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The Paystreak Sep 1, 1900

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Array f>y*tv-,   vCtst-^t^ry
Iohn C. Winter is behind the counter
i i Atherton1*.
C. M. Wilson returned from Spokane yesterday.
Dudlej Blackwood returned lo Nelson
on Thursday.
MonJaj will be Labor day. Cod)
will nol celebrate.
Alheri K trr retur.ie I on M 11 Jay
from his trip to Alberta.
The Comique in Kaslo is u> be re
opened by Sandon parlies.
Kohl. Cunning will move into the
new Sandon hotel next week.
The Atherton stock will be moved
into the new store early next week.
Harold il.itt has taken a situation
with the Byers' hardware company.
Mrs. Funk is making preparations to
open ihe Sandon hotel dining room.
Mi-> Jennie Hammond of Slocan
attended the opening ball   at the Keco
The new bank offices are nearly completed and will be occupied next week.
J. K. c lark came up from New Denver \esterda) to  seethe   sights of   the
Hamilton Bvers spent Thursdaj and
Kridaj in town,   taking   in   the   Reco
ope ii ig.
Mrs. B. M. Walton left on Monday
for ji \i>it to her home in Waterloo,
0nt.ii io.
I'. L. Christie will occupy office
rooms in the second story of the .Atherton block.
rhere was a meeting of tlie city council on Mondav evening at winch no
business was done.
Frank Townsend is again at the
throttle ow the K. & S. Limited, alter a
holiday trip to the east.
Wm. Walmsley and Ed. McLeod
wen| to the Halcyon Springs on Wednesday for a two-weeks' visit.
Macdonald Hros. have revised the
plans for their new building and w ill
now build only 50 feet deep.
I lie K. 81 S. bridge gang is operating in the vicinity of Sandon. Harry
bwan ol Kaslo is in charge.
The report that J.J. Fleutot has
secured a controlling interest in the
Florida is denied bv thai gentleman.
Excavation tor the Miners' Union
���"'���11 was commenced on Wednesday.
torn Duffy is in charge of construction.
Jimmy Williamson will open the new
5%ir store in a few days. The debat-
���ng society will then have larger rooms
and will he prepared to let in new
mem hers.
Jim Kerr, journalist, struck town by
me tie route- during the early part of
me week and spent a few pleasant but
hazy evenings doing the square thing
���\v De Kuyper.
Lie Sappho company went thru to
Kaslo on Monday to play a date in that
town, They came all* the way from
Australia, 'and judging from the indications of appearances they probably
'"l the overland route in several places.
Captain Haas of the Salvation Army
spent a couple of days in town this
week collecting funds for the refuge
names   which    the    Army   conducts in
Spokane and Vancouver.
Mayor Pitts leaves Aultsville, Ont.,
on September 5th   and   will   arrive in
Sandon about the loih. He remained
in the east longei than was his original
intention in order lo attend his brother's
About two months from now the
winter season will be on again, and
unless action is taken in the near future
Sandon will again he without a good
skating or curling rink. Parties who
ire interested in these winter sports
should get together and see tnat something is done in tlie matter.
A liberal convention is called to lake
place at Kcu'lstokc on Wednesday next,
September 51I1, to nominate a candidate
lo contest the constituency of Vale,
Cariboo and Kootenav for the Dominion Parliament. So far Sandon liberals
have taken no step to appoint delegates.
The $3000 appropriation to the city
of Sandon found a place in the supplementary estimates and should he placed
to the credit of the citv within a few
davs. It will then he in order for the
cii\ council to commence the construction of a city hall and make arrangements tor the construction of the Hume
al the lower end ot' town so that the
new street can he opened down to the
power house.
Sheriff Tuck held an auction sale
in Nelson Tuesday of goods to satisfy
judgements. The firsl lot was the interest ot' Abbie IL Williams in the
Bertha mineral claim located west el
|ackson creek near the Dardanelles.
This was purchased by Henry Giegerieh
tor $86, which ahout covered the judgment. \ promissary note drawn
by the Britannia Mining company in
favor of Philip McVicar for $2500 was
bought by Giegerieh al $1140.
E. IL Thomlinson arrived in Sandon
on Thursday from Allegheny Springs,
Peiin, where he spent the early part ol
the summer. Yesterday he went out
to McGuigan to visit the Lone Jack
group, of which he is the owner, and
will spend the next few days in Sandon
aud vicinity. Altho Mr. Tomlinson
spends most of his time at his southern
home in St. Petersburg, Florida, he is
heavily interested in mining property
in B. C. and lias been identified with
the industry in the Slocan since its
early days.
K. L. Chipman, assessor, collector
mining recorder was in town from
Kaslo on riiursdny and Friday gathering data for the assessment rolls which
must be completed by November 1st.
He finds il difficult to arrive at a basis
of value for personal property in San-
dor., as the stocks carried by local
merchants now will be much increased
hefore the 15th of January, when the
taxes are due. Anything that lax-
pavers can do to assist the assessor in
his work will be duly appreciated by
thai official, whose duties are onerous
under ordinary circumstances but are
more exacting on the present occasion
from the fact that this work which
should have been commenced on he
ist of Julv was not taken up until the
appointment was received by the present incumbent.
In the old workings of the Sovereign
a strike of six inches of steel galena
has been made.
Ihe Noble Five tram suspended
operations on Wednesday. The mill
will be shut down again as soon as the
bins are empty.
There are  12   men   working   at the
Corinth mine.    Tee property is looking
belter than ever before.    A.   Muir, who
had charge a year  ago,   is   superinlen
The tramway builders at the Ivanhoe
are now stringing the standing wires.
The wires are made in four sections
with the tension station half way up
the train. There will be 38 buckets
on the running rope, which will be
over 15,000 feet long.
The minister of mines has under
consideration ihe establishment of a
uniform code of signals for use in all
mines of ihe province. The present intention is to adopt ihe code used in the
mines of Montana, and gold commissioners have been instructed to receive
suggestions from mine managers in
connection with the matters.
Twelve men are employed at the
Red Fox taking out ore which is being
packed down to .McGuigan for shipment. The Red Fox is one of the
most difficult properties to handle in
the Slocan. Its situation is such that
it cm be operated lor only a short period during the summer season, as
snowslides make il to hazardous in
other seasons.
The reconstruction of the Last Chance
Irani has been completed and it was
started on Tuesday evening. The
crusher has heen put in place again
and is now working on ore shipped
down. Timber, supplies and material
are being shipped up and as soon as
arrangements are completed the force
at the mine will be increased.
The consummation of this deal marks
the close of negotiations which have
been pending for many months. The
Monitor is a developed property of
proven value from which large shipments have already been made, and as
it has been a dividend-payer from the
grass roots ihe purchasers are assured
a handsome return on their investment
The Legislature.
Fire at tho Icanhoe.
There was a disastrous tire at the
Ivanhoe mine on Tuesday morning by
which the bunk house and boarding
house were both destroyed. The tire
originated in the drying room and was
well underway before being noticed, so
lhal the men only had time lo get out
without saving their clothes or bedding.
