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The Paystreak Aug 25, 1900

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Array \,Vm*^*i^
���p fu
,,,,,,,, hotel Ims been opened for
im-i'**-'****- ... ,
.1ih.,, lvlll tovinklng friend*on the
prairies of Albert**
v   iaUI|htei   arrived nl  the home ol
N, i. Uriinmetl yesterdH).
. I artist Hull   hn*   opened h
JKopin.the Ivan.  hotel.
[)w   r ha��  comtneneed the re-
^ruction of Ins residence on Sunny-
w . ..
M,   mdMn*. B.C. KihU-i arrived in
Sandon on Tuesda. and  arc* tdaymg ���-'
\daUKhler a, rived   on   Thursdav-lo
cren�� happing 111 lh, ho-.m-ol N.J
r01��� Moore, lruin dispatcher Hi Rev-
Istokc, visited Sandon during ine earl)
(���i 0| ihe week.
!, h Pins and family \efl for San-
don'on Monday, August aoth, and
should arrive in lown today.
The Street Bqlau*; Panned and Main
Street ia nou) open from
Atherton'H Corner to
Ktith Street
Six Hundred   Citizens   of Sandon
Petition the Gocernment
to Leace the Mining
Laics Alone.
I and are  otherwise  qualified  as  municipal voters.
A special meeting of the city council
was held on Wednesday evening to reconsider and finally adopl the Inlaw
opening Main street from Atherton's
corner to Ruth street. There were
present acting mayor Buckley, aldermen Atherton, Hunter Thompson and
In the discussion subsequent to the
passing of ihe bylaw it transpired that
alderman Thompson was strongly opposed to opening the upper section ol
the street before the council was ready
to open ihat section between Ruth
street and the power house.
As there   is no   flume   along part ol
ihis lower section the council was not
Maurice Cini/lviger  returned  from)���* todeclareil open until the flume
London. England,  this  week, looking��was completed.    This  matter   was in
���.veil and 4tearty after his long nip. the hands of the relief committee, the
G, I'  Mc Martin has closed up busi-  members of which refused to take action
A petition has heen circulated around
Sandon litis week   requesting  the gov-
ernment to refuse to   appoi
mission to enquire into the workings of
the   mining  laws.    The   petition   sets
forth that the  laws  as  they  stand are
generally   satisfactory   and   thai   any
tampering with  them would create distrust and   would re-open the  struggle
between capital and labor which is now
happily ended.
The petition was more numerously
signed than any other that has ever
heen circulated in the district. Over
six hundred signatures were attached
to it bv residents of Sandon   and vicin
3, The existing or acting council of
said city shall have power to do everything necessary to provide for the holding, at a time to be fixed by said council, of an election of mayor and councillors for said city for the remainder of
ig  me kuv, /
nt   a com-1lne Present municipal year.
4. All the provisions of the municipal
elections act and the municipal clauses
act shall, mutatis mutandis, apply to
said election and the proceedings in
connection   I herewith.
1H.SS ���, Sandon and left   on Monday for
Victoria, where he will reside tn future.
Mel eod & Fujmore have heen grant-
,j , |iccnSfl and have opened then
establishment on the   Kerlin  premises.
|ackVroo:ti,whowastn theCustoms
office al Kaslo for R long time, was
married last week to Mrs. Armstrong
of Greenwood.
\ VV. McCune of Salt Lake Cit) and
Clarence [. McCuaig of Montreal,
directors of the Payne, visj]$d the Pr0P-
ertv this week.
\V,n. Walmsley! whi rv.e.ulv disposed of his hotel business in V\ hue-
water, is looking for an opening in tne
same line in Sandon.
Conservatives thruout the Kootenav are holding meeting*- to select delegates for the- convention to be held in
New Westminster next month.
Pal Dvwer met with an accidental
ihe American Boy which will lay htm
up lot a few davs.     While looking into
to complete   the work hefore the return
oi Mayor Pitts.
As ihe bylaw  purposed   to  give  20
feel of Reco street for  the  20 feet ex.
propriated to   widen   Main,   and   as no
arrangement had yet   been made, there
arose the question of  what attitude the
properly  holders   along   the north side
ol Reco   avenue   would   assume.    The
change in the street   would   place these
lots on  an  alley, whereas   they   were
formerly   on   the   principal   street.    A
committee of aldermen Atherton, Hunter and    Thompson    and    city solicitor
Grimmett were appointed  to look into
the matter and   report   at a   meeting to
he held o i Monday evening.
On motion of alderman   Hunter, seconded by alderman   Atherton,   the   bylaw opening  the   upper section ol the
street, and   giving   property-holders an
ual area of   ground    off   Reco street
The Cioic Election.
Allho the relief bill has been passed
and signed it is not probable that the
civic elections can be held before six
weeks or two months, owing to the
fact that it would   at   present   be   very
>y resiueius ui .i.mwv _       difficult to ascertain who   was qualified
ily.    Similar petitions have been circu-   and   who   was   not.    The  assessment
lated in every town in the Slocan. rolls  cannot   be   completed   until   the
street question is settled and the values
of real estate thereby become fixed.
Until the rolls are completed the election
annbt be brought on.
The Relief Bill Passed.
The house painting artists are malting the town look gaudy with warm
colors. The Miners' Hotel, the Koole-
nay, Misses. McKinnon's store and one
ortwo other buildings took on a coat
of paint this week.
Construction haa been commenced
on Puts Bros1, store. The building
will be a two story structure similar to
the old one. The slock has been moved
into 1,. I). McMaiftlnVtentduring���construction of the new building. C hieJ
Stubbs is overseeing the work.
Eli Taylor will open a boot and shoe
Moiv in the premises formerly occupied
by G, 1). McMartin, where he wil
carry a heavy stock of high grade foot
wear. Kli 'is already well known to
everyone in Sandon and vicinity and
j his popularity insures his success m the
mercantile line.
up for a few days.    While looking into  cqu... ��� . widen Main,
/raise a   fragment    of   rock   fell   and   tor the p.cte   requ.reUI Yo;ls ...
struck him in the   e   -.      The   injury ill was passed.     Hie   vot     waS. Ye
not serious. I Atherton, Hunter, Macdonald.   Nays
The citv clerk ''��J commumcations
from the  Queen's  Pri""r ���""���  !'Z
���0l��rlF. Green statmg that the cop.e
of the Gazette required I .tatneopte
ofl���.hyl��ws�� ould be forwarded at an
ehriy dat.;.hat*. Sandon reWW
ta/been passed and.awatted only*,
shmature of the lieutenant governor,
* tha, th. appr -Who * *���� <
"he city, for  repair,  to  the  flume a
v hail   and   lire   apparatus, wo
i.,���m, up  ta   the  supplementary  est-
Messrs. McVichie and Fleming, Who
have been prospecting in the Duncan
country, returned to lown on Thins-
The Sandon  relief bill,   which  has
been awaited by the people   of  Sandon I
for over a vear has   been   finally passed
and received   the   lieutenant-governor's
signature  this   week.      It   is  entitled
"An Act   to   make   special   provisions
with regard to the   qualifications of the
members of the council of the City ot
Sandon.    The   act   reads   as follows !
