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The Paystreak Jul 15, 1899

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Array ijjyfy*****1**
SANDON, JULY 15 1899.
������Hilly" Bennett Is spending a boll
day in Spokane.
N J. Cavanaugh returned yester
ilny from the Lardeau.
While Mr   Lovctt waa parading
with the L. 0. L. in Nelson the green
atandard of Old Krin  was floating
| proudly over hia residence in Sandon.
This action on the part of Mr. Lovatt
na�� shaken the  eoniidedee of many
in  our  worthy   citizen's   lovalty.
Mrs. Herbert Creech   will   return ; r ew suspected  him  of such Jekyll
today from ber trip to Pernie. A Hyde duplicity as to work under
Tbe Slocan license commissioners teftft    Mr,  I>>VHtt may h*ve
will meet in New Denver Ualay. P0'11'*-1 ���**���*���*
Ur A. Ml.loy left for Keas^ on a^
rueaday    to   commence    business LottoKInf Whitney, Geo. B. Whit-
lhere- ney, Don Campbell,* Mr. and   Mrs.
R. P. Rithef of Victoria spent a few Frank Seaman and two children and
days in Sandon in the early part ol
the week.
Jaa Williamson spent a couple of
days in Nelson this week, visiting
old acquaintances.
Seventeen men are working on the
North Fork  trail   under  the super
vision of John Foster.
Pete ljunicux went to Nelson last
Sandav and will make that city hi* special train over the   K. A  S
headquarters for a few week*. Nelson on the morning of  the
MiasGuilbert, all of St. Paul, were
in town Wednesday. They are
making a tour of the North West
and arrived over the K. A S. accom
panied bv Oot. ilM. Irving, leaving
over the C P. U. for Pacitic Const
A party of about 40. including the
Sandon band and the Orange lodge
of Sandon and Slocan Citv, took  a
J, C. Williams returned from the
Buffalo Hump this   week  where he
to celebrate the anniversary of the
"Battle of tbe Bovne Water."   The
, . ���   numher was added to at each stop-
has been doing some prospecting and  ping pUce and q(|||e a ^ -��%
i-xperting. was on lhe Alberta when she reached
Maurice GintzU'rger and wile re- Nelson.    Aiamt 150 member* ot the
turned yesterday from a four-month* Orange order paraded the streets of
'our in Europe     He went up to the that town and  listened  to speeches
Ajax Fraction yenettley   to inspect shout the great scrap that took place
the workings- in Ireland 2U) years ago.
The band  excursion   to   Argenta SLOCAN MINES.
uke* place   next  Sunday.     Ikm't 	
vAm It, you   who   would   enj ��y  the The Vulture claim on Oody creek
Insure* of llie. is being  developed   with  a   small
^aialon ami Three Fork* plavetl I      Two  men   were   sent   up   to the
game of fa* ball iu the latter nmn Queen Ban last night u�� get out mine
A report comes from Whitewater!
that one of the tunnels in the White |
water mine  has caved.    Supplies
have been sent down and work will
probably be resumed in a few days.
John Greenough has taken aeon-
tract from the Ruth Mines Co. to run
a tunnel through a promontory of
rock near Byers' powder house.' The
tunnel will be used to sava a long
detour of the flume. /
The Noonday, on Four Mile, is
steadily adding to its force, having
now forty Ave men on their payroll.
Beginning next week they expect to
send out a carload a day. It is breaking all records as an ore producer.
Work has been suspended again
on the Payne bunk houses on account
of a shortage of lumber. The build
ing will be completed by the 1st of
the month. The new" assay office
will be completed by the middle of
next week.
Martin Bros, of Rossland are hav
ing the Dolly Vadren group of claims
on the North Fork of Carpenter surveyed for a Crown grant. Some
trial shipments will be made from
the claims this summer. It is the
intention to stock the group.
The Miners' Picnic
Ins? Sunday which resulted in a
���Iraw. no score being made. Many
"vtndonites loot in the excitement.
ttavid W  Kin* of the  lulled Re
lining * Smelting Co-,   teturned  u>
town   >e**erdav, having  spent several days in Nelwon aud Slocan lake
Folliott A McMillan liave been
������warded the contract ha* Henry
Tattrle'a residence. Henry will have
the Hurst ranch buil.ling* <>n Car-
I "Miter creek.
The Sandon junior foot ball   t. am
played with the juniors of New l>en
vera! Three   Forks on  Tuesday.
The Wakeikld
payroll   now,
has 20 men on the
mostly   employed   on
surface work.
The Kuth tramway was completed
last Saturday and is uow iu perfect
working order.
A contract was let on the Corinth
this Week. Supplies an- being shipped up to the mine.
Four men were lent up yesterday
to eoiuuienee work on the Silver
Belli in MctiuigMii Basin.
More ore has been struck in the
Ajax Fraction tunnel. Additions
will t��e made to the force and d�� vel-
The New IV over boys  were a g��**l
neeoiid.   Sandon I goals,  New Hen   opiuent pushed as rapidly as possible.
ver 1. Several men went   to Slocan lake
John Keen, one of the very lew points yesterday to go to work on
"Ineialnofthe old regime who has different pwperttol th** TbeAJJ
held his position and maintained his lington nnd# Wakefield took most of
dignity, paid Sandon a short visit on them.
II. W. Forster, president �����!
Kootenay Railway A Navigation
<<>.. arrived on Wedneiday from
London, Kng.. ami accompanied by
Geo. Alexander, went down to in
spect the Whitewater mine on Thurs-
The Government appropriation for
the Codv road has been expended,
��nd while there Im considerable im
provement the thoroughfare is still
'ar from what it should las thanks to
the niggardly policy oi the present
Two of the levels in the Queen
Bess, No. 2 and No. 3, have caved
badlv. The extent of the damage is
not known, but it is undoubtedly
serious. Work will have to be commenced quickly to catch up the
ground, which is shilling badly.
The Monitor mine at Three Forks
has been sold to an English syndicate
and ��1,000 was paid in Nelson on
Monday. The price is said to be
3120.000, George Petty and Fred
Finling own each a half interest in
the Monitor claim and Earnest liar
rap is interested in the extension.
The Government is building a
pack trail to the big galena ledge
that was discovered back of Nakusp
last summer. This ledge is several
miles long and shows concentrating
ore throughout its whole course.
About 20 claims have been staked
along it. Thos. Abrtel has charge of
the work.
The Cariboo Creek wagon road is
being extended up to the Blue Grouse
crossing and several branch trails
are being cut to connect with different prospects. A trail is also being
built from Blue Grouse across to the
Silver Mountain group and up to the
Silver Blaze property, in all a distance ol about five miles. Wm.
Mulrhead is in charge of tbe work.
About 200 people went up by train
and wagon road to the Cody park on
Thursday  afternoon to attend  the
Miners' Union picnic.   The program
was opened by a scratch  game of
base ball, followed by an exhibition
by' 'Lorenzo" the contortionist.   San ���
don and Three Forks played football
for an honr, Sandon winning by 5 to
0.   After  this  there  was a tng of
war  between  tbe  miners and the
town, in which both won.   The Sandon band furnished music during
the day and in spite ot the excessively hot weather a most pleasant afternoon was spent,
At 8 p. in. a parade ot Union miners, headed bv the Sandon band,
took place on Reco avenue, at which
the members turned out 130 strong.
The dance in the evening was the
feature ot the day. The hall was
crowded by a throng of merry makers
and all enjoyed themselves until an
.early hour.
| The Miners1 Union wishes to extend thanks to those who helped to
make the day the success it was.
A word of especial appreciation is
spoken for the ladies, mainly by
whose courtesy the events were made
so enjoyable. *
Entangled With the Law.
Mrs. E. D. Sawkins and Mrs.
Blanch James, Spokane wemen who
sell millinery and cosmetics, got into
serious tro'buble with the Kaslo
authorities over the Trades License
bylaw. The ladies sold goods by
retail in Kaslo without a license, and
left for Sandon when the police authorities advised them to stay in town
until the matter was settled. They
were followed to Sandon by officer
Mackenzie of the Kaslo force, who
took the ladies in charge on Wednesday. While being conducted to
the train on Thursday, one of the
ladies became ill and is now confined
to her bed at the Palace hotel, while
the other is acting as nurse. The
Kaslo authorities intend to follow the
case and wilt have the fair prisoners
taken over to answer the charge as
soon as possible.
Kettle Ricer Gold.
Charles Haller has taken a contract
to run 100 tcet of tunnel on the Ruth
No. &   This claim adjoins the Ruth
properties and is owned by Spokane
The Sapphire was the only ship-1 discoveries  at  the
per from Sandon this week, sending R|ver      nc   g^yg
out 15 tons   via   the   K. iS: S.    The
Whitewater shipped "3 tons irom
Ore has been  found  on  the'Boss
claim,   he**   the   Monitor.     David
Murpliv, the owner, is doing (level-
; opinent and has run 85 feet of tunnel
i on the property.
A. E. Fauquier of New Denver re
turned to that town yesterday from a
trip to the scene ot   the recent gold
head  ol Kettle
that   there   is
undoubtedly some good placer
ground there and that some men are
taking out $4 to 95 per day. Considerable difficulty is being experienced with high water just at present but the claims have merit and
will no doubt make a good showing
this summer.
Up-to-date Herself.
A Kaslo woman who said her
grass was getting too long, went into
a hard ward store to buy a sickle.
She said she guessed she'd take one
o' thorn fin de sides they talk so
much about, if the merchant had
one of that style.
Twenty-four licenses were granted
by the license commissioners last
Monday. All the old licenses were
renewed and two new ones, Jake
Kelsen's and Jos. Gilnagh's were
"What is that old proverb about
the moss and the rolling stone?'*
queired the Chicago girl.
"A revolving fragment of the paleozoic age collects no eryptogamous
vegetation," replied her 'cousin from
"Land's Sake!" ejaculated the Chicago girl, and let it go at that.
Sfti:   ������*
m The Paystreak.
Macdonald's Report.
Following is the synopsis of
Bernard Macdonald's report of
Payne :
Property, Area, Title.���The mining property of the Company consists
of the Payne, Maid of Erin, Mountain Chief, Two Jacks, Telephone
and Thursday Fraction, which cover
an area of 79 acres. The title to the
first four vests in the Company, by
Crown grant from the Government,
and the Telephone and Thursday
Fraction under tho provisiens of the
mining laws without dispute.
Geography.���This group of claims
lies in the'New Denver district of the
Slocan Mining division of West
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Ore Shipments.���December. 189C,
to Mav 1st. 1899, 3,CKJo,l07oz of silver, 29,825,209 lbs. of lead. Net
smelter proceeds, $1,730,170 33.
Ore shipments for May, about
1,170 tons. Net smelter proceeds,
about 855,949.
Ore Reserves-
Blocks 1 to 4, inclusive, and
old stopes 12,835 tons
Blocks A, B, 0, inclusive,
and old stopes 13.G67 tons
26,602 tons
26,502 tons- -net smelter value
Net value over and above
all expenses.! 906,297.o4
The conviction has come to Mr.
Macdonald after an extended and
careful study of the Payne mine, in
reviewing its past history, and considering its present condition and
future prospects, that it will continue
to maintain its position among the
great dividend paying mines."
Paid for their Liccs.
The C. P. R. has given H600 to
the family of each of the two young
men from Nova Scotia, who worked
as laborers on the Crow's Nest Pass
railway, and who died through
neglect. This is an act of generosity, but it should not prevent the
punishment of those through whose
culpable negligence these two lives
were sacrificed.
Mr. Clergue, of the famous Sault
Ste Marie Nickel works, has made
the important statement that be has
just completed a contract under
which his company would supply
Krupp, the German gun maker with
nickel steel for a period of five years.
By a new process he had turned out
in Sault Ste Marie nickel steel at a
cost of 815 a ton, though the United
States navy paid ��400 a ton for a
similar article. Algoma nickel is to
bo used to fill she Krupp contracts
and the Sou may s ��oii boast of one of
the largest metallurgical redaction
works in the world.
For Sale.
