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The Paystreak Apr 24, 1900

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SANDON, APRIL 24, 1900.
McLaughlin   returned   from
>od this week.
Hand returned from his eastern
uinday last.
McDonald     returned     from
on Wednesday.
j Macdonald has  made   an addi-
ibis Cody Ave. residence.
V. Moore, ore buyer for the Trail
|, was in town Wednesday,
[. Brandon   was up from Silver-
ibe early part ol" the week.
\. Y. Caldwell, the Raslo mining
and Miss Alice Sweet were
in Kaslo oil Monday last.
band   dance in  Virginia   ball on
n   evening   was a  financial   and
VI. Bongard of Kettle   Palls   and
Ivee ie of Kaslo,   were arrivals by
& S. yesterday.
number of idle ni.-n in town has
Icatly diminished by the employ-
lot the Star force.
Diain   J. Twiss,  the   Kaslo   insur-
Bustler was in town this week and
business good.
|os Brown \isitcd Nelson this week
the flower gardens and beautiful
of the lakeside city.
J. Donaldson has moved into
Is above the drug store, having
Ibis residence lo Thos. Sharpe.
ie    snow   is   rapidly   disappearing
the hills  and the season  when the
lector seeks a grubstake  has ar-
(bre will be a fifteen round boxing
���it in the Central Music Hall this
ng, J.   II.   Leedham   vs.  J.   II.
le city has a gang of men at work
ling up Reco avenue and otherwise
lifying the appearance of our pub-
lie fire brigade has had several
pise runs during the week. San-
Is going lo put a fast team onto the
this year.
It'il O'Donnell purchased a fine team
fcavy draught horses in Kaslo this
Ik, which be has added to his ore-
ping outfit.
J. Macdonald, secretary of the
Elcwater Miners' 'nion is in Dr.
Kin's hospital in Kaslo, seriously ill
pi pneumonia.
liss   Marcutt,  the W. C. T. C. Weir gave entertain 111  nts in   Spencer's
this  week.     Her    ctureS were not
' well patronized.
he   Kaslo  city council has granted
p toward tbe   24th of May   celebra-
Kaslo   will  have the best   recre-
)n grounds in the country.
Im Williamson has moved his tobacco
re Into the new stand and now has
of the neatest and prettiest estab-
luients of the kind in B. C.
'���  0.   Matheson of Silverton   and
pis.   Nelson of New   Denver  visited
Won  on  Wednesday to meet  com-
fcvial men in the drug line.
The new hose was tested by the lire
department on Wednesday. It stood
tbe test of 150 pounds pressure, but
several old lengths bad to be discarded.
Jimmy Dimmick spent the winter in
Washington and Oregon and has again
returned lo Sandon. He will spend
tbe summer in developing his properties
in tbe Lardeau.
The receipts of freight over the
C. P. R. and the K. & S. is increasing
in volume which may be taken to mean
that the local merchants expect to have
a good summer.
W. E. Prager of the Bank of B. C.
is taking a two weeks holiday in the
Okanagan. He is going to make a
trip from Kamloops through the Fire
Valley to the Columbia on horseback.
The lire brigade had a run on Wednesday in answer to an alarm of fire
sent in from Chas. McLaughlin's residence. The lire was gotten under
control before the brigade arrived and
their services were unnecessary.
Manv of the boys who left the Slocan
during tbe troublous times of the past
summer and winter are drifting back to
their old haunts and faces that have
long been absent from our streets are
no longer strangers in other lands.
The PaYSTRKAK has added a new
23-inch West man & Baker paper cutter
to its plant, and has made other improvements that place the printing
palace in the front rank as a producer
of high grade printing.
A complete list of voters for the Slocan
riding can be consulted at this office.
Parties who have any apprehensions
about their names being left out are
invited ta drop in and satify themselves
by referring to the list.
Arthur Pinder who left Kaslo recently
to join the Strthcona Horse, has come
in for a fortune of $500,000. Mr. Pinder on hearing of his good fortune succeeded in getting leave and sailed for
Arthur Cnuley was in town yesterday
and made the discovery that he was
supposed to be dead -or at least that is
the way bis objection read. He intends
to be at the court of revision if be has
to go there on a shutter.
Joseph Martin is dated to visit Sandon on the 2<Sth, a week from to-day.
He will recrive the same respectful and
interested hearing that has been accorded every other politician who has
ever visited this city, and his words will
be well weighed by his bearers.
Y. C. Sewell, J. P., has prepared a
form of affidavit for voters who have
been protested against. It costs a
dollar and fifty cents by the Sewell
route, but it is guaranteed to give
instant relief from meddling objections
on May 7th.
Negotiations have not been quite
completed for llie site for the big Ivanhoe concentrator which is to be built
this summer. Next week we hope to
be able to give a complete description
of the new mill. It will be the finest
in B. C.
A letter has been received by the secretary of the Sandon football club, from
the* Silverton footballers, making arrangements  for a meeting ofrepresen-J
tatives of the different teams in Sandon
on Tuesday evening next, April 24th.
Sandon, Silverton, Kaslo and possibly
Slocan City will be represented and tbe
new league should start off with every
show of success.
Black Jack, which has not afforded
tbe dealers and boosters a good living
all winter, is beginning to show signs
of renewed activity, and the poetic
phrases of the national game���"bit tbe
kitty," "I'm fat" and "that's the baby"
are again heard in the land.
It is two weeks from Monday until
the 7th of May, the last day on which a
vote can be recorded. Any who care
for tbe privilege of exercising (be franchise and are not already on the list
should take steps immediately to have
their names incorporated in tbe litst of
Sports in the lower end of the town
are beginning to fly high, wide and
handsome, and social events, under the
auspices of the Coontown 400 are not
overlooked in the round of buterfly life
in the metropolis of the Silvery Slocan -
at least that is what we have heard
some folks say.
The Kootenaian says: -ll is evident
that the mining season is opening,
and it is starting well. The officials in
tbe recording office are kept busy.
Yesterday one man recorded 13 assessments and other parties got certificates
for seven. There were several bills of
sale recorded and three claims located.
The Louise Brehaney companv,
which entertained a large audience of
Sandonites last Friday, is singing to
crowded houses all over Southern
British Columbia. There is no place
in tbe world where people are more
willing to pay to hear something really
meritorious or are more appreciative
than in the Kootenay country of B. C.
From an objection received by Wm.
Parhain it is evident that Mr. Cliffe is
under the impression that the aforesaid
"William" is no longer a resident of
Sandon. There is nothing in the
objection which suggests that the
author's views were inspired by a careful
scrutiny of the figures on his own cash
" Sailor Jack," who has made bis
headquarters in Kaslo for several years
past, has moved bis august personage
to Sandon and hopes to become a permanent  resident.    Some   of his  most
The Last Chance sent down 40 tons
over Ihe K. & S. this week.
The Queen Bess shipped 112 tons
during the first two weeks of April.
Tbe Whitewater shipped 66 tons of
concentrates during the week ending
April iqth.
The Payne shipped 80 tons over the
C. P. R. this week and iqb last week,
making 367 tons for tbe month.
