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The Paystreak Oct 15, 1898

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The (mro Industry is thriving in
Sandon again.
C. M. Wilson returned from Spo
kaoe je.terdsy.
8. J. Mifhton paid Sandon a short
visit Thsradsy.
Probabilities: Ksin. Uter prob-
a b: I hies, More Rain.
T. M. Gibaoo, the Kaslo mining
man. was in town Thursday
John L. Rctaltack Is aerlouj.lv ill
in Spokane with typhoid fever.
A. B. Meek*. ��� Spokane laundry-
man, will iw-open the  Reco Steam
S-^Ps'*SsWswbssB' jp s
J itemy Latham's amiiinir phvsiog
nasay it port of Giegerichs stock in
trade sgsln.
L. C. Lanes pork moles are bringing down ore from the California to
New Denver.
Hugh Cameron Is moving his
bftiktiitaTto Its new location across
the C. P. R. track.
C W. Andatson. travelling psasen*
iter agent of theC. P. It., paid Sandon s viait Therrrdsy.
Den Monro receive*! the sad news
on Monday ot his father's death st
his old home in Ontario.
Ghss. A. Store* it surveying the
llmiteOaHMl Belle chaises, nesr the
Noonday, for J. D. rarrelL
Albeni fblrier hss opened the
Pen* dOVilie Cefe in the Bryan.
He also bat charge of the rooms.
Alex laooaa,  CVstservntlve organ
iaer for British OolnmHia. wss in
town yesterday on hia way to Kaslo.
Italy P.vman left on Tnesdav for
Kivenaade, Osl, to spend tlie winter
in a wsrmer cllinsis for tho benefit
<4 his hesltb.
K. L IsJTlogion, centrx.ller of ths
Greet Xonbef*. accompanied by
C**\ Moot. li-vtag, mode s trip over
the K. si a Tuesday.
Mr. J. O. Main returned Sunday
UstlrXM Kb taatnrn tour, secomran-
It-d by a* *���*,   Mrs. Msln will lie
exam s i>*ttt*rM of Sand**).
Tort oomU posts letter in Charley
Tbotnptoa's tulle these days.   John
Millard amUea too.   Business is com
log Ibelr amy like s Kansas cyclone.
toping was oouoienced this week
oo the BTaebird, recently  purchased
by Scott McDonald and \\ I Corbin.
The pfroporty at thawing up remark
Tho C. P. K. depot is about com*
pletedaQdour genial friend "Mac"
and hit oaoknt ntslstanta will be
doing btssoets in new quarter* next
Use goeernor generslln ci>umil
h��a been ptessed to appoint Thursday. Nor.**, tw a day ant apart
f^M^tfstsitnSgiviiig throughout
band instruments are ex-
pected to arsive this evening. It Iras
not been decided yet where the first
practice will take piece. Barns'
slaughter house has been suggested.
Col. Kobt. Irving has been appointed president of the K. k 8. for
the new company. J. Jeffries wss
made manager and G. F. Copeland
treasurer and vice-president.
Sir Wm. Vsn Home and party,
on tbeir annual tour, went down
Slocan Lake on Thursday, going to
Nelson over the Slocan River road.
William gave Sandou the go-by this
Nine men are working on the
Monitor at Three Forks. A car of
ore haa been taken out in develop
meet and the mine will commence
shipping again as soon as tbeamow
Isaac Wsldron. formerly iwoprietor
ot the Jackson hotel at Whitewater,
haa purchased the IVIi rend block, on
First Ave., Spokane. With contemplated improvements, Mr. Wsldron's
Investment in Spokane realty will
smount to over f20,000.
W. C. tfobinson, one of the best
known rsilrosders in Western Canada, returned to Vancouver Thursday from TVslin Iske where be went
from Sandon Isat spring to build the
wagon road fur Mackenzie k Mann.
���W' haa travelled the Stiekine
country generally and has a good
deal to aay about his experience in
tbe north. He will probsbly winter
In the Slocan.
Dr. J. M. Gibbs, who lias f.>r the
last two years rcacticed at Slocan
Citv, baa removed to Vancouver,
and will make this city his nernran-
ent home. He baa taken unices opposite tbe Boulder saloon. Dr. Glbbe
rs a young man from Mcaford, Ont,
lie practiced a year before
0. H. Wright has taken tbe contract to complete the crosscut tunnel
on the Selkirk. The tunnel is already in 310 feet and it is expected
ibatit will take 250 feet to strike the
lead. Double shifts will be kept at
work all winter and no time lost in
getting to the ledge This tunnel
will give s depth of 250 feet from the
the bottom of the shaft, which shows
six inches of clean ore aud carbonates.
��� The company is now doing assessment work on the Hope claim, on
Goat mountain, near New Denver.
Recent assays from ore lately found
on this property showed 17.50 in
gold and 215 ounces silver. The
claim has been thoroughly: prospeet-
ed and the result wss a pleasant surprise to the companv.
Nearly sil the stock in the Selkirk
Is held locally. Thos. Brown is
president, Alex. Crawford vise-president, W. W. Fallowsnecreury treasurer, and the directorate ia made np
of other business men of Sandon.
Mr. Oliffe's paper.
If anyone else cares to try tbe
hardware business in Sandon they
an requested to recollect that this is
a free country, but that they will
have to work in opposition to one of
the livest mercantile Institutions in
D. C r
The Payhtreak happens to know
that Mr. Cliffe's slam at tbe flyers
institution is actuated by sfatte. The
Mining Review will gain noadver-
tising by such methods.
The Firemen's Ball.
The Last Chance.
The Last Chance ore house is now
about completed and work will be
commenced  Monday on the Hume,
which ia to furnish water-power to
drive the crusher.    Work on the
tramway baa been delayed s  few
days awaiting tbe arrival from the
Porto Rico mine at  Ymir of some
machinery  necessary  to hoist tbe|c
towers.   This tramway, which is to ���
be an arid one, will be, when completed, the longest in the Slocan.   It
Is over two miles in a straight line
from tbe mine to tbe ore house.
The mirre is shipping UO tons a
week, which is handled most of the
way over the Noble Five tramway.
When the Last Chance tram is
completed the mine will be a rival of
The Firemen's Ball, given Isat
night in the Virginia Hall, was a
very pleasant affair, although tbe
attendance was hardly aa large.aa
might hsve been expected. Itiisio
waa furnished by the Sandon Orebes-
tra and the dancing kept up Until a
late hour. About forty couples were
on the floor.
" "      Sl ���     ' I M       |      |   III,   .    ,,
The shipments of ore from July
1st, 1898 to date.
Prom Sandon.
Payne, ���   5,740
Ruth, :   1,275
Slocan Star, ���   141?
Last Chance, :      290
Sapphire 18}
Coin 81
Wonderful Bird 1
Soverign 601
Wonderful 8
M Wilson j         2
Treasure Vault 40
From Concentrator Siding
coining wesi    In Slocan City and
vicinity be enjoyed s large practice, j tbe Payne in shipments.
and wrll no donbt soon make a name j ���	
fur himself in Vancouver.--Province.      Sandonitee in tbe Boundary.
For a Gumnssicm.
Alex. C. McDonald who was part-
Tl_�� ..ff.wt. httiii- n        to onrsnii   I nen w,lb "m" Sudro in tho Ar^
There promises to be great activity
on Silver Mootaln bank of New Den
itr daring* Ihe ootnlng year.   De
velofHBotit work bat surprised tbe
owners of elsims lo that section.
sn athletic aasoeiatkm,
an inew poratcd Joint stock company,
are meeting with great success.   It
is proposed to capitalize at I5.0JO,
in one thousand  snares of |5 each.
Eleven hundred dollars worth of
the stock has already been spoken
for and the balance will no doubt be
easily placed.   It is proposed to erect
s building Urge enough to contain a
skatinff rink 40 x 150 and two sheets
ot curling ice.   An snnex  will  bo
built consisting of s gymnasium,
waiting rooms, etc.   A very conservative estimate of the probable revenue for tho season of '98- '99 would
be from IHOO to 11100, which, with
the cost of maintenance placed at
$fW, would leave a balance ot from
|3tX)tolB00, �� be  applied to any
outstanding   liability   which may
have been  Incurred, or in the absence of such debt would give a
dividend of approximately 12 per
cent on the Investment.   Apsrt from
any other consideration the organisation will prove of greet value to
the town as a whole and is an undertaking deserving unanimous suppott.
Queen Bess,
From New Denoer.
From Whitewater.
From McGuigan,
Antoine    '
Curlev Robinson is cooking in the
Central Hotel in Cascade
J. P. Biack has his hotel at Cascade nearly completed and has
staked a lot in Monte Carlo.
Dso Bongard and Dan Sullivan
are building a hotel  in Greenwood.
D. C. Fletcher turned up in Monte
Carlo in time to stake a central lot
in the new town.
William Miller, who ran a laundry
in Sandon last winter, is prospecting
for a business location io Greenwood.
A Small Slam.
Total, 11,418! tons
Shipme   s over the K. 4 8. for tho
week: Pavne 150, Slocan Star 120*
Ruth 68, laust Chance 40.
Over th      . P. R. for the week ���
Psyne, 180.
Total for tbe week 558.
Mr. Cliffo, in this morning's Mining Review invites competition in
the hardware trade in Sandon. Our
present representatives of the hardware trade in Sandon have the
money, brains, experience, ability
and everything required for the successful conduction of their business,
snd have more sense than to prejudice their chances by advertising in
Presbyterian church���Regular services in Virginia hall morning and
evening at 11 a. m* and 7:80 p. m.
