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The Paystreak Aug 18, 1900

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Array /^r^y- Zs<s6-y1-^
(jive us a name for the new streel.
F. M. Kelly is in town from Spokane.
The city council has declared the new
street open.
Tlie Whitewater Miners' I'nion will
tfive a ball in thai town on Thursday
evening next.
There are  only ono or two  countries
in the world that Can have weather like
Sandon is getting.
Win. Walmsley has sold the White-
water Hotel business, in Whitewater,
10 G. Mosley, of that town.
Walter Westerburg, who was at one
lime proprietor ofthe Miners' Hotel is
visiting in lown from Greenwood.
|. I>. McArthur, president of the
Rambler-Cariboo, has been spending a
few davs in the Slocan this week.
Robt. Cunning will open the Sandon
Hotel on the ist oi September. Mrs.
Funk will conduct the dining room.
The Relief Committee will call for
lenders for 275 feet of Hume to make
lhe connection thru to Kootenay Street.
M. P. Croteau held the lucky number on Duncan McCrae's raffle for a
lot in   Silverton.     He   held   ticket No.
Dirk OrandO has had a metallic
ceiling put on the bar room of the
Ivanhoe hotel, which gives it a very
line finish.
Geo, Williamson is setting poles and
stringing telephone wires for the new
central which will be in the Atherton
iVs. block.
There is nothing in the estimates to
indicate that Sandon is going to get
that Stiooo which we have heard so
much about.
F. J. Donaldson has moved his stock
into his new store. The Red Cross
Drug Store is the title oi the new
Johnny Angus Macdonald and Chas.
McLaughlin will be in partnership with
Win. Thompson in the liquid dispensary
at the new  Palace.
The Filbert Cafe was opened on Monday. It is a neat and comfortable
little dining room. K. P. Hums is
manager and proprietor.
Jas. Williamson will open his new
cigar store in about ten days. He will
carry a line of fruits and confectionery
as well as tobacco and cigars.
Blake Wilson is in town making arrangements for the meat market which
the P. Burns company will build. The
location has not been dedided on yet.
J- M. Harris and tbe Sandon Water
& Light Co, will occupy ollice rooms in
the Hume street building until an office
is built on the site of the Virginia
Macdonald & Ross have opened their
grocery and gent's furnishings store in
the Harris block. Altho their arrangements are not yet complete they report
a fair business already.
Jas. Vallance has rigged a tire protection system on his residence by
which he can turn on the water and
keep the roof of the house wet incase
of danger from flying sparks.
Ihe Atherton companv store will be
ready lor occupancy in ten davs or two
weeks. Heavy additions to'the slock
are now on the road and will he placed
in the new store as soon as possible.
AngUI Macdonald and Rod J. Macdonald left hurridly on Thursday for
the home of I heir parents in Bridge
End, Ontario. AngUI received word
that his father was in H precarious condition.
I he Provincial government's accounts
in connection with the recent election
are now being paid. A. B. Docksteader has been packing a voucher
book for several days lately to square
himself and the government.
Macdonald Bros, will commence next
week on a 30x70 building for the Hal-
moral hotel. The building will he two
stories, with bar room, sitting room,
billiard room and barber shop on the
ground floor and a lodge room on sec-
story. The new hotel will face the
Hume street  and   back onto Reco Ave.
There is an average attendance of
about }$ pupils at the Sandon school,
which is being held in the big Methodist Church lent. The attendance will
increase to about no when hetter accommodations can be furnished. Miss
English, ofCobourg, Out., has taken
Miss Moore's place on the teacher's
At the investigation on Tuesday
evening the police commissioners suspended Chiel' Stuhhs for three days for
allowing Clancy to escape. The public
is still in the dark as to whether Mr.
Stuhhs was rewarded with a three-
days holiday for ridding the community
ofthe obnoxious presence of Clancy or
whether his suspension was due to the
gigantic pull which Albert David
w ields in the community.
J. C. Ryan has let a 300-foot contract on the Eureka property, in the
Blue Ridge camp. Work was commenced this week.
W. W. Warner is opening up a line
ore chute on the Mountain Con. A
tine sample of the ore is exhibited in
front ofthe Reco hotel.
A shipment oi live tons oi ore from
the Peoria was packed down to McGuigan this week. This property was
recently taken over by a reorganized
companv hut no work has been done
The Noble Five mill was started up
on Thursday lor a short run to put thru
the ore that has accumulated in the
stopes and bins from the development
tunnels. The mill will be working
about 15 days.
Settling tanks have been built at the
Ruth mill to catch the silver in the
carbonates and other light substances
which cannot he retained on the tables.
The grade of ore caught in the tanks
contains values as high as sixty ounces
to the ton.
There are 55 men on the payroll at
the Star. A 150-foot winze was recently started which is to open up the ledge
down to where it will he tapped by the
projected long tunnel. Some oj the
finest ore ever found in the mine is
being taken out ofthe winze.
An Interesting Week in the Legislature
At Monday's meeting of the house
the main feature was Hayward's
naturalization resolution, which was
the outcome of the naturalization frauds
Cotton government. The grants to
hospitals are increased by nearly one
half. Ten thousand has been apportioned to the London office.
The grant to county court judges for
sitting as stipendiary magistrates is to
be restored and arrears to the old rate
paid since the reduction was made.
Over four hundred thousand is appropriated to roads, trails and bridges, the
practiced  on the   Fraser in  connection
with the imported Japanese  fishermen. J the Kootenays getting one-third
In bringing  down the estimates   the
The resolution read as follows
Whereas, the provisions ofthe Naturalization Act are believed to be constantly evaded by Chinese and Japanese and
Whereas, it is most desirable that
such practices should be at once stopped;
Resolved, that it is the opinion of this
bouse that an humble address be presented to His Honor the Lieutenant-
Governor, respectfully requesting him
to urge upon the Dominion government
the desirability of amending tbe provisions of the Naturalization Act in such
a manner as to compel all persons
wishing to become naturalized to be
identified hefore a judge of the supreme
or county courts personally.
In moving this resolution, Mr. Hay-
ward said that there seemed to be good
ground for believing that a large number of Japanese had been admitted as
citizens of Canada without having
shown that they were people properly
qualified. The law as it stood at present was inadequate to meet such cases.
After a long discussion in which almost
even member of lhe house was heard
the resolution was adopted by 22 to 7,
the opposition voting solidly against it.
Tatlow of Vancouver has been notified that his presence at the government caucuses is no longer required.
Following so closely on the introduction of his immigration hill, his dismissal from the councils of the Dunsmuir government has considerable significance. It would seem to indicate
that the present government does not
intend lo be in any way identified with
any anti-mongolian legislation whatsoever.
