroad   Changes.
Col.  Robt.   Irving   of   the   K. & S.
when thru on   Thursday on   his way to
the Coast.    It is reported that   he goes
to confer   with   C. P. R.   officials   on
business of considerable   importance to
both roads.    It is understood   that the
C. P. R. will   abandon   the    Kootenay
Landing terminal and will do all transferring for the  Crow's  Nest  road over
the K. R. & N.    terminals   at   Kuskonook.    Also that  the  C. P. R. will lay-
down coal from ihe  Crow's Nest to the
Great Northern at  Kuskonook.    From
there the   K.   R. &  N.    will   get   the
water transport avion to  Nelson and ihe
Nelson & Fort Sheppart the rail freight
from Nelson to Northport.    At   present
ihe Great Northern is shipping coal to
Northport via   the   Kooo.enay   Valley
and main  line   to   Spokan   and   ihen
north again over   the   Spokan Falls &
The Municipal Burlesque.
The rubbernecks  unquestionably got
the  worth  of their  money at Monday
evening's  meeting  of the city  council.
Hand bills had  been circulated  calling
for a  public  meeting  and the council
chamber  was jammed   to  the   doors.
Mayor   Lovatt  appeared  on the  scene
but would  not take his seat,   declaring
that   there was no council   meeting as
the   aldermen   were  illegally   holding
their   positions  at  the  council   board.
The   Aldermen   therefore  undertook to
elect   Aid. Jalland to  the chair and to
proceed   to   business  by  reading   the
minutes.     In the meantime Mr. Lovatt
was addressing the  audience in a loud
voice, about  the  council,   the   statutes
and   the   municipal   affairs,   while  the
council  and   the  rubbernecks  shouted
at   the  top oi their  voices  for  order.
When   Aid.   Jalland   tried to take  the
chair   Mr.   Lovatt   thot   different  and
there was every  indication of a general
mix   up of the city   fathers, but  better
judgment   prevailed   and   no  scrap ensued.     In spite ofthe noise, which was
loud   enuf  to  make  a  boiler   factory-
sound   like  a  Quaker   convention   by
comparison, Mr. Lovatt went thru with
his speech, and having finished it went
home, after which the council  proceeded to business.
Later  in   the  week  the  seat of war
shifted   from the council   chambers  to
the    neighborhood   of   Lovatl's    mill.
The   residents of the Star gulch  claim
that   there is a road   going thru   Lovatt's   property   and   that   the   famous
water barrel is in the road.    Mr. Lovatt
denies  the  existence  of lhe road  and
while surveyors were working on Monday   undertook  to guard his  pr-bperty
with   a  shot   gun   which  the  chief of
police  took  away from him.    Several
surveys have been made, proving to ihe
satisfaction  of the  folks  up the  gulch
that the water barrel is in the road, but
at   the latest   reports   Lovatt  was  s.:'l
maintaining  possession.
Change at the Emily Edith.
The Nelson Tribune says:    E.  Rammelmeyer, who  for several months has
been in charge of the Emily Edith mine
near Silverton has resigned his position
as   manager of that   property.    Under
the direction of Mr.  Rammelmeyer the
Emily Edith has been moved out of the
prospect class into  that of a well developed mine, the equal of which it is said
cannot  be  found   along   Slocan lake.
Mr. Rammelmeyer has accepted a position as manager of the  Fairview  Gold
Mining & Milling  Company,   which is
developing   a   gold    property   in   the
Okanagan   dislrict.    The   best  wishes
of a host  of friends   will follow him in
Ibis new undertaking.
See the mixer as he mixes,
See the juicy things he fixes,
See the jug,
See the mug,
And the foam.    Hear the pop, hear the
See the fizzes, hear 'em fizzing,
See the cheeries,
See the berries,
See the mellow things he mixes,
Juicy things he deftly fixes���
See the man behind the bar.
See the boozer as he boozes,
See the juicy things he chooses,
See the ices,
Smell the spices,
See the swiggle, see the swig,
See the jigger and the jig ;
See the reel,
Hear the spiel,
See the swaddle and the swag,
See his jaglets, and the jag���
See the man before the bar.
A Crown grant is being applied for
bs the owners of the Nonpariel group,
situated about a mile from Bear lake to
the north west. The claims are the
Nonpariel Ironside, Vernon, Black
Bird, Seattle, Seattle Fraction and
Nonpariel Fraction. W. C. McLean,
John G. McLean and Wm. a Flager
are the owners.
At a meeting of the Sandon .Miners'
Union the following motion was
"That this Union is and always has
been of the opinion that the introduction
of Chinese and Japanese labor into this
camp is detrimental to the best interests
of the community.
"Therefore, this organization makes
earnest call upon its friends and those
in accord with its principles to avoid
patronizing the Japaneze laundry now
in operation in this city.
Should y./ur meanderings about
this mundane sphere take you to
Neto Dencer
Remember that there is a hotel
in the Lucerne of America at
which pilgrims may enjoy all the
comforts of a home, at prices on
a par with the damage levied by-
other houses thruout the district.
