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The Paystreak Dec 15, 1900

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Array fh^r
There is plenty of coal in town this
froi oul those mayorality candidates
������ill oje roast them.
|. M. Harris spent the weekatthe
Halcyon Springs.
Mrs. F, C. Sewell returned on Mon-
_;1v from a visit u> the Coast
Pay uuir taxes and get a vote.    You
have until Monday at '> p. tn,
Henry Giegerieh an J Hamilton Byers
came up firom Kaslo yesterday.
Dutch Jake and Sammy Lloyd will
celebrate Christmas in Sandon.
j.iv J Godfrey has added an employment agency to his   list of enterprises.
1". C. Porter has built a livery stable
opposite the CHfton House, on Reco
George Curd of Nelson, manager o
the Kaslo group, was in town for ������ few
toys this week.
The Nakusp & Slocan is asking for
an extension of time in which to com-
>lete its works.
Wm,   Richurds and  family are now
residing io one of Mr. Minion's houses
v od) avenue.
Capt. Beaumont of Rossland canvassed the town in the interests of the
Salvation Army this week.
C. W. Harrington u.t> up from
Slocan City on Tuesday. He reports
everything prosperous and flourishing
..-, the Eli.
Archibald Dick of Nanaimo has been
appointed inspec or of metalliferous
-lines aud inspector ol coal mines for
British Columbia.
Christmas window decorations have
commenced to blossom. Jimmy Will-
anison's cigar window k.ids so lar tor
: eatness and beauty.
In another column will be found ihe
���uivcrtisment of a company which seeks
a charter to run a tunnel from Silverton
o lap Sandon propertiesat great depth.
liu-re is a young \od\ in Oregon so
modest that she walks five miles in
place sif three because there is a pile ol
undressed   lumber   sh\   the three-mile
11. s Hall has taken over the Reco
barber shop and bath rooms. Mr.
Hall's ability as a tonsorial artist is
recognized by the whisker-growing
J K. Owens, who built ihe Alamo
concentrator, and was well-known thru-
oui tlu- Kootenay as agenl for Fraser
& Chalmers machinery, died in Chicago
���' <   uple ot weeks ago.
'nomas Broun lias taken the building formerly occupied by tlu Delmonico
restaurant, in which to open his gent's
furnishing establishment. The building will be overhauled and repaired in
order to make it Comfortable for the
A letter recently received from Bob
Munro, a former Sandonite now residing in Dawson, states that wages in
'������'���t ���amp have dropped to $.".o'\-* ������������"���>'
���"���d board, just half the price paid last
year. There are manv idle men in tin'
Ed. Jordan found a checkon the roadi
to Cody a few days ago, which is now |
at this office awaiting the owner. It is
made out to, John Wearmouth bv the
Financial & Mining Trust. The cheek
was the property of Win. Lewis, and
has been returned to him.
A coal car got away from Cameron's
coal shed on Thursday and ran down
Ihe 4 '_ per cent grade lo the lower
switch, where it jumped   the track and
i blockaded traffic for a couple   s,f hours.
j The express did   nol   reach   the  depot
1 until Friday morning.
Wm. Walmsley has sold out his
interest in The Ivanhoe Hotel to his
partner, Richard Orando. That establishment is again solely in the hands of
Dick Orando and all bills both to the
firm of Moore _v Orando and Walmsley
& Orando are due to him.
John Buckley has given Norman Mc-
Lellan and Paddy Murphy an option to
lease the Clifton House. Mr. Buckley
will leave in February for Wellington
camp, in the Boundary, to develop the
Carbonate, Alhelstane Franction and
Mollie Pritchard properties.
In connection with the Christmas and
New Vear holidays the Canadian Pacific
railway will put into effect the usual
local holiday rates of single fare for the
round trip. Passengers can purchase
tickets sm the following dates : December 22nd, i;,rd, 24th and 251)1, good to
return sin December 29th to January
Larri) Doolan Will Run  for Mayor.
H. H. Pitts in the Field
A Protest From Whitetcater.
Some folks do strange things. Jimmy
Williamson is one  sif the   folks.    The
other   nii;In    business   was   so   rocky
lhat it   gave  Jimmy   that tired   feeling
and to vary the  monotony   he   invited
his friends to help   themselves from his
stock at their own price.    Nothing was
reserved and no bid was refused. Three*
and four dollar pipes went   for four bits
or six bits  or   whatever  the purchaser
had the nerve lo offer   without   stuttering.      Cigars   went   for   a   song and
novelties tor a little less.    Some of the
boys had to pinch   themselves and take
a walk   around the   block   before they
were thoroly satisfied   it   was   the real
thing and no pipe dream.    About clos-
iiii*. up   time the   scandal  got   wafted
around town and a procession of smokers headed for the  cigar  store   to buy
out the whole shebang, but Jimmy had
come loo, and the   spoil   was off.     His
pulse has   been   normal ever  since and
it last reports he was resting easy.
The Association Meeting.
The present indications are that there-
will be a lively contest for the offices of
mayor and aldermen. A full slate of
entirely new candidates is being gotten
up, headed by Larry Doolan for mayor,
with Thos. Jalland, Dr. W. K. Gomm,
Thos. Duffy; J. R. Cameron. Robt.
Cunning and another whose name is
as yet unknown, stand to for aldermen.
