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The Paystreak Nov 3, 1900

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The Argenta is working ten nun.
Ward Macdonald left on Wednesday
for .i brief visit to Spokane.
Joe Phillips is spending the winter
uitli bis folks in Lindsay, Ont.
Napoleon Fit/.stubbs of Nelson spent
;i few days in Sandon this week.
Thomas Brown is expected home
from liis European tour during ihe next
few days.
Miss M. E. Crawford returned on
Monday from an extended visit to
Ontario points.
H. T. Pound is going to build a residence on Coaly avenue opposite the
Miner's hospital.
Stanley Henderson, district agent for
the Mutual Life, spent a couple ol" davs
in town this week.
Dan Munro ha> gone to Winnipeg
where he will put in the winter selling
Boundary mining stock.
Operations were suspended on the
R. E. Lee this week and the property
dosed down for the winter.
The Miners' Union building will be
uimpleled within 30 days. It will be
die best building in Sandon.
The P. Hums' meat market has been
moved from tlu* -.old storage building
to the new shop on Main --.treet.
K. R. Purdv, Nelson agent for Brad-
street's, is spending a couple of days in
Sandon rating local business men.
Bells are rung chiefly now-a-days lo
give notice of tire and to call people to
1 lunch ; in other words, for fire-alarms.
Politicians who raise issues have less
to do with the continuation of Canada's
prosperity than farmers who raise hogs.
The weather bureau has recently
been showing a partiality toward coal
dealers and manufacturers sif water-
Dan McLaughlin i> figuring on
building a skating and curling rink
which he proposes lo rent to hockeyists
and curlers.
Robert Gordon  returned   lo  Sandon
yesterday  from Prince Edward Island
He has been visiting his  parents in the
eastern province. ,
Thos. Farquhar, who has been visiting the old homestead in Kagwortg,
Manitoulin Islands, Ont., returned to
Sandon this week.
J. K. Clark and Alex Sproat of New-
Denver found business in Sandon to
occupy their attention during Wednesday and Thursday.
The executive board of the Methodist
church has let a contract for the new
���hurch building to Thomas Duffy.
Crading has been commenced.
Jack Magner is wintering in Spokane
after a varied summer's mill-budding
^periencein  Republic. Wash.,   Boar
Idaho, and other points in  the land ot
W. W. Warner has let a contract to
Folltot, & McMillan for a residence to
he built on Cody avenue next to v\ . ti.
l-illy's home. It will be a s.x-room
Method.st church services are now
held in the building recently vacated by
Harry Nash Pending the construction
ol the new church this building will be
used for divine service.
No bets on the results of either the
United States or Canadian elections
Have been reported in Sandon yet, altho
one young man offered to bet $1000 to
$100 that McKinley would win.
It is the small things that count in
I the battle of life.    We have seen men
get out of an elephant's way without
any trouble,   but   they   had a terrible
struggle to get rid of a grayback.
Most every saloon keeps a "Bartender's Guide," telling how to mix drinks.
A guide telling the barkeeper how to
put the receipts in the cash register
would in many instances be better.
There are 16 men on the payroll of
the Sovereign mine now and the property is looking better than ever.
Some exceptionally line ore was found
in the upper tunnel on Wednesday.
Nothing has been heard from the
department of lands and works regarding the city hall or the $5000 grant.
The department is probably trying to
sustain its reputation for procrastination.
A grand New Year's ball is being
arranged for by the management of the
Halcyon Sanitarium, at which people
irom all parts of the Kootenay will be
present. It is to be a very swell affair.
Particulars  later.
Lumber for the city sidewalks was
received from Nakusp yesterday and a
gang was immediately set to work to
commence building. Construction will
be rushed to completion before winter
ii possible.
The city is still without street lighting and no effort has been made by the
city council to secure a service. The
darkness in some sections of the city
would make old Pharo and his Egypt-
tan eclipse look sick.
His Lordship Right Rev. A. Donlen-
will, Bishop of New Westminster, will
bless the St. Joseph's church on the 1 ith
of November at 10:30 a. m. Prayer in
the evening at 7:30 p. in. and benediction of the most blessed sacrament.
All are invited.
The Chinamen to whom Colonel
Bray ton sold lots in the lower end of
the citv have evidently come to stay, as
they have settled down to clearing the
ground. Rumor has it that Chinese
wash-houses and other Oriental luxuries are to follow.
Some people read themselves to sleep,
others count from one to a hundred,
others try to avoid thinking of any one
thing, and so on and so on. But here
is a receipt which will make you want
to go to the land of Nod quick. Just
think it is time to gel up.
W. G. Clark returned from Cariboo
creek yesterday with the force of men
engaged all summer on the development of the Chieftain group. The result of the summer's work has been
highly satisfaetorv as the property has
shown up wonderfully well under development.
"Toughnutt" Jack, an old-time prospector and placer miner, returned to
Sandon   this   week  from   the  golden
shores of Cape Nome. Jack has seen
nearly everything in the nature of a
boom since the palmy days of '49, and
he declares that the, gr^nd rush to
Dawson was the prettiest stampede of
the century. !
Two waiters were broke, and struck
a job in a smelter. One by accident
fell into a mass of molten metal. The
foreman rushed up and inquired of his
partner where his chum was. Perhaps
it was force of habit that brot back the
answer quick as a flash ; "On the fire,
coming up."
Silas Cross was caught in a cave at
the Last Chance mine on Sunday morning last by which he' had his hip dislocated and suffered other injuries. Dr.
Gomm arrived on the scene at 5 a. m.
and set the injured limb and brot the
patient to the hospital where he is now
making a rapid recovery.
The Hunter-Kendrick stock has been
moved into the new store on Main
street and business is now carried on in
an establishment that would be a credit
to Toronto or Montreal. The Hunter-
Kendrick people have put up the best
store-building in the city and have
wasted no time in doing so.
Word was received in Sandon Thursday that A. P. Lamieux had contracted
matrimony in Spokane on Tuesday.
His life partner is an Ouray lady whom
he met while io Colorado lust summer.
Pete's many Sandon friends are awaiting his arrival in the city to shower
congratulations on Mr. and Mrs.
Local political enthusiasm is warming up a little, but neither the liberal
nor the conservative party has any
active organization, and the work is rill
being done by the independents. It is
generally conceeded that Foley will
have a walk-over in Sandon, and reports from Whitewater and Slocan lake
points indicate that he will get almost
the total vote in those places.
Arthur Cawley has bee;n heard from.