Development work on the Victor
claim, near Tattrie's milk ranch, has
shown up a six-inch streak of clean
high grade galena.
Some changes are being found necessary in tbe Ruth concentrator. The
round tables are being taken out and
Wolfleys substituted as they save a
greater percentage of the values.
Charles Davis Mackenzie, of Kaslo,
has been appointed the attorney for tbe
Hasting (British Columbia) Exploration
Syndicate, Limited, in place of the late
Maurice A. Bucke.
Jos. Slockham finished his 200 foot
contract on the Miller Creek yesterday.
The drift was run up to prospect the
ledge under the creek. A crosscut will
be started in a few days.
The mining outlook is hrightening
all around Kaslo. English capitalists
are becoming increasingly interested
here about. Ernest Mansfield, whose
South Fork deals have won him notoriety, is returning from London to put
another transaction through, while J.
C. Blythe, who represents English
capitalists, cabled from Liverpool today
that everything is most satisfactory regarding the proposed smelter.
is the   last  day on
citizen   can   get
which a
on   the
voters' list.
Work on the Fontenoy mine, in
Camp McKinney, will shortly be resumed on a large scale.
In the Lardeau country a very important strike has been made on the
Highland Mary which adjoins the
Brunswick claim, the latter being the
property of the Lardeau-Goldsmitb
There are up   Canyon   creek, in   the
Lardeau some 14 or 15 claims that give
ardent admirers staked him to a suit of I the biggest assay,   probably,   of any in
haircut   and   bad   his
clothes and a
whiskers cut a la Sbakespear. He is
now sparring for a position on the hose
reel team as he has done more reeling
than any other man in tbe camp. Jack
has been working for one firm for forty
years���H. Wralker & Sons.
Kaslo's celebration is going to be
one of the biggest things of llie kind
ever held in the Kootenay. Nelson,
Rossland, Trail, Sandon and possibly
Revelstoke will be represented in the
hose reel race, and it will be a hoi competition. The Sandon team is commencing practice early this year and
nothing in Kootenay can touch our
boys when they are in trim.
Tbe Slocan Star will commence shipping ore next week. The mill is running to its full capacity and the output
will be heavv.
the country.    Repeated tests  give over
?,ooo ounces in silver to the ton.
The Columbia Review is to hand
again. The townsite people have
dropped their case against editor Nesbit
and have employed him to run his own
paper as llie sheriff would run it.
The E. R. Atherton Co. contemplates
extensive improvements to their place
of business. A set of large plate glass
windows will be put in right across the
front of the store and a heavy recess
door added. Tbe roof of the shoe department is to be raised so as to make
it two stories high, wich will give an
additional floor space of 14x50. Folliott
&. McMillan have the contract and will
commence the work on Monday
.'���-*is ORDERED   TO   THE  FRONT.
For England !   Once again out rings our
battle cry of old,
No lust of conquest taints its note, no
huckster's greed of gold.
It springs from free men's souls afire,
from gallant hearts a-heat,
That wave of cheers that breaks to song
adown the stirring street,
Out-ringing, irresistible, up-thrilling to
her Throne,
The voice of England for the Right and
mindful of her own,
From capital to coast it finds its echo near
and far,
To light the land and warn the world
that what we were, we are !
It was no host of holiday;  no passing
show, I ween,
That chivalry that two years gone with
love engirl our Queen.
See them to-day���no gold, no gaud���in
fighting khaki clad,
Commander, captain, subaltern and simple soldier lad,
Gone forth with "Duty" on each lip and
"Duty" at each heart,
As went their Fathers, and we know���to
bear their Fathers' part!
These are the Builders that have set our
house upon the rock,
And hold it against foes who fight���and
foes who dare but mock.
How ran   their  scoff?���"Fine   soldiers,
these !���a pampered nation's toys,
A motley rabble hired with gold���half-
blackguards and half-boys."
Back from the battle-field to-day there
comes the proud reply,
"We may be boys, we're not too young
to show men how to die !
They've   told   us   we're   for   ornament,
they'll find that we're for use,
To fire as straight as does the foe���though
not on flags of truce.
Blackguards   we   are   not���witness bear
both countryside and town,
Ask heathered hill and turfy bog and
English dale and down,
Ask hearths that miss and long for us;
the homes where we were born,
The mothers proud of us that pray   'God
bless them' night and morn."
"God bless them one and all!"  say we,
"our Tommies and our Tars,'"'
Whose four point seven marks the track
of England's shooting stars.
Indomitable English hearts! as cool as on
That face disaster's brief defeat undaunted, undismayed.
Disaster dear to those who seek to find
Achilles' heel!
Who glory in the hoped-for harm they
lack the pluck to deal.
Laugh,  little folk!  for joy to think that
England's sun has set,
But Fame laughs louder than ye all���and
Freedom louder yet.
Take back your spite-engendered sneer,
your conscript-nurtured scorn,
Hark !   to the cry that comes from   East
out-heralding the Morn,
And Westward of the sunset���from the
Race ye so revile,
From continent to continent it sounds���
from isle to isle !
From hy the broad St. Lawrence���from
beneath the Southern Cross,
"We���we are England's!    Count with us
before you count her loss!"
Longer than ocean's leagues it comes and
louder than its foam,
"The  Motherland   is   calling   us���we're
wanted, boys, at Home !
To light the Empire's battles and to wear
the English rose,"
And   clarion-like   and    clearer   still   it
gathers and it grows!
"Take us!"   their manhood cries as one,
"we heed not limb nor life!"
THE PAYSTKKAK, SANDON, aC^APKIL 21,   1?��k> ^ _
is now a thing of the past. A few after
surges, taking the possible shape of a
few hitches in the details of the settlement will possibly mark the passing
away of the recent disagreement.
The Record finds that whatever decrease the shipments may show on account of the stoppage of the supply from
the War Eagle and Centre Star is likely
to be made up from the other mines
which will come forward into the ranks
of the regular shippere. The .losio has
an electric hoist with a capacity of 800
tons in ten hours at the present depth
of the shaft, and a counter-part of this
machine is being installed in the No. 1.
The levels in both these mines are being
extended and they will become shippers
as soon as tramways have been built to
the railroad and ore bins put in. These
improvements have been delayed hy the
snow. The Nickel Plate will he ready
to ship ore about the same time, for its
80 horse-power dimple, drum hoist, with
two cages,will he in operation in about
10days and can hoist '2M tons   in about
It)  hoius   fr i depth   of   800   feet
Levels have been mil as far down as
200 feet and \\ ill bo run every 100 feet
as soon as the 100 foot level is reached.
Rule���rule Britannia!   since your rule
makes ever for the Right,
Ring the round world,  and  with  the
world roll onward into light.
True country and tried   colonies,   God
keep you safe, serene,
With one voice 'neath the Union Jack to
sing 'God Save the Queen !'
���London Daily Telegraph.
The Grub-Stake.
���'Theeastern man," said J.C.Crawford
a Colorado mining expert,"has an indistinct definition of the word 'grubstake,'
because it is English after a fashion. A
case of an enormously wealthy senator,
now occupying public attention, calls it
to mind.
