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The Paystreak Oct 22, 1898

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Array ��s
j. M Harris is in Spokane.
Silver  has dropped   back  to 60
j. ||. Ponty went to Spokane yesterday,
Y. L. Christie riitariied liotne yes-
Dr. Ilcndryt returnetl Ttiuratlay
from Iaw Angeles.
r>ed Bsiley returned from Trout
Use <��n Monday.
���Pretty" Dick Lovati is nowchef
sr tbe Palace Cale.
The N. at 8. passenger trains now
run* to the new depot.
Juu. (.able retunred ycst.rday
f run the Gear d'Alctie. '*
The Miller Creek b shipping another car of*ore this week.
J. s <t uaty took a sprint to Nelson
in the i-arly part of the iveek.
Kd. Mcl-eod snd Ike Thompson
\\*sv taken over the Tkiatte Hotel.
Ir.�� lilsck hss a as I tain in Monte
C*rl��\ one mile from Cascade City.
Tlie Balmoral rentaurarit will In*
augurale a nightseivrca* next seek.
ti. D. McMartlii Is buildinir an ad
tlttiou to his premises ou Iter * Ave.
Tin- 401 snd the extra gang an*
doing a large tat-dries* In tin.* C P. It.
liagh ftfeOau snd wife nturned
yesterday from a ootids y trip to 8po
l>.tn MoUllllvray, the well known
railway onitrsctor is verv ill at Mc
Turn Koadly, of Kaalo. hss return
rd  to   Vancouver   frtaui  s  trip   to
Frank 1*. Ilojrsn, a Spoksnc mining man, Is In town on his way to
���������ri Steele
N'eU UUnjassls rajpidlv convslenr
"���gaftara  Ive-shafts selge  in tin-
New Denver hospital.
Hunter Bros, havecojoplcted Hair
"tuition which much Improves the
�����P|��*arsnce of tha store.
Agustua Carney has been appoint*
����� J- P- in Kaslo. Justice is blind
and packs a two*edf?d tword.
Brtwi   White tu down from the
Mollis Gibson.   He will make Sal
��*i his headquarters In future
.'^ve��*learsof tnachlnerv for tlie
w hits water concentrator were trans
The band Instrunients arrival on
Ln. "1** ���*���" Thursday. IVactice
*��������� ���**�� plsce In the acbool house.
AC. McArthur aud ssinllv have
taken up their iwskkoee in their
new quarter* over the C. P. K. depot
A deaf and dumb book agent re
^��tly aold M books   In Bandorr.
This I. s cass of silence being golden.
I>. R. Young baa bean spending s
** days in town undoing the work
bav'rnkml* * hli **e,,u ou*rhl D0110
SANDON, OCTOBER 22,  1898.
Aid. funning hss returned from
the east He will re-open the dining
room of the Hotel 8sndon esrly in
Brock, an officer of the Do
government,   is   gathering
Durrcard Lelrj.
gratitude felt by tbe Presbytery to-
I wards Mr. Harris was moved by the
Dnrward-! Rev. Dr. Robertson, Superintendent
I.. W
statistics regarding the lead Induatirv
in this district.
The loan bylaw carried by s good
majority. Some further improvements will probably be made on the
creek this tall.
The Slocan is enjoying an Indian
aommer just at present. It will
probably not last long as the Indians
are getting scarce.
Judging by the numbers of the'
sporting element who strike town
these days, times must lie pretty
bant on the outside.
The building formerly occupied
by Geo. H. Know lea has been moved
across the street and will be used by
Mag.ntmle Lilly a* an otlice.
Kossland i-ays iu laborers on the
streets |3 a day. Fifty miles away
railway contractors nre kicking because they cannot g��t men at C2.25 a
Tlicdi*corslive artists have Istelv
been doing cou**rdcrahle work arid
several buildings along Keco Ave.
show the pleasing effect <>t their
Judge Wnlkem's recent division
relative to the ��urfacc rights of mineral elainn is likely to make to sonic
difference in tOWtW built upon mineral claims.
Kd Johnston, tbe plinnber. had
hi- hand crushed in a mangel at the
steam laondrv early this week.
Though painful it I** not thought that
his injurres will he serious.   -
The coming summer will probably
witness a Doom iir New Denver.
Thi* will be dissgreesble for some
of the oldest inhabitants. Thecx
citement may cause some ts" them to
drop desd.
Mr mat Mrs. John Thorpe, of
Westchester, Pa., were in New Den
ver this week to disinter the remains
<>f Wm. Darlington who wss buried
in the cemetery there. At she re-
qtMSl of the mother the body will be
shipped to Philadelphia
The shipments of ore
1st, 1898 to date.
Prom Sandon.
Slocan Star, ���
Last Chance,
Wonderful Bird
The appearance of Mr
Lely and  Mrs.   Lely  in the Silver
City on Tuesday  evening  was like
the sudden flashing of two meteors
across our usually sombre sky.
Although    these   renowned    entertainers are  irow making   their
fourth world-tour,  their experience
in Sandon was admitted by Mr. Lely
to be an altogether   unique one.
Without previous arrangement* ad-
vertrsment or .engagement, Mr. and
Mrs. Lely appeared in Virginia hall
four hours after their arrival in town
and the audience that greered them
was sufficiently   large to convince
them at once that the town at which
they   had alighted  on   their  way
through to fill engagements in other j Soverign
places wss an exceedingly live one j WTonderful
Virginia hall was well tilled with an
audience which very warmly appreciated the splendid  treat afforded.
Mr. Lely was seen in tbe Reco hotel
at 6 o'clock, and on behalf ol those
who thought that such an opportunity
might never again be afforded them,
he was asked to sing that  evening,
and Ire with Mrs. Lely kindly acqui
They left town'next morning bear-
ni: with them souveniers of Sandon,
which from many points of view they
considered to be one of the  most interesting   and    remarkable    town
which   they had  ever  visited, and j Prom McGuigan
filled, they said, with   most pleasant j Rambler
thoughts of the   people who seemed I Antoine
to be so thoroughly awake.
Mr. Lelv graciously donated the
half the proceeds to the Presbyterian
church, under whose auspices it was
ot British Canadian Northwest Missions, and seconded by the Rev. C.
W. Gordon, Secretary of the Board.
from July
C M Wilson
Treasure Vsult
From Concentrator Siding
Queen Bess,
Prom Nete Denoer.
Prom Whitewater.
11,063 tons
The Anicricin Boy is showing good
ore again.
Two men are at work on the
The new buildings at the Idaho
are nearlv completed. This old. reliable property is employing more
men. shipping more ore and looking
better just now than ever before.
The short tramway at the Payne
will be completed in about a week,
which will afford easy transportation
from the upper tunnels to the head
of the large tram.
KbtliottiV McMillan have the con
tract for the brink houses at the
Treasure Vault* Work was com-
SSosS yesterday. The Treasure
Vault men are boarding at the Ajax
just now.
Another Fight at Manilla.
Ixmdon, Oct 20.- The Madrid correspondent of the Times says:
Captain Aunon, the minister of
marine, has received a dispatch from
Manilla announcing a naval engagement between the Americans and
rebels owing to Admiral Dewey forbidding the latter to fly the rebel
flag from their ships. The dispatch
adds that there were losses orr both
sides, but that the Americans captured the rebel ships. The scene of
the engagement is not stated, but it
is supposed to  have beeu in Manilla
Ths Presbitterian Church.
In a sermon preaehed last Sunday
evening in Virginia hall, the Rev.
Mr. Cleland in referring to the proposed Presbyterian church, sard that
one reaaon why this work had not
been taken up Wore this time was
that through a species ot generosity
which he had never before witnessed
in his previous experience, the congregation had been permitted to use
for its public services the beautiful
hall which they that night occupied.
It was an exceedingly rare sort of
kindness which had been iDestowed
on them as a congregation by Mr.
Harris, and the Presbytery of Kamloops at its semi-annual meeting held
in Nelson last month considered this
kindness to be one worthy of special
Shipments over tbe K. A S. for tbe
week: Pavne 100, Slocan Star 60,
Last Chance 40, Ruth 2a
Over the C. P. R. for tbe week;
Payne 240, Star 60..
Total tor the week 500.
From Three Forks for the week :
Idaho 314.
From New Denver for the month :
Bosun 100, California 60.
Presbyterian church���Regular services in Virginia hall morning and
evening at 11  a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Methodist Church���Regular services to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m.   Rev A. M. Sanford,  A.  B.
Special music will be rendered at
the evening service aa follows ;���
Anthem.-''lie giveth His beloved
sleep"; Solo by Mrs. Nichols and
Anteem.-"Be telling; of His Salvation"; Special music from Orchestra; organ, violin, clarionet and
cornet by Messrs. Sewell, Griffith,
Clrffe and TraneVy.
Some of the prettiest-looking ore
produced in the camp Is being taken
out at the Miller Creek property.
Three sacks fetched down Thunday
weighed over 700 pounds.
The Board of Trade of Trout Lake
City has published a pamphlet describing the mines and prospects of
theLardeau district. Tne work is
very neatly gotten up and provides
official  recognition, when a resoln- an effective advertisment as well as
tion expressive of the deep sense of' imparting much useful infermation. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., OCTOBER 22 1898
Another Republic Dioidend.
The Republic company declared
another dividend this week. The
amount is f3Q000, which is at the
rate of 3 cents per share. The payment will be made November 10th,
and transfer books will close November 1st. This is the second monthly
dividend, and will make a total of
tfityOOO. There is every assurance
that the dividends will continue at
this rate every month, with a bright
prospect of larger monthly payments
when the mill is running at its full
Hunter Won't Go.
Victoria, Oct. 17.���Mr. Gordon
Hunter, of this city, who recently
was appointed gold commission for
the Yukon, vice Mr. Fawcett, on
Saturday telegraphed to Ottawa his
resignation of the office. Mr. Hunter
had about completed extensive preparations for a long stay in the
north when it became evident that
the condition of Mrs. Hunter's health
made it inadvisable for* him either t..��
tal.e her to the Yukon with him or
for him to go alone, and Iris resignation, therefore, became inevitable.
News has been received in Victoria
of the appointment of E. C. Senkler,
a barrister of Nelson B.C., to succeed Fawcett as gold commissioner
of the Yukon.
The Largest Siloer Mine.