Methodist Chrirch���Regular services to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 7:80
p. m.   Rev A. M. Saxd-iwd,  A.  B.
Special musk will bo rendered at
the evening service m t-oitewa:���
Anthem.��� 4*8we*et the Moments."
Solos by Mrs. MarMsrtin and Mr.
Cook; trio by Mrs. Whits, Messrs.
Grimmest and Webb and full
Anthem.���"Fear the Not." Solo by
Mr. Webb; full chorus. 8pecial
orchestral music. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, OCTOBER 15 W*
If Christ Came to Sandon.
He would probably find but little
change in the affairs of man except
in the altered conditions. Human
nature would be found tb be much
the aame in Sandon to-day aa it waa
in Judea some nineteen hundred
yean ago. Much the same traits of
character aa the apostle St. Paul remarked in those be met could eaMIy
be found in the present-day inhabitants of the Slocan. The Scribes and
Pharisees might possibly to recognized among tbe players at the stud
poker tables, and contemporarys of
the money changers, who are reported to have occupied their time shortchanging the unwary in the Jerusalem gospel shops during week days,
would easily be discerned in the
black Jack dealers of this eity, although their business baa since
become detached from the affairs of
the church to become a side-issue of
the saloon.
Probably the only novel feature
which our town would afford such a
visitor would be its Ccautque. It is
laid of J. Caesar, who waa pretty
well to-do in Rome about thia time;
and of the Pharo family, who were
prominent people in Egypt for some
time, that they ran a sort of variety
enow for the benefit of themselves
and friends, but it would be doing
these gentlemen a rank injustice to
suggest that they ever countenanced
anything of the nature of a Comique.
In bet, although Mr. Caesar had the
benefit of tbe experience of hia Dago
friends from several different parte
of the world, and the Pharo clique
had the advantage of several thousand years' hereditary education in
thia line, it is very doubtful If they
could have produced anything quite
ao nasty aa the present-day Comique
aa we have it represented in Sandon.
The Comique is about the lowest
stage of degradation to which morality, or rather immorality, can be
brought under existing conditions.
Aa tbe Sandon dive will be closed
shortly after the vote is taken on the
20th inst.* any who care to experiment with the toughest institution lu
the Dominion should drop In and get
skinned during the next few days,
The sirens of the variety will soon
have to carry tbeir abbreviated
akin and protracted smile to some
other clime, to be remembered In
Sandon only like a bad dream.
about four months, and coat  United
States over 1150,000,000.
It is stated that the shipments of
gold made fronvDawson through tbe
Canadian Iiank of Commerce since
the 15th of July last will total up a
sum ot between 12,500,000 end $3,
Sir .William Van Home cells on
sil Canadians to keep the Crow's
Nest trade for Canada. Heasaerted,
at a Board of Trade banquet In Winnipeg* recently, that the Corbin rail
way interests have been turned over
to the Great Northern Railway, and
that company, he save, will be
found at Ottawa during tbe next
session of parliament, seeking legislation that will enable them to build
a line into Southern Brits* Columbia and cut into the trade of that
region. Sir William declares that It
will be a shame If Canadian centres
do not get sil the trade resulting from
the Crow's Nest rase road, eince it
haa been built by public subsidies.
A gold locket containing minlture
photograph and lock of hair.   Owner
can have the aame by proving property and paying for thia ad.
Apply to
Tux Patstbeak.
Ore Hauling Tenders Watatedu
TENDERS nm invited for haallnc
tons of ore daily from ths Queea Ban
to tbe A ?amo concentrator tSBSSJ tSS aSstjSV
in*- season. Add*****, by 1st tar la law Bret
Three Fork*.
Application for Liouor Licence.
NOTICE la ban-by givea that nl IS* �����
���Station of thirty dnya from In* tan* peeler
ntlon beret! lb* underslcaed will apply to
tb* Lieeaos Commissioner* of th* City of Man
don for a licence to sail liquor by rttaU al bit)
premise* slluat* on Isto Avenue la tb* City
W.J. Fa
Sandon. Ainrnst SSb. 1SS.
Csrtlflssts sf las
After tbe Government haa finished
Sift'on the Klondike complaints, tbe
officials may find that there are a
few things xukon't do, even In tbe
gold fields.
The noble red man la once more on
the warpath, in tbe old ambush
atyle, and Fenimore Cooper'a successor haa the chance of hia life.
Party government haa been a loss
to Canada ever since Confederation.
If tbe Yukon officials were Conservatives the Liberal government at
Ottawa would not wait for specific
The Soudan war haa in two years
coat Great Britain tl*,000,OCO, of
which 16,000,000 waa spent in railway building, which will be a permanent and profitable work. The
United  States-Spanish   war lasted
Situate In tb* Hloean Hulas Dirielea sf
Was* Kootauay. Warn located :- In ate-
Onia-en Basin.
Tune notice that I, A. S. Perw.U. n*ent for
E.H. Tomlinson. Erse Miner's Certincat* No
*4*U,intend slaty days from date hereof, to
apply to the Mininc Recorder for a certificate
of improvements for th* purpose of villaining
n Crown Ornnt of the above claim.
And further Uk. Rot-fee thnt action under
*ee*4ou ST mast be commenced bsforn the le-
.uance of each Certincat* of Improvements.
A. 8. VanwRM.
Dnte of first publication. July. Sotb
Financial Statement lor the Quarter
ending September 90s*. 1898
Cash Dr to Rlotpt*,
Pollc�� Court. Fines, S
Trad*. License
Crank Improvement*
Oovl. Ornnt
B. Eat-Tat, Ann
Oaah nn hand, inae sa
ant Ts
Cash, Cr Bt KxrExniruarx
Fir* Onp't
*    Stank a*
Maintenance a c
Police e *
Eqnlpmeata, ate.
OSana Pnralinre. ai<
Baal Prnn/ty aV. Sandr's
accse**** aaa**er*.s
Print Ins
P. O. Boa mat
Interest oa Overdraft
Water a Lle-M .���*-.
toe loins*sun.
Croak Improvements,
Belief nv.fKSnanors
Cwatlaaeat a>��� Sab.
UnaS W I
Ntmes la hereby civea that ���t tft#
f"_J 2!Tf *_!��� *������ *������ ��"*'' ������� **��
^tZ^?!?a!al!_! V-*** v"""��^����
�����of theOiyof Hasdoa for a licence to-u
liquor hy retail nt hie hotel know* .. ,l.
ThUale- situated an Bar* Av.B��. J T
eltyafSandoa. '**
Tn.*. fi.aias
Sandon. Meptembar Sard,
Certlflsaks of Isssrsnsmsnta
Is th* Woean Mininc iH.isioA sf
West Keoteear District Where located in,
Tata eettre that 1 Arthur a Perw.u. **,,,
for A. W. BVCnae, No. 1IW. W L H��t��. St,.
aJaSn, tt V BVC��ao,Bo, nu��. and J mm** Ors
ham, No, IkSSa, inland, slaty da>������ from data
hereof, to apptr t��> the Mtaiac rw.M-r for a
CorttSeate of Improvements, far tb. t>" :**>->����
ef etstalalasT a Crow-a Oram of <h�� abeta
And farther take aetico that eataoe, ot>4*��
section St. must be ��ommear��>t  Wfare th.
of ewa Onrttaroie of lai*.t.m.M,
Dated this llth Say ef Saptemtier. ss*
a, a r��a**ii
Cs*rMttente sf Improvements.
Attaate fas the SI so* n Mleiac In* i.k.i ���* w��.t
Xeosonay  tSetrtct    Where   ioceitd   Os
nays* Moaatala.
Tans notice that I A  S Parw#w .".���� ..
asaat for inks Beach. Pre* MineC. f.rtt*-
*ate Mo, tlltaa. intend, slaty days (Ma data
hereof, to apply to Ike Mininc RecoH���� for s
CertlScate ef Imaroremaata,for th* �����-�������
ef obtainta* n Croon Oram of thasbo.*
Aad farther tab* SoSfcta thnt astlea. ��.r.i����
Sf. must he commeo^ad  ��*��foc��tst
ef such OsrtiSrate ef lsspr��<s<nsai.
Datad ���kleSMh day ef aeanemUr i��n
A. S Pssoaix
Csahoa head
CortiSed correal.
A editor
Csrtinssts sf trssrsnsmsals-
Application for  Renewal of
Liquor License.
NOTICE la k*r*hy ��iv��n thai at th* nest
wetlna of the Lkeua* Commlasloaors of th*
��ty of Naadon I shall apply for a mn*n**l of
my license for th*  Bryan  H��t��l. sil note on
Baa* Aveaae ia the Cltr of Sandon.
B. M. CrrrttMiToa
Snndon. ansaet nth
Mti-MS Is hereby siren that alaly days after
dat* I intend lo apply to the Chief Cwmmis
Mtaate in tha Slocan   Mininc  IHvUlon   of I aloner of Lends and Works for permission le
W*st   Kootenay Irlstriet.   Where loeat I Ptunkna* too hnndrnd nnd thy 8ve ncms.
���d^-ioininc th* Duinth claim la Me
Onicnn Basin.