"Much of his wealth is s<dd to be the
result of shrewd and judicious grub-staking of prospectors, by which he received
anintorest,usually one-half, iu whatever
mines were found by the prospector to
whom he had furnished the supplies
with to prospect.
"A miner will go prospecting on foot
or with a burro with several months'
supplies of bacon, flour, etc., and a frying pan. He may in fact he grub-staked
several times by the same partner.
Then ho will get .mother and another.
maybe years elapse before he 'Strikes it
rich,'perhaps never. But he searches
on over the trackless desert and through
the mountain fastnesses with that sus
taining confidence and hope of some
day finding pay colors that is so characteristic of him.
Thus a partnership is formed in which
one party furnishes the money and the
other the legs, eyes and time in hunting
out paying claims. Hundreds of men
in my state owe all their wealth to this
source. The late Senator George Hearst
was always ready to grub-stake a good
man. The moneyed partner also fur
nishes the capital with Which to operate
the mine. The richest man in my town
is a grocer who grub-staked a prospector
whose good luck it was to find one of the
most famous of the Cripple Creek gold
"The story of the finding of this mine
is as remarkable as it is true. Many of
the great Minds' of Colorado have been
by accident. In this case two mining
partners were off prospecting, leaving
the third sick in camp. He went down
to a spring in the ravine and when returning slipped and fell. He caught a
small mountain bush as he went down,
and as he got up his eyes were attracted
by the falling stones and gravel. The
little piece of quartz he picked up led to
that spot becoming a mining camp
when the Mind'leaked out My neighbor the grocer, who had grubstaked
the trio, was made affluent by his one-
quarter interest, secured by a few hundred dollars' worth of supplies from hia
store "
"Take them !   they're yours !  we grudge
them not!" civ mother, sister, wife,
"Ten thousand men to fight for vou  ol
British blood and breed,
Ay, twice ten times ten thousand shall be
with you if you need.
We are as staunch as brave  Natal that
bears the battle's brunt.
In gear and gold and side by  side  fights
with you at the front!"
What rule the world has ever seen, what
yoke of blood aud iron
Has e'er compelled such  service  as our
England doth environ?
.J. C. Drewry has bonded for the Can-
ad.an Gold Fields syndicate, the Sunset
mine, near Whitewater, for.880,000. He
has gone to Montreal and on In* return
will etart development
As to the mining situation the Uoss-
laud Miner savs: A force.,f men Were
set to work yesterday upon the Le Koi
mine, and a start has thus been made.
The management state that this will
be done upon the War Eagle and Centre
Star early in the week. The certainty
is therefore that the trouble in the camp
The North Star is now shipping 100
tons of ore daily.
There are several claims on Wild
Horse creek which will be developed
this summer.
1 he offices of mining recorder and
gold commissioner will be removed, from
Midwjiy to Greenwood
The mystery surrounding the disappearance of VV W Barker has not yet
been cleared up. and there is a strong
Probability that it never will.
Reports from tin'Sullivan are to the
effect that the property is improving
every day.    Large bodies <��f ore are be
ing blocked Out,   Shipments will cum
inence in a short time
Considerable ore will lie shipped from
the Swansea mine near Windermere
this summer. It is said that 2,000 or
8,o*X)sacks Wert* made ready during the
winter and hauled to llie landing,
Arlington mines stoek has reached Jo
Since Jan. 1st (',40 tons of ore have
been shipped Irom Sioean City.
The Camp Mansfield properties are
still paying*?:!.-)) for sight hour shifts.
It is said that the Chapleau will erect
a cyanide mill Seventeen men are
working on the property.
A fourth tunnel has been started at
the Heewtt. It will tap the ore a little
over Phi f,.,.t from the surface,
An option has been given on the Tail
Holt and Alberta, two Lemon creek
claims, and it js |j|<(.|y t\lfiy w--| ,)v
Hunted in Kngland
Win McMasters will have charge of
the work to he put on the Frisco group
under the new company, which takes
charge on May 1st.
Kighry tons of ore are being run daily
throdgh the Wakefield concentrator,
making 10 tons of concentrates. The
mill can handle lot) tons a day.
Messrs. Young and Murchison are
still at Work en thot Goat Mountain
property.   They have, a good showing
of ore and are highly encouraged.
A crown grant has been issued, after
years of legal fighting, on the L<L|
Tender claim, adjoining the Noble Five
and Madison, and work will be nforUA
on the property soon.
It will be impossible to ship any ore
from the Knterprise for 1'Mlays orniore
A land slide carried away about i(|(,
feet of the roadbed, and the same will
have to he cribbed up before any hauling can be done.
The second  payment  on the Silver
i Tip bond  was made  last  week to |)
j Hess and Chas Miller by s. Reh wander
acting for the   Morris Syndicate    The
I final payment on the $l">,ooo bond will
he made October 1st.
Cigar Miikirt on Strike.
Two hundred cigar makers went on
strike at Montreal last week. They
were employed by two linns. .1. Hired-.
Sons & Co, and I. O. Grothe \- Co,
Phe i-stie is purely one of the recognition of the International Cigar Makers'
Union The strike will probably
spread, for the Canadian Manufacturers'
Association are to bond the firms which
have refused to recognize the union
and has promised to supply men to
replace the Striking operators
A Pj-rtthta Smeltor.
l'.u KaStem Canadian milling invest-
��� is. Andrew Laidlaw. of Spokane, lias
l> Milled the Moren claim, in the smith-
ern extension of the RtH'klinril mine, in
Dead wood Camp, for $:I>.<hm. Mr
Laidlaw has been Upending the past
two we.-ks at Greenwood with a view
to securing a site for a pyrithic smelter
He has a deal on u> purchase the R< nnd-
ary Pnlln power, three mile- south nt
Hull  Mlut-o lit  IC��-Mi	
Word comes from London that at a
meeting of the shareholders ul llie II ill
Mines it was decided to reorganize the
company on the basis of a fros.h a-st-.-.-
moi t of five shillings per share, ll is
permissable to infer that the work ol
reorganization w-j|| proceed at oiice.:inil
that soon the enterprises of the company, so valuable to Nelson, will once
more be in full operation. Wli.it
changes will be involved in tho Nelsort
staff must of course he mere matter ef
KmiH-Irt   A.   ��'o.��k   D'-iicl.
Francis A Cook died at his residence,
New Denver, Wednesday morning at
10 o'clock, after t* brief illness. He
was taken sick with la grippe less than
a week ago, and as he was a man 18
years of age he was not physicall,\ able
to stand the severity of it. Deceased
leaves a widow and two sons, residents
of New Denver, who have the deep
sympathy of tin; community in their
From microscopic observations it has
b-ien computed that the skin is perforated with a thousand hoh's in a square
inch. If the whole surface of the.
human body he estimated at sixteen
square feet, it must contain no fewer
than ��,801,000 pores.
Slocan citizens will give a grand concert on the 27th in aid of the Canadian
Patriotic fund. THK PAYSTREAK, sandon, ll. c, APR
IL 21.