The intention is to run as a solid
ticket advocating certain reforms in
municipal affairs, the main features of
which will be a reorganization of the
city departments. If this ticket controls the next council it is understood
that the chief of police and the city-
clerk will be asked to hand in their
Nothing definite about the water and
light question has been heard from this
ticket, but it is understood lhat a proposition will be submitted to purchase the
plants for the city, and it is certain
that the candidates will at any rate
pledge themselves to supply the city
with light.
Against this slate will be arrayed
H. H. Pitts for mayor with a full list of
aldermanic candidates, the personnel of
which is as yet unknown.
Candidates for aldermen must be on
the assessor's roll for real estate or improvements to the extent of $500, and
mayorality candidates require to he-
assessed for $1,000 in order lo qualify
Only those who have paidjtheir municipal
taxes may run for office.
All British subjects of the full age of
twenty-one years who pay their taxes
or traders license at or previous to the
court of revision to be held in the city
offices on Monday evening, the 17th,
at 8 o'clock, will be entitled to vote for
mayor and aldermen in the forthcoming
EDITOR Paystreak :
Much indignation is felt, and justly
so, at the condition of the  voters'  lists
of the Slocan riding.     At   Ihe  election
jus!  held,   several   persons   who   had
voted at the   last   provincial   election,
were debarred from voting, their names
not   being   on   the   voters   list.    The
names of these persons are  on the provincial   list   in   red   ink, having been
omitted from the list when being printed
but afterward   placed  on   by the registrar.    How it comes that these people,
some of whom   voted at   the last   two
provincial elections,   could   not  vote at
this one, appears  strange to  me and I
presume to most people  (probably  excepting the legal luminaries who framed
the Franchise  and   Elections Act).    If
the collector of   voters for   this  riding
has not turned over lo the  clerk of the
crown in  chancery the   official list prepared for the last provincial election, he
is responsible for the  disfranchisement
of Canadian   citizens   and   retribution
cannot   overtake  him any too quickly.
Whoever is   responsible for   this  error
should be dealt   with   severely, for   no
punishment   can    satisfy   those   who,
entitled to a vote in choosing their representative, were  denied that privilege
bv the officer at the polling place where
they were entitled to vote.
B. F. M.
Bach  Among the  Old   Folks Once
H B Alexander of the Ruth, L.
Alexander of the R. E. Lee, W. E.
Zwicky ofthe Payne,  A. W.Wright ol
the Ajax, George H.Ransom of the
Slocan Sovereign, David Heap oi the
Las. Chance, J. A. Whlttter O the
Goodenough, and E. M- Sandilands
attended the Mine Owners'Assoc.ation
meeting in Nelson this week.
The American smelters have refused
to renew their contracts forbore and
an advance in rates is expected, rhe
association is trying to dev.se ways and
mearis by Which Canadian lead pro-
duc^rs will be heed from the American
load trust monopoly.
No. 3 Brigade.
A meeting of citizens in Precinct No.
j was held recently for the purpose of
formi���g a fire brigade. T. B. Follioti
was elected captain and Chas. V\ alms-
ley assistant captain, the rest ofthe appointments being left to an adjourned
meeting which will probably beheld
on Monday evening.
When the organization of the No. 3
brigade is completed the town Will
have the most effective fire protection
in the Kootenay, and the insurance
companies can then have no hes-tency
about accepting insurance at normal
Quite a number of the Glengarry
boys intend to spend Christmas with
the old folks in the Glen, and one or
two have already left. I). R. Dewar
and Duncan Black took the train on
Friday morning. "Hughie" Cameron
will leave today and Charlie McLaughlin will hit the iron trail on Monday.
There was a meeting of Glengarians
at the headquarters of the clan, the
Balmoral, on Thursday evening to give
the departing  tourists  a  send off and
they well,  Bob Macdonald  can tell
how it happened.
The Nelson Tribune says: Frank
Plante, aged 26 years, died yesterday
at the general hospital of brain trouble.
Deceased was a miner and had been
working in Sandon camp for some time.
He was a member of the Nelson Miners' Union and had a large circle ot"
warm friends in this city.
Mr. John Sudrow and Mrs. Wm.
Sudrow will return to Sandon in the
The ladies of the Methodist church
held a social and sale of fancy articles
in the basement of the new church on
Wednesday evening.
The owners of the Miller Creek fraction are applying for a Crown grant.
: 1
. t�� I
Same Here.
When I die 1 wish but two words
written on my tombstone, "infidel" and
'traitor." Infidel to a church that
could be at peace in the presence of sin ;
traitor to a government that was a
magnificient eonspiricy against justice.
-Wendell Phillips.
Joe Brandon sif Silverton will spend
the winter in the salubrious climate of
T. B. May has been heard from on
l-.is European tour. He is now in the
land of the Ca-sars, gazing on the
beauties of ancient and   modern Rome.
F. L. Christie,
L. L. B.,
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers of
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
CODY AVENUE       -       SANDON.
Lodging House.
Nice Comfortable Beds,
To Let by the Day, Week
Month or Year. Get One
Before they are all Taken
Chamber of Mines
Wants thorough- reliable
in every camp in the districts
of East and West Kootenay
and Yale to whom reasoanble
compensation will be paid for
their services. Correspondents
will be expected to furnish the
Chamber of Mines with all
development going on at the
mines, the installation of machinery, shipments of ore and
value, and generally such news
as will attract the attention of
capitalists and cause them to
investigate and invest. Applications to be addressed to
Southern    British   Columbia,
(Kootenays and Yale),  Rossland, B.