WHEREAS owing   to   the   real   estate
situate within   ihe corporate   limits ol
the citv of   Sandon   being  owned by a
few persons, it is doubtful   if there is a
sufficient   number   of   persons   in said
city qualified   to   fill   the   positions of
mayor and aldermen of the said city:
Therefore, Her Majesty, by and with
the advice and consent of the legislative assembly of the province ol British
Columbia, enacts as follows :---
, The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected mayor of the city
of Sandon shall be such persons as are
male British subjects of the full age ol
tWenty-one years, and are not disqual.
fied under any law. and appear on the
tat revised municipal assessment roll
of said citv as the owners of land or
,-eal property in the said city ofthe
assessed value of one thousand dollars
or more, over and above any registered
encumbrance or   charge, and   who ar,
otherwise qualified as municipal voter-
a The persons qualified to.be nominated for and elected aldermen ol the
said City shall be such persons as are
Le British subjects of the ful age ol
nwent    ne years  and are not disqualt-
under any law, and   appear on   h
last ^Hed  municipal   assessment   ro
-the said city as owners of land or real
e ,le  assessed   value of live
property of tlu* assesse     ^   ^ ^    ^
The Minnesota Mill.
Construction work on the Minnesota
concentrator is about completed and the
mechanics are now busily engaged installing the machinery. The eighl
Wolfley tables have been received and
are being put in place. The Hart/,
jigs are well under way and will be
completed in a few days ; the ore bins
are completed and the big- Blake crusher is in place.
Rapid progress is being made on the
construction of the tramway. All the
towers are now in place and the big
bull wheel was received over the K. &
S. Thursday, so that stringing the wire-
will soon be under way.
The grading for the Carpenter creek
flume is about completed. The water
will be taken from close to the C. P. R.
depot, and will be carried in a box
flume along the hill side above the
C. P. R. track. As the company also
taps Miller and Tributary creeks there
will be no scarcity of water.
jl aotes, over and  .hove  any
Altered  cncomb,ances or   charges,
Joe Thatcher, well known to everyone in the Slocan country, has been
made assistant general manager at the
Halcyon Springs hotel. "UncleJoe"
understands the hotel business from the
ground up, and his genial manner and
popularity will be an adjunct to the
attractions of the Sanitarium.
The cable for the Ivanhoe tram was
received over the C. P. R. yesterday.
There were six spools weighing altogether 7,2 tons. The cable is ib,ooo
reet long.
The Payne shipped 180 tons and the
Star 60 over the C, P. R. this week.
The shipments over the K. & S. were ;
Ruth 79, American Boy 21, Coin 22
and Omega 12. The Whitewater shipped 78 tons,
NiasoUBl'8  zinc  DBPOBITI,
From a paper read hefore the Applied
Science Society of McGill University,
by P. VV. Draper, B.Sc , the following
extract is taken:
"The great lead and zinc-producing-
district of south-west Missouri occupies
the extreme south-western part of that
State, and extends across into southeastern Kansas. The hulk of the mining- has been done up to the present
time in a comparatively small area,
probably 45 to 5C miles in length from
east to west, and 20 to 25 miles in
width. In this district the towns of
Joplin, Aurora andGranby,in Missouri,
and Galena, in Kansas, are the centres
of the mining industry. In this comparatively small area are found, the
greatest zinc blende deposits known to
exist in the world. While both zinc
blende and galena are found, the production of blende is far in excess of that
of galena.
"The distribution of blende is not
uniform over this whole area, but deposits of some value may be reasonably
expected at any point. From the
nature of the deposits, as will be shown,
the distribution is necessarily verv un-
"Rocka belonging to the lower carboniferous series form the bulk of the
area under consideration; limestone,
cherts, shale1** and sandstones are all
represented, hut limestones are by far
the most abundant. And it is in the
limestones that the ore deposits are
found. Tho cherts are important only
because the ore is almost invariably
found in connection with them. The
shales   are   important  as a source of
natural gas lor use iu the
"The country is a great
prairie with no marked eminences.
The strata are nearly horizontal,having
only a slight dip toward the west. The
ore occurs in great bodies of irregular
shape, generally lenticular masses,
sometimes as pipes and again as sheets.
The width and thieknees vary widely
within distances of a few meters.   Pre-
tous to the discovery of minerals of
e in  1870-71, it was an excellent
ming country, being well suited for
raising fruit and grains.
"The deposits almost invariably occur in irregular masses of chert. The
chert is in form of angular fragments
with zinc blende and galena in the
spaces between the fragments, and
crystalized on their faces. In some
places the amount of chert is so small
that the deposits assume the form of a
solid mass of ore. In other places the
chert is packed in such a manner as to
leave very small spaces for the ores.
At times stringers ot ore are found extending out into limestone, which is
lree from chert, but a careful inspection
tailed to bring to my notice more than
a few such cases, and it is quite certain
that, they are limited in number. The
ore is found at depths varying from
grass roots to 175 feet, and although
the diamond drill has shown ore in
paying quantities at depths below this
very little systematic prospecting has
heen done. This is undoubtedly due to
the large amounts of ore yet remaining
in the sh-tilower deposits. [
"At the surface much oxidized ore is*
found, but as depth is gained, the sul-J
phideappears, and It is blende which.
constitutes the great part of the ore
produced. The galena is found mostly
nearer the surface, and then only in
certain deposits. In the eastern end of
the field the oxidized ores are much
more persistent. Thus at Aurora
silicate is abundant, while at Granby
the Smithsonite is very commonly
found. The local term for oxidized
zinc ores is "silicate." The term "dry-
bone," which is used in the Wisconsin
field to designate zinc carbonate, is used
here for cerrussite (PbCO). This latter
mineral is not of very common occurrence. Associated with the ores of zinc
and lead are other minerals, the most
abundant being ctdcite, marcasite,
dolomite and bitumen. The deposits
are characterized by magnificent crystals of the various minerals. The arrangement of the crystalline aggregates
has raised very interesting questions as
to the deposition of the various minerals. Thus some specimens show
crystals of blende on galena, and again
py rite or marcasite on the blende. Then,
in other but rarer instances blende has
been found crystallized on marcasite."
The Algoma Central Co.
is shipping
its first cargoes of iron ore from its
Helen mine, 125 miles north of Sault
Ste. Marie, Ont. The Helen mine is an
outcrop lying between characteristic
rocks of the Lake Superior iron-bearing
region. It is 12 miles from and 640 feet
above the lake at Michipicoton Harbor,
and the exposed portion of the deposit
is about 400 feet wide and 700 feet long.
