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The Paystreak Apr 10, 1900

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Array /V/^Za,
)K IV.
me Last Chance shipped 4<> ums of
[this week.
Hex Smith of Kaslo was in town
\V. Day visiled Slocan lake points
week veiling carbonated etTervea-
Lent is  nil, or al least  that is wlial a
fig lady who goes to church told us
It.   and   Mrs.   K.   O.   Mathcson   of
BrtOn paid   Sandon a visit on   Mon*
and Tuesday.
|). Williamson arrived from Glas-
on Tuesday and is staying with
(brother, James.
lominntinns for mayor and aldermen
take place*on the   17th.    Elections
Bie 10th.
���tores, hanks and other mercantile
lit wi ions closed yesterday in obser-
|on of Good Friday.
[here will be a meeting of the Lib-
[1 Association Thursday night, IQtH
I in the Court House.
here  will  be a dance  in  Virginia
on   Monday evening,   g\ven In the
id.     A good time is promised.
IV. J. Armstrong & Co. have opened
liloring establishment  next door to
premises recently occupied by Geo.
i\     The)  will put in a heavy stock
lotlus and will   wake a speciality of
lies' tailoring.
Tlu' Star mill has been running since
Indn* morning and the mine will be
(���handed   in   a  few   days.    A  new
lv of ore was  found in  Ihe west drift
���  week, hut it is too   early yet to de-
mine the extent of the chute.
he Filbert cigar store is moving
doors lower down   the street.      The
fc\ store will he larger and more com-
lious with special accomodations for
gentlemanly but persistent "ruhber-
i* who can't jar loose   from Jimmy's
irming company.
Messrs John Kockncv an J Pete" Xcl-
have manufactured a new patent
Indstone velocipede of the narrow
kgestandard of whHi they are justly
)ud. They claim lal the new mane is a wonder for peed and dura-
Ity and expect to ar nge a race with
111 Daly or a K c*v express; the e\-
^ss preferred.
iandon restaurant keepers have collided to raise the price of meals and
realter there will be no two hit din's, 35 cents being minimum price.
R subscribers to the agreement are
IB   Miners'   Hotel,    Klonkykc,   Van-
���ver, Balmoral, Mrs. Mclntyre, Cliff-
Hi House, Central Hotel, The Palace
\fe  and the   Denver.    The   new rate
.'s into effect Monday.
The Appealed Votes.
Lip to the   time of going to press we
ve   not   been   able to  ascertain  just
it   course should be   persued by the
is whose votes have been protested.
e  law  is hazey  in   tbe. matter  and
rns to   imply   that  the parties   must
tear at   the court   of revision,   which
rse is manifestly impossible as there
several   hundred   living  some dis-
tance removed from Kaslo; The col
lector is evidently at sea in the matter
as he recommended employing a lawyer.
This would be equally absurd. The
course we would recommend is for
voters who have been protested against
to make affidavits before a Notary
Public and forward these to be presented at the court.
The probabilities are that the whole
objection will be upset, either on the
grounds of conspiracy or invalid notices.
The law provides that the name of the
objector should be placed on each notice
of objection. This has not been done
and the notices will probably be declared invalid. The names of all the
parties implicated in the affair have not
come out yet, but if a prosecution on
the grounds of conspiracy is commenced
against the conspirators one of the
dirtiest election games that has ever
conie to light in Canada will he shown
up. A year or two in the penitentiary
would provide these clever gentleman
an opportunity to refresh their intellects.
Go Slow Gentlemen.
Altho no motion to that effect has
appeared on the minutes of the city
council meetings the city solicitor has
been instructed to take action to prevent the Slocan Star and Ruth companies from clumping their tailings
into the creek. The council's contention is that the concentrate tailings
wear out the Hume and that the company should take care of their tailings
and not dump them into the creek.
In taking tliis matter up the city
council should be more than careful.
The prosper-!tv of Sandon depends more
on the Star than on any other mine.
The Star people are the most reasonable milling company that Sandon people have had lo deal with. The tailings
were running into the creek before
the Hume was built and the council at
the time they built the Hume were conversant with the fact that the tailings
were being dumped into the creek.
The Hume cost $15,000 in the first
place and a fraction of that keeps it in
repair. The Star pays out $7,500 a
month wages, almost all of which stays
right in Sandon. Co gently on this
question gentlemen until you find out
just where xou are at. Annoying mining companies is not the best way to
encourage the building and operation
of concentrators within the immediate
neighborhood of the city limits.
There was an organization meeting
of the football club in the Filbert on
Wednesday evening. The officers elected were: Management committee,
Byrori Cliffe, John Crawford, Andrew
Grierson; captain John Gusty; secretary
W. F. Lawson; vice-president Chas.
VValmslev; president Wm.   MacAdams.
John S. Gusty and W. F. Lawson
were chosen as'delegates to the meeting to be held in Sandon next week for
the purpose of forming a league. Sandon, Silverton and Kaslo will be the
three leaf combination which will compose the league.
M. A. Gardner will take over the
Miners' Restaurant on Monday. Harry
Odarns the former proprietor left yes-
In appealing to you as the Premier
of the Province I beg to lay before you
the platform of the new Government as
i. The abolition of $200 deposit for
candidates for the Legislature.
2. The bringing into force, as soon
as arrangements can be completed, of
the Torrens Registry system.
3. The Redistribution of the constituencies *on the basis of Ihe population, allowing to sparsely populated
districts a proportionate larger representation than to populous districts and
4. The enactment of an accurate system of government scaling of logs, and
its rigid enforcement.
5. The re-enactment of the disallowed Labor Regulation Act, 180,8 and
also all the statutes of i8qq, containing
anti-Mongolian clauses if disallowed as
proposed by the Dominion Government.
6. To take a firm stand in every
other possible way with a view of discouraging the spread of Oriental cheap
labor in this Province
7. To provide for official inspection
of all buildings, machinery and works,
with a view of compelling the adoption
of proper safeguards to life and health.
X. With regard lo the Kight-hour
Law the Government will continue to
enforce the law as it stands. An immediate enquiry will he made by the
Minister of Mines into all grievances
put in connection with its operation,
with a view of bringing about an amicable settlement. If no settlement is
reached the principle of the referendum
will he applied and a vote taken at the
general election as to whether the law
shall be repealed. If the law is sustained by the vote it will he retained
upon the statute book with its penalty
clause. If modifications can be made
removing any of the friction brought
about, without impairing the principle
of the law they will be adopted. If the
vote is against it the law will he repealed.
9. To re-establish the London Agency
of British Columbia, and to take every
effective means of bringing before the
British public the advantages of this
province, as a place for the profitable
investment of capital.
10. The retaining of the resources of
the Province as an asset for the benefit
of the people, and taking effective
measures to prevent the alienation of
the public domain, except to actual settlers or for actual bona fide business, or
industrial purposes putting an end to the
practice of speculating in connection
with the same.
ii. The taking of active measures
for the systematic exploration of the
12. The borrowing of money for the
purpose of providing roads, trails and
bridges, provided that in every case the
money necessary to pap the interest and
sinking fund in connection with the
loan shall be provided by additional
taxation so as not to impair tbe credit
of the Province.
13. In connection with the construction of Government roads and rails, to
provide by the employment of competent civil engineers and  otherwise that
the Government money is expended
upon some system which will be advantageous to  the  general   public, so
that the old system of providing roads
as a special favor to supporters of tlie
Government may be entirely discontinued.
14. To keep the ordinary annual expenditure within the ordinary annual
revenue, in order to preserve intact the
credit of the Province, which is its best
15. To adopt a system of Government construction and operation of railways, and immediately to proceed with
the construction of a railway on the
south side of the Fraser river connecting the coast with the Kootenay district, with the understanding that unless
the other railways now constructed in
the Province give fair connections, and
make equitable joint freight and passenger arrangements, the province will
continue this line to the eastern boundary of the Province. Proper connection
with such Kootenay railway to be given
to the Island of Vancouver, With respect toother parts of the Province, lo
proceed to give to every portion of it
railway connection at as early a date as
possible, the railway when constructed
to.be operated by the Government
through a Commission.
ib. A railway bridge to be constructed in connection with the Kootenay
railway across the Fraser river, at or
near New Westminster, and running
powers given ewer il lo any railway
company applying for the same under
proper conditions.
