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The Paystreak Jan 14, 1899

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Array C?C^tf^VV^--|*Y
Bagpipes have brukan out again in
Coulter of New Denver will skate
nt Rossland.
Alderm��ii Buckley is seriously ill
with pneumonia.
Norman Robertson died in Kaslo
on Thursday, aged 56.
There will Ire a carnival in the
rink nest Friday evening.
Rosebery hss been put on the post
office list again with a daily mail.
Jack McNeil, of Calgary, brother
Mrs. Stirrett, arrived in town last
R. T. Lowery leaves to-morrow for
sn extended expedition in tire effete
and dollar-grasping cast.
S_ J. Scovil, of Windermere, was
in Town Thursday. He will skate
at the Rossland carnival.
Ernie King of Burdick A King,
Kaslo, was in town last night on Iris
way east for a holiday trip.
A dancing school has been organized in Spencer's hall. Mrs. George
snd Mrs. Spencer are instructing the
The Canada Powder Co. will commence the manufacture of dynamite
next month at their factory near
Jack MuCoIlough, the champion
skater of the world, will be at the
Rossland carnival to do some exhibition work.
J. H. Posty received word from
Spokane on Wednesday that Mrs.
Posty was seriously ill. He departed
fur that city on Thursday.
There are 14 hotels at Creston, the
new town on Kootenay lake. The
building of tbe Nelson A Bedlington
railroad has brought it Into existence.
A. G. Simpson, who has been bookkeeper for the By era Hardware Co.
tor some. time, retires on the 15th.
Mr. Hooks of Spokaue will take his
Business is Increasing rapidly st
the Sandon post office Until the
C. P. R. reverts to the 7:45 time the
mall will not be made up until 8
o'clock iu the morning.
Kaslo's electric works was closed
down by the recent cold weather.
The water in the power pipe tvn/.e
and must be mined out before the
plant can be started again.
The skating rink is well attended
these evenings by those who seek
pleasure with tho glistening steel.
The Sandon Brass Band is furnishing
a very good grade of harmony.
The Sandon Club Iras been closed.
The liabilities are large but It is ex*
rected that there will be no difficulty
n meeting all obligations. Another
nstltution will be started on similar
While Ed. Johnston, the plumber,
was doing some pipe work at tbe
rear of Hunter Bros . store yesterday
his gasoline stove exploded and set
his clothes on fire, lie had a hot
time for a few seconds but escaped
with a scorched countenance.
A. J. Mc Vicky returned to town I
on Thursday after an extended stay
in Kaslo. lilac submits that the
funereal air and inerta of the city by
the lake produces a sensation of
gloominess that could be equalled by
tbe catacombs of Rome.
The Mining Review has been heard
to murmur regarding the outrageous
expense incurred upon its exchequer
by the re-imposition of newspaper
postage, it costs that great family
weakly one cent to have its issue delivered to all parts of tbe universe.
A Sandon Junior hockey team will
go to the Rossland carnival to compete against the juveniles of that
city. Andy Grierson is trainer, and
is getting the boys into good condition. A match will be played in
the rink tomorrow afternoon between the juniors and a scratch
team composed mostly of rubbernecks.
Silverton has the heaviest black
jack games on earth. There is absolutely no limit but the azure dome
of heaven, and one may stack them
up among the stars if so inclined,
i Occasionally, though, some of tbe
boys have" been known to repose
in the shelter of the depot platform,
and lick the sweat off some cookhouse window for a morning repast.
George Wentworth, of Macleod,
better known as "Oregon George" is
spending a few days in town. Wentworth is one of the best-known horse
men in the Northwest. Tbe famous
All Smoke, which made such a record in the Territories a few years
ago, was from Went worth's band, as
was also May W., which is creating
a furore in the pony clam in San
Francisco just at present.
Antoine Sold.
The Treasure Vault has laid off 10
The Madison shipped a car of high
grade ore.
The Payne has eight feet of clean
ore in tire No. 4 tunnel.
Brinsley Walton has 10 men work
ing on the Ajax Fractiotn.
The Alameda in Jackson Basin is
being developed with four men.
The Jackson has 20 men working.
The concentrator is kept busy most
of the time.
. The Ajax is shipping two cars of
ore this week. It will probably go
to England.
F. Langford is now foreman at the
Treasure Vault. Harry Housen has
gone to the Boundary.
Work has been started again on
the Charleston mine at Whitewater,
J. E. Mitchell Is in charge, as before.
The roads to the Idaho are clear
again and ore is coming down freely.
Only about 25 men are working at
The Minnesota Silver Co. has spent
$10,000 on their Slocan properties
during the past year. They intend
putting in 160,000 more, most of
which will be expended for a tramway and concentrator.
J. C. Rvan and S. K. Green have
sold their "interests in tbe Antoine to
H. B. Alexander, M. K. W. Rath-
bourne and Lorenzo Alexander. The
pjice has not been made known.
Geo. Alexander has owned an in
terest in the property for some time,
and the purchasers own  the Tom
Moore ana Soho claims adjoining.
Requested to Resign.
A Revelstoke dispatch says: Mr.
J. D. Sibbald, Gold Commissioner!
received a letter from the Minister of
Mines, Hon J. Fred Hume, requesting his resignation, io take effect on
January 15th, giving as a reason
that his actions had not been conductive to the interests of Revelstoke.
Mr. H. N Coursier is spoken of as
his successor, but it is not definitely
known who will succeed him.
Kaalo Election.
In Kaslo this year interest ran
high in the municipal election. C.
W. Me Ann and Dr. Hartin had a hot
race for the Mayor's chair, Hartin
winning it by two votes.
Messrs. Kane, Twiss, Campbell,
Fawcett, Papworth and Moore are
the aldermen for the year. There
was a hot time in old Kaslo when tbe
fight was over.
The Ajax.
A msgniflcent sample of ore from
the Ajax is now on exhibition in Mr.
William Sudro's window cabinet,
assay values of which are 250 ounces
silver and 70 per cent. lead.
The company now have two cars
of this ore out and the ore in the
stopes is improving. This, with the
fine showing in the lower tunnel,
makes the Ajax one of our most
promising properties.
A Correction.
In speaking last week of tbe Last
Chance we stated that the shipments
from Jnly 1st IW to January 1st, V'J
were 510 tons. This is not correct.
The shipments were 840 tons for tbe
period mentioned. The Last Chance
is now sending down 20 tons of ore a
day over the tram.
Sapphire Shipping.
Tbe Sapphire shipped a car of ore
to the Selby smelter, San Francisco.
Seven men are working on the property and regular shipments will be
made. The ore runs 160 ounces silver and 70 per cent. lead.
It is reported that Hans Madson
was so badly frozen near Skagway
that his life was despaired of. Mad-
son is well-known in tbe Slocan.
The junior hockey team will give
a dance in Virginia Hail Tuesday
evening to raise a fund to go to the
Rossland carnival.
The Cosgrove concert last night
was well attended. Tbe peoformance
was not up to the standard of their
last production here.
Elected bu Acclamation.
The following is the personnel! of
Sandon's civic administration for tbe
present year : Mayor, IL H. Pitts;
Aldermen: Alex. Crawford, E. R.
Atherton, C. D. Hunter, Eri. Thompson, John Buckley and Robt. Macdonald.
The mayor and council were all
elected by acclamation. As there
are only eleven men in the city who
hold the necessary qualifications for
tbe offices, it was with some difficulty
that a sufficient number was found
willing to assume tbe duties. Tbe
competition seemed to be rather to
evade than to acquire aldermanic
distinction. This, however, might
well be put down to the modesty of
the gentlemen.
Messrs. Cunning and Mighton of
the old council retired. Messrs.
Switzer and Broddy are not now residing in town. C. D. Hunter is the
only member of last year's council
whose name is found on tbe list
E. R. Atherton had no aspirations for
a second term in the high chair, but
was prevailed upon to take a place
on the council board.
The members of. the council and
the mayor sre so well known in the
community that anything biographical would seem superfluous here. It
is sufficient to say ths.t their well-
known integrity and ability assures
the city a careful and conscientious
administration for the current year.
The Power ol Electricity.
An interesting experiment in burning steel with electricity is to be
tried in Cincinatti in an effort to remove a safety vault that was built
forty years ago. The vault has long ���
been in disuse and the room occupied
by it is wanted for other purposes.
The walls are constructed of layers
hard spring steel, 11 inches io thickness. Two operators will be placed
in the vault, each with a carbon attached to a feed wire. The men will
wear heavy rubber gloves and
specially constructed goggles to protect their eyes from the intense light
Tbey will pan tbe carbons over tbe
waifs of the vault burning them in
intersecting lines. A somewhat aim*
ilartestof electricity was made in
Washington about two years ago,
when a nole large enough to allow
the passage of- a man was burned
through the wai Is of one of tbe large
government vaults in twelve minutes.
Methodist Church :���
Rev. A. M. Sanford, B. A., Pastor.
Regular services to-morrow at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Special services will be held on
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday evenings. Rev'ds J. A.
Wood of Kaslo and R. N. Powell of
New Denver will speak at these
meetings.   Everybody invited.
Presbyterian Church :���
Divine service will be held in Virginia Hall at 7:30 p. m. Rev. J. A.
Cleland, Minister. THE PAYSTREAK.
'���Rev." Wm. Hammond is a notorious Canadian, his birthplace being
La chute, in Quebec He has been in
turn Catholic, Presbyterian, Dunk-
ard, Methodist snd Free Will Baptist, also preacher, doctor, lawyer,
confidence man, bigamist and perjurer. His great successes have
been in the last three items of his
career. He has had nine wives,
most of whom died under suspicious
circumstances.. This gentleman is
now in Havana hobnobbing with
Admiral Sampson, conducting a real
estate business and doing a little
Christian work on the side, sir. A.