Tbe biggest silver producer in the
world at present is the Broken Hill
Proprietory Company in New South
Wales, "fhe output of that com
panv's mines for the fiscal year
ending May 31st 1898, was 6,122,270
fine ounces oi silver. The Anaconda
Copper Mining Company in Montana
came second with a pr< doctiou of
5,074,086 ounces of silver. It is
worth noting that in both of these
mines the silver is produced 5n con-1
nection with other metals, at Broken
Hill with lead and at Anaconda with
copper. The latter is principally
a copper mine, since the metal forms
the greater part of the value of its
ores. TheCorupanis Husnchacade
Bolivia has had the operation ot its
mines seriously interfered with the
past two years by water and other
mishaps. Its production in 1897 was
151,995 kilograms, or 4,884,673
ounces of silver. This is not much
more than one-half of the maximum
output, which was reached in 1893,
ana was 281,007 kilograms, or 9,014.-
385 ounces.
product to dvallsls he haa succeeded
in obtaining gold in a colloidal condition, in which state it is soluable in
water and may be precipitated by
the addition of common aalt. It is
probable that some of the gold In
quartz reefs exists in this condition,
ft is washed out by the rain, carried
away in solution by the rivers, and
deposited in the river gravels where-
ever there is anything containing
salt to cause its precipitation. In the
course of ages s large nugget may
in this way be formed."
Dora ia Tough.
A Big Enterprise.
While New Brunswick and Quebec
clsim to have the best available
areas of spruce lands in the world
Ontario haa been able to attract the
attention of the strongest English
syndicate that has taken up tbe pulp
business in Canada.
The Occidental syndicate has
secured from the Ontario government
a concession of 75 square miles of
spruce lands on the Sturgeon River.
The company claims that pulp wood
can be supplied to the mill on this
stream at f2 per cord, or about one-
third what it coats in the United
States. A small pulp mill, the first
of the group, was set in opera tion
the other day. It is propose*! to
erect six paper mills. The agreement with the goverment calls for
expenditure of fl.OCUOOJ In plant,
and the operating capital is placed at
12,500,000. The yearly output of
pulp is to be 360,0i) tons.
Manitoban's Do Well in B. C.
\VH!��if**a; Vrw Pre*
Manitobnns who g<�� further went
seem to get on well as far as public
lire is concerned. Mr. J. F. Hume,
the new provincial secretary of Brit
rslr Columbia, lived, in Manitoba up
tit 1884. Mr. Martirr, the new atu-r-
noy.general of that province, lived in
Manitoba up to 1896. Mr. Macpher-
son, one ot the members for the citv
of Vancouver, went there from Manitoba in 1681 Mr. McPbllllps, one of
the members lor the citv of Victoria,
was a resident of Winnipeg up to
18.*0, and there are others.
Stole Rich Ore.
Hiqher Than St Ellas.
Tbe G. H. Eldridge Geological
Survey party, which returned to
Seattle last week from the Cook's
Inlet country, Is declared to have
discovered the highest mountain In
North America, Tbe peak, which
towers far above Mount St Ellas, is
situated in Alaska, to the right of the
Sushitna river, and,is declared to be
more than 20,000 feet in height.
Where the Yellow Cornea Prom.
The presence of gold nuggets In
river beds has been regarded, apparently, as a mystery, which the
London Daily Mail has now ������solved."
"A Slavonic chemist namen Zzlg-
mody has," we are told, "juat shown
that gold itself can exist In a soluable form. By acting on a slight
alkaline solution of a gold salt with
formaldehyde and  submitting the
While kicking about some dirt at
the city dump in Leadville, Col, last
week, Frank Burkhart unearthed a
cave in which be found mane very
rich ore concealed.
The officers were at once notified,
and upon investigation found a cache
from which they extracted 50 sacks
of gold and silver ore. The stuff
had evidently been hidden away
during the last ten days and had
been stolen from different mines.
The ore will probably prove to In-
worth #110,000.
For the tenth time Dora Cor is In
jail at Perry. Oklahoma. Dora is a
dime-novel heroine, a member of tbe
famous Dalton gang, crack shot and
good rider, rive years ago she ae-
sistcd In the Bank of Commerce robbery at Pawnee, and carried the
cashier tied behind her on her horse
to shield tlte escaping gang from
the bullets. It Is on this charge that
she now lies in prison. She is said to
be a hypnotist, and thus escape* Jail,
Canadian Pacific Railway solicitors
attain great places Mr. Abbott became Dominion premier, Mr. Scott
Secretary ot slate, and Mr. Blake a
leader of the Imperial parliament;
and Joseph Martin has la-coinc
attorney general in British Columbia.
Hugh John Macdonald is a candidate
for a great place.
"Profeanor Bung romp-wed music
when he was oulv ftnir years okL"
"Gracious t Why didn't his parents st*��p him when they had a
A gold locket containing mlniture
photograph and lock of hair.   Owner
can have the same by  proving |H*��p-
cm and paying for this ad.
Apply to
Till! PavsTRfcus.
Saced the Circus
Wild Man of Borneo. -I tell you
the manager of this show b a smart
Bearded Lady.   In what way.?
Wild Man.���For cases ot emergency. While you were out thin after*
noon ths current from the electric
girl struck the man with the iron
jaw, who was seated next to her,
and nearly set the platform on tire,
but tbe manager saved the show.
Bearded Lady-What did he do?
Wild Man.-lie seized the India
rubber man, shoved him in between
the couple and insulated the iron
jaw man.
Cnrtificntn ef Imsrsnsmssts.
Hitnat* iu lit* ���*���.��*���!   Mil in*   I'i. u,��i* ot
��V..��t k'M>t��-na.y    WlH��fw I.****!     lo at*-
Onasjna BaiaiS
T*a** notis* UmI I  A   *   r'srsisll. s*v-i>i U*t
KH  T��!it;in ...... f*M�� Minor"* Oftta*-*!*  No
S&tA, Intend *i*** dor. !**��*���� ��!*����� boro*?. to
oupiv i��* lit* M>mik fcV��ii>l*r f����r n ��"*rt��nmt*
of imi>ru.-�� r;.<, Un *<����� t��,;r|��.*a> oi ubtainina:
t Crown  Orsut ��4 tb*ab*��*r rlalm,
A>��1 l��r��h��r ��*fc��> ����������������**��� thai art tow and**
-ow-ton *i Band W ��*oom��#i��r**l !��.-(������,< the 1��
���u.ii'f of Ma It tortitb-ot* ��*f ln��t��r����*ini>����*>'*
A B\ r����*��-a.i.
I*Mtouf fltV t i.blk*ti��.��. .Ittljr,   *��ti   %m*\
Csrtiftcsu sf tmsrsvsmsnts
���nVARIltlllT   rRAlTft* MIXKRAl. flAlM
-*ttua*��> it. Ihs  Htornn   Minion   l��i*t*i��*n   of
W��*t    Kowi^nar  lH*trfct    Who** IftSnl*
s-t;   Ji.ii.in<   'Um    Imlotb   rtnint   lis ���U*
liuhron  H*.H . ���
T����k��* notion n*a�� I. a.k l*n i nail ii antlae as
aa>nt for \V. A. Htti.lrri, Fr��o Mi) *r*s tW
tlfiratsXo WsM,��r,.( It H Tomitnw.n IW
Mhit-r'* CnrttStntn K����. fSfcrA. intend. *l����v
Uy. Irons *!|s.(����* iwrortf. tn s|*|dv to tn*
Minion Hmmilmr tor n Corfibtat* ����l Im
l)r��vsitx r,t.. fa. u>- **nrt*o��* of oM*ttniu*a
frown (Irani uf th* above claim..'
And HitiUit Ins** not too thai  action, tinder
���antias a;, nm.t ts t*qstMMa***a4 r*��for* tb��
i.-t an< t- of *w�� Ortifkot* of Improtsmonts
A.n. r��i��Mi.
lN.fvl I hi* J*��t> do* wf ***.|,l<.n��lH��,, teat
Nimcs t��b*t*hy��i �����*.���, thai at t|��� ��xpin
tion of thirty days front dot* h*iW th. u,���ur
slcnasl will apply to tha LWnr* t ..���,,,,lMi(m
rrsof thmCiyml Sandon fur a In .�����..��� t���ml[
Ihtnorhy ratnll at his hot. I known *, ,h,
-���Thta*!*** altnalod on Roeo A��*nn<> In th.
ritjr ofrinntioii.
Tn-* Cuiaa
fSin^ott.l-ntnomWrSSr.t, i����
Csrtlflssts sf Improvnmants
Kltuot* in tha Slwron Mining lnM,..,n uf
tt'M KiK-lsiiav |a.trir< WIw,. . - *t, i (>���
Taannotteo that I Arthur*. Pars-sll sa>nt
for A. W. SkCnon, H*% UJfl. W   I    it 4, \
nsaaxK v Mc<\i,m, No. matt. *ua4 Jat����, Ora'
bam !���.*��> ISaWn, in��#o*i. ��Mii 1*,. rn>m4si��
t*r*����r t<* af*plv to fh* Minion lW��rt��-�� tors
����f*tftr.*t������f ImfMM>%'*����snt*.. l��r *!>���* i.oft��.��
at obtoinlns n Crwta-n tlm��t of th* ��K>��*
Ao4 fnithnr tnhsnotiv*-ibsi * '
mm*tu��n Al. most W ��>onim��Mf��>.l '-<' r. tb.
t**os)Hi:sp of .orb IVrttflrota *��f t��ito*>.i tm  ������
ln*t***l thi* lath 4��v <*( fmpi��n>\+t mm
A ** r.a��M i
Orilflcste ef lmf��rm<*m<*iit��.
(toott i��av MrxirtiM rutin
*eiont��ia ibsntotnoMtniual't^. W#*t
Kootanor ia.tr*rt W"b.���� 1�����*t*-t <>���
rat.im* ttoootaln.
T*n* �������*!*��� tho* t A S fmrmt' I ' t��-
*m*n* l��*r ^ohn Uoonb, Frs* Mlosr-. iVrt*
entoMo llltta. Intvn4. *i*t, 4at.
b*?**4. t�� aH*lt totlw Minion Bs^ob-f U�� .
��Vr*iSrois��f Is��|*r��-.s��n*nt*. fwr tb. i*-i' ���
of obtoioiof n ���*r��*��o Orant of tb��.�����������*
Atot fnrtnor lobs nM.��� that ar'i
���sotIon St, most  bo nnanirnrsI  '-*.f��tb��
i��Mu��n��oOf *i��rht'#nlftV*i** of Ii i������
ls��ts>iih��*n<<hisi��r *%��n��sa����-*   ��**
A a. F*n����
Reiies i* hamlia ni��"w tiwt *itty <r��v* afta?
lata I intend to awl*/ to tSsCsiaff QnSUWta
��ion��r of I^iu.i* ami Works tor |s*rmlasli*n to
in*ri.'baa* two tMimlrwl nnd fifty jivr nfrmi.
mora or !#��.. of itnn*a.*rvs*l Crown land* within tbs following >kM'rtb��*l arm i
Oemananntns ��t tho sonth-wnat t*orn��r of lor
Tiil.tlMox-** l�� - lutin. north, thonoa *�� t-hntna
w����t. thf m-s ���� chains sooth, mora or tana, to
Kooionay Inks, thane* follow in* shora Una to
*onth-w��st ailsttn of lot SUV. tlisnrs north
follow Ins- location Una of aobl lot to chains,
thorw or lit.* to nortlt^Nist an*la of lot TW��
thanes *)ilts��ii* *..t along southarn bound-
oryof .aid lot to ������)����� ����� of Imfinninii, Hlln��
ntwlon Kootrtuiv River nltotit i��n mlh>* from
���fntntm,   Kahran    Mlninn    IH vision,    Wast
1" Kootanay LH*trt��*t.
