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The Paystreak Nov 17, 1900

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Array ijjr (^^w*^^
The sleighing season is on.
Blake   Wilson   visited    S���.
R. K. Green   spent   a   few  hours in
town on Thursdav and Friday.
Fred Hulten ofthe Miners' Hole
visiting al the Halcyon Springs.
Nels Nelson, of the Whitewater concentrator-, spent a couple of days In
Sandon this week.
The Knights of Pythias of New Denver gave a oall in the Bosun hall on
Thursday evening.
J. W. Westfall. manager of the Did
Gold   claims in the Lardeau country,
visited Sandon this week.
Jim Williamson is laid up with an
.mack of influenza, which will probably
keep him indoors tor several days.
Thomas Milne has sold his residences
and lots on Cody avenue to Jud Rhorer,
and will spend the winter on the Coast.
Miss Jean Crawford accompanied her
lather to Sandon this week, renewing
acquaintance with her juvenile friends.
Winter has arrived in the Slocan,
and the nocturnal diversion sif swiping
.���<>al is now sm from  Cody  to the lake.
On account ofthe heavy snowfall the
K. & S. express had considerable difficulty in getting past Whitewater yesterday.
The amalgamation of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce and the Bank of H.
C.   will   be    consummated    on   New
Year's dav.
Black Jack has again broken out in
the city, and the national anthem, "Hit
the Kitty," once more resounds thru-
1'iit the land.
"Kruger," well known in Sandon
police circles, has been giving public
lectures on a variety of subjects around
lown recently.
H. A. Blackburn and Johnny Reuter
of Kaslo visited Sandon sin Sunday,
and expressed surprise at seeing two
streets in  town.
Ed McKinley, a pioneer miner of the
Slocan, returned to Sandon this week
from Republic, Wash., where he has
resided for nearly two years.
Larry O'Neill intends to raffle the
Delmoniw Restaurant building in the
Palace hotel on Friday, November 30th.
Chances are selling at $i per.
The Rev. R. IX McKee oi Slocan
City will conduct the Presbyterian
church services in Crawford's hall tomorrow, morning and evening.
George Melvin has purchased the
building formerly occupied by I hos.
Milne _���_: Co., and has moved his jewel-
ery establishment up the street.
Tom and Jerry, the heavenly twins,
have taken a place alongside the luscious oyster cocktail and the fragrant
beef tea"? among the winter lubricators
furnished by the local irrigating plants
R. H. Trueman came in Thursday
evening from Revelstoke. He will open
his studio in the Mining Review building about the 20th, and will be in town
for thirty days. Send a photo to the
��'d folks for Christmas.
A meeting will be held in William-
��n�� cigar store on Monday evening
^ hepurposeofor.ani.in^a hockey
club for the winter's operations. All
who are interested in the great Canadian game are requested to appear on
ihe scene promptly at 8:30 p. m.
M. B. Jones, who was for a long
time manager of the boarding department at the Payne, is now a resident
of Shelton, Wash. Mike spent the
past year in the zinc fields of Missouri
and Arkansas,
Dan McGlashan, who was taken
trom here about six weeks ago to stand
trial for defrauding an express company
In North Dakota two years ago, is
awaiting trial in Minot, N. IX He
will get a hearing next week.
Prof. Alexander, a long-whiskered
phrenologist, entertained Sandon audiences for several evenings this week
reading bumps on the craniums of
people who were willing to undergo the
A party of Kaslo youths came up to
Fish Lake on Sunday last and enjoyed
the delightful skating on the magnific-
ient sheet sif crystal that mantled the
placid busom of that liquid gem of the
An evening social will be held in
Crawford's Hall under the auspices of
the Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian
church on Thursday evening, November 22nd. Games will be provided and
refreshments served in the course of
the evening.    All are  cordially invited.
A hose house is being built by the
city authorities in the immediate vicinity of the Paystreak Printing Palace.
We occasionally get out a hot number
in this office, but never considered that
there was any danger of igniting the
universe. Maybe the aldermen are
Rudyard Kipling never saw the
snow-clad sierras of the Slocan, but his
poetic reference to "Our Lady of the
Snows" was no libel when applied to
this district. The old girl rounds off
the local geography in feathery, beati-
ful abundance such as the sweet-singing
Rudvard never dreamed of.
I**. F. Mclsaae, secretary of the
Whitewater Miners' Union, will leave
in a couple of weeks for the Coast.
Hen has been a resident of the Slocan
for manv years and has made a host of
friends in the camp who will regret to
learn of his decision to leave the snowy
and silvery Slocan. He he has been
prominent in labor cirdes for many
months, and much of the success
which has attended the organization
and conduction of the Whitewater
union was clue to his energy and executive ability.
Tom Jones is now foreman at the
Three tons of high grade ore a day
are being taken out at the Sovereign.
The showing at the property was never
Levi Smith, foreman, and Alex Mc-
Phee, shift boss, are down from the
Rambler-Cariboo. Wm. Dunn, from
the Payne, succeeds as foreman at the
Five men are at work on the Red
Fox claim, in McGuigan basin. Raw-
hiding season has commenced and ore
will be shipped from the property in the
near future.
A stringer carrying a nice streak of
ore has been opened up on the Donnelley group by the contractors who are
running the crosscut. The tunnel is in
135 feet, and it is expected to reach the
ledge with another 150 feet. A drift
will be run on the stringer
The trouble at the Cody and Joker
FYaction is nol over yet, and the property is idle. A force of men went up to
commence work a few days ago, but
Fry Brothers would not permit them to
commence operations. Charlie French
built cabins on the Joker  this week.
