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The Paystreak Apr 28, 1900

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) onjr{   '
)K IV.
SANDON, APRIL 28, 1900.
rork Commenced on the Big Concentrator
This Week.
ment figures on having the work COI
[ill be the. Biggest and Best Mill in B. C.   Will  Handle
150 Tons in 24 Hours   Some New Ideas in Milling
An Ariel Tram 8,500 Feet Long.
rhe negotiation for a siu- for the
in ho concentrator, which have deled the construction for the several
)nths were Completed this week when
J. Mickey purchased (lie Nightlmwk
literal claim from  Geo. Alexander for
Minnesota Silver Company,    Sur-
rights  lo ihe  ground  have  Ken
lured from the K. & S.
M'lie site for ihe Ivanhoe concentrator
im ideal one on which to build a mill.
1i^   within a few   hundred   feel of the
\   limits, is close 10 the   line of both
C. I*. K. and  the K. & S., is at the
influence of two creeks, and the lay of
land is such that very little grading
'    be    necessary.      Hie    situation   is
icrilarlv fortunate for the Minnesota
jmpanv   as it places them   directly in
le with   the  Sunshine and   Yakima,
which iheir  Stockholders are largely
ie rested.
The .plans lor the mill provide tor a
KlCture 50x96 feet. It is to be built
the most approved plant-* will be
hushed with every device Which will
rilitate cheap concentration, and no
"tense will lv spared to make it what
nodern mill should be.
From   the  crushed ore
goes   through a   pair  id'
bin the ore
14x30 mils,
to Ihe lop of
from which it is elevated
the mill and is lead to the trommel
screen and onto the Hartz jig 26x44
inch screen with 4!* inch stroke. This
)\g is to sort the large nuggets of clean
ore which do not need further handling.
This jig is the largest jig used in B. C.
and in fact all the jigs are much larger
I ban what have formerly been used in
handling this class of ore. From the
big HartZ jig the ore is handled again
to another 14x30 roll which crushes
finer than before and il is again conducted back to jig No 2. From there
il goes back to the big high speed rolls
6x42. which will crush il as fine as
powder. Elevated again, it is run
through Ihe hydraulic classifier which
sorts it by specific gravity into eight
different classes. From there the ore
is ready for its last process of separation
from the quartz and gangue by the six
other line screen jigs. From these jigs
the ore is treated by eight Wolfley
tables. These are considered the most
modern   and   complete   appliances   in
  concentrating  and by this  process  the
To follow the course of the   ore from | lead, /ine and   iron can each   be drawn
un to the railway   track is the easiest i off separately, which   allows   the ship-
to get   an idea   of the   appliances j ment of each  product to the   market in
ht will be used.     From the  tram the j which   the   most   advantageous  terms
(ude ore is dumped automatically into! can be  secured.     From   the   Wolfley's
12 20-ton   ore  bin.     From   this   No. 1   the   ore passes   to the   stripping   bins,
it passes  by automatic   fenders   to   thence to the cars and starts on its long
big   Blake crusher, 10x20, where it j trip   to the   smelters, leaving   the corn-
reives   Ihe first   crushing.     From the ' panv   no further  care than   to cash the
ake crusher the ore   will be conveyed \ checks.    The  mill will be lighted with
another   220   Ion   bin   bv a   Robins ' electric light from a 200 lamp dynamo.
Jnveyor belt.     This is a new appliance j The water for   the power and   washing
concentrating'   Slocan   ores.      The 1 purposes   will be taken Irom   the Carditis belt will  be 20 "nches wide and ' penter,   Miller  and   Tributary   creeks.
Ill   have a run  20   fet\   long.     While! The   Carpenter  creek   Hume   will   be
ore is being   convt
(will be hand  sorted
picked  out, so lha
irely concentrating o    I	
11 might be worth '��� tioning
1st here   that to this if treat-
ctean lead ore wij rentrat-
can be traced   ti'" loss in
concentrators of iins v..     The
locan   ore   is  too   rich   to  be easily
tndled   in   concentrators   and   there
always an   unavoidable  loss  in the
irnes when the ore is pulverised.
From this crushed ore an   automatic
rerstrong  sampler will take samples
jail the ore handled so  that an exact
prd of Ihe ore values  contained can
kept at all  times and if any   values
lost the defect   can be   located  im-
pleted and the mill and tram in running
order by early fall.
The Minnesota Silver company will
have invested, when the mill iscompleted,
$300,000. This is all a cash outlay
which has extended over a period of six
years, and during all this time the company has taken out no ore except what
came out in development and has
shipped only a few cars, taking as yet
practically no return for their large
^outlay. When the tram and mill start
to run the whole amount of their investment will be returned to the company within a few weeks and the Ivanhoe will very quickly becomj known
as one of the heaviest producers in
British Columbia.
At a later date we hope to give a
comprehensive write-up of the mine,
which will be interesting literature lo
all who have followed the course of
mining development in the Slocan.
Mr. P. J. Hickey, who is superintendent of the Ivanhoe and under whose
management the mine has been developed from the prospect stage to a property valued up in the millions, is undertaking to personally surprise the work
of construction. His large experience
in milling is a sufficient guarantee that
his management of the mill will be
equally as successful as his management of the mine.
this belt I 3,000   feet long   with a 150-foot   head
Ihe clean ' A 72-inch Pelton wheel will furnish the
g except I power.
through I The tramway will be 8,500 feet long.
The first 4,000 feet will have a drop
of only 400 feet the lower end drops
2,200 feet, making 2,600 feet of a drop
between the mine and the mill, with no
long spans. The tramway will be
entirely automatic, only one man at the
head end beig required to handle it.
It will have a capacity of 150 tons in
10 hours. It is a little early yet to
state just what make the tram will be,
altho the management has this point
almost decided upon.
A gang of graders were put to work
clearing off the site preparatory to
commencing grading, and as soon as
possible mechnics will be put on and
framing   commenced.     The  manage*
E. M. Sandilands made a business
trip to Kaslo on Thursday.
Assessment work on the Mammoth
claim on Wilson creek has shown up
some good ore.
Wm. Hood went to Whitewater
on Thursday to make some alterations
at the Whitewater mill.
P. J. Hickey went to Nelson yesterday morning and will probably visit
Spokane before returning.
The C. P. R. has established a round-
trip rate, good for 30 days, of $3.85
from Sandon to Halcyon and return.
The Webb-Hodsdon concert team
played to a small house in Spencer's
on Monday night. Their entertainment was good.
George FolltOt of Orillia, Ont., arrived in town on Tuesday. He will be
engaged in the building business with
his brother, Bert.
There was a convention of officers of
the Miners' Union in Sandon on Thursday. Jos. Gilnaugh of Kaslo and B. T.
Mclsaac of Whitewater were in town.
Jimmy Dimmick and Jim Grant left
yesterday for Arrow lake to do assessment on the Mazma, claim near, Com-
aplix, on which they have a good showing-
Geo. Clark, Wm. Walmsley, Robt.
Cunning and R. J. Broddy returned on
Tuesday from *he Halcyon Springs,
where they were spending a little holiday.
A. B. Docksteader of Cody has been
appointed returning officer for the Slocan division at the coming elections.
The following are the  points  at which
City, Robson, Jubilee Point (Howser
Lake), Whitewater, Three Forks, Deer
Park, Slocan Junction, Ten Mile (Slocan Lake), McGuigan.
The anniversary parade of Silver Citv
Lodge No. 39, j. O. O. Y., will take
place lo the Methodist church at 7:3*1
p. m. to-morrow evening. Visiting
brothers cordially invited to attend.
Harry Housen, who was foreman at
the Payne for iwo years and has been
selling mining machinery in the Boundary for ihe past year or so, visited
Sandon in the early part of the week.
There was more trouble in Coontown
last Saturday. Two of Ihe dusky damsels came together in a one-round contest, which ended in a knockout. The
case was ventilated in  the police court.
