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The Paystreak May 12, 1900

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)0K IV.
SANDON, MAY.12 1900.
Ire Chas. C
,.     oihvr
.Great Farce. All the Objection*
Thrown out. Objectors Would
not Sicear to Am-thing.
.Tin.' Court of Revision, at which the
Ijections against Home nine  hundred
���ers were heard, wan ,i regular farce.
parties  who made the objections
ilk' and Benjamin Cayzer.
objections     had     bce.i
Reived  by the collector,    C. VV.  Mc-
iin appeared for  the parties objected
and Charles  Martin, of Wheeler, &
fan in    for   the    objectors,     ti.   O.
jichanan, John   Keen,  W.  J.  Twiss
J others  who had  interested  lliem-
||\.'- in the case were present.
���When  the court opened   Mr. Cayzer
Ls called  to   the   stand.    On being
torn he stated thai   he did  not know
e parties against whom Ik- had filed
tions.     Thai he had   ivceived  his
Jformation in   most cases  irom  c line
hit in a  number of others  irom G. O.
Inch.man.     After   hearing the testi-
ion\ ofCavzer ihe collector stated that
was  imperative   thai   Cliffe   should
pear  before  the court or all the ob-
���tions would be thrown  out for want
proof.is  Cayzer did not   even   know
i- parlies objectt d to.
Just at this stage of the  proceedings
. O, Buchanan  gave the whole snap
l\,i\ by enquiring i! ii was not the law
iii  parties to   whom  objections had
Lvn  made  should  be required  to ap-
lar in 111*.* court in order lo have  their
femes retained on the list.
The collector held  thai it  was  not
Icessan far the parties  objected to to
wear or  even  to send affidavits,   bul
the other h.md, the  burden o\
tm*   and
���al, on
roof was entirely   on  objec
Lit unless the  cases  were  proven no
limes would be struck off.
A* a summons had been sent toClifte
appeared al llie aUeiiioon session,
four o'clock, having arrived by the
\ S. from Sandon. Cav/cr was
ain called to the stand and the fust
fcse Michael V. Adams of New Denver,
taken. Cayzer stated, as before,
lat he had absolute!) no knowledge ol
\e man objected to, hut admitted that
had got the objection along with
fcwral hundred others from the office
William J. Twiss ot' Kaslo, and he
fclieved that the objection was tilled
lit by Mr. Cliff. The only part he
kl< in the matter was to sign the ob��
jet ion- and hand them in lo the col-
Mr. Cliffe was then vailed upon hut
refused tor a long time lo  he sworn
ilting   that there   was nothing   in the
.w which required that he should take
oath.       The    collector    took    the
jound that unless he substantiated the
ections   under oath   there was no
dot'   furnished     and    the    objections
puld have to he thrown out,    Finally,
make a test   case, as he said, Cliffe
*k   the oath   and   staled that   he had
jeeived   his   information   in   the   case
Michael    P.    Adams    from    A.    E.
Luquief,   \V. S.   Drewry   and   VV. R.
ills   of   New    Denver.     He   had   no
rsonal  knowledge of the man, had
ver seen or heard of him before reiving the information from the parties
bntioned, did not know his present
hereabouts, had made no inquiries
id the only evidence he had to offer
Bat the man had left the   country   was
the   statements  of three   gentlemen,
whom he said he considered reliable.
He had met these gentlemen by appointment in New Denver and had
made arrangements for a large number
of objections against New Denver
voters. The ydid not make any statement imdei oath hut merely favored
him with the verbal information. In
the case of Adams he understood them
to say that the man had not heen in
New Denver for some time.
The collector held that, while there
might he good reasons for striking off
the name of Michael P. Adams, no
proof had heen furnished him that
Adams was either dead or left the Province, or that he was wo longer a British subject. If Mr. Cliffe or Mr. Cayzer
would swear lo any one of these three
things he would strike the name off,
Othewise it would have to he retained.
Cliffe then slated that he had equally
good proof thai 150 other, of whom he
held a list, should not he retained. He
cited the case of Harvey P. Atchison of
Slocan, who was supposed lo he ill
Dawson citV, This Was an unlucky
choice as Mr. Atchison was sitting
within a few feet of Mr. Clifie ill the
lime, and the collector was thereby
furnisheJ a case which amply justified
him in refusing 1 1 consider hearsay
evidence. Mr. Cliffe went on to argUC
thai there had heen a number of personations at the last elections.
As Mr. Cliffe had no personal knowledge and refused to swear further on
a\ix of the other cases the collector
Juled that the objections had not heen
proven and outside of the names ot
twenty deceased voters, whose names
were sworn lo by Robt. F. Green, ti.
O. Buchanan and others, no names
were removed. The court was then
Townsite to Be Re-aurcened and a
Fine Street Made.
)hone   shacks   have taken the place of I ���_��_,���,_ _.,_      ���.    ���'.    ��� 1  ���    ���'���     '���_    ���
....... ,     J ,  I Keco ave.    A. David is dome** business
he substantial buildings that formerly \.    /*,.,���.,-��� w*.*. *, ���..      . <���  * .