Maurice Gintzberger has twelve men
at work on Contract at the Monitor
mine, running a crosscut tunnel to tap
the ledge at a considerable distance
below the present workings. The tunnel is already in 150 feet. The bunk
houses have been repaired and everything made comfortable for the winter.
 m*. 1	
The Sunset.
May be Some  Warm Times in the
Yele Cariboo Kootenai*
The Coast papers have it that Sir
Charles Tupper, Charles Hibbert Tupper, Wilfred Laurier, Hon J. I. Tarle
and several other heavy-weight eastern
politicians are due to speak in the Bur-
rard and Yale-Cariboo-Kootenay constituencies during the next two weeks.
A. L. Sifton, a brother of the notorious
Clifford, is touring Kootenay in the
Galliher interests, and FYank Oliver of
Alberta is reported to have extensive
designs on Kootenay in the same interests.
Opening Ball.
Will Address  a   Sandon Audience
This Eceninc*.
Frank Oliver, M. P., of Edmonton,
and F. J. Dean, of Kamloops, will address a public meeting in the Miners
Union hall at 8 o'clock this evening in
the interests of W. A. Galliher, the
liberal candidate.
On the Sunset property at Whitewater, which is being developed by the
Canadian Gold F"ields companv, sixteen men are employed. There are two
veins on the claim, the lowest one of
which is worked thru the old Wellington tunnel, and the upper one thru a
crosscut recently driven by the Gold
F"ields company. FYom the upper vein
some very fine ore has been taken out
in development, and shipments will be
made when rawhiding commences.
W. H. Jeffrey is superintendent of the
property. George Drewry is undertaking part of the development on a
The Sandon Miners' Union will celebrate the opening of their new hall by
a grand ball to be given in the hall on
Thursday evening, November 29th.
The tickets are already printed and
every effort is being made to assure
for the opening the success it deserves.
The Miners' Union has built the best
building in the city, and the inaugural
ball deserves liberal patronage for this
reason alone.
Wm. Sudrow Dead.
Hospital Neics.
Tke hospital has been crowded this
week, having no less than six patients
on the list, none of whom, however,
are suffering from any serious ailments.
Holly Smith fell thru a stope at the
Last Chance and suffered slight injuries
which will keep him in the hospital for
a few days. John Matthews, also from
the Chance, and George Woodruff from
the Ruth are also patients from slight
accidents met with in  persuit of their
perilous vocation.
R. F. Green was among the visitors
at the hospital on Friday, and he expressed himself as being immensely
pleased to find the hospital such a
complete and comfortable institution.
News was received here early this
week of the death in Riverside, California, on Sunday afternoon last of
Wm. Sudrow.
Deceased was a pioneer of the Slocan
and was well known to nearly everyone
in the district. He was a native of the
state of Nebraska, but since 1885 had
been a resident of British Columbia.
In '85, '86 and '87 he followed placer
mining in the Similkameen country
and later was a prominent figure on
the Coast during the boom days there.
When the mineral resaurces of the
Kootenay first attracted attention he
came to Nelson, and was one of the
argonauts of that town in '89 and '90.
Later when the Slocan was opened up
he moved to Kaslo and engaged in the
hotel business, opening The Club
Hotel. Before the days of railroads in
the Slocan he located several valuable
properties in the vicinity of Sandon, on
which he afterward realized handsomely. Until about a year ago he conducted the Filbert Hotel in this city,
when poor health forced  him  to  leave
for a milder climate. A derangement
of the liver was the ailment from which
he suffered, and which finally brot
about his end. His wife and brother,
Jack, were with him in California for
several months prior to his demise.
Thomas Brown left on Tuesday for
Nelson, Rossland, Greenwood, Grand
Forks aud Phoenix. He will probably
locate in the latter town.
i \
>mi the wap from Japan.*:*
A line of Japanese Rugs and Mattings that will
embellish the home and add to the luxury and convenience of its furnishings. Prices to suit all tastes and
The frosty breath of winter reminds us thctt Xmas.
is approaching. We have prepared for the Iiolliday
Rush by- placing in stock a very presentable line of
Chinaware and
....FANCY Q00D5....
Make your selection early. The prices do not vary
with age and first choice is always the best.
* w^M-*mw*M
M. n. Mthevton Co., Zimited
Kootenay Valleq Railtoau.
Bonner's Ferry Herald.
Arrangements are being made for a
thru passenger service on the Kootenay
Valley railway, so agent Casey informs
us. Commencing in about ten days, a
thru service will be established between
Spokane and Sandon. The train will
leave Spokane about 8 a. m., reaching
Bonner's Ferry about noon, and Sandon
at 8:15 p. m. The train leaving Sandon will depart at 7 a. m., connecting
with the Kootenay Valley railway at
Kuskonook at 2:40 p. m., reaching
Bonner's Ferry at 5 p. m., and Spokane
;it 9:30 p. m. Connections will be
made with steamers at Pilot Bay for
Nelson. The Nelson passenger train
on the Spokane Falls & Northern railway will be taken off and a mixed
train run on that road, the intention
being to handle all the Nelson passenger traffic via Bonner's Ferry.
About that Appropriation.
W. H. Lilly left on Thursday morning for Victoria, where he will make
representations to the provincial government regarding the appropriation for
the new city hall and other municipal
improvements. It appears that the
estimated cost of the building was $2,-
000, but the lowest tender on the plans
approved by the department of lands
and works is $3,200. Adding $1,000
as the cost of the ground,   there would
only remain $800 of the $5,000 appropriated, all of which would be required
to liquidate the smallpox accounts.