Rraos K Mtum-
lh��t,~l **s|,t<>mUr ITth, l��*
Ortlflrnte of ImprotrnnMit*..
iUn��l�� I��AV   rRAfTtn*   MtXKRAI   ��� I US
���i*tn��t��  tn   ths  Htoroo  Mlt>����>*  ���'"������
W��^ Kootooay dMrkt    W to ���        *"'
On V-ym M��ootato
Tsnn noth-* that 1.1 U r*arw.i    * "na ��'
���������! for John Boogb. rtw Min*�� ���' ���'
No lima.tntorot.aisty dar* ���>���"   **'���" h"T
��f.t��ais|*yinth��Mlntna:R'-��M'' !
Mn>*is.dlmtff.aO)*o��.   lor th# t<n
rd.tolnloca CmwnClrnnt of t��t�� ai��<��**    *,m.
AmlfnHhnrtniwnoiKr* lhat ���**>����� "^
sortfon ST. most bo rsmiwu^l l*(i'rr n"
l����~A*��**of*neht^.l*rai*��' Itn, *���     '",D'*
rrtsiail ikjas tssa ssi ���! >��i"l>.*�������,-���, !'""
a ��* f.k'*��"
Csrtinssts sf lmsrs*��rB-,r,u
tmtaWAMk, AM- iK*��lK  MINKH\I  > I '��������,,
Sltnnlo In th. Hloran  KtoinS   l^-"1' f
Wsat Kontottay IH.trtH     Wh*r*-   - ' *
lattwNsMsFlvn alhln. Iyi���� ���"-1"1
Nubh* Viv* gf.����t*
Taan Ntwt-n that I.-��   H   Or*��    '     f */
oawnt for Ryron  N-  Whit*.   Kiw Mi
USootsN* tv.su. W.H.  rtmakUn.  r��.
or*.   t-ortift.-str   No     l��*f.*.    ��������������    ' ( ���,
Midluwon, Kroo Mli^r*. OrM""*" >"   '   ,,
intond ��' lay. rrSSt   tha anta han     <   >"
loth*Mlninn Ra.*ordsr lorsfrt.    .
nravnmnns for tho abov* rlaim*
And InHhsr tnk���� not It* tlm�� '" " ;
rtll'l   tnimv,   t"*��"     ��� , Kb.
���action  ?0.ntn*i   ��* *-omtr,.i..< ' "
isstmnof of sn��-h fort in.'*!* ��i l��>i- >	
Itnt#dtM**th.lnyof H**r��""'      '*
mAMim, jmj^VSTnEAK, SANDON, B.C., OCTOMB 53, 1898.
ThccitiatMisol Trout Lake City and
pjine nwnsrs and prospect holders of
that and adjoining towns el the Trout
L_ka ami Lardesu mining districts are
w��h- unamended upon the aaoslleat
pamphlet just Itarued, desortptive of the
mining and other resources of that
division There ia no much of general
interest in it, correctly stating as it docs
ti���> n'Urive poneitloits of the several
towns, rim diatsnee to them and bow to
get there, that we quote below (rom it.
Ktw towns sre possessed of greater
prumiac or of finer natnml advantage*
than Croat Lake City. Thin thriving
town from lis local ion in the mining
division ot Trout Lake Is hound lo be
tit* headquarters lor the various con
panic*, which will In the (uture operate
Est rk h gold snd silver minen which
have been discovered In the district
daring the pant (our or five yearn. It
i* im-ted al the northern tftrseatf* of
I rout lake and nritl command the sun
t.lv trade of all the country imunding
tt* abort**, nml which recent exploratkiu
haa tlniionntrated to be second to none
in ltrtiiat. Cotumbis sa regarda the rich
!������-*��� of it�� ore bodlea. It in count**-ted
bt irail and wagon road with all the
principal mines id the district Then,
too, tjmleau crewk eisptien int.. ths
lake on rhe enntern aide of the town,
and a Sartre miters of tbe trade rewultiut
(root lot' oin*rattuti ol the minen which
are duUetl here snd there ou Ute moun
uiti*<Hj fiiher aide* ol the vsllvv will
find it. way to the men hat iu of trout
It ts further expected that before
in��ns sbrtitsa n line ot railroad wtil be
oMfinadod from Ute beau A Kooteiisy
isi..'t'i Trout lj��ke Cit>�� **��*��� theme
I.. Arrowhead, with brnnch huwn up
th* north and south forks of Lardeau
creek to the rich mining properties of
thai neighborhood. And in tuts t*vr*ni
al) Un era from thaws tabasa would have
to paaa timoigs I rout l*akv City, mak-
(u-.; dit* town a rsilrtiad t-entresnd
tl lie, "ltrttibutiug point for the dis*
Already the initial Step haa beeti taken
rowan!* solving the problem of trana
iMrtatioti and It wift be only a lew
*<<U until a steamer is in the course
ot riinstruction to operate ou the lake
and tarry supplies to the several petals
there.ni nearest, and connected by trail
with the scene of mining operations
To reach Trout Lake City trom tbe
main hue of the I P.R.. car* will ttavelo
bet-hanged at Iteveintoke snd the train
running to Arrowhead boarded. Arrow-
���*��a<l ia some is miles distant from
ItevHstoke sitd ia situated at the upper
*��������'�� <>( Arrow lake. From this point a
"h. rt trip by wster lands the traveller
st Thomson. Lsodlng, whence a
>���*.;������ Hue runs to Trout l_*ke City,
the whole journev occupying s little
��vcr sn hours sua Intei-eating through
set for the beauty snd grandeur of the
mounuin -scenery through which tbe
route passe*. At sil point* slong the
jntrrnev the verv best accommodalioti
i�� available, snd' when Trout Lake City
w reached, the choice of four hotel*.
tacit equipped in flrnt-clasn style, is
presented to the traveller, snd no mat
>������' �� huh one ef these he selects for hia
���frnporsry horns, his comfort will be
carefully looked sfter.
Aft.-r having tJnnllv settled himself to
hi* HAtiftfactloo he will find on Inanec
�����on that the town la poattesned of four
"torts in addition to the hotels mention
�������� �� saw mill, s post olHce, s telephone
service with outside points, s school
house, a meat market, s printing office.
Jar tier shop, blacksmith shop, three
i vt ry stables, government buildings,
Jfag store and sassy ofHce. If ha
Jacldes on settling In the district he
*" find thst ss the townsite of Trout
mV^'/has been crown granted he
wl"l be able to procure s clcsr title to
n��y lots which he mav chance to pur-
J*_ss. If he Is fond of sport and would
"*���> <��r shoot he will find the lake and
creeks emptying into it abundantly
atocked with the speckled beauties, snd
the mountain slope* surrounding- the
take present the very Im*hI opportunities
for the use of the rttle. Game ofwj
description abounds, and arnonjr the
different varities may be mentioned:
uiriiMiu, niouriUiu goat, bear, wolves
cougar, lynx, grouse and duck * in fact
to the practiced sportsman this part of
the district presents innumerable advantages for the indulgence of his
favorite pastime
If he besfeoma in with the intention
A inventing iu mining properties, or for
purposes of exploration,he will find thai
this point is the very beat one he could
SSrSet as hia headquarters. It is centrally situated and from here he ran
-Aerate In every direction. His position at this point commads the whole
lower lake section aud the Lardn-
Dinua.il country It is within two hours
ride of the north and south forks of
l-ardeau creek, and is the terminus of
rhe stage line from Thomson's Landing.
Ijsat summer some wonderfullv rich
properties were located within a verv
short distance of Trout Lake Citv, and
just as soon as the season is sufficient I v
advanced they will be worked, and it
is confidently expected by their owners
thai More *now flies next (all, they
will be shipping ore These properties*
are situated ou Humnhrie*, f,lacier,
Five Mile, Canyon, and Haley creeks,
faking all things iuto considerati-m,
then, it will not be an exaggeration, in
view of the exceeding richness of Trout
I take ore**, and rhe remarkable progress
that bsa been made during the past
v6*t. t tar Trour l^tkeCity will develop
into one of the Urgent'and liveliest
towns in Went Koorenay.
To reach the above town (rom the
main line the directions are the same
an those for reaming Trout take City,
oulv, when the forks ot the road, alottit
a mde (rom Trout Lake City, is reach
ed the left branch ts taken. After a
ride ot four miles* you will arrive, at
what is believed bv many to be the
coming Butte of "Briiirdi Columbia
From its posilioi: st the junction of rhe
North Fork and Lardcau ci eek. Ferguson is bound to command a large
patronajre from the mines now being
operated a few miles from its centre
At a distance ol a little over seven
miles the Silver Cup is in full operation
and the product of the mine passes
through the town on its way to the
landing Then, further on up the
south fork, there are aeveral good pro-
perties, extensively developed, which
will ne*t fall be shipping their products
mid emploving large forces of men
Among these properties may be mentioned such well-known names as the
Silver Cup. Bad Shot, Black Prince,
Silver Chief and LadeGrmip
The town Is possessed of all the necea-
nnries for completely outfit tiugsny prospectors who mav decide on making this
point their headquarters. It has four
good hotels, three general stores, two
flverv stables, a good saw mill, and is
��� he headquarters for a large transports
tinn cempanv The mail arrives here
semiweekly, and next summer the service will be" increased to three times a
No mar ter how large the demand for
building material may be Ferguson can
auiwlv Tt. for it has one of the most corn-
nletelv euuip|M*d sawmills in the district. ' A Targe supply ef good Imnher
ia on hand, ami it is saparM that be
fore manv davs the mill will commence
sawing, so as to provide, in case of
snlrmn-rie*. lumber sufficient to sup
,,lv demands even larger than those 6*
nected at the present time.
Thi- town is most advantageously
located, not only as regards, its.natural
advantages, but from the fact that it
fa iVthe verV heart of the .nines locate,!
on rhe Unless rtf��*_i^-��^
Kvervthing goes to indicate that the
SJSt season will be one o exeep-
fdonafteuTltv in mining circles ami
b . tiltuia and busiuess men of the
hetlJuens  an osssnlstS
rTrlnarsUons to ^commodate the rush
jraSVte^H*cted in there when the
���Bason la snmcitM.tly advance.1.   It is
also expected that a greater increase in
the sales of mining properties this sea
son will result from the development
operations which have taken place dur
lag last fall and winter, and if such
expectations culminate in realities, then
Ferguson will enjoy au enviable position among the mining towns of West
Kootena v.