17. In case it is thought at any time
advisable to give a b.'ni s to any railway cemparty, the sune to be in cash,
and not by way of land grant; and no
such bonus except upon the condition
that a fair amount of the bonds or
shares of the company be transfrred (o
the Province, and effective means taken
to give the Province control of the
freight and passenger rates, and provision made against such railway having liabilities against it except actual
18. To take away from Lieuteuant-
Governor-in-Council any power to make
substantive changes in the law, confining the jurisdiction entirely lo matters
of detail in working out the laws enacted by the Legislature
19. The establishment of an institution within the Province for the education of the deaf and dumb.
20. To repeal the Alien Exclusion
Act, as the reasons for justifying its
enactment no longer obtain
21. An amicable settlement of the
dispute with the Dominion Government
as to Deadman's Island, Stanley Park
and other 1. nds, ai d an arrangement
with Mr. Ludgate, by which, if possible,
a sawmill industry may be established
and carried on on Deadman's Island,
under satisfactory conditions, protecting the interests of the public
22. Proper m.'ans of giving technical
instruction to miners and prospectors.
Hospital Notes.
Mike Brady is the only patient in the
hospital now. He has a bad case of
the grippe which will keep him indoors
for some time.
Dick Orando has presented the hospital  with a glass water  set, for which
the management is respectfully thankful. To Geo. Grimmett they are also
indebted for installment of literature.
;;.:t��i I
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Aftftbe asaal salou:     , t^
' tb* women asked to ice */,*-*
'A'hat kind?'' inquired Um
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el*eiwdesceBe^,*M-i��**7 What *^he pricera*k
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mt imtrt ia ti. beat clean ���
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il taa 4 ��*-ea a bog?
Tea anas*-- *    ^rahfaH����d:
aerfera-er aaace. vb�� mm ���'
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eo*gaUTprioTertbs.b^^tb��: :ok��r�� bUck  dr*-s* pa
.. -re di>al   wa;.'
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. yoaare. Jim eaile-i
U*r thi* morain in tbe corn dVi
f u*> �� portr fhore to
back dreaa belore tbe acrk��
.i ��i
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brad aad teOnaj bam ta kve�� am heart
aadaamBfm* the mm!    Vmai hi mm
:if* i^-'-i:: -.i: >-"���: ������"-*.-*r-: l; :i-
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i far as th'
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th��- h<*w   -   ���        aa
���g* lia* l**-��*n - ���   ��� i  ���
(out --r five v.-ar* I |*i��:r��    ���
*��aV ul it      ' *f
���  \ou can t. hml  I  ho*-
'��� which one (ti "�� ha** *ro< t
X X'
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���  \t la** arcrtunt**        "
Mr* H _*�����*��� ��   - -
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HoogfctAu. Mscb ���Two m--��r;'  ��� aj*a a ��in
fitnare rein, taiivia*** wha:  ��** *nr>-   aitd j'enuih--.l polH   ��
���   ���
'' '         -".'
-.>  ::-.--
X ZAA'S.Ti       ".-' '-      ���  ".   *.U*rrr
S aaaa," be amid alamd imlectiwelv. aad
said Carnal
l iaara dba emf��T pipe oa the
��� - ���.-* -
��� :^: w.:-. ...;    ;-i:   : ...v   :vi:
' ��� "���:���''.' "..
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.. "t ~.,.
i       :��rw:  ;.;-:   ::���_-!  *-. :-.   *-.���>_ .-: *.i
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T*>erewv* * r***.;.e *aa at the doorla^ait. M ���:
-   :*   :--  :   -:   :  ^z.   i-:   .':::         '-���:-:::
:>.i!a��;.:< s i-:i:-    :   :���-:--r
"A 49." i
:t vi ;.��� ;.;������-1 r..-   ������   ". -     ;   -?���-;
��� "/. *���;    ;*r_. .-".
eaant keei
m, it's thoo. Camam .s��*aa." he aaid 1 said ihe b>
.i' "��������'��� -.>.-.    ; *<   :-r ��.���   --:-.���-���:    :������>:: v<r : ���
rrarl ?h new* d be ���rerasaij -rooad tkm as Aa
" " r.   ��� -
��� r��r- t"   sti r.-w. "  vi. : C:"^��.r.
':   :  ri:
i.�� -v- �����.,: ��� .- : ��� : '.-.'- ~ :   *-.*
�� ��� ~." - -    w ���_.
-���: : ���.   : ".���:'.��� ������ j ��� i ����� ; .* .-. . -_ -   ��- ;
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��� .;  eaam  ihawt.  Ther atv ra
A w; ."���.*
!*:���.  -;>--��   ;   ���      ���:--   : ->
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���'   .  ���  ��� ~      A
>wa the k-
}���.::   .   :���>:���.
- .... ~    <r' \
i: . z:   - 'i - ���    ���
I _  - Stain
'    ' ��� --      ��� '      ���      ��� .      '
eminen; --- cheioi��:
metalhsnry at the Si��rt _
II       9    I t
- -
it cenasish i*. r^^;    _���
-.'-- .  .- >    ���  ���
Cbteniicai anr��    - - nn
ha*   '(���.���mm'U   ii*r  ������: rkil
H��I��I  I"*-** < ��������l*r  ���
!*  forsar
��� ��� aad ih    \
m held at N .
ar ��.    - *
S -      _   -   ,    ^      .- \.       ,,n |*   K..
- '.        '
tiinhrr.   '
mit  mil ���
���       ���
Wat    _        �� - _-    "     w
�� _ tt.
wlurli   ���
and tin- point ��
i ��!r; per* Mr   KernM   - _
���reveals aa an �� ,., todai :>��� h
to l**' i '     '        _   mt tbedl*4rk*t
wbief!    - i ai,
T '..- �� .-!ff..ril.. I*
to-   m-      kd.thetwom^:   -        .   h.mi,.,
land  not   ine*.
Patrick TU vt*..~ h
���   ���       ���   -     . Sirki
���*********�������� m-mai - ( ---���-.. -   x --*���  t
*��d. and then h-        *
��� t*.   *a ���: ::������-.a *.-.*.:.-;���<:    ��-,-.i* - _���
hiiU ^i'..;.*ad dvalr. ���a*s*at at th* foot o' th" j kett
-. *>a *;--;���, -���** w-- ? :-,- :     H <
8o��ac: *b" ffSror thsacr had bean thearalherl
4"4�� 'n  kaow, bait ��he ha'at m*>: ��� -: ���
ml since, an  a aaari*t think shejjohi
W%rt will. kU '
"T'hia woa't aad aao**a<T like her ia a |
.' *��id Cioasin Sarah, who had bees j
*huig aroaad the place while *he I      I
t^lkoiil aad had jnrt d&t��.��>rered a table-
���hich she p-*oeeirded to lav oa the j
w >:��ins table ia a bo.*.-;    _-   ��r%f&an.ike! man
tta..��ii.:i.'iier. w >:.!
- A man man hare bis -inte. o����n Soos
wS��a* mar.* *he *aid in answer to hi* """La'
idafi; glance.   "AH be broad tha* znA i
wt *in" tha' eoom boaoa."
- ��  baat thowt on it.' *aid John
r->u.-�� Moel. looking a little brighter as
<\ms wounaa raked wp the low
tSf-x'-A pat on the kettle..
faa woaa*t Ind another like Tnmiii in
���aa Sarah came back just as tbe
e wa* "'���e-rcajng to boii. and *he
* a dash for it with the tear** in
Emaaael       Whaat d--4�� Patrick
h. be d^sn i mind.*
Ia* be *Kian hoam?~
oa,he* talking ta that Marr RmiK
pie aeit door over th he��i_-
m glad be lake* it kind."" *akl th*?
** be began hb tea.   "Tha snot a
nan in these parts ad like ta see in
!--. ���-_������.-      ; - .... ���.   .. ���   Vi-.;:
i maade ths- te
quantities in Lake Sapt ,
*�� is its firsti theaowtb-
tni *                -    -'-v.- in caaaMt
' :   -     Ikeaamrs   - letermined,
'""''���  "    ���      "'   '������ Btiou  fot
rag    .  .
T*ku>e the i H.nr,,
T - \ !nu��-< the u��. art sN
' .irv ln*!>:-t J    H
meat.   The nr*t .�� Iu    -     era
iti   .     a the poor ererri
.     ��� .....}    |>*s-^i;����-   H
rati an  tvta af ��ai��I  ererrt
taken   away   a* t n, a?:.i   I
��� vnt i�� lo  };?n.'.
wi objecting to a I ��� -
um ���   ���      an mt i
is tlse morality tau^r I    %
T �� o HfMl*����.