To The Business Men and
Residents of Snndon.
THK Methodist congregation of tin- town
is making un effort to build a house of
worship that will cost about 11,700 when completed A parsonage has already been purchased ut it tost of HMO and tho lot upon
which lour church will be erected OOtM8:*0.
Upon these properties there is some indebtedness, but we wi.sh to open our church without
utiy eneumlirunce upon-��it whatever. Knowing that the tire must have seriously aliecled
the resources of many pnrsons we have de
oided not to muke un Individual appeal. We
do not wish to tux your well-known liberality
but we at the same time beg leave to Urge
that our enterprise receive "TOUTattention nun
whatever support you feel inclined to trive
Any contribution! will be thankfully received
hy members of our Trustee Hoard and Acknowledged in our reports issued quarterly.
A. M
a. H
Chairman of
Secretary of Hoard
of    Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of Weil
Kootenay District, Where located : On
Noble Five Mountain, in the Slocan Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
*  Free Miners' Certificate No. Bsoooti, u>
^  Dock-tender.
^^^^^^     Miner-,' 	
agent for Janes Wilson,Free Miners. Certificate No. B8614S, Lewis S.. Thorns, Free Miner.-."
CertittoateNo. B-MTSfvGaleb A. Freeman. Fret-
Minor.-.' Certificate No. B**T*.'T1. William 1).
Mackay. Free Miner's Certificate No. B*_7088,
intend', sixty day-, from date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate ot
Improvements, lor the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section :tj, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this tenth day of November. AD. 1900
Certifloate     of    Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of We^t
Kootenay district. Where located: About
1 miles from Sandon, B. C. in u North-
Westerly direction,   adjoining   the   Elk-
horn.      ^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^ I.E. M. San (Hands
Free Miner'.-, Certificate No. B3908J)
Issued nt Sandon May Both, UXW, aoting as
agent for H. A. Barton, Free Miners' Certificate No S4li),'!. intend. sixty days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvement-, for the purpose
of Obtaining a Crown Grunt of the above
And further take notice tha t action, under
section H7 must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this Twenty-Sixth day of November 190C
P. 0. Box
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division nf
West Kootenay District. Where located :
On Miller Creek, about two miles from
TAKE NOTICE that T. M. L. Grimmett.
noting as agent for E. L. Warner Free Miner'
i t-rtiiicate No. B89,10G, intend sixty days from
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice that action, under
section 37. must be commenced before the
issuance of suce Certificate of Iniproveint...
Dated this 14th day of December, 1900.
M. L. Grimmett
To Delinquent Co-Owners.
TO PETER SWANSON, or to any person o:
persons to whom he may have transferred his
interest in the King Oscar mineral claim, at
Bear Lake, and recorded in the Recorder's
Office for the Slocan Mining  Division
You are hereby notified that I have expended One Hundred Dollars in labor and Improvements upon the above mentioned mineral
claim, in order to hold said mineral claim
nnder the provisions of the Mineral Act, and
if within ninety days from the date of this
notice you fail or refuse to contribute your
proportion of such expenditure, together With
all costs of advertising, your interest in said
claim will become the property of the subscriber und' r Section 4 of an Act entitled,
-An Act to Amend the Mineral Act  1000.'!
Dated this 24th day of November, 1900,
DAVIS McXhnu. and Thomas Tait of
Montreal ami Harry Abbot and Geo. McL.
Brown, of Vancouver, In the Province of
British Columbia, Esquires, Will apply to the
Parliament of Canada at Its next Session for
an act incorporating a Company under the
RAILWAY COMPANY, with power to construct, or acquire aud to operate a railway
from a point at or near Arrowhead, on Arrow
Lake.   Kootenay distriot,  British  Columbia.
thence by the most direct and feasible route
via Tiout Lake or I'nnean River to
point at th. north end of Kootenay Lake
said distriot and branch lines, with power to
own and operate telephone and telegraph
lines, ropeways and tramways, warehouse*,
steam and other Vessels, ferri"*, mine-, smclt-
ers, timber land-,, wharves, roads, docks, n��
mills, water rights, dams, Humes, water
power, to generate and transmit and ileal in
electricity and electric power, together with
powers asSUOh to maintaining and Operating
or disposing Of it-, railway and work-.and stiidi
other powers and privileges as are
given to Railway Companies Incorporat*
the Parliament Of Canada, and lor other pur
���I.E.. M( Mri.i.i:-*,.
Solicitor for Applicants.
HKltKHV i.ivkn  that applh
ii-ii illy
11 loll
ative Assembly of
am bin  at it- next
XoTl'K tt t^^^^^
will be made to the lithe Province of Hriti-li^^^^^^^^^^^^
Session lor an Act to Incorporate a t ompan.v
with power to run. construct, excavate end
maintain a tunnel through and under the
land lying between the town ot Mivert n and
the town of Sandon in the I Hal rict of Koot< -
nav. in the Province of British Columbia.
Irom a point on the North side ol I-oiir Mil.