, ., ���   . .        .   ���   'in   Ucoige Waits house on  Lodvave.
-raced Keco avenue   business is going   v. ,,-*,-   .11  ,u . .���*, - a        *x
�� ���.,     ,_ ,., oieariv   ail  the other lire sufferers are
A district convention of the Liberals
is-.ailed for May 15th. to he held ill
Sandon. The intention is to place a
man in ihe field for the coming elections.
The choice of 11 candidate will be left lo
the convention.
Prank Fletcher, land agenl for the
C. P. K-, has heen nominated by the
Mine Owners Association conservatives
of Nelson to contest thai constituency
against John Houston. Fletcher has
heen supplied with a campaigh fund ol
$6,000 and will be supported by the
association people and the disgruntled
liberals who do not want to accept
Martin. Any old way to heat Houston
is the cry. Houston heal Fletcher lo
mavor of Nelson last New Years.
Smith Curtis, the Martin candidate,
has Mackintosh fated ill Rossland and
there is a rumor thai Makintosh will be
pulled off and some one put up who
would have a chance against Joe's
right-hand man.
Robt. F, Green, ex-Speaker Forsler
and Jim Martin, ex-M.P.P., of Rossland,* spent several hours in town on
Thursdav, going down to Three Forks
in the evening, Thev did not hold any
meeting in Sandon, but contented
themselves with meeting as many people as possible during the day.
The Liberals of Nelson have decided
not to run a candidate in that district
as teev prefer to keep their party intact
for llie Dominion elections next fall.
This makes it a straight case between
Houston and Fletcher.
Building operations are being rushed
on all sides since the lire. Already
nearly every business man in town has
secured some kind of a location in
which to re-open and canvas and tele-
along. The Dawson-like appearance
of the town, with windowless stores,
saloons under canvas, black-jack in the
street, etc, etc., does not seem to effect
the spirits of the community and every
one is going in for rebuilding with all
the energy possible.
The citizens and business men are
almost unanimous in declaring that a
re-survey of the townsite should be
made. The scheme is to run a 60-foot
street down the middle of the gulch,
using the Hume as a sewer and subway
for the water mains, electric light wires
and telephone and telegraph wires. All
effort will also be made to secure an
order-in-council to have the Torrens
Act invoked so th.u old que-lion of
title may be cleared up for good. At
present the whole mailer rests with J.
M. Harris, who is the heaviest holder
of real estate ill the town. He was in
Pittsburg on the night of the fire and
on receiving word of the disaster telegraphed $500 to the relief committee
and sent word that he would arrive in
Sandon Saturday (to-day). There is
every reason to believe that he will
consider favorably any scheme which
will insure a better arrangement of the
streets so that danger of another great
lire mav be averted and insurance may
be secured.
The scheme by which the real estate
will he handled'will he to secure the
appointment of a trustee to take over
the lots and issue script to the extent
their assessed value, which would stand
against the purchase price of the lots in
the new townsite. In a number o\
cases there will be little change in the
lots as it will be necessary only to
reverse the frontage.
Orando has a saloon on the Klondike
style at the old si and. McDonald Bros.
John Buckley, Kri Thompson, Chas.
Walmslcy, "Dutch Jake" Kelsen and a
great many others have got up temporary establishments and are in a position to handle all the business thai
comes their way. J. R. Cameron has
a building down at the lower end where
the lire stopped its march of destruction.     Armstrong & Co.  have a lent on
Where Thei* Are At.
The Bank of B. C. is occupying the
building next to Robertson's furniture
store. F.J.Donaldson has re-opened
in the same building. The post office
is in the office of the O, K. Farmers
warehouse. E. R. Atherton has a large
tent alongside the tire proof warehouse.
Hunter. Bros, have a large tent on
the ground where their store stood.
|as. Williamson has a shack on the
former site of the Filbert cigar store.
The Filbert is under canvas at the old
location. G. VV. Grimmett has a small
building up and is doing business again
the same as usual. M. L. Grimmett
has opened a law office in C. M. Wilson's house, Cody ave. Chas. Gales's
tonsorial parlors will be found within
the canvas between Byers' store and
warehouse. R. J. Broddy has gone
out of business and Mrs. Broddy left
for the east on Wednesday. Messrs.
Parham, McMartin, Cliffe, Melvin,
Sandilands, Stein Bros, and others are
camped on the K, & S. ground near
the depot. Robt. Cunning is rebuilding the Sandon   on the old site.     Dick
making an effort to re-establish themselves in some kind of tempory shelter.
No permanent buildings have been
commenced yet as the promised re-
survey is holding them back. In another week or ten days the building
boom will he on again and Sandon will
be built up like magic. There is no
surrender on the part of the citizens of
Sandon. Only a detci minatian to
guard against a recurrence of such a
disaster. Many who were well-to-do
last week lost all they had ill the lire
and are practically peunvless now, but
all are resolved to start over again.