Tents and temporary structures have
heen rigged up and work will be carried on without interruption. The reconstruction of Ihe buildings will not
lu- commenced until the tramway is
completed, when material can be
handled much more easily-
According to the government's program the house was to prorogue last
night. There was the usual rush
toward the latter end and a good deal
of more or less important business will
have to go over. Helmcken's bill providing an educational test for workmen
on works chartered by the provincial
government was amended so as to
make it apply to employees on the operation of the same. This bill was calculated lo prevent the employment of
Mongolians on railroad and government works.
Tatlow's bill, which was intended to
keep orientals out of the province was
amended so (hat it would not apply to
any immigrants against whom there-
was dominion legislation. This makes
the acl inoperative as applied to Chinese
but will operate against Japs. The acl
was passed but il is questionable
whether (he Governor General will give
il his signature as it may be conflicting
with the dominion government's policy.
Houston's water clauses acl, which
gives cities the right to acquire water
rights in the same manner that private
companies would, was passed at the
lost moment.
Formal Opening of the Hotel Reco.
The Monitor Bonded.
Acting tor the London syndicate
which he represents, Maurice Gintz-
bergerhas taken a bond on the Monitor
mine at Three Forks. The property-
will be re-opened immediately and will
he on the shipping list in the near
future. The terms 01 the bond are not
given out.
The ball on Thursday evening which
marked the formal opening of the Hotel
Reco was a success in every sense ol"
the word. Nearly 200 dancers gathered in the big hotel and tripped to the
strains of ihe Sandon orchestra until an
early hour. The house w.is gaily
decorated and brilliantly lighted U| -
stairs and down, presenting a gaudy
and festive appearance. The large
dining room makes an ideal dancing
hall, and it was crowded frcm the fast
to the last number on the program.
Supper was served to the large concourse of merrymakers in the dining
room and the viands produced did
credit to the house and the management.
Lord Kitchener will be almost prepared to affirm that DeWet and his
force broke thru where an X-Ray would
have turned back and acknowledged
itself beaten.
F. A. Brown's family arrived from
Spokane and are now residing on Cody
Bert Creech will raffle a saddle pony
at Ihe Filbert to night.
��� 1
The following is a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded.curtog ttie
week in the several mining divisions sf
the Slocan. Those of New Denver wei e
sb follows :���
Anj.' 17���Beaver fr, Silver mt, .1 0 Bolander.
18-Kleetor, Eight Mile er, B Kneebone.
B A T, J R L, Denver, Sunrise,,. WUsonnr. A
Owens and B Anderson.
80���Gloaebqrn, u fk CacptNiter cr, Jno Martin.
21���Kspliandl, Four Mile er, Ed Stewart,
as���Aliec B, nr Bandin, J H Cameron.
Fair Chaiu-e. Granite mt, A Sproat.1
Boni-et, Four Mile er, tl Perkins.
BeonrUy, Payne nit, 8 Wees.
Viola, nr "Sandon, T J Dalgleelah.
84���The Princess, Fennell er,H Williams.
Lambert,Fennel) er, Jno Williams.
Aug 14���Lavesa, Svea, Parrott, Erie, Silver
Reef, Northern Pacitie, Bixer No 2. Northern
Bell fr, Ptarmigan, 16���Pay Day, Silver Leaf,
is���Jaeker fr. 17���Tamarack, Big Jim Basin.
Rossland, Red Mountain, Mammoth, Empoiium(
Archie fr, Ruby, Ruben, Heather Bell, Atwood.
18���OK,Comet, Brunswick. 20��� Alert, Mountain Scenery, Monterey, Illinois, Hub. 21--
Trom. 22���Buy State, Bay State fr, Mountain
Goat, B C fr. 23-Ajax, Palmita. 24-Cale-
ilonia, United fr, Saddle Rock, Hewitt. Rincon,
Tranquility, Crossfell. 27���Basin fr. Los Vegas.
28���Eastern Township, Camp Lodge.
Aug 17-Black Jim fr, J, C Garely to James
Jordan. Aug 17.
21���Oregon, Maine, 1-6 each, Geo Lightbody to
Jacob Sterling. Auu 7.
Independent, G H Wright and \V W Fallows
claim J from Frank B Golden.
Independent, 1-24,0 II Wrifeht to W W Fallows, Auu 18.
Trom, A, E Hendnckson to Frank Hcildriokson
Aug 21.
23���Power of Attorney, Ed Bartlett io F L
Christie, Feb 9,1888.
Phoenix, H Croft to E M Sandilands,Aug 2).
Red Fox, J,Central, 1-0, A Robinson to A W
Wright, June 3.
27���Emerald fr,., J W Bell to D B O'Brien,
Aug 13.	
Aug t>-Sydney, 2nd nfk Lemon, HI) Curtis.
City, Lemon ck, J Graham.
Morning Light, same,and Amelia, Mineral ck,
SC Holman.
Golden Crown, lata fk Lemon ck. FSherry.
7 -Mount Pleasant, nr Sioean, M Radcliff.
8-1 X L, Ten Mile, T J Lloyd,
Two Brothers, same, A Owens.
Reno. Lemon ck, J Riley.
9���Hope, Springer ck, A Owens.
1C��� Rosedale fr, 1st a fk, Lemon ck, Frank
B T, Lemon ck, J Law.
13���Egansville, Lemon ck, J Riley.
Pinetop, Ten Mile, N W Tessler.
San Juan, same, J E Ward.
Gold Bill, 1st n fk Lemon ck, R A Bradshaw,
14���Neutral, Lemon ck, P Angrlgnon.
Jubilee No 2, Twelve Mile, W Clough
15���Granite, Springer ck, M Gillis.
Greenwood, Dayton ck, G Stoll.
16���Iron Cow, Springer ck, W F DuBois
17��� Paddington, relocation E H, D Arnot.
18 Lady Bell, Ten Mile, G Aylwin.
Aug (5���Ida, Cheyboygan fr, Duplex. 7- Golden
King, Queen, Young Bear, Maggie, Missing
Link. 8���Port Hope. 8���Maple Leaf, Alder,
Drummon, San Jose, Victor, Portobello, Sucker.
10���Dreyfus, Kootenay Pass, Rocky fr, Two
Friends. 11��� Blaudlield, Reno, City of Spokane,
Legal (.for 5 years) Star. 13���Ontario No (!,
Queen. 11���Tacoina, Buda Pest, McKinnon.
J6--Winfred, Alberta. 18���Jersey Lily, Liberty.
17���Silver Bow, Slocan fr.
AuglO-City of Spokane. HO, G Bulko to F
Bleanficld and Reno, 1-10 in each, John Bluko
to same.
Buda Pest,., same to same.
13���Hampton, Ethel K, Plunger, Rainbow and
Camplire, { each, J A McKinnon to R J Hamilton.
Power of Attorney, J A McKinnon to R J
Transvaal, J Kelsen to N W Tessler.
San Juan, J E Ward to same.
15���Ida, J, I Robinson and E BDuuIop to A M
luted to Inaugurate the reforms for
which we stand.
We recommend the lull and free
discussion of all economic questions
by all unions of the federation.
The President of the United States
by proclamation has opened for
settlement 1,500,000 acres of rich
farming land in the north hall ol the
Colville Reservation This reservation lies in the north eastern  part ol*
break, Crown Point, Pasamalong, St Lawrence,
Triumph, Victory, Royal George. 80���Last
Chance, Iron Point, Lucky Rill fr. Kenneth.