And   a
Little   Child   Shall
Two painted woman came slowly
iwalking down the street on Christinas
[jay. The bleached hair and conspicuous clothing made the passers-by look
(askance at thcin. They appeared indif-
rciit 10 I be stares of both men and
women. They were interested only in
ihe children. When a child passed
-hey looked at it eagerly and evidently
discussed something in connection with
il, and then, shaking their heads passed
,>n.    They came to n  little newftgirl
standing  before a shop window.    She
was ragged, not ver\   clean, and under
her arm was a bundle of papers.     Her
eves ran   from one   object to another in
ihe   window   with   oo look of envy   in
ibcin, onl)   admiration.     The  things
tli.it other children had  were so beyond
her reach that a desire to possess them
would   be   absurd   to   her.       The   two
women saw her, and the same thought
seemed to come to each of them.    Thev
11 Hiked ns though   thev had   found that
tor   which   they   h id    been   searching.
The older woman turned  and lifted her
evebrows as much as to say, "Shall I?"
and the   younger   woman   nodded   her
h..ul.    Walking   to the little girl   the
woman  took  out a fl.ixen-haired doll
from  under her cape, and  thrusting it
i no  the  chilJ's   hands,   said,   "Here
mayor forwarded the case to the chief
of police; and the chief of police detailed
an officer to make enquiries. Of course
the boys parents were most iudignaut,
declared that the boy had no need of
the money, and ventured their indignation on their son in the usual manner.
The officer reported lo the chief. The
chief forwarded the report, with the
original correspondence, to the mayor.
His secretary sent it to the Lieutenant-
Governor, and I suppose it went back
linalU to Lord Salisbury or his secretary. Anyway that boy got nothing
out of it except a spanking. It's true.
I saw the correspondence the wh
heap of it    in the Mayor's office.
Mustn't qet 'em Mixed.
" I notice that Household Economic
Association in the east offers to check
and care for babies for 25 cents a day."
"Well, I hope they'll be mighty
careful that the little tootsie-wootsies
don't eat their tags."
little girl.     A merry Christmas to vou."
Looking shamefacedly around to see if
p iwdei
were   observed, and   with
showed   through   the   rCM
women hurried
icet. I'lie scene seill more
isser-b, on his wav thinkin
tuge   and
down the
than one
mmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmJ< and the
child stood looking after them with an
expression on her face which seemed to
in tile   words   of the   worldly   little
, " The bad 'uns are the good
news boy
'uns, aint
The Enjoyable Feature.
" Do you enjoy sleighriding, Miss
" Ever so much. Its such rare fun
snipping at the farmhouses once in
awhile to get thawed out."
In Chicago.
"Dear  me,   I'm   getting   quite   100
good nalured."
"What have you done now?"
"Loaned   George   enough money to
pay me mv alimony   for the past   three
A Canadian Bot)*8 Trick
Well, he said, you have all read
such stories as that about the little boy
who wrote to the German Kmpcrorasking him for old postage stamps for his
collection, and who received in answer
i large e.ivelope full of rare stamps,
says a writer in the New York Advertiser. "The)' arc all \er\ sweet stories
and they m.i\ be quite true, I don't
know about that. But I know a true
story about a boy in Canada who tried
thai game, and he'll never try it again.
His parents were not poor, but he used
to make pocket mone* by taking a
'round'of newspapers, you know. He
fell ill and got in debt to his newsdealer
some wav. I don't remember except
ih.it he wrote to Lord Salisbury asking
lor live dollars, and enclosed a hill for
ihe newspapers. He bad been reading
those stories about the German Emperor, I suppose. He should have had
lbe money by return mail according to
precedent, hut it didn't work out that
waj quite. Lord Salisbury's secretary prepared to investigate. He copied
fiit the boys letter and the newspaper
bill carfully on the official government
foolscap, lied the two together with
official red tape they don't use fasteners, you know and forwarded them
to the Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, who
was visiting at the time with his
wife's relatives in New Kngland, requesting that the documents be forwarded to the proper authorities for a
report. Chamberlain's secretary sent
all the correspondence to the Lieutenant-
Governor of Ontario with a similar
request. The secretary of the Lieu-1
tenant-Governor added bis good word
and passed it along to the mayor of the
'own   in   which   llie    bov   lived.      The
The Mature of It.
"Thev say thai mule meat gave the
hungry people of Kimberly much better
satisfaction than horse meat."
"That isn't strange. Mule meat
would naturally make them kick at
other food.
An Intelligent Brute.
"I've taught that bulldog of mine to
put on his his own muzzle."
"Then 1 suppose you taught him to
take it off again?"        .
" No, he taught himself that.
" A German professor says a man can
be weaned from the tobacco habit by
feeding him sausages."
"Wieners, I suppose."
A Sympathetic Comment.
'"Emperor William wants his salary
raised to $10,000,000."
"tan you   blame him, with buller at
.1 .     *j *��
2o cents.J
"It makes a great difference how a
thing's done," said Broncho Hob as he
thoughtfully laid his seven shooter
"What makes a difference?"
"How you do your killin'. If you
serve warnin on your enemies one at a
time, then shoot 'em at the rate of one
bullet per, you'll get lynched sure.
But if you. git yer enemies in a bunch
on a battlefield and throw the ammunition into 'em by the peck out of a
machine gun that works like a corn
shelter you're the real thing, an the
fust thing vou know vou'11 be wearin
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Rossland        Greenwood        Grand Forks.
Sandon, Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Greenwood
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White Metal Camp on Earth,
Subscription    -    -    -    -    $2.00 a year.
Strlotly in ndvaiioe.
William MacAdams, Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, B.C., APRIL 21,  1900.
If there is one thing more than another in this campaign that is worthy of admiration it is tho smooth and
acrobatic adaptability of the Conservative party. A dozen
or more different Conservative candidates are out in different constituencies, and each one has a platform of his own.
Not one of the bunch has made any attempt to father the
New Westminster convention platform and nearly all have
expressly stipulated their antipathy to the avowed policy ot
their party. For instance, the machine Conservatives
of Kootenav held a meeting in Nelson at which they
orated and connived behind closed doors and finally gave
out for publication a set of resolutions which, if they had
a meaning at all, repudiated every plank of the New Westminster structure. Then the Victoria Conservatives
declared for party lines and at the same time repudiated
the party's platform regarding the eight-hour law and the
policy of nationalizing railways. Next the Mine Owners'
Association and the "whice-snirted hoboes" of Rossland
nominated Mackintosh, who is an avowed opponent of the
eight-hour law and of everything else contained in the
Conservative platform ; and to guard against any possibility of mistake Mackintosh gave a letter to the public on
the eve of his nomination in which he placed himself on
record in the matter. And now the Mine Owners' Association in the Slocan wants to nominate a man to oppose
R. F. Green. Green is a life-long Conservative and, altho
independent in his views, endorses all that is good in the
Conservative platform, and, what is more, can carry" the
constituency hands down. Hut that is just what the
Association and the machine Conservatives fear, and now
they are prospecting for a man who will accept a nomination as a Conservative candidate and at the same time
repudiate every plank of the Conservative  platform.