According to these figures, therefore,
there would be no money left to complete the flume, and the city clerk s
mission to Victoria it to try to secure
from the commissioner of lands and
works a promise of a further appropriation of $2,000 with which to complete
the flume down to the power house.
Commissioner Wells was in Nelson this
week, but did not visit Sandon on his
wav out.
p. 3Bum$ & Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Cured
On account of an influx of Sandon
talent, black jack and other monetary
amusements in Slocan City were suppressed by the provincial police last
week. The accomplishments of Sandon
second dealers are evidently not appreciated by the Slocan City authoritm-a.
R, H, Trueman & Co. will
open their new studio in the Min'
ing Review Block about the 20th
inst. Visit will be for 3o days.
An early sitting will be desirable
for Christmas Phots.
lb '���jit* --H,
Studio Opposite  C. P. R. Depot
Fish and Oysters
Dressed and Live
Contractors and Builders.
Rouffh and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring: and Joint Finishing: Lumber
Moulding:, Etc.
Sash and Door on  Hand to Order.
Factory on Main Streel
l>   '���!_ -   *
la       111 1      ���*.
n*-~ ***���         ���-. v
**" it'*?*yP*>.-:-;i,]
0n/j> a jTew of STjem Zeft
We have only a few left from the carload
received six weeks ago.    If you need a
��� I [eater, Cook Stove or Range, call early
and seeure the choice of the balance of the
\ new line of Fibre Tubs and Pails all Sizes   Also
PatentWooden Tubs that cannot shed their hoops
I* very Well Regulated Home should have a Step Ladder.   We
���       Have them in Six, Eight and Ten Foot Sizes
pets Si Companp
We Have Received
M Zavge Stock
Rubbers. Gorman Socks, Mack-
naw Coats and Pants, J^^f5
selling at Lowest Possible I rices
��_    q|VF US A CALL
^^^I)__ Drug Store
,        tod Roser & Gallet and Pinaud's Perfumes.
at the very lowest prices. LTY.
Fred J. Donaldson,   Druggist and Chemist.
Sandon Chop House.
Q. H. MURHARD, Proprietor.
|H^*��**^IK**^*����>-t .1 �������;<* t
All  the  Delicacies  of the  Season Serced.
Ecerything Keto, Neat, Clean and Tasty.
The Place to get the Best Meal in Sandon,
An   Assortment of Fancy California  Nuts.    New Crop, Quality
First Class.      Including
Special attention will be given above lines during the winter and
special rates given to parties, etc.
When the stormy breezes bluster
Thru the shade  tree  lank and bare,
And the tiny frost Hakes sparkle
In the chilly morning air,
Then we take an inventory
And o'er useful things we gloat ;
Naught can  wake  our  tender interest
Like last winter's overcoat.
Tenderly we pick the mothballs
From the pockets where they've lain,
And  with  the  sponge  and  brush  we
To remove each spot and stain ;
Mourning o'er the frequent tokens
Of our hungry friend the moth,
Where he foraged at his leisure
On the sleek imported cloth.
But at   length with   some   misgivings,
We pronounce it fit to wear ;
And we shun their dude companions
a-\nd resent their haughty stare.
And we're apt to lose some slumber
And some envy we devote
To the man who need not worry
O'er last winter's overcoat.
Whij Willie Staijed at Home.
A teacher in a certain school recently
received the following note from the
mother of a boy who had been absent
for a day or two. "Dere Mam���plese
eggscuse little Willy. He diden't hev
hut one pare of trowsers, an' I kep him
home lo wash an mend them and Mrs.
O'toole's cow came and et them off the
line, and that awt to be eggscuse enuff,
gawd nose. Vurs with respeck. -Mrs.
Better Tn* Another Route.
A Salvation Army warrior told the
people of a Kaslo street corner that he
had been five years on the way to
heaven, and some weary waggles in
the crowd told him that if he had been
that long on the way and had got no
closer than Kaslo he had better turn
back and try to hit a new trail.
Nome is Mot So Bad.
Roderick McMillan, of Nome City,
Alaska, a brother of our townsman,
Alex McMillan, was in Sandon for a
few days this week on his way home to
Glengarry, Ont., and while in town
paid a call at the Printing Palace.
Mr. McMillan has been in Nome
since early last spring, and his account
of the northern camp is of a much
more cheerful nature than that of many
others returning from that camp. The
beach claims, of which so much has
been said and written, are not, Mr.
McMillan says, what they were represented to be. As he puts it, "I don't
want any beach claims in mine." But
the creek claims on Anvil, Snow and
many other creeks are good and have
already produced considerable gold.
Not long before he left prospectors
came in from the district back of Nome
150 or 200 miles, bringing in course
gold from new strikes in that country.
Almost all this region   remains   to   be
prospected, and in fact little is known
of the country's resources except along
a comparatively narrow strip close to
the shore line. The possibilities for
this district are great.
Mr McMillan has some valuable
claims in the Nome country and intends
returning on the first boat in the spring.
He will spend the winter with the old
folks back in Glengarry.
Minister of Mines to Visit Slocan.
Hon.    Rich    Mclhide,    minister   of
mines, leaves Victoria  on   Sunday, the
18th, for a trip thru the mining districts
ofthe province.    He will   go to Nelson
first, and thence   to   Rosslaed   and the
Boundary  country.    On   his  return to
Nelson he will take in   the   Slocan and
East Kootenav.
To The Business Men and
Residents of Snndon.