The Idealistic Scenery of this
Beauty Spot in Nature's Wonderland can be best enjoyed from
the balcony of the
Newmarket Hotel.
The cuisine supplied assays high.
The bedrooms are large, airy
and luxuriously furnished. The
other accomodations are unexcelled in the Slocan, and the
brands of bottled comforters kept
in stock arc health-giving and
soul-inspiring when taken in
proper quantities. The proprietor's name is
Henry Stege.
Gale's BarbLP
Is the best Tonsorial   Establishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral   Building Main St,
The Denver.
Cody Ave. Sandon
Comfortable Rooms
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hotel
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers or
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
CODV AVENUE       -       SANDON.
The Art Piano of Canada,
Heintzman Co.
Toronto,   Ont.
Thomas. Duffy,
Sandon -- B. C.
JOTICE is hereby given tn tin- Elector.-
of the   Municipality   of tbe Citv of
Sandon that I require the presence of the
said electors at the City Council Chambers in
the City Hall on Monday th.- lath day ot
August 1901, at i_! o'clock noon for the purpose of electing one Alderman to represent
them in the Municipal Council
The mode of nomination of Candidates
.-���hall he as follows :
The Candidates shall be nominated in
writing. The writing shall be subscribed by
two Voters of the municipality as proposer
and seconder, ami shall be delivered to rhe
Returning Officer at any time between the
date of notice and 2 o'clock p, m. of the day ol
nomination, and'in the event of a poll heinsr
necessary such poll will he opened on the _">th
day of August 1901 at the City Council Chan:-
bers in the City Hall. The poll will open at
'.i a. m. and close at. ���_ p.m. of which every
person is hereby required to take notice and
govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to he nominated for
and elected Aldermen for the said City shall he
such persons as are male Uritish subjects of
the full age of twenty-one years, and are not
disqualified under any law and appear on the
Last, revised municipal assessment roll ofthe
said City as owners of land or real property of
the assessed Value of five hundred dollars [ 600]
over and ahove any registered incumbrance or
charges and are otherwise qualified as municipal voters.
Given under my hand at the City of Sancton tlie 5th of August, 1901.
Returning Officer.
NOTICE is herehy given that I. the undersigned have given a lease and bond on the
Snowdon and Bristol Fraction Mineral Claims
situated on Pour Mile Creek, and that I assume no responsibility for dehts contracted
by the lessees ami hondees.
' Dated at Sandon this 1st day of Aug., 1001.
INFORMATION bi to the whereabouts "f
\\* H. Kendall is sought by his wife. Any
Information forwarded t-> the undersigned
a.hires- will be thankfully received.
UBS u   ll. KENDALL,
peliver Hotel, Mindoli. 11. 0.
To i R Cameron and A B Portar or any
person or pel sons to whom they may have
u-,i_r i their Interests  in the Silver Chord
Mineral Claim, situated near Saiel m and
registered   in   the   Recorder's   offioe   lor   the
Slocan Mining Division,
Vou ar-> herehy notified that I. Philip J.
Hickey. acting as agent   for J, 11 .Karri 11 and
Volney 1>. Williamson,have caused to be ��������
pended one hundred dollars in labor and Improvements upon the above-mentioned mineral claim under the provisions of the Mineral
Act, an I if within ninety days from the date
ol this notice yon fail or rein-.,- to contribute
your proportion of such expenditure, together
with all costs ut advertising, your interest   ih
said olaim will become the property of sue
subscriber under SeotioD lot an Act entitled
**Au Act to Amend the Mineral Act. 1900."
.1 1�� PARRELL,
I ated t' is 6th Day of August, UN l.
To A.R. Porter, J. B. Cameron and Chas,
Haller or any parties to whom A H Porter,
���I. It. Cameron or Chas. Haller may have
transferred Interest or interests in the Pal-
inico and Hell Mineral claims, situated near
Cody, and recorded in the Recorder's office of
the Slocan mining di-i Ision.
Vou  are  herehy   notified  that   1.  Philip ���!
Hickey. acting as agent for J. D. Kartell and
Volney I��. Williamson have caused to be expended one hundred dollars each in labor and
improvements  upon  the   above  mentioned
mineral claims under the provisions ofthe
Mineral Act. and if within ninety days
from   the    date   of   this   notice   yon    f:iil  to
contribute your portion of sucfa expediture,
together   with  ali  eo.t   of advertising, your
interest in said property will become the subscribers   under  section   IV.nfan   act entitled
"An Act to Amend the Mineral Act. 1900"
Hated this Uttth dav of July, 1991.
Application  for Transfer of  Liquor License.
NOTICE   is  herehy given  that  thirty days
rOm   date   hereof 1 will  apply  to the    License
Commissioners of the City of Snndon for a
transfer of the liquor license held hy Richard
Orando ofthe Ivanhoe Hotel tome, the undersigned.
Sandon. H <\ .Ju.v 15, 1901.