Smith Curtis moved an amendment
to the Vancouver and New Westminster
railway charter limiting the capitalization ofthe cost of the road and the
interest lo five per cent, and giving the
government power to purchase at or
after the expiration of ten years. After
a long debate on Monday and Tuesday
the amendment was voted down by a
solid vote of the government.
The estimates brot down on Tuesday
showing the proposed expenditure of
nearly two and a quarter million,
against a million and a half last year.
Salaries of government servants and
school teachers will be restored to their
former level before, the reductions ofthe
announcement was made that the
mineral tax would be increased from
one to two per cent, on tho product of
all mines shipping over 40 tons a
On Wednesday the principal evem,
in the legislature was the fight over the
report of the railway committee, which
was against granting a charter for another road thru Canadian territory to
the Alaska coast. The government
took the same view on the ground that
it was unwise to build up American
towns on territory which is in dispute
between the two countries. Mclnnis
attacked premier Dunsmuir to the effect
that his opposition was that of an in.
terested party who would benefit by an
all Canadian railway from British Columbia port into Atlin, avoiding the
border line.
The mining committee recommended
that the cost of surver of a quartz claim
be allowed as assessment, no matter
when such survey took place. It also
recommended an amendment by which
deliniquent co-owners could be dispossessed by advertisement in a local paper
instead of by action in court.
On Wednesday the finance minister
made his budget speech. He figured
a net increase of $209,000 in tbe
revenue. The change in the mineral
tax, he said, would require the metalliferous mines to pay a greater percentage on their output, but would relieve
the smaller properties.
A higher import will be placed on
timber, the tax on large incomes will
be increased and the new tax on the
coal output, would realize $70,000.
This tax is five cents a ton besides
the five cents a ton royalty. The
large increase on public works,
$300,000 tin e than last year, was, he
said, because the lasl government had
allowed public works to fall into disrepair.
As Dunsmuir is himself the heaviest
coal producer in the province the people
of H. C. now have the opportunity to
witness the present premier imposing a
tax on himself which all former governments were two weak or too vacillating to exact. The two percent mineral
tax is likely to go thru without opposition. The large producing mines of
the Kootenay have escaped with a re-
diculously low taxation and the proposition to make them pay their way now
that the industry is thoroly established,
will not be seriouly objected to.
The following is a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denver wei e
as follows :���
Aug 1���Gabriel, n fk Carpenter ck, J Bassett.
8���Frederlcson, Silver mt, W Murry.
Union Jack, Cody cr, C Haller.
4���Siiowahoe. ii fk Cariienter ck, H Johnson.
Coyer, nrSBverton, W V Smith.
O L fr, nr It E Lee. T B May.
Johnstown, Carpenter cr, K J Morrison.
S-l'rimeleva, n fk Cnr|>eiitor, J T Kelly.
Id to 1, Four Mile ck, L M Knowles.
8���Drake, Seaton cr, F Johnson.
Franklin, same, F Johnson, C Peterson.
Lena, and Solo, Wilson ck, G S Vanstone.
10���Delegate fr, Cody ck, J Docksteader, A H
11���Castle Town, Eight Mile cr, R Thompson.
Mammoth, Trout ck, T X Neish. Butte, same,
N E Holenjrene. Wanderer, same, R A Brad-
shaw.   Treasurer, same, I Loughead.
Aug 13-Yorkshire Boy. Granite ck, J Tinling
jr. Alie Lincalu, and Beaidwood, same, J R
p^v  ��������
Buik , Fennell ck, B F McXaught.
South Water, Granite ck, A S Roberts.
Eve, nr Cody, A W Grierson.
July 81���Oregon, Main, Deadweight, Argenta.
Aug 1���Tremont, Nicola, Osborn, Snowttake,
Andy. Hardserabble. 2���G O P. 8-Gopher fr,
Butcher, Nancy Lee, Stanley No8, Kelvin, Furlong fr, Cody fr, Eric. 4-Ethel fr. Red Fox,
Red Fox fr, Central, Ella B, Black Hess, Minnie, Little Estella fr, Home Joy. 6���St Paul No
4, Minneapolis, Wren, Daylight, Hovedo. Maple
Leaf, CuitusNoS, Patter & Mcfr, Ava fr. 8���
Lucky Swede, Swede Boy, Eclipse, Glencoe
9���Victoria No 6. 10���Veandory, Maud M, Vean-
dor, Ellise, Ella, Silver Band, Croydon fr, Islington, I veybird, Rodney, Winton. 11��� Imperial,
Snowdon. 13���Silver Cord. America, Lord Roberts, Great Britain.
Aug 2���Mowich, Upatunka,  Fairy, Chetopa.
8���Daylight,  Hoodo.     14���Mary S fr,   Currant,
Aug 4���Butcher, A, Jas Wiggington to H
Clever, July 31.
Aug 5-Hoodo, i, W f Dickson to H B Alexander. May 8, '97.   Same to same, 916 Hoodo.
Aug 7���Turrls, Dewery, Sligo fr, Capella and
Wallace, 1-12 each, A Thompson, Russell Thompson and W D Mitchell to N F McNaught.
Aug 9���Power of attorney re Noonday-Curly
Mines. Hugh Stewart and Andy Stewart to Jos
Aug 11���Bristol fr, Ben Kneebone to John
Carolan and Lawrence Doolan.
July 28���Westslde, n f Springer, A Tuuks.
Empire, same, RI Kirk wood.
. Clyde, divide Springer and Lemon, C H Loen-
Warwick, 1st n f Lemon. J Cross.
Chapleau Extension fr, same, R A Abbott.
24���Pinto, near Summit creek, J A Foley.
Commissary, same, D McLeod.
Regina fr. s f Springer, J E Tattermll.
Toronto, Springer creek, W Clement.
Loretta Mine, divide Springer and Dayton, H
25���Alabama, Twelve Mile, F Anderson.
Francis A, 2nd n f Lemon, G Miller.
27-Maple Leaf, Slocan Lake, R D Mc Vicar.
Buller, 1st n f Lemon, H D Curtis.
New Apex, Lemon creek. J D Reid.
28���Auntie Lala, Caldwell creek, P Hauok.
My Norway Queen, between Tobin and Caldwell creeks,.! E Horrle.
80���Columbus, 1st n f Lemon, H D Curtis.
Waterloo, same., J A Sbupe.
31���Richmond, Tobin creek, T Gray and Paul
Aug 1���Transvaal, Ten Mile, J Kelson.
Rescue, same, B V Rlsdon.
Mountain Goat, Goat creek, J P Driseoll and T
J Baty.
