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The Paystreak Apr 22, 1899

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Array mi
SANDON, APRIL 22 1899.
Where are you going on the 24th P
Dan Monro is hotel keeping in
1). C. Rlblet ie upending a few day*
in Spokane.
(ioorge Hughes spent a few. days
in Kaslo this week.
Phil. D. Carbery is now sole man
ageratThe Denver.
The K. A S. bad the ore business
all to itself this week.
r\ L. Christie returned Wednesday
trom a tour of coast points.
K. V. McCune of Silt Uke City i*.
making a short stay in Sandon.
I). J. Robertson is building an addition to his furniture ware rooms.
A. Uallcr, formerly of McGuigan,
has become a resident of Sandon.
John J. Coles is in Toko, Wash.,
working for the Teko Meat Company.
Tommy Milne Is able to be out
again, bat with an aristocratic limp.
Polllott A McMi Ian art' putting
some improvement* on the Kootenay
Mine Livingston hi giving lectures
ppii camp cooking at the cooking
I). T. Prenevoat hss bought and is
occupying McPhnderr's house on
Cody Avt*.
K. 11. Traeman arrive*! in town
yesterday. He will made a two-
weetuf stay.
The Oddfellows will give sn entertainment and supper on Friday evening, rhe 28th.
A late report says thst Bear take
ha*, also decided not to celebrate the
yueeua Birthday.
The Bartlert house, lately vacated
by Lowes A Harrington, may be
��� ���coupled by tbe Bank of B. C.
Fred W. Bailey spent a few days
in Nelson this week.   He says there
is going to be a celebration in Silver
The l��adies Home Misshmary Soel
ety ul the Methodist chnrvtr gave a
nodal in Virginia hall on Thursday
Johu r\ Vroome of the Kaalo customs office spent tire early part of the
week in town looking up some gop*ls
that lately came tu   from the other
Bert Clark, manager for Bourne
Bros, at Burton City was in town
last Sunday. He predicts u lively
summer tor the Cariboo Creek district.
I .owe* A Harrington have moved
to the Vancouver house where they
are doing business In more pretentious quarters. Don't forget the
Tuesday the 4th of May will go
rattling down into the ages of history
us the day of the Sandon Kite Brig
ade. third annual ball.   Don't overlook it.
Kdltor Sloe, of the Kaslo Kootenai
an, announces in his last issue, with
just a suggestion of personal pride
and triumph, tbe birth of half a
dozen babies in as many hours at
A Noted Expert Coming,
Bernhardt Macdonald, consulting
engineer for McCuaig, Rykert & Co.,
is expected in  the  Slocan in a few
The marriage of Sidney Norman day8- Macdonald, who is well known
and Maria Ellis Winston, second throughout tlie northwestern states
daughter ot Colonel Patrick Henry and British Columbia as a leader in
Winston, attorney-general of the Ihi8 profession, has made two previ-
State of Washington, was solemnized I 0U8vwlt8 *> th�� J-"*-** McCuaig,
on Wednesday evening in All Saints' i ^ken & Co. of Montreal, who are
cathedral, Spokane. The church jthe heaviest mining brokers m Can-
was crowded to the doors with :ada,' hav�� *,r?***y floated the Pltyne
friends of the couple. iand l]-e B*2��Wlc and are now  en-
���    _ i gaged in the flotation of several other
Otto M. Rosendale, representing, meritorious properties, including the
the Slocan Ore Purchasing Company j Soverign. Important developments
is spending a few days in Sandon. mav be expected to follow the visit
1 his is the company that is building| 0f their expert.
the sampler at Nelson, which is now 	
nearly completed.   Tbe company is
prepared to handle all kinds ot ore!
and metallurgical products.
that they shonld not be made respon*
sible for the loss of hydrant rent
while the hydrants were frozen or
shut off for repairs. The company
promised to take all reasonable precautions against such accidents and
requested a written agreement as a
precaution against misunderstanding.
The Names of the Totcus that mill
Celebrate.   Where then are
Located and how to
Get to Them
Manq Attractions Coming.
On Monday*, April 24th daily service on the Columbia river between
Nakusp snd Robson will be resumed
and the present service via Slocan
lake will be discontinued.   As a re
The Metropolitan Opera Company
will play a return engagement in
Spencer's Opera House ou Tuesday
and Wednesday, the 25th and 26th.