���^ -T- st* w
mininc; properties handled
Mining  Properties Examined   and   Reports
Made.   Will Open up Mining Properties by
Contract or Salary.   Twenty Vettrs'
M. L.  Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
E. A. BROWN, M. E.
Underground Surveys
and Examinations. Development and Assess-
ment Work. Surveys
and Estimates made for
Virginia Bloch, Sandon. B.C.
\. r. & a. \i.
Begnlar Commnoioation held tirst Tlmr>
dav in each month in Masonic Hall nt - 1 >.!
Sojourning brethern ate cordially Invited t<
A  Ii DOCKSTEADER, Beoretary
F. L. Christie,
L.     L.      Ba,
Sandon Cartage Co.
Express, Baggage,
and Cartage.
Delivery to all  Parts of the City.
Established    - '
Sandon, B. 0.
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Stocks bought and sol.1 Oen-
tral agent for Slocan Properties
Promising   Prospects  for Sale.
Sandon Minors'
Subscribers, $1 per month ; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive ol
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To Thk Public.
DR. W. E, GOMM,   Attendant Physiotan
.1. H. MCNEILL, Pres. Hospital Board
ANTHONY siiillvnh. Secretary.
Ship Your Trophies of the Chase (>>
Harry W. Edwards,
Revelstoke,    B. C.
He   will   stuff and mount    in   good
style any  Bird, Beast, Reptile   or Fish
that you can present. You do the killing.     We do the rest.
I. O. O.  F.
Meetings   in  the l'nion  Hail every Friday
Evening at, 7:11(1.    Visiting Brethern  eoidhilly
' invited to attend.
GKO. WAITE,        JAS. H. THOM P30N
Secretary. Vice Grand. THE PAYSTRKAK, SANDON, B. C, AUGUST ,o,
A Kccord of the Business  Done at
Monday Eoening's Meeting.
From VV. Ci. Rennison of the K. &
S. Kv. regarding the  assessable   value
ofthe company*! leased lots   within the
,ii\  limits.
Krom N. Mclnnes, chief of police
and chief of the lire department, resignation lo take effect August 21st.
From N. J- Cavanaugh and others,
,i petition requesting the council to open
up die road in the neighborhood of
Lovatt's mill.
Thi' communications were received
.ilk! tiled.
Reports were read from the board of
works, city auditor, thief oi police and
chief of the (ire department.    Received
and tiled.
Tli>.' only important report was that
of the city auditor, which read HS
follows :
Sandon, H. C., July 25th, [901.
To the Mayor and  Municipal   Council
of the Corporation   oi  lhe   City of
Gentlemen :
Herewith I beg to present mv report as auditor for the term ending
Jul)  15th,   ii��oi :
Total cash received	
including loan $9565.26
Total cash deposited
in bank $0543.67
Deposited with Treasurer,
(see note  helow )    2365.OO
Balance due from VV. 11.
Lilly, collector     h5h*5*>
N. I>. "Deposited with Treasurer."
litis item is made up oi two amounts,
$2345 a_nd $20 respet lively, which Mr.
Lilly claims to have deposited with the
��ity treasurer hut for which lie (Lilly)
Jols not hold any receipt.
I would say that owing to the books
not being written up I have not been
able to extend my audit any further
than the actual cash collections made
hy the treasurer and deposited by him
io the credit of the cily in the Bank of
���- ommerce. So far as 1 can ascertain
these items are correct.
Apparently no attempt has been made
lo place the citv books in a satisfactory
-"ondition (see last auditor's report.)
I am unable to certify to lhe correctness of ihe scavenger collections lor tlie
month oi May, as coutiterfails showing
same were not on hand ; also there is
no entry made of scavenger collections
for the month of June.
rhe statements made in my last report as to the condition of the city
books hold good in this report and ex-
tehd lo the assessor's and collector's
"nils as well.
Yours Obediently,
Frank C. Sewell,
A number of small accounts were laid
over for future reference lo   the finance
Action on the matter of I). J. McLaughlin's house was deferred as Mr.
McLaughlin promised 10 have the
building   removed within twenty days.
The offer oi Auditor Sewell to put
the city   books in order for $25.00  was
Mined by AU. Cameron, seconded
by Aid. Dully that a committee ofthe
council be appojn'ed (o procure a surveyor lo run   lhe lines oi the  cily street
past Lovatt's place and stake the same
and the chief of police be instructed to
remove any and all obstructions found
on said street and see that street is
kepi open as surveyed.    Carried.
Moved by Aid. Folliott, seconded by
Aid. Cameron, that lhe resignation of
N. Mclnnis as chief of police and chief
oi the fire department be accepted.
The report of the Board oi Works
regarding lhe painting ofthe City Hall
was laid over until next meeting, so
that the council could see the solicitor
in regard to the contract.
The council also decided lo interview
lhe city solicitor regarding lhe legal
phrases of lhe Lovatt street case.
The auditor's report was laid over
until the next meeting.
