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The Paystreak Feb 9, 1901

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Array ��� r
vm pMysm&Mik.
)K V.
Blk Kelly has gone to Spokane on
week's visit.
ice White spent a few days at the
Star this week.
Funk has moved to Slocan City
me a resident of that lown.
,,,...-...Jl  Macdonald has   taken over the
| re fresh ment    'department ofthe
Bg House in Kaslo.
''Billy" Newell has gone to Greenwood, intending to spend next summer
in the Boundary country.
Qlto   Petereit    went   to Spokane on
y.    He has heen working for
��. for nearly a year.
Wishing touches are being put
hall and it will be  taken off
hies hands in a few days.
Frank Norwood returned in the early
part of the week from a trip to Portland
i/abd other Pacific coast points.
���E. R.|lfttherton, and Thomas Brown
n gazzetted as license and
.nmissioners  lor  the  City  of
gang  of contractors  at the
has  been   laid   off and four
n day  work.    Wm. Innes in
I"   the  gambling   franternity
andon   during  the past few
rch of localities where their
���Ming   abilities   will be better
Jtn^BHliamson has   received a very
swell        | table   from   Samuel May &
Co. oi-iBonto.    Its green  expanse is
ndip tfuniishing   recreation for the boys
fwjuenl the cigar store.
The cBfing finals were wound up
this we-***!?. Wilson's rink won the
Merchant'* prize, with A. Crawford
Bpl. L. Cirimmett's rink beat
���sZMftm>Blk by 15 to 10 and Wilson's
hy\:t$ top thus   winning  the   Bostock
/as a slight fire  at  Jos\ Mac-
sidence on   Cody avenue last
The fire  brigade was called
not  do  any business as the
put out by hand before the
turned on.
Baker's residenceon the Ruth
totally destroyed by lire on
afternoon. Mr. and Mrs.
re in town at the time the fire
and did not arrive on the
tl it was   too late to save any-
anqe at the Big Store.
C. 0||_unler left on   Wednesday for
PhoeniBi/hen   he will  take the man-
nent of the Hunter-Kendrick Com-
ly'S��ore t.iere.    The  management
^ne fitf Store  here  has been placed
fiaiu's of R. A. Creech, who has
i&responsihle member of the staff
several years      J.   A.   Wood,   for-
rly^with   H.   Giegerieh   and    more
recently^ with   the   Idaho   Mines, has
.     taken Bver   the  book-keeping depart-
*f nakf^tf the business.     B. S. Birchall
(fired from the employ ofthe firm
*hw^m open an  accountant's office in
Eastern Stockholders did not put up
For Decelopment.
Owing to an indisposition on the
part of eastern stockholders to put up
their share of the expense of development, the Mollie Gibson mine has been
shut down and the whole force laid off.
Bruce While, who has been in Sandon
for a few eays, returned to Nelson on
Thursday. He staled that he had received telegraphic assurance from the
e.istern people that sufficient funds to
pay the outstanding liabilities, which
consist principally of wages due the
miners employed, would be forwarded
immediately and a continuance of development operations arranged for.
The Mollie Gibson property is situated close to the Kokanee glacier,
which marks the divide between the
Kootenav and Slocan lakes. Il has the
greatest altitude of any active Slacan
property, being neurly 10,000 feet above
sea level. It was located in August,
'qb, by two prespectors named George
and Willie, and relocated a few days
later, on account of some irregularity
in slaking, by Callanan and Stewart.
During the winter of 'cjb-'cj^ Bruce
White and others bonded the George
and Willie title and an interesting three
sided lawsuit followed between ihe
hond holders, Col, Ray of Port .-\rthur,
who was George's grubstaker, and
Stewart and Callhnan. At an enormous
expense this litigation was settled
a little over a year ago, and since
that time development on what is considered one of the greatest silver-lead
prospects in British Columbia has been
carried on continuously. Access to the
property is gained via the Mollie Gibson landing on Kootenay lake, from
whence a twelve-mile wagon road was
completed about a year ago. Last fat]
Tin ariel tram was built to the property
and since then quite a large force has
been steadily employed on development
During the development of the mine
two leads, known as the Aspen and
Florence veins, have been uncovered.
Last season the mine was giving large
returns, due to the ore taken from the
Aspen vein from the No. 3 tunnel.
The ore was of high grade. Work was
heing conducted in No. 4 tunnel when
the shut down occurred, and ore was
being taken from the Florence vein.
This was of a lower grade in silver and
contained a little larger per cent of lead.
The two veins are convergent and it is
presumed that at a lower depth they
run into one big vein. The Aspen was
in some places six feet in width and
widening with depth. A No. 5 tunnel
has been started to tap the ledge about
250 feet lower than the present workings.    At.   this  point,   engineers   who I
have examined the property think, the
two veins intersect and one large vein
exisls. The tunnel has been run too
feel and the vein could be reached in a
distance of another 300 feet.
If the necessary operating expenses
were advanced to complete the tunnel
it is belirved that returns from the ore
would defray all working expenses.
Noble Fice to Resume  Operations.
Preparations are being made to resume operations at the Noble Five
mine. It is the, intention to work thru
the Last Chance No. 3 tunnel. The
drift on the ledge in this tunnel has
been driven to the end line and it is the
intention to continue the work to prospect their ground. At present there is
difficulty in getting timber up the tunnel ��as the Last Chance and American
Boy are working the tram to its full
capacity on their own material.
Sandon Defeated bu a Score of Six
to Two.
Killed at tha Idaho.
Rod Cameron, foreman of the tramway for the Idaho Mines, met with a
fatal accident at Alamo on Wednesday
afternoon, He was working at the
lower end of the tram immediately
previous lo the accident and went up
the line a little way to start a car of ore
which had stopped while on the way
down. After starting the car he jumped on behind to ride to the terminus,
but when about a hundred yards from
the mill the cur jumped the track
again, going over a trestle 35 feet high
and taking Cameron with it. The
man was terribly lacerated by the fall
and medical assistance was telegraphed
for without delay. Dr. Powers left
Sandon by special engine and arrived
in Alamo within 25 minutes of the
accident. A special was held there to
remove the injured man to the New
Denver hospital if possible. A brief
examination, however, showed plainly
thai his case was hopeless and he died
within two hours.