A six hole raiw  with cooking   nt*n*ils, in
first class  condition.     A  bargain   for  cash
Apply to the
Ivamiok HolKI.
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders wanted for seven hundred
(700) feet of tunnelling on the Slocan
Soverign mine.
Specifications may be seen at the
office of Mr. M. L. Griminett,  solid
Tenders must be sent to the under
signed not later than July 8th, 1S9'.\
work to commence not later than
July 15th, 189��.��.
The lowest or any tender not
necessairly accepted.
Slocan Soverigx Minks Co., Ltd.
W. W. Fallows,
Hamilton  Watches
Are new in the Slocan.
The besttcatch ener offered
for the moneij. Call in and
I tcill be pleased to shot��
them to you. Sold under
strict guarantee.
Jeweller and Optician.
Cigajs, Tobaccos. Pipes.
Smokers' Sundries.
Cards and Chips
Wednesday next will be 12th of
July, the anniversary of the Battle
of the Boyne, which took place in
Ireland some years back.
K. K. Trueiuan of Vancouver will
be in Sandon until Monday evening,
July 10th. Groups and views ol
every description. Work finished in
Platinotype a specialty. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Prices moderate. The
last visit until November.
Has the Finest
In tne Slocan.
Everything   New, Complete and
Up.to.date.      The   Comfort    and
Convenience ol Patrons will receive
the   most   Careful  attention.    Car1
and see us at the New Stand
Two Doom AI.ov..  th.. Post   Office
Fine Seasonable Groceries
Table Novelties.
Unequalled for Variety and Purity.
Motels. Mines and   Families   will find it to their ad
vantage to see these new   goods   in all lines  before
purchasing elsewhere.    Mailorders   will rccei>e as
usual our prompt attention and forwarded as desired
Sandon. B.C.
H. BYERSjfc Co.
Builders and  Heavy Hardware.
��� -.--���
Prospectors Outfits, Picks, Shovels and
Steel, (amp Stoves, Camp Cooking
I tonsils.     Powder, Caps and   Fuse.
Kootenay Tailors.
Csrry the finest line ��>t Canadian aad lm
ported elotbi t<> I-- (bond io KooCanay.
Inspect t!i<- latest  addition*  to ����ur   r*t��ck
<>i spring raftlngi    lVrt��vi  Bat���faction
In the Koto Store You Will Find
One of   the   Largest   fttOCfcl of l>rug��  in   the  Slotan.
DRUGGIST SUNDRIES Perfume* Snaps, all Toilet Requ-s.tes.
Try Donaldson's Rheumatic Cure. It Never tails to Cure.
Perscriptions a Specialty.   We use only the best  Medicines that
can be Obtained.
���   ���   ���
Folliott & McMillan.
Contractors and Builders.
Dealers in Dressed and Rough Lumber.
Saoh,   Doors,  Blinds, -to., Made to Ordor at Umit Pooalblo Prion*.
^P   Wine and Olmentlon Timber alwaya la Stood.      Piano, Botlmataa and
Specification, turnlahod for all Olaaaoa of Building.
^% '^fV^**"
JL} v**<*
SANDON, JULY 15 1899.
"Billy" Bennett i�� tpsodlPg I holi
day In Spokane.
N. J. Cavanaugh returned y ester -
day from tbt Lardcau.
Mm. Herbert Cieech will return
today from her trip to Feruie.
Tin sioean license ooataifcatoaara
will meet in New Denver today,
Dr. A. Miiloy left for Kosaland on
Tuesday    to   commence    busings
l In-re.
B   P. Kithet of Victoria *|��ent a few
days in Baadon in tfas early part <>t
tin* week.
Jaa. Williamson spent a ooaplo of
day* to Nelson this week, visiting
(���Id acquaintances.
Seventeen men OPS working OB the
North F����rk   trail   under   the *u|*er
vision of John Foster.
Pete Ijiinieux went to Nelson last
Sanday and Bill make that city his
headquarter* fur I few week-.
J. C. William* 11 turned fruin the
Buffalo Hump this ����ek when- he
has u��-en doing WBO proapOCtJQg aud
��� \ perl ing.
Maartos Gtntaberger and aMs re
(oreod yesterday from ��� four month*
toar la aJBtoya   He went up to the
Ajax Fraction yesterday u�� Inspect
'Ate working*
The baad excursion  t��>  Argents
*k��<>   place   BOBt   Sunday.      Unit
i*m*!�� i��. v����u wh�� woald eaj ��y tin
pleasure* <���! lite.
Sand*mi ami Three Forks plsyed i
gsflM of foot bsll In the latter town
last Sunday which rebuked in a
draw, OOSOOra being made. Many
tiaadoaitOS toot in the excitement.
David W Kinn of the United Re
liuinjf A Smelting  ('����.   teturned  u>
t<.wn  yesterdav, having ipsatsas
mi! dayt in Kmeoo sod Slocan lake
Folliott   &   McMillan   have    heen
Awarded the oootraei   lor   Henry
ititties residence Rsary will have
'!��e tlneat ranch bud ling* <��n Carpenter creek.
The Sandon junior fool  hall   t. am
played wuh the Juniors of New Den
ver at  Tltreo   Porks ��>u  Tuesday.
The New lh over l>o\��   were a good
second.    Sandon t g'��als,   Nea  Den
ver   1
JohB Keen, one   Of   the   \eiv few
"Metalsof tin* old regime who hai
lield his position aod   maintained his
dignity, paid Sandon a ibori vlalt on
ll. w. Power, president ol tho
Kootensy Railway * Navigation
Co., arrived <m Wednealay frtsn
London, F.ng.. ami aOeompanled by
���loo.   Alexander, went   down   to in
spect the Whitewater mine on Thursday,
The Government appropriation for
the Qodv road hai been expended,
and while there is oonslderame  im
provenient the thoroughfare is Mill
Btr from what It should Ih', thanks to
the niggardly policy o( the present
\Mule Mr Lovett was parading! A report comes from Whitewater
with the L. 0. L. in Nelson the green that one of the tunnels in the White
standard of Old F.rin was floating
Proudly over Ins residence in Sandon.
Phis action on ihe part of Mr. Lovatt
has shaken the eoutidedce of many
in our worthy citizen's loyalty.
Few suspected him of such Jckyll
it Hyde duplicity as to work under
two Hags. Mr." Ix>vatt may have
political aspirations.
F. I. Whitney, general passenger
agent ot tie (.teat Northern, Miss
I/>uK" King Whitney, tieo. B. Whitney, lion Campbell, Mr. and Mrs
Frank Seaman and two children and
lltaaGoilbert, all of St. Paul, were
in town Wednesday. They are
making a toar of tbe North West
and arrived over the K. A S. sooom
panted by Col, Robt Irving, leaving
over the C P. R for Pacific Const
A party of abool i'>. including the
Sanoon band ami tlu* Orange l<*lge
of Sandon and Sioean City, look a
special train over the K. a s. for
Nelson ob the morning of the 12th
tOOOlebnUO tbe anniversary of the
"Battle of tbe Boyne Water. The
number eras added to at each su>p-
ping place, and <juite a large crowd
wa* on the Alherta when she reached
Nelson About i*>0 membersutthe
Orange order paraded the stive us of
that town and listened to speeches*
about tbe gr��*at IQrap that took place
in Inland 209 years ago.
The Vulture claim 00 Oody creek
i�� i��ing developed  witi�� a anall
Two men wire lenl up u�� the
Qneon Bern la-t night W get out mine
The Waketichl has 20 men 00 the
psyrpll now. mostly employed on
surface worki
The Roth tramway was completed
last Sstarday ami is now iii perfect
woi king order.
A contract was let >��n theOorintfa
thia week.   Snppllesare being ship-
p��-<i up to the mine.
Four men were ssni up yesterday
to oomnmnoo work on the Silver
Hell, iu Uctinlgan Barin,
More oro haa la^-u struck in the
AJas   Kracrioo   tunnel.    Additkma
��ill Ik> made to the force and development puabed ;���> rapidly aa possible.
Several men went to Slocan lake
point* yesterday to yo t<�� work on
.nth-rent propertlea them The Arlington ami Wakolleld took mottof
(tunics [Jailer haa taken a contract
to run I'M feet of tunnel on the Rath
\��� f, This claim adjoins the Kuth
propertlea aud utowueu by Spokane
The Sapphire whs the  only ship-
jm'I- from Sandon this week,
out 16 lona  via  the  K. A
Whitewater shipiH,,i  7;i rm
Ore has Ih-cii found 00 tUO IhwS
claim,   near   the   Monitor.      David
Murphy, the owner, is doing devei��
..pn.eiit and has run :to teet of tunnel
wrkt mine has caved. Supplies
have been sent down and work will
probably be resumed In a few days.
John (ireenough has taken aeon-
tract from the Ruth Mines Co. to run
The Miners' Picnic
About 200 people went up by train
and wagon road to the Cody park on
Thursday afternoon to attend the
Miners' Union picnic.   The program
a tunnel  through a promontory   of|fMOJ_5eti_L_ fratCh  *___,of
���. t '         I hflBA   hall     Tftllnuro/I     !�����      un   rwlnki*,,..-.
rock near livers' powder house. The
tunnel will be used to save a long
detour of the flume. /
The Noonday, on Four Mile, is
steadily adding to its force, having
now forty-five men on their payroll.
Beginning next week they expect to
send out a carload a day. It is breaking all records as an ore producer.
Work has been suspended again
on the Payne bunk houses on account
of a shortage of lumber. The build
ing will be completed by the 1st of
the month. The new assay office
will be completed by the middle of
next week.
Martin Hros. of Rossland are having the Dolly Vadren group of claims
on the North Fork of Carpenter surveyed for a Crown grant. Some
trial shipments will be made from
the claims this summer. It is the
intention to stock the group.
Two of the levels in the Queen
Bess, No. '2 and No. o, have caved
badlv. The extent of the damage is
not known, hut it is undoubtedly
serious Work will have to be commenced quickly to catch up the
ground, which is shitting badly.
The Monitor mine at Three Forks
has been sold to an English syndicate
ami #1,000 was paid in Nelson on
Monday. The price is said to be
1120,000, George Petty and Fred
Finliug own each a half interest in
the Monitor claim and Earnest liar
rap is Interested in the extension.
The Government is building a
pack trail t<> the big galena ledge
that ems discovered hack of Nakusp
last summer. This ledge is several
miles long and shows concentrating
ore throughout its whole course.
About 20 claims have been staked
along it. Thos, Aoriel has charge of
the work.
The Cariboo Creek wagon road is
heim: extended up to tbe Blue Grouse
crossing and several branch trails
are being cut to connect with different prospects. A trail is also being
built from Blue (Jrouse across to the
Silver Mountain group and up to the
Silver Blaze property, in all a distance ot about five miles. Win.
Muirhead is in charge of tho work.
base ball, followed by an exhibition
by "Lorenzo" the contortionist. Sandon and Three Forks played football
for an hour, Sandon winning by 5 to
0. After this there was a tug of
war between the miners and the
town, in which both won. The Sandon band furnished music during
the day and in spite of the excessively hot weather a most pleasant afternoon was spent.
At 8 p. m. a parade ot Fnion miners, headed by the Sandon band,
wok place on Reco avenue, at which
the members turned out 130 strong.
The dance in the evening was the
feature of the day. The hall was
crowded by a throng of merrymakers
and all enjoyed themselves until an
early hour.
The Itinera1 Fnion wishes to extend thanks to thtwo who helped to
make the day the success it was,
A word of especial appreciation is
spoken for the ladies, mainly by
whose courtesy the events were made
so enjoyable.
Entangled With the Lets.
S.     The
no the property.
Kettle Ricer Gold.
A. K. Fauquier of New Denver re
turned to that town yesterday from a
trip to the scene of   the recent gold
discoveries  at   the   head  oi Kettle
River.     He    says    that    there   is
undoubtedly ir3"16 Jfoocl placer
ground there and that some men are
taking out $4 to .*o per day. Considerable difficulty is being experienced with high water just at present but the claims have merit and
will no doubt make a good showing
this summer.