Creek at. or near where said t reek enters
Slocan Lake ami within two miles ol the ��aid
town of Silverton to a po.nt at or near the
town of Sandon, and within one mile tnerepl.
and for the purpose of the undertaking to nn
exploring and branch tunnels Irom
"   also to sink or ral��e. mining
the main
, working
or ai--shafts along the line or course from the
tunnelor branches; to explore lor
by the use of drills, shafts or exaavatiom
���(instruct, maintain and   operate
ity or otherwise tramways
the purpose
The Nakusp and Slocan Railway Company
will apply to the Parliament of Canada at its
next Session for a Act extending the time
within which it may construct its Railways,
and appointing Montreal as the place for its
head office with power to the Directors from
time to time to change it by By-law, and for
other purposes.
by elect ric-
and i oad wa \ _ for
of carrying ores, waste, mine products and freight or as may be otherwise
required; to engage in all kinds of mining
operations and to erect and maintain crushing, electrical, hydraulic, sampling, concentrating, smelting and refining works or other
plant and to deal in the products ol the Same j
to supply, sell and di.po.se ol compressed air,
lisjlit. power and water and to erect and place
any pipes, electric line, cable or electrical
apparatus above or below ground, 0 long, Over
and across streets, bridges and lands; the
riifht. subject *���(> existing water records, to
acquire and take Irom Four Mile (nek aforesaid so much of water of said Creek as may be
necessary for all or any of the purposes of the
Company.and the right to ose and utilise for
said purposes all waterooming from the said
tunnel or branches, and to erect, construct
aud maintain any dam, race-way. flume or
other contrivance or phin for diverting and
utili/.iiiK said water and to construct and
maintain all works necessary to obtain and
make water power available; to take ami hold
shares in any other Company; to enter into
any agreements and to make contracts with
persons or Companies owning any interest s in
mining lands or otherwise and to charge tolls,
and receive compensation for the use Of the
tunnels or works  ofthe Company, for drain*
age or other benefits derived irom the tunnel
or branches : to purchase, lease or otherwise
acquire and bold patents, machinery, lands,
premises, buildings and all real und personal
property; to build-, own and maintain
wharves, docks and tramways in connection
with the undertakings of tbe company, and
to build, equip, maintain and operate telegraph and telephone lines in connection with
the said tunnel and branches; and with
power to expropriate lands for the purposes ot
the Company; and with all other necessary
or incidental rights, powers and privileges as
may be necessary, incidental or conducive to
the attainment of the above objects or any of
Dated at Vancouver, B. C.�� thia 8th Jay of
December, A. D., 1900,
Davis, Maksiiau, __ Macxkiu..
Solicitors for the Applicants
The Columbia and Kootenay Railway ami
Navigation Company will apply to the Parliament of Canada at its next Session for an Act
extending the time within which it may
construe* Its railways and works, also authorizing the Company to own and operate
steam and other vessels for the carriage of
I j freight and passengers on any route connected
with any of its railways and appinling Monl-
Our Present Visit will positively terminate on December
New Backgrounds, exterior
and interior Scenes.
Wm        Wb        -fc
Studio Opposite C. P, R, Depot
Is the best Tonsorial  Establishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral  Building Main St,
Sandon Cartage Co,
Express, Baggage,
��.nd Gatrtsige.
Delivery to nil   Parts of the Citv.
I have lea ;ed my transfer business to John
Tyo. who  -will  conduct   it   in   the future
want to thank my many customers for their
patronage in the past and hope that thev will i      _i      i       r     -.   ,      , , ��>��� -.,
extend the same favorahle consideration to   real as the place for its head office with power
Mr. Tyo. I to the Directors from time to time to ohange
All coal orders left with Robt. Cunning will   it Bylaw and for other purposes,
receive   prompt attention.    Orders must   be .        ' .   ,_  ,���������,.��� ....
accompanied hy cash. \ J. D. T0V7NLEY,
E. A. CAMERON. ��� Secretary.
K at a Id i ���died   ix .".
Sannon, B. G-
Notary Public.
Insurance  and  Mining
Mining Stock-, bought and told. (Jen-
era! agent for Slocan Properties.
Promising   Prospects ror Salt.
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $1 p*-'1' month ; Private
patients, $2 per day, exclusive ol
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drug's.
Open To Thi: Public.
DR. W. E. GOMM,   Attendant Physic-tan
Miss s. L. CHISHOLM, Matron.
.1. i). Mclaughlin, President.
\V. L, HAGLER, Secretary.
.1 v.MAmiN. 11.J. McLban, Angus i
McDonald,  Mikb  Brady,  Directors,
Meeti in Crawford'e Hall every Wediii-s
day Evening. Visiting Brethern cordially
Invited  io   attend.
.1. i). Mclaughlin, 0.0.
I.   O.   O.   F.
Meetings in Crawford's Hail every Frldftj
Evening at 7:30. Visiting Brethern OOldiftU)
invited to attend.
C. E.
The Vancouver Province is responsble
for the following romance :���
Anyone who has ever been in Sandon
���f the old days���that typical western
mining town pinched in between the
everlasting hills���will remember the
Balmoral House, kept in the early days
DV three brothers McDonald���Sandy,
Donald and Colin.
Detective! who visited the town said
(hey w--'re Scotch.
About the same time there came to
Sandon a mining superintendent who
yy also Scottish to a degree, and who
jiJ not believe that a man could by any
chance earn his wages in a mine unless
|ie too was a son of the thistle.
