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The Paystreak Sep 17, 1898

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Array n
Walter Adams went to Kaalo yet*
t�� rdsy.
Mrs. B. V.   MeCune  It-It  Kir the
���uuth yesterday.
Mrs. Isaac Crawford I* visiting
friends in Nelson.
Kri Tht.Mii|����*t.ii is putting a new
front on tlio Kxchange.
Tliere is a scarcity of pack mule*
in tpe .Slocan Just now.
.1 N. McDonald, representing tin*
Nelson Miner la In town.
The Sandon tire brigade wilt not
attend the Kosslatid celebration.
L. C. Line has moved Into one of
Mr. HuntrnVhovat-a on Cody ave.
L. C l*anc made a trip t>. Nelson
this week to look up some mete
The Balmoral  hotel  restaurant is
undergoing repair* and will be re
iffasoel in the near future.
!: was as ven years ago Thursday
that tho first location Wai made iu
the Slocan--the Pavm*.
Pitta Urot. have reopened their
Three Fork* atone. Kugene Stublaa
i- managing file business.
1) W. Moore, ore buyer for tbe
Trail smelter, ��pt*nt several ttaya
Hiuoag Slocan uiine** this week.
F. 8. Btanett and wife of The
I''iiver left on Thursday fur their
banner h��ano In Cripple Creek. Ud.
An extra aeisioii ��*f the city COttii
oil was held on Saturday   evening.
��� mly routiue t>u��iiH*as was transacted
Forest Ares have destroyed a la rife
amount of valuable timber about
(he head of .Slocan lake this t*umun-r
Col* Robt. Irving is mentioned .i*
tlte probable president i4 the Koote
nay Hallway & Navigation company.
Stein Bros, have o|tcm*d I con
.eeiionery store in toe premises for
inerly occupied by  I). J. Robertson,
Hunter Broa are build in.? a ware
house at lite  U I*. |{. No   I    Switch
FoUinttft McMillan   have the eon-
John Thomson, of rYeemont, Neb.,
whole Interested In several Slocan
l-ropertiet, paid Sainton a visit thi*.
A consignment of pipe I as lavu re
<>ived   by   the 8. W. A L CO., awl
tlio water main will  bocontlntttfd up
I ody Ave.
���' C. Katon returned from the
junto this, week and accompanied bv
Ins wife paid taaiKiu,, ��� .Imui vi>it
. Hie K. il 8. |t telling round trip
tickets to K<suiand for the celebration
*t c<20. Direct connection*, made
both ways.
'������ T. Ix>wery Is spend imr a few
'��������>�� on tho Pacific Const. His visit
ls �����* supposed to bear any laditical
Eraser & Tattrle opened their
"-������"on on Reeo Avenue Thursday
^���oiling., d\ gymnasium will la* run
����� connection,
The Lova it-Brown case which has
been hanging tire in the police court
f -r warn* time comes up today at
three o'clock,
Mr. Melville Parry, general agent
of the Confederation Life Aas'n spent
��� few days in town this week in tlie
interests of his company.
J. If, Harris is tilling op the old
creek lad with tiie refuse rock from
the star eoneentrator and levelling
the ground   for townsite purposes.
The C. P. R. is selling tickets to
the R'.issland celebration, good going
17 and 18 and returning until the
2fch.   Single tare for the round trip.
Tlie Kaslo hnae reel team is going
to Kossland and should win the j��cn-
naut n*t thev have bettor record**
than either Ko>s!aud, Trail or Nelson.
I). J. Roiwrtson i*- building a furniture warehouse in (root of his residence on Railroad avenue. The
building wiil be 20 x 40 with two
Mi***es Mary and May Brown of
Arthur Out., titter and niece nf Mr.
las. Brown, aro enj ��ytng the in ran*
tain scenery stirnwinding his home
at Mef.uig.tti.
The sidewalk on the upper side <4
Main street in Three Fork*, was re
paired and D8t on   an   even grade
i his week    The money  was raised
by ��ila*t*ri|4ion.
C. 0, Dixon, general passenger
and freight agent of the Spokane
Falls A Northern has been in .Sandon
the past few days. He is authority for
the statement that the Qoeen Bess
road will be built, all utluT informa
tion to the contrary net withstanding.
The f Sisjgro vc cotn pa n v ira ve two
of their excellent entert timnents in
Virginia Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to fair audiences.
The abilities of this company of
arte**** is so well known that no
etilogv is required. The band placed
a snbstantlal sum on the right side
of their book* as a result.
The Treasure Vault
W. W. Warner has just completed
iiis contract on the Treasure Vault of
a 125 foot upraise connecting No. 2
drift with No. 1, and a winze of 50
feet. The property is worked by
two Hrifu run in on the ledge show-
in? continuous ore, and both the
winze and upraise, which are 250
feet in, show ore ranging all the way
from eight inches to three feet.
E. J. Matthews was up to see the
propetry on Wednesday and let
further contracts to W. W. Warner
to continue the No. 2 drift 115 feet to
the Last Chance line, which will
give a sloping ground of over 300
feet A contract was also given to
drift 50 feet in the same direction
from the bottom of the winze.
The work already done places tlie
Treasure Vault among tire most
valuable properties in the district
and it will no doubt be a large ship
per in the near future. It is the intention of the owners, Braden. Bros.,
to work the property extensively.
A camp will be built and 25 or 30
men employed before long.
The Great Western.
C. It. Acatt, a South African min-
ing man, has obtained promise of a
tease on tlie (treat Western and has
put eight men to work on the prop
erty.     Tlie  Great   Western   mine,
which belongs to the Two Friends
company, has a large amount < f con-
cent rating ore. in sight.   The product
was formerly handled   through the
Washington mill   which   has  been
���.hot down for some time on account
if the scarcity of water.   It is  said
that the leasee's plans are extensivn.
The lease will be ratified at the next
general meeting of the Two Friends
which had caught from a stovepipe,
in an upstairs room, had been  put
out before their arrival.
There is nothing which causes
more anxiety in Sandon than the
danger from' Are and the citizens
would almost as soon hear Gabriel's
golden horn as the warning notes of
the tire bell.
The shipments of ore  from July
1st, 1898 to date.
From Sandon.
Slocan Star,
Last Chance,
Wonderful Bird
C M Wilson
From Concentrator Siding
Idaho Mines, :
%iueen Besaj
From Whitewater.
Total,. :  I	
Shipments over the K\ & 8
week ending September 15:   Payne
100,   Ruth  100,   Last   Chance "(50,
Slocan Star 60.
6,630} tons
for the
Over  the  C.   P.   R.
week   in  September
Total tor the week (520.
for the second
Payne, 300,
The Dardanelles.
Shipments Irom Whitewater for
month ending August 31: Whitewater 105 tons.
The Miller Creek shipped a carol
ore this week.
The Native Silver Bell has a car
of ore ivadv tor shipment that   will
net 1800 e ton.
It is stated on good authority that
the Washington will resume opera*
lions within ten days,
The Ooodenongh company commenced work this week on thctirey
Oopjvr claim. Ten men are employed with Tom Jones as foreman.
Ore is Iteing packed down tron the
Carbonate No. 2 on Spring creek.
A caret high grade stuff will la?
shipped noxt week.
A large amount ot machinery for
the Whitewater concentrator has
been handled from the C. P. R. to
thcK. & 8. this week.
(Jeorge ('lark has five men at work
ou the Minnehaha.   A trail has been
cut from near Tributary creek on the
Wonderful trail and cabins are now J
being built on the claim.
A carload of air pipe arrived at
Melfiiigaii last week and is now
being laid from the DaJdeiicllcs compressor to the mine to replace the
defective pipe which recently caused
trouble. Air pressure will be used J
to operate the pumps, drills and|
hoist and work will tic resumed as
soon as the machinery is in operation.
A contract has been let for 500 cords
of wood.
Presbyterian church���Regular services in Virginia hall morning and
evening at 11   a. m. and 7:30 p. ni.
Methodist Church���Regular services to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m.   Rev A. M. Sanford,   A.   B
Ajax Fraction.
The Coin Mining Company has
secured a lease from Braden Bros,
on the Ajax Fraction and will start
to work next week. Drifting both
ways will   Iw  continued    from  the
I Curly Robinson contracted a violent attack of cold feet early Thursday morning and departed suddenly
by the overland route hi search of a
more congenial climate leaving a
large amount of unfinished business
behind. The gentlemen of fortune
who held warrants against his game
collected collateral   from the house
Contributions are pouring in to
relieve tlie Are sufferers at New
Westminster.   The total damage is
"���*���'"  ,. ,    ,     ,  , .-1 *�� wmhhiowi.    i ia* toiai uamaire i
crosscut whlehtjps the ledge.at 50 catimated at*3,400,000 and thein
feet.   The paystreak shows three toJturance at 11,500,000.
eight inches of ore giving assays of ��� ^
t nfl        21...., ....    .. -..J     s'*J     sat^ata       ....ml Iaa *]
155 ozs. silver and Gtfpef "cent. lead.
An Alarm of Fire.
An alarm of tire aroused the people
of Sandon at one o'clock on h riday
morning and brought many people
hurridlv into the street. The brigade
answered promptly and hastened to
the Exchange from where the alarm
was sent in but  found that the Are
The C. P. K. is carrying all supplies free of charge to New West-
If you want to appreciate the
difference between ameteur campaigning and scientific warfare, read
the accounts of the war in Cuba, and
contrast them with the story of Sir
Herberts re conquest of Soudan.
Rate War Ended.
Montreal, Sept a���The railway
rate war is practically settled by the
consent ot the Canadian Pacific railway to abide by the decision of the
Interstate Commerce commission.
Mr. D. McNicholI, general passenger agent of the Canadian Pacific
railway company, said that the rates
could not in all cases be the same as
previous to the trouble, but, with
alight modifications, the old normal
standard will rule. Mr. G. B.
Reeve, passenger traffic agent of the
Grand Trunk Railway company,
said that he was glad to see the
struggle about over.
Cariboo Gold.
Old Cariboo is dest-iined to come to
the front agaii. as one of the great
mining camps of tbe globe, and that
before very long'. The latest news
from that section of the province Is to
the effect that on a bench on Williams
creek,directly opposite Barkerville,
and overlooking what were formerly
the richest pioneer diggings, three
Chinamen are taking out on an average of 60 ounces "of course gold a
day, one nugget weighing 3** ounces.
They sank to bedrock on an old
channel, which is 40 feet above the
present channel of the creek, and has
e ght feet of gravel above it, and they
are now working in a cut 40 fcet
wide. This strike has caused a revival of excitement arou id Barkerville and a number of men have
taken to prospecting the upper
The Goodenough,
Furniahed Rooms.
Strictlq First Claaa.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
And Other Investments.
Every Representation Guaranteed.
8. a. MI6HT0M
A Foil Line of Cigars, Tobneeoa.
Pipes and Smoker*' Sundries
In Stork.
Headquarters for Pt*v��ng Cards and
arc no ave
Accident at Brooklyn.
Another frightful accident due to
carelessness occurred    Tuesday on
Vernon W. Smith's contract on the
Robson-Peiiticton  road    by    which
three men were hurled into eternity
in the twinkling of  an eye.   Four
men,  John  Kinnear, Oscar Anderson, Tom Lanebcau and   Dan Ryan
were working on   a  sub-contract.
Two blasts  were  being prepared,
one of 8 kegs and  the other of 20.
In loading the second, after 12 kegs
had been   put  in  the  hold became
stopped.    Lanebeau used  an  iron
spoon to clear the opening and  instantly the blast went off.   Kinnear,
Lanebeau and Anderson were hurled 700 feet down the mountain side
and died but a  few minutes after
striking.   Ryan was thrown 15 feet
and escaped  without injury.   The
remains of the victims were brought
to Brooklyn and taken in charge by
the contractors and will be properly
buried.   Tha two first men were 23
years old and the other about 35. Alt
the men were without families.   No
blame attaches to any one but Lane*
ban who was cautioned not to do the
ratal act.