On Tuesday the Mikado will be presented aud on Wednesday tbe Bo-
sultofthrs, service butween   Nelson * hernian  Girl.     On
and Slocan City, on Slocan lake, and
on the N & S. branch, will be the
same as was in effect previous to the
inauguration of present service.
Waterland A Westerburg will open
their new hotel in Greenwood on the
16th ot next month. Last fall they
bought two of the best lots in the city
on Copper street and have put up a
buildirrg SO x 107 feet. They have
great faith in the future prosperity of
tbe town nnd have refused 1000
tempting offers for their chances.
The Sandon business will be continued the **ame as usual.
their previous
this company
to a crowded
Preparation are being made at the
Lucky Jim for some heavy work.
The Mountain Chief, near New
Denver will be working again next
The Queen Best* still continues to
improve. There is eight feet of ora
showing in one of their tunnels.
Tbe Idaho tut down its force agaiu
last Sunday. Koch's camp is closed
and no ore will be hauled until the
slides come down.
It is reported the Whitewater
Deep has struck a nice body of ore.
Thin will mean a great deal for the
stability ot Whitewater.
A deal is on the tapis between Pat
McGinnis and V. Burns tor McGinnis'
half interest in the Chieftain property in Cariboo Creek.
The Antoine is being put in shape
to start work. M. K. Rat-bourne
has a gang shovelling out the mad
and getting the machinery into condition.
apperance in Sandon
waved The Mascot
On Saturday evening next Hyde
Gowan, banjoist will appear in Virginia hall under the auspices of the
Ladies Aid Society of the Presbyterian church. "Classics in banjo
playing is an innovation but is sue
cessfully accomplished by Hyde
Gowan *
The Lyceum Dramatic Companv,
under the management of L. W.
Shipman, will play a three night's
engagement at Spencer's on May 1st,
2nd and 3rd, presenting on Monday,
the first night, a comedy entitled
"All the Comforts of a Home"; on
Tuesday, Ouida's masterpiece "Under
Two r'lags," and on Wednesday
"The Merchant of Venice." In presenting Shakesperean dramas in
Sandon the Lyceum company exhibits remarkable assurance, but as
they have a large and versatile company they feel perfect confidence in
their ability to give a presentable
rendition. 'Judging from the suc-
ces scored by the company on their
trip west they should become popular
in Kootenay.
The Bachelors' Ball.
Tho Bachelors' Ball on Tuesday
was, as predicted, a brilliant success.
Virginia hall was eiowded; everyone was there. The giddy whirl
waa kept up to an early hour and
when tne dancers dispersed it was
with a regret that the bachelors
did not entertain mora often.
At the City council meeting on
Monday evening a communication
was received from Pierson A Fisher
in which it was pointed out that some
buildings, the property of Michael
Kerlin, were on the road and so situated as to interfere with their business. A wish was expressed that the
city council have the same removed.
A communication was received
from P. Genelle A Co. regarding
their bill for flume lumber supplied a
year ago.
A petition received from Chas.
Piersoh asking for a theatre license
for the Central hotel was laid on tbe
A communication from the Standard Publishing Company of Rossland
accepting the city council's offer for
space in the Standard annual was
filed, also one from the S. W. & L.
regarding the  street  hydrant
Although Queen Victoria has not
yet been notified of the fact and is
entirely ignorant of the distubanc*-
that the celebration of her natal day
is causing in the Slocan, three towns
will celebrate her birthday���each
one in spite ot the other. These are
New Denver. Silverton and Kaslo.
New Denver, as will be seen by
referring to the latest C. P. R. maps,
is situated at the mouth of Carpenter
creek, five miles below Three Forks.
It is opposite the Lowery glacier and
adjoining the cemetery. It has __
undertaker who wilt do a live y
business when tbe inhabitants can be
brought to recognize that they have*
been dead since the summer of '91.
Rip Van Winkle is mayor of tlte
town. It can hardly be avoided via
the Nakusp & Slocan and a short
walk down the old Mountain Chief
trail, or by the wagon road from
Three Forks. It is also impossible
to miss the town via Rosebery and
Slocan lake. This route offers n>
distinct advantage over tbe others
that tbe hapless traveller is not precipitated into a trackless woods and
does not arrive in town quite s >
Silverton, better known as Four
Mile, is said to be only four miles
from New Denver, although it seems
remarkable that the health inspector
should allow these two settlements to
remain in such close proximity. Ir
has four saloons, a large ainoun*. <>(
vitalized air and some eight day
sports without whiskers. Its prim i-
pal industry is waiting for business
to pick up and gazing at the scenery.