Douni, Lemon creek, M Radcliffe
Wess, same, J Radcliffe.
Rock win, near Two Friends, W Clough.
Carnarvon, Ten Mile. T Davies.
Three Friends, Brindle creek, T J Lloyd.
3���Monument No 3 fr, 5th s f Lemon, J Wafer
and J W Blanch.
Ivey, Twelve Mile, J E Tftttersall.
Myrtle, same, F A Tattersall.
4���N G, 2nd n f Lemon, J Beitedum.
Sand Bank, same, same.
July 23-Middlesex, Hyderabad, Speculator,
Lone Dutchman, Hlnton. 21-Colby, Forty
Nine, Sidelight, Willeth, Sunbeam, Free Gold fr,
King Billy, Manxman. 25-Wasa, Monton,
Clipper. Black Prince, Bonnie Doon. 20-Gari-
baldl for two years Rome for two years. 27-
Balsam, Graphic fr, Mary Alice, Emma E. 28-
Triple Cedar. Tllley, Marionette, Little Dorrltt.
So-Great Western, Grand Trunk, Northern
Pacific, Great Northern, Lone Pine, Exchange,
Silver Plate, Hettle, Quo Vadis, Soldier Boy for
three years, Joxe for three years, Baby Royal,
Lexington fr. 31-Sliver Leaf, Home Hun, St
I^awrence, Copi*r Queen, Copper King, Aqulla
for two years. Aug 1-Happy Jerry, Arlington
No 1 fr. Stephenltc fr. 2-Highland Liurbt.Sllver
Cliff, Sunrise,  4-Kingston. Sunrise fr, Katie.
July 28-Middlesox, J Foley to M Madigan.
Same 1-6, M Madigan to S J Curry
��.V-Blue Coat, J Anderson to M Isaacson.
Sliver Bear, same to same.
27 Two Friends f, A York, J W Clarke, R E
Allen, D Sloan and J Sloan to T Lake, lease for
one vear and option to purchase for 180,000.
31-Exchange i. Sliver Plate 1-0. H Fife to G
E Robinson.
Aug 1-Eva J, M Hecknian to W Harris.
2-Native Silver fr J, C A Haller to M Mauley;
July 28-D Sutherland to R A Bradshaw.
A prospector named Wilson, of Perth,
has just unearthed a large deposit of
iron ore near Crow lake, north of Fron-
tenac. It is the largest deposit of ore
yet discovered in Frontenac county,
and active operations have begun to
sink a shaft.
A Belleville exchange says that the
output of arsenic in North Hastings
promises to he greater than in any
country in the world and that the
owners of arsenical properties will probably realize handsome profits from
this important mineral.
Work was commenced this week on
the foundation of a large addition to
the works in connection with the Belmont gold mine in Marmora and Belmont townships, owned by the Cordova
Exploration Company. The milling-
plant is to be increased by the addition
of forty stamps. This will make the
Belmont mill the largest in Ontario
Mr. D. E. K. Stewart and three other
gentlemen a few days ago purchased
the Kenefic mine in the township of
Anglesea, Addington county. The ore
from this property is mispickle, resembling very much that from the Deloro
mine, and there is a large well-defined
quartz vein, from which very fair assays
in gold and arsenic have been obtained.
The Cordowa Exploration Companv
are preparing to develop their water
power on Deer River falls, lately secured
from the Gilmour Company. This will
supply power for the mine much more
cheaply than by steam. The company
will also increase the number of stamps
in their mill. The Belmont gold mine
is being thoroughly developed and will
be one of the finest mines in Canada
within the near future.
There is a much brighter outlook at
the Malone mine, says the Herald. A
well-defined vein of mispickle has been
struck. Mr. J. W. Lindsay has returned from Nova Scotia and is taking
cbarge of the mill. Mr. Lindsay is an
experienced mill man. He was foreman
at the Deloro mill last year and, needless io say, the results at Malone have
been a great deal different under his
management. The mill is now running
steadily night and day. A large force
of hands has been added.
A meeting of the shareholders of the
Atlas Arsenic Company was held at
Deloro last week. The company have
expended over $80,000 during the last
year in development work, and have
one of the most complete plants in
Ontario, with a ten-stamp mill, compressor and everything required for the
reduction of their ores. Their output
during the month of June was $0,800.
They intend to put in some of the latest
machinery at once for the reduction of
arsenic and concentrates, and expect
that the monthly output will be greatly
At Port Arthur there has been much
development in the iron district. Several American capitalists have invested
extensively, and are sinking shafts at
Intervals on the properties. The Mikado mine at Hat Portage has doubled
its capacity, and other mines are adding
to their machinery. Several gold discoveries have been made at Hat Portage within the past few weeks, and
further iron discoveries have been made
along the north shore. Thirty two
miles of the Algoma Central railway
have been completed at the Soo.
Mr Wilson, of Kingston, who was
last week on a visit to the Sovereign
gold mine, of which he is manager,
returned home Saturday. He took with
him a gold brick weighing forty-two
ounces, valued at nearly $!iiK), which
lias been deposited at the Standard
Hank. This brick was taken from 202
tons of ore and was crushed in 193 hours
Besides the above there are eight tons
of concentrates that have to be treated
hy a different process, valued at $11 BO
a ton. The true "fissure vein" has been
discovered and it is three feet six inches
wide and can ho traced for over two
miles. The mill is now washing n test
run on the ore taken from this vein, the
results of which will he, known in two
Since operations were resumed about
twelve days ago in Mr Harrison's talc
mine, wink h;is hoen steadily pushed
ahead. A carload of thirty-three tons
of the material has been shipped to
Belleville and about -22.") tons more have
been taken up to the G. T. H. station to
be in readiness for shipment as soon as
boats and cars are available. Four
men are now employed about the mine
taking out ore and three teams draw
the stuff to the station. The talc now
being taken out is clean and white and
an idea.of its purity may be had from
the fact that in culling what is now at
the station hardly fifty pounds was
thrown out. Over the shaft a rough
but durable building has been erected,
and in it has been placed a strong hoist,
which is operated with an ordinary
horse power. The Hhaft has been Bunk
between W0 and 40 feet and is 20 or 25
feet wide. This, however, is not the
full width of the vein, as that has not
yet been ascertained. The staff have
commenced work in a drift in a northwesterly direction, and nothing but the
pure white talc is being1 taken out.
There is a great amount of
No one can possess knowledge of
every kind, but everyone oug-ht to
learn what pertains to his duty.���Confucius.