There were McDonalds galore forthwith���mostly from County Bruce, which
;,,)'( exactly Scotland, but may be
dused as a detuned sight worse whatever.
Naturally all the McDonalds put up
it the Balmoral with the ither McDonalds and a man that wasna' frae the
highlands (or County Bruce) had a
nighty good chance to starve lo death
.it the bountiful board simply because
jo one kenned what he meant when be
iskeJ for anything���and therefore
JiJn't p is-, it lo him.
When   anyone   casually   remarked,
"h.ive a drink Mac," it cost him in even
hottey about eleven dollars and   a hai'",
���nd all the   little   pigeon   holes   in tbe
hitter rack   were   knocked   into   one,
-.hid. was labelled "M."
After a time the   mine   closed  down
-or got a   new superintendent, which
��.i>ju-t the same to the   clan Mi Donald- and the Balmoral ultimately closed its doors.    A  receiver   took charge
and commenced   the   preparation of a
Statement for the creditors -but gave it
up in despair.
There were   two   cigar   bows  tilled
with bar 1. O. IVs and   every sine had
McDonald written   on   the back ol it
the hook showed a total sif one hundred
ind twenty-three  debtors  to the bouse
for hoard.
They were   all of   the name sif   McDonald.
-_-_-___ ^^^***** <���-���������������____________ " o
Cleaned Currants,
Seeded Raisins,
Valencia Raisins,
Assorted Peels.
Everything for the Christmas Pudding
and Mince Pies.
Oranges    Lemons    Cranberries.
Winter Apples, 50 lb. Boxes, $1.50.
See the Dinner Set we are giving* away.
Coupon with every $5.00 purchase.
<fountev*tken6vick Co., Ztb.
An Injustice to Sandon.
The time table on the Kaslo & Slocan
has not yet been changed and the present indications are that the Kasln people have sufficient pull to keep the
schedule as it is. Under the present
arrangement passengers for Spokane
must remain in Kaslo from 3:45 p. "l.
to8a. m., almost as long a time as it
takes to go from Kaslo to Spokane.
There is no reason why the K- & S.
Wpress should not leave here at 6 a. in.,
Permitting passengers to arrive in Spo-
k**i"v the same day, except thai the road
ls manipulated largely for Kaslo's benefit, and the management is willing to
'���"���convenience Sandon people if it can
���hereby help out Kaslo.
Urban stock has been sold for as
J-gh as six cents during the last few
3fn 0uv Mew Store
Zand Office SBusinese.
Leave you order for a Winter Suit
Before they are all gone
J. R. CAMERON. Reco Avenue.
Its wines liquors and'cigars
are   unexcelled this far north.
Don't forget the number.
Richard  Orando.
District A sent for The Great
West    Life   Assurauce   Co.
Winnipeg, Man.
Grimmett Block, Reco Ave
Norwich Fire Insurance Co.
Connecticut Insurance Co. of
of Hartford,
-Etna Fire Insurance Company
Phonnix, of Hartford, Conn.
Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Co
Imperial Registry Company
The Dominion of Canada Guarantee
and Accident Insurance Company.
���fames $. (Bodfrep,
Mines, Investments and Insurance.
2T/)e paystreak.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White Metal Camp on Eartli.
Subscription   -   -   -   -    $2.00 ai year.
Strictly in advance.
William Mac Adams,
Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, B. C,  DECEMBER 15,  1900.
Thk Nelson Tribune says :
There is a market in Canada for lead, and there should be one
for silver. If Canada imposed the same duties on lead and lead
products as arc imposed by the L'nited States, the Slocan mine .
owner who sold his ore to a Canadian smelter would be paid Mont real
or Toronto quotations for lead and silver and no deductions would be
made for duty. The Toronto or Montreal quotation would be the
same as the New York quotation.
We believe the Tribune is wrong. There is no duty on
silver, consequently it has no place in the argument. We
have not the trade returns at hand, and as lead is used in
so many forms it would be a hard matter to arrive at
definite figures anyway, but we are of the opinion that
there is more lead mined in the Slocan alone than there is
consumed in all forms in Canada. If such is the case the
price of raw lead in Canada must be���no matter what duty
is imposed���the highest price that could be realized by
shipping the surplus to a foreign market, irrespective of
whether a small or large proportion of the lead produced
was exported ; also irrespective of whether it was shipped
as a raw material or a finished product. This would probably be the Liverpool price less the freight around the
Horn, or the New York price less freight and duty. This
is the case with regard to wheat, timber, cattle, wool and
every other raw commodity of which Canada has a surplus
to dispose of.
The result of an import duty on lead and lead products
would probably be to place the industry in the hands of a
monopoly which would endeavor to raise the home price of
the manufactured article and keep down the price of the
raw material. That is to say, consumers of lead would be
made to pay more than it is worth, while producers of lead
ore would get the minimum price for the raw material.
The duty, which would be virtually a bonus to smelters,
would be pocketed, as far as the circumstances would permit, by the smelting companies. Lead consumers in Great
Britain or China would derive a certain benefit from the
Canadian duty, in this particular that the smelters would
be able to sell cheaper in foreign markets on account of the
tariff-raised price in Canada.