McLean, a missionary secretary in
Havana, has written to the Boston
police authorities asking ways and
means of expelling the hypocrite.
Montrouge, who has just returned
from a 70 years' residence within a
few miles of the North Pole, tells of a
curious custom existing among a
colony of Poles who dwell there.
The woman is the.head of the house
and family, and she has an ingenious
system of keeping her husband out
of mischief d uring her absence. Tbe
method is simplicity itself. As she
is leaving she pours a pailful of snow
water over the entrance of the snow
hut. This Instantly freezes, and the
husband is thus safely imprisoned
within the house, as he is too lazy to
dig out, and is therefore compelled to
stay at home until tne return of his
lady. Unfortunately climatic condition and others (prevent the adoption of this system in this country,
where something of the sort is much
needed.   -
A clergyman hi thus quoted in the
Interior ot Chigago: "At my time of
life I ought not to be stunned by'any-
thing; but after service a good
woman of my flock did manage to
take my breath away. I was preaching about the Fathers tender wisdom
in caring for us all," be said. "I
illustrated by saying that the Father
knows which of us grows best in
sunlight and which of ns must have
shade. 'You know you plant roses
in the sunshine,' I said, 'and heliotrope and geraniums; but if von
want your fuchias to grow they niust
be kept in a shady nook.' After the
sermon, which I hoped would he a
comforting one, a woman came to me,
her face glowing with pleasure that
was evidently deep and true.   'Oh,
Dr. , fain so gntetul for that
sermon,' clasping me warmly by the
hand and shaking it heartily. My
heart glowed for a moment, while I
wondered what tender place'inner
heart and life I had touched. Only
for a moment, though ���Yes,' she
went on, fervently, 'I never knew
before what was the matter with my
He was making an X-raise experiment, and after betting on the nigh
card at the wrong time with a regularity that Was exasperating, one of
the rubbernecks offered svtnpathv
by saying, "you're out of luck, partner."
"Oh, that don't bother me in tbe
least," the plunger replied.
"So! How's that?" asked the
rubber-neck. ���
���'Well, 'along as I have anvtbln'
left an' I'm in the game I guess I'll
quit all right."
"Probably. *'
"Went broke last night all but a
toothpick, and then quit away winner."
"So! How r
"Oh, just bet it and let it set 'till I
had ten cord of wood. Then a pair
of jacks come up an'I got it split.
Now I'm running a wood yard where
the pleasure of handling chips don't
cost anything.
"Don't you think," said the soulful one, "thst special preparation is
needed before listening to music, in
order to fit one's self for a proper
appreciation of the divine art, ana to
put one's self in a receptive mood ?"
"I think it is quite likely," replied
the other one, "although the matter
never occured to me in that light before."
"But you see its importance now,
do you not?"
"Most assuredly."
"Well now, from your swakened
ideas on the subject, tell me, for example, what is your idea of the best
way of listening to a violin recital ?"
"Oh, I can tell you that without
half trying."
���Phase d����, then."
"The very best way of listening
to a violin recital Is by proxy."
'I was injured, ma'am, by the
bursting of a magazine," said the
wayworn tourist who was eating a
cold luncheon in the kitchen.
"In the war ?"
"No, ma'am," be answered. "In
New York City. The silent partner
refused to put up any longer.
"Some men," said Uncle Eben,
"wouldn'hab no trouble 'tall 'bout
gettin' rich ef dey held on as tight to
de money dey earns as dey does to
the money thev borrows."
Mrs. Potts���It was rather late
when you came home last night.
Where were you ?
Mr. Potts���Why, my dear, Wednesday is the regular weekly lodge
meeting night, vou know, and	
Mrs. Potts���Yes, of course, I know;
but did you win or lose?
A man applied at a factory for a
job. Among other questions, the
foreman asked him whv he left his
last place. "Well," he replied, "thev
asked me to please leave, and "I
didn't like to refuse them."
A ship built In the form of a cylinder and so constructed as to roil over
the water, instead of ploughing the
waves, has been tested at Toronto
and found to work satlsfacrorily.
The Inventor expects to make money
by the barrel.
At the Lotns club dinner to Rear
Admiral Schley the distingu shed
sailor said that while he was in Porto
Rico one of the native ladies said to
him in a bantering way one dav:
"Admiral, which place do vou
think would be preferable as a place
of residence in summer, Cuba or
"I told the lady," said the admiral,
"that it would depend largely on
whether one was looking for companions or for climate."
"Dorothy, I saw a beautiful gown
in a shop-window today,"
"What was it, Julius?"
"Well-it was that zigzaggy kind
of cloth-and it had those braided
things across the front and down the
back; and some awful stylish pointed things on the skirt -I wish you
would get one just like It."
"Why, what a prettv ring you
have dear. What did it cost you ?"
My liberty. It's my engagement ring.
Financial Statement to Nov.
30th, 1898.
Poi.uk Oncrr, Fine* and Peugltie*
Quarts* Ending March 31st # lf��.��>
Quarter Ending June **_ St*.IS
Quarter Ending Sept. **h ���'������IS
October   and Novenil��er ��**���.�����
Road Tax, Collections
Quarter Ending Huron Slst      Won
I*.      do      Juu* Stub Itttt.
�� Uat.Sto
Tujiihw und I.K*l**����� LM'ttgag Collection*-
Quarter Ending March ��M t��M *e>
fto      do      .InneSOth HUM
Ih.     do     Sept. anth *trt.Mi
October and November aat.tt
B*��K to B C
Loan Not* |ms�� is.
norKKK-Kvr Gkaxt
For Creek Improvement. >-��������*��
RKAI. EftTATKand lMI<tt��VKttKVI    T��v
Collect ions, Quarter End in*
jw._*h    amis
October und November *��iX to
I*mi Tax
Collection. AAM
pMjtejft piAjftam
Fiatc Dw**T. Stock and Appnratu* acct
{���arenas* of Fire  Bell. Ho*
and other ei��paratu*. Sundry
supplle* and repair*
Quarter Ending Wairh Jl��t ��� !**��
Do do JimeS-h lt*TA
Do      do      Sept *��!i tit ?��
October and November I&J0
r mm oft
Via* tNtr*T Maintenance act
Wave* and Salaries. Can A
Hydrants    Drying and clean-
ing ho**. Turnout*, *t��.
Quarter Ending Marrb sl.t ;.*��
th,     do     June 3 *t U V****
Do     do     Sept sub milt.
October and November, su.ixi
Chief.* *��l��rv.�� n��o. at SI'. I*V_
Service* or Brigade *.!<�����
Pin.N'K acct
Eqnlptnetit, Snpplie*. F< el.
Prisoners' keep, SeJnrie.et. ..
Quarter Ending March si*t ** **
tht      do      June .lib A%S*
Oo      do     Sept. .tub PASS
October and November r.V .:*��
Salaries of Chief of Pol-
tm. Cou.table and Police
Quarter Ending Mer.h ttal I ��������-��������
Do      do      June*ith rtef M��
I)o      do     Sept **fh *t tfto
October and November ��� ��i.��.��
Owmk FrMxirrgK
Purchase of desk and flv
turea, books, typewriter etc     fin �����
Rkai. PsontKTV
Pmrhase of gaol. Cost of     Hum
bridge on Ivanhoe ��tre*t. 4Vrsi
ImprovementMln Fire Station bct.ici
Alterations and repairs to
Oaol *ei.3i
in in
Mxi-KxaK acct
Election Expense. msta
Incorporation expenses Tn.4*
IMag-tion to Victoria   , MM
Printing S0S.17
TelegmmsJPostMre, Expres* IIJU
Stationery and OSice supplies *�������
Scavenging I7S.IW
Interest on overdraft and loan flJfA
Work on Landslide JP����
Office Rant ���**-��>
Begist ry Office, V Ictorla Wtt*
RO, Box rent 11 J��
Dog Tag* ��_��
Assessment f��~��rd��.Kasl.�� office; Am
Siuidry ir*t��s ����*��
Clerk. Assessor. Auditor,
Treasurer. Solicitor Collector .r*T*.TI
Bank of B C.
Payment of Loan
Creek Improvements STtJn
Street Improvements
Grading Reco. Slocan Star,
and Ivanhoe street*   Abseiling concentrate*, building and
repairing .idewalks. etc        IMAM
Relief acct.
Dewtltnts) persons HM*
Water and Light acct.
Service to Oct. Sis*
Rent of Hydrant* end Street
lighting *r_>.
(V��nt ingent acct
Snbseriptiou to Brass Band       **<��������
Total Orom Rvmnditur* #1l_#�� M
Cash on Hai'd. Nov *cs)b     Ll** at
Total Oro*. Receipt*
rttrt ji
urn tt
* r��*._*����
Statement for the Month of
Trades License
RE * I. Tax
Palke Court
PmM-a A��*~r.
Rent of Court room
Co*t of 1'ulforms
Priooner* Board
Fuel and Sundries
��� t Von
Expense Aeet
*nrvev and plan of City limits f*Mii
Printing iVir
Office Rent MJt
Polk* ����sa
Hand Collector m����
of Fire Dep't. l*��ti
urer *M
Fit* nep't, S��oek act.
lepairing Sre alarm *> ��������
Street Improvement*
lumber tn.nl.
M'ater ft LI��M acci
"tervice. for month of Sot       WVJ*.
Stmet Imfnovements
November PNv*heet MtJa
Fire Dent Malntenntce
Cat* of hydrants, etc. l*>.��ri
Sundries Skla
Total Expenditure to
Dec Al.'m  MJAMSt
Cash on Baud, lAm. aui irr.jh
Receipts as per Statement
to Nov. ��l  UStfM
Receipt, for December T*f J��
���11* ��
mt,r*i ;
T��ir*l. RRt'KlfTS
$1.1 roi iii
Fire Dep't Stork meat.