Men (as all philosophers of antiquity
have said) made God in their own
image; which is the reason why the
first Anaxagoras, as ancient as Orpheus,
expresses himself thus in his verses:
"If the birds figured to themselves a
god, he would have wings; that of
horses would run with four legs."���
With reference to some remarks of
mine on missionaries a pious correspondent asks if I do not know who was
the author of a certain command to go
forth into all the earth and preach the
gospel���the Christian gospel. No, I do
not, nor does he, but I know that it has
cost more hundreds of thousands ol
human lives than it contains words.���
Ambrose Pierce.
The peculiar evil of silencing an ex
pression of an opinion is that it is
robbing the human race, posterity as
well as the existing generation, those
who dissent from the opinion still more
than those who hold it. If the opinion
is right, they are deprived of the oppor-
tunity of changing error for truth: if
wrong, they lose, what is almost as
great a benefit, the clearer perception
and livelier impression of truth, pro*
duced by its collision with error ���John
Stuart Mill.
Why should it be taken  for granted
that the men who  devoted  their  lives
to  the   liberation   of   their   fellowmetl
should have been hissed at in the  hour
of death by the snakes of conscience,
while men who defended slavery ���practiced polygamy���justified the stealing
of babes from  the breasts of  mothers,
and lashed lhe  naked   back   of  unpaid
labor,   are   supposed   to   have  passed
smilingly from earth to the embraces ol
the angels?   Why  should   we  think
that  the  brave  thinkers,  the  invest!
gators, tin; honest men, must have  left
the crumbling shore of time in dread
and fear, while the instigators of the
massacre of St. Bartholomew;  the  inventors and users of thumb-gcrews.  of
iron boots and racks;  the  burners and
tearers of human flesh; the stealers, the
whippers, and  the enslavers of men;
the  buyers and   beaters   of   maidens,
mothers and babes;  the founders of the
Inquisition; the makers of chains;  the
bnllders of dungeons;  the calumniators
of the living, the slanderers of the dead,
and even the murderers of Jesus Christ,
all died in  the odor of sanctity,  with
white   hands   folded   upon   breasts of
peace, while the destroyers of prejudice,
the apostles of  humanity,  the soldiers
of liberty, the breakers of fetters,  the
creators of light, died  surrounded  by
the fierce fiends of God?���Inger��oll.
Worth Itemeroberinjg)
grey talc
Avoid as far as possible drinking any
water which has been contaminated by
lead pipes or lead lined tanks.
Avoid drinking water which has been
run through galvanized iron pipes.
Avoid using anything acid which has
also, but this is not being worked, as it been kept in a tin can.
is of an inferior grade. A tramp over, When grippe or other epidemics are
the property shows the quantity to he prevailing wear a little crude sulphur
almost inexhaustible.-Madoc Review.! in your boots or shoes. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, AUGUST U
ION Co., Limited.
*��> \f> *3*
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Furnishing stock at prices away down low.
We will not move anything we can sell.
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1 '!:. y'
*a* n> *i> *��* *��* ^v ***
AV <> \V \V ^*
....     K ��� j
\V V* W *?*
1* 't* 4* 1*
\V v> ^a
*i* *��* *A*
��� v.'.'-.v.:
"���������   In*
'������   rot;
It K. ATHERTON Co.. Limited.
In the  Tent
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The Denver.
Cody Ave.
i v
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Railroad Avenue       -        Sandon.
Advertise paystreak THK PAYSTREAK, SANDON. B. C, AuGUST i*
An Indian sage of ancient time said :
"Who knows not, and  knows not that
he knows not, is a  fool���shun  him."
Yet when I  come to   consider  what a
great poet set down  on   the same sub-
feet, 1 am puzzled to know quite where
I  am  at.    The   hard remarked   that,
"Where ignorance  is bliss, 'tis folly to
he wise !" and really, he seems to me to
give a better idea of the  case than the
Indian   philosopher.    For   instance,   a
man might   not know   that he   was a
fool, and still   be as  happy as  a honey
bee on a flower.    He  might also deem
himself immensly wise and yet be miserable.    In fact,   I entirely  agree with
Solomon   that   knowledge    increaseih
sorrow, and that  your only happy man
is he who knows the least.    For, look
ye what   a burden   learning  is.    The
educated person is a  slave to grammar
and style ; but   the man   in the street
expresses himself freely and picturesquely, and his words strike like a hammer.
And, after all, what do any of us know
���even   the most  erudite ?    Essential
truth is as dark to the man who understands the  differential  and  inferential
calculi as to the man  who only knows,
or thinks he knows, that  two  and two
make  four, and that   there are six in
half a dozen.    Both  the  learned and
the ignorant soon get  to the   circumferences of their circles.
The Trail Smelter.
The smelter at Trail is to be largely
increased, and, according to the Trail
Creek News, the following are the developments contemplated: The capacity of the smelter will be increased
from 700 to 1000 tons per day. There
will alto be a gre.it increase in thc
working force about the works. Two
new lead furnaces will be commenced
at once. Additional roasters for lead
ores are to be built. Another large
copper furnace will be added to the one
already in use. More receiving bins
'are to be built. A new crushing plant
is to be put into operation.
St Eugene Shipments.
Movie, August 13.���Messrs. Gooderham, Blackstock and party reached
here last night and examined the St.
Eugene mine which is controlled by
them. The St. Eugene in the month
of July shipped 2396 tons of ore, and, it
is claimed, produced more ore during
that month than any other silver lead
mine in the United States or Canada
excepting the Silver King mine of
More Martins Needed.
Martin is called a wrecker of govern
ments, but with all his faults there are
too few Joe Martins and too many
Turners, Dunsmuirs, Mackintoshes,
Greenways, Rosses, Whitneys, Laur-
iers, Tuppers and others of their kind,
who are the willing creatures of the
corporations. A Joe Martin is needed
in Ontario.���Citizen and Country.
Cioil Engineer,
Architect, Etc.
P. O. BOX 170        SANDON, B. C.
A. R. Heyland,
Engineer and
Provincial Land
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notary Public.
1$. C.
L L B.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public, Etc.
Established 18U6,
Slocan Mines.
Mining Stocks bought ami Sold. General
Agent for Slocan Proiierties. Promising
Prospects For Sale.
Certificate    of    Improvement)*.
it.uate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay district.   Where  located:    On
Reco Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur S Kurwell,
* acting as agent for John M Harris,
Free Miners' Certificate No 33j!88, intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements
for the purpoce of obtaining a Crown Grunt
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section .17 must be commenced before the issuance of such Certilicate of Improvements.
Dated this Twenty-First day of July, 1900.
Certificate of Improvement*.
