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The Paystreak Aug 4, 1900

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Array JO -,-^0-1/-   ���Cc^/-t,-ri,y
i 'Mi
Frank Kelly is rejuvenating at the
Halcyon springe.
Homer DupuieHnd family have moved
to Three Forks to live.
Win. Todd leaves next week lor the
(JojisI t��> have an oculist  I real hi* eyes.
Nick   McRian   relumed   yesterday
from ;i IWO weeks' visit   to the Halcyon
Thomas Farquhar K-u this week for
Kangawong, Monitoulin Island, to visit
his parents there.
J. A. Ferguson will ho)d forth from
the-pulpit of the Presbyterian Church
in Kaslo to-morrow.
W. J.   Patterson   left ou   Wednesday
tor Eugene Oregon, of which town he
will become a resident.
A union picnic of the public school
.nid Sunday school children was held in
the Cody grounds on Thursday.
Mis. Geo. H. Knowles and family
will return from the east next week,
riiev will reside in New Denver.
Neil Gcthing of Skvan City was in
town yesterday looking after some of
his mineral interests in this vicinity.
Timber inspector M iriin is m this
vicinity collecting royaKty for the B, C.
government on tim'vr cut from Crown
Pal Russell of Nelsm spent a lew
days in (own this week selling plate
���"lass  and Victor safes.     He   did good
While on her wa\ home from the
coast, Miss Vallance df Hamilton visit-
ed Mr. and Mrs. Vallance on Monday
and Tuesdav.
Mike Bartlett is in Seattle buying a
four-horse freighting outfit to put  on
the   mad   between    Circle    City    and
Tanana Alaska.
Frank Pyman of New Denver visited
Sandon on Tuesday, viewing the pro?
Kress that is bein-^ made toward reconstructing the town.  '
J- B. McArthur, president of the
Ramblor-Carriboo has left Toronto for
Ihe Kootenay. He will visit this district in a few da\s.
J M. Harris has not made his appearance on the street for several days.
He is confined to his room but his illness is not serious.
George Smith, formerly president of
Ihe Sandon Miner*-'' I'nion, returned on
Tuesday from Movie, where he has
spent several months. ,
R. 0, Matheson, of the Silverloniaii
spent a couple of days in town this
week doing what he could to jar delin-
Hl'cms loose from collateral.
Jack Router of the Ccntr.d -Hotel,
Kaslo, spent a couple of days in town
this week, just bv w*av of escape-from
,lu-' m 'iiotany of fife in' Kaslo..,    t     .
With the continual warm weather,
Ine forest lire season may be expected
|�� set in soon. Ymir narrowly escaped
��e"ig burned out the other day by a
bush fire  started by careless  ranchers.
man   who would   wilfully   or thru
carelessness start  a  bush   fire, should
become the object of a corner's inquest.
R. H. Trueman will dose his tent
studio on Tuesday and spend several
Jays in the bills taking views of the
pncipal mining properties in the vicinity
ot Sandon.
J. I). Moore, inspector of roads and
rails, went thru lo Slocan City on
Thursday  to report on probable cost of
government   works to be undertaken in
that vicinity.
The repairs to the Hume have been
completed down to the end of the olJ
Hume and a force of men is now engaged grading behind the Clifton and
Ivanhoe hotels.
A London company has been formed
to acquire the properties of the Highland Company, Lid., of Ainsworth.
The company will at once commence
extensive operations.
Or.- ship ns its fro n the Boundary
mines to the Trail smelter n nv aggregate ah nit 1,500 tons per week. Tne
B. C. mi ic in Summit Camp heads the
list with about 700 tons.
W. P. Murdock, of the Payne assay
office, left New Denver on Monday for
a business trip to Arizona. He will,
visit several points in California and
New Mexico before returning.
The Last Chance tram terminal was
insured in the Phoenix company. The
tire occurred on July 20th. The loss
was adjusted on the 23rd and the premium amounting to $3,500, paid on
the -'Nth.
The towers for the Ivanhoe Irani
have been constructed to the brow of
of the hill just ahove the mill. The
tram will be ready to handle the output
of the mine just as soon as the mill is
ready to treat it.
Word conn's from Daws *n that A.
Dpig, formerly with the Bank of B. N.
A. in Sandon h is m ide a big clean-up
in Dawson. Ho has an interest in a
claim there which will yield him $b >,-
ocx) on this year's output.
Business in Whitewater is picking
up considerably. The Whitewater has
a large force on the pay roll while
several other properties are employing
smaller gangs. There are indications that the Jackson will be reopened
Passenger traffic over the C. P. R.
has greatly improved during the past
month. The average arrivals in Sandon now are 50 to 75 daily. Over the
Kl & S. the passenger trade is light
but freight business is probably the best
in the history! of the road, as there is a
good string of loads coming and going
every day.
D J McLaughlan has taken the
contract for the C. P. R- depot It
will be a bigger and better building
than the old one. The passenger sidetrack and platform will be 01. the west
side of the building, and the express
train will landVight at the head of the
new street. The arrangement slightly
mars the beauty of the street but it is
a very handy one for the C. I . R
A deal is pending for the Home Rule
trroup of twelve claims, situated about
Two miles above Cody. The properties
belong to Michael McAndrews who has
crown granted seven claims in the
-jroup and has done considerable development.    James J.Godfrey is looking
over the ground for an eastern syndicate. The claims are the Home Rule,
Black Fox, Cuckoo, Allagash, Neoma,
Sir Kitchener, Kitchener, Admiral,
Linnet! and Linnett Fraction.
One look down the new street is sufficient evidence thai the judgement of
the men who favored it was good. A
broad, straight therefore, with no electric light, telephone or telegraph poles,
and an even grade with no kinks in it is
what Sandon will have for its main
street. When built up, as it will be
within the next three months, it will be
the handsomest street in the Kootenay
Clarence J. McCuaig of the firm of
McCuaig, Rykert & Co., Montreal,
and Senator Warner-Miller of Ne;v
Vork have been in Nelson for a few
days visiting properties under development by the Warner-Miller syndicate.
Mr. McCuaig will arrive in Sandon
today or to-morrow to visit the Payne,
Slocan Sovereign and other properties
which the McCuaig, Rykert firm is
interested in.
It is about time to take the census
in the lower end. The population of
African Avenue and Kaffir Street is
increasing so rapidly that the dent/ens
of the region below the dead line will
soon be applying for incorporation on
their own account. With tbe administration in the hands of the African
demi-monde, black-jack players and
crap shooters will be bonused and anyone suspected of being respectable
served with blue papers.
,The members of the Nelson foot b ill
club will interest. themselves in laying
before all the teams ot the Kootenay
district the matter of forming a league
to play a series of games during the
coming fall for a trophy. The teams
that will probably be interested in the
matter are those from Kaslo, Silverton,
Trail, Greenwood, Rossland and probably two teams from Nelson. The
necessary arrangements will be made
in the near future, and as football is
one of the leading sports of the Koot-
enavs it is hoped that the scheme will
be sucessfully carried out. Nelson
Contracts Matrlmonq  in the Klon
A copy of the Dawson News of June
25th, just to hand, contains a account
of the wedding of Al. Bartlett, formerly
of Sandon, and Miss Belle Danaca, of
L*s. Angeles.
Miss Danaca, according to the report,
has been a resident of Dawson since
'97 and has had the contract for the
Mounted Police washing since her
arrival in the Klonkike. She is dis-
cribed as ihe bell of Dawson.
Al. Bartlett, so the News says is engaged in freighting from Circle City to
Tanana. He has sent the greater number of his horses to Cape Nome but is so
impressed with the outlook of the
Tanana that it is doubtful if he will
follow them.
Jas. Williamson will build a 30x50
one story building next to Harris' office
building. The Methodist Church tent,
which was occupying the ground, has
been moved down to the lot recentl)
purchased by that congregation, and
Mr. Williamson will commence building opperations immediately. Main
Bros, will occupy part of the building.