He is handling a gang of tenderfeet on
the construction of a big copper mill at
Bruce Mines, Ont. Arthur says that
the climate is a trifle frosty, the cuisine
is low grade and the eastern mechanics
are below par, but there are many
vivacious, corn-fed, agricultural damsels who make life in the wilderness of
New Ontario worth living. His many
bachelor friends in this vicinity entertain grave fears for Arthur's safety.
J. R. Crudge, who has been in
charge of the C. P. R. depot in Sandon
since the fire, will leave in a few days
for Nelson, where he will spend a few
weeks previous to leaving on a tour of
Eastern Canada. Mr. Crudge is an
old-time railroader, and was 14 years
with the Grand Trunk hefore coming
to B. C. On returning from the east
he will take his old place in the general
offices of the C. P. R. at Nelson. F. W.
Harbour, lately of Trail and formerly of
Three Forks, will succeed Mr. Crudge
in the Sandon agency.
the litigants holding the Callahan title.
An appeal to the privy council was immediately taken by the Copeland interests, and   the   case   will   probably be
fought out in England.    In the meantime   the   Cody   and  Joker   Fraction
Mining   Company,   as   the successful
litigants  style  themselves,   secured an
injunction   to   prohibit   the    Copeland
parties from trespassing and were about
to   commence   work  on   the   claims.
On Thursday Wm. Lewis and a force
of men started   out   for   the   property
with a pack train loaded with Supplies,
but arriving on   the Chicago   ground
found that the trail had been  blocked
and that access   to   the   property was
impossible.    The Chicago adjoins the
Cody and   belongs   to   Fry   Brothers,
who were co-owners with Copeland in
the Cody   ground.    WTm.   Lewis   tyas
applied to the gold commissioner to restrain Fry Brothers from felling timber
across the trail  or interfering in any
way with free access to the property.
The Cody and Joker Fraction are
valuable properties and it is claimed
that with the development already done
a large amount of ore is in sight. The
lawsuit in connection has been a very
costly one and involves some fine points
in the mineral law. McQuillam &Co.,
lawyers of Victoria, and Chas. Hibbert
Tupper are supposed to be the principal
owners in the Cody and Joker Fraction
Mining Company.
More Trouble at the Codi* and Joker
A few days ago the decision of the
supreme court at Ottawa on the famous
Codv and Joker Fraction  was given to
The Banner Mine*of the Slocan.
Kverthing is now in readiness at the
Minnesota   Silver   Company's  mill for
handling  the   output   of   the Ivanhoe
mine.    The tramway   is   in operation
and works   as smoothly   as   could   be
desired.    The   mill  has  been running
for the past few days   on   tests   which
have  proved   everything    satisfactory,
and the ore will be turned in today or
tomorrow. When everything is running the mill will handle 150 tons a
day. Work on the switch is progressing slowly, but should be completed
within two weeks, when C. P. R. cars
will be loaded right out of the ore.bins.
LTp at the mine new buildings are
being constructed to replace those burned six weeks ago. There will be a
bunk house 100 feet long with accomodation for 125 men. The dining room
and cook house, which will occupy
another large building, will be one of
the finest mine camp hotels in the Slocan, and the office building and foremen's quarters will he complete in every
particular. When these improvements
are completed a fu',1 force will be put
on at the mine.
Within the next o days the Minnesota Silver Compa y will be crowding
the record of the St Eugene and North
Star in East Kootenay or any of the
banner shippers of the Rossland camp
in value of output.
Ore shipments over the K. & S. this
week were : Payne 249 tons, Last
Chance 99, Slocan Star 40, American
Boy 19. The Payne shipped 160 tons
over the C. P. R. during the week
McGuigan shipments for the month
of October were: Rambler-Cariboo 170
tons, R. K. Lee 22 and Soho 2i>_. THE PAYSTRKAK, SANDON, B. C, NOVEMBER 3,  1900
E. R. Atherton Co., Limited
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E. R. ATHERTON CO., Limited
The Truckee River Electric Power
Companv has announced that the plant
is completed and the wires for transmission of power to the mines on the
Comstock Lode have been connected at
both ends.
Whatever may be said concerning
the future of the mines of the great
lode, its past is a wonderful his'ory.
The following notes are collated from
the memoirs of the late Melville At-
wood in the writer's possession:
In 1857 ii,. Allen Grosh and Hosea B
Grosh, sons of   Rev. A. B   Grosh,  a
Unitarian clergyman of Philadelphia
" -a I. ���_*<	
were working- on the Comstock. from
the testimony of many old miners who
knew them, they were men of considerable scientific attainment**, being chemists*, assayers and metallurgists. They
"rent over into the mining region now
Jnown as the Comstock lode from Mud
Springs, El Dorado County, Cal , in that
year and continued to" prospect for
nearly a year. They came across a
young man named McLoud and took
him along with them. He was a Cana
dian, about 20 years of age, and had
crossed the plains with some Mormon
The Mormons, who were the early
settlers of Nevada, wanted McLoud to
remain with them, but he was unable
to stomach their religion, and so cast
his fortunes with the miners
The Grosh brothers occupied the
cabin along with young McLoud, and
COttistdek, after whom the ledge was
mimed, was a frequent visitor to their
little home
By this time there was considerable
mining done about Mount Davidson,
but it was all gold. The black sul
phurets, so rich in silver,were regarded
as of no value and thrown away. In
fact, the presence of these sul phurets
was regarded everywhere with disfavor
bv the miners.
There ia no authentic record of any
assay made by the Grosh brothers, but
they had the necessary appliances for
the' work, and must have made the
assay, for in the fall of 1857 they told
Comstock that they knew of rich silver
mines in the vicinity, and were going
back to Philadelphia to secure capital
to work thum.
They asked Comstock to remain at
their cabin during the winter with McLoud, who had been engaged bv them
to cut wood, etc , until they returned.
At that time there was considerable
stunted cedar in the vicinity, and this,
with the sagebrush, was used for fuel.
It would be of great interest for the J
world to know the history of the first
silver assay made by the Grosh brothers.
What it amounted to they kept to themselves. The testimony of McLoud is
interesting on this point.
After he reached Last Chance, with
his feet frozen from exposure, he stated
to Bill Lee, the storekeeper there, that
he had come over the mountains with
one of the Grosh brothers and that they
had endured horrible sufferings on the
McLoud stated to Lee that he saw
the Groshes "pour some of the silver
ore in a glass after pounding it in a pot
and wetting it, and that after that they
got very much excited."
The assay thus described by McLoud
is unquestionably the first assay ever
made of the silver deposits of the Comstock.
