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The Paystreak Oct 27, 1900

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Array BOOK V.  "===="===^____-���_______
,,/xL,!,arris is ^"^-<�������������� *,s
E. M.  Sandilands will m���. .
new office next week. 'm�� h,s
Mike    Kerlin   is in   \0|M1���
Harris vs. Kerlin r.(H. ^^^
Harry  Nash  is now u,n    .
new building on Reco Ave.     '
Jas.   Wood   is   huildi.i.r   ..   s,ilri
Reco Ave., bdow ,���,  &_��Xy
on   the
W��-*d  when   is,,K IJf,',.n0raI ,5ui,d-
���''"���J^.x.ures      ' 'n*VV1r,,.l,rs.   minors
* ����� have hr:it;;v.fromChi(:;^
���*op in the Sloe";,. hand80me���� barber
Sloca,,, and w   ^kona"d ***" of
rounded   bv   il���*   k - ?  a^,,n   sur-
*hfoh  sn   vs dl     T,Ul  matcrial *
I are made! ;",d   ***�����   6*lW
The C.r.Rollices will he moved inio
Ihe new depot, building to-morrow.
Pat   Russell   redoing  a   land   office
'���ess selhng Victor safe, in Sandon.
Tom  and  Jerry   irrigating   agents
again. '   '
inches  sif 500  ounce ore
in the  Reco-Goodenouirh
The repairs of ihe flume, made by
the relief cohunittcc, have been corn-
Ely Taylor will occupy the
of ihe   McQueen  building,
at ree t.
lower side
On   Main
VV. \V, Warner, and H. |. Warner
returned yesterday from Vermillion,
There has been a local demand for
American Hoy stink during the las!
few davs.
IThe new school is now occupied, and
the  students and   teachers  who  have*
spent the time since the tire in the tent*
on Main  Street now have comfortable
and spacious quarters in which to carry
on the good work Ol education.
H. M. and E. W. Stevens have purchased from J. R Cameron the two
lots at the fool of Reco Ave., and are
applying for a licen.se. They intend
to repair and remodel the building oj-
cupied bv Camsron's tailor shop and
open up the "Reception"saloon.
A couple  of dagoes  fattened the city
to the  extent of $25 each for
treasury r ,_���._... ^, .-.._., eacn ior
flashing guns in a saloon row one nigh I
(his week. Dadoes and six-shooters
are a hard combination but "Judge"
has a system that usuall brings them to
has   just
With   ihe
K.   R.    Atherton's   store
emerged from au encountei
house painters.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Vallance spent a
<e\\ days in Kaslo and Nelson this
���**eek, returning Thursday.
Geo. H. Knowles will occup) one of
the stores in the Miners' Union Block
m soon as that building is completed.
The  Urban   Mining Co.  has  three
shifts working on the Donnelly group,
the contract   for 200
George Grant has tl
feet of work.
Electric llghl poles have been erected
,)!)!''   r ll.a       ta!      *   1 I    -II .��� .1
'"n the Sunnyside hill
tor the pur-
tO   Sandon's
pose of furnishing
'"'"li Avenue.       ___
Mrs. R. A. Creech left on  Thursday
or Victoria,   where she will   spend the
Winter.     Mr. Creech  accompanied   her
',sl ar as revelstoke.
ll-(W. Grimmett has purchased a lot
J".|'un street below Uie Miners' Union
���JllJllUr)     ,mj     js    ere(.t|ng     ���     strUC|Ure
,. Idl he will occupy in the  jeweley
line, ���
vv. i.'1 l'ain,noll'-l returned to town this
eek after having spent the summer in
r*Pe Nome.     He will put iii the winter
nndon and vicinity, going north in
���he spring, '
.   "������ Harrington was in town Thurs-
���.'���   evening  from  Slocan  City.     He
'* ;i deal on  for the Get-There-Eli
Gom '  ��"  ^we,ve  *Mi,t" creek.    Dr.
1,1111   also   holds   an   interest   In  the
liiil|'S|"n''tcS i,nd plans ,or ,Ik' new l'i,v
jfjj   "ave been   forwarded to the com-
toria     t ��f ,JUlds and works  at Vic-
Ihfi ���      "U'    holding,    according   to
���l  TOncationa will cost $2,000 and
'l*�� l,,ts will cost $1,000.
J. R. Cameron has said his two lots
at the lower end of Reco Ave. to H. M.
Steevens, and will build on the site of
his old stand. He will put up a two-
'story building 30x30, the lower floor to
be occupied as a tailoring and gent's
furnishing establishment, and the upper
story for residence purposes.
The accounts contracted during the
smallpox scare and resultant quarantine
here last winter will he paid for out of
the $5,000 provincial appropriation if
the government will allow this use of
a portion ofthe money. The accounts
aggregate $800. This amount and
the $3,000 for a city ball, deducted
from the appropriation will leave the
corporation in possession of $1,200
which will be used to immediately complete the flume down to Kootenay street
aud open up that section of Main street
below the Sandon hotel.
Belief Committee has let Seoeral
Hundred Feet.
The relief committee haslet contracts
for sidewalks which   when  completed
will  give   the   town   sidewalks along
t-J'1 the principle  thorofares.    From the
Balmoral  to the Palace hotel, on Main
Street, a distance of 270  feet, a 10-foot
sidewalk will be biiilt.    On Reco Ave.,
from  tlie Sandon ��� hotel, up the   north
side  fo^W (�� IV R.   track, a six-foot
sidewaljf will be' constructed.    At the
lower end of Reco Ave., a three-board
walk wJl lie built   frbm the  end ofthe
present SidJt-warJ. down African Ave. to
the city limits,'a distance   1,020 feet.