Geo. Kau'8 Bodq Found.
The remain-, of Ceo. Kay, tailor,
who mysteriously disappeared from
Sandon on the 28th of March last were
discovered by P. J. Hickey and A. R.
Heyland last Wednesday morning. Mr.
Hickey and Mr. Heyland were looking
over some timber land near the site i^f
the new concentrator when they found
the corpse. The authorities were immediately notified and the remains
moved down to the cemetary, where
an inquest was held on Thursday. The
body was badly decomposed hut the
appearance and situation when found
left no room for doubt thai the deceased
had come to his death through exposure. He had been drinking heavily
during the few days previous lo his
death and on the morning on which he
disappeared had accidently taken a
quantity of ammonia instead of medicine, which no doubt hurried his death.
These facts were incorporated in the
verdict of the jury. A policy of $2,000
with the North American Life, in favor
of his wife who is now in Scotland,
was found on his person. He leaves a
wife and two children.
The Ioanhoe Tram.
The contract for the Ivanhoe tram
has been let to B. C. Ribbet. 11 will
be of the same pattern as the Last
Chance tram except that it will have
an automatic loader. The tram will
be 7,800 feet long with a drop of 2,(100
feet. The capacity will be 150 tons in
10 hours. There are no long spans
and towers will be placed every 400
feet. Work is lo be commenced on the
right of way immediately.
The Miners' Hospital has been reopened in the residence formerly occupied by W, W. Warner, on Cody Ave.
The house has been remodelled to
suit the new purpose.
The hospital is not a money-making
institution, and anything in the way of
a donation that would help to carry on
the good work would be thoroughly
appreciated by the management.
MAV i-'*
Published Every Sutur-lay Intht he-art ..f the Iti.lii.--t White Metal Camp "���> Earth.
Subscription    -    -    -    -    $2.00 a year.
Strictly in advance.
"and unused roads, yet there is really  not one thorough!,
Lod permanent wagon road .n the camp.
h is a sate bet that it   the Slocan   were organiiedaj,
county and   given powers to raise and expend all taxe^
turning over a fair percentage to the central governs
that not a dollar would be wasted ; and it is  equally obv|.
ous that the  central  government, being releived of th!/
source of corruption, would be in a position to manufecttir*
William MacAdams,
scmic*- y> m~ I ' .       .   .
Publisher and Proprietor. a mUcll cleaner brand Ol legislation.
SANDON, B.C., MAV 12,  iqoo.
Thk platform manufacturers, who have worked three
shifts a day since the house was dissolved, have produced
some wonderful structures. Almost everything that we
don't want and quite a bunch of things that we do have
been incorporated in one or another of the numerous political menu cards that a gullible public is asked to masticate.
There is little left out. Household servants are to be imported from the overcrowded east bv the conservativer and
the $200 deposit is to be dispensed with by the socialistic
and evolutionary Joseph, while any planks not otherwhere
contained will be found in the platform of John Houston.
In fact, so complete has been the process of annexing strong
platforms to weak politicians that it is reported that a Nova
Scotia man who contemplated starting a platform factor)
in B. C. has abandoned the enterprise because there was
not materialenough left to fill the first order.
There are, however, one or two more or less important
matters which seem to have been entirely overlooked by the
platform mechanics. For instance, what would he against
a policy which looked to forming the different mining districts into properly organized municipalities, thus giving
the districts autonomy in place of the cumbersome and
wasteful system under which the administration and expenditures are now carried on ?
It needs no argument to prove the advantages of such
an autonomy. Everyone in the Slocan knows that only a
small percentage of the money which goes to the central
government from this district every year is ever returned.
The balance goes for parliament buildings or is lost in the
shuffle. The man who put ten cents into the missionary
fund and followed it with a dollar to pay the freight to the
land of the heathens probably learned his political economy
in British Columbia. An acquaintenship with the manner
in which the construction of public works is carried on in
this district shows little less foolish waste of public money.
For every dollar for which actual value is received in the
construction of public works about ten are needed to
make the expenditure.
The system usually followed is something like this :
A gang of political pluggers get up a petition for a road
to their own properties. Then some man whose pull is
sized up by the amount of noise he made at the last
election is started off for Victoria, supplied, if convenient,
with funds to buy booze for every M. P. P. whose vote on
expenditure can be regulated by his appetite for high-
priced tangleleg. If the money is furnished a few professional loafers are generally given the contract, and a
gang of men are started out on a long-winded shirking
contest. There does not appear to be anv regular grade
or set standard of workmanship, and there is seldom anything more than formality in taking the work off the
builders' hands. Usually any old bluff that thev can attach
a bill to goes. If the cash runs out before the construction
is completed the unfinished work lies in uselessness until
another grant is secured to complete it. If bv any chance
the amount approximated should happen to be in excess of
the requirements the overs would probably be spent in a
barbecue or a torch-light procession.
This district is patched all over with just such work as
this, and the country is gridironed  with   unfinished   trails
uen cieaiici m�����������-��� -��� ������">.,. .