31��� Bloomiugton, Nulicer (8 yean), Gotacure,
Gotaeure fr.
July _5���Ore-0��No-6o, J. A Etoheuler to M
Treasure, \, J Q Kester to R R McDonald.
Mount Pleasant, >, J L McRae to R McDonald.
28-Star of the West, H O Johnson to R A
Hah Pay, J, H Tulpo toOMimi,IIOS50.
3(i���Bryan fr, R E L Brown to The Gold Syndicate.
31���Dawn of Day, Victoria and Sunrise,6-18,
W B strathearn to 0 A Sutherland.
Scranton, 1-6, A McDonald to N F Mackay.
U-L'ATIONS. Aft   ,ii,
July 21-Neptune, Campbell cr. Wsobakl.ton.
2:1���Dublin, Lardpcr, C G Mosinan.
M-Woly-jrton.Lfcng cr, J H Wolvi-rton.
No 1, Hoodoo cr. M A Doherty.
No 2, Hoodoo or, E Ladendorff.
Copper King, same, A Green.
Thistle. Cariboo cr, J O'Dounell.
86���Reindeer, Bear cr, S I, Ward.
Viking, Schroeder cr, A E Kindb.rg.
a'-Sun fr.and I'ewabic fr, Cariboo cr, R L
30���Calumet. Davis er, R F Green.
Porcupine, Porcupine cr, Wm English.
Bismarck fr. South Fork, G B Garrard,
C W, Woodberry L ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ _
AssKssMKMs. ! tlie sin le of Washington,   itty miles
July 17-Payne Nol, Payne Not.  21-Mm.n. f   g    kane     150   miles
tain View, Mine Jay.      21-San   Bimado. star. 1 ��w�� I nittmnlo
K-Grey Eagle, Granite, Oregon, Yosemlto,Colo-  north east of the Capital,    Ulympia,
rado. Pavtsefr, China, Duplex, Lotus, Diamond   an(|    iQ)    inj*es    east   and    HOl'th   Ol
^r;y js __r^-.^-^>����i<**��^^ ��� *�� c?n fan
Second Relief, Pairvlew. Lucky Ed.   SB-Day | boundary, and IS at)0Ut 80 UlllCS tmill
Greenwood, H.C.
Many years ago this land was set
apart for the once great .and powerful
Siwash tribe of Indians The tribe
has dwi'dled to such a degree that
one twentieth ol tlu land is sufficient
for their needs. Four years ago
Congress opened the lands for mininc
I purposes only and sir.ee then many
well paying mines have been operated there and numerous thriving
towns have Bprung int<* existence.
Among these are Bolster, Baker
Creek, Chcsaw and Republic. Republic Is a thriving town near the
Boundary line and well known as a
mining camp of great promise.
The opening of the Reservation
will take place on October 15th, and
from all accounts there will be plenty
of land for those who desire to take
up farms, etc. The Indians have
each been allotted a farm so that
their claims are forever satisfied,
His Directions a Trifle Indefinite,
Some time ago a well-to-do Mexican
wrote for several ready-made sui's to
a New Orleans merchant, and, to
insure a good tit, sent this description: "I am 42 years old, weigh 120
pounds, dark complexion, notary
public.*' Another worthy subject ot
President Diaz sent an order for
rather a curious outfit, which he said
was intended for his brother. It consisted of a black suit, with one white
shirt, black tie, collar, cuffs and a
pair of patent-leather shoes. The
day following its receipt a telegram
arrived, say ing: "Do not send things.
Brother is getting better." It turned
out afterward that the brother had
been seriously ill and the garments
were intended to array him for the
tomb. This upset the theory of one
ot the clerks, who had suggested that
maybe the brother was go in** to be
hanged and had been unexpectedly
reprieved. - New Orleans Times-
The Western Federation of Miners,
which indeed practically includes all
the miners west of the Missouri river,
at their recent annual convention in
Denver, enunciated the following set.
of principles:
The Western Federation of Miners
sends greetings: Impressed with the
righteousness of labor's cause, and
believing that beneficial reforms in
industrial conditions can be accomplished only through radical changes
in the present governmental institu
tions, we respectfully submit the following vital principles which we believe should receive the thoughtful
consideration ot all who toil and to
govern political affiliation of the
members of the Western Federation
of Miners.
We believe that the wage system
should be abolished, and the production of labor be distributed under the
cooperative plan.
We believe representative form of
government a fa I le.and regard direct
legislation as the first step n< cessary
to enforce legislative reforms, and
therefore demand the initiative and
referendum in making all laws, state
and municipal.
We regard public ownership and
operation of all the means of production and distribution as the logical
solution of the industrial problem, and
respectfully urge all working people
to give the subject the thoughtful
consideration its importance deserves.
We believe the time has arrived
when all labor unionists should study
and discuss economic and political
subjects with the view of supporting
the candidates for office best calcu-
third subsidiary companv issued bv
Mr. Wbitaker Wright during the hist
few weeks. First we had the Le Roi
No 2, then the Rossland Great West,
ern, and now the Kootenav Mining
Company. This company has lH.cn
formed to take over the remaining
properties of the British America Corporation in the Rossland District.
They are the Columbia, Kootenay
Tip Top, Copper Jack and South
Kootenay Junction, of which the first
two are the best known. The Capita]
of this company is ��400,000, und the
purchase price is ��350,000, payable
as far as possible in cash, and ��50.
IKK) to be devoted to working capital.
The bubonic plague has broken out
in  Glasgow,   The  government  over
where  the  heather grows should put a,
two per cent, tax upon it.
Meets* in Crawford't II ill ovory Wcdnesda) eve-
nlng. Visiting [iretliruii cord la II \ Invited t.
attend. .1 i�� M.I. u OHL VN.'C.C
AM It. -N V SHILL VNR I, 1* s
S1LVKI.   CITY   LODGE   NO.    31),
I. (). t). F.
Meetings every Friday ovening al ~.�� In
Crawford's Hall. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to i (tend.
('. E. LYOX8, REV. A   M. SANFOKD,
***���'���' rotary. N ohlc i Irand
A. F.& A.M.
ALTA LODGE NO. ���-*:'
Regular communication held Ural Thursday In
each month In Masonic Hall ;it _ I'. M. Sojourning brethren are cordially iu\ Ited t" attend.
Tin'Mas BROWN. Secretary.
Sandon Miners',;':;;;
Union Hospital,
bi vi
^^ Open to
yd��� (he Public
rlliers, tt
nth:  Private patients, --
per  day,  8.x 'lu*
of physician or surgeon and drugs
Attendant PI
Miss s  L. UHI8HOLM, Matron
j, i). Mclaughlin, Prwidem
w. I, HAGLER, Secretary
Wm. I-usaihi:   .1    V.  Makiin.   R.  .1   Mct/KAN
Am;es ,i. McDonald, Mikk Brady, Director*
The Whitaker Wright group of
British Columbia Companies in London has recently been again increased
by the flotati-n of the Kootenay Mining Company, Limited.   This is the
J. W. Balmain
P. O. Box 170.
Sandon, B. C.
Engineer and Provincial
Land Surveyor.
\ utter From Bob Ingersoll,
Banks of the Styx River, H'id_N.
Aug*, stoth, 1900.