Along Cody Ave.,   from  Jalland's store
to the upper end, another board will be
added . to. the  two.*board   walk now in
use.    When these  Reco Avenue  Cody
Avenue and-1 he lower sections are completed there will  be a continuous  walk
from the upper to the  lower city limits.
On tlie Reco frail,   from the  head of
the  incline,up to the  school  house, a
distance'of 3*00 feet, a three-board sidewalk will be built for the   benefit of the
Chris Foley's Meeting.
Notwithstanding      the      inclement
Weathtf  a   large  audience of electors
gathered iu the Union hall on Saturday
evening  lasl   to  listen to  Chris   Foley
and James  VVilks discourse on the political  situation in  general  and   on the
standing ofthe independent labor party
in particular.    The hall was not finished, was poorly lighted  and the big box
stove  that   blazed  and   roared   in  the
middle of tlie room was about as effective  as a bonfire  in a  coral,   but   the
crowd  stayed  thru  and  listened   with
attention to all the speakers had to say.
A lack of space  does not  permit us to
give a report of the speeches,   but it is
safe to  say that no  speaker  was  ever
better  received than   was Chris   Foley,
and the impression created at the meeting wiil find full  expression on election
To Organize a Fire Brigade.
Tne contract for the whole work has
been let to Lawrence Doolan at $030.
The contract calls for a completion of
the work by the 15th of November.
The Hospital
With tlie adJitionsand improvements
made to the Miners' Union hospital the
new institution is a great improvement
over the old one. The building, which
is plenty Ijirge enuf for the purpose is
in its heating, lighting, ventilating and
other conveniences, almost perfect.
There are eight  cots in the   main ward
1* i*
,         .     "      ���*- ��������� ""-   ������������-.���ii w.iru 1 ������-��-.��.-ii vi* ineautuontv <*f l-._  \/..n
anda private   room for  contagious  orUr next door  niSbV'A ^ll l 1'
serious  oases.      The  onerarlmr   -,      ,���r ,..*,u    :._.c_"__���.   or\ that   coa' M*
E. M. Sandilands taken the initiative
in the matter of organizing a fire brigade and has impressed into the service
most of the properly holders in the precinct above the K. *!" S. depot. J. A.
Whittier has given the use of his building opposite the Pavstreak office in
which to store one ofthe carts and 500
feet of hose, and the city council will
see that the, necessary repairs are made
to suit the building for the purpose.
Where Does It Go?
Recent scientific researches, says a
London, Kng. paper, have proved that
coal left out of doors for one month
loses 33J3 per cent of" its heating properties. This is probably correct, as we
have it oi> the authority of Jas. Vallance,
111   I* IMmVt        A*' �����'-*��� ���
To the Business Men and Residents
of Sandon.
The  Methodist  congregation of the
(own   is making  an  effort   to   build  a
house of worship that   will cost   about
$1,700 when completed.    A parsonage-
has already been purchased at a cost of
$960 and the lot upon which our church
will be erected cost $000.     Upon   these
properties   there is some   indebtedness
bill we wish   to open our church   without any encumbrance upon it whatever.
Knowing   that the lire   must   have seriously affected   the  resources of manv
persons we have  decided   not to make
' -dividual. appcalYYe do not wish to
known liberality but we
serious cases. The operating room,
laboratory, etc., are complete. , The
kitchen, dining room and cuisine
furnished are ��� the counterpart of a
first-class hotel. At present there are
only four patients in the hospital, but
during the summer and fall Miss. Chis-
holm and her assistants have been very
busy relieving the sa'ch and injured, and
all have departed benefitted by their
sojourn in the hospital.
A Modern As,say Office.
an ii
tax your weal the same time beg leave to urge
that our enterprise receive you attention and whatever support you feel
inclined to give. Any contributions
be thankfully received by the meih-
hers  of our  Trustee   Board   and   acknowledged in our reports issued uuartly.
A. M. Sanford,
Chairman sif Hoard.
Ci. H. Smbdl&y,
Secretary of Hoard.
'C: M. Wilson' lias recently  added to
his as's'ay,roffi$* an   annex in   which he
has ins'alJetLa Gates Laboratory crusher,
a water  muter, a.; large  brick  furnace
and other.improvements,   which makes
his establishment very  complete.    Besides being able to handle with greater
facility his  Increasing  business  in the
assay line  he will   now be  enabled to
carry on a sampling business, by which
he can   test car  shipments and   handle
large  orders such as  required iu  mine
The  new  furuanee,   which is brick,
asbestos   lined, and   fired with   coal, is
the  finest   furnace   that   has  yet  been
built in tlie Slocan.    The Gates crusher
is considerded the best adapted machine
for heavy laboratory work and sampling
while there is a smaller crusher for the
high  grade  samples.    Both  machines
can be expeditiously cleaned leaving no 1
possibility of mixing samples and there-j
by causing inaccuracy. -
.iut of doors  in Sandor  for one   month
looses all it value.
Notre  is  hereby  given  that   thirty
Jays after date   Intend to  apply to the
license  to sell liguor by   retail on   Lots
No. 2 and 3, Block A, West Sandon.
Dated at Sandon, Oct! 20th, 1900.
In the matter of an application for
,i duplicate ofthe Certificate of Title to
in undevided one half of Lots fourteen
hundred and one (1401) and fourteen
hundred and two (1402) (excepting 14.16
icres thereof conveyed to the Vancouver Group Mining Company Limited
Liability) Group 1 (one) Kootenay District, known as the Lorna Doone and
Prior Mineral claims respectively and
)f all minerals precious and base (save
Cpaf) therein.
NOTICE is hereby given that it is
aiy intention at the expiration of one
nonth from the first publication hereof,
lo issue a duplicate of the Certificate of
Title to the above lands issued to M.
R. W. Rathborne on the 2nd day of
.Vovember 1899 and number 1520k.