This is a  matter that   might be taken up  In  sonieof
our aspirants for   legislative  honors with   profit   to them.
selves and the community.
Thk prompt and generous mannner in which the town.
and cities of Western Canada have come to tlu- rescued
Sandon in her distress is thoroughly appreciated hv,hc
citizens oi the town. The generosity ot Kaslo, \\u Dei
ver, Silverton and Nelson will not soon lv forgotten,
Friendship extended under such circumstances is rea!
friendship and sympathy in the hour of trial i** the kind
that produces a lasting impression.
Thk greatest truth which was brought out by theses,
sion on  Monday oi the  Court of Revision is that  the dec-1
tion   law is positively   N. G.     A statute which   allows am
man   or clique oi men to   put   900   voters to   nmuvesvin
trouble and expense- and yet  provides no  penalty for il
meddlers is not worth tl e paper it is printed on.    That the
names of all the ring who got up the plot did not comeom
was unfortunate bin not half so unfortunate as the fact thi j
there is no   machinery   in the   election   law to   provide i
their punishment.
In another column will be found the platform on which]
Robt. F. Green appeals to the   electors ot the Slocan K.
iner oi West Kootenay.    It is the plain statement ot aplaiil
o m 1 '
man who asks the stitTerages of the people in order thathtfl
may act as the peoples representative. There is no pre-i
tense on the lace of it and no sophist!*) between the 1
He does not promise to represent any clique, creed or wj
tion and his declarations are not punctuated \\ith dollar!
marks or tainted by the animus of political selfishness. !
is a brief, concise yet comprehensive statement of the polios
on which Robt. F. Green was elected 10 the legislature W
years ago and on which he seeks re-election on thecp*!
June. It is the duty of the people to stand by theirreprtj
sentative an not be deluded by multitudinous promisesd]
double-dealing sophists or allured by the scheming of poH
tical tricsters.
The Mayor and  members of the Relief Committee wi*
to express through the medium oi the colums of this f'
the thanks oi the citizens oi Sandon to the manv through
out the country who have rushed to the aid of the city
her distress. Plain words in black and while cannot*}
made to express the gratitude of our people; *)unve.n
hope that if ever similar misfortune should overtake asistjj
town the people of Sandon will be able to return thehd(|
and sympathy which have been extended to us.
Hunter Bros.
Reopening in the
tent on the old to*
tion.  A large stocK
��� ������������
The Financial Statement.
The following is a statement of  Ihe
[moneys received by the Relief Committee up till  noon yesterday.    There arc
several other donations which have not
vet been received which will swell  the
total to neasly $10,000.    Besides this
[cash a large amount of supplies  has
heen received.    In the neighborhood of
$looo lias  already been disbursed and
[nearly all supplies have been distributed.
At the time of writing  there is no one
in town in actual want altho a number
find themselves in greatly reduced cir-
���cnnrntanctti   Tha Relief Committee is
now trying lo devise some systematic
scheme of relief by which all may be
supplied with employment thai will be
of permanent benefit to the city and at
the same time allow all who desire it
an opportunity to earn good wages.
Last Chance $250
livers & Co.
Minnesota Silver Co.
Idaho Mine-.
I-. A. Wood
C . H. Hand
H. H.  Rtts
J. Buckley
Y. L. Christie
\V. C. Adams
H. Tattrie
I ohn Duly
T. Duffy
|. Roclcney
IJ. N. While Co.
C. M. Wilson 2
M. Ciint/burger 2
Fifth Regiment concert, Victoria     1 \o
J. H. Heal 10
city of Rossland 500
People of Rossland 300
Rossland Labor Unions 100
Piccolo, Rossland 4
City of Vancouver 2m)
Slocan City t>6
I'red Hume, Nelson 25
J. F. Mcintosh, Kaslo 10
J. A. Whit tier, Kaslo 25
Hiram Walker N: Son IOO
Vancouver Hoard of Trade 500
Grand Forks 130
Nelson Operatic Society boo
Ctossett ii Pevers, Rossland 10
Gov't of B. C. 500
Henderson Bros., Nelson 50
Collected al Bank of B.C.. Nelson    4b;,
lw'!��rmt,)"t?'(!or t,he PMPOM of ol.talnin**-
l-rowii (Iriints of the ahove claims,
t-Wt'V-J.���!���!fJ,ert��ke"loticethafc action, under
IHittion 87. most he  commenced  hefore the
KSSffti  .?i.(illi't'rti,",;Ht<f? of Improvement *
Dated tins *>Mth day of April. A. l>., 1900.
At New Denver. AUEX. SlJK(iAT.
2 50
2 5��
John Keene Nominated.
At a convention held in Sandon under
the auspices of the Conservative party
4 John Keene was chosen as nominee for
-|; the legislative contest. There were 22
delegates present�����andon, Silverton,
Three Forks, New Denver, Slocan
City and Ainsworth were represented.