Value of apimrutu'*
Office Fumltnre acct
Value of Flvtures, etc
Real Proiterty Acct.
Value of Buildings ItHMl
Furniture and Equipment*
Value of Police arms A equipments li*4.i.'��
RRaiTax r**
t'npaid Taxes
Cash acct
Cash ou Rand
Expense Aect.
flm'.isite       Office Rent for ll*. ember
Hsleries gent.
n*M   i     Salaries for Ifcremher.
Water and Light! aoet.
Service fnr Deoember
'Balance to City of Sandon aivt.
Being amonnt of Citv'. asset*
Dec.81st., inst	
,M#l.U >
Certified Correct.
City Clerk. THE PAYSTSEAK, SANDON, B. C, JANUARY 14. 1899.
BonndleM Waalth Stored
!��� tU Mighty
P. A. O'Ferrell, in a recent isfue of the
Toronto Globs, contribui  ��� an excellent  , F��� ._��� w.���,
resume of the prospects mad wealth oif{^\P|��fW**.   Consequently
the various camps of southern British
Columbia, -fielding to the Slocan tlie
plaos for greatest riches:
Kaslo Ktmi to me to be tire least
affected by tbe wave of prosperity
sweeping over tbe Kootenays. Things
look slow in the city by the lake, and
there are numerous Idle stores and
vacant houses aod lots.   One
another railroad from Kuskonook io
Bonner's Ferry. Both reiirosds m%d
the steamers plying upon the lakes will
be owned by the Kootenay Railway A
Navigation Compsny. This is a London
company, but tbst met will not pteveat
the Canadian Pacific from equeering
them just ai it suits the great corporation's pleasure. Consequently^ I do eft
look for a very efficient service from
either tlie boats or the rsilrosds owned
by this company, snd Ksslo to keep its
hold, must sscurs s branch of the Canadian Pactfie railroad.
Kootenay lakejtself is supremely
Sand. It ui more extensive than the
oesn lake, or even boti\ Arnrow lakes,
and it has similar charscteristics, Its
shores   are   :-contains crowned with
   eternal snows, bearing tn tbeir bosoms
tbe elation, pride nnd b^*ri_c> viiible fJS^il g^_.^i\i*li��^iA
on the co-nurnsncee of every mm, "KijA^*JffT^1^'J?*
snd woman tbst vou meet in Roes- beautiful orima?val forests. It is a
!___ WY__" __?* .*t!L T_t_ '" rTFlglorious sight to behold these forests
snd mountains now clothed ins white
 And yet   Kaslo is a thrfvi
hamlet of 1,500 people. Here are
hotels, fine stores, neat cottages,
churches and apparently comfortebL
and happy homes, snd s city with telephone, electric lighting snd fire departments. It is sn up-to-date piece, but
it lacks the push, ihe enemy, the vim
snd the esprit de corps of Rossland,
Sandon, Greenwood snd other young
cities further west. Perhaps this is
due to the fact that it is the most venerable of sil. It is six years old, snd
sil the ethers are infants in dompsri*
���to. Seven years ego the discoverers
of tbe silver lead mines of the Slocan
landed here after a moonlight trip
over Kootenay lake. It wae a wilderness then, and Slocan waa unknown
to fame. Surelv its growth and the
growth of the Klosap country in thst
seven years is a strange and marvellous story of rapid growth and Suddenly acquired wesltb. But only s
psrt of the marvellous wealth of the
Slocan reaches the outside world
through tbe gateway of Ksslo. Sloesn
hss io Sil, three outlets; by Nskusp up
Arrow lakes to the main line of the
Canadian Pacific, another to Nelsoa
from Slocan City by direct railroad,
and through Kaslo to_Nebon or Bonner'* Ferry, and bv Koskonook, the
terminus of the Crow's Nest Pass Railway on Kootenay take. This new line of
railroad msy sdd io Kaslo's pommereisl
im|K>rtsaee, but iu influence fir hot felt
as yet.
1 hsve referred so often to tbe wealth
of Uie Slocan thst I must seem the*
some to go on repenting it, and yet I
hsve never yet been sble lo convey
even sn idea ef the boundless wealth
stored in these -_
Kootenay and Slocan
canopy of enow and ice. They seem to
me to be even more weirdly beautiful
then when vivified ay the radiant beams
of midsummer suns. Despite Ksslo's
beautiful situation, snd despite the (set
that behind sre mines of fabulous wesltb,
Ksslo will not attract much attention in
tbe coming year.
More than a year ago I made a prolonged sojourn in the Kettle river
country, and I then became profoundly
impressed with its magnitude and possibilities. I examined Uie Republic snd
then declared it among Uie greatest
���old minee in the world. I msde similar prsdictionr about Ironsides, Knob
Hill. Lone Star snd Washington, Stetn-
winder, Brooklyn snd others. Well, the
Republic hss already filled the mining
worid with astonishment, and Knob
Hill and Ironsides will smase the world
to-morrow. I say tomorrow, for even
ite principal stockholders do not yet
realise the value of these properties*
In a recent letter I stated that though
the owners claimed the ere will ever* 1 month, perhaps, not in a year, but it
see |20 s too, I cannot believe H possible of mining higher thsn $10. Thf
ore hudy, was so vast, so immense, that
I did not believe that nsturs could hsve
ever pieced such stupendous treasure
all in one piece. Fancy s dyke of solid
mineral 900 feet wide, which will run
five per cent, copper, snd three-fourths
of an ounce in cold. An experienced
mitring man would laugh st snch s *ugT
gestion. He will tell yon thst such a
mine is contrary to Uie laws of nsturs
and all that kind of thin*. Nevertheless, the Knoh Hill end Ironsides vein
is 300 feet wide. 1,000 feet in length and
moontains   between lelrsady explored to 150 feet
rcan   lakes.    It sur'H will produce $20 in gold
psssee the wildest  imaginings of the
*��� *��+. -a _  g__   i> - �� <    -w - * -    ���- -   *     -
for every ton ot
oreemer. It le tree thai that wealth is [and Ironsides
only in lead and silver.' It hss not Un-
-ilitter and glamor of gold, bnt it is
lust as Substantial and just ae abiding, sod J should like to have a hied
ol sledge bynfter tttertry force to
drive heme Ihekpowledge of it to the
mftideof the ireople antf iUtesmen of
Canada. ��
There is hardly s gulch, a creek,, a
essyon or glen in the most ot these*
nosle mountains where the American
prospector and the American miner IS
not delving away for a living, a competency or a fortune, 1 know hundreds
of eltgsnt villas and noble mansions that
hsve Ossn on the banks of the Spokane,
built hjr men who found the treasures of
the Hlotan.
You will find msgnifieent homes
among tie orange groves of California
phich hs* been purchsssd by adventurous prtspectora who chanced to hunt
for fortum lu the Slocan mountains. 1
have seen tie wealth of this wonderful
country msMng Smooth the v. ay to the
United Statei senate. I have seen It
used to purclsse grand estates in old
Virginia, and *et there are Oknadisas
Who doubt i�� I
Mow that tht Canadian Pacific hss
reached Kootena; Uke over the Crow's
Niet Pass, Kaslt folks sre expecting
boom Urhee with tie Spring. But Ism
not st sil oertain that it will help
Kaslo out. Ksslo k tbe city of s rival
railroad, the Ksslo t Slooan, and this
railroad crowd are now building
ore mined.   Knob
doubly   discounts
ana copper
greet Anaconda itself. The ore is
twiee ss vslusble snd the ore body is
twice ss large. Anaconda pays $8,000,000
yearly in dividends. What sre not
these mines capable of doing? Three
years ego Marcus Daly, the principal
owner snd manager of the Anaconda,
told me that he bad spent hundreds
of thousands hunting for another oop-
�� ermine like the Anaconda, and tbe
unt was in vein. He told me then
from his experience of mining no such
mine Would ever be found again as the
Anaconda, and yet Knob Hill and
Ironsides and their extensions, will
east it completely in the shade. They
will qnarry and not mine these Greenwood properties, when they are ready,
as they quarry out the most famous
copper mine on earth, the Rio Tinto,
for It contains the copper values. But,
Knob Hill and Ironsides are not only
the greatest copper minee, but they are
also the greatest gold mines on earth.
I hCve no connection in sny shape,
manner or form with Uie people that
own Knob HOI and Ironsides.  1 do nor
a share of stock in either, and
know some people thst do whom Id,
not admire or love or Uke, and therefore in giving the sweeping commendation 1 am simply stating facts which I
trust will be utilised by those who look
10 the; Globe for guidance and advios.    '
I heard, for instance, that aome oi
these people stated that H^C. Bellinger
Was about to take charge of the build
ings and operate Uie smelter they are
about to build to treat Knob Hill and
Ironsides ore., Such statements were
���*���*��. MU ^��mjr is s,psrt owner of
the Northport smelter, sod under ao
possibility would Mr. Clark Mackintosh
buy himent or lose his services. The
smelter site .for Knob Hill hss been
selected, and It ought to be in operation
by July tab I aim . told thst the Csnsdian Pacific frill build their own smelters, however, snd in thst esse the Knob
Hill smelter win be st Um mercy of
[rivals. Thia is a point worth considering for tboi�� who are P��ttiog their
money in smelters in the Kettle ���"���*������"
country. F. A. Heinse bad s smelter st
Trail, It was run by H. C. Bellinger,
snd no better team thsn Heinse snd
Bellinger could be got to handle a commercial enterprise. Bnt Heinse wss at
the mercy of one railroad, and he was,
forced to sell, and to sacrifice.