There will be another scrap at the
Central Music Hall on Saturday evening next. It will be Leedham vs.
Fitzgerald, and will be a "sure 'null"
fight. A deposit of $25 a side has been
put up.
" A bitter Atonement" will be played
in Spencer's Opera House on Thursday
evening next, May 3rd. The latent is
largely local. Many of the seats have
been spoken for already, altho the plan
is no open yet.
Jas. Yallance has purchased llie residence on Cody Ave. occupied hv J. G.
Main from M. L. Grimmett. Mr.
Yallance will make several alterations
and hopes to move into the house in
about a month. Mr. Main and family
may reside in New Denver during the
Tom Jones returned this week from
his long trip to the east. He visited
Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Toronto and
other interesting points in Ontario.
He was in Toronto when the War
Eagle and Centre Star took the long
drop on the stock market. Tom says
the eastern mind is somewhat hazy on
mining matters yet but they are learning fast.
Arthur R. Browne, agent for the
Manchester Smelting Corporation, died
a few days ago at Reigate, Surrey,
England. Browne took options on a
number of properties in the Slocan
bearing high zinc values and left Kaslo
for England a few weeks ago for the
purpose of completing important negotiations concerning the same. He was
in good health then. Browne was a
son of Lord Richard Browne and a
nephew of the marquis of Sligo. He
was also a member of the Royal Geographical Society and of the American
Institute of Mining Engineers.
R. O. Matheson was up from Silver-
ton on Tuesday nnd made a special trip
to this office to inform the sporting
editor that Kaslo has no corner on all
Ihe fun on earth for the 24th. Silver-
ton, he says, is in the celebration business right up to the neck, and people
who are not troubled with heart disease
and want to have a hot time ia a hot
town can pull their freight for Silverton
on the 24th of May and wade and
wallow and luxuriate in the whirling,
maddening, intoxicating excitement of
1 regular old-time,   rip-snorting high-
oolliiur places will be established : Kas-  a re.
lo    Vinsworth,    Pilot    Bay,   Argenta,   rolling   pain   killer   ot  a   celebration.
Sandon, New Denver, Silverton, Slocan   Agents wanted. THE PAY-niaKAK. *-***>*. *. C AP*H- ��
. �����
Cj* fc5rDo**r^f x t ->j��l ;���**-"* Ikt of tbe
��uk ;�� *J*# severa.   ���>. r;^  ���:}:*-��-..:.��.*   ���:
tb* Stoeaa.   Tboae oi S-rw Deeve- were
as ixka-a** :���
Ap< Mtei, **4oeaa Lake. H F
4���So 4. Yomr Mile, J C Batter.
to-Fear Mi*. No 5. F F Liebjcber.
12���Xip Cat, Foar Mile. W B Jackson.
'.rank FraciK*. Foot Miie. An��*as L
P W Fractwc. Fi^at Mil* crtfek, C H
������T ;rw. near MeGm^an, M Pen-
1���Tri< Fr��.-  -t  *ear Code. Annie
g���Kop,-��* Fractioo. aear Alpht. W
S Dre*��r>
2S���Wizard, oo Eigbt Mil* creek. F
L B*n*o*a.
Apr 3���Caetooa. ' *patunka.
'���*- Hubert Fraetk*. Worrd.
--J'KXo 2. t*Jira Murphy.  I>-oley
10���Rniland Fraction
ll���Rugb* FracTK>r>   Manitoba
13��� Pride erf tbe West. Molly Bawn.
14��� Lot* Star
IT���Superior, PanJeJ. Crawford. Garde*. Da-aadlr. Gait.
17��� Ma Mere
15��� May Queen. May Queen Fraction.
Broken FractK��n
I*-���High   **re   Fraction.    Marie   S.
** :.sg-g-*?. T>.\:r Hr';"
2o��� S*reei Gra��s
il���Echo No 2. Hi'l*-*de
Apr 3���rsaDdow and Lone Star No S.
B��- Gali Trast. Lid. to R B Skini��er
and D G Sa.:ib. Mar Si.
4���N��ne Fra***tk**a, I .arter H Brimile
!������ A*��-2T*4r��"*  Mar Si.
5���Joker Fractioe and C*��dy Fraction.
by sa* riff. * --*--���: ���' W-a Cailagnaa
;���   M s ?-r:- *r. *""   At -
*���Atert J. Frank Pr-aan to John A
TayW. Se*x ; -
AJer: J. I*an McLer-: :��������� J A Ta.: r.
Jaa I-?
Aim J. aa�� to saate. Aag 22.
Apis. a0 ifr**n: t. Evelyn M Sandi-
ian-ds aad Jean Ha-nikon Gray *o Jag
Marsha   . f425. Jan 12
"��� ?* ���> r^x<+: - ��� :.-. Vai Lance to F
"���"ranrati.. Feb 1*>.
**���i�� K. ais. Ga* Krsaw to Ezn**aan&ei
Jack. A   r a. C&
Marcfc Bird *. **���:.��.;��� w FLake $. Marci.
Bird Pa*aa**BS*a aB. Kb by |. Rvby Frae-
ti-j& ����� a*>d Per**i-T��-"**an��**e ��. No-man
MeMHlae ta Aadxev Jaeohi*i*t-a. Not B,
I ������Re* s*Manaa \ *��e��*v D��*n* w> J a* B
''"Net-*. At* v.
\*b B ��� |. Makate L Nirb��-��l**:"�� tr
W ** Gr��idy. Apr 1
GsaM F-TM* i. T Loniffai* to W S
Gra��iy. A. r ?.
Bind Fs-artaaa J
**���***��*.&.. M��f IT?
Li���:'   *--   ���>*   A*X-"-tE'--t.
McDaara. :���* Mary Mcr��-^r.. .  :*->: i
0 K N ��� i. CsAapa, L���din Fi*acta<*a.
A*~ a 5-1 S'T-nerB ���*-*��� **---- - y
tVasbAaaaL Sa**-��*aaft. ail ��� iet**��c. A A
Mcl--'-^ a-: V��"rMifl���*fcir! aesr
*��� - '���- -���- :' r ���--��� v " -^r*. . *���"'
I>*t***ea-k Graar. I*e*t 22
Same daimf. Duncan McDouzaH a"d
Cnnstie Melv��B|r*il. heir and heiress.
of Peter HcDMfall, all interest, to
E>aocan Orarjt. Dec 2^.
14���AJen j. D A Van IVjrn to Chas
McNicboi. Sep It.
Fnsco *nd .Snowbird. Norman M -
Miiian *��o Andrew Jacwbton. Not >**. all
interas: in ajErreement to purchase.
IT���Mid Mud -,. UL Nicholson to
Da rid T Davis. F��b 28, 1*����.
l��^_Mow;< h }. CW Greenlee to J H
Moran. Apr J��.
Clara Moor. St^rm. Twilight. J each.
Snowdrop. Silver Key Fraction. 1 h
each. A S Reed to G AJackwa, Apr IT.
A C Beta* to Alex
Apr 2��� Lncky Tom. Lemon c r, T
Georsie, I * f Lrmon. J Gr^'tind
Florence, same. Mr* T Smith.
S���CWehafr, on Mineral Hill. A E
Budapest. Lemon. J Bulks.
Apr 2���Four Friends
T���Iron H"'r--r.
Mar 13���Gertie K f r. D .1 Hie? I
H Wtreiry.  P Lindqui-4 arvd D !��� Me
Pht-r*->n. | to each.
Great Northern. Grand Trunk. Great
\\>��iieni. L^ue Pine. Tallicam. 1 eacb.
and Northern Pacific \. T Imnu to Mr-
Lmma Gray
Han:-:d J. D Sk��an to sa::.--.
Bait��ti I. Mr- T Sloan le -ame.
15��� Rova! Standard j. E Law����-.o if
Georj.*e > Aylwin
IT���Began, J Livin2--it'>ne lo Jnhn T
Beaucbe-*ne and J E Tat:��-r>a!!.