Rod Cameron has been a resident of
the Slocan for several years. He worked as a blacksmith at the Ivanhoe,
R. IL Lee and other properties. He
leeves a wife and four children in poor
Storing Ore at the Whitetcater.
Being unable to renew their contracts
with the smelter companies on favorable terms, the Whitewater management is stacking the ore at the Whitewater, and now has nearly six hundred tons of sacked concentrates piled in
the vicinity of the K. & S track. The
The mine and the mill is working right
along, but shipments will not be made
until an equitable rate can be secured
from the smelter combine.
The Sandon hockey team went to
Revelstoke to give the athletes of the
railway town a whirl at the national
game. The Sandon aggregation represented, the best that the Slocan can
produce in the hockey line, but the
Revelstoke lads were too much for our
boys, and a score of six to two with the
majority on the wrong side is the best
that Sandon could bring home.
The rink at Revelstoke is a larger
and better sheet of ice than Sandon's
but the lights were very poor and Sandon boys, accustomed to good lights,
were at a disadvantage.
The puck was faced off at 8:20, and
(he first goal was scored for Revelstoke
in less than three miuutes by Macdonald, Revelstoke's star actor, who
played cover point in a most effectual
style. This gentleman has an imported
Winnipeg lift, and neatly threw the
disc into the Sandon goal again five
minutes later from a distance of a
hundred feet.
.After that there was a little playing
done and Birchell scored a goal for
Sandon in seventeen miuutes. The
Revelstoke audience was very appreciative and cheered everything, but the
goal umpires were thoroly incapable
and after three or four bad breaks the
referee disallowed their decisions and
switched umpires. In the next few
minutes Macdonald threw the puck into
the Sandon goal from somewhere over
in the dark and the score stood four to
one when half time was called.
The second half was about like the
first. ��� Eight minutes after hostilities
were resumed Grierson scored the second game for Sandon, and Revelstoke
got another counter five minutes later.
After that Revelstoke was on the defensive for fifteen minutes and Sandon
bombarded the goal from all directions,
but the Revelstoke goal keeper was a
veritable mosquito bar, and the
shots were a waste of time. Eight,
minutes before time was called Revelstoke scored the last goal, which made
the tally six to two.
The Sandon boys say that Revelstoke
is a very hospitable town and that their
visit in the particular of having a good
time, was a complete success.
The Nonpariel property, which is
located near the summit of the hill
across Seaton Creek from the Lucky
Jim slide, is being developed with "a
small force. Ore is being rawhided
to Bear Lake and a shipment will be
made in the near future.
The ice harvest on Bear Lake in now
in full swing and the tonnage per acre
is perfectly satisfactory. There should
be no shortage of ice next summer.
A Song of B. C.
The renegade son of a younger  branch
Came out to Vancouver to  buy a ranch
and his heart in his breast beat high.
Three hundred   sovereigns   had   he in
An astrachan coat to confront  the cold,
And a glass in his dexter eye.    ���
He selected a farm   well   stocked with
Three   heifers, a   pig  and a flea-bitlcn
A bedstead and chairs of silk ;
The latest designs in mowing machines
A package of carrots and kidney beans,
And s treatise on "how to milk."
But somehow   things   from   the  stari
went wrong ;
The hens he picked   up   for   the veriest
Would do anything else but, lay.
The heifers seccumbed to a thing called
The pig ate his astrachan overcoat,
And died on that selfsame day.
He sat him down with  his brain awhirl
And wrote to  his uncle, the noble earl,
A letter both strange and sad.
He said he was up  to his eyes in debts,
And the ass and a   packet of cigarettes
Were all in the world he had.
By return of post (he noble grim
Had penned his   laconic   reply to him :
"Dear nephew, it gives me joy
That tho of your riches   you   are bereft
You have a congenial companion left -
So stick to your pal my boy.''
Hotc the Water Came.
"Perhaps you can tell me," remark-
the exchange editor, making another
vicious lunge with the sheras at the
helpless paper he was dissecting, "perhaps you can tell me how the water
gets into the mellon ? "
"Blamed vine know," replied tlie
answer-to-correspondents mam.
" Wrong," rejoined the exchange ed-
ilor. "They plant the seeds in the
spring. *
And they didn't speak to each other
again until one of them wanted to
borrow a n. -itch'.
Mable���What   do  you   think.    You
know   my  dear boy is   playing   in   the
great hockey match?
Ethel -Yes, yes! Go on.
"Well, I have just had a wire from
him" (ecstacally). "What a sweet!
What a delicate attention! Just listen:
'Got my nose broken; got to get set.
Do vou prefer it Greek or Roman,
darling ? "
Call at the
Reco   Barber   Shop
Bath Rooms.
For a stylish haircut or a
clean shace or Shampoo.
11. s. HALL.
Tonsorial Artist.
Should y.,ur. meanderings about
this mundane sphere take you to
Neio Denoer
Remember,that there is a hotel
in the Lucerne of America at
which pilgrims ma) enjoy all the
comforts of a home, at prices on
a par with (he damage levied by
Other, houses thruout the district.
'Ihe Idealistic Scenery of this
Beauty Spot in Nature's Wonderland can be best enjoyed from
the balcony of the
Newmarket Hotel.
The cuisine supplied assays high.
The bedrooms are large, airy
and luxuriously furnished. The
other accomodations are unexcelled in the Slocan, and the
brands of bottled comforters kept
in stock are health-giving and I
soul-inspiring when taken in
proper quantities. The proprietor's name is
Henrij Stege.
Certiflcate of Improvements.
tT^^in^U-U. near Four
Motion 87  must   be commenced  before tbe
Uuanceof.uoh Owtiflcal Improvemtnli
Dated tins i7thdayof Deoember, A l�� ,U��0
M. B W, 11 \1111i' um:
NOTICE.    -
I)avii> M* N'k ni. 1. ami Thomas Tait "f
Montreal and Harry Abbot and Geo. McL.