THK Methodist congregation <>f the town
is muking an ��'lTort to build a boQM ot
worship that will cost a">out 11,700 when com.
pleted. A parsonage baa already been i>ur-
ehased at n cost of (060 uml the lot upon
whioh ourohuroh will be ereeted eoat;B-*o,
Upon these propertied there is some Indebtedness, but we wish to open our chinch without
any encumbrance upon it whatever. Knowing that the tire must have seriously affected
the resources of many pnrsons we have <le-
cicle't not to make an individual appeal. We
���it) not wish to tax your well-known liberality
hut we at the same time beg leave to urge
that our enterprise receive your attention ann
whatever support you feel inclined to give
Any contributions will he thankfully received
by members of our Trustee Board and acknowledged in our reports Issued quarterly.
Chairman of   Board,
Secretary of Board.
In the matter of an application for
a duplicate ofthe Certificate of Title to
an undivided one half of Lots fourteen
hundred and one (1401) and fourteen
hundred and two (1402) (excepting 14. ifo
.ivies thereof conveyed to the Vancouver Group Mining Company Limited
Liability) Group 1 (one) Kootenay District, known as the Lorna Doone and
Prior Mineral claims respectively and
of all minerals precious and base (save
coal) therein.
NOTICE is hereby given that it is
my intention at the expiration of one
month from the first publication hereof,
to issue a duplicate ofthe Certificate of
Title to the above lands issued to M.
R. W. Rathborne on the 2nd dav ol
November 1899 and number 1526k.
Land Registry Office,
Victoria, B. C.
23rd October 1900.
Certificate    of    Improvements,
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where looatedi On
Noble Five -Mountain, in the Sluenu Mining Division of West Kootenay Distriot.
-yAKF/NOTK'K that I, A. B. Docksteader.
Kree Miners' Certificate No. B80OO9, as
agent for .James Wilson, Free Miners, Certifloate No. B86U8, Lewis S.. i'lionis. Free Miners'
Certificate No. B44725, Caleb A. Freeman Free
Minors' Certificate No. B27271, William 1)
Mackay, Kree Miner's Certificate No. B-*709_!
intend, sixty days from date hereof, to apply
t.o|the Mining Recorder for a Certificate (if
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining n
Crown (Irant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this tenth day of November. A.D., 1900
Application for Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that 80 days from
date hereof I will apply to tho license commissioners of the city of Sandon for a license
to sell liqnoi by retail on lots No. -* and :'.
Work A.,  West Sandon.
Dated at  Sandon, October JJOth. 1HO0.
AsscNsinent Notice.
The annual Court of Revision and Appeal
under the Assessment Act will be held in
the City ofiices, Sandon, on Monday. November 12th, at three o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Assessor.
NOTICE is hereby given  thai  thirty .lays
���iter date 1 intend to apply '" the Chief Corn��
missioner of Lands and Works for a special
lioensetoont and carry away timber from
tlie following described lands-: Commencing
at a post marked "Wilson Hill's ��OUtl* west
corner," situated near the east end of Summit
lake, thence north eighty chains, thence east
one hundred and twenty chains, thence south
eighty chains, thence west one hundred and
twenty chains to starting point, containing
one thousand acres, more or less.
New Denver. It. C, Sept. 1st. 1000
Land Registry Act.
TN' THK MATTER of an application for a
duplicate of the Certificate0( Title to an
undivided one Quarter of Lot seven hundred
and thirty-seven ,7:'7> '-Alamo" mineral claim.
Lot seven hundred and thirty-eight 788) "Ivy
Leaf mineral claim. Lot seven hundred and
forty-seven (717)'-Twin Lake-" mineral claim.
Lot 478(Four hundred and seventy-eight) mineral claim, and of all minerals  precious and
base (save coal 1 therein, also an undivided
one-quarter of Lot seven hundred and thirty-
six (7M) "Millsite" Group l Kootenay Distriot.
NOTICE is hereby given that it is my
intention at the expiration of one month
from the   first publication  hereof to  Issue a
duplicate of  the Certificate of Titi>. to the
above lands, issued to George W. Ruglies 0''
the UTth day of AprL HHXi and numbered
Registrar-* lenere 1.
i_and  Registry  office.
Victoria. 15. C , 29th  October. 1DG0-
Certificate of Improvements.
Situated  in   the Sleoao Mining Division of
West    Kootenay.      Where    located u   On
MaGuigan Creek   east of ami  adjoining
the Herbert Mineral  Claim.
TAKE NOTICE that 1. W.J.H. Holm,-,
acting as agent for Edwin Hyde Tomlinson,
Free Miner's Certificate No. S8418A, and tbe
Washington Mining Company .Foreign), Free
Miner's Certificate No. Tiki, 'Special,, intend
sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
gran* of the above claims.
And further take notice that   action, under
seetion .'it. must  be commenced  before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
��s a a  > .       . Agent,
Dated this 88th day of Sept.. A. D. IttOO,
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate   in   the  Slocan Mining   Division   of
West Kootenay District.    W here located |
In McGuigan Basin, east of and adjoining
the  Washington Mineral Claim.
TAKE NoTlcK. that I. W.J. II. Holmes,
aoting as agenl for The Washington Mining
Company, 'foreign). Free   Miner's Certificate
No. 709. (special), intend, sixty days from date
hereof, to apply to tlie Mining Recorder for
Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose
of   obtaining Crown   grunts   of    the above
And further take notice that action under
section 87 must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
W.,1. if. HOLMES P. L.s.
Dated this _8th day of September, A*D.W)
The Denver.
Cody Ave.
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hote*
The Most Complete  Health  Resorton
the Continent of North America.