Greenwood is now connected with
Spokane by telephone.
The payroll ot Butte is 11,000,000 a
Model Hand Laundry
Bath Rooms.
A First Class LAUNDRY Sen-ice
At Reasonable Prices.
BATH HOUSE in Connection.
Plain Baths 25 cents.
Ladies Hours on   Tuesdays and   Fr.daya
rom 8 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Lady in Attendance. ���
An inspection ot the Premises invited.
Franklin S. Trcmain.
In the Roar of the POST OFFICE,
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C.
The only exclneicc Wholesale and Retail Orocenf None* In Sandon
Dealing in FIm, Fresh mmi Clean table sup.
Plies suitable for Family. Hotel tnd Min-ng trade.
Special brands of Pure Teas mmi Coffees.
Sole Agents for
Slant Powder Co.,
The famous Goodwin Candle*,
St. Charles Sterilised Cream.
Stores at KA8M) and AIXSWORTH.
H. Byers tt Co.
Ar* !*W.I��  Aa***ftl* for
Truax Patent
Improoed Automatic
Ore Car.
*     ��
*     *     *
SFilbert Cigar Store.5
8 Just opened. I
|       New Goods, J
J Fresh Stock,    |
| Eoerything 8
(Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco,**
8 Pi pea, and Smokers' Supplies of|
Sail hinds. 8
8   Drop  in and  see us.
I     Jas. Williamson.
8Fllbert Block     Sandon, B. C.8
We Carry a Pull Idne of
Steel Rails.
Strap Iron.
Caps and Fuse.
And nil kinds of
Mine   Hardware.
H. BYERS & Co.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
Tt*�� las* a** Saswrtar St**** Sost*
To Eastern tV
European Points.
To Pacific Coast Si  Far EaM
To   Rich   and   Active  Gold
Fields of Klondike and the
Ilngf?**** Checked tol>eftt(nation
mid Through Tlrketa Issued.
Tourist Cars
Pas* Kcvclsttikc i
Dally to St. Paul.
Daily Kxc*pt Wednesday t��-1>
crn Canadian and I    B. Point*
To Mam Line Points, snd, sacsptmg Sunday
To snd From Nelson.
Lenve        Bandon        aVfrtse
7:45 n. in. AfMp. �����
A***r��afn   prasaiit   SKHHKP RATE*
full Information >.> ������Mr��*��������* i��*******< '���""'
A. C. Mf'ARTIIi:.*,
Agent, Sandon,
IMsl. I'sss. Act . *Tr*��   ���'��*"   u*
Vancouver. sWaon
11* stirs   that voni  tfchwl   r**s<l�� ��"��� '���"
i'anaihax pacsfio haii-va. >s
Walter Adams wviil to Kaslo yes
Mrs. K. V.   MeCuoe  Kt\  tor the
tooth yesterday.
Mr*. Isaac Crawford i�� visiting
friends in Nelson.
Krl Thompson to patting a new
front on tho Kxchnngc.
There is a scarcity of pack mule*)
in tpe Slocan just now.
.1. X. McDonald, representing the
Nelson Miner Is In town.
The Sandon tire brigade will not
attend the Roaslaod celebration.
L C. I��me has moved Into one of
Mr. BoitonVliou*** on Cody ave.
L. C. l*ane mad.* a trip i> Nelson
tiiis week to look up some more
The 1 ia I mora I  hotel  restaurant i*��
undergoing repair* and  will  In* re
jfiu-d in tin* mar himrc.
11 waa seven years ago Thursday
ihsf the Hrst location was made in
ihe Sluean-the Payne.
Pitta lk*t*. have iirHapened their
Three Porks more. Fugeue stublw
i- managing tla* batllqesl.
D W. Moore, ore l.u\ er fjr the
Trail Mueller, spot several day*,
among Slocan mines this week.
P. S. Rootlet! and ��if��* ot The
li*nver left on Thursday for their
former Inane In Cripple Creek, Ctrl.
An extra sc-wlou of the city eoun*
cil was held cm Saturday evening.
< hdv routine busliie** was transact**!.
Forest Area liave deatrnyed a large
amount ol" valuable timber about
the head of Slocnn lake thi-* samnti r
Ooi. Roht. Irving Is mentioned as
the probable pftrSldetit of the K��*'te
nay Railway & Navigation company.
Stein Bros, have opened aooo>
'ectkHtery st>*re In the premises formerly oecopUil by II. J. Robt^tsoo.
Hunter Bros, aro buildiiu a ware
house al the G. I*. R. No. 1 switch.
Polll'iuA  McMillan   have the  am-
Lovait-Brown case which has
been banging fire in the police court
f>r Hoii.fi time comes up today at
three o'clock,
Mr. Melville Parry, ^general agent
of the Confederation Life Ass'n spent
a fvw days iu town this week in the
interest.*) of his company.
J. M. Harris is tilling up the old
creek-bed with the refuse rock from
the Star concentrator and levelling
the ground   for townsite purposes.
TheC. P. R. is selling tickets to
Ihe R'.nsland celebration, good going
17 ami 18 and returning until the
2k\\.   Single tan* fur the round trip.
The Kaslo hose reel team is going
to Rowland and should win the pennant at thev have bettor records
than either Boawlanu, Trail or Nelson.
I). J. Robert*on U building a furniture warelnaise in front of his real*
deuce on Railroad avenue. The
building will Im
20 x 40  with two
���'������Im Thomson, nt Fivtmiont, Neb.,
who is inter. *ted In several Slocan
K��pcrtiea, i*id Samhm a visit this
A Consignment of pipe I as lieen i �����
calved   by  she 8. \V\ A L. Co., aud
the wntor main will bo continued up
' ��dy Ave.
���' C. Katon returned from the
"JUtli thin week and accompanied bv
������������, wife paid Sandon a alrort visit
. Joe K. A H. Is selling round trip
tickets to Rowland for tbe celebration
"t CT.20. Direct connections maile
�����th ways.
>����� T. Iowery Is spending a few
["���ytori th�� Pacific Owst. Ills visit
����� not tiiipiMNnvd to liear any political
Prnser A Tattrle opened their
wioori on Reco Avenue Thursday
^ening. t \ gymnasium will be run
'������ connection.
Mi***> Mary  and   May   Brown ot
Arthur Outn sister and niece of Mr.
las. Brown, are enjoying the m >un
tain scenery surrounding  his home
at MefiuiiMii.
The sale walk nfl the upper skle ot
Main street in Three Pocks was repaired ami put <��n an even grade
this week The money was raised
by snl��*erf|*ion.
C ft. Dixon, general passcngei
and fre-irht azent <** the Spokane
Falls* Northern lias been in Sandon
the past few days. He is authority fog
the statement that the Queen Bess
road will la* laiilt. all otlu-r inforuia
tion to the contrary notwithstanding.
The Cosgrovc companv gave two
of their excellent entertiiuments in
Virginia Hall on Tuesday and Wed
nesday evenings to fair audiences.
The abilities of this company of
SJtistfl is 10 well known that no
eulogy is required. The band placed
a Htl��stantiat sum on the right
of their hooks as a result.
The Treasure Vault
W. W. Warner has just completed
his contract on the Treasure Vault of
a 125-foot upraise connecting No. 2
drift with No. 1, and a winze of 50
feet. The property is worked by
two drifts run in on the ledge showing continuous ore, and both the
winze and upraise, which are 250
feet in, show ore ranging all the way
from eight inches to three feet.
E. J. Matthews was up to see the
propetry on Wednesday and let
further contracts to W. W. Warner
to continue the No. 2 drift 115 feet to
the Lsst Chance line, which will
give a stoping ground of over 300
feet. A contract was also given to
drift 50 feet in the same direction
from the bottom of the winze.
The work already done places the
Treasure Vault among the most
valuable properties in the district
and it will no doubt be a large shipper in the near future. It is the intention of the owners, Braden. Bros..
to work the property extensively.
A camp will be built and 25 or 30
men employed before long.
The Great Western.
C. It. Acatt, a South Andean ruin
ing man. has obtained promise of a
lease ou the Great Western and has
put eight men to work on the prop
erty.    The Great  Western   mint',
which belongs to the Two Friends
company, has a large amount i f concentrating ore in sight.   The product
was formerly  handled   through thejOvei
Washington mill   which   has   been j week
shut down for some time on account I
which had caught from a stovepipe,
in an npstairs room, had been  put
out before tbeir arrival.
There is nothing which causes
more anxiety in Sandon than the
danger from* Are and the citizens
would almost as soon hear Gabriel's
golden horn as the warning notes of
the tire bell.
The shipments of
1st, 1898 to date.
from July
Prom Sandon.
Slocan Star,
Last Chance,
Wonderful Bird
C M Wilson
4,080 tons.
Prom Concentrator
Idaho Mines,
i^uecn Bess,
Prom Whltetoater.
Total,.     :       *. 0,0.304 tons
Shipments over the K", & S. for the
week ending September 15 .* Pavne
100, Ruth 100, Last Chance Yo,
Slocan Star 00.
the  C.   P.   R. for the second
in  September ;   Payne, 300,
4 the scarcity of water. It is sai\l
that the leasee's plans are extensivn.
The lease will be ratified at the next
general meeting of the Two Friends
The Dardanelles.
Total for the week <J20.
Shipments from Whitewater for
month ending August 31: Whitewater 105 tons.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       Presbyterian church���Regular ser-
A carload of air pipe  arrived at I vices in Virginia hall morning and
The Miller Creek shipped a car ot
ore I his week.
The Native Silver Bell has a car
of ore ready lor shipment that trill
net 1900 a ton,
It is stated on go��d authority that
the Washington will resume opera*
tious within ten da vs.
The Ooodenoofh companv com.
menced work this week on the (irey
Copper claim. Ten men are employed with Tom Jones as foreman.
Ore is being packed down Iron the
Carbonate No. 2 on Spring creek.
A car ot high grade stuff will be
shipped next week.
A large amount of machinery for
the Whitewater concentrator' has
been handled from the C. P. R. to
the K. & S. this week.
Qeonre ('lark has five men at work
on the Minnehaha.   A trail has been
cut. from near Tributary creek on the
Wonderful trail and cabins arc now |
being built ou the claim.
Mctiuigau last week and is now
being !aid from the DaJdenelles compressor to the mine to replace the
defective pipe which recently caused
trouble. Air pressure will' lie used
to operate the pumps, drills and
hoist and work will lie resumed as
soon as the machinery is in operation.
A contract has been let for 500 cords
of wood.
evening at 11  a. m. and 7:30 p
Methodist Church���Regular
vices to-morrow at 11 a. m. and
p. m.   Rev A.  M. Sanford,   A
Ajax Fraction.
The Coin Mining Company has
secured a lease from Braden Bros,
on the Ajax Fraction and will start
to work next week. Drifting both
ways will Ihj continued from the
crosscut which taps the ledge at 50
feet. The pavstrcak shows three to
eight inches of ore giving assays of
155 ozs. silver and t��8 per cent, lead
Curly Robinson contracted a violent attack of cold feet early Thursday morning and departed suddenly
by the overland route m search of a
more congenidl climate leaving a
large amount of unfinished business
behind. The gentlemen of fortune
who held warrants against his game
collected collateraI  from the house
Contributions are pouring in to
relieve the fire sufferers at New
Westminster. The total damage is
estimated at $3,400,000 and the insurance at f 1,500,000.
An Alarm of Fire.
An alarm of lire aroused the people
of Sandon at one o'clock on 1* riday
morning and brought many people
hurridly into the street. The brigade
answered promptly and hastened to
the Exchange from where the alarm
was sent In but  found that the fire
The C. P. R. is carrying all supplies free of charge to New West-
If you want to appreciate the
difference between tmefeur campaigning and scientific warfare, read
the accounts ot the war In Cuba, and
contrast them with the story of Sir
Herberts re-conquest ot Soudan.