Tan* nolle* thnt I, A.K. PnmeU, netlncn
acsnt for W. A. Hendrya, Pm* Miner's Oar-
ti��cat��No. SSS��A,and E. H.Tomlinson, Proa
MinsVs CertiSeat* No. ostfa, intend, sixty
dnya from tne date hereof, to apply to th*
Mininc Recorder for n Certificate of Improvements, for tbe purpose of obteitiiuc a
Crown Ornnt of tha a hove claim.
And farther take notic* that action, under
section 81, must b* commenced before the
Issuance of such rertiflnato of Improvements
A. 8. Pabwki.i.
Dated thi* nth day of Heptamr��er. ism.
ar lam, ef nni
ed Croon lands olth-
OewtlsV��to of Irstpresementn.
aortfiDAV PBAcnoN minebai- n.*is
Mtaate  la  th* Sloenn  Mlniac Wvhnan af
W*etK*mt*aay district    Where W*a��e��t
0* Paya* Moaatala.
Taaaaoth-elhot LAS Peresll. a^��l.*a ������
asaat far iotmBkrask. Pree Mtn**r'.�� ���">��������'��������
Sfn llllaa. Intead. elnty dnya tr��"* �������'��� -*ft"
nf.t*aa*>lytotWmlalacBeeaHer f*f ���������'f
thsenleeflmmev.msata for th. *^rt-����* ���*
ehtalalas a Crown Oraat of the eh**'* '������"���V
And farther take not Ire that sotloa a**nr
St. aiael ha eometenced   r��sf..rs ���*���
afaas-SCortsttSSs of rmor��'"""*,nU
tasted this SMb day of asntsm^-r ISM
A H PsawtM
esc tion
CestNieats sf Imafensaita**^
chw:aoo and i����*iK ttntiaui. claims
m.ooi. l�� ih. Hl���r. no.lnn  *>�����~Jt
\Vli��>r.- lomtw*
ws.l al US
In tha fellow Inc daaerlhad area i
ComuMHseins at tha seatb-west eorner af lot
IW, thence 40 chain* north, tbnata S�� chains
west, thane* at chains south, more or less, to
Kootenay lake, thence follow Ins shore line to
���nuth-oest uncle of lot SM, thence north
following lonation line of said lot at chains-
more or law to norlhosat ancle of lot 1*1'
thence an chains west alone southern bound
ary of sail lot to place af beclnninc- fUtu
ntetlon Kootenay Kiver aitoat ten miles from
Nelson, Nelson Mlnlnc IH vision. West
Kootenay IHstrict.
I RvnoN P. HHtac
I��a��e<l NeotrtnUr I7tli, |ao
Im< laic*
Wost Kootenay IHalrVt
la tho Noble PIv* slide, lytna
Noble Pive arronp.
Taaa Nnrns thnt I.J   �����   ',r*v
acnut for Byron N. White
.inc.I* No eSBM. W. H    Prenklln.
er*e   Cartiacat*   No.   I��as��*.
��, till* ������
j.vc a***
��r,.i  l-assee
si   *�����������>��� ww   ��'��� v-.. nassi
MHIowen.Pr-. Miner*. r��r.i ��������" ,r
inttrndartdny. fron, rh. �����*"�� ^"C
km tt*. taiolne Recorder for a��*r�� m- ������'
ta the Mlnlnc tUeorder
provemens far th* *������va cJalm.
Andfttrtlt*rl*h���n���-���^������lM���, m'lti^
,es,ttoa  W.mtut U commence*!
l^uane* of .m-h Carliacaf oi Impr*'��������_
DntedlhlaSlhaay^ l*apt*w'*r
J II ������*��
s*f..rs ��H��
ia* ������ I tnr rl.~ i.._ ..      '��� "OWie Strrtnt/ ~��-         I ���-
a revival ef interest in thin mountain
inJp^jit axji^^--
nre interacted. T��o imrnffl *c'��-��e��
beeu trs��*d on thto��itoS^l7S F*
died to* snd sre strut* *' hun
li.iy fottt savs JmssVrunllS/',,r,tt����-
feet mors to staae^ H % n, " *""��
�� band on thtr etalm L' r^,ou ha*
-Sfolla adjtdnin>, * A^S" f
- t ��� err^t s csinn "o7w ���_*? . ^Mv h"
dationa.      -^^ w**��tersccomrno
'.oaW feVlffi'"Un_����*Co.ren*
thTsisiinf TsffeaTlss^'. **����
^rou^i^^���*1^***^ running
lion assl^Hf *dJol,w lhe c*��nv��*n
�����"������ atttt has thn aame or* hmtit*V...
Xte!9l^��-_i* ia ili^ w^v"!
ilho *
'���a*   the" FidJiffi M��the>sool 2��L**-l��vsr* ii_f2LoSlJ!s,nff- ^vest.
which    hj if^!ltvb,l*ff��
H a^veOjJ" *^mi8eda��< I here
'*-en done on it *,,!   A lN?.,Worl* has'     e'
S_ajht the two-thirda in, W   Mc(;a**��
liamson and Hoka 2 ,nt*r��at ��l VVil-
'hereon |_ /he E'^**!*   *> work
fc��0 worth of ZkZf betrUth **
"���������"�� close bv i8 S ,the ^veloping
���no instead of bem?f;,,J-V ������"reaslnf
Kr>' P^Hoectors S V��Wn of ��%���*
Denver has reached ,i��nff n*J�� ' W
^"n of  la-ino* tf^u^P^ddistin,
Slocan       r.'K   l,le home   toe/n   ,.�� it
,. -.���.as ��.-)
........ in work has been put on
(his property and the ore body shown
up to a depth of liO feet and for several   hundred   f������     ���    *'
��� -���   ������   being the "hr.m��,'r'ua ���*"*�����*>
1 ��n ��..�� �� TV
bolls -   j lls n���� 	
"uift and erected with".... nu,"'*a**Haily
f.'ll..r���l.  ��D��U-����
.... .���������_..������, us places of business
well stocked with general merchandise;
its hanking institution the strongest
and safest in the land, its hotel accommodations the best. *��>'' ������** -���-*-"
ana*    ������-      *
'��� SS' ������'..-
......of SANDON......
Carry the finest Stock ts* Liquors in
the Kootenay Country.
Orders  by mail or wire promptly
 attended to......
-.��� ,���><Tu^n il.     It   IS   Ihe plvjmriv
\*iv Tucker and Geo Long. ^_
A l�� t oot ledge ia being develoiied on
ths Sartdow, liwstrd slam* the K*'Jip��w*
Phil IfIrkejr lias Wen working tbe pr����
I*ny all sumrsier and ia drtvrig two
t!jnm*l�� aide by nlde on tht* lend, a hicli
j* said to He tfte Alamo-Idaho lend.
Herman Clever has alt men srerkittf
on th���� I^mt Tiger and MJaratttft Link.
A < nbin is being r>rec4ed to am��mm<r-
���iflic the men, who will work the
property all winter. Trails have been
ml l*�� and shout ths property Tw.t
*fr��mg ledgen are ahowiitg
Mtmsrs. Nicholson, Pvnian. Brtndh*,
f'ofifr and Thompaen are pushing wrk
'���!<  ?h��  Anglo-Saion  gnmp. aiiuar<*d
tosl caal and stnrve the Mountain Chief
They have s ��* tmti lt-nd to work on,
and (heore is ihitkly galena npecl.(*d
< n another ol tbe claims in the group a
strong gnrVne-eopner  ledge has been
uncovered.   A irsll in now being rut ro
lhe property,   A cabin and other build
ing�� will be fait up snd work pushed
throughout tbs winter
There sre several other properties
ad>lning these thst have prrrmising
���if wi��g��, but on which no work is
Ix-ing done.
Wirh the addition of tbe proper! ir* on
which these bisr finds bare ju*r  been
niade r^ the list of prodnring mine*
���nil hesdquarters st Ken  ih-nver. ic
*>') give this piece prominent*! as a
nunr* |>rodiir|n|r   ceatrs.      The   dis
i orerten are not mere float finds.   The
ore veins  here  bees   eitcovered and
trac-d for hundreds of fees snd indicsl*-
Jhar Silver mountain is loaded from
haw in summit with gslens ore.   Fori
H"ne yearn  psst  tbe  California and
Mountain fhlof hs�� t-���- "���
Kra^c galena ore TwraitsTsJTw*"'
are rmploved ��.nI it niTn^ "?ve ���*-
���ariaus^ewnssdift^ ��,hF f��****M
W in . mods! matZ r    Si ti'8<,,,f,i
cmployett on if an* ^rmit,id _S* ",e"
home and com* and^" /' , Jfr hve *l
everv ni.*!.. ... j        **     u *neir work i *'*" <*noru to nht~a<> .    r,~~."*" M,*��"roria.
n��_��.    rZ    M   "" ���"   ���� M��l'��SH��riIk.��S?i"r~*<,����|w��i����ol<l
'- ��� ���        "m permitM,'6 b,,^"" Ru8,u*�� <*><*&
%-.     ��� w.i   mnneis   are    being
driven on rh��* h ad and ore ia taken out
r��f Iwah.   Thr* shiifr is down eo feet sn 1
dri/ting t*ach way it being poshed. The
ore thuie  c��nt nues strong in every
e|n>oitig  ami   rigular   shipments  are
totes made fMtn the dumps    A good
road has been built from the lake shore
10 the workings and the ore is shipped
from Ihe  Bosun  landing,   half s mile
di*t��tit from New Denver.   It is highly
probahlr that In a short time a tunnel
will be driven from the lake shore and
Ihe  propSfty worked  principally   bv
this opening.    The  ledge  has ' been
traced from the present workings to Ihe
lake shore.