Situated      'midst      Scenery     Clirivallcd     for
Halcyon Hot Springs
Egg. Sanitarium. -13b
GXOUrsiOn and Nun,.
Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B, C
Terms, IIS to tin per week, according
to residem ����� in Hotel or Villa -.
Its Baths cure nil Nervous and Muscular Diseases.    lis water, heal all
Liver, Kidney and Stomach
Ailments and Metallic   Poisoning.
Telegraphic   Communication  with all
parts of the World.
Two Mnils arrive and depart Ever) Dav.
The price of Railway Ticket for Round Trip
between Bandon and Good for thim I.m-
and obtainable all year round is (3.85,
���t^/iW sn m "I
M pointer
For your   Eastern  Trip is
��� i
to see that you ticket reads
via Canadian Pacific. First-
class sleepers on all trains
from Revelstoke and Kootenay Landing*.
Passing Dunmore Jcunctlon daih
for St. Paul, Saturdays' for Montreal and Boston, Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto. Samo cars pass
Revelstoke oik- dav earlier.
f For Nakusp, Revelstoke,
Daily, except j Main Line and   Pacifi*
Sunday, at   j Coast,    connecting   ai
8-oo a. in.    j Rosebery for Slocan City
Nelson Rossland Bound-
Country, and all Eastern
l> ints  via  Crows  Nesl
For time tables, rates, and full information call on or address nearest
loclal agent or
II. W. Harbour.
Ardent. Sandon.
E. j. Coyle,       W. F. Anderson.
A. G. P. A., T. I\ A.
Vancouver! B. C.     Nelson, !*��� C
���~ -rr^���-. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, NOVEMBER, ,7
^iii   be   Incorporated to   Build a
Rink in Sandon,
\t ,i meeting held in Jas. J. Godfrey's
office on Wednesday evening the propo-
jjitton to build a rink in Sandon at last
took tangible form, and skaters and
curlers are now rejoicing that a rink is
to be built this winter.
Tli,' meeting was attended hv representative business men, and after discussing the   matter in   a general wav it
was decided that the proper course to
persue was to go righl ahead with the
organization of a joint stock company to
undertake the construction. C. 1).
1 lunu-r was called to the chair, and tho
resolution put in the   form   of a motion
by M.  I-  Grimmetl :   "That steps be
taken to form "The Sandon Rmk Co.,
Limited." The motion was seconded
and promptly carried.
The capital stock of the companv will
be Si0,000, divided into 2,000 shares ot"
$5 each. E. M. Sandilands, James J.
Godfrey and \V. L. Hagler were appointed agents to place the stock, on a
commission    basis of   ten per cent, live
per cent 01" which will lv-  payable in
rash and five per cent in stock of the
company at par value. M L. cirim-
mett, E. M. Sandilands and Charles
Walmsley were appointed a committee
or three to attend to the preliminaries
and report at the next meeting sif the
company, on Tuesday evening, November 20th. The necessary legal advertising of the incorporation will appear
in next week's is^.K-s ofthe B. C. Gaz-
Ctte and Thk PAYSTREAK. Work will
he started on the stock hooks immediately, and it is proposed to issue stock
certificates at tlie next meeting. Several large blocks of the stock have
already been placed, and the agents are
meeting with' great success in ll*..- disposal sif the shares.
The provisional directors ofthe companv, who will sign the incorporation
papers, are : C D. Hunter, E. M.
Sandilands, M. L. Grimmett, 11. H.
Pitts, Wm. Walmsley and G. N. Main.
The site   which will   be   used  is the
one between the power house and the
city lockup. Four lots belonging to
G. M. Sproat and one belonging to
J. M. Harris will give a ground area of
So x 150 feet, which   will  be sufficient
for a skating rink and two sheets ol
curling ice. The grading, building,
etc, will be done by contract, lor which
tenders will be asked in a tew days.
It is the intention to have the rmk
opened for business by Christmas day.
Ht 1 n c^
Got Rich Thru Mines.
An exchange observes that all the
rich men in the l'nited States senate
made their fortunes from mines. Senator Clark of Montana, hy odds the
richest man in the senate, worth anywhere from $100,000,000 to twice that
"���ade all his money in mines. Senator
Hanna'a $1.2,000,000 is largely derived
from   iron    mines.    Senator   Jones   ot
Nevada is  worth  $10,000,000 in gold
(Bvocerp Bepavtment
Come and get our prices; they will surprise you.
We want > our trade and will make it an object for you
to deal with us.
We are over stocked with Men's Winter Underwear which
we offer at cost to reduce. *************
if 6.00 Suits at   -   -   -  if 3.00 $3.00 Suits at   -   -   -   $1.50
4.00 Suits at   -   -   -     2.00 2.00 Suits at   -   -   -     1.00
Call in and see our new store.   We have special values
******** in all lines. ****** ***
Tbuntep*1kendrick Co., %to.
We   Have  Just   Received  a
Stock of Cloths  for the
Autumn Trade,
Which  we  request  the  purchasing public to examine.
We   Guarantee   Perfect   Fit
and Satisfaction.
Special Attention
J. R. CAMERON, Reco Avenue.
and silver mines. Senator Klkins is
rated at $7,000,000, mostly made in
eoal and iron mining operations. Mc-
Connel, from Scranton district, is the
richest man in the house. His wealth
is estimated at $20,000,000 and was
all dug out sif the coal mines of Pennsylvania.
District Asrent for The Great
West    Lift   Assurance   Co.
WimupeK* Man.
Grimmett Block, Reco Ave.