Silver Plate.   J T Tipping to H Fif-
T R Hirdiman to J H��-w. li^tas ��iiare<
in Camr-r.-nian t.k?ld i Siiv -.- Miac***- (���
21���AipLo*iso No l:-. \, J Livingstone
to V C Rackliff
24��� Hi^rhand Li^rht J, D McKenne
to W Ck-uffh. USD.
M���Lhm Pine ^. W Statfca le Mrs E
Dia f r \. C E Smitherin^aie ta U I
4l>>W..RTH    DfTlSIO**
M-j 21���Hob-son. in Ainsworth. bv
Wnj M->ui*e.
������lltUmt G No 1. F W Garland
Ranie G   No 2.   Harriet;   Garland.
"r-e-r t���_zr ; -.eer  c'aimi situatrd on
Ka*!o creek.
2T���Bay. as Crawford Bay. J A Rraa.
31���Himalayas.Blue Ridge.R R.^barU
Apr a���Kitchener. Jackson creek. \V
J T* i*.
Max22���B*-*r> Paw Fraction.  D-ipfe
C   f I M r:e Oirisio. J A Finch
24���G.*i.er and North America.   A
H >ien **>e<Tes and Legal Tender.  W
.; h h
36���Bay View. Colorado Fraction and
Mwa-rb Fraction. D > xn^beek
2T���Hert-al��s No 2. A B Morris.
R E Adam* 2 years and Last Chance
3 years.. W J Twiss^
**���'���Two Girls, S Nestvaaaier.
A. ��e. '.' L ?-:-*���
.��� J��te. E M Nter-M - -
,..lr.���d p. f. Ad.., * m**-. �������� ra-*-^. mm kij i
Mines. Ud n     ..kill the pQ^ ^j 4ftd
Mar  ��-J   G   Mc^u-an   �����   f  *     -.fTda," tbo*a|rat Smith.
Archer.  1-6 int in Erie. ComSocfc  ���" |g-||0gwwfcf|ll n
Virginia. he kiiM tbe car
FE Archer to (.FOev^l    Mt     ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^
bi Erie. CeaM-tofk and \ rnn^ 'mrriT^ tome     Intb^da--
r^_g J I   hV~t to J M Harr.-   t . .nt
�����>���* J i- rw*-ai     v mpmmut tbe ptar-o
in Royal Ge^-rge UTir <toa i roa  oreak  ;
C K.r to J M Hams. *, \0* -  T>u-  d���>Mi^i ^ vf#
mond Joe. Brown at ooee broke tbe i    -
J4-D M Linnard to 090 T Wi
a^l*, int in latoraattoaal, Not. Nos.
No 2 Fraction.  Fractk*aKS,  Frarfion
Evening Star and Kertbera Light.
>_A Johnon to G Lofstedt. all int
in San Juan
_A^_\ Johnson to L A Jarni^an. \ nt
t*fl j��ft|
"ben b*
: ir. ���
ir. 5e**afa.
M S l^awes to Hall Mines, all int in
Bei Star.
J Desmond t��-< E Turner, i int in P. A '
Wbe�� Joo*ts -rot boase be -tarsbied
oa tbe top step ot tbe *ta* ��� i
"Go oo '" said bb wile from the bed-
room **Tamb*e down star- ; - rsak
yonr neck."
���Not me*" aaswered J r.es. -Hi
pay for the ��apt**T first."
AmrnrtB capttai is b������-��� .- ��� >���.
ortai b*i '.V.>��j: err creek, a   - *r mila
J PesuK.nd to A Keown, i mt in R a : btoai   K.a**-��.   A   L nite-i   Btotoi .-om-
t p*ny. -rpre-��<r-nte��i by Mr. T  �� i -end of
�����-.I M Ness t--. C L Brusb. ail in: :n  >{->karH-. ..wn* thirty   pr   -       - ihar
ijjjg j tbe raoatb oi tbe creek and bat N-aded
W H H-tmit.n to S A Hut ter,   :;  in*   w-v-ral acbera.   Mr. To*- . -x.
in MrNabli. p��-c*��-d in Ka-4* ia a few ��i*\ -
r Hah -������������' tn A Ad* n��. i int in I^ast   rnn>��-r*-��i tl��at be i�� ttgarin�� ��:.  y .:
I laamtca. 5,n **-*v,rtr***" *��'�����*? ap tbe aort
3i-Tru-t   dt-ii   iv-:vren   the    Ha''   WoodHnry   creek   tn   bar
Min*-*. Ltd. and W C Ward ai -t  W G   T - easafaay ce>��iea-if-Uteir.eV
Ajt 2��� L J WTij*--fls* to S Wetn,  |   I'
in r>--ts, cmi- 90m.
T B John-- . r K > L B-ddy. % iat
N   tfc Star
R Kabul* t<^ Wm A ;.t-r��An.al! int in
8���C F. A:i-l��ai*gti la ETiaabrth ���RB-
*��������***. H i'! in Virginia,  C4��ni*atock atni
��� -   rt
iir>i-*ofa��H-nt w.��rk a* *a���� a* tbe MM
_��� ��� �� "^Mrr^rntali'-t- ��h--karr
have recent \ dj*f*"'*****d of an * ��� rr
ia tb��* e����4**n�� **tat^> tat *'��� ������ *
i thev ttAVtr r-U-ntv oC ***-no�� . :
\\\ ��:��d ^'U r*
\   Lnm in E<-��r...i*-..r��.
MauT an h-nt>e-w  waaaan  r��-
- -      over a hot move  lo ��-��- -   ' at
���   M,-r
-.   ��������!
iclivkr-n   f-*- a   laB*"'   r-��*��-'(.-
  |��pt!,��t����� awl ho��5��*-��ile  bav- **
Fraasaa er-a-ao-*sic -taivdjaial  tacre *,i'rte# ��ut tr^-aj��i**a* the ���*.���
ere bat twa wars for a man ?��������� ����-t-orr .'in >k>r^tKir."��f<-��* !�����**-* k-a*   .-     ���
���v - _ ��� I . I - awn   Ub-or ��    rrol    lomaa      ba*    -  -
and by the iaha^r af others     The man ehan      ���'-.-*, gTab-'*^.   *
who daes aet ta     �� r~ rti mcrea**- the church locterte* tiii rterj r'
sura .-f :hf  world*  wealth  must  lire body aci-ed and **tal toMtal - '
upon tbe result*, of the iat->r of tbo*��- n��s*lhaa inhan-aory    tr-o��n  her    .  . ���
��-bod>-     If a man ..brain* wealth or a Mi!l>on# ul wooa-ea   bare :  ���-
daily toad without  prrducinc    '. ^nance oi ti.ic or a wo*-���-  **an
mmt otbtT man. or set el men. mu��* ^o*-e rt *-e��*--e��iag h��er soul of:
produce the ��*mr 1 y their iah.-��r and not ' aaleh -iesu-iing palp: - - ' ,v'e
���btain it     If one man has a r*erman-*i.: : AStered Bpoa   it   with  that     -     -''
income some other man. ocsataf mt-n. ^vk-and vxill ��tory aboat the f*
rau>t Uvea prnnanent aatp-a     Ail the      tbntm aoaaa ba* rr��- "
v-ea :n al the world is the result of taaac ���*�������� saediorrity nr m%-     -
appiled to nature's gifts     h  ta taken H express, or even eDu-r*a     ���
fn->m the earth, which :s n.*tures **taa*a. of her own. abe h*s ����--***:   �����       �����������
h 'U��e. by labor, used for :he satS-dar** shout ������ iewrx:*** Adam " **>* ���
tion of kaaaaa de-i-e.-. and. tar nature - down wiuV tbe btbie.    Staetau
laws, it-turned again t.Mhe earth. ;   ���     - 1800 years  by her i**ar  ;.^-
aram and again bought forth to sui>t 1. bat   dtaataielaaa    to   GedTi
the wants of succeeding generations. Jro*i^*.s  ruia and   i*g-fK��  ���
The aaaatfty of wealth in e-u-ieoce at *^v>r -The **-ea*vrtiigbt_
any timemu-4  aiwavs  he  Maiit*>i     It	
has h*en rartaaaly  estimated at  frv,rn ����**k��^  ta   -.  tv   r
three to -*iv -rears production     It is not
me extatasre ef gr>-ar fortune*, m a f��-w        Al1  ***'* *���** *i^e *�� m*
hands that  vau*es distiv*s.  hut  priv-- oi*,''r^"<*��"��."��"ai
lege* ami favor- tK.tt e-aable aeaae toI*������"���*��� ���*!������ if you only k��-
takefmni rhe pnviucts  ef j. ��nv   ��  break them ib.   IXtc*i a*K��*te:
tlay to dav ai
tr����n�� year ta vear
H<" P��it! f��.r thr SB
pen hetw*pn yocr iipa hefo*e
to ��n;s.     Dtaai say thmrm
Take your steel pen. dip  :
Tk^r.. ���i ., xh**n h*4<i it in the *.*m* oi *
!.! e_en::"*" .l^,r du* **-^^ *�� * &* ��*, U Itan��r��
the one who did not do
him whv*n h��
*> his ���* it* trtJd j m4k# tfUd lh<? ^n milbir
II nr*
-   ���
. isk.