M. L. Grimmett has let a contract
for a store and office buildiog on the
lot adjo��rMr*^f !-'c*.,��a. '&r:*.imB*rfz\vt. Ti-��
The building will be 12 feet from.
25 feet in the rear, 30 feet deep and two
stories high. D. J. McLaughlan has
the contract.
Rapid progress is being made with
the Atherton Company's building. Contrary   to Ihe   original   plans it  will   he
two stories.     It will he  one of the best
buildings on the street.
The Bank of B. C. will occupy hall
of the ground tloor in Harris' office
building. The change will he made as
soon as the building is in readiness.
Louis Hupperlen has built a new
store just below Misses McKinnon's
millinery store w-here he will carry on
his shoe business with more enterprise,
than ever.
The plans for the Hunter-Kendrick
building have been received from the
Rossland architects, but construction
has not yet been commenced as it is
thot some changes will have to be
Y. J.Donaldson's store will be ready
for occupancy in about a week or ten
days. - ���   ���
,Neil Mclnnis is making rapid headway with the Sandon hotel. The
mechanics .'ire now working on the
interior and' will have the building
ready for  opening in a very short time.
The Reco Avenue sidewalk has been
laid from the. Kootenay corner to the
Sandon. hotel. It is now being built
between the Central and Kootenay
Fisher & Rebel are rebuilding the
Central on Col. Brayton's townsite just
beloW the site of the old brewery.
J. K. Halton, the Landscape painter,
has just completed a series of live large,
oil painting sof scenes along tbe Columbia river. The first, a beautiful
painting of the headwaters of the Columbia, is a grand piece of mountain
scenery. Another picture represents a
scene on the upper stretches of the
great rivet1 and a. third entitled "Lost
Prospector," shows a prospector who
has fallen victim to the vicissitudes of
mountain life. This is an original
painting and cannot be reproduced
without crediting the author with the
original production; neither can the
author himself copy without, stating
that it is a copy anil giving the name
of the owner of the original.
'*"*&&&&& I THE ^STW^^2^^^^
:��� I ���      g .   ..	
'Llie following ii a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denver wei e
as follows :���
July IS - Th-'lina. north Carpenter ck, J Knight
Sl-Oood Hop_, nr Cody, W 0 Clark, W M
Maid of Erin. Freddie Lee Mt, 1. McDonald.
Summit. Red Mt, A It Fingland.
_*�� -Maple Leaf, Payne Mt, 1) Q McDonald.
Krai mid Beltnouut, nr Sandon, E Cunning*
ham, P Moore, J M Donnelly.
Jubilee, Eight Mile ck. J s'mith.
Cameia, Wilson ck, W S Thompson.
2b���Granite  Mountain, Carpenter ck, W W
Silver Lake, Carpenter ck, E L Warner.
Silver Lake Falls, Car-wiitcr ck, Gus Faundry.
Unlucky Dav. Freddie Lee Mt, W L Greg*.
Oood Hope, Fennell ck, J Lind.
Gipsy. Fennell cr, J Vallance.
Black Eagle, Cody ck. J Cassogza.
Eagle, Four af lie ck, J A Mitchell.
SK-Sound, north of Trout cr. J W Kyte.
Frances, and Cassle, Wilson ck, R V. Cook.
Frandhgemes fr, Fennell cr, B Anderson.
87���Bertha fr, nr Three Forks, E Harrop.
33���Orient, Glacier ck, J Williams
Genesee fr, Wilson ck. A H Blumenauer.
Alligary and Silver Gulch, Wilson ck, H A
I.villa fr,Galena Farm, A Sproat.
Penolescut fr. Four Mile t-k, C Culver.
Silver Leaf, Galena Farm, 1* Devan.
July 18���Surprise fr. Jehova fr, Comcracker
fr.Snmmlt fr. Bird fr. 1!*���Arabia, You Bet,
Henrietta. Twickenham, Faringdon. 20���Fitz,
Stanley, Silver Tip, New England, Ireland, Scotland, Halifax fr, Sphinx fr. 21- Kelso, Phoenix.
M��� Happy Delivery. 24���Vega, Thursday fr.
85���Sautana, May B, Hattle E, Dundee, Hazard.
26��� Michigan, Copper King, Ocean Queen, Fairy
Sueen, Emerald. Ruby. Blade, Red Star. High
ock, Rockingham, Capital, Mas B, Bristol,
Commander, CPR. 27���Condore. Corliss fr. Le
Mont. Union fr. 28-Hastlngs, Keno, Heather
fr.   SO���Grade. Alert, August Flower.
July 18���Carnpore, \. C Gales to N McKian and
C H Richardson, July 15.
Keewatls, ., A Lemieux to J Weeks, $75.
19���Troy, all, Mark Mauley to A*_L McLean,
July 19.
St Helena, L M Knowles to A L McLean, Julv
30���Notice of suit entere:! by Fisher Maiden
Go against Webb, McLean, Manley and
Knowles, In which the title to Troy and St
Helena is questioned, July 28.
Agreement re Hartm-y Group of claims, J D
Me Master to A H Blumeuauer et al. Nov 28, lsim.
Julv 9���Rio Gra- de, Robson ck, M Isaacson.
Buffalo, same, W E Newman.
Roche .ter, same. S C Jackson.
Eva, Springer ck, M Heckmnu.
10���Greenbill, Lemon ck, R A Bradshaw.
12���May,Snd n f Lemon, J Bull.
IS���Empire, Lemon ck, G Nlchol. j
IK���Trebcllt, Cedar ck, D C Robertson,
Stockton Lemon ck, S Klley.
19���Highland Mary, Slocan lake, Thos Lake.
Golden King, same. W E Noble.
E B. Lemon ck, J Law.
20-Ltberty, Cedar ck, A Brodman aud FF
Last Hope. Lemon ck, A Brodman.
Lc Roi, same, J Campbell,
Plunger, Springer ck, J A McKinnon.
July 9-Quinte, Maryland, Marmion, Mojavo.
Jlnnie, Hamilton, Silver Star fr, Manic Leaf, X
L C R, Porcupine. 10���Gatinean. Siincoe, High
Ore. Danube. 11���Look Out No 3. 12���Reform,
U and I. Three Guardsmen. Clipper. 13���
Spinster. Lucky Jim fr, Black Jack. 16���Louise
fr. Rita, (two years), F L C, Time. Morris, Brvn,
Boswell fr, Katie, Rosebud, Teller, Leadville,
Col Sellers, Macdonna. Kathleen. Monument fr,
Perle, Bright Light, Ida W. 17-Dixie. 18-
Huutlngdon. Cornwall, Bolssevaln, Portland,
Native Stiver fr, Golden Sun. 80���Golden Gate,
Alta Vista. K A, l) A, Frances M, Dead wood,
July 10���Monument No 3, \. J Duhainel to A
13-Emplre, G Nlchol to S J Curry.
18-Silver Bell,.'., �� Falrbe.ro to A Wilde, P
Altaffer, oudCMcNleltol. Same, J, to B Kneebone.
Magnificent, j", and Ida, J. I Robinson to J B
19-Huckleberries-orno.breakf*st, Woodbury
ck. J J Scott. .    . Hrnwll
Nellie Moore, Kaslo ck. J wow'i.
Great Northern. Kemp Spring, i w���
Dewey, same, M Launter.    .
Gray Eagle. Kaslo ck, E^W��I��M>.     D   ,d90n
Thomas  Harry, Woodbury ck,     J>
and H McDonald. . p���--p��H_,ler.
May. Whitewater Basin, J c*���*���l%F ��...
20-Neversweat fr. Jackson Basin, T F Cos
11-Frar.klln, Canyon ck.F E Nlvin.
Orion, Jackson ck, A Schuler
Triple Alliance, Johuwn Bajn, J H>>-
White Grouse, same. W J Mi Morris.
23-London. Howser lakej, JT B Houson.