Mrs. ES, I). Sawkins and Mrs.
Blanch James, Spokane weuien who
sell millinery and cosmetics, got into
serious trobnble with the Kaslo
authorities over the Trades License
bylaw. The ladies sold goods by
retail in Kaslo without a license, and
left for Sandon when the police authorities advised them to stay in town
until the matter was settled. They
were followed to Sandon by officer
Mackenzie of the Kaslo force, who
took the ladies In charge on Wednesday. While being conducted to
the train on Thursday, one of the
ladies became ill and is now confined
to her bed at the Palace hotel, while
the other is acting as nurse. The
Kaslo authorities intend to follow the
case and will have the fair prisoners
taken over to answer the charge as
soon as possible.
Up to-date Kernel*.
A Kaslo woman who said her
grass was getting too long, went into
a hardware store to buy a sickle.
She said she guessed she'd take one
o' them fin de sides they talk so
much about, if the merchant had
one of that style.
Twenty-four licenses were granted
by the license commisyioners last
Monday. All the old licemes were
renewed and two new ones, Jake
Kelsons and Jos. (Jilnagh's were
"WThat is that old proverb about
the moss and the rolling stone?''
queired the Chicago girl.
"A revolving fragment of the paleozoic age collects no cryptogamous
vegetation," replied her cousin from
"Land's Sake '."ejaculated the Chicago girl, and let it go at that.
��� Nfc;
The Paystreak.
i i
The Citq's Opportunity.
Mr. J. M. Harris, for the Sandon
Water & Light Co.. while complaining of the assessment before the
Court of Revision, stated that the
company would be pleased to receive
813,250 for its property, exclusive of
ground,  within the city limits.
The city cannot afford to overlook
this offer' The water and light
franchises should never be allowed to
remain in private hands. The city
here has an opportunity to assume
control of these branches of the public service. To refuse to do so would
be doing an injustice to the community.
The Spokesman-Review of Tuesday gets off a long article headed,
'' Ma n y M e n Wanted ; Wor k W a i ts
for Thousands of Laborers," etc.,
etc., in which it states that there is a
great scarcity of laborers in the states
of Washington and Idaho and in the
Province of British Columbia. The
article states that several thousand
men are wanted in the railroad and
mine camps of the North West and
that unprecedented wages are being
paid. In one place, speaking of the
Red Cross Emuloyent Agency of Spokane the article says:
"Yesterday a varied assortment of
positions was filled, men and women
being sent to the following places :
Medical Lake, Colfax, Wash., and
Nelson. Kaslo, Crepnwood.
Denver and Ainsworth, B. C
wages ran as high as ��0 a day."
At this distance it is hard to say
what the condition of affairs may be
in Washington or Idaho, but so far
as British Colombia is concerned the
statements are purposely misleading.
No such wages a* $6 per day have
ever been paid for laborers in the
Kootenay, aud such wages seldom
prevail tor mechanics. There is no
scarcity of men. hut on the contrary
many are out of employment, on
strike or through the effects of the
strike. The class of labor employed
on the railroads In Kootenay is
mostly of the lowest order. Contractors in the Lardo-Duncan are
violating the alien labor law regularly. Both tlieC. P. ii. and the K.
R A N. contractors are bringing in
"Dagoes"from BonnerV Ferry and
other points across the line to work
on construction. The wages paid for
this class of laborer- are lower than
civalizc.l white men would care to
work for.
The employment agencies, In sending men from Spokane to fill vacan
ciea in B, C, are placing those men
in a compromising jxwition as they
are liable to arrest for infraction of
the alien law immediately upon their
arrival on the Canadian side.
The Spokesman-Review's object in
printing such an article is easily
understood by anyone who has followed it through the Coeur d'Alene
trouble and other labor disturbances.
It would be idle to doubt that tin-
Review is being paid for the part it
is taking in the difficulties in Idaho,
and if it Hoods that state and adjoining territory with cheap nori union
men it but serves its paymasters.
Its machinations in Idaho are none
of our concern. When it interferes
in B. C. it is time for protest. The
Spokesman-Review has degenerated
within the past few months from a
josition at the head of North West
journalism to common journalistic
prostitution. Its bias taints its news
and It is no longer honest or reliable.
A Grand Figure.
[Toronto Telegnun I
Artemus Ward sacrificing all his
wife's relations in the battles for freedom was not a grander figure than
Sir Wilfred Laurier and his followers offering up the white laborers of
British Columbia on the altars of
Imperial unity.
Oriental labor, Chinese or Japanese is the cloud on the industrial
future of British Columbia.
A wholesale incursion of Japanese
laborers will bring down wages in
many lines of activity to rates which
will not enable white workmen to
support their wives and families.
If tree and open competition with
Japanese labor is an Imperial necessity, a steadily downward tendency
in rates of wages and standards ot
living is the sacrifice which British
unity will demand from white labor
in British Columbia.
Self-interest forces Japan into union
with Great Britain against Russia in
the Far Hast. There is not the slightest danger that a law for the protection of white labor in B. C. would
weaken an alliance which is (bonded
00 the unchangable truth that Japan
has everything to fear from Russia
and everything to hope for from
Japanese laborers might take
every job in British Columbia without taking the coat off the back oil
Sir Wilfred Laurier or a meal out of
the mouths of James MeMullen's
children. The "sacrifices" for which
Sir Wilfred Laurier claimed so much
credit will fall exclusively on the
western Orcadians, who will have to
take th. risks of hunger and naked
neas if British Columbia is to becotae
a free and open market tor Asiatic
labor in any form.
Molijbdcnite Wanted.
The Toronto Telegram says a letter
was recently received at the Ontario
Bureau ot Mints from Mr. Harrison
Watson. Curator of the Canadian
section of the Imperial Institute, intimating that a good market has open
ed up in England for molybdenite.
Mr. Watson writes that a large firm
in Liverpool are now anxious to obtain regular supplies of the mineral
from Canada, as they are manufacturing a new article which has open*
ed a consumption for molybdenite,
and say that they could take any
reasonable quantity providing it is
good and free from silica or gangue.
Canadian samples received there
[have been fairly satisfactory.
Molybdenite, which somewhat re
sembles galena, has been found in
many places in Kootenay. In the
Ainsworth division, in the vicinity of
the town of Ainsworth, several
ledges which carry good percentages
of the metal are known to exist.
About the head of Ten Mile and
Lemon creeks, in the Slocan, several
ledges have been located by pros
pectors who mistook molybdenite for
galena or graphite. Theee claims
have almost invariably been allowed
to lapse when the nature of the metal
contained became known. In the
Rossland district molybdenite is of
almost universe! occurrence in the
class of ore found there, but it is in
such small particles as to lie difficult
to save.
The recent demand has stimulated
a search for the metal in Ontario and
and the state of Washington, in I Kith
of which places it is known to exist
It is very probable that the Kootenay
deposits of molybednite will receive
attention in the near future.
rO C ^^    r~n
�����-H !Z Cfl
*o��Ht/��   2 IL00AM   MINKBAI.   ri.OAT.
gd, Stewart commenced work again
on the Condor group lain week.
j. i,. Byron will drive 100 feetoferona
eat on the A. K., Ked mountain.
lit the neighborhood of 75 men are
at work on Four Mile pro|��eriie*
The Rockland, on Bed Mountain, in
l*ii��t< mrveyed for a Crown grant.
Tha ��ite lor the Waketl��dd  eoneentra-
tor \\*�� bssa surveyed ami the senna ol
the train completed.
Thirty odd men  are  Working at the
Soonday The ore body continues las
and they are sacking about mveo tona
a tiny
puruig June the idiipmenl* of orelrom
��� l!(. Rloesa were 42b ton* le#�� than iu
Mhv       The   value   of   ttie   output  wa*
j M, II, Baaadam ������� gieaad*elBieiag
th^���� O. I'.   Bsnsdum >* sure the Wd-
Uni alio Kmily Bdtth ledge* run thfOOgfa
tin* claim
A melting company, with Its <'��n-
atliati afBtU at Kasl.i im* h,-en formed in
England   Tha capital of the essspaay
i* Cou.uuo
Properties on  Woodbury rre��*k  an-
paying ��� I SO for Sight��h00f ��*du. It if
Dak) that a few BtinoS SIU working *t
\ MWOTth h��r SI'..
During Jane, tha smsittr at Ketaoe
produced lift toes of lead million, im
m "l irohl.  "Jy,7��*i ounce* ol  allvsr
. 15 urns ot lasd,
k p o*\.-it   foi marly of ihe  Roth
������  > having SOOle wotk  done on the
marie and  Basbfom daima.    Tfcaes
t ties ate above tbe Alpha.
\ force  ol  *i*   ni.-ii   have  ln<��-ti  BID-
��v��a aevnratday* r<��st "" the Rub)
Poriavreraaca mineral daima, *it-
���   i amttheaM ��d N��-�� Denver
i . taarap oosi of producing copper
��n the Coiled Mate* ia SSVSO BSOtt *
\<n  ii i     th* lowest 0QS1 >�� five cent*, by
ih�� Baton and Montana Co M the
(alnmet A rJeemli aoati saves osata
i  ght osHoeds of  ore from  the  Sun
ihina and SUver Cup, Is tha Lardasu,
���-���<i t��� ti���. Trail smelter, retaraed to
the..��non 116,948 Thiawa*lbsamount
rrallard abovs tin- oost of height and
smelter charges
Tea Lona Mar ard Blue Qrooee com
���on will sees commence a l.oon tool
tunnel open these properties Tha
rlalm are between the Ruth aodSJo-
ran Mnr, and the lead from the Slocan
st:u ruim through them.
B i . l amphell Johnston went up to
Un' gueen Heas  mine  Saturday      The
pr..|M��rt> la preparing for largerdevel-
npntest than heretofore, and it i��* pre
dieted a larire force of men Will he em
ployed there by the let nl August
In the  White  lironse   district   work
iue�� commenced on tha topper ami
Storm Kinggroups HughSutherland*
Toronto syndicate has a working bond
upon tha seven claims comprising tha
two groups, In which taSJ agree to
upend 100,000 in development work
within tWO years.      IV   B    Tretheway
will superintend tbe work
A  K Hand, of New Westminster has
purchased from 1>  W   Moore the Ocean
claim. 00 Payne mountain.     The price
i�� 110,000, with IB00 dOwn and  the hai
ancs In one, three and six months       A
large number of men will he immediately put to work on the property.
It Is reported that Mann _. McKenzie
are hosting h company in London to
take over the North Star in Kast Kootenay at 18,000,000, It || also said that
their Boundary properties will be float*
ed for 16,000,000 in Canada and Eng
land under the nam,; of the Dominion
Copper Ittnaa, Limited
Thompson _ Mitchell, while doing
in�� assessment work on the Capella
group, on (ioat mountain, at New Denver, took out :u4 tons of dry ore from
surface cut* which they Shipped to the
Trail smelter. After paying all charges
it netted them |41N.��iO. The ore ran
from 1��>4 tu M OUOCM silver and from
12 to %:\ in gold. There are two ledges
on the QapsQs an<t plant; of ore in sight.
If the miner?, would submit to a re
duction to $;< ��� day, it would not be long
until mockers would be forced to accept
RAO a day ami ore-norters and other
OBtsida men Si. These w-ages would
be little, if any . better in thin country
than II and 76 OOOtl S day is in the east,
and Woald make the camp a cheap
place for the laborer and btudnees man,
while cmitributlng thousands in month-
l\   dividends  to  foreign   shareholder'*
< apttai thai w ill invest  in  this country
and help   to develop it* immense resources should i>e encouraged by being
arell  paid      Si   with   the   miner and
laborer The ores ol our mines are
rich enough to well pay beth the investor and the laborer, snd Inddeatally the
man in bestueSi and those depending
Upon him
SLOGAN t IT\   N��:w^ IN BKtKF.
Work has been reauiaed OU  the Eve*
idng Star No ft group, on Dayton creek
fhi'ie are rumors that another mat
i iiuouial alliance �� ill   take  place  here
this month
The t hurcbof Kngland are preparing
to put up B church on their lot here on
Arthur street shortly.