Thomsous Landing is situated at the
head of navigation on the Northeast
Arm of Upper Arrow lake, and it is at
this point that transhipment of freight
and baggage for Trout Lake Citv, Ferguson and Ten Mile City takes* place.
This town is a most important one, from
the fact that in addition to its being at
the head of navigation on the Arm, and
therefore the point at which all freight
is transferred for shipment to the in-! ^"i f��_"d
terior of the district, and from the fact'
that all ore from the mines on Lardeau
creek and Trout Lake will be hauled
there prior to shipment, H is also important because it will to a great extent
be the centre  of  supply for the Fish
Creek district.   Up Fish Creek manv
valuable prospects have been discovered, and aa the result of late development operations   have exceeded   the
expectations of  persons holding property in this district, it goes without
saying that this creek will receive a
considerable share of attention from the
many moneyed men who are expected
in to look over properties in this and
neighboring districts during the coining
Thomsons Landing is possessed of a
couple of completely equipped hotels,
and it is pretty safe to sav that no-
There are certain matters,all feeling,
on which we lack thoughts and words.
Men being naturally 'slaves, when a
free man comes along he is either worshipped as a god or stoned as a devil.
Wit is of the mind, its daylight and
blue sky���humor is of the" heart, the
rain bow of its smiles and tears.
Summer Time Card effective June SO, UBS.
Subject to chance without notice.
North Bound
Bead op.
Train Ivs Daily. 1.00 pin  Train ar dally 10JO nm
���* ar ���' 3.45-un Train lr ' S.M am
rBoat lv :��.S��am ��� Kaslo- Boat or 9.90 pm_��
�� ���' 4 30 am Alnsworth " 7.30 ping
���<      "    ��o��am    Pilot Bey "     6.45 pma
���t      "    l!K>am     Balfour ��     6,10 pm��
2Boat are..*! am. Five Mile Pt      "     5.*jpmM
-     715 am      Nelson "lv 4.45 pm*
STrainar 10.05 am Northport Train lv IM pm ��*
1130 am Rossland        "   UMSpm-**
S10 pm   Spokane
Read down.
8.3a amfi
Bead up.
Daily train lv LOO pm       Daily train ar 10JO am
"       ar 8.45 pm ��       lr 8.00 am
4   Boat lv 5.oo pm MoST Boat ar 1.00 pm
mm      *'   6.*Mpm Ainsworth Boat ar 11.40 pm-
'-*       '  7.00 pm  Pilot Bay      �����     Utopia*
HMD pan Kuakonook     "      8.(0 pm��
It.oopm Goat River     "      6.00 pm*
ion am Bmndury      "       5.00 pm>,
ar 8.00 am Rmner'aFY
Irv 2.oo povo
�� % Train lr 11.40 am     "      Train ar U5pmg
-Himr-.mueniorrnnu.uusoHs.K^      "    " ������� P����-8poka����     "    �� MSSBsl
sfter thau at either one of these hotels.
It ia the headquarters for the stage line
and a strong transportation company.
and has a general store, post office and
blacksmith shop    Mail can be sent out
and received  daily, and a telephone
service connects this place  with  the
inrerior  and outside points    It is an
excellent place from which to prosecute
inquiries into the values of either Fish
Creek or Trout Lake ore bodies.
About six miles above Ferguson and
near the head of the South Fork of
Lardeau creek is Ten Mile City This
place, although it is as yet in embryo,
Is likely to prove quite as lively a point
as there is in the Trout Lake district,
from the fact that several rich prospects* the hope of that section, are
situated on the mountains surrounding
thin little town. At present it is pos
sensed of but one store, one hotel and a
liverv stable. But as the properties
before mentioned will be vigorously
developed this coming season, it is con-
tidentlv expected by manv fully com-
petent'to judge, that Ten Mile City will
keep pace with the section of the countrv with which its interests are immediate! v identified. It will be connected
bv wagon road with the main road to
Thomsons Landing as soon as the season is sufficiently advanced to permit of
the work being Hone.
Comaplix and Eight Mile Camp are
also towns of much promise.	
Commf nclng June to, IMS.
On Monday,Thursday and Friday aa Alberta
will lei ve Kaslo 5 p. m. for Ainsworth, Pilot Bay,
andXelsco. Leaving- Nelson at 8 a. m., Tuesday. Friday and Saturday, calling at PUot Bay,
Ainaworth and Kaslo, and all way potato.
P.O. Box ltt. Kaslo,B.C.
Taking effect 1.00 o'clock s. m.
Sept 1, 1898, Pacific or 120th Meridian time.
Subject to change without notice
.   Kaalo Arrive, 8 SO P.M
South Pork      "     8 05 "
Sproule's "     I 10 "
Whitewater     "     8 00 "
BearLake        "     1 60 ������
McGuiiran       "     1 SS M
Cody Junction "      1 88 "
Sandon Leave l 15 -
��� Sandon ��� Arrive, 11.50 a.m
Cody Junction Leave, 11 Jo a.m
��� Cody  -        ���*    11.36 a.m
Traffic Mtigr.
For cheap railroad nnd steamship tickets to
and from all points, apply to
& CAMPBELL*.       Agent, Sandon.
Leave s so A.M
'���   8 55    '*
"   9 45    "
" 10 00    ������
'��� 10 OS    ���*
'�� 10 *)    "
���* 10 S*    "
Arr. 10 45    "
Leave, ll.no s.m
11.10  " 1
Arrive, 11.85 "
Ia Issued every Saturday in Sandon, in the heart
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
SubscripUoJi     ��� ...     8*1.00 a year
Strictly in advance.
Address: Tub Patsthkak, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON. B.C.. OCTOBER 22, 1898
Some papers in Kootenay are publishing advertisements for a big
departmental store in Torotto. This
is a tree country and papers can do
as they like in snch matters, but we
would not do it. Although it requires
extraordinary exertions to make our
business pay we would rather throw
our press into the like and chop wood
for a iiviug than advertise any white
slave shop. Cheap prices and cheap
people will ruin any country, and
although the Slocan business men d<
not patronize our columns to any rash
extent we will never try to keejp
even by advertising that curse in
disguise���a cheap eastern store.
Sir William Van Horne is the
most patriotic man in Canada���to
bear him tell it. He is, indeed, the
Simon Pure article bottled up in the
shape ol man. Occasionally when it
suits his parpose Sir Wil Ham's patriotism bubbles over, and he delights in
bis method of dropping it about the
country in chunks, hoping, no doubt,
that some of it will fool his hearers.
On the trip that he has just made into
the Kootenay, which he also delights
in calling his "annual tour," he was
most particular to impress upon all1
the newspaper reporters how import
ant it was that the people of Canada,
and especially those of this province,
should worship at the shrine ot
"patriotism," and contribute tithes to
support this false god set up in the
land bv that illustrious American. Sir
William. Speaking ot this great
American president ot the Canadian
railroad, and referring to hia hugh
patriotic heart arid how it bubbles
over, fhe Tribune of Nelson says
some good things:
"Sir William has a habit ot con
fusing the interests of the railway
company with the interests of the
people of the dominion, and appears
tube under the impression that so
long as the interests of the railway
com parry are conserved the patriotism
of the people of Canada should prevent them from making any com
plaint. One evening of last week
Sir Will'am was tendered a banquet
by the Winnipeg board of trade,
when he undertook to make some
capital for his company. He called
BJPOO all Canadians to keep 'he trade
ot southern Itrltish Columbia for Canada, which is another wit v of saying
tor the Canadian Pacific Railway
Company. This remark pnved the
way for a reference to the Boundary
creek railway question Sir William
then informed his entertainers that
the Corbin railway systems had been
turned over to the Great Northern
Railway Company, and that the new
owners would be at Ottawa next ses
sion for the purpose of securing a
charter for tho Kettle river railroad.
The president ol the C. P. R. which
desires to perpetuate its monopoly
over the whole ot British Columbia,
then declared that It will be a nation
al shame it the federal government
allows a railway company, devoid of
patriotism, to give Boundary Creek a
railwav service free cf charge, for
which the patriotic Canadian Pacific
is charging several miliums of dollars.
It is safe to say that Sir William Van
Horne would have some ditliculty in
convincing the peopla of Hnundary
creek that pstrlotisor requires them
to siiboidinate the interests ot their
promising distiict to tlwae ot his
state-aided railway company, >��t
that is exactly the argument he is
warns slavery.
The departmental stores of Toronto
are a thorn in the roses of commerce
throughout Canada. By buying their
goods cheaper than oilier retail merchants, and the employment of white
slaves, they sre enabled to ship goods
all over the Dominion. People save
a little In many cases by dealing
with them but in the end such a
course must be disastrous In this
Province wages are higher, ami
goods dearer than in any other part
of Canada. If people earning high
wages buy all or mosf-of their goods
from these big cheap white slave
stops, we, in IXC, will have to come
down ti the level of things in the
east. If we want to keep even with
them goods must be sold cheaper snd
$3 s week clerks employed. All
other labor will have to conform to
the circumstances and (rod help a
country when it is filled with white
slaves like the great store* of Toronto employ. If every merchant
paid the same lor his good*, and a
law was psased msking s certain
standard for wages the departmental
store would become obsolete and the
country as a whole more prosperous.
Ml MIX.   I'WHl'WTH.
Initiation* are that the bulk of the
capital coming into Kootenay for the
next year will be American The
American mining man understand*
Kootenay pro|iertica and K-Mitcuav
methods in a way that the Kn^iishman
don't Tlte ivcragc British capitalist
who come* out here to go into mining
expects to pick up War bSgtVa and Le
dot's on every street comer. He want*,
a dividend paying mine, for widen he is
prep-red to pay a quarter or half a
million, ignoring the fact that he could
take a few likely prospects ami in a
short rime convert them into profitable
shipper* for less than a quarter of the
am mm. The shrewd American, however, knows the ropes, buys claims for
a few thousand dollars, throws aotttn
development work into them, and
stands good chances of quadrupling ins
investment the next lime an English
investor comes along
There is no reason why our own
prospectors and Halm owners should
not make this profit themselves, as
many of t hem have. The man who has
one good claim and puts a couple of
vears iutuftrg-ent hard work into tt has
better chances of making his pile than
the prAsnector who lies himself up
with half a dozen prospects which
keeps his nose to the ground doing as-
MMsment wirk.   I'ml *r the Briti-di Co-
Itrmbia laws claims are big enough to
satisfy even Iw dv. So many hundred
claim's are now staked In Kootenay
that only the bust of them have a
chance to sell at all. and those which
are opsnsd up on common sens*! prin
ciptes, and not merely by a few gopher
holes are the ones thai will fetch the
best prices.
Tim   St��i**n   W��s   L��.����t*Ht.
J. V. I'nxton ami Neil Beaton, white
doing assessment work on the Editor
mineral claim, in Ymir district, bad a
very narrow escape from sudden death.