Combination .same, 0 YMM-
AUantlc. Meadow ck o Boron.     .,,
Onega, Hamilton ck, W L Mcliaugmm.
BOmberly, ��w of Kaslo, R McPherson.
British  Empire. Silver   C^iieen,   *2o__d Bog,
Tinto, Great Hop**.QiamoJ^    "jgj1 $**]
head, Ironwood, Pork, U I.
July 6-Eflle, all, T R Davev to G McOartaey
14-Joefr, A W Siegel to Silver TlpMngOj.
21-Danlel, S Millington to A andT F Adams
Milford Star and Bunker  Hill, _ each. �� An"
derson to A and T F Anderson.
Kootenay Belle, 1-6, A W Crittenden to J B.o-
Belgian  tyranny.
Hundreds of men
A  Few   Pertinent Remarks   Concerning
the War on China.
July 1Y���Ellen. Bea Trap ck, Mrs Robinson,
Jim Hill. Fish Lake. J S Parker.
18���Bluestone, Lyle ck, T G Procter,
Mountain Daisy, Fish lake. H McDonald.
Gambler, Kaslo ck, T Adams.
Bostcr, same. G Adams.
12���Colonial, Duncan river, F B Mills.
Central and Cave, Duncan river, A Ahramsoi
Locomotive Firemen's Magazine:
Not long since the days of Hernando
Cortez and Francisco Pizzaro ba��*e the
civilized nations exhibited such a voracious hunger for tbe commercial conquest of pagans.   The "cross and the
sword" of the Spanish  eivilizers  are
just as apparent in China as in Peru or
Mexico five centuries ago.   Missionaries
are  sent   to  China to overthrow the
chinch of state and save the souls of
heathens.   These heathens, as all people
have always done, are willing to kill the
name of their deity, even though their
deities be of wood and brass.
It is said that those whom the gods
destroy they first make mad. The
civilized nations have made the Chinese
pagans mad, and will now proceed to
destroy them���besides look at the great
opportunity to extend our commerce
What civilized people call the "boxers," are doubtless the "patriots," the
"sons nf liberty" of the Chinese���but
the trade with China will be greatly
enhanced by the conquest of China.
Christians may slaughter Jews to
their heart's content, in the European
countries, but that is only "anti semi-
tism," and of no concern to outsiders,
but if a follower of Confucius administers tbe same treatment to a Christian
the whole christian world joins in the
invasion���besides, if the whole world
did not join, some people might not
receive their share of the ensuing commerce.
It is not only China that suffers the
pangs of an attempt to establish a
"good government " The map of the
world is spotted with the blood of the
weaker people who are the subject:* of
the great civilizing races. Poor little
Belgium has not the national importance to Hoat a first-class war ship���but
she can "assimilate" in the most im
proved manner The Petit Bleu, of
Brusse's, thus protests against the inhumanity of tho business men of that
country who have "become invested in
Congo investments."
Belgian   lyrttu-ij.    	
died with Lotharie and other Congo
agents in defence of the cruel practices
there.   The agent Moray says: "The
rebellion of the Mongalla region is due
solely to the cruelty with which the
natives are treated.   Rubber  is  the
booty of the white invader now.   If, in
a village of 100  inhabitants able to
work, only 50 appear with the required
amount of rubber, soldier* are sent to
kill the other 50.   The so-called 'loyal'
natives are used to fight against the
'disloyal,' and as all are man-eaters, it
is easy to reward the loyalists by promises of feasts on the corpses of the
Another continental paper is authority for the following deposition:
Congo State, District Bengals: Before
me, agent of the Antwerp Trading
Society, appeared at Mendika, the sergeants Massamboko aud Mulando, and
the privates Mutuana and Pongo, all of
the station of Mandika,  who swore as
"White  man!    We  have   returned
from the war    We marched HO hours
distance   with   the  white  man  Imele
(Van Eyken).    He ordered us to enter
the village, to see if the inhabitants had
gathered enough rubber.   If they had
not, they  were,  to  kill  them     lu  one
village we told him we had fulfilled  his
orders.   Ho told us we had not done
enough    He told us to cut up the men,
placing the pieces on poles; the bodies
of women and children wo were to put
on a big scaffold in the shape of a cross.
Returning through N'Dobe we found
all the natives treated like that.   We
swear this is true."
Other reports, says the, Peoria Herald,
state "that the natives have had theii
acteristics.   Standing on one of these
highest  points  one  sees dense forest
lands heavily timbered with pine, fir,
spruce and balsam fir; miles of dead
trees lying thickly piled on each other,
as if they were the victims of a sudden
tornado, stripped of every vestige of
bark and glistening white in the glaring
sunlight, acres of long green waving
grass on which a host of cattle could he
fattened, and beautiful park lands with
bare swards dotted with clumps of firs,
lend a charm to the foreground ol a
mighty panorama.   Far, far in the distance, to the south, west,  north and
east, forming a complete circle to the
picture, there rises the snowclad peaks
of  mountain rangeH that seem to he
much higher than those nearer at hand.
These peaks may be 100 miles nway.
Thev may be more.   The eye cannot
measure such an expanse accurately,
The formation is granitu, with lime
now nnd again     Immense iron capping!
are distinguished on nearly every bill
and   mountain   in sight by deep red
splashes.    These red  blufft are really
the   outcropping!   ol   huge   mineral
bodies.    l�� all the instances that have
come   under   my   notice so far. good
copper has l-een  exposed  b\   the first
shot in  these  red  capping.    And he-
sides   these   copper   bodies   there  ate
veins of the white arsenical iron  which
carries such high gold  values in this
district    On  the   Nickel   Piste   mine.
which can he seen from this point, being about four miles south-west.s.nnples
of this iron have given   values of 1300
per  ton      These   lends   ftre   not   very
large, nverftglllg between two feet and
four feet In width, bU, the copper lends
are immense.   I bsve se.-n them opened
for 12 feet and  no wall  ill  sight, and
state "that the natives bsve baa tneir  ���*'��� ���-	
hands chopped off  because they  failed   fioni surface indications  most  of them
 Ul I,.. un��ll iii<i-b LQQ feet wide,
......... _.��� ,-. _
to furnish the required amount of rub
her, and these acts of brutality are
attributed alike to French, English and
Belgian officers, the only difference being that while the Belgian denounce
the outrages the French and English
organs exercise patriotic prudence in
not making the .rimes public.1.
The executive heads of the. civilized
Christian governments of to-day are
doing iu the name of God and commerce, what Philip 1 of ppain did in the
name of Cod and geographical knowledge The armies of the Christians
yet have their Pi/./.nrnp, Amagros and
Cortezcs and the heart's blood of millions will be sacrificed to greed and
The rise of the Btindja tribes against
the Congo authorities was caused by
Summit Camp, Similkamccn ��� We
are camped on the summit of the big
divide that reaches up from the Kere-
meos valley and extends westward for
many miles, nearly to Princeton.    Here
it is cold and the wind rather obtrusive,
but on the whole the climatic conditions
are bracing and healthful. Fancy yourself walking over ten. feet of snow  iu
the middle of July !   This has been one
of my experiences lately.   But the snow
is only to be found in the gulches or
"draws" on the north side of the mountains, and in  many  instances remains
until next winter's "beautiful" covers it
over like a clean tablecloth hiding a
dirty kitchen table.
The summit of this divide, or rather
the many summits, covers an immense
area.and exhibits many divergent char-
will be well nigh 100 feet wide
Mr. Rodgers, superintendent of the
Nickel Plate, has surveyed the Kere-
nieos creek route for a wagon road nnd
found an excellent grade, and nlthough
that is the longest way about, it la by
far tbe best route, the other creeks are
much steeper. This road will bring a
great deal of business to Olalla. which
will bea thriving town at no distant
The C. P. R. fcUrvey also went up
Keremeos creek ami found a most
feasible grade to the summit. As the
Nickel Plate people want to get in
heavy machinery and have a lot of high
grade ore ready for shipment, it is very
probable that the wairon road will be
commenced forthwith The mpro W��l
a largely signed petition for tho same
has been forwarded to Victoria trom
<Halls and surrounding camps.