The best advice that we have been able to obtain in
the matter of the protested votes is that the burden of proof
in the matter is entirely on the person objecting. The
party making the objection will be required to state his
reasons for objecting and to prove beyond a doubt that his
objection is founded in fact. Non-residence in the district
does not disqualify an elector so long as he is within the
boundaries of the province, altho no elector should have
his name on more than one list.
It will not be necessary for each voter protested against
to be present at the court of revision in Kaslo on Mav 7th.
A written statement authorizing some friend who will be
present to act as agent, and setting forth that the writer is
not disqualified under the objection taken against him,
and is otherwise entitled to the franchise, will be sufficient
to guard against being struck off. Any who care to place
the matter in the hands of the editor of this paper mav do
so with a confidence that their cases will be properlv represented, irrespective of political persuasion.
An affidavit, setting forth the circumstances, sent
direct to the collector would also insure fair treatment.
Don. C. Kurtz, collector of votes, is an honest, conscientious and obliging official and those who will go to the
trouble of taking either of these measures will find no
difficulty in having their names retained on the list.
The editor of the Mining  Review  is  goin..  to eon
siderable pains to assure the people  that   his only object
protesting several hundred votes was to purify the li
If by purifying the list he means disfranchising alUIIC
are known to be opposed to the wage-cutting, dago-lovim,
dollar-worshipping brand o\ politics which he agitates, |,js
explanation is certainly in order and acceptable without
comment. But in making his explanation this dear
guardian of the people's interests is hardly thorough
enough. In pretending that he protested only the names
of such men as he knew for an absolute certainty to be
dead or out of the country, he might have explained where
William Benjamin Cayzer came in at. Also, why did ^
fill out and hand in protests which were signed by th,
aforesaid William Benjamin. Was William Benjamin
Cayzer too buzy swamping around the record office to do
more than sign'his name to the numerous protests, or did
the virtuous and patriotic Mr. Cliffe lose his nerve whenii
came to a case of putting his name to protests againsi
voters whom he knew to be entitled to the franchise)
Was William Benjamin Cavzer's loyalty to his country so
great that he must needs come all the way up from the
Coast to spend several months around the Sioean doing
nothing but looking out for his fellow citizens to sec thai
too manv of them are not allowed lo vote ?
Is this sudden zeal for purity which leads William
Benjamin Cayzer and Charles Cliffe to protest some eight
or nine hundred votes not super-induced by a mercenar
consideration of so much per? Also, who puts up the
per, and win, and for how long have William Benjamin
Cayzer and Charles Cliffe been in the emolo\ of these]
patriots who produce the sheckles to keep the machine of]
practical politics in motion, but are too modest to tell their
names ?
Thk people oi British Columbia are once again enter-
ing on a campaign where the honesty ot tin1 electors is
to be tested againsi the dollars oi the country's despoilers,
Once more we lind the same old phalanx of privilege an.
oppression encroaching on the freedom oi the masses
With the approach oi the struggle we see the enemies of the
people taking their places in the ranks of the army oi
mercenaries, and the friends oi the people forosalsiog sell-
interest, party and prejudice [0 join the true citizens
whose only hope is for their country's good. It is the old* ]
old storv oi the masses againsi the classes. No man,
honest to himself, can be neutral, and none can pretend to
he disinterested.
There is not a railway oi importance in Canada todaj
which was not built by the people, directly or indirectly.
Western Canada from the Great Lakes to the Coast is
solidly in favor oi making these roads public property.
Hugh John Macdonald carried Manitoba on this policy,
and no candidate in B. C. need seek election in opposition|
to it. Government ownership is not a fad ; it is a straighl
case ot business. The wave is spreading in the east;
the people are tired of being buncoed, and the change has
got to come.
Thk most ridiculous situation in the burlesque whio
is now going on in the theatre of B. C. politics is eastlv
outdone by the spectacle of William Benjamin Cayzeraiid
Charles Cliffe "purifying" politics in the Slocan. llu'
Slocan must be ^o\n^ to hell entirely if such jreezlersas
these can purify it. No self-respecting scavenger^"1?
he found dead on the nusiance ground With these men-
consciences in his possession.
Don't wait till the lists are closed to   record your vote ���*������������������������
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Wm.Donahuk, J. V.Martin, R. J.McLkan.
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Meetings every Friday Evening at  l-M in
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Secretary. Noble Grand.
A. F. <fc A. M.
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Soiounning brethern are cordially invited to
Thomas Bkown,
Lv. sandon Arr.
Daily to Points reached via.
Daily except Sunday to Points
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Agent, Sandon.
A.G. P. Agt.,
foray. Pass. Aft
Be sure   that youi   tic ket   reads  via the
Council Re-Elected bi* Acclamation.
The old city council *v;ts re-elected
bv acclamation at the hustings on Tuesday.
There are only three men outside of
the present council who can qualify as
alderman. These are Neil Macdonald,
Robt. Cunning and Walter C. Adams.
Mr. Adams is virtually a non-resident,
as his business keeps him in the lake
country most of the time, and the other
two gentlemen do not care to accept
the responsibilities of aldermen.
There is an understanding among
the members of the council that when
the enabling act is passed by the next
government that they will resign in
order to bring on a civic election. The
pers0Ot*Ue of the council is as before,
Mayor, H. H. Pitt; Aldermen, K. K.
Atherton, Robt Macdonald, John Buckley, Eri Thompson, Chas. 1). Hunter
and Alex Crawford.
province of Manitoba with paper lines
which are meant to cripple the province
in its attempt   to help the people.
Public ownership is the one promise
of deliverance to the west, and if Hugh
John Macdonald puts his hand to the
plough he should be able to destroy the
supremacy of the C P. K., which never
had a more servile instrument than the
present government at Ottawa.
What it Costs to Cut Wages in Netc
Yorh State.
According to the New York Tribune
the cost of the militia and deputy
sheriffs on guard at Croton dam, where
Italian laborers are on strike, to the
state and county is $1,750 a day. This
expense will be trebled by the calling
out of the Seventh regiment. Italian
Consul Branch] estimates that the
increase of wages demanded by the
strikers would amount to $15 a day.
In addition the strikers protest againsi
the deduction of two cents a day from
their wages as a medical fee, a total of
$14. So that the am Hint-in dispute is
$2(4 per day. One man has been killed
already and there is a prospect of further bloodshed.
Sir Charles is Wise.
About the funniest of recent developments in Canadian politics i> Sir
Charles Hibbert Tupper's appeal to
British Columbia Liberals to hold aloof
6*0.11 Him Joseph Martin, because he
never misses a chance "to abj-<e the
Ottawa government,"
It is ao, written that Sir Charles
Hibbert Tupper has pursuei the Ottawa
Government with the kind of \w.rJ-.
which cm never die.
If the ascendancy of H.��n. Joseph
Martin were waranted to promote the
health of the opposition party at
Ottawa, Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper
would not be opposed to that ascendancy. But Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper
is politician enough to know that Hon.