Land Registry Office,
Victoria, B. C*
23rd October 1900. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, OCTOBER 27,   1900
E. R. Atherton Co., Limited
wall Paper * House Lining
We have a large stock of the latest designs in Wall Paper.
See our stock'
Woolen Mitts
and Gloves
RoDDeps, Gabber Boots, Raincoats,
andGerman Sox
Shorey's Rtgby
Rubber Goods1
E. R. ATHERTON CO., Limited
-%*%%*%*t*<% I'V*'* *��������,% aV^>%%%%%^%%%%-%^%%^%%^y%%%%-%%1
������GRASS"   AND   "DEATH."
Two Classics From the Pen of the Lute
J. J. Ingalls.
The following: written on the subject ot "Grass," is said to be Ingalls'
best effort at writing;: "Grass is the
forgiveness of nature���her constant
benediction. Fields trampled with
battle, saturated with blood, torn
with the ruts of cannon, grow green
again with grass, and carnage is
forgotten. Streets abandoned by
traffic become grass-grown like rural
lanes, and are obliterated. Forests
decay, harvests perish, flowers vanish, but grass is immortal. Be-
leagured by the sullen hosts of winder
it withdraws into the impregnable
fortress of its subterranean vitality,
and emerges upon the first solicitation
ot spring. Sown by the winds, by
wandering birds, propagated by the
subtle horticulture of the elements
which are its ministers and servants,
it softens the rude outline of the
world. Its tenacious fibres hold the
earth in its place, and presents its
soluble components from washing
into the wasting sea. It invades the
solitude of deserts, climbs the inacess-
ible slopes and forbidding pinnacles
of mountains, modifies climates, and
determines the history, character and
destiny of nations. Unobtrusive and
patient, i. has immortal vigor and
aggression.   Banished from the thor
oughfare and the field, it bides its
time to return, and when vigilance is
relaxed or the dynasty hns perished,
it silently resumes the throne Irom
which it has been expelled, but
which it never abdicates. It bears
no blazonry of bloom to charm the
senses with fragrance or splendor, but
its homely hue is more enchanting
than the lily or the rose. It yields
no fruit in earth or air, ind yet,
should its harvest fail tor a single
year, famine would depopulate the
The following masterpiece is from
the oration delivered by him over the
grave ot the late Congressman James
N. Burns: "In the democracy ofthe
dead all men are at last equal. There
is neither rank nor station nor prerogative in the republic of the grave.
At this fatal threshold the philosopher
ceases to be wise and the song of the
poet is silent Dives relinquishes his
millions and Lazarus his rags. The
poor man is as rich as the richest, and
the rich as poor as the pauper. The
creditor loses his usury and the debtor
is acquitted of his obligation. There
the proud man surrenders his dignities, the politician his honors, the
worldling his pleasures, the invalid
needs no physician and the laborer
rests from his unrequited toil. Here
at last is nature's htia] decree in
equity. The wrongs of time are redressed, injustice is explained,  the
ironv of fate is refuted,  the unequal
distribution of wealth,honor,capacity,
pleasure    and    opportunity,    which
makes lite so cruel and  inexplicable
a  tragedy,  ceases in the realm ot
death.   The strongest there has no
supremacy,  and the weakest needs
no defense. The mighty captain
succumbs to the invincible adversary
who disarms alike the victor and the
In the Algoma district Canada has
one of the most marvelous deposits of
iron ore that has ever been'discovered
It is now known as the Helen mine and
is situated 12 miles from the Miehipi-
coten harbor on the northeast shore of
Lake Superior. Three years ago it was
discovered by Robert Sayers and Benjamin Buyer who located it while pros-
peeting for gold. Little realizing the
immense value of their discovery they
sold the mountain to F. H.CIerguewho
gave them $500, the price they asked,
and $75 per month each during the term
of thejr natural lives. Sayers died in a
few months and Boyer is enjoying the
fruits of their united efforts, residing in
Sault Ste Marie, Out.
It ie a mountain of Bessemer iron ore.
86 per cent, pun;, and is characterized
as "the most amazing thing in iron
mining in the history of the western
hemisphere." They have 27.000,000 tons
of ore blocked out, and every ton represents a profit of $2 or better to the company. The ore is taken out by quarry-
men working in the open   air.     How
many millions of tone of oro is conceal
back in the mountain beyond thedeph
already explored, or iu tin- depthsb|
low the lake no man   knows.
Engineer and Provincial
Land Surveyor.
SANDON.       ���        - B. Q
Sandon Cartage Co.,
Express, Baggag<
and Cartage
Delivered   to all part* of tliejitj
Notary Public
11. C. Found Sometimes.
It is easy enough to be pleasant
When life Hies by in a song,
Hut the man worth   while  is  the one
who will smile
When everything goes wrong,
por she the test of the heart is trouble,
\nd it always comes with  the years,
4iul the smile that  is  worth the praise
of earth
Is tlu* smile that shines thru tears.
It is easy enough to be prudent
When nothing tempts  you  to stray,
When without or within no voice of sin
Is luring your mind away,
(kit it's ''*ily a negative virtue,
Until it is tried by tire,
And the life that is worth   the honor of
Is the one that resists desire.
By the cynics, the sad, the fallen,
Who had no strength  for  the strife,
Ihe   world's    highway   is    cumbered
Thev make up the items of life,
But the  virtue  that  conquers passion,
And the sorrow thai hides in a smile���
It is these that are   worth the homage
of earth,
For we find them but once in a while.
���J. F. Cooper.
Friends to Corruption.
(Toronto _Vk-(*rram.)
Corruption will simply run riot in
fiurrard, Yale-Cariboo, Algoma, Chi-
COUtimi and Gaspe by reason of the
government's decision to delay the polling day in these five constituencies
until after the general resul; has heen
declared at the polls.