h f��r
.1 ��.:���
it Meeting of the Neve Council.
Tico BtjlatC3 Passed. All the
Former Officials Retained.
Nic new council met oil Monday
���ling with all the members present.
The following committees were applied : Finance Hunter. Buckley
Macdonald. Public Works: Atli-
iin, Thompson, Crawford.
JThc report of the   Returning Officer
|s received and filed.
petition from   the   residents pf  the
si eiul of ReCO avenue for a sidewalk
ps read and laid on the table.
rhe report of the chief of the lire
Igadc was read and a sum of $100
V vote J for the purchase of a hose
iFhe "Temporary Loan" bylaw was
|ul a first, second and third time.
[e bill authorizes the cit\ to borrow
iriie  "Trades    License"   amendment
law was read   a   first,   second and
IrJ time.
fl'lie present city officers wore re-
jncJ hv unanimous vote.
[Hie chief of police was appointed
kith officer and instructed to rigidly
���force the provisions of the health bv-
be entrusted to one unacquainted with
the routine. Donald C. Kurtz-, collector of votes, is the next in order of promotion, as he has bean in the office for
several years and has of late taken up
a large part of the responsible work.
That he is an honest and competent
Official is evidenced hy the fair and
masterly manner in which he is handling the complicated case of the protested votes, and if the unwritten law
of promotion by seniority is not set
aside Kurtz will' get the office, The
peole of Ainsworth division should look
after this matter as they cannot afford
to have their interests jeapordized and
and civil service rules suspended for
political purposes.
*��otball   Club��   adopt a   Schedule
and   Elect   Officers at
Tuesday's Meeting.
A meeting of representative   football
pvers from Silverton, Kaslo and San-
in clubs met al    the Filbert   on Tues-
fcy evening and put   the proposed foot-
till league on  ti   business basis.     The
Ipresentalives   were   Jas    Bowes   and
O.   Mafheson   of Silverton,  S. A.
lunter and Jas Allison of Kaslo,  and
has. Walmslov and   \V. F. Lawson of
A sel of bylaws and coiisiitutiun were
���"ululated and the following schedule
ir the season's games adopted :
ine 2 Kaslo \s. Silverton at Kaslo
ine iN San Jon vs. Kaslo, at Sandon
ine 2S Silverton vs Sandon at Silverton
ilv \> Sandon vs Silverton at Sandon
l\ 28 Kaslo vs Sandon at Kaslo
uj^usi (j Silverton VS Kaslo at Silverton
the officers elected for the year were
0. Mathesoil, Silverton,   President ;
A   Hunter,   Kaslo,   Vice-President ;
r.   Lawson,   Sandon,   Secretary-
1 reasurer.
As it i> probable that there will be
It her teams enter the league it was
leaded to leave the ineinberthip open
jntil May 151I1, so that Other clubs
[ould haw ample opportunity lo come
I'lie head office of  the league will be
Sandon, and football   players   in the
jrout    Lake,   Revelstoke,    Nelson   or
filler districts who  want a   game  with
Ihe combined   teams   of   the Slocan or
P'th any Slocan team should communi-
;ite with   W. Y.  Lawson,   the   league
Extraordinary Case of a Slocan City
Man Who  is  not a Candidate
First of the Kind on   Record.
Slocan City, April 24th.
Editor Paystreak :
Reports to the  effect that 1 am an
aspirant for   Legislative   honors in the
coming elections are entirely unfounded
and unauthorized by me.
Yours etc.
A. E. Teeter.
After the Rambler-Cariboo
A Kaslo dispatch to the Tribune says:
It is reported that big capitalists are
figuring on buying a controlling interest
in the Rambler-Cariboo. Within the
past few days several mining experts
have examined the property. At the
mine itself they have stopped sorting
ore until the deal goes through. The
principal owners of the mine are Cooley
of Colfax, Washington, and banking
interests there; J. B. McArthur of Rossland and Maclean Brothers of Palouse.
Who Will be Recorder?
Now that John Keen has resigned
here will be a general scramble among
Bpotitical heelers for the office of Mining
^Recorder for the Ainsworth division.
**' John Keen held the four-fold office of
���assessor, collector, recorder and registrar of the county court, and, whatever
��� may be said of him politically, was a
���capable official. The duties are oner-
jous and the office is   not   such as could
Laurier, the Federal Czar.
[Toronto Telegram.)
The danger of having provincial governments in sympathy with the government at Ottawa was never so clearly
expressed as in the letter wherein
Wilfred Laurier attempts to lay down
the law to Hon Joseph Martin in these
words :
"If party lines are to be maintained I will expect that the policy
of the federal government be respected."
These words from Wilfred Laurier
simply mean that the government of a
province is to respect, not the interests
and desires of the people of that province, but "the policy of the federal government."
Respect must take the form of subserviency, or it is not acceptable' to
Wilfred Laurier. The tribute which he
demands is the tribute which the people
of Manitoba would not pay. It is the
tribute which the people of Ontario
should refuse to pay.
It is as truly the public duty of a
federal government to respect the
rights and interests of a province as it
is the duty of a provincial government
"to respect the policy of the federal
We Sell Carpets.
We will also  sew them and lay them
for  you. and   if  we  do not  suit  you
We do not want
A Cent.
Hunter Bros.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Groceries, Dry Goods*
We carry the best lines   that money can   buy, and   buying   in large  quantities
save you the extra profit.
Sandon Rossland        Greenwood        Grand Forks.
Ferguson Eagle : You can ride 2,000
miles on the Russian railways for $b.oo.
Vou can ride 120 miles for $b.oo in
British Columbia. Government ownership won't work ?    The hell il won't.
Teacher : Conjugate the  verb to bet
Scholar : Bet    bitten--busted.
Sandon, Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Greenwood
���. CANADA:���
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest. White Metal Camp OH Earth,
Subscription    -   -   -    -    $2.00 a year.
, Strictly in advimcc
WILLIAM MACADAMS, Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, B..C, APRIL 28, 1900.
"Lost! Lost! Abandoned on the raging sea of politics!
Thrown over the dump of oblivion like a crummy shirt!
Overlooked like a white check before the cards are drawn !
Derelict within the swirling, eddying engulfing embrace of
the whirlpool of despair ! Oh, why am I treated thus ?
Why do they forsake me ? Have I not done their dirtiest
work at every turn of the wagon-road of corruption ? Has
my hand been idle or my pen been still? I, who smeared
the honest working-man with the polluted ink of calumy !
That I should be turned out and my pay stopped like a
scab dago ! Can this be? Do I dream ? Can it really be
that I am not the guiding light of the Association party ?