The Comique.
During the little flurry caused by
the celebration we find that we have
overlooked the Comique. We offer
our apologies to the flash ladies of
the variety. We did not mean them
any slight. W7e believe that they
are as degraded as ever and their
dive more obnoxious, if possible,
than heretofore.
These creatures who indulge in
high-priced jags at the expense of
men who ought to know better, have
reached about as low a level ,as is
possible iu this community and it is
about time that some legal restorative
were applied to save the city the
odium of countenancing the toughest
institution in this fair Doi"inion.
Want  a
Grand Porks
A33fit    at
A despatch from Grand Forks
Bays: The people of this section are
agitating the appointment ot a resident government agent at Grand
Forks, whose district would extend
from Penticton to Cascade City. At
present this section is under the government agent at Vernon, where it
takes three days for a letter to reach,
which fact alone warrants ihe appointment of such an o.Tk-ial.
The Grand Forks city council i*
seriously considering the ad vis ibiliiy
of extending the city limits to a considerable degree. The proposed extension will take in some 3,030 acres
of land to the north of the t ��wu owned by ex Mayor Manly, and also the
Ruckles addition on the east of the
town, comprising some 300 acres, as
well as 320 acres of land lying west
of the town and better known as
upper Grand Forks. There will lie
very little opposition to the enlargement of the present city limits as a
large majority of the incoming property owners arc in favor of it and
would prefer being inside of the corporation.
No. 2." After cutting lanes through
the enemy the lancers, bleeding and
blown, re-formed steadily. Colonel
Martin refused to allow them to
charge again.
Her Prayer Waa Answered.
"I got op from the table at 5 o'clock
in the niarning," said the bad man,
in the New York Press, ''ami remembering it was my mother's
birthdny, sent her a despatch telling
her to draw on me at sight tor $500.
The postman brought me a letter
from her just about the time she received my message, and in it she
said the family were pretty hard up,
so I felt glad that it had occurred to
me to tell her to draw. About a
week later here comes another letter,
14 pages, thanking me for the ��500
and saying how God had answered
her prayer. Bless her dear, sweet
soul���she never knew how I sat up
all night to skin that sucker. He
was one of the toughest customers I
ever had, and I nearly had to
throw him down to get his money
away from him."
S. D. Deliakiu, formerly of the
B. C. News, Kaslo, is now in New
York making arrangements for the
shipping of a newspaper plant to
Porto Rico. He has secured valuable
letters of introduction fr����m the
Washington officials to the military
authorities now In control of the island, and will doubtless reap a harvest when the work of Americaniz
ing the island sets in.
A Gallant Charge.
The 21st Lancers along with Sir
Herbert Kitchrier in Egypt are coming in for unstinted praise in the
London press for their brilliant
charge at Omdurman. The charge
is described as a second Balaklava.
The regiment unexpectedly found
itself confronting a hidden reserve
force of 2,000 men. They did not
hesitate, though they were exposed
to a withering infantry fire, but
began to hack their way through
the enemy, who stood twei.ty deep.
They struggled through, but every,
one who tell was instantly hewen to
pieces by the fanatical dervishes.
The brunt of the fighting fell upon
No. 2 company. A corporal of this
company who arrived at the far side
of the enemy drenched with blood
and reeling from weakness, was
ordered to fall out. Waving his bent
lance he shouted, ''Never" and
called to bis squadron ; "Form up
The following rather facetious
squib from the Free !*ance expresses
a great moral truth, although the
quotation accredited to Wolfe Is due
to Grey.
���The path of glory* leads but to
the grave," so wrote Wolfe. We are
afraid tiiat the path of journalism
leads only to the same place. If the
path of journalism does lead to
wealth it certainly has not been discovered yet. Oh for a Stanley to
lead an exploration expedition to find
the wealth which so many men are
struggling for In the newspaper
line. But like the M. L. A. candidates, we arc not in this business
for our own particular benefit, but
for the good of the people. "The
greatest good to the greatest number," is often used as a bait by business concerns to get customers, but
we are not guilty of such underhand
"The church is your haven,"
shouted the fervid ex ho iter  to the
Sunday school, " amid the storms
and dangers of life, In the peril of
battle, the deadly roar of conflict,
where, where do you feci perfect
safety ?"
'���And In the stillness of his dramatic pause the redheaded boy aus-
weroi 'In the American Navy, sir,"
and another good oration had gone
for the
and get
the news of
while it is warm. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C.,   SEPTEMBER 17, 1898.
>Kw wacsTSiiwsTifJi rinn.
���. , �� Huslnrss   m****   t>f* Standing In   What   Was   Accomplish*.!   Ourlns;
>0 (h* nnsln*��s CNMattw. Klr.1 Year of the !*>w Hospital.
yhe business portion of New Weatmin-
|ler w ,,* totally destroyed by tire Pttnday
It i- imt'OMai'ule to ennui at* the property l.#a at tlr*. writing but it will run
into tltf hundrndael thoosan is. Dwpnir
,��� suffering no tbe lot oJ hundreds of
liwuti l�� sa peefna. Fooo, clothing and ni 1
of ul! kinds ia befrif harried!; diepalch
e.1 from Vancouver to the ill-fated
'���royal'1 city.
<h. extremely ���������-*��* were the dames
that apples ou tlie trees ou tlie west side
0( tin* street oppontte th** burning bonnes
vera ���s.-orched.    IbiNis* river steamer*
s-ere .b-st rayed, the  Kdfp&r, Glads aod
Roitaoxird.    Every   industry savn  IM
hit Roval dt| piai'ibtg* .mills and Ohm*
(.......... initipnoy hJi b**f��.�� wiped out.
! ,-ii.��n Pavii.de Itad.oad statiot.
siul      . ���������*  ncroa* Fvneer  rlvrr were
IrtMt ad,
I   ��� ,,��.�� alarted about mi l.dghi on tbe
���..nt ami w��* cw��ir- d by a spatk
����t��a*u��r.   Paunedl<y alien*.* gab*
iv* S|.readwHb��'o-ti rapidity thai
�� three   hour*   to   street!   wen*
I be fire   w*tS   t1*nt   n.diccd nt
��� ir.in A   Kerr's    *:��aff,   00  Front
Preea there it npread down to
ti�� i IMi, <i.'i*��i,   licr.**v��*d the Street
si i**si pnnt.   Prow ttSero u went np
uVetrtrt   inking   in the **ss��Sf sfdetn
r     i strwt niw 1'altiuibtn atreet,  lie-
rlu< H.ii-uiwS tiioroutfhfiifv  o# ��1m ivity
bksk *hei  htuek caught fir.  and in ��
tr�� nannies  there was nothing Mt ul
��!j.-��t I   d '*een the t<u��iiH*���� p, rtionof
v.i. \\.MndniHer,
I    i Columbia street it��p��e��fl up tbe
hill to * bilge <tinbltnjf tti*ot' dt**t en the
- i ��*��"d by CgriiAr-'Oit Stws**.
I <��� a ��a a great*>t*n^nndw tbtn build'
iiiif tilled witli dry "** .w^io'd lumt��>.
i itrgotln wilo ' i bfr an ' gave it
grea piny. There was n whirlnmd of
nam.* which iwbt.e*. tvrib deetotetk*.
Kr����m uiis jshoi loe tire aVffeed. The
Kittthsh <nt.iitlrwi nt*u�� quokU attack* '
Th.- luptisi church followed and Uie
Central Methodist church also. All
sir* destroyed, together with n
large numbs* ol t**nidcac*��. Tlie in*
uits hnvtl to Hew for tbeu lives.
Tin* lire swept doWtt t, niutrvon street
and <ink*k)y envnbipn*!   ;he big brick
coortkuataf and the wooden <liy oatl
lortuitatelj! there ��** * big Cpfaa sen*-*
here and the ttnnien we.e unable to )en)>
br enough to tare in lb��* lac eentml
srl��is��l.   Agues ntreet, hornvvte^. had got
alight and one  aide  of K��>�� nvl aVrSSins.
AU the lionaen on tnrt at*, el were ro .
wet�� ly burned.   The 's ��nd was blown
luoously down TtM ��� i   rt��v r tenard tl>
roonth.    It  it bad irtren blowing   t
otbfr way  t!u* win *"   of the v nilKdic
i'Ihui h MitUtittfiR, v*. ::veio i.ud InaSidln
ju��l  iitbvr st.uvtur*e>, **'*��urs�� hsve Uv,
For a time there ws/�� lie wster auppl.*
tor the ttss ol the bvned^'Ut dtisstw.
There una not a sinet* Nut. her'*. InkcrV
ftr provision shop left and there Wai�� rath
One siimll hotel awv.d. Nime ot the
bur:.,.', out retired in the open fair in
bynt of the s. ihool bovsein U��e mevoing
I !��� v ,��� ivereil tbeuuclves with hlrtukelr
��nd lav kon n to alee, oa Vr tlie ��Vv.
The losn ia roughly ��at minted ��!$-'.-
��s).��iO; insurance. $f ^W.OCkV The banI*
Hulls vvithstutsl th�� fir*. One tnsur
"'K'coiiijiany'i vawil wwc blown up by
A citiasu's cotmnUute wss formwl in
\ ail.'ouver to give rvl.et to tbe aufferem
the lioviiuiaiiiove' :��'ent IssawUitlng.
finance Minister t.\>Uon receivid the
1'pMn Vkioria aL^ut noon. He goi
oistikets, tents and other supplier loaded
0,V �� a|s!Hi��l train which reaebwl N��
Jiiunio, 71 miles distant, tu lena than two
noura. The steamer Joan wna in rsadl-
"Ws there and reached Vancouver In
pord tlmo. Here a ��*pe**inl I'anadian
���nciib* freight was ready an<t the sup
PI ea were luaded and uont to New West-
Dr. J. E. Bronte and his assistance are
justly proud of tbe SUSOeSS achieved by
tbea in the Slocan hospital during the
year ending Aug. 31, 1898.
The total number of patients treated
bv thia inatitution for the past twelve
months haa been 807. of this number
73N ss'e minor or ouPkior casea, not
requiring hospital care, and 88 were inmates under treatment. Of those, ad-
mitfed to the hoepitn! 35 were surgical
cjfws ami .S3 under rm-li'-al treatment, of
which i.oter there were 15 typhoid cases,
seven puei.utnonia and the balance (31)
oomprtr'ed variutis ailments. There has
been no death in the hospital since the
-tpeninir of the new building in August,
WW, which is a record that could hardly
be "irjijissexl. of tbe outdoor cases 312
were surgical and 407 under medical
trealm nt.
In ihe Sandon office ot this institution
453 pateii<��. comprising tnoth medical
grid surgical casee, have rieen treated by
fir P. It. Power. This office has proved
a grwtt CT'enienee to the miners em-
plored in (b�� vicinity of Sandon.
The h��t#i.it��tl has reached that stage
in it* hlftroy where it is recognised as
the tnOil e.n*ntial institution in tbe
mining re:r*nn of B.C. Ita progress aud
riwnarnbte ���ueeess ia taking care of the
tick and Injured, has won tor die
physicians and mirm* in charge the eta-
eere nppreeintion of theminersand httst*
* m*��n ��*f die Flu* ;ui.
Siearlf all the patients treated were
'���<.M'...r subnet il��".n through the mine
pay oils, or else tbe fortunate holders of
annual hospital tickets.
A list, so tar as could he obtained, is
here given showing the number of snb-
Seribsni from each mine, or company,
who have received ireaunent or have
twen Itoepitnt |>atients:
jLestssg      AdmlUeii
TnsiusHii t'Hi*>,au!
��*���*������* War    IM
*C..,,.. WU#     ie
. fs6  Inwnei t r.a  ana
*f     ��� |   .-.^snjfls.n.	