Brown, of Vancouver, in tin- Province of
Britiib Columbia, F.sqnire-.. will apply t<> the
IM ilia incut of Canada at its next Session for
an act Incorporating a Companv tinder tbe
name of the K( )i >TKXA Y AND A It B0VVH BAD
RAILWAY COMPANY, with power to construct or acquire ami to operate a railway
Irom a point at or near Arrow head, on Arrow-
Lake. Kootenay district. British Columbia,
thence by tbe. moat direct and fetuible route
\-in Tiout Lake or Duncan River to some
���lointatthe ni-rth end ol' Kootenay Lake in
aid dint-riot and branch line*, with power to
own and operate telephone and telegraph
lines, ropeway* nnd tramways, warehouses.
iteam and other ve^sels, ferries, mines, sinelt-
.-rs. timber lands, wharves, roads, dock.-,, saw
mi'l.s. water right., 3am_, flumes, water
power, to generate and transmit and deal in
electricity and electric power, together with
powers assiicli to maintaining and operating
or disposing of its railway and works.and such
other power., and privileges as are u-u a 11\*
given to Railway Companies incorporated by
fhe Parliament of Canada, and for other purposes,
I. K M< Mt i.i.kx.
Solicitor for Applicants.
Certificate of Improvements.
situated   in    the Slocan  Mining Division of
YVe-f Kootenay.    Where located -. In Ruby
Silver Basid, adjoining silver Cord on the
-T-AKE NOTICE that I. ('has. Moore, of
*��� Kaslo. aoting aa agent of \V. .1. Trethc-
wey, Free Miner's Certilicate No. 44,809, intend
sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Oraut  ofthe ahove claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section .''7,   must   he  commenced   hefore the
issuance of such Certilicate of Improvements
Dated this 22nd day of December, 1900.
The Columbia and Kootenay Railway and
Navigation Company will apply to the Parliament of Canada at its next Session for an Act,
extending the time within which it may
construct its railways and works, also authorizing the Company to own and operate
steam and other vesssls for the carriage ol
freight and passengers on any route connected
with any of its railways and appinting Montreal as the plftce for its head office with power
to the Directors from time to time to change
it By-law and for other purposes,
.1.1). TOVVNLEY,
Certificate of Improvement!.
Situate in the Slo, an -Mining Division ol
West Kootelinv District. Y\ hen- locate I |
On Miller Creek,   about   two   mile-)   from
TAKE NOTICE that  I. M.I.. Grirainett.
acting as agent for E I. Warner Free Miner1
CertinoateKo H''.\nn'. intend sixty days from
date hereof, to apply to the M ill mg Record, i
for a Cert ili, ate <��� t Improvement - (, r the purpose ol obtaining a Crown gran' of tbe above
And farther take notice that action, under
section  ;i?.  must be commenced Itefore  the
issuance of suce C,rt iticate of   Iinpt o\ <i,it s
Dated this llth day of I'ec-ml ,--. 19DO
M    I.  (irinmiett-
Certificate    of    Improvements.
L,   D    FRACTIONAL    \Nl>    LEGAL   FHAC-
Situate in the Slocan Mining l>i\ i-ion of West
Kootenay District, Where located: On
Noble Five Mountain, in tin- Siooan Mining Division 01 West Kootenay] l-triot
���pAKENOTICEthai I. A II Doohsteader,
��� Free Miners' Certificate No. lOtm't, h��
ageut for James Wilson, Fro. Miners, Certiflcate No   IVWill.'t. Lew is >    Phoms,   Free Miners
Certifloate No   Riit.-'i.Coleh A. Freeman, Free
Minors'   C-rtili, *f_)e   NO    Ii.-7'l.   William    D.
Mackay, Free Miner's Certilicate No. B-7'*W",
intend. >i\ty day-I loin date hereof, to applj
to'th,- Minin-.' Recorder ror a Certificate ol
Impro. eiueiit -,   or the p   ipo-eot   obtaining a
Orowu Grant of tlie aoovuclaims
And further take notice tha' act ion. nn lei
action .'IT.  mint   n,-   commenced   but ore   tin
i .sit,, lice of Mic ii C, it iticate o'    1 mpi 01 i-Iiii lit ���
Mated fid. tenth day of November. A D . 1910
Certificate    of    Improvements.
Situate it, the -slocan Mining Divi -ion of West
Kootenav district Where located: About
i mile- from Sandon,B <*.. in a Nortb-
Wcsterlv direction, adjoining the Elk-
TAKE NOTICK that I. F. M Sandilands
���* Free Miner'ii Certilicate No H"*.*"JHJ
Issued at Sandon May ��� I'th. I'.mi. acting as
agent lor II A Barton, Free Miners1 Certilicate No -vl.ii.J. intend, sixty days Irom date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certilicate ol Improvement s for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further  take notice that   action, under
section '17 must be commenced before the Issuance of _noh Certifloate of Improvements
Dated this Twenty-Sixth day of November Lfitf.
To Delinquent Co-Owners.
TOPETEB SWANSON, or to any |��r_on os
persons to whom he may have trasinferre'l hi-
Interest in the King Oscar mineral claim, at
Hear  Lake,   and   recorded   in   the   Recorder's
office for the Slocan Mining Division
You an- hereby nol liied thai I have expended One H u ml red Dollar-, in labor and Improve*
ments   upon   the   above  mentioned   mineral
claim, in older to hold said mineral olaini
under the provisions of the Mineral Act. ami
il within ninety days from   the date ol this
notice you fail or refuse to contribute yonr
proportion of such expenditure, together wit h
all en. N of advertising, your interest in said
claim will become the property  of  the subscriber und'r Section   I   of an 'Act   entitled
"An  Act. to  Amend the Mineral Act   I'.ino."
JOHN em ha I..
Dated this-4th  day of November, 1000,
The Nakusp and Slocan Railway Company
will apply to the Parliament of Canada at it's
next, Session for a Act extending the (jlmo
within which it may construct its Railways
and appointing Montreal as the place lor its
head ollice with power to the Directors from
time to time to change it by By-law, arid lor
other purposes.
Gale's BarX
Is the best  Tonsorial   Estat-
lishment in the Slocan.
Balmoral Building Main St!
A. l-\ <& A. \j,
Regular Coiniiiiinication   held ti-.t Tlm-.l
dav in each month*ln Mason h li. l| ntfti ,
>o|ourning  brethern an- cordial I y i i. -. [t.- I -"
A Ii DOC8TEADKR, Secrets
F, L. Christie,
L. L.   1-5.,
Sandon Cartage Ci
Express, Baggage,
and Cartage.
Delivery to .* 11  P.irts pf the Ol
F*ti.lili-ah<-1   I-"-
Sandon, B. C.