In this distance it rises 120 feet. At
the foot of the bluff, tunnels have been
driven into the bluff 240 feet, reaching
the counter rock. At the west end the
ore body extends under the lake to its
deepest point, 125 feet below water
level. This lake can be drained by a
short tunnel. The company estimates
that it has 15,000,000 tons in sight by
measurements and diamond drill borings, with 200 feet of ore below the lake
level, and when borings were discontinued, the coves were still ore. The
full extent of the deposit is therefore
unknown. Its width of 400 feet does
not include a strip nearly half as wide
ot a lower grade of soft hematite, economically valuable only when transportation costs are not great. The company
expects to utilize this at its works at
Sault Ste. Marie The Helen mine,
being an open quarry on a side hill,
with an earth covering varying from
nothing to a few feet, will be at first
worked cheaply. The company has la-
stalled a No. 8 Gates' crusher, capable
of breaking at least 5,000 tons per day,
and will at once erect a duplicate plant
The crushers will be fed by Lidgerwood
is told in the East African and Uganda
Mail, by a fellow passenger.
The train had come from Mombasa
to Kima. Here Mr. Ryall was told
there was a lion within 200 yards, and
he, therefore, detached his corridor
carriage, walked up the train to another compartment, in which were Mr.
Heubner, Mr. Parenti, and the narrator
of the story, and suggested a search for
the beast.
The three men joined Ryall, but the
hunt was unsuccessful. As, however,
the station-master told them two lions
prowled about the station every night.
Parenti, Heubner and Ryall decided to
remain on watch in the detached carriage, which was shunted on to a siding.
About midnight Parenti went to sleep
on the floor, while Heubner occupied a
bed above, aud Ryall sat on his seat
and kept first watch.
At 1:80 Parenti woke with a start
aud found a lion treading on him. He
saw the beast's fore paws on Ryall's
body, and heard Ryall utter a cry. He
tried to reach his gun, but failed, aud
then he managed to crawl through a
window. He ran for the station-master, and on returning they found Heubner in the kitchen at the back of the
"Ryall! Ryall!" they called.but there
was no answer. Then the station-master and his men went back with burning brands to the carriage.
They found it drenched with blood,
but eni|jty.   Ryall could not be seen.
Day dawned, and outside they found
more blood and many footmarks, both
of a lion and a lion's cabs.
Ryall they never found.
Many who complain that they cannot use milk would be able to do so
if they would drink it in the proper
way.   An exchange says:
"Do not swallow milk fast and in
blj? gulps. Sip It slowly. Take four
minutes at least to finish a glassful
and do not take more than a good
teaspoonful at one sip When milk
goes into the stomach it is ii stantly
curdled. If a large quantity is drunk
at once it is curdled in one big mass,
on the outside of which only the juices
of the stomach can work. If we
drink it in little sips each little sip is
curdled up by itself, and the whole
glassful finally finds itself in a loose
lump made up of little lumps through,
round and among which the stomach's
juices percolate, and dissolve the
whole speedily and simultaneously."
cableways from the mine faces.   The
company   has   received   two  2200-ton
English built ore skips and will install
two more at once.   It will build four!
more of 3,000 tons each
is  receiving   a   heavy
locomotives and cars and dumped its
first 50-ton cars into its dock July 14.���
Canadian Engineer.
The full story of the remarkable adventure m which Mr. Ryall, a well-
known district superintendent of police,
was killed by a lion in a railway carriage while journeying in East Africa,
derinjf on nervous prostration. Finally
he went to the younff surgeon in
question, who at once decided upon a
plan ot action. "I'll fix you all right
in a jiffy," he said. Then he went
into an anteroom, snipped a couple of
hairs from his wrist, and fastened
them to the end ot an instrument.
Returning to the patient, he inserted
the instrument down the man's throat
gave a little jab and palled it out
again. There were the hairs, suit
enough. It was a stroke of genius,
sure enough, for the man with an
imaginary complaint at o-not re.
sumed his norma! condition, and the
young- surgeon was rewarded with a
fat fee.-���Kansas City Journal.
The workingmen of Manitoba are
agitated over a report that 1,000 Japs
will be sent there to assist in harvesting
the crops. It looks as if this plague of
Oriental labor will spread itself ail over
Canada before our legislators will have
foresight enough to put a stop to it.
EstabllMie-l 1K-.V
E. M. Sandilands
Sandon, B. C.
Notary Public
Insurance���* Mining; Broker
Mining Stocks Uuivriit and nald, <;fii-��nti
agent for Bloe*l) Pr**|>ertlc.��. Prom'tlng Pro**-
I WM !>>r Nil..
One of Philadelphia's bright young
surgeons recently demonstrated in a
rather ridiculous manner the fact
next year. It jthat jmagination plays an important
equipment of ] P**-*1 *n hoth ailment and cure. The
president of a financial institution
had for some time been laboring
under the delusion that hair was
growing in his throat. He visaed
doctor after doctor, and they all
laughed at him. ��� -The thing is preposterous," they said, after careful
examination. But still the man in-!
sisted that they were wrone* anri i
worked himself into a condition ffi
Sandon Cartage Co.,
Express, Baggage
and Cartage
Delivered   to all   part,  of the city
Manufacturer of
F. L. CHRISTIE, L. L. li.
Notary Public
Barrister, Solicitor Notary
Public, Etc.
SANDON,       -       .       B. C. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B, .'., AUGUST 25
E. K.AllIERTONCo., Limited.
\'a m> \f>
���������**����� ��� ���-*����� -���-���
���"4V ���/_> -/���>
*_> ��j> \��a ^> ��������>
<-*>���'*** ��*_V</|> <���>
�����"> ��a"> ���.���> \V \��> *a��> V��>
m .m* .m*.mm .m-.m* .m* .m
*l\ a"_> ���/���> /���> ���/_*��� </���> ���/_**
*1> 'i**
���- ��� m
*������ m
m . m
^. m
Great Removal Sale.
During the next few days we are going
to dispose of a large part of our Gent's
Furnishing stock at prices away down low.
We will not move anything we can sell.
Name what you want and take it away at
your own price.
ml* ��t_> _1_
*/_*��� -/A** ���/*>
5N <i> -/-> ���/��*
\��> V/ M_
fi*. ./_*��� ���/_*���
_1> \1a\1a\1a\1a vVa"*/
* . ^1^ . mm*. mm.. mm-. mm-. mm.. m
</|> <���*��*��� ��*_*��� ���/_** </���> ���/_*��� -/4V
*j> %3* <i* \��> *_!>
fa- a ���*��- a ^��- a mm . mm- a -*
</_*��� ���/_���* ���/���> ��-_** a-4V
���/_"��� */*,*��� ��*_������>
E. K. ATHERTON Co., Limited,
wo Have Placed a Large Stock of
Groceries and
In oar new Stoic in the Harris Block,
and we invite the patronage of the people
of Sandon. Our stock is new, well-selected
and high-class throughout, ami was purchased al prices that allow ns to sell at
reasonable  prices.   Give  ns a  trial order.
Macdonald & Ross.