Shook and Arnot contemplate m0V:
mg their saw mill, DOW at l.etnoncreek.
down the nver about Six miles further
in town. He will have 10 men working;
In a few days. Since he procured the
Chapleau the owners received a much
higher offer from New York. The New
York people were disappointed, but
they should look for other properties.
There are some left.
E. J. Felt, acting for eastern capitalists, has taken an 18 month's bond on
the White Sparrow and Torpedo miner
al claims, situated on  the  first north
fork of Lemon creek.'    The bond is for
in New Denver. From here he went to
Glenora, but returned to Grand Forks
some months ago and established himself there.
New Denver needs more fire wardens.
People grow careless when they are not
checked by authority, and in consequence towns are occasionally disfigured
by the fire element.
The fly-fish ing season will be opened
this month.   Many unusually large fish
have been caught this season on the
-.-J0! 7___ !h? ??,_?T?l___j �� _?�� trolls and l0CAl -.-rod* anticipate big
catches with the flv.
worth of work has to be done in the
first month and S500 worth of work per
month thereafter. The character of
this ore is very similar to that of the Le
Hoi, War Eagle and other Rossland
Bed Mountain ores. The ledge is a
large one and assays from $10 to $120
per ton. There is every indication of
its turning out a very big property.
The development will be watched with
interest as this ore is different to the
general run of the ledges found here.
.lames Gilhooley is making a fortune
at Balubrla, Idaho.
Wm. Thomlinson has returned irom i
the (ikanotfan country.
The ss. Slocan, now undergoing repairs at Rosebery, will not be ready for
service for some weeks. The machinery
will be thoroughly overhauled and the
boat newly painted from stem to stern.
Last week Fred Williamson was iu
New Denver, and reported the finding
of new placer ground on the Kettle
river The new find is about 30 mdas
from Arrow lake via Fire Valley, and
about 70 miles from Vernon. J. Worth
was taking out $5 a day and J. Ijodge
$4 when Williamson left there. There
is plenty of ground  in  the vicinity of
these two claims, and considerable cop-
Bathing in the lake is a favorite pas ; per float.   Williamson, accompanied by-
time this warm weather. j r.ill Anderson and Jim English, left N'ew
Lord and  Lady  Rathdonnell paid a! Denver for the scene of excitement last
visit to the Slocan last week. week.     On  Sunday   A.   Wallace,   R.
II. T. Braedon and wife are spending! Williams, A. ami E.  Brindle and Russ
their holidavs in New Denver. Thompson rolled  their blankets  and
,_.     -                 __   .              followed the other band of gold hunters.
Boom of the   tinest strawberries ever  ���
tasted are grown in New Denver gardens.
A. J. Marks is in town, but will not
oommenee work on the California at
Pleasure parties are numerous on the
!��ke since the steam
Crow's ��*t Coal.
During the month of June 10,000 tons
of coal and 2,000 tons of coke were shipped from Fernie.    Two mines on Coal
yacht Alert was creek near Fernie are being worked and
; 400 men are employed.     Tbe company
.1  E Strickland has been appointed! ex^110 8hiP [&* tons a day by  De-
postmaster at New Denver,  vice Cant, i ceinber-   Another mine l8 be,n�� 0peued
Kstabrooks. resigned.   He will lake the! at Michel;   ln  lbm months "�� coke
,v ,,    ,.,, u__ ovens will be in operation.   The coal is
office on the loth mst. ,      ,     ,   .    ,
found only in the cretaceous formation.
and is equal to any on this continent.
John Delaaej received a dispatch on
Monday staling that his brother James
had died at Gland Forks of pneumonia, i    Another tunnel has been commenced
Deceased was a well-known hotel man,  upon the Silverite, which will tap the
Mr    CottOtn. of the   Arlington, left I and for a time did a nourishing butineeaj property 400 feet deeper.
Thursday  for   San   Francisco,   having    ��� ������ . ��� ,   .  s
been called away by the serious illness
Of his w W    W J j    ��^  _^ 	
The tir-t on M     M Af~\ M ^fd t     ^^k fLM -f W mm MM W _S
lean per cent    or tl ..^ and g    g\J V^ I   *kDCl M 1 \JL \J1 1
not $8,000 as stated last   week       Ihe ���*     ���*     ^"*-^    ~"^   ~-^
neond payment falls due In October
David Arnot has bought Mowatt \
(os building next to the Arlington lintel, and has  removed   his stock there.
after making extensive Improvements
in the Molding
1��� Nelson, last week, Messrs Cottom.
Benny, Rithet, Willlamaon and W. a.
Macdonatd were made the provisional
directors of the reconstructed Arlington
company.   Work is being oontlnuedat
the mine and over $6,000 a month is being spent In d weloptneet work.
1 o o K. Lodge No 40, Slocan City,
gave an At Home to their friends last
Thursdav  evening.     After   the  Ice
cream and eake had  been disposed of
the merry party enjoyed themselves for
several hours dancing to  the excellent
mUSlC of the Slocan City orchestra.
Mr  Williams, who recently bonded
the Chapleau will Uke up his residence
The pioneer house of the City
First-Clafis in every particular
#. Cunning. Proprietor.    Sandon
'Che following is a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denva-r were
as follows :���
July 4���Rustler, Eight Mile cr, Frank
Watson. Colorado, W ilson cr, R Lorah.
5���Fair Hope, Granite mt, Lydia
Schwann. Golden Wedge, Eight Mile
cr, R W Thompson. Morning Star,
Payne mt, J C Blandyis.
6���Richmond, nr Idaho basin, R McDonald. R P, same, J McLachlan.
Cariboo, Red mt, H C Perkins. Moville,
Carpenter cr, Peter Columbus. Excel
rior, Carpenter cr, A G Vallance. Fourth
July, same, C J   Macdonald.
7���Queen of the Hills, Wilson cr, H H
Pitts. Mammoth, Wilson cr, C W Harrington. Surprise, Payne mt, R Strang*
8���Peacock, Wilson cr, H H Lansing,
G X Taylor, R H Peacock, J Mackenxie,
H T Tregear. Chester A, Pascoe, Galena Falls and Syracuse, same. Belle-
view, Wilson cr, H Mcintosh. Rossland
Red Mountain, Wilson cr, W B Bridg-
ford. Mammoth No 2, Wilson cr, Geo
Hairing. Big Jem Basin, same, A H
Patterson. Tamarack, same, H Mc-
Phereon. Star West, Wilson cr, A L
Rogers. Alert, Carpenter cr, W Niven.
Sabbath, Eight Mile cr, J Brandon.
10���Argosy, Wilson cr, F Kelly.
July 4��� Rockland, Clara Moore, Philadelphia, Sarah Jane, Ada F, Mabel W.
5���Sylvanite, August Flower, Hartnev,
High Ore, Emily Edith Fr, Little King,
Last Chance No 4, Detioit.
6���Annie, Silver Tip Fr, Home Run,
Little Daisy, Mineral King, Hidden
Treasure, Arden, Kelvin, Aurora,Topeka
Minneapolis, St Paul No 4.
7���No 3 Fraction, Anchor, Silverton,
Fisher Maiden, Dalkeith, Lancaster, Flag
Staff, Deleware Fr, Dolly Yarden, Ensign, Ruby.
8���Good Hope, Gipsy, Dolly, Adirondack, Gopher Fr, Legal Tender, Lady
Aberdeen, Portland No 4.
10��� Shareholder, Franklin, Wellsville,
Bonapart, Trade Dollar,  Mazeppa, Minnehaha,    Crvstal   Gem,   Commander,
Kydia, Joker'Fr, Cody Fr.
11���Christene, Abigail.
July 5���Midnight, |,  M  E Rammel-
meyer to C E Hope, June 26.
August Flower, 1-tt, J C Butler to A
Jacobeon, June 19.
Hartney   and Sylvanite,  ������, each,   E
Shannon to A Jacobeon, Jan 5, 91000.
Bird Fraction, H,  N I) McMillan to S
T Walker, Dec 2, '98, $200.
7���Professional Fr, \, J C Butler to H
C Wheeler, July 1,1260.
8���Golden Wonder, J M Winter to
Annie Winter, June 14.
Silver Tip Fr, %% W J Clark to W
Donald, March 17.
10���Maclver Fr, Albert Owens to
Granville Mining Co, June 23.
Isis, \, Jas Black to 0 T Stone and J
F Mcintosh, Jan 11, t_,30u.
Thursday Fr and Telephone, Payne
Mining Co to Payne Consolidated Mining Co, June 27.
June 20���Moste, relocation of V 1, 1st
n fk Lemon ck, W H Burton. Reindeer,
reloc Wabash, 2nd n fk Lemon ck, F M
Purviance. Lee Lee, 1st n fk Lsmon, R
D Kennedy, Wm Kerr and Nick Me-
Kian. Ontario, reloc Cracker Jack,
Cameronian ck, R D Kennedy. Bingo,
reloc Fir, 1st n fk Lemon ck, Wm Kerr.
Chivalry, reloc Simcoe, Summit ck, Thos
27���Oro, 1st n fk Lemon ck, Pat Nolan.
Buxom Belle, Arlington basin, Oeorge
Nichols. North Star, lstn fk Lemon ck,
B McFarlane. Town of I���ith, Summit
ck,EV Bod well.
28���Sheffield, reloc Onyx, 1st n fk
Lemon ck, J D Raid.
29���Aladdin, Twelve Mile ck, Rutolf
Kurtshal. Regena, Springer ck, Jas
Livingstone. Allendale, 1st n fk Lemon
H L Fife, Clayton, west Slocan City,
Jas P Smith. St Lawrence, reloc Copper Bntte, Lemon ck, Joe A Davis.
30-Tally Ho, 2d n fk Lemon, Chas
Ward. Little Mae, Ten Mile, Jas Croft.
Maggie Fr. bet Ten Mile and Springer
cks, Thos Lake.
July 3���Zinc, Ten Mile, Peter Swan.
Blend, Ten Mile, Wm Clough. Cam-
duff, reloc Dempsey, Lemon ck, J A Anderson.
6���C G B, reloc Excelsior, Rohinson
ck, A K Kothermel. Bison, reloc 1 X L.
Robinson ck, W D McGregor. Silver
Bell, Ten Mile, Geo Fairbairn.
6���Mollie, Brindle ck, Morris l>avis.
Faerie, Brindle ck, C E Smitheringah*.
South Exchange, Springer ck. Geo Stall,
Lexington, Jack ck, Michael Maddigan.
June 2ft���Two Brothers  (2 via),
sett, Rother Fr, Wedge Fr.
27���Laxon Maid, American Eagle
public, Bell.
28���Ero, Royal Standard, Silver Lode,
Chesapeake, Dixie, Alma.
29���St Lawrsnce, Black Beauty. White
Beauty, Alberta, Dividend. Alta.
30���Bonnie Doon, Free Gold.
July 3���Horse Shoe, Lexingtou Fr,
Baby Royal, Yiking Fr,  Better Times.
July 4--Vancouver,  Dewdnev, O  K,
For Sale.
5���Champion, Victor, Calleron, Ms
jaro, Pacific, Gladstone.
8���Elk, Duplex, Homestead, Golden
Sun, Mineral Mountain.
7���Venture, Independence, Hamilton.
June 24���Chesapeak, S. Thos D Tobin
to W L Callanan.
Chesapeake, H, W L Callanan to Jas
M Farrell. tl.OOO.
28���Ireland, H, Ike longhead to Jno
Belfast, |, Hobert Bradshaw to John
29���Margerie, Olympia and Iowa, S
each, Jno Jarvis to Geo E Wemant.
Margerie, Olympia, Iowa and Seattle.
H each, Daniel Kelcher to _ 0 Jackson,
July 3���Chanleau, option untii June
2, 1900, from the owners to J M Williams
of London, Eng., 11,500 paid on account.
Sheffield. V4, J D Reid to Elijah B
4���Felisto, J II Strickland to G Alex
6���Power of Attorney. J CGwillim to
W S Johnson.