Snodgrass' sawmill is being ereetea
at the mouth of Cedar creek.about
miles north of Olalla. the hoilei ana
engine have arrived and it is ''���*���!" \
that lumber will be obtainable sotne
time during tbe next two weeks browj
are plentiful and deer are seen now aim
then���K. W  Northey.
The man wbo in the presence of ?��'"
thinks  of   righteousness,   who In tn
presence of danger is ready to _?>ve ""
his life, who never forgets a promise
he is a complete man.
Capitalistic logic: It ie right for csPH
talists to combine to get more out Oft
people for tbe saint' article, hut   9tm
for the working people to combine
get more wages. __
Don't  worry-and  don't  worry
cause you can't help worrying ILiii
Abuse ol- Prioilege.
Scene in the Wishaw coal district,
Scotland, when colliers were receiving
ai toys, a day��� 30 years ago. By
,*,_. roadside a man was lying in the
ditch helplessly drunk. Sympathising
passers-by eni|uired of his friend what
had happened to tbe poor fellow. The
reply came: '"Fat dunna ye see 'e's
drunk the scoundrel. I'm payin' "nn
,1 pouil1 H week ta Kill,kr about wi' me
,md take care o' inc. Just look liod
the fellow's abusin' the privilege."
An Old Mine.
An interesting event io the mining
world will be celebrated ;it Eisleben, iii
Germany, where ceremonies will be
held in commemoration of the seven
hundredth anniversary of the opening
of the Mansfield copper mines, which
lire still actively worked. These mines
anicd,Uc by ii few \ear> those of the
Stora Kopparbnrget in Sweden, and
ate the oldest mines in the world which
have been operated continuously, or
with only briel interruptions. It is
true thai the Rio Tinto mines in Spain
were worked by the Romans and the
lead mine-- of Laiium in Greece bj
their Greek owners over 2000 years
ago ; hut there are gaps ol centuries in
the history of these mines.
A scientific contemporary states lhat
two slow but interesting changes are
taking place in Behring Sea. The
immense quantity ol debris that is-,
borne down the Yukon irom it-, sdurces
.t id sides i*-- being deposited in the sea
beyond the mouth of that mighty
-���tie,mi, and its weight causes the bed
of the sc.i to subside. A corresponding
i^e in the earth's cru^t i- going on
along the chain of the Aleutian Islands.
Not only are the islands themselves in-
ereasing in si/e in consequence ol being
lifted up out ssf the water, but new islands are being formed in the gaps
between the others. In some instances
the new islands are the result of the
rise, and in others they are the result
ol volcanic action. Most of the Aleutians are ot volcanic origin, and they
mark the position of a fold in the earth's
Crusl that is predisposed to eruption.
In lime there is likely to be H natural
bridge Irom America to Asia along this
route, but nobody now living is going
to see it. It will be the slow work Ol
centuries yet to come.
New Denver's attractions as a holi-
da\ town are becoming better recognized. The number of Sunday visitors
to Ihe hike town is steadily  increasing.
1 It
The Business heretofore conducted
by Hunter Hros. will betaken over
Next month by
The New Firm will carry a larger
Stock than Ever and hope to receive
the same liberal Patronage that has
been extended to the old firm of
We are now Carrying a Heavy Line of
Which we will dispose of at the
Ever Heard of in the Kootenay.
Don't Fail to Examine our Stock
and Compare our Prices.
Whitewater    Hotel.
I have taken over and re-opened the
Whitewater Hotel. This house is
* nicely furnished and comfortably equipped and will be conducted along first-
class lines. When in Whitewater stop
" "k- Whitewater Hotel.
William Walmslet),
Cleaned. Dyed, Pressed and
Sandon Bottling Co.
���: Manufacturer of *���
Carbonated  Drinks
of   alt   kinds.
Cody Ave.
When You Need Furniture
Figure the Cost in the East
Add the Freight, Teaming, Loss
of Time, etc., and Compare with
You Can't Afford to Deal Elsewhere
Our Prices are the Lowest
* *_
PuMishe-i Kvery Satnntny in the heart of the Ilie.he-tt White Metal Camp on Karth.
Subscription    -   -   -    -   $2.00 a year.
Strictly in advance.
William MacApams,
Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, B. C., AUGUST 4,  1900.
Thkre ark only two potknt factors in Canadian
politics today���pocket-book and prejudice. The Canadian
electors are swayed only by considerations of personal profit
or party power. Men do not vote according to the dictates
of their own conscience ; neither do they follow the course
which their judgment indicates as most likely to produce
the best results for the country at large. All great questions
are, like the tariff, treated as local and personal matters
and voted on according to the dollars and cents judgment
or the party prejudice of each individual voter. No other
factors enter seriously into a settlement of the policy of the
dominion. Others may appear to carry weight but they
are like the old flag most emotional when mentioned in
conjunction with an appropriation. So we find that in
order to convert a voter to any political propaganda it is
necessary to first show him where he is personally
This is the lesson that British Columbia must teach
eastern Canada in connection with the vital question of
Oriental labor. Until the great majority of the people of
Canada can be brot to see the personal loss which they will
suffer from an unrestricted immigration of Asiatics there
is little probability that the curse by which this province is
blighted will be lifted. Until the people of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces come directly in contact
with the cheap labor and cheaper morality of the slant-eyed
heathens of China and Japan we cannot expect an intelligent
or even an interested vote on the question. All the campaign literature ever printed and all the platform oratory
er spouted would not have half the effect on an Ontario
orer as would the loss of his job to make room for a
pig-tail wage-cutter from the Flowery Kingdom.
Something like this will have to be done. In a few
years more British Columbia will be in the hands of the fat
and foreign capitalist whose only interest in the Chinese
question is to secure cheaper labor and larger dividends.
Already one industry is passing into the hands of Jap labor
and the militia is on hand to see that it is well done. By
the ultimate loss of the Fraser river strike three thousand
fishermen, most of them natives of Canada, will find their
occupation gone and themselves tramps, while three thousand Japs, most of them not three months in the country,
will find themselves British subjects, protected by military
chumps packing rifles and ordered to shoot and shoot to
kill any of their countrymen who protest against being
robbed of their livlihood.
What is happening on the Fraser will happen in every
other industry in the province unless prompt action is
taken. Any student of events who has followed the fishermen's case for any length of time can easily see that the
promised substitution of white with Jap labor is not an accidental but the premeditated outcome of the trouble. The
plan has been carefully prepared and is being skillfully
carried out, and the cannery men's success will be a shining
example of what can be done in the line of wage-cuttincr
when the government can be depended on to furnish the
militia to shoot anyone who does not take kindly to
With the Japs firmly established in other industries,
their introduction into the mining  camps  of the Kootenav
will soon follow. In Nevada city, so the exchanges say
Japs have taken the place of white miners at $1 a dav, with.
out board. Such conditions would drive every white man out
of this country. But unless the white men take the matter
into their own hands immediately this will happen as sure
as fate. To look to such governments as we have in B. C,
is a waste of time. Poor man have no rights that wealth is
bound to respect. There never was a statute framed that
corporate power will not defy. There is not a law in the
decalogue that cannot be broken with impunity and it is the
business of lawyers to tell how it can be done. Lawyers
and creatures of corporate wealth control the government of
British Columbia, and relief is   not  lo be found with them.
Unless the pocket-book or prejudice of eastern Canadians can he perceptibly jarred there is no hope tor B. C,
The sentiments of the large body of electors must be
awakened from an apathy which is allowing this province
to be strangled in its infancy. Eastern workingmen who
never came in contact with the Chinese question except in
the back columns of a parti/an press must have the matter
impressed on them thru the medium of starvation ; and
the misguided eastern church folks who have a long range
love for their pig-tailed heathen brother must learn by closer
inspection of the social and moral ulcers which these people
inflict on a community.