That I have been used ; used as a beast of burden and
abandoned like a.sick horse on a sun-burnt prairie ? Oh,
this is too much ! Where is that nomination ? Where,
oh where are the fond hopes I harbored within my soul ?
Where are the glittering golden guineas that were to be
mine? Vanished, alas, where the woodbine twineth !
Gone glimmering beyond the horizon of hope ; gone to
join the dago and the Finn. Alas, had I but served the
miners half as well as I have served the Association they
would not have thrown me down like this. The wav of
the transgressor is hard, and the path of the paid speiler is
beset with the thorns and devil clubs of jagged-edged disappointment and saw-toothed opprobrium."
John Houston is out as a candidate in the Nelson
riding. That he is running as an independent need hardly
be remarked the editor of the Tribune could not be anv-
thing but independent. He will be opposed to the last
ditch by the Association crowd, the church people and all
who value class privilege above public welfare, but the
people will recognize their own interests and remember
their friends.
It is to such men as Houston that the Kootenav owes
its greatness. With a fearless nature, a combatative disposition and and a tenacity of purpose which could lead
only to success, he has come to the front by sheer force of
character, and the opposition he has encountered has
served to make him stronger in the public  mind.
A hater of shams, a despiser of pretense and a veritable
iconoclast toward the conventionalities of the artificial in
society and the formal in religion, he has made undying
enemies among many whose friendship would encumber
any public man, and has made unswerving friends among
the class of men whose enmity would kill the aspirations of
a shallow seeker for public office.
John Houston is a man for the people, and the worst
imputation against his public character is that he is socialistic and undiplomatic. While his socialistic tendencies
are evidenced by a high regard for the public interests and
his Ii^ck, of diplopiacy is the outcome of impatience with the
methods of-putilic enemies, these imputations against his
public character become recommendations for his public
From that day of ten years ago when John Houston,
���bum print", walked into Nelson, to the day when two
frion*hs hence he  will   ride  out  to Victoria as the people's
ce   Nelson has profited   by Houston  and ||OUsl0J
ited  by   Nelson.    If one  more  than   the  otherfc]
that has e:ijoved the greater gam.    Nelson c
Nelson ,...-.- .. Vllll,
do more for Houston than Houston has done for tyJ
Durino the last twelvemonth Thi: Paystreak,y
done more for the miners of the Slocan than ��iy0y
publication in the province, and it is an acknouloj^^ I
that this paper was to a considerable extent responsible 3
whatever measure of success the miners have grained, d
far we have received little for it but go��d-v, ill that��J
buy pie cards and thanks that are not considered anajj
bv the type foundry.
Miners as a class are thoughtless about such matter*]
and thev are the only people who would allow a paper;.
work for nothing. The best journalist in theworldcoJ
not run a paper to any great extent on wind, and y
editors are so foolish as to uphold the interests of add
who will not reciprocate. There are a few wise heacl
among the mining fraternity who saw these things ai
act accordingly, but the percentage is light.
If two hundred miners will deviate aroundtodJ
office and plank down two plunks each on the editorial tab.
thev will get value received to the extent of fifty-two issntd
of Thk Paystreak. They will also benefit the editor 1
the extent of 82 per, and will benefit themselves as a dad
to ten times that much. The i^ood we can do is limited !>|
the color in the pan, so dig up, boys, on the first payday,
We are not here for our health.
Tin: Mini: Owners   have   found   their   Moses.   Joti
Keen is the man who is to lead them out ot   the .vildernes
of despair and carrv them through to   the promised landd
political power.     The  requisition   is   being   passed around
asking him to become a candidate, and   John  has resigned!
his job as recorder to take up the crusade.     Political meetings of alien   mine   managers   are now in   order   and tat)
the campaign of money is on.     An attempt will be madet
secure a nomination from or an endorsement   bv   the Cot*|
servative association and John Keen will take the stump.
an upholder of  the eight-hour   law  and   an   advocated
government railways, professing lo   stand   squarel) onl��
Xew Westminster platform.     Should he   succeed in hidiijf
his connection with the   Mine   Owners' Association andi
denying his part in   the   authorship  of   the famous Ka��
Hoard of Trade petition he max catch  a few votes from
Thk Canadian Pacific Railwav company is thegreate*
landlord in the world.     It owns a section of the Northwest
and of   British  Columbia,    the   total    extent   of  whi<M
greater than the  entire  cultivated area   of the provincei
Ontario.     Under the terms  of  its charter   it   was  able t<
pick and choose the best.    The total   unsold acerage underj
its control  when  the   present   year   began   wih^"0^'
By the time the government at Ottawa gets aroundW
the anti-Chinese legislation British Columbia will -**
full of Orientals that Canadians will be driven out of then
own country and the usefulness of the lav will hart
passed into ancient historv.
It your vote has been protested send your name to
office accompanied bv a statement authorizing us to adk\|
you and we will represent von   ;*t   rJift-Cnnrt'  of  Revi*f*
Don't delay.    The 7th of'May   is\i  week from Mpnc
Your  franchise is  your best 'asset.    You can't  affor.
On our Xew Show Windows.
V ���
K-tatdished >���
Slocan Mines.
line Stocks bought laiil S��.id General
Aitent fur Slocan Properties Promising
Prospects Fur Sale
t.e. i.wi-:.
'acker & Forwarder
Goods delivered to anj part of the
loi;m. Contracts taken for Rawhid-
Ig, Packing and Freighting. Satis-
|L'iiv>n Guaranteed.
Stables at
Bandon Bottling Co.
: Manufacturer of':���
[Carbonated  Drinks
tit   all   kinds.
',oo\ Avk.
L L. B.
Barrister-. Solicitor--
Notary Public-, Etc.
B. C.
B. C.
Western Federation of Miners.
Meets every Saturday Evening at  8 o'clock
in Miners' Union Hall.
I'res. Gko. smith.
Vi i-res. It P. McLkan.
Fin See. \V. L. H MII.KK.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notary Public.
The Direct Route From
To  All   Points
First ClassSleepers on all Trains from
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat
Daily for St.  Paul.    Sundays and
Wednesdays for TORONTO,
Fridays tor MONTREAL and Huston.   Same cars pass Revelstoke
onedav earlier.
Subscribers, ��1.00 per month
Private Patients *��*um per day, exclusive of expense of physician <>r
surgeon iind drntf-..
Int.   W.   Ei  lrt��MM. Attendant  Physician.
MissS. M. CHIBHrilaM, Matron.
.1.1). M< I.Minii.iN. President.
\V. Ei. HaiU.KH. Secretary.
wm. DiixAiifK, .1. V.Martin, R. .J. McI.v.an.
Axtiis.l. M�� I >--NAi.i*. Mikk. l.iivnv. Directors:
1. O. O. F.
Lv*. SANDON An*.
Meets in Crawford's Hall every Wednesday
Evening.   Visiting Brethern cordially invited
to attend.
(J. M. SPENCER. ('. C.
ST. AMUMKWf* PHK8BYTBKIAS  nil mil : Hev-
J, A. Ferguson, B. A.. Pastor.   Sunday services
at lliOO v. m. and TiltO I*. M.
Mktimiuht ('ill him : Hev. A. M. Sanford.
B. A.. Pastor. Regular services every Sunday
at 11*00 a. m, and 7:80 I'; M.
Meetings every Friday Evening at 7::in in
Giawtord's Hall. Visiting   brethren  are
cordially invited to attend.
REV. A.M SANFORD. Vice-Grand
Secretary. Noble Grand.
A. F. & A. M.
Regular Communication held rlrat Thursdav in each month in Masonic, Hall at 8 l*. M
Sojounning hrethcrn are cordially invited to
Thomas Ukown.
Daily to Points reached via.
Daily except Sunday to Points
reached via Rosebery and Slocan City.
Tickets Issued   Through   and Baggage  Cheeked  to   Destination.
Agent, Sandon.