The sojourner may escape from the
Silverton precincts bv either of three
routes. Tbe least dangerous is to
proceed straight op the mountain
sides and strike for Sandon. This
involves considerable risk from snow-
slides, but as the next best route
takes one through New Denver and
the other necessitates a swim of eight
miles to Rosebery, the first is the
most preferable route Some people
have even waited for the return boat
without expiring from ennui.
Kaslo is the next station past South
Fork on the K. A S. It baa been
situated in the same place for several
years and can be discovered by proceeding carefully along tbe west
shore of Kootenay lake. Its principal features of interest are its city
council, the flood and fire which it
had six years ago and tbe boom
which it will have "in tbe spring."
It has a closed Comique, a wide-open
license law and red curtains enough
to shook the modesty of a sphinx. Its
inhabitants, of which there are quite
a number, are lineal descendents of
i \ .
St. -\   '
|   I
Co.   regarding the  street  .. ,  ������.
service, in which the company claim I Don Quixote and Colonel Sellers. rBE I'AYSTKBAK, SANlMlS. 11.1  . AIJKIL 'J'l   it**
The Joint  Commit***  Decides  to Sand
nil Sports to the Lake Town.
It is very evident the New Denver
committee on arrangements for the
24th of May celebration have had their
hands full. The trouble has been that
the teams of Sandon and Nelson have
held off their decision, and it was not
until Tuesday of this week that the matter was finally settled in New Denver's
favor. Here is what the Nelson Miner
says of it:
The chief question which has been
Agitating the minds lately of those who
are fond of athletics has been the destination of the various athletic teams of
Nelson on the Queen's Birthday, the
24th of May. Three of the neighboring
towns have decided to bold celebrations
on that date, namely New Denver, Silverton and Kaslo: and the question has
been to which place shall the Nelson
Baseball, Fire Department, and Lacrosse
teams go. Tbe choice was soon narrowed
down to between New Denver and Silver-
ton but the difficulty of making the
choice was by no means thereby lessened
The friendliest feelings are entertained
towards both these towns by the Nelson
boys, and both offered substantial inducements.
Such being the case, the matter naturally came down to the basis of which
town would make the best offer. Both
were liberal in tbeir offeis, and finally
New Denver promised 9150 for tbe hub
and hub race, f 125 for the baseball match
and the same for the lacrosse match. It
was further represented that the Sandon
reams would compete in the vat ions
sports. Accordingly on Sunday last
representatives of the various Nelson
teams met at the Hume Hotel, and after
thoroughly going into the matter, decided that all three teams would go to New
Denver on the 24th of May. The matter
was for the time considered settled, bur
on Sunday evening delegates both from
New Denver and Silverton appeared and
the matter was te-opened, though oo
rather a different basis.
The Nelson men had promised to go to
New Denver on the Queen's birthday,
and therefore to New Denver they bad to
go. Still, there appeared to be no reason
why they should not go to Silverton also,
if the matter could be arranged. Silver-
ton and New Denver are but four miles
apart, and strong efforts were made ��o
induce the two towns to bring about a
joint celebration, the games to t> held
one day in one town, and the next in the
other. A conference was held on Monday to this end, and another Tneaday.
Unfortunately difficulties presented
themselves as each town naturally wants
to bave its celebration on the 24th. If
Silverton will consent to have its games
on the 25th the difficulties will all be
smoothed over and both Nelson and
Sandon will gladly attend. Otherwise
in view of their promise the Nelson
teams will not be able to visit Silverton
on this occasion. Although contradictory reports are in circulation it appears
to be tolerably certain that the Sandon
teams have decided to cons pete at New
Denver on the 24th.
The Silverton representatives in the
city have refused to accept the two days
celebration proposition but as the Nelson
organizations have finally decided to go
to N'ew Denver on the 24th of Mav it is
probable that Silverton will yet fall into
line by having a celebration on the 25th.
This unenviable distinction is now
given to France, and is sustained by no
leas authority than The Lancet, ranked
as the greatest, most reliable and earful
medical paper in the world
Dr. Brunyon, in The Bulletins' Medical, says: *
"The quantity of alcohol drunk at
Rouen is equal to an average per head
of the population of 17 litters of pure
alcohol. In other centers of the pro.
vince the consumption is even higher, it
amounts, for instance, to  19 liters at
Lrllebonne.   Iu the department of the
Seine Infcrieure-that is. the Havre de*
trict���there is a drink shop for every 67
inhabitants.   ~_e women are also hard
drinkers, and drink is supplied to them
bv the grocer, the green grocer and
even bv the men who tell roast chestnuts  a't  the  corners   p>f  the  streets.