Situate in the Slocan Mining division of West
Kootenay   District.    Where located:   On
Payne Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, M. R. W. Rathborne
Free Miner's License No. B.'t!toH7, as agent for
myself and for Fred Steele, Free Miner's
License No. 27031, and for H. B. Alexander
Free Miner's License No. B89008, intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
sec-tic 87 must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this First day of August, A. 1)., 1000.
Application for Transfer of Liquor  License.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date hereof we intend to apply to the
license commissioners of the City of Sandon
for transfer of Star hotel liquor license to
the undersigned, at Mike Kerlin's building,
Reco Avenue Sandon,
Dated at Sandon this loth day of Aug. 1900-
Certificate    of    Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining WvWonot West
Kootenay District. Where located. on
Reco Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I,,Arthur B. FM"
1 well, acting as agent for Fred T. Kelly,
Free Mhu'r's Certilicate No. 88MO. intend,
slm- days fro,., date hereof, to am, > '" '��
Mining Recorder fox a OertlUrate, of f��fi*��T*
ments. lor the purpose of obtaining �� Irown
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37. must be ��oinmeiiced before tin
issuance of such t'ertilicate of Improvementi
Dated this twin��vnr-.t  day of July, I9t0,
Certificate    of    Improvemei.tH.
Situate in the Arrow Late Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located: Headwater* .��f McDonald
Creek, on Red Mountain.
'P-XKK NOTICK that I. Cha* Moore, of
* Kaslo, acting a-agent lor .1. M. Ashton,
Free Miner's Certificate No B 19B10, intend,
>ixty days from date hereof, lo apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificate ol Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant  ol the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section   ST,   must  be  commenced before   the
Issuance oi suae Certificate of Improvement*
Dated this First day of August, 19u0.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Vs nere located : On
the North Fork of Carpenter Creek, about
."> miles from Three Fork*.
Take Notice that 1 Frank L. Christie, acting for myself, Free Miner's Certifloate No
1138106, and as nK��-iit for ( D. Hunter, Free
Miner's Certificate. No. MtiSftT.F Ban tor, Free
Miner's Certific No. ttlSMHc, and Geo. H. Winter
intend sixty days from '''ate hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a Certilicate of Improvement.-,, for tbe purpose of obtaining a
Crown (i rant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action under
Seotiou 37. must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this nineteenth day of June, A D 1W0
Application For Liquor License.
NOTICE l* hereby given that *> days from
date hereof I intend to apply to the license
commissioners of the city of Samlon for a
license to sell all spirituous and fermented
liquors on the.premises formerly occupied by
Mrs. Mclntyre's boarding house
Date I nt Sutidou July Both, 1900,
Transfer of Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that SO days from
date hereof we will apply to the license commissioners of the city of Sandon for permission to transfer the license hebl by Fischer &
Collins*, Central  Hotel, to the Brewery  Hotel.
Sandon, It C, July 19th,
Estate of Scott  McDonald,   Deceased.
All persons having anyolaiois or demands
against the estate of Scott McDonald, late of
apokano-in the State of Washington, deceas-
sd, are required to file the same clearly certi
fled with the undersigned, on or before the
18th day of August WOO,
the said date the executors will proceed to
distribute the estate amongsl the parties entitled thereto, having regard onlv to tho
claims of Which they shall thenXve�� bad
Solicitor,, for Executors.
Meets in Crawford'* Ha'l ev��rj WednenUj
Evaning   Visiting Brethern oordiallj luvited
to attend.
.1. D M�� LACOHLAN. 0, C.
Subscribers, tl.OO i>er month
Private Patients l.ou per day,exclusive of nxpenee of physician nr
���Urgeon ami drugs.
Da   W.  F.   Gomm. Attendant Physician
MlssS M   Chihik.i.M,  Matron
J   1). Mi Lai i.HI.im. President
W.I.  IUiil.i:n, Secretary
Wm. Imnaiu'K. J   VMahiik, R   ) McDui
AgOL'flJ. Mi lH.jiAi.il. Mikk IlRki'T. Direoton
I. 0. 0. F.
S1LVF.R CITY Lot 01 NO ��.
Meetings every Friday Evening ��t Tie In
Crawford'*   Hall Visiting   brethren *?������
cordially invited to attend
Secretary. Noble Grand
A. F. & A. M.
Regular Communication held Mr.t Thursday in ea-h month in Masonic Hall at g P M
Soiouniiing brethern are cordisIIJ Invltwltn
THoM vs Browm
Service for the year 1900
will be commenced ���'! N"
tOth. The ** Imperial Llnd"
ted" takes yon ncroM the
Continent in four days without cnange. if in a solid
vestlbnled train, luxnrlonriJ
equipped with every portiM*
essential for tlie comfort ami
convenience of Possenjfer*.
Ask your friends who Im*'
travelled on it. or addreM
.!. It. Crudge,
Agent. Sandon.
E. .1. Coyle.       W. V. Ander*)".
A. <J. 1\ A., T. V. A.
Vancouver. It. 0.
I. i ��� ��������   ..
Velson, !�����* ���
;uriboo Creeh Deoelopments.
Writing from Burton City, VV. (j.
Clark sends in * budget of news of the
Cariboo Creek cnlnp. On the Chief-
|u. has seven men at work and ihe
rtv  is   >lunving   up   better  than
lU'r- /��� I .   'L
lamicson, on Canyon creek, a tnbu-
,ary of Cariboo creek above the Chief-
i',iii, has .1 fine properly in the Hail-
^oiin und Halifax claim*. He has a
<hipmenl of ore on  lhe  dump, but the
ickci want $30 a Ion lo lake il down
10 ihe landing. Good roads are badh
needed and until they are built the lack
,f transportation facilities will keep this
promising district back.
Two Rossland companies have small
mtfits working on the Reco and Portland claims, from which tfood reports
,i, ' .'.id. The Silver Hla/e is working 10m nun. The Silver Queen com-
p.,ni shareholders had a meeting on
ihe 28th of last month at which it was
decided i>> assess ihe slock to develop
lhe property.
Burtoniles have gone ranch crazy.
There is some fairly j^ood land along
ihe Columbia bottom which is being
rapidly taken up for truck farms.
Byron   N-   White,   who   has   been
spending a few days at lhe SI nan Slar,
left for Spokane on Wednesday. He
recently returned from ihe White Horse
Rapids country, on the Yukon, where
he and Pete Larsen of railway fame
have a most promising copper proposition. Judging from present indications, Byron considers the While Horse
Rapid' district one of the coming great
iiipper ^imps of lhe world.
flu seductive American game Ol
Karo has made its appearance in the
ramp again and together with black
jack, stud, roulette craps, chuckluck,
.uid oilier moveable securities will
furnish amusement lor the suckers
during the long autum evenings that
will soon lv here.
