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The Paystreak Sep 29, 1900

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Array f
mm*-,   ,t..^m/.t~t.<
j p.  Howarth  is -spending a   few
jays in Nelson,     a
Henry Tattrifl and wife .arrived from
tlu- etui on
p L Christie and family are moving
���lllU,'their Sunnyside residence.
Mr. nnd Mr*. J- A. Whittier visited
the Halcyon SpHngi tliis week.
Miss Christie of California is visiting
vith her brother P. L. Christie.
\\-m Copeland returned to Sandon
0I1 Monday. He spent the summer al
C M. Wilson is installing a water
wluvl to drive the crusher in his assay
The membership of the Sandon
Miners' Union is now close to six
The C P. R has commenced the
cowtruction of a switch to the Minne-
tota mill.
W P. Anderson,   travelling passen-
pr agent for. the C. P. K. was in town
Thecouncil meeting called for last
rigta tailed   to   materialize,   as there
im 00 quorum,
Wm. Karr returned yesterday from a
trip to his mineral properties in the
Lemon (.'reek district.
F. H. Lant/. and C P. Rafuse came
tn from ihe Lost Mountain mines in the
Ltrdo country yesterday.
Sidney Norman left on Monday for
Spokane. He will visit the east be-
lore returning to the Slocan.
Present indication- are that the city
hall and jail will be located between the
two churches, on Main street.
li. M. Sandilands will build an office
building ort the siie he now occupies.
Work will be commenced next week.
Mrs. J. A. Fisher, of Slocan. spent a
few davs in Sandon this week visiting
lier brothers James and Win. Howarth.
Wm. Watrnslev and family are occu-
Wtng Unas. McLaughlin's house during Mrs. McLaughlin's absence in the
The Miners' Union hall is commencing to assume business-like proportions.
It will he one of the finest buildings in
the city.
Owners of slot machines will be ask-
lo cough up a five dollar license next
month for the benefit of the city exchequer,
Mr. Thomas McNaught of Halcyon
Hot Springs has been appointed a
j istice of the peace for the counties 01
Kootenay and Yale.
Walter Adams visited the Trout Uke
country last week tO look over the
Metropolitan group of claims oh winch
S big strike was made recently.
George Mitchell, a Kaslo man who
Wiled a man for four dollars about a
month ago, got two years in the penitentiary at the Kaslo assizes this week.
The Kootenay mineral exhibit at the
Spokane fair will   occupy   800   leet >
A-H).- space in the big tent.    Slocan h s
been awarded the choicest location ai u
a half a ton of specimens has been ship-
in billing;    Efforts are  being made to
get the samples thru on time.
Or. A. Milloy will  he  i��� ,own a.r.im
next week to   ply   bis  vocation.    The
-octor should locale in  Sandon  again
I here should be a  sufficient practice in
this town to keep a dentist busy.
There was an early-closing movement
inaugurated among local merchants
this week which did not meet with
complete success. Several storekeepers
do not care to close at 7 o'clock.
Fred Starkey of Nelson, agent for
the Parsons' Produce companv was in
town Wednesday. Mr. Starkey is
���aomewhat of a politician and he "sees
plainly where a conservative could be
elected in Kootenay.
The fire brigade apparatus has arrived from Toronto and will be unloaded today. It consists of tw carts, one
thousand feet of hose, nozzels, buckets,
etc. Another elfort to form a lire brigade will be made in the near future.
The police court did very little business this week. Two cases came up,
sme a slight family difficulty with sensation trimmings and the other a plain
case of chicken stealing. Neither got
10 the point where law is administered.
From September 30th to October 14,
ihe Kaslo & Slocan will sell return
tickets to the Spokane fair at $13.15.
These tickets will be . good for nine
days, except such as are sold after Oct.
11th. which will be limited to the 171I1.
The fare from McGuigan is $12.75 '"���"���J
rom Whitewater $12.40.
Dr. Charles Graef who was formerly
house surgeon in the Toronto general
hospital and has recently relumed from
a year's post graduate course in Kurope
is now in charge of the sanitarium at
Halcyon Hot Springs as resideni
medical officer* Dr. Graef was a
medalist of the class of 1895 at Toronto
The New Denver people on getting
a little uneasy about the Silver Mountain wagon road, for which an appropriation was made al the recent session
sif the legislature. Unless work is
commenced in the immediate future it
will be impossible to do the job this
The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian
church met and reorganized last week,
Mrs. Thomas Sharp being elected
president. In spite of the loss of those
members who removed from Sandon
after the tire the aid is in a very floursh-
ing condition both financial! and also
so far as members are concerned.
Arthur Caviiley,  who has   been engaged on the construction of the Highland concentrator at Ainsworth recently,
visited Sandon   on  Thursday   prior to
leaving for  Bruce   Mines,   Out., where
he will help Tom   Mitchell   in the construction of  a   750-ton   mill, which is
being built there by a mining company.
"Pretty Dick"  Lovah, chef, culinary-
artist and all-round kitchen  mechanic,
returned on Wednesday from the Boundary country where he has been located
for nearly a vear.    Since  leaving Sandon Dick has   assumed   the   responsibilities of a  benedict.    He  will  bring
his wife and child to   Sandon   as soon
he can find a location.
ped from Sandon, but these are held at      J. C. Williams returned" "to*' Sandon
Five Mile point on account  of an error j last   Sunday.      Durin,'   the ..last   six
months he has visited mining cam-fl*** in
Washington, Oregon, Alaska .and
Northern British Columbia? He speaks
very well of the possibilities, of -jqUHiazj
mining in the Atlin country, and in-*|
tends to visit that country again next
The Spokesman-Review says:    B. C.
. Riblet of Nelson was in town yesterday.