Young women and children refuse to
drink  their  coffee unless  it is mixed
with  brandv.  and  children  begin to
drink  cpdfee when  only  two or three
vears old.   Natural!v the children very
soon ask for the bran ly which they see
their seniors mix with the coffee, and
parents are weak enough to very generally accede to Hip' demand of their
children     The agricultural   laborers
seem to drink   nearly as much a* the
workmen of the towns    Alcoholism is
also verv prevalent among the trading
class, and especially among the goreetl
and cafe proprietors    It is the rule for
commercial travellers in all branches of
trade to drink over each transaction.  A
commercial   traveller  who  refuses t����
drink would not be able to do any busi
Jules Claretie, th e brilliant Paris
journalist, says that "the ���eeeraJN of
France is alcoholism '" This, he tells us,
not only brings destruction to tbe
drinker,* but transmits the, seeds of insanity and death to the offspring It i*
a significant fact th*t the fifth asylum
for the insane has recently been built
in the Paris district, especially for incurable drunkards
"Frenchmen," savs M Claretie, "are
becoming the maddest alcohol drinkers
in  the  world "    They   consume   per
capita 14 quarts of alcohol.   Owing to
the destruction of the <rra*>e vines by a
parasite, liquor dealers are placing on
the market   various chemical concoctions labeled wine, and these poisonous
drinks  are  rapidly   performing- their
deadly work among all classes of people
Added to this,  the use of absinthe is
becoming alarming prevalent Students
drink it as  their  daily tonic and the
dreadful habit is fastening itielf upon
the hardy fisher folk, the sturdy, robust
Bretons  and   Normans, whose health
and strength is being sapped  by this
crime provoking   demon,  and   who*e
children will  be  heirs to all the ills
derived from drunken parents   Alcohol
costs France a milliard of francs annually, "yet," says ML Claretrc,"nrnhihition
is  impossible,   for    King   trramse!|.*r
would revoke every Deputv who dared
to vote for anything approaching it."���
National Temperance Advocate.
qie-h room*.
eat seals most of the
The Tartars, it is said, ate horses,
camels, dogs.
In China, binls' nests, rats snd snails
are considered good food
The ancient Germans subsisted on
wild apples, meat and cheese.
The ancient Danes ate wild bull, seal,
heaver, periwinkle and birda.
When Uie Indians of California were
verv hungry they ate dogs, grawhopiwr*
and acorns. The badger is a favorite
Indian dish
Two hundred years ago the Irish maple
salads bf sorrel and beet, mixed with
vinegar, beer and sugar, using no oil,
salt or mestard
Some of the Egyptians were fond of
crocodile steak. They thought wheat
and hurley very poor stuff. The Egyptians, moreover, never ate beans or the
head of any animal. Honey and raisins
they loved and also liked fish, quail and
To the Jews are we indebted for our
delicious salad dressing of oil, vinegar
salt, pepper and mustard. At tbe pass-
over they ate bitter herbs, such as wild
lettuce, tansy, camomile and dandelion,
end Invented the dressing to make the
dub palatable.
An Alabama newspaper prints this
advertisement: "To the Ladies: Ism
a widower,��7 years old, and I am looking
around for asmarr wife of shout W year*
-one who knows how to work, and would
be willing to help manage the farm.   HO
ore running 1000.000 to
sav  that a ton of pure
youngfirll need apply.   I  want a woman who has ul least 00 years* e*peri
tnee, and I promise to make such a one
happy lor the rest of her life."
tha  Valna at a  Ton   of Oeld.
A paper published in one of tbe mining sections of rhe North-West says:
"Some of our esteemed   journalistic
Mends have pointed tbe finger of scorn
al a  recent   headline  in these
which *|*oke 0
the ton.    Thev
gold, at $20.67 an ' once, would amount
in only 1496,080. As the chief mission
of this paper m this world ol error ��s to
hold the truth before all men as a shin
ing light, we pause to point ont that
they are wren,?, and to explain why they
"ThereIs no ton in troy weight. A
ton avoirdtijpoi* con tains 2,000 pounds,
each pound p'onlaining sixteen ourwea,
an*) each oonce 4J7K grains. St follows
that there are jusr 14,000,000 grains in a
ton. An ounce, troy weight, contains
4SO grains, and a brief exercise in simple
division n ill demonstale that there are
S��V1661$ tree ounces in a ton avoridu-
pels.   At KM per ounce, tbe vain* of a
effect I 00 o'clock a. ro
Pacific or 120th llerid
Jan. 3,
Un time.