�������� Xt' > .* .�����.......��*.��
>.  i.��** KOrf    	
'���Awn !*-�����	
> ��"'��� <4ssmiU] Sstwl n
���Punta KeOtSMaV eaWSNsS*
Wsk*JVW      Ii
!   ..n*t.<*        It
���Uollls slwitnn         S
Vsnrnivif           U
���fSl'OA Ml����#.            ���
�� ru     *
l*/s*ih<s>       4
B.C flhtvnrnaanat....  o
' RmsI six! T��-t..|. rf.sH  t
w<vti.t'rf ni  a
I ho��i Artauui  *
��� ��t t*tunv*r *
��� I ��� ���.l.-iioti.'h       t
*Mc**��w       1
* \-l��i��gri***�� ���
���I**'*.' Ur
In the surgical ward art* Fred. Snyd*>.
��   unfO't .mate miner   brought down
vssr imly.
Several patients nrenow in the hospi*-
sJ, In the medical wan! are to lie bond
W.', Ms.inr.en, who came in from Brook-
h ��, SOtTering from fever; aud John
Benton, from the Wakefield, slight sick
iron, the ' iterprise last week with a
badly tract mil leg; M. M. Ileckman.
brought np Iron Shvcan City a few <luys
ago sutferii'ig from Uieefteetsof s preeaa
tore exphwion, and Jos. K. MclMnald,
traught down Tuesday fram the Payne,
suffering from a seven* cut below the
knee caused by being caught between an
are ear and a timber.
All the bojfS are feeling in excellent
spirit?   snd nre   enthusiastic,   in   their
[anise oi the treatment given them by
h\ Brouse snd assistants.
Mr. Ileckman  had his left band am
Outatsdat  the wrist.   Ilia leg was also
badly bruined but tbe hone was not frac
"  * ���' - bole and failed
larea    lie had Breda
lureu     no um.  ..���
Ui get OUt of tbe way fast enough.
l-rod Snyde's leg was broken shoes
the kn��HV He was working in a upraise
on the Kntorpriseaud was struck on the
leg bv a failing rock. It took four hours
to get him out of the hole and he was not
brought to the hospital until the following morning.���The Ledge.
N*w   Denver's  Band Given   Substantial
Evidence of its Worth.
The bandboys are in a decidedly better frame of mind than they were last
week. The cause for this change can
be found in the following letter of ap-
preciatten received by Mr. Alex. Sproat
last Friday.
'.'Sandon, B C , 8th Sept., 1898.
"Alex Sproat, Esq , New Denver, B.C.
"Dear Sir:���Having been one of the
many admiring listeners to the efforts
of the New Denver Brass Band on the
occasion of their visit to Sandon three
days ago, I beg you to denote the enclosed amount to the general fund of
the organization, with the assurance of
n hearty appreciatiotisto their excellent
"From an ex member of a band organization in the United States."
The am unit is not stated in the letter
of appreciation, but it was fifty dollars,
which has been placed in the general
fund of the baud Words of praise are
highly appreciated by the band, but
when thev are backed np in such a
substantial way, the pleasure to the
recipients is of a deeper, profounder
character., and the beys and their popular leader will ever have a warm sj>ot
in their hearts for the unknown giver
of the excellent letter containing the
ducats, who was so modest as to withhold his name and identity.-The Ledge.
We stnR the fame of the Saxon name,
And the ��|s:ll ot its world-Wide power
Of its triumphs vast in the glorious past,
And the might of the rising hour:
And our bosoms glow, for we proudly know.
With the Sag ot Right tmfOTled,
Thst the strength mid skill of the Saxon will
, Is bound to rale the world.
And we glory not in the empty thought
That the Saxon arm ia strong.
N<>r alone to know, th<>' 'tis sorely so,
That the seas to her beUng.*
Bat this our pnde. with Wrung feffcd,
And tbe sin-el ad hack ward hurled,
That the word ol Ood, our triumph rod.
Is bound to rule Uie world.
In dsya of yore front the Saxon shorn
Our sea born fathers came
They couriered then by the might oTinnn.
And sword, and spear, and Same;
But to us ti* given ,l��y the voice of Heaven,
�� With tin flsK far unfurled, ,
In our Union's might, by the power Of Right,
To role, 'ueath Ood, ihe world.
In the olden time there were deeds sublime,
A ud dear-bought victories won :
For the hesi ts were true on the heaving bine
Or behind the fortress gun:
And thev championed Right in thelrrMngmight
With their war flags of old unfurled;
Yea, Wrong went down 'uc-ath the Sax
But its Miiile shall rule the world
Saxon frown.
VV.JK. Will returned from Dawson
City  thin week.   He has been in tbe
north for over a year, and says that
there are many rich claims on the Klondike, but the section is spotted.   California Jim   McDonald  made  a steal*
stake working* a bench claim on Bon-1 If you are���
aaaaerask.   Jim'went east last week
Toughnut Jack did not lose his legs by
(rust   as   has been   reported.    Archie
Grant and Pete Annameare in Dawson.
Walt Car rut hers, Jim  Ryan and many
ether Slocan people are in the country
bat none  have made a stake, except
McDonald.   Fuel is hard to get around
Dawson and it will be a burning question this winter.   It   will probably be
worth 180 a cord as the timber is controlled  by two men.   A Government
{ob in Dawson is almost as good as a
claim on Eldorado creek.   The holders
of them can mine right in town and do
not have to peek into tho hills.   A mail
of 28 sacks arrived on Aug. 5th and it
was not distributed until the llth   The
mail clerks must be slow in Dawson.
And perchance of old If the truth be told,
There were brother hearts estranged ;
But the wound if healed and the friendship sealed
Ai> the years hare upward ranged.
Ix-t the tale of nrmug. now dead BO long.
With the old war-flag* be furled;
For a v**nce sublime, a the coming time,
Is bound to rule the w.rld.
Ti�� a mighty dower, this ear"h-wide power,
And a mighty usk involves;
W ith our hearts stei-l-truc, let us hold in view
The might of our high resolves:
Let ns >t.si d for right in our race's might,
With our tearless flag un-uried :
For the might of Love, from our God above.
Is bound i<> rule the world.
-Wm. B. Wood hi Montreal Witness.
Drilling   Contest.
D. J. Chine, one of the pioneer miners
of Boundary creek, declares himself the
champion rock driller of British Columbia. A few days since he met and
defeated A. D. McLeod, the former
champion. Chine drilled 82J inches in
15 minutes, while McLeod only got
down 30J inches in the same time. The
match was for #250 a side.
Another   Brooklyn   Tragedy.
A frightful accident by which three
railroad la I Hirers lost their lives occur
red on the Robson-t'enticton railway
construction on last Wedneeday. The
SOSue of the accident was about seven
miles Mow Brooklyn where John
Kinnear. Oscar Anderson, Tom Lane-
bean and Dan Ryan had a sub-contract.
Two blasts were Mng prepared, one
of eight kegs and the other of twenty
kegs. In loading the second charge
after twelve kegs had been put in the
hole it became stopped and Lanebau used
an iron spoon to clear the opening,
when instantly the blast went off.
Kinnear, lanebeau and Anderson were
hurled 701) feet down the mountain
side and died a few minutes after
striking. Ryan was thrown fifteen feet
and escuped without injury. All the
victims were young men about 25 years
of age and were without families���Nelson Miner.
The Meteor, Springer  creek,   closed
down this week.
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoe.
����� y T *��� V . .
Is the Pioneer House of the City
���Msnufaturers of all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Etc., Etc
Sandon, B.O.
Patronize home industry
j when you want the best THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, SEPTEMBER 17, 189a
Is Issued every Saturday In Sandon, In the heart
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     ��� ...     St.OOayear
Strictly In advance.
Address: ThbPavstrrak,Sandon, B.C.
The press of the rival cities on tbe
coast will   occasionally stop their
childlike prattle about tbe * Critical
political situation'' and their tiresome
personal wrangling long enough lo
say a good word for tbe great interior.
Tbe Province, in a late issue, says:
"A perusal of the Kootenay press
shows that notwithstanding the rush
to the northern gold fields, the development of tbe interior of British Col
umbia is going* steadily along on conservative lines.    Old properties are
being worked vigorously and new
properties are being opened up.   Tbe
silvery Slccan,  the   richest silver
country in tbe known world, is ship*
ping greater quantities of ore each
month and tbe construction of a railway from Kaslo to tbe head of Kootenay Lake will lead to tbe development of a section of country thought
to contain mining properties richer
and greater in every way than the
famous mines of Sandon and vicinity.
There Is nothing more gratify ing thai,
this steady progress of tbe interior in
British Columbia's affairs.   The more
tbe interior is developed, the better
will the country become known and
the more money will there be to
carry the work along while large
sums are bound to pour in from the
old country  where the banks are
overflowing with capital seeking investment   British Columbia is enjoying a wonderful present, but on-
less all signs tail, its future will be a
thousand times more wonderful still."
Had   the  coast   papers devoted
more   of    their    space    to   like
fair statements of the interior's greatness and less to the fairy-tales from
tbe frozen north when the gold craze
waa at its height, thousands of people
would have been turned this way
with money to   invest,    and  the
change would have done them good,
besides helping to build op a richer
and better country than Klondike
ever will be.
In the London B. C. Review we
find a commentary on an article appearing in the London Times that is
ot much interest as showing the feebie
conception by the majority ot London
minds of the importance and vastness
of Canada in general and British
Columbia in particular. "Now that
the people at home are aware that
there is a vast region called Canada,"
the Review says* that it comprises a
confederation of rich provinces, and,
besides being very loyal to its kindred
of the Empire,  poijsesses an alert
mind and a healthy body, tbe Dominion of Canada and its wants and aspirations, conditions and institutions,
���re receiving an increased share of
attention from the English press. The
Jubilee and the Klondike discoveries
nave quiekened this spreading inter
eat; and when tbe Times, as a few
days ago, devotes three columns of
solid matter to tracing the gradual
and romantic development of British
Columbia from Indian territory to the
present year of grace, we know thai
the  world  is seeking   information.
As the writer sententiouslv remarks,
-a certain glamour seems to hang
over every newly-developed region.
There is a sort of indefinite charm to
those who reside in such new conn
tries.    All  tbe   depresning effects
which are so prominently connected
with the overcrowded and desperately competitive conditions of life in
the older countries are unknown. To
the Colonial there it always a chance
���and that may be a golden one���
that the country in which he has cast
his lot will one day. perhaps, be peo
pled with thousands, and that what
now are obscure outlying nitons will
someday be connected by railway
systems and have townships formed
wi��hin tbem.   However, to tbe average antra veiled man, sitting perhaps
at borne in comfort, either retired
from business on a comfortable Income or still trying to attain that end,
little is known with any geopraphi-
cal exactitude of such proportiiina of
our great Empire as British Columbia.
Even the,better informed seem to
have an idea that British Colombia is
still a separHte colony, and not a part
of the Dominion of Canada.   To these
it would be well to state at once that
British Columbia constitutes one ot
several  provinces constituting   the
Dominion of Canada, the other large
ones being Ontario and Manitoba, the
North-West Territories,  besides sev-
eral smaller provinces known as New
Brunswick, Nova8cotia and Quebec.''
Concluding the Times article says:
"To the   capitalist   and   investor,
British Columbia presents one diatinet
advantage���viz, it is under the British flag, and consequently every aa
surance ia given that the laws wil*
be properly administered and every
protection given to life and property.
It is also a great advantage to the
country that it has practically been
brought   within easy  touch of the
great  commercial   centres   of the
world, since almost any portion of it,
except those ottside railroad com
munication, can be reached within a
fortnight after leaving London, the
greatest    possible   comfort    being
afforded moreover both by boat and
rail to the traveler."
His mammy'snlways a-whlutn' him���
tard hie** his Hide heart!
But In* looks J*at Ilk* his daddy
An' his daddy takes his part.
Never have touched htm (n say ttfn���
Oan t stand tee ana Vm atari
The t��*rs thai rtac tu his firocht blue ay**--
So, his daddy rakes his pun.