In corroboration of this theory we refer The Tribune to
a circumstance which occurred in counection with the
Chicago meat trade some six months ago. Chicago packers resolved to drive the Australians out of the British
markets, and to do so reduced the price of American beef
in Britain by one cent a pound. On the same day on
which the reduction was made in Great Britain a corresponding raise of one cent a pound was made in the price of
beef sold by the Chicago trust in the United States. That
is to say, the protected Americans paid one cent a pound of
free-trade Britain's meat bill. But did the American beef
growers get a cent a pound more for their cattle ? Not if
Cudahav or Armour knew it.
It is an irrevelant but interesting circumstance in this
connection that the Australians have not left the British
markets by a long chalk, and the Americans beef eaters
may yet be touched for another cent or two to help on the
crusade. Incidentally, Australia���or that part of Australia
which is shipping the beef���is a free trade country.
The Tribune asks :
Will the Sandon Paystreak inform its readers if there is any compe
tition between American smelters for Slocan ore ? Is it not ;t fHC-
that the Slocan mine owners arc treated by the American smelters
just as the western cattle raisers are treated by the packing houses at
stock-yard centres like Chicago, Allho there are six big packing
houses in Chicago, the cattle-raiser sm taking a train-load of beeves
there for sale gets one bid, and no more. He is compelled to take it.
So with the mine owner of the Slocan. He get* one bid for his ore,
and it goes to the smelter that needs it. Competition has been done
away with.
There is absolutely no competition. Not only do tlu
American smelters not compete among themselves, but the
C. P. R. smelter at Trail does not enter actively into competition with the American smelting trust. The C. P, R.
has a much better game. It uses the Trail smelter as a
club to force the American railways to pay a commission
on all lead ore shipped from points reached by both the
American railways and the-C. P. K. Sandon is one of
these points, and every ton of ore loaded at Sandon means
so much long haul commission for the Canadian Pacific, no
matter whether it goes out via the K. & S. or the C. P. K.
A knowledge of this circumstance alone should Iv
sufficient evidence that to place this corporation in possession of further advantages would be unwise and would tend
toward a worse monopoly than that which we are up
against at present.
We admit that with an import duty imposed the Canadian producer, would still have the privilege of shipping
to the United States and accepting the New York price,
less freight and dutv, but this is no argument in favor of a
Canadian duty as it is a privilege which always existed and
one over which Canadians have no control.
As an incontrovertible argument against am* system oi
bonusing smelters we beg to point out that the Crow's
Nest line got some vS^, 500,000 of government money, the
understanding being that by putting the Kootenay in communication with the coal fields the price of coke would be
reduced and the cost of smelting would come down also.
The price of coke at present is sufficiently lower than the
cost of bringing it in from the Coast or Roslyn, Wash., to
keep these people out. Up to the hour of ^o\n^ to press
the cost of smelting lead ore has not affected by the construction of the Crow's Nest road. It still totals just
exactly all the traffic will stand.
If the Canadian government wants to build up a smelting industry in Canada on a permanent, legitimate basis it
should throw off all duties on mining, smelting and refining
machinery as well as coal, coke, fluxes and all kinds ot
ore, At present the Canadian tariff permits the importa-
tation free of all such mining machinery as is not manufactured in Canada. This exemption is o\ little or no
advantage, as there are few pieces of mining apparatus
that Canadian machinists will not produce if they get emit
for it. The exemptian should be made to apply to all
mining and smelting requirements. By so doing it would
permit the carrying on of the smelting industry at the lowest
possible cost, and one part of the country would not be
taxed to establish an artificial industry in another.
As for the Canadian machinery manufacturers, the)
have the benefit -or are supposed to have the benefit of a
dominion government bounty on iron, and if this does not
give them a sufficient advantage over foreign competitors
they should be extemporaneously driven from the field, as
the mining industry cannot afford to keep them up.
We'll take that back about Phoenix. We find on
consulting tho revised returns that the dinner bucket camp
of the Boundary gave Foley a majority. It is with joy
that we learn that we have erred in placing the intelligent
electors of Phoenix on a level with the denizens of such
agricultural and mule-raising sections as Vernon and
r-i^.r:*r_rjgi'.-i**:"_iw THK PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, DECEMBER, ..
Here is a Real Present
Every Cash Customer at
&.7&Mtl)epton Co'e Stove
During the week will receive a
dollar Christmas Present with
every $5.00 purchase. You have
your choice of our large stock of
Gfyvistmas 6006$
Bohemian Glassware, Genuine Wedgetoood,
Handsome Chrysoleum Pictures,
Japanese Goods, Chinese Goods.
This offer is good for One Week Only commencing Monday, December 17th and ending Saturday,
1 )ecember 22nd.
j$9 IR. Mtftevton Go.> Zimited.
Bank Amalgamation.
The Bank of British Columbia has
sent out notices stating that the proposed amalgamation with the Canadian
bank of Commerce will take place on
the First of January. There will be no
change of officers at the Sandon branch.
The Bank of British Columbia has
six offices on the Pacific Coast and four
in the interior of British Columbia,
with its head office in London. The
Canadian Bank of Commerce, with
head office in Canada, including those
at Dawson, White Horse and Atlin,
and branches in the United States at
New Vork, New Orleans, Skagway
and Seattle. The whole of these sixty-
nine branches and the office in London
will henceforth be carried on by the
Canadian Bank of Commerce, the general management being centered at
The capital of the  Bank  of  British
Columbia   is   ,��.600,000   ($2,920,000);
that ofthe Canadian Bank of Commece
$6,000,000.    The capital of the Bank
after amalgamation will be $8,000,000,
with a rest or surplus   fund of $2,000,-
000.    The  resources of the bank from
capital, rest   deposits   and   circulation
will exceed $55,000,000.