Subject to change wit boot nottee
Lm*/�� s H
���* s a*
����� I ��
*��� a ta
*- 1�� !_
" 10 I*
- IS 3S
*��� 1�� ���*.
Arr. l*�� m
Ait*%��. �� ia I*
**    Sin -
it* *
* M
'       �� ��v
*     r ai ���
I M *
**itfc t'-tb
User tain
Osty JutvttV*. "      | a
t-MNB ���sat* i ia    *���
Lenta ti.aaa.rn -.EsaaWi - Arrit*   i\ r��a-s
A-1r*.ll_S   ��� Caty    _. ttlA.P*
TraAmr Angt
0.0 r.corWsAjm
For rnmon rallr��<1 sod stmm*hf�� utbmta u
mn* trom mil pataAA, mi*pty �����, '
ton of pore gold ts ������������*,���.:, \. lnUi*
hoped that aiiltacribers wh���� m��\ h.,:m2
a too of gold about their pri-nt** t_
not permit themselves to I- v ictimbM
hy tbe short weight gentry th.i ��,,v ���!,��.
there are only fl,000 trov ounces la%
A     Wklst    P#��hlri���
Tne Kaslo Whist Club has ^ l5 ..-^
tarn years to eotvethe lotto*in* proMta
I It-arts are trump*, A Is to lead and ,1(h
B for a -partner ia IO get sil eight \tvU,
no matter what Y and '/, do .rttwat
A botda���heart, 0, 10. *��rk .lob j.
dvamotid 3, 0; spade ,1. <>
Y follow* a and botoa���eluti :, i.t,
king; diamond k$; ��p*dr t, ���
ft botds���dob 7. 10. quwi. get; tit*.
motel 4, 71 epsul* 5. 8,
Sassia*wTti_s>Osnl��*aV��o* Jap**** mt
tmlxjmml to cbmt.tf **���'���'
tax ��rrem��ATto.\p\i
% wtS tbmma i atl lv**!
nm*a *��s�� m si a
Trsia Is1* l*s|l��, 1JA* pm  Train ,.��� m .*
*   ar     -*     AMfmax   Ttmb* i�� ��� ���   *
*?rw�� r*1 ***sn.     a **a.    n����i *- * ���
��      "     l��p��a    A*n*��-MrO* '*���?-!
-*? ** Am am ******* n*t
�� * Amarn tA*n*wt
*Hrsst*r*#**���� ftt�� Mis. T'
���*    llftsa*    Jamam ���> *
fTt*tnatl**��-*n�� a.-jsia^-iss ���.��
^ "        iim*m    Unmi'^t
7      *���       tlopm    tApSmm ��� '   *��<*.
ir*'-1 >���
Aseni. Sandon
wa nHtm.
a>��rt Ams��.
txmitt train Im l.snrsw        !�������
**        at A A% *<sn
m mn��i��;a euir
**J       "   ��a*;an   tl��������*��*��a M
||        '   ?����fm*l   t")M I���f
r* **_}** ,-*** bm*4x'-**��*-A
- lt'*>t-m fl <tJ Hixmt
*�� i ��* am  H mt-'l t
J |   " sr^-pso m*M |i .,,. ?.�����'����
s r T**l�� *v tt ��' am Tx
at tM psa asunAan*
(trrnu KcHTIW *V iA***�����*���..     ��
t\-mmmx**<* i**t i*��f��* f *. i*
*m M <�������*��. THpspf<s��** *ot P**&*< *
����?%>��* Ks4>*. ,.  ������  *n��  P,��a��sr.rf��i-   I"
i����r Jw*sr.��     l*+*.rU,*t  S*-m**m   *i *  > ���*���*
it*, Vtidnf �������* juia*4s��-   <**tn . >>��� H.i
UMMMil atMT Hami.* gmt ��i| wax   ��� ;- ������'
om-mom *r.i:i��v!< h
P '�� Oof in   bmlo Bl
.*    1
I am m
-   I��   ,"
������� *
To the Ladies of
Sandon and
GREETING:~ We have on hand
alrotit 400 pair* of Ijulwn' nnd Chi d 60.