'      -     -'    I   ���' ���>-   thro;. ���
Ken-ucky.- mid the depatv i     -
"and 0Ar,j A        rerstthm in a 	
*um    a atamiued dm Q** anaaa brarcij wtmt afar
tie ami *��� Ihe same time showed T" iim,*; ���-*����� atanlatt by war:
amr'p-*e*minaiaoaa >^"1 **w<dlbr woaadedsiek ��nd��l
ivalroas thoagb ^^ *a*ad clolaed, tfce h-; _���
���niiaiodern state    I had >tnpp,,* tl a Aaothtr spent the t flMe
*       -'���-> atofcrtektrt K��!ri>i:���g duties of a wife
ami cheese for Inm-h  i)u< .i ���! i .
aidCou*in>arah.who  it.nnk^.i-v-       - *���*������** A'��'* "��'��her -making home a      .
ta* the scnsv   ;' -u
latea it
A s'pose y��all be barying S����san
had been following a train of i       _
of her own      "Tha *>e5ter get th
maade in Ydark    hlj eo.-���� chea|
than if 4ha give it ta  fomnkin.* THK PAYSTRLAK, SANDON,  B. C., APRIL .4
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and Best Ouality.
K. R. ATHERTON Co.. Limited.
Established is.).'..
Slocan Mines.
4i I 111;    Stuck*    liiiiik'llt     Itnd     Sold General
\nent   fur Slocan   Properties,   Promising
ProsjHH'ts Kur Sale.
facker & Forwarder
Goods delivered to any part of the
>tan.     Contracts taken  for   Rawhid-
kf, Packing  and   Freighting.    Saiis-
ftion Guaranteed.
Stables at
andon Bottling Co.
M. W. DAY, Proprietor.
: Manufacturer <>f:���
[arbonated  Drinks
of   all   kiiiils.
inv Ave.
L L B.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public, Etc.
B. C.
II. C.
(Western Federation of Miner*.]
Meets every Saturday Evening at  8 o'clock
in Miners' Union Mall.
Pre*, Quo. Smith.
Vice-rro", R V. M< I.kan.
Kin Sec, W. I.. IIahi.i it.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notan Public.
Subscribers, ti.00 pit month.
Private Patients *S.oo per day, exclusive of expense of physician or
surgeon and drugs.
I it.  \V.  E. (Jomm, Attendant Physician.
MissS. M. Cuisiiui.M. Matron.
.}. 1). McLAUQHMN, President.
W. I.. Haoi.kr, Secretary.
Wm. DoNAHUK, J. V. MARTIN, II J. McLka.n,
Anois.i. McDonam>i Mikk Brady, Direotors;
I. O. O. F.
Meets In Crawford's Hall every Wednesday
Evening. VisitingCrethern cordially invited
to attend.
il. M. SPENCER, C, C
St. Anukkws Prkbrytkrian  < hi itcii: Revi
I. A. Ferguson. B. A.. Pastor.   Sunday'services
at 11:00 a, m. and 7:80 r. M.
Mkthouirt Church : Hev. A. M. Sanford,
B. A 1 Pastor. Regular services every Sunday
at 11:00 a. m, ami 7:80 r. M.
Meetings every Friday Evening at 7:80 in
Crawford's   Hall. Visiting   liretliren   are
cordially invited to attend.
Secretary. Noble Grand.
A. F. & A. M.
Regular Communication held rlr.t Thursday in each month in Masonic Hall at 8 p. M
Sojounning brethern are cordially Invited to
Thomas Brown,
The Direct Route From
To  All   Points
First ClassSlcepers on all Trains from
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat
Daily for St. Paul.   Sundays and
Wednesdays for Toronto,
Fridays for Montreal and Hos-
ton.   Same cars pass Kevelstoke
one day earlier.
8:00 Lv. sandon Ait. 16:80
Daily to Points reached via.
Daily except Sunday to Points
reached via Rosebery and Slocan City.
Tickets Issued
Through  and Bag-
gage  Checked  to
W. F
A. G. P. Agt,,
Tray. Pass. Aft
Be sure   that your   tii ket   reads   via the
Miners ami Laborers Disfranchised
by the Wholesale.
Objectors too Cowardly to Put their Names
to the Notices Sent Out by the
Th- followinz i�� a li-t of th*
nam ��� of th ��� voter*. a*;ain*>t
whom .i^.il> liaw b ��� r. mid *.
No nam** appear on the notir ���
of obj w-tion s?nt out bj tli * rol-
I ��etor. In thi*�� partieul*ir the
Ian ha* not b en rompli d with
and th* obJ*etion may b��  up*��.?t.
��� ear
Bar.:��. Kdm   P S^-J
B.ucher I>t.iJ C  Trtv Fork-
Bkirho'jr John
B~ ���:-       '.V -     ��� .    "
Btnbur*. G W T      SntnJnh
Braderman Andrea- Slocan L \
Beaton Jt��hn **.-.���-j
Burton A K Ne�� Beam
B^rrv W A Snudo
Burke John D Kaslo
B^-ck C K rei Lihorer
Bank-. Norman        S tadon miner
Bain J.t- Ai. - .. : rpe
Barn.   RicharJ Ii   >*��nd.��:�� an   a
Binnish Th��*rna�� Sloran ci.* pn*apaa -
Ca*-.} J.i- N Kas*.* miner
Clarke W m Ge 1    Sahdbn
Curie Neil Sandon
CoffinJer Adofjjn    K..-' ! iborrar
Campion Isaac mi
.   =R   - W        Thrc. Forks
Campbell John Job Sandon
Corrican Ja> Whhewalcr
Cane Albert
CampJsell DonaiJ    Ka>!o
Ca-*eJk-au S.��i        **   - _
Cameron -%ngbs A
Crocker Frank L    FLok>
Carli-> P
��. ci -.-_' j -.-  \        Sandon - -.-
Can**pbefljas Scar Deaner miner
Doe MaJ-< Molh Gii-*-
Dupieu*; Eui'e :c
Dupieux  Edward
Douglas Wm Thonn.t-�� Kask*
Despair Diogene        Thrc*: Ferric*
Dcnond Jas. ICa.>k>
Dearin Jo- Slocan city   farmtr
Dunn John R laborer
Dugjin-ki John
IVvie J a- Sarvdon miner
null wm I AT"
Da*,idson Wm J.��   Ka.-}.? clerk
Elliot Frank miner
Dou*;*ias Hc\ E or H S Kaslo ..' .-<
Fisel J a- Gen Molly G'nSson ore sorter
Former Wm John    Sandon miner
PindLaj- Wm
Fakoner Alt D Ainsworth kvborer
Fraser j Kaslo miner
Graham John        Slocan city
Gallager Edward    Sandon
Gormley Geo        Slocan ci';.
Grant Jas Sandon
Graham John D    Three Fork-
Gentles S'ewart    Sandon
Gilnagh Jos Ka>k>
Gib-on Geo B        Sandon
Girard Anaihole
Harrison Wm        Ka>lo miner
Hurlev Dan        Sandon. miner
rtodjrim G�� WI
Hair;. LJ v   ���
Hamilton Lca.nder th
H   *.:-    '��������� Sand
HxJJ Kas
Hoari miner
k Chas W      ��� S   ���
Harvard Jas        **     '. -    .   * ka
Ha-ader-   L :*er
Joh��uiNon c'n..> vj    K.  -
Joy W^'��� **
Kneru oar John S
Jas \        V.'    Jht
Kd!y C A
Kilken He   IT S   K
Kelly Wm        W  :*e��   '.-
Kinm..   j ���
i-anJber^ - K  -
Law Jo�� x n
L   droth J-hn Alex K -
Leach W:n Stone
���- Antoni S  -can
Loofisted '.._���-������        K
. ���  .      -        .'        . -   - .-
..  id-    Jas -     .
Lxkhar; F v. K- -_���
Mod   aid Da ,
McKe     e DJ        \      . .    er
M tt'.> kiJob 1 VxKaslo erk
'���I    al J^- N Sand .   .