The Denver.
Cody Ave. Sandon
Sandon Chop House.
Q. H. MURHARD, Proprietor.
Slide in Before the Frost
Have you invested in Sandon Rink
stock? If not, why not ? There area
few shares left, to be had at par value.
Only $4,000 will be issued, so intending
pinchers are warned to secure all they
want without delay. The rink will be
earning dividends within thirty days,
and stocks are sure to soar. Procrastination is the thief of opportunity.
Catch on while you have the chance.
The New Clifton
������      ������ **
This house has recently been
Completed and Fitted up. It
is one of the Nicest Hotels in
the Kootenay. If you have
an hour or a day to spend in
town do not  fail to  call upon
John Buckley.
Saddle   Horses
We have a string of good
Saddle Horses for hire at
regulation rates.
Reliable Stock.
Main Street.
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Reasonable Rates
�� ���*_��>���*��* ��� 0+++++mX a
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hote
Should y.'Ur meanderings about
this mundane sphere take you to
Neto Denoer
Remember that there is a hotel
in the Lucerne of America at
which pilgrims ma\ enjoy all the
comforts of a home, at prices on
a par with the damage levied by
other houses thruout the district.
Ihe Idealistic Scenery of this
Beauty Spot in Nature's Wonderland can be best enjoyed from
the balcony of the
Newmarket Hotel.
The cuisine supplied assays high
The bedrooms are large, airy
and luxuriously furnished. The
other accomodations are unexcelled in the Slocan, and the
brands of bottled comforters kept
in stock are health-giving and
. soul-inspiring when taken in
proper c|uantities. The proprietor's name is
Henry Stege.
M. L.  Grimmett,
L.  L.  B.,
B. C.
J. W. Balmain.
P. O. Box 170. Sandon.
All  the  Delicacies  of the  Season Seroed.
Eoergthing Ncto, Neat, Clean and Tasty.
The Place to get the Best Meal in Bandon,
A full assortment of fancy novelties for Xmas Trees and Parties.
The most complete line of confectionery ever seen in Sandon.
Am prepared to give special rates for parties, family or Otherwise,
on anv line in mv stock.
Cigar Department.
From an assortment of forty thousand cigars and six hundred
dollars worth offancv pipes, vou will be able to purchase al
REASONABLE PRICES anylhmg in this line.
You Cannot Tire Us Out
In serving you. Time is not wasted when we please you. It
you have looked elsewhere we are sure of either your compliment
or your custom at
We Have Received
M Zavge Stock
Rubbers, German Socks, Mack-
naw Coats and Pants, which we arc
selling at Lowest Possible Prices
->*���������������GIVE US A CALL���*-*-
macdonald & 7Ross>
A. F. & A. M,
Regular Communication held first Thnrs
day in each month in Masonic Hall at 8 P M
SoiourniiiR hrethern are cordially invited'to
THOMAS BROWN, Secretary.
Red Cross 4- Drug Store
Giving Away Three Phizes.
With each cash purchase of ONE DOLLAR   we will give
one chance on thes prizes.
1st PRizE-Ladies Solid Silver and Ebony
Toilet Case.
2nd Prize���Larg-e Brier and Amber Pipe:
Value $8.00.
3rd Prize���Pair of Statuary. Very Fine.
Importing these goods direct I am able to furnish a nice present for ver)
little money. Everything first-class, consisting of Toilet Cases, Vases, Picture
Souvaniers, Glove and Handkerchief Boxes, Work Boxes, Ink Wells, Perfumes
in cut glass bottles. In the Toy Department, next door, you will lind tin-
largest rssortment ever brought to Sandon and the lowest prices.
Fred J. Donaldson,   Druggist and Chemist.
\ Lesson in AdcerriHint*- Economlca
This week Tin: PAYSTRBAK has enjoyed what Shakespear describes as
"pleasing pain." We have been com-
pellet! to turn away advertiser! because
our columns would not -aland the pressure As we have not canvassed for
.111 ad for over six months we can
attribute this  demand for space in our
columns  only tn  a   knowledge  thai
advertising in Tin. Paystreak pays.
YVe do not cam- any quack ads or
patent medicine CUrealls nor do we use
a patent inside, and we do not stark up
"before**and after "nightmares" alongside ol legitimate advertisments.   Our
local columns are not open to advertisers at any price, and the reader
may peruse them without  running foul
if   tansy    pill    senilis   or    "advice   lo
women" interliners,   Consequently the
paper is read by people who want the
news, and advertisers gel the benefit of
the largest circulation in the Slocan.
This paper will be enlarged to a six
column folio on the 1st of June. In the
meantime we advise parties desiring
advertisnu-nts to send their orders in
early as our space is limited.
Tin- K. & S. freighl 1 a:e to tlie Las!
Chance siding and Cody has been reduced 10 10 cents 1 hundred on general
m rdiaudi-ae ,u\d : > cents a hundred
on powder.
I To the Miners
to 01 Sandon and Vicinity.
\ have now in stock for the
Wtntei the finest fabrics made for
soilings and overco ill  us
As iii ihe past, I .mi determined to lead in Material, Trimmings
and Workmanship, and when
vou bu)   you  may a- well have
tlie best   ��S il COStS VOU  no more.