There is only one reasonable and practicable manner
in which this can be accomplished, and that is by introducing the Chinese and Japanese right into the homes oi the
eastern people. Ship tlie yellow devastators into Winnipeg,
Toronto and Montreal, and with one mighty voice the
people will rise and demand that the influx be checked
forthwith, Touch their pocket-book and their hearts are
ours. No "Imperial reasons" will satisfy a man who has
lost his job, and the universal brotherhood ot" man is a myth
to congregations whose sons are out ot employment and
whose daughters are threatened with a fate worse than
death. Lead the easterner forcibly up against a realization
that he and the versatile Jap cannot thrive in the same
community and he will immediately commence an agitation
to keep the Jap out.
Thk Kootenaian, in Kaslo, is kicking aboul hard
times and looks forward to some future date when business
will revive in that town. Boundary papers are also out
with a wail about dull business and even Nelson merchants
are giving out that times are quiet in the metropolis ot the
The hard luck story does not apply lo Sandon. This
city suffered a geater loss than any other city in the Kootenay ever did, but there is more hopefulness and more
bovancy about Sandon now than will be found in any other
town in B. C. There are more men employed hereabout
than there has been for over two years. Ore shipments
are greater than for many months. ' Business is good and
constantly improving. Almost every business man who
lost in the great fire has re-established himself and nearly
all are putting up substantial and expensive buildings,
which indicates that the men who are best acquainted with
the Slocan district are satisfied for the present ami look
with perfect confidence to what the future will bring. San-
don |s all right and no one is better satisfied with it than
the Sandon people themselves.
W. W. B. McInnes has a labor bill before the house
at Victoria which, if passed, would settle British Columbias
Chinese question forever. If this bill were submitted to 7
referendum ninety per cent of the electors would vote for't-
In the hands of the legislature it will probable be amended
beyond recognition or sidetracked, and British Columbia9
Chinese question will remain unsettled until the people take
the matter into their own hands. /
a!* ���.'.���  Ot
*j;wi- ���*��*���
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aia. . ���a^_K_i
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tit Ot
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*4<a ��� ������� ��/_���*
at/ .'/ ��.'���>
fr . - * ��� mm . m
#,\ *,\ *��>
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<*'/ \*A \��>
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a a afr a ��fr a m
*/!> ���*-> *-4*.
���,��/ ��.��* \��*
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t.s  #t\ /,\
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''�� 'a*. <**>
\<t    '/      ,
a. . a a aa- .4
���-�����>  '4*�� 'i**
?_*��� -/**?
Limited Liability.
^|*�� ���/!*�� ��*_-*
W Mt*L"*-*'-��
All Ye Who are Looking l��or
Black and Brown
Stiff Hats
1 ^ow and Fedora Shap
All Kinds of I lats
See them in our  Windows
���*��� ��� m��
fr a *
fr .m
^a^->a 4
���'�������� ��*4**
E. K.
rroN Co..
��.,-��� ��-tv �����-,> *t>��
Limited   Liability
*.v \v O* ��t5* _i/ ***> -v''
_...��.. _a..^fr..fr.< ���..�����.-
<l\ *-4-* f/K ���*!-. *4�� ��'j-�� ^V
^T^ \��j> ^f/ \��* \��* �����.��* -<��^ v��* ^* -a'^ \V \��^ \V \'* v��# ��.��> \V v��> -*.-*/ \��> \l>
��.aa.a..aa..a.aa. ���� ..fr.^fr.^fr.. ^�� . mm a ^w- a ^fr a .^ . .����� .mm. +m . mm ��� mm ��� mm ��� m
���***> ��**"��� ��*4*�� *P> ***��� **i*�� ��*��*��� *i*�� ��*A** /4** ���'��'�� �������*��� *'4*�� *'4'�� ��'4> <4"�� '**�� **4> *4-* *'4*�� ��*4>
\T^ \��> \*>
l,,*.���^" ���';-'"*��� "Bm1
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_*.V \��^ ��yT/ ���-,���> \T^ \t> V^
���fr. mm.m m.mm.mm-.mm .mm.m
��*4*�� ���****��� ���*���_*��� ���'',*�� <iiV ���'i**. ���/i*.
\V \��^ \��/ ^/A'O'''* -vVaV \��> ���a'**.*'/ \��> \��> \V_ta'#\TA \T> \T^ \T> \T/ \��^ \1* \l6
��'4V* ���,4*�� ���,4>* 'i** ^V -'4** /4V ���/���> *t\ ���'iV #i-�� /-|V ���/���> ��'i> ���'iV -/4V /4*-. ��-_*��� ^4V /4V **4V ��/_**> *m\
���-���-    ���^����������.��-��1
���/**��� ���/**��� -/I*--
\V ��*.V -_|a��
�����*4** ^iV <4*��
AV *aV V^
���**4** ^V ^^
\7 V/ \1a
��'4*�� -/1s* ��*��*���
*4> ��*4> *4> ��4* -��*4>
V> V> ��*���*> V'A_."/
��*4V ^V
��'4** -/AV
\V ���*��/
4-4*. 4-4*��
-/��** <*������ ro>
vf> *>_> <___>
Hit ihe   Iron Trail Kor
Note Dencir
I.AKHI-K SHOP On Salurdaq
111    tllC    TOllt Where, on the Placid Bosom ol
. tlu-   Cool,   Salubrious Lake,  or
()|)|)OSltO in-the Fnigranl   Recesses of the
,r I. *       ' . , Primeval   Korests,     Vou    ma)
llie     Tl lUert    llOtel Spend   the   Sabbath   in   Sweel
Communion with Nature.
You  will find all the Comforts
of a Home at iIk*
Newmarket Hotel.
If vou care for Fishing \ u van
Secure Boats, Fishing lackle,
etc., from the Management-
Guides who will Pilot you to
the Best Fishing Grounds always on Hand. Bait ill FlasUs,
Bottles or Kegs furnished at
Regulation Kates by the Proprietor.
The Denver.
Cody Ave. Sandon
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Reasonable Ratesh^^  Stege
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hotel  SatldOtl     Cartage    CO.
Lodging House.
Nice Comfortable   Beds,
y.    To Let by  the Day-. Week
Month or Year.    *��et One
Bofore they are all Taken
Delivered to all parts of the
W. J. Armstrong Sc Co.
Have  Moved   into   their    New Store,   Next   to
Folliott &   McMillan's   Factory and Will
Execute All Orders Promtly
A Fine Line  of ....
Worsteds, Tweeds and Serges
On   Hand.
Fit Guaranteed*
Folliott 8c McMillan,
Contractors ana Builders.
[   -   __.****_tr -_.'-- =��� - - --^*-__
[1        tital./i in Dressed and Rough Lumber.
: 0000000**00*
! Sash, Doors. Blinds, etc., Made to Order at Lowest Possible Prices. ���]'
f Mine and Dimension Timber always in Stock. Plans, Estimates and 'j'
|j]  Specifications furnished for all Classes of Building. U
Factory Opposite C.  P.  Ra  Freight Shed.
Railroad Avenue       -        Sandon.
-v  In The
1 ���} \\i
\   l iii
Eight-Hour Late  in all Mines and
On all Gooernment Works.
Rules out all Mongolians.
Following is the text of Mclnne's
labor hill introduced in the house at
Victoria :
1. "This Act may be cited as the
"Labor Act, 1900."
2 "In the construction of this Act
the following expressions shall have
the following meanings respectively,
unless inconsistent with the context :
"Employer" shall mean and include
any person, or body of persons, corporate or incorporate, liable for wages of
a laborer :
"Laborer" shall mean and include
every person engaged in manual labor.
"Government work" shall mean any
work done by or on behalf of the government, payment of which is authorised or made by the government :
"Mine" shall mean all that is included in that expression, as defined in the
interpretation clauses of the Mineral
Act, Placer Mining Act, Coal Mines
Regulation Act.