McLean Dan I>    rvt>k*
M ij.4n
MrKfai       J
M cKa*    Danse
McDovt^afl ;.", _- ** -Jon
McKai f > .nid      x   can
^! Mt  . Jas R hi White*- iter
Mclktster Thus    Shx 1 1 rer
McDonald Frank K -
McKea      Michael ���:
Mitcheil Gc.> H v  ��;i xx'
M .'���.--: >     _" 'iner
McDonald J A      K - ner
McD.xi^ald A
McKinnon T K.i-i
McIX^iald I) A      SanJ
McL.   .    rl T       K��� sk inariner
0-:-y Auguv. v1   ThreeF rks   Brner
Norwood Frank    S nJon
Nkho?s��. n J.i.-        Whitewater
P -  - JA- H Kaslo
Pratt John Sand^>n
i-uird A Mnvurorth
Parkes F C Duncan      tanker
V   ���.-- - Wrr       K^.-k> -  ens*
Rnaaaa Ftraak     Slocan Liborer
������  .- J *> **���:' J miner
R .cknor Murray   KasJ
- Ih John Thos Skvan
S    ith Wm IX-er Park
**:���.* -.r. }.-.- McN Sii.erton     carpenter
Geo E Slocan miner
- i John Three Forks
Simpson W P
Sullivan Donald    Sandon
Stpierrc Severe      Molh Gib'n
Stanie\ C H Are;en!a       gar J ner
T.-.pihilla Matti      Kaslo miner
Thomson A��Lim    Sandon
Turrcotte Loob     Three Forks
Vanleet M F Stndon
Wright Hemen J Whitewater
Williams Tho> A Molh Gin'n
W,>u!f Henr> '������ carman
- *IBB8 G^' A " miner
Otjectu r..�� Hace Been Made W*
Retaining These tomea
on the Votorx'
,.   , M i   Si 1 :��
.   ��� Fred ��.   M *"��*
\1J..j�� NeU':* W K   -      -
>      J vr
Allen Wm A Piku Ba
��� .   i Wm K .��
Allma.- I. H   O'.
i ^ki Arch  Thra  Forks
_  -.      I  .     Sew D
..     W:,   fj re, r. -,- miner
ier>     W     Sew ft
incc Pete    I
LoutsM N      '���' ���"' ���
_,   -;. u   ���        t:
Arnot Peta  '������ K'r''''
\.h J;�� R Sen De    er �� irpentei
.\.-hW��ur^ !'    ��Xetr th   rer hb  t<
Atchisoo Geo Ainsworth  m   a
J ;'
.  A  -     -  - Iter
;  ke j 1     '   '    - '���
k Lardo p      ��
J K    5>rJ K.i-i 1 mi .
il.���.   Patrick S
Be  '      -v    * !l  K .-
tktt.Hi .Ilex Sew De.n*ei        c*
���       -   r\   -
Becb       IK vs.
Ik -ul W r  Kasl t eipre*"   -
k    Ed     la     irJ Sea D.    ei
Bei! Ja-  W:
Belltn Jo-. Three Forks
Benn*.-! Ge��* ^    -
;.. '.���. mi ei
: ��� >:... '>'.'  kea i
-, J   .   \\\ W>
-; Wn   Kaslo d   r   nan
...    W    W   s' v.iii I j 1.   im
Blaikk  i li M.xi ii  Kasbi
irdj l**W VV. ��� B .   ��� ���
.���    _  ���   1 Darin Kaslo corpentei
Bouch Wm W Silver!
K us     Jas A Sen Denver briJ^i   - ������
Colin Tbrtsc F.>rk* hotel H
s .Vlfred J  v    J a ��. cpre -~
��� 1 Daniel Sandon miner
Bi  -    Peter Vnderson Cod      liiwr
Br gu  \ W **�������������� J 11 miner
Ir .^ ii A v .   _       '>i.ick- 1
Bre      .    D     - Silverton miner
- Kaslo miner
Bris      Frank  K..i-'k> blacks
Brown Gao Alex   K.:-K>   merchi
J .- Be ijamin Ainssrorth   in   1
K John W W.st^>ii trader
Bi  .        rl Thaddeus N Denver mei
��� ��� n John Sandon anfrinocr
1    W  ��� K Kaslo blacksmith
ruce Ueo A Three Forks teamster
Jo.i Thos A Kaslo builder
.;-   1 LihiL> Whitewater miner
Buv Jas Sen Denver
Bucke Horace W K.t^lo ***entlemen
Burkick A *. merchani
Burchetl H S Sandon civil engineer
Burke Chas R Slocan miner
Burnet! Ja�� Kaslo contractor
Bumette John F: Silverton   hotelki
B.:!tr Fred Three Forha packer
Wm Silverton  miner
Cameron Alfred Kaslo dr.oin.m
��   1 C H Duncan steamboal pilot
Cameron Donald Kaslo tenmstdr
Canieron Dougald "   teamster
Carneron Ewan A   '
C imeron Hawkv A
Cameron John
leron }shn A    '
Cameron Rixlerick
Campbdl Chas Kaslo fanner
Campbell Chas    ������    merchant
Campbell Geo Wm Slocan prospector
Campbell J.,> New Denver miner
^   ' ej !hos Whitewater miner
=Rk A T Skv.tn hardware
Canmchadjobn Duncan hotelkeeper
Carpenter Eric Three Forks hotelkeeper |
; Forks blacksmith
Carpenter FJi pDksJo miner
Carrington Win " millri.
Caraori T1h*s R    -    hoil r
(    -^m Wm H      "    mi
Casxidy Sam Sandi-n mine
caule;. Arthur Piku Baj
Ch.1pu1.tn J A k.i*4��i ens*i
c bans I- K minei
L'halt.twa) (ie>> H Kasli  n
Chattorton Tlu*- .^
Chisholra Allan WTtitewai
Cbi*dM*hn Archie Three I-
Chrshohn Fk-rnirJ White*     - iniiver
Chisholm Petor Three 1
Chittick Win J��>hn Airtan
1. hri-tie Ja- Sancton la^-
Chri-tit Wat Ct Rowebei tei
Church Udtrtf-ton .\in��n
C i.��. k Wm H Tliree F'ork- am.v
v.'lark Chas Moon k ���-
v lark Ja*> kit��lo miixr
V lenient A     "'    L.;h��*rcr
Clark Patrick SuhIihi m
viierly Arthur   Near IV
Ck-\<.r!\ ArthurStrtnrrtorj       >.r
Coimdord J.t- Sandon mi
Cole Wm H New Denve
Collison John Thrix- F". rks
CnmstO) k Wm A .\insn   1
civk ik* tjattMn k.-k' carp-
tiv.k H Sandoa express
-, -   f 11 1    el Kas
I    -^ri rjohn Three F\ck>
*. .'^ri'T Tho^ k.t��.lo mi   i
Cotton W in A Sandon mi
v .m,j,, i Martia S k islo   .^ k
u>\ Arthur F. mil
v. ronaar Sta mil
v ��� ok Arthur finis
Cryao Mite bell mil 1
Dale) v v  k 4*io clerk
Dalsxhash A Wm Cv��d   -
Dal..' 1 JuJ>. :���. Ainsworth :
i Virk Sil is R Sew IV 1 1
ah Mji had WTiitea   ���
Davidson Wm Three Forks
:> 1 ies I > .\ iJ ^! K.S-.K. . .
I>.ivie- Henrj i��
!>.o ies Wm v\x>k "    mil
Dechane Wm        "    mine
Defame** Then J N^ .\ IV  rei
De Lisle John F Kaslo mil
De    v-eJ' Geo Sihrertoa v   ���
Deer** Geo ka-lo laborer
I '. ��� ���     I   .   .    "    team-
Dill John Slocan milkman
1K nma J *h:i Kaslo aral
i> .^ : Alex Tli rev* F'ork- n
IXtherti Cornelius   Sen D��
i I      ilJ Wm SanJon b.
D      .!J>imi   John D  IVv  i
Douglas A \V Men De
Douglas 11 Kaslo miner
Doyle Thos    "    ***una
Drummon Alex Sando 1
Dunbar HKH Duncan
liJ^'.ir Wm F* Three Ft*rks
FilJridi'e Arthur (.1 Kaslo la
Filliot Wm J Skvan mi OO
Ernest John Three F'��>rk-   -
F.wart  N   B Kaslo miner
Farmer Ja- T Skvan   minei
Ferguson J B k.i-Io brokei
Flemmiiijt: W Fi Sandon l��-
Fletcher Chas II Kaslo eii<
Fletcher John Sandon tail
Flood John J Knslo abort
Pole** Thos Fi Slocan mini
Fetches L R SBnarton cons'
Forth* Franca H Whiu a
Fortia Jos Three Forkt
Fraser Alex k.i*.Io farmer
Fraser Alex N Kaslo carpe
Fralick Allan M   "     mar
Fraser Herhnrl Sandon m
Frost C E tcaslo wathnakt
vialbraith Angus New 0*
Gallagher kaslo bcah-rrnak'
Gannon Patrick Three F<
Gardiner Alex Kaslo cOnf!