1 am tlie first Merchant Tailor
in the Slocan and permanoy
sh< aid indicate t<* all ih.it 1 must
he doing a ligitimate business,
ever anxious 10 please my customers and to give the best possible
value for 1 luir money.
Recent h 1 have added a select
stov'U of Gents' Furnishings and
Miners' Supplies. Workingmen
will uppre- late the fact ili.tt they
can save money by buying irom
me as shown bj   the following
The   Murph)    Grant   &   Co.
heavy   California   Overall    with
pattened continuous flj and reinforced by separate piece in crutch
copper  riveted,  watch   and  hip
pockets, heaviest grade material,
$1.00 per pair.    Murphv     Granl
Blouse   $1.00.  McDonalds Can-
.    The   best
Mission Flannel
ia brown,    Blue and  Scarlet  underwear, $4.00 per  suit.    Fleece
lined heavy underwear, $2.00 per
suit.    Heavy  shield   front  Call-
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1 A. Daoid...
B        The Miners' Tailor, g
adi in   Overall,   75-
grade *. aliloima
Boots and Shoes
If you are needing anything in our line
call and see us in our new store just below
the Hank. We are prepared to do all kinds
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Mi XCaplov.
Red Hot Coal
The Frosty Breezes of Winter
Have no terrors for consumers of
Gait Coal.
Delivered at your door for S7.50
a ton. Terms cash. Order
Karly and avoid the Rush.
E. A. Cameron.
Contractors and Builders.
Hough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Joint Finishing Lumber
Moulding, Etc.
Sash and Door on  Hand to Order.
Factory on Main Streel
Che palace.
Has commenced operations. The pantry is loaded to
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full staff of culinery experts are on hand to supply your
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Robinson & Allingham.
We carry a large
stock of imported high
grade cloth, and guarantee a perfect fit and
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See Our Stock
Hain St.,     Sandon.   	
Comfortable rooms by the day,
Weei or month at  the  Sandon
I have placed a large
stock  of men's  and
In my new store and solicit
the patronage of the Sandon
public. Absolute satisfaction
Louis Hupperten
Main St.   - -- Sandon, B. C
A. R. Heyland,
Engineer   and Provincial
Land   Surveyor.
SANDON, -        " B- C*
The Most Complete   Health   Resort on
the Continent of North America.
Situated    'midst    Scenery   Unrivalled    for
Halcyon Hot Springs
Boutins.     ____-:__. J 1��__, __,!       _,_.      Resident.
Fi_i_i4 Sanitarium. ^��
Excursion nint Nurse
Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lahe, B. C.
Terms, s'l'i to *-18 per week,  aocording
to residence in Hotel or Villa-.
Its Baths cure all Nervous and Muscular Diseases.     Its waters heal all
Liver, Kidney and Stomach
Ailments and Metallic  Poisoning.
Telegraphic   Communication with all
parts of the World.
Two Mails arrive and depart Every Day
Tlie price of Railway Ticket for Round Trip
between Sandon and' Good for thirty days
and obtainable all year ruinpi is (8.85,
M pointer
For your Eastern Trip is
to see that you ticket reads
via Canadian Pacific. First-
class sleepers on all trains
from Revelstoke and Kootenay Landing*
Passing Dunmore Jcunclion daily
for St. Paul, Saturdays; for Montreal and Boston, Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto. Same cars pass
Revelstoke one day earlier.
f For Nakusp,Revelstoke,
Daily, except    Main Line and   Pacific
Sunday, at      Coast,     connecting    at
8-00 a. m.    I Rosebery for Slocan City
j Nelson Rossland Bound-
| Country, and all Eastern
I points  via  Crows Nest
( route.
H. W. Harbour.
Agent. Sandon.
E. J. Coyle,        W. F. Anderson.
A. G. P. A., T. P. A.
Vancouver, B. O.    Nelson, B. C. THE P.-WSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, DECEMBER, 15
Open Till Ten
Every Night till after Xmas,
The largest and most up-
to-date stock yet shown in
the city.
The different lines are too
numerous to mention. Call
and see them yourself,
Reliability is the motto of
this store; every article as
represented is th rule.
Remember the place, below
the   Union   Block.     Sign of
Jeweler and Optician.
Gurney Oxford
Best Heaters in
Burn Hard or
Soft Coal or
Sold only by
150 Barrels
Choice Ontario Apples Just Arrived.
Northern Spy
Bell Flower
And Ben Davis.
Spitz |
Call and see them, they are all right      /
in quality and price at '
H. Giegerieh,      Reco Ave,
For the Holiday Trade
We have a Fine Line of Cutlery
for the Holiday Trade.
~| Time is Here
......... VALLEY
$__      Fancy Plums,    $   Medium Plums.
^ Bartlet Pears,   t   Free Stone Peaches
Tomatos, $   Hardest Apples.
Jalland Bros., Cody Ave. *
'   4-      A__^A___&_U_L8JUIJUAJUUU JL Vodqqqjld^^
RAZORS,       -m
Quality Unsurpassed.
A set of Good Carvers makes a
useful and aceeptable present.
p. 3Burm & Co.
Eastern Oysters in Bulk.
Soft Shell Crabs.
lb. 3Bpevs c? Co.
All Delicacies of the Season.


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