E. .1. COYLE,
AG. P. AKt.,
Trar. Puss. A-ft.
He sure   that your  ticket  re-ads  via tlu
If vou don't see what you want, ask
for it. That's the reason Socialists are
in politics.
Co-ooerative factories in Great Britain last year made profits aggregating
over $1,000,000 on a capital of a little
over $11,000,000. This is more than
10 per cent, on the investment.
The pessimist would have much less
chance to complain of the increasing
wickedness of the world if men would
pride themselves more In being just
and less on being critical, ll seems so
much easier for many to use slander,
biting sarcasms and severe criticisms
about their fellow men than lo look for
the good in them.
In New Zealanl the labor unions
went inn* politics; they elected their
brightest and most radical members to
office; the result has been wholesome
laws that not only protect labor from
the exactions of grasping capitalists
but they have been enforced to the
letter and spirit, as the heavy lines and
imprisonment of the violating employer**
Sweeden owns and operates _*,2X4
miles of railroad, and made a net profit
in 1898 of $3,888,120, or over 81,740
per mile. Such a profit on our 180,000
miles of railway would amount to
$414,280,000 per year, or enough to
p iv for the roads in less than ten years.
S.veeden gives a pension lo the railway
workers for injury and old age and
also has a fund for widows and children
o' deceased employes.- Appeal to
By a majority of \oo  to 68, it was
re ���omme.nded last Saturday by the
Toronto Typographical Union, that
th.' various central bodies of labor in
Canada take steps to form themselves
into political organizations on independent lines from the old capitalistic political parlies, and wherever, in the
opinion of our central bodies, the) are
in sufficient numbers to warrant placing
candidates in the held to endeavor to
have direct representation in the various
houses of parliament on lines similar to
th* organized winkers of Great Britain,
British Columbia, New Zealand, and
Australia, and that hereafter members
of labor organizations found on the
platform and advocating the interest
of the old political parties be regarded
with suspicion, as decoys of the wage-
earners, and should be regarded as
opponents of the advanced labor movement. That was a day's work for
The social unrest, as evidenced by
the numerous strikes and labor troubles
ill the various parts of the L'nited States
is simply appaling. One day last
week one of the western daily newspapers published in one column news
of labor troubles from fourteen different
localities within its telegraphic range.
The casual reader scarcely knows how
general this unrest among working-
men is until he finds a long list of them
grouped in a newspaper. It is customer)' in daily newspapers to group
dispatches relating to some general
(heme, but with labor troubles il is
different, iu those cases the practise
is to scatter the, dispatches or sandwich
them among the patent medicine ad-
v ortisments so that the ordinary reader
does not notice them. But much as
the truth is hidden the facts remain,
and the   general   unrest  will not down.
Since Governor Stunenberg, of Idaho,
has finished his testimony before the
investigating concerning the bull pen
and the suspension of the writ of
habeas corpus,   the   republican   papers
are trying to show how the whole
responsibility lay on Stunenbergsshoulders he had admitted il and he is a
democrat, hence thai exonerates the
republicans entirely ! And llie democrats come back with the statement
that it was the republican national administration thai seat soldiers, hence it
was their fault ! All this is done to
hide the cnorinonity of the crime com-
mttteed against free American citizens
in Idaho by the party in power. Somebody is responsible for the maltreatment
of those miners, and to attempt to shitt
the responsibility in no way cures the
main fact, which is that the machinery
of government in the stale of Idaho is
rotten from the ground up.
11 ivp
11    I'a.K   Mul,.,
t  Saddle Hor-u
���'���  In  Blelf-liN
<ii>\'t   Staielitrl  W
"Bill" Hunter was up Irom Silverton
on Wednesday boosting for John Keen.
He held a star chamber session with a
number of the mine managers in the
Reco hotel on Wednesday night.
George Kane, the Kaslo man who
wants a nomination on the Martin
ticket, was around town during
the early part of the week looking up
his chances as a candidate.
A wing of the Slocan City labor part)
say that thev are going to run a candidate in the labor interests. He is to
be a man with Martin leanings, hut no
names are mentioned. This would
mean two Martinites in the field.
Slocan City has more politics on hand
than some folks have hay.
On being nominated bv a convention
of the People's Party at Nanaimo to
contest Nanaimo Cit)   constituency at
the coming election, Mr. Ralph Smith
said ol Premier Martin : "Hisprinciples
are first class. If Joe Martin gets into,
power and brings forward the principles
he has laid down I will support him.
But I don't think he will get the power,
and if he gets the power I don't think
he will bring them forward. To sav
that I would not support the principles
would be a misstatement, for if he
brings forward a good principle I will
certainly support it.
The  coal   miners  at   Extension   are
out on strike.
By-Law No. is.
WHEBEAM it ha*been deemed necessary
toameinl tfare "TradeH License  Bylaw No   6.
THEREFORE belt enacted hytlte Mtnii-
tipiil Council of the Corporation of the City of
Sandon, that "Trades License Bylaw No 11,
IK.8." ho unimended by repealing sect ion 11
therein and snbstitnitif* the following thre'or
11. From every uawker or peddler ongai*ed
in hawking or peddling any Huh, game or farm
produce, not of hU own ruing or growing)
twenty dollars for every >iv months.
'ii Prom every hawker or peddler engaged
in hawking or peddling otherwise than men*
tinned in the proceeding snlisection, fifty dob
lars for every >i\ mouths,
b) r'roni any transient trader or other
person who occupies premises in the mnnici.
pallty for temprary periods, nnd who mny
offer goods or merchandise of any description
for sale by auction or nny other manner, conducted by himself or hy 11 licensed auotioi r,
or otherwise, in addition to nny other license
before mentioned, "or .-very *ix months cr
part there   f,
(c)   This bylaw may he cited for all pur.
po.es as-Trades License Amendment Bylaw
No. is. 11)00."
Head for a first time April iJ8rd  A: ll. 1900
Rend forn second time April ifflrdA, H. IHOO
Rend lor a third time April  U'Jrd A. 1). l'.rm
Reconsidered  and finally adoptod   Amil
S5th A. I), num.
FRANK C. SEWELL, City Clerk,
IL ll. PITTS,Mayor.
A New
I taker
Paper Cutter,
1 ,atest
Jo!) Type,
I kindred
Founds of
News Type
I lave
Heen Added
to thi"
()utf it.
1 he purchases were made
from Miller & Richard, the
Leading Type Pounders of
the world, and the people of
the Slocan can now tret -i
brand of Job Printing from
this office that cannot be ex-
celled in the Kootenay.
a, |       ""a.*****
kets. rope,,    etc.;, ������|,    ,,,���,     "" %
For partloular,. write statin,, ���.,,,,���      '
*.GRAHAM, Ann-Hi i ^���v ��� ,'"*''
IMillinery Opening
j We have received .1 l.i,^���,vlj
J   And have opened oui store in iht H
! Crawford Block I
* 1
* 1
J    'The    Ladies of   Sandon j
J are invited to pa) an early!]
2 visit and inspect thestockj
j Even-thing New, Stylishfl
J and Up-to-date, jl
5   . ;
(Misses A. & M. .McKimiorJ
^ a
tl '
006020000 0000000CCC6Ct,ttt
The Dray   ��v   Trmwfer  lliiHin**j
Koruierlv conduct* >1 by (le
McPherson   has been taken
ovi r by
\\ li" will handle nil business
in this line wiili neatness
nnd despatch.
00000000 60006O0O6Ot>t>Ot>m\
"IVarh    beloved brethern,
I 'in |��oinj* lo slop t hi - sermon
ri ^Ih her* ���     How can I preach
when   two*third* ot  ihis
KTegation nre  cou^hin)" theii
heads off '*    I  earnest!)  commend v ou before nexl  Sunuaj
t iMiK-s  |o  go   lo   I )onaldson ���
and provide cotisselves will* ���'
bottle of   Lis   famous  1 m
Cure.     It is s,>!v| in 251 . 5��<
and $1.00 bottles,   and   cure"
like the touch of m \g\c.    ' 'u
congregation is dismissed.