What a subject this scene would have
made Tor a painter's brush���the interior
of a miner's cabin at night, the .faces of
the two fortune-seekers lit by the ruddy
glow of the cupel furnace as they eagerly
held up the ' glass where the silver
bottom had dissolved in the acid sold-
On the result of that assay the future
of thousands hung Out of that'assay
sprang the millionaires of the Coast,
blocks of the finest buildings which now
adorn ban Francisco, the great enter
prises  that   have  made  Nevada  and
California famous, and along v ith it a
landslide of misery and bankruptcy
that has carried thousands to the loot
oi the hill to be covered with the debris
of shamti and oblivion. Out cf the little
ylass came a giant more powerful and
relentless than the awful shape that
������prang from the pan in the Arabian
story, aud this giant still lives to make
and unmake the destinies of thousands
The men who made the assay are
both dead. The grave of one is iu
California and the other in Nevada, and
neither themselves nor their descendants ever realized a dollar from their
discovery which added to the world's
wealth over three hundred millions of
dollars and saved the American Union
in the civil war.
The Grosh brothers seemed to fully
realize the importance of the discovery
they had made, for they began to make
plaits for going back to Philadelphia to
interest capitalists there to invest in
their find.
They at once staked off several claims
but there being no mining district there
at the time, of course they could not
have recorded them. They told Com
stock, who combined with them, what
their intentions were, and where the
find was located.
While preparations were being made
for the departure of the Grosh brothers,
Hosea, while prospecting, ran a pick in
his foot, and the result Was lockjaw
from which he died on the 2nd of September. His grave was marked bv a
few boulders, but on June 27, 18 55,
Hon. Schuyler Colfax, who whs en route
for California overland, participated in
the erection of a marble' slab over the
grave. Ahout, 200 people took part in
the ceremony.
. Allen Grosh died the following winter
from exposure in a snow storm while in
company with McLoud, who was pros-'
trated and narrowly escaped death and
the records.in Grosh's possession were
lost, haying Ix-.en deposited bv the two
freezing men iu the hollow of a fallen
In the spring Comstock learned that
Allen Grosh was dead, and concluded
to take advantage of the knowledge
then acquired
The partner of Crush claimed afterward that Comstock ransacked the cabin
for papers and data, and was thus enabled to relocate the ledge. It is not
probable, however, that such was tbe
case, as the Grosh brothers did not trust
him with anything, nor was it likely
that they left anything in the cabin that
would benefit him. After they left he
probably went over the ground where
he had seen them prospecting and
located the likeliest pUces.
Melville Atwood made the first assay
of ore taken from the lode on July la,
1859, after Comstock had disposed of a
great deal of ground which he claimed,
at ridiculously low prices. Mr Atwood
found the ore'submitted to him to contain $875 in gold and $75 in silver to the
After the result of the assay was made
public there was a wild rush to the
Modern El Dorado and since that time
the Comstock mines haVe produced
nearlv MOO.OOOaQOO. .  ���
Notary Public
Sandon, .     -       -      R. C.
Engineer and Provincial
Land Surveyor.
SANDON.       -        -        .      B. C.
������,.i^,���.mm*mim- mmp
'   ���     ~\.*��T*'- "" THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, NOVEMBER
Harris cs. Ourlin
Nelson Tribuim, Ootobar nut.
The case of Harris vs. Curlin was
continued at (court yesterday. The
case is of considerable interest to every
citizen of Sandon and was warmly contested. Argument commenced shortly
,,11,., io o'clock and lasted until 5 p. m.
II n/ould appear from what was stated
that the legislation relating to Crown
���mints of mineral claims is anything
hut clear. Counsel for the plaintiff
intended that his Crown grant gave
him surface rights to the ground at
js,n_ in addition to minerals, the oppo-
jjte contention*, being thai mineral
ri^hi-s only were conveyed, the surface
rights being not included. The judge
allowed COUni*el tO put in charts of the
statutes from 1892 to date, showing
what amendments have been made in
llie legislation in dispute. This gave
counsel the advantage of considering
each other's arguments and respectively
answering deliberatively on paper at
anv time before December. The main
contention on behalf of the plaintiff was
:hat his Crown grant was, on the face
of it, a grant in fee sif the disputed lots
together with much Other land comprising the Harris addition to the town-
ate of Sandon, as well as all minerals,
precious or base, which might be found
on it, and that such a conveyance carried with it the surface rights. The
contention for the defendenl  was con-
iiiud lo the one issue as to whether the
surface tights were conveyed or not,
pointing out that the Mineral Act never
contemplated the creation sif townsites
under its provisions.
Thirtq Members for the West.
The next Dominion census will be
taken within a vear. A redistribution
ofthe number of seats alloted to each
province must follow. What population the west will be found to have it is
difficult to say. A not extravagant
estimate might place it at boo,000
300,000 for Manitoba, 175,000 for the
Territories and 135,000 for British
Columbia. On that basis there would
beat least thirty members sif the house
of commons elected west ot Rat Port-
Hge, or about half as many again as
Nova Scotia enough to make a difference of sixt) sin a division. We may
be sure thai anv political party will
want as manv of those thirty votes as il
can get and will do a good deal to get
them bv its policy during the next five
years. Thev will judge what the west
wants by the wav i: votes at the polls
��n tlu- 7th. If tlie west votes tor more
Siftonism, it will get what it votes for.
If the west votes strongly and decidedly
for a state ownership polk \ in connection with western railways, it will have
some chance of getting   Mich   a policy.
Wle Ifoave Moved
And are now Ready for the
Rush of Trade.
Socialism seeks to preserve 10 mankind the natural products and advantages of the earth. It opposes
monopolies, Workingmen should ever
carry this principle into practice : He
just 10 all men, particular!) to yourselves. Vou have a candidate from
your own class, standing in your defence and lighting for his cause. Rally
to his support and help on the wheels
ol progress.���Slocan Drill.
The Canadian Pacific Railway company has just paid a dividend at the
rate of live per cent upon its common
s--h-1< of $65,000,000. Of the proceeds
of this stock only $8,500,000 at the
outside went into the 'construction ot
-he road. The dividend paid is therefore at the rate of about 38 per cent, on
���he capital actually expended on conduction.���-Lardeau Eagle.
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Autumn Trade,
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ek CO.
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Keco Avenue
District Agent for The Great
West   Lite Assurance  Co.
Winnipeg, Man.
Grimmett Block, Reco Ave
Phoenix, of Hartford, Conn.
Pacific Coast Fire Insuranoe Co
Imperial Registry Company
The Dominion ol Canada Guerantee
and Accident Insurant- Company.
Norwich Fire Insurance Co.
Connecticut Insurance Co. of
of Hartford,
.Etna Fire Insurance Company
���fames $. <Bodfrep>
Mines, Inoestments and Insurance.
��������� * ��� THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, NOVEMBER ;,
27k papstreah.
Published Every Saturday iu the heart of the Richest White Metal Camp on Earth.
Subscription   -   -   -   -   $2.00 a year.
Strictly in advance.
William MacAdams,
Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, B. C.,  NOVEMBER 3,  iqoo.
The Announcement made by Finance Minister
Fielding* that a branch of the Royal mint would be established in Canada in the immediate future is a matter of
much satisfaction to people of Western Canada. The
loss this country has suffered thru the lack of a mint has
been great. Vancouver and Victoria alone have lost
during* the last three years the profits of a trade amounting
in the aggregate to something close to a hundred million
dollars. Slocan, Trail Creek, Nelson, the Boundary, and
in fact all the camps in British Columbia have been heavy-
losers in the particular that the establishment of a Canadian
mint must eventuate in the establishment of Canadian
refineries in which gold and silver and their bye-products
would be treated on this side of the line instead of being
shipped to F2urope or United States. The loss in all cases,
while it has been reflected on the country's trade, has been
saddled on the mining industry, as the cost of shipping
the precious metals to a market must of necessity be deducted from the value thereof. The establishment of a
Canadian mint will virtually act as a bonus to producers of
precious metals to the extent of saving to them the cost of
transportation to a foreign country.
The establishment of a Canadian mint has been
strenuously opposed by the bankers, and their arguments
are not without foundation. The money men claim that a
mint will disturb the financial equilibrium which, they
say, is making Canada prosperous. They argue that gold
coinage is not necessary in internal trade, and that Canadian
gold coin would not be acceptable in United States or any
European country except at its gold -or remelt���value,
and that therefore the cost of minting would be a dead loss
to the country. In the case of shipping sovereigns, Canadian banks would lose the cost of shipment to London,
but this loss would be no greater than that of transporting
the bullion. It is also pointed out by the bankers that the
Melbourn mint, a branch of the Royal, cost ,-��20,000 last
year and returned a revenue of only .��8,000, the balance
being a loss to Australia.
From the bankers' point of view the argument against
a mint is sound.    Banks will   probably  lose money  by its
establishment���or rather, will   make less after  it has been
established���but the benefit to  the country at large will be
out of all proportion   to the  loss  sustained by the banks.
The bankers argue from  a wrong premises.    They take it
for granted that the prosperity of the  banks and the prosperity of the  country  are  identical  and inseparable���that
unless the banks are making  money the country cannot be
prosperous.    Such is not  the case, as the establishment of
a mint will in some degree prove.    Were the banking franchises in the hands of the people  and the banks run as the
postoffice is, for   the benefit  of   the  public, instead of as
dividend-producing   concernes,   the   country's   prosperity
would be greatly enhanced thereby.    The establishment of
a mint and the  consequent substitution of a national coin
for chartered  paper currency is  the first   step  toward the
nationalization  of the banks.    The  next step  will be the
withdrawal from the  chartered banks   of  the  privilege of
issuing paper and the substitution of national greenbacks.
In the election which is to take place in the United
States next Tuesday, Imperialism and Trusts are the paramount issues. On imperialism Bryan and the democratic
party seem to have struck the mark. On the trust question
they have missed it.
Bryan tells electors that trusts should be suppressed.
Follow this to its logical conclusion. We find that by
working backward thru the maze of trusts, combines, com'.
panies and partnerships, we arrive at the primitive system
of production under individual enterprise. Trusts are tho
twentieth century outgrowth of individualism. They follow
as naturally as day does night. To try to suppress them
would be as foolish as to legislate against high tide. Thev
prove that competition is not the life but the death of trade;
that perfection in production can be obtained only in monopoly. They demonstrate that the world's desire cheapness���cannot be reached thru chaotic, disorganized, wasteful individual effort.
Bryan and the democrats fail to forsee the future as
they have failed to read the past. The) do not recognize
that the logical outcome of the trusts will be found in a
grand national monopoly which will control all the means
of production. The election of Bryan might curtail the
power of the trusts by securing a reduction of the tariff
and the enforcement of more equitable transportation regulations, but this cannot avert the final outcome.
MacNeilL and Galliher have made several speeches
during the past few days, but have not yet defined their
position on the question of government ownership of railways. They are afraid to state where they stand. That's
cowardice. Chris Foley has made several speeches during
the past two weeks and has come out flatly for government
ownership even* time. That's the courage of honest convictions. Vote for MacNeill or Galliher and you vote
against government ownership. Vote for Chris Foley and
vou vote for it. *
Government ownership of railways is the paramount
issue in Western Canada today.    Don't  overlook it : don't
_/ *
try to dodge it ; don't be blinded to it by party prejudice.
Face it and vote intelligently. Government railways will
make Canada the most   prosperous country   under the sun.
A vote for Chris Foley is a vote for <_overnmenf rail-
ways, arbitration of industrial disputes, exclusion of Asiatic
immigrants, abolition of the senate and the establishment
of a national eight-hour day. A vote for MacNeill or
Galliher is a vote against Foley and his platform.
Mine owners on Silver mountain claim that the wagon
road from New Denver is being constructed without consulting the wishes ofthe people who have put their mone)
into the properties which the road purposes to reach.
An Independence party has been organized in Montreal. Its program proposes separation from the British
empire and the establishment of the United States of Canada as an independent republic.
Laurier says the liberals will win. Tupper savs the
conservatives will win.    Shaughnessy  only smiles.
Galliher and   MacNeill are   before the   electors on an
appeal to prejudice.    Chris Foley has a platform.
Why do the liberals and  conservatives  say that there
is not room for a third candidate in the field ?
The Mining Review intends to stay on the fence until
its editor "has been seen."
.T �����..,_.   y
~ .jf****:.'.'..".. ;,i��� A--.r**^*-3sec3^ THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, NOVEMBER
*>��� 3Bpev$& QompMP*
mcClarp's Seating and Cooking Stoves.
We have the Kootenay Steel Ranges
in four sizes for family use, also large Army
and I leavy Steel Plate Ranges, single and
double ovens, for camp and hotel use.
The newest and most
modern stove made.
Ball bearing -urates,
double lire pot, wood
and coal grates with
each stove.
A most suitable stove
for heating large rooms
Will burn either soft or
hard coal. Very economical on fuel.
We have in stock a
very large assortment
of heating and cook
stoves for wood and
coal including Globe,
Queen and Air Tight
Heaters. Kindly call
and inspect our lines.
We Have Received
M Zavge Stock
Rubbers, German Socks, Mack-
naw Coats and Pants, which wo are
selling at Lowest Possible Prices.