The party reasons which shortened
the time between dissolution and poll-
in-,' .ire not akin to the public reasons
*hich might have been urged as a
rtjason for the postponement of the
struggle in the five constituencies
Simultaneous elections in all constituencies constituted a liberal principle
which the government was bound to
respect. It is a sign alike oi weakness
and wickedness when Sir Wilfred
Uurier juggles the election arrangements, so as to give party heelers a
chance to concentrate money, whisky
and every other corrupt influence on
five doubtful constituencies.
$& * 4W*w*w*w'w'>-*'i**^.^^
1 The Hunter-Kendrick Co. 1
e our Store your Shopping Centre.    You will  find  everything you
require in our lines of merchandise in our large stock of
Carpets, Men's Clothing and  Furnishings, Men's and Women's Shoes,
China, Crockery, Glassware, Groceries and Hardware.
Our Stock  is Carefully Selected, and  only  Seasonable Goods
Offered   for Sale.
IThe Hunter-Kendrick CoJ
i f
for tffe Mutumn Grade.
We   Have Just   Received  a
Stock of Cloths  for the
Autumn Trade,
British Columbian   Candidates  for
The Dominion House.
Tne following are the nominations
���hat have been made in the various
constituencies in this province :
Victoria- George Riley and Richard
'������ Drury, liberals; Thomas Karle,
M* P., and Hon. K. C. Trior, M. IV
Yale-Cariboo \V. A. Galliher, liberal ; A. H. MaoNeill, conservative,
Christopher Foley,   independent   labor.
Vancouver Island--William Sloan,
liberal; Ralph Smith, independent
Hurrard���G. R. Maxwell, liberal;
J*-"ies F. Garden, conservative.
Westminster Aulev Morrison, lib-
w&l ; Edgar Dewdncy, conservative ;
will MacClairi, socialist.
..Finest line of Imported and
JJomestie Cigars nt the Red Cross
D��*��8 Store.
Which  we  request  the  purchasing public to examine.
We   Guarantee   Perfect   Fit
and Satisfaction.
Special Attention
Thos Milne
& Co.
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District Agent for The Great
West    Life  Assurauce   Co.
Winnipeg, Man.
Grimmett Block, Reco Ave
Norwich Fire Insurance Co.
Connecticut Insurance Co. of
of Hartford,
.Etna Fire Insurance Company
Phoenix, of Hartford, Conn.
Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Co
Imperial Registry Company
The Dominion of Canada Guerantee
and Accident Insnranc Company.
Reco Avenue
Barnes 3- <Bodfrep,
Mines, Investments and Insurance.
!    \
 ���Ill u.M..iiiAi,��.j.ijy THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, OCTOBER 27
&f)t papstreak.
Puhlislied Every Saturday  in fhe heart of the Richest White Metal Camp on Earth.
Subscription    ...   -    $2.00 a year.
Strictly in advance.
William MacAdams,
Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, B. C., OCTOBER 27,  igoo.
Laurier has rigged a hold-out on the electors of
Canada by deferring the election in five constituencies
until after the general result will have been announced.
If the other constituencies are no more certain than Yale-
Cariboo-Kootenay, Wilfred is drawing to a bob-tail. The
independent candidate in this constituency is gaining
strength every day and liberals and conservatives alike
recognize that they are up against the real thing. Chris
Foley has the Kootenay won already, and if the time is
extended sufficiently to permit him to reach the electors of
Yale and Cariboo Galliher and MacNeill mi_*ht better cash
in now and quit the game.
Chris Foley's Sandon speech will cost the liberal
and conservative nominees many votes. There was a
current suspicion among a certain class that the independent nominee was a wild-eyed, long-haired, lantern-jawed
anarchist who carried bombs in his clothes and talked with
a Patterson, New Jersey, accent. Confronted by a man
whose make-up was conventional, whose physiognomy
denoted nothing more dangerous than determination,
whose language was tolerant and whose argument proved
deep study and clear thot, many dropped their prejudices
and found much in common with the speaker. By making
no personal appeal for support, but standing instead on
the principles of the platform laid down, and by talking
common sense instead of personal politics, Foley placed
himself head and shoulders above other political aspirants
who have in previous contests inflicted their oratorical
efforts on the electors ofthe Slocan.
The political game in Canada is becoming a great
burlesque. Wilfred Laurier told them in Montreal that
free trade was ethically right but economically wrong ; that
he was a free trader in principle, but that free trade as a
practice was impossible. Clifford Sifton, on the other
hand, is telling the people of Manitoba that the reductions
made from the conservative tariff have transmuted it to
such an extent that we now have a revenue tariff, and that
the Laurier government has thereby fulfilled its pledges.
And he clinches this "revenue tariff" argument by stating
that any further removal of protection would be ruinous to
Canadian manufacturers.
Tupper preaches protection to the people of Toronto
and promises that a return of his party would be a safeguard against any further tariff reductions. Hugh John
has promised the people of Manitoba that a return of the
conservative party would mean the abolition of tariff on
farm machinery, binder twine and one or two other highly-
protected agricultural commodities. All of which would
seem to indicate that there is a large percentage of insincerity in the tariff arguments of politicians on both sides.
these men are branded as traitors to their party and the
political machinery and government patronage is' manipulated to throw them down. The party itself has made a
complete right-about face, has swallowed the conservative
policy, and has carried out while in power every practice it
condemned while in opposition. All that prevents the
liberal party of 1900 proving a complete alibi is Sir
Wilfred's "sunny ways." That much is left of the platform
and policy'of '96.