W. al. Armstrong & Co.
Have  Moved   into   their    New Store,   Next   to
Folliott &   McMillan's   Factory and Will
I   Execute All Orders Promtly
A Fine Line  of ... .
Worsteds. Tweeds anil Series
On   Hand"1
Kit Guaranteed.
The   Filbert  Cafe
E. P- BURNS,  Proprietor-
__  __  *   A   *. .*. m
.    m-m.   __     _.J._iAAia>(SI*��Y-f*��TTlrW
Ittttt**'**'*"'  * " ' *
the   Delicacies   of the  Season Seroed.
Open Day and Night-
Ecerythina Nets, Neat, Clean and Tasty.
Ihe Place to get the Best Meal in Sandon.
Folliott & McMillan,
Contractors and Builders.
Dealers in Dressed and Rough Lumber. Jj
************ t
Sash.   Doors,  Blinds, etc., Made to Order at Lowest Possible Prices.
>    Mine and Dimension Timber always in Stock.     Plans, Estimates and  '
,:   Specifications furnished for all Classes of Building. t
Factory Opposite C.  P.  R.  Freight Shed.
Railroad Avenue       -        Sandon.
Filbert Cigar Store. THK PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, AUGUST 25
The Miner's Union Hall.
The Miners' Union has purchased a
40 x 80 lot on the south side of main
street just below Louis Hupperten's
shoe store, on which they intend to
luiild the union hall.
The plans which have heen adopted
cull for a building 40 x So. The ground
tloor will have two stores and a hall
36 X 46 With a 15-foot stage. In this
hall there will be a seating capacity of
250.      The second floor will be occupied
entirely by the union hall, offices, etc.
Construction of the hall will commence on Monday. The work will be
done by day labor. The building will
cost $6000. Union labor only will be
A Voice from Wall Street.
James R. Keen, the well-Unown
Wall street broker and financier said
recently : "The people of this country
must arouse themselves. The coming
election is of more importance, from
the standpoint of pure .Americanism,
than anv that lias transpired since the
election of Lincoln. Money is in the
saddle ; it is riding down the institutions of this country with a confident
insolence lhat tells of its linn belief in
its own invincibility. It is running the
government today in its every branch
and arm. If money's power in moulding public affairs goes forward four
years more as it has for the four years
past the name of American liberty will
only be worth a recollection as a matter
of history. Money is pressing the people backward step by step.
"What will be the end ? If it goes
on there are, as matters trend, but two
solutions. One is socialism and the
other is revolution. The American
people must de'end themselves from
money, just as they once guarded their
forest frontiers from savages. Unless
they come solidly shoulder to shoulder
for their rights and come at once,
Bunker Hill will have been a blunder,
Vorkton a mistake.
Copper Production.
The growth of copper production ir
the present century has been ver\
rapid, being in the first decade 91,000
tons, in the fifth 291,000 tons, and in
the tenth decade, which ends with 1900,
3,643,000 tons, of which 1,963,000 tons
is supplied from North America, the
large proportion of this being from the
United Stetes. The rapid extension of
the railroad system in Mexico is resulting in the opening of some very extensive copper mines in lhat country *,
the richness of the ores, which, as a
rule carry gold and silver, together
with the abundance of very cheap labor
and the climatic advantages will greatly
increase the North American production. One of the largest copper mining
enterprises in the world is now being
started by the Rothschilds, who have
invested $5,000,000 therein. This
great property is in the stale of Micli-
oacan, and in the same mineral belt as
are the El Progresso mines.
Hit the   Iron Trail   For
New Denocr
On Saturday
Where, on the Placid Mosoni of
the tool, Salubrious Lake, or
in the Fragrant  Recesses of the
Primeval    Forests,     You     may
Spend   the    Sabbath   in    Sweet
Communion with Nature.
You   will lind   all the  Comforts
of a Home at the
Netomarhet Hotel.
If you care for Fishing j .u can
Secure Boats, Fishing lacklc,
etc., from the Management.
Guides who will Pilot you to
the Best Fishing Grounds always on Hand. Bait in Flasks,
Bottles or Kegs furnished at
Regulation Rates by the Proprietor.
Henry Stege.
In the Tent
Tho Filbert Hotel
The Denver.
Cody Ave. Sandon
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Reasonable Rates
A Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hotel
The Most Complete   Health   Resort on
the Continent of North America.
Situated    'midst    Scenery   Unrivalled    tor
Halcyon Hot Springs
tosSS: Sanitarium. ��v*S'...
Excursion * *"m**',,and Nurse
Hblcijon SprinqH, Arrow Lake, B. C.
Terms,  1) to  18 per week, according
to residence in Hotel or Villas,
Its Baths cure all Nervous and Muscular Diseases.     Its waters heal all
Liver, Kidney and Stomach
Telegraphic   Communication   with   all
partsof the World.
Two Mails arrive and depart Every Day.
The price of Railway Tioket for Ronud Trip
between Sandon and Good for thirty days
and obtainable all year round  is *.8,8fi,
Lodging House.
Nice Comfortable Beds*.
To Let by the Day, Week
Month or Year. Get One
Before they are all Taken
Certificate    of    Improvement.*.
situate in tbe slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay Distriot.   Where  located:   On
Reco Mountain,
TAKE NOTICE thai I, Arthur S,   Far-
��� well, acting as agenl for FredT Kelly,
Free Miner*/ Certifloate No. S3jW.i, Intend,
tixty days from date hereof, to apph to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate "i Improvements, for the purpo��e ol obtaining a Crown
(irant ol  tin- above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must he eomineiiced helore the
Issuance of such Certificate o! Improvi ment 1
Dated this twenty flr��t da.i of July, imo*
V  S  I* \ 1: W I.I.I.
Certificate    of    Improvement**.
Situate in the Anow I .a' e Mining i iviaion oi
We��t Kootenay District.
Where located: Headwater* of Mi-Ponul-i
Creek, on Re1 Mountain.
'PAKK NOTICE that  I.  Clin**   Moore,   of
��� Kanlo, tictiug as ngrut tor J M V.-htun,
Free Miner's Certificate No H Mill), intend,
>ixty iluy.a lroni date hereof, tu apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificate ul Improvements, for tin- puipo.se of ohtaiuing a Crown
(irant ul tIn- above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section  ,i7.  mii-t  le  commenced hefore  the
Issuance of suce Certificate of Improvements
Dated this First day ol Augu��t, IU 0.
Certificate of Improvements.
I'.H.-a.. CLAIMS
situate in the Sioean Mining I [vision of West
Kootenay   District,    V, uere   located : On
the North Fork of Carpentei Creek, al out
���i   mile- from Three K. rks
Take Notice that  1  Frank L. Christie, noting for myself. Free Miner'- Certificate No
UflHlofl,  and as ngent  lor C D   Hunter, h'ii>
Miter's  Certilieale. No   le-;."..'.;. i'  !-a 1, t or. Fi ee
Miner'sCerti-ficNo. HlSfl _, hi dOeo II Wintet
intend sixty Mav- trom into hereof,toappl.i to
the Mining Record' r for 11 Certificate of Improvements, for th.   pun 1   obtaining u
Crown Ornnf <>i tbi nl ovecbiims
And further take i.otice that action under
Section 87, nui.i he commence) before the
Issuance of -1 eh Ceitilicaie ol  Improvi mi nt*
Date I rhi, nineteen) li lav of Jul e, A 11 ,:> ru
Transfer of Liquor License.