Vancouver No 4, 4, Wm Kerr to Mark
7��� Alphonso XIII, ^4, Jno Livingston
to Robt A Peebles, $1,000.
Koch, who is looking after the company's interests on Ten Mile, to haul
tho remaining _M tons of ore al the
mine to the landing for immediate ship
ment; also to thoroughly clean up the
grounds about the building1 and put the
property in ship sha|>e. This would indicate that early operations wen* contemplated, but another order has been
given that tends to strengthen the belief that the Enterprise management
will hold out to the last for the trt wale.
The supplies that were taken to the
mine when Immediate work was con
templated, are to be disposed of at tin-
best figure obtainable.
All this is probably ordered in view
of the early visit to the property of Mr
Richard Popklae, a director of the New
Zealand Minerals Company, who is on
his way from London to British Columbia to confer on the spot with the com
puny a representalives, for the purjxise
of establishing the best possible organisation for working the mine to the
greatest advantage.
In view of the  position taken by the
Enterprise company  showing their de
tei initiation   to   force   a   reduction   in
wages if possible, tbe following  from ��
circular issued to the shareholders un
der date of June iSd, will he interest in^:
"Since the issue of  Mr   Kendall* re
port on the Enterprise Mine,   which ac
companted the directors' annual report
to the shareholder*, cabled advices
have been received announcing that
"���77 tons of the ore which wa* In the bin*
at the tune the property wa* acquired
has been skipped, and ha* realUod *W.
BOO, and that a further  I9R 'on* re aula
at the mine ready  for shipment     ThU
news i* very gratifying,  a* it wa* call
mated by the engineer* that ai><��ut Kfo
tens of (ire wm   in   the   tun*.   snd   that
that quantity srnuM produce only |V7,<
000, whereas now   it   i*  *hown tint IW
ton* were available for Immediate ship
ment, and that *��77 ton* have realised
more than the total estimate It will
tie remembered that in Mr Kendall-
report he eotimatedthat the eta Mocked
���nit represented 7.1 OQ ton* which wa*
ready for stuping al once, and that he
Estimated tha prndts t<�� he derived from
thhi toouajra, even  i-   worked by the
Methods  which   were adopted   |>y   (he
late owner*, at $U.'..��mi "
vote Itaell to raw!n*
tavll 10 raialng  nve oak ������,,���.     I
with1 Spanish mow, for m_m2_?3
a side product f"*te��i��|
In this tickle minded fintf n turn ��� u
tie of all theee thing,. n thal wh   ��*
are really on the river you think tjl
lost in tha woods, and wh,n ,���u ��<���,?,
gat lost In tha woods you ui quu,    "��
dent your canoe Is at Um un lhv 'J*J
This confusion Is dun to the low ti��t ft u
try and Um luiurlanoe of * trorteil ,__���
tat Ion v>l
To say that such a rh
^mmmmmmmmmmmm *��r overflow, |k|
banks would  hardly be rormi, f���r
would Imply that It wm __   	
self.    Bealdea, It hain't any bank,
least, very few!    The fart U
eel iwhncni iv
 ^^_______________-    .... irune j,,^
fol Florida rivers awm n> wamirr p,^
  ���...,*,    yir\n
much where they UBS ov,r Um ;>nitj pjg
Insula without giving offtaat, bat gjZ
Frost take* such ��� Marty���pnmm >�����
should see how the people svt *ft*r >.a
with weather bulletin* and datigrr titUM
��-nd formidable madges Bo ths oS
waha river and a kiw of lt�� kind ��� *,
through ths woods���or maybe it u in
woods that roam through them���and i_
moss sways from the m\r oaks, sad ���
cypreas trees stick lh��ir kt>r*�� up thr<^|
the witar in tho sddssl **y i';;iKi>i��_i
BoAkmakl-g la th* Mtddt* Af��.
It rvjuir��<d a man of an<��*.  part, v:a
a StK-cvMfut   |uitilUhcr  at   (hat tin* v
much as or em  mor- tli.u* it d.,,, ������
."iii li an   Instttulton, fur  naiut>l*. m ia
Sr!��iihi' or I nl\ orally <f   l'��ri�� *��;;���*
lh�� hlgtMwt guarantor- ��f ih�� .,-'.���   v;i
lal   and   literary rapacity In  tho     ��-��<
hunitollvr.     Ha   iuu��t   iv an  ��    ,���    _
tha knowlrtlgw and aclrix* . f  t*- ,����� <
a* wnll aa |*erf��-tly akillrtl In the BMl_|
teal iiwli Of h<* touinnm   Tha mlvsn ���
(ui, which wa* alwny* in rl��j��� lot    ��|
th* church, avrti whrn It* KadlaiMIS
gun to hmaden, *Sf>m����xl a ;*>- .�� .:.>
ship.   I��M   atlin   rrllKiuu*   h*<tr*} _:-jj
cr���p In      Vhrnr^ar  an   rrr* t of :-.��it
avrn of a mora trivial SOSt *����� I        :���
tran*rrl| t�� met* burtn<d and  ih* baa_l
er haavtly finod    .-'=::;�����'..���  r�� b!> |-���
Uilgbl I* rt.tlrvly rn. in!   ladSSd  v
hlmaalf ln.prlHined    Tl c t ��� ��-   .-  4
net *t��?n fit a prl<^c <��n hi* own pnniw
Four of thf gul*-.t In 1'ari* toraia
w��rv sworn a*  appratttn bT a%S ��
Meseft���elfcrheaaasais ihsad ���.
af a twUb esat sarv dertattoa fr
a |���nal nffonar    To atu<!��tiu \: f ; r
flirtl at two Ihlnl* of  the ohergi ��"
the   general   punhaw-r      l'!*   '
could not dhajsai1 ef thstr ��� st    a��t
tia<t<-Without tho h.rliwi'f t:
wbuh  diuii al**> mfptt����������� lbs ;  '
As an additional htlp to ��t,<'    U
bonne In thouikPUp <>f '  ���'
tury fraiufd  aaeWeusu|islllBg ��     ���'
srllera to k-r>p haioks U> 1- ��� ^
and thl* riample wa*  lailUOsd ��'��� ��� -
lou*r. Ilologna. Vlfnna   a'<t Oil H    l
thia way circulating Ithrartsasra
l��ah��t    In    tha   noddk    ifsa���UsO-'l
Round Tabla
I 4
KutrrprUe Or* Itlrhrr   In   Itoturna   than
Waa Antlrlpatrd,
J. R. ltobertson, of Nelson. re*idont
manafrar o( the London company operating the Knterprise. paid a vinit to the
mine last week and inspected the workings on the property.    He was highly
pleased with the property, and freely
expressed himself so.    The only draw
back in the immediate  working of the
mine is.   he   states, the   question   of
getting miners.   Under different conditions and in some other countries this
would be an easy matter, but not so
now in the Slocan.   Fabulously rich as
the Knterprise ore is, yet the management refuses to pay   its  miners more
than t8 a day, and the result is that it
cannot get miners.
It is  understood   that  orders have
I been given by Mr   Robertson   to  Mr.
Oaa Morula Itlvar That Sail* O
Jaa* What to Da.
P. EL Hpearman tall* of '-gumr A mart
can Rivera" In St   NlchoUs     lh�� author
Kvary varlsty of rlvar In tha world arrma
to hsvo a coimln In our rollcrtlon. NVhst
other country on the fsra of tho glot>�� af ���
forda auch an a**ortux<nt of at ma ma for
flahlng and boating and awlu inlng and
skating���basldSS having any SaasbSff of
atreami 011 which you can do none of thaas
thing*? One can hardly Imsgtnn rlvrra Ilka
that, but we hav�� thctu. plenty of tham.
aa you shall sew
As for fishing, tha American hoy may
east his files for salmon In thn arctic ctrele,
or angle for shark* under a tropical aun In
Florida, without leaving the domain of
tbe American flag Hut tha flahlng rivers
are not the most curious or the moat Instructive ss to diversity of climate, soil
and that sort of thing���physios I geography,
tha teaohttr calls It.
For Instance, If you wsnt to get a good
tdaa of what tropical host snd molstura
will do for s country, allp your rant* from
a Florida steamer Into the Ooklawaba
river. It Is as odd as Ite name, aud appears tc bs hopelfaaly undecided as to
whether It had batter continue In ths fish
and alligator and drainage bualnrss or de
Batata* Ammi ��h* t��rm*i*
Another  anclal   ph��m��>n> r
laid  ni tb�� U��-or of the T�����ut-'iur tv
oorth*.m ���erepa oes nkhrt 1
than dlvort^  l* dlracily U ���
of modern Intetl-tual and uonts n*
nwa   Wa refer to aulelde    W' - .
achaptrrof hta H.wrwili's ' ' ' \. ,
this auh)act topnivlng ��'"��* ,u P"~._,
Uerman raee-thnt I* to H| ����" ,!���J"
the Oenuanlam (e g . T. ^ f* , .
country-tha m����ra it ������������'��� l!1 '���'' ���
leal charoeter an ���stra..nimarv ,.r ������
to self deetrurtlon On lbs "^J
the Slavic peuplea aerin SB M�� ���       u
tivrir   Kasma   Tha-  aoaolosloai
oonnww.a%*  ������������������ ������ ��� ��������� ���. - ,   n.,i'
��ery plau.lhls case   f%m aw      '�� :-.
that In Orrmsny the l'^��"n,,:,.,:,"1
nntas In
It tends
portion to tho BlSsenamw1 ������   Wliiua
racial eharnctariatl.-a storwMiJ
Z. Ripley in Pepelar Bclew" non��
,1, Immune, ThSSS "^_T_ *
si  from  detail.*!  coini-tfjoe*
��� of weatern Bowps, eao l�� "��� ,
f.a*��l  that be ho..-'ll*'- J-1*    ���
susibioo-s.  Tln��ao��Bbsi��a-j
Oermsny the pf"'""""'"' ' * tft
, beeeeaai u,t*n>��v^^
itodtaappsar n. ��i'-; ������,i,.r.s
lolhaettsenaUoooruM      uB
"Mow could we get al""K w
aod tonef" s*ked IM lectorer
absolutely gSM
������Oh,   t   d
riif* si
L".rtlaV'wcivin��*t'oow ^,
mil  knew.'   "2,5 fS
"thay inakspratty go.*J bW�� '
and aluminium ^-Oddi sad ^*> TKN AND TWKLVK MILK MIMKK.
The Nelson Miner had several interesting articles omitted from the last
l��ages of Its special Kootenay number,
which has just been issued. The special edition is very attractively put together and is well filled with descriptive articles on the different camps in
Kootenay Following is a well-written
article which was crowded out of the
���peeial number, descriptive of proper
ties on Ten and Twelve Mile creeks:
Twelve Mile Creek is about Hye miles
above Slocan City, on the east side ol
the lake, and two years ago enjoyed a
great boom, during which a large num
��>er of claims were staked It is only a
short creek, yet it is a territory rich in
surface cropping* On the Springer
(reek divide I* the Republic group,
which has Wen developed a good deal
This property run* high in silver and
the ore carries good values in gold
Other groups are the (Jet There Eli.
SroUman snd Bachelor The ore on
the creek i�� high j rade and dry In
character, with substantial "atuos in
C'dd and a fair percentage of copper.
A pack (rail has been built nut he creek
and the various claim* are easily
reached from the lake
A short distance above   Twelve  Mile
is the towmdte of  Vevey, owned by
Messrs Allan aad Cor?   Thev have a
lirst class hotel on the  lake shore aud a
More,  with  a  productive   ranch BOOM
dieteneo heck    The towusite ieeounec
t,s| with   both  Ten   Mile   and  Twelve
Mile, and  enjoys   a  certain amount of
Ten  Mile   Crtofc   however,   i*  looked
Mpee *�� tbe mo��i important of all Ihe
trihetartOS of Slocan luike. snd has arfum
been iwomtit into peomlaewce oi late by
tho esle of the Katerpriss mine to the
Lnudoe *n��l B ROoldftelds.    T��<�� years
awu the orv*k * ss invaded l>y Yanauiver
rapital.   which  hss sct^l   as a hoodoo
������v,-r sui.e. the ��reneral   development In*
log   rrtanl.il  l.v   their   many  fsiltires.