Notary Public.
Insurance and  Mining
Mining Stocks bonght and told   Gi
era]    Hfreht    for   Sioean   Projx rt'm '
I'roiniainc   Prospect-!   tor   Sah
Sandon Minei
Subscribers, Si per month . '
patients, $.- per day, exclu
Expense pf Physician oi s
and Drills.
Open To Thk Pi bi '
hi;  w  i-; oomm.  Aiteiidni' r ***''
Miss s. I,  CMISllOl.M. Muti
���I. II. M( NK1I.I.. I'res. Ho-mhal H"1
\V   I,   HAGLER, Seer, rm.v
Meets in  Criiwfonl's  Mall  evi r.\ W
day   Evening.     Visitiuw   Bi-ethcn  ���"'
Invited  in  attend.
ANTHONY SCllll.I.ANP. *'('
I.   O.   O.   F.
i' WVEo
Meetings   iii   the  l'nion   I'-1'' ' ''' V. J_j_f
Evening at 7:80,   Visiting Bret he
invited to attend.
, rn <'"' m.
tiKO. WAITK, It  ''> sSl'|',' |
Secretary. ^"''' ' g?. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C,  FEBRUARY 9,
The Soldier's Monument.
_________________ . ���- ~7~
)�����.���    '-*�� (���pnunK'iil lor 1 ie soldiers !
"M.W:>       $Rd what will vc- build it of?
;"'    ^.Cn'Bre build it   of marble, or  bras-- or
,,1/;      -mttlasting the soldier'.-* love ?
��.-"A-i-c,-,if ye glorify it with legends
_tt   - '    M
��� ,;    '     -As grand as their blood hath writ
From the in"- >sl   shrine of this land of
B   thine
TuSie uttermost verge of il ?
AnA the answer e mi.- *  We would build
Out of our hopes evade sure,
And out of our purest prayers and tears
And out of our faith secure ;
We  would   build   it   out ol the great
white truths
Their death hath sanctified,
.And th* stulptered forms ofthe men iu
Anditlu-ir faces ere thev died.
-And tSffiat heroic figures
Cart the sculptor carve in stone?
Can the marble breast be made to bleed
And Ihe marble lips to moan ?
Can the marble brow he fevered ?
And the marble eye- he graved
To    Htheir last as lh    Hag floats past
the counlrv thev ha\e saved ?
'���' ���';. '
the answer came : The figures
ERall be fair and brave,
Andttftefitting, as pure and white
As  B stars above their grave !
The   Bffble lips and breast and brow
���eon the laurel   lies,
Be^UCttthcd u> right to guard the -.tight
Of ithe old Hag in the skies.
.-V nUliniiliiient for ihe soldi-is !
,   Built of a people's love,
And blazoned and decked and panoplied
With the bear's ye built it of !
.And nee that ye build it stately
In pillar and niche and gale,
And high in pose as   the souls  sif those
It Would commemorate !
I ���James Whiteomb Riley.
A Testimonial.
Br Paystreak.
:  P-Rnit  me, thru   the   columns of
yd^Bper, to express   my appreciation
Ofthet-afparefiil service and kind attention
ftd me   by the   Sandon   hospital
���ring my recent illness.    I assure
Rt   such   an    institution   as the
���   hospital is   one   of   which all
should be proud   and my grati-
 Irani  the members  of the staff
file to   thus   publicly express mv-
Mr ours Truly,
The sublime and the ridiculous are
often so nearly related that it is difficult
to class l hern separately. One step
above the sublime makes the ridiculous
and one step above the ridiculous makes
the sublime again.��� Paine.
I am not concerned to prove that
(eg therep is enuf and too much for all,
altho both fads could be easily demonstrated, but to demand that those who
do the world's work shall have the
pay.-���Horace L. Traubel.
Now that the holiday rush is over our staff have had
ample time to sort over the stock. Up to the 1st of February,
at which time we take stock, we are making" great reductions in Dry Goods and Furnishings. For the balance of
the month we are making a great slaughter on all Rubber
punier* ][��end2?i@l$
$n 0nv Mew Stove
Zanb Office Business.
Leaye you order for a Winter Suit
Before they are all gone
0 Avenue.
Union ^folliott dmcmillan
Store.    I
All Kinds of Smokers
Thos. Duffy, Prop.
M. L. Grimmett,
L. L. B.,
B. C.
Contractors and Builders.
Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Joint Finishing Lumber
Moulding, Etc.
Sash and Door on  Hand to Order.
Factory on Main    treel
Lodging House.
Nice Comfortable Beds,
To Let by the Day*. Week
Month or Year. Get One
Before they are all Taken
Comfortable rooms by the day,
week or month at the Sandon
The Denver.
Cody Ave.
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hote THE PAYsTREAK, SANDON, B. C,  FEBRUARY 9.
The Paystreak.
[���ablishei Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White
Metal Camp on Earth
Operate! in the intere-it* of the E-litor.
Subscription    -   -   -    -    $2.00 a year.
Strictly in advance.
SiK-oinien* Shipped on Suspicion.
William MacAdams,    -   Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON,   FEBRUARY   9,   iqoi.
The Sandon Water & Light Co.
has offered to supply the City of Sandon with nine arc lights at $10 per
light per month, and eleven fire
hydrants at $10 each per month.
These prices are reasonable and should
be accepted without delay. Sandon
has been without street lights for many
months and the darkness of its streets
has no doubt cost the business men in
loss of trade many times the cost of
the lights. The fire hydrants are an
absolute necessity. Without them no
insurance can be carried and the credit
of the city will be ruined. No one
wants another fire, and the sooner the
city council and the Sandon Water &
Light Company get down to business
the better for all concerned. The
Water & Lisrht Company's offer is
reasonable. It is up to Mayor Pitts
and the City Council to accept it.
The Kootenaian is shocked into
agonies of remorse because Sandon
held a winter carnival while the queen
was dead. With all due respect to her
deceased yet gracious majesty, we
believe that there is a great deal of
very bad taste and a large amount of
low grade hypocracy displayed in all
this hullabaloo about her death.