Between the Bosun and New Denver
are located the Lake Shore. R D Fraction, and Neglected. All of these
properties start from the lake shore and
work em<ugb bss been done on rhem to -- yc ljau Al If
dciuonsirare  Ihe  presence   of  strong
leads.   Above tbem are several other   Drtctnf faV'.a *Qll'/Bfr>aa    t?      j
promising profrerties.   On the Mamere  illdlUl I l*VC a7lUrC}  SflflaOIl.
n sh-tfr has been sunk .%) fwtt on a good         __sBwTswaa^aU^aSBw,SBBBw��sw��-asw
le��lge, and on the t,��ueen City consider
a hie work has also been done.   With
the  development of  these  propertiVn
some  good  finds  will  undoubted   be
se of the City
OVERCOATS     mk     Jfc
Rubbers Qrj
& 0��MM&
Dealer ir| MEATS
Uv,f^htWfn^li^*^lt,��w  ��*��t
or f.ur x!SP m!^Pr��>*iurersforthr,v
^" that   Sirv ijSjr*t,0n of ,bj�� �����*-
:,f "'��' inasntalB ^hafC.K ��" th,�� ^
^i"^' 'iidZI k lhp aajswairy
:;n,i"-r to JnJS* Jjl ���* j^n forth
i*1, r' ��bn lai g_i?i*' tn1 P^iwtles
-*!*' '--in dr^lrllj.*!0 hsen mad.*
?tj,U| A��^^.^^i|H*��heywere
1,1 �������������� "arlv^Si.** Work C��ul��l ^> don,.
*Pr" ������ 'mimmi\^Hm.m?>  ,n4 UhTathuie
, "ft Sluirh,e^l_Q _* ln* PW&ons
te fl^H��d_y_!_H h��'re and
2*^hiiolK_?^*��n** Wringers fol
S* >*' '"'llMsbi fefc*JS,l,�� ��f ,h* d00b,��
th�� #,��rtlM.rU3I*_5 *�� ������������uuimlt.   With
Lying a short mile to the northeast of
New   Denver  is  (toat  mountain,   on
which  so vera!  grnwl  looking   quartxl
lettge*. have been found, assavtng wi>U
[up in gold, ail ver and copper    It  is,
here, bordering on fhe lake, that th.    _-_-...���-��---------awaWaWaw-M
Molliellnghestrroupialocated. Twenty
men were until  recently  employed oil "
takproperty by the Northwest!5y��d'   ��� ANDCN,    ROSSLAND, NELSON,   KASLO.   PirOT mv a*sr*r.
eats.   TJie|ro|��t'rrynasbeingdeveh>p '   *XXAJl   M*   AND
way   satHtactory to all atBWaa^sw��w��^aw��w��^sw��w,aw��lwaiaw~
comernetl.  ami   rirh  ore  was   tming
taken out,  but   sn extension ol time
would no! be given on the bond by the
owner*, ami fhe Syndicate refused to
make fhe second psvmsat, although ft
had spent some 110,000 on the property,
In erecting bunk houses, ore sheds, tKc,
The probability Is that a small force ot
men will be set to work on the openings
and the ore in sight sloped and shinpod
by the owners this winter, if one of the
deals now being negotiated is not con
Humiliated     Several   shiptBBUtS  have
been made from the Mollis Hughes and
the returns have been most satisfactory
Considerable work   will be put  on
tbaa f la    /"""Will
k      ""rilU.p   it.,.,   i -�������� ������."M..S.       I* nil
h,|,,w 'h�� Ste*111 ��i ����^ I"1"
^���'"'-mla and l/mrnlalnl
vonsioerame worn   win be put  on I MAODOVAT T)    PP/n*     t��_       . BwaU____|
adjoining properties tills fall and winter MA^UVIXALU   JJKOb.,  Proprietors.
tsnaf.     u   k ,ZT. . lR,ites W����0 to S2.50 per day	
W ith such a bnirht future nsanrml f.ir I *
ITeadqaarters for Mining* Speculators and Capitaifete.
Roco Am* " " Snndon, B.C
With such a bright future assured for
tho town every loyal New Denverite
has entered into the race with reuewed
viiror and  inenwised energy to make
enmmercial  and   residential
vigor a
this  trie THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, OCTOBER It, 1888.
Ia issued every Saturday lu Sandon, In the heart
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
SubecriptJoo     ��� ...     f*.0Oayear
StrieUy in advance.
Address: Tsa Patstrkak, Sandon, B.C.
  i      - ��� -   M   i*i i
The prediction is made by men
who are watching the drift of events
that in less that five years the money
merchants of the world will demand
the suspension ot the free and unlimited coinage of gold. Speiking on
this subject the Chicago New Time
says: "The agitation for this step is
already in progress. A greater danger than the tree silver agitation
mensees the gold standard. It is
trembling with horror at tbe operation of the law of supply and demand
the law which it invoked as a reason
why it should exist Do not imagine
that this is an idle statement. Tbe
gold standard, as a means of permanently contracting tbe medium of
exchanges Is doomed���doomed as
surely aa if a thousand fabled mountains of gold were already pouring
their flood into the mints.
"Were this not so stupendous and
momentous a question, the situation
would be funny. Some of the arguments and predictions of the gold
men in tbe last campaign have come
true with a vengeance. They insisted that there was plenty of gold
in the world. They declared that it
was one of the most common of in in*
erals and argued that it was found in
all parts of the world. They asserted
that new processes and newly discovered fields would supply sufficient
quantities to meet the demand vacated by ailver. But in their wildest
dreams tew of them Imagined that
there could be too much of this precious and sacred metal. And now
comes President Hendrix of the
American Bankers' Association in a
remarkable address before hundreds
of bankers assembled in annual session at Denver. Among 11her tlr r ngs
here la what he said:
"'Every banker has his eye on
the enormous gold production of the
world. From figures at hand it appears thai the world's gold production for 1897 was $240, (XX), OCX* coin
age value, and that in less than ten
years the annual yield has doubled
and is now greater than the combined production of both gold and
silver ten years ag->. The estimate
of the gold production for 1893, batted
on the large returns already in, is
$275,000,000. The money stock of
gold Jan. 1, 1894, in the whole world
waa $3,965,900,(X)0-the supply accumulated since gold began to be
used aa money. The five veers' production since, including the estimate for*1898 will, Jan. 1, 1899, be
$l,O\)7,0a\WO, coinage value, or 27
per cent of the accumulated gold
money stock ot the world as it stood
just five years before. Of course a
large amount of the annual pit-duct
of the gold in used by the industrial
arts; butr ^*ng -u��* allowance for
this, the fact remains that the morey
stock of gold haa increased more than
20 per cent in five years. If the In
crease continues we have a bigger
question than we now appreciate.'"
It is reported that "Adele Maria
Jusna PaUi Nicollni of Castle Craig-
y-Noa, at Brecknock, in Wales,n is
about to wed again, this time to a
young Englishman. If there was
any probability of Mme. Patti shortening her name by this mode of procedure it would be acceptable news
to the fraternity, hut the only result
will be the adding of another appendage that will sound bad and worry
the life out of tbe 53-year old prima
donna in ber declining years.
Toe disreputables of Dawson were
"rounded up" recently by orders
from Wm. Ogilvie, the new admin
istrator in the Yukon, and fines were
imposed footing up$10,000 Nothing
small about that when it is remembered tbst this is only s starter, and
that other hauls are to be made at
regular intervals.
A mining paper published en the
coast says that tbe first ore rhipped
from the Slocan was packed from the
Whitewater to Kaslo. This is not so.
Jim Wardner had tbe first ore shipped out of the Slocan packed from the
Freddie Lee to Nakusp.
Governor Clouoh, of Minnesota,
baa Invited the U. S. Government to
go to the devil, an invitation that
waa complied with many moons ago.
"MOW   I   LAV   MS."
Near the ram.firr'a nirkertna; lla-ht.
It my I'taukrt bed I lis.
ftizlni* ihr-sitrti tha shades of nlsrht
At th.- twinkling star* on hia***.
C'-r ni* *t>irtis In thi- air
Silent vltrlU -term-* to tier*.
Aa 1 ttn-athe my t-hibllt<*��r�� inter,
"Now I lay in*- diwii tu at,.. :,r
Sadly stn**s the whlp-is> >r will
In the ttooirhe of y��ni<kr tne,
LaugitiiiKiy the danHntr rl,l
Sweil* thv midnight lis! ��l>
K>��ii>fii may be litrfcluar near
Iu the < snvi.ii dark snti ,**���<��-
L��w 1 IrtvatlM! in JwaUi'ear:
"1 uray the L��>r��l my *>ul to ksrp ���
'Mid those stars one face Ii.
One the Mav lor tuned away���
*   Mother, who In infancy
Taotrtit my baa, 11^ fi uray.
Her swwt sjHrit hovers near.
In this Ion. I, iii.siuuln ttraae
Take me to h�� r Havbr, rtV-ir,
"If I should <Ue before. I wake ."
Kulnter a-rosr* the nicluriiin lltrtit.
Aa i ah i-mlsT sl.��wiy die*;
Plaintively the Urd.cj uighi
fill tbe sir w I'd *H��id.��:.inif (Ties.