Never 'pear* ter he dufn' wrong t
Say in' o' thtmt n�� smart,
I stand an' starv-for be nlnt four year I
So. bis daddy take* bis part.
An' be seems ter know It. for annrtimee be
CllnUs* up ter my arms -pour heart:
An' ���rives me n kiss like this an' thin-
Kens hut daddy takes bis part I
Hi* malum**s always a wMppte' bita���
Hot I ain't jm the heart.
r��>r be l-.��ss lent eke bin daddy.
Au' hto daddy takes bis part t
Tfcl*   Sit?
 -������        !.���������������    ��������        Qll       '-*
Scientists have discovered that the
memory le stronger in summer than
In winter. Among the worst foes of the
memory are too much food, too much
physical' exercise, and, strangely
enough, too much education.
The Shoe and Leather Journal gets
jff rhe following trite criticism of certain classes of people which Infest every
community:   A woman will go Into a
dry goods store packed to tbe roof with
goods of every style and value and
come out with a five teens jmiw-r of iiius
That in what she weal iu for. and she
got what she wanted    We usually Und
what we are bunting   We have known
people to go  to   church   aud   none
away with some grammatical mistake
made by the preacher, when I bey could
not even recollect the text.   When vou
find a man always turning up the bad
side of everything yon have- got n gut
terwiiipe   No man will go noising about
back  lanes and   into garbage barrels
who doenlitdike tbe smell of refuse and
tove  the  taste  of enrrion    Put Dial
diwn    The fellow   who inn lilsertine
will tell you that every man b immoral
and that everv  w.nimn   is imui��>de*4 ���
the continued liar v. ill tell you that you
cant trust anyone  the*.-' d*. *;   the
crooked business man will tell you thai
you cant be in business I .-day and be
a consistent church member    Cynic Is
the polite name for the man whose own
evil experience leads him to think that
there in no ��uch thing ns sinrmrfi v or
brotherly kindness in tbe world. Guard
against this di*o������iimn  to mmww end
scoff at good.  Take a **(unre look with*
in when you llrd yourself souring on
meit and  things,    "He   that  hath a
frown rd heart tindeth no good "   Are
you finding good or evil f
In very ancient times commerce was
carried on practically by barter. There
was always a tuweunity, however, for a
common standard, and any commodity
wan said to be worth no many sheep,
oxen, etc. lit course of time it was
fouud much more convenient to express the value of most commodities
by hits of leather, on which certain
marks were made, indicating the number of beasts each piece was worth.
These stamped bits of leather were the
first coins.
The precious metals were first made
use of as currency in the form of un-
stam|*od bullion,' and values and
amounts were then determined and expressed by weight: hence the origin of
the terms |kiiind, livre, mark, etc
The original process of coining was
indeed simple A piece of metal, having a defined weight, was placed on a
die engraved with some national or re
Hgious symbol, and was struck with a
hammer until It had received the impression of the die At the present day
the device is timt engraved upon a
|ilug of forged steel, which,when finished, is hardened, and Is then called a
a lathe aad tempered, are the "di*. -
A good pair of   dies will  so.JInt.
preeeions before they become ion mZ,
worn for use. uttl
The word mint is derived Iromth
.fueled by law where nvmev i�� coiii.*t
by authority of the government Ths
first mint lu the l niied >nu* J*
eatablinhed at Philadelphia
���Thei Father of History de*ribe, ,he
���invention" of coins to the I.villain,
about nine centurion B C, it muni'
however, that more than ;," ��� i v��-an B
C , the Chineee had irou com* that ***��
dagger shaped The Persian daric wM
one of the most ancient Aniath couu-
it waa a gold coin, and was struck
during the reign of Darius, about five
ceuturcn B.C.
The first coinage in Rome *.��, |n u���.
year fltai B.C.; the coins were ,.(t,r����
brick soaped, stamped with the tore
o. a sheep or an ox. aud weighed ��.������.
grains. Julius Caesar wa* the rtr.t
whose head was stamped noon colas by
order of the nennte
The ������mite*' mentioned in th* M
wan a Greek coin that c'rvula 11
in Home and hrdestiac: in *..��.* *d
about tft gr��iii* Silver W4* fir -i (��i>h*j
4t Home 174 it. ��� ., andnbiui *l ��4r��
It. C. the first Unman gold ��� .< waa
t The aureus wn�� tbe heaviest ,*<��M
. on minted bv tin* ancient Itoiuau*; it
wa* worth about ta.oa in our money.
Hie 6mt eoiu��*d money regularly inint-
i*d. and properlv so m\\M aiuon? tt>*>
lewn, wa* Insned In the time of Je<ia.��
dacrabeun. In tbe year IF* A !��., tbe
v��\ *t���� coined the first Itnttsh piece.
Hie fimt eolenlitl cons ;����..-i m
America were *tru��k lu MaiunarhuneU
;n fUofl; they werethsee. ��i\ andrwrite-
, *%*oce pderew ||v art of nmgresn tbt
toiler was e**tab|Utie.lJetv . 1TV, pri**
u�� that date the? ..ti^ii-h pound * >��
oned in the eidonte* the nr*t in '����������
iiHucnl by authority of the IJuited States
i ���usistrs) of copier .cuts; rh< v ��� ������re
-sued III 170,1. In IJB1 ��ilv.r I *
were coined, and in >fctt gold eagle*
The first failed StsVe* coin* !. ���<��� tb*
ikeoenw of Mart:ia Wanhlngtou. den-
���r-.l .Vrfshlngt.m npprtiat.-S the rom
.oiuumt thus paid to him��**tf and niw.
but wa* much worried heeanne ho ����*
afraid his politi.nl opponent* wouW
think tlie image of Mrs. Wanhingtmi ��n
theeolnn indicated a love niel derire
tor royal honor*, no he hail tb��- ��ii��*
a*aatsat M naSflaan
The arms and crent of the pre-woi
Pnited States ambansador to Koglnnd,
Colonel John Hay. an a whole roroan^
lie tale In themnelvm. In the re ,*n of
Kenneth III, of Scotlnnd. about ��0
AT), the King* troops met at \��n
dartv. In Pertbnhire, a greai artsy "f
Itan'm The baitb- was long nnd ��Mne*
wtiat in favor of the Uaulnh invaders,
Until sudfenlv there ap|H*nre��l mi Jhr
���wene an ��dd farmer of the district W-
lowed bv tits two *oii*. nil thiee irmwl
only with ox vokea. Sob.iveiv. son-
���ver, did the newco.iters '!*.'��>�� thaltba
lames were driven hack, and eventually
routed After the victory the K in; antil
for the old farmer and asked bun wa
name.   The old man, being '���������"';';,.���
nn$w.\r**A   *%hn�� tin. /������Iiii.n of (lest I'1'*
���sJS��# lhto m*trih by ">����ns of a pow-
erful fly press, an tm|rrnnsion in relief
taken upon another  piece  of soft
..,   ......vou,    juitvi*   oi  noil
stuel, which when pro|��erly shaped and
hardened, is called the "punch From
this indented impressions are again
tikon upon pieces of steel, and these
nswered, after the fashion of <le*( M*
Jl the world over: " Bay t Hay' Hii
name wan so written *lo*�� hy it"*
Kirig'a herald-, who gnre him for a
coaltif arms three red shields on s
silver ground, tvplfvlng hlmnelf a��>��l wa
���on*, wlto ban been'ihe three shields of
Scotland. The King also gr����,,H "J"
all the land his net rertakon < ...il��i ny
around, ami the bird being loosed or-
cled the entlrtj earldom of Krrol r ��>r
this reaaon a gerfalcon �������* ^l-J
by way of crent, and sulmeriuenily ��*��
farmer bovn bearing ox yoke- *m
added as supporters To thi* d*y ww
land flown around by the gerfnl<<��"rt:
mains In the .rjosnennton of the h��t(i m
Colonel Hay's family- the Kwirl of Krrol.
���Gerald Keen nan.
The Lontlon Kennomlst'esiiinnH'�� tltf
  eont of the late war to Spain nt t* ���
pieces orst'eel'n7��r"VT���' ?,,a iMM|*-W,Oout with about Wf��,OtW.lW) of W
Metes or steel, after   elng sha|iod on I paid bl In.   Spanish honor come* high. ���*Kwr oKNVS.it oracuA  hoisk.
New Denver will have an opera house,
one of the flneet. if not the finest, in this
part ot Kootenay. J. C. Harris, who haa
already put a good portion of the cash
proceeds from the sale of the Bosun
mine into New Denver realty, is the
builder. Lumbal is on the ground and
work ia to be started at once, with the
e*l*n ration that the building will br
ready (or the grand opening in six weeks
time. The building will tan erected next
<o the tfoben block, will be 30t7o feet,
and will have a seating opacity of 300.
A 4 foot stage with dressing rooms, etc.,
beneath will take up 14 feet of the rear
portion of the hnll.andtwo 12 toot rooms
will Im put In the front* leaving the hall
proper :��i43. It will not he built on an
incline, but every convenience will be
added to give the people of Slocan lakes
commodious hall for dancing and every
character of fimt-clane entertniments.
Tlie loner floor will Iw sealed wttbeltairs,
and in tlie gallery, which will be 1 -'��:*��.
comfortabki beuches will Iw placed on
tlie popular incline scale.
Andrew WsJUaOS bss denigmwl tlie
Km; ling aod will build it, ranking Has
handsome outwardly an the cunt wdl
permit, and as oooilortnM** and at inn
Iii�� inside as it poneildy can t*e. It wilt
Is* ; !.i*t��-rvd tbroogbooi, and electric-
lt|*ht��*.l.and wilt coat In the uetgbbor
his. IA ttJOO.
Prof. Joe Millnard has fwn#��*d il for
thnv tdabu in tlie week, and every
effort mill be put forth todrnu u. Men
Ls-nver Un* Insst troupn traveling lid*
���ay.���The i.ndn***.
IN   AMD   A WO ITT   THK   nMK %*.
Etfhl men are busy develi*piu>r the
I. II. on Ued Mount mil
Andrew Tunks is prospering around
Selkirk in ihe far north
About 140 men are working In tin
ninea tributary to Sllverton
Hidden creek in fa��4 drveliping g*^ed
propsrthm   It in tributary to Ymir.
A w*.gott road from the CVanstock to
Up the maim road is under construe
Ymir intends making a big showing
of on- at   the   Spokane    fruit    fair
Samplen nf the finds in the camp sre
being sent.
Tbf Nelson smelter In treating considerable custom ore now A lot of
Athabasks ore wan treated last week.
al��. arane from Kamtoopn.
W Rone, representing the North
West Msgwsine* was In tbe Slocan lasi
���"���I'li taking views for an article to Ik
poshiced in that magasine.
A .t Marks, the eneratHic mnnnger
"f the ( alifornla, eonlinuen lo punk
work on tlint property. This week BOO
McV* of high grade ore is b**ing shipped
to Aurora. Ill and a similar shipment
*nl In* made the latter part of Seplem
H^��M*WM^ SEPTEMBER ,7. a*.
nensLAND mining  mksts.
Oat hundred and fifteen men are em-
ploye.1 on the Payne.
Tho Virginia is to be reincorporated as
���* Provincial eompanv.
The Tom Payne com*>unv has put n
������n-e lorce of men to work ou the Myrtle.
Ore was broken Into on the aurfeee of
tic Novelty, situated on Ited mountain
,HU�� the Gertrude and (Slant
The force of men at work st the Le
���**�� mine, at Rossland, haa been in-
p;aaed to 226 and 360 tons of ore ere
���wng ���hipped dally to the smelter.
Tlie following officers hsve be*��n elect-
*�� mr the ensuing year by the Rowland
J""*���1 Union: Robert Adams, presi
!i*nt'��� J��rnes McKernan, vicepresblent;
Thomas Best wick, treasurer; P. W.