Everyone is sorry that the queen is
dead, but we regard with suspicion the
loyalty that declares itself in loudmouthed depreciations of the actions of
another. All the professional prayers
and public lamentations in the universe
are not as good an evidence of loyalty
to the empire as an undemonstrative
citizen's simple performance of duty
toward his own community. We are
willing to bet fourteen acres of union
jacks to half a gallon of sterilized odes
to King Edward that the man who
wrote that Kootenaian article hasn't
paid ten cents taxes since the diamond
Recent investigation of the coal
deposits at Blairmore in the Crow's
Nest Pass gives assurance that all the
coal in that region is not in the hands
of Jaffrey, Cox & Co. This is good
news to Kootenay, but it is of no advantage in the immediate present.
The scarcity of fuel in this district must
continue   for   many   months,   as   the
Blairmore people cannot commence
shipping heavily before installing
proper coal mining and coke making
machinery. In the meantime the
Great Northern is getting trom tour
to eight hundred tons of Crow's Nest
coal a day and the people of British
Columbia who gave the coal lands
away are shuffling along as best they
can on what is left over. It is comforting to know that by the accident ot
ignorance the B. C. legislature and the
Dominion parliament did not succeed
in giving all the coal lands to one
company. Sooner or later there will
be enuf coal mined to go round and we
will then have the privilege of buying
back by the ton what was given away
by counties. .
The   Vancouver   Province   has
been going quite extensively into the
railroad question recently, and it has
evolved some wonderful conclusions.
Here is the latest :
The unfairness of building government
railroads to compere with those already
built by private enterprise must be apparent. Worked out to its logical conclusion,
the government would similarly b_- entitled
to invade the field of any private enterprise
in the administration sif which there existed some grievance, real or fancied, and
with the resources sif the country behind
it could absolutely put private enterprise
out of business.
Now wouldn't that jar your anatomy. Here is the Vancouver Province
stating that private enterprise in railroads or anv other legitimate industry
could not compete with the government in the same line of business ; that
the government could actually put
private enterprise out of business.
This is a fatal admission for the Province. It has produced column after
column of logic to prove that the C.
P. R. is the real thing in the railway
line and now it comes along with the
statement that the government could
put private-owned railways out ot
business. Why, that's the fundamental principle of socialism and the
Province has dug up the very argument that socialists have been harping
away at for years. If private railways
and private enterprise cannot stand
against government ownership what in
thunder are we maintaining private
monopolies for anyway ? Or did it
ever occur   to the   Province that way ?
The greatest fear of socialism is
entertained by the private monopolists
who know that the Province is right.
Socialism in its most intense and practical form is what we want and we
want it soon.
the government, when it acquires those
roads, will put them up to lease to the
highest bidder, or rather to tiie company that will offer the lowest freight
rate to the great lakes. The bidders
will he the Great Northern, Northern
Pacific, Canadian Northern and Canadian Pacific.
While the Dominion has been in
the railway business for many years,
this Manitoba move is the first effort
to acquire railways on provincial
account and it will be watched with
interest by all parties concerned.
The railroads of Canada should
belong to the Dominion, but if the
federal government refuses to t-.ke
action to acquire control the provinces
must take the initiative. If Manitoba's
effort is successful other provinces will
follow and the Dominion parliament
will be forced into line. Government
ownership has passed the experimental
stage. It is now a live issue in politics
all over the Dominion.
Premier Dinsmiir's extended
eastern tour seems to have been conducted largely in the interests of Premier Dunsmuir. A neat little railwa\
charter or two with the usual bonus
attachment seem to have been the
main objects for which he and Attorney-General Eberts prose ected the
regions of Parliament Hill. Incidentally the Natal Act seems to have
been slightly in evidence, but only as
a side issue.
The spectacle of a railway promoter travelling in the disguise of a
provincial premier is coarse. If Dunsmuir wants to build railways with
government money he should quit
masquerading as the benificient, self-
denying, public-spirited premier of the
Province of British Columbia. If he
wants to be premier let him quit negotiating for opportunities to build railways on the Siftonian plan. He can'l
successfully Jeckyll and llvde a whole
So far as the Natal Act is concerned, Dunsmuir displays unpardonable weakness when he makes an unsolicited tour to Ottawa to assure M'
Laurier's government that British
Columbia has a right to make her own
laws. Dunsmuir should stand p-*1
until Laurier undertakes to cancel tlu
anti-Mongolian laws. Then it wi" ���*
time for a British Columbia delegation
to go to Ottawa on business.
The government of Manitoba intends purchasing the N >rthern Pacific
railway branches in the prairie province
for five million dollars.    It is said that
Mrs. Carrie Nation has adopted
a new style of temperance lecture i-1
Topeka, Kansas. If she carries it-n"
to a finish she will do more to reform
Kansas than all the platform speakers
in United States. Carrie is practical
it nothing else. THI*: PAYsTRKAK, SANDON, B. C, FEBRUARY 2,
* ^*#*+-T��tr--*���*���+#���# #
E. R. Atherton Co., Ltd.
��� r
1 We are showing a fine line of
���Spring and Hockey Skates. If you
lv ant a good article for a fast game
me have it.   See our lines.
olibap (Boobs.
���+**-^ Embracing^-*-*-
Ml the fine lines of Cutlery such as
Pocket Knives, Carvers in pairs   ,
and cases, Safety Razors, Plated
ives and Forks Spoons Etc.
p. ffiu vns & Co.
Eastern Oysters in Bulk.
Soft Shell Crabs.
%. 3Bpev$ & Co.
All Delicacies of the Season.
Output of the Enterprize for the
Year Just Ended and Prospects
for 1901.
While so much is being written about
Crow's Nest Coal it is interesting to
note that the output for 1900 was 230,-
377 tons of coal. This is a great showing for a new field which has been in
active operation less than two years.
The year 1901 will see the Crow's Nest
Company the largest producer of coal
in British Columbia.
The (irc'it Northern Railway has,
been getting 400 tons of coal a day for
some time from these mines and wants
to double the consumption. The following statement will show the importance to the Great Northern Railway
of a short line to the coal fields, for
which President J. J. Hill will ask for
charter at Ottawa next session:
"The present haulage of this coal to
reach Kalispell, .Montanna, is about
375 miles. In a direct line south from
the Crow's Nest Railway to Kalispell it
is only 110 miles, with a down grade
the entire distance. A line from Kalispell, up the Stillwater and Kootenay
valleys to the coal fields, will save a
haulage of over 265, and as the daily
supply will consist of at least two trains
of 20 cars, the yearly saving over this
route would be enormous."