Ihcot which we are to dbponcofata
nc:ifloe in order to make room in our
saiWrHim for new stork now on the road.
Thentock include* it fine line of Tie,
Sn-ap ami iluckle Slipper* in Tan and
Black Ladies lace and htttt4in shoe*���
latt st Mtyles.
Qutlfecl Satin and Felt Slipper*.
Children* Spring & Hijrh.heel ��hc*'*
A special line of Boy* School Ettiofli.
�� st off,*, store. sZtwi
V The Paystreak.
[flare Metal of High Value found
in Considerable Quantaties.
Seattle  Post-In tail i��anc��r ,
Chelan,   April  U.���The greatest
Bine is point of peculiarity and iso
ition of precedent, is to be opened
[p in this vicinity during the present
eason.   it is a veritable  wine of
rjiulybdenum.   This metal is found
In widely diversified states, never
tteolutely  pure, and never before
tin large  bodies,  being  In  minute
[���articles, tilling Interstices in forms-
[tions, associated in leads with many
kind* ot mineral!, principally, how
lever, with copper.   Its value when
ln-tined  is 92.62  per  kilogram, or
1**2.3*) per ton.
The find here is in a four-foot lead,
and the molybdenum la massive-
trom the sise or one's fist to that of a
-������n quart pail Lying embedded In
-his hi white quarts bearing free
gold and silver, assaying 18. All
*lu�� is on the turtace, and mav be,
traced readily the length 'if the
claim. On the same property is an
pdghttfoot ledge ol free gold, arrd
here, also, are (bund denosita of oilier
Molybdenum has been of fnqutiit
p*ccurenee in the mines of tbe West���
principally in  uuanttttea, however,
in the Kossland dbtrict. win-re it in
t -nnd never larger than a pin bead.
It is easily mistaken and as easily
' -ed.   It will produce on white
(paper a greenish-blue mr-cak, has a
pleeided metallic lustre, bring silver-
white in appearance, very much re*
p mbling graphite, though of mark
p-dlv different atructure.   Thin find is
proWbly the most remarkable or tbe
world because of th*: immense quan
titles and massive prop����rtions.
A company ta now being organised
with ample capital and full determination to mine the ore, having
closed a contract with sn Pastern
linn fp��r three tons a month. The
gnM nnd copper values of the ledges
will more than pay tbe expense of
milling, leaving the molvbdenum as
St leer Production Increasing
r 0000000000000000000000%
im    CAPITAL WANTED,    5
'      ���    *  *     ��� 1
A  prospector  holding a group of   2
four claims, three OH tha North Pork   J
���dde  and  one ou th*.  Payne  aide of   t|
Payn��  Mountain,  wants capital  lor  S
development.   Sixty feet ot crosscut  !
tunnel has been run to  tup the ledge,  lft
wbkti should �����* reached   ��t   im leet    s
The outcrop on  th��  surface nbowita   W
rcmhI grade or galena scattered through   I
a very strone quarts vain i
Owner is willing lo give a substan-   !
tial lnt��n>*t in the properties to nny
parth*-  who  will  r.ri.Uh   money   to
open np the** claims, snd any reason*
able offer will be ent��>rtain*<1.
Tb**e properties positively are not
t����r sale a�� the owner considers them
too pn.iiti.ipit: t<. part with in an uirv
develop*.! ��t��te None but m bona ftd*
offeror working capital wilt ha enter-
taine<i Correspondence solicited.
��� <> PAVSTRaAg.      %
00000000 000000000 000A
IMaaolutlon of Pnrtnenthip.
XCrTlfK i* hereby riv,-u thnt tbe partnership
heretofore evicting l*twgen tbe undersigned
tmder the tbe Srm name uw Ki'/gerald A Day
ha* been dissolved by mutual consent. Alt
oninins due to the flrm will ba collected by _..
~ -������ -L-m. !__��    HuShii   will
���r   wmm   �� ***,-   �������������--    ��� ���*  'fit
t is easilV   rotStaken   ano   aa  wmmay I w jtmy    An ��.. ���i,nt, against the Arm will
ecofrnii4.   tt will produce on while ���, ^^ by u ~ -
"���. _ .��_>_.i_n�� Mii-cnk. has a I
W. Hay.
^Ml��Art. Krnuitatsun
M. w nsv.
Sandon. aUt-h lath.'ts..