\ He is one of the busiest nveiKitt-BirUish
Columbia. Besides having contracts
to fulfill for the Nelson City Council
and for mines around Sandon heis: now
buildintf a special ore car  for the  Nel-
***-. .***.. , I
son-Poorman  mine.   The* capacity ofJ
the car will be several tons, and it will
b. so constructed that handling will be
,easy.    The  St. Eugene  mine in  East
Kootenay  has also  ordered, a tool, and
timber tram from Mr.   Riblet.    By"the
use of this car the St.   Eugene can do
away with  a  number of blacksmiths'
shops and concentrate   all   the. blacksmiths at one central point, from which
the cars will deliver drills rapidly to all
sections.    The air which  supplies the
forges will also operate the tramway.
The ore. shipments for the week ending 28th were, from Sandon over the
K! &. S. : Last Chance 97, Payne 64,
Star 60,   Trade, Dollar   29, Ruth 13.
Over the C P. R. : Payne 206, Sovereign 20.
The Whitewater shipments for the
week were, Whitewater 251 tons.
Wanted in Dakota.
R. P.
���   m.  __   a--'-
Roblin toill be   Premier
On information received from Sheriff
W. J. Carrol of Minot, North Dakota,
Donald McGlashan was arrested on
Thursday and is now awaiting the
arrival of an official from that State to
escort him across the line.
. McGlashan's offense was  against an
express company, of which he was an
express com pan A, of which he was an
employee.    His   accounts   were  short
and   he   left Dakota suddenly.     This
was  about three years ago, and since
that  the surety  company has been on
his  trail.    He  has been a resident of
Sandon  for some time, but was only
recently   located   by   the   authorities.
McGlashan   claims  that   his  downfall
was due to his friends.    That he trusted   goods out   without   receiving the
money and  there  was a shortage iu
Winnipeg, Sept. 26���R. P. Roblin,
member for Woodland has been decided
ori by the conservative caucus ttrsucceed Hugh John Macdonald as premier
of Manitoba,
 �����      ,'    ���
The Minnesota Mill.    <
The Minnesota concentractor will
be ready to commence grinding by
the 15th of next month, providing
there is no delay in receiving the machinery. The flume is now nearly
completed, the work on the tramway is
about completed, and the machinery in
the mill will be ready on time. The
construction of the Minnesota mill is
the most rapid work of the kind that
has ever been done in the Slocan. ���
The American Boi*.
��� The dining room building at the
[American Boy has been completed and
there are accommodations for a much
larger force of men at that property.
The road to the tension station of the
Last Chance tram will be completed in
a day or two, when heavier shipments
will be the order. New ore houses are
to be buill and other improvements
made at the mine. The payroll will be
increased to forty men.
For a Skating Rink.
A meeting was held in Williamson's
cigar store last Monday-evening'* to consider the possibility of having a skating
rink in Sandon this winter.
Quite a number of curlers and hockey
players were present, and the proposition was started off hy, appointing a
committee of five to ipterview property
owners and obtain information about
the prohable cost and desirability of
whatever sites could lie found. The
committee found that there are three
sites available. The first consists of
five lots sin Colonel Brayton's townsite
below the present curling rink. The
second is the space between the power
house and the city lockup, an area of
five lots, in all 80 x 150 feet. The
third is up Cody avenue, four lots of
Lawrence Doolan's, one of Chas. McLaughlin's and one Of Mr." Emeus';
The figures at which these 'properties
can be acquired have not:*8yet been received by the committee;-*-*and "Until the
figures are obtained it cannot be stated
definitely whether Sandon will have a
rink this winter or nol.
McGuigan News.
The ore shipments from here during
September were:,   Rambler,   15710ns.
Mr. Haller of the K. & S. hotel here
received the news of the death, at
Greenwood B. C., of Mrs. Hoover,
formerly Mrs. Peters of this place.
Mrs. Haller, sister of deceased Was
with her at the time of her death having been telegraphed for some days
The contractors have finished their
contract at the Antoine mine, and the
company have now taken charge,
There are about a dozen men at the
 , j m.  '   .
Once there was a millionaire.
His friends said: " What good is
your money to you if you' are not in
politics ?" '        " " '
So be went into politics.
In a short lime he was politician, but
he was not a millionaire.
Then when he wished to run for
office they hooted:
"Why do you want to mix in politics
when you have no money?"
Moral : Huh? ' '   '
 ,        " v 	
The bear has met a sad fate. After
spending all summer alongside the
Mining Review tent it has at last been
poisoned. A post mortem should be
held to see if it didn't accidently swallow one of Mr. Cliffe's editorials. , THE PAYSTItEAK, SANDON, B. C, SEPTEMBER 29, 1900.
33 ���c aa:
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The New Orleans Picayune, in a recent iU^ubf }6'6ks'at it lilce this: "The
freeing of the West Indian negroes and
of the Russian serfs were the acts of
statesmanship and philanthropy conjoined. The freed people were benefitted and the masters were not robbed
or wronged. The object sought in
freeing the negro slaves in the United
States was to humiliate and oppress
and crush the white people of the
Southern States. It was attempted not
only by plundering them of their property, bat also by disfranchising the
whites and depriving them of citizenship, while those who had been their
slaves were placed in power and authority over them.
������But while every inconceivable indignity and wrong was being perpetrated upon the white people of the
United States, the perpetrators were
unwittingly preparing for the white
peopl.i of the Northern States untold
troubles and misfortunes, which, while
thev were for some time held in obey-
ance, have now begun to plague those
who it was never intended should he
"Those troubles come in the form of
disturbances to the labor system of the
Northern States. It has been found
that theSouthern negro can underwork
the Northern whites. There are many
departments of labor in which the
Southern negro is extremely efficient.