Rossland is keeping up its great de-
iretopmente. The B.AC people, in developing the lower levels of the Josie,
hsve drifted beyond tbe Josie ground
snd into Uie Annie, snd are now working on tw<* veins in that pound. Rh_t
ore, running as high as $200, has been
found, and the entire ore body will
average $50. Tbe Annie will be another
Le Roi. for it is really, tbe continuation;
of the Le Roi on the west, and apparently catches sil the LeRoi veins except the south, which runs into the
White Besr. No. 1, Josie, Annie, snd
several fractional
group owned
called theT
ed for ��500���, ,���. rwww ��
now assured for this company, for Josie,
Annie end So. 1 will make dividend-
psyins mines.        ,
Months ago I urged tbe purchase oi
Uie stock of the B itish America Corporation. Thirty days sgo it was selling on the London market for 12s. 6d.-j
Last Wednesday I heard it wss 30s.
It will go  to  ��5 a share; not in a
edj�� fcmdon aad capitalised, at ����),.
000. It wss financed in London bv
the London and Britistt-CokMahia Gold-
fields, and lam glad to state that the
Operations of this company have been
eminently successful. They have iust
declared s 25 per cent, dividend. It has
been more than earned. They boocht
and sold the Whitewater minelmakffa
mente, is proving a greater mine than
ever, and hrenriohing thin company.
They bought the Ymir for a oompare-
4 �����*!�����> **}*}* ��um of money. H*ie a
million-dollar   property ToZky. *They
and the Kettle river o *********
are being handled and
ooeiy, snd I lookfora
prosperity for this
A. C.   and  the  London end   	
Mi C^lumbht��a_d^Eng^no^at^essra^
Gooderham and Blaekstaek <Hd -foTit
in Canada.  And I think Uiedav mat
��M_T.iI__?i"' tL^v^
seeking investment in British -Columbia
mines in preference to any other taVestment. ,
When I describe this northwestern
eountryas the richest gold aiid^Sver
gaud[lead and copper  regions .��, the
>be, I went to be slways understood
st I   sm   describing   the   countrv
drained   by  Urn  Coiumr_TsboTiS
i, ..u-Kj, aiiuic, auu. junction with the Snake on the left
claims now form a I**d the Okanogan on its right bank,   ft
^ -_._ ll-'~-~ - ��� wnd^embraess psrt
(^ WMhingtan,
crest of the Rockies ^rbea*d water__f
Uie Frassr on Uie coast range?   w*<*"
I fractional   claims now form a If-d **��� Okanogan ot
owned by one London company piucloxlee an empfre'i
the West Le Roi.   It is capitalis- i *>f M��?tana,   Idaho
��500.000, snd immense success 1g *��� well as British 1
f���mmt before many aasv
elopments will now be
  the L4 Roi, end shipments will, be stopped to allow tbe amsit-
er to clean tip all the ore belonging to
the old company. Then operations will
bo resumed on a- bigger' Snd grander
ecale than ever.
Second Relief, in thV Salmon river
country, ie nowsbippina to the North-
port smelter. This is s shipping mine
sdded to those of British Columbis, but
shipping mines are becoming so common nowadays that the beginning is
hardly noticed- The Ymir mine has its.
mil) nearly completed. In that mine
| there are 160,000 tons of ore blocked out
sod it will average $20 a ton, Snd I believe it will net the company $10 a ton
above all expenses.   This mine is own-
G-wp-pWlly, this vast range is mm,
though railroads and politics have tried
tocutitr^remeal. It was thTmiSS
men of Montana and Idaho end Wash:
mgton that opened op the minee of the
Kootenays and Boundary. On the
other hand,.one of the discoverers of
Uie Republw camp
public camp m opening ep to a. marvellous manner. I believe there are
many mines there that wUI eventually
surpass the greet RepubHc, and I reiterate a statement preyks-rly saadebysse
that the Republic camp will surpsss
Cripple Creek ���� a gold producer.
There ie another new district ia Idaho,
called Buffalo Hump, which will hpve
an immense boom When Uie summer's
sun shall melt the winter, snow. I
hsve bed foots laid
Buffalo Hump which.
vellous hnd romantic
?jt had time to took the
hough I am satisfied in Bu ,,
snother great mining camp has base
added to Uh�� north west.
~   sheet
f�� out I hsve not
field over.
Are selling        	
Staple & Fancy Groeeries
that can be obtained anywhere. Hail your orders
if you can't tisit Our store.
ftATOON'==-i' ' UQ88LAND
NEW DENVER, ��� _ <j
FtDTldei tUDlo and plauu* (_��mm_*t<_ for tin trawlbw pnUla. ��
The Paystreak.
Is Issued every Saturday In Sandon, tn the heart
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     - ...     fg.OOayear
Strictly In advance.
Address: The Paystkbak, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON. B.C.. JANUARY 14, 1899
Contrary to the expectations and
assertions of the Opposition, the Semlin Government has safely passed
through the trying ordeal of meeting
tbe House for tbe first time.   Not
only have they done so with credit to
themselves, but have slso elected a
Speaker, leaving them still with a
majority strong enough to carry oo
the legitimate business of tbe Province.   Hon. Mr. Higgins did  not
get the Speakership, the choice falling on Mr.   Forster,   member  tor
Delta.   In his hands tbe decorum of
the House will be maintained, and
bis knowledge ot general routine and
parliamentary practice will remove
tbe danger of confusion and disorder.
Mr. Henderson,  member for New
Westminster, has thrown in hia support with the Government, thus enabling them to keep the Opposition
within bounds.   At tbe aame time, it
bears out the c mentions of the new
administration that they would have
a safe majority when the House met
All hopes tor an early overthrow of
Mr. Semlin are now blasted, as he is
safe tor some years to come.
In the Speech from the Throne,
every promise made by the Government haa been provided for and
legislation is foreshadowed aod outlined that will prove of inestimable
benefit to tbe people. Passing over
the grounds tor congratulation in the
continued expansion of tbe precious
metals and coal industries, as well as
that of lumber and agriculture, tbe
statement is made that the tax on
miners working in quartz mines
will be removed, placing them on the
same footing as the coal-work ere.
This is a step Hon. Mr. Cotton has
advocated for yearn, and It must be
a source of sathrfaction to him to
realize tbe achievement of hia labors.
Justice baa at last been done the
Kootenay miner, and a check has
been given tbe grasping power of the
white fellows. Mining is at all times
dangerous, and tbe lives of our toilers
cannot be too safely guarded. The
adoption of the Torrens system of
land registration will also act beneficially, to the Province. Success has
attended its working in the Antipodes and muoh Is hoped for the
ay-stem in British Columbia
More liberal land laws and tbe safeguarding of public domains from
speculative agencies will meet with
universal approval. The intention
also to give the prospector roll right
to prospect and bold claims within
the limits of railway grants is furnishing a remedy to a long-existing
evil. Tbe resources of Vancouver
Island have lain undeveloped, chiefly
through the need of such legislation.
This, too, will be a heavy blow to the
Dunsmuirs; in fact, the days of their
monopoly are about ended in this
Economies ot ao extensive nature
are promised in provincial finances,as
the need is emphasized of meeting
the heavy deficits of the past two
years. Public works will be looked
after, but in such a manner as to give
I justice to the sections supplying the
ou! k of the revenues. Improvements
in the elections act and several other
statutes are to be brought in, affording tbe legislators full scope for their
abilities and a chance to earn their
money rather than to kill time. Al
together the province has reason to
be thankful for tbe outlook before It,
and the Government cannot do otherwise than work ont tho interests of tbe
people in tbe beat manner possible,
far removed from scandal and effectual in tbeir aims and objects.
firms seeking to do business in opposl
tion to this well-established practice.
No money is wasted which is expended through the columns of a paper, but
the urgency of the situation likewise
comminds that the advertiser should
make known his capacities is bright,
cheerful and fresh language. Ads.
thst are permitted to remain in a
paper month in and month out are a
detriment rather than a help. True
business demands as careful attention
being paid to one's standing in the
the local paper as to customer from
behind tbe counter.
Those who would avert disaster
and court success will bear the calamity of the New Yorker* In mind, and
turn it to practical use for themselves.
this company comprises no less thsn
210 acres.andonly a fraction of the area
an m   . a
nirra Minna,
In debarring aliens from holding
placer mines, tho Government is but
conserving to tbe people the'riches of
tbeir own country. This step Is
taken more to protect the Atlin gold
discoveries. The enactment of legislation preventing Japanese horn
working nnderground will bit the
Dunsmuirs hard, but it is a movement for the safety aod protection of
nil while miners. It it not coercive
to the Japs as citizens; but it Is notorl.
out* that tbey, as well as the Chinese,
nre careless fh their habits underground, thereby imperilling the lives
of themselves and hundreds of their
Trade journals report the astonishing fact that since Christmas there
have been 10 failures in New York
reported ot concerns that made a
specialty of goods intended for' holiday presents. Some of these concerns
carried large stocks, and were entitled to the designation "big." In
one or two instances tbe stocks were
valued at more than $250,000. The
noticeable thing about each of the
collapsed concerns is that it did not
advertise in the newspapers. The
stores that did advertise were crowded with customers' from the commencement of the holiday season to
the hour of closing the night before
Christmas. They all report the
greatest holiday business in years.
There kr a lesson in this to Kootenay
merchants. It always pays to advertise, no matter how small one's
business may be. Tbe locality may
be sparsely settled and depression
may obtain, but it gives confidence
and commands respect when an advertisement is carried prominently
before the public. Modern business
education lays down the cardinal
principle of success through the liber
al use of printer's .nrc.sndtbe marvel
I Is that there should be metropolitan
Heavy Dividends Paid hy Aha Company
tharlag tlie Vear.