Joseph Martin may do something lo
divert the enthusiasm of the west from
the Conservative party, and he is wisely
trying to kill off the man whom the
Conservatives west of Lake Superior
have most reason to fear.
He Begins Well.
Toronto Telegram
There is every sign that Hon Hugh
John Macdonald is statesman enough
to realize that his future relationship to
the people of Manitoba is of more importance than his past relationship to
the C. P- R.
It ought 10 be at least no harder for
Hugh John Macdonald to dump the
C. P. R. for the benefit of the people
than it was for Wilfrid Laurier to dump
the people for the benefit of the C. P. R.
The Macdonald government in Manitoba has declared for government
ownership, and the resolution which it
asks the legislature to pass will give
the Laurier government a chance to explain its conduct this session in allowing the C. P. R. to gridiron   the whole
The Cleveland Citizen states that
when Debs was released from Woodstock jail the American Railway Union
was not only bankrupt but $50,000 in
debt. Though the organization was
dead, Debs assumed the immense indebtedness, which he is now endeavoring U) pay from the proceeds ot his
lectures. Debs has said to personal
friends on more than one occasion that
when he is clear of debt and is once
again a free man his services will be at
the disposal of the movement gratis.
The King Solomon Mining company,
promoted hy James B. Townsend, of
Lima, Ohio, is going to go into the
minining and milling business around
Woodbury creek on Kootena) Lake.
They have taken over the Canadian
Pacific company's concentrator and
have secured several properties in the
vicininity. The comdany is slocked tor
$30,000,000. Townsend is well known
in connection with the L"i ta & Ohio
The Republic mine management has,
it is understood, abandoned the idea of
using the Kettle river as a means of
transporting their new outfit of machin-
ary from *")oand Forks to the Republic
C imp. Tli trail is drying up r.i.elv and
the company has 50 four-horse teams
at Grand Forks to haul the machinery.
The C P. R. has delivered 15 cars and
35 more will be en route within a short
It is a fact, peculiar but true, thai
one man working underground will
support three above, and the most
peculiar part of the affair i> that the
three men on the surface live better
than the one man underground. Can
anyone    explain this contrdiction?
E. J. Mathews, representing the
Braden   Brothers of the  Omaha-Gran I
smelter was in town on Wednesday.
He is out of the ore buying business al
present and is on his way toCaye Nome
to buy gold dust and nuggets.
It was a famous Scottish judge who
once divided liar> into three grades of
ascending power -common liars, damned liars and expert  witnesses.
Cheer up, ye sallow-skinned dvspep-
tics, your hitherto scorned khaki complexions will certainly be the correct
thing this season.
Any one who wants to stud\ law, or
is studying law may learn something
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Campbell, box 235, Sandon B. C.
Certificate of Improvements.
situat.ii, IbeSlooari Miolr* tHvi*i<*n of Waal
Kiaotfimy  District.    V\ npre  located��� On
the South Pork of Carpenter Creek,
Take Notfce that I   H. B. Alexander   Free
Miners Certificate No. 898314, for inwlfmi.'
a* affentfor W  !��� Uicluon. K M  1. X,? i.nw
intend mpj .iny, from date hereof, to apply to"
the  Mining Beeord-.rfor a Certificate of Im.
l.roveinentsfor th,   parpoae of obteininaa
Grown Grant of the above cUim.
Aiidfiirt lier take notice that action  under
Section*   mu?t   he  commenced   before the
issuance of meb Certiflcate of  Improvement*
Dated tbi- thirtieth day of March, isoo
A New
I laker
Paper Cutter,
Latest  Faces
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News Type
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1)     I'Nll   Mllle.
4   Mi .idle Hoc...
">  Jii   Sieiah.
�����**����� StBiMht i \\ ,.
\Uo I.mrue.... at|*r.	
ket.. rope*,    -tc,   tool.     .���,.  , '        -���
For r��rtic��Uf�� write et.tl  .
T (11 AH AM   M M��ai
1    �� !.
The purchases were made
trom Millei & Richard, the
Leading Typo Founders of
the world, and the people of
the Slocan can now gel a
brand of Job Printing from
this ofhee that cannot he excelled in the Kootenav.
|Millinery Opening
J \\; li.��M- roeived ��� bu-K< ..tvkilf|
% *
J   tad hut* opened ihii ��i -rcinifce!
\ Crawford Block I
The   Ladies oi Sandon!
111 parlr 1
J are invited [o pa>
{ \ isit and inspect the stock 5
���a. I
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mix! dt*spNU*h.
000000066000000000 ttttttm
"IV uh    beloved kvthern,
I'm going to stop this m
ii^ht here.    Ho**
when   i w. >-111 r J ~ of
*��**e**ation hi'  oouj*l    -. their
Ih-iJv ,>rt -    I  earnest^   i>>!n'
mend you before oexi  Sundaj
\ onieti lo  go  to   IX' laldson -
;ind pro\ iJr xi-u^-i!^' nth a
bottle of lii> l'.tiniM- v iHJjfh
Cure.     It bs s^U in .'.-     ys
ailJ  $(..��>   bottles,    K  K        IHV>
like the touch of Hi
Ci*nf*Te4fattou i
> disii'i- -
The Ontario Government's mining |
bill abollehes all royalties on minerals, but provides that the Lieutennnt-
Governor-in-Council may impose a
mineral tax on the gross quantity of
the ore mined. The tax will be at
the following rates:
Iron. 50 cents per ton; zinc, $5 per
ton, or $15 per ton of metal contents
if partly treated or reduced; copper
$2 per ton, or $2.5 if partly treated or
reduced; nickel $10 per ton, or $60 if
partly treated or reduced; copper and
nickel ore $7 per ton, or $20 and $60
respectively per ton of metal contents
if partly treated or reduced; all other
ores, such rates as may !>e imposed
by Order-in Council, but not to exceed
5 per cent, of the selling prices thereof in a free market. A license, to
eost $10, shall be necessary t" *nin
Rny of the motals for which a ,. jnse
is iin|K)sed.
It, is provided, however, that where
such ores are smelted or treated in
the Dominion of Canada, in such a
way as to yield fine metals, or anv
form suitable fur direct use in the arts
without further treatment, the tax
may be remitted.
The tax will not apply to mines
where the annual output, of ore is less
th n 500 tons.
A fiuther provision in reference to
the tax Is that by pii'dainntioii it
mas be remitted, <��ra lower ratesub-
Biitutod, in ease ol ore or minerals re
find in fh<" Unh><1 Kingdom, or any
British colony or dependency.
Another clause ratifies llie Oltler-
in ('"line I providing t1 at all land**
pi ten tod or leased will contain the
condition that ihe ore be refined in
A cumber of further clauses contain
provisions which are intended to safeguard ihe miner? In the use of explo
sives. the internal working of the
mines, and a complete code ot sig
nals for hoisting and descending the
All reservations of mines, ores and
minerals contained in patents issued
prior to Jrilv I. 1897 are to be ivcind-
A   FAimKI.S*   TRUST.
al conference in Paris, July 9-1G. It
is proposed to ask the farmers of the
world to reduce their wheat output
by 20 per cent and not to sell a bushel for leas than a dollar. J.C.IIanley
of St. Paul, executive agent of the
formers1 Alliance and Industrial union, the National Growers'association
the Farmers' Federation of tho Miss
issippi Valley and the National Grain
Growers' Association, is the chief promoter in the agricultural trust in
America.     Professor O. Kuhland ol
the University of Freiburg, Switzerland, is the chief promoter ot the plan
in Europe.