Gamer Ciev�� "       laboi
Gate-John R New IVroe       lHf
C*e*ddmgton G G Kaslo tvl THK PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, APRIL ,4
eost Howard Slocan miner
bson J no F New Denver miner
liflord   Kuslace G Duncan   blacksmith
lilchrist Neil Kaslo miner
(ill John New Denver hotelkeeper
lilies John Sioean hotelkeeper
[illis Jas B Kaslo contractor
[ilpin Win Sandon clerk
lisbv Stephen Watson miner
Slciicross S R Kaslo bookkeeper
lodfrey Wm Whitewater miner
Koldsmith Maihew Whitewater saddler
Jormeley Frank C N Denver  resturnnt
jrandeaux Peter Three Forks miner
���rani Alex Ainsworth miner
Irani A McKay New Denver prospector
[ran! John Whitewater miner
Irani Peter Three Forks contractor
[ray John Sandon miner
Jreen Benjamin   Ainsworth gentleman
Ireig Alex  Kaslo miner
[rifnth   Henry Three Forks miner
Jrosc Henry Kaslo prospector
[uest B S Ainsworth miner
[uillam J C Brandon M F
luiney Win John Duncan   rancher
lurvan A F Silverton miner
[utllrie Mathew Kaslo merchant
lacking Samuel New Denver cook
lair Thos New Denver miner
I,ill Geo Wallace Kaslo farmer
[all Russel P "   miner
lambley Geo "   clerk
amilton Wm M    "   miner
ansotl E T Deer Park miner
anson Geo Sandon tailor
anson Hugh F !).�����.r Park miner
lardirg  Evan Whitewater miner
larris Thos Kaslo miner
jlarves John A Silverton blacksmith
Harvey John Tho- Kaslo surveyor's assl
tastings R W "    capitalist
laves John C "    agenl
Henderson Robt ti xew nen/er hotel
HennigerJ B Kaslo blacksmith
Henrie Jas Slocan miner
Herriot D oeer park miner
Hern Henry New Denver miner
Hill Wm Kaslo merchant
Hill W T oeer park carpenter
I Iii J Wm Kaslo miner
Hoagjohn N Kaslo photographer
llobbs John Whitewater miner
Hodgson John Kaslo clerk
Hodgson Geo II Duncan merchant
Hornby Fred Duncan farmer
Hughes Andrew Kaslo painter
Hughes Felix New Denver miner
Hughes J tut F Kaslo agenl
Hulhert N I) Ailwin laborer
Hurley John Watson blacksmith
Irving Win Kaslo cabinet maker
Irwin Atber    "      miner
Irwin Reid      "       miner
pickson Henry P Balfour contractor
tckson Thomas Kaslo Voemaii
|ames Henry surveyor
arves Fred W Watson miner
IclVrey ti Robson laborer
Jenkins Thos Silverton miner
leaks Thos L Brandon tai!or
lenksi John Kaslo laborer
Johnson Henry "    miner
Johnson II O    "    clerk
Johnson S II      "     carpenter
pxan  David Sandon miner
Kennedy Edwnrd Sandon miner
.ennedy John A Kaslo miner
.ennedy R D Slocan miner
(ennedy Thos A Kaslo engineer
Kennedy Wm F K Sandon carpenter
(ennedy Win F Kaslo miner
���enl Thomas "    steamboat   man
vervis Thos Three Forks miner
vessler Chas Silverton Butcher
weyser I. B Three Forks miner
.irlin Albert C Sandon miner
.night Mathew Three Forks miner
oiowles VV F Slocan missionary
��nox H New Denver jeweller
Fake Wm N Kaslo miner
ambJasA      "     laborer
.aird Geo Balfour farmer
Lambert John Whitewater rmiu-i
Fane F B Kaslo laborer
Lane F C      "    contractor
Lane John    "    contractor
Latham Thos Cody miner
Letrace Win Ainsworth miner
Lawler Win Three Forks miner
Leaniev VV P Duncan contractor
Leask Ceo I) New Denver Clerk
LtCOUple Frank Duncan niillhand
Leedham F W Silverton miner
Lees Arch New Denver engineer
Leinieux Jas A Three  Porks miner
Lerl Thos Cody hotelkeeper
Lind John Duncan tinibernian
Linton Thos B Slocan merchant
Loft us John Kaslo cook
Long Henry ti "    packer
Dove Win A      "    clerk
Longdale Albert Silverton miner
LTIeureux Fdw Duncan restaurant
Lighthall Abram Sandon laborer
Macauley Donald Sandon miner
Macdonald Alex Kaslo miner
Macdonald Cameron Kaslo chemist
Macfarland A Cody miner
Machan Gilbert Kaslo teamster
Mackean Geo Balfour miner
Mackean Grant H Balfour miner
Mackenzie A A Kaslo merchant
Mackenzie A Wilkie Sandon miner
Mackenzie Robert Kaslo merchant
Mackenzie Win L     "      merchant
Macnaughton Fred New   Denver miner
Madden John Slocan hotelkeeper
Malonev Patrick Kaslo miner
Main A Robt Sandon merchant
Maize Win J Alywin hotel keeper
Manus AugUStin Kaslo miner
Maiden J. D. "      accountant
Marsh Geo C "      broker
Marsh John ti "      miner
Marshall A S "     denti*t
Marshall Robt l.uky Jim miner
Martin Fd C Three Forks laborer
Martin Henry N Wilson Ck bookkeeper
Mather Wm Kaslo miner
Matheson Wm "   prospector
Meyer Ernest Sandon clerk
Mighton S A Sandon merchant
Miller John Jas Kaslo teacher
Milne Wm A       "     policeman
Miller Mathew Sandon laundrynian
Milan Arch Sandon dentist
Mission Thos Kaslo miner
Morris W D      "    waiter
Morrison Dan   "    laborer
Morrison Jas J  "   laborer
Morrison Geo I) Duncan miner
Morrison K Silverton miner
Morrison Peter I) Kaslo miner
Mount Jas Watson contractor
Munroe Daniel Sandon miner
Muir Ceo McGuigan miner
Mullen Samuel Whitewater miner
MunroAJ Sandon miner
Muro II A Lardo carpenter
Munrojohn Sandon clerk
Murcheson Colin A Kaslo carpenter
Murcheson Norman    "    miner
Murphv Chas "    miner
Murphv Fd "    miner
Mu my Pat R "   m*"'er
M- r h.  [ohn Whitewater miner
Murray Patrick  M New  Denver miner
Musgruve E c" Kaslo M F
McAndrew M P Whitewater miner
McArthur A C Sandon agt C P R
McAllis [ohn Silverton carpenter
McAulilfe Wm Three Forks miner
McCallum John I) Sandon butcher
McClement John New   Denver moulder
McClusky John Three Forks miner
McColl   Sam B New  Denver carpenter
McCuaig Donald C Three Forks miner
EcCulloch I N Ainsworth miner
McDermid las D Thrbe Forks miner
McDonald   Chas D Whitewater   .inner
McDonald Daniel Deer Park tinibernian
McDonald Daniel Kaslo charcoal burner
McDonald Dan Whitewater miner
McDonald D A Kaslo bookkeaper
McDonald Duncan Kaslo miner
Me Donald Ceo Sandon miner
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We Sell Carpets.
We will also  sew them and lay them
for  you. and   if  we  do not  suit  you
We do not want
A Cent.
Hunter Bros.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Dry Goods,
We carry the best lines   that money can   buy, and   buying   in large   quantities
save you ihe extra profit.
Sandon        Rossland        Greenwood        Grand Forks.
Sandon, Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Greenwood
M. DeMnld up.' A S9*n**rU*n nr
McIXmaid Hu^h        **        miner
M. Donald Hu*;h Wa*.��*>n miner
McIX*naJd H J Godtj miner
M.lXviaU Ja�� White*after mime*
McDonald Jas War* Tr   . -.-
McDonald J^-hn D Wh
McDonald Jo> R Sandon miner
McDonald Ncii K*4o tadorer
McDonald Phillip "    M
MvDonaldR.  -     Ttmrnt  I   rka
klcDunaid 7 Uty Sand
\kIV*naid Wm Sai _
McDea-el A Ccnh
-   - ���   ���
^tPdnfl DJ S    d
M, I ���    g
MJ< _       I   -    Unwiorth eaiarr
��� ���  I etc*
ii J J Da * k
M.-u'uli- Donald Cod* mi
McCihra- J        K **     - "���       '    -cr
M..-Ciint\ A Sand      ���   *er
McG 7' * Ai*aMfu**th miner
reaj - U�� Ah
McGresj        >������    -   Ottt Fark 1 ��
McGc-iratCi Patrick V.