The directors' report of the Ruth
Mines for the year ending June 80 last,
presented to tbe first annual meeting
held in London on the 80th ult., states
that in the circular to the shareholders,
dated the 1Mb of February last, reference was made to tbe ore having been
cut off in two of the levels by a "slip"
in the formation. Subsequent working
proved that the ''slip" extended nearly
to the surface, end thus cut off tbe ore
in all three of the upper levels. It is
probable that it also extends downwards, and that it will be again encountered In No. 4. when that tunnel
haa been driven sufficiently far. In the
same circular it was announced that
there had been discovered bc.vynd this
������slip" a strong vein carrying both clean
_^_^_^_^_^^^^^^^^_��� tun
by another ''slip.'1 and tunnel No 2
was driven ahead in the direction of
the main strike of the vein, mi as to pass
through the broken or faulted ground
ns quickly as possible. This tunnel
has now got into settled formation, aud
cross-cuts sre being run st right angles
to its course. Tbe latest news show*
that tbe ground looks - very favorable,
and the directors hope that the vein
will be recovered before very long.
Development work is now Doing
actively pushed in other parts of the
mine, but it was, unfortunately, brought
to a standstill for two months through
the irruption of a large volume nf water
in tunnel No. 2 This water, with a
flow of some 75 or 80 cubic feet per
minute, poured down through all the
workings, and sil energy wss concentrated upon the work of getting the
water out of the mine. Aa there appeared to be a prospect of securing a
supply of water which would furnish
power as well as the quantity required
tor concentrating purposes, it was decided to postpone the erection of a
plant for a few rnorrths. A graut of thin
water has now been obtained, and the
concentrator will be erected aa soon as
ea   a
has been explored. ���^^^^^^^^���
The chairman hss recently returned
from British Columbia, where he paid
several visits to the company's property,
and reports that everything is working
soomthly and well, arrd st the meeting
he will be glad to furnish full information on any point During the 12
months under review 6,074 tons of ore,
carrying both silver snd load, were
shipped to the smelters, snd the opera-
Uouh of the company have resulted iu
a net profit of ��27,034
An interim dividend of 8s per share
was paid in February last, and the
directors now recommend the payment
of a final dividend of Is. d., making a
total dividend of 4s and tid per share
for the year. This will absorb ��2.1,1 irr,
aud leave a balance of ��4.814 to be
carried forward.
The C P.R. is accepting tatagranis to
Cranbnok and other hast Kootenay
points. The rate from Nelson Is is
cents for 10 words.
possible to treat the large quantity of
concentrating ore which is already
mined, and which will yield a Urge
It has been decided to suspend tbe
extraction of ore from the mine (lending
the erection of the concentrating plant,
ss the profits per ton of ore taken from
the mine will be increased thereby.   In
ffl AIH .BROS.
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.....of SANDON	
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the Kootenay Country.
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1* *T**T*
Orders by mall or wire promptly
 attended to......
If yon nre--
Call at the '
Hotel Ivanhoe.
rrrsonnau> * dat. tvepe.
      ��� ���.   ���-���^��^   mmmmm   ��ew�� **#"*J # P IS
the event, however, of the development
work opening up large bodies��
galena, which could be cheaply
owever, ot the development
igup large bodies of clean
���_, ��� en could be cheaply mined
snd sent to the smelters, prior to the
erection of tbe concentrator, ore shipments will be resumed. A new ledge
hss been discovered on the Aurora
claim, and ore taken therefrom assayed
288 os. of silver to tho ton. Development work Is being vigorously pushed
on this claim, and the results will be
awaited with interest. It will be remembered Uiat the property owned by
 Maiiufaturvrs of i	
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparllla, Etc., Etc
So,ndor_, B.O.
Patronize homo fhduntry
when you want the best
Is the Pioneer H#use of the City
���*��� * i s er - a
Proprietor. THE PAY8TX__AR, SANDON, B.C., JANUARY 14, 1899.
orariKO or ukgis-atubk.
Vail .eat af the -leatetiaat-Ooveraor's
Spa���-. Vrom Aha Thrvae.
Last Thursday the Provincial Legislature opened at Victoria, with all the
usual ceremonies. There were four
absentees, ex-Premier Turner being
among the number. Thomas Fonder
was elected speaker, on motion of
Messrs. Kellie snd Baker. A. Henderson, member for New Westminster,who
was elected as an independent, flopped
over to theUovernuient support, giving
them a clear lead over all factions.
Following is the speech irom the throne:
Mr. Speaker and Gentteraeu of the
Legislative Assembly: In meeting you
at the opening of tbe first session of the
eighth parliament of British Columbia
is is gratifying to me to be able to con-
Ktulste you on the prosperity which
been enjoyed auring the past year,
and on the prospect* for the one ou
which we are now entering.
in nearly all tbe loading industries of
the Province growth and Improved conditions are to he observed. The output
of the coal mines has largely exceeded
thst of previous years, snd is likely to
continue* to increase. The development
of quarts mines, eepeciaUy of those in
tbe Kootenay, has been most satisfactory, while a like activity to that which
has occurred there, it seems probable,
may soon be witnessed in the Boundary
Creek district, when, by the completion
of the railway now iu process of construction, the immense bodies of ore
known to exist there csn be property
Ou the west coast of the mainland and
on tbe island there is also every probability of considerable mining development shortly taking place 1 here isal��o
likely to be a largo iuirease within the
present year in placer aud hydraulic
mining. Already someIsrge enterprises
of this character have been put in successful operation in Cariboo and upon a
smaller scale Iu tbe Omlneca districts
while the recent ditto veriee st Atlin lake
have disclosed deposits of numerous
gravel rich iu quality and spread over
a large area.
lu anticipation of an influx of population into this region my Government
has already taken step* for tbe proper
adrninstration of the district, lu order
to conserve tbe natural wealth in these
gold gravels for the benefit of Canadian
minora and Cauadian traders, a bill will
be bid before you prohibiting the
acquisition of placer ciarms by aliens.
Alter some years of depression, the
outlook for the lumbering industry appears more favorable, while tbe enterprise of those engaged in it, has opened
new snd large markets for th* products
of our forests. 1 regret tbst the past
season has not been a good one for the
Stlmon canning industry on the Fraser
ii ver, owing to a combination of adverse
circumstances, but since our ocean
wealth is so great, I can but hope that
our fisheries may, in tbe ensuing season,
prove as prolific snd profitable to those
engaged in them as they have been in
previous years
It is with pleasure that I can refer to
the general improvement #vhich has
taken place in the condition ot our
agricultural community. With abort-
dant crops and an ever expanding home
market, there is little doubt that In the
future, agricultural pursuits will contribute much more largely than heretofore
to the wealth of the Province.
A great calamity visited the city of
New Westminster in the disastrous conflagration of September last. But the
energies and courage of her citizens rose
to the emergency, and, encouraged by
the sympathy and material assistance of
ale ol all parts of Canada they put
such efforts as bave already caused
the city to rise from its ashes. You will
be asked to pass legislation to put the
civic finances on such a stable basU as
will maintain the high reputation of the
royal city.
With a view to remove the existing
inequalities in the present system of
taxation, measures will be submitted to
you for remission of that part of the tax
of personal property commonly known
as the mortgage tax, and for the repeal
of the law requiring men working in
mines for wages to hold a free miner's
Realising the advantages to be derived from an absolute security in the
titles to land, and from an easy and inexpensive system of transfers of real
estate titles, my Government will lav
before you a bill to introduce into this
Province what is known as the Torrens
system of registration under such arrangements as will make Its adoption
both convenient and advantageous to
the owners of property.
In order to open up tbe public domain for settlement, while securing to
tbe Province tbe full benefit which it
would derive from such a valuable asset,
you will be asked to sanction certain
changes in the land act
For the better protection of miners in
coal mines s bill will be laid before you
prohibiting: the employment under
ground of Japanese in these mines.
A bill providing for the inspection
stationary boilers will also be introduced.
You wilt be asked to consider a
measure designed to afford to prospectors on lands within the boundaries of
the grants to railway companies tbe
same freedom to prospect for the precious metals as is sccorded to them on
crown lands
Bills will be introduced amending tbe
supreme court act, the Provincial elections act, and the act regulating the
issuance of liquor licenses, with the aim
of bringing legislation regarding these
matters into bsrmony with the present
conditions of the Province.
Mv Government has givon much consideration to the present financial position of the Province, and to tbe means
by which important public works can
be carried out without imposing undue
burdens on the tax payers, and you
will be asked to pass legislation to provide for the deficit in the revenue for tbe
hurt two years and for obligations incurred under the authority of acts already
on the statute books. Also to authorise
certain i changes in the methods of dealing with the Provincial debt and in the
management of finances, whereby it is
anticipated that both the credit of the
Province will be enhanced and important economies be effected.
The estimates of revenue and expenditure for the ensuing fiscal year will
shortly be laid be or1! you and will show
that thev have been framed with a view
to economy, whilst providing liberally
for tbe necoiwary public services.
I now leave vou v> yourdeliberations,
believing that under the direction of a
divine providence, the result of your
labors will be conducive to the interests
of the Province and to the welfare and
hat/pinesH of its people.
owners, with the privilege of a bond.
The owners are C. McNicboll, T. Duffv,
G. Spencer and V. C. Rsckliff,and tbey
bave disposed of the property to J. M.
M. Benedum and Stewart Bros. The
lessees secure tbe claim to Sept. 1, giving the owners 15 per cent, of the ore
shipped. On that date, by tbe payment
of a certain sum, they secure a bond for
995.000. The Noonday hss a fine ledge.
20 teet in width, showing considerable
galena. It has had a great deal of surface work done, mainly exploiting for
tbe vein, which is now traced in place.
The Noonday adjoins the Carrie group,
or Galena Mines.