He can render in them as satisfactory
service as can the whites, and he can
and will work cheaper. The urgency
of business competition will force the
producer to use every possible economy
to put his product on the market to the
greatest advantage, and, in applying
the most available means of economiz
labor will always have to bear
moVe or less of the burden.
"Then there is another advantage in
the negro. He cares but little for organizations that deprive him of his
individual liberty. Trades union associations meet but little encouragement from him. Thus it is that the
negro laborer is going to become a
most formidable factor in the labor problem of the United States. In fact, the
"Race Question" U not only a political
and social problem, but a labor question
"It may be claimed that the labor of
the negroes will always be needed in
the South. There will be negroes in
the Southern States for long years to
come, but there will be some millions
also to send North to meet the demands
for their labor there. The meet the
demand, already hundreds of thousands
of Italians and Slavs have been brought
across the ocean to underwork the other
white laborers, but they soon learn the
advantages of organization, and they
soon stand for the same wages and
terms as were demanded by the men
they were intended to supersede. Now
the negro will be wanted to take the
place of the Italian and the Croat, and
no prejudice of color or caste can prevent it. Capital has neither prejudice
nor sentiment.
"Moreover, when the Southern plantations shall be laid waste hy the free
importation of sugar and rice from the
new United States territories in the
Caribbean and Indian Archipelagoes,
the negroes Will be forced to desert the
South in a body, and they will go North,
where employment will await them
"Then there is tho native populations
of those East Indian and West Indian
territories of the United States. Thev
will 'flock hither to escape from the
escape from the pauper wages which
prevail in their own countries, and,
being citizens, they will have the right
to come. Men who are accustomed to
work for a dime a day will here be able
to earn a dollar. With such a prospect,
they will come by the million as soon as
thev have the means. But few years
will elapse befoie every steamer from
the Indian seas and from Hawaii, and
from the West Indies, will be brinjnnjr
"Thus it is that the Race Question
becomes a labor question. That is one
of the phases of the problem that has
been but little heretofore considered."
It is becoming less and less possible
for the man who puts his faith in
scientific methods of ascertaining truth,
and is accustomed to have that faith
justified by daily experience, to be con
sciously false to his principle in any
matter. But the number of such men,
driven into the use of scientific method*
of inquiry and taught to trust them, by
their education, their daily professional
and business needs, is increasing and
will continually increase. The phraseology of supernatural ism may remain
on men's lips, hut in practice they are
naturalists. The magistrate who listens
with devout attention to the precept,
"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live,''
on Sunday, on Monday dismisses, as
intrinsically absurd, a charge of bewitching a cow brought against an old
woman. The superintendent of a
lunatic asylum who substituted exorcism
for rational model of treatment would
have but a short tenure of office Even
parish clerks doubt the utility of
prayers for rain, so long as the wind i-*
in the east, and an outbreak of pestilence sends men, not to the churches,
but to the drains. In spite of prayers
for the success of our arms and "Te
Deums" for victory, our real faith is in
big battalions and keeping our powder
dry; in knowledge of the science of warfare; in energy, courage and discipline.
In these, as in all other practical affairs,
we act on the aphorism "Laborare est
orare"; we admit that Intelligent work
is the. only acceptable worship, and
that, whether there is a Bupernature or
not, our business is with nature.���Huxley.
Notary Public
Sandon,       -       .      B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor Notary
Public, Etc.
SANDON,       -      .      R C.
J. W. Balmain
P. 0. Box 170.
Sandon, B. C
Engineer and Provincial
Land Surveyor.
God's Messenger.
, .1 hv the open window
���fSe shadows began to fall,
Bering ^ this world of ours
Was worth the living at all ;
twins -*1 scc if the P,casurcs
O'erbalanced, In any way,
The win, the sorrow, and heartache
That come to us every day.
I ttt till the stars came peeping
prom their hiding place in the sky,
And I wished I bad wings just then
Xo another world to fly.
,\IH11 bird sang out in the darkness,
So near that 1 felt afraid ;
It teemed like a loud voice saying,
������All things by God were made."
If never a weed existed,
Would we love so dearly the flowers?
\ih1 say, should we   value the sunshine
Had we never been under the showers ?
And so. if we had no sorrow,
Could we know   when   our   joys  to
prize ?
|fwe never had tasted the bitter.
The su eel could we recognize ?
Inhere were no deeds of kindness,
If there were no acts of love,
Should WC  know   what   was meant by
When we speak of the world above ?
TilSsilent again in the darkness,
And the bird bad flown to its nest,
Bu another penitent heart was made
Before it h.id gone to rest.
^_V!^^^!^!^!^_.!4_.!4_.��AAV M* MA M* M* M* M* M* M* tit <fLm*tm��m��lm��lm��lmm^^^
I The Hunter-Kendrick Co. 1
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iThe Hunter-Kendrick Co.!
Laurier Tetaing an Unfair Adcentaax
of His Political Cotemporaries.
In Wilfrid Laurier's Montreal Speech
iurunspired that the liberal government is acting in cohoots with Providence to distribute good crops, prosperity and oilier gills sif nature anions
ihe Canadian people, Hi** disclosure
0 the little game was as lOllows: |
"The  most   striking  teature ot the j
present  political   situation   is  the  immense progress that  has taken place in
the last  few   years  under   the  liberal
government,    it is the   impetus that
has been  given   to  business, and the
wonder ul activity  that   has been displayed  in  every   form   0   commercial
enterprise.    It 'is  the   prosperity  that
has reigned throughout  the country.