'���walla, recording secretary; 1 P. Hen-
nenav, financial secreUrv; P. Limenith,
conductor; (ieorge McKenzie, warden.
Eighteen inches of ore has been struck
in No. 1 tunnel on tbe Bosun. Three
shipments of 20 tons each have been
made from tlie pro|��rty, and these will
be followed by others as the ore is packed to the lake shore.
The sum of 12,000.000 being the purchase price of the Center Star property,
has been paid over by the Blacks tock-
tjooderham syndicate to the State
Savings bank at Butte, Mon., v here
the principal shareholders are.
It is stated on good authority that the
Blackstock-f.ooderham syndicate have
purchased th*< Iron Mask'for $1,000,000.
Tlie deal has been pending for some
time. Tlte sale will put an end to all
litigation which haa ls***n going on with
the Centre Star mid that promised
the War Eagle.
promised with
Cariboo, where the excitement had wan-
if��E&ewl!at*lter the ���tirrinK "mes of
1858-62.   Steamers plied on the South
rnoropson river between Kamloops and
Sbiuwap lake, and at one time it was
estimated that there were nearly 10,000
men engaged in placer mining in the
i *' lt l* iUted th��t between four
?S.?��en,,U,onawere uken outdaring
\m ��5, but it was then, and still is.very
difficult to get a correct statement as to
tne amount of gold nuggets ordust taken
from any placer diggings."
The Vancouver World says there is
no troth whatever in the statement,
telegraphed from tiiat citv, that Fred.
Johnson, brother of C Gardner Johnson, of Johnson & Burnett, who has
been a resident in the Yukon countrv
for tbe last few years, is about to hi
stitute a suit against the Dominion Government.
Among the passengers from the Island
by the Islander were Dr. Joseph Gibbs,
or" Slocan City, and Mrs. Gibbs The
latter was until Wednesday Miss Eleanor A. Cusack, of Victoria She was
married on that day to the popular Slocan doctor. Rev. Mr. Barraclough performed the ceremony at the residence
of the bride's mother.���Vancouver
ukami  roaas  riaSORBS.
The old Volcanic claim, so long tied
up by litigation, is again to be worked.
A payntreak of over three feet ban been
struck ou the Humming Bird,from which
ssenyn are made giving $100 to tbe ton.
A mammoth ore pulveriser is being
put iu for the Republic mine. It ie in
one piece, weighs 15,000 pounds, and had
to be hauled from Marcus
Alterations have been ordered in the
old Ironsides by ihe gold commissioner
thai will prvvent nny more fatal accidents in tlte mine from had gas.
Work in ln*ing au-adily pushed on the
City of Pnria ami Lincoln claims.
Twenty men are putting the propertiee
in shape to receive Uie compressor plant
soon to be put in.
CRAMBBooii cuorriaoa.
Cmn brook wants an asnayer and a
Sixteen inches of clean ore haa been
struck on a claim clone to the St. Eugene
Vancouver people have bonded the
Moyie group for 1120,(100. Five thousand
nan paid down, and tbe balance will be
paid in 00 day*.
A despatch from Cmiibrook*nys."Th.
railroad is here, capital is pouring in and
Cmnbrook is rapidly becoming tlie town
of ali the Kootenay*."
Building operations still contnue active. Tlie proprietors of the Star Hotel
are putting on ��� good sited addition,
autici|ieting increased business.
The Spins mineral claim is a new
location made last week bv one of our
wide awake prospectors. No one im-
ngnuifd that a claim could he staked in
such clone proximity to the valuable properties owned by the Toronto capitalists.
If. J. Ilalpiu is the lucky man. It is
situated on the south side of Knlso
creek, Wtwecn Spring ami Jackson.
Many surveyed properties surround this
claim This party is also the owner of a
claim in East Kootenay district, on
I'yiamid creek.
"There will be a rush of mining men
and capitalists into the Big Bend above
Revelstoke next year, almost as great as
that in Rowland in Ml5-��t��," said a mining man to tlie Miner, who had just
returned from a visit to thst section.
"The Big Bend," he continued, "has
been known as mining district for more
than 30 years. But in those days placer
mining was the attraction. IVospectors
went into the Bend country by the way
of Seymour pass from Shuswnp lake, and
the discovery of rich placer diggings on
French, Smith and McCultoch creeks
attracted a lot of the diggers from old
Taking effect 1.00 o'clock a. m.
Sept 1, 1898, Pacific or 120th Meridian time.
Subject to change without notice
Summer Time Card effective Joan SO, 1888.
Subject to change without nottee.
SruUi B Mind North Bound
Read down.   . Read up.
Trsin Ivs Dslly, 1.00 pm  Trsln ar daOy WM am
-   ar      ���     3.45 |im  Train lv  ''     8.00 am
-Host It 3 JO sm    ��� Kaslo-    Boat ar 8J0 pm���*
E     ������    {Attain   Afmworth        "     TJOpml
<"��*      "    .Mm am   Pilot Bay "     6.45 pm a
��      "    530 am     Balfour ���*     6.1ft pmx
* Bout ar ��.����am. Five Mile Pt      ������    5.2* pm 2
���      ������    715 am     Nelson "lv 4.45 inn*
��'Traln ar Km6 am Northport Train lv 1M pm >>
3      "     11 SO am Rossland "   iJMftpnrg
Leave S ��
" S56
" 0 45
" 10 in
'��� io m
������ io ��w
** 10 34
Arr. 10 ts
South Fork
Arrive, 3 30 l>.��
"      3 05    *���
*       X 10    *���
h      *00    ��*
������      1 fO     ���
M*     i st   ���*
t'.lv Junction "      1 *S    "
Sandon Leave 1 15    *'
Leave, ll.��"*.m ��� Ssndoti ��� Arrive, ll.Ws.m
11.1"  '* Ostlv Junction Leave, H..V* a.m
Arrive, UJ5 "    -Cud*   ���        "    il.35a.m
Trafffr Mitftr.
GEO p. copeland,
For elv-an r.tllr<��*d and steamship UrkeU U
and from all points, apply to
a CAMPBELL,        Agent, Sandon.
310 pm   Spokane
*������*�� |��UI ^
Read down. Read np.
Daily train lv loo pm       Daily train ar loJW am
ar 3.45 im "       lv 8 00 am
4   B*at lv .VOO pm MofcT Boat ar 1.00 pm
fiJOpm A in*worth Buatar Jl.10 pm���
11 ��� 0 tsnS
7.00 pm  Pilot Bay
lo.oopm Kuakonook
Ig.oupm Goat River
100 am B undsrv
6.00 pm^
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        6.00 pm >,
lis   *' ar8.00am Bonner'aF'ry '   lv S.00pm*n
*>z Tram lv 11.40 am
**      ���*    ar s.45 pm Spokane
train ar 1.15 pm 5
���*    lv 7J0am(S
Commencing June SO, 1898.
On Monday. Thursday and Friday m Alberta
will leave Kaslo 5 p. m. for Ainsworln, Pilot Bay,
and Nelson. Leaving Nelson at 8 a. m., Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, calling at Pilot Bay,
Ainaworth and Kaslo, and all wsy points.
P. O. Box MS. Kaslo, B.C.
Provides ample and pleasant accommodation for the traveling public
Telegrams for rooms promptly attended to.
8TEGE ft AVFSON,  .      Profrietora.
j?. BUEM&,
Dealer ir| MEATS
 : AT:
Robert Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietors.
Rates 91.50 to 12.50 per day.	
Headquarters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, SEPTEMBER 17, l��BB.
The following is a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded curing the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denve * were
aa follows:���
Sept 6-Hobaon, WUaon crerit. W M Coffey.
Dixie Queen, name. Jacob Stierie.
8BPT7-ImperlsJ, head north fork Eight Mile.
Carter H Brindle. __
Orwell Fraction, Seaton creek, W J McDonald.
IEW, north fork Carjwnter, John Knight,
Willie Ecdea. nmm    ,    __  _,
Little Jack, Eight Mile, JoaBrandon.
Flipper,FourMlle, Albert WiUs, D Day, J C
Skpt 8-Commander. Carpenter   John S W
War Fraction, London Hill Fraction, O T
Stone. '   ,   _,  .    . _
Prince Albert Fraction, Twin Lake Baatn, J R
Black Jack, Trout creek, Mike Metlan.
Skpt 9-Klngadear, Carpenler, L N Long.
Black Prince. Bonanza creek, Dan O*Drain.
Anno, hend Lucky Jim Slide, C J Sarin.
Skpt lo-M 0, Seaton creek, J Geo McDonald.
Violet Fractional, Tributary creek. P Burua.
Sett ilJ-��atisfacUon, SUwr mountnin, A J
Sarcee, Four Mile, Chas L Co*>p. .        m
Grey Eagle, Alpha mountain, Chas McNicholl.
Skpt 6���Slavonic.    ,
Skpt 7-Walt-a-Blt, Bristol. Le Rot
Swr �����Victory, Hampton, Last Chance No 11
(two years).
Skpt lv���Bruce, Bessie.
Skpt IS���Independent FraeUon, Libby R,
Alhambra, Liberator No *.
Skpt s-Miasing Unk, Jaa Ward to Herman
Lost Tiger |, I Lonergan and N C Dingtaan to
Herman Clever, Aug 18.
Lost Tiger 1, Chas S Ranhdall to same, June 17,
Admiral Dewey, Ernest Rammelmeyer to Chas
E Hope, July x.
Skpt �����Cody FraeUon 1, Joker Fraction 1.
Wm Callahan to Frasar H L iiitx, Aug xs, **fm.
Edtnburg 1/U, R W Gordon to David Brem-
ner, Aagli.
Essex Fraction, Edinburgh, David Bremner to
GwH Dawson,Sept 6.
SKPTS-Snowtake |, Wm dough to David
Williams. Sept 8.
Convention Fraction 1AJ, A C Behon to A E
Fauquier, July M.
Skpt li���Champion, Butterfly. International.
Alexander Sproat. administrator, to Charles
Rollo.all interest of Antonio Roilo, deeeaard.
Sept W, 185.
PKKMrrs onarrKD.
Aoo 88���To M E Bragd' *, permission to relocate Eatell, Silver montain.
Permit to apply work on trail for Mountain
Goat mineral claim.
Aco Sl-Osriand Fraction, A T Garland;
A uguat, John Riddell.
Skpt 1-Invincible. L W Fcrland* Rebel. A O
Rebel; Toronto, R J Stonson; Big Dick, H Richardson; Golden Gate, R Pollock; Iroquois. Wm
Haley; Molly Riley Brooklyn, James Latham;
Golden. H R StoveU; Pr.riitcnac. W W FrcV
Sbpt l-Mammoth, H Griffith; Dewey, D Lank;
St Kathryn. N K Franklin.
Skit S���Sphinx, M I Hatpin; Kerowgsret S
Nlcka; Kootenay Star Kracll n. N D M.��*v.;
Eagle Bye, V AMtrom; Toronto. 0 H Btgliam.
Skpt8���Grampaian. P 8 Andrews; Kaslo. Jno
Riddcll and M Jardine- Camiey, R Bradsluw;
Vcrniunt. F Towusend; Canrelor, R A Roger*;
Fionas, Toby Fraction, O T St me; Labour Day
Fraettoa. J Anderson; 0 K. Mayflower, B A C.
D M Harrla.
all int.Humboktt and Sailor Boy ,. Albert Mac-
Laren to J Baruet MacLnren. ���,_ ,
Stars and Stripes |. S Nteka to Jaa Chn*nhn.
....   .��,.. Bnwn Hill and
James Anderson.
Hlcka to T R Mor
SnPT 1���Ironwosl, Burlington, Hungry Five.
Fletcher. Huerfano.
Skit i-Tembsfour. Kin snd Neck. Stanley,
Horse Shoe, Oood lM?k, Big Horn. Democrat,
Tread well, Kootenay Star.
SsiTS-Silver Queen, Sliver Queen PmcUuu.