No delegates from Kaslo  were present.
Merimack Mineral Claim, situate in the
Slocan Mining division  of the  West
Kootenav   district.    Where  located:
On Silver mountain.
Take  notice  that   1, W. S. Drewry
acting as agent for Geo. D. Long, Free
Miner's  Certificate  No.  B 1*957,   and
A. C   Allan,   Free Miners' Certificate
No. B   13843,   intend  sixty  days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements,   for  the  purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further  take notice  that action,
under Section  37, must be commenced
before the  issuance of such  Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 1 2th dav of February.
Miles Raiubough's body was not
buried in the Sandon cemetery as word
was received from Vancouver to forward the remains to thai city in charge
of the Eagles society. Ritmhough left
a considerable estate in that city.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Bennentt returned
from their honeymoon tour on Wednesday evening, thev are now living in
Neil O'Donnell's house on Slocan Star
street. The band turned out to serenade live couple on their return.
l��avto��.N(*.a, Altoina, Bin Knot. I_u��0.en anil
Iiinaiiilu   Mineral Claim**,  nitnare in tftj
Slocan Minimr division of West Kootenay
district.        Whore   located :      On   Pn.vnt
mountain, about l_ miles from   the town
of Sandon, B. C. .
Take notice that I, Alexander Sprout. agent
for the Sandon Minim* and Millim* < "������������'���),���'>!'
Limited,  Free   Miner's Certifloate ><>��� i.11--'-
intend,sixty days   from the   date   hereof, to
ni��l)lv to the Minim* Recorder for certilloates
Dixie Hummer Mine.al Claim, situate in the
Sioean Mining divL-ion of West Kootenay
di-trict.   Where located;   On the divide,
near the Head und Tendeifoot.
Take notice that I. W. S Irewry. actini* as
attent for P -I. Hickev,Kree Miner's Certificate
HO, llffftB, W. H. Yr.wke.v; Kree Miner's t'ertill-
cate lA7fit, and .1. Ii. Parrel, Free Miner's  Certificate No -HH-< i. iiyt.end, .-.ixtv days from the
date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder
for   a   Certificate of   Improvements,   for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grunt  ol the
ahove olaim.
And further take notice that   action, under
Section S7.  murtt   he   commence<i   helore   the
is.uniK-i- of unci] Certificate of Improvements.
iM'ed this l'.ithdnv ol April, A. !>.. IHOO,
Broken Lock, Fidelity Fractional ami Cracker
.lack Mineral   Claims,  situate  in the Slocan  Mining division   of West   Kootenay
district.    Where located:   About one and
one-half miles south of New Denver, ad-
ioining Fi lelity
Take notice that I, W.S. Drewry, acting as
agent Int the Bosun Mines. Ltd., Free Miner's
Certificate No WW3, intend, sixty days from
tbe date hereof,  to apply to  the Mining Recorder lor such Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose <>: obtaining a Crown Grant of
end) ol the above claims.
And further take notice that action, nndei
Section   ST,   must he   commenced  before the
issuance of such certificates of improvements
hated this l-ith dav of April. A. li. 19011.
F.ste.'a.   Betsy   Ross, Lost   Tiger    and     Link
Fraction   Mineral  t'liiims.   situate in the
Slocan Minim; division of We-t Kootenay
district.       Where    located :    On    Silver
Take notice that f, W.S. Drewry, actini? as
agent for Herman Clever. Free Miner's Certi-
licate No  B 18870, intend, sixty days  from the
date hereof, to apply to the   Mining   Recorder
for Certificates of Improvements    for    the
puipo-e of obtaining a Crown Grant of each
of the ahove c aims.
And further take notice that action, under
Section :i7. must he commenced before the
Issuance of such certificates of improvements
Hated this Oth duv of March, l!*uo.
Hoodo Mineral Claim, situate in the Slocan
Mining division of West Kootenay district. Where located: On south fork of
Carpenter creek.
Take notice that I, H. B. Alexander, for
myself and as agent for P. W. G-odsal, P. M. L.
No. a-Wi** A. Free Miner's Certificate No. 1}
_BS14, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the (.old Commissioner for a Certificate' of Improvements, tor the purpose of
obtaining a Crown (irant of the above claim
And further take notice that action, muier
Mat-tinn 87, must he commenced hefore the
issuance of such certificate* of improvements.
Dieted this :ioth day of March, 1W*--.
Certificate of Impro- enients.
Situate in ���heSlociin Minirj Division of West
Kootenay   District.    \\ nere   located : On
the Smith Fork of Carpenter Creek,
Tnke Notice that I    H. B. Alexander. Free
Miner's Certificate No. n-HftlH, for myself and
M! agent hit W. PDicW P- M. L. No. MIP8I
Intend sixty davs from date hereof, to apply to
the   Mining Record- r for �� Certificate of Improvements, for  the   purpose of  obtaining a
Crown Grant of the ahove claim.
And further take notice that action  under
Section HT.  must   be   commenced   helore   the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this thirtieth day of March, IHOO.