Ten Mile owes <��* discovery sod prom*
inenc*   In  t!��e exertions snd   labors of
New Denver laespecters, who are by far
the lsrtf��M,t owner* ofcloimson the creek
ll is al*onl 'JO miles Ion*, lapping the
Kootenay 1-ake divide of South Kaslo
and Kokanee cn^t*. There are two
forks, the north and south, twelve mile*
from the Uke. A tine rolling valley.
with a magnificent forest growth tor
moat of tbe   di*tanee,   extend*  the full
length ot the meek.    Oas of the best
wsiron road* in the country has t>een
built to tbe Knterprise mine, eight mile*
from the lake, snd good peek trail* bsve
i-een built u> ill the principal properties,
and over the Spring* Creek. South
Kaslo. Koksnee. (Jranite Creek*, north
fork and south fork divide* There are
two townsite* on the creek, that of En
terprise at the Iske shore, owned by H.
1. Kirkwood. of New Denver; and Aylwin, commanding the Knterprise basin
and owned principally by C. W, Aylwin
also of New Denver, C. B Taylor has a
hotel at F.nterpri*e and W. 0. B. Koch,
feed stables and blacksmith shop. At
Avlwin is a hotel owned by tieo. Aylwin |
sawmill, bv W, Koch snd a store by A.
Parrish A Co., of Slocsn City, .lust be-
low the Knterprise mine i* a third hotel.
owned by T. Stratford, and a numl*r of
The hlstorv of Ten Mile creek Is in re-
ailtv that of the Knterprise mine, a* the
whole success of the camp has hinged
upon its development.   There are scores
of promising prospects on the other side
of the creek, and the section bears evidence of the existence of large bodies of
ore, of which the  Enterprise  is  chief.
Most of the claims are in the hands of
the original owners, and  no   better or
more virgin territory for the capitalist
exists in  Kootensy   than that  of Ten
Mile.   The   Enterprise group was discovered in 1894 by K. I.  Kirkwood and
J. F. McKinnon, who were prospecting
the vicinity from the Cody divide. Clean
ore was found on the surface and two
claims staked.   They   kept   their    find
quiet for a time but upon  the big assays
liecoming known a rush set in, resulting
in whst lis* been termed the lower Slo-
csn excitement.   Prospectors spread out
over Springer,  Lemon,  Kokanee, South
Kaslo and other creeks during the following season*, and a vast mineral territory wa* opened out.    In the fall of 1895,
the Knterprise group was bonded to J. A.
Finch for 116,000, which  bond he afterwards took up.   Trails were built, cabins
erected, and a Urge force of  men put to
work developing the claim.     Two carload* of ore  were shipped,  netting the
owners $.**". j>er ton.     With the building
of the wagon read, larger buildings were
erected, and these have since been again
enlarged.   There are seven  tunnels on
the group, with a full quota   of shafts
and raises, developing tbe most continuous and high grade chute of ore known
in the west.    It   i*  proveo  735   feet  in
depth and many thousand feet in length.
iWtween the Knterprise and the creek
is the Iron Horse, owned   by A. Mcl-ean
.wid the estate of D. McDonald.    It was
bonded two year* sgo  by   Kvans,   Coleman A Beans, of Vancouver, who failed
to take up their option.
Above the Knterprise is the Km pre**
Fraction, owned by K.I. Kirkwood; the
MabOtt, by U. I- Kirkwood, I). Grant,
��� i. Williamson and A. Tanks; the Ohio
ami Ohio Fraction, by F. Well* and R.
I Kirkwood These properties have
been Worked all winter, with very promising results. There are three veins on
each clsim. all showing shipping ore,
with high vslues. Goo I cabins have
l��een erected and much surface work
done. A tunnel on the MsUm is in
abont 70 feet, with a strong ledge in
view. ��hi the Ohio are two long tunnels
driven on separate veins,
To the east   of   the   Knterprise is the
Qatineaa and Bimooo   group of four
claims. OWned principally by C. E-
Sinithenngsle, T. Keid and 0. F. Nelson
of New DtttVer,     They have two strong
leads on the property, npoo which work
hs* been done.
Op the west  of the   Enterprise i* the
Noepawa group of   which  K.  Shannon
and a. McOlUlvray, of New Denver, are
Ihe owners. This wa* two years ago
under bond to the IWll-lrving Syndicate.
ol Vancouver now owning the Thompson group, on Four Mile. They did a
great deal of work on the vein, ami erected tine buildings. They afterwards
throw up the bond, with s loss of sev-
end thousand dollar*. Two carloads of
on? were shipped, giving good returns.
There is a tine vein on the entire group,
and recently the owners uncovered a tine
chute of clean ore a few feet from where
the bonders quit work.
On the top of the bill it the Bondholder group, which bai been worked by
Vanoouvei people, sad has bad a most
chequered career. A great deal of money
has been expended on it. It is supposed
to have the Enterprise vein and is considered valuable ground. There is shipping ore exposed on the group in several
places, and should yet turn out a shipper.
An English company ia reported to be
seeking to bay it.
Farther west, A. Brindle has a promising group called the Royal Star, situated on Gerness creek, a small stream
running into Ten Mile. There is a big
ledge exposed, with a 50-foot tunnel on
it. Good ore is showen. Next cornea
the Dalhouaie group, also owned in New
Denver. It was also under bond to Vancouver capitalists, but was allowed to go
by tbe board. Phenomenal aasaya of
many tbouaand ounces in silver have
been obtained from the ore. There are
several ledges, upon which extensive
workings have been opened up.
The Hydrabad group is owned by F.
Wells and P. Sheran, of New Denver. It
was once bonded for a tidy sum and allowed to lapse after a small amount of
work. It has a wide ledge and first-class
The Edmonton group, owned by C.
Sandison, waa under bond to A. G. Ferguson, of Vancouver, He had 10 men
working for several montha. After
spending many thousands of dollars he
finally gave up the task. The Edmonton haa a strong lead, showing kidneys
of high grade ore.
About two miles from the lake is the
Kalispell group, now in poaaeaaion of a
syndicate of Black Hills people. There
are fine buildings and workings on the
group, with aa big a lead aa exists on tbe
creek. There have been several carloads
of ore shipped, one return from the smelter giving 4-7 ounces of silver to the ton.
A concentrator will yet be required for
the Kalispell, as there is a great amount
of concentrating ore in sight.
The properties above are all on the
south side of Ten Mile, and are only a
few of the host of claims on the creek.
On ths north aide are many more prospects, but not ao much attention haa
been paid to these as on the south
side. In the vicinity of the Half Way is
a regular nest of claims, the bulk of
which have strong leads and good ore.
It is expected this year will show up
several shipping mines. The Silver
Nugget, Topax, Independence, Silver
Band. Oregon City, Cougar. Fairy Qneen
and Westmount groups, run up the hill
facing the Knterprise, end more or lees
work has been done on them all, with
ore showing on all. Then there is the
Cnited   Kiupire,  Alexandra  end Way-J
mouth, which are believed to have the
Enterprise vein on each.
On the north fork ia the Butte group
owned by Murphy and Taylor. It bas a
big body of ore in eight. The ownere
built a good trail up the creek last aum-
On the south fork among other rising
properties ia tbe Conundrum group,
owned by Thomlinaon Bros., and Hughes
Bros., of New Denver. A good pack trail
was built last season np the creek, reaching over to ��he Ocean group and a number of other prospects.
Further up the main creek is tbe U.
and 8. and Boomerang groups, on both
of which there are bodies of clean ore
exposed. In tbe baain surrounding the
head waters are numbere of likely prospects, an excitement over which prevailed two years ago.
The Whitewater Mine.
In a recent report the manager of tbe
Whitewater Mines states that values
were being lost in the concentrating
process, and that, by tbe addition of
certain appliances, those values can be
saved. This the directors of that company have authorized, and so better returns may be expected in the future.
Is now prepared to buy all
Also all classes ot metallurgical products. Prompt settlement made on
day ot arrival al the sampler.
Lowest rates regarding treatment.
The careful attention given to the
largest consignments will be extended
to the smallest shipper. Communications will receive prompt attention.
g. m. Mcdowell,
Address���P. 0. Drawer D.
O. M. Rosendale, Purchasing Agt.
Hunter Bros.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Dry Goods.
We carry the best lines that money can buy, and,  buying in large quanti*
��� ties, save you the extra profit,
Sandon       Rossland        Greenwood       Grand Forks ��
The   Paystreak
Ii Issued every Saturday in Sandon, In the Jieart
of tha greatest White Metal oar/ s on earth.
Subscription      . ...      aj.ooayear
Strictly In advance.
Address: Ths Pavstrrak, Sandon, B.C.
Wm. Mac A dams.
SANDON. B.C.. JULY 15, 1899.
Strewn along the course of 9bips between India and England are 400
millions of dollars worth of gold and
diamonds. This field has never been
prospected. It has no timber, bat
water is plentiful.
Many papers, east and west, have
been printing an item about the Fidelity, "on Twelve Mile creek." This
property is close to New Denver, not
more than a mile distant The false
item was spread by a jack-leg paper
whose editor does not know enough
about the Slocan to wad a gun.
When other camps are advertising
for good miners and offering $3.50 a
day, and csnnot get them fast enough,
it is difficult to understand how tbe
Slocan operators can hope to get men
at $3. Good miners are a scarce article just now, and they do not have
to work for $3 in the Slocan. Cheaper
camps to live in than this are glad to
get them at $3.50.
The Miner at Nelson recently pub
lished a special edition purporting to
contain a complete account of Koote-
nay's minerals. A writer in the
Kootenaine complains because the
Miner omitted saying anything about
the Ainsworth division, from which
19,000,000 worth of ore has been shipped. The writer should make some
allowances. The Ainsworth division
has been here for centuries, while the
Miner editor has been here only about
a year, scarcely time enough to get
the hay out of his bair.
The Toronto Telegram comments
thus on the efforts of the mine operators to reduce wages in B. C: "The
miserable 81.25 per day which an
alien monopoly pays to the miners at
Sudbury is the standard by which the
mining brokers ot Toronto condemn
tbe British Columbia miner's demand
for $3.50 for an eight-hour day. They
say: 'Joe Martin is a dangerous man.
'lie has struck a hard blow at the
���British Columbia industry. The
'miners at Sudbury are glad to get
'$1.25 for a ten-hour day, and why
'should the British Columbia miners
'get 83.50 for an eight-hour day?'
'The foregoing words show that
the British Columbia government has
alienated the mining brokers. It
might be nearer the facts to say the
eastern brokers; but the western
brokers are like them in their inability to sec any virtue in a law which
increases the cost of mining for the
benefit of the miners.   Ontario would
sooner level the wages of the Sudbury
miners up to the British Columbia
standard than level the wages ot the
British Columbia miners down to the
Sudbury standard. It is a disgrace
to the country that the nickle wealth
ot Sudbury, which has filled ths
pockets of alien millionaires, has
never paid decent living wages to
Canadian laborers. British Columbia
does well to resist any approach to
tbe Sudbury Rtandard of wages. The
brokers who are shouting now against
$3.50 tor an eight-hour day in British
Columbia would son be shouting
against 83 for a ten-hour day. Ontario objects to the conditions which
have enabled a monopoly to extract
the Sudbury nickel on its own terms,
and those conditions have not been
such a blessing to the Sudburv district tha. they should be reproduced
in British Columbia."