McIh  - li- i' V.
Mel     - ��'
Mcli    s N<    Sear -Da   1
Mcluncon Jas Tore* F rks
Km Stephen Thi     Forks
Me 1 -" al   Ik >. J v  ���
Mclnnes Ni 1 K S    - -
M 1".' *h Fii I     Kas
Mcintosh Hiy** ttmtewater
Mel     - -     '
Mcintosh John L K  -
Mel     -   R      W
Mel  ��� '.      -,  -
McKa* Ah .     -    -
McK      Hug     Kas
McKaj Hug
Me ��\.        D
McK.     e 34 urd    k  K   - Bter
Mem -r    * Kas
McK-:.. ir Wn*   WI
Mccerr     W li  K
M K   -���        .'  - v
\kK m\ it* v. Wa i .
McL  . ^      V. n L saslo rrano
McLean Archd
McLea    DsnWH .1    inswort
McL IRSand
McLean Nei   ���   -       icer
McLeod Andre er t��     ster
McLeod Angus S    _ :ner
McLeod  Henry W   tc        - -    - -. ��� -
Me I. S eil S
M >Le ���- J S Kas
McL        a D R New De
McL* Norman Sio
McLenna    H agli D  V.   ifen  ter 1   nef
McMillan D    car* Kas
M. Mill      I       \ v .' -      trailer
M  Mi Wm W Balfour   br   k
Mc Naug       1 Jas Kas t-r
McN\    ^    is Three   F  rks pr sp*
McW-il jas Airtsworth miner
McNeil Malcorn P Kas rpenter
McPhcc P A hotelkeeper
McPI   ns     John L Ainsworth mi
McQueen Wallace Kas       irpe  ler
McC r e* H S T ree F rks fire
McRae Joti -     rth mim
McRae L Sand        upenter
McRae MjtJ ch KasJ    brid-gi
d r
Nesbil John WI  lewatet
\        - Alfred P Sand ler
\\T., U a Chas Three Forks     b rei
Nicholson Ames KasJo clerk
Nicholson KM    " itfnaRsf
Niven Wm mi   .
N Me J 1 J White rater n
Noble Wm H Slocan miner
Sormnn Sidney Jca-lo mi-   ���
O'Brien F M Kaslo br ker
O'Brien Alfred Sand      p   sterw
I PC ^nnor J*.*- Vevey miner
O'fiara Ja> C Kaslo mi
Oliver N B Slocan miner
0     er Thos Slocan miner
0*Ra*i Dank   ���   -     miner
OXoane R M Dun.
O" Ridh Jo- L Sicca
ORielh Patricks f*nwpi
Ornish* R  ���-    N'ea    k     er
��� \ [ - mirier
rl.'   I      -:���-.-
Par^'-- Civ   M  U  su   '
-   ���. 7    - H        -     '       ��� "*���    -'
P -   ��. Wm H< '        -
Jo* Slocai keeper
���ck J   >'���  **     -
rt C sas e*
. ���   -
R        Sand
��� -
Pttippni ��  ��� ���
P       rd Fred broker
Pott Thos (
...      .    ���   . rk* <
H Sand
P     eU Robt N New IX    n
ner F D v
1 :   rks
Pn . - V\ ���   -. -
P Harry N cr print*.
R.r' ���. ���''-       W v ��-
:<   ki   G    ��� ���
^ W *erPark     rpent.
K,_- th Ed K R  k Jaii
Rej*     J D -
r\. _       -.
R   _       m _   -. v    . - tine
Reid G��
rv   . '."��� S ���    -
.-\        nds      Jas *i
R      .,'__���-
Riddc     . ^    Jas Dex
Reik    |es S
31ey Thos J .    .
K   *er - W    T   1
Roberts Diree
R<be Hert. ]      S\     D
D        -      ..  "     I Jeer Park ;
Rode .     - -   -
R K  - W        .    -     J   :    -
r\ age - vS
R  s> J   s B K.-'
> '������       H *���   -J.'
-, .    I
Rran !   ���
X   . k A
R* .���   W-   \ B 1  \\
c. ��� ���
Jei*s '���'��� J ba>3 elkeer
v    iiford J
*^     -     Jas G W
v    ���       ex Ka*     stage di   er
v    tt J teamster
S    ������ Wm H Sil en n W    k>
v      il t J k -      lerk
Shey Qui pros ~ ���   I  1
Sbeppard F H Cod
vher    \\1 LHk isk* ci��.--.
v i R       rd Sand
ger Slept*    S    don
S1 -     ���'���   :i\ *r drujj        k
ii    '   ���   -        rpentei
n Jethrow A Sand
V:      -        --    **
v       -      Peter E Cody enjj
s W Duncan duir-- c
S     th J.i- Ains*a orl
Sparling W H Aim     rth farmer
k Ge    Stiver!
ej Vjev' V        swort     miner
S*   itl Johr        ���     rl     -
Staftbrd Ge    S       De
Steel J s Kaslo
5t��       ��� ::     -    k;^1o c.   k
^c enson l^iih '       iumbem
Stt van Err-.-- *- indon miner
rt Jas Sand
Stewart Jas A S    -        iner
Sten jrt J J Ainsworth  --: 1
Stewart Peter M -casfo miner
Stewart Wm Cod*        irer
StOes Arihur Three Forks miner
Stunt A H Sandon transfer a*r<
S      i  ���    RSlocai   ' -'
s,    ; HR Duncan Ass
��3      ��� SD -���
rs 1    s F Rose - 1
Sullivan F I Kaslo baker
5    .rthm��
5DAinsa  rth miner
I       rD     dNewCh
Tavl ' Wm v
H Kas
* R W Sandon I
;       -        ��� ��� -
i        --     K
;   - kl '' k*
: - .' I       '  ' *
I  J _ : '    -x N
re*niri Wm J S
:      .      m. ���   ���
ruck s
if-e A H Kas
. ti tt
Waring Thos H S
���'���   ' ��� ���   '
Wats      S        ���   **
A.   _
���   -
sh John A 1 -
.   , ui Wats
��� .. H .U -       rmer
fjieo Sand
\    te *i     - I   v     -
!     - :��� gun
Arthur M ��. -
.:        linei
k    1 v   ,j '>
.- I      -   ���- V.
(Hai     Kasl
W   iams T H A Ihii
* Robt L Kas
V.   -      Ed*
Ge    1. 1   ree 1   rks   ih   .
*^ J Kas        ner
.-.   -      i     - S ���
."-.   ts v.  1   -
Free  tt
��� y     J
P Sand
g 1 �� I)
:       _     tband J        ;>'.        1
M Ka��
T" KHKI'iHTKU*. AM- |   .\r,;vT.,it,
)-<'i{ HALE I SI-Kit itk
l!   I*>. k Mu -.
I    "v.      ���   ���    i'    f .�� .
In  - tigfe*
t Mail. ���...  Ki^irM...
��� ���     ��� ���       ���       . ...
.    ���        ��� ��� :.��,,...-���
I.VIillinery Opening
Crawford Block
rhe   Ladies ot   S tndoi
* are in> ited to pa\
\ isit and inspect the stock
Bven thinn New, Si
J ind I p-to-date
06090 0*000000 000000 O0C t-0
\. & M. MeKi
Th * !>ni\   A.   Tnuuifer  Biiain
Y ��nnei \
s  ���
��� ��� r liV
W UJ4SLE1  -S * REI ( H.
wh** will
-   line   ��riii
I -���   ���
6000 00* 006 00 000 00 00P OUPPt
���   J
rs.        W   .    S
R Det    P rk
<!. it M T Nea 1 vs.     .
Vlitcht     .11 Ka-'
McK H D keef
^K!-    ]>     John D tt'hite**   I
\lv! I     ild W B Du
Mc.\>ktll D v    di ��� miner
McD    ��� J \.    -    don ht-telkt
���J G ii S    Jon mechanic
Kur      S    .'   1 min<
- Lardo engii .
Newman K Slocan minei
s:<. -a. -��� ��.  v.. id 1 irer
���'���' ���   A    "-!���' stud\   Li\\   .m
.. laa   mai hsan    somethin*;
' g*   by addressine   s
- v JU, Sandon B  1
C" itititnti- i��f Irapro* oiu 'nt*..
UAYUOHT MINK1U.   . | i**j
��Soatl> Fort      ���-.-...,..