The scavenger's report WUS accepted
as read. This department ol* lhe city
service is now self sustaining, the last
report showing proceeds in excesss ot
A resolution was passed authorizing
the Hoard of Works to negotiate with
J. M. Harris for the re-construction of
the Main street sidewalk and give him
the contract if a reasonable price for
doing same could be agreed upon.
The city clerk was directed lo collect,
bv process oi law if necessary, all
licenses at  once.
The day scavenger was instructed to
collect dav scavenger accounts forthwith.
Moved by Aid. Folliott, sconded by
Aid Duffy that lhe resignation of Dr.
W. E. Gomm as alderman be accepted
to lake effect upon adjournment of ibis
meeting.    Carried.
The city clerk was instructed to take
the necessary steps for the election of
an alderman, vice Gomm, resigned.
Nomination will take place on the 12th
of August and election on the 15th.
The San Juan country in Colorado
now leads lhe world for ariel tramways.
There are now upwards oi 150,000 feet
of such  tramway  in   the  vicinity  of
Telluride, Silverton and Ouray, and a
great deal more is projected this summer. The San Juan would have never
reached its present splendid position
without this method of transportation
oi ore.
'Pacific Ky.
Aug. 6, 20. Sept. 3, 17.
Oct. 1, 15.
The world's record for cheap milling
oi gold ore is held by the Spanish mine,
near Washington, Nevada County,
California. During one month of the
year i8gq it milled 3448 tons of ore at
a cost : for labor, 13.3 cents ; for supplies, lo.6 cents ; total, 23.9 cents per
ion. At lhe same place mining costs
34.6 cenis per ton. This is less than
one-half the mining and milling costs
al the Alaska-Tread well, which are
about 34.7b cents per ton for milling
and $1.12 for mining ; a total of $1.47.
Through Sleeping Car
Kootenay Landing to
Toronto. One Change
to Buffalo.
What's tho matter with the
Miners' Cafe? Its all right.
Everything away up but the
For time tables, rates and full inform
at ion  call on or  address  nearest   local
H. W. Harbour.
Agent. Sandon
J. S. Carter E. J. Coyle,
D. P. A. A. G. P. A.,
Nelson, B. C.      Vancouver, B. C.
Brpson 6ibson & Co's
White Star Coffee
I    Fifty  cents a pound.    A coffee mill I
(goes with every  five pound  purchase
! Get one before they are all gone.
���falland 3Bvo$.
British Columbia
Clothes that Fit the Han.
Owing" to the fact that the man
is not made to order, he cannot
be expected to fit the clothes.
The clothes must be made to fit
the man.      <��      *$
Leave us your order,
give you satisfaction.
<fi        off
We will
V j
The Paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth
Operated in the interests of the Editor.
Subscription    -    -    -    -    $2.00 a year.
Strictly in advance.
Specimens Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams,    -   Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, AUGUST io,  iqoi.
According to some of our exchanges the editor of this great family
journal is going to run for the legislature against Bob Green when he
comes up for endorsation. This report
is not authentic. A flash of The Pay-
streak's bank account would give the
most ardent political aspirant a cold
chill. We haven't money enuf to run
for pound keeper. Besides, no one
wants us to run and we wouldn't run if
they did. Working for nothing in the
newspaper profesh is soul-harrowing
enuf to drive a gospel shark to the gin
mills, but when it comes to politics���
Oh, my God !
But that is a personal matter and
is of no concern or interest to our readers. As for the political phases of the
present situation we have our sentiments, which may or may not be wise
or logical. To be perfectly frank, we
believe that Bob Green is getting out
of his latitude if he accepts a portfolio
at the hands of the Dunsmuir government without some positive guarantee
of a change of policy on the part of
that government.
Bob Green was never elected to
support the Dunsmuir government,
much less becume a minister of that
aggregation. He owed his splendid
majority to the fact that he upheld the
eight hour law. That law the members ofthe present Dunsmuir govern-
opposed to a man. The question is no
longer an issue in British Columbia
politics, but the spirit of the present
government is the same today as the
spirit of its individual members was two
years ago. They would repeal the
eight hour law tomorrow if they were
corageous enuf to face defeat. Any
statement to the contrary is rank
sophistry and Bob Green knows it.
Aside from this matter of the
eight hour law, we fail to see anything
in the policy or conduct of the Dunsmuir government to recommend it to
the electors of the Slocan. It certainly
has been no friend to labor as its
actions pertaining to the trackmen's
and fishermen's strikes amply testify.
It was labor men who elected Bob
Green and they did not elect him to
support a militia or Strathcona special
style of government.    Moreover, they
gave him no carte blanc to smile on
the fraudulent naturalization ot Jap
fishermen in job lots or the open and
flagrant violation or* the Master and
Servants' Act by the wholesale importation of Boston Dagoes to break the
trackmen's strike, these are the outward and visable signs and it Bob
Green accepts a portfolio he accepts
the whole works, Dagoes, Strathconas,
Japs and all.