Voice (through long distance telephone)-- Is this the chief of police al
Chief-*-Yes.    What do you want?
Voice���This is Pecatonica. Say, we
haven't seen anything of Pat Crowe
here. Thought you'd like to know
there's one town in the country where
he hasn't been seen. That's all.
Good by.
Have you got a blomin' cold?
Pass it on:
It's a thing that can't be sold���
Pass it on:
When you've blown   your head near off
Whith your hacking, sneezing cough,
And your mouth begins to froth���
Pass it on.
Mary had a millionaire,
His head was soft as dough,
And everywhere that Mary went
Why he was sure to go.
He followed her to church one day
And then  they had a row,
Arranged by Mary.    Mary lives
On alimony now.
Canada's alien labor law is a first
class fake, nothing in the gold brick
line being a circumstance to it. The
Slocan had a painful illustration of its
workings two years ago, showing how
completely this prohibitive law fails to
prohibit. And now Toronto has a taste
of it. Labor Officer Williams, who
is investigating charges against linns
in that city for alleged importations of
labor from the United States, says the
lawappliesonly to naturalized citizens of
the United States. A number of firms
have imported Hebrews from New
York who were unnaturalized, and
consequently the law does not reach
them.    Wouldn't that rasp you!
The Auditorium
Parties desiring to book Concerts,
Theatrical Performances, Entertainments, etc., etc , are requested to write
or wire to
Thos. Duffy,
Sandon       British Columbia
Duffy's Ochestra can also be engaged
thru the same source. Will furnish
music satisfactory to dancing parties or
travelling companies.
Winter   Carnival
Curling;   Bonspiel
Tuesday to Saturday
12 to
The Program  Includes
Eight Curling Contests,
Under the Auspices  of   the    Kootenay
Curling Association.
For   Senior   and   Junior   and   Ladies
Championships of  British Columbia.
Ski Races     Skating Races
For Provincial  Championship and
for Men and  Boys.
Cutter and Dog Races.
Coasting Contests
13000 ��JHJ�� |3000
Rates of Single   Fare for the
Round Trip on   all
For further Particulars see Posters and
Programs or Address.
Sandon Chop House,
Q. H. MURHARD, Proprietor.
+��.��������������������->->-* �����-��������>������>���>�����<
All  the   Delicacies  of the Season Seroed.
Eoeruthing Hew, Neat, Clean and Tasty.
The Place to get the Best Meal in Sandon.
��verpthing  Goes! I
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them on   our shelves.
Overshoes,   Rubbes,  Gum   Boots,
Felt Shoes.
Cost   Price the  Only   Consideration.
Great Western Shoe
Geo. Creech  - -  Main Street
Repairing a Specialty.
Xthe palace.
Mas all  the  delecacies of the
season on tap.     Its cooks are
artists and its business is run
on business principles.
frank Stack
Dirt-Hot A sell t for The 0 rent
West    Lire Ajiurauoe  Co,
Winnipeg, Man,
(iriiiiiiidlt Mock. Itcco Ave
\(Ji:\r FOB
Norwich Kin- rnsnranoe Co.
Connsutlout Di-nu-ance Co. ol
of Hartford,
.l-'tnii Fire Insurance Compai y
l'lni;iiix, of Hartford, Conn.
Paoific Coast Fire Insurance Co
JunperiaJ Registry Company
Tho Dominion of Canada Guarantee
and aooident insurance Company,
James J. (Soofrep,
Mines, Inoestments and Insurance.
one.    Before him, ranged the length of
fp, 0���*~,  ��� r-T 1 the ice-paved  arena,   are   the   young
_J��� public Pe���K. .I*-* ���*���������>��� U**** ���**   --   "dK, ^ ePer,    pou-
���*...--���**, ���������*, SfeS^^;
ftl attention and approval.   A lusl>,   on tlie hurricane-like
J ^sterin  the family of ^ the   four  *�� rda j       ^ .���
Jhockey chap-    Hchasm,ukh,  a��^^^nd ^ .hcckmates of
^Tce   felt   in   every CanaUian city. Reverse orai ^     The officials have
fce   fell   in   every -wi*.,** --,-.-- The officials have
>d hamlet where   his godfather,   the oppos,  -^ umpires
��F,os>.   rules   with   lordly   ^^f^^ffi Th. fi* na.ned
���fchcie.v lady   turns   from   the ener- Und ,*o   - f l|w
iS.K atmosphere of the hall room and   "laces   ^ ^ ^ ^ batlle
PoH, tea tahle to  the   hockc, rmk, U*.           �����^        ^   rf ^
there .he not   only   views   ^^^.^-^2   music,   and   brilliant
pates in the prince of  pastimes.    Kep-mug follo%v ._, rapkl
Lentatives from all walks and stations   P^<^       ^ ^ w8, lhe players
bfnitoiU the puck from goal to goal,   SUCC**on^       . ^ f
gaiJir renewed   health   and all-round | dart, h.lhc. a ^   ^   ^ u     A
Eat Oranges   and be
We have::*.
In great variety and
abundance at
|r the more  serious
game of life, j steel,   with   the   pue
lither.   on   wings of     ._ .���*'              \
,uck   or after...    MOf"^^ HOfSCS!
.���   the ice, H�� "I***-'   OaUUl-O v
���     ^ **���-���       *!i   FOR HIRE.   *��
____���       ""^^
I have placed a large
stock of men's and
boy's _________________
In my new store and solicit
the patronage of the Sandon
public. Absolute satisfaction
Louis Hupperten
I Main St   �� - Sandon, B. C
************************************ I forward rush   dow.. _^^^^^^^^^_
���_Jon the world's broad nnk. |s  eUlded   and   iherubberd.se
T^e   game  of  hockey   has noty*t Ugg* ^ ^ ^ ring;
1|fXd   it,   majority,    hut  .is ^Kj^g ts her favors  and victory
shhfcy. wa, in high fav.^ ^    ^
^��tf;and his clunns we-v boys together, re*      ^   ^ ^^y^cheer each Saddle    Horses
F-tfMki il   evolved    the   present    popu a, ^     ^ & ^ fr.    ^ Ration rates.
Me,   "the   diamond    cut    trom    the  Other a _^   ^  ^^   6���the^ *
.PAL."      Montreal    was   the nursery          ���   ���          ^   ^ ,.off.s*de"   player.