Over me they *��*-in t��. err :
"Ym may nerer mori swsae."
I^owlllsp:   -if Isiioullllle.
I pray the Lord m> -..ul to take.
''Now I lay me down U, sl.*-[..
I irrav the l/>rd my *.nl to k��rm;
If I sli ,uld di. heion I wake.
I |ir*y t.�� c |y,r��l my soul to taka."
���Old RcraplKiok.
Don't hlatne the upright piano if It's a
downright nuisance; blame tha player.
Don't go without the things vou need
In order to get things yoti don't want.
Don't refuse to let vour wife have her
own way���shell-have it uiivwnv.
an exhibition
impertinence," said the
A   MOV A I.   WAY   TO   PBOlH��SK.
As the young man entered the old
man looked up arid scowled, says the
Chicago Post
"Well?" said the old roan, shortly.
"Your daughter," began the young
man, but the old man cut hits off
"I've noticed thst you've been hanging around s good deal," he said. "I
suppose you've come to tell me that you
love her and wsut to marry her r
"No." replied the young man calmly,
'Tve come to tell you thst she loves me
and wants to marry me "
"What!" roared the old man.
"She says so herself,'* persisted the
young man
"1 never hesrd ot such
of egotistical
old maa.
"then you misunderstood me," ex-
plained the young man   "My assertion
is dictated % policy and not by impertinence.   You see, it's Just thin way.
What 1 want Is nothing to you, now,
"Why- ar not exactly.**
"I might want a million dollars, but
thst wouldn't cut any Hgure with you.
would It?"
**{ertainly not n
" Then wh��i a fool proportion It
would tn* lor me teeetseto you a.�� t *ay:
*Mr. Parkinson. 1 have !*��#�� favorably
laaprened wltb your house and lots* er
l think id like your daughter, or any-
thing else iu tnat line. But when yaw
daughter wants an* thing it's diaVtvwi
Sow, 1st i It, different f
"It OSTtaily t* different," admitted the
old man cautiously.
���I'riHistdy,"   said  the   young  man
"Sin* and  f figured that out carefully
last night. \ou set* I have no psrtieiv
lar prosjH-ct, and we both c�����'...d *����*.*��� Utat
there wasn't one chance in a hundred
thst you would give her to mv.   Then
she sujrge��tcd tbst you had never vet
refused anything that she wanted no
matter wbst tbe coat might be knit
thst perhaps it would he a gt��od piH��� to
change the regular order somen h.t
We sort of felt tbst it wouldn't he right
to aak you to do snythlng (or me hut
it's different in her esse, as 1 remarked
before. So I'm bare merelv as her
agent to say tbst she want** me verv
much, snd to ssk you to please see that
she gets me, .Sbe never wanted Rnv.
thing no much sa she wants me, aa 11
am no favorably disponed toward her
that if yon ears to make the investment
1 shall be suite wilting to have the
terms entirely to you and her."
Naturally she got him No wideawake business man is going i*. overlook a ehsnee to gel such a hue aanrpta
of nerve in tlw family.
(������iSaw S'aaSa Lsmm waa Ma��nifl..t.
From s reliable source it has been
ascertained that the amount of �����������.ij
Cm stolen al the tlolden Cache roil! ia
llooet was exactly WHji onsets    I hi*
m figured by the"official* of the
ftany at W  per cent, gold, or       ut
tl,mp>    Last Sunday there wa**-,    ��%|
down to the coast ���i,.V��*e making ��taat
of tl.taiJ.   There were ftou tons ml
crushed no the average wan about��
per ton    It is aits *tatt d that no       h
will He done thi* ttil at  the mill. but
that a force amfhins?utfht not dny w��u
push work in tha lower iniinei.
The West  jodno mig.al-tv crah  *
theeeJy eresture thai la t**'ssi n
MS, attain* maturity in frenh water and
pa**** it* sdtlH lo - oi I�� * 1.
Jarwtn is a c-orupti ������� ���> the Chinese
word SUipen Kue, wbkh means "ro>d
��f day. * or **auiiiine klugtlim, he* aa*e
la|*an I* directly seat of ��� hhta
Neither ratn-N  But  sfspssnt*
Tie Palace Cafe.
Eastern Oysters.   Tendfr
Chickens   and    evervthtns?
the  Market affords In th��
way of dHlciona and.
palatable food can he found
"The Palace
Btransrers and others are
requested to eall on ua when
hunger torments their Inter
nal anatnmv    If John Is not
on shift von are sure to find
U the
I. Bcst-cquippcd
*. Restaurant
.. in the Sloan
It never Closes
and the proprietor- aim
to please their patrons
in every way possible.
Millard & Tbcmipson.
NEW DENVER*   B. C    .
Provides ample and pleasant accommodation for the traveling paWtc-
Telegrams for rooms promptly attended to.
8TFXJE tt AVIHON,       ..... .      Proprietor!!. (N   ANt��   ABOfJT   TaUt   aLOCAM.
Work has been commen^eti on the
Marion, silver mountain.
0ri. whh struck In the lower tuunel of
�� S YVilllameon, of Fidelity note, is
The l-vne, near Sandon, U st present th. greatest tains in Canada.
The Idaho will ship about ***> tons in
, H j���,H.f Vaiuahle ore baa been found
in the old tunnels.
Mr Maguire, of tbe Idaho, visited the
^.n Tuesday snd predicts S great
future lor the mine.
Vnx.r Furlong bss s fsw term work
m,: aa u,e Black (.rouse, on the north
(ork "i tar pouter creek.
Another shipment ef 10 tons of ore
from the California is being packed
from ths minelo lbs wharf.
M.asssv wsa obtained last week of
���jVsJ in gold and *lft ottnees in silver
(row the Hope claim, on t.oat mountain.
B���r .sew llenver The property Is
ovned l,y the Selkirk Mining Co.
Th. manngemenl of the Huth mines
n.port she ahiproent of ** f��*n* pi ��re
dunn* ihe month of August, and thai
the estimated proit upon the shipment
amounts to aV>./MJ
A V McCnns*. psrt owner of Pa rue
*rei several oiler properties close t<��
\,�� mover. I* credited with having
contributed N ,<*����� to *��� dem.-rratu
MaletummitteS ��o I'lsh where he l*
making Ui��- race h��r polii��c*l honor*
Geort-sLsOBf sad hi* partner* have
���old ihe Havana, ou the Bert* ftwk el
��srj�� liter creek, to Maurice ttin'i
rwrger. at Vancouver. Th'�� * Jaitn waa
st line rime tailed the Silver be.
Uugaud i ucler have a contract 10
iuh :*i (eel of tunnel upou it
I.. sSt.A>l>   SIIMIMO   MBWS.
electrical compressor is to he Installedj being less bv onlv
at once.   The forte will be practically Icent.   The most I
doubled    Shipments will he carried oil 	
at the rate of about ��*> tous per week.
Twenty men are employed on the Ifss-
cott. The new compressor building is
uesring completion, and the pant will
be in running order iu rive week*
Two more mines were last week
added to the shipping lint��� the No. 1
audCoiuiubia-KiMitenay. Shipments for
the week amounted to LIOQ tons. At
au approximate value of $12l,:270.
Preparations are being made for the
opening o( the new opera house on tbe
John Frown, an old pioneer of the
mining section of B.C., died of phnett-
iiKiuia si the 150 Mile House, near
Ashcrolt, last week.
M. A. Wilson has removed his tailor
establishment to Itoaslsnd, where busl-
nOBr will be resumed under the old firm
name of Wilson Bros.
The foundation i* being laid for R
B Kerr's brick office bending, next ro
the opera house     It will be  UbtlK2 feet,
entirely of brick aud stone, aud will be
the only brick building |U the town.
y ��265,228, or 5 6 per
.~~~.    . ������ ...���nv important los-s was in
the exports to European countries, and
that is found chiefly in the Russian purchases, which amounted this year to
��1,181,215. against  ��1,819,5:13 a vear
ago, when the government was taking
large quantities of  sliver for its new
coinage.   The sales to other European
countries are chiefly of silver for use in
the  arts,   and   the   only   important
changes  shown  are those to France,
which increased from ��840.fl98 to ��1.-
977,115.    This  was caused  by  some
| government   purchases  early   in  the
year.   The increase in the exnorts to
'Africa went  to Egypt and  the East
1 went*-ave men sre employed  on
the t outre Star.
N*.u��e good ore In coming  iuto the
i.t c'.ni.'.c working*.
Three (raw of ore is In the bottom ol
the ta f.��ot shaft on tbe No.elty.
The Deer Park comprwannr was start
ed up last week and la moving nicety.
im the Abe Uncoln the ore body ha*
widened to the fall widUi of the work
Eastern mpl.nl ts after the Pearl ami
Ruby, also tbe Legal Teitder snd Pack
The Monte Ckriate bsa been shut
down pending sn etsmlnstion of the
New reduction works at Silica are
completed snd shipments of two car* n
ua\ have commenced.
The R.A.C. bsa shipped 1,000 tons ot
ow from the Odumbia*Kootenay ami
No l aa a randier tent.