I will endeavor to writ*-* you the letter
I promised before leaving New York.
S.uii h'"*-** inadvertently told the truth,
forjuslashe predicted, and aa I myself secretly expected, 1 am in Hade*.
I fame 1111 ii without a 6top. I am sit-
limronahol cinder writing this letter
���na piece of slate gouged from the
roofwilli my trident. A "trident,"you
[now. \s owe of those funny looking little pitch forks like Neptune used lo pack
around with him al Ine seaside. Every-
bod\ has one, and it makes a fellow
ihink he's al a Populist Convention.
When I was on earth I didn't believe
in Hell, for I had travelled in Kansas
and didn't think there could be iwo
places so much alike. Inn I hadn'l
been here half a day 'till I believed ii it
a whole lot, It is more genuine and
realistic than I anticipated. Just now
m\ feel are blistered from walking on
ihe hot pavements and I'm dabbling
litem in the Styx river to cool ihem off.
I was talking to Mo-.es a while ago,
and hesaysthey will soon j^vt calloused
and then I'll he all hunky-dory. He
has read mj "Mistakes of Moses" and
laughingl) admitted that lu- made a
gotxl manv when Ik- was new to the
business. IK' is a jovial cuss atul I
rather like him.    Told me sin the dead
everything i-> "on the dead" here���
thai lu-  d'uln*!  write   the Pentateuch,
bul knows u ho did.
There ate lots of people here, and
strangers arrive daily. I would not
advise you lo come down 'till fall or
winter ami even then you needn't
brinj> anything but a light summei
suit, \ on won't need an overeoat 01
umbrella or skates, Imt vou might
bnn-j a palm leaf f.iu or two. For an
"imaginary," "mythical," "figurative,"
"allegorical," "unorthodox" hell this is
'iboul the hottest one 1 ever got into.
Bui sa\ ! I got here just in time lo
strike a snap. Henry Ward Heeeher
has just been retired on account of age
mj Mephistopheles has appointed me
tosucceed him as boss of the New
Vork colony the largest one here. 1
nave a lovely new trident with cute
"Hie spear-point businesses on the
lines, and the devil has promised to
s'i'1 me a long red tail and a pair ol
horns like his, when he k'01-"* to the
City next week. He seems to have
Men a great fancy to me.
I here are ministers here of every denomination and several camp meetings
we m progress down the river. Horace
ureeley introduced me to Spurgeon and
MPcter Cartwright last night and we
nadavery pleasant little lark together,
iney expect Talmage to join them be-
tore long. 1 have also shaken hands
*llh lom Payne and Voltaire and find
'k"' very pleasant gentlemen. Said
'ley had been watching my career for
^"ie time and were expecting me daily.
en Franklin is calling on me this
',,or,,ll1K. He is wearing his hair
J!'or|'*'Hv and doesn't look so much
,'*e Queen Liliuokalani as he used to.
1 "-'mild
a ch
"ever tell their  pictures   apart.
ourse the trust  is here "bigger'n
---nipmunk."   Solomon  and Brigham
andT nave all  the   women  cornered,
j, lle politicians  are organizing  to
lefeat the
1 would like 10 know what is being
said about me. I suppose ihey will
print a lot of my old letters and publish
enough pictures of me to start a rogues
gallery, and every little two-hit preacher
will toll how it happened, and water-
brain spiritualists will commune with my
spirit, and all thai sort of thing. I
wish Ihe whole dodrotted pack were
down here awhile they wouldn't feel
st) all-fired gay.
Well, must close.    We need rain the
worst kind    crops are almost a  failure.
If you're ever down this way, drop in.
Yours truly,
Hon Ingersoll.
P, S.     A soda   fountain   would   pay
big down here.
liny your Groceries from
.Macdonald & Bosh. Nothing but
good -foods in stock.
Patronlsi  the   Sandon   Hand
Lodging House.
Nice Comfortable Beds,
To Let by the Day, Week
Month or Year. Get One
Before they are all Taken
Certificate    of    Improvements!
sjt 1 uiti- in t In Slocan Mining Division ol West
Kootenay DUttict. Winn- located: On
It.- u Mom-tain
���"PAKE NOTICK that 1. Arthui s. Fir-
��� well, a. thus ii.-i agent lor Fred T Kc'.y.
Free Miner's Certificate No, SSMKi, intend,
>ixty day* from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate ol Improve-
ment*, lor the purpose ol obtaining a Crown
1 <rani  ol  the above claim
And further taki tice that action, nnder
Miction 87, must   be commenced before  the
Iiantiance of ��uch Certiflcate 0! Improvements
Inti I tlii- twenty-first day of July, IWO
Hit die   Iron Trail  Yor
Neto Denoer
On Saturday
Where, on the Placid Bosom of
the   Cool,   Salubrious Lake,   or
in the Fragrant Recesses of the
Primeval Forests, You may
Spend the Sabbath in Sweel
Communion with Nature.
You will lind all the Comforts
of a Home at the
Newmarket Hotel.
If you care for Fishing ) jU can
Secure Boats, Fishing lacklc,
etc., from the Management.
Guides who will Pilot you to
the Best Fishing Grounds always on Hand. Bait in Flasks,
Bottles or Kegs furnished at
Regulation Kates by the Proprietor.
Henry Stege.
In the Tent
The Filbert Hotel
elect a
present administration and
a new devil. Thev want me to
' c lh-e nominating speech. You
���0        norninated Blaine for  president
Don'?!   d'd   ir   UP   in   ��ood   shaPe'
j    ' kl,(ny who will be  the  nominee.
ofL,0uld ls running well on account
is money, and   Judas   lscarot   and
jjnias are quite popular.
Ish y*ni could send me the papers.
Certificate    of    Improvements.
situate in the Arrow I.a' e Mining Division of
Weal Kootenay District.
Wheie located: Headwater*- of McDonald
Creek, on Red Mountain.
""TAKE NOTICE that I. Chas Moore, of
1 Kaalo, acting ���� agent lord. M. Ash ton,
Free Miner's Certificate No. H. 10010. intend,
ixty days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder lor Certificate ol Improvement*!, for the purpo.se of obtaining a Crown
Grant  of the ahove claims.
Anil further fake notice that action,under
.ection st,  must be ootnmenoed hefore the
Issuance ot suce Certificate of Improvementa.
Dated thia First day of Auguat, l!M>.
Certifloate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay  Diatriot.   V> nere located: On
the North Fork of Carpenter Creek, ahout
3  milt's from Three Forks.
Take Notice that  I   Frank L. Christie, acting for myself. Free Miner's  Certificate No
BS8106,  and as agent for C. D. Hunter, Free
Miner's Certificate, No. B_63f>7. F. Sautor,Free
Miner's Certific No, lil8&)8, and Geo. H. Winter,
intend sixty days from date hereof, to apply to
the  Mining Reaord'.rfor a Certificate of Improvements, for tin   purpose of obtaining a
Crown (.rant of the above claims.
And further take notice  that action under
Section.'!*, must   be  commenced   hefore   the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this nineteenth day of June, A.I>. IIKKI.
The Denver.
Cody Ave. Sandon
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hotel
The Most Complete   Health   Resort on
the Continent of North America.
Situated     'midst    Scenery    Unrivalled    for
Halcyon Hot Springs
m-m  _       _���    1   _ __  _.