K. 11. Trueman closed up his lent
studio on Wednesday and left lor the
main line. He will visit Field, Glacier,
and Banff to replenish his views ol
scenery along the C. V. R. He will
build .1 studio in Sandon which he will
occupy on the occasion of his next visit,
in October.
rhe lily Clerk's ollice is now to he
found in the rooms above Misses Mc-
Kinnon's millinery establishment.
When I die 1 wish but two words
written on mv tombstone- "infidel"
and "traitor." ' Infidel to a church that
could be at peace in the presence of sin;
iraiior to a government that was a
magnificient conspiracy against justice.
Wendell Phillips.
Misses A. & m. ricKinnon
The Business heretofore conducted
by Hunter Bros, will betaken over
Next month by
The \ew_Firm will carry a larger
Stock thcin Ever and hope to receive
the same liberal Patronage that has
been extended to the old firm of
.1. R. CAMERONfash,0Kr
We are now Carrying a Heavy Line of
Which we will dispose of at the
liver Heard of in the Kootenay.
Don't Fail to Examine our Stock
and Compare our Prices.
Cleaned. Dyed, Pressed and
Sandon Bottling Co.
������. Manufacturer  of I���
Carbonated  Drinks
of all   kiniltf.
Cody Ave.
I    Nothing Succeeds  Like Success.
The Prettiest and Cheapest
You ever saw are now on hand,
We can't keep Enough in Stock and
We make every uay
a��_      Arrnpniisir. JO ftDnCD       _#
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White Metal Camp on Earth.
Subscription    -   -   -   -    $2.00 a year.
Strictly in advance.
William MacAdams,
Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, B. C, AUGUST 18,  igoo.
There are many indications that the dominion election
will take place in October. The voters' lists used in the
provincial election on June 9th will be used for the dominion election. As there is likely to be a revision previous to
election all who are not already on the list should have
their names placed thereon at once.
Tatlow, of Vancouver, has introduced a bill in the
legislature to regulate immigration. It provides that the
immigration into British Columbia of any person who,
when asked to do so by the officer appointed under the
act, shall fail himself to write out and sign, in the characters
of some European language, an application to the secretary
of the province of British Columbia, to the effect of the
form set out in schedule 4'B'' annexed to tho act, shall be
It was to make room for this legislation that the government sidetracked Mclnnes' labor bill. The difference
between the Tatlow bill and the Mclnnes bill is that Tatlow undertakes to provide against Mongolian immigration,
which is a matter largely in the hands of the dominion
government, whereas Mclnnes confined himself to provincial jurisdiction by legislating only regarding the employment of people already within the province.
If Tallow's bill is passed and it does not conflict with
any dominion immigration regulation it may accomplish
something toward shutting the Asiatics out.
If Mclnnes' bill were passed it could not conflict with
any dominion immigration regulation and it would assure
the early departure of the Mongolians from the province
altogether.    Mclnnes' bill was the better legislation.
The Japanese government has issued an imperial
edict which aims to prohibit the emigration of Japs to
Canada or the United States. This destroys the usefulness
of Laurier's "Imperial reason" bluff. If Wilfy wants to
stand in with the Jap government now he will have to
switch the cut and deal out law that will help the emperor
of Japan to keep the Japs at home. But that would be
exclusion.    Would  Wilfy's managers stand for that ?
Hugh John Macdonald is being travelled thru Ontario
like a prize steer at a county fair. The managers of the
conservative hippodrome are exhibiting him to the natives
as the all-around athlete who knocked out the Greenway-
Sifton-Bill-Dan-and-Van outfit and caught the temperance
vote of the hay rubes from the prairies. The fact that
Hugh John crawfished on his government railway policy-
does not figure to any great extent in his list of accomplishments, but his imitation prohibition law is given all the
prominence it will stand. It begins to look as tho a grand
stand play was being made in Manitoba to catch the votes
of the Ontario temperance fanatics.
On the eve of a dominion election, after three years
of robbery and mal-administration the dominion government has decided to revoke the ten per cent, royalty clause
and has promised to give the Yukon representation.
The administration of  the   affairs of  the Yuk
..on will
forever be a dirty spot on Canada s record. The ten per
cent, royalty was, all things considered, greater than the
tax imposed by Paul Kruger. The Britishers in the Trans.
vaal found cause for an overthrow of the Boer government
in the fact that they had no representation therein. The
Yukon ifnly this week received a promise of representation
in the dominion parliament. The Uitlanders in Johannes.
burg complained because they had no municipal govern-
ment. Dawson is still without a municipal government.
It was charged that Paul Kruger sold water and light
monopolies to private speculators who gouged the people.
The Yukon administration not only did the same thing
but it disposed of water front privileges to the N. A. T. Co,'
gave toll bridge rights to side partners of Major Walsh,'
handed over almost a complete monopoly of the timber
rights in the vicinity of Dawson to prize-fighter Slavin
and put up every other skin game that could he made to
drag an extra dollar out of the people who went to the
Yukon to open the country up. And, as tho that were not
enough, the record office was made the home of the most
rotten system of corruption that has ever come to light in
America. The justice department was made a perfect
burlesque, and the officials from [op to bottom were eon-
sorts of prostitutes, thieves, grafters and official  liars.
These things are patent to every reasonable man in
Western Canada. Everyone in this country knows that
the Yukon officials Irom Walsh and Ogilvie down to the
cheapest swamper around the record ollice were all out with
their mitt. Everyone in this country knows that the Yukon
administration was a systematic swindle from start to
finish. And yet we find politicians and newspapers east
and west whitewashing the government with all its corruption and hailing t'.ie announcement of intended reforms asa
triumph of justice lor the Yukon.
Every government in every land reflects the morals ot
the people who create it, and the people of Canada must he
superlatively dishonest and corrupt or thev would not stand
tor such dishonesty and corruption as lias been practised in
the Yukon since ever the gold fields were opened up.
The Sifton Liberal machine in Manitoba has nominated Valentine Winkler, a Mennonite, to contest the
constituency of Lisgar against R. '��.. Richardson. With
the possible exception of Frank Oliver in North Alberta,
Richardson is the only liberal in the dominion parliament
who has stood consistently by the '96 platform of the liberal
party. He is an out and out free trader, an uncompromising champion of the people's cause, and an ardent
opponent of railway subsidies and elevator monopolies.
For faithfulness to the people who elected him the Sifton
liberals will spare no effort to down him at the next election,
Ik the Labor organizations in Yale, Cariboo and
Kootenay would put up a candidate for the dominion parliament they could elect him without a struggle. Neither
liberals nor conservatives are organized for tho federal
contest and the people of this province have a hearty mistrust ofthe old party line politicians. The strength of the
labor unions was demonstrated at the recent provincial
elections, and many voters outside the organizations would
vote for a labor candidate because they recognize that from
the workingmen themselves must emanate the legfislation
which is necessary to our country's salvation.