We ctn supply yon with
Waterproofed by the
Rigby Process, at the same
price as unproofed goods.
Rigby Porous Waterproof goods look and feel
the same  as  unproofed
goods���they admit the air
but keep out the rain and
allow the free respiration
of the skin;
They are all tailor made
and up to date.
A Shorev's Guarantee
Card is in the pocket of
each garment which
The production of silver presents
some peeeller ******   T,,w* ta ,n0
���peetal  effort being made to mine
silver, vet the worlds output. Isst
vear was tint greatest cvfrjjjjl
........ti..tr    ut    over      ISW.OWA'tru.
Certificate of Improvements.
Sttaal* in   the Hlocan   Mining   Division  of
West Kootenay District. - Where locet��<l:
thi the East Park of Carpenter Creek, ad-
Joining the Woswcart I. Miner*! Claim oa
the north
Takk X.ith-k that   I, Joseph   Frederick
Ritchie. aettSg ����� agent for J. O. C. Fraser. of
Bossiand.B.C, Pre* Miner's CsrtiScate No.
<*/**>. intend at days from  the date hereof to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Cart Meat*
uf Impeovet���ans for the above claim.
And further take not ice that action, under
werthm  SI. must  be commenced  before  the
(������uaure oi sueh Certificate or Imprnventena*
Dated this nth day ol June.   l*>'
The E. R. Atherton Co.
Atlantic Steamship   Tickets
.mounting to over JWXWD
nances. In the United Slates tfw U*
crease was considerable, reachI ig ��
total ��f GO.OfttOOG1 oenees.1**1 >y r,
acainrt 58.800.OX) In 1W7 ���*
nteadv locraaae in If *^�� ^fi
rlic falling price of the metal must he
aeoottnteS for Itecauae of the enor n-
ous Increase in the output of gold.
eoppar snd lead, of which metals It t��
a by-product.
The following is said to be a sure
core for the grip: '<*;>u�� bed,
hang vour hst up on the foot oT tne
bed t ilrlnk whiskey and quinine till
you nee two hats; then fell asleep.
AiniWTls7r7Tn�� I'AYSTR^K
NOTICE U UrabysHM *��\ / *JJ2��
nnd D. Mor>��u.ld do not bold ��M��^
liable for;aaj bill, eontraetad by ����>���'�����;*
llarltH.n. n..w working m* the Snap im.perty.
J. Rohillard
II. MpJMO-ni'*
m<  t - - -
Plain sewinQ
i -_-. J
A. r ��� & A. M.
Kegular Communication of ALTA
liOlXJE, U. D., held first Thursday
in each Month, in Masonic Hall.
Sandon, at 8 p. m. Sojourning breth-
ern cordially invited.
W. H. Lilly,
Canadian Pac:fic Railway
Soo-Pacific Line.
Tha Faal aad Superior Sareica loato
To Eastern &
European Points,
0. BleAKTHLN,     .?.   j   To   Pacific   Coast,   Alaska,
C. P. R. A��ent, Sandon. China,   Japan   and   Australian
^^*^*^*^***  Points.
Baggage Checked to Destination
and Through Tiehets Issued.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke:
Daily to St Paul.
Tuesday and Saturday for Toronto.
Thursday for Montreal and Boston.
Oaily to Points reached vis Nakusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
ed via Rosebery and Slocan City.
Dally Train.
7:45 k     Ive. SANDON ar
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines App >
for sailing dstes, rates, tickete and
full information to any ��^. ����� K>
ageut  or
WM. STITT, Gen. S. 8. Agt.,
Will \m at the Hotsl Balmoral
once a month
If you want to save your
money leave your  order
Threa Forks
Dearer Bldlnc
16:56 k
lft JO
Slocan City
13:50 NAKUSP     ^^^
I   Ascertain BATES and fall Information by
I addresfeing nearest local a��ent, ar
-      A. C. MeARTHUR,
Agent, Sandon.
Diet. Pass. Act., Trar. Pass. A��t
Vancoaver, Nelson.
Be sore  that yonr ticket lands rla tkt
% m
: -;
��� ii The Paystreak.
(From oar Special Correspondent.)
The C. P. R. has commenced work
on tbeir new barge. About 25 men
are employed on the job.
Peter Genelle A Go. opened their
saw mill again last week. They intend cutting a large quantity of lumber this summer.