Pisffi; Sanitarium.'"vsii��n
and Nurse
Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lahe, B. C.
Terms,flJ to   IH per week,  according
to residence in Hotel or Villas.
Its Baths cure all Nervous and Muscular Diseases.    Its waters heal all
Liver, Kidney and Stomach
Telegraphic   Communication with all
partsof the World.
Two Mails arrive and depart Every Day.
The price of Railway Ticket for Rouud Trip
between Sandon and Good for thirty days
and obtainable all year round is (8.85.
Application For Liquor License.
N< "TICK is hereby given that 80 days from
date heieo!' I intend to apply to the license
commissioners of the city of Sandon for a
license to sell all spirituous and fermented
liquors on the premises formerly occupied by
Mrs. Mclntyre'a boarding house.
Dated at Sandon July 20th, V.m.
Certificate    of    Improvements.
Ituate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay district.   Where  located:    On
Reco Mountain.
"T-AKK NOTICK that I, Arthur S. Furwell,
1 acting as agent for John M. Harris,
Free Miners' Certificate No .S3-.H8,intend, sixty
day-. Irom date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements
for the purpooeof obtaining a Crown Grant
of the a' ove claim.
Ami further take notice that action, nnder
section .*I7 111 u *t he commenced hefore the issuance of. tidh Certificate of Improvements.
I ate I  t his Twenty-First day of July, 1900.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining division of West
Kootenay   District.    Where located:   On
I'll.-, ne Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, M. R. W. Rathborne
Free Miner's License No. ��39087, as agent for
myself and for Fred Steele, Free Miner'.-
License No. 27081, and for H. B. Alexander
Free Miner's License No. BSB092, intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to tlu- Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further ti.ke notice tha* action.under
section  'ii   must   be commence I   before the
issiiMice o' such Certificate ��>f Improvements
Dated thi., First day oi August, A. I)., 1800.
Application   for Transfer of Li-
. quor  License.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date hereof we intend to apply to the
license commissioners of the City of Sandon
for transfer of Star hotel liquor license to
the undersigned, at Mike Kerlin's building,
Reco Avenue Sandon,
Dated at Sandon this 10th day of Aug. 1900
Service for the year 1900
will bo commenced JUNE
10th. The -"Imperial Limited" takes yon across tlie
Continent in four days without cnange. It is a solid
Vi'stibuled train, luxuriously
equipped with every possible
essential for the comfort and
convenience of Possengers.
Ask your friends who have
travelled on it, or address
J. B. Crudyre,
A ��*ent.
E. J. Coyle,        \V. F. Anderson.
A.    C��.    P.    a\a, Ta   P.    \.
Vancouver, B. C.      Nelson, B. C. THK PAYSTREAK, SANDON. B. C, SEPTEMBER 1
PablUhed Every Saturday in tin- heart of the Rlch.ut White Metal Camp on Earth.
Subscription   ...   -   $_.ooayear.
st rift I v in ndvnnoe.
William MacAdams,
Publisher and Proprietor.
riTH THK APPROACH of the dominion
elections the time has arrived for the people
of BritisH Columbia to see to it that thev are represented
in the next parliament. This province has never had the
right kind of men at the federal capital, and unless immediate action is taken the Pacific members in the next
house will be no more representative than British
Columbia's aggregation of freaks in the last. The constituency of Vale, Cariboo and Kootenav has been about
as poorly represented as it possibly could be While the
present member may be a very refined, educated, accomplished and high-principled gentleman, he has been as helpless as a wooden Indian , and, to paraphrase the Toronto
Telegram, "inherited wealth and purchased newspapers
have not provided a future for Hewitt Bostock in British
Columbia politics."
Bostock has declared his intention of withdrawing
from the political arena, and has notified every liberal
association thruout the Kootenay that he will not again
contest the riding. His successor will be chosen by the
liberal convention to be held in Revelstoke on September
5th. There seems to be no definite idea as to who the
nominee will be, but it is a matter of indifference to the
trreat mass of electors. No candidate running under the
auspices of the liberal party as we find it at Ottawa today
could command the confidence of the people. Laurier,
Tarte, Sifton & Co. have violated every principle, repudiated
every pledge and broken every promise on which they
were elected, and their four years' administration has been
one wild saturnalia of robbery, corruption and general all-
round rottenness from start to finish.
There is no reason to hope for anything better from
the conservative party, and to elect a candidate on that
ticket would be to endorse a new lease to the ^an_r who
exploited Canada for so many years under the able leadership of Tupper, Langevih, Connley, Larkin, McGreevey,
et al.
It is simply a matter of impossibility for an honest
man who hopes to better the conditions of the country to
affiliate with either of the old parties. Common honesty
is not to be found in the same street with professional
politicians. They are interested in the advancement and
maintenance of a social and economic system wich is
recognized by every thinker to be a monumental triumph
of injustice. All the laws which degrade labor, all the
enactments which create monopoly and centralize wealth,
all the statutes and privileges which make the exploitation
of the people possible are the work of the professional
politician. To place power in their hands is to abandon
self respect.
It is from the people themselves that a new and better
government must come. It is from the ranks that representatives must be chosen and it is by the votes of the
workingmen that these representatives must be elected.
The laboring classes have the controlling vote in the
constituency of Yale, Cariboo and Kootenay, and a labor
candidate should be elected to represent the inland empire
of British Columbia.
Action should be  taken   immediately  by every  labor
union in the Kootenav. The time is short. The campaign
is already on in every other part of Canada, and the announcement of the date of election is due almost any day.
A convention should be called in the immediate future and
a candidate who can command the respect of the electors
placed in the held. There should be no uncertainty of
purpose and no procrastination. The workingmen of this
great constituency need but to name their candidal now
and the fight is theirs. But they must act in the immediate
present. Once permit the professional the politicians to
get a lead in the field and they will divide the attention of the voters with their time-worn appeals to
prejudice and their hackneyed bias of partyism, and the
golden opportunity of organizing a solid labor party in tho
Kootenay will be gone beyond recall.
Thk People of Vancouver are evidently a trifle stuck
on royalty. On his return from the Klondike the governor-
general is to be given a blowout that will be sufficiently
gorgeous to make Minto tired and make Vancouver people
look like chumps. If folks were satisfied to regard Minto
and others of his class as hired men who are in no wav
different from other government employees except in point
of salary, it would be more pleasant for all parties concerned. Demonstrations to dignitaries are an expense to
the public and a bore to the dignitaries, and if Minto
could be candid and hold his job he would probably tell the
Vancouver people to save their money and spare him the
agony of being loaded with cheap fizz and cheaper compliments and being toted around behind a four-horse team like
Barnum's snake charmer ov the wild man from Borneo.
J, Roderick Robertson, who inherited wealth from
tlie same source as he derived his shortage of intellect, has
again obtruded himself into the publio gaze. This time
he is posing as a star actor in the drama now being pulled
off in Victoria. The plot was deep and well worked out,
It took J. Roderick manv moons \o become main push ot
the associated boards of trade of Kootenay. Supported b)
his hired man, Roderick Finlayson Tolmie, author of the
Tolmie uppercut, he has used the prestiage which attaches
itself to such an c*>fiice to secure the appointment of a commission to re-open the eight hour question and again yank
it into the political game. Some day an exasperated e
torate will take a shift off and prepare such men as J. R
crick for a coroner's inquest.