3. No laborer shall be employed for
more than eight hours in every twenty-
four hours in any mine below ground.
or on or about any government work.
This section shall not apph to any person engaged in saving life, relieving
saffering, preventing serious loss to
property, or in cases of emergent*}
arising in the natural course of events ;
nor shall this section apply to or affect
any government work which has been
contracted for at the time of the passing of this Act.
4 "No person shall be employed in,
on or about any of ihe works, industries, places or matters enumerated in
Schedule A to this Act who is unable to
read in an European language this
Act, and all the Dominion and Provincial Statutes, municipal by-laws,
and public and private rules and regulations by which such work, industries,
places or matters are authorised, licensed, bonused, alTected, regulated or
controlled. This section shall not apply
to or affect in any way any person who
is on the register of voters in any electoral district for the legislative assembly
of British Columbia, any full blooded
Indian, or any person of full Caucasian
5. Any person or laborer who works
in contravention of sections 3 or 4 of
this Act, and any employer who employs such person or laborer, shall be
liable to a penalty not exceeding $20,
and not less than $5, for each and
every day such person or laborer works,
to be recoverable upon complaint of any
person under the provisions of the
Summary Convictions Act, a moiety of
which penalty shall belong to the complainant.
6. Section 4 of this Act shall not
come into   force   until   the  first   day of
January, 1901.
Mine, logging camp, fruit cannery,
sewer, printing-house factory, fishing,
dyke, tunnel, building construction,
lumber mill, road, fish cannery railroad
track, clearing land, shingle mill,
brewery, ditch, wharf, freight shed,
ibundary, laundry, garden, store,
slaughter-house, government work,
warehouse, electric works, livery,
dwelling house, tailor shop, saloon,
round house, gas-works stable, hotel,
butcher shop, quarry, machine shop,
water-works, farm, boarding-house.
Cioil Engineer,
Architect, Etc.
P. O. BOX 170        SANDON. B. C.
A. R. Heyland,
Engineer and
Provincial Land
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notary Public.
U. C.
L. L. B.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public, Etc,
B. C.
K.-falli_hed 1805.
Slocan Mines.
kilning Stock* bought and Sold. General
Ant-lit for s!o::an Propertied. Promising
Pro_peot_ For Sale.
Certificate    of    Improvements.
Situate iu t he Slot nn Mining I ivi ion of West
Kootenay district.   Where  located:   On
Reco Mountain.
"TAKE NOTICE that l, Arthur S Farw-.ll.
1 acting as agent lor John M Harris.
FreeMiner.V Certificate No 88*88, intend, sixty
lays irom date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate -.1 Improvement
lorthe purpooe oi obtaining u Crown Grant
of the above claim
And further fake notice that notion, undeletion 87 mu-at be commenced before the U_u-
iinceofouoh Certificate of Improvement.-,
Date! tbij Twenty-First day of July, WOO
Batata <-f Scott McDonald,  Deceased.
All persons having any claim a or demand,
against the estate of So.o't McDonald, lute ol
apokane in the State of Washington, deceased, are required to file, the same clearly certi
tied with the undersigned, on or before the
1.8th day of August WOO
the said date the executors will proceed to
I is tribute the estate amongst the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the
claims of which they shall then have had
Dated at Rossland, B.C., the 16th day of
July, A. D., 1900
Solicitors for Executors.
Certificate    of    Improvement*.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Whew located. On
Keco Mountain.
TAKK  NOTICE  that. I. Arthur  S    Far-
���   well, acting as agent for I-red 1. Kelly.
Fre�� Miner", Certificate  No.   B&fft*. Intend,
ii-cty day*from  date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate ol Improvements, lor the p>.rpo.ae of obtaining a Drown
("rant  ol   the above claim
Ami further take notice that act ion, under
section :'7. inu.-t be commenced before we
Uauauoe of Mich Certifloate oJ Improvemei t
Dated this twin y lir.at day ��>f July, ifllO
A  S   FARV, **-"-l'
Certificate     of    Improvements.
Situate in the Arrow La' e Mining I o i-i'��n of
West Kootenay  District.
Wheie located:   Headwaters    ���'   McDorald
Creek, on Red Mountain
TAKE NOTICE thai I. Chan  M e    <f
I Kaslo, acting a* ag nttorJ. M Ashton,
Free Miner > Certificate No l! IUH10, Intend,
.ixt}������ley��� irom date here!. !������ Rppp to the
Mining Recorder for Cer'lflea'e ol Improvement*, for the puipo.-e ol oliti.ii ing a Ciowi
Grant ol the al o\u a aim ���
And further take notice thai notion, nnder
section  ;i7,  mu��t  be  commenced leton   thi
ia.uanee nl _uce Certificate ol  Improvement*
Dated this First rlaj  ol  August, ll) o.
Certificate <if Improvements.
Xotic *.
Fltr... CLAIMS
Situate in the Slocan Mining I Ivision of Weel
Kootenay  Dintriot.    \. here  located : On
the North Fork ol Carpenter Creek, about
,'t  miles from Three F' rks
Take Notice that  I Frank L.Christie, acting 'or myself, Free Miner'* Certificate No
BS81I-8.  and av agent  lor C D   Punter. Free
Mil ei'.- Certificate, No  liUflSM. F Sautnr.Free
Mirer'sCertiticNo. itlSfh _*, ui.dGeo 11  Wintei
intend sixty days from date hereo*. lo apply to
the   Mining Record' r foi  it Certificate of Improvement-, tor  tin   piirpoe ol   obtaininge
Crown Grant of thi above claim*
And further take notice lhat action under
Section 87. inu-t   be commenced   before  thi
issuance nf such Certificate of Improvrn ei.t
Date I thi.. nineteenth dav ,>' June. A D ui ci
Application For Liquor License.
NOTICE i-. hereby given that 90 days frojn
date hereof I intend to apply to the ticenae
���ommis.-ioi.er- of the city of Sandon for a
license to Hell all spirituous and fermented
liquors on the premised fom erly occupied by
Mr.-.. Mclntyre'* boarding house
Date I nt Sandon July *.' th. I!'<>).
Transfer of Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that 80day* from
late hereof we willnpp-y to the license commissioners of  the city of Sandon for peril)i*
Ion to transfer the license held by Fischer &
Collins, Central Hotel, to the Brewery Hotel
Sandon. B C, July 10th.
"Land Registry Act."
In the natter of an application fordupli-
catesol the Certificate* ol Title to Lot
Sandon One .1) (Map   6:i0)   Town   ol
NOTICE i* hereby given that it i, my ������
tention at the expiration of one month from
the first, publication hereof to issue dupji-
cates of the Certiflcate* or title of Hugh Mo-
Gee to the above lands dated 87th August
1897 and 21st duly 1898 and numbered 41060
and loin k respectively.
Lanl  SegUtry Office Victoria, B. 0.
8th June, l'KMi
sandon Lodge, N0.24.
Meet* in Crawford'-Ha'1 every Wedttetdi
Evening.   VUiting Brethern cordialh, Invite.)
to attend.
Subscribers, l uo per month
Private Patients ���.'���� per day.ex.
elusive ol expense of physicit.ii or
aUrtfeOII  lllld   ilrilg.a.
I ii    \V    E   QiiMM, Attendant  Phy��'ciiui
MissS  M   Cnisin I.\|.  Matron
J  D Mi Lai um.in. President
W  I. II Aiii.KH. Secretary.
Wm. D"N \m k. .1   V  M mi i in. R   I  _tcL*U��,
Am.i si   M* Dos up, Mikk BRADY, IHieeton:
I. O.O. F.
Meetings every Friday  Evening nl 7:*vi iu
friwford's   Hall Visiting   brethren ��r��
Cordis ll\  invite! to at tend
C K LYON-'       HKV  A  M  SANF0RI*.
Secretary Noble Oraud
A. F. & A. M.
Regular Communication held tir-t Tlmr-
lay in each month in Ma-tunic Hall st 8 r m
doiuunning brethern are cordially Inrited tn
atteu 1
Thouai* Bri *���*. R.