Many of those who returned from the
Atlin mines on the last trip of the Cutch,
says the Nanaimo Free Press, speak in
no uncertain terms as to the serious disappointment the Atlin mines have
proved to nearly every person who has
gone in there. The expression of be-in*
"salted" is used in its most emphatic
meaning, and without the slightest
reservation. It is openly stated that the
so-called Atlin nuggets, are not Atlin hut
Klondike gold, and that every day mines
are "salted" so as to sett them to "ehee-
chackos" and let the owner get out of
the country. Kven if gold does exist in
that section of the province, it is not
suitable for the individual miner, and
can only he successful as )ar*e hydraulic
propositions, and although there is hydraulic machinery on tiie ground, with
capital behind it to open up work, the
terrible muddle and tangle of the claim*
prevents any work being done. tine of
our informants stated that not only had
one claim been staked more tlnm six-
tean times over, but that it had been
actually recorded by sixteen different
persons. And that three, four, live or
even more records of a single claim i�� the
general experience. He says it a ill take
the judge at least a year, and hard work
at that, to straighten out the troubles
The extension of the close season for the
mines to August 1st, is also bitterly condemned, as no work can he done till
then, and the season will tie too far advanced for any practical work to lie affected. The leading pun at Atlin is that
Martin has "Cottoned" Atlin for a year,
without the slightest "Semdin jblance"
of l>Hum(e)or", and that beyond revival
even by a presidential prescription.
The only nlacer mines that have so far
shown indication of wages, ate on Pine
creek, for about half a mile above and
the same distance   \m\ovt the Discovery.
The wages now paid in the district
range from f] .50 to $.'1.50 \mr day, and
the very cheapest living there will cost
$1.50 per day. Each of our informants
expressed their adverse opinion of Atlin
with the strongest of adjectives, and
wound up with the expression that a
man is tatter off at $2 a day in Nanaimo
than if he had the best chance for wages
at Atlin.
Much has been beard from time to
time of the corruption practiced by the
Yukon officials. Some of the complaints
made through the newspapers have
come from a questionable source, and
the charges may not have been true,
but. as the old lady would say, "where
there is so much smoke there must be
some tire " With the resumption of
travel from the north, reports of the
scandalous conduct of Canadian officials
there come down with every boat.   The   Hunker     As he was by no means w
The Sandon brass band talk of run
uing an excursion to Argenta some of
these fine hot days.
most reliable yet <een is that made hv
II K Hunt, a prominent businessman
of Spokane, who is reported in the
Spokesman 'leview as saying:
"From my own observation while in
the territory. I do not hesitate to say
that nothing too bad to be true could
he said or printed about the Canadian
administration in the Yukon. The
officials, down to the meanest retainer
of the pack, with the tine exception of
Sergeant Greene, of the northwest
mounted police, who is stationed nt
Stewart s island, are so many parts of a
mass of thieves and corruptionist*. men
without morals or conscience: SCOUn
dreU, blacklegs and liai�� Boiling the
opportunity afforded by the nature and
condition of the country ihev govern,
they have fed on the helplessness of the
miners 'principally the Americans and
grown fat off the winnings of their cor
ruption They are men to whom honor
is a weakness.
"Let me give*you tht outlines of a
few incident" in mv  own experience
with th" sraiig:      I'tidor   the ( anndmn
law the timber warden is allowed to
colled a fee of i cent on each table lo*
cut and 26 cent*  on   each   cord  o| tire
Wood cut     While I was in the territory
it was the invariable custom for the
timber warden to rolled   M   high   ft* fi
Cents Oil cabin lo;.'* and 75 mil cord
"At Taga��h lake thev have stationed
what are known a* l*��it inspector*,
whose dut\   it   was  to   htSpOft   all   in
hound boats between the hours of b m
the morning snd I in the efternoon     I
have   seen   ,-i-   manv     as   8000    boat*
beached on the shores of the lake, wait
ing to he injected before proceeding
on the wav to   DOWSOU,      1   have  seen
these so-called Inspectors neglect their
WOrR  between 8 Mild   I   to   such   all   e\
tent that onl) from  three to  tne boats
wonld be inspected daring those hours
Then, after hours, when the  impatient
prospectors would complain ol the de
lay thev were being made to safer,
these Inspectors would name a fee rang
Ing from 16 to MOO,   It would bs paid
Under protest, because the   pfOtpeetOTS
could not afford to longer put off their
departure, and then they would be al
lowed tO JO Oft their journey down the
Yukon, the inspectors never guin" near
the boats to examine them. Mv partner and I were held up in this same
wretched fashion, and to rid ourselves
Ol the outrage of needless delay, mv
partner paid one of  the inspectors $.",,
and we were allowed to go oa,   Oat
papers wereM. K d; our boat was never
looked at.
"<��ne day while in Dawson I went to
the postnthre and inquired whether
there was any mail for me, The dark
hastily ran through a handful of letters
and said no. I asked him to look care
fully,  for  1   was  sure   there   must   b.<
something waiting for me. 'No, bs replied, 'there is nothing,' and 1 had <*\m.
ply to go away. However, 1 almoU
knew he was l> ing. and that a tip wa���
all he wanted. I hunted up a policeman, gave him 9*2, and told him lo ask
for my mall. I waited outside, ami [q
a few minutes he came back with a
packet of 12 letters That's a sample
of official corruption in the Yukon
"Another instance:     About October
Ct, 1KHH, a man whose name I do BOt r.
call   staked  hillside claim  No   21 mi
tain of its value, he decided not to record it, as under the Caiiadu.ii law \.,u
are allowed to record only one claim,
and he didn't want lo use up his n-ht
on a claim that was *o uncertain H��-
turned No 9 over to a Mrs Metwui^h
of Buffalo. N Y . and she in turn gave
it over to tee Kemeud��er. it bad Mt
Wen recorded I went out to the claim
and set up my stakes on DeeeuiWr i '
Two davs later I went   to  the alike ol
Recorder  Thntnn* Paxett. tiw
M"undref of them ail, and toM   DcpUt)
tji���> <ra I wlebed to record Ibis claim.
HilUideNo.il. Hunker,  is a I read v r.
corded,' be replied talml.i
���| vii<i t<��  bun,  ���!   have reason to
donbt voer word.   Please ohow me the
record in tbe h���� die     He retorted sat
saaly, 'I'm d*f<utj reeordet here, *���!>! I
don't have to sh��>w   you  anv   bonbl    I
��av the daima recorded, ami that m-i
ties it'
"Again I demanded to be shown the
record* ami ��irnin he tefaaed     I '   I
him he might tlnd out before I left Di��
���OH that be did   hne   to  *h����w   it..
books* and 1 went ewaj la searih ol
Gommiasiottnf fljrilrle    Sis lime   r
more I applied   at   in* office   (or  |
laaceand an Interview, and each time
I wh* turned down cold        I    SRl   ���
ii).I  wrote   Ihi1   c<��m��ni"ioner   �����
*��\ in/ that it I.-- wmtld rraul ������������������
Itttervkra I w.uthf'rereel to him *
of the 'hidden mysteries  ol the *
lag* of the recorder's ofllce     I erret
received a reply.
"On January a, Use, a man of lbs
name of Herdman vent   10  the  n
���due nnd recorded 'hillside claim S����
Jl. Hunker: nnd   I   can   prove bj   00
leOSthan'���!" witnesses that |>epiit\ I.��
jfftffl received a  liliera!   rak< off for t!��'
"The Yukon ts a wild  and rlrearj
countryt a arte rate country to rte? ""
of A handful of men 00010 "tit with
��aikvnnd whole boatloads conn- 0��l
with nothing' but povettj inlbeli band*.
cursmg the daj the> went n>
Ihe miners of  ihe Slocan  bsve not
and will not suffer material!* bj lb* ll
tempt of the taine operators to reduce
wages The men bsve been pormlMed
to get out into the hill* and the result
ha* been the openingepol  more % ,
properties than ever were proven toe*
1st in the camp.
M. W. UAV. Proprietor.
 Mannfalnrrr of sil 1
Byphobe, Glngei \\>\
Haraa|ittrilln. Ktc. Y.w.
Sandon, BO
Patronize home Industry
when you want the l><'st The Paystreak.
u ,����� council meeting on Monday
venink* ihcre Wt'ro pvnaont Mayor
. "\idermen  Atherton, Buckley,
���'.".'. ���..,- i id Macdonald.
\!!( i the mlnutea bad been read
! the following accounts
... nded for payment:
[qm Paysheet 188X00
U   ��J.w
Uondry    v S.60
.,.������* 1'ercha &	
rO  789.15
HBvsrt&Ob     8.00
j' o Box Kent  8.00
. : House Kent  lO.OQ
l��ri Ingi          8.00
tge   2.00
ming Office  t.'*>
. _',,.!!! ..... 1.10
i'r�� M A��s. Lunch 18.00
��� i light for Jum 215 75
:   : twnlnge..  1.50
> I nion  Hospital  52.65
: !:- ^..-w 28.40
, ^ajpliesi, Creek Imp. &JS0
i..I Supplies 6^90
K< m       50.00
Heat ten rebate tor
J .1 :.< . ' 10.00
m Band 1" <��.
imn(cation was read from
Water I Light <\<, pre
irges agamsi km%, Cnlel
in Dep't fbr damaging hydrants
rr perls of the araterayatee
kl�� v.   Aid    Hunter    u
i    ri well, Chief of Fire DepS
ippolnted a cominitu-e tout
���   '   ��� mailer.
n .-rt   of   the   IVlice Magi*
i kid over.
l ourt of RcciHion
i *   Itrt <>f Revision  held  I Q
l*��i Robt. tunning appeared
tin agalnal aaeeaslva vain*
niprovemeota, stating thai
S��ndon, valued at 19,000,
i*    erecteti   tor   lex*  ni-wiev
-   i--< >-iuent  eras   reduced   to
��� 11
v it dun   Water  A   Light O
>i agaloat the valuation < f
'ir p-ivi-c honae,   plant and  mod*
Improvement*, property of
���  ni| my within the eit\   limit-.
��� ?lK0n0.     J. M    Harris
������! for the company and Mated
���  mpany'a property, outside
��� I������'- ���'!! which the power honae
U l   were worth only $13,250,
the s. w. A L to  would
- 'i ���" dttpqifj of the property
--ment   area   reduces   to
ai*ll> A Harris complained against
--ini-nt of the Qoodenoogh
N Irginla Mook and their livery
st I ting   that   each   OOttld be
'' i''i less money.     The <"*<d
b ii   Hsaeesmenl   was    reduoed
'",|" i^UWto 17,000, and Virginia
,,l",k "��''n 19,500to|B,500,
1   M    liarrll   complained   against
'   ��sm*s*monl ot   14 lots,   bm   the
���hCni'i -..: n���. assessor were allowed
Ml -!,i|nl.
Ui ii W|,iu> apja-areil to complain
"RHliist Hie valuation of lot '���> block 2,
,,lt Upon being assured  that the as
^swinent una not  out  of proport)
lt�� >urroundlng propertite, wit
,lro* l��ls complaint,
! " Thompson oomplalned of the
���'^""���i.tofhts lots and  building,
"l '���xehanga hotel.   Ha was grant-
',,'    '   "duction  on   improvements
nom *��.������ to 81,500.
c.M Sproat asked for a reduction
on 26 different lota, bat was refused
with the exception of lot l, block 1
which was reduoed to 1600. and iota
3i, 32, S3, block 2 also iota 38, :vj, 40,
lih-ck 10, which were exempted on
account of their position in the track
of a snowslide.
Slocan Cariboo.
A meeting of tbe directors of the
Slocan-Cariboo Mining ft Development Co., Ltd., was held In Toronto
i.t>t week, when tbe following officers
were elected: Allied Ansley, Toronto,
president; s. K Wicket*, Toronto,
Brat vice-president;  Hermann Shep-
perd, Brockville, second vice-president; T. Lyon, Toronto, secretary-
treasurer. The lender of the Poison
iron Works tor the piping and machinery for the hydraulic work on
Canadian Creek, Cariboo, was accepted, and the plant will be ready |
for shipment in two weeks.
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary PnbISc, Etc.
Methodist Chuw H i -
Rev. A. M. 8anford, B. A.. Pastor.
Keguiar services to-morrow at ll
a   iu. aud 1:'.A>. p in.
Divine service win be held in Virginia Hall at 7;:k) p, in.    Rev, .1 A.
* 1< land. Minister.
Application for Liquor Licence.