Barber Shop
Bath House,
The Best
In Slocan.
���We have passed the days of eating
ite pencils and pickles to encourage a
['Dining palor.and rules of beauty now
i rules of health.   The most beautiful
nnan of the present time, a picture of
Br feet health, is Miss Enid Wilson, who
is recently married to Lord Chester-
jld.   By common agreement it  has
evil decided that there are only two in
>e long   line  of  celebrated  English
Bauties who can compare with her.
are the late Duchess of Leinster
id the famous Duchess of Devonshire.
"herever Lady Chesterfield goes she
almost mobbed by curious and ad-
liring gazers.
The corner stone of beauty is health;
bid next, intelligence and trained taste,
Ible to distinguish between the forces
jhlch work for good or ill, with a keen
���e to personal defects which must be
Hognized before they are corrected,
'hen we have learned our weakest
pints the battle is half won for it needs
Inly the will and knowledge of ways
nut means to overcome it.
"The women of to-day have much to
*e thankful for iu the fact that the
Itandard of taste is so much higher
jlian it was a generation ago. It is
-encrally acknowledged that the present generation is already reaping the
Benefit of the wide-spread knowledge
)f hygienic laws which has resulted in
Improved diet, better sanitary regulations in <>ur homes, fresh air and
>hysteal exercise. 1'lie increased stature ����( our young girls is one of the
notable improvements in physique
liirli is exciting comment.   In the last
[generation a woman of five  feet  eight
Inches was so conspicuously tall as to
nt tract annoying observation*..   In New
{York   society   now   there  are   fifteen
[young women who are six feet tall and
[several hnds who are over thnt.   Tho
ixiarding schools for boys are taking
notice of this fact and are paying special
[attention  to  exercises   which  develop
height     There was a  time  when  tall
girls   were   considered  less subject to
I colds, headaches and  nervous attacks,
hut thai foolish idea belongs to the past
"The reward of leading a hygienic
life is almost immediate improvement
of bodily and  mental  health and wjth
health comes a clear complexion.  Fresh
air, sensible diet and  pure water are
prime factors in beauty building.  There
is a   woeful   amount   of   misdirected
energy   and   virtue   expended   iu the
cause of so-called plain  living    Plain
living  is   not   scientific   living,    (hie
man's meat is only too often another
man's   poison,   and   occupations   and
habits   must   be   considered   in   diet.
Pleasure is a direct aid and stimulant
to digestion,  hence the importance of
banishing  all   disagreeable   topics  of
conversation from the dining room.
"A woman should study her own
organization, till she has learned what
foods she can best assimilate, and feed
herself into a state of physical beauty.
She can be just as active at 05 as at 25,
if she lives right. She must acquire
the cunning and gentle art of cultivating herself and make it such a habit
that it will bo as natural as breathing.
She makes or mars her complexion by
the food she eats. The best food for a
beautiful complexion is that which is
most readily assimilated. She will
avoid over-feeding and equally   shun
the other extreme of not taking sufficient nourishment.
"As a rule, Americans do not take
enough liquid food. Two quarts daily
are needed. The salad, also, is often
wanting on the American table. A
tomato and lettuce salad with mayonnaise dressing is an agreeable way of
taking calomel and by which you receive all the benefits and none of the
harm of that powerful drug. Spinach
contains salts of potassium, iron and
other things good for the complexion.
Tea and coffee are valuable stimulants
when used in moderation. In summer
the fruit phosphates are full of medicinal
value, especially the wild cherry. Herb
drinks seem to be the fillip that Nature
needs and have no baneful effects.
Most people should use fruit in greater
abundance. The antiseptic properties
of the pineapple are not half appreciated It affects the skin most beneficially
and is said to banish moth patches. A
diet of fresh rare beef and oranges with
coarse grains in small quantity has been
known to work positive transformation
in a very short time. The beauty of a
famous French woman was attributed
to the fact that oranares formed the
principal part of her food and she was
credited with eating three dozen a day.
The orange possesses extraordinary
virtues especially in its action on the
liver and has a most beneficent influence
upon the whole system."
Hedley Sinclair, the engineer on the
tug Ymir, who was badly scalded some
weeks ago, was discharged from the
Nelson hospital this week
A fatal stabbing affray is reported
from Fernie. A white man by the
name of "Scotty'' was cut open by an
Italian. The wounded man lived but
a few days.
Upwards nf 12,000,000 worth of new
mining machinery for Sonth African
gold mines has been conditionally bid
upon by American machinery manufacturers recently
The troubles between tbe mine owners
and  miners  in   Montana has  been de
dared off, n settlement being reached
on the basis of 13.25 for eight hours per
Concentration of low grade cinnabar
ore is not ordinarily deemed effective or
advantageous; reduction of such ore is
not expensive; the cost is in the mining
and no method of handling it could
lessen the latter.
It is reported that a law making it
compulsory to use an electric exploder
for discharging blasts in mines will be
introduced at the next Colorado assembly. Coal Mine Inspector Denman says
it is the only safe method.
Possible and sometimes probable loss
in commercial assays for silver arises
from silver remaining in the slag, absorbed by cupel or votalized in the crucible, scorilier or cupel. Crucible aseays
are usually the least liable to such possibility of loss.
It sometimes occurs with eastern or
foreign promoters that they prefer to
| place mines or prospects from new dis-
I tricts where leas information is obtain*
who discovered gold in New  South!    "Deacon  White,
Wales was rewarded by 100 lashes on I lead?"
the back. Now the government buys
cyanide patents and makes confessions
to gold finders. It also has an executive department of mines and mining.
will   you   please
eyes and
A foot of fuse will burn from thirty to
forty-five seconds.
Peroxide of hydrogen is an antidote
for cyanide poisoning.
The bottom of the shaft of the Kennedy mine, Amador county, Cal., is 700
feet below the leyel of the sea.
Probably as large a pay chute as any
in California is that of the Gwin mine,
Calaveras county���1400 feet in length.
Nitro glycerine freezes at 46 degrees
and giant powder when not actually
frozen, may become chilled, thus needing care and attention.
Native crystals of Michigan copper
show about the same percentage of silver and iron that are found in refined
eleotrolytic copper.
From 20 to 50 per cent, more water
can be evaporated per pound of fuel
with a well-arranged, clean boiler than
with one that is badly scaled.
Salt  Lake  City,   Utah,  miners  are
forming an independent smelter com
pany.   Their project includes works for
the, treatment of zinc ores.
Ordinary yellow bar soap rubbed well
into the threads of a pipe (the grease
being thoroughly removed) will make a
pretroleum-tight joint.
Whenever tar is used for a mine cable
linseed oil should be added to keep the
tar from adhering, both ingredients to
be mixed while warm.
Aluminum and steel are of equal
strength in ratio to their weight. A
small percentage of copper in aluminum
increases its tensile strength in proportion to its weight.
The Empire mine, Grass Valley, Cal.,
has been worked continuously for just
fifty years. It haB produced nearly
$8,000,000 and is now being worked at a
depth of 2500 feet on the incline.
Chrysoprase is a rare variety of chal
cedony, is of value.   It is found in limited quantities in Tulare connty, Cal ,
in Jackson county, Ore., near Rutland,
Vermont, and lower Silesia.
The P. S. land department considers
a placer location covering 160 acres as
one claim on the assumption that eight
locations are united in that amount; on
each $500 of work must be done to secure patent.
The Deacon'ii Dreania
"May you take this lesson home with
you to-night, dear friends," concluded
the preacher at the end of a very long
sermon. "And may its spiritual truths
sink deep into your hearts and lives to
the end that your souls may experience
salvation. We will now bow our heads
in prayer. Deacon White, will you
There was no response.
"Deacon White," this time in a louder
voice.   "Deacon White, will you lead?"
Still no   response    It   was  evident
The Deacon rubbed his
opened them wonderingly.