NOTICE Is hereby given that 80 days from
late hereof we will npp y to the license i-om-
misalouers of Hi.'city of Sandon for permls-
-ion to transfer the license held by Fischer*!
Collins,Central Hotel, to the Brewi n   Hotel
Sandon, It C , July loth
Estate of Scott McDonald,  l>v-
All persons having nnyclalms ordemands
against the estate of Scotl McDonald, lateoi
cpokanein the state of Washington, decea��-
sd, are required to file the same clearly certi
fled with the undersigned, ,,- hefore  the
mth day of August woo,
the said date the executors win proceed to
distribute the -stale, ngst the parties en-
titled  thereto   having   regard   only to  the
J0ftt,m��of  -'"������'' they shall then Ifavi hid
Application For Liquor Lleeni>��-,
NOTICB Is herehy given that 80 day.*,
date hereof  I intend  to apply to the H
oommissloners of the oity of Sandon to**'
license to sell all spirituous iin.l fer, .!,",
liquors on the premises formerly occupied j!,
Mrs. Mclntyre'a boarding house.
DAN lll'ltl |.;y
Dated tit Elandon duly loth, 1000,
Certificate    or    Improvements,
it un te 11, t he si 00a 11 Mining Division of W<
kootenn,   district     Where   located:   On
Iteeo Mountain
���T-AKE NOTICE thai 1. Arthurs i*.rWl.n
1 acting a- agenl for John M Harri
I*ree Miners' Certific-ate No :i.i.ss. intend -ivt
��� lay- Irom date hereof, t., apph   to the Mil 'n"_
l< rder  l'ir ii Certificate of faiprnveroent*
for the purp 1 of obtaining n Crown 1,  , .
o| t he lllinv e claim
And further take notice that nction, under
section 87 iniist be commenced befon tlu 1.-
nnceofsnch Certifloate of Improvement).
Dated this Twenty-First day of Julv, \<o\
Certificate oflmproveni iits.
sit 1 ate iii the Slocan Mining divigion ..i \\. ,t
h.Mi'enas District Where loeated: Oi
I'a \ Ite Mouuta .n
TV I- K N'OTICE thai LSI   It U   lt.nl,   ���
I-' .-, Miner's License No, B.SSHW"!   i    nm   ���
mysell   and   for   Fret!   Steele.   |',,   Miner**
I [cense No   ST SI, ami for II   It   \ ,
Free Miner's  License No  H-"".'. intend, si\tj
��� I 1 \ - from 'hi 1 e hereof, to apply to the Mi im*
Recorder for n Certiflcate of Improvetw   ���-
for tin   |.iii|,o-e of obtaining it Crown (trout
oi the al ove claim.
And further take notii e that net ion, 1    ������
-e t ion   SI   must   l e  commenced   he foi
issiaine of such Certificate of lm|>rovei ���
Dhto-! this Firiat day of August, \ D.,1*mi
Application  for Transfer of Liquor   License.
.V iTICE i- In rel >   glv, .1  that   I hirtt
Irom  date  hcreol we  Intend to applj   to 1
license conimis��ioi ers ol the ��� itj ol Sin I
for  tran- er ol  Star  hotel    liquor license l��
the      m.iler-iiTI  e I.    ,|t     Mi!.       I\ .  I , i .,' -    I'  li ll: -"
Hero   A\ eut e  Saildol .
Mc I KOD& ll I M��"RK
liateilat Sandon this Itithiliij  ol \��x I'1
Service for the year 0
will be commenced Jl *���'���
lOth. The ������ Imperial Mail-
ted" takes .*-<>���* across tli"
Oentin nt in lom day* without eminjre. it <s �� Koll(l
vestibuied train, liixurioiwlJ
equipped with ever.*, possihl'
essential for the comfort iiinl
convenience of Posneaj?*M"- ���
Ask your friends who have
travelled on it. <>��� nddn ss
J. It. Crudj-fPt
Ajfent. Saodon.
E, .1. Ooyl ',        W. F. AndcrHOiii
T. I*. A.
MacNEILL&DEACON, '^" *'' '*' ���^���' T* \ jl
Solicitors for Executors,      VirCCHVtr, li, C.        NelM H�� H. Y'l A NEW COAL COMPANY.
T0 operate  Coal   MiacH  and Code
Ooena in the Crotc'H
Nest Push.
Spokesman .Review.)
Miiynard H. Cowan, of Spokane, has
sold io Moiiiana capitalists 1000 ncres
ofCCMll lands in the Crow's Nesl Pass
country which he discovered while en-
iraifed as a contractor on tlu- Canadian
Pacific The purchaser*, who are
I,,,'v consumers of coal and coke in
their smelters at Hutu- and elsewhere
in Moni.itia, have already purchased a
larifc amount of machinery and will at
once commence opv-nin-u; up the proper-
lies, They will install a large number
of coke furnaces and will -.-hut into
competion with tlu- Crow's Nesl Pass
company in supplying coal and coke to
northwestern and British Columbia
smelters and other consumers. Mr.
Cowan retains tin interest in the prop-
ert, with James Y. Campbell of Spokane, who formerly had a bond un the
VV. S. Gcbo of tin.- Gebo collenes and
Thomas Cruise of the Cruise Banking
company of Montana arc interested in
the purchase. They arc said to have
practically unlimited capital. The
macliiner) the) will put in will handle
about 1000 tons ui coal per day. Tlu*
pi,mt when completed is estimated to
cost $150,000. In an interview Mr.
Cow,in said : "Tho machinery is now
on thi' w.t\ to tlu- properties. Work
will begin on installing it on its as rival.
We expect that before tho end of the
year wo will bo shipping coal and coke.
Both are products tor which there is
.i greal dem ind, Tho Montana gentlemen are consumers in their smelters al
Butte and other points of about $75,000
worth of coal and coke per month, and
tliis will ho increased shortly by changes
now in progress, superceeding flame
tor hi.ist furnaces.
"Much of our product at first will go
to sUpp|v this demand, but wo expect
later to supply our product to smelters
in British Columbia and elsewhere,
whoso demand the Crow's Nest corn-
pan.) is unable to fill. We claim lhal
our coal, and tho coke made from it,
are the best in America.
'The properties are situated so thai
they can ho worked more cheaply lhan
others. We can deliver coal from the
mine to die coke ovens readily and
without any considerable haul. Thou
we are excellently located for railroad
facilities, Livingston station on the
*- row's Nest is on our property. We
can tunnel from the level of the railroad into our   mountain   of coal, and
'""oak down the ooal into our oars.
