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The Paystreak May 14, 1898

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Array *<s*��y~t*>9vt
A man SO represent Slocan division
in the Provincial government.
Must possess honesty ami o million
sense.   Nous other nwwl apply.
��. J. Field is in Spokane.
Kaslo i* preparing to build s city
Harry   Ketley   haMi   p��nc  to tin
< "iftSt.
Dr. Milloy has taken a residence
(��ti Sunnyside.
Jack Brown is chasing the fox in
J. K. Wood* was in Kaslo In the
��arly |��nrt of the areck.
Passenger traffic i* increasing on
ii. X. & S. and K. * 8.
The C. P. R. is handling I Wear*
��� >f Height a day at Donald
The dining room of the Balmoral
hotel will close on the 15th.
The British America Svndicate i-
in gotiatlng for the \ja Hoi
Rowland has raised tl,700fur their
���,��ueen's birthtlay celebration.
W. F. Ander*on, travelling isuweu
(fer agent for tin* f. P. It. I* in town.
Uol*. MeUnlre, snowinUuduiit of
the Mollie iflnson, i* in town to-day:
The Lily May mine st l<i����lsnd
ha�� been wild to a British syndicate.
The Star has over 70 men at work,
shipping was comnM-nced this week.
A. M. Ueattic. ol Ro*e��tery. will
*l>end a few weeks in Vancouver.
Eighteen feet of ore, averaging
$l*U) is reported ironi the Republic
Billy HcyiiohK who has been a
resident of Ku-dtonook all winter, is
in town.
The Washington contingent ����< the
National Guard* ha�� started for the
The Arrownerd Sawmill Company
will open a lumber yard somewhere
in the Slocan.
I.. <i. Henderson, ol Victoria, the
Directory man, Brae around revising
hi* list this week.
The Trail smelter will likely get
their lime supply from a quarry
opposite New Denver.
The Sandon hi we reel team in
'laeticiqg diligently. No record*
lave been fractured'yet
Over 250 more miners will And
work during the next 30 days in
propertied adjacent to Sandon.
Work has been started on the
Koulette group on the Forth Fork.
I apt, Moore Is expected up from Spokane shortly.
It is said that there is a ward of
the government's in the asylum at
Westminster who wanders about
saving: "Hit me! Take It! Twenty-
one ! Oh, shoot 1" No one seems to
know where the poor fellow came
VV. W. Merkley. of N w Denver,
lost n brother by drowning this
week. The fatality occurred in
Kastern Canada.
Council met on Mondav'evening,
May 9th, wi h Mayor Atherton in
TlieC. P. K- will have Sandon ,u the chair, present, Cunning Switzcr,
6:45 a. m. on trie   2lth of  May,  in i Hunter.
order to give the crowd a chance to     Minnies of the last meeting were
visit Silverton. nBd and adopts.
Local C. P. K. omelets emphatically deny the rumor that a site has
been   selected   for   the erection of a
mammoth union station in Sandon.
The steamer K oka nee now make
regular trips to Initio and Argenta,
leaving Kaslo at ��.15 p. m. Tuesdays and Fridays.
Tim Lane has leased from the K.
ie property
rtletl Bro *
Communications were received
from O. (I. Dennis, Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works, regarding the clearing ot Cody creek.
The communication was fyled and
the clerk instructed to write Mr.
Dennis stating that ftiOO would be
required to do the necessary work.
Following accounts  were tecum-
A Bad Slide.
A mud slide manufactured some
scenery or the short order plan up
Sandon creek last Saturday evening.
Just below the Sandon Water &
Light Cos condit pipe the mod slipped and came down with a roar,
carrying trees and boulders along.
O'Donnel's stable was puncturesT
with Douglas fir, his wagons smashed, the creek turned out of its cour e
and everything in the neighborhood
generally demoralized, though- by
lucky chance the horses escaped uninjured.
* 8. the property formerly occupied mended for payment:
by Bartlett Bros., and  is building a ��� I). ,|. Robertson, furniture
stable to aeeonnidate his pack train. Geo. Lloyd, lumber
The work of construction on theory' '" ��� anA o .,,���.
new ore sheds at the Payne is almost ���f 2^-^f*"^
complete.   The failure of tbe mach    V'*****wnnn
time is causing a
S 23.7o
1384 55
The shipments of ore from Sandon
from August 1, 181)7, to May 13th
1898, inclusive, were as follows:
Reports were received of the Chief
of Police, Chief ot   the   Fire Dep't
' ami Police Magistrate.
inery to arrive on
Rossi and  baa   pretty   well  billed
Sandon and all other Kootenay towns
for tftefr Queen's  Birthday celcbra
tion, for which they advertise $1,509!
prise money.
Kaslo has organised  a military
company.     Where  Is Sandon  at?.
We might mid   an organization of,
this kind to take care, of our baseball
umpire uo the 2lih.
The copper furnaces at tlic Trail
smelter will be in operation on July
1st, when t��,OU0 tons of ore will lie on
hand. The War Eagle, CHIT and
Centre Star are supplying the ore.
Main Bros., wholesale liquor dealers, are now carrying oil business in
their new store hi the Sudro block.
where they are carrying an extern*
ive *��k." it is the, intention of the . he   ^        (>f ft| ��� ^
bonded warehouse at > *  -
Presby terian church���Regular services iu'Virginia hall morning and
eveuiug.    Rev. J. A. Cleland.
Methodist Church��� Regular service* to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 8
p. in.   Rev A. M. Sanford.
Sandon'a Twirlers.
The aggregation which is to represent Sandon on Kaslo's ball grounds
on the 24th will be the strongest nine
fhit the city has  yet gathered to
pettier.   Tlic personnele of the team
firm to build a .*��.<,,,. w��*��u��. ����j iM mfs tnd 0|K,  or Wo MT   ,av
Rosebery during the summer. .rjl    Thou|fh n^^p,^ by want
Kaslo, Roselwry, Silverton, Ten i ,f practice, there is no doubt the
Mile, Met taigan and other point.'* are [ iw.ys will put up a red hot contest,
celebrating  the   Queen's Birthday. Here are the names:
Slocan Star,
Idaho Mines,
Noble Five,
American Boy,
Slocan Boy,'
Freddie Lee.
Mt. Adams,
Last Chance,
Cananian Group,
Trade Dollar,
Oueen Bess,
Fountain Fraction,
Ajax Fraction
Wonderful Bird
3,0074 tons.
20       '
probably under the impression that
their towns may not last much longer. Sandon will celebrate Dominion
Day. It will bo such a celebration
as to tum th<* adjacent villages green
withenw. Ia.nl and Iaidy Aberdeen, Bob Fitzsimmons, President
McKinley and Clixato Garcia will l>e
invited to attend.
R. E. Leo Bonded.
A bond on the R. E. lav group
BBS been given to a British company.
The figure is a��*>ut $100,000. An
HI1L) foot crOSSCUt tunnel will la�� com
menced immediately on the Sandon
side of the hill. Two companies
were anxious to get the country.
One hundred dozen neckties, of the
verv latest stvle, direct from New
York, just arrived at the Post Office
Store,' (Jet one before they arc all
Neckties of nearly everv shade
and stvls can be seen at the Post
Office Store.