Collis P. Huntington, a plebian at birth and a
plutocrat at death, is now numbered among the good
American millionaires who underpaid heathen Chinamen to dedicate Christian churches. Collis should be
long remembered by the preachers and-Workingmen. He
broke every law of church and state and received his due
, reward therefore a position oi* honor on earth and a promise of Wings in kingdom come. He never overlooked an
opportunity to degrade his fellow men ov swindle the state,
and the requiems which resounded thru cathedral domes
from Hell Gate to Golden Gate are a modern guarantee
that the religion of Christ as exemplified in the Sermon on
the Mount is not forgotten   in our dav    and   not regarded.
AccORDiNG to the government returns the Kaslo am
Slocan railway's total receipts for the year 180,0, were ��fyf
077, and total working expenses $45,278, leaving n margnj
of $24,999 profit. The road received $20,06} for passenge
traffic, $46,296 for freight and $2,745 for earring the mail-*
rhe earnings per train per mile were $2.38^ and the expenses of running per mile $1.56^. The K. ft s* is eVl"
dently a profitable proposition. ' |.;.y*
, \
E. K. ATI IERTON Co., Limited.
*1_ ��aV Ma
���/_*��� ���/���> ���/*>
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma
���*_*��� </���> </_������ ��/-> </iV
*��> Ma Ma Ma M*sl*M*
m a mm .mm. mm. mm .mm.mm-, m
���*��*��� ���'*'��� ,/4> �����*�� 0> '"> ___>
��aT>  MA
"4*�� ���>���>
Ma ��.��> MA
�����-,*���   **>   '���>
Ma Ma Ma Ma
-*-> -v 'i** _1_
<4.!> ���.��> tt/
-   -  lk ��� 4a> a *
��� a 4. .4��.4
'*>   V   "I"*
��,��>  -a1"*
���*_����� 'i**
��� a 4
Great Removal Sale.
During the next few days we are going'
to dispose of a large part of our Gent's
Furnishing stock at prices away down low.
We will not move any thing we can sell.
Name what you want and take it away at
Ma Ma
71% ��p>
Ma Ma Ma
��� ������������������_���_���
���/-> ���/-> ���*_>
Ma Ma Ma Ma
your own price.
****** ���'4'* "'I'* ���*���*
���at* Ma Sit
���/*> *��> 'i**
���a'/ V/
���/*> ���*.���*-
\V ���.*> Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma
a . -a k a 4k . 4k . 4k . 4k ��� 4k . 41
���*_v ���*��*��� -*���*> */-** ���*'"> ���*"*> */'>
�����.**/ ���*.*> ��a'/ \</ -a**/
^���4ta. 4k. 4k. mm. m
*0> ���'�������� '*> -a-*-.*- ���"'_**
���*_������ ���/���> '���>
E. R. ATI IERTON Co.. Limited.
We Have Placed a Large Stock of
Groceries and
I��� our neW Store in tlu* Harris Block,
and we invite the patronage of the people
of Sandon. Our stock is new, well-selectsd
and high-class throughout, and was pur-
chased at prices that allow us to sell at
reasonable  prices.  Give ns a tr.alo.de..
Macdonald & Ross.
E. P. BURNS, Proprietor.
All  the   Delicacies  of the Season Seroed.
Open Day aud Night.
Eoerything Ne��, Neat, Clean and Tasty.
..    r*,a*+ Meal in Sandon.
The Place to get the Host Meai
JJjThis space will be occup
ty-JjHfcied next week by a
*^<iwi*?man wno knows the va1
ij$ue of advertising
Folliott 8c McMillan,
Contractors and Builders.
i|j?^^*^*-��-***@^*a&-.iSf��������^��^^��^ S-S4MNI-6 en
I        Dealers in Dressed and Rough Lumber.        f|
;'; 0000000***** | J
;i   Sash,  Doors. Blinds, etc., Made to Order at Lowest Possible Prices.
w  Mine and Dimension Timber always in Stock.     Plans, Estimates and   t
U Specifications furnished for all Classes of Building. U
Factory Opposite C.  P. R,  Freight Shed.
Railroad Avenue       -        Sandon.
Eoert-bodii Wondered Hot�� He Knew.
There are often  little trifles that were
better left unsaid
But are uttered in  an   unaffected way,
Which   reminds   me of  a   funny little
matter which occurred
At a fashionable ball the other day ;
The host   espied a   silk   embroidered
garter on the door,
And gaily dared   the  owner to declare,
When a jolly-looking fellow   said without the least concern :
"Oh, 1 know    it, it   belongs   to    Mrs.
Dare !"
Now wasn't that a silly tiling to say?
Wasn't it a silly tiling to do ?
It came as quite a starter
When he recognized that garter
For everybody wondered how he knew.
Now wasn't that a silly thing- to say ?
Wasn't it a silly thing to do ?
But they didn't hear till later,
That she goi them from his mater,
So evervhody   wondered   how he knew.
Thev were crowding round the baby at
a christening, after which
He was handed   round   for everyone to
And a   circumstance   which    somehow
seemed to   please the   people most
Was a dainty little dimple on his knee ;
Said Cousin Jack from Kaslo, who was
staying there just then :
"This   looks like   a   hereditary strain,
for isn't it   a funny thing   that just
in this respect
He's exactly like his elder sister Jane ?"
Now wasn't that a silly thing to say ?
Wasn't it a silly thing to do?
It was really worse than simple
When he talked ahout that dimple
For everybody wondered how he knew.
Yet he chanced lo see that dimple
While out bathing���ain' it simple ?
Hut evervhody wondered how he knew.
Folks were gazing at the very latest
painting at a sale,
Labeled "Beauty Unadorned" upon the
When a gentleman remarked to severa*
others standing by :
"It's not true���such perfect beauty
can't exist."
"Excuse me, sir," a gentleman remarked, "but you are wrong,
And if you like I'll het a case of fizz
That this painting here before you is
exactly true to life,
And represents the girl just as she is !"
Now wasn't that a silly thing to say ?
Wasn't it a silly thing to do ?
The ladies hlushed and wriggled,
And the men turned round and giggled
For everybody wondered how he knew,
Yet nothing could be quainter,
You see he was the painter,
Yet everybody wondered how he knew.
They were eagerly discussing different
reasons for divorce
At a dinner when a married man opined
That snoring loud on either side should
constitute a case,
For it   sufficed   to   drive   you off your
"Quite   right,"   remarked   a   smartly
dressed young letter to a friend,
"I   never   snore   by   any chance,   -do
WWWW wirw.wwi^^ '���> '*> w '���*��� ''*��� ���<'*���> ''^iwicv;^-?*-;.^ ��$:_._>.>#
a* 'i** ���/,.<���,;
The Hunter-Kendrick Co. I
Make our Store your Shopping Centre.    Yon will   find  everything yon
require in our lines of merchandise in our large stock of
Carpets, Men's Clothing and   Furnishings, Men's and Women's Shoes,
China, Crockery, Glassware, Grocer-
ies and Hardware.-
Our Stoek   is Carefully Selected, and   only   Seasonable   Goods
Offered    for Sale.
iThe Hunter-Kendrick Co.