Hie supply is practically inexhaustible.
We have 10 seams ot* coal ranking Irom
ave to thirty loot in width included in
this property."
- a m
The I Iunter-Kendrick Co. I
Make our Store your Shopping Centre.    You will find everything you
require in our lines of merchandise in our large stock of
Carpets, Men's Clothing and  Furnishings, Men's and Women's Shoes,
China, Crockery, Glassware, Groceries and Hardware. -
Our Stock   is Carefully Selected, and  only   Seasonable   Goods
Offered   for Sale.
tThc I Iunter-Kendrick Co. I
MA Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma MA Mt MAMA\^A\^AMaMaM* ^^^^tm^lim^^ m^tlltmiltm^ltm^ltm^lm^lmm^
.. ,{,l.v your Groceries from
���>la('donnld& Ross. Nothing but
tf��<'<i goods in stock.
\        Patronize the  Sandon Haintl
a t-ftundry.
We arc now Carrying a Heavy Line of
Which we will dispose of at the
Ever Heard of in the Kootenay.
Don't Fail to Examine our Stock
and Compare our Prices.
Misses A. & M. ricKinnon
Nothing1 Succeeds  Like Success.
The Prettiest and Cheapest
You ever saw are now on hand,
We can't keep Enough in Stock and
We make every uay
^       ACCORDING TO ORDER.      *+
Tup    n A \7 CTTl-C A \S agriculturalists in the province of Ontario.    He will speak
Hit    rAY-al KtlAISk. in the city of Toronto, dropping a few lines of argument in
W  I   T ��� ��� I-  51.__. -*.-.        MAIti-A -1   II  1   I Itrt'llF I'll'.-.       il\.i _.__	
Pablbhed Every Saturday i" Um lie-irt. of kna Biobaat White Metal Camp on Earth.
Subscription    ....    $2.00 a year.
Strictly iu ailvniit->.
William MacAdams,
Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, B. C., AUGUST 25,  iqoo.
The Winnipeg Free Press, a C   P. R. organ, and
the Winnipeg Tribune, edited by R. L. Richardson, have
had a long and interesting argument about the amount
of money which the railways of Canada have secured from
the dominion, provincial and municipal governments. The
Tribune last week published the following table over the
signature of the auditor-general, which should be a sufficient
guarantee of its reliability. It shows that the people of
Canada have put up in hard cash over two hundred million
dollars, to say nothing of some forty-four million acres of
land in Manitoba and the North-West and a hundred million or so in coal land values in the Crow's Nest. As an
asset against this enormous outlay the dominion has the
Intercolonial, worth a little over sixty million. The provinces and municipalities have absolutely nothing to show
for their money except the fact that the railways exist.
This table is worth keeping for future reference :
Cost of Intercolonial Railway (proper) $56,750,843
Prince Edward Island Railway     3,780,107
Atlantic & Northwestern     1,86(1,000
 $ 62,406,950
Amount expended by Government on C. P. R $31,102,098
Subsidies to C. P, R  25,000,000
Subsidies to C. P. R. Extensions     1,500,000
Subsidies to Canada Central   Railway      1,525,250
Subsidies toother railways     3,614,33a
Subsidies to railways since 1883     17,608,54-2
Subsidies to Western Counties railways  500,000
Subsidies lo other railways       2,485,740
Total bonuses by Dominion government $135,743,862
Dominion government loans to G. T. R. and other railways     15,964,533
Total Dominion government aid $161,708,395
Loans $ 4,648,1-56
Bonuses  28,340,340
Subscriptions     300,000
$ 33,289,296
Loans $ 3i477��3"
Bonuses   12,023,204
Subscriptions     2,764,500
���$ 18,265,015
Total aid, Dominion, Provincial and   Municipal $212,262,706
Some of the Coast papers started a rumor three weeks
ago that Joe Martin was going to quit British Columbia
politics and pull out for Dawson to practice his profesh
among the isolated argonauts of the Klondike. The wish
was probably father to the thot for every corporation and
partizan paper in the country published the joyful intelligence in circus poster type that the arch-demagogue Martin
was going to go away and leave them alone. But before
these people had had time to congratulate themselves on
their good luck Joe spoiled the dream of bliss by announcing that he was not quite thru with British Columbia
politics yet���that, in fact, he was only getting nicely down
to business. Now the report comes from Toronto that
some of the independents in the effete and dollar-grasping
east are arranging for a nice little stumping tour for Joseph
during which he will probably wreck a government or two
and slightly  revolutionize politics  among the  slow-going
Winnipeg while en route, and may take the stump on a
dominion crusade against corporation influence and
machine government. Cliffy Sifton and Wilfy Laurier will
probably find things quite interesting during the dominion
campaign if their dear friend Joseph starts out to touch
them up in the eastern provinces.
Thk Anarchists of Italy are nearly as bad as the
republicans of Kentucky about killing their rulers. The
difference is on the side of the anarchists, however, as they
have no vote to make and unmake kings, while the republicans of Kentucky have a vote, but are unwilling to abide
by its decision.
Laurier says that in the dominion campaign he does
not propose going west of Lake Superior ; he will leave
all that country to Clifford Sifton. After the election Wilt"
will discover that Sifton is not coming east of Lake
Superior except as a private citizen. The people out
west won't do a thing to Sifton. Large possees of hostile
electors are camped on his trail right now and his political
hide will be dangling on the barb wire fence that surrounds
the bone yard of defeat when the returns come in. Oh, no !
we won't do a thing to that fellow out our way. What a
skinning he will get when he tries to explain the Yukon
railway deal to the inim boot miners or to show the cow
punchers and grangers how Bill, Dan <_v Van have made
them rich.    It certainly is off with Sifton.
Thk Kaslo city council is very badly afraid of itself.
When L. E. Chipman resigned the city clerkship a dozen
or more local aspirants put in applications. Presumably
to shuffle off the responsibility of choosing between these
candidates the aldermen offered the job to Charlie Trumbell,
an American mining engineer residing in Spokane. The
appointment raised a howl, and every clique in town
there are several thousand cliques in Kaslo had a kick
coming. To add to the unpleasantness of the councillors
situation Mr. Trumbell refused the office. Now the aldermen have appointed a man who has not been long enough
in the country to vote. Factional jealousy and moral cowardice have killed bigger cities than Kaslo.
John Houston of Nelson and Robert F. Green of
Slocan went back on the principles on which they were
elected when they associated themselves with the Dunsmuir
government. In the speech from the throne this government promised to appoint a commission to inquire into the
workings of tlie mining laws of the province. This was
equivalent to a declaration that the Dunsmuir government
intended to attempt a repeal of the eight-hour law. Such
design was no fulfilment oi the Vancouver convention's
understanding that there was to be no contentious legislation, and Green and Houston should have crossed the
floor and taken a seat with the opposition. Bv continuing
to vote with the government thev endorsed the governments policy. By voting with the' opposition thev would
have condemned it. The fact that they were personally
antagonistic to Joseph Martin, leader of the opposition,
should have had nothing to do with the case whatever.