Smoke Trail Blazers,
The Trail Blazer cigar is always
in camp at the Denver.
Catcher, Compean ; pitcher, Dolan
<& Murphy; 1st base, Dolan & Murphy ; 2nd, Bailey; 3rd, Cavanaugh ;
short, Parker;* lelt field, Miller:
center, Dimmick ��, right, Sloan.
Exactly So.
���Among the passengers who left
for the north this morning by the
steamship Athenian were Mr! and
Mrs. W. J. Sulley, of New Denver,
where they are well known and
highly respected bv their fellow
townspeople and a wide circle of ac
quaintanccs, who will be pleased to
hear of their future success in the
golden north.���Vancouver World.
Total,       :       : 22,7161 tons
Ore shipments for the week ending 13th: Ruth 15, Slocan Star 20,
Total 45.
Sandon to Celebrate.
A public meeting will be held In
the city council chamber on Tuesdav
evening, the 17th inst., at 8 p. m. for
the purpose of making arrangements
for holding a public celebration.
Everyone interested is requested
to be present.
The Kind Ananias Used to tell.
The Kootenaian says that the
Kaslo fire brigade ran 150 yards,
laid 150 feet of hose and threw several vards ot water in 31 seconds.
Thats pretty quick time. The
world's record for this performance
is held by Battle Creek, Mich. They
ran down hill, before a wind, toward
the red brick saloon on the corner,
and then  it  took  them 3o seconds.
Smoke Trail Blazers.
Reco Hotel Opening
The opening ball of the Reco
hotel was held Thursday evening.
Dancing was in Virginia hall and
supper served at the hotel. Musie
was furnished by the Sandon Orchestra. About fifty couples were in
attendance. A most enjoyable evening was spent.
Raised it Fifty.
The Kasio people have raised the
Rrize to be awarded to the success-
il contestants in the hose reel race
on the 24th to $150. As it is all coming to Sandon they can't raise it too
The Sandon Hand Laundry and
Bath House Is still in the lead for
fine starch work. Work called for
and delivered promptly.
���ft! ?':|
r'JS-' .
i t*
��� !S.i
- J
' *J- p THE PAYSTRKAK, 9AtilK)S, B.C., MAY II, 1838,
Internationa! Effect of the
Spanish-United States
Germany Waiting to tatto a Turn at
Brazil-What if Spiin
Should Lose.
An able article appears in the last
number  of  the   London   Spectator
which is very interesting at tne present time.   It is in part as follows:
It is not easy to pi-eceive what the
international effect of the Spanish-
American war will be, but two or
three points Rtand out with something
like clearness. At first, there is no
doubt but that the world will look on
quietly, partly rw*cru-*e it will h-* excessively Interested, and pfrtly because it is really uncertain to a verv
cirious degree whether the United
States are as powerful on sea as tbey
Are on land There is no doubt as
to their wealth or as to their possess*
i.m ot materials for ship building, or'
as to their iiN-ch.-inical skill ; but
there is d mht since their mercantile
marine declined as to their supply of
Tbey niav n ��t be able-on the continent to equip an overwhelming fleet,
t'lough they might build one ; and it
s�� a great manv occurences may be
prjssible which arc not possible n ��w
If.asmanv observers expect, Spain
at first wins In the ���urugs^s ami si
protracts the contest until the United
Stares can build a new fl -et, there
will lie on the Continent a fffeat dis-
pidtion to help Sp*��ln. Germany,
Austria and .Russia all sympathise
with the monarchial principle, -ill
dislike the great Republic, as by Its
v.*ry prosperity iuimicil t.�� ui.-u-
avhy, and all have grounds to-
qia :*el in w or less acute, and loti|f-
st ��� miii r
France, ;o>��, tii ��u;h not monarch*
ial, is very friendly to Spain, hankers
always fir an alliance with her in
the Mediterranean, and would great*
ly like to possess .Morocco with Spanish eon scent.
Moreover, the continent thirsts for
the nower of* entering South America;
The feeling is particularly strong
in France and Germany, ilermany
is Mug eaten up by her millions,
and the lands which Would hold them
are all closed to hold revisionary interests. Brazil would hold rive (ier-
maii populations, and is protected
from invasion by the long shadow
which the threat Republic casts all
down the Western continent. If that
shadow is lifted, that is, if it become*
clear that the United States is at sea
only an ordinary power, with which
another first-class power can contend
on equal terms, Spanish America
will be insecure.
South America is the great prize
of the future. A great many new
problems and sources of contention
and political objects of desire would
be at once presented if Spain were to
reveal at sea Such unexpected
strength that United States could
only maintain the Manroe doctrine
as regards countries to which she
had access by land.
Here the Writer goes on to say that
Spain will not win because United
States will be more artful and their
leaders more ingenious.
If then, the United States wins,
continues the writer, and clears the
seas, two dangerous situations will
arise.   There will be the Phillipines
to dispose ot. A great maritane
powerholding the Phillipines ought
to be mistress in the Far East. The
United States will be the owner Ol
the Islands/but she will not want to
keep them, thus giving hostages to
all the maritime empires; and Mir
can hardly Invest the inedjy of dark
races who* obey-and massacre the
parochial cores of the Phillipines
with independence and self govern
At the same time, the Untl
Stales will not like to transfer the
Phillipines to a non-Christain power
even if it should be ready to offer
the fourty millions sterling at which
Japan values the possession; and
failing herself ami Japan and the
Tagals, to whom is she to offer it?
There will be tierce bidding foi
the prize. We can hardly imagiin
unything which would so excite
Russia, lireat Britain, Germany and
France as the Idea thai a rival inari
time power would for all time be
seated on the 2.000 islands included
in ttie word PiullipiiHs
To avoid the war with the United
Stales would unseat the Spanish dy
nasty, but we Question whether tn
Bght the war are fail at it will seat
the Bourbons firmly, In all hum >n
probability the dynasty, if defeated,
will be cast out as inefficient, ami
Spain, which is terribly distressed
by a had tenure and a poverty far
beyond anything natural to a noun
trv so rich, will mm through a social
as well as n political revolution.
We need not say how such an itgi-
tatiou in Spain would disquiet ail
Europe except Great Britain, how
amhiti ns as old as the llourhou-.
would wake in France, how the ex-
ample would disturbtlie peasantry of
Italy, how frantic the maritime j*ow-
ers would grow ah ��iir the balance of
powoV iu the Medin*rranean.
S|��:iin would emerge probahtv as a
Fede-al Republic with CstaionlaB
iiil.'-s without a debt, with a free*
n .Ming peasantrv, and may even
coinni��Mic�� s new career : but we can
sue a long vista of t.-oubleaIn Europe,
caused by the trattsformation, and
by quarrels for the Inheritance"-;
Hortreeo which/her fall will leave a
derelict prise.
No European nation has ever vet
died iu peace. Is it all dreamsV We
question if any Spaniard will mv sj
or will (���������( n effect to doubt that de-
teat will not only be sdeadly shock
to the monarchy, which is only main*
t.iined in order that Spain may In-a
power, but to what in the rest of
Europe is described as social orders
The relation between lardlord and
tenant in South Spain is a* had %* it
ever was in Ireland, and half the
cultivators have passed through the
military mill.