Norwich Fire Insurance Co.
Connecticut Insurance Co. of
of Hart font.
.Etna Fire Insurance Company
Pluenix, of Hartford. Conn.
Pacific* Coast Fire Insuran.-e Co
Imperial Registry Company
The Dominion of Canada Guerantee
and Accident Insuranc Company.
The Miners' Hotel at Three Forks
was reopened last night hy a dance at
which several Sandon folks were present. Frank Nevans is host ot the
Jud Rhorerhas a couple of men at
work building a skid near the K. & S.
switch on which to unload timber for
the Minnesota Silver Co. The Umber
is being cut in the neighborhood ot
$ames J. <Bodfrep>
Mines, Investments and Insurance.
I   !
Vl)e papstreah.
Published Every Saturday in the heart of Hie Richest White Metal Camp on Earth.
Subscription   -   -   -   -   $2.00 a year.
Strictly in advance.
William MacApams,
Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, B. C.,  NOVEMBER 17,  1900.
From a review of the recent general elections it is
evident that the government ownership of railways is to be
the nea\t issue in Canadian politics. The signal success
which attended the avowed advocates of government railways, both in eastern and western Canada, is a sufficient
evidence that popular sentiment favors the change.
Hon. A. G. Blair, minister of railways, came out flatly
during the last session with the declaration that the time
had arrived when the government must own the railways or
the railways would very soon own the government. Under
Blair's administration the Intercolonial has become a paying concern, instead of being a mere feeder ofthe C. P. R.
In the city of St. John, New Brunswick, the point most
affected by the hostilities between the government system
and the Canadian Pacific, A. G. Blair defeated George E.
Foster by over a thousand votes. Mr. Foster's crushing
defeat was due entirely to his frendliness for the C. P. R.,
and a presentiment on the part of electors that he would, if
returned to power, sacrifice the interests of the Intercolonial
for the benefit ofthe Canadian Pacific.
At a public meeting in West York, shortly before
polling day, N. Clark Wallace was asked for his views on
the railway question. His answer was clear and to the
point. He said : "I believe the time has arrived when the
government should own all the railways." Clark Wallace
was elected by a majority of 900.
W. F. Mac Lean, who has been dubbed "the man with
the knife" on account of his propensity for knifing railway
deals, is not only an ardent advocate of public ownership
but has adopted the People's Party platform in its entirety.
At the general election of '96, when he ran as a conservative, MacLean was elected by the narrow majority of seven
votes.    This time his plurality is 715.
Klcepfer in South Wellington, McEwen in South
Huron, McCarthy in South Simcoe and Kemp in East
Toronto are government ownership men from the province
of Ontario who were returned by good majorities.
In the west, Puttee's majority in Winnipeg totalled
over eleven hundred votes, and government ownership is
his strongest plank. Richardson, of Lisgar, who was
declared out of the liberal party because his railway policy
was distasteful to Clifford Sifton, gained a splendid victory
over the combined power of the C, P. R. and the machine
politicians on both sides. Frank Oliver, who has gone
hand in hand with Richardson in opposition to corporate
railroads, was returned by a comfortable majority in
Alberta, and Ralph Smith got all the votes he wanted and
enuf to spare to make several majorities under ordinary
In fact, from Atlantic to Pacific, it seems that Hugh
John is the only government railway candidate who met
defeat, and it is worth remembring that Hugh John, after
being elected premier of Manitoba on that policy, made no
effort to carry out his ante-election promises. There is no
reason to doubt that had Sifton been opposed by some
stronger man, such as Richardson, McLean or Wallace, or
had he been up against a man of the stamp of Chris Foley,
all his money^ patronage, corporate influence and corruption
could not have saved him from ignominious defeat.
There is another very significient circumstance which,
in this connection, may be taken as a promising indication!
It is this. When the Manufacturer's Association met at
Toronto last summer it passed very strong memorials to
the government suggesting that the administration adopt
the strongest kind of measures to force a reduction in
freight rates, and the association advised that the rational
method by which the government should secure such
reduction was by assuming absolute control of the railways
wherever reasonable concessions were refused. The Manufacturer's Association is one of the strongest industrial institutions in America, and in Sir John's time gained great
prominence, under the soubriquet of "The Red Parlor," as
a dictator of government policies. To its influence the
election of E. A. Kemp in East Toronto is due. Such
suggestions, coming from an organization of this kind,
clearly indicate that the manufacturers of the east thoroly
appreciate the gravity of the situation, and we may expect
to hear from them before long in no uncertain terms.
Everything points, as we said before, to the early
appearance in the dominion house of a strong party, made
up of independents and members of both the old parties,
which will force the government into some tangible action,
such as the extension of the Intercolonial to Toronto and
Georgian Bay. What this would mean to the people west
ofthe great lakes is too evident to require comment.
Here is a deep lesson for the electors of Yale-Cariboo-
Kootenay. On the 6th of December they will be asked to
choose a candidate, and it will be a great mistake if thev do
not choose a man who can be depended on to support the
government railway propaganda whenever the opportunity
presents itself. In candidates Galliher and MacNeill the
people can place but slight confidence. They are both
party men, and their loyalty to their party is likely at the
critical moment to outweigh their loyalty to their constiu-
Chris Foley is an independent candidate. He owes
allegiance to neither party, and is in nowise subservient lo
any clique, creed or corporation. His hands are free, and
should he be required to vote against either or both parties
in the service of his constituents and in conformity with his
platform he is not only at liberty but is in duty bound to do
so, and an acquaintence with the man is sufficient guarantee
that no party affiliations will ever be permitted to stand
between the independent candidate and his duty to his constituents.