-*���*���*������-���������GIVE US A CALL.^^-
macdonald & Moss,
The   Filbert  Cafe
HOGAN & REESE, Proprietors.
���*^*^=-*=*-*>=* ���   m^^m"m*$ m^9 *** 0 0> m t * O * 0
All  the   Delicacies  of the  Season Seroed.
Open Day and Night.
Eoerything Nero, Neat, Clean and Tasty.
The Place to get the Best Meal in Sandon.
MMMM ym000 *
Red Cross -|- Drug Store
Imported Roger & Gallet and Pinaud's Perfumes.
Just received a large g tockof ladiespurses
at the very lowest prices.
xFred J. Donaldson,   Druggist and Chemist.
\t The New Store.
���/-> ���*-*-> �����������*���
We have a full line of Fresh
Okanagan and Walla Walla
Fruits. Harvest Apples and
Bartlett Pears, Peaches and
Plums. California Tokay
(.rapes. Ganongs Famous
Choclates. R. Smith's and
Perrin's Candies.
��/_*��� ���/-> -/_*-# ���/_*��� <_V ���/_> -/A*. *l\ <_*��� </_*��� <->
Jas. Williamson.
Tho Halcyon Hot Spring!.
There are a variety of places full of
interest thruout Southern British Columbia. Each district has its special
attraction hut none of those places possess more attractive interest than the
Hot Springs at Halcyon. These springs
are situated on the eastern shore ot' the
Upper Arrow Lake, about eight miles
south from Arrowhead. They are ihus
on the main line of travel thru the great
Kootenav country, and are fast becoming one ofthe most popular features of
this line of travel, particularly lor the
tourist traveller. Here are three cauldrons of hoi, sulpherous water- about a
thousand yards apart from each other���
seething over in a contii uous How of
medic-ited w.iters, amply -mfficient to
cure nearly all the ills the flesh is heir
to. Their full medical potency was nol
thoroly understood for some time after
their discovery, and it is only recently
their threat virtues have heen ascertained. It was soon discovered tnat bath-
ing in its waters was a great alleviation
for all rheumatic and gouty pains, and
that drinking of its waters provided
relief in kidney and liver troubles, and
that those who were suffering from
dyspepsia were cured by partaking of
its waters. It is however only lately
(hat their great potency has heen ascertained in their eradicating from the
system the ill effects produced by metallic poisoning, contracted thru working
in the long tunnels and deep shafts sif
the precious metal mines. The reputation of the curative* powers of these
waters is becoming world-wide. Travellers from all parts of the world, touring the Kootenay, have visited these
springs, some for their curative effects
and others to enjoy the beautiful scenery which to them is the most picturesque in the whole of British Columbia,
combining the gracefullness ol the
Scottish Highlands, the boldness of
Switzerland and the massiveness of
Norway���a tine blending of the whole
three. Here the tired and jaded can
have complete rest and undergo recuperation from the health-giving fountains
either by bathing in or drinking of the
waters. The bathing houses for ladies
and gentlemen are the most complete
lhat modern convenience could afford.
Each is equipped with a splendid swimming pool, built of hewn stone after the
style of the baths of the ancient Romans. There is a first-class hotel and
numerous villas with attractions for
recreation .md amusement so as to
make a stay there .as pleasant as possible.
One great peculiarity sif these springs
is that they appear to possess a climate
peculiarly their own, and specially
adapted for a health resort. There is
little or no winter's snow or frost. The
temperature seldom descends below
zero, sun is never absent, and exercise
in the open air is always obtainable.
The climate here is so genial that the
place has been dubbed "the banana
patch." The Sanitarium has comfortable accomodation for upwards of
eighty guests, and its attractions in the
winter are as great as in summer.
Bottling works have been erected for
the purpose of carbonating the water so
as to place on the market a healthy
table water laden with medicinal poten-
tionalities, and The Halcyon Water has
already taken a place in public favor as
being one of the finest natural mineral
waters in the world.
This is Probably on the Square.
Detailed study ofthe different vowels
and consonants and the corresponding
currents and counter-currents of air has
induced  M. Galle to conclude that the
intra-buecal column of air is not inert,
and that the buccal cavity does not act
as a resonator, as it is usually said to
do, It is the air itself, by its alternate
condensations and dilations, which result from the action between the currents, and produce the sub- awels along
with the laryngeal sound.
Application for Liquor License.
NOTIt'Ris hereby given tluit."*:) Hays from
iott hereof I will apply tn the license oom-
mnwioneri oftheoity of Sandon for Alicante
to sell liquor by retail mi   lota No.  *.' iiinl B,
Block A.,    V7(Mt   S.illdoll.
Dated at  Snndon, October 80th, 1900,
For Srilf.
Chatham Wagoni     (50.00 each.
Hoi. Sleiulis W.00
-Vparae]oes, complete   10.00.    "
Barnes*, double 18,00
The above, altho second linnd, arc in first
("las> order.
Apply Ui
AU>ert CanyoU, B. C.
Assessment Notice.
Tlu'annual Court of Revision and Appeal
until r the Assessment Aot will be held in
the City offices, Sandon, on Monday, Noveno.
lier 18th, at three o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Assessor.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situated  in   the Slocan Mining Division of
West   Kootenay.    Where   located s   On
MaQuigan Creek   east nf and  adjoining
the Herbert Mineral Claim.
TAKE NOTICE that  1. W.J.H. Holmes,
acting as agent for Edwin Hyde Tomtinson,
Free Miner'- Certificate No.  23418a, and  the
Washington Mining Company (Foreign), Free
Miner's Certificate No.  "(**��. (Special), intend
sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvement.-! frr the purpose of .obtaining a Crown
grant of fhe above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section ���"���<.  must  Ite commenced  before the
iiittUHnce of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated tliis -.'Nth daj; of Sept,, A. 1). lOOO.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate   in   the Slocan Mining  Division   of
West Kootenay District.   \\ here located 1
In McGruigan Basin, east of ami adjoining
the Washington Mineral Claim,
TAKE NOTICE that I. W.J. II. Holmes.
aoting as agent for Tbe Washington Mining
Company, (foreign), Free  Miner's Certificate
No. 7'ii'. (apeoial), Intend, sixty days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
Certificates of Improvements, for tbe purpose
of   obtaining Crown   Krauts   of    the above
Ami further take notice that, action   under
section  'S7  must be commenced before the
issuance of SUoh Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of September, A. D. lnoo.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
afterdate I intend to apply to the Chid' Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license to cut ami carry away timber from
the following described lands i Commencing
a'ta post marked "Wilson Hill's south W6_t
corner," situated near the east end of Summit,
lake, thence north eighty chains, thence east
one hundred and twenty chains, thence south
eighty chains, thence west one hundred and
twenty chains to starting point, containing
one thousand acres, more or less.