���  I    II  B JMexaade.
i �������.       ��� ! V
... " -    --
Ho*a      . 1 -
���rheu   t\\.>-!:irJ-
_;ii. _'..(iviii   .i:i
ds off!    I earnes4h
J \.>u h v
cornea 1     - ���    to  D
.: '���" o* kl<
hot tie of   hi^    famous   ��.
v \iri      It i* sold 5
- 1 et. ... kitiU
like 1 ������- Si v-t m  - '   '
-���-,''     * di*
Barber Shop
-.     ���  ���     ��� ���
���'' '���   ' ��� ���  * ��� , , ,
���-   ������������ ��� ���������    ... Z, ���-
���   ���
Bath House,
The Best
In Slocan.
ICtl-le* of Draw Poker.
f']s it possible, for a man to learn to
iv poker?" was asked of a veteran
>rt the other day.
���Of course it Is," be snorted.   "That
it is possible for some people.   The
in with sporting blood in  his veins
d without too lUUeh regard for ethics
his composition can  learn  to play
���er.    This   talk   about  everything
ing in the cards you hold Is 'ill  roi.
nve seen a man lav down three aces
ja pair of deuces, and that certainly
monstmtes   that  there   is   more   in
lying poker than the  value  of the
id.  Of course, Mich a thing as that
Mild not be possible where the limit
is about the si/.e of the pot, hut then
rood poker player steers clear of any
:h sketches as I hat. It places the
nt oil tlu* same level with the sucker,
d there is no chance for a man to din*
lv his skill or knowledge of til'J
It is easy enough to spot a sucker,"
[continued,    "lie can come into  th *
line witn as much nf a swagger as he
li muster, but he will show his weak-
,s inside of ten minutes, nnd then  he
have more  trouble Oil  his hands
In he can take care of iu a year.    He
Islow about  getting  his ante to the
litre of the table, nnd if the cards run
miiist him he is nlways cursing his
;k and making things  generally un-
:is;nit fur the players.    If lie gets a
ul hand he crows over his winnings
lil   the   others   get   sore     Vou can
li*. * tell whether he has a /ood hand
bint, for he h;is never learned the
Ine nf self-control, and his exultation
11 ways  evident.    He   never  has the
lite-t    idea    i>f   till'    percentage    he
biilsnf w inning', and is always comiinj
Inn sliorl  pairs    That  is where he
He can't wait for f irtune tnc. >m ���
linn, and he is always trying to 'Imll
Iu. k '   He  will   chip  away   more
���ley ill two hours than a good player
uiM m two days.
I Watl'll   the    contest    between    the
���ker  and   the   trained   sport     The
Iter comes and sits down to the table
Belly   and   without   any   fuss      He
tins' his cards carefully,  and  keeps
eve mi every play around the hoard
one ever has to tell him toante, and
[never holds a  'post-mortem1  to  see
fat Ik might have got.    He nmy   not
Ike a move for hall'an hour, hut when
������gets out on a play  he wiil  break
Hhoniie's heart,  either on a  bluff or
Ah a hand that the devil himself could
��� heat.
wis it right lo cheat?    Well, you are
|ting   too  | e sonal     I   won't  admit
It I would do such a thing, but if there
���ll.v  crooked  work  going on   I am
Ing to have my share of the proceeds
[know  the  reason   why     This talk
|nit  'a gentleman's game'  is  all a
Jam.   If  a   man   plays   poker  and
jlps at it he is going to he a party to
lething crooked, whether he plays
fashionable club or in a wine, room
jhe back of a saloon.    For my own
|t, I prefer to play in a hard game,
[re something is liable to be pulled
lor I know that I have to look  out
pnyself.   Humanity is reduced to a
("al level when it comes togamhling,
while some of these silk stockings
prate about their honor and all
t, it is onlv their fear of being found
out that keeps them from being as
crooked as any longshoreman, provided
of course, that they need the money.
"A man can't have too squeamish a
regard for ethics or conscience if he is
going to play poker. If I see cheating
going on I merely declare myself in
If I see a dirty card thrown or catch a
man holding out, I think my proper
course would be to hum gently to myself and say, as il I were crooning a
lullaby, 'I want a slice of that. 1 think
I will have a slice of that, for the reason
that it is too good to pais up.'   Then
statistics to show the increase which
was taking place in exports, aud pointed
out that both tho Canadian Pacific Hail-
way and the Kettle River road were
wanted in the Boundary Creek region.
Walter Berwick, Toronto, made a
strong speech for the road, stating that
the company would accept the clause
prohibiting the export of ores from
Canada and also prohibiting the sale or
leasing of the road to the Canadian
Pacific Railway. Ross Robertson
strongly endorsed the bill.
T. ii   Shaughnessy. C. P. R., after
and that, begad, sah! I would tolerate
nothing of the sort in a game wherein
I was sitting-. What would he the result? The gambler would say I was
mistaken, the sucker would get sore
and say he had been robbed, and I
would get nothing for my share. What
would I do if the sucker was a friend of
mine, whom i had taken up to the
game? Such a case would never come
tip, for the reason that I never take a
friend to a poker game. I always go
up alone and come down alone. Poker
is no place for friendship. Damon and
Pythias would never have been heard
of if tiie two chums had ever sat down
to a game of draw.
"There are a good many ways of
turning a crooked card. Thecolddeek
is /airly successful, but it has to be done
hy an artist, and oven then it i.-i dangerous. Marked cards don't go with
spoils, for the decks are changed too
often when the stakes rre high. The
bust methods are stacking the cards
���ind holding out It takes a good man
to do the former, and there are times
when he falls down and gives his opponents more than he Intends to Holi'-
ing out is the easiest, for the reason
that the others always have to look out
for themselves and see what they hold
A good many sorts of mechanical devices have heen invented for holding
out, and 1 have seen some poker players who were, really walking pieces of
machinery The 'hug,' as it is called,
is the most frequently used, because it
is so simple. It is nothing hut an al
most Invisible slit at the edge of the
table, where cards can be slipped in
until they are wanted. JLis a dangerous thing to bump up against, and It
can be run hy a good man until further
orders without a show of detection.'���
Washington Post.
the man who turned the -rick would be pointing out what ins company had
pretty apt to give me the wink; I would done already, said he did not object to
get a divvy for preserving the peace, j this road on the grounds of competition
"Now, I admit that I could trot up I but because he wanted a free hand in
and make a great roar. I could slam those districts so that he would be able
my cards on the table and protest that to treat the mine owners liberally and
I was a Kentuckian and a gentleman,   reduce freight rates.   He could not do
so if another railway were let in there,
as he would have to make terms with
it as to rates. Tupper opposed the bill
on the grounds that the Canadian Pacific Railway should be considered.
Blah made a strong speech in favor
of the bill. He said that the time had
arrived when the committee should say
whether it was going to refuse any
charters southward. If ever it was intended to give railway connection to
the south, there would never be an
occasion when a more cogent reason
for doing so would be given than today.
He was amused at Shaughnessy's cry
for a free hand, if there was anything
in that argument it was that the. Canadian Pacific Railway should never have
heen allowed to exist, but that a free
hand should have been given to the
Grand Trunk Railway. What Shaughnessy feared from this road was competition, and he might as well admit it.
Despite this strong appeal, the bill
was defeated. There were thirty Liberals, six Conservatives and three Independents who voted for the bill.
Whal  Kellie Sii.v*.
tions of the Germansen, Omineca and
Malison rivers. The conntry is
rather than mountainous. The hills are
covered with dense forest. It is considered one of the most inacessible sections
of British Columbia.
There are two ways of reaching!linin-
eca. < Ine is via Asheroft and Quesnelle
and the other by the Skeena river. By
this latter route one has to travel 20o
miles over a trail. There is talk of constructing a wagon road via the Skeena
river route this summer. If this waggon
road is built it will be via Ha/elton to
Manson. Besides this, there is a bill
pending before the provincial legislature
for a charter for a railway which is to
be bnilt by tbe Skeena river route Mr.
Singlehurst and bis syndicate have been
interested in the mines iu the Omineca
country for the past three years, and he
came to Rossland for the purpose of securing eight or ten experienced quartz
miners who will be put to work developing some of the mining properties owned
by the syndicate.
When Silver Hanked Above Gold.
Saturday Evening Poet:���There was a
time in the history of the world when
silver had more value than gold. It was
the case in ancient Arabia, and also in
ancient Germany. The first reported
ratio after gold began to be considered
more valuable was 1 to 2, and through
the ages it has fluctuated, gradually rising, with few exceptions. In Kngland
during the twelfth century it was 1 to 9.