Corbin Goes to Republic.
1). (.,'. Corbin has given up th<- idea
of securing a charter from   the Do
minion government for  his contemplated extension into the Kettle river
valley, and will build to the Republic Camp in the Culvllfe rmrvatloa
instead.   Mr. Bud well, who has Ix-cn
working for the Corbin bill at Ottawa
says the C. P. K. opposition   is  too
strong.   Mr. Uorbin says : "A week
ago I wrote  my  solicitor, Mr. H-hI
well,   at  Ottawa,   and   sine-   tele*
graphed him that we might as well
give up the struggle to have the hill
granting  the    charter    reinstated
The opposition on the part of the
Canadian Pacific to of the strongest
kind, and seems to have carried the
dav, despite  the  sentiment of the
jieople In my favor.   Still  mv going
in on the route proposed Is a matter
that interests those people more than
ii does me, and I haveueajted to Hunt
.nice the opposition is so all-powerful
there    As  I  said the other day, I
propose to get Into the Bounpary
Creek country another   way. going
in from the south by 'way Of h'epob
lie.   Thi> is my plan and I am now
p. -rfecting the   acta Ha of it"   Mr.
orbin will  still   be in a position io
-iv.- much attention to the trade of
he Kettle river country, as he can
each many of the imi-ortani joints
. wagon road. Hi will offer suftici
. ui inducements for   fondness logo
iver  Ids   line,    particularly   ore,
Merchant* In eastern Canada  will
not be dependent on  Mas C. P. l<-
done, as the Corbin system will la*
suoicientiy   close   ui  the i*-��uudary
line to give them the iuHucncc ami
Advantage "fa comfwtativc r *u*t\
Von will find the Trad KMaaer cigar
at the Denver,
All |��rtie* are warm-d not to pur
chase buildings standing <�������� n K i
���**  property.
K\nu cu ��vi.s<ai i ompani
i ��� Ni U��OBS   At t. MB
���"<*.��* Q**** Mi-ting a��4 ���AHttWf C*mp+my "
R*gi>t*r��tl ttw *rd gaajr t*f i��w���1%  ���***
l IIKUBBY iKiinKV ��'��*���  I **v* tbtaSfti
* r   .-< �����;���.�����.  (jf*����m   Mil ,��-��.'
4   l   ���,i,|.,.vt ,      **   ������ *    } .' ��� .   I - .
.;   |M��!<��'   MM l��'t    1-1.'        *'���>�����> fr*i\ .* V     ��� .��    :
i   <���,.!���*>  '*<'���*��� ����* .'It***'! *it '.,  4��>
l**f��tn*it��>l ���������' Ittflb ',-��� *U; I ��� ���*>.t*��(t#
��-.i.ih<��r����v <>t th* |j��gi��l��n��*�� "i Ji)tii��St*��ii
.il.i'ix v ti. t> '�� .
T ����ir#�� I i*ak*a *f Ism r������M|ii��iiif i�� *4������*��* iu
tballtj u syofcan*, **'���*��mi W*��htng
r)����� s<n��7��nl ��.���( Ilw* *r-if--** ��( th�� i'-inn��i*��
U.iir i -i .. - I kstUt*��t��rmiHttm
��� hmtm   ��l "in   I-> .����f MH
Tt��t�� h��i I <���* ��� <��f llM  CViMlrSnv   I* th|, f*f*��
I     (.   -I'llllf    l��v    !..*��� !t>*n, w.i sv,*. Hn,, ftt>4
fl- m.l��>v MWaO.fi     *�� . . . " t ���        - * t
��'.n;vi,,a nOuw.an-| ��tntrtOm St.. ������.��-. al th*
Mtt I '���<* <, .-���   -���. <***�����
Tit* lint* ��f Uw ��%i.*�����*.������ ��* ��!*# CJMnf**M i i
SO* x-��f.
ru�� ..<������*�� i.ftrr *hu ;itiifi'.im|a��K��h*<Wn
��� l**U*b*-l ai
r>��a   |��.f>   h ���! t I   liSOSK *����-** an!
otwrat* sbIsm . si <\ �� >>.�����*! ��laiiM* *n IIm
LnO*IS4��i��Mul ��. ...��-, n ru>4in Maf IV������*r*
... BrUUbrolao��t>i��. ini.��i.4i.��<il<   mmkU
���i il    .'ai.-n ��,<\     ���.    *it��r��t��   *��!��,����������,��,  (M
������'���  ���o��-1 t it, ti��f r*u��4
t*t��. .���! Atnvri ., tn m ��bm> r>*^nw*��4
Hr?'..ii t... .1 i ���., *(.;,.��� ������>,. ��i| ��e4
.-�����-��� WMi^r (��.��<:f. �������.., ,o���� ��)vi ��a*��'
(trf,i�� .. ��r. ��(..- i ��c..; tVNfM ,.J A��r����>rt.:a,*��il
Hi Ot* ProvttMH Hie,4. c.iunilU Hi****
���"'"������ >���"<��� '���:������     ���*  ��� wfatV*f*  an I
m��u.t*tn .  ��f��t��f |"*>>**i
i��/��iif.. f..r th..   |m.t*t��  .rf  o��rr��, a>0v*|.  r...
.OvjnWIe f..����il    h<   ���   r,,,Y     *viwt    .?��   fatti"  ���
mil ob)aet. in lb* I    e. i -.{,;��, �����  Al**rt*��
..i I  III  t||..   I1-.., i,,. ,     .     il:illniu.W||iU
on.-it ui, l-r inr h*i. I   *���> i w>*4 ��r (,nw* ��i
\kturi*. I'.-.ilwf ..( Iltiu*b ��V���� mi* lb4��
r-Mtr-l   t��>    .!   I.,!.. if,    ,.,���  Oto����**,��,.l .��*(.��
11.Il 111. I ��||,| |,|    .t(.|,j|,.
IUiei.fr.,r of J.,i���i <tiw|li'.,mFaiil*<
C*rt��fic*!* of Improvsmtrai
tHOOAXU in l.t M;.\K!t\t.��l.\!\|s
^itiint..  ti,   liMilioBM   Mi,.|..��   Ut*t*4> t
ty*gt Ki��>t..iin\ wti..r. tocsin*!i A4Me>
lngfh�� ��� it\ ..�� >.iii,|oi,
T-iknlmtl...  t|,��l I.   \    ItllrvUi,.)     ��,.,,.,  '..,
y*" M -...Is,,,,i..���. So l��A.lni*tid .t.tv
-i.lv. If,,,,, ���!,... !..,.. .-..;;i,.U .ot{M >|,wU.5
a., ..ri.-r (..r a .. rut,, .o. ..f ti��.|,r��v*M���.|,i, f,���
kb*p*nK��*i��f������l*|lOi.g a l'n.*,v Onutl ..I
At.l Inrth.rtt.k..!,.,!��.,,  o,��l   ���. ti.,., ,������|���r
���*,-.   um I, i���,i,t   I... , ,,��� ,.,���.|  |���,���,., ,|,��� |fc
tfMueveira i,onui. ���,.. ,.. (,���,������,���������.���,,
V  It IU > i. * mi.