That   prosperity  is  admitted   by   our
enemies, the  Bleus 01 the province 01
Quebec,  and tbe  Tories of ot the province Ol Ontario  and of the   maritime
provinces, by conservatives ol all colors
and shades of colors.    That prosperity
they admit; thev cannot deny it) tbey
have not come to tbe  point ol denying
a thing  which  everybody is aware  01
Hie existence.    But the  go tar.     1 hey
do not deny tbe   prosperity, that WOU d
be useless',  but   thev  say  you should
reuse us your   support   because  mat
prosperity  is tbe   work of Provindence.
"Providence is a strong word in the
mouth of a conservative, especially at
elleciion time, when these gentleman
are in the habit of trusting SO little to
Providences but 1 do not deny their
assertion. We owe much to I rovi-
dence, and 1 hope we are not wanting
in gratitude, and 1 bless Providence
that it has been on our side. Alter all,
Providence has used us as its instruments to distribute its most precious
gifts among the people of Canada.
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%l)e papstreak.
Publiuh-sd Every Saturday in the heart of the Richest White Metal Camp on Earth.
Subscription   -   -   -   -   $2.00 a year.
Strictly in advance.
William MacAdams, Publisher and Proprietor.
From the industrious and persistent manner in which
the conservative press is booming Hugh John as "the man
who keeps his word," the worthy son of his father must be
a lonely member of his party.
By a majority of 38 to 22 the Dominion Trades and
Labor Congress, recently in session at Ottawa, passed a
resolution favoring independent political action. The
effect of this decision by representatives of labor from all
parts of Canada will be felt at the forthcoming election.
The Court of Revision for the Slocan electoral
district will be held in Kaslo on November 5th. All new
names must be entered fourteen clear days before the date
of the Court, which makes October 20th the last day on
which applicants can have their names incorporated in
the new list. Forms of application can be obtained at this
office and from the collector of voters, Kaslo, and all
applications should be addressed to him. Any who have
not already had their names placed on the voters' list
should do so immediately.
During a recent trial in Vancouver of Japs who were
charged with falsely swearing to three years' residence, a
sligh sensation was developed. It appears that the prisoners, or presumably hundreds of other Japs, were not
required to take the oath of residence at all, but immediately on arriving here from Japan were handed naturalization papers by Japanese labor contractors, duly made out in
their names, so that they could secure fishing licenses at
once. Tiiere is a wholesale farce connected with the administration of the naturalization laws in Vancouver.
Wilfred Laurier has appointed a commission to
examine into and report upon Asiatic labor and immigration. Coming so close to election time, Wilfred's work is
a trifle crude. Tne Laurier government has had the
manipulation of the dominion legislative machinery for four
years and during that time has done practically nothing to
prohibit the immigration of Asiatics. By appointing a
commission of inquiry, the government leaders practically
say "we do not know wltat the people want." If Laurier
and his government cannot find out what tlie people of
British Columbia want without appointing some kind of a
fake commission to go thru the motions of making an investigation, then that government is in nowise in touch
with the people, and it should be replaced by men who are.
The big strike in the anthracite region in Pennsylvania is assuming national importance. Over one hundred
thounsand mine workers are idle, the mines have nearly
all been closed down, the militia has been called out and
the Lehigh turned into an armed camp. On the outside
coal is rapidly advancing in price, industrial conditions are
badly disturbed, and thousands are being thrown out of
employment and compelled to suffer hardship thru a quarrel
to which they are no party.
In the meantime Mark   Hanna and  his protege, Wm
jnley, are   parading   the   country  on   the prosperity
plan, telling the people of the great and glorious United
States of monopoly that a full dinner pail and a privilege to
exist are the great' blessings that can be secured by re.
electing the republican party and declaring for a continuation of the present industrial system. There is a missed
hole in Mark's logic somewhere. If the present trouble in
Pennsylvania is an exemplification of the prosperity thai
goes with the industrial system which Mark champions,
then the full dinner pail line of argument is merely stereo.
typed sarcasm. If the present industrial system is con.
ducive to prosperity it seems a trifle strange that seven
thousand boys, from eight to fifteen years of age, should
be condemned to a boyhood of drudgery in the deep black
hell of Pennsylvania's coal pits. It seems a trifle strange
that one hundred and fifty thousand men should he com.
pelled to toil and sweat thru a life of misery and squalor
for an average wage of 90 cents a day. And it seems
strange that when these men demand a little larger share
of the necessaries of life that their demands should be met
with the bayonet.
It will be a long time yet before the people of the
United States remedy the injustice which leads to such
circumstances as exist in Pennslyvania, but so long as
these circumstancesydoexist there will be men like Hanna
and McKinley to defend the system, and men like Croker
and Bryan to make capital out of its iniquities.
A Labor convention will be held in Nelson on Wednesday, October 3rd, for the purpose of deciding whether
or not a labor candidate shall be nominated to contest the
constituency of Yale-Cariboo-Kootenay. Trades and labor
councils, labor unions, socialist clubs and political reform
societies from all parts of the riding will send representatives, and the voice of the convention should fairly indicate
the sentiments of labor and independents in this riding.
If this convention decides to nominate a candidate it will
be because the delegates present are satisfied that a labor
candidate will win. The labor party does not intend to
throw itself off on a hopeless struggle, and unless the convention finds reason to believe that a labor man can be
elected no nomination will be made.
When the Sandon city council took office last January
it was with the mutual understanding that the members
would resign as soon as the special act was passed making
more citizens eligible for the offices of mayor and aldermen.
Owing to the breaking up of the Semi in government the
desired legislation was delayed several months. Since the
Dunsmuir government came into power there have been
further delays, and it is now found that an election could
not be held until a few weeks before the regular election.
In consequence the aldermen have decided to hold office
until the expiration of their term.