Near their camp they found a sheet iron
stove and used it. ' After starring the
lire IW*atoo open in*' tne end door di*
covered anveral sticks of dynamite in a
burning paper. He hastily threw tlie
parcel ns far dona the hill an he could
and ran tu tbe opposite directum. Tax-
ton, who was in tbe tent, ��u* that |��art
of tlte proceeding* and crawling Under
ihe tent sale followed Beaton. They
had not gone far when n territlk explosion occurred which made a hoi** about
four feet deep in tbe sod and stripped
the shrubltery ot leaves and hark for
several teet around. Had the eapUwion
occurt*sl when th��* explosive wan in tbe
oven IkjiIi ot them would have been In
ststitty kilted. Beaton, who ha* been
milting W years, said he never bad no
narrow an escape. 1.. 6. l.yoo, th���� third
partner, had gone for water lo u spring
and WSS in no ilstiaw.
lis*   tins   tU-rn   !��������*��.
A great deal ha* b��*e,n **id about il��*
malatlminstratioitof affair-* iu Klondike.
much of   which   ha*-   been   bruei    I   a-
fal*e and much ban not We quote fret*
a letter just received from \ i *r m*r N*��w
Denverlte wha ha* been In tu~ Klondike
and ought to know what be is talking
about    Say* be :
"The Klondike is tiotallg'dd SSSMSe
people would have u* believ,* Th
government want all a man can make
-such robbery ! Ir is a disgrace t *
Canada They all have their hand on?
for their share of the steal I am
ashamed to ter pcrofss know that I aura
Canadian after what 1 saw in thai
Twelve inches ol etesa galena ore ha*
has been euconntrrrd on the "la lo I,"
sittiated on the south fork of Kaalo
A roNTKvrt-n uiso.
I w<HWtt not f**lna�����** tm�� u
' I Jojr WM Much InmnuVi.*"^'
I sit* tw* ***���*, i m**k nn< *t ���; u
,'����*�� fnwtt ��t fancy . ���, .���, '
I iwai s>> (Jsak-d sitfi srhst I l,*r���
I wish no mm*, m> mat* I.,��., '
1 uiiakr not at tn* ItnsMiaea erac*
I trwunle nnt st Wm�� itui.�� �����( ��  ,'
I ��w, urnl ti>t at thr mw. ,.* -t%pl*
r ��hrbik ms st a, M��rl> . .
!��.-��* II uC iM ����*. Ibu .
<*����*/ norm, 1 �����<����* atsctntx
1 at* iniMlUia nrrsr j.l. ,%,i
I mm wans isntsl. *t.��<, ,|
I ***? ,*.4dVrm>)��M s��l"loui
I awr ���>*���>�� MhU. gar* t .
tiMStbrr w��n�� in>r raj a}����i��.|
i*ais*n*saf��nst.r��NOr>,; .. .
1 Mail ��'< tr��.-��wts*,i|�� BTSrrn I tt, �����
I fat��n tt<4'.��,ltt<��� gtrmt    I     ���       ��
1 (wl**-. I in**u**a a msxn .v
>��MfM* H��> Ml* tut 1... |   a
Tbt*. tttl* all mr rbntcs.
A nuns! eontawt. a aeaarlrius .   xt
���i��ahu* S, lv. Mar, ��*,
OsmmI   Wmt  Tw��ut.   U..,.
Jf. B Tyrrell, Dominion tiovertunent
surveyor, bn* returned from it..- north
lie nays has rsfssrt ro the��<
upon ihe Yukon countrv mi! i. vm��
favorable     He SrgUtM Ihal !
motherto^e, sals f����ptitariv -,
iu the Yukon countr%     \. > t��#
country wa* (nil of g-d I���*�����.��� tri   -    ��rtt
The g��dd,   io the rottrse of
r mm varntun CSU**e���� has Iw* i< ��< j��aratc*d
r����m toe rock nnd eooceiilras   i u tu��*
i rselts and valleys,. Thero io tv< |tiaru
���(any value  In   the  countn n  ���
thlitkn    Tbe  Yukon  i.  .:
VSNI*S-to c*one,  and  I bo or i will
see twice the amount A gold n   ivrrrd
that h*scoassent Ihl* *��� ��� ���������
Within ihe ��bort aps<
t'aiumet and Herla mine*  ha*
In dlVideteK the enor'H ���!��*   -n
**Vi, ��ajl whib* it�� actual f��r��-   i", \<
sauaMtad at s*>. �����v^     I
��*i*ar�� |Mist liw* �� alu'iiet ami H��
,<nld quarter!* dvid ii i-     ��������< f f   I
�������. aod tl�� overage n. I rttimy     .^
���*tCt����-��lei|   I  .*H. �����*    |H*i     an
SJUgUCal |\��r  t*v.��ry   sorknitf   ���������
.ear      Iti ilevel.ip llti" i'real   prv*
eoat ||,*���������.��, which h isr
Ihnu Mllnltl     rwenlV thituaand i-
ire d.qa-udeut direct!*   tqaoi
ottne for tbwir dsilv bread an I I
aud the wagvn ol the workmen n
highest }sdd to sny none -d rhe kiwi tn
the world.
The WakeVld M.u -   s prok
sbly 7a car loads of .��r.- this       t-r
p. miiEMSt
Dealer ii) MEAT>
PILOT 1-^   ^Nl>
Nwr. Mv. i. vu.n
BrfACDONALD   IJROH.. Pioprietrns.
Kites tll.fnO to ri.o-0 |n?r day.	
Tfefldqunrters for Mining Bprcnlntnn snd Cajdtalist**
Reco Ave., - ��� Hanclon.
,N     ISO    ABOl'T   THK   Ht.lH  %V.
\V��rk on the Fisher Maiden, Four
>ji!,. ivh* resumed last week I'repara-
tj(,n*. are being made for an early ship
I In-Condor group, lately borrded bv
the Northwest Syndicate is showing up
���.,.|| with work. The property is being
The Blue Bird, lately purchased hy
M,�� i- McDonald and rorhin. is show
ing up well with develotoaeur   Stopiug
��.?. i nuimoucsd last week
Sine men are employed ou the Essex
gr-tip. above Silverton, nnd tlte de
vcl��pmer.t work ,��puttinirrhi��pr<>j*t'rtv
it, the front ranks of the big Four Mile
,,[����� |��rodueSTS
I'h. I'rwtlor, presumably acting fm
���he Halt smelter, land week paid lo
Archie aud Joe Fletcher $l#Mt for a
lime quarry, on the shore* of Kooteuay
lake, opposite Kaslo.
< 'Derations on the Congo group, where
the big goM strike araamad" on Red
��� tin, have been ����*jw*nded for the
Preparation* have mil  been
made h>r winter work
An i*\'.*t cabin has hesn erected on
thet-t Tiger A not .tor is goiuffup
���mi the Kclipte. Ibo Marion. M .wi��h,
Augl<�� Saaou. Marrlniac and lheolh**r
(���roiH-rties that are to push w��rk rin-
A b'ii'��t.rtkn was made Intel v on the
i ihe Lucky Jim tsriirdknawttood
lake, con.t.fing of three feet of
o. r.U   arv      \V     8*    |lr��-��iv.    Rogh
r   On��t |toI< her. |kd�� Williams
and fhe Black Bros* own the l����* group.
Tii* Bosun i* ������kit��g regular ahip
un nt. A 'Jo ton* "Ihe property i��
developing ��*lt4act#iii>ittm.��r> ���*.!������,
and more men ��n* hearts' added to tin
working furrs Ststy too* have been
- i> ��� 1 -i far thi* ntotttn and thia * til
!" ox reassnl to 130 tolls for tbe month
There Is no don. t that the Cnvm
ttntit will apptoi r ,,:. funds for the
oeitpletlon of the SgaTtttrer creek road,
en a ,.�� h cn��e. when Ihe r*��nd ts built,
fit" mining lutSfSSSS in that s***?i"t
will be worked with rejwewid vtgor and
>loean City will feel the go*��d eiiect*
'   it.
I he trouble in the tttaitaarement of
tin- Attington, Springercre.-W. promise*
t<> ��*��� M-trled soon and work re*smerl
'*'�� the great property The ��<��,�������
niortjrage held on tbe propertv by II**
I hantpnon i�� lo be raised and thi* man-
a^innent put on a peaceful lootlnjj
MKW DKKVttH its am.
W. .1. Kirkwood returned this wool
h.>nt the Peace River countrv where h
-pent rhesommer Mr. Kirk wood wa
t ��� t over stircffaaft:) in his effort��to fitor
iheyvHowstntl. but nay* he is gnhi.
'���a- k In the sprimr to prosecute hh
search from where be left off.
Soon excellent samples of ore ar.
��g *hown In town from rhe Maiim.
1 i-e. Mowich and other Silver mono
'ii properties where rhe late Strike*
w,re made Work i�� Mntr Steadlh
1 ������-indon all tlte late fliuK and riu
('"Mwrtrsa are developing In an excel
''in tuan|*a*r.
There is displayed in Nelsonsdruj
v re window a latch taken photo ol
Now Denver by Trueman ot \ ancouv
'''���lhatlsa heauty to look upon To
*<���'��� the great improvement* that have
have |��.,M1 inadi* In New Denver it l��
"|dv niH'eassrv to place this photo
"l-uigside that taken two year ago
. '"vidatoke will have a new ��sw ��.i!'
tint w ill |K, (ti operation early In the
"printr. It will be s one circular mill of
a daily capacity of from SI6 to 85 thOU
"���""id feel and will have planer and all
"���her finishing appliances for turning
'"it lumber of all kinds needed in the]
h tiding market. '
It is reported from Ottawa Hint Major;
"fllshhn* recommended in his report-
an entlrs abandonment of the royalty
in the Yukon and also that one-half of
the \ ukou Council he elected, Instead
oi ail hemg appointed as at present,
rhe Government is not likely to contains the former but it is more than!
probable that the Yukon Bill will be
amended this session, making half of
the Council elective.
Chas. F NstsOB. returii��-d from Calgary Monday, after spending two
months there He reports the old
prairie town greatly improved in every
wa,v��ssd it is fast forcing ahead since
ths C.P.B  has made it a division town
But 'with all the improvements and
promising indications tor business else-
where tssrlie is well satisfied ro stay
with Mow Denver and share iu it's
hi-ight and promising future.
Tlie first and only apnle grown in the
cftsesn wa* carefully plucked hy 0. W
Avlwin a fewdsya ago Ii grew on one
of the young ire<<* planted bv him last
vear This hJstorirSl apple, which has
no r*onnoctlon with the disreputable
apple which grew longtime ago. will he
carefully preawrvod in alcohol, and
.placed in rhe honorable company of
aneh articles as Fdi Carpentor spick and
rbie, �� pisreol ths rir*r cabin erected
in rhi* camp, rhe pioneer grindstone,
and subscription list having rhe original
-s .'natures of thp pilgrim fathers who
came np th'- Slocan river in Jsc��i
R4) SSI. AMI    SIMM.    NKWS.