The idea was conceived by these
two men independently. Mr.IIanley
who has been interested in many
hold-yourwl eat schemes, is prominently associated with the Farmers'
elevators and   various  cooperative
idii'takings.    He has long believed
that if ihe farmers would only come
to an understanding as to limiting
production and agree to sell   only
when thei��' price could be obtained
they could easily master the situation.
As a professor of economics Professor
Kuhland had come to the same  conclusion.     His study of the agrarian
problems of different countries   led
him to beliave that the only cure for
the wide-spread troubles of farmers,
which are much more severe  in the
old than in the new world, is to restrict production.     Both were  hard
at work getting the idea into practice
x*- hen thev  encountered  each other's
CU'icspondcnce.       Since then   they
have been working with a common
idea, vizs To  persuade the  international congress to introduce the plan
and recommend it to the various na-
tiond   associations    for  application
next veil'.
\ M>1 II Kit    DICAI.    M.\I��K.
Sfeaara.   BfoMaatora   Tnk��-  Over  a
Denver   Properly.
New Denver Led****
The old adage   "to trust is to bust,
to bust, is hell," no longer holds good.
This is   the acre of trusts.    Not the
antiquated kind of trust, 'tis true, but
trusts, nevertheless.    There are trusts
formed to control the price and output of everything   that man   cats,
wears and looks at.   The only thing
that has escaped the leaches of commerce, is the air we breathe,   the sun
shine we enjov  and the  magnificent
scenery that nature has sr�� bountifully
[bestowed   upon New Denver.   The
[latest in the trust line is .ho proposition to form all the farmers ot the
[world in a sort ot international trust
[to restrict the production ot wheat
[and raise prices.    It is hoped to carry
[into effect this plan at the int.ernation-
Another mining deal was made tin's
week that means very much to New
Denver. The MeMasters brothers, representing extensive Colorado capital, have
taken a short time bond on the Frisco
group, situated on the northwest slope of
Fidelity bluff and adjoining the Bosun-
Fidelity Mines. The properties embraced
in the group are known as the Frisco,
Perseverance,Ruby Fraction and Morning
tilorv. Work has been put on the
Frisco for the past three months with
very satisfactory results. A strong ledge,
seven or eight feet in width, has been
exposed, carrying stringers of carbonates.
It is the intention of the purchasers to
put a large force of men to work as soon
as possible to open the ledge and make a
mine out of it. That they will do this,
and that the Frisco will soon be as favorably known as the Hartney, Marion and
Bosun there is no doubt, for the Frisco
will have the same thorough, practical
mining men at the head of it as these
other properties are favored with, and
with such a good showing to start on it
should not be long until the property is
made a shipper.
Those interested in the deal  are   Andy j
Jacobson. S. T. and H. M. Walker
Fred Williamson left for Kettle River
last week
A money order office has been opened
at Halcyon.
The Mere building on the waterfront
is about ready for occupancy.
Harden making and fence building
have become epidemic iu town.
Contractor McLean is putting the
finishing touches on the McKcn/.ie
home, on the plateau overlooking the
There was a temperance lecture at
the wharf in New Denver last week.
The Slocan took on a car load of empty
Assayer West met with a painful
accident in his laboratory on Monday.
As a result his hands and face were
badly burned.
Several Sandonites spent Easter Sunday and Monday in America's Lucerne.
They   thoroughly enjoyed the bright
sunshine and clean, dry sidewalks.
Prank N. O'Neil arrived in New
Denver from Napanee, Out, Monday.
He will size up the situation with a
view to locating here. As he is an
experienced bandsman his presence
will lie a valuable acquisition to the
local band.
James Wigginton had to quit the
butcher business because the Pat Burns
meat kings sold him wholesale and undersold him retail. When Jim quit Pat
quit, and the meat-eating populace has
to suffer for the want of a butcher shop
with meat on the hooks.
It isn t sensible for anv man to dabble
iu rotten politics at the sacrifice of his
business.   Business is onething,po!itics
another.     Politics  should   end   where
business begins.   One is a side dish and
the other the main thing.   Business is
what the country wants, and  business
men We have had enough of politics
and politician.*.
If there isn mining company with a
big bank roll looking for a snap and a
chance to open up a gold mine of magnificent dividend-paying proportions, it
should run a tunnel into the bowels of
Goat mountain and see  what's there.
The numerous stringers and ledges of
rich gold-silver ore that are being exposed on that hill have not come from
the clouds, but must have their source
from a great ore body below.
The Slocan must be considered the
suckers' paradise, judging from the
number of catalogues sent into it by
the big departmental stores of the east
and west. The latest to obstruct the
wheels of commerce iu our town is one
from a San Francisco firm, promising,
like all the others, a dollar's worth of
goods for 99 cents.
It seems impossible for the b.s.
Slocan to cut herself loose from the
freight barge these days, and if the
present pressure of business keeps up
it is just possible that the C. P. R. will
get JlOOahoad and build another station
at the siding. The right foreleg of the
old stove has been found and will be
held In readiness so when the balance
of the sole warmer is gathl red together
it can be put in place, thereby saving
the corporation 10 cents.
The total amount of oro shipped from
the Slocan from Januarv 1, 1899, to
June 80, 1899, was 15,113 tons. From
July 1, 1899, to Dec. 81, 1899, the shipments were 4,810 tons. Following are
the shipments from January 1, 1900, to
April 14:
Week      Total
I'ayne  808         8,soj|
AiiiurU-it.il Boy  ,a
LiiHt Chnnce  4(>           .ion
Sunshine  'j\t
Siiecii Bess  345
ambler  48i
Surprise  80
Ruth  im
Lucky .Ilia  78
Florida  as
Oilison  ��i
Bosun  ao          80J
llai'tney  in
Crt|H>lliv  7
Kmlly Edith  ao
Vancouver  80
Enterprise  ��0           800
Arlington  80            880
Black Prince  (jo
Total tons     .119
Charlie Caldwell, of Kaslo, was mar-
The'rled at Spokane on  Monday to Alice
purchase price is $15,000, the bondmatur- Grace Sweet, of Vernon. Hev. J.
ing in six nionths.-The Ledge. . Wood ofliciating.
There are 120,000 barmaids in
England. They make $2.50 a week
and board. They work trom 7 a.m.
until 12.30 p.ni, and generally die
young from standing on their feel too
much. We have heard it stated that
they were not virtuous. This is a
base slander upon the unfortunate
slaves. No woman can work 17^
hours a day and be. vicious at the
same time. England is a great country, but evidently not yet great
enough to aboliRh white slavery. We
think that eight hours is long enough
for any girl to deal out drinks, and
right here in far-off British Columbia
we protest against such inhuman
treatment of the female sex. To
allow fair damsels to work I7i hours
daily in gin mills is something that
should not be tolerated in a pagan
country, let alone such a civilized
country as England where the beauty
of Christ's teachings has been held up
to the people ever since religion became a habit, and poverty a prevalent complaint.