As for Dunsmuir, he may be a
very nice, kind, dear, good-natured,
well-intentioned gentleman ; but good
intentions are like indication on a wildcat���all right to work off on a tenderfoot but you can't ship them. The
laboring men of British Columbia still
have that promise of Mr. Dunsmuir's
to fire the Chinese from his coal mines.
And Mr. Dunsmuir still has the Chinese.
So far as his railway policy is
concerned it is a slight improvement
on that of the old Turner gang of road
agents. It could not possibly have
been worse. And what is more, we
are free to state our belief that whatever improvement has been made in
this policy is largely due to the influence of Joe Martin. Without his
assistance the Coast to Kootenav subsidy policy could not have been carried
out. That policy is closer to government ownership than anything that
has yet been turned out by the Victoria
legislation plant, but it is still so far
removed that Dunsmuir has no diffi-
culy in proving an alibi.
But all these affiairs are a concern
ofthe past and retrospective politics is
a waste of time. What the Slocan
wants is a guarantee for the future.
The Dunsmuir government has lain
camatose like a hog in a mud wallow
while the Slocan wrestled for life with
the United States smelter monopoly.
Up to the hour of going to press we
have not heard a murmur from the
regions of Victoria. Mining is the
principal industry of this province and
lead mining is the leader ofthe several
branches of the industry and the Slocan is the banner producer of lead.
Without offering to turn a hand to
help the Slocan save its life this business government now wants the Slocan
to endorse its policy by re-electing for
it a minister of mines. Wouldn't that
rasp you ?
Before the electors of the Slocan
decide to furnish the Dunsmuir government with a minister of mines thev
had better carefully size up the situation and see where that government
stands. Is the Slocan to be left to the
tender mercies of every old trust and
combine and monopoly that happens
to have the Deadwood ? Are the mining operators of this district to be held
up and robbed and  pillaged   forever oi
ls the government going to grasp the
situation and come to tlu- rescue of this
prince of industries ? What are thev
going to do about it ?
If the Dunsmuir government is
the business government it is advertised
to be it can build provincial smelters
and refineries in this camp and can
operate the same without asking anv
favors from any firm, trust, corporation or combine. It can take tlu- load
ores ofthe Slocan and the dry ores of
the Slocan City division and can treat
them at an equitable rate, returning to
the producer a fair proportion of what
he produces. If cinches \ro in t}-,js
game the government has a lead pipe.
It does not have to knuckle down to
any transportation, smelter or refinery
monopoly. It can take the miners
ore, treat it for what it costs and return the balance. It does not need to
skin prospect owners and small producers in order to live. Its business
ability should furnish it with common
sense enuf to keep the lead stacks
smoking and its concern for the public
welfare should impel it to see that the
producers were not dealt with in a \va\
that leads to the bankruptcy court.
This is what the Slocan wants ami
it wants it bad. It is all right to go
round yammering about hampering
private industry, socialism, vested
rights and all that kind of old guff,
but drawing to a knot hole won't
catch a lumber yard, and if the Sioean
waits until private industry gives up its
vested right to gouge the public it will
be still waiting when Gabriel blows
that golden horn.
This is a strait business proposition for a business government to consider. It is not a wild-eyed, hair-
brained chimera. It is what the people
want and it is something the government can give if its members will shake
the hay out of their hair and rise to
the emergency. Such a policy introduced by an embrayo minister of mines
would find favor. ' It is up to Mr.
Dunsmuir. If Mr. Dunsmuir means
to do business he should come on with
his guarantee.    The Slocan is waiting.
Thos. N. Mc Naught of Halcyon
Springs is organizing an editorial association for the interior of B. C.
Mack is an old time newspaper man
who understands the business and his
efforts along this line wrill be appreciated by every member of the profesh.
There is no business in which an association is more to be desired than the
newspaper business.
Barney Macdonald threatens to
write up Governor Mackintosh. The
governor could play back ven* nicely
by writing up Barney's record in Bodie
in the early days. THK PAYSTRKAK, SANDON, B. C, AUGUST 10,
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$im Ibill
jn Canada
Will the Great Railway Hagnel
Use   the   Yellowhead   Pass.
which to a casual observer would appear irrevalent. Ow of the principal
features is the understanding which undoubtedly exists between Jas. J. Hill
and MacKenzie & Mann.
When the big deal was made between
the Roblin govemmen and the Northern Pacific for the   Manitoba   br inches
<,. of Times in the   Rail-  of that company, and by   which   these
*'���       "* U-...,.._,_,__   ._��a._-_>     tlirilKll      (WM*        111        lOtO   tO
way World.
The Herald is in a position today to
make authentic announcement of the
most important railway news that has
Kin heard in Alberta for a   good many
|ames J. Hill, president  of the Great
Northern railway, has   purchased   that
portion   of   the    Lethbridge   and   the
Great Palls &   Canada   road    between
Great    Falls   and     the     International
boundary.    The report which was cur-
renl some lime ago to the   effect   that
ihv C. P. R- had purchased the balance
of this line from    the   Gait    companv
has no   foundation    whatever.      The
Gall company are still owners of their
whole system from Great Falls to Lethbridge with the exception of the section
ju-t purchased by Mr. Hill. ,
fhe line from Lethbridge to Great
Kails will be widened to standard gague
.inJ the Great Northern will then be
running into Lethbridge.