On Sunday last, a woman from the
Lealand Hotel who bad proceeded
only a snort distance from tbe house
wai wised with facial convulsions
A young lady and gentleman passing
that way helped her back to tbe
hotel. High altitude is supposed to
be the cause.
On tbe 24th inst. the C. P. R. will
commence running boats through to
Ronson instead oi transferring here
and going via Rosebery.
R. H. Truemsnof Vancouver left
for Sandon yesterday after a three-
days visit He reports having done
a good stroke of business.
The Str. Rossland baa been tied up
for repairs and a new coat of paint,
the Str. Mint�� taking ber place be
tween here and Arrowhead.
Bertlett Bous in Luck.
In a letter recently received by
L. C. Lane, Ed Bartlettsays they are
in a position to mske $40,000 or 160,-
000 this summer. Tbey wintered 30
mules in Dawson for which they
bought no less than 940,000 worth of
teed, but nevertheless cleaned up
120,000 since Isst October.
Hay costs ' 25 cents a pound and
grain $1. Tbey get 25 cents a pound
for packing 15 miles to the forks of
Bonanza and Eldorado creeks. As
Ed puts it: "We packed a world of
gold dust from the mines last summer. On one trip we had ten mules
loaded and in three shipments we
brought down 1400,000."
They expect to get out on tbe la��t
boat this fall snd will bring the
mules with them to exhibit at the
Paris exposition. Papers will be
obtained from Governor Ogilvie to
rhow that it was the first pack trsin
In Dawson City, Yukon Teirhory.
R. H. Trueman, Photographer,
will be in Sandon tor two weeks commencing Saturday, April 22nd.
Studio opposite C. P. R. Depot
Will occupy his new Barber
Shop, next to Donaldaoa s Drug
Store, within ten days. Ths prtnw
iscs will be handsomely furnished,
aad the comfort and convenience
of patrons considered in every
detail. The bath rooms will be
the fipest in the Slocan. Cad and
get "neat."
* *��S~^^^*3H0p*mmr*S*9*
An Established Millinery business
in Sandon, furnishings and fittings
complete. The only millinery busi
ness in tbe city. Pest of reasons for
wishing to sell.
Apply to
Miss Wilson.
P, O. Box 117.
Spencers Opera
Tuesday and Wednesday
Aoril 25th and 26th.
MiSS Wilson
Has returned   toith a
.   , complete spring stock
of all the latest fashions
and Ladies Furnishings.
Eoerytning. fashionable,
artistic and up-to-date.
Only high class goods
RneSeaeonabie, qroceries
Table Novelties.
Unequalled for Variety and Purity.
^^ ^W ;������   .s- ���.,*tittm**^M/rii\Ual*lMa'*X*^-i*mi*m>m)>mmm<itm<i* m"*****
Hotels, Mines end Families will ttnd It to tbeir ad.
vantage to tee these new goeda In ell lines before
purchasing elsewhere. Mall Orders will receive ss
usual our prompt attention and forwarded as desire.
H. GIEGERICH, Sandon, B. C.
The output of the SLOCAN
in '98 was nearly S3.OOO.000.
Ninety   per   cent   of   this
wealth    was   handled with
ter recommendation could be had.
H. BYERS k Co.
We have just received a   full car ol CANTON
STEEL, all rizea, lor  hand  end  power  drilb
Thirty People.
Tm PrwcipaLh.
Will Rising Blanche Aldrach,
Maurice Hagerman, Alice James.
Eddie Smith,       Jeaunette Lincoln,
Charles Walters,  Lillian Kerobte,
Roy Berkley,      Agnes Millard.
Introducing   tbe   greatest
novelty of tbe age.
Sidnev Rhorer, Baritone.
Edison's Dream Realized.
Mavlng Plotaraa.
\T_at Act, 8lng and Tetk.
km MHUy. L. D. 8.
Kootenay Tailors.
Carry the finest line ol Canadian and Im
ported cloths to be taunt in Kootenay
Inspret the latr��t additions to oar nock
ol spring suitings.   Perfect Satirfactbn
SANDON.    {
n. l. QRinriETTi MINERS'
Notary Public,
Sandon. B. C.
Sleighs, Cutters, Teams and
Saddle Horses lor Hire.
H*ap*Oaartar> fat MtaMMra
W��ll tumtum l*r la tmeatr ��� *"�� ^
Piamttmmaiimmama*m*tat,*   *<-H
Say arwtak.
Barritter, Solicitor. Etc
Noun Public


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