Mowich Mineral Claim, situate in the Slocan
Minin--; division of West Kootenay district. Where located; On the Mowich
���dide, Carpenter creek.
I'a We not ice that we, .lames H. Moran, Free
tier'., CortilUiate No. i:mo4, Charles W.
Greenlee, Pree Miner's Certificate No. 1S07**.
and John A. Finch, Free Miner's Certificate
No. *_17'il A, intend, sixty days from tbe date
hereof, to apply to the Minim*; Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaiuiui* a Crown Grant of tbe ahove
And further take notice that action, iintl.r
Section .17, must be commenced hefore the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 20th day of March, I'.mi.
Cioil Engineer,
Architect, Etc.
P. O. BOX 170        SANDON, B. C.
A. R. Heyland*.
Engineer and
Provincial Land
FOK SALE: Furnished hous*?
.i(>xir> on Cody Ave, <*lit��a*> for
oaslli Enquire nt .1-el I-ind*
FOK SALE:   Hons9 nnd lot In
Xew I) lire'*, a chan-9e to gut n
comfortable honr.�� chep for cash.
Kaslo, B. C.
Sandon Cartage Co.
Delivered to all parts of the
Is again to the front.
Job watches safe, jewel-
ery safe. In fact we are
ready to repair your
watches, sell you one if
yours is lost. I can sup-
pi) you with engagement
riucrs, wedding rings as
heretofore. Stand two
doors above the old place.
Yours for business
Jetceler and Optician.
Miners' Union Meets
In Crawford's Hali.
This Evening.
Drilling Contest.
Kaslo May 24th. One down hole,
for ;i purse of Si 50. Entries close May
17th.    For particulars address
VV. J. Davenport,
SecV. Celebration Committee.
************** ***********
* Folliott & McMillan.
Contractors and Builders.
Dealers in Dressed and Rough Lumber.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, etc.. Made to Order at Lowest Possible Prloes.
Mine and Dimension Timber always in Stock. Plans, Estimates and
Specifications furnished for all Classes of Building.
BAILBOAB AVE.   -   -   -   -   SANDON.
*********** ** ****** ** *** *
We are still doing business at
the old stand and still have abundance of
Any and cill who need a bed to
sleep on come along and ^et what
vou need without money.
The police authorities have hern bus)
rounding up hobos and '.^ ughs the last
few days.    A number  vert   requested
to leare idwa and the} lefi by the twer-j
land route.
Mi-s  Sophie. Funk   "Cent
v    .      stcrifcTv \rti rning.
to   Slocan
Ye ���
Mrs. Drtiiu '.ut.: (o Slocan t
lerJ^y to spend a fr**r da;.*-.
George B. Knotfles spenl a week in
Mew Denver  since  u <.   fine.    He  has
not yet decided where to rebu  .
Frank C. Sewell has taken .1 house
in Slocan ��_ it] for the sui
W. L. Hagler  was     nnd       I guilt)
. 1      ge s*       ���';.   ,u
the Nelson court.
The relief tent restaurant is dispensing hum!- at 25 cents ' fires* Refers.
Mr-. Funk i- in charge.
Folliotl & McMillan .ire removing
racant buildiniLjs faooi Cotk la* Sandon
\o provide ternpory shelters.
George Kane is out .-.- .. Martin candidate.    He will seek noi       ti  n at the
liands of the Liberal part'  .it a  COnven-
1 '." be he-id on the  15th.
Church Scrtices.
Regular services on Sunday, Maj 1 :.
in  Crawford's   Hall   11   11 a.   m.   and
7 p. m.    Sunda} School al _��� p. m.
K--��    -
Slocan Mines.
Minim**  Stocks   !  m-thl   ...   -    I        ;
Agent i��..i  - oz ia   Pi  | ��� rti* **1
Prospect.-, F--r Sale.
L. L. B.
Barrister-. Solicitor-.
Notary Public-. Etc.
8. C.
F- L. CHRISTIE. L. L. 3.
Barrister. Solicitor. Etc.
Notary Public.
B. C.
>*...--_ inCr-*.**rfot*d*sHn!l every Wednesday
Evening.   Minting Brethern cordially invite-i
ttei 'i.
��.   M   SPEX' KR. G C.
The Paystreak
Printing Palace
Is Still Intact.
The Output of High Grade
1 Western E*edara*-ion ol Mi    r-
M ������-��� \��-r) Srtiur.la\ Ereuing
i:. Kinen1 fnion HhII
I'M -   lit.'"   M-JIIM.
,    . 1 too, R I Mi I.i *\
Km Sac, W I. n vain.
���   a
����i.i��r ril'.-r-.    -1 00
Pli*l i��l��- I'm! I. nl -
���'.   ���   \|-   !. -���
-i.r.                1 -irn-,.