D*t*4 tbU -' r I  lnvif \|,rll. Ilfci*.
is Ice ting the benefit ol the tn>
provement in trade.   Orders xt
becoming more liberal jnd kss
seldom, payments are more
prompt and less excrucutma;
a general improve men', tn bun*
ness is the result ol the rcvtvil
H*v�� not *Jv*rK<4 #t* i<r-      S  ��� O *t
urn* to mtiu Ut�� ����t<*MrT p  * -�����'*���
Wcc*e tern o��tt HtffBfnf ��� - - ^re"6
���o fe<t��rrt ����h n*#in���** *r��� > ������ **:ih
FOR connERciAL
W|J| verify th�� Swumcnl
Th< *l*n4Ard et m>t work <��
Application for Liquor License,
NOTICF.i,   !,..*. I,��   Kiv,.���   Oi��|   thlrly r|*y,
frmn4��t* ����� wiu ��w,u ,., ,|���. ij,.^,,^', ���m
mUaioiMMoftawCltj of*inH��t, f..r sUm**b
o. ���*!] Uquor by r.-t,.il In ,i���. |v��K|,a��.  r0I*I
MtMHtta OSAtmo,
Matnlon. April IttMi. i**, THEPAYSTRRAK, SANDON, B. C, MAY H, \*m.
It is reported that the sheriff has hit
eve on one of the printing offices in
Newton Ash died at Halycon Springs
last week. He was one of the pioneers
of Kootenay.
There are seven lumberyards in Nelson. That city will soon be too large
for its clothes.
H.T. Tartar, returned from Ireland
last week. He spent roost of the winter
in Dungannon.
Kennel creek is receiving-more attention this season, and several promising
prospects nave been located thereon,
Only a small portion of the Mary
I Jurhain was cut out br tbe survey on
the Mollie Hughes. It is no loss to the
claim as the lead Is not touched.
A steel gallows frame is to be erected
nt tlit- War Ragle mine, Roasland, that
will Im* the largest in the world. It will
com sj.'t.ooo and  have a  capacity of
A Dick has returned from England
where he spent the winter. He report*
that the British are fully alive to the
value of Kootenay as a country for min-
ing investments
The Mollie Hughes is sacking ore for
mi early shipment    Tin- projieriy con
i nines io develop favorably and i* filling the most sanguine expectations of
its ownerBt
The lto***land Miner ha** issued a map
of that camp It is prints! iu color*
ami snows over 100 claims within a
r.oliug of -*���'> miles of the city It is
-tld for |l and is worth the money.
Wm. Thompson, of Sandon, and Mr
I tt have muiraed work on the Frisco
They will rutt another tunnel of lot feet,
in ait effort to tap .the lead.
A report comes from the Muhoncy
claim, adjoining the Emily, situate*!
high op on the mountain aero** Car*
i< uier tree* from the Mountaiu thief,
��f a strike of three feet of high grade
dry ore on that property.
The miners and prospector* of Ten
Mile are petitioning (odd Commissioner
I tenuis for the ��M*iting apart of * sum of
money out of the public appropriation
! i the budding of trails to the head of
the creek and the summit.
A cave-in on the tunnel Mug run on
the Fidelity monuiu caused consider-
able, delay last week hi Ihe work Mug
proaecmed by tbe Fidelity people. Ihe
earth fell hi .rotn the surface when bed-
rock waa reached, It has bourn caught
up and work is proceeding. The workmen expect to find the Fidelity lead
with very tilth* drifting
Kottsland riding remains unchanged.
the tmundaiict, of the other ridings
Mug as follows:
shall comprise all that portion of the
*aid district of West Kootenay which
lies to tho north of a nee commencing
���n a point when* the westerly boundary
��� ���f the said district internet la the height
of laud lying to the south of Inonoakcu
Creek and its tributaries; thence along
tlie said height of land, following down
the said creek, to l/urnr Arrow Lake to
a point opposite the height of land .south
of Cariboo Creek* thence along the
height of land to the south of Cariboo
Creek and Its tributaries, and following
tlie said creek to it* head: thence foi*
lowing the height of land between the
waters flowing into Slocan l^ake, and
those flowing into tipper Arrow Lake,
and the height of land between Popular
''rook and Cascade Creek, to the Lardo
Hiver, at a point halfway between
I r��ut l*ake and Knotenav Lake: thence
north-Aimterlv to the height of land between Duncan River and Trout Lake*
llieuce north-westerly to the headwaters
<>' the Hall or Can.emu Creek to the
I'uucau Klver; thence to the mouth of
��� 'ist Creek   to   its   head   waters, and
thence due east to the eastern boundarv
of West Kootenay district.
shall comprise all that portion of the
said district of West Kootenav which is
bound on the north by the Kevelstoke
Hiding; on the west by Lower Arrow
Lake and the Columbia liiver; on the
south by the Kootenav River and the
west arm of Kootenav Lake and adine
running from the mouth of the said west
arm to the. mouth of Crawford Bay, and
thence to the eastern boundary of West
Kootenay District; and on the east side
bv the said eastern boundary of West
Kootenay District.
KBLSOM imi-ixo.
shall comprise, alt that portion of the
said district of West Kootenay Iving to
the south of the Slocan Hiding of West
Kootenay and east of the Columbia
Now that Cuba has the eyes of the
world foamed upon it, much is being
said of tbe character of the country
and its wonderful resources in time of
peace. Of an irregular crescent shape
Cuba is much larger than popularly
supposed, for it is 7H0 miles long, hasan
average width of Hi) miles and an area
of 48,810 square miles, without including its adjacent  islands, which cover
over 2,000 square miles more. Although
mountainous in the interior, much of
the coast Hue is low nod flat, and difficult of approach on account of the
numerous reefs and small islands Notwithstanding this feature of the coast,
it is said that no other ialnud in the
world has so many excellent harbors
iu proportion to its size. Of these
Havana, Matanxas, Itahia Honda, Marie!. Nuevitas, Ni*te and Cardenas, on
the north side, and Santiago de Cuba
Trinidad.tiuantanamo and Cienfuegoes
on the south side, are the priucipai and
best known.
The Island of Cuba is divided into
six provinces, the most thickly populated of wnich is Havana, ami the least
is Puerto Principe The total popula
tiou before the present Insurrection
was over 1 .HOO.OO >. but it is estimated
that at least 500,000 have since perished
in battle, by disease and starvation
Although there is much cleared and
cultivated land, there are no less than
80^)00,000 seres of almost Impenetrable
forests, fully 111,000,000 of which have
never been' disturbed by man But
the soil which has been cultivated Is
marvellously rich and productive To
what extent this is so is shown by tin-
fact that, notwithstanding the discouragements to all industrial enterprises
through the misrule of Spain, the exports in MM were valued at over 89,-
QQQlOOO Spanish dollars
Notwithstanding the prevalence of
vellow fevj*r in the scacoast cities and
towns, the greater part of Cuba in said,
under normal conditions, to be a very
healthv place Although not altogether in the tropics, it MS all the characteristic*, of the torrid region It ha*
a wet and drv season, and except In
few spot* in the mountains not even
light frosts The prevailing tempera
tare is not unpleasantly not, for tin-
highest is rarely over 6* degrees, while
the average is 77 degrees.