The "auk of Toronto will ojie** a
branch in Rossland.
The Iron Horne hill put in a new
power slant, It will have au 80-hprse
power bsBer
I ht* m*.*4 ore thai has yet been en
lottnieriHl on the White Rear was ojH*n-
>-i| up last rreok.
The JtUttho workings continue to
-how r*onaldersblo ore. and work is
being pushed astSstsetortl*.
More compressor plants are arriving
in rhe Kossland camp ?usl now rhau at
am tune in the past 18 inmths.
The ground for the drill compressor
ou Ihe iron Borne has been broken and
the plant will be Installed nt ones
The machinery for the Mascot? s
.ievtric compressor plant in on the
trround and will in* installi*d at once
Tne total ore shipments for last week
reached :t>r. tons of this the Le Koi
.hipped 2^05 ions, War Kagle B30, Irou
Mask 00
The Grand Prise is making agood
dm wing    The ore  Wringers continue
strong and  new openings have been
made on the Unlge
A peat strike was rnsdsonthe l.e
lot Last week    Bight feet o< ore a atay
ug tittO to the.ton was struck between
the ,V*��and fjfaj levels.  A similar streak
���fon* has been ftmnd st tHd*t-50iooi
level, also at 700.   Shipments last week
amounted to '.*��< tons.
The contract was let la-t week for the
ew lompressor for the Iron Mssk to
heJenckesMachtnoCo.   It .wlllbeol
the duplex electrical type and wtl! have
he nominal capacity olPJ drills at sea
ievel    Underground  development   of
the Iron Mask rontHses.
The DrSfl Of ths Alsska Tread well
ami Masks HexlCSO mines in Alaska
��"'��� the lowest grade gold ores now
t.rked proflUbG In tS last fiscal
, le Alaska freadwell reported an
r,rrtuiiNl ?J :�����-�� a ton. and the
VlasU Mexican M.13 lh.thcompan.es
X "ca.lv dividend pavers Ihe
-   these   low   grade  ores- an
Tenders are, asked for putting in two
100-foot tunnels on properties in the
Jackson basin by the Jackson Mines,
Ltd , and the Kcho Mining Co.
1 here, is an excellent ripening here for
a good physician, providing of course
that a hospital for the accommodation
of the miners would be erected, as it is
really a necessity in a camp like this
where so many minors are employed.
At the present time thev have to go
either to Kaslo or Sainton, and there is
a good quantity of kicking in consequence.
A   siiMHii   Celebrity.
I admired her beauty rare, praised her pretty
Titian hair,
Biwke in raptures of her eyes so bright arid
Of her (Irons so nice and neat, and hei smile so
killing sweet,
And assured her thai it * as no idle chaffing.
Then her little brother dear sprang a grin from
ear to ��ar.
And, despite  her head and finger shaking
Cried aloud:   "Oh, she'* all right!   She  looks
mighty slick to night.
But. xrent Scott; you'd ought to see her In the
in >rnlngf*
���Denver Post
Mr. J. C. Baton, the well-known
BtoCSO mining man, has left for Snn
Francisco with Mrs. Eaton. Mr. Eaton
recently sold his interest in the Whitewater mine to an English company, call
ed the Whitewater Mines, limited, one-
third being; retsioed by his partner, Mr.
.fohn L. KetnJiack, and Major J. M.
Montgomery. Mr. Baton ie now opening
up the Madison group, one mile above
Sandon, which he says is otdy a prospect.
In telling of the prosperity that has
come to that section he made a striking
contrast  between the conditions when I
he first went there and those existing
J now.
"I have just come out of.the Slocan,"
said he. "and the mines are producing
more than ever.   The advance in the
price of silver has made mines paV to
work which did not pav before.   The
silver-lead portion of the kootenay country is producing a great deal  more than
the gold portion; to fact,  more money
will come out of that district than w ill
come out of the Klondike this year. The
Payne is   shipping  fflQQ.000 a month,
having shipped n few dollars less than
fOOU.OOO ��n the first six  months ot this
year.   The Whitewater is putting in a
new   mill.   On   the   Whitewater Deep
Mr. H. K.  Brown is putting in a new-
compressor plant, and i? starting a large
tunnel  from  the Kaslo creek level.    1
should  think it would strike ore at a
depth of 70> feet vertically  Ulow the
present workings.   The List Chance is
putring iu a new  tram, which strikes
tne  railroad a mile and a  half above
Sandon, and haa become a wonderful
produ.-er.    Mr.  Brown is   building up
tlte town of Whitewater, and has put up
a house of lt> rooms at the mine.    When
1 went to set* him the other day he "sk-
ed me if 1 wanted to take a bath, Baying
he had two bath rooms. ' Why,  I  built
that trail to Whitewater with my own
bands when  1 had  only oi.e shirt. ���
Kossland Leader.
Four   Thousand   Ounces   Sll.er.
I mairclwd oot yon Sabbath moen,
i'iiradtn'tae die kirk.
The iruiil btsiks ma brave nlcht hann'
AT at ma knee the dirk,
I tried ma best tat- keep ma mind
Krae wr-ridly vanitl..*.
But l*h. I riiiildua thinko*ought,
Hut o' uia lir/.w new clues.
When 1 foregathered t* the king
An' sat me duou tae hear
Thi'sairmon that oor chaplain ureached,
Na�� word o't caught uia eir;
Ma mi ul to things o' earthly dross
lVi]��'ua.liy strays,
I caught ni.'i*el' a dizzen times
A-thiukiii' </ ray claes.
The wirvice did me little gnid,
1 a uidna tell the text.
An* when wc mairched awa' again
I fflt anhantrS an' vexed.
The*.' k Its. qu ���' 1. an- unco fine.
But as the gu'nl tx��k ��ays,
It's vanity t>* vanities
To wear sic g vrgaoua cUes.
A valuable jrold mine in the Sierra
Madre mountains. Chihuahua, Mexico,
was worked 80 years ago bv a party of
Spaniards. The Apaches drove them
away and since that time all trace of it
was lost. A short time airo it was accidentally discovered by Mr J. Newton
Fowler, ol Brooklyn, NeV York, while
pursuin**; a wounded deer. Rich specimens of j.-old were conspicuously evident in every part of it
WANTED.���A First-Class pant and
vest maker, at once. H. J. Robie, The
Tailor, New- I��enver.
Is the Pioneer House of the City
If you are������
oU ,le because Ihe dciMsils are exten-
ilve can he Worked SI   loW "Sfe-Jl^
'^nhn- the- rreadwell am ��� L.n te
.1 vt.-Mcin and on a lai^e s��.*tu,
Kile   hi     "to" milling are kept down
It now turns
out  tli��i   H"' richiSBt
ii   iiiim' turns  em   �����'"���   ������*:    ,
ih-i i,�� *������ :
,d ileadwoud.
in strippinjr the upper vein on the
SUgO Fraction, one of the claims in the
Capella group, on Qost mountain, about
' a mile up from the New Denver Siding.
A, Thompson ran into a nine inch
streak of line decomposed sulphide ore
showing shade-, of blue and irreen carbonates of copper A small handful
was taken out and handed to Mr. Mc-
Nau��-ht. of Silverton. for assay, who
sent up the reply: "The Hue stuff you
sent up went 1.100 oz. silver.' Former
assays have gHrenWO, 41"��,   1,400 and
;{,1��*'�� OSS.	
Marriage   Felicity.
TheKlkton Record reports that a man
named Rouse marrlsdsglrlnsmed Nix-
COtS, In Missouri, and now his wife is
briifdnir a suit for divorce. She alleges
tliatlt was hard enough to have the
oapers annaunee the wsddlntf as the
Nixcom-Kouse nuptials, but it is more
than she can bear to have her husband
insist on naiolnff her son Nixcomo A.
Rouse That's a parallel case with one
in t hejron Citv Some years ajro James
lack was married to Mrs. Jerusha
jump and about a year after the cruel
father christened hw hrst child "Jump*
in" Jack "-rentralia News.
Hotel Ivanhoe.
Call at the
������Mamtfaturcrs of all���
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Etc, Etc.
Sancton, B.C.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best aasss
The following is a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during ths
week in the several mining divisions of
ths Slocan. Those of New Denve ��� were
ss follows :���
OCT ll-Hatnllton.McOuigan creak,F A tevts.
Lorance. south nnat New Dearer. John JB
Msrten.Dolphus Mep>. .   _    __
Yellow Jacket. P��yne mountaln.C A Freeman.
Ocr U-Snndon Fraction, Oody ereek. Wm
Oct IS-PUnnia-an, Carpenter. Wm Smlri.
Old Stamp, relocation ��rf thn Manhattan, w m
Pie-nut View, relocation of the Qoaaind, Wm
Anderson.  ���       ���*_-*-*   _ - _
Alma. Eight Mile. Waller Clough, D A Boas,
Pooler, bet Eight and Ten MUe creaks, Vrauk
Selkirk, same, Joaeph Brandon
Oct M���Waterloo, adjoining Cornerneker, M
L Nicholson. ,   _,   .. __ _ *
Iron Maak Fraction, Four Mile, Hugh Brady.
Oct 1.V Nettle F, Payne mountain, Wm Jews,
G Weinant.
Oct 17-NeUk, north fork Cnrpenter, W T
Oct 18-Carbonate   Kins;   Fraction,  Payne
mountain, Henry Dilley.
Belvedere Fraction, name, E M Gibson.
Oct ir���Perservance.
Oct 14��� Baltimore, Manitoba Fraction.
Oct IS���Bee Bee, Havana,Gopher. Grand View.
Oct 17-Moltte, Dardanelles No I, Giant, SUvcr
Standard. f*
Oct W���Nettle Fraction to B C General Kxplora*
tion Co, Ltd, Foreign.
Oct lo-Adlrondacka 1/9, Andrew J Murphy to
Wm Ecrles, Oct S, ��SS*U&.
Oct il-Billy D J, A E Fanqnier to J H Cor/,
Merrtmac J, Geo Long to A C ABen, 8apt��.
SUverite i, John Foster to J H Cory, Jan SS.
Oct 14���MsvpfV Randolph Saunders and Andrew J Murphy to F J Fanlcnne. Oct IS.
Liltte 1, Frank L Byron to Joseph Brandon,
Oct IS.
Punier ��. Frank L Byron to Joseph Brandon,
Renn BI, Joae|��i Brandon to Frank L Byron,
Oct is.
Little Jack i. same to aame, Oct IS.
Brtatol Extenafon J. W H Brandon to Frank L
Byron. Oct 1.