This change of front by the liberal party places the
conservatives in an uncomfortable predicament. Robbed
of their policy, they can find no other. Tupper as a free
trader would be a ridiculous spectacle. Tupper as a pro-
tectionist cannot consistently find fault with Laurier for
continuing a policy of protection. Sifton, as friend of the
C. P. R., cannot be seriously hurt by sJangwhanging at
the hands of the conservative party which created the
C. P. R., made it a monopoly and gave it political power.
Stories of liberal corruption and Yukon scandals come with
poor grace from compatriots of Arnold., Connley, Larkin,
McGreevey, et al. Criticisms ofthe Chinese policy of the
liberal government bear little weight when urged bv the
conservative framers of the identical policy to which objection is taken. An increase in the national debt under
liberal administration furnishes poor campaign literature to
conservatives who founded the debt.
Taken all in all, it is a monumental pantomine and
there can be only one logical outcome. Two parties with
one policy is superfluous. Evolution in politics will wipe
out one party and leave room for another great party to
shoulder popular issues, agitate, and further reform. The
conservative party will probably receive its quietus in the
next few years, or will be superseeded as non-progressionists by the liberal party. The labor party will be the opponent ofthe liberal party at the next general election.
The independent members ofthe Richardson, Cook, Puttee,
Smith and Foley order will form the nuculeus of tho next
party of reform in Canada.
As thk election approaches the prosperity crv is being
pushed to the limit by government-supporting papers all
over the country. There are journals in the province of
British Columbia hollering prosperity, that would not
know the article if they met it in the road. Manv of these
characterless rags have been engaged throughout their existence in a game of cross tag with the sheriff. Usually
the editor is poverty-stricken, the printers never saw a pay
day, and the man who prints the patent ships it C. O. P.,
but the prosperity cry goes on in loyalty to the party the
journal aims to support. It is like the parrots cry or an
echo in the woods���repeated again and again until the
meaning is lost and nothing remains but the inarticulate
jargon. Ifprosperty depended on harpings of such journals or the machinitions of politicians, Canada would be
bankrupt, Canada's prosperty is founded on the wealth of
her natural resources, and it will continue, not thru the
agency of, but in spite of prostitute journalism and politicians.
R. L. Richardson, H. H. Cook, John Charlton and
other liberals of the old regime have decided to pull away
from the new liberalism and run again on the platform on
which the party was elected in '96.    For  their consistency
A WEEK from Tuesday the electors of United States will
be asked to chose between imperialism and anti-imperialism.
There is no other issue before the people of the great republic. It is a plain question whether they shall stay at
home and perfect the freedom outlined by the declaration
of independence or whether they shall reverse the fundamental principles on which their liberty rests and themselves
become conqurers and oppressors. McKinlev stands for
love of self, the greed for gain and the passion for conquest
which embodies imperialism. Bryan stands for the true,
free unselfish loyalty which places the man above the dollar
and the state before pesonal profit. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, OCTOBER _7
��. Xpm ifompanp,
mcClarp's heating and Cooking Stoves.
\\ e have the Kootenay Steel Ranges
in four sizes for family use, also lar^e Army
and 1 lea\ y Steel Plate Ranges, single and
double ovens, for camp and hotel use.
The newest and most
modern stove made.
Ball bearing' urates,
double lire pot, wood
and coal -urates with
each stove.
-.milHTi. >
A most suitable stove
for heating large rooms
Will burn either soft or
hard coal. Very economical on fuel.
We have in stock a
very large assortment
of heating and cook
stoves for wood and
coal including Globe,
Queen and Air Tight
Heaters. Kindly call
and inspect our lines.
We Have Received
M Zarge Stock
Rubbers, German Socks, Mack-
naw Coats and Pants, which we are
selling at Lowest Possible Prices.
^~GIVE US A CALL. ^***��*-
macdonald & TiZoss,
Red Cross ��� Drug Store
The   Filbert   Cafe
HOGAN & REESE, Proprietors.
All   the   Delicacies  of the  Season Seroed.
Open Day and Nig:ht.
Everything New, Neat, Clean and Tasty.
The Place to get the Best Meal in Sandon.
\t The New Store.
Imported Roger & Gallet and Pinaud's Perfumes.
Just received a Large stock otVo^vmnm
Imported from the States and they ��re the
finest made. We carry tlie very finest goods
at the very lowest prices.
Fred J. Donaldson,   Druggist and Chemist.
Ma Ma Ma
���/_*��� <_*��� ���*��*���
We have a full line of Fresh
Okanagan and Walla Walla
Fruits. Harvest Apples and
Bartlett Pears, Peaches and
Plums. California Tokay
Grapes. Ganongs Famous
Choclates. R. Smith's and
Perrin's Candies.
Ma Ma Ma ^t^'SltSltSl^ltlllimllm,
Jas. Williamson.
Hotc to Prospect for a Wife.
Old prospectors arc queer old fellows.
They don't sit around in groceries on
barrels and boxes and whittle, as do
old grangers in the cast when they visit
town. An old gold and silver hunter
will transact his business that caused
him to come down from his bonanza in
the hills, in the shortest possible time,
and then light his pipe and sit down on
the edge of the sidewalk in the sunshine and look wise. He is full of
mineralogical lingo, and lie is generally a hard man to fool. We overheard
one of them the other day giving a
young man of Kaslo a little matrimonial advice, as follows:
"My boy," he said, puffing vigorously at his pipe, "I sec you have on
your high togs for a ball. I don't object to balls, understand me, but I
want to give you a little advice: look
out for the women you'll meet there.
A man who tags 'round after women is
good deal like a prospector hunting for
a mine. You see a woman at a ball
and she's all frizzed up and rigged out
in silk and painted wherever her skin
shows itself. These surface croppings
look pretty fine, but if you locate on the
strength of 'em you'll get fooled every
time A woman of that kind is like a
salted mine Don't you take any stock
in her. She won't pan out. If you
want to prospect such a location, follow
up the vein a little further, and take an
assay of her talk. Three per cent,
intelligence, twenty-five of fashionable
etiquette and the rest frivolity, conceit,
ignorance and vanity, mixed up in
about equal parts. Such rock won't
pay to mill, if you finally get a patent
to the claim you'd never see a dividend
come oul oi it a long as you lived.