*��� ���*��
a t a
a .a
We are now Carrying a Heavy Lino of
Which we will dispose of at the
Ever Hoard of in the Kootenav.
Don't Fail to Examine our Stock
and Compare our Prices.
you r
On hearing which   her   fiance   absent-
mindedly remarked :
"Don't    tell   such   stories,    dear; you
know you do !"
Now wasn't that a silly thing to say ?
Wasn't it a silly thing to do ?
It only sounded shady
But it quite upset the lady
For everybody wondered how he knew,
Until he said : "Don't scold me,
Your sister Fanny told me,"
Why,    everybody   wondered     how    he
Go to Macdonald & Ross for your
Comfortable rooms by the clay,
week or month at tlie Sandon
Nothing Succeeds   Kike Success.
The Prettiest and Cheapest
You ever saw are now on hand,
We can't keep Enough in Stock and
We make every o<\y
-mmmm^ ACCORDING TO ORDER.      _*
1,   1900.
so mk
c an
,j envy not the man
Attired howeVer>pick and_Bpan,_
nr.atiit'ss empty fripperies but
alone to dress
oiik hats may serve aione w arm-
a noddle full of emptiness,
Andpateni leathers bide a wealth o/
nts, fine they he, yet can
Site ladv or make gentleman;
v   ,..ir|, liow poor it be, can eve
Th��mark of true nobility,
r  li'uli
|i,;tk, hut we may see
licinai  ^^^
\���r velvet ClOBK.
Thi, b0OIV ������.,. us rich folds are dropped
; I - i < 1 ���'.
No lad** vel was made with lace
Orgllk, for Nature leaves a trace
Thai every artifice is vain to hide.
The ladv is, in calico,
Nol less'the gentlewoman, though
she had in�� mark of (gentleness beside.
The practiced-oft deception thin
Bv asses in a lion's skin,
Iii gome unthinking bray with ease we
A vulture, be he decked and dressed
Willi plumes from any eagle's crest
Betray.-, in seeking car Hon,
Count no man your superior,
WhatiM er liis exterior,
Appearance ol true worth is nol a rule.
1 he jester's cap and jingling bells
Full many a gleam of wisdom tells,
\ui| wisdom's mortarboard mav deck a
A king, hv right and nature grown,
Is king without a crown or throne,
Simplicity bul marks liis kindliness,
No i-row n or throne -,i si_;��� 11��� ��� i ring,
I :iu make :i knave seem more a king,
The purple onlv makes  him  seem the
rhe boor, of any sty le or ilk.
1- Imt the greater boor iu silk.
Thegarh imt marks the more Ins boor-
i si 111��* - -;
Nn pels mi evor yet that roue
Ahove himself hv help nf clothes,
rhe manner makes the man, and nol
the dress
-.1  W. Foley, jr
taut, difficult and dangerous held
only the choicest men and women
they can lind. There is no service
for which the selection of candidates
should be so carefully made. The
ordinary qualifications are not sufficient. Zeal alone will not do. He-
sides the passion for humanity, of
which every missionary should be
possessed, he should have in addition
the great virtues of intellectual sympathy, the power of appreciating
another's jiosition, the ability to see
the truth where it exists, the tact
which is unfailing. With such
qualities as these, the missionaries
may hope in time to overcome prejudice, make their position clear, and
win an acceptance for the great
message which they preach. In that
message only is China's salvation, for
in it alone are the promise and the
power to effect the moral regeneration
which U her supreme need."
With the body, as with the mind, to
cease to strive is to begin to die.���Fiske.
Individuals who are true to their own
convictions are always helping the
public conscience to rise to a lusher
plane.���Lydia Maria Child.
.Iu-4 government must guarantee not
only freedom of the mind hut liberty of
the body as well In everything which
dues not infringe the equal rights of
others.���Sentinel of Liberty.
Fear nol the evolution hypothesis.
Stendv yourselves in its presence upon
that faith in the ultimate triumph of
truth which was expressed by Gamaliel
when he * :ii��l: "If it he of tied, ye ean-
nol overthrow it; if it be of man. it will
come to naught." It does not solve���il
docs not proles-to solve���the ultimate
mystery of the universe; it leaves, in
fact, thai mystery untouched.���Tyndall.
The. unanimous support of *he Christian churches in South Africa is raised
into authority hy leaving out of account
the Dutch Christian chinches, which
fire of course, equally unanimous in
denouncing the war It is, indeed,
curious that men and women with any
knowledge of history should adduce the
bncking of the churches as testimony to
f any cause. Where have
��y the people on account of recent J the priests ever failed to bless a war
appropriation*, of territory by Europ- j supported by authority and popular
ean nations and the tear of the natives | passion/
that they portend the seizure <>f the
CAUSES o|   I'll.
in Bismarck Tribune
ciriNKSU   i not 'III. E.
Aii article of profound Interest���
indeed, the most complete and satis
factory account yet publ'shed oi the
"Causes of Anti-Foreign Feeling in
China"���is contributed to the August
number ot the North American Review by Dr. Ucorgo B. Smyth, president of the Anglo-Chinese college i>t
Foochnw. The present disturbances
he attributes to the resentment felt | the justice <
entire empire. Batthecircumstnnces
which are responsible for the deep-
Beated hatred of the ���'foreign devils''
are varied, some being related to the
conduct of Europeans toward China
i" the past, and some arising out o\
influences that are at work today.
Dr. Smyth's aiticle should lx- read by
every one who is interested In the
Pro cm Chinese situation. From the
bitterness ol the prejudice against
,lu- missionaries, Dr. Smyth draws j |m'm
the following conclusion:
"Two lessons,   at   least,   may  be
���**��� i A. Hobson
We have taught the young for a
hundred years that making the most
frightful noise is the way to express joy.
I low long will it take us to teach the
bealthfuluess of quiel ? How soon shall
we learn that one has no more right to
throw noises than they have to throw
stones into a house ? Every physician
knows the baleful effect of noise upon
his patients, and every physiologist
understands its pathogenic effect upon
the nervous system. Ahove all things
unnecessary noises at night should he
essly stopped. Hall the physicians and medical societies of a city
should use their influence upon the city
srovernors,   the  greater  part  of such
wned from this,  namely,  the tre- ] ^ould be eliminated.���Medical Journal.
mendou8  responsibility   which   our,    jn i0vef as in all things, it is more
Missionary societies incur in sending j ,mlssn- to give than to receive.   The  ^on fr��)m t|ie jr,.ound b
missionaries to China, and the solemn   reward of love is in the loving.     n    ^^ tnoy may De *u
���^ligation under which such respon- just so the reward of life is  n tne  i ��� division of tlu?
Ability Pat8 them to send to that dis-  ing.   Why go straining aching eyes
towards the clouds when honest living
���h's in the path hefore us? What ll
th��re in this life that makes it nothing
but the vestibule of the vacant future,
to he hurried through with the one regret that it is not more quickly crossed?
To vapor ahout the imperfection! of
this world and tlie tremulous hope of
another���this is not the faith of which
the healthy man is enamoured. Faith
is to set one's face against all ills of
life; content to know what can be
known, and to outstare the hra/.en
truth with the unconquerahle resolution
horn of self respect. Faltering doubt
can never creep into the philosophy of
a brave man who can think straightforwardly. Only two attitudes befit
him; investigation towards what is
possible of discovery; Indifference to all
else. Does his friend die? He faces
out the truth; he ia gone for this life,
and it is hopeless work to guess about
another. He reels and goes on, torn
with the pain, but never surrendering
his free soul to it by so much as one
groan.���(J. W. Stevens.