By   a   REFERENDUM   the   labor   organizations   in  l,u'
dominion have decided  that  it is   in   tlie   best    interests ot ,
labor to enter dominion  politics and   place straight labor
candidates in the field for the forthcoming elections.    Ra'P11
smith is spoken of as the probable leader of the party. BIIXED���A   SON.
n mthft report-Killed: White, Oli-
(^tconipany H, Thirty-Sixth In-
L fvfti;t',.Vi i��� action at Calamba, May
n.,t in tli�� Philippine" (can't tell whore,
�� w exactly, tho'Pa*M����d
aii itifiveMnllieatlIs there)
Ollle-but, mebbe, you've heard ?-ls dead.
.,. ,���.s���ys that it mayn't lie so;
Thlngl in thfl papers ain't always rlfrht.
BoeoUlly namai-bat I know. I know!
(gllled, In action, OUw White.)
Uui'be011ifl   for It's the same
' ReglmentH i|mny,even, too.
pglmliti:   "It'saeomir.oiiniiine;
We'll K hop",,mt t,U! ,U!WS "'" l lrue"
Y,i why, when lha paper come to day.
Was 1 cif a Kiuld.n took with fright
Bre ever I saw what it had to say ?
(gllled, i" action, Oliver White.)
pew, I reckon, will think It's him;
"Oliver" MUndl M stiff and queer;
Toallthe peopla h.-'s "Spike" ami '���Sllin"-
Uootienpeke of him different, here.
Wasn't the Headiest kind of lad;
[joafed   a little? and driink-a mite;
But, then,he wasn't precisely bad.
Killed, In action, Oliver White.)
And p rape we ought to be gbd he went
I iruwlllln���1 cried a l>lt,
itut ihoughi if aoldlerln' was his bent
This irrong to keep him away from It.
And ii'�� ii"' people who called him wild
Ajid good-for-nothing, will Me tiny might
Hev all misjudged blm -my child! my child:
vKiil it in action, Oliver White.)
The recent absorption of the Hank
of British Columbia by the Canadian
Rmk of Commerce (Hrcct9 attention
tn the centralization of capital now
going on in Canada. It is announced
that when the purchase is completed
the capital of the Bank ot Commerce
will he $8,000,000, and its reserve
$:,,000,O0OJ making its total working
cupital $10,000,000, It will have
sixty-nine branches in Canada and
t o United States.
It is idle to say that this amalgamation is called for by thc growing
needsofthe Dominion. The number
of commercial transactions in Canada
is small compared with those of the
United States, yet there, are only two
banking institutions in the United
S ales that, will now outrank the Hank
ol Commerce. The fact that bank
in;: institutions are proportionately
larger here than in the United States
is because our laws afford opportuni
lies for centralization, while the people of the United States have for the
past 60 years viewed with suspicion
any move tending to centralize "the
money power" and have steadily
ui'|*>sed any attemp directed to that
end. Here, a bank may establish
any number of branches, while in
tlu* United States no bank is i>er-
niitted to have more than one office.
'lie Hank of Commerce has taken
wcr the Hank of British Columbia,
��ot because the business interests of
'ne Dominion require it, but because
���'de ires to increase the volume of
118 business and the profits of its
Not only do our laws offer facilities
for the concentration of capital to an
extent known in few,  it any,  other
lu,fK but the configuration of the
THE PAY8TBEAK, SANDON. ft. n   mn* ,,   lm
population afford opjiortunittes to use
that power to an extent that it can
be used in no other country. In the
United States population is comparatively compact, and an attempt of the
moneyed interests to exert an undue
influence in publio affairs at once
arouses the people who can take
united action to circumvent them.
But a bank magnate at Montreal or
Toronto can bring his whole tremendous power to bear at any point in
Canada, while population is so scattered and the interests ofthe various
provinces so diverse, that it is next
to impossible to secure united puhlic
action against his encroachments.
When we incorjtorated the Canadian Paci c Railway Company we
created a body which now dominates
the Parliament to which it owes its
existence. Our course in connection
with the banks seems likely to lead
to similar results. If the banks and
railways join forces, as now seems
quite likely, we might as well throw
up our hands ���Toronto Sun.
Mon and the sparseness of our
"I-gol, maw," ejaculated Lab Juc-
kctt, a gajMiiouthed, peaked headed
Arkansaw youth, ujmjii his return
Irom an afternoon stay in the county
seat, "I'm a-goin' to be an editor
whin I git a little older."
"Why, pshaw, Labby," returned
his mother. "How do you know
you'll ever be smart enough ?"
"Hoh! Don't you ever worry
about that!" confidently replied the
ambitious young man. "While pap
was talk in' boss-swap with a feller I
sawter dropped Into the office of the
Weekly Banner and see how the
whole thing was done. The place
was a dirty fr >nt room upstairs, with
a dirty back room behind it, that
had a greasy dinned machine in it
that locked right smartly like a
cider press, and a lazy man apickin'
little hunks of lead out of a flat box
with cubby holes in it, The editor
was in the front room a editin; he
was BCttin' and smokin' and cuttin'
pieces ot printin'out of a newspaper
with a pair of shears, and cussin' the
hard times and ihe opposition party.
Bime-bye some feller across the street
shot one of tbe front windows out
with a load of slu s and the editor
cussed some more; and directly a man
came in and the editor told him
blankety-blank p'intedly that he
wouldn't donate no more printer's ink
to bo used in tar and featherin' persons that wasn't subscribers to tbe
paper. Pretty soon another fellow
came up and give the editor a jug of
lickcr which he proceeded to taste,
and then taste some more, and so on,
every now and then; and directly be
mit cussin' and began to grin,
circus tickets for nothin', and they
took a drink together, and the plug
hat man whacked him on the shoulder and told him he ought to move to
the city. After the plug hat man
was gone the editor took another
drink, and directly he said that
times 'peared to be gettin' easier, and
he didn't care who shot hin front windows out it they enjoyed the performance, and if he didn't feel so tired
he would go out and hunt up the tar
and feather man that wanted the ink
and give him all he could carry
away. Then he took a few more
drinks and directly rolled off from
his chair and went to snorin' under
the table. Shucks! I guess I am
smart enough to be an editor myself,
right now,''
Bozeman, Mont. ��� The Comstock
lode has produced more gold and silver than any other group of mines in
the United States, and for that reason
is known to the greater part ot the
people of America, and especially to
every western man who has ever
had anything to do with mining,
either directly or indirectly.