The chief agricultural products are
sugar, coffee and tobacco, of which the
Cnited States takes the greater part.
In 165*3, for example, there were glM&j
tons of sugar produced.of which 71_\.M4
tons were exported, the United Stales
taking IW),fl4* tons Of ��7,OO0 bales
of tobacco exported, two third*, went to
the l'idled States, together with more
that half the 147,865,000 cigars made
Rut while tho exports footed up a total
of 80 nuo.ootl Spanish dollars, and the
import* r---.t*00,i����-. the taxation on the
people reached nearly 85,000,000Spanish
dollars Of this tremendous urden.
which is more than one-sixth the com
blued value of the imports and exports,
less than one-half came from the customs, and one-fourth of the whole is
entirely diverted from the Island to the
uses of the Spanish Crown.
It is supposed that the negro race
predominates in point of numbers in
Cuba, but this does not appear to be
the fact, for just before the rebellion
it was estimated that there were less
thau 5O0.OU0 of this race on the Island,
against over 1,000,000 whites and about
50,000 Chinese. Of the whites, the native born, or Cubans, are by far the
best educated, but neither the mass of
the Spanish residents nor the negroes
are overburdened with scholastic knowledge.
The lookout on the foretop of the
Nashville had seen the Spanish steamer
for some time, but he was not sure of
his vocabulary. There it was on the
weatherbow, the black smoke streaking the shot must ricochet,
the horizon!   Rut a steamer was not in
���'Aye, aye, sir," shouted the crew as
one man. It was noble patriotism without a suspicion of prize money.
The captain then*ordered the red fire
to be flashed on the tableau and the
chief photographer and sketch artists to
make the most of it Meanwhile he
consulted hurriedly with his officers as
to the proper course under the circumstances. The question was decided
finally by the A. P correspondent who
Kunted out chapter aud verse in C'arke-
ussell. "A snot from the cruiser's
bow gun ricocheted in front of the
enemv's cut water. The ship seeing
that flight was useless, hove to."
"Two what?" asked the captain with
some pertubation.   J
'-Oh," said the A. P. correspondent
with a supercilious smile, "that's sea
jargon for stopped."
"Well," said the captain, "our course
is clear.   It must be the bow gun and
Now who've we
got that can do the ricochet trick?"
Captain Marryatsken and Marryat was
the latest naval authority owned by the
"Shiver me timbers!" he muttered as
he turned over
\Me sii " A tall figure with a long
upper lip and scraggy red Gal way step-
pea forward and saluted the captain.
���'You?   And what might your name
er the pages of the living I ���s?,lnnoi?h,t ** M"loney.   But it ain't.
"This o/dStoughton bottle !0lmr*atr,ck Mo-len' at your service
Inesn't say  a thing about steamer s! *nd ��\ve 8een act,on under ^Donovan
Here's a sail on the weatherbow,' Marge  ***???*��� . n '.   ,   .       .. ,.
frigate an the starboard beam,' 'square-! . Verv *nod,Pat,but what other ouali-
rigged craft to lee ard.' That won't do! ;��eat��nns have you? Why ahouldnt I
Ml have to chance it, though I hate to Ipve Jhe honor of the first shot to a na
make a bull. Tnere's the Associated
Press correspondent down on the bridge
and lies got the only Clarke-Uussel
novel on the ship. If 1 make a mess of
it he'll corner me with bis book."
The lookout pondered over the difficulty for halfran hour. Meanwhile the
strange steamer was growing^ smaller
on the horizon. Seeing that she would
escape if be continued to hesitate the
gallant tar sang out: "A steamer on
the weatherbow!"
Instantly the cry echoed fore and aft
and sll was excitement.   The Associated   Press   correspondent  ran   rapidly
through the remainingsix letters of the
naval   dictionary.    Then   he   looked j
through his glass.   Several officers also j-      ,   p.
looked through glasses.   It was not un-1 "UTM:     in\\
usual with them    Thev had been prac-      " was '*"
rising in  the cabin    This  was to get
their sea legs, for if a man only looks
through enough glasses the visual effort
reacts on   his  legs. and gives him the
proper nautical roll.
The officers gazed through their binoculars. "Yes, said the lieutenant, "it
is a steamer: Evidently Spanish I
see one of the hands in the longboat
eating a banana; and the bananas are
essentially Spanish."
"Hadn't we better inform the captain." asked the Annapolic cadet.
"Blow me tight," exclaimed the lieutenant, "but that's a good idea! Sonny,
vou'll be an admiral someday!"
Presently the captain came on deck.
He was perfectly cool iu spite of a slight
seasickness caused by the presence of
: o much water.
"Is it a schooner?" he asked.
"No captain," answered the ensign
dreamily. "The froth is at the stem,
not on top."
The captain recognized the importance of the occasion. The officers, sailors and marines format! an appropriate
tableaux. "My men,'' said the captain,
"the enemy- is* before us," totally unarmed bnt'desperate! Are you willing
to take the risk of their capture?"
live born American?"
"Well, sir,Oi hate a Dago like Oi hate
hell, savin' your presence."
"I think bell do;" said the captain to
his brother officers. "Pat,you may prepare to fire."
Five minutes   had  barely   elapsed
when   Mullen   reappeared. *   He  was
.ilothed  in  a   United States flag and,
wore a necklace of twenty dollar gold'
"Oi'm ready to foire," he said calmly,
but a steely glitter was in his eye.
"Very well, Pat," said the captain.
"And now, my men," here he addressed the crew," "we will sing Yankee
Doodle and make a picture Photo-
gra phs^ to your place!   M u I len, to your
over! The first shot was
fired, although Mullen swore aft< rward
he was -"mly half shot! The ball
ricocheted beaut dully and the Buena
Ventura hove to.
Senor Poloy Bernabe, late Spanish
ambassador to the United States, in an
interview with a reporter at Toronto
jhis week said, "I expected the war
No nation could permit another nation
to interfere in its internal affairs without
dishonor to itself. I knew my people
were too proud to submit to the insults
of the United States." Speaking of
American interviewers the Senor remarked, "Ah! those American interviewers! They talk to you or not, as
the case may be, and then they put in
the papers things you never said and
never thought. Thev have imaginations that are wonderful."
How doth the Uttle crocodile
Improve his ��hln'np tail,
Ami pour the waters of the Nile
On every p>liten scale!
How cheerfully he seems to irrin.
H >w neatly spreads hi* claws,
And welcome* littles n-hes in
With gently smUiua- jnwa!
������Lewi* Carroll.
A horse will live 25 days without food,
merely drinking water.'
Robert Macdonai.d
Neil Macponald
MACDGNALI)   BROS., Proprietors;
Rates $LSO to $2.,10 per day.	
Headquarters fbr Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C
j i
'*  ;1 ������ The Paystreak.
Is issued every Saturday In Sandon, In the heart
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     ��� ...     Sl.OOayear
Strictly tn advance.