The assessments to keep the upper
works in repair and the lower works
from cavin' in would land you in the
poor house and some fine morning
you'd wake up und find your claim
jumped by somebody else."
Tlie old man shook the ashes out of
his Missouri meershaum, refilled it, and
"Sometimes you'll strike a plain girl
in common every-day togs. She won't
be good looking, maybe, or put on airs.
The surface indications won't show
much bul before you've prospected long
you're likelv to come on good indications that will pay to follow up. Rich
stringers of conversational vein matter
and chutes of intelligence showing up
finely the deeper you go. Pretty soon
you'll strike a well developed streak of
solid practical sense. That's the sort
of a mine lo freeze to, Drive your
stakes on it as soon as possible, and
get your patent papers, and you'll have
a regular bonanza to fall back on for
the rest of your life. If you think the
good claims are all taken up, you are
badly fooled. This district is full of
'em. I'm an old prospector and I've
travelled round a good deal. If my
time wasn't taken up I know where
there are lots of prim locations only
waiting for some practical miner to
come along and develop. A woman's
heart is a mighty curios thing. Take
it in all its dips, spurs, and angles,
ramifications and sinuosities, and it's
more of a puzzle and a myslery than the
Legal Tender mine. Some miners try
to work it- and by pure luck strike it
rich right off���in places where old experienced prospectors never 'sposed
there was pay. Gettin the title to the
property ain't the only thing; it is keeping up the proper developments, saving
values and seeing that juniper's don't
get in and monkey with your claim.
Some of these domestic mines require
an awful lot of money for machinery,
and   some of em   can be run on  about
nothing. Whenever you get one of 'cm
and find you can't run it to advantage,
the best thing you can do is to throw
up you job as superintendent and shut
down the works.
Buy your Groeeries from
Macdonald & Ross. Nothing but
good goods in stock.
Try the Sandon Hand Laundry
for good washing.
Oo to Mm-rtoiinld AL Ross for your
For Sale.
Chatham Wagons     (60.00 each.
Roi> Sleight 80.00
Aparaejoes, complete  15.00     "
Harness, double 16,00      "
The above, altho second hand, are in first
Class order.
Apply to
Albert Canyon, B. C.
Assessment Notice.
Tlie annual Court of Revision and Appeal
under the Assessment Art will be held in
the City offices, Sandon. on Monday,November 12th, at  three o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Assessor.
Certiflcate of Improvements.
Situated   in   the Slocan  Mining Division of
West    Kootenav.     Where    located :   On
llaGnigan Creek   east of  and   adjoining
the Herbert Mineral Claim,
TAKE NOTICE tnat   1. W.J.H.  Holmes,
actinc aSagent for Edwin Hyde Tonilinson.
Free Miner's Certificate No.   23118a.  and   the
Washington Mining Company (Foreign), Fr��e
Miner's  Certificate No.   700, (Special!, intend
si'xfy ila.vs from  date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements f��r the purpose of  obtaining a Crown
grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that  action, under
teetion '17.   must   be  commenced   before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of Sept,, A. D. 1!KX).
" 0+
I have placed a large
stock  of men's and
In my new store and solicit
the patronage of the Sandon
public. Absolute satisfaction
Louis Hupperten
Main St. -   -Sandon, B. C
Saddle   Horses
*F0R HIRE.**-
We have a string of good
Saddle Horses for hire at
regulation rates.
Reliable Stock.
Main Street.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate   in   the   Slocan Mining   Division   of
West Kootenay District.   W here located :
In McGuigan Basin, east of and adjoining i
the  Washington Mineral Claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I. W.J. H. Holmes,
acting as agent for The  Washington  Mining
Company, (foreign). Free   Miner's Certificate
No, 700. (special), intend, sixty days from date
hereof, to apply to   the Mining Recorder for
Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose
of   obtaining Crown   grants   of    the above
And further tuko notice that action under
section S7 must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 88th day of September, A. D. 1900.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
after date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license to cut and carry away timber from
the following described lands: Commencing
at a post marked "Wilson Hill's -south we��t
corner," situated near the east end of Summit,
lake, thence north eighty chains, thence east
one hundred and twenty chains, thence south
eighty chains, thence west one hundred and
twenty chains to starting point, containing
one thousand acres, more or less.
New Denver. B. G. Sept. 1st. 1000
M pointer
For your Eastern Trip is
to see   that vou   ticket   reads
via Canadian Pacific. First-
class sleepers on all trains
from Revelstoke and Kootenav Landing.
Passing Duninorc Jcunction daily
for St. Paul, Saturday; for Mont
real and Boston, Mondays, and Thursdays for Toronto. Same cars pass
Revelstoke one day earlier.
Daily, except
Sunday, at
8-oo a. m.
For Nakusp,Revelstoke,
Main Line and Pacific
Coast, connecting at
J Rosebery for Slocan City
Nelson Rossland Bound-
Country, and all Fastern
points via Crows Nest
For time tables, rates, and full information call on or address nearest
loclal agent or
J. R. Crudge,
Agent. Sandon.
E. J. Coyle,        W. F. Anderson.
A. G. P. A., T. 1\ A.
Vancouver, B. C.      Nelson, B. C.
Hit the   Iron Trail Y
NeuD Denoer
On Saturday
Where, on the Placid Bosom of
the Cool, Salubrious Lake, or
in the Fragrant Recesses of the
Primeval Forests, Vou *niU
Spend the Sabbath in Sweej
Communion with Nature.
Vou will find all the Comforts
of a Home at the
Newmarket Hotel.