This Maa  Has Wheels.
Ins recent issue the Toronto Mail
and Empire contained a special dispatch, (
from Ottawa, announcing that Thos.
MacFarlane, chief analyst of the inland
revenue department, has just returned
to the capital very enthusiastic after
inspecting **the smelting works at
Revelstoke, Rossland, Nortbport, Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon and Nakusp, at
which gold-bearing ores are treated."
There should be a royal commission
appointed to enquire into Mr. MacFarlane a sanity, as he has without doubt a
revolving sphere in his cranium. At
the same time the horse editor of the
Empire should be immersed in the overwhelming flood of the Don, until such
times as he becomes sufficiently educated to treat B.C. topics.
Ma-las'  ���  Oeod   Becerd.
The Marion, on Silver mountain, is
making a splendid record, and one that
will assist tbe town largely.   Ten men
are working on the property and ore is
being taken out of both tunnels. Tbe
chute on each vein varies from two to
10 inches, but sufficient ore has been
taken out to pay all expenses to date,
including- the building of the camp.
Ore is being rawhfded daily to the
C. P,R wharf, and there yet remains 150
sacks to be brought down.
Could we but draw back the curtains
That surround each other's Uvea,
See die naked heart and spirit,
" it spar the action i
Of ten we should Sod It better,
Know what spur the action firm,
OaUeok la   Brighter.
_ am
Hill Bros., operating the big sswmill
st the bead of the lake, state that the
buildiog outlook for the spring is roost
encouraging, and considerable brighter
than last season. Thev have gotten out
1,000,000 feet of logs this winter, and
will commence cutting lumber early.
They look upon the Rosebery sampler
as an assured tact. The demand for
lumber from the mines is increasing.
E. Shsnnon snd A. McGillivrsy, the
principal owners of the Neepawa group,
on Ten Mile, have refused a working
bond of $40,000 on the property. Tbe
group is located to the west of the big
Enterprise mine, and takes in almost all
the ground from the creek to the summit. There is a big vein on the group,
which has been expoeed on each of the
claims. Two years ago. Dr. Bell Irving,
of Vancouver, secured the property
under bond for'hisScotch syndicate, now
operating the Comstock, on Four Mile.
A ten per cent, payment was made, commodious buildings erected, trails built,
and several hundred feet of tunneling
driven. At one time there was three
feet of clean ore expoeed, from which
good assays were obtained. The bond
was afterwards thrown up. However,
the Neepawa is looked upon as one of
themoet promising properties on Ten
Convention   Improves.
Work is being continued on the Convention, on Silver mountain, snd the
property continues to steadily improve
The paystreak holds its own well snd
the grade is high. No word has yet
been received from the parties seeking
to purchase, but the report has been
sent in, and a sale is expected.
The payroll on the Robeon k Pentic-
ton Railway is about$125,O00 per month.
Purer than we Judge ere aboold;
We should love each other better.
If we only understood.
Could we Judge all deeds by mochwr,
See Uie good and bad with to,
Often we should love the sinner
All the while we ksbe ths sin;
Could we know the powers working;
To overthrow Integrity,
We should Judge each other's error
With more patient charity.
If we knew tbe cares ud trials,
Knew the efforts, all In vain,
And the bitter disappointment,
Understood tbe lorn and gain-
Would die glim, external roughness
Seem���I wonder���Just the sans t
Should we help where now we binder,
Should we ptty where we blame t
Aht we judge each other harshly,
Knowfagnot lire's hidden fores;
Knowing not the fount of action
Is less turbid at tts source,
Seetus; not amid tbe evU
All tbe golden grain ot good;
Ah I we'd love each other better.
If we only understood.
John T. Cole has just bonded the
Lexington group of three claims, near
the Knob Hill. The bond waa given by
John Dempsey, the locator of the group.
Geo. B. McAnlay, of the famous Cariboo minejU Camp McKinney, has pur-
chssed the well-known Bis Copper mine
in Copper camp, some 12 mines from
Grand Forks. The price paid for this
property wss 150,000 in cash. This is
the largest strictly cash deal ever effected in Boundary or Kettle River districts.
The Grand Forks syndicate have
bonded the Little Minnie group of
claims, ou Pathfinder mountain. This
group comprises the Little Minnie, Der-
vinton and Gold Nuggett.
A strike of considerable importance
has just been made on Uie May Queen
property, on Hardy mountain. In tbe
main shaft an ore chute was encountered
which, on being crosscut, proved to be
four feet in thickness.
The B.C. mine, in Summit camp, owned by W Harrison, hss been sold to the
Montreal Gold Fields. Limited, for $900,-
000, one-sixth of which was paid by tbe
Bank of Montreal, at Rossland, on Tuesday.    .     	
Tbe three-cent stamp being no longer
required there will be no more issues
of it after the present supply la exhausted. Tbe color of the domestic postage
stamp, according to the suggestion of
the postal union, being red, it will be
necessary when the supply of the ordinary two-cent stamp, which hi green, is
exhausted to change the color to that of
the three-cent domestic stamps.
Gold Commissioner Sibbsld, of Revelstoke, hss received sn intimation from
the Government that his resignation
would be acceptable, to take effect on
tbe 15th. H. N. Courrder is after the
The two-cent letter rate applies to
Canada, United States, Great Britain
and a majority of the colonies, including
Dealer i_i MEATS
One of the most prominent claims on
the Galena farm, just below Silverton,
the Noonday, has been leased by its
The following ie a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during thb
week u the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denver were
aa follows:���
csBTiricats or ___ova~BR*rs.|
Jar l-ToothstDk Fractkn* to A W McCune,
W L Hoge, EiVlvian, J lieCune and J Graham.
Jah 5~BIo, to B A fitelenberg, D Oosgrlff sad
SIFCtagrlff. *'
Jas S���Ponobscot, iLorna Doom Fraction,
Hoodoo, Big Cedar.
J_SS-llewGethltig,i��aefato0 KGethiug.C
TSMdale, sad T R Blackwood, by John Klnmsn,
on Sspt SL
Jam 5-Psullne O, }, S Oiatsburger to DeA
Boss, August IT.
JAa.��-r_Ddalfht. 0 VOsldweB to M BBam-
melmever, Jaa S.
Bed Vox .. Bad JToa Fraction *, aad Central
1/S, J K Clark to George H Aylard, Sept IS.
on the west. Two other reefs have also
been found, one en the liens, -north of
the Whitewater vein, aad the other lip
feet from the Whitewater veto on that
claim. This company's interest in the
Whitewater is a larjie one, and haa recently been increased.
The Beth Mines. Limited, - is a company with a capital of -120,000, owning
a group of 10 claims,kaown as the Ruth,
Roth Fraction, Wyoming, Hops, Despair, Aurora No. 2, Aurora Fraction,
Yarns, Yams Fraction, and Suburban
Fraction. These claims oover aa area of
about 210 scree, and are situated doee to
the railway at Sandon. The principal
work hss been carried out on the Ruth
snd Rota Fraction, but soother ledge
hss lstely been discovered on the
Aurora, snd development work upon this
claim, as well as in the principal working, is now being actively prosecuted.
During the twelve months 0,074 tone of
ore, carrying both silver and lead, were
shipped from the mine to the smelters,
snd the operations resulted in s net
profit of ��29,734. An interim dividend
ol 3s. per share wss paid in February
last, snd s final dividend for the year
under notice will shortly be declared. A
concentrating plant will be erected during the coming ' spring, snd s urge
quantity of concentrating oreonly awaits
treatment to yield good returns. This
company's Interest in the Ruth Mines is
a large one.
Tbe properties owned by tbe Yukon
Compsny sre likely to prove themselves
of considerable value, and consequently
the large number of deferred or founders'
���bares held by tbe company are looked
upon as sn asset of great vslne.   Tbe
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    principal claim owned by the Yukon
thf best thing in the London market:    [Company is No. 4 Bonansa below Dis-
"Tbeiwtocrpsltotetesteaadiro^ Wn�� worked throughout
to the
Attached is the report of the directors
presented to the shareholders of tbe
London A B.C. Goldfields, Limited, st
the annual meeting in London. It ie
the meet gratifying report made by any
of the big corporations, and the shares
have advanced oyer six shillings in con-
ice, being looked upon to-day ss
held by the company are shares in the
Ymir, the Whitewater and the Rath
Mines, the Yukon GoWfields, and the!
Pyramid Copper Syndicate.  The Ymir
GoM Mines, Limited, wss formed, with
a capita) of X200,b90, to take over the
���does osmed, which bad been perches-
ed aod developed by the London A B. C.
Company. $bqy comprise seven claims
and fractions aroennting to 163 acres,
together with mill site and sufficient
w&rrights. The whole of the plant
tors complete .40 stamp mill has been
shfarjmUnTit is expected that the mill
wUI soon oe running. Reliable estimates
state that 93,000 tons ofore.df s value of
���1,123,200 (��232,000) have been actually
bkmkedi out. Since then development
work has steadily sdvanced, - largely increasing the rewires, and ssost satisfactorily proving the value of the mine at
gssetar depth. As this mine hss strfnVi-
eat ore already, blocked out to keep the
asHl supplied tor several years, and is
psctkutarly well situated forexceedingly
cheap working, the directors consider
this mine will in a abort time rank
gold mines in British Columbia. The
comrawysold a quarter Interest st a
Jj^fdt, retaining a three^uarter
TheWMteweter Mines, was issued by
this compsny, with a capital of ��125,000.
than to select the clean ore for sL.
first. The shipments hsve thereto
smsll, consisting only Of -ia or
ered whilst dririug t|~��nel *x1
snd other develop-MWt work;1
efforts were made to get the
concentrator greeted iiuh* tout possible
tiine-s-d il oomtasnoed working Ou tbe
SOOof Isst'montb? Tke ospdeitf ol this
plant is 100 tons per dsy. The reserves
of ore bave been doubled, and are sufficient to keep tbe concentrator supplied
for several years. Tbe directors hsve
confidence thst the profits to be derived
efsWrafet -iH1* sufficient *w -_,id a
very large return on tbe small capital of
the company. Since the Whitewater i
Company entered into possession1 tbe
principal or Whitewater vein has been
this winter by a full force of SO men.