V slip st the bottom of the ttianr
abaft has displaced the ledge and tin
workings are temp��rarily out of ore
The Iron Mask this week lets the con
trad tor the erection of a new lO-drill
���ifiMiasm thai il will install at rmea
The I.e Uol shipped 8,S*> tens Inst
*eek. The mine is employing 2&>
ni'... and the force ia being steadily IB-
The machinerv for the War Kaglen
new   ��.,n,pressor   plant    is  arriving
About nt, niei   sre employ ed on rbe
A contract has been let for work on
tlie Mountain Thief, and the company
expects to have 100 tons ol ore lor snip-
"<��nt as soon aa the snow comes
Thamanagement of the Iron Mask
""���npanv has derided to develop tbe
property on a scale somewhat coinmen-
auraie with its merits.   A new M-drill
THK   Ttt*.ri*I<*   IN   SILVEK.
The commercial movement of silver
during the present  year tdtows some
< hange* which do not altogether agree
with tbe course of price.*, nor explain
the pre^mt comparatively high quota
lieBf for tbe   im-tal.   Although   there
are m.w large exports made from the
. luted  States  and   from   Australasia
direttly to China, Ivondou remains the
dttsf  silver  market,  and it is to rhe
tendon returns that we must look for
the  most  important  statistics  ot the
The value of Ihe imports of silver into
Great Britain shows this vear a very
considerable    decrease.    Vor     eight
mouths ��� n ling August 81st the British
Itonrtl of Trade returns give the total at
1N.?M.'*,V��. again** tH>."��,^��. iu l��i?,
showing a decrease of f.\��78,57��,or 21.7
Mat  cent    This  wpressntf a slightly
greater decrease iu quantities, since the
rsSfS of prices* has been a little higher
tin* vear than last.   The United States,
as usual, furnished the larger nart of
tins silver, aud its shipments to London
showed a decrease proportionately lev.
than that of the total.    They were thia
vear  ��5,8 S,fi��l, against t*.,i*i0,Hl'.' in
1807, the t dling ott being figU^TOa, '��������
WSlpcr  cent.    American ����������-������ ��
ta.4 per   tent    of   tin
against BBJB per cent last year.
Purchases by Spain, which have been
so much talked of this near, make a
very small showing in "the statistics.
The total shipments from London to
that country were only ��187,824 this
year, while"in 1897 thev reached a total
of ��702,(100.
We have not the figures for the exports from Australasia to countries
other than Great Britain, but the production of the chief mines has not
varied greatly from that of last vear.
The movement from the United States
directly to the East also shows this year
a considerable decrease from last.   For
the  eight  months  under  review the
shipments  from  San  Francisco  were
to 856,871, being less by 12,718,697, or
80.9 per cent , than they were last year
The silver market this year shows a
large decrease in demand or sales, with
a very nearly proportionate decrease in
the offerings, aud a moderate but well
maintained   increase  iu quotations ���
Loudon, Eng , Mining Journal.
evidently wandered into the woods
while temporarily iusane or under the
influence of liquor, and had died from
exposure to cold She had apparently
become lost tn the thicket and became
exhausted from her efforts to find her
way out. It was evident that she had
been dead some days.
The London Daily Newspubltahes an
interview with Sir Charles Tupper,who,
referring to the result of the plebescite
in Canada, said it was a serious blow to
the prohibition movement. The people,
he declared, felt that the government
was not in earnest, and that even if a
large majority was secured no action
would be taken, and this paralyzed
the effort. He believed that the temper-
 -IIJ *   ������ll   ���.,.,.K;r.��� Ulro it a
ante cause,did not poll anything like its
full strength.. Referring to Principal
Grant's utterances, he said that the
government had very few supporters
even in his own Presbyterian assembly.
Sir Charles claims that when he was
minister of customs he carried through
tbe most stringent and thorough, prohibitory law that was ever enacted.
Yukon   Administrative   Changes.
A dispatch from Ottawa states that
Mr W. H. P.Clement is to be a member of the Yukon Council and  legal
adviser to Commissioner Ogilvie.   It is
.stated that Mr. Wade will return in the
I spring as Crown prosecutor.   Mr. Cle-
1 inent is making his arrangements to go
to the Yukon    He will leave at once
and will  join  Mr. Gordon Hunter at
Vancouver.   It  is thought at Ottawa
that with these changes in the Yukon,
Duluth, Minn.���Since the resumption .���,,����  ���..��� ...	
of work on the new railway project from I the charges of scandal will disappear
Lake Superior  westerly  through Can      ^^^^^^^^^m^*m^mm^mm^
adian territory, there has been a marked revival ot interest  in  the  iron ore
ilejiosiUi ot the Canadian country north
Judge   War kern's   Daclaion.
silver was
total  receipts,
agama* �������.�� ,-.. ,        _ ��� There
was a decrease ot ��298.8s��;t, or 22 B per
cent. In Ihe receipls from Mexico and
*��oulh America, which were ��;w.;t<��H
this year. The most important decrease
in proportion, though not iu actual
amount, was in the imports from Euro
which are usually very
The   receipt*.
small, amount
��46,644,   Nearly
^^^ Hill
China, rhe
I,-ni. countries,
variable  in   quantity,
from auamtaata were
���:;r:!::.'Xr"' zf ���s **-
let eipts a> 	
New Zealand and Tasmania.
Tho total shipments of silver (rom
Ureal Britain for (he eight mouths ending August 81st  were reported as *"-'
,1.11 Kill '.'���'���''
Hr,ti��hKMt holU*
e uajas
*���  tllrMl
a;.iH.iM *^.sa'���*��,
T��*ult"th��' BSS...
i_. 7 I7S.��W"
gurttar" counirs*n 1U.SA
Anli-sn        ',              wow
Tolal       ������������	
t,o8 an
811 .ttW
of lake Superior. These deposiis have
tajen known of in a general wav ov iron
men for several years, hut have'been
entirely nevlected on account of their
distance (rom railways, the universal
ignorance concerning them, the Canadian tariffs and the tremeoduus discov-
erieaof tbe Mesaha, which have stopped
all work in other new districts of the
A month ago work began on the Ontario i\ Kainy River Railway that is
designed to connect the line now building from Winnipeg eastward with the
old Port Arthur, Duluth & Western, that
reaches BO miles west from Lake Superior. Within a month locations have
been made of available outcrops and
vein indications for no less than 30 miles
along the Atikokan and Mattawan ore
ranges, near which the road is expected
to pass.
Indications are that a new and enormous deposit of iron ore of high grade has
here been found, and the economic im-
portancc of tbe discovery may be as
great as that following any discovery in
the lake country except that of the
Mesa ha. The Atikokan ores lie about
100 or 130 miles west from Tort Arthur,
along *he river of that name, and in
manv places outcrop boldly, sometimes
to a height of 50 or 60 feet above the
surface of the ground in veins 40 to 75
fast wide. The ore is extremely high in
iron, some assays having been as good as
70 per cent, metallic iron, and suffers
slightly from sulphur and faint trace oi
worse mixtures, but it is very well
adapted to the furnace and will I* easily
KOl'Sli   DKAU   IN   THK   WOODS.
Sundav morning a dispatch was re-
rived from Naknsp summoning Dr.
.'.rouse to go there at once to hold an
inquest over the remains of a woman
found in the woods close to town. It
proved to be the body of Lottie Davis,
of the town, who has resided in Nakusp
for some time An inquest was held
and the facts were brought out that the
woman was a heavy drinker and had I
Judge Walkers has decided that a
mineral claim crown granted since the
statute of 1893 does not carry with it
the absolute right to the surface of the
claim. Also that a crown grant to a
claim does not convey the water-rights
on the said claim, as the principle of
riparian ownership has been abrogated
by the Water-Privileges Act of 1892.
The laborer is the world's silent creditor, the idler is its insolvent debtor.���
Boston Transcript. ^
WANTED.���A First-Claaa psnt and
vest maker, at once. H. J. Roble, The
Tailor, New Denver.	
If you are-
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoe.
sandon Borneo.
���Manufaturers of all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Etc., Etc
Sckx-tdoxi, B.C.
'Patronize home industry
when you want the best
l-'Li1 0
,<r    a�����   ������*���	
TK_ _*�� _���     . " I   ,Unoe ��* U,i* kia<i among English com. f IN
Io* South*��� UritU) Ootambi.  k-w*T i II^l^,,*-***<-' ���t*,��� '�� numu, tor iwI^jSJSLm . "" "��"���*_
���".-.....on _, .^ _!?:*�� |hi^s,��-ji:'*!-!��a^  ,.,,���:'���"
J^Brnjctlonal,Cbd>, WmCaltarfian
^Oor^arshy/.<*,Cn^yonernr*. oaear An-
&n\TglA*S&3& Wm ****** * V H
.. u. rvendsll, Vsncouvsr, BC    I., hi.  wlueof thi Zr-��?lf Tf,,on *��� ����� Iks  W|_��Tr_Zftt�� �����"���
cits. or""r: -^-^ SSs^^-iM ss -. j^t:
,�� a flab csllsd tbe -sucker.'   U po,^��� ^jasn anyone rely on tb" v^baaS^ ^*k*      ' "" ��' h" *.,
��Ihe fund., U���.v should bsloTd * ��WD KC CO      I Tn     *
*w_*r����* Hat tbTvXs .      Sr-�� uo.