Chris Foley is the only candidate before the electors of
Yale-Cariboo-Kootenay who can be absolutely depended
on to vote for government ownership of railways. This is
the live issue in Canadian politics today and will be for
many years to come. It means to the west cheaper freight
and passenger rates. It means increased prosperity, more
of the comforts and luxuries of life and closer touch with
centres of civilization in the outside world. It means the
preserving of the country's land and natural resources to
the actual settler, the prospector, the miner and the lumberman, instead of for the land grabber and the charter
monger. It means, greatest of all, the banishment from
Canadian politics ofthe debauching, corrupting, demoralizing influence of the railroads.
Vote for Chris Foley and government ownership ol
D. J. Macdonald, returning officer for the electoral
district of Yale-Cariboo-Kootenay, has fixed the date oi
nomination for Monday, November 19th and polling day
Thursday, December 6th. The former statement that the
election would be held on November 21st was based on an
unoflicial announcement by the returning officer, and is
not correct. Polling dav in this district is one day earlier
than in Burrard.
;*, Brief SUetch ol* the Labor Leader
lor Yule-Cariboo-Kootenuij.
Christopher Foley  was horn in the
city of Toronto in 1X4X. Five years
���j,ter hia, parents removed to Paris,
Out., where lie worked sin his father's
j.irm until 14 years of age, when he
started out In life for himself, going to
the southern part of the Unikd St.ites,
where I"*-' travelled extensively until
1866, when he left the south and went
ttest. Reaching-the mountain country,
he commenced prospecting, and has
mined and prospected with varying
success from the City of Mexico to the
Kraser river.
In 1886 he settled in Vancouver,
wluie he engaged in contracting, and
succeeded hy close attention to business
in an umulating considerable money,
Aii'ah he invested in Vancouver real
estate. The panic of '93 and the
slump in real estate which accompanied
il hit Mr. Foley hard, and he was compelled to sacrifice much valuable property and to seek new fields. Two
rears later lie came to Ros-l.unJ and
commenced as a working miner in the
Commander mine. Since then he has
followed the occupation of a miner, and
has worked in several mines   in   the
camp, at present being employed in the
Centre Star.
He had been a resident of Rossland
but a few months when he became a
member of Rossland Miners' Union
So. t8. il'|S fellow members at once
recognized his*great executive ability,
.md thrust him lo the front. Always
refusing to hold many offices proffered
him, he has, almost ever since his admission into the union, been a member
of the executive board; a most responsible position, and one which often calls
tor the hard, practical business sense
which Mr. Foley has in a remarkable
degree, and his influence with the Rossland union as well as with the whole
Federation* has been great. The recent
convention of the Western Fedaration
ol' Miners chose him to represent this
province on the executive board ol that
great organization, and in that position
lie has shown marked  ability.
Three or four years ago Mr. Foley
commenced the study sif social questions, and that study has placed him in
the front rank sif social and
reformers of the Dominion
viewed after he had accepted tlu* nomination, Chris Foley said: "1 did not
want the nomination, but under the
circumstances,   when   the   convention
asked me to be the standard-bearer, 1
would indeed have been a traitor had 1
refused, In accepting it 1 considered
tlie cause rather than myself."
MacNeill Withdraw.
Robert F* Green brot tbe news to
Sandon on Thursdav that the conservative candidate, A." II. MacNeill, had
decided to withdraw from the contest,
leaving the held to Foley and Galliher.
t: MacNeill and his  friends no doubt
recognize the useless.^ of ���,,���,������*,..������.
ng a hopeless contest, and resolved to
leave a clear field for Foley.
The withdrawal of the" conservative
Candidate immensely strengthens the
Standing of Candidate Foley, and the
desperate efforts being put forward by
Hie liberal party ���ien to capture the
vote in East Kootenay and Vale are
evidences that ihe Galliher people
recognize that their case is a serious
one, if not altogether hopeless.
Where We Will Vote.
Polling division No. -*, of the constituency of Yale-Cariboo-Kootenay,
consisting of the Slocan Riding, will
have the following polling places :
No.   i,   New  Denver,   Government
No. 2.   Silverton,    McKinnon building.
,',  Sandon, Crawford's building.
4,Three Forks, Giegerich's store.
5,  Whitewater, Pell   Mines building.
t), Kaslo, Court House. No. 1, A to
L, inclusive ; No. _, M. to Z, inclusive.
7, Ainsworth,  Government building.
<S, Pilot Pay, Clark's house.
9,   Robson, Robson House.
i". Slocan Junction, Slocan Junction
1 1. Slocan City, Government building.
[2,   Deer Park, Coyle's building.
15,  Argenta,   Crawford's building.
14,   Newlin's Ranch, Newlin's house.
Red Hot Coal
~-!>ISi -si
The Frosty Breezes of Winter
Have no terrors for consumers of
Gait Coal.
Delivered at your door for $7.50
a ton. Terms cash. Order
Early and avoid the Rush.
E. A. Cameron.
I have placed a large
stock  oi men's  and
In my new store and solicit
the patronage oi the Sandon
public. Absolute satisfaction
Louis Huppcrten
Main St. --   - Sandon, B. C.
The Balmoral
Barber "Shop,
Has reecently been opened. It is luxuriously furnished, well lighted, comfortably heated, conveniently situated, and its
artists understand their
business. The best bathrooms in the Slocan are
conducted in connection.
Ladies Entrance, Reco
A. R. Heyland.
Engineer   and Provincial
Land  Surveyor.
SANDON, -        . B. C.