Address: The Paystmcak, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON.   B. C,  MAY 14, 1898
The Idaho State Tribune is anxious
to see the fighting done by those
whom a war benefits the most It
treats tbe subject vigorously and
strikes tbe drill In the center as follows :
"Let the bankers, bond buyers and
stock speculators enlist and fight the
Spaniards These are tbe people
who will benefit by tbe war. The
wheat, pork and beef speculators will
make fortunes in the next few
months. The shylocks, bankers and
bond-buyers will be in their glory
should McKinleys bond proposition
carry. They will dictate the terms,
buy the bonds at a discount, collect
interest for twenty years snd then
get the principal at 100 cen*s on the
dollar. 1 he working people have no
reason to be more patriotic and will
ing to fight for their country than this
other class.
"Surely the workers will not be
benefitted, unless they figure that
allowing a greaser to fill their carcasses with lead is a benefit, or in
the event of escape without injury,
the prospect of paying principal and
interest on halt a billion of bonds to
these patriotic (?) money changers
who have not tbe courage to expose
their precious bodies to the perils of
"Tbe Tribune would like to see
John Pierpont Morgan, Lyman J
Gage and Mark Hanna shoulder their
guns and go to the front When
they do so the editor of this paper
will cheerfully lay down bisquill and
trv to make things as infernally hot
for the Spaniards as he proposes to do
with tbe 120 ex-members of the
Wardner militia, who carried ��zuiis to
reduce wages, but did not have the
courage of a chicken when it came to
confronting men who used the same
weapons as themselves.
Since the wsr broke out the
Canucks and Yanks are as thick as
white checks in a Kaslo poker game.
This is as it ought to be, and no one
is more plessed with the change in
sentiment than we are. It has struck
us so forcibly that we have sewed, a
Union Jack and Old Glory together,
-and hope that we will never have to
tear them apart, even after all the
bull-fighters are spitting cotton in
Hades, and the breeze plays with the
' Star and Stripes as it flutters over
A Kansas editor recently stated
that the American flag was a painted
rag. A mob chased him 25 miles
and he was glad to escape with his
life. This editor lacks good sense.
If a man does not like the way in
which his country does business he
should emigi ate, snd not be so rash
and ungeiitlemanly as to slight the
flag under which he earns his corn
and bacon.
THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON. H. ('.. MAY H. !*�����___
There is trouble in many an American home right now. Many a moth
ere heart aches as she thinks of her
boy who bss gone to the war. Many
a girl mourns for a sweetheart who is
with the other boys in blue at the
front There is nothing new in this
kind of sorrow, although we will
never cause it While we wonld
rather be a dead hero than a living
coward, all our female relations and
friends can rest assured that our
name will never sppear in the despatches as being deceased from an
overdose of bull fighters lead. We
may die of starvation in the newspaper business, be buried in a slide
or shot by an indignant populace, but
we will never die dressed up in blttd,
or red for that matter. Of that fact
we are certain. We have calmly
considered the question and arrived
at- the conclusion that it is more
healthy in New Denver than in Cuba
at the present stage of affairs. Of
course, if the bullfighters would
charge down Carpenter creek with
tbe intention of capturing New Denver, under the impression that it wain American territory we would get
out and give them all the hell we
had on hand. Outside of this bare
possibility there is no danger of us
making any vacant chairs in Spain.
We intend to still camp on the old
ground and print the same kind of a
paper that we did in ante bcllum
days.���The Ledge.
The silver market i* more anxious
than it has been for some time, and
in sympathy with other articles that
are rising In price it is also expected
to advance. More of the white metal
is being shipped to India rind China
than usual, and the demand,especial
ly in India, promises to become much
greater. Speculstors will endeavor
to push the price up, and we look tor
a very noticeable advance within the
next CO days. 	
British Columbia paper* are urg
ing the strict enforcement of the law
in reference to the carrying of concealed weapons Th's is a move in
the right direction, and iu future all
gentlemen calling al this office are
gently requested to carry guns in
sight or leave them with tbe janitor
or the first floor.
The coming election promises to be
a hot one in the Slocan Hiding. There
will likely be two Kaslo oien in the
field snd one more from the Slocan
mining division. The Hiding will he-
divided within its own borders at the
greater^puinber of voters are not In
favor of a representative who lives in
Election is close at hand and It is
advisable for the people of the Slocan
district to see that their choice of
candidates is a wise one. We want
a man of bra ins and ability to represent us, and that is the only brand ol
humanity this journal will support.
Jud Jaspw wH �� B*',**r H���*1 mxm t,,,,r y**r*
Who .1 lS t���� ew> mtn!n�� camp In it* Indpl
I��� ,.���,!, nutihotKl be cam* onl w*** to H**����d *
Ana��mtmm at* a-sel* *�� *��m ���**���' n**
Ui lt�� wann*!t>w.
He riSOWSl ��r** SMM twwty y��**r��, but M*W
maiie u ��t*eh; . . __..
II, ��  . ki*l    i ever* raiitAta ere** WSR ��r*��m,
(���mi and |*lck.
A Mamf��Sa ultra?* took htm in ~tt# wm Ui* ftr*4
III lit!** . ���
Iu hatvb M rarUwi*, wblaper *ald. w*r�� *J��>wto*
eoiofi BBS>
Iu lat**r rear* be lurowi t>�� quart* to b*it���� bit* la
*niw **(��.��llh.
Ami d'<�� and mined and worked *��> bard b�� uo-
rjrnniaed hi* bealtb
Ifetatiil be **>u��fbl b> Io win ntward IW ����*4��
r**f*of toll,
U, Mftttfft-ttuf <���� to wraat lb* aSM fr��*�� H��*��*r*
neuth thr null
Al law Panvr Fortune rant* ��b��a>. and Ita-hOn*
<>ii he* rlaim.
fovea k-d a v. iu thfe* Icvt  thtrb, tn*!  ��U*d MM
wtih aerial in
But ib��t ��, all it ttri ��.i Mrffc!   for**** tkef*
rame rem r*��,
And *i ��� d��> th o-' alit*f�� bwt.Otd ***��������**   mmk
a b- r*e "
And*, it i�� wttb m��l vt ��*. t... SMtNM abal
*����� S9i
WetM Iri-',��*d u-i*tni  tr����l Uj**�� *��wl ttte Ujf *ll
WV ���jjft witb vhr*f toward anewd; w�� ��*.*��l
with alt >��i��r (��<ii*j*.