KanatsjIU, Gust, rip'/in. Grand ftepubltc No I,
Mountain Glory, Mornutg Glory.
SKPT'���Ludwfgton, PtowBiy, Hope, Protection. KiMrtVnay (t virus), Vancouver. Grsuttf.
Santo Maris, Goldeu Gate, FlvlngCloud, Mystic
Region,Ontario No t. Toronto.
Sua 81-John Hsstie to I' A Paulson,
Interest In mineral claims Iron ChU-f
mlrsl Dewey.
Skit l-Notlce of warning against dealings In
relocation of Golden Eagle by Geo Hagentan.
Will Ism John 1. Mcs E Turner to Wm llal.-v.
.Black Eagle, Old*. Hillside   Pond. Hill Top,
Eva Jan.;. Lucky Bill, Hh.rlff RobliMon to V
Mountain, eherlfni sale, no.
Hkpt I-Monitor, Malnlander and Elsie, |,W
H Voom. R Denauvrie. N Lulut to V Elliott.
Allan, W G Rolib to Kooteiisy Columbia Pros-
pncUng C .misoiy.
Starr St-Gun Fraction. Mob ReM.ttslute, Htfc>u,
si, kdnt
and Ad-
King Rose 1/8, Burnt Hill and Red Dirt i. El
Cantata. Trtpie Alliance and Cnllumct I/xf, A It
Macdonald to same
Iron King, F Manuel to H Klapack.
Labour Day Fraction, J Anderson to Geo Air %
ander. '
As between upraisir^and winiing between levels in metal mines, the former
is the cheaper method, says the Mining
and Scieutitic Press. Gravity assists iu
the removal and blasting of the ore.
Two men will upraise from four to six
feet in hard rock in a shaft in a hole 4x4
feet. The work is much easier on the
men, as they have uo ore to shovel,
while iu the wince two men with the
aid of the two roeu at the windless, will
ouly sink from two to two and one-half
feet in a shaft In fair rock. The serious
objection to overhand work is the great
dauger from falling: rock aud the liability to guard against it These upraises
or winzes serve several purposes of
ventilation, subdivision of the vata, and,
when mining operations are begun, the
upraise is timbered aud becomes a chute
for the delivery ot the ore. In the overhand method of work trig out a vein,after
the levels have been driven and the
vein blocked out by upraises into blocks
of 150 feet in length and the width of
the veiu, then the workable blocks of
vein matter are sloped from the upraise
both ways for a distance of H feet. The
miners begin at tbe upraist* and break
away a slice as wide as the vein and six
or seven feet high     The ore is then
Kicked over aud delivered at the level
elow. After a slice has beeu removed,
the hill hole is timbered, the ludghth of
tbe slice removed, with close laid, round
logs of about six inches in diameter
One slice after another is removed until
the upper level is reached a.id the block
is exhausted. It is not uncommon in
tho working veins which are entirely
pay dirt to allow the broken ore to
gather in the waste space to such convenient height as will give the intiieis a
footing. The excess is removed .and the
whole accumulation is removed as soon
an the stope is exhausted The ore
which accumulates in the chute is drawn
off as rapid lv as circumstances will per
mit. The chute is never emptied bur is
removed only of the excess. This plan
prevents the rolling of the ore down the
chute, and so prevents an excessive pulverization of the ore. As rich ore is
usually brittle, the lose induced by such
pulverization would be great.
This division at the present  time,
more than any other mining division iu
southern British Columbia, is attracting
the most attention from mining men.
prospectors and  capitalists    It is the
southern divison of the district of North
East  Kootenay and is easily reached
from the north  aud  south by way of
Golden and Fort Steele, while manv of
the prospectors  have come from the
went over the divide from West Kootenay.   The richest mineral portion is
that which lies west of the Columbia
river.   The chief properties have been
found  up  Toby   creek,   Horse  Thief
creek, No 2 creek and their tributaries
Indeed, the rush into Tobv creek from
the east and west  is great or than the
rush that took place Into Perry creek,
in tho Fort Steele Mining Division, iu
1895-0 but with butter  results.   Some
valuable locations  have been   made
there.   The majority of the locations
made in this division have beeu made
ion  this creek.   Tlie  mining  records
show that up  to  this dateim miner's
iiionses have  been tanned, 145 claims
staked  and recorded, that upon 88
claims assessment work has been done
and recorded, and that there have been
88 bills of sale and transfers recorded,
and that sufficient asstnmmeiit work has
been done on seven mineral claims to
entitle the owners to apply for certitV
catee of improvement so as to obtain
Crown grants.
Little prospecting has been done ou
the east side of the Columbia river, as
the supposition exists that the itoekiea
bet .een Ottertail creek and Canal Flat!
are comparative barren in mineral,
although behind the town of Winder-
roer^a valuable copper property���the
Swansea-is being rapidly developed
under a bond for $5,UU0 Da tbe west
side the mineral showings are very
strong, particularly near tlie summit of
theSelkirks In all the creeks within
a few miles intervals are good camping
places with nlentv of feed
What has brought Windermere most
into prominence has been the interest
taken in it by men from Went Kent*
eoav, particularly Rowland Tbe pros*
pectora have come over the divide, as
there i*�� an old trail up Toby Creak connecting Earn aud west Kootenay.
Their valuable finds have attracted the
attention of others and more have fol
It is only a matter of time when a
railway 4*111 be running through this
division north and south, connect ing-
with the Crew's Nent Pans Hallway at
Craubrook and joining tbe Canadian
Pacific railway at Golden, and brenche.*
from there up*the various creeps to the
rich mines which ar.* now belief rapidly
developed ���East Kootenay Miner
HON A.N Z A   MA' HAT'S   VtKWft.
H*   Hays lbs  Ksotrssj  M��*h'Ij*Im��   am*
Leaded with lb* t��rrri��u* Ms-tel*.
When passing through WtttulpSjpj n
day or two ago J, W   Mat-bay, the
bonanza king of California, w irtlt, II In
estimated, all the way Wtw����.*n s.r\u>����.
OoOAlKl��10>,oaivi����., accorded nu inter
view to tbe Winuipeir Free Prone.   Mr
Mackay, as is weji-kiiowu, ts a Yt,try
observant  man     He  re-narked  that
Winnipeg had made great progr**** tbe
last few years, and he was pleased to
o'inerve  the  changes  f����r   Ihe   better
o* erywhans.  He referred to it* ndvant
age >iin location for controlling tlte trade
of   Manitoba, the Territories,  and  a
considerable portion of that of eastern
British Columbia,   In reply t��� iheob.
nervation that he na^ become intmauxl
iu British Columbia mining protartie,
Mr. Mackey /aid, "Well, some ���< (n\:
friends have Invested  largely u, ��� ���',.
Koenland district, and 1 dan��"w��\ | ���,���
interested in the success ot rav friends'
enterprises.   There In any amount o{
gold and  nilvear In those mountains
The mining industry will nev.-r i..lM.
not even for a thousand ntul .>n.' > .ars!
British Columbia is a very rich district,
ns rich ns any, I believe, in the whole
world.   A few vears ag.�� I w.,s Milling  with  trirmds  in   Virginia   t m,
Nevada   My friends were looking <\,��'������'
a smoking cavity in the ground, whose
b.ttom wan soon ken in tee darkness,
at the mouth of which a windless was
slowly grinding.   When I came up to
them'I said, ranualiv. 'out of that bote
1 look H60.0��,ooo in bullion     1;  was
one of the famous Uoimnxa mines and
wa* a ���kittnev* or 'pocket' ol crude ..r.-,
about a* high an the steeple of Triuity
church. New York,and lu nrea, as is
as the ctty  hall  park, of your ��u.
Your western Pr ��viiic��  ha* a        t
future," tuttt *ttued Mr Macka.
do not know of any tnw�� in m
application >i which would le  I
discovery of **ther budien ����< ..r.
one I a��*r*M*��ued.    Katnre ln-1
onwligat m��ewl. burtetlthla   K       v >n
the Nevadns,and |*.�� -n|m so��-.
have been  l��**��** alg*ntdlv m l
Ollumbia Hot there i* iiolnw in mm-
in�� but the pick,* nnid in�����������m luai ��n one
A the world * boat authorise*
Sseewd   ll��"as   S*tjr   r*jy����-��*.
The ses ond j*nvm*n! osi the SI *v *n
itov d��Ml b*s tie��*n mid.' by J I.  !i it'-
lark    This mine was bonded ��
woekn ag��   to   tobu  !,   lb I
IiOj>i�� an*I a to p**f c.'*il. r��*��*..
taad*i at the rlm.��   This *e
inent wan nls.1 lo |wr t-enr     M
leek re**eived acab!ej*rr ������ fr����m I      l
advtjdUR* him   Ihnl   the doal    *
IbroiJ rh wiibotit n hitch n\ llmr en       I
nuthorixiug him to make tee ��-      I
Tim* creatun*** know u as .wai;
o.iv.   .hi hearts,  UO |UB*rt,  r >
brains, no nervous system, no orjratw
save month and skin
Don't Wait
Come immediately and get the benefit of Br*,
choice of tlie large atock of
juat received at the IH)ST()FFICE STORK
e^Tbat cut rate shoe sale la not i|oitc over yet, but it will not ln*t
much longer.   Call and get a bargain. 8ANI*)N, BC.
���*���^    -*-���    -""���  -**-*i.��A i    **"���)-'n  ��*-    '*���' -ft***!**^***.    i***"* ***** 1 S*"ssTaa s**i C ���._snH_S**a- . f   i   CM    C     ji^^i^saSfQ ^^^flnt*^   '
Farm Produce, Fruits,
- Vegetables.
Okanagan l-ake,
9 o. aatJCH'a i.a"oi><��
For the convenience of the trade a stock la always kept on ham! in ��',e
Jelland Italldinir. SANDON.      Mines supplied at wholesale rates       < '��*
loaded with Pmdoc ���, Frnlta and Vegetables ere run into the Sh*"*11 l'vcry
I TEN DAYt^ and orders can bo delivered en route. THK PAY8TKEAK, SANDON, B.C., SEPTEMBER 17
���Scottt)M Williama Dead.
Edward S. Williams, better known
t��, ������grotty." who died fa Spokane a
frwdavs'agowas a pioneer among
ml���ing men in Kootenay, having
located ii* an assayer in Ainswoitii
during t!����" early deys of tbe Hot
Spring* camp. In the autumn of 'ill,
j0itabout seven yeais ago today,
Ik- mane the gret aeeay of Hlocan ore
on rvcord. It was of t sample taken
ftviu <li< outcropping of the now
famous Payne by the original die
covervr* of the mineral wealth of the
Slocan,   Kli Carpenter   and   Jack
WtUUitia gnve a return of some SO
rjonccs in silver and Carpenter and
Seaton had decided to let the prop-
cm- hi|a��e when an assay made by
Stalbrrg the German assayer, who i��
still in l.iisiiieae at Ainaworth, show-
td values of 300ouncea for the same
rock.   Thia latter assay was renpon
sibie for the fovntation of the Hen-
ne��y Mdiuigan party who figured
*o largely in the early htntory <jf the
Slocan. This party staked nineteen
claims in three days, everyone of
which is now valuable.
Seouy Wil tin mi was a pictumn|iu-
eharacter and p'.ayed an important
fxart in the history of manv western
mining camps. He crowned Un*
j'l.tin-' in the drat rush to tl e t.olden
State in '49 and spent many wars in
the placer catnpe of the Pacific f oa*i
lie was a welt-known Hgurt* about
M-'iiia Davidson In tlte day* when
the t'omstock waa in Its pro teat
glory. loiter be waa a pfcaiecr of
thefiiurd'Alenea and afterward ��*f
��� ohiiiv and Kootenay. It was n<*
until recent years that William* en
countered the "change In tlie tide'
which bore him to fortune
Tit**- whoreimuntwrtScoity In too
1-biuH r days will hear of his demise
with rrgret
terest in the unsold lots in the city |j
also a free right of way through the
Meanrs. Wood and (ialloway'a property in the valley. For this bonus
the Canadian Pacific railway under
takes'to make Greenwood the company n headquarter* In the district.