If thk government of the province of British Columbia
appoints a commission to inquire into the workings of the
mining laws, and that commission fulfils the purpose for
which it will be created and revives the eight-hour agitation, the aforesaid government thereby signs its own death
warrant. No government in this province could repeal tlie
eight-hour law and survive. To attempt its repeal is to
commit political suicide. Dunsmuir knows this, lie is no
fool. 1 /// fh*, u~,
At a dinner party In Washington,
composed of prominent men, one ot
them remarked that he once sat in
tha Union League Club at New York
with BoMOe Conkling, Chester A.
Arthur and several other distinguished gentlemen who had been carefully
educated in religions families, and
that none of them was able to name
the twelve apostles.
���That's easy," said a Senator,
brashly, beginning, "Matthew, Mark,
Luke and John, bless tbe bed that I
lie on, Paul, the two Jameses, Jude,
Birnabas-" And there he slopped,
Kith some embarrassment
"Timothy,' suggested a major-
general, who is a vestry-man in an
Episcopal church.
"Nonsense," answered a Senator.
"Timothy was a disciple of Paul's.
He wasn't one ol the twelve apostles.'
"Nlcodemoa," suggested one cf the
"Jeremiah," suggested the third.
"Judas was one of the apostles,"
meekly came from a voice in the
"I'll be blamed if be was. Ht was
a disciple,'1 rame the curt reply.
"Weren't the disciple ar.d tbe
apostles tlie same thing?" inquired
the medic voice, getting a little
Bartholomew was suggested and
accepted by several.
"What'sthe matter with Piter?"
exclaimed a nn dest young member
nl the diplomatic corps, who had
l.itli rto been silent.
''How many does that; make?"
foiiiebody ii<-k(d and they counted
up tt��n fur sure, with as many more
"Let's look in the Bible," somebody
MsTfestcd, and tbe Good Book wa��
overhauled in vain. Then an en-
cyclouedia wns appealed to, but it
was not entirely satisfactory, for it
included Thomas and Andrew in tbe
lliti and the Justice ot the Supreme
Court and two of the Senators were
positive that Andrew was not an
apostle. AU of which teaches the
Rreat useAiIress and need of Sunday
schools. -Chicago Record.
ly a   ...... jaru merchant wh
���f�� steel sword In touched with the
hilosophei-'s stone  it   is turned into
N-Und, although it retains its former
'"���po. n can no longer do hurt to any
'""'   b is the snme with a  man who
''''"'''������l the foot of the almighty
JMj outwardly lie is in no way changed
utl*e afterward does no more evil
���^���ouffasaman continues to shout
2"V'Oh.God! oh, God .1" thou may-
J? r,'.v ("i it that he has not found God.
I e wno has found God remains silent.
} w��n'n�� who has a kino- for a lover
" "ot care for the homage of a street
,**vu.   fcso is it with tho soul which
8 once found the Godhead; it has no
���w need of the miserable things of
\ cfi'ld.
"> ������ *���';;'��� can recognise a sage.   It
is only a   ...... jarn merchant who can
say ef what number and of what quality
any particular yarn is.
Be not like the frog who sita in the
well. The frog there does not know
anything greater or more important
than tbe well. So it is with all supar-
Btitioua devotees���they see nothing but
their own narrow faith.
The washerman has a large warehouse
with all its purses full of clothee���but
they do not belong to him. When they
are ready washed, the purses are
emptied. Men who have no thoughts
of their own are like this washerman.
After a man had practiced penance
for fourteen years in a lonely forest he
succeeded at length in acquiring the
power of walking on water. Beside
himself with joy, he hastened to his
teacher and related his wonderful feat.
The teacher answered: "My poor boy,
what you acquired by the ttrenuous
and continuous labor of fourteen years
ordinary men accomplish when they
pay the ferryman a penny."���Minneapolis Journal.
ants ef Washington, D. C, refuse to
entertain colored people. The Columbus Despatch tells this amusing story
in this connections
A light colored mulatto wandered
into one of the restaurants the other
day, and when a waiter intimated to
him in the gentlest way that he could
not be served there, this conversation
" Wha' can't Ih be surved heah ?"
"It is against the rules."
"Guess you tek me foh a colored
"Aren't you?"
"Me colored? No, suh, I'se uh
"Malay, eh. Let's see; where do
the Malays come from?"
"Why, uh, trom Malaria, ob
A new art is being practiced at tbe
offices ot the American Mufoscopeand
Biograph Company. Thedn". staring, unconvincing single photograph
has, say the enthusiasts in this new
direction, had its day. A series of
likenesses, 1800 ot which can be
taken in a minute, and every one of
which represents the subject in a
different attitude���for there is no
"r-w.n"*" in the new photography���
has come to take its place.
In :hi*_ New York studio lSOOpho'o-
graphs of the subject will be made at
every sitting instead of a single one,
as heretofore. The exposures will be
of a minute duration, thirty distinct
photographs being taken of the poser
each second, and 3tX) feet of film used
in the process. In these 1800 photographs every movement of tbe body,
every twitch of the eye, eve. y expression of the face, will be faithfully'
reproduced. ;
It will be the olograph or mu'o-
scope prccess applied to ordinary
photography. As a result of much
experimenting devicen have been
perfected by which the scries of
photographs may be mounted on reels
and revolved within handy cabinets
which will lie ornaments in any
parlor. Bv looking into the cabinet
the subject will appear to be anituat
ed, just like the familiar moving
pictures t'irown on screens by the
Think of a kicking, squirming
baby being photographed as he plays
with his toes; then, when he become"
a man, looking upon himself exactly
as he was in those babyhood days.
A photograph of the wedding ceremony if-elf might be made, for these
cameras can be taken anywhere.--
New York World.
In spite of the fact that the Federal
constitution states that all men are
equal, yet many fashionable restaur-
Let the Kaat Have Some.
Eastern Canadians think British Columbia has no grievance against the
Chinese or Japanese. They love the
poor heathen, they would take them to
their hearths and hearts; teach them
the way of civilization and to give up
their brass gods. Well, let the easterners have them, suggests the Industrial
World. We have more than we want
of the slant-eyed devils and can spare a
few. It is proposed to ship a few of
them east. The World will give a few
dollars to the scheme. Dump a few
thousand of them iu Toronto, fill Mo.it-
real with them, turn ten thousand of
them loose in the timber regions of
North Ontario, ready and willing to
work for $10 a month; man the railways
with thera, shut out the whites in every
avenue of industry or compel them 'o
work for and subsist on Chinese wages.
Wouldn't there be a howl floating up to
heaven ?