A correspondent in Great Britain
criticises the statement in "The Min
era! Industry," Volume II., page (V21,
to the effect that "It is desirable for
smelters to secure the ric'iest ore
possible, since the cost of production
is thereby reduced correspondingly,"
the purpose of that statement being
to show an advantage which American smelters have over the European
in the possession of a much higher
grade of ore. Our correspondent
points out that the same returning
charge being deducted from a rich
ore as a poor ore, for example, a 50
per cent, ore compared with a 25 per
cent, ore, and consequently his profit
ought to he twice as great. This
raises a rather complicated question
which it is dillicult to answer categorically. Our corre pondent is in
error, however, in assuming that the
cost of smelting a ton of poor ore is
the same as for a ton of rich ore.
Assuming that the ore is blende,
the lower it is in grade.the less is the
loss of weight in roasting, and the
greater the hulk of the ore because
of the higher percentage of gangue
of low specific gravity. Consequently
the lower the grade of the ore, the
less of it can be put in the same
volume ot retorts, and the greater the
cost of smelting, even if the percentage of iron and other injurious im-
puri ies have not increased with the
decrease in the zinc tenor of the ore.
Moreover, the percentage of zinc recovered will go down also with the
grade of the ore. The increased cost
and loss have to be covered by a
higher smelting charge.
Although the smelting charge
comes out of the miner.it is a mistake
to consider the smelter as independent oi the miner, their interests being
allied in obtaining the maximum
profit on the zinc contained in the ore
from the ground by the miner,
eon competitors
at profit.   It is,
therefore, contrary to the interests ot
both that fuel and labor should be
wasted on worthless gangue, and the
question should resolve itself into a
balance of costs and losses; that is,
whether the greater loss ot mineral
in making a high-grade concentrate
is offset by the saving in freight and
smelting, or vice versa. The company which operates both mines and
smelting works has to settle that
question, and although the independent smelter is nol confronted directly
by it, we fancv that in the long run
his business adjusts itself on the same
basis.���E. and M. Journal.
An important strike of a new lead is
reported on the Two Friends. It was
made in one of the lower workings and
was totally unexpected, as the ledge
did not appear in the upper tunnels. In
one of the stopes on the property a body
of ore four feet across has been encountered .
Established 1895.
E. M. Sandilands
Sandon, B. C.
Notary Public
Insurance ���& Mining Broker
Mining  Stocks  bought  and  sold.    General
audit for Blooan Properties.   Promising Pros-
liec'ts for sale.
Sandon Cartage Co,,
Express, Baggage
and Cartage
Delivered   to all parts of the city
Manufacturer of
Notary Public
Barrister, Solicitor Notary
Public, Etc.
The Week's Ore Shipments.
The ore shipments for the week
from Sandon were : Payne 244 loos,
Roth 10, Trade Hollar 20, Last Chance
jo a*Tid Slocan Star 60. The While-
woter shipped 184,'2 tons.
The returns for the district for the
month so far as received are : Payne
840, Whitewater 444, Rulh 176, Sioean
Star no, American Boy 21, Coin 21,
Omega 17, Last Chance 20 and Trade
Dollar 41. McGuigan, Alamo and
other points yet to hear from.
Reco Hotel Arricals.
Mondav : ti. F. Copeland, Kaslo;
Edith Copeland, Seattle; J. K. Pouport, Nelson ; J. G. Green, Victoria .
A. R. Fingland, Silverton ; Howard
Thompson, Victoria ; Joe VanHook,
Alamo; ti. W. Hughes, Alamo; \V.
S. Rogers, Spokane ; \V. 1). Wrighter,
Tuesdav: Wm. Fallows Sandon J.
W. Wilson, Vancouver R. H. Caeley
Winnipeg, Y. R. Ella Vancouver, A. B.
Gray, Nelson.
Wednesday: F. Davidson, Toronto,
E. K. Chipman, Kaslo, A. T. Gilbert,
Toronto, R. VV. Biggar, Hamilton,
H. Adams, City.
Thursday: A. R. Sherwan, Montreal,
H. M. Burrilt, Vancouver ; A. S. Far-
well, Nelson ; Chas. Daits, Nelson ;
J. C. Blandy, Nelson ; J. H. Hems-
worth, Victoria ; Jas. Carson, Calgary;
Phil. P. Daigle, Minneapolis ; Sanford
Daigle, Silverton.
Friday: F. Ban*, Victoria; C. H.
Bownan, Vancouver; J. K. Clark,
New Denver.
A srood shoemaker. Steady
job for first-Hats mechanic.
None other need apply.
Eli Taylor.
The New Clifton
m ���       m
This house has recently been
Completed and Fitted up. It
is one of the Nicest Hotels in
the Kootenay. If you have
an hour or a day to spend in
town do not  fail to call upon
John Buckley.
Misses A. & M. HcKinnon
Good Cooks are
Not Made,
The Kitchen  Mechanic al the
Sandon Chop House
Is a scientist in the culi-
nery line. Drop in and
get a
Square Meal.
We Serve the Pest
Regular Dinner
<*v____In the City. ^>
To    Miners    and    Prospectors.
' No mistake in ordering your
Shoes fro;n "Louis." No cheap work
but all Work cheap. Everything
Flume Street. Sandon.
New Watches. . . .
. . . .Just Arrived
A Shipment of Famous High Grade
Hamilton Watches.
These Movements represent the Zenith
of Excellence in American
Do you want the Best ?   Call at once a>
the Supply is Limited.
I have also a   Stock
of  Reliable    Cheap
Watches   in     Gun
Metal     and    Silver
cases. Prices $9, $10
$i 2 and $id.  These
are fully Warranted.
I am the sole agenl
in this district of
Hamilton Movements and Dueber-
Hampden Cases and
Q. W. Grimmett,
Wall  Paper.
All  K'nds-,
Shades-, Colors,
VJ$ Heavy Stock on the ��[$���
$_*? way from  Montreal. *��������
Don't   Order
Till you see our Stock.
Thomas Milne & Co.
We have the finest line of Prospecting Supplies
lhat can he found iu ihe Country. Do not overlook our stock when Outfitting for your Summers's
work in the hill*'.
H. BYERS 4 Co.
Shelf and Heavy
^11 YiinwAm:.^
Plumbing, Tinning
Sheet Iron  Work.
Mine and Mill
Blacksmith   Tools,
Powder, Gaps and Fuse
P. BURNS cS: Co.
Wholesale and Retail   Dealers  in
Fresh   and    ) Fish and ) Dressed   and
Cured   Meats >   Oysters.   ^ Live   Poultry
Sandon. Rossland, Nelson, Greenwood
Crockery    -    Crockery
We Have Just Received
A Large Shipment of
Finest Crocen  3
We Carry Many Grades   and   Can  Quote  Prices
to Suit Your Circumstances. 3
| Call and See our Stock. \
JL9.ilJaJU;U.J-*JL^ JULftJLftflJUU*-. 2 mJU


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