England.   He says*    "Anoth
���__**W!_-��si Wud 0twta*to* v H animal productions of British
oeann. o a saWassnaw* _ ,     lt  �� t     ,   ���
Oct 6-Dlamoud, Fennel creek, T H Wilson.      IS S flab called tbe 'sucker.     It
Oct 7���Kaalo Fraction. OadV. D E Spraaur.        a huge UlOUth antt  5- ������-*  ���*-  _----��-������*-;���7 *"
Mono, ow Mountain Chief, D J llcDooa-aW. �������������*.   "**��l*n*   �� a proinnped undertaking ia a
Oct lo-Jsm,  sooth fork C*nrpent��r. JoL_    -,,��____���     .. .~~- -s-iajay su sinas gamble, and Ihe public are invited
,Ti4**5fni^ **��� ^ .*!ri.thoa��.t-J*U*,n* to .���"""if*  to provide the funds, they should he ioid
i^innyras^ whether that  which seems so rs really   bv the engineer the eiacl risk they Sre
SnonratonaFmcUonai, RK Lrem>untnln,0��* asfe end   wholesome  esting.   The in-   incurring.   If they choose toiguorshis
Ate**anikr ^-. cautious sctron of this fish hi feeding ia  fgct, ^ 0pink>s>a>. the responsibility
ocrir- Drunnoore, Carpenter, J R Oamcroo.     so like that of some humsn berngs tn the   -*{�� wjj|l ihemaelve* ����
AsasaaMB-rre. presence of s ���deal,' thst here the genua ���  '	
OcraWoter Fmatonnl, Lne FraeUon, Erin  ��"��.��* i����lHlycoiudderedaa having      -       "   *
Fraction. rts suddivtsions of suckers.   The tiah as
OcT4-SonriaB,siireriiie. already said, belongs to British Col urn-
Oct ft-Tciepkone. bra,   but ��ts human corelstive baa s mmmmmmmm^muUma
Oct 7-Sadle, Kelpie,   L*ta*hoi-e,  CUa-ago.  world-wide existence, and nowhere does ��� * ���- *waaw-a*n vasin. stoat .***��
it seem to be mors numerous  than  in ���*-��� ��    "   isnam   *in*w<Min
l^^^ih. __S ^fnlSSS ���?rW*      ^s-UfTO-lii l����^l~��here wsa no J^1*"   tSS   *$XiS?
, �����*��,-*-t w the rssny unproved mining      ..   \(Tmma   c_MI-l _imI   Am^rl.*    f assiarasa ����� Fi.* Mil. ii
Eroperuee thst hsve been floated on the  c*we ***wean  i-,urope arm  Amenta.  ^^*.   i%��*m    **��*
ondon  market as though  they bad   Tran��aUantic newt*-~even during the  ��*****���******** ?_*_*��*ir' Tnl
large aacertsined vslnee?   The British   esciiingepiaodwof the civil war-wsa  T    -     s��2!? ,tfrtMn,i
public know sbsolutely nothing about  -i�������*���. nh��iii n Cnrtnindii alii    T����nt.
the mines of British Columbis, In only   Mlw*>***����� * ^rtnigtrt oltl    ���at-
oneisstsnee to dste have they bees   *����Pt to make a cable connerthMi had  n��w4*��wn
���*-^^m^^ ,ii~j.t_~-* - - ���      ended diasatrotijaly. and in thi* ��.����"���"-
Jaeaie. ^^^^^^^
OCT IS-Klngaler, HeW Ftnctien
^fe%So.i��� ��" * *�����*"��� ��o H T Bn*.
l��J.4~IWne'A F B^����-�� to Ono Alerawtor
Emms rn.ii ���   _ _   '
su.oso.seo nojrs in a rLaaii.
[ A Er on silks Tntns-napk !.!����� Wklnfc Wan
Wrseksa* br tk�� Aalaalln <������.!���.
SSAttavl lo ebsnirw *nij|(Jtt4 ^^j���
Train Ira IkUtjr. l*a�� i��n  Train srd��ti�� io.se _-
.      *   ar      "*      t,4��|��*n   Train I v *���*,��
affenttvasanas K*4. ii.,,i ������ * ,,-'��*
|g " IS) aw *t����.sf.,rtri - IStaiii
_ aaa    au'f.^ir        ���    aiiMa"
ant. Five MfcV l*t '> ���U,j
_.��� ^.^JSani *,��ta|s.r�� Tr��).>!.   v,,,fl,h,
I      "     llstnaa lt��a.i��,wi        -   ,. AlJ(M-*
qT'    *; - SIS inn   niHbans
** |fc_��_��&s^^K*v,r��
���^* kw7iA!rr*,��,/ ���������a frvt., w ,��_,,
^r^"v^UM^��-* ^ra,, Fl^��>" ,Bini��f.andTtiamJJ,^^
a i* rracotm.
8��- *>-YaakN Girl.
Sner ��> Chleora,,  Taddy
-Haaa-ataaiB. I^*r?el,*l * ���
���-T-Vfc*.^ -^Cl^J*:  ^^   *��� \Si?&28mttmmmm?&
nor    manv esm. _��� :     "   aurf-^- _ t   *". ,n".pnnt���!f s ink on i.-
'u>r' ������saji.
�����  is �����
'   S4S ��
h>i�� ..
was -
man ..
kt��S4    ��
*rr. m a   ..
*-    ���  _ a      a
^H    *tnta��f hit.    ;. ���
atsamafal'. Urk*** k
Agent, Hantion.
First Sotibrette-Don't you Bnd life
In tbe chorus very wearing ?
Second Sorrbnttte--I don't think v<
say that if you an w me."��� Putk,
f -"""  ^t**t<* Agtnrt, Hamlon,
Prt ���_       DKALEH8 IN 2SL.
Iftnj Produce, Fruits,
vc?cjaWcs. ��c.o.������ (JI(���
tne oon��_ni���: -.- ���- ���     _ 0 o. aatfcc'a las��h**o
outifX^^t'-'^ ^,k O^^VJ,      liICilnilJ11" '
"'"".���at leMtVe  ' ?P?K��-��on.   ,f*d^ with Prt5���r!f ^   , ll,,l,iWp^lbtl at w^mlT     M'
ne vsry.gimrinf       ~     nsvS       0*' |,v'a-*�� -��tKl Vwwit_KiL7^ M ww����.�� rates.
TEN.*��* V^ .��� ort^, M��� ^,1^-^nu, .au, u, Stao, STRIKE OH   THE  STANDARD
Great Depth In tbe Big Idaho Mine.
Wallace, Idaho, Oct. io.���a big
strike has been made in the rannajs
Standard mine. On Thursdav night
the crosscut from the first abaft level
nt a depth of .5*0 feet below the long
tunnel, struck tbe ore in the big
Sine** tlren the miners have cr����w
cut irirre feet in almost solid galena
to per cent of which   ia clean snip'.
I ��ing ore,
This is the first level opened below
the innnanent srster line in thin
mine, snd gives sane ranee of the
ci.uilnuitv in depth of this grest ore
chute, Tlie strike fa I iOJ f��,.t b* low
the Mir face. Tlie ore sasavs frtan ��7
to 70 per cent. lead, and fr-aii iWu,
61 ������uneea In silver. This is even
l. iter than lite fine ore ladies above
from which tlteHiandsrd people have
paid their great dividends running
fPMii tfnO.UW K) ��r��4(X|i(tJxi inr
iii'tiith. i'
The mJm-.un.kr the mansgenieni
ts* John A. Finch and A. B. Campbell
is ik.w emidoying shoot liVj men snd
is shipping IU loaauf ore s dsv.
I he new on* body will be of��ot.*d up
^ rapidly as |��nsdo|e ami sliipiirtutn
will then be incn*srd.
The ootnpsny has ordered a new
iioiat, and it will be installed about
tbe Ins 14 lATrmber. It will be
large enough to Mnk 2500 feet below
the l,.ng tunnel ifvd, snd will cost
WUIJO. Tlte cylinders will be ISO x
SJ, with Cells* sslvea Wake c-m-
densers ami all modern improve
"���vnts. k will ��it In a Isrge
chamber,*)feet wide, m fret high
*n��l t��f.*ej kmg, at s de|*th from the
itoas ;k) yards
track, and
ore bin
t   u~    fro,u   tbe t-Hwsy
���pi   e a.,*) P��tt*ng up an
make regular aliipmenV aHnT an
earn are available    w!/..8?.4
Haa PUitf Big Dicidsods
Witbin Uie abort apace of 30 vesrs
Ok i aluiiHA and  fivcls  mine has
-nawnsre available. Work; Is being
pushed on the Moyie and Queen of
the IfilU, and as the last pavment in
made this mine will be ready to
make regular shipments.
Net�� Towns in the Boundaru.
Many new towns are springing into
existence, or trving to, along the
proposed line of the new railrosd,
particularly on all sides of Cascade.
Among the latest are Moodvville and
Minion, each at tire foot of Christina
lake, and Monte Carlo, or Duiuth,
on the American side.
F. Wuttefaion is survey ing snd Isy-
ing out an addition to the original
lownnite of Cancade.
The new town orr the reservation
just across the line lr��an Cascsde is
evidently to he the sensational town
of the year. It has already been
dubbed Monte Carlo, although the
prormavr* have christened it Duiuth.
ma jumping U>gan the second day,
ami gun plays have already been indulged in. though fortunately without serious results. Over 500 lots
have already been staked out and
many buildings are in tlie course of
csistrucfion. Monte Carlo is to be
run wide open, and dance halls, faro,
craps snd black jack will be the
principal Industrie**. Town lots sre
not sold yet, I ait anyone can stake
out a lot. Tbe future of Monte Carlo
depends on the action of tbe county
crariiiiinnioners of Stevens county,
when tlie existence of the town has
been made known to them, as the
town in on the Oolvillc reservation.