How time wings its way onwards
to eternity. Last Thursday it was
41 years since the world and mother
first looked at us and said, "What a
! 'ne child?" And yet it does not seem
over 40, so rapidly has one event
after another tangled us up in its
meshes. In our early days mother
used to look into our soft blue optics
and say that we were the best boy in
the world. After all these years she
has not changed her opinion. Notwithstanding that for years we have
been addicted to the newspaper habit
we are still the same sweet boy to
mother that we were in the days
when we robbed orchards and
thrashed all the other boys in the
neighborhood. She has neverchanged.
She loved us when we first met and
she loves us yet. Her love, and we
presume all mothers are alike, is the
kind that lasts until the end of this
life and is carried over to the next
page. A mother's love rises supreme
to all the passions that torment the
soul, and we regret that so many
sons in the West so soon forget their
Libera'.a Will Organize
A rneeri'*.^ >*���" Sandon Liberals was
h��Hd in 'he court house on Thursday
evening for the purpose of taking steps
to organise a Liberal Association.
Jot'-. Buckle; % l�� appointed temporary
clniirman and Thos. Brown secretary
pro tern. To the question of the ad-
visabiKrr of organizing there was no
dissent. A committee of five wa> appointee i'���-""" b"f*w*M""l and take other
steps looking toword a permanent oris* -.Tuation. The committeemen chosen
���Xxzn: Mean J rfaa Pucfctej, M. L.
Grin* ~er* Lie>'. B. MacDonald, Thos.
Brown, and A. B. f> -k-'euder, and a
meeting of the committee wa- set for
Monday Jjrd inst. An organization
meeting ������1 which al! Liberals are failed will be held on Tue>dav. the :'.--���
Letters from Jt>seph Martin were
read m which he promised to speak in
Sand Satnrda   evening next. May
_. ���-     Spencer's Hail has been egaged
*' r   the   occasion,   and   the   Honorable
- spa will be given a good reception.
Hospital Kofefl
William Bryan, finora the Ivanhoe, i>
under  the  weather.    Hi->  ^.t-e  is  not
serii   . -
- Mclnnes    fr m   Whitewater,
-   ~-    ghl   n Wed lesdar.    He also
- danger.
'<.   M un    g was  i ijured  a*   the
- rrday  bj a falling  r ck.     So
. -. br ken.
Mike Brady i- isn-1''.*'- ing nipidl;
wiil r*e out again in a few days.
Mr    Ste      tas  made a present of .1
-   evasatic     tire,    air   spring,     double
iction,   levcrle-.-. self locking  rocking
chair.    There b ��� - spute between the
���~ ui igement and  the young  ladies as
��� '    ������   :he   presentation   was  made
Questk n *" r Mr. Stein.
K,i~ s going to gel the big end of
*celebr tioc or ��� J from Sancton this
year. The fire br:_r ide, hand, Miner-.'
Union and also the football team will
-pend the QaeerTs Birthday in Kaslo.
Sthrerton will not be neglected bv anv
means, as excursionist*! from Sandon
win be nu nerous enough to patronize
both to -���    -
Non -'���  - ��� iter of re-electing  ���
city council has been settled it i- time
iJde* 1 look some 1 -: m to
secure .t recreation ground for the city.
S idori :- the nlj town of its size in
British Columbia that has no recreation
grot* ' _
The  .- - ment vacated bj the Filbert
cigar store is being remodelled and will
be used as t ciuh room in connection
with the Filbert hotel.
C. A. Bigney has taken a partner-hip
with M. W. f>ay in the Slocan Bottling
Co.     The   new farm   will be   known as
tt B gne**
Ernes! Mansfield will return from the
Old Country about the middle of nexl
��� nrh. It is expected that his oper-
ations in rhe South Fork and Camp
Mansfield country will be more extensive
than ever this year.
Ted    Barrett,   who   has   been   timekeeper    0 rhe   Payne for over a  year.
fryr  the  east on Monday.     He  intends to take in   the Pari- fair.     Byron
CTtfTe has taker, his job ,tr 'he Payne.
CoL Bray ton, Lar.d agent for the
K. & S. is making a cleanup along
Cody Ave.    He insists that rhe squatters
on  K. & S. land   musr ge"   off or  cash-
Raw Oyster-*
Ox Tail a la Macedoinc
Soup Sticks)
**.��rdine*. au Canape
Boiled Salmon   Steak.   Mitre   dHotel
Sugar Cured    Ham. Champagne SaUCC
Oyster Patties, Maryland
Campote of Duck, Morengo
Chicken a !.�� .Nhde, Mushrooms
S _     Shoil take
Lobster en Mayonaise
Voung Turkey, Cranbern Jelly
Loin ot' Fork au Natural
Prime Beef au Ju*
Mashed Potatoes     Creamed Corn
Green Apple Pie Blueberry Fie
Assorted Cake
Tea Cofl Milk
Wine, Beer and Liquors to Order
The Denver.
Cody Ave. 5andon
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet. Orderlv. Homelike Hotel
Pure Teas    Pure COffee
dpi rniXC thai lb* l-'.pl*<* S*"*""-*"" ��i*-��lw-��
HU.IKVIVtI.--L, I    I f..���.,.,i,.rtt!��T,.f,u.a(.inr��- -1
I��$\Stm-"���' ��� ��� *��� SALADA TEA '    ��� ���
sa��*aff��.Ss-i-tea ���' ��� ���
commend tt ����� �� deligbtfiil be-#��r��f��
Our cplpbratpd BiVnd of Mocha and Jaca Coffee
has no Equal in Sandon and all thos*> trho haw
used  it cannot 881) too much in its praise
H. BYERS & Co.
Mine and
We Carrv a \\ ell=Selected Stock of
Shelf Hardware.
ha> moved. Two Doors Below.
*Don*1   Forget   The
Stein Bros.
Grocers and Bakers.
The Best Butter. Eggs and (ireen
Best Brands of Indian and
Ceylon Tea. Mocha and Java
Hotels and Mine Camps Supplied
Expeditiously and Satisfactorily.
None   but   rbe   highest   class   t^\xl>
handled.     Monet refunded if goods are
vol sati-tactorv.
Reco Avenue -- Sandon B.C,
-      ^     a
Folliott & McMillan. ;
Contractors and Builders.
Dealers in Dressed and Rough Lumber.
Sash.   Doors.   Blinds, etc.. Hade to Order at Lowest Pc * ible Prices.
Mine  and Dimension Timber always in Stock.      Plans.  Estimates  anr*
Specifications furnished for all Classes of Building.
|>: V^*;VV*-VV  . ��    *   *- ^ ���   *   ���     .-.
*   #   ���   ��
Our Stock will arrive During the l!arl)
Part ol Next Week. Favor us wi*'? an
Order and we will guarantee Absolute
W. J. Armstrong <.x- 0]-\


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