This claim is one of the most favorably
situated on the Bonansa creek, and will,
it is estimated, produce this winter sufficient gold to give s very satisfactory
The Pyramid Copper Sj-axbcete.Uosrt-
ed, was formed for the purpose of taking
up snd developing, e largo number of
claims situated to liast iCeotensyvgt ee
giest distance from the Chow's Most
Psss system of the .railway. These
claims contain a number of sil rer-leed
and copper ledges, which there le every
reason to believe will, upon development, Prove themselves to be extremely
The Alms group ef claims, oomposed
of the Alms, Inkerman, Alexandria, aod
Gibraltar, adjoins tbe Ymir gold minee
on the western side, snd is owned entirely by.this company. Only a small
amottnt of exploratory work has been
carried out, but, judging from surface
indications, the directors believe that
they have a propsrty of considerable
Tbe Norfolk claims consist of two adjoining claims situated in Atwood, or
Central esmp, Boundary Creek district,
and is owned by this company. As a
railway till shortly be completed to
within some seven miles of these clsiras
it wss considered advisable to limit development tfork {for the present; The
managerassures ths directors thst the
Boundary creek district is one which is
rapidly coming to the front.. He is
already to negotiation tar tho purchase
of others, being fully elive to tbe wisdom
of thtapeliey.   	
The Wssblngton snd Sloesn Boy minee
' ituntad in ths Slocan district about
mom from the Kaslo A Slocan Kail-
aptfembrsceeigbt claims snd clsim
tsnd sre a combination of two
properties adjoining each other; thus
ths cost of extracting the ore becomes
very-much fedooed. The*option oo
thesepropertiee has been secured upon
very fsvorable terms, snd it hss every
prospect of proving sn exceedingly vein*
Ths Toronto group, comprising five
claims, or thereabouts, is situated in
close proximity' to the Poorman Gold
Mines, in the Nelson district. As this
option has only oeen taken up s short
i the work has not yet sufficiently
 . advanced to enable the directors to give;
proved on the surface to run right across ��� full information ss to its vslne.
the properties from the portion now be-1   Tbeaccounts sho
tog worked on the east to tbe Myrtle R.| capital of ��96,181,
hss1 been msde.   An interim dividend
Sin March last absorbed ��4,007.
ng a net balance of ��83.465 to be
with at the end of this financial
year. With cash at bank, the amount
due trom sundry debtors and unpaid
calls (tbe greater part of which have
since been received) mske s total ol
��65,993. In arriving st the amount of
��140,612, appearing as investments in
vsrious companies, the directors have
adopted a most conservative aod cauti
ous policy, every care having been taken
to slate tlie value of the shares et a
figure which, in their opinion, is considerably below their intrinsic worth.
Thb item of ��5,701 is the sctusl amount
expended in mining claims snd options,
snd does not represent the improved
vslne following upon the development
work carried out.
The directors recommend that a further dividend be paid on the ordinary
i hares, which will make a total cash distribution st the rate of 20 per cent, per
snnum for the past yeai. It is also
recommended that 30,000 fully-paid
shares in the Ymir Minee be distributed
by wsy of further dividend, which will
be distributed in two moieties, one to the
ordinary and one to the deferred shareholders, the balance of the profit being
carried forward."
A   Welsh   Minister's   Dlleeaaaa.
A touching story of a parson's dilemma
comes from Wales. A Welsh minister
who had preached with great edification
to English bearers on the test, "Go to
tbe snt, thou sluggard.'' seated himself
on s grassy bank wbile waiting for the
train that was to take him home. He
nearly missed it owing to hie absorption
in s book, and had to hurry to the elation. He had scarcely taken his seat
in the carriage when he felt a tingling
sensation. The bank must have neon
alive with ants. With the help of s
sympathetic fellow passenger bo managed to clear his coat and waistcoat of
the intruders. And when at length he
was quite stone he took off soother gar-
moot which wss equally infested with
them aad shook it vigorously out of the
*  *        Unfortunately, he reused hie
Store for the best
obtainable in the
Haberdasher line.
Our stock of....
Gents1 Furnishing
Goods is not behind that of the
big city stores...
Ladies' Footwear
as dainty as the
daintiest and as
serviceable as the
best.  Mailorders,
E, R. Atherton Co., Ltd.
hold of this garment just as ht nested
the station, snd it disappeared���perhai*
to follow the course of Elijah's msntte
snd fall with inspiration on another
preacher. He wss now in' s piteous
plight, snd he drew the blinds of his
carriage in a futile attempt to obtain
privacy. The screams of two ladies who
tried to enter alarmed the etationmaster,
and he advanced boldly to the compartment with a view of securing a supposed
lunatic. But the stattonmaatar, after
receiving explanations, lent the indispensable garment trom his own ward-
robe, and the reverend gentleman got
eafely home. __
Cold set  la  Sis  Tear*.
The recent sold snap has been the
most severe la six years. The effects
were general and from the coast to the
far east csme word of exceptional frost
and heavy snowstorms, the coast cities
receiving sero temperature sad ever a
foot of the beautiful. Even California
has been treated to two teet of the
fleecy. At New Westminster the Fraser
was frosen across, sealso the Kootenay
at Nelson, aad the Narrows and Lower
Arrow lake below Nakusp. At New
Denver Ave degrees below sero waa the
coldest,with 12 at Sandon,il& at Nelson,
IS at Rossland. IB at Re veletoke and 21
in the Boundary. There is no Ice on
Slocan lake j
8el*J.st to eSana* wseoet iwsSee.
Acuta Sne
ewQfl*_l \*0V0Mmm%
TralelvsDally,IJ��mo  Trataeroet��tSSAam#
- iSS *!E_?
���     *    -Mam    tAnmhmr ^   _,-__
isr lft oSsst tinsthpwt Train I vl*M f***
Hommmm. - A*m\^
npAxam        -    SJn
*��� lissam
v     surpm
a      tia
fly tamtam la m mm
���f--*'""' lv smass
BoatIvftjosnm MoAT ffcwf artest**
-  AMpm AleewertS B��eterfM*|
"  iMpm Pilot Has      -    U Si
'��� tornmp KaHweeuk     -      ami
" UMtpm OoSI Blew     M       t��
"  teasel Baeadery ssoi
%ttJ*MAMamlAmaat^Tn ���  lv sj  .
���t<Trala Iv U so ssx     ������     Ttalaar 1.1&{
i Iv n so ssx
��� OoeMeeecses ���see ss. iawc
**- ~ ^day^ereSey -UMlJ^lday ss Al
>*. Usvtng jltlese al S a. m,1
lay see Haterday. mMmg SI Wot
A) aad Kaeto.aad sH way estais.
P. O. Bos lit, Kaslo. BJC
TBklng effect 1.00 o'clock a. n.
Sept 1, 189S, Pacific or 120th Meridian time.
8ubJeot to ohaofe without notite
w,  ������ w���-.-���.��_.. ���������ih.wiwii ��� *o its value. 'I_3^__       ���il
the Properties from the portion now be-|   Tbeaccounts show that witk-e l��e*d-so| Jjj WCflOril
Leave S SO A.M.
11 IS *?
" IS "
'��� 10 00 **
������ 10 OS ������
>. ie an    **
SSlSJdoo ���
Arrtee, S as P.M
.     �������   "
m     too    -
SS   ������     Q_S%!roea ������     SS
10 4S   "     asadoa Leave 118   *���
Lsavi, nooa.m - Sandon - Arrive, ItJS
^^^^^ Leave, 11M
Oedy Jaartloa
Arrive,UM ���* '-'&&
BOBT. IRV1NO, ^^^^^^
siffMlstfSfe^ "
& CAMPMBLJU       Agent, Sandon. *   ���   ������ %**
The PaystbeaKs  >
The Windermere District.
Mr. .fl' J. Soowtt of Windermere
wss in town Thursday on his way
through Kootenay. In speaking of
the Windermere district lie predicts
a very active season for the coin ng
summer. Windorrncre is a rich
copper-gold camp and is attainting
unnsual attention both at Kossland
and the Coast. Over 500 locations
were recorded during the season of
1898. Representatives of American
aud English capital bave secured
some of tire leading prosprcts and
intend commencing development
work on a large scale at an early
date. So far the most valuable loca
tions ha ire been made ou Toby, Jkral-
iler nisi Horse-thief oroek& These
creeks first became famous In the
early days as placer .diggings, and
upwards of 12,000,000 haa been taken
from their golden sands. Considerable washing is still done, and s
miner can always make a day's
wages st the placers.
The smelter returns on ore from
this district show very high values
in copper. The Drlpltine mine, on
Toby creek, haa made* seven I large
shipiireriL. averaging HUB In sliver
and copper. A shaft sunk r'5 feel
shows a continuous solid body of tlik-
��>re right to the bowm. The prop
city belongs to Messrs. Kimpton,
Stark and Harrison, who have a
large force of men at work and will
commence regular shipments in the
Quite a number of tuber prospects
were developed last summer, snow
ing large ore bodies.
There is every probability of a
railway being built into the district
from-row's Nest via. Toby creek
valley snd Trout Lake, connecting
with tlio C. P. R. at Arrowhead.
Application for  Renewal of
Liquor License.