If you  care for   Fishing ) _,u can
Secure Boats, Fishing Tackle
etc., from the Management!
Guides who will Pilot you t,.
the Best Fishing Grounds a),
ways on Hand. Bait in Flasks,
Bottles or Kegs furnished al
Regulation Rates by tin- Pro-
Henry Stege.
In tho  Tent
The Filbert Until
The Denver.
Cody Ave. Sandon
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hotel
The Most Complete   Health   Resorl on
the Continent of North America.
Bitaated    'midst    Scenery   Unrivalled   tof
Halcyon Hot Springs
Boating-,    ci *-l       ���        -     Resident
_�����__._ Sanitanum.��yffi
Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, 15 C
Terms, $1A totl8 imt week, acoordlng
to residence h* Hotel or Villa**-
Its Baths cure all Nervous and Muscular Diseases.     Its waters heal all
Liver, Kidney and Stomach
Ailments and Metallic   Poisoning.
Telegraphic   Communication   with  all
parts ofthe World.
Two Mails arrive and depart Every Day.
The price of Railway Ticket for Rouud Trip
between Sandon ami Good for thirty day*
and obtainable all year round  Is .8.85. J HE PAYSTUEAK, SAN DON, B. C., OCTOBEK 27, 1900.
A little peach in an orchard (frew,
A little peach of emerald hue-
Warmed by the hud and wet by the dew,
It grew; it grew.
One day while passing the orchard thro
Johnny Jones and his sister Sue
Spied the peach of emerald hue���
Them two; them two.
John took a bite and Sue a chew,
And then the troubles began to brew-
Troubles that the doctor couldn't subdue
Too true; too true.
Under the nod where the daisies grew
They planted John and his sifter Sue,
And their little souls to the angels flew���
Boo-hoo!   Boo-boo I
-���Eugene Field.
8C1KNCK   AM)   MIMNtl.
At the North Pole any earth direction
is south.
^he Alaska Treadwell stamps have a
dailv crushing capacity of 2,8(50 tons of
The United Verde property of Arizona has been a copper producer and
dividend payer since 1887.
Tellurides are not found in sedimentary rocks���only in crystalline and
igneous rock formations; lead and zinc
are found in limestone, and in the
eruptive rocks and granites.  .
Water under pressure will rise ver
tically two feet approximately forev��ry
pound of pressure, such iw* being dependent upon the pressure in pounds
per square inch, and independent of
size of pipes.
One of the reasons for the cost of zinc
reduction is due to the fact that the
temperature at which  zinc oxide is
reduced by carbon is very high, and
being above the boiling point of zinc
compels the conduct of the operation in
retorts instead of in a smelting furnace.
Russia's production of petroleum
during lSi*9 was the greatest ever known
and paid best. The revenue of the
Russian Government from the excise
duty on relined petroleum amounted to
nearly 114,000,000 in 1899���an increase
ot $1,600,000 over 1898
It is not unknown to lind in placer
gold workings a vein of gold quartz ore
BOO miles of the metropolis are found
eveiy twelve months that many gullible
and ignorant people. These rods are
sold at from 815 to $35.
As between cyanide and barrel chlo
rination process, the greatest difference
in cost after roasting lies in the amount
and  value of  chemicals used.    The
chemical   cost  in  chlorination  would
vary from 50 to 70 cents y.er ton; ia
cyaniding from '25 to 45 cents per ton.
While   this    fragmentary    statement
would appear to indicate that chlorination would be dearer, other elements,
such as coarser crushing for chlorination, and percentage of saving, would
offset such implication.   The difference
would require some space to explain,
and  as  for comparison that need no
longer be  instituted.   The ore itsalf
should determine the process, and that
can be beet learned by experience.
Good Cooks are Born, not made
The kitchen mechanic
at the���       m
Sandon ��g House
Is a scientist in the
culinery line Drop
in and	
We serve the
Pest regular dinner in Sandon
I. O. O. F.
NO.    39,
Meeting's overy Friday ��. veiling at 7:30 In
Craw ford'h Hull. Visiting brethren lire ronilu Uv
Invited to i ttend.
Secretary. Noble Grand.
A. F. & A. M.
Keg-alar >.'���-minim irntion held first ThurmUiy In
each month in Masonic Hull nt HP. M. Sojourning- brethren are cordially invited to attend.
THOMAS BROWN. Secretary.
Sandon Miners'
crossing the placer ground. Such has
been found at Hoosler Pass, Summit
�� Colorado, where at an altitude
o?m50.fact an oxidiaed outcrop ef gold
ouarU ore followed through place
Kglbv shaft and tunnel developed
^in?lodeas well a-s placer mine, (
on the same claim.
. the plant of the United Electric
Light and Tower company of New Ort
the largest steam turbine ever built is
aboutt"be installed. The norma out-
^ot the turbine will be 2,600 horse
put ot ino capacity sulb
P��Wf^"lt, horse power load.
In Austria mushrooms are grown in
coal pits.
Strange to say, Turkey and Greece
are without telephones.
The lifeboats around the British coast
last year rescued 680 people.
An estimate of the rice acreage in
eastern Texas this year places it at
It is said that the population of the
world increases 10 per cent, every 10
The dykes of Japan cost in the aggregate more money than those of the
The farms of Kansas yield this year
over $100 to every man, woman and
child in the State.
The herring fishing on the Cape
Breton coast, near Sydney, this summer
is the best for five years.
To the South African oxen the tulip
plant, which the beasts greedily devour
if they can get it, is rank poison.
President McKinley has been snapshotted 3,000 times in the past eighteen
months.    This gives  an  average of
��� more than five times a day.
In Peru it was once the custom for
domestic servants to have two of their
upper front teeth extracted. Their
absence indicated their servitude.