;;��i"    -hich    hockey   as   an intant   IhkUc                    ^ ^ ^^ rf ���off_
-���'���A*��gv tried his legs.     0.t*wa, alwajs    ^e    ^*.     ^^   .. man   playmg
IfMiowned centre of respectable sport,  s>             ^.-,  um,ard  (he oppon.
'fff��ed the promising  youngster iyilhlh.iw..              ^^   -^  ^..^  msh -s
"  i-^In welcome add he was soon enthu-  en     J_ ���  ���          ^   feUo.v.players   must
.alicalh   established   in   the   fW^^ia.    the   man   with   the
A     Tales of his doings dodged east-   loUo* .   ^   ^    ^^   {
V;^��dand    westward,    and    ere    man-MP       "^ lorWard prsang is allowed   _
msons had pa>-ed the puck was ^l** ���    I                   be stopped on account I
-Esed between   goals   situated   one by | bhouk ^ ^ ^ ^ pu^ must |
��Se   Atlantic   tide   and   tother   by lhe ^^.^ again where, the hist lawful
wave-washed   Pacific strand.                    1       '               ^-       The   puck   nmy   be
, The firs, gaa.es were played in Mont-   p a> ���     ,           ^                  by   ^ hft j
:realin ,SS4.and  in .SS7   the Aniateur   ^PP^^   not   a���owed   the   liberty
Kckey Association of Canada made its       -   I -             ^^ ^ .s .^ |awn tenmS)
^but.     One   need   nol  go tar afield IO   *������'     ��� ^^^   bouls.     The   stick
fete the   fountain    head ol    hockey s   g                     ^.^    ^^   ,he sUouJder
..���^,.popularity.     In    -he   intensity   o f   lhe g                    ^
.   .,    Kterest    it   arouses    and    maintains,   ^J                   sUtes  Uiat ^Vollaring,
',hockey, compared    with    them,  makes |     Anoi .        . ._   ,_
a** . ... I ���__._...      .a   .*w1       I   U.  ���
The Most a>mplete  Health   Resort on
the Continent of North America.
.mi(._t    Scenery   Unrivalled
We have a string of ��� good J *jj^^g   Hot Springs  .
ISS Sanitarium..*SIH
Halcuon Spritifls, Arrow Lake, B. C
m Reliable Stock.
players   must    Rff(,�� Avenm��.
an with the (^*jf>i-_^^^*5X5inri5'ajir^Tir5-inn*nj'^n
thev   are "off-  g J
To the Miners9
Of Sandon and Vicinity.
Terms, -15  to  18 per week,   according
td residence in Hotel or Villas.
Its Baths cure all Nervous and Muscu
lar Diseases.    Its waters heal all
Liver, Kidnev and Stomach
1 m-
Ailments and Metallic   Poisoning.
Telegraphic   Communication   with   al
parts of the World.
Two Mails arrive and depart Every Day
Tlie price of Railway Ticket, for Round Trip
between Sandon and Good for thirty days
and obtainable all year round is t3Ro.
.MUHIIt"     ��� a��a.
_ .       ,  kickinki   tripping,   charging  from be-'
|e old-time gladiatorVsports and tietg?^^   ploaSa,u   but painful
Lting tournaments  look  hke  a coach Wtions muSt   be   debarred       Are-
tilting tournaments   look   i.Ke   a eoi-..- -.
land four trying to pace   a thru express.   aUentiortS must    he   debarred
1. .       .     "     ....       ,, ,,       .   striction is also   placed   on   the   _.
It .s quite as   laslnonable   as   golf, and   ^tr, who, like the   policemen on his
yet it does not   drag  the  spectator andTbeat,   maintains  a   standing   position
player   over   a     whole   country   side,   always.    When   a   foul   occurs behind
Hockey   furnishes  a   much   better  ex-   the goals or the puck goes off the ice it
.,.'     f. ....        ,    ,        ,,    must be "faced oft" at a point five vards
position ot   science, ski     and   strength    ,. _, .    .     .   ,' .     ;   ,.
1 . ,        . .       distant trom and at   right angles lo the
than Rugby, without involving warlike     - -     ������   ���   -.>..!   r,,.,.      \ _rarhe last^
���   �� I      -.-..af.,_
���casualties.    .In short, this   ideal wintei
sport has  all   the  attractions  and   ad-
jiatnui   ������ ***	
side  line or  goal
.,. .-^^^^_^_____Jlme.    A game lasts'
an hour, exclusive sif stops.    If at the
end ofthe hour the   score stands "even
sport has  all   the  attractions  and   ad- Unu ^ ^  a>ntiluIod  bv  nuilual
vantages and few ofthe  disadvantages I   [,rtieim,nl unl*d a goal is scored.
of a line of sports   ranging   from bull-1  __-_������������
baiting to golf.    The game is   popular
for other reasons.    The play is  always
in sight at  comparatively  close range.
The "we are  seven"  count   applies to
the   membership   of   each   team, and
hence   each   man   has    a   chance   to
"shine."    Then, again-and. this is no
feeble   feature- -the   game is  not over- I PJ^flO
burdened with * rules.      They   are few I
and well defined  and   add to the pleasure of the game, as  every move can be
followed with intelligent comprehension
by the interested  spectator and his lady
The first visit to a hockey game converts the  sceptic   and   the world-worn
Heintzman Co
TORONTO, 0    T.
Thos.   Duffy,
SANDON - - B. C.
1 have now in stock for the
winter the finest fabrics made for
suitings and overcoatings.
As in the past, 1 am  determined to lead in Material, Trimmings
and    Workmanship,   and   when
you buy  you   may  as well have
the best  as il costs you no more.
1 am the first Merchant Tailor
in   the   Slocan    and    permancy
should indicate to all that 1 must
be  doing a   ligitimate   business,
ever anxious to please my customers and lo give the best possible
value for their money.
Recently 1 have added a select
stock of Gents' Furnishings and
Miners' Supplies. Workingmen
will appreciate the fact that they
can save money by buying from
me as  shown  by  the  following
The   Murphy    Grant   &   Co.
heavy   California   Overall    with
pattened continuous fly and reinforced by separate piece in crutch
copper   riveted,   watch   and   hip
pockets, heaviest grade material,
$i.oo per pair.    Murphy     Grant
Blouse   $i.oo.  McDonalds  Canadian   Overall,   75c,    The   best
grade California Mission Flannel
in Brown,   Blue and Scarlet  underwear, $4.00 per  suit.    Fleece
lined heavy underwear, $2.00 per
suit.    Heavy  shield   front  California overshirt $3.00 each.