During the last few months, on account of this unsettled state of affairs, municipal matters have been administered in a lax manner. It is now the duty oi the city
council to reorganize those departments with which the
citizens express dis-satisfaction. There is something off-
color about the police department and the city team has
become a municipal burlesque. The city council should
fix these matters up immediately.
Owing to the peculiar set of circumstances under
which the city council has held office in the past Thk Paystreak has refrained from pointing out certain municipal
matters that would not otherwise have passed un-noticed..
We make no promise to persue a similar policy in the
t\ 3Bper$ & Companv,
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very large bssoinment
of heating' and cook
stoves for wood and
coal including* Globe,
Queen and Air Tight
Heaters. Kindly call
and inspect our lines.
Boots and $l)oe$.
We Have Just Received a Large
Stock of Fine Shoes.
See the Display in our Window.
All Styles, Grades, Qualities
and Prices.
Try our Union Made Overalls.
macdonald & moss,
The   filbert  Cafe
HOC AN & REESE, Proprietor.
m -THE-- I
-'& -DRUG STORE- %
jfc Everything  New  and  First Class.
���SI DruKS.Chemicles, Perfumeries, Toilet    W
sB Articles       Stationery.     Prescriptions    $A
W impounded at any hour of the day or    ^
$_���? night,
9i mainVtreet                     SANDON. B.C.
All  the   Delicacies  of the Season Screed.
Open Day and Night.
Eoeruth-ng New, Neat, Clean and Tasty.
Tl e Place to get the Best Meal in Sandon.
At The New Store.
We have a full line of Fresh
Okanagan and Walla Walla
Fruits. Harvest Apples and
Bartlett Pears, Peaches and
Plums. California Tokay
Grapes. Ganongs Famous
Choelates. R. Smith's and
Perrin's Candies.
Ma Ma Ma M* M* Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma
Jas. Williamson.
A Large Amount of Business Done
at Monday's Meeting. Will be
no Election this Year.
There was a council meeting on
Monday evening at which an unusual
amount of husiness was done. Tlie
members present were, acting mayor
BucUley. aldermen Crawford, Hunter,
Atherton and Mucdonold.
A communication from the atlomey-
general was read, staling that the hat
for tlie city election could not be issued
nmtiltthe lieutenant-governor returned
to-* Victoria, Which would probably be a
mttttof of a week or more. This com-
muniCUiion invoked a discussion on the
advisability of holding an election between llii.' date at which the fiat could
be secured and the regular election,
which takes place early in Januarv. It
was shown that by the time the Hat
was issued and the due notice of election
was jifiven lhat there would then be
only about 30 days, or at most not over
six weeks between that and the regular
election. Considering* the inconvenience
and expense attached to an extra
election, the council considered that it
would be inadvisable to hold one before the regular date. In consequence
of this decision the city clerk was instructed to write the attorney-general
requesting him to with-hold action in
the matter until further notice. The
aldermen will also withdraw their resignations, which were handed in on
September 7th.
Communications regarding the $5000
grant from the provincial government
were read. The provincial auditor
stated that certain stipulations went
with the grant and that the commissioner of lands and works would be in
Sandon in a few days to make arrangements with regard to these. The stipulations mentioned are understood to
relate to the government offices which
are to be provided in the city hall. In
discussing this matter it was decided
that the council should take immediate
action to secure a site for the city hall,
so that when Mr. Wells, the commissioner, came in he could be given an
opportunity to approve or dis-approve
of the same. For this purpose acting-
mayor Buckley appointed the aldermen
present a committee to enquire into the
matter of a site and be ready to report
at a special meeting of the council
which will be called when Ihe commissioner arrives.
A communication was also read from
E. L Bond, Montreal, acknowledging
receipt of interest on coupons which
were destroyed in the Sandon fire.
A communication from R. J. Lovell
of Toronto regarding a stationery account of some $67 against the city, an J
another missive trom the New Westminster fair management inviting Ihe
council to take ui the celebration, were
read and disposed of in the usual manner.
The matter of fire apparatus was
next brot up. The Gutta Percha &
Rubber Co. in Toronto has had mi
order for some fourteen hundred worth
of fire apparatus since a few days before Ihe fire but up to date, so far as
the council had been able to discover,
the apparatus has not been shipped.
The city clerk was instructed to wire
the company and ask them to give an
account of themselves without delay.
The matter of water protection was
also considered. The Sandon Water
& Light Co was to have had the fire
plugs in working order at a date
previous to the present, but so far the
necessary repairs had not been made.
It was explained by alderman Hunter
that the connections  required  lo make
the repairs had not been received,
altho the orders had been placed some
lime ago. In consideration of this
circumstance the council decided to defer action in the matter.
The city clerk was instructed to write
property owners who have not paid
their taxes to the city that unless
prompt settlements were made action
would be taken by the citv solicitor to
recover the same. It is the intention of
the council to press the payment ol all
delinquent taxes, as the amount in
arrears now totals several thousand
The advisability of introducing a
peddler.s' and hawkers' license law
similar to that in vogue in Nelson was
mentioned by acting mayor Buckley.
He pointed out that there were many
peddlers working in and about Sandon
in direct competition with the local
merchants, who did not pay ;t fair
share of the city's taxes and he believed
that the Nelson law which provides for
a $250 license should be introduced.
No action was taken in the matter.
The city team was also a m;itter of
considerable discussion. This branch
of the city's business has been costing
the corporation on an average about
a hundred dollars a month over receipts
and the city has not derived an adequate
benefit therefrom, while private parties
have had considerable of the team's
services gratis. This practice alderman Crawford considered scaudalous,
and he suggested that Mr. Nye, who
is in charge of that department, be
asked to do the city scavenging for the
use of the team. This proposition will
be made to Mr. Nye.