In France during the fourteenth century
gold and silver coins of like weight bore
the same value. Portugal in the seventeenth century was able to govern the
rate, and she fixed Ihe value of gold as
sixteen times that of silver. The nation
which first raised the 10 to 1 arrangement over three centuries ago is now
among those on a gold basis.
A Turkey Smoker.
Knocked Out Agnill.
The Canadian Pacific Railway put up
a red hot fight against the Kettle River
Valley Railway and the result was that
it was knocked out last Thursday in
the railway committee on a vote of 89
for to 82 against, a majority against of
II? The light which the C.P.R. put up
was not in committee but beforehand
On the other hand there was no pres-
suie behind the Kettle River scheme,
except what was done by its advocates
,n parliament. Bostock, who has never
,altered in looking after the interests
,.[ his constituents, showed plainly that
it was in the interests of his constituents that the bill should pass.   He gave
J. M. Kellie, M.P.P., in a letter published in the Kootenay "Mail," makes
an interesting statement. He says:���
"A man who will act in the dual capacity of Attorney-General of the Province
and legal adviser for a client when
authority and interest seemingly conflict, is not presumably a fit man to
control the destinies of the Province.
This occurred'first in the case of the
Sandon townsite, the crown grant to
which was obtained several vears ago,
under peculiar conditions, yet Joe
Martin, but one year ago, while drawing a Government salary of $4,000 per
annum, was retained by J. M. Harris,
the alleged owner of the townsite, and,
though knowing the imperfect nature
of the title, while acting as Attorney-
General, took no steps to recover the
Sandon townsite to the Province."
Ominecii   Gold   Properties.
S. Arden Singlehurst, who represents
a New Vork syndicate in the Omineca
district, savs the syndicate which he represents h interested in gold and silver
quart}' locations and hydraulic propositions iu that section. It is a regiod that
has many rich mines. It is situated near
the 5Cth parallel of latitude, and is in
the drainage belt of the Peace river.
The area in which most of the mining
has taken place is about 50 miles in diameter. The mines are on the upper por-
(?wan City, Iowa, Herald.)
Along in the night a large turkey
clinied from the ridge on the roof on Ole
Peterson's house to the top of the chimney and sat down so is to get the benefit
of the heat from the fire below. Early
in the morning Mrs Peterson and two
children sleeping in the room where the
hard coal stove was located were discovered to be deathly sick and the room
was full of gas. The turkey was soon discovered and driven off, but it took quite
a while for the sick to recover.
He Was Weary.
"Muldrum is the laziest man I
ever saw. He keeps a shoe store out in
our suburb, you know. While be was
resting the other day a man came in and
said he wanted to buy a pair of slippers.
What do you suppose happened? Muldrum said:
"Oh, come around some time when I
am standing up."
Found a New  Bargain Counter.
"Did you hear what Whimpton's
little bo\ said when thev showed him
the tv. .ii ifl"
"No.   viThat was it?"
"He said : 'There! Mamma's been
getting bargains again.'"
The bottom of the Pacific between
Hawaii and California is said to be so
level that a railway could be laid for
500 miles without grading anywhere. THK PAYSTREAK, SANDON. B. Ci APRIL <4
The Brigade.
There was a meeting of Ihe tire
brigade on Tuesday evening at which
the following officers were elected:
F\ C Sewell, chief; J. Morgan, assl.
chief; Chas. Fyfers, foreman; Chas.
McLaughlin, cnptin; Thos. Brown,
secretary; Chas. Walmsley, W. F.
Lawson, Chas. McLaughlin, racing
committee. A racing cart was ordered
from the Gu.Ua Percha company of
Toronto and an ordei for racing suits
was placed with Thos Brown & Co.
A letter has heen received from the
Kaslo celebration committee suggesting
that the race be run under new rules
\ \/.: Run 100 yards, lay three lengths,
gel water, shut water off, transpose ist
and 3rd lengths and gel water again,
No reply has yet been made.
Mot Unknown In Sandon.
'N.-l.-im Tfirirjne )
Chief Jarvis had his attention drawn
lo a curious case yesterday afternoon.
A Sandon man who is said to keep a
restaurant there reported to him that
he had left Sandon in the morning with
a woman whom he believed to be unmarried ahd w ho was to have accompanied him to the I t ites. lin route o
Nelson he committed his wad, consisting of $70 to her for safe keeping, but
on arriving here she was claimed by
another man who said he was her husband, and left with him, neg'eting lo
return the money. The question was
argued at some length bv the parties
and the Sandon man finally accepted
$40 in settlement. The trio did not
leave their names.
A   Parting   Word    From   Bob   and
To the Citizens of Sandon : We beg
in this public manner to extend lo the
citizens of Sandon our most sincere
thanks for the many kind expressions of
their goodwill and friendship during
our sojourn in the city, and we especially want to thank them for the tokens
of their esteem presented on the evening of our departing. With best wishes
for them all we beg to remain
Ever their Friends
Robert R.  Hammond.
C. Kearney Hammond.
������Bob" and "Charlie" are now well
on their way to the gold fields of Alaska
but they will be long remembered by
friends in Sandon, and the slight tokens
with which they were presented on their
departure are as nothing compared to
the luck which their Sandon friends
wish them in the regions of   the  north.
"And that is silver ore, is it?" said
an old lady, as she examined a curious
looking bit of mineral.
"Yes," said her husband.
"And how do thev gel the silver
oul ? "
"They smelt it."
"Well, that's queer," she said, applying her nose to the ore. " I smelt it,
too, but I didn't get anv silver."
Raw Oysters
Consomme I )esclignac
(cheese slicks)
Fillet of Sole a la Chevalier
(chipped potatoes)
Breast of Lamb, Oyster Sauce
Salmi of Chicken with Oliver
Lobster, Point   Shirley Style
BostOh    Puff   Friteers,    Custard  Glaze
Shrimp en Mavonaise
Young Turkey, Pecan Dressing
Prime Beef   Demi lilaze
Loin of Pork, Stewed Gooseberries
Mashed Potatoes      Creamed torn
Green Apple Pie Blueberry Pie
Plumb Pudding,   Wine   Sauce
Tea Coffee Milk
Wine, Beer and Liquors to Order
The Denver.
Cody Ave. Sandon
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Reasonable Rates
jA Quitt, Orderly, Homelike Hotel
Pure Teas    Pure COffee
BELIEVING Umtthe people of Sandoo- as eUewliere  ;i|,|���irilt,
.-nod. clean,whole��raerpi?ll'��fexcelledAmvop,put up i��� ,���,,, ,    ���;
���������| 1 L-^iind ;il a    very    ���������������-������'
reasonable   pr|c,,
^umniH"^..'? lor ihe funiou. SALADA  TEA WN
which have heen sent to  yon.)                                ,   , Diere k
no mistake ahout the true value of this  TEA   ana   I   en 11 gaiety h.
commend it at a delightful hevemge.      **���"���*
Our celebrated Blend of Mocha and Jut?u Coffee
has 110 Equal in Sandon and all those ��ho hurt-
used it cannot sai) too much in its praise
We Carry a Well-Selected Stock ot
Shelf Hardware.
is moving. Two Doors Below.
Don't    Forget   The
JAMES WILLIAMSON   - Proprietor.
Let us believe
That their is hope for all the
hearts that grieve;
That somewhere night
Drifts to a morning   beautiful with
And that the wrong -
Though now it triumphs, weilds no
sceptre long.
But right will reign
Throned where the waves of Error
beat in vain!
���Frank L. Stanton*.
Stein Bros.
Grocers and Bakers,
The Best Butter. Eggs and Qreen
f****$ ��� ��� ��� ��� m$& m&&*	
Follioft & McMillan.
Contractors and Builders.
Dealers in Dressed and Rough Lumber.
Sash. Ooors. Blinds, etc.. Made la Order al Lawa.t Passible Price,.
Mine anil Dimension Timber always in Slack. Plana, Eallmales aw*
Speclficaliens furnished Inr all Classes al Building.
RAILROAD AVE.   ���   ���
���   ���   ���   SANDON.
^^.i-.v'-r.f-^.f . . ��: ��.#.���#��$,���$. ... . ...1
Best Brands of Indian and
(Ceylon Tea, Mocha and Java
Hotels and Mine Camps Supplied
Expeditiously and Satisfactorily.
None   but   the   highest   class   goods
handled.     Money refunded if goods are
not satisfactory.
Reco Avenue - - Sandon B. C,
���ill    receive   a    large stock of high
class.goods next week, and we invite the
public to inspect our cloths and prices.
Ladies Tailoring a specialty with us Fit
finish and General Satisfaction Guaranteed.
W. J. Armstrong & C


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