NOT1CK is hetwbv given that at th* etpira
tkra el thirty (leys from date we wiU apply tu
the t.ioett��e totu missions** of the City of
Sandon for a-renewal of one license for the
Palace* Hotel. <itiiMteun hWoAvenaein the
Citv of Senden.
V\'ai.msi.kv A Bkxxktt.
Sandon. December ITtn. Una.
NimrR i* hereby given thst application will
be made to the _e**i*lative A��*f*mhly of th*
Province of British CohunbiaetlU nest session by the British Orttnmbla Telephones. Lin
ited" (e Ooinpasy incorporated in Knslend
under the Companies Act* UKU to ISO. imperial) hereinafter railed "the company" or "the
���aid company," for en eel confirmine* snd
conferring upon it tbe powers of theaaid
company as the same appear in tbe Mentor
andem ot AesoeieSlen deposited in Knglend
with the Registrar of Joint, Stork Companies,
aud giving the said company powur to
acquit*, exercise and tone over ell rights
iNiwers, privileees, franchises and assets held
bytbe"Nrw Westminster A Burrerd Inlet Tel.
������phone Company, Limited" end "The Vernon
A Nelson Telephone Company." end vesting
thesamedn the said company and to a���lume
the liabilities entered into by the afore Mid
companies and for the conferring upon the
���aid Company she powers to purchase, lease
take ever or otherwise soqnire the rights,
privileges, franchisee, powers end assets of
any company in any part of tlie Province of
British Columbia having similar objects to
the company, end to amalgamate with snch
other company or companies snd te operate and csrrjr oa ths busiuesaof the afore*
saw! company or companies ee acquired, or
to be acquired; snd for the conferring upon
the said company of ell such powers as mey
lie necessary to fully and completely carry
on snd operate the works aforesaid, or any
of them, and of other powers.
listed this 90th dsy of November, A. I). IMS.
Mii'iiiu.irs* William*.
Solicitors for Applicant.
You cannot find
any better goods
than toe can show
you. Remember
this tohen you
toant a good suit
of clothes.
J. R. & D. Cameron.
'. ..'.,?   "JJ'JL*   ���'"' ""'"****���
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notary Public.
The Crow's Most Pass
Coal Go.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
The ran aad Seperior Sereke Roete
To Eastern Si
European Points.
To Pacific * Coast, Alaska,
China, Japan and Australian
Bagjratre Checked to Destination
and Throatrli Tickets Iaaued.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke:
Daily to St. Paul.
Monday for Toronto.
Thursday for Montreal and Boston.
Daily to Points reached via Nakusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
ed via Rosebery and Sloesn City.
Dally Train.
9:00 k     Ive. SANDON ar.     IfcMk
(Until further Notice i
Ascertain RATES aud full information by
atldressiu* nearest local scent, or .
Agent, Sandon.
R. J. tlOYI.lt. W. r AVDKrWON,
Diet. Psss. Act., Trsv. Pees. Act
Van nou ver. Nelson.
Be sure   that your ticket reeds  vie the
Is now prepared to receive orders
00.00 per ton.
$11.OO per ton.
Terms: Cask with Order.
Order* will he received by
TL Byera dc Co.
Charles St Barbe,
Qeneral Agent,
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines., Applv
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C. P. Ry
agent or
���. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. STITT, Gen. 8. S. Agt,
Miners and Prospectors.
If yon want to save your
money leave your  order
Sleighs, Gutters, Teams and
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Mrs. Clara Johnston*
Plain aad Fancy Sewing of all Kinds.
Tailor-Made Suits to Order.
Cody Ave.   -   ��  SANDON-
Setting and Mending
of all kinds.
Gentlemens' Clothing
Carefully Repaired,
Dr. A. M1LL0Y,
ROOM*   10  A  12,   VIRGINIA   BLOCK
Will be et the Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
n. l. GRinriETT
Notary Public,
SANDON,        - -       B.C.
Headquarters lor Miners.
Well stocked ber in connection.
First class accommodations.  Board bv the
dayorwesk. fAm
B0NGAR0 k PIECKART, Proprietors.
The first Class
Hotel of Cody.
Betes:  |f.00nerds*.
Special Rates by the Wsek. Tub Pattstbeak.
A Freighfciafl Service to Boundary.
H. T. Wilgress, right of way agent
for ths Canadian Pacific railway in
the Boundary country, some time
ago strongly advised the company
officials to inaugurate a winter
tYelghtlng service Into tbe Boundary
country by W*y of the new railway
swob road from Brooklyn to. Cascade, The distance between these
two points is but 40 or 45 miles, and
as tbe sleighing is now first class,
and likely to remain so for three
months, the plan is feasible.
At present the Canadian Pacific
is virtually shat ont of a large part
of the trade of the Boundary until
the new RoJbeon-Penticton branch of
Uie Columbia & Western is complete,
because their nearest points are
Brooklyn on Uie east and Penticton,
190 miles from Cascade, on tbe west.
Considerable freight comes to Greenwood by the latter route, but none to
Grand Forks or Cascade. As a result, a large amount of business from
the Const and from eastern Canadian
points reaches this district via the
American lines.
The Urgent Siloer Nugget
Tbe largest silver nugget or mass
of silver ever mined' was a piece
weighing 1340 pounds, which waa
taken from the Smuggler mine, at
Aspen. Col., in 1894. The nugget in
question formed part of a consignment of 206,OBI pounds of ore, which,
with silver at 58 cents or thereabout,
netted, free and clear of all expenses,
close to $8,000. At Silver City,
Idaho, is a mine which is said to
have produced the richest carload of
ore ever sold in Denver. It brought,
according to report, over $"A000.
Another from the same mine is said
to have sold tor 160,000.
Another Stampede at Atlin.
Discovery City, in Atlin, was at
last accounts utterly deserted except
by the very Jew who couldn't get
away. Every mothers son lit ont on
another stampede up in she direction
of the head of tbe lake. Each man
took about ten days' grub only.
Since the exodus the lake has been
verv rough. As the stampeders cannot return as long as tbe wind keeps
blowing their position msy by this
time be perilous. The stampede occurred two weeks ago.
This last strike is reported as being
over in the direction of the Taku
trail coming in from Juneau. Just
where the new strike is is not yet
known in Atlin, but the trail {s up
Pike creek to Pike lake, and then
over a low range of mountains.
News of the results of this stampede
will probably be known on the coast
in a lew days.
I   *mmmmmmnmm\ s i ���'��� ��� ��� �����
Mike Mahoney, formerly of Sandon, has just landed in Vancouver
after a reeordrbreakinsf trip from
Dawson to Skagway. He made the
trip in 14 days, after An exciting
race with an American, T.A. Munro,
on a wager of fl,(WX They left on
December 14th, travelling completely light. Mahoney averaged six
mites an hour, and travelled some*
sometimes 16 and 18 hours a day.
Monro's dogs gave out at the Big
galmon.. '
'���You don't think you will make
anyone think you are younger by
dyeing your beard, do you V
"No, but they will realize bow old
I am and treat me with a little more
A Deluge.   A Great Inpouring
pate Craw's Faat
TWO THOUSAND CASKS (a train load] of nice,  dean, fresh
packed groceries received during the past two weeks; besides, several
carloads of fine tresh vegetables, representing not only a cataract bats
perfect avalanche __ ���^ \   . .. ���. British CxRnmbla
of goods from sil ^kJSL^Z df_f!trw/*_o> wah��?��*>taan>
parts of the world JSrfJ^w^y^S^jffly nice new novelties
pouring down upon ~^J l��*_i^ ^V^-vSi _L u> 6al and drink
the good people of C ff!ff ^ftr^fw_r_I ft lh**i( VM>>* n
this Model City. j9_2(ailIv1>PSv/7_3 ___ i,ulre * mbtAn
And whv not ? B^j C# M_*_Mr_l P newspaper taste u
when we have the BMCP^\aqfr_y//_'l deerrlSe them all
best    Mines,    tht* (fl \_-Tk^S_ w/i__H ��   Su m* -nvtt*   vou
K^B_B__r     _���_���    _V_i^B_k     Mmm\m\    m\   mm**mW I   ��� _! _B
best Miners and the 79 IT**WlW/*T_?l(__F    *" *�� COm# "^ ***
best People in all *^Mf   f*m*t     tire new goods, to
inspect our warehouses and cellars.   Bring  your   "Altera, cousins and
aunts."   All will be welcome.
filled Eye Glasses*
+A>      '���Am      **S>      ;%�����      4%w      +
Jeweller and Optician.
I have Just received another
lot of
Which I eaa eonSSe_tly
reeemiuead te Intendinir par-
Geo. B. Knotoles,
Pioneer Jeweler ot the Slocan.
Hs Giegerich, Sandon, B. C.
We arc now showing a line off HOCKEY SKATES
the strongest and best.
SPRING SKATES, various styles and patterns.
SLEIGH BELLS, nickel and gilt bells on straps
Also the celebrated JONES ALL STEEL SNOW
SHOVELS.        T
A   full line off LAMPS and  LANTERNS in stt  k
H. BYERS & Co.
Two Doors Below   VIRGINIA   bltssfc.
Notnjk is hereby given thst et tbe expire*
ties of thirty day* from <lste hereof the under
signed erllt apply to the Linen*** Commission
em of the Ci.y of Sandon for a licence to sell
llqoor by retell st tbeir hotel known as the
"Thistle" situated on Reco Avenue in ths
city of Sandon.
_<-Lkoii_ TiK'SI'mik.
Sandon, FJaoeniherl't'i, ram.
Copper Ore,
Dry Ore,
Lead Ore.
Purchased and Patiment made as soon after
the receipt of ore as samples can be assayed.
Quotations ginen upon receipt of Samples.
The Hall Mines, Limited^-


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