The Midway Advance has the following *o say relating to the proposed
smelter to be erected there: "Andrew
Laidlaw, general manager of the Standard Copper Co., accompanied by his
solicitor, A. M. Whiteside, drove down
on Wednesday of last week to look over
the site for the smelter which is shortly
'-o be constructed between Boundary
Falls and Midway. The site which has
been selected is on Kerr's ranch. It is
an ideal location for a smelter and in
Mr. Laidlaw's opinion is the most suitable location to be found any place in
the district. The capital of the company is $500,000, assessable to par, and
the registered office of the company is
at Greenwood. A few days ago the
company paid J. P. Harlan and Dr.
M.Martin, New York, tll,250, the final
payment on the Marguerite The order
for the pyritic smelting plant was on
June '21 placed with the. Denver Engineering Works. The plant has a
aruaranteed capacity of 200 tons daily,
but Mr. Laidlaw has made arrangements for a power plant of double that
capacity and the building will be erect-
led for a 400-ton smelter."
it, as is customary even among girls
of a larger growth.
By way of explanation to her friends
she pointed out that the waistband
had three buttonholes at intervals of
about an inch, so that the skirt could
be let out or taken up at pleasure.
"Whaton earth is that for?" asked
her friend.
"The first hole is to be used in the
morning, tbe second after dinner,ami
the third after watermelons," promptly replied the owner of the dress.���
Memphis Scimetar.
Grand square piano, $150, American
make���Yale & Co., New York. Slightly
used. Just the instrument for public-
hall or music teacher. Better than any
Heintzman. Jxo. F. Delaney,
New Denver.
Meets In Crawford's Hnll every Wednesday ev��
nlng.     Visiting Brethren cordially invited f<
-"-���       j. d. McLaughlan. a o.
SILVER   CITY   LODGE   NO.    39,
I. O. 0. F.
Meetings every   Friday evening   nt 7:<0 in
Crt?.wfortf8 Hall.   Visiting brethren are cordially
invited lo i.tteml.
Secretary. Noble Grand
A. F. & A. M.
Regular cotnmuniot-tion held first Thursda.v In
each month in Masonic Hall :itx P. M.   Sojourning brethren are cordis I ly invited to attend.
 THOMAS BROWN*, gocretcrv.
Sandon Miners'
Union Hospital,
^^ Open to
���;��,*_,, the Public
Subscribers, .*.i
per month' Private patients, _
per   dti-v.   exilu-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     sive   of  ex-jcns-
of physician or surgeon and drugs
A Hew
j.D.Mclaughlin, Pnesidtmi
\V. L HAGLER, Secretary
Wm. Donahu-   .1   v. Mar-      '?. j MdLsam
A.- c ; ��� J. Mc'.>-*" ���   >.Mikk l-vnv,Directors
J. W. Balmain
I P. 0. Box 170.
Sandon, B. C,
A little girl on Madison street  had '
just finished a new house dress and
cilled in one of her friends to admire
Engineer and Provincial
Land Surveyor.
Beatty & Docksteader have thrown
up their lease on the Omega. They
ship 11 ear of ore this week.
Manager Leet of the Silver Bell was
is town Thursday. Ho will resume
operations on that property in a lew
The Ruth company is sacking and
shipping clean ore from the Mascot
claim, recently acquired from Mike
VV. W. Warner undoubtedly has a
grass-roots proposition in the Mountain
Con. Altho he has not been on the
property 30 days he has already shipped
a car of ore.
The St. Keverne people have changed
their plan of action and have shut the
property down again after doing a little
work. Sid Norman, superintendenl,
visited Spokane this week.
Wm. Innes has exposed a nice showing of ore on the R. E. Lee, on which
operations were resumed last week.
The work is being done on the Mc-
tiuigan side of the hill and just a little
below the old tunnel.
The Florida claim in Jackson basin
is to be re-opened shortly. The prt p-
erty is a very promising one but the
company got into financial difficulties
which tied il up. Recently M. Pleulot
came to the rescue. He has paid the
debts and acquired a controlling interests in the company.
Good Cooks are
Mot Made.
The Kitchen Mechanic at the
Sandon Chop House
Is a scientist in the cnli-
nery line. Drop in and
get a
Square Meal.
D. C. McGregor of Kaslo has been
awarded the contract for the C. P. R.
depot. The main building will he 30 x
j6, two stories, with telegraph office,
ticket office and waiting rooms below
and living rooms above. The baggage
room will be a one story annex of same
floor space. The building will be completed by October 15th. D. C. also
has the contract for the station which
w-ill be built at the New Denver Canyon
A government agent with headquarters at Kaslo is to be appointed to
handle the Slocan and Ainsworth business. John Keen and E. E. Chipman
are mentioned as probabilities. Should
the latter be selecteJ Don Kurtz wil
probably come in for his due by receiving the appointment of recorder.
County court  will   be held   in Kaslc
on September 26th.
Try the Sandon Hand Laundry
for good washing.
Go to Macdonald & Ko*- s for yonr
A good shoemaker. Steady
job for first-data mechanic.
None other need apply.
Eli Taylor.
The New Clifton
This house has recently been
Completed and Fitted up. It
is  one of the Nicest Hotels in
the Kootenay. If you have
an hour or a day to spend in
town do not  fail to  call upon
John Buckley.
We Serve the Best
Regular Dinner
<**K___Jn the Citij.^>
To     Miners     and    Prospectors.
No mistake in ordering your
Shoes from "Louis." No cheap work
but all Work cheap. Everything
Flume Street. Sandon.
New Watches. . . .
. . . .Just Arrived
A Shipment of Famous High tirade
Hamilton Watches.
These Movements represent the Zenith
of Excellence in American
Do vou want the Best ?   Call at once as
the Supply is Limited.
I have also a   Stock
>f  Reliable    Cheap
Watches    in     Gun
Vletal     and    Silver
;ases. Prices $9, $10
��12 and $if>. These
ire fully Warranted.
1 am the sole agent
in this district of
Hamilton Movements and Dueber-
Hampden Cases and
Q. W. Grimmett,
���"���iculturalists in the pro*
PROSPE(  I'llttoJL
Wall  Paper.
All  Kinds,
Shades, Colors,
$���$ Heavy Stock on the $j$
�����$ way from   Montreal. *fc
Don't   Order
Till you see our Stock.
Thomas Milne & Co.
have the  finest line of Prospecting Supplies
tn  be found  in the  Country.     Do   not over-
ir stock when Outfitting for your Summers's
1 the hill*.
H. BYERS 4 Co.
Shelf and Heavy
Plumbing, Tinning
Sheet Iron Work.
Mine and Mill
Hlaeksinith Tools,
Powder, Caps and Fuse
P. BURNS 8c Co.
Wholesale and Retail   Dealer**  in
Fresh   and    > Fish and >  Dressed   and
Cured   Meats )   Oysters.   $ Live   Poultry
Sandon, Rossland, Nelson, Greenwood
Crockery    =    Crockery
We Have Just Received
A Large Shipment of
Finest Croccry
We Carry Many Grades   and   Can  Quote Prices  3
to Suit Your Circumstances. \
Call and See our Stock. *
JALLAND BROS.   8_U   !f


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