Having transacted this much business, the council adjorned until Friday
Go to ;������ aedonnld & Ross for your
Patronize tlie  Sandon Hand
La indry.
8 rvie .
With Improved Connecting
S.rvict*    to  and  from   the
Jvootenay Country
First-class Sleepers on
all   trains   to  and    from
Tourist Cars passM dicine
Hat daily for St. Paul,
Saturdays for Boston,
Mondays and Thursdays
for Toronto. Saniei ears
pass Revelstoke one day
Except To  and   irom Except
Sunday 11M point. Sunday
13:35 lv.    SANDON    arr 13:10
For Rates, Tickets and
Full Information apply to
J. R. Crudge,
Agent. Sandon.
E. J. Coyle,        W. F. Anderson.
A. G. P. A., T. P. A.
Vancouver, B. C.      Nelson, B. C.
Hit ihe  Iron Trail For
Neto Denoer
On Saturday
Where, on the Placid Bosom of
the Cool, Salubrious Lake, or
in the Fragrant Recesses of the
Primeval Forests, Vou may
Spend the Sabbath in Sweet
Communion with Nature.
Vou will find all the Comforts
of a Home at the
Newmarket Hotel.
If you care for Fishing \ ..u can
Secure Boats, Fishing Tackle,
etc., from the Management.
Guides who will Pilot you to
the Best Fishing Grounds always on Hand. Bait in Flasks,
Bottles or Kegs furnished at
Regulation Rates by the Proprietor.
Henry Stege.
In the Tent
The Filbert Hotel
The Denver.
Cody Ave. Sandon
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hotel
The Most Complete   Health   Resort on
the Continent of North America.
���Situated    'mid,*    Sceiiery   Unrivalled   for
Halcyon Hot Springs
E��;��� Sanitarium. A
u-a.1_r_-.0-_ |U|1| ^ur,(,
Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B. C.
Terms, U to ih per wt.ek, aooording
to residence In Hotel or Villa..
Its Baths cure all Nervous and Muscular Diseases.     Its waters heal all
Liver, Kidney and Slomach
Telegraphic   Communication   with   all
parlsof the World.
Two Mails arrive and depart Every Day.
Tlie price of Ititilwny Ticket for llouud Trip
between Sandon und Good for thirty day.
and obtainable all year round la 18.86.
Transfer of Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby Riven that-in,!.,    ,
date, hereof   I will apply V0    ^h i Vs fr,,n'
mi_.ion.jr_ of th. city of *&,  $���' ���"'���"���''"">���
���ion to transfer the 1 cense held hi rM^
hoi., Klondike Hotel to the finder.^   n��
Sandon, B C.,Sept. 15th.
Certiflcate    of    Improvements,
itnute in the Hlooan Itinlng DivUinn of w��
looatedi   On
i ere
Kootenay district
Reco Mountain
XAKK NOTU:K that ., Arthur S Far**,
... ai '',*�����   ��? .HKel.t   lor John   M    ||���rr
Free Miner.,' Certificate No SSiM Intend   i\-
day.Irom date here..;. t��� apply ro the tf-J^J
Reorder  for a (ertitlcate ol [mprov"n,_.._
li.rthe pnrpoMol obtaining a Crown (in,,
of the above claim
And further take notice lhat  ftotton nnA���
���action :i" mtwt he commenced hefore the Umi
anceofauoh Certificate of Improvement,.''
Dated  thi.a TwentyFir,t ,|uv ol July, lw,
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining division of Wet
Kootena.   1 d.triot     Where located; On
Payne Mountain
TAKK NOTICK that I. M. R, W Rathborni
Free Miner'.i Lioen-M No, BShh87.aa agent foi
iny.aell and lor Kr.-I Steele, Free Miner.
Licence No. **7i*8j, and lor H B Alexander
Fn-e Miner'-a Licence No. BSIMMI, intend, titty
day-J Irom .late henol, to apply to the Mil u-t
Reoorder lor n Certificate oi Improvement--,
lor the purpose of obtaining a Crown Omni
Ol the above ciaiin.
Ami li.rthei take notii e that action,ni der
���eotioa ������'<   inu.t  in oommeuoad beion the
i_��uance of .vch Cei tificat-u ol Lmpioruntiit.
bated this Pir.t day til Auuu.t, A D..juu
NOTICE I. hereby  n\e*j that thirty day*
altei iu*. l ii.'*-1.��� I to apply to th.- Chiei Com1
niivtliii er <ii  Lend* .. i. ��� t   Vvork. for K   i- ud
in ei. !��� ln.i.t   aii I  .any   a\va;.    tinner Itotn
the loUuwing deaunl'wl  lai d.��s Coninenciug
atapoat marked "Wilson  Hilt', north *��e��t
come .' .iti.a'il iu*..' the  hea I  ol  Summit
lake, theiioe north Light,   ohaii .. tbetct-t-a��t
one hundred at d twenty   haii .. thence ouih
i-iiciity chain ��� thence *���-��� .1  uue bundle I and
twenty chain j t    .t.   -,   r point, containing
one "hi'ii -aii.l in it-... 1110  i   01  ll - ���
New Lenver, B. ('. >�����;���
Certificat a    ��.i     I m pro vera nt*.
Situate in fhe Sioean Mil ll-g I'lViaioit U   VVenl
Kootenay Di-itriot    VVher<   located: On
Keco Mountain
TAKE NOTICE thai I. Arthur s. Far-
Weil, act in ,- a > a ci oi Fu 'I T r '"��� '.*��
Kree Miner. Certificate .No ����-*'. n'*���' ���
��� ixty i.ivalrom date hereunto ��pph to tha
Minim. Recorder lor a ( rtiilcate oi Improve-
mint., or tin-p..ipo eo obtaining a Oiuwn
(Irant  ol   the  al 0\ .- U.��< in.