SubBcril-ers, tt
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ per month; l*"rl-
��T    ��� Tw ���_.   i     vate patients. ._
Union Hospital, * ** ���*-��*
7  give of expeiii*
of physician or surgeon nnd 'Iiiik*' Am a-m fn
DR. W.E.GOMM, 41__3   DllRll/***
Attendant Physician   lfl��   lUDllC
J. D. MCLAUGHLIN. President
W. L. HAGLER, Secretary
Wm. DokahUb. .1   V. Mai-tin. R. J McLean
Am-us J. McDonald. Mikk Brady, Directors
Meets In Crawford's Hall every Wednesday evening. Visiting Brethren cordinllv invited to
attend. J.D.McLAUGHLAN.C.C
Established 18W.
E. M. Sandilands
Sandon, B. C.
Notary Public
Insurance* Mining Broker
Mining Stocks bought and sold. General
agent for Sioean Properties. Promising Pros-
lieet-- for sale.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
ci,mt t�� c��r,y ����.'��-��I^(
alternating current -�����
Manufacturer of
Fresh amd Cimred
Fish annd Oysters
Dressed amd Live
aiienmu.-n ��-������      ;    b*60_BUpplvilli.
1,500 kiowasts or cap. ^mlcs.
20,000 sixteen canuu   r��
eent lamps. _._-_. -.-.nt
^l��ft townAs      to"  in which
8treet%^a^ear more than 1100,000
are made everj } ear1
hWdell treasury  1 ^     ,wdiy(,r
alone are turned out ana
almost 5,ooo fake rods, wh <*
that in the rural districts within
Barrister, Solicitor Notary
Public, Etc.
J. W. Balmain
Sandon, B. C.
O. Box 170
Contractors & Builders
Dealers  in  Rough  and  Dressed Lumber.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, etc., made to order
at lowest possible prices.    Mines and
Dimension Timber always in Stock
Plans, Estimates and Specifications furnished for all classes ot building.
Factory opposite C. P. R. freight shed.
Railroad Avenue Sandon
.^...illMl*!*--***' THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, OCTOBER 27
Of the Independent Labor Party of
British Columbia.
Following is the platfoifn adopted by
the Nelson convention of the Independent Labor party of British Columbia
on (which Candidate Chris Foley
squarely stands:
i.    Free compulsory education.
2. Legal working day of eight hours.
3. Government inspection of all industries.
4. Abolition of com net system on all
public works.
5. Public owneship of all franchises.
6. Prohibition of Asiatic immigration and the regulation of .Ml immigration by an educational test as to
immigrant's fitness, and the abolition
of all special inducements and privileges to foreign immigrants to settle in
the Dominion.
7. Abolition of child labor under 12.
8. Abolition of the $250 deposit required of all candidates for the Dominion house.
9. Compulsory arbitration of all
labor disputes.
10 Prohibition of prison, labor in
competition with free labor.
ii. All election days-to be made
public holidays.
12.    Abolition of Dominion senate.
No Long Waits
Good Seroice
The Best Baths
In Town.
H. M. Stevens.
Just Ask Us
The Ontario Powder Works, of
which there is a branch in Nelson, has
just closed a $100,000 orde- for the
contractors constructing the Rainy
River road. Tqis is believed to be the
largest order of explosives ever placed
in Canada.
Comfortable rooms by the day,
week or month at  the   Sandon
Patronize the  Sandon Hand
Lodging House.
Nice Comfortable Beds,
To Let by the Day, Week
Month or Year. Get One
Before they ape all Taken
The New Clifton
This house has recently been
Completed and Fitted up. It
is o���**e of the Nicest Hotels in
the Kootenay. If you have
an hour or a day to spend in
town do not  fail to call upon
John Buckley.
Dealer in
$��$ Cutlery, Granite,
?$ Nichle and Tin-
$& ware. A First
$���$ Class stock of
������jfe Oxford Ranges,
���Sfc Cooking, Heat-
$k$ ing Stooes.
We carry a large
stock of imported high
grade cloth, and guarantee a perfect fit and
neat finish.
See Our Stock
flain St.,      Sandon.
Tinware of all 3|
kinds for family, !j|
hotels, restaur- !]?
ants and mining ^
camp kitchens, |E
made to order 55
promptly. *��
Grocery and Provision Line.
WE will be pleased to supply you   at the most reasonable
Prices with goods of the best quality.
H. Giegerieh.      Reco Ave.
fourraf)! m Iburraf)!
Call and inspect our new store at tlie
Sandon Boot and Shoe Store. All kinds of
Rubber Footwear, Mackinaw Socks, Ladies
and Gents Fancy Slippers, Infant's Footwear, at the Sandon Boot and Shoe Store.
Mli Vaplov,
^v*lmz7f��W7f^ ,
% Preserving
1 Time is Here
VALLEY ***#|
Fancy Plums,    $   Medium Plums. ^
Bartlet Pears,   $   Free Stone Peaches
Tomatos, j)   Haroest Apples.
Jalland Bros.,
Cody Ave. $
Estimates given on air pipe
and all mining work, roofing
plumbing, etc. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Best materials,
personal attention given all
All Goods Al. and at
Right Prices. Call
and Inspect.
RAILROAB     -    -    ,    AVENUE,
A shipment of these well-known and
famous watches just arrived. For hard
wear these movements have a reputation all their own.
Dueber cases iu Filled Gold Sterling
Silver and Nickle to fit the above movements. I specially recommend and
guarantee these watches.
G. W. r.RlMMF/TT _
Sole Sgent for Dueber
Hampden Watches.
Just   Received.
A  large consignment oi the
latest Fashions in Fall
10000000000000*** m ������
Ladies Shirt Waists and
Ladies Underwear,
Misses ^ and  "% Children*  .
Misses A. & M. HcKinnon


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