'  1" '           k**
*.'  [ft.j
In    \\\   K    fJOM***,   *.*���
y ,,�� s  \|   �� m-ii-i m    M;��fr- 1
I   D   M' I��AI '.HI IN    I'r.-.i-l.-i ���
W I. H *.'���' in Been t��ij
W-J    l��a-N Mil  K.   I      \      \l\Ki    V   !; \|, j , u
\\��.i �� I   Mi l��\ u.i-   Hjri   I-.. \   ,
-<4is rM)i\ii.\isiii;i)*^
mmmmm^ammmmmzm*e a****a^-*---*-aa--a-**-*aiaaaammm Mm**. m~-jhmmm*anMH-w-awM��M��----aMtMa
The stock of raw material
on hand is large and then1
are many day's work left in
1.0.0. F.
Send in your orders
early and avoid
the rush.
The Fatal Slide.
Two Italian miner- wore killed hy a
snowslide in ihe Alamo h.i-in about 7
oYlock Sunday morning. They were
Joseph Devin and Louis Bagattin and
tame to the Sioean from Wilkinson,
Wash. They had a contract on the
Mary S. one of the Idaho group of
claims. John Steel, Who was at the
Democrat, saw Ihe slide ,md gave the
alarm to the men al the Idaho. Tonv
Becker and 2- men dui; all day to i*et
the bodies out. One was found at
4:30 and the other at 8 p. m, near the
mouth of the tunnel. Both men were
huried in the* New Denver cemelerv.
Cocci* Gioea Food For Work.
Ever) man who applies.u Coxej
quarry near Massillon, O., can f?el
work. All tramps have heard of Coxej
and it is a favorite game of theirs to
apply to him for work on Saturday
afternoon. They are given good meals
and comfortable beds, not having to
work on Sunday. When Monday
comes they make their escape. Twd
nun tried this recently, but Jesse ��qxey,
son of the general, brought the run*
aways back at the point of a revolver
and made them work om the price of
the comforts thev had received,
\|. .���...:-���<��� r\  Krl l.,\     I  . .
I .. ..��     1 ! -   11 h i I \ . - i ���     _���
led I       Itta
R] \    \  H  SAXFORD \ I ��� ll
C K LYONS \l BI i;
���s.   i- *.iry S
A. F. & A. M.
ALTA I.i-lt.:- So t
. ��� i
th in Mi
Tn- m ��- Ba   w v
Tit* Direct Route I'.
To   All   Points
l';i-i ��� lassSIeejx r> on all T 1   si
Tourist < at> i-ass Medicine Hat
Daily for St,  I'm i.    --^ ��� ��� ��� l ;
Wedn*-cdays for Toronto,
Kildays (bi Montreal an I Bos
ton.   Same care pnsa K v  ���' n'
'���noday earlier.
S:Uu Lv. s\ni��c)N Arr.       ���' '
Daily  to  Points  reac i I  via.
Daily except Sunday U)   P��'ntt
reached via ..���'>'���!���* ^   ������ ������������' ":
can City.
rickets Issued  Through and Bag'
gage  Checked  to   Destination,
J. C, CBDSifc,
Ap;eiu, Sandon.
A.a, v AKt..
Tra*.  !'*.�� A<t
Bason   tht��t .vour   tit kct   rut-   ��i��
We will Re-Open in a New Store
On Mondav
iandon Bottling Co.
- : Manufacturer of: -
ICarboiiated   Drinks
��>f all   kind*.
ody Ave.
'���leaned. Dyed, Pressed and
Just    Below  the   Fire-Swept    I |
District. *n
���as re-opened the Barber
Shop in the big tent
next to Byers.
-Jrvf* *-
.^H       J_3B*__f\^ '^^ y_q__
LH      ���^���"..H ''    ~^____________R
i -^jr^j^p
W&.      \M    MM   WBm��Lmmmmm\
wl i/i/^r^
taf   �����*? ���'~v?tiami
A Lanje Stock of Cloths will v
Be Received in a
Few Days.
Leave Your Order Early and
Avoid the Rush.
Special Attention Given to Fine Work.
The Denver. 'THE WM- hamilt��n manufacturing co.,
Cody Ave. Sandon
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hotel
Of the Slocan Riding of West
With the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly, the duty again dvolves
upon the elector! of the Sfecan Riding
Xo CQOCC a member to repre- eol them
in the Provincial legislature.
it i- mv intention to become a candidate at the forthcoming election and
with full confidence in the result I
respectfully solicit the siifferage-. of the
electors of the riding.
While I point with pardonable satisfaction lo the manner in which I hare
ciiser.ed the interest- of the RiJ'n.*
and -ought lo meet local req. iremen s
so far a- practicable,  I have earnestly
eildea*. ore J   to   forward    legislation   in
th_ interests oftl e entire Province, and
>u:h as would tend towards its material
Co tstant in attendance al the -cssii n*.
of the Legislature, I have been watchful that : e of mine should be
wanting measure beneficial to
mj - r the Province as ���
wh.'k nor h . neglectful o'thc
interests of Oh ��� ige earner, bet have
i 1 some degree a* least been instrumental in placing their demands
amongst the principles to be advocated
by  a great   political   party.       It is  well
p.* hap- that 1 shojld brief)) state some
of the principles which I hive advocated
aid shall continue to advocate until
thny are incorporated in Provincial
1. I am in favor of an equitable redistribution of the -.mn in tie Legislative .Wcmb'y, ha-cd generally upon
population, but with due re^r;rd to tiie
intere>ts and circumstance- of outlying
and more sparslev settleJ districts.