Comstock was buried in the cemetery ot Bozeman in September, 1870,
without any of the usual mourning,
pomp or display which is usually
accorded to a great discoverer or a
great man, tor who in those early
Irontier days of thirty years ago
cared what became of a broken down
miner, without a cent ot money and
no hopes or prospects, and who had
disobeyed the laws of his Maker and
taken his life with his own hand?
Comstock came to Bozeman with a
remnant of the "Big Horn Expedition" in the fall of 1870 from Cheyenne, Wyo. He was a big, strong,
dark complexioned pioneer, but when
he arrived in Bozeman was broken
both in spirits and finances. His
mind was deranged by the loss ot the
Comstock lode, which he had been
swindled out of, and he could be in
duced to talk only when some one
mentioned mines or mining. Even
to those friends with whom he came
to the little frontier settlement, he
would not speak except on rare
occasions. One day he stepped out
of tbe little log cabin he was living
in, which some years ago could be
found at the rear of Osborne's drug
store, and which, at that time, was
next to tbe county jail, and walking
to a hole made by fie builders of the
jail to get dirt to cover the root of the
county's first lock-up, he got down
into it and shot himself just abovt the
right temple with a revolver. Judge
A. D. McPherson was passing by at
the time and turned when he heard
the pistol shot in time to see Corn-
Then stock fall over.   The bole being only
or money the county of Gallatin provided the necessary coffin and he
was buried in September, 1870; in a
little plot on the hill. Some years
later distant relatives wrote concerning his demise, but on learning he
had left no effects or fortune, no
further inquiries as to how or where
he was interred were made.
Rather than let the name and last
resting place of Comstock be lost forever, there is a movement on foot to
erect a suitable monument over his
grave, to take the place of tbe little
mound of earth now covered with
weeds and grass.���The Minneapolis
three dollars und didn't take anything was expsed.   The judge and oecu
���way and the editor took another pants of the cabin run ��the hole and
Hnl    Next thins a plug hat man found Comstock breathtng,  bu   lite
e up a d gav   I, " a whole lot of, was soon ex.inet.   Having no fnends
The Episcopal Bishop Anderson has
a daughter of four. The other day the
family entertained some friends from
Denver. In the visiting family there
was a little girl of the same age as the
Anderson child. Her family were Presbyterians. It was proposed that the
two little girls share the same bed,
which was assented to by the children.
When bedtime came they both knelt
down to say their prayers in unison.
When little Miss Anderson was say ���
ing, "Forgive us our trespasses," she
heard her companion say, "Forgive us
our debts," and she said, sharply:
"It's'trespasses!' "
"No it ain't," said the Denver Calvin-
ist.   "It's 'debts.' "
Out  flew a chubby   Anderson
which   struck   a   Presbyterian
There was a mixup immediately.
"Now it's 'trespasses,' ain't it?"
"No," said she.stoutly. "It's 'debts'"
Peace was restored, and the two consented to go on with the prayer. When
they came to the end the little Presbyterian said "Amen," giving the flat "a"
of the dissenters, while the little Episcopalian intoned "Ah-men," with the
broad sound to the first vowel.
"Amen," repeated the Presbyterian.
"Ah-men," said Miss Anderson, with
They were only saved from another
encounter by being bundled into bed.
As the door was closed upon them each
was still maintaining her idea of pronunciation.���Chicago Chronicle.
Napoleon Bonaparte, when a poor
lieutenant, took the agency for a work
entitled "L'Histoiie de la Revolution."
In the foyer of the great Palace of the
Louvre can be seen to-dav the great
emperor's canvassing outfit, with the
long list of subscribers he secured.
George Washington, when young,
canvassed around Alexandria, Va., and
sold over 200 copies of a work entitled
"Bydell's American Savage."
Mark Twain was a book agent.
Longfellow sold books by subscription.
Jay Gould, when starting in life, was
a canvasser.
Bismarck, when at Heidelberg, spent
a vacation in canvassing for one of
Blumenbach's handbooks.
The Payne ore shipments this week
are 210 tons and for lhe month to dale
total 420 tons. Thc Star shipped 50
tons over the C. P. R. this week. The
Ruth shipped 16 tons this week and 74
last week. The American Boy and the
Trade Dollar shipped 21 tons each.
From Whitewater the Whitewater
lias shipped 318 ions this month.
Filbert Cafe,
E. P. BURNS, Prop.
All   the   Delicacies   of the
Good Cooks are
Not Made.
The Kitchen Mechanic at the
Sandon Chop House
Is a scientist in the culi-
ncry line. Drop in and
get a
Square Meal.
Everything New, Neat, Clean
and Tasty.
The Place to get the Best
Meal in the Citq.
In accordance with the Fire
By-law it is hereby ordered
that all stove pipes running
out of buildings, tents and
shacks within the city limits
must be removed on or before
the first day of October and
brick chimneys constructed
on all such buildings.
John Buckley,
Acting Mayor.
In a Small Shack But   Ready
To do a Large Business.
The New Clifton
This house has recently been
We Serve the Best
Regular Dinner
-K^Jn the City. ^>>
rs    and    Prospectors.
No mistake in ordering your
Shoes from "Louis." No cheap work
but all Work cheap. Everything
Flume Street. Sandon.
.V ... V. .V ...
We have the finest line of Prospecting Supplies
that can be found in lhe Country. Do not over-
look our stock when Outfitting for your Summers's
work in the hills.
Scarcely noticeable in children
assumes dangerous proportions
with advancing years. A proper
correction now will prevent serious complications later.
Completed and Fitted up. It
is one of the Nicest Hotels in
the Kootenay. If you have
an hour or a day to spend in
town do not   fail to  call upon
John Buckley.
Q. W. Grimmett,
Wall  Paper.
All  Kinds,
Shades, Colors,
$���$ Heavy Stock on the $[$
$fc way from  Montreal. $�����
Don't   Order
Till gou see our Stock.
Thomas Milne & Co.
H. BYERS 4 Co.
Shelf and Heavy
Plumbing*, Tinning
Sheet Iron  Work.
Mine and .Mill
Blacksmith Tools,
Powder, Gaps and Fuse
P. BURNS cS: Co.
Wholesale and Retail   Dealers  in
Fresh   and    > Fish and )  Dressed   and
Cured   Meats >   Oysters.   S Live   Poultry
Sandon. Rossland, Nelson, Greenwood
Crockery    =    Crockery
We Have Just Received 2
A Large Shipment of \
Finest Crocen a
We Carry Manu. Grades   and   Can  Quote  Pri
to Suit Your Circumstances.
ccs a
I Call and See our Stock.


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