"Is it my lead?   No���I just dealt.
From   Sporting   Tliuea.
It is reported that Kruger, seeing the
number of men arriving at the Cape,
thought we must be short of men in
England. He accordingly wired to an
avent in London:
" Are there any men left in London?"
Agent: " Millions."
Kruger: "Try Manchester."
Agent: "Shoals of'em."
Kruger: "Hear the Wigan men are
devils to fight.   Try Wigan."
Agent ( who arrives at Wigan when
the men are coming up from the coal
pits ): " Stop the war at once. They
are coming up from hell ��� eight at a
She  Hadn't Dropped Oat.
"Delia !"
"Y'is, ma'am."
"I am very tired, and am going to lie
down for an hour."
"Vis, ma'am."
"If 1 should happen to drop off, call
me at 5 o'clock."
"Yie, ma'am."
So my lady lies down, folde her hands,
closes her eyes and is soon in the land
of dreams. She awakened by the clock
striking 6, and cries indignantly:
"Yis, ma'am."
"Why didn't you call me at 5 o'clock,
as I. told you to do ?"
"Sure, ma'am, Ye told me to call ye
if ye had dropped off, I looked in on ye
at 5, an' ye hadn't dropped off at all !
Y'e were laym' on the bed in the same
place, sound asleep !"���Ex.
New Invention*.
able, that their claims or assertions may . that the Deacon was slumbering. The
not he too closely questioned or success- [ preacher made a third appeal and raised
fullv contradicted. [his voice to a pitch that succeeded in
Time was In Australia when a convict: waking the drowsy man.
Freeman Payzant, Lockeport, N. S.,
solderless can; Samuel W. Butterfield,
Three Rivers, P. Q., slab-barking machine; Edwin C. Johnson, Shutesbury,
Mass., self-measuring faucet; J. Currie,
Montreal, P. Q., car fender; Cyrus S.
Dean, Fort Erie, Ont, cleaner or scraper
for boiler tubes or flues; C. S. Dean,
Fort Erie, Ont., combined fire stop and
scraper for boiler flues; Robt. P. Woodil,
Winnipeg. Man , machinery for manufacturing boll bottles; Jos. G. Dallaire,
St. Laurent, P Q., telephone transmitters; Candide Kingsley, Montreal,
P.Q., ratchet wrench; Jas. McCulloch,
Pertreath.Eng., improvements in steam
actuated valves for pumps; Joseph G.
Dallaire, St. Laurent, P.Q., corset clasp;
Amedee Proulx, St. Aime, P.Q., barrel
support; H. J. A. & N. A. Girour,
Charlesburg, P.Q., acetylene gas generator; Amedee Tetrault, Montreal, P.Q.,
athletic shoe; Jean L. Guay, Plessis-
ville, P. Q., acetylene gas generator;
Edwin E. Bell, Orangeville, Ont., game
apparatus.       _____
General Sir Redvers Buller, when a
youth, had his choice among all professions. His relatives pressed him to
take up politics, as he had a private
fortune "Fd rather be a private in
the least of the Queen's regiments than
England's Prime Minister," was his
Paris has 1,000 professional fortune
tellers. THE PAYSTREAK, S.\MX>N, B   <     U��RIL -���
Joe Martin
Th* H-JO-jr^bi-* }o��tpti Martin, premier of British C*jfe***ibia. will addre*-.s>
true elector**, of th* district in Spencer's
Hal th��  nenirur     John Buckle-,  mrill
-��-��������_.   ��� - . aajrman and   ��  li introduce
the speaker      K ^ht th'rrn   -��h.tr**   -
Safe ia the WiWeniew
On Board ** S. M ntc \rrxrm Like**.,
S*��oda* arternoott.
Eorroe   Pw-TKEAk.     lieu**   let rhe
knom   that we got c*ver rhe Arrr***r
��� _��� v  - ��� i are s  irring oui in
****o**-J - ror the   rest  rat   otir r-'-
rh* Kettle rivtr v.i��untr*..
We wish aK.�� to ,-�����*���*������-- ' ��� ~- -
o-ar thank-, for their krndrK.-��^- ro them
atari to ��*KT that we mill rk<* forcer
P |
J        K ���   ���
-    ���
J    K    C^rnenw     who   h  -   been   in
���      _
���-��. - nexl
He haa i
tdy   but   intends lo
exl   IW*   Week'
-jrnmer   have the
��� --   j   in   *i>wn.
** I    J ���:;
-- -     ���
���i in   the
_   Lted i- evidenc-
'- ������   -K-      -������   :���  baa   .'.
.. -   ,-..- he
CVrtiri��-at-* ��.f Impm* **m����iir��.
DAT1 I-..'IT *Wr\KR-.��� i I. MM
k* ���'[ i,   ; -.-    ���        . _-_       '"���������'   o*n
".������-���- LB-Jl In   V'-"-
M -    * :������    ������
9 I     u
���     ���
.   ������ .       .. ....
���       ��� -
���^-, -r " -    ��� -
��� ��� ���
..... y    . ,,
Raw t> ���
o*. Tail a b Macadoiac
Si ��up Sticks)
S irdines au Canape
J S(|mon    Steak.    Mitre    J'H   let
**...      v jreJ   Him. Chump-.ignt ��
Oyster P  ������'   -    M        -.'id
* I hi k. Morenfj
. M ��J<.. Mushroomi
** gm\ **���-: v.ike
Lohatcr en Mayo   use
Voaaf* Torhey, Cran hern. JelK
I^'in ot !*' rk   >u  \.ir..-
FVirtK* Bex**' iu Ju-
Mashed Potatoea     Creamed 0 r
Green .Apple Pie Bluehcrn Pie
"���.-- rted Cake
Tct Cofcc Milk
W\  .   Br, .'.'_.. rs      Older
a !
Phis Space i
J. R. Cameron
The Denver.
Cody Ave. 5andon
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Reasonable Rates
A Ouiet. Orderly. Homelike Hotel
ed  Two Doors Bet*****.
*D ������'���    Forgel   Tl r
IES WILLI IMSON   - Pjowietor.
Pure Teas    Pure COffec
BELIEVING ' .it th- i*     ���   ' Sftadflj���aa Haewher
rood,clean, wl     ���       TFA     tcdkttt,>VQ^*>al,Ki.n
^iredth   H^ncv  tr t 'SaAL.ADA    TEA
which hav��- \*+n KM to   ftm,
no mwtakf abcNd th*- trm rain* << thi**   TC \    nvi
tommemi it a* a deUgbttBl bei rage
Our celebrated Blend of Mocha and Jara Coffee
has no Equal in Sandon and all tho��p trho hare
used  it cannot sau. too much in its prais**
H. 3YERS & Co.
We Carr\ a Well=5elected Stock of
Shelf Hardware.
Stein Bros.
Grocers and Bakers,
The Best butter. Ejgs and (ireer*
Best Brands of Indian and
Ceylon Tea, Mocha and Java
Hotels and Mine Camps Supplied
Expeditiously and satisfactorily.
Roe* Hut the hii-he-t dass ^hh!-.
handled. MooeT refunJed if*f>*oods .ire
not *atisferctorT.
Reco Avenue - - Sandon B. C.
Follioit Sc McMilian.
Coniractors and Builders.
*r Dealers in Dressed and Rough Lumber.
* 000606666666
A,    Sash.   Doors.   Blinds, etc.. Blade to Order jt Lowest Fo-aslble P^ces.
��� in*  and Dimension Timber always ia Stock.       Flan��.  Estin-a*'s an*-
^.-    Specifications furnished for alt Classes of  Building.
' '%%-' ��� 'm%~- -~*fc-���
���     *     ��       ��     . .
��� *   ���        *      ��    *
Our Stock will arrive During the Earl>
Part of Next Week, l-.uor us with an
Order and we  will guarantee   Absolute
V\ .   J. ARMSTRONG   cV O


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