> pacific m
Service for the year 1{>G0
will be commenced Jl N��
loth. The ����� Imperial L-tini**
ted *' takes you across tl"'
Ct-nthi!nt in four days without cnange- It is �� s0,i<*
vestibule,! train, luxuriously
equipped with every possible
essential for the comfort and
convenience of Possengers-
Ask yonr friends who luive
travelled on it, or address
J. II. Grudge,
Axent. Sandon.
E. J. Coyle, W. P. Anderson.
A. G. P. A., T. P. A.
Vancouver, It. C.       Nelson. ����������* ���*:|
nh if only those who love us
Would but tell U8 While we live,
An,i ma wait until life's journey
Ended is, hefore they give
The smile we hungered after,
Tender words we longed to hear,
Which we listened for, but vainly
For many a weary year.
There is much of pain and sorrow,
AH mutt hear, and bear alone,
Vet how helpful in the sunshine
of a cherry look and tone!
How ii brighten! up life's pathway,
Ami dispell the shadows grim,
Ami restores our shattered idols.
Which we built In days now dim.
Then bestow your sunshine freely I
I,i-i ii shine'from out your eyes',
Le* it speak In warm hand pressures,
Lei it hreathe in heartfelt light.
Let it cheer the tainting spirit
Of Rome brother in distress,
Let it tin-ill our jarring voiees,
With a note of tenderness.
Fur In serving fellow mortals
Wr Lest serve the Father, too,
And in lightening their burdens
Ours grow light ami fade from view,
Ami a sympathetic nature
That vibrate* to others' needs
is a bit i��f God's own sunshine
Quickening to noble deeds.
���Boston Transcript.
NO   St Dili:HY   STANDA1U)   IN    B.   O.
The Toronto Telegram   comments
thus "ii the efforts of the mine operators
to reduce wages in B. C.S "The miserable $1.26 per day which an alien
monopoly pays to the miners at Sudbury
is tin' standard by whieb the mining
brokers of Toronto condemn the British
Columbia miner's demand for $8.50 for
an eiyht-hour day. They say: 'Joe
Martin is a dnngerou* man He has
struck a bard blow at the British Columbia industry Tbe miners at Sudbury
arc glad to gel ?1.25 for a ten-hour day,
ami why should the British Columbia
miners gi-t 18.50 for an eight-hour dav'-"
"The foregoing words show that the
Bi iti-h Columbia government has alien-
nted the mining brokers. It might be
nearer the fads to say the eastern
brokers; lint the western brokers are
like them iu their inability to see any
virtue in a law which increases the cost
<>f mining for the benefit of the miners.
Ontario would sooner level the wages
of tin- Smibury miners up to the British
Columbia standard than level the wages
of tbe British Columbia miners down to
the Sudbury standard It is a disgrace
t" tbe country that the nickel wealth of
Sudbury, which has tilled the pockets
of alien millionaires, has never paid
ilitcut living wa-^es to Canadian laborers, British Columbia does well to resist any approach to the Sudbury standard wages. The brokers who are shout-
ing against 18.50 for an eight hour day
in Uritish Columbia would soon be
shouting against 8:1 for ten-hour day.
Ontario objects to the conditions which
have enabled a monopoly to extract the
Budbury nickel on its own terms, and
those conditions have not been such a
blessing to the Sudbury district that
they should be reproduced in British
Columbia."���Algoma Pioneer.
An old man in (ieorgia, named .lack
U 1'iMwin, says tbe Atlanta Journal,
having lost bis hat hi a dry well,bitched
fl ropo to a stump and let himself down.
A wicked josber named Neal came
along just then, and, quietly detaching
A bell from Baldwin's old blind horse,
"Pproached the well, bell in band, and
began to ting-a-ling. Jack thought the
old horse was coming, and said: "Hang
the old blind horse; he's coming this
way, sure, and he ain't got no more
sense than to fall in on me-Whoa,
Ball!" The sound came closer. "Great
Jerusalem! tbe old blind fool will be
right on top of me in a minit���Whoa,
Ball-Whoa, Ball!" Neal kicked a
little dirt on Jack's head, and Jack
began to pray. "Oh, Lord, have m**rcy
on���whoa, Ball!���a poor sinner;-I'm
gone now���whoa, Ball!���Our father
who art in���whoa, Ball!-hallowed be
thy���gee, Ball! gee! what'll 1 do?���
name Now I lay me down to si���gee,
Ball! [Just then in fell more dirt.[ Oh,
Lord, if you ever intended to do anything for me���back, Ball! whoa!���thy
kingdom come���gee, Ball!���Oh, Lord,
you know 1 was baptised in Smith's
mill dam���whoa, Ball!���ho! up! murder !" Neal could bold in no longer,
and shouted a laugh which might have
been heard two miles, which was as far
as Jack chased him when he got out.
George T. Bell, for years a Texas
ranger, and later in the employ of tbe
government secret service, is in St.
Louis, says tbe Chicago Democrat.
On bis person he carries marks of six
knife wounds while on duty as a ranger
for the government. Possibly the most
thrilling experience through which he
passed was a duel on the streets of
Tucson, Ariz., in that town's palmiest
Bell had been instrumental in rounding up and capturing a gang of counterfeiters known as the "Shang Brooks"
gang. They had their "mint" up in
the Pelloncillo mountains, in the Gila
river country. All were sent to the
penitentiary and have been released
save Brooks, who escaped. A warrant,
indorsed "dead or alive," was placed in
Bell's hands for service. He located
Brooks in a saloon in Tucson, and,
walking up, notified him that be was
under arrest.
Shang glanced patronizingly upon
Bell, for he was six feet two in his
stocking feet and a giant in strength
Then he announced: "Sonny, you'se '11
have to grow some." He bad half
turned from the bar as he spoke, and
Bell did not know that tbe movement
was shielding bis hand as it crept to his
pistol Some one in the saloon yelled a
warning and instantly there came a
shot. Shang reeled and then sank to
the floor, with a bullet through his
Bell had fired through his coat pocket,
The wound was fatal, though it did not
at once cause Brooks to lose command
over himself 1'nlling himself together,
the desperado drew his weapon, which
lay beneath him, and was leveling it at
Bell when the detective sent another
bullet through his pistol wrist, ending
his ability io do harm.   He died a few
hours later.
Though Bell did not know it at the
time, Brooks had two companions in
tbe town, Jack and Jim Styles,brothers
They beard of tbe shooting and decided
to avenge the death of their pal. Later
in the dav,as Bell walked past a general
store in the frontier town, some one
veiled: "Look out, Mr. Bell!" Turning
like a flash, at the same time drawing
his revolver, the, detective saw Jim
Stvles on the opposite side of the street.
He saw smoke Issue from Style's
weapon, and a bullet seared his temple.
Jim Styles continued shooting, his
brother Jack, on the same side of the
street with Bell, coming to his assistance.
One shot at Jim Styles laid that
worthy on the ground. Jack Styles
gave a yell of agony as he saw his
brother fall, and advanced toward Bell,
firing as he came. The two men paused
within ten paces of each other, and
there they emptied their weapons. Bell
had no knife, and when Styles saw this
he gave a yell of triumph, tossed his
revolver from him and jumped in with
a bowie knife in his hand. The two
closed in upon each other.
At Styles' first slash of the knife, Bell
sidestepped, though the point of the
knife made a painful wound over his
right eyebrow. Another vicious thrust
he parried, though the keen weapon
laid open his left forearm, pierced his
upper lip, knocking out two front teeth.
By this time the two men were upon
the. ground, Bell beneath his antagonist.
He beard some one call his name and
another moment felt something strike
bis side. Reaching out his hand fell
upon a pistol. A sigh of relief followed
this discovery and he placed the weapon
full against Styles' chest, just as the
latter raised his knife for a last thrust.
Bell pulled the trigger and sent a bullet
through his heart.