A. Daoid..,
i�� .TheMiners' Tailor
I  ^..iJ.i.^a^lHS>^^^
On all trains from   Revelstoke and
Kootenay Landing.
Pass   Dunmore   Junction   for  St.
Paul on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays.    Toronto on   Mondays  and
Wednesdays.    Montreal  and Boston on Saturdays.    Same cars pass
Revelstoke one day earlier.
For time tables and full  information
call on or  address nearest  local agent.
H. W. Harbour.
J. S. Carter
D. P. A.
Nelson, B. C.
E. J. Coyle,
A. G. P. A.,
Vancouver, Bg 0.
At the regular meeting of the city
council on Monday evening there were
present Mayor Pitts, Aldermen Atherton, Macdonald, Gomm, Hunter and
Minutes of the previous meeting were
read and adopted.
A communication was read from the
engineer of the provincial public works
department acknowledging receipt of
estimate of cost of city hall.
A communication from the city clerk
of Nelson requesting the co-operation
ofthe Sandon city council to impress
on the provincial board of health the
necessity of universal compulsary vaccination.
A letter from W. J. Goepel lo E. M.
Sandilands was read, stating' that a
sum of $159 had been held back as
poll tax from the wages of the men
employed on the construction of the
flume, but that the amount had not
heen turned in to the provincial funds.
As Mr. Sandilands had issued the
receipts on behalf of the city, he requested the council to look into llama tier in order to protect him.
The city clerk was instructed to write
Mr. Sandilands to request Mr. Goepel
lo hold the matter over until the sitting
of the legislature.
It was moved  by  T. B. Folliott and
seconded by   Robt. Macdonald that the
finance   committee    be   instructed   to
make satisfactory  arrangements   with
the Sandon Water  and    Light   Co. for
water and light service.
The following accounts were ordered
paid :
Salaries, Januarv $209.50
H. Byers & Co        4.45
Coal for city hall       8.00
Cable and telegram     11.68
Incandescent lights for city hall    11.55
Labor for drying  hose, etc     28.20
Sleighs for fire department     35*oo
Blacksmithing for fire dep't     26.00
Mrs. McKinnon, rent.'.      20.00
Snowshoveling, Main street....    27.00
Election Expenses     33-90
The police magistrate's report, inclosing $25 fines for Januarv, was received and filed.
Council adjourned.
Will Build Tramtoays in Peru.
(Nelson Miner, February 7.)
B. C. Riblet leaves this morning on
the first stage of his trip to Peru. He
goes east to St. Louis where the tramway plant for the Peruvian mines is
being constructed and will then go to
New York from whence a steamer
sails weekly for the south. At St.
Louis every part of the three tramways
is, constructed^^-lfeven to the squared
timbers for the stations and ore bins.
The parts are fitted together, then taken
apart and packed for shipment By
8 this means Mr. Riblet does not require
to denend on tj-gfejunskilled labor available in Pnp i^fphy ofthe work beyond
that of tne ordinary labor of putting
the parts together. He expects to be
absent about ten weeks but his trip
may take longer.
Is the Leading* Paper of the
Famous Slocan.
Assessment two Plunks.
Specimens shipped on suspicion.
Circulation limited to one
million. ��
Catch on while you have
the chance.
Scindon   Bottling
Manufacturers of
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
CODY AVENUE       -       .SANDON.
Its wines liquors and igars
are unexcelled this far north.
Don't forget the number.
Richard   Orando.
jfc -& &
���fT       -^     /ff
Whv    let    the    frosty
* zephyrs of January   play
havoc  with   your   health
when  you   can  buy nice
t> warm
* catch cold?
Cheaper   than   you   can
Tf*    T-^ ^r
* ft
I Thos. Brown,!
Main St., Sandon,
Franco-American Soups
Frankfurter Sausage
Russian Cavier
Eels in Jelly
Buyles Boneless Herring
Rock Bass
Smoked Sturgeon
Boston Brown Bread
Sweet Potatoes
All in cans, besides the largest variety of clean and
fresh staple and fancy groceries to be found in the Koote.
nays. If you can't get what you want elsewhere, getil
���falland SSros.
Hay,   Grain,   Flour,
Fruit and Vegetables
if      p    %    ^    %    if
No order too large and   none   too small.    Our  prices are
as low as honesty will permit.
Codp Mvenue.
Red Cross
Drug Store
Stop that Cough
By using DONALDSON  COUGH SYRUP.    We use iw
opiates  in compounding our Cough   Medicine and guarantee it to give satisfaction.
Donaldson's Rheumatic Cure.
Every one  who has used it   speaks of il in   terms of the
highest praise.
Resorcine Hair Tonic.
ITS ALL RIGHT,    Cmvs  Dandruff and Scalp Disease,
gives the hair a chance.
Barney's Liniment
Fur Rheumatism, Sprains, Bruises, Swellings, none bettei
Fred J. Donaldson,   Druggist and Chemist
Rossland Engineer's WorksCunliffe & *_C_M
O ��l nw       Founders and Mac
Specialty ofOie ('ar, Ore Bin Door, an.* -tfeneral   mining n---rl.i-i-.rv.   Second   H.""'
��� Ty n J''^.1 p' ^nfl*E8-t.cl^c_,nd,.tJon' Gn������lS Horizontal Sliil,- Valve Kngiw
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used.   One FnKt-rsoll-Saw,',,. mid Rand Rook Drills. l.-'nVl or njhlv overall ed ami ��'��'>j
part�� replace^.  One No 8 Knowles K- pump, in lirst.,-1,m_ Xlltion    One Gcmldx Haw'
Force Bump, ftoping Bar*. Blacksmith'.! BeUow��. Wale .thi" add for other list- -*-*1-"-'
tiHforarultlistl.eforeyoul,u.v.   \Ve may have just whit. "o,, ",,   t
Agents for Northey Pumps���Stock Carried,
y*000000000000000tf0Pn,�����  p 0, Box 198,, Third Ave., Rossland


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