Phe new railway, which is at present
under construction, connecting the
tire.it Northern with Fernie, the centre
ofthe Crow's Nest ooal fields, will also
be operated by Mr. Hill's company.
The contract for this road gives running
powers over the Crowis Nest system, I
which means that Great Northern trains
will be running up to Fernie, and east
itnd west from  lhat   point   to Kootenay
lake, Lethbridge and Dunmore.
ll will thus be seen that the Great
Northern has practically already entered
llie southern portion oi Alberta.
In connection with this deal, another
important piece oi news is that tlie Calvary & Edmonton road is owned by
James Ross, and lias been operated by
Hie C. P. R. under a lease, which lease
expired on the ist of July ofthe present
year and has not been renewed.
Taking these facts into consideration
along with the fact lhat MacKenzie &
Mann are pushing into Northern Alberta, it will be seen that the time is
not far distant when Alberta will be
enjoying the fullest and freest oi railway competition. The importance ol
lhis news cannot be over-estimate, and
further developments will he watched
with the utmost interest.
The foregoing is from   tin-   Calgary
Herald of August ist and is the lust
definite announcement oi lhe movements of Jas. J. Hill, the ureal railway
magnate to extend his railway operations to Canada West. This is a first
move of what will undoubted!) be a
long program of railway activity north
of the 49th parallel and it is being
eagerly watch by railroaders and others
east and west. This Gait line purchase
is what was predicted in The PaystreaV
! .  a-..I   ,ak
branches were turned  over   in   loto to
MacKenzie & Mann's Canadian Northern, ii will   be   remembered   thai   the
N. P. officials, who are under Hill, did
all in their power to facilitate the transfer.    It is also a  patent fact  that Hill,
who controls more  miles of road than
any other living   man, has   for   many
years cast longing eyes on the Canadian
west, but has   been kept   out   oi   this
country by the antipathy which Canadian   governments   have   shown toward
foreign   railway   agression.    On one
occasion several years  ago Hill built to
Langdon, North  Dakota, intending to
enter Manitoba   from    there   and construct north-westerly   toward   the  Saskatchewan,    via     Winnipeg.        This
scheme was blocked bv the influence of
the C. P. R. at  Winnipeg   and Ottawa
and Hill seems to   have profiled  by the
It will also be remembered in this
connection thai Hill, who is free to express himself on very few important
points, has many times stated that the
trade ofthe North Pacific was soon to
[greatly exceed that oi the North Atlantic.
The markets ot   the great wheat and
cattle raising sections ot'  Northwestern
I nited States are now in Kurope.     Hill
has stated on   many   occasions    in the
frankest   manner lhat   in the   next few
years the greatest trade would be to the
west, across  the   Pacific.    North   and
South Dakola,   Minnesota   and    Montana, as is  well   known,    have   nearly
reached the limit of their productiveness
in these lines and there will be no great
increase in their output until such time
as land   becomes  oi   sufficient value to
warrant the   federal   or   stale governments in adopting some comprehensive
system of reclamation   by   irrigation of
the arid lands to the east of  the Rocky
Mountains.    At present this   is   a long
way off.
Manitoba, on the other hand, is still
in her infancy. With less than 10 per
cent of her land under cultivation the
Prairie Province will this year market
50,000,000 bushels oi wheat. To the
west and, north there is the great valley
��� l****      .	
States combined. The market for this
country, as before slated, will be across
Ihe Pacific.    So  much  for that part ol
the slorv.
MacKenzie & Mann have  now some
1200 miles of the   Canadian  Northern
in operation  and   under   construction.
Thev are building east   from Winnipeg
and west from Port   Arthur   and   will
have this prairie   to   lake  section completed within a year.    They are  budding west from Winnipeg and have passed Dauphin aud   Gilbert Plains on the
way to Prince Albert on the Saskatchewan.    This section may be   completed
before the snow flies.    This road is projected 10  reach    Kdmonton   next   year
and to be completed   within   five years
via the Peace   or   Yellowhead   pass to
the   Pacific.      Dominion   government
engineers are now   working  and   have
been employed for several years exploring this section of the country and the
" .... -*_J__a��Nl_l_l
Coast.    On this section the Great Northern will use 2500 tons of coal a  day.
Hut to revert to the   original   point.