New Denver. B. C, Sept. 1st. li'ixi.
Land Registry Act.
IN THK MATTER Of an application for a
duplicate   of    the (Vrtilicatc of Title    to an
undivided one Quarter of Lot seven hundred
and thirty-seven (7.17; "A lamo" mineral claim.
Lot seven hundred ami tliirtv-eL'ht (788) "Ivy
Leaf" mineral claim, Lot sewn hundred and
forty-seven t.717) "Twin Lakes" mineral claim,
Lot478(Font hundred and seventy-eight) mineral claim, and of nil minerals precious and
base (save coal) therein, also an andivided
one-quarter of Lot seven   hundred and thirty*
.aix(7:ii) -Mill,ite" Group] Kootenav District.
NOTICK  i, hereby  given that it i- my
intention at the expiration of one month
irom the   tir.it publication  hereof to Issue ��������
duplicate of the Certificate of Title to the
above lands, Ucued to George W. Hughes on
the 87th day of Apri. i-mo and numbered
.i |0k.
BagLstfuH leneral
uand Registry office.
Victoria. B. 0 ,.- ni October, 1800"
In the mailer of an iippltcation for
a duplicate ofthe Certificate of Title to
an undivided one half of Lots fourteen
hundred and one (1401) and fourteen
hundred and t\vo( 1402) (excepting 14.16
acres thereof conveyed to the Vancouver Group Mining Company Limited
Liability) Group 1 (sine) Kootenay Di>-
tricti known as the Lorna  Doone and
Prior Mineral claims respectively and
of all minerals precious and base (suve
coal) therein.
NOTICK is herein given that it is
my intention at the expiration sif one
month from the first publication hereof,
to issue a duplicate of the Certificate of
Title to the ahove lands issued to M.
R. W. Rathborne on the 2nd da\ of
November iS<*a and number 1526k.
Land Registry Office,
Victoria, B. C.
83rd October 1900.
To The Business Men nod
Resident! of snmloii.
THK Methodist congregation of the town
is   making   an  effort   to  build  a   house  of
worship that will co-t about -1.Too when completed. A parsonage has already been purchased at a coat of (06 > an I tbe lot upon
which our church will he eSQOted 6ost 610.
Upon these properties there is some Indebtedness, hut we wrisb to open our churoh with mt
anyeuoumbrance upon it whatever Kn >w-
Ing that the fire must have seriously affected
the resources of many pnrsons we have do-
oided not to make an individual appeal.    We
do uotwish to tax your well-known liberality
Imt we at the same time beg leave to urge
that our enterprise receive your attention aim
whatever support you feel inclined to give
Any contributions will he thankfully received
hy members of our Trustee Hoard and acknowledged in our reports issued quarterly.
Chairman  of   Hoard.
Secretary of Hoard.
In the Tent
The Filbert Motel
liny your (irocpries from
Macdonald & Ross. Nothing but
good noods in stock.
The Denver.
Cody Ave.
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hote*
The Most Complete   Health   R'.-sort on
the Continent of North America.
Situated    'midst    Scenery   Unrivalled   r.,r
11 ramie nr
Halcyon Hot Springs
Pate Sanitarium. *-5fs
(excursion and Nm..
Halcyon SprincjH. Arrow Lake, B. C.
Term-..   18 tot 18 per weel..  according
to residence In Hotel or Villa-..
lis Maths cure all Nervous and Muscular Disease*.     Its waters heal all
Liver, Kidney and Stomach
Ailments and  Metallic   Poisoning.
Telegraphic   Communication  with .ill
parts sif the World.
I'wo Mails arrive and depart Ever) Day.
The price of Rnllwaj Ticket forRonuil Prip
between Sandon and Qood for thirty l.u-
and obtainable all year round  is    3 .MS
M pointer
For your Eastern Trip is
to see that you ticket roads
via Canadian Pacific. First-
class sleepers on all trains
from Revelstoke and Kootenay Landing*.
Passing   Dunmore  Jctinction dam
lor St. Paul, Saturday; tor Mont
real and Boston, Mondays, and Thursdays for Toronto. Same ears pass
Revelstoke one dav earlier.
f For Nakusp, Revelstoke,
Daily, except (Main  Line   and,   Pucih*
Sunday, at   | Coast,    connecting     ''
8-oo a, m.    j Rosebery for Slocan Citj
| Nelson Rossland Bound-
Country, and all Eastern
points via  Crows Nesl
^^^^^^^^ route.
For time tables, rates, and full information call on or address nearest
loclal agent or
J, it. Grudge,
E. J. C-oyle,        W. F. Anderson.
A. G. 1\ A., T- P. *���
Vancouver, II. C.      Nelson, B. (
���n l hllilllMW
ffs^mmmmm THE PAY8TBEAK, .SANDON, B. C.,-NOVEMBER fi, 1900.
Hie following ie a complete list oi the
mining transaction**) recorded ��*ur��'ij_; the
Weck in the several mining divuioni of
IheBlooan. Those of New Den ve** wei e
g_ followB :���
Oct -..-starlight, silver mt. relocation Water
i<*> David T Davis.
M.i 'lift, McGuigan slope, P M Hayes.
Helvetia, In UcOnlgan, P A Ganty.
[j���Young Rambler, In lieu Igau, M Penroti
ami.I BroWO.
8 Ai,. . Daves Frac. EM basin,.) (' Ryan.
jq   jvi.ver No 3. Silver int, 1) J Wed.
Albl same. A Jacol-wtii.
DUmond Hitch,������ OfSilverton, L M Knowlei,
_i   Aniiivt'rsAry. nf 0od***cr,G K Raneotn.
"-.', Balmorali in Gndy, Rol>t McDonald
l'liikle, McGuigan basin, relocation flood Kr
t ECrouln.
Ort ii*���Saddle, Torpedo.   10���Polo, Mumm,
Winnipeg NoS.  M���llorm, Croat Roads.  M���
K���ur Mile. Sou ton Kr. Silver Wedge, La Cma-
_-an, Contract, Bonny-ride Fr < t< <r year lWfl).
l'r,,a|H(t (for i'n��). Paeitie 'for i'*��� r_'. Province
ifoi u��),8nowallde(forlflOJ}, Baaex Kr (for law),
Edinburgh (for li*)ij. IS���Franklin Fr. Frank F.
fl Milton. Milton Frac. *0 -Edith, Mother
Btngej, Black Hawk Fr.
csmvioaTtM of nmovnmrr.