And when  wr wvm   1" rearb .mr aim   ��* and
we're   rt/ut-a ��. |�� <-* *
~A  K  Y*rk**�� ll.>**ma�� t l*r-..w>iv-lr
rOIHTKO   l'All,i..,|Ull|,
The colored gfrl baby U Wn u, bind,
Sunt- linn* ��j*-n l..>i��d.ni fid Bit�� off**r
til a pri/��- f����r tin* I***! definition ui a
Um   Sevan tiwesend answafi were
rn-eivrd.    Ihe prize *���� awarded to
tee foUowtng
\n insipid and tttsielo** m 'r^-l.whu-h
lM-��-oine�� iiflu i.>u*�� and ddeetatdein pro*
'rfirti'di a* it i*�� tlav.-retl with h��v��
Appended is �� seMctkni frtnn ��<>nie ����i
th��- l��e*t aesmttlone inlasdttad'
Wh��t the rhitniiev *,wi*��*ner irnpHntiwl
on the r����ay HpS M ��h��- aetiMerv atafd
when pas t����i��f him ins Csvored hi* ��not I
The ��-*,','te*tt fruit on tl����- :rt*��M��( lavs
The oftener f>iucke*i tee a^Nreaeeneeni J
tt growt
A thin^ of n*,. to i,.. ,,*���.t |���it mtirh
prisedey two
The  baeys right, the  I .vera prm  "��*��U at the
l��|fe,   Ihe   (xnentu   benfsOtt,   *n��I   the
hypocrites mask.
That which roe esnnoi give with
<��ut taking, and ntenei take with.oi:
wersofconrtsnlpaiidttiarrMxea JJ"ll/l/     willtsvV/ll
The acme �����/ agony t�� a baaefal man I
Nothing, iliviil^j lH��tw��*.��u (no
The only realty sgresabJe tewHteead
action under the ran, or on the mmn
Whitewashing a man'* ehArscter dn��
not wash it white. r<l0w
When a man marries a mute vu* u
takes a silent partner.
College men never gr*ilu��ie jn .
hurry; Ihey do it bv dujrjrsui
Many a gotui restdmion ha* bwm Sha,
lered by aaiugle "atnile "
It i* dlfticull Ut eottnt the In*au in the
heart of a great city
The fudge never nit* on the jury, Imh
he frtH)uetilly doe* t��n t h - \i\ >: u..
It f�� �� wlae infant that ���*�����*"�� to *l��*��p
when ita mother Imgiti!, to sing to it
An old bachelor nay* ih.it nutrriagwb
i l��eriftan��uit injury Ve**u!tiiiK tt o�� fall-
ing in Ions.
BlatSfJ *|��end�� half it* ton.* in rvsmj.
Inif it*elf and the t��tber hah in g��ttaw
il*tplf revined.
^ime pe**j��ple think thret* or fmr \*mn
>W><re ���leaking WK*r��. ant l'
*ay anything w����rih Hateniaa to
in making* go��'w��e�� iiaturr require*1
fl l����t ��f qnilla,  but  a mat? ikf ��
goo**�� of htmavlf Willi onlv ����<��� , .UI
t'ritartr* llfiiry.of |*ru*����a.oi*i nuMiajsi
to jfrt tbe Wll)r*htp f*?tU*i��bt��d in
t rat'**    *o> rtMchirnf li��*m b^ *
a**! ��*��� at one* pel into to,- lit - rj
doi 'k tlierw. tafurv It b*.l to ���!��t ihe*
aeelt while Uttdetp-tmva* MttUtQ* -*iwrt
t���� the n*a*.-|iinef��*
��� ���>���' ana**���*���*>������������.������'"m*ii.i-. ��� iiii��ii*r<a��iraa*aw*aaaaaiiii"*Mi ��������*�����*��������� ��� .������.��     wai
If yt^uare���
Hotel Ivanhoe.
The lover's Hatf of trace after a quar
rel.   Love's bappiwt ntpreiuion, and I
sorrow t tenderfml Imlm
1���� tbe l,i*��ueer llt��u*e of the tit��
hernia  ��ire Iw-tter
l hat in which two
than our
I'm lost two ami tea    J  ,.-., warm. I L
��ui COM,   ami the pan-nt of   ntimltf ra
that cannot-be t����l<i; i .-������ |nwful-un
s duty, a fault; l a flan sold
rlT/liEttAl.tt S l��AT. Pr,..***
���-Manufaltit-eM ��* ����
,, , , ,,  *,. jKliMla of   eARHOXATr'ii  DKINK8
tlear-*good for nothing when Imuirbt  t u     ��.        r,, it
An extraordinary boon, and �� matter; *^VI��bon^ (iinger Ale,
of course, and yleWod win, pbasure |fiarsai��irilla, r^c, Vm~
0fa.tActon, M.O
The banana peel |a ^M| lo |M. nu
reliant  StthaftUts  tor  .,,.   ��,,  the ��it��e
I'atronizi' home Industry
|whoD yon want tiit* be��(
Tk Newmarket Hotel,
 NKW DENVEli,   a a
Provides sroplo and pleasant acctiniuodatU fr,7o^7r vellng public
STOiK | AV.^)N ,U,H f��r mWn ��? ���������� ta p      ,    ���
11  .     Proprieutp'. THE PAYSTRKAK, SANDON, B.C., MAY 14. 1808.
His utile* war* an' bontwt look
Won all th�� dhpttii'a at the sUrt |
HI* blue fff* awni.' I an open laxik
in which we road hi* KinHeea heart.
He nrat ��howi��d up at Pla��*��r Mound,
J,.*' alter tlial bttf '��i atrlke,
An' unh**tfw*��tr* loafed around,
All uneonwrned an' quiet tike.
s.m>- thought he war �� ntUllonnaJre
Front 'Kriaro, lookln' up ��� �����*�����,
W hlUt ut hern a*M he ban tbe air
< K itome revival soaptl chap.
Th-- I", ��� ���*���"'�� tied him to tin- name
tit "Reverend Han��*lim.��nl<*u�� Ike.*
J.-V c ��u*M* he |4ayed tbe leotw ��*om>,
So unto��*��rn*o *n* quiet Itke.
Hr nunvd the alrk: ���poke word* o* ehe*r
Tn ih.'tn aa r����Vd with d<-��i*air,
An' at ih'> bed o' jtalii joa'd hear
Hi* l.w, nad nm$ in  ,nn<< ;>r��\cr
y<> matter wh��r dl��ir��**M waa I>��u��h1.
V.Hi .1 mv that *ian��'Uro>miiitta Ike.
Ji* like an'anffnl nv.vln* round,
Ail unroatarttad an' quiet like.
Owe i.iifbt the aafe tn wbirh war kt-pt
The iluat of nil the men In camp
U .ir huaied <>i��n while w* *l--j.��.
It, a .tne darned onery.thb-vjnjj aramu.
\\ r'luok tin- trail niii.i*ln ���������0��-k.
An"a*on *tru<-k tianemn ���ui<iu* ike,
\t ,iint' a pack mute d ��wn the crr*-k,
All i,�� <m��turtt an quiet Uk*.
We found Ibe atuff.a Wuv wa�� rh'��f.
An" that" hcueaih * J-.".'* '*'*. lr��,
1 : ,      urs HBMMl an' wVr. it r��ia��,
We ��� ��� X Um- t��ark trail qoMly.