There is reason to believe that access to
the coal fields is   not   the   main   issue
with Hill in purchasing the Great Falls
road.     MacKenzie & Mann are already
practically in possession of the C. & K.
road and a glance at lhe map will show-
that with a few miles   of   prairie   construction from McLeod to Calgary Hill
would put his enormous mileage to the
south in   direct   connection   with   the
Canadian Northern   thru   lhe  Yellowhead to the Pacific.    When one reflects
on the enormous mileage   in   the   Hill
roads which radiate  thruout   lhe great
central plain ofthe United   Stales���the
N. P., Great Northern, Burlington and
others���and the limitless trade   in col-
ton, corn and manufactures which   will
be built up between these states and the
Orient, it   is   obvious   that   Hill   will
^^^LZl*^ feav. nothing   undone   ,0   secure   ,he
'inT��:Tv"    Fo:   aZSZ and cheapest and easiest route  b.,we.n _h.
northwest ��..   Fori   Km Also it will he remember-
Fort Duneegan,  cro��lng  ihe   u tt p                 ������*..route will ipei.
It'll I7UI..,.
Smoky about to miles south of the
Lesser Slave lake and following the
Peace river thru the Rockies   via   Fort
ed that the Yellowhead -route will open
up vast resources of limber, pulp wood,
minerals and petroleum of which these
��� a /-a .
St. John.   After croesinn .Marlng also thai   Port   Ellington   is
�������"������**-h-���"":*E        In,"  hundred    ml...   nearer   For,
W III    .v.. .v..
its confluence with the Finlay and from
there goes almost strait west to the
Skeena, thence down the Skeena to
Port Kssingvon or Fort Simpson on the
Pacific Coast. This route has been
proven to he   the   lowest   pass   on the
��������������� ��� ��� ---r��	
several hundred miles nearer Port
Arthur and Valadivostock than any
other American terminus, it is easy to
presume with this much known that
the coalition ofthe Hill and MacKenzie
& Mann interests will   be   carried out
r* -
North American continent,
some heavy grades in the Yellowhead
the whole route can be accomplished
with nothing more formidable than a
3 per cent grade at any point. The
route taps some ofthe finest virgin farm- | (
-������������"���<l-*e   11
on the I oi ivianu uu-si-saia   aa ~
Barring   for the  purpose   of   making   this   the
"I jm      . .\<*     _        1_     .4 a.a..*        ���!-��_*       _.-_r*��-_l��'��  f
���v' -I
main artery of tratfic between the great
central plain of United States and
Canada and the Orient.
With this  scheme  consummated the
real Falls &  Canada   would then be
I t'Ut.   v..1	
ing, lumbering and mining country in
the world. Its future possibilities are
practically unlimited.
To the south Jim Hill's operations
are worthy of attention. As pointed
out in the foregoing paragraph, he has
already put himself in possession ofthe
Great Falls & Canada, securing thereby connections with the Crow's Nest,
over which he is   entitled   to   running
Hill's   western   connection   with   this
main line to the Pacific, while the trade
from eastern United States  would find
a short route by striking the  Canadian
Northern at   the   great   lakes   or   via
Dululh and the N. P. to  the boundary
at Kmerson, making  the  whole of the
remaining journey to   the  Coast   thru
Canada, instead of going via Seattle or
San Francisco, which  are bound   to be
rights   by   Dominion    statute.
ntng I" ���
This I eventually  outclassed  by the Northern
. 1... _.._���_* f.yr t|1(i Oriental trade.
oi the Saskatchewan and the Peace,'
large enuf to lose either Minnesota,
Manitoba or Dakota in, and capable of
almost unlimited wheat production. A
slight impression of the vast extent of
this country may be gained by considering that a circle drawn  on   the map,
i_ what��� predicted mi he rajs, --   ��� ^ ���.hcat shi[>
some six weeks ago and to cue ml ob   t.    g ^ ^ Dun
servers it has a deep significance, especi
ally when it is considered that Hill,
thru Ross, Holt and MacKenzie, is in
a position to take immediate control of
the Calgary &. Edmonton.
To place the   matter clearly it I*"*
:essary to touch on a great many points
ping point as a centre and Fort Dun
vegan, the north-western limit of wheat j
production as its circumference, takes
in the whole state of Florida m its
radius. This is a virgin country and it
offers greater possibilities than the
whole of the middle west of the United
route will furnish him with  easy access
to the great coal   fields of   Lethbridge
and   Fernie.      It is   well   known that
there is practically no   coal   on the line
of the Great   Northern, and   with   the
limited supply at San Coulee now virtually exhausted Hill will have to look to
Canada for his fuel.    The   Great   Falls
& Canada will   permit   him   to   reach
these fields from   the   south   and   east
without  crossing any heavy grades, as
he would have to do on  the Great Northern between Blackfoot  and Java and
again between Sedan and Jennings, did
he rely solely on the Crow's Nesl Southern for   access   to   the   Fernie   fields.
This Crow's Nesl Southern, it may here
be mentioned,   furnishes   the  same advantage for the western   coal   trade as
the G. F. &. C. does for the east���i. e.,
access to the markets without  crossing
heavy divides.    As a matter of fact the
Cascade     tunnel   is   the   onlv   sumit-
crossing   between   Jennings   and   the
route in the race for the Oriental trade.
Figures and estimates
cheerfully furnished for all
Booth & Robinson,
Reco Are. Sandon
1 lv
:. v.
Silcer and Lead Production in B. C.
(Engineering and Mining Journal.)