Selkirk��, Joseph Brandon to aame. Oct 1A
Tnrrls. Dtnwry. Capello,, tn nU, David Breav
ner to Amos Thompson, Oct IS.
Turria |, W W Dtoes to aame. May 11.
Ocr 14-Eagle Frnctton, Ironclad. Eagle,
Emily EdltSFraetton, S/5 In nil, M E KernuM*-
aaeyer to Chas E Hope, Aug W.
Bobull Fraction IS, B A MrConkey to Neat
Nelson, Oct U.
Bobtail Fraction IS, aame to John McLnchUn.
Oft IS.
Notice of claim laldrto rhe lntorest of Wm L
Harper in the Aahkoah muwrnl etatai hy Thos
Bouse.  :,
loca Tinas,
Oct 5-Bob Boy. F W Bauer. Vancouver. W
A Bauer; Westminster. N Camiibcll; Great
Northern, J M ConnickfOrand Pacinc, J Emuey:
Jeasic, J B Anderson; Jumbo Fraction, I) K
Oct ��>-Gladstone. J B Stephens ftparron*, J
Empey; Bobbie Burt. V A Johnson.
UCTS-Mxle, 8 J Henderson: Akna, H Mi-Don
aid; Badger, A B Calms; Brush, W M Wright;
Oct 10-Laurel, D B O'Brien: Porto Blew. J 8
Parker; Cuba, H McDonald; Reserve. H Brook.
least smong the Europeans, averaging
only b% inches over 5 feet. The soldier
who fights under the stars snd stripes
averdfceeS feet 1% inches in hia stocking
feet, he weighs 10 pounds more than the
Spaniard, snd his chest girth ia nearly
2 inches grestsr. These are points thst
count. ..    ,
Of course, sine is not everything in a
aoldier. Never in history haa it counted
for ao little as it does to-day, inasmuch
as modern warfare is conducted ehisuy
hy machinery, battles are fought at long
range, snd hund-to-hand encounters are
rare. Ths Japanese are smaller than
the Spsnlsrds, yet there sre no fiercer
fighters; ths American Indians, on tha
other hand, are Suparior in stature to the
Yankees. But, other things lining equal,
the bigger man ban an advantage. The
Yankee is the tallest of civilised men;
in Europe the Norwegian approaches
him nearly in thia respect, and the Englishman ia a full inch shorter.
During the recent war attention wss
psid to tlie gathering of statia'ic* of all
aorta relating to the soldiers. Thin was
done to soma extent during *hc civil
conflict, snd some of the most interesting facts noted had to do with the varying stature of recruits from different
porta of the country. Ths biggest men
came from Kentucky, averaging a trifle
over 5 teet 8** inches. Clone behind
was Kansas, with Minnesota. Mi aouri,
California and Nevada, following in the
order given. Ths men from all these
states averaged about 5 feet 8 inches.
Maine, Illinois snd Michigan fell two-
tenths of an inch below that mark, snd
next cams Ohio snd Pennsylvania.
Maaaschusetts and Connecticut were at
the foot of the list, the volunteers from
the latter states sveragins only 6 feet 6 V,
July   StaSH  IrvwntatlSU.
Oct 6-Josh Collins. MounUln Goat, Houser
Fraction, l-rwddeiit FraeUon. Two Bnahers,
Hoarser, Presuleut, Commodore. Blue Grouse.
Oct 7-Heiidryx No 9, Fractlou No f, Blue Jay.
Oct 10-Haloablon, Cariboo Head. Etpreaa.
uct 11-Ophlr No S, Alma.
OcT��-Oi>lden King i. Granite ft A Ntlaon to8
W   a**"r**tsST"an H"
Oct 7-Iron Club. J Fletcher to T J Proctor.
Oct lo-Brownie ft, A Miller to E J Scot/It.
Brownie 1/ls. E J acovii to J H Taynton.
Oct U -Htor Pointer. J1 Am. Larky Scott. W
B Ramsdel! to B H BamadeU.
_*��'__���������* ft. B H Bnmadall to E J Matthewa
R��*<l Ochre i.B Flaherty to B rnett Lamoure
nnd J W Liv.ra. ��iv>,
Ths Yankee is a much bigger man than
ths Spaniard, snd thst is sn important
advantage for the Ameriesn in war
ssya the St. Louie Globs-Democrat!
With all his pride of race the haughty
don Is s little fellow, In stature he ierhe
"Ths coolest man 1 sver knew," began
ths drummer from Milwaukee, "was not
s aoldier st sil, snd very likely would
hsve run like s seared sheep if ever he
had been under firs. For all thst, he
never 1st snvthing surprise biro. Us
seemed to make it the chief object of his
life to crock s joke on svsry oecsaion
that other people thought serious. Ms
was an ordinary city knockabout���culled
himself a real estate dealer, 1 believe.
though 1 doubt if be ever sold s loot of
Isndin hia life.
" Wsll, one dsy John Jimson���thst was
hie ruune���-dropped dead in hia office.
At least he seemed to be dead. The
doctor called it heart disease snd made
out the death certificate accordingly.
We all went to hia funeral, for be wss
liked by everybody, snd s good msny
commented on the natural, smiling expression of tbe corpse.
"Just sa the undertaker wss shout to
clone the coffin tho corpse rained its
bead slightly snd said, very faintly but
smiling snd distinct: 'One moment,
"You can bet there wss a greet sen
aatiou snd s scurrying to get him out
of.the coffin whan we reshaed that he
had only been in a trance. As we lifted
him op he amiled again very cheerfully
snd whispered: 'I was only going to
suggest, Mr. Undertaker, that you ooyhl
to send your bill to the doctor who
granted s dssth certificate, and not to
my poor family.'"
Aoy one who hsa known what it is to
wait day sfter nay in some outol-th,-
world nook for tatters which were nil the
time safely reposing in some neglected
coroner of s sleepy post office can appreciate the storv thst ie told of Lord
Wolteley by Mr. Nooree, who waa with
Her Majesty's forces through the Soudan
At Korti Noorsr went into tlie post
office to look sfter some letters. The
postmaster waa s native and not much
ueed to hsndwriting. He made a superficial examination of a big pile of letters,
and while be was looking them over a
man with nothing to designate hia rank
He took in ths
came into the office,
situation st a glan��s.
������Lets clear this thing out," he said.
They jumped on the counter snd proceeded to "dear it out' hy first bundling
out the postmaster. Then they began
S careful examination of the -tost office
and found it congealed with mail for the
srmy. They searched every nook snd
cranny, throwing the letters for each
regiment into a different pile, and heap,
ing up all tbe newspapers in the centre
of the room. Then they went through
each pile andanpsrsted it into com-
pnnies. Before night every letter wss in
camp and distributed snd the next dsy
Ihe papers were out.
Nourae did oot know the nsms of hie
companion in the benevolent deed, and
when he asked the answer was. "They
call me Charlie."
Some time after Noumn found it necessary u�� see the commandant, and, sitting
under Uie tsnt to which ho bad been
directed, he saw hia companion of ths
poet office.
���Hello, Charlier he aaid, "I'm looking for the Commandant.   Where shall
I find hits?"
"Weil." esid
have to took tar.
Chsrlte, >u Wt
im the commandant
  a bit to ^t
Come innide snd hsve
II wss Lord Wohtoley.-Tlnj
Maine's  Miami  PrtMtun.
Idaho a yield of gold, silver and lead
lo lf��7 wss flS,99��,f$D an incr^ 0f
$1,978,010 over ion. This Is thn corn.
putalloo completed recently bj the
asssyer In charge of the I nited ���*���*��
sassy office st Boise It was d vidni
ss follow.: Gold, ti.tri.stas;
��7,10B.��i; lesd. ������.����� ii,fiti
Shoshone cnuntv tthe t teur d Al-m*.
contributed tl.H5*i,5K of tor- *t*.���<.,!
all vet* product, snd stD*i,<i'��f of u�� ^y
yield* snd while the figures an not ar
hand indicating the lead output uf th**
Cceur d'Alenen, It ia known to be thn
great bulk of the nut.** output. Tt��*
tots) miners! product of th��* Our
d'Alencs last yesr waa not far (r* ��
Palace Gafe,
K*stern Oyster*.   Tender
Chickens   snd    eventhlnv
ths  Market  affonU In th.
wst of dHiciona snd.
ns lata hie flmd ean he tnnnd
Strangers snd others sre
requested to csll on ns wiVn
hunger tormenta their Inter-
# nsJ anati*mv
If John It not
f on shift yon nre sore to find
f  " ~
In the
, e Bcst-cquippcd
.. Restaurant
. . io the Sloan
It never Closes
and the proprietors aim
to please their patrons
Millard A Thomiwn.
Farm Produce, Fruits,
m Vegetables, sjgggj*-
For tits convenience of the trade n stock It slwsys ke|��t on hand in the
Jelland IhrlHing, SANDON. Mints) supplied nt wholesale rates I �����
losded with lYnduo*. rVnlts snd VeKetsbles are ran Into the Slocan every
TEN DAYS, and orders can bo delivered sn roots.
- ���' ���  ��� nm    im ii Tniniinn-iii    r    nun i iffr*n	
Provides amide and pleasant arwotnmodstlon for tbe trsvelink- i>u*>I��o.
Telegrania for reotns protnpUy attended to.
A I poudrisr, Woll��knot��n in the
Slocan. tool! din oson Life.
In the wilds <**one of the nor them
khjiul*��f Uieyiieen Clisrlotiegroup,
\ I, Poudrier, s well-known survivor A Victoria, deliberately u��k
bis own life. The set wss undonbt
edly wtnnittted while he wss suffer
ini from a ill of despotrdericv, caused
bv tlie isolation of hit position, snd
the ptiysiesl eshsnstioti doe to the
nature of his work.
The news of the tragedy wss
brought to Vaneoneer on Saturday
fvi-nmg ")' tne Vnkn Htearnsltii��
iVmrpsny't ntessuer Cutch, which
ja#t i ���������unv-d frotn �������� north.
Mr P>-adrift* wss well snd tsvor
sbiv known in both Vsneonver snd
VieWia. Sbrtat two months sgo hs
felt n* ihe Qoeen Chnrlotte Islsnds
on ;�� private anrvcylng expedition.
Thret wen who scted s�� hit aaeist*
ant* left Victoria wilh him, snd they
w.rked fta* ���* veral weeks on differ
,nt isJau.I*, frtsAlty retching tire must
niTthemnr tltf grvor On this io
land the partv pik-ned their tent and
siartrd to w,*k. Mr. ItaMlrfter't
latore were ereisssriiy very hsrd.
and whtteeppsrenUy absorbsd in it,
ins vparstion from civilisation
meitA  ki  prey  on kit mind.    He
legs*. u> set strangely, *nd "������ **
tdnb iti* thought he wst tliresiened
with a *sri<��M illness. While they
���*ft-making prejsrstiofis to leave
liic island, Mr. Puodrier showed
i*n*nt unrest snd shnnm-d his emu-
���anions One ut-orniitg, without nay
log a w<n-tl to them lie lighted his
,l> and walked Into a clump��/
*.rr- - a *h ��rt dlsuuce fnan lire carup
A few minutes ttterwsrd a revolver
attot stnttied the men, snd, rushing
inh> the wo*alt they discovered tbe
union .iistc man lying under s tree
with a roping wound In hit fVcbetd.