Bent U���Detroit  *���"*> -Bock Fractional Oct 8
_RuM Marie. Ma/''|i|-a.   :*���   8unrl**e Roi,   li-
Comet, Defenaer, Daybreak   SS Thtsde.
Oct la-Galena Fr .'.  F  II  Wilson to P M
Haves. Aug 19.
17-CastU-k. Mountain Con, Bllvei Lake. Silver
[j^ke Falls. Granite Mountain, option, tt in W
Warner and the Coin II & DOo to RG Tatlow,
price *tmJ0tk\   Oct ,r>. _,  ���
19 -Power of Attorney, H <> Shave to n a
Sandiford. Aug*.
Vanoni Fr ami Malvern. Nortlnv-st  Mining
Syndicate, Ltd. to the Condor Claim*. Ltd.Octs.
Orient, HO Shave to tbe Condor Mines, Ltd.
IH't !'
Vaitonl. Romols, Zoroaste, Dana, aorora,Divt
dead, Northwest Mininc Syndicate,Ltd,and H
0 Shave to the Condor Mines, Ltd, Oct3.
Swansea, \V H Sandiford to tbe Coudor Mines,
Ltd. Oct 8. ,   _
Havana & Dewey, HOShave to tho Condor
Mines, Ltd, Oot 8
iJrrCtnnberland, Richmond, Grand view, Green
Helds.   W-Nurth Pole Nol,   M-Alma.
Oct lO-Mornlin? Star No j},Sunrise.. la-Esther
May.  ik���No 6 Fraction
Oct ft���A Jacobson to Wm Steele, all Interest
in Flsbee
8��� Elisabeth Gumming, to P E Archer, \ lot
in Comstock Virginia and Erie.
John Nynu-.li to John Swsnson and A E Leld-
hery, 1 hit to each in WendeS.
lu-E L Smith toC ii Rvans.l-lO Int in Copper
Star, Rodney. Mollny, I ellie an   I'Hem ir.
11���M Johnson toD ('lark, 1 int In Oregon.
It���DM Clark to l Kennedy, 1 Int In Forest
Kiiik and Forest Bell, eon 180.
J.-l   (' II Williams to I'T I'orter all int In Iowa
A Kennedy to U K Connor, all Int in Bnow
Storm Friction. ,
17-T Q Prootor to Ernest Mansfield, all hit In I
F Hansen to R Elliott. ] Int In Tiling Valla
10-J A Whittier to Can Mining and Dry Co.
Gastlct and Mountain Con, eon $> I '"
Ul���A C Commini and John C Mnrmn ��o O W
Chishplm, all Int in White Warrior, Snow Flake
and Horse Shoe.
__ -W W Warner to R G Talbot, all Int In
Cast let and Mountain Con. Silver Lake Silver
Lake Falls aud Granite Mountain, eon iSSjUbO,
Pa Burn
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh aed Cm red
Fish and Oysters
Beauty���One woman's stone; in an
other woman's shoes.
Kelitfion ��� Halo   headache  in   the
Drama���A visible contention that a
lady nin-'t live somehow.
Marriage���A riotous, deadhead audience of one.
Aristocrat ��� A   victim   of inverted
Law���A great compulsory mud-hath.
Conversation���Matter-of-fact, matter*
of-lie. and no matter at all.
Bride���A nine-days' multitude, and a
life-long fraction.
Gentleman���Ad upholstered thirst.
Ambition���One man's sickness of another man's health
Dressed and Live
Octll    Autumn. Ten Mile.  Mrs A Sinitherin-
Mle.   Itiverslde.saine. Thoe Kil|-amck.
ls-Rusty Treasure. Lemon ok. V, Karrana A
GrowiU-r. ' Ku-'t\ Treasure Sot same.
ih  Ml tletoe. Twciv, Mile, r H tt artng.
Holly, saute. W Tattersall,
Anchor. Snd U t Lemon   A tt entSOl.
Oct9���Pars 10���Aurora. Aurora fr. Lake
vuw  white Fine. Arlington No l Mr owmnt)-
l.-uUvllli-. Maveta. 13 Tranter I*-B'lko.
BLckFel, B��-k of Acs, Silver lit- ��-
���_-.Ur-.. 8ta_ of India. Mount dc Mars. IE���Midnight   *��-Fountain.
Oct H-Noticc of seizure h> the sheriff ofln-
Mv.t nf Two Friends Mine Ltd Lty.ln the Iwo
19-Kxcbang�� .. and silver Plata |.H LFlfe to
W E lt.de.
N,w Magnet .. K a Rradshaw to Mis Covington.  Magnet r., same to same.
tt-Dundee \..l G McCallumto R ^"7U"
Letter* of AdmlntatratJon of I he ee t: ������    l ���
McDonald, deceased, in favor o Angus MeDou
aid. l.y John Keen, registrar ol the court, sept u.
()c,4-,lunoFrae.Sln*in,er.MJNValsh(   Jno
BpriuK er. 3 W Livers.   Rubber Neck, ui  i   >
I. it Williams,   silver Leaf, (��d Gold cr. OB J
Wllkee.    Gama, obi Gold er, ��� l�� jjfstta n.
Beta, 0|.i Gold or. .lat-oh M'huildt    De ta.   w
Gold er. 0 B N Wllkee.   hutntux Hae. Me <
cr,W 11 Hamilton.   Irene, si-nin-ci, JHwno
son   Oregon. Crawford Hay. A McKeBsn .  vei
vet, Caribou cr. .1 M Miller. .
6-Arilngton, Cariboo or, M F Cl. tnut.  Un
Canadian and Tiptop.  ,'",il,r,    U l, Whfte
Portland, Ctolbooor, <J N Taylo .  Bob wnt..
Cascade er. s Denison. . 'I��'��i:",il,;.s \ '��� ,   ,l, ���'
A Laughttm,   Lome, silver Tip w.DAl)tin
|)avl9lCedart-r..I BJOasson    (>da . este sl(
I'avis, a A McKinnon.   J P. Kail'    ��� �����
Miller    Boxe.r. Crawford er; .1 I- red Rltt hie.
10 -Merrv England Frac, Tea cr J B Andt I �����',
In,,, *5nSl Orawforu or. G M^ews. D -
and a Bo, I miles n w of Ainswo h.CL Bruw
Look Out, Hooker or, -las 1 s'��V\v'\v:iiton.
8weat 8 f Kaslo er, G E Croni" m*gj* ' . .