Established WB5.
Sannon, B. C.
Notary Public.
Insurance and Mining
Mining Stocks bought and told. General agent for Slooati Properties.
Promising Prospeota ror Sale.
I.   O.   O.   F.
Meetings in Crawford's Hail every Friday
Evening at 7:8Q. Visiting Brethern eoidially
invitep to attend.
Secretary. Noble Grand.
Should \\air meanderings about
this mnndane sphere lake you to
Neto Denvjer
Remember that there is a hotel
in the Lucerne of America at
which pilgrims ma\ enjoy all the
comforts of a home, at prices on
a par with the damage levied by
other houses thruout the district.
Ihe idealistic Scenery of this
Beauty Spot in Nature's Wonderland can be best enjoyed from
the balcony of the
Newmarket Hotel
The cuisine supplied assays high-
The bedrooms are large, airy
and luxuriously furnished. The
other accomodations are unexcelled in the Slocan, and the
brands of bottled comforters kept
in stock are health-giving and
soul-inspiring when taken in
proper quantities. The proprietor's name is
Henry Stege.
Sandon Cartage Co.
Express-i Baggage-,
and Cartage.
Delivery to all   Parts of the City.
F. L. Christie,
L. L. I..,
Sandon   Bottling
Manufacturers of
Carbonated Drinks
of all kinds.
CODY AVENUE       -       SANDON.
M. L. Grimmett,
L.      L.      Ba,
B. C.
v). \V. Balmain.
P. O. Box 170. Sandon.
A. P. ���& A. M,
Regular Communication held tint Tlmrs
day in each month in Masonic Hall at K P M
Sojourning hrethern are cordially invited to
THOMAS BROWN, Secretary.
Sandon Miners'
Subscribers, $1 per month ; Private-
patients, $2 per day, exclusive of
Expense of Physician or Surgeon
and Drugs.
Open To The Public.
DR. XV. K. GOMM,   Attendant Physictan.
,1. D. Mclaughlin, President.
W. L. HAGLER, Secretary.
J. V. Martin, R. J. McLean, Ax<a:s J.
McDonald,  Mikx Brady, Directors.
Meets in Crawford's Hall every Wednesday Evening. Visiting Brethern cordially
Invited io  attend.
j. d. Mclaughlin, c. c.
For the Table::::
I have on hand a beautiful
line of silver flat ware of the
newest patterns. The famous
Roger Bros. 1847 goods.
Also aline of sterling silver
Aflat ware of latest designs.
Such as the ladies will be delighted with. I also handle
the Stanley Pianos.
Sole Sgent for Dueber
Hampden Watches.
Patronize the Snndon Hand
Lodging House.
Nice Comfortable Beds,
To Let by the Day-. Week
Month or Year. Get One
Before they are all Taken
Saddle  Horses
We have a string of good
Saddle Horses for hire at
regulation rates.
Reliable Stock
Main Street.
We carry a large
stock of imported high
grade cloth, and guarantee a perfect fit and
neat finish.
See Our Stock
riain St.,      Sandon.
AND   ���
No Long Waits
Good Seroice
The Best Baths
In Town.
H, M. Stevens
Just Ask Us
The New Clifton
This house has recently been
Completed and Fitted up. It
is one of the Nicest Hotels in
the Kootenay. If you have
an hour or  a  day to spend in
town do not   fail to  call upon
John Buckley.
Dealer in
$��$��� Cutlery, Granite,
���4 Nickle and Tin-
$�� ware. A First
$���$ Class stock of
$�� Oxford Ranges,
$���$ Cooking, Heat-
$�� ing Stores.
Tinware of all &
kinds for family, fc
hotels, restaur- |k
ants and mining W
camp kitchens, |g
made to order fg
promptly. S
S'AtiAAV ..'AA'AAV 5'__'<_a'/
Estimates given on air pipe
and all mining work, roofing
plumbing, etc. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Best materials,
personal attention given all
All Goods Al. and at
Right Prices. Call
and Inspect.
Grocery and Provision Line.
E will be pleased to supply you  at the most reasonable
Prices with goods of the best quality.
II. Gieirerieh,      Reco Ave.
Boots and Shoes.
If you are needing anything in our line
call and see us in our new store just below
the Bank. We are prepared to do all kinds
of repairing and make boots and shoes to
order. We carry in stock the finest lines of
Banadian and American makes.
�� Preserving
1 Time is Here
���^      Fancy Plums,    $   Medium Plums.
7^ Bartlet Pears,   f   Free Stone Peaches
tTomatos, $   Haroest Apples. $
% Jalland Bros., Cody Ave. f
mi%0 ���   *t
Rossland Engineer's Works
Cunliffe& McMillan
Founders and Machinists
Specialty in miinufacturiiiR On- Car, Ore Bin Grates and general mining machinery
Second Hand Machinery on band whioh hai been thoroughly overhauled and la A9G0011
AS NKW. One 18x12 InRersol* Sar��eiuit Air Compressor, listed at 0 drill, <'<*������ Vertical Alt
Receiver 8x��, 5-11} shell, �� heads nnder all fittings. One fin H. I.��. Return Tubular Boiler 6x1*"
���J heads, Si-:! tubes tested to 18i)cold water pressure, 62 heavy !I0 smokestack complete under
all fittings. Watoh this add for other lists or wrlto us for full list before you buy. We mtt.V
have just what you want.
Agents for Northey Pumps -.::���. Stock Carried.
P. 0. Box, J98. Third Ave., Rossland.
��� ..<... :....*���
ia.'* Wl'll


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