He had apparently been leaning
a��*ain*.t th* tree when the fatal act
*a�� < vHurullted The revidver had
been placed against hit furehesd, for
tbe skin wss scorched trnnnd the
wound from dose contact*
The n maliu were taken to Mstsett
unoneot the Islsnds. where an in
Mttoi was held,   k verdict of suicide
was returned.-Province
ernment as at present.   The cornmls"
skarer, who wtmld be presiding officer,   would  hsve the veto power in
case of a tie.   All members ot  the
council would require to be selected
from  the   Yukon district and to be I
tax payers and be entitled to a vote
it elections, etc., as well  as  being
British subjects.   This part of Major
Walsh's report will doubtless engage
the favorable attention of the government, and it is more than likely
that the Yukon t.overnment set will
be amended next session in this direction.
Trout Use District
A. L Portlier waa well-known In
the Hlocan. Two rears ago he ran a
mrvev line tVum tootenav lake vis
Wotsibury and roar Mile creeks to
Slocan lake for the it. at & He was
tm\I: yed for *** time in tha sum
met of ���#? statt Kootenay lake
���"chi, ,;������ _ial survey Ing land snd
timber italwlw the tame company.
Uter he was oronght into promin
*'��������'' for the gkrwiag st-counts he
wrote of the jG^Cfoit trail and the
"��!e m Klo.'We from Spokane.
j>mce then he has been In 'luird
toe* and the preteni one it the mily
ytntaoti he has been connected with
f,,r rsjtne time. Lately he became
<l**pon tent and temporary Insanity
wm, probably hjameable for the
wast of hit death.
" �� a ftmlhy met that two years
*K<\ the irother of the daccated
���aicided at Qndttteile Forks, when
m on a tnrvey trip.
Wired Prom Ottatoa.
mmm ��n maliaaiiia aim
, It is reported that Major Walsh
nss recommended in hit report an
���ntire abandonment of the royalty In
f�� ) ukon and alto that one-half of
r hkw ������ncll be elected, instead
A all being appointed by the gov.
The Ethel claim on f. lacier mountain, near Trout Like City, hst recently been bonded to the Commonwealth iJold Mining Company of
Kossland for 140.000 cash and stock,
ISflJO having been paid down as the
first payment on the bond. It is intended ' ui keep a force of men at
work all winter and to make regular
shipments of ore.
Active development instill being
prosecuted on the Silver Cup, and s
contract has just been let to bring
down from the mine some 200 tons of
ore sacked ready for shipment.
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
���o and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C. P. Ry
agent, or
C. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. ST1TT, Gen. 8. 8. Agt.,
Bluenoees Coming.
-Trnn* Nrw* |
Percy Black more has been iu town
for a few davs from Crows Nest
Pats, R C. en route to (fiance Bay,
(\ 11.. where he will make arrangements to take out to British Ciilutn
bis a number of expert miners, and
also a large number of tire wives snd
children of the men who havealreadv
gone forwsrd. and of many who will
go out on thin present trip. Pruablv
four or dun 1st ears will be required to
move all out west, which will be
taken on thr C. P. R. metals at St.
China wants flour, lumber, butter,
canned goods and bacon from Canada, and Mr. J. A Craig of Shanghi,
Chins, is in Oltsws endeavoring to
promote trial shipment/?. At present
Britain controls more than one-half
ot the Chinese trade, but Russians,
French and I "nited States liners are
working up a market. Canada has
some of the finest boats in the world
plving Iwtween Hong Kong and the
Pacific c��su��t. Canadians should take
gd vantage of their opportunities.
You cannot find
any better goods
than toe can shoto
you.   Remember
this tchen you
toant a good suit
of clothes.
r^ ������jF-j? . ajpTi n imT  iT-sii _P__s_P
j. R. & D. Cameron.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
NOTM'K i* aSnsSf llnaa that at tha aa
m ,Or.i��ofth��rt. lava from tha Srst tmhlic
ei��*a Isarnnf Un iisisiaSasal "l"  apply  t��
ths Uassss ftistikstsasr ��f ir���� city of san
,\nn tor s rlaasaa aaaaU liquor bri-ull at
.hair (amaafcna itSasaa ss rw�� Avanw. in th.
Cttr of *��*.>lon.
WIISBIISl S Wtartsaaaao.
���jaSSS*OntetMi rt\u\. lana.
Sewing and Mending
of> all hinds.
Gentlemcns' Clothing
Carefully Repaired.
Soo-Pacific Line.
TSn Pant naO Sapsrior SntniM Boat*
To Eastern Si
European Points.
To Pacific Coast, Alaska,
China, Japan and Australian
Baggage Cheeked to Destination
and Through Tick eta Iesned.
Tourist Cars
Psss Kevelstoke r
Dally to St. Paul.
Daily Except Wednesday to East
ern Csnsdian and U. S. Points.
Daily to Points reached via Nakusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
ed vis Rosebery and Slocsa City.
Dally Train.
7:4o k     lve. SANDON ar.     16:55 k
Ascrtain BATaTS and fnll informntion by
s.Urssslne naarast local asant, nr
Agent, Sandon.
Wst. Pass. A��.., 1������ Ft** **t*
Vancouver, Nalann.
Ba sura  that your tlckat r��ads via tha
Will be at the Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
n. l. QRinriETT
Notary Public,
SANDON. -      fa. c.
Headquarters for Miners.
Well stockad bnr in connection.
First class accommodations.   Beard by tan
day or week.
BONGARD 4 PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Oody.
Rates:  truoper dny.
Special Bates by the Week. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, OCTOBER 22 im
Must Want It
Sandon must want the Comique,
judging from the vote   taken on
Thttrsday.   About  100 votes were
polled, and the Comique was elected
to stay.    Sandon  is allright, and
should make laws for the balance of
Canada.   If the Dominion law were
enforced the Comique would never
have had an existence.   As it is the
Corporation of Sandon is liable for
any trouble that may arise from it
The voters of this cjty have given a
majority in favor of such sn Institution and the rest of the community
Will hsve to abide by it. Sandon laws
are evidently   supreme and most
be respected.   It is now in order to
take a vote on the question of whether
we will allow churches in" the city
or close them up.   The citizens cannot serve two masters. The majority
{irefer Mammon  so Christ and his
ollowers might as well be voted out.
Then we could turn everything loose
in this burg and have a hell of a
town; one that would satisfy  the
most ardent lover of everything that
is damnable and depraved.    Let
heirs work go on. and give old Kick
a bonus to work his graft to a finish.
The Goodenough,
Furnished Rooms.
Strictlu First Cleat,
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
Only Three Left.
Tlle Reputation
* my Optical
Is established beyond
all question. If you have
any   doubt   about your
Eyes beln* what ^y
ought to be call,  In and
I will   Tegt them and
tell you the trouble Pree
of charge.
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C
In many of the mining camps of]
the States the prosperity of the community was measured by the number
of faro games running. For instance
Baker City at one time had twenty-
two. There are only three there
now and things are more or leas
desolate. Two weeks ago Sandon
did not have anv. Now there are
three, and bucking the tiger is s
common pastime with tbe sports of
the Silver Citv. It the number
should climb to twenty-two where
would tbe city he at �� Prosperity
would be so thick that it would not
be taken notice of. Such is life in
the wild and silvery west
Sandon Brass Band.
The committee ou subscriptions in
aid of the Sandon Brass Bsnd wish
to extend their most hearty thanks
to the people of Sandon for tbeir
liberal support. Tlte Following sre
the donations:
Labor Day 185
Dance 36
R Green 25
Frank Wood 10
Brace White 5
M. L.Grimmett 15,
City $50
Ot*3grove Co 24
J. M. Harris 25
II. Bostock 5
D. McClaine   5
Hunter Bros. 110
Alex Crawford 10
E.R. Atherton 15
S. A. Mighton      5
Main Bros. ��15
Tbos. Brown 10
Bank of B. C. 5
H. By era      15
Balmoral Hotel *10 The Atlas   110
The Bartlett      10 The Palace  10
Ivanhoe Hotel    10 Miners Hotel 10
Waldorf Hotel    10 Bryan Hotel   5
Clifton House     5 Exchange 2.50
Kootenay^      2.50 Thistle      2.60
New York Brewing Co, 110
Total 11440.
And Other Investments.
Every Representation Guaranteed.
!    0. W. ORIMMETT.
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
(Filbert Cigar Store\
Just opened.
Nero Goods,
Fresh Stock, j
Eoeruthing ]
\    Reliable.!
{Cigars, Cigarettes. Tobacco,!
[Pipes, and Smokers' Supplies oil
rail kinda. ;
Drop in and  see us.
Jas. Williamson.
Filbert Block     Sandon. B. cJ
Geo. B. Knotole8,
Pioneer Jeweler of the Slocan.
Now opened in the New Store
with a larger and better stock of
Something New and Novel for
the Ladies.
REPAIRINO   will   receive   the
tame  careful Attention  aa
SEND YOUR WORK la by stall, as.
prtss, freight, pack train, tram-
way, trolley car or saloon.
Drop in and see the New Store.
Two floors Hslow   VIRfllNU   blot*
���RBGOAVB.   .    .   .   SANDON.
The onlu exclnaioe Wholesale and Retail Grocer* House in Sandon
Dealing in FIm, Fresh mmi Ot#an table sup-
Plies suitable for Family, Hotel tnd Min-ng trade.
Special brands of \fwtm Tms mmi 0#ff#�����.
Sole Agents for
Giant PasVsf or G*..,
Tela) tSIHMHM VO#*BWsss GAIMllfaSp
St. OtarlM StwHIIzoil Cream.
Stores at KAHM) snd AIXSWORTH
A Full Line of Cigars. Tobacco*.
Pipes nnd Mmokers' MnndHf-s
In f-Jtoek.
Hradquarrcrs tor Plav*a| Cards asd
Poker Chips.
at ot> avt
Servaa the   beat 28 cent meal
In town.
Short   Orders  served  aa de-
Comfortable rooms by the Day
Week or Month.
Everything Neat,  Clean and
Call and Give it a Trial.
a-aaaj ���,.���..���*,..,
H. Byers 4 Co,
At* Sol* Aasatta fs>r
Truax Patent
Improoed  Automatic
Ore Car.
We Orarry �� 1*H *-*��* ��r
Steel Rails,
Strap Iron,
Caps and Fuse,
And sil kind.��.'
Mine   Hardware,
H. BYERS & Co.


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