Ruth. Hear Prancr A Anderson. ��. ,;",. v
BlueBtrtge, HNewcombe Copjioi Prince. .
er, L A Lemon. ,  .,..,., ,,:..,,   M ,1
, u-Ajaiehe. relocation of w     ,.,",;,    D
W alsh    Maple Leaf and No 1. Duncan   ^.^
'I .
tran rd
Sandon Cartage Co.,
Express, Baggage
and Cartage
Delivered   to all parti of the city
Oontractorsj& Builders
Dealers  in  Romrh  and  Dressed  Lumber.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, etc., made to order
at lowest possible prices.    Mines and
Dimension Timber always in Stock
Plans, Estimates and Specifications turnished for all classes ot building.
' Factory opposite C. P. R. freight shed.
Railroad Avenue Sandon
Good Cooks are Born, not made.
The kitchen mechanic
at the���       m
Sandon <B House
Is a scientist in the
culinery line Drop
in and	
.We serve the
Best regular dinner in Sandon
a ah    Maple Leal and No 1. ]   '  :' '   W.dti
" McPhail     Hope, relocation o^. I"okta  \ j,
Jamea.  Clara Bell, Cedar cr, D Shnv*. lip    i
ivl-.cation ol Francis. A HHvffi c.
Sawyirnr, J P Sawyer.  ThingJalla,www
Frank Hanson.  Moonlight. ���Tw'��Wm���ffi\��.
Broolca.   Mona. Upper Dunoan. JohnHenm
Alice, Upper Duncan, DNleholS.
% Oct 8-Ione. Merry Kngland. Kltchetier.Copper
Mountain, Ottawa, Grey Conner, * l.'r_.Kanuek,
Cascade.    lo-Pardise,   Olohe-    ��  lul ���
ountnln   Goat.
Igar, Douglas.
Manufacturer of
Barrister, Solicitor Notary
Public, Etc.
SANDON,   _1___L__^LC_���.
j. W. Balmain
Sandon, B. C.
Olson! Ip o n0\ 170
...H,,.i        1  ���   vy'    *
SILVER   CITY   LODGE   NO.    39,
I. 0. 0. F.
Meetings every Friday evening at 7:*K) In
Crawford's Hall. Vlsitliifr brethren are cordially
invited to attend.
Secretary, W>ble Grand.
A. F. & A. M.
Regular communication held first Thursday In
each month In Masonic Hull at 8 P. M. Sojourning brethren are cordially invited to attend.
THOMAS BROWN. Secretary.
Sandon Miners' pTl-rv,'
..    . rm        '���_   |     vate patients, ���?���������
Union Hospital, ^ **. ���**���
7   slve of  ex[)eiis��
of physician or surgeon and drugs A-Mp-M ff\
DR. W. E.GOMM, Olm^   bllkli/**
Attendant Physician   [[[��,   rUDHC
j. d. Mclaughlin, President
\V. L. HAGLER, Secretary
Wm. DONAHUE, .I   V. Martin, R. J McLeak
Angus J. McDonald, Mike BEadt,Directors
Estahhslied lWw,
Meets In Crawford's Hall every Wednesday eve-
nltiK. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to'
attend. J. D. McLAUGHLAN. C. C.
E. M. Sandilands
Sandon, B. C.
Notary Public
Insurance* Mining Broker
Mining Stocks bought and sold. General
agent for Slocan Properties. Promising Pros-
|;eet.�� for sale. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, NOVEMBER, 3
A well-known character in Sandon,
who is a lover of wine "vvheivit is red
irt the cup" had a high grade jag; the
other day, when he fell and struck, his
nose against a barber pole. On heing
raised from the sidewalk he asked,
"what in thunder 'zat���hie !���woman
wi' strpted stockinson got���hid���again
me ?"
They sat together by the sea,
A brave young groom and bride,
And listened long and lovingly
To the moaning of the tide.
Just six months later, when they sat
At home and sadly sighed,
The neighbors in the next door Hat,
Heard the moaning ofthe tied.
Go to Macdonald & Ross for yonr
Comfortable rooms by the day,
week or month nt the Snndon
Patronize the  Snndon  Hand
Lodging House.
Nice Comfortable Beds,
To Let by the Day*, Week
Month or Year. Get One
Before they are all Taken
Saddle   Horses
We have a string* of good
Saddle Horses for hire at
regulation rates.
Reliable Stock.
Main Street.
No Long Waits
Good Seroice
The Best* Baths
In Toton.
II. M. Stevens.
Just Ask Us.
The New Clifton
�� "��� ���      *���
This house has recently been
Completed and Fitted up. It
is  one of the Nicest Hotels in
the Kootenay. If you have
an hour or a day to spend in
town do not   fail  to   call upon
John Buckley.
Grocery and Provision Line.
WE will be pleased to supply you   at the most reasonable
Prices with goods ofthe best quality.
II. Giegerieh,      Keco Ave.
ttmrraf)! ��� Iburraf)!
Call and inspect onr new store at the
Sandon Boot and Shoe Store. All kinds of
Rubber Footwear, Mackinaw Socks, Ladies
and Gents Fancy Slippers, Infant's Footwear, at tbe Sandon Hoot and Shoe Store.
&li Gaplor,
H Preserving
H Time is Here
Dealer in
Cutlery, Granite,
% Nickle and Tin-
$& wave. A First
���_.& Class  stock  of
We carry a large
stock of imported high
grade cloth, and guarantee a perfect fit and
neat finish.
See Our Stock
riain St.,      Sandon.
$���$��� Oxford Ranges,
$���$ Cooking, Heat-
$�� ing Stooes.
Tinware of all &
kinds for family, *g
hotels, restaur- *��
ants and mining *jf
camp kitchens, *jj
made to order fj;
promptly. *��
Estimates given on air pipe
and all mining* work, roofing
plumbing, etc. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Best materials,
personal attention given all
All Goods Al. and at
Right Prices. Call
and Inspect.
Fancy Plums,    $   Medium Plums.
Bartlet Pears,   $   Free Stone Peaches
Tomatos, t    Haroest Apples.
1 Jalland Hros.,
Cody Ave. $
For the Table.:::
I have on hand a beautiful
line of silver flat ware ofthe
newest patterns. The famous
Roger Bros. 1847 goods.
Also a Hue of sterling silver
fflat ware of latest designs.
Such as the ladies will be delighted with. I also handle
the Stanley Pianos.
Sole Sgent for Dueber
Hampden Watches.
I have placed a large
stock   of men's   and
In my new store and solicit
the patronage of the Sandon
public. Absolute satisfaction
Louis Huppertcn
Main St. -   -- Sandon, <(- <'���
-i....��...- iVm 1 1,1.1


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