Ami lurtber take notice thai notion,under
���ectdou '.n. inu.t 'i Commenced heioie tlie
i_tUai.ce ol niioh Certificate o   Improvi menu.
Dated tiii, twentv'-lirat day of July. ';,Kl
Certificate    of    Improvements.
TioN. soi'TII STAR and CENTRE sffAR
Situate in the Arrow La' e Mining !�����> '���*'"" "'
Went Kootenay DLttriot.
Whero located:   Headwaters  of  MoDonuld
Creek, on Red Mountain.
'PAKE NOTICE that L Ohaa. Mooro, w
1 Kh��Io, acting aa agent lor J. M Aint   .
Free Miner1 a Certifloate No B  WHO, "''   "'
���iKtyday-ifrom date hereof, to apply "  ' .
MiniiiK Recorder for Certifloate ol WV''
manta, for the purpose of obtaining u w
Grant ol the above claims.
And further take notice that lif'',,:,'_; (hi
section  37, inu-,t be oommenoed ,l��>1";'   ..
ii.uanoe of suce Oartiiioate of tmproverm
Dated this Fir.t day of Ace"**1- l900'
CHAS. MOORE. "ZTrRovvcrion
6��lV ASIA   IN
a id production in Australia for
flmthalf of the current year has
n wm'' variations, on which com-
*0T_houl(i be of interest.   The output
7.1. goveral   colonies for the six
JL ew��"i June 80' waB:   ���rud"
* 1   1989,0261    ounces   fine gold,
f��* taiiie,*S83.au��,988; as against
f ��,084,660 for the corresponding period
'ol 1800.
While all  the  colonies showed  in-
JLslast year only two-QoeeniUnd
^Western Australia-have trained
J"i,,Mhcnirrentyear. In the former
Z ScretJe was a substantial one -
.,, ^ (rnt.-and was due to tne
mine! entirely, the placer or alluvial
Wruaiii *��"���a ver*v 8"?u ,mrt":
tie output. The Mount Morgan and
other leading mines have been actively
exploited; In several  casee addition*
JelH-tMi made to milling plants, and
rmld mining industry appears to be
to work dredges, and the number is
rapidly increasing. In Tasmania the
gold production is always variable and
ie  not  important.   The decrease this
/ >
ie not important.   The decrease this gjLVER CITY   LODGE   NO.    39,
year has been largely In the gold won T   O  O   F
as  a by-product  in  connection  with '                                     '
*     \ I       ..      .. ~..ji__-     _l_-     of    7.<W    ll
copper and other metals. |
Upon the whole, Australasia has done
well in maintaining its large gold production during the lirst half of the year.
The result, however, indicate! that 1900
will show but little gain over 1899, and
that it is quite possible that the Trans-
jvaal being OUt Of the way���the United
Slates may this year take, once more
the leading place as a j^ol-i producer.
As we grow old, our yesterdays
Seem very dim and distant;
We grope, as though in darkened ways,
Through all that is existent;
Yet far-off days are bright and clear
With suns that long have faded,
And faces dead seem stiangely near
To those that life has shaded.
The kitchen mechanic
at the- ^���
MectttiKS every Friday evenin-f atjja to
Crawford-. Hall. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to Httend.
c-E' LYSu,y.R,;Y- A- "'" n"��m��'L.
A. F. & A. M.
���Regular communication W&2F*llJBZ&
each month In Masonlt- Ha I at 8 P. M.Isojourn
i,,g brethren ure cordially Invited to attend.
THOMAS BROWN. Secretary.
Sandon Miners' '���*��*
Union hospital, """
in R prosperous condition.   In Western
Australia  the   increase this year has
Wen moderate���ti.8   per   rent. ���and
nearly all of it  was made in .January
indFebruary, tbe latter months show-
log either no gain or an actual decrease
Irom last year.   This result has been
due to the falling off in the hlg mines at
Ittfttilie* nnd whether it will be made
.pintl*-? second  half of the year de*
penAtUigely on the result of the work
now in progress in the treatment of the
rtiliilii'ilc ores.
li; Nr\v South Wales the decrease thi-a
year has been L5.fi per-cent., and there
seems to be no satisfactory explanation
nf thia large apparent fnlllngoff; unless,
tawM suggested In "The Mineral Industry," Volume VIII., there was some
eonfaainn in the returns for lsiio, by
fhirh this colony was credited with
(told produced from ores from Western
Australia. Indeed the returns from
thia colony have often been difficult to
understand, the figures varying greatly
trom month to month. The large increase in production shown in 1899over
1898 was not the result of any special
As we prow old our tears are few
For friends most lately taken,
But all���as falls the summer dew
From roses lightly shaken���
When some chance word of idle strain,
The chords of memory sweeping,
Tulock the Hood-gates of our pain
For those, who taught us weeping.
As we grow old our smiles are rare
To those who greet us daily,
Or, if some living faces wear K,
The looks that beam so gaily
From eyes long closed���and we should
In answer to their wooing,.
'Tis but the Past that shines the while
Our power to smile renewing.
___ "B^
vate patients, $2
per   day.   ex-lu-
���--jjjjjjjj^^^^^^^^^^.^..^ t'slve 9*  expense ]
of physician or surgeon and drugs A��am -i/v
DR. W. E. GOMM,      .        11, A   DnHli/-*
Attendant Physician   iflC   lUDllC
MISS S. L. CH1SHOLM,Matron-'
J. D. MCLAUGHLIN, President
W. L. HAGLER, Secretary
Wm. Donahue. J  V. Mai-tin. R. J McLkan
Angus J. McDonald. Mikk Brady .Directors
Estabhsheil 18fl.*>.