2. 1 shall advocate the government
cv.vner>hip of railways, and other public franchises SO far as may be practicable and a general enactment by which
companies desiring to construct railways may be incorporated without
special legislation, and that railways honnsed by the Province may be
under governmental control as to their
rates, and subject to purchase at government option.
1 shall do all in my power to as.-i-t
and support the advancement and development of the mining interests of
ihe Province upon which its prosperity
is so materially dependent.
4. I believe in the principle of the
e.ght-hour law and shall permit no
interference with this law as it stands,
and shall insist upon the retention of
the penally   clau>e.
5. 1 shall advocate a liberal expenditure upon trunk roaJs and trails in
the various districts of the Province,
believing that upon >uch expenditure
the development of the vast resource*-
of the country materially depends.
6. I shall advocate and if elected
assist in the enactment of laws for the
proper adjustment of disputes between
labor and capital by a well digested,
and equitably arranged system of compulsory arbitration.
7. 1 believe that Asiastic and other
cheap labor is detrimental to the best
interests of British Columbia. 1 shall
therefore, advocate its restrktion so far
as it may be intra vires of Provincial
Legislation, and shall assist in bringing
such pressure to bear upon the Feder.il
Government as may induce that government to assist in the work, and will
most   emphatically   insist that   no such
class of labor shall be employed upon
any public works undertaken hy the
Province or upon -uch works as are
subsidized bv, or in any w ay subject to
the control of the government,
8. I believe that the educational
system of the province may be materially improved, and shall give my
heartiest assistance in bringing it to
the highest state of efficiency by the
establishment nf Normal Kit-sob and
other instr-um,. ,: t- that may tend
to the accompli ti 1 .. nf that object.
q. 1 shall also advocate and aSMSl
the development of the agricultural
res 'iirces of the Province.
10 I believe that the moneys of the
Province    should    he   expended    upon
some bro.td an J general -y-tem which
would ensure the greatest amount ot
benefit loom such expenditure. In this
Ridim,' I have endeavored lo inaugurate such a system by having the work
upon roads ,-nd trails placed under
a responsible head, so that the appropriation nece���arilv inadequate under
existing circumstance* might he beneficial and economically expended.
Your* Faithfully
Albert Stein returned from Portland.
Oregon, on Thursdav.
W. E. Prager returned to town on
Wednesday and is again with the Bank
of B. C.
William Findley went t-*- Slocan City
on Wednesday to put in a month's
work on  his claims there.
Pat Dwv.r. who been foreman at the
Payne for a long lime has severed his
connection with th it company.
E.   A.    Brown,    surveyor,    who  has
*�� with B. C, Ribhct for a long time,
will commence business it* Sandon in
tlu- near future.
A. R. Heyland. P. L. S.. of Greenwood, has moved to Sandon and will
open an office here as soon as he can
find a location.
While working on a tent frame on
WcJ;u-sd.iy ���'B'b" Cunning fell and
cut his leg badly, lie will he laid up
for several dav-.
Stein Bros, are putting up a two-
story building on Railway avenue, opposite the C. P. R. depot site. They
will open a hake shop, restaurant and
grvvery store with rooms to rent above.
George Macdonald and partners have
finished their contract of 100 feet of
drifting on ihe Crown Point claim on
the Ajax group.    Thej expect to gel a
further contract for an additional _oo
H. T. Ceperley, of Vancouver, agent
for the Phoenix of London, the London
Imperial and v.ilobe. B. N. A. and the
Western Insurance companies, is adjusting matters lor his companies. All
payments will he made promptly. F.
M. Sandilands is the Skvan agent for
the companies.
L. F. Filmore lost a sack on the
trail between ihe Madison and Ajax
last fall, which contained, besides his
clothes, a number of valuable papers.
As the snow is going off the hills it is
possible that the sack may be found.
Mr. Filmore will pay a reward for the
recovery of his property.
-**___STORE. _^
In a Small Shack   But   Ready
To do a Large Business
Importer and  Dealer  In
Fine Groceries,
Suitable for
Families, Hotels and Mines.
H. BYERS & Co.
Mine and
We Carry a \\ell=Selected Stock of
Shelf Hardware.
We are doing business in the Cold Storage Warehouse. No shortage of supplies Kresh H��'.
Pork and Mutton.
Sandon, Rossland, Nelson. Trail. Greenwood
VV.  vl.  Armstrong & Co.
We are Doing Lusiness in
a Tent Located on Reco
Avenue. Leave an Order
Early as all Orders Will
be filled in their turn.
First Come   First  Served.


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