Greenwood is to be extensively advertised by tbe C. P. K. Since it
became known that the negotiations,
which had been pending tor several
weeks, were consummated, Greenwood real estate lias been selling
Refused to Gice Up.
There is trouble in store for the
townsite owners of Moyea Cify. True
to its stand and-deliver methods of
businesa the (.". P. K. threatens to
sidetrack that ambitious young city
unless the owners give the officials a
half interest in all the unsold portion
of the townsite. This the townsite
owners refuse to do and there is now
a possibility that Moyea City may
he erased from the map notwithstanding that it was then long before the C. P. R. and that the people
of Canada have already paid tor the
('row's N��-**t road in land nod money
several times over.
"That invalid soldier seemed to be
excited when telling about the hospital ship." remarked Aunt Martha.
"I heard him speak ��*f some lady���
Helen somebody*���"
1-Helen Gould. probably," said the
docror "She has laeen an angel of
mervv to       "
"No, the name wasn't Gould, 're
plied Aunt Martha, "it sounded mort
like Hl<i**a.
Appiicationlfor LiouorLicence.}Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
NOTICE is hereby given  that at the ex,
plration of thirty days from tbe first public
ation hereof the undersigned will apply to
the Licence Commissioner* of the City of San
don for a Licence to sell liquor by retail at his
premises situate on Reco Avenue in the City
W.J. Fbaskr.
Sandon, August Mth, IK*.
Application for  Renewal of
Liquor License.
NOTICE Is hereby given that at tbe next
meeting of the License Commissioners of the
City of Sandon I shall apply for a renewal of
my license for the flryan Hotel, situate on
Reco Avenue in tbe City of Sandon.
It. M. CovisuTon
Sandon. August ifJth, Vtm.
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C. P. Ry
agnte. or
C. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
[ WM. STITT, Gen. 8. S. Agt.,
X>'TH v. is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commis"
sioner of Lund* and Work* for permission to
pun-haw two hundred and fifty five acres,
more or less, of unreserve 1 Crown lands with*
in the following deacril-e 1 area I
Commencing at the ��outb-we*t corner of lot
l��l. thence so chains north, thence so chains
west, thence ��1 chains sonth. more or less, to
Kootenay lake, thence following shore line tu
south-west angle of lot S.VV thence north
following location line of said lot 4> chains',
more or le*�� to north-east angle of lot 791,
thence SS chain* Want along southern boundary Ss said lot to place of beginning. Situated on Kootenay River about ten mile* from
Nelson. NeUuu Mining I ��i vision. West
Kooleuay Dictricl
Bvin.x K. SnAnr.
Dated Septeiu!*r 17tb. MM*.
Construction in Bounds rtj
Tlw i.ntnd Porks Miner rnjya that
actual nark on the C. P. K. in the
Roundary district has Invn com-
ursirced and the dirt will soon be
���jrlng thick and last between Cascade
< ity and (iraird Forks. On siatiirday
l**t Ung A 0ot| who Irave the c<*n
tract for three and one-halt miles
���hm way, commencing at a point
senaw the river from l.'ancadc i'ity.
arrived with their grading oats*!
and ��� -Mahiinh.*t| a camp aliout a mile
ihsj *i(|(. ���f (,mlmins ferry.and the
work .,( clearing  the rights/ way
was commenced the fore part of the
X��'TI�� .: I* hereby given that sixty day* after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief t.��>iiimi��.ioner of Lnnda and Work* for
permission to purchase the unsurvered or the
agricultural Crown land, within the follow,
ins described   area :
Commencing at the north-west corner of
!.<>t tat. O 1. Kootenay IH.trii-t. thence south
I��� chains, thence we*t *����� chains, thence north
lochains. thence west Siichsin*. thence north
lochains. thence ��-e��t *) chain*, thence north
t�� a pre-emption, thence following the south
and east boundaries <>f *aid pre-emption to
Kootenay river, thence along river front to
point of commencement, snd containing SM
acre* more or less.
It.   M<���� IRK.
i<ut��.t rata iuiy. in*.
WUr lie at the Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
n. l. GRinriETT
Notary Public.
B. C.
Cnrtificntn of Improvnmnntn.
��rccnrrood Real Batata Booma.
'���reenwood, B.C. Sept. 11.-LA
Hamilton, land commissioner, nnd
11 '���'��� Wilgrcaa, right of way aiffut
f��r th, Canadian Pacific Hallway
����npsny, Mayor Wood and Alder
���������siuinlluway yesterday slgruni an
���Rieemcnt under which the Canadian
Pactac railway acquits a third In*
You cannot find
any better goods
than toe can shoto
you. Remember
this tohen you
toant a good suit
of clothes.
Situate in the Slocan Mining   I>i\i��ion ol
We��t Kootenay.   Where located :���  lu Mc-
linigMii llssiii
Take notice thst I. A. S. r'nrwcll. agent for
I K. H. Tomlinson. Free Miner's iVrtilicate No.
I :<MiA. intend ��ixty dsv* I rom  date hereof, to
apply to the Mining- Recorder for s certificate
of improvement* for the purpose of obtaining
a (Ynwu   Orant of the above clsiui.
And further tskr notice thst action under
Sec'ion ST mu��t l>e commenced l-efore the is>
*uanceof .neb Certificate ol Improvements.
A. S. Fakwkli..
Pate of Hfst |iublici.tion. July,  .*srth   1KW.
J. R. & D. Cameron.
Cnrtificntn of Improvnmnntn.
*Mtusle in the BanaaU   Mining   PivUion   of
West    Ko��)tcnsy  District.   Where locu\
e,li-Joinina the    I BjsSsh   clsim  in Mc.
Ouigsn llasin.
Tske notice thst I. AS. Fsrwell. acting a,
����ntforW. A. Hendry*,  Free Miner's Certificate No fee) a. and K. H. Tomlinson, Free
Miner* tVrtiflcate  No.   iMMiA.  intend, sixty
,|��v*from ths date hereof, to  apply  to th.
Mining   Reorder   for   a   Certificste  of  Im-
���n,venunt*. for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Orsnt of the sbove claim.
Andfurthsr take notice that sction under
sM tion  .V.  must  be commenced before Ui*
lionaoa of aaSS CertiHcste of I��np��,vsment..
A. S*. fARnaLL.
pateil thi* irth day of September, 1SW.
Headquarters for Miners.
Well stocked bar in connection.
First class accommodations.   Board by the
day or week.
B0NGAR0 k PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
Rates:   stf.ui per day.
~  Special Rates by the Week. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., SEPTEMBER 17   \m%
The Republic Paua a Dioidend.
The Republic Mining company
declared its first dividend on Wednesday. The amount is C3O;00Q or
three cents a share, and  it will  be
Kid October 10th. transfer books to
closed on Octobea 1st.
The dividend haa been anticipated
f jr some time, as it was known that
the mine had shipped enough ore to
nay all indebtedness and to leave a
handsome intuit iu tbe treasury.
It is the intention of the company
topav a dividend regularly each
month and the amount is not expected to fall below three cents per share.
It is more probable that it will be
considerably above that sum in the
irear future. It Is the intention to
set the figure at a sum which tbe
management feels confident can be
kept up regularly. This is the first
dividend declared in the Republic
Forbea Vernon Fired.
The Goodenough,
Furnished Rooms.
Strictly Firat Claaa.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
Forbes George Vernon, agent
general for British Colombia in London, has been dismissed by the dew
government, and tlte office may be
Dr. furrer, physician of the provincial gaol at Kamloops, has been
dismissed, The intimation reached
him in tbe Jubilee hospital at Vic-
tori* where he has been a patient for
the past six weeks, his partner in
kamloops meanwhile attending to
the gaol.
L. M. Slocum, general advertising
agent for tbe Spokane Fruit Fair,
was in town yesterday placarding
the town and inviting all to attend
the great fair and see all the attractions. The parade, he says, will be
equal to the Madri Gran of New
Orleans, and all people can see tbe
Spanish-American war without danger physically or financially.
W. Vldler Papworth, who is commissioned to collect ore samples for
the New Westminster exhibition, received a telegram on Wednesday
directing him to continue tbe work
as the fair will be held as advertised
notwithstanding the fire. That's
White in a state of dele nam, presumably superinduced by a period of
dissipation, a French Canadian
named Joseph Pepin attempted to
kill himself at the Poorninn mine at
Nelson on Tuesday morning by
stabbing himself in the abdomen
with a pocket, knife. It is not expected that he will live.
F. S. Andrews, barrister and solicitor, formerly of Winnipeg, but
who for the last two years has been
located at Slocan City, has removed
to Nelson. Mr. Andrews has opened offices over Farley k Simpson's
store. He will conduct a branch
office at Slocan City.
The construction of the C. P. R.
depot is going ahead rapidly. The
roof and siding' is about completed
and woik on tbe interior is now receiving attention. The building will
be all completed and occupied by the
10th of next month.
And Other Investments.
Every Representation Guaranteed.
A Full Line of Cigar*, Tobacco*.
Pipe* and Smokers' Htindrieu
In Stack.
Headquarters tor Pinning Cards and
Poker Chip*
Model Hand Laundry
Bath Rooms.
A First CUsa LAUNDRY Service.
At Reasonable Prices.
BATH HOUSE in Connection.
Plain Baths 25 cents.
Ladies Hours on  Tucsdnvs and  Fridays
rom 8 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Lady in Attendance.
An inspection oi the Premises invited.
Franklin S. Trcmain.
In His RVar of th�� POr*T OFPICK.
The Sandon Hand Laundry and
Bath House has recently added a
set of steam fixtures, giving it the
complete equipment of a steam laun*
dry. Work called for and delivered
promptly aa promised. Best bath
rooms in tbe city.
iFilbert Cigar Store]
! Just opened.
;       New Goods,
Fresh Stock,
* n
��� ��
[Pipee, and Smokers' Supplies off
tall kinda. S
!   Drop in and see us.
!     Jas. Williamson.
(Filbert Block     Sandon, B. C.j
H. Giegerichf Sandon, B. C.
The only exclnaiee Wholesale and Retail Grocaru, House in Sandon
Dealing in Fiaa, Fraafc asd Olaaa table sup.
Plies suitable for Family, Hotel ind Min-ng trade.
Special brands of Pm* Taaa mmi toffees.
Sole Agents for
Giant Pmwtmr Oa*v
Tfca faaiaaa (toarfwia tea-it**,
St. Ohariaa StarHlzad Cream.
Stores al KAftM) and AtKSWORTH.
H. Byers 4 Co.
Ar�� fot* .*��>**** for
Truax Patent
Improoed Automatic
Ore Car.
We Carry a rail Um of
Steel Rails,
Strap Iron,
Caps and Fuse,
Aad all kind* of
Mine   Hardware,
H. BYERS & Co.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
Ssrtk* Posts
To Eastern eV
European Points.
To Pacific Coast cV  Far East
To   Rich   and   Active Gold
Fields of Klondike and the
HagffMireCtte-cked tolfeutioation
and Through Tleketn Issued.
Tourist Cars
Paas Kevelstoke i
Daily to St. Paul.
Dally Except Wednesday to Esst
ern Cnnedlan ami V. S. Point*-
To Main Use Points, snd, oeept.ng Sunday
To snd From Nelson.
Loave        Hand on Arrive
7:45 a.m. 4:.V>P* ��������
Asr#H.,n   -��snt��i   RKI��ITKI> RATW Mj
full Informs ti..n l��y n*ldnrssli��S nuur**** "
navel, or
Agent, Sandon.
IMsl.Pnss. A*�� .
Trs��   I'"**
Bssnra   thai your  llcksl  ia*��lsrIs ��M
sisiiiiitf nsiMS'ir HAII." *'


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