E. M. Sandilands
Sandon, B. C.
Notary Public
Insurance & Mining Broker
I    Minin*.  Stocks bought and  sold.    Genera*
auent for Sl<mnt�� Properties.   Promising Pros
I iiects forHele. *���*-.
Sandon eg House
Is a scientist, in the
culinery line. Drop
in and	
I We serve the
Best regular dinner in Sandon
Meets in Crawford's Hall every Wednesday eve-
fa-anpr-il I ning.    Visiting Brethren cordially invited to
~e    i -<.,_���h       j. d. McLaughlan. c. c.
Dare to be true; nothing can need a
lie ���Herbert
All that God does for man he does by
The autumn tints the foliage with its
frosty breath, but it cannot hurt the
fruit that Williams has piled up in his
store. Call in and buy a few pounds
when van have time and money.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
variation in mining activity, ami there
have been no changes this year to ai-
count for the decrease.
Victoria show R decrease of 6.8 per
cent this vear. which has been   au*l>
uniform, 'each   month's returns being
below or nearly equal to those of ia ���
There is no special reason  for this be
yomt H general relaxation of the bur *
prewrare work of last year.   The attempt   to   introduce  gold  dredges in
certain parts of this colony  have me
with much opposition, for reasons not
easv   to  understand.   The  success 0.
such operations may be problematical,
Imt failure would injure only the operators themselves, and the protests maae
against the use of dredges seem to have
been based upon a false Idea of the probable results .      ,,,,
In New Zealand the small decrease
shown will probably be made up n tn
second half of the year, as mining
the Otago. District has been prosperous,
and the dredging  industry   has De
both active and successful.   The latter.
Indeed, threatens to be overdone a.
there is at present a boom   of -som
dimensions in that branch of tlie
dustry, nnd many new companies a e
being organized    Thus in M">' n0 ."'   i
than 20 new companies were organs   I
Sandon Cartage Co,,
Express, Baggage
and Cartage
Delivered  to nil parts of the city
Manufacturer of
Fresih and Cured
Dressed nnd Lave
aissters fleats Dresp*iiS
Contractors & Builders
Dealers  In ^^A^m^ to SSf"
"sash. Door*���^Jg��.    Mines and
Railroad Avenue
A Hot Wan (irom Vancouoer.
The Vancouver Province says: The
Sandon Paystreak is nothing if not
unique. It has now abandoned ordinary white "news print" for a lij;ht
blue paper on which its proprietor
announces it will he published hereafter. For the time being *>t least the
change will hardly be a popular one.
No one likes to be in doubt as to
whether it is a judgment summons or
a seidlitz powder that he is getting
when he asks for the paper. The
change is understood to have been
decided upon so that no one can consistently refer to the Paystreak as a yellow journal, even when it fades.
Buy your Groc *rle�� from
Macdonald & Rohm. Nothin*; but
good goods in stock.
A good Mho "maker. Steady
Job for first-cms** mechanic.
None other need apply.
Eli Taylor.
Will be at the Reco Hotel
from Monday 2nd of October to
Saturday, October 6th, inclusive.
I have placed a large
stock of men's and
boy's ________________
In my new store and solicit
the patronage of the Sandon
public. Absolute satisfaction
Louis Hupperten
Main St. --   ���- Sandon, B. C
Thos Milne
House and^>-
���������K____Sign Painters.
^Paper Hangers and^
Reco Avenue   -   -   -   Sandon
Lodging House.
Nice Comfortable Beds,
To Let by the Day-. Week
Month or Year. Get One
Before they are all Taken
No Long Waits
Good Scroice
The Best Baths
In Town.
II. M. Stevens.
Just Ask Us
The New Clifton
This house has recently heen
Completed and Fitted up. It
is one of the Nicest Hotels in
the Kootenay. If you have
an hour or a day to spend in
town do not  fail to call upon
John Buckley.
Dealer in
$���$ Cutlery, Granite,
$fc Nichle and Tin-
$fc toare. A First
<$���$ Glass stock of
* Oxford Ranges,
$[$ Cooking, Heat-
-$& ing Stones.
A* -/J* ****> **?->
Tinware of all ^
kinds for family, *g
hotels, restaur- ����
ants and mining *g
camp kitchens, W
made to order Xu
promptly. ||
Grocery and Provision Line.
WE will be pleased to supply you  at the most reasonable f
Prices with goods of the best quality. >!
H. Giegerieh,      Reco Ave.
I have placed a full line of Boots and
Shoes in the tent formerly occupied by Pitts
Bros, which I invite the Sandon public to
inspect before purchasing: elsewhere. Will
give particular attention to Ladies* and
Gentlemen's fine shoes.
Eli Taylor.
�� Preserving
1 Time is Here
Fancy Plums,    $   Medium Plums.
Bartlet Pears,   ���>   Free Stone Peaches
Tomatos, -*   Haroest Apples. S
1 Jalland Bros., Cody Ave. 1
Estimates given on air pipe
and all mining work, roofing
plumbing, etc. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Best materials,
personal attention given all
All Gods Al. and at
Right Prices. Call
and Inspect.
RAILROAD    -   -    ,    AVENUE,
The long evenings' are here
and you are not able to read
as easily as you used to do.
t *
Do Not Endanger Your
Sight by Straining
Your Eyes.
There is Comfort and Pleasure
in Wearing our  New Per'
fected Glasses.
Our Rimless Glasses will also
add to your Appearanance.
Q. W. Grimmett,
Graduate Optician.
Just   Received.
A  large consignment  of the
latest Fashions in Fall
y>^0000****0**000P�� ����� ���
Ladies Shirt Waists and
Ladies Underwear,
Misses tjF and  "k Childrens
Misses A. & M. HcKinnon


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