\     ������      .. i^c> k-i\. n tit*'. ��! tba exfdnt*
I ��..ti ,.f tbirl f -i-w . trota data Wrw.f ��!������� attdot
���   II n(>).lv to  ��!>������ l.i- ��-!>��� ������ l'.iii;nii..|.iii
<���   , . ,      .f >mih.S,.ii  f..r m li>.-ii..- toasll
��� ,iU!   th.. Jtr\ an botol tttoated
-   is,...  \..ii.-   In tb* cltjr of Hutdo���
fomWrv Oils *<�����
>��(i.li.n, Jtu.r Urtli, UM
\|iplientiuii f��.r  l.iqoor   l.leense.
\i>ru i ���;��� ii st Um *\
!���,,��(. irt\ imf*Unm Um irsl i>nt>ii,
bsWWrf tl ��� t*i*i>rHl   will    ��j>jih    T.
,)���. |.;. .     .i .....���- of tb��Cltjr of 8*a
.l..i,   |.��,    n   lif-niM    Im���11 Ii.jh.t i \ rvtail _t
B,U   (>'.���!      ��� >'��� ���l ^   SOtM in tli��'
gaUdon,Jutw i"')> US
Certlflesite ��>f Improvemeo|a.
I   I t .,   |    Sf! ilHHI.V.s  MINKRM.t 1.V1M
sourtir m  ��li^ Sloran  Mlnitm   W��_iosi  ���������
\\..-  K ...��������� ,u��i I'i.tti.t     \\'lur��> UMMStod
low  >���? Sandon  and adjoint���i
It, iT nni Km\ ��� Ml ���'��: Ctnlnw
Tim N"iio: thai I. Job* Hir>��h. ��*��
ajrsnt for Will!*] Ss t ��.Kr.- IUiMr*a Dtr��
,,,,, h'<   So n  UB41,inland sndsra frosn Mm
.r...i i.niu.lv to  Um Mining EUoordar
<,,,,,.,-      ,���.  ol Unpruta���isn�� for Um ,
,.,.. ..( ..i lob H�� �� Orowt, .Jrai.t -v( th- sbovs
,   '.villi
v    | InrllH-t InW.        ���    ���   Uuit   SoUSB,   ttndoi
.,,(!.���:.    f,mnirf   i'    ii-.i.'.-i hofors ��li��'
r.nobCVl    I    ��'��� "<  lm|.r..\rii>.!>����
l��,,i, i iin- ;.ti> ���im "' Inns,  MOS
Imhn HlSM B
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notan Public.
BstabUstwd in:��.r.
Slocan Mines.
Mining Stocks boagbl   **������t  s>ld.    Qonstnl
A��ent   (or SI.��an    PrOpSltlSS     l>f>iiii>iiiK
Pr.<s*< '- rof SmW.
n.fi'lquarteri, for Miners.
Well stocked l��ar hi connection.
First class accommodations.   Roard bjrjtiu)
day or week.
Sleighs, Cutters. Teams and
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C. !'. Ky
agent, or
C. I*. U. Agent* Sandon.
WM. STITT, Gen. S. S. A^t.,
Saddle Horses for Hire
Sobaoribors, ILOO i* * month.
I'rivKi.' ^tianU��i.Q0 pardajr,ax*
elnalT* of axpsnas of phjraiciin or
ttirg��on and drocs.
pi     \\     K    QOMM, At:,i:dant   Pliy<ician
V -�� >  M   CBISHOUt, M.uron.
OS AST OOX, W��. DtW_HtT��,    I    V. M\KTIN.
Wm OAJUUTT andP.fl  Mi unn. Mm kg*
nun' Cominittca
Certlflente ����r ImpretamsMita.
Uinlna   Divlaion   ol
I,., at-
-.,���   ,���,   u. 11"   *>"������ :"'
\\,.t     K      :.     .\    UlaUiol     Wh
,���l:   |tl Um Rnhy Sl��v��i Ddulo, j-.n.mt tha
si|\��-r ��""�� 1 "ii Hi'  N..rtli Ki>-��
IVbsttoUoa tlu,. I.  W   I   lloln,. ...l��i.*as
m-.nl for vv-.,    J. Trsthowsy. fns Mn.-r.
,;,!,!��� .������,   Ho    ���Tin  sad   Jwnaa Nleholaon
i ,.. MuutMV.uii.hi. V' lOSBA. Intsndsis-
m darafrow ii... data hsrwf. ��o swdj to ths
Ulnliui RocoHar for _ Osarilflosts ol ta>j~*T��-
������.,,,.   rot thapnrpo f obt_ini��S * ttowa
tlnuit "I It"'' abOVS ��l'>>in
A.idfurih.-r Ukonottos '!"���'  *liion, nnd.i
���.,,���...  :r   nasi  bs oommsootd bsfois tw
���������. i .whOsrtlflcsta of Improwmsn^
\y .i. Hoi mi*i P '��� *���<
[i,,!, I !ln- .''.ill  lux Ol M'1^
A. F. ��� A. M.
Keirular Oininunieation of ALTA
LODGE, U. 1>.. held tirst Thursday
in <ach Month, in Masonic Hall.
Bandon, at B v. m. SoJoarnin| breth-
era oordially invited.
W. 11. 1. n.i. v,
Optional Rootss East From Thf.
First Clas Sleepers on all Trains from
Tourist Cars pass Revelstoke,
Daily for St. Paul.   Thursdays for
Montreal and Boston.   Tuesdays and Saturdays for Toronto.
TORONTO      M hr>        MOXTREAL
M hr-..
.VI hr>.
-*' hr>.
9r ������ ^    ~T-s
Advertise in the l'nyatrenk.
Daily to Points Reached via.
Daily except Sunday to Points
reached via Rosebery and Sioean Citv.
18:80 k    Lv. saxix>n Arr.    13:00 k
Tickets Issued  Through  and Baggage  Checkixi  to   Destination.
Agent, Sandon.
A. a. I*. AffL, Trav. Pass. A��t
VMnoouvor. Xelson.
Ik' Ni\n>   that your ticket reads via the
it The Paystreak.
Eleven men are now on the payroll at the Rambler. The new compressor plant is being installed by
Thos. M. Sharp, and it will be in
working order next week, The
main tunnel, which is now 700 feet
from surface and has been following
the ledge for 400 feet, is being pushed forward to make a connection
with the old workings, which will be
accomplished with another 160 feet of
The Mollie Gibson.
Corporation  of the City of
JUNE 80th, 1899.
Fine Seasonable Groceries
Table Novelties.
Casl Dr. to Kfceiits.
Feb 170 wi
Homer Dupuois will leave in a few
days for Nelson to take charge of the
construction of the road to the Mollie
Gibson mine. Some rapid building
will be done on this road. Surveyors are laying out the lines this
week. A tew men are working at
the mine. Tom O'Brien, formerly
foreman at the Star, is in charge.
Felt Sorru for Him.
A certain eminent London physician has a telephone in his bedroom.
One night quite recently the bell
rang, waking both he and his wife
from a deep sleep. At once the medico went to the phone and over the
wire came the command "Please
come at once to Leicester Square-
Lady Brown is very ill." With an
imprecation he handed the 'phone to
his wife. "For heavens sake," he
said, "say that I am out of town."
She complied obediently. Next
morning the medico called at the
Brown mansion and expressed his
deep regret to Lord Brown that he
had been absent when called. "But
you were really not home?" inquired his Lordship anxiously. "Of
course not," onblushinglv replied the
physician. ' 'Then, my dear doctor,"
said Lord Brown, earnestly, "I most
sympathise with you in your terrible
misfortune, for l distinctly heard a
man's voice in your bedroom talking
to your wife !"
There is still a groat deal of snow
in the Jackson Basin, and it will be
several weeks yet before any ot the
claims on the higher levels can be
worked to advantage.
Fines au<l Penslttss
.Ian ISO.nt
Fe��> :s m
Apr 15ion
Mav 19040
June 183JU
BANK of B.C., Loan
loo to
41 U
interest _ discount
Interest on over due taxe*
Dm Slat, ism'
747 B
Cask. Cr by Expenditure
FIRE DEP'T.   Appamtafl Ae SMO
Mttintenani'f Ac 1is.%t
police dkp-t.
Inch] ii':..- �� ilnf.i'- 1&V< 7'.
R.prtirH_.- USD
Police accoutrement !nr 7o
Ofti--e Rent lsivno
Raciatry offloa fsoovdi       7 .Vi
P O Box Rent 100
Printing USJO
Stat ioiiery _ Oftlre	
���apptisa      #>m
Srtifnjfintr. itiaal clean-
iikthu'I mooring snow UkMt
l.ei(al cost of LvUiw
' protest    ISS.Atf
L.-a*nl opinion r.
hyiirant. ��� <>>
K. M. San��lilHii'U. ntuni-
iiiK ofheer jn.ii)
Expenses of Bylaw
Election        TjOQ
Sitnnrv small itmns, po��t~
ttife. tfleKrniiis. �����?<��� : 111 4!��
Cigars, Tobaccos, Pipes.
Smokers' Sundries.
Cards and Chips.
711 M
SALARIES   Clerk. Assessor. Col-
lector. Tre����er. Solicitor Wfl 14
IBoaOB, (iiivt Chsuit.) SMS Si
RELIEF Ac. Monthly (Irani to
Hospital hii'I sup|M>rt of in*
���liircnt* sjiV.
WATER & LIOHT, Barries for six
months en-lliiic .Inn.- *����!�� UM IS
���Hll ��
/S^.   J-...    ���.	
Has the Finest
In tne Slocan.
Everything New, Complete and
Up'tO'date. The Comfort and
Convenience of Patrons will receive
the most Careful attention. Cap1
and see us at the New Stand.
Two Dooti Above  tho Pout  00m,
5&__=-_^_g= ~t; _r-_l^_i-f5
Hamilton   Watches
Are the baai for Hani Harriot, i.n,rf
thefuvorite Rnilroa<l WaN-h of North
Ameri.H. Inrffely t ri k 111 ar the |iU< e of
other watches when- accurate tun,.,.
re��|nire<l. The Jewels In these YWt. he.
ere.leweU, not imitation, an.I set In
Gold. Tha'Hither Qradsa have Nftj,.
phire Pullet,. Everything tfantfOMto
make the finest Timek-eper is to he
found in these Wstcttsa.
S-venteen Jewel Grrsdaa from MO to
MS, Twenty-one Jewels from *40 to ���.*,
Call and we them.
I also handle the famous Rftmpdsn
Wnteh. I state only fncts ��n,i ,.Rn
hack up every MMrtlon made.
Jeweller and Optician.
Unequalled for Variety and Purity.
Hotels. Mine* and Families will find it to theirl
vantage to see these new goods in all lines bej
purchasing elsewhere. Mail Orders will recti*
usual our prompt attention and forwarded as desjj
Sandon, B.C
H. BYERSj& Co.
Builders and  Heavy Hardware.
CS-O-O '
ZZ-AS- ���
Prospectors Outfits, Picks, Shovels and
Steel. Tamp Stoves, Camp Cooking
Utensils.      Powder,  Caps  and   Fuse.
Kootenay Tailors.
Gurry tbe finest lino ��>t < \nnn��li tn aad im
l*<rt��"<l   cloths t" U��   f<'UiHl in Kootenay.
IiiHjact tin* latent  addition*  U> oar   stKk
ot   spring  nttitingn.    IVrnvt   flelhUuHtoil
Donaldson's  Rheumatic  Cure.
It has Cured Others,
It Will Cure Vou.
* Folliott & McMillan. ���
Contractors and Builders.
���# Dealers in Dreeeed and Rough Lumber.
7^ _   _   __      ...           ***00000000*                                        *
\ Bath,  Ihort, Bllndt. ate., Use. to Or4ar al Uwaat PaaalhU Frloa*.   ��
7& Ulna an. Olmaaalon Tlmhar alwaya la Btoah.     Plana. latlmala* �����<��  f
^P BaaaHlaatlona farnlnhad tor all Olaaaaa af Bulieing.                                 *


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