Silver and lead are very closely associated in British Columbia, so much so
that over 90 per cent of the silver production for iqoo is derived from silver-
lead ores. The total amount of silver
produced this year was ^,95K, 175
ounces, worth $2,309,200, an Increase
in value over 1S99 of $645,492, or
equivalent to 39 per cent. This increase has been chiefly caused by the
output of southeast Koojenay, which
this year has produced 960,411 ounces
of silver, as against 33,516 in 18Q9.
The Slocan has made an increased production of 230,151 ounces, largely accounted for by the increased tonnage of
the district. The silver derived from
the copper-silver ores has been increased
oy the output of the Boundary district
and the increased output of the Coast
districts, but has been diminished by
the temporary shutting down of the
Hall Mines, in the Nelson district, and
the lesser silver values found in the ores
of the Rossland camp.
The most notable feature of the year's
development has been the increase in
the production of lead. The output for
1900 amounts to 63,358621 pounds,
valued at $2,691,887. This is an increase over the previous year of $1,813,-
017, equivalent to 206 per cent. This
increase has been brot about chiefly by
the energetic development of two or
three mines in the Fort Steele division,
altho the lead producing districts except
Ainsworth have shown a material increase in production. The Slocan mining division has heretofore always held
first place in the list of lead ore producers, having an output in 1897 of
almost 31,000,000 pounds, and ahho it
fell in 1891) as low as 16,660,910 pounds
it has increased again in 1900 to 19,-
565,743 pounds, a gain over the previous year of about 17 per cent. However, the increase in Fort Steele division
of from 881,167 pounds in 1899 to 38,-
485,079 pounds in 1900 has earned for
it the right to be considered the lead
producing centre of the province.
Where Sandon Capital is Interested.
The shareholders ofthe Similkameen
Valley Coal Syndicate have ratified the
sale of 3000 acres of the syndicate's
coal lands to a Toronto company represented by J. VV. St. John, the well
known barrister and representative for
West York in the Ontario legislature.
By the terms of the deal the local syndicate will receive $9000 in cash and
one-twentieth of the stock of the com
pany organized for the development of
of the property, this stock to be fully-
paid-up and non-assessable. The intention of the purchasers is to organize
a company with a capital of $500,000
in two million shares of 25 cents each
At the meeting at which the sale was
confirmed there were present Captain
Duncan. H. H. Pitts, H. J. Robie,
G. M. Phillips, VV. J. Bevan, S. M.
Brydges  and   P. E.  Wilson.    Of   the
cash payment $2500 is to be paid in 30
days and the remainder in 00 days.
This will put the local syndicate on
velvet, as it will retain two-thirds of
its holdings with all obligations met, a
neat turn-over on the original investment, and a good slice of stock in the
company formed for the development
of the coal lands parted with.
There ia not a bennery in the
mountain* that can discount the
Miners' Cafe under ita new management. 	
To the utablM of The Sandon Forwtwrdlng
Company Limited on the 7th inst. one dark
crown pony I *with book brand on mull
shoulder nnd off liind foot white. Owner may
lnive same by paying expenses.
Dated 8th of August, 1001
* 3
*   V* IS IT I L/V/V/   I   VJ   S
5 ^FOR*- I
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line of miners'
Rubber Footwear g
now on exhibition in
the city. The wet
shaft has no terrors
for the man in the
gum clothes. Size
up our stock.  ^ o��
I Thos. BrownJ
Main St., Sandon.
5      Main St., Sandon.      S
The Most Complete   Health   Resort on
the Continent of North America.
Situated     'midst    Scenery    Unrivalled    for
Halcyon Hot Springs
"  Sanitarium.��&
and Nurse
Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lahe B. C.
Terms, :*"l.r> to *1R per week,  according
to residence in Hotel or Villas.
Its Baths cure all Nervous and Muscular Diseases.    Its waters heal all
Liver, Kidnev and Stomach
.Ailments and Metallic   Poisoning.
Telegraphic   Communication  with  al
parts of the World.
Two Mai s arrive and depart Every Day
Sunday excursion rate good leaving Saturday, returning Monday, ,*2.75.
t>ap, Oats. Span,
and Wlfteat at
(Biegericb 's
Having made special  arrangements to receive Bailp
Shipments of Oveen Ovocevies, Jfvesh HButtct
and JBggS we are in a position to fill your orders promptly
with good selected stock.
Special bargains in Ladies Shirt Waists consisting of
Silks, Organdies, Muslins and All Over Laces. Ready-
made Skirts in Tweeds, Serges, Crash and Ducks.
B few Sailov Ibats to Close ��ut at Cost.
Mens' Furnishings.
The most complete line of shirts ever shown in tho
west. Neglige, Cambric, Silk and Flannell Outing. A
large shipment of ties in latest styles to arrive this week.
IXhe 1bunter*1ken6rick Co., Zimited
p. SBurns <�� Co.
V>enb Office,
THeloon, X. C.
SReco Mvenue,
Sanoon, 3B. C.
Bealevo Jn
of all


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