That alleged telegram of General
Kitchener to Cecil Rhodes "when sre
you coming Up?" probably never
had snv existence outside  the  im-
You cannot find
any better goods
than toe can shoto
you. Remember
this when you
want a good suit
of clothes.
J. R. & D. Cameron.
������**������   ~*r***    aas-aaj    urnc   IISSI  ~7     "���     -"""-"������-   -*���������*�����     �������-    �����..-
>i��-ided   in dividends tfk. en<^tuout|aginatu��n of some ingenious |airvevor
nmoftO&SbUOOGt while Ita actus! H "������<,w*>,, to tbe telegraphic cable
i-S^ig1** * -Irtulllllll MJskXOOOL-
V ���    I* or several  years pant  the
��������*�����< snd HecU has paid quarter
> dividsiHlsof over tl,a��,(ii), nnd
*Snan��iKO0OOro   Pfr   *l,ln,n��*    '"���
S..   *5f VK ���orklnirdsv of tbe
il?J      *.dtIHoi> ���**�� **��� P��s>
���-.-__���     r--�����  trhlch   ha*, re*
wvned more than forty fold. Twenty
v. c?1 *"!?��   ""  *V**** ��-<
;, >��l^ this one mimfor their
���Wit bread, and Uie  wages ,f the
M��> '"me of the kind in the world.
Crest 'ncraijaa |0 Mineral Output
rises? tSjSft! F****M wvey
mZ 1���m **** VM,t* of '"a taiirnral
ZK^_te^ " WO00.000, sn
Sows^rwIS rl*^1   *>* ���**<*��. ��*
wevbS *noW* ���*��� Prlncl-rsil mining
ffiV_^l.5** l>.lumbis, 110?
��� K?tseW as SS*.86011*-   t WOO.000 ;
Ioffice. Hut the !*uggestkMi is not an
unnatural one. The chain of British
rule in Africa is being linked from
both ends snd will be complete*! in
the centre. It seems, however, s
<rnotion whether the work is being
done northward as effectively or
promptly as it is southerly.
Creat Britain seems to be making
Iter play orr the African chess hoard.
It is reported that she will take over
the   public services   customs,   rail
way and telegraph ���at Deloga  Bay.
a Unit the middle of this month.   As Tnnrid Pare
Pass Revelsfoke j
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
Tkn rant aad Saparior Sarckn Boat*
To Eastern Si
European Points,
To   Pacific    Coast,   Alaska,
China,   Japan   and   Australian
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
tun information to anv C. P Rv
agent or J y
1   c'�� p�� R�� Agent, Sandon.
WM. STITTs Gen. 8. 8. Agt.,    "
Dr. A. MILL0Y,
BOOMS  10  &   w,  V1ROLMA   BLOCK.
Will ��*> at tha Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
n. l. QRinnETT
Notary Public,
Baggnge Cheeked to Deatinstion
nnd Through Tickets Issued.
s result the Congo Free State and
rhe Transvaal are confabulating as
to mutual military assistance in cast*
if foreign aggression.
Mo^CimaaaMlning Center.
Tha Nelson Tribune says: A local
mining man recently assisted at a
clean up on one of the Rover creek
fdaluts. The clean op represented
eighteen hours shovelling and consisted of gold to the value of about
7.'�� cents.
���ug��-ne has
throe ^JPpW mines.    The
PK,}' t*SL!n*m roild wing com
r��Mtt!n,.nhe_*w building a wagon
^���� their mine, which la only
Sewing and Mending
of all hinds.
Gentlemens' Clothing
Carefully Repaired.
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily Except Wednesday to East
crn Canadian and V. S. Points.
Daily to Points reached via Nakusp.
Oaily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
ed via Rosebery and Slocan City.
Daily Train.
7:4ok    Ive. SANDON ar.    16:&5k
Ascertain BATES and full information hy
addressing nsarsst local anrut. or
Agent, Sandon.
Mat, Pass. Aft., Trar. Pass. Aft
Vancouver, Nalson.
IW ��uro   that vour  tiokst   reads via the
Headquarters for Miners.
Well stocked bar in connection.
First class accommodations.   Board by tkn
day or week.
B0N6ARD 4 PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
11.00 per day.
Special Rates hy the Week. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., OCTOBER 1ft t��W
The Latest Phase of th Coal Miners'
Strike In Illinois.
Virden. 111., Oct. 8a-The arrival
of the imported negro miners from
the south at 12:90 yesterday was
followed by a desperate battle. Five
hundred shots were exchanged between the striking coal miners on
one aide and Sheriff Davenport and
his deputies snd railroad police on
the other. It is thought that 20 tnen
on both aides were killed and wounded. The best information ia that 10
men on both sides were killed, five
fatally wounded and five seriously
When the train bearing Uie negroes arrived, it was met by fully 1.500
armed miners who were lined op on
each aide of the track, The train
was t��topped immediately in front of
tbe stockade and the trouble began.
Dozens of shots were tired from the
stockades at the white men while
the strikers were half a mile away.
Tbe wildest rumors were afloat, one
being that as many aa 50 miners had
been killed.
The town to in the wildest exc-:e
ment. Men are securing whatever
anna thev can get hold of. Some of
the wives ot the dead miners declined to go to their homes, and are almost mad with grief and anger.
In an interview regarding the
Virden riots, Governor Tanner said ;
' ���These averieious miners who
have ao tar forgotten their duty to
society aa to cast this Mot upon the
fair name of our state, have gone tar
enough; yes, too far, as they had
(air warning from me by wire and
telephone that importation of labor
which brings to our state an unde
sirable class of citizens had to stop.
And I say now to such and to all
others that this is s thing of the past;
that it shall not be tolerated in Illinois while I am governor. These
men, tbe president and officers of this
company, who participated in this
riot by the bringing in of this Imported labor, sre guilty of murder
and should, and I believe will be,
indited by the grand jury of Macoupin county, and tried and convicted
for thia hineous offense.
The Goodenough,
Furnished Rooms.
Strict!,! First Class
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
The Reputation
ot my Optical
Is established beyond
all question. If you have
any   doubt   about your
Eyes beta* what ****
ought to be call, in and
i will Testthem and
tell you the trouble Pree
of charge.
Jeweler and Qraduats Optician
Filbert Cigar Store.'
v a
Just opened.
Neto Goods,
| Fresh Stock,
$ Eoertjth.ng
s s
n n S
Strike on the Stocan-Liberttj.
"��������� am iiisj
News has been received from tbe
S'.ocan-Libertv Hill property ou the
South Fork of Kaslo creek that the
short tunnel on the Sixteen to One
claim has crossed the ledge and
encountered 12 inches of elesn galena
on the hanging wall and eight inches
on the foot wall. Sinking has begun
and at last accounts tbe ore on the
hinging wall bad widened to 16
inches. Tbe ore is high grade. A
Spokane company own the group,
which is being developed by Mc-
Gerry brothers, who take their pay
in stock.
Franklin Tremain has given up
business in the Model Hand Laundry
and Is now with the Pendd'Orilte
And Other Investments.
Every Representation Guaranteed.
igars.    Cigarettes,    Tobacco
iPipea, and Smokers' Supplies
Sail kinds.
| .Drop in and see us.
I    Jas. Williamson.
{Filbert Block     Sandon, B. C
Geo. B. Knott>le8,
Pioneer Jeweler of the Slocan.
Now opened in the New Store
with a larger und better stock ol
Something New and Novel for
the Ladies.
REPAIRING    will   receive    the
fame  careful  attention  aa
SEND YOUR WORK la by mall. ss.
press, frslftit.ssclc trsla, tram-
way, trolley car or ha loon.
Drop m and see the New Store
Two Doors Below   VlfWIIXlA   block
RECO AVE.   .   -   -   SANDON.
H. Giegerich, Sandon. Bn C
The onhj cxclnsloe Wholesale and Retail Grocers, Houaa In Sandon
Dealing in FlMp FrMh mmi Otaa table sup.
Plies suitable for Family, Hotel and Min-ng trade.
Special brands of V\hkrm Tms mmi 0#ff���*��.
Sole Agents for
Giant Pfiwimr Oa..
*Ts__k  4sfS*iS*fBAfskBa*Trs*a   ttts7ts_l_ai_S__a  ^s_as__Ma,*traa_,
9  ^a^s^aW       m *U^B^s^faW^*��^aw**aa'*F       ^.sV^aW^aawVSp ^s***aT SS^sw     ^P'<fSBVa>'aW'*BnwV^BVWsv,fl
ML Omii"I#s ���aMaMHHss'Ml Or��eani.
Stores st K ASM) aud AIS8WORTI!
8. A. MIQHTOil
A Foil Utw of Cfgars. TobsM*e*ss��
Plpea and Smokers' M nnd He*
In Stack.
Headquarters lor Pianist Cards and
Poker Chips.
- ...���a-
Serves the  bast 2S cant meal
In town.
Short   Orders served  aa desired.
Comfortable rooms by the Day
week or Month.
Everything Neat,  Clean and
Call and Give it a Trial.
AtBENI POIRffiR, 0 Prop.
H. Byers A, Co.
Am Suls Asamtnlor
Truax Patent
Improoed  Automatic
Ore Car.
Wa Osurrj at Full tine ef
Steel Rails,
Strap Iron.
Caps and Fuse,
AnS sil kiad. of
Mine   Hardware.
H. BYERS & Co.


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