Both brothers lay dead, and Bell
fainted from loss of blood.
Woodbury Creek Mine*.
Woodbury creek, on Kootenay lake,
is the scene of much mining activity.
An important cash deal has just been
put through by Charles Caldwell. He
has purchased the Pontiac and Tecum-
seb claims on behalf of J. D. Chaplin
and E. L Sawyer of Toronto. Chaplin
is one of the largest shareholders in the
Rambler-Cariboo, Deer Trail and Bonanza mining companies. The Pontiac
and Tecumseh are well known properties. W. L. Scowden had them bonded
for $(-.5,000 two years ago. He spent
115,000 but failed to obtain an extension
of his bond. The Canadian Pacific
Mining Company, in which this capital
is interested, is spending a large
amount of money developing claims at
the mouth of Woodbury creek. It is
about to put in a $25,000 compressor
and hoist and may spend a quarter o�� a
million dollars sinking a shaft 2,500 feet
"Do you mean to tell me that man-
eating: lion of yours got loose snd
wandered out. into the streets?"
"Yes," answered the proprietor ol the
show, "and a lot of trouble he made
us." "Did you have any difficulty
in catching him?" "I should say
so! It was hours before we could get
near enough to lead him back to his
cage. You see, some of the bad boys
of this town had tied a tin can to his
We. admit th; universal right of all
men to tbe air, to the seas: we have
socialism in rivers and bridges and
roads���why not admit the universal
right of all men to the land, why not
have socialism in tbe mills, in railways
and in ships?���Robert Blatchford.
Earth's transitory things decay;
Its pomps, its pleasures, pass away;
But the sweet memory of the good
Survives in the vicissitude.
As, 'mid the ever-rolling sea,
The eternal isles established be,
'Gainst which the surges of the main
Fret,dash,and break themselves in vain.
As, in the heavens, the urns divine
Of golden light forever shine;
Though  clouds may  darken, stormr
may rage,
They still shine on from age to age.
So, through the ocean-tide of years,
The memory of the just appears;
So, through the tempest and the gloom,
The good man's virtues light the tomb.
���Sir John Bowring.
Dust of the sea is one ot the mysteries which perplex sailors. No
matter how carefully the decks ot
sailing ships may be washed down
in the morning, a quantity of dust
can be swept up at night.
Parson New: "Yo' expect me to
move heah an' preach for yo' widout
salary? How does I lib?" Deacon
Snow: MWy yo' gits youah libbin' de
same as de rest of us, but bein* er
preachah de fingah of suspishun doan'
nebbah point in youah direkshun."���
"Is this bible the latest revised
edition?" asked the imperialist. "Yes,
sir," replied the book agent. "You
will notice that it has an appendix
containing the business cards of all
the prominent manufacturers of
ordnance and armor plate."���Corning
A wonderful reserve fund for the
human appetite is to be found in the
vegetable diet of tbe Klamath Indians.
A novel variety of food forming a
menu unknown to the civilized is
offered in the pulp of the great yellow
water lily, which is converted into a
farinaceous food; in the food known
as goosefoot, which bears a black
seed that is ground up for loaves and
cakes, and in the arrowhead, which
in the fall develops a starchy white
tuber at the end of the roots.
Don't sit on a hot stove.
Don't drink hot Scotches, or Tom and
Jerry9, or hot rum punches.
Don't talk politic?���the other fellow
is a heat-producing fool, anyway.
Don't get excited. If your dog is being whipped, look at the thermometer
and resign yourself to his fate.
Don't swear at the heat. Remember
the time you became profane when you
slipped in the snow six months ago.
Don't walk in tbe sun.   Have it moved
if it blocks tbe way.
Don't hurry.   Send the office boy.
Don't try to settle the Philippine
question. The other fellow is just as
much of an anti-be convinced as you
Don't look at the ice bill. Think of
the ice.
Don't wear an overcoat.
Don't sleep between blankets. THK PAYSTREAK, SANDON, & C. AyGUST 4
The total ore shipments for the month
of July  shows  the largest   output from
this district since July '07.    For Sandon
alone the tolal shipments were l,6ll^_
tons  against   1,4sj   tons  last   month.
For Sandon, Alamo, McGuigan and
Whitewater the shipments total 2,777
Tbe old reliable Payne leads tbe list of
shippers, having sent down 1,090 tons,
nearly two-thirds of the Sandon shipments und close to one third ol" the output of the whole camp. Tbe Whitewater follows with 1,010,000 pounds,
or 505 tons, with tbe Idaho a close
third, shipping 4Qq tons for the month.
Owing to tbe accident at tbe Last
Chance tbe shipments from that property were not as large as they would
Otherwise have been; the total for the
month was 231 tons. Tbe Star sent
down 120 tons of clean ore and tbe
Ruth shipped lot tons of concentrates.
The figures are as follows:
Payne ioqo tons
Last  Chance  231    "
American Boy     40   "
Slocan Star    120   "
Ruth    101    "
C. M.   Wilson       7    "
Vulture 2i,',_    "
Total.     I,6l0>_
Whitewater  505   "
Hillside  2$    "
Rambler     <-*��5 tons
Soho     22   "
Idaho  499   "
Queen Hess    108    "
Total    2,777 tons
To     Miners     nnd    PrcspcM'tcra.
No mistake in ordering youi
Shoes from "Louis." No cheap work
but all Work cheap. Everything
Flu 111* Street. Sandon.
�������.a ��� _n��i��i��i�����
We have just received a
larcre stock of Millinery at
our New Store and wish to
invite the Ladies of Sandon
to call and give it their careful inspection. Call early and
yet the advantage of first
Choice. No trouble to show
Misses A. & M. flcKinnon
In a Small Shack  Rut   Ready
To do a Large Business.
I will terminate my Visit to
Sandon on Tuesday. .411 who
wish to have Photos taken will
got best service by an tarty sitting.     Sunshine not   .\Tcressiiry.
R. H. Tiuemnn *V C'o's. views
of the Sandon Fire for sale at
Wm. Parham's, Reco Avenue,
Sandon. IS. C.
The New Clifton
This bouse has recently been
Completed nnd Fitted up. I��
is one of tbe Nicest Hotels in
the Kootenay. If you have
an hour or a day to spend in
town do not   fail  to  call upon
John Buckley.
Are   on    Hand.     We   have for Them
Wedding Rin^s
Of The Very  Finest Quality.
Brilliant Cut Glass
Sparkling and Bright.
The Most Beautiful, Useful and Durable of
*^___ In  Hollow   and   Flat   Ware___>^
Cut Glass and Silverware are
The Favorite Wedding Presents.
. Jeweler and Optician.
Wall  Paper.
All Knds,
Shades,    ,       Colors-
Heavy Stock on the ���*������$
We have the lines! line of Prospecting Supplies
that can be found in the Country. \to not overlook our slock when Outfitting for your Summers's
work in the hill-.
11. (.iMiKmrii
H. BYERS & Co.
Shelf and Heavy
Plumbing, Tinning
Shoot Iron  Work.
Mine and Mill
Blacksmith Tools,
Powder, Caps and Fuse
P. BURNS 8c Co.
Wholesale .ind Retail   Dealers   in
Fresh   and    >   Fish  and )   Dressed   and
Cured   Meats >   Ovsters.   S  Five   Poultry
Sandon, Rossland, Nelson, Greenwood
ul . .    <���_____ su
-������$ way from   Montreal, $�����
Don't  Order
YOU SEE OUR STOCK. $����� $fc ��[$
% �� IT WILL BE- IN �� $ft
%  *��  $fc  IN A * FEW    DAYS.   %
Thomas Milne & Co.
We Have Just Received
A E&rge Shipment of
Fittest Crocery :
We Garry Manu Grades   and   Can  Quote  Prices
to Suit Your Circumstances.
Call and See our Stock.
UlJ^JULJia.;*J>J>J*^ !3J*J}JJJ_iUJa 9 8 9.U


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