A�� up tbe nt *uniait. tide W* ��� it��n
\\. louli �� l����< ������* art! *4*IW�� at Ike,
A lMMH?iu"trv*��na Jark ��w>k Ittnb,
AH -MMMMBflMfl an' tjut.t like
0*1*. Jark i't-awft.nl. Sm r\*M*eoat
Some good finds have W.-n made in
tIn* t-ike Wahnajtitne mining dfcdrtrt,
and .i lo*atatup mill will be in operation
u.< ti' the tuning summer,
The Grand Trunk has derided not to
remove ita tifttsss from Montreal to to-
The *Jta for the new ofBreS in
m iitraal lint* not yet been decided
Mr, linhcrt tnha|��uiau, who wa*> With
th��* Foot tittnrd at the utarriafa ��� ���'
Queen Victoria, and who sarved
thn-ugneni the entire* t rimeaii war.
died this week at I.ondnn, ��hit.
<��n Sunday last tbe Re*. J  K. Starr
�� Methodist clergymau  in Kingston,
read a d.-spatoh about the war (run hi-
imtjiit. a*s a rewnrtl for those who h'f<
tin* bulletin hoaro to attend church.
taint** i Yate*, who died recently nt
tin- reaidett-te Of tttsSOU In l're��.t��n.Hni .
was tho oldeM Oddfellow in Canada ��tul
w.ts ihe only living charter mt*iuhi*r ol
I'nity lodge, which he Joined 58year*
The earnings of the Oanadtau Paejae
Railway for the third week of April
wore st.M.tani, allowing an Increase ol
���W.OHO. The Grand Trunk earning*
were *4,fi.,**05, showing an Increase ol
*11; ..to.'
<-ver l,<i>i.oni�� bushel* of grain have
arrived nt Kinc ton, and the elevstorii
are working day and night.   The farm*
��� ���.���*��� .'ire having their Innings SOW and
"turht to "make bav while the sun
The price nf flour has tnken n considerable jump. and. in consequent-*'.
the price of bread ha* Increased toe laid
fi'** il��i> fr-nn one to two cent*. Other
articles for coinmmption are also rj��*hifr
in price.
The two-year-old son of Mr Allan,
barrister, of Oolhngwrood, < *nt.. wss
taken suddenly skrk on Runday lo-t,
while bin father was at chun h. and died
in n very abort time It In mm.posed
thai he ate mono strychnine pill**.
Moses B. Ferine, head of the Rritl of
M B. Purine k in . twlnetnafcers, dlod
ef paralyslsat hi* home in noen.Onl .
[Ida week, njretl 4K vear�� Mr IVrino
IIvihI in I>mn for tt years, ami his
worki are the mainstay 'of the village.
Between Jan t*-! and April i*.��th over
ln.<Niobona(ltle Hettlers p'tasetl through
Jim Immigration otBee at Winnipeg.
��� hosteamei Bulgaria from Rsmhurg
"rrlvedsl Halifax this week with She
[mtnlgnints, mostly Oalllclans, on
board, en route to Winnipeg.
Mr. James Uwson, collector of customs at Fort Krie, ha* been apiiointed
specia officer to enforce, the alien labor
law along the frontier at Fort Erie,
"wherever Americans on their aide of
the adjoining frontier are enforcing the
Lnitcd .States act against Canadians."
Gilbert Parker, the talented Can
adian author, writing from Athens to
I)r. Bourinot. < M.Q , navs that he will
lie present at the Mav meeting of tbe
lloyal Society of Cannda, to be held in
Ottawa. He will deliver an addresa on
"The Art of Fiction" Mr. Parker,
while in Ottawa will he the guest of
Lord and Lady Aberdeen,
Benor Polo Y. Bernabe and his staff
have Inieii staying at theOueeu's Hotel,
I'oronto.all week,many of the business
men of the citv are much dissatisfied
with the visit of the Spanish minister,
and would like t<�� !����� rid of him as soon
as posMhle Society people, however,
are delighted to have an opportunity to
hobnob with Spanish srramlces
The reports from the Michipicoten
gold field* are very encouraging. Mr
Boyd, the gold commissioner, has left
for that district A great number of
proapoetOTS have also gone, encouraged
by the reports from companies who
have been working there all winter.
\ number of Stores are being started,
and tbe town at the landing presents a
very active appearance
George E. Osscoigne, s former Mon
tivaler. I nephew of Mnj<.-(��ou Gsd-
cotgneJhe retiritii.'< ointitander-in-Chief
"f the Canadian Militia, who has bean
residing In Lincoln, Sch., for sometime,
lies i eommtssinii a*. Lieut in the Lin*
< In l.ixht Infantry, and will go to the
front in the present Spanish-American
war. Another t'nuadtau. Lieut James
Porter Fowler, m I! also go to the front
An imiH��rtant discovert of oil ha--
tieen made in Newfoundland, Men*
'real capHallsti Are going to develop
the find, and have decided to send out
Mr Wallace Bell of that ciiy. wnobaa
'..���en engaged In audi work for SB yoars
r.d has a reconl of 70 producinff well*
>i different characters in this province
Mr Bell has gone to Petrolia, ��hit., to
pun base a quantity of drifting machin
��� ry which he will retpiire for hi��* work
The principal topic of the day
throughout Ihe Province and the Do*
minion of Canada .*< the building of a
mil say to the Yukon country. The
tlefeat of the railway bill by the Senate
has caused   the   < "overument  to  look
about for some other way to secure the
Yukon .trade and are considering an
allraM Canadian route, which thev can
-ret either from A-dicroft or Edmonton
1 he objection to the Edmonton route
I*   that  it   is too long and   the con
���traction of a railway in some placet-
would be too expensive    From Ash
croft,  a  short distance,  not over   TV'
mile* to Ijike Teslin. a irood railway
line  could   be   easily  built,    passing
through one of the finest mining and
agricultural countries in tne Dominion
of Canada,
Mr Be!! in his report to the Govern-
men' on his Investigation of. the routes
to Cariboo to build a railway, was de
cidedlv in favor of the Ashcroft routes
��is the distance was shorter and tin1
expense would  be considerably less
The onlv trouble was the first couple ol
miles bill with railway engineering fi
would he considered- nothing The
couiii.v In well populated and Rue
ranches are distributed every few miles
along the road
I nrire mining companies are at pre"
ent operating; and aa soon si a rallwaj
is  built,  numerous other   companies,
(owning L*o0d irround, Will commence
'work on a large scale   The hindrance
to the mining Industry is the transportation of mining macluutiry, which
can onlv be taken In at present undei
great t-xpense.
Cmarti mining so far has not been
look<>d after 'as the shipping ��clht'J"
would net permit to work the grade of
quartz ledges eventually -*o be discovered. Through Cariboo right to
Lake Tealin a line of railway could
almost follow the gold belt, and it
would pass through the Kiskagash
district, which is known to be rich in
quartz. Samples from Kiskagash have
run as high as MOO per ton. The resources of the quartz industry will demand the building of a railway shortly
to these districts.
A railway line from Port Simpson is
being boosted by the coast cities
backed up by the Provincial Government. It is proposed to build from
Port Simpson, or some point near
there, through to Lake Teslin, a distance of 400 miles, and the Provincial
government to grant a subsidy of 14,000
per mile, for the construction of the
same. The railway fiom that poiut
will no doubt benefit a few, especially
those who secured all the land iu that
vicinity several years ago. But what
about the interior of the Province,
which has been crying for a railway for
years to tap the Cariboo country? If
there is money to be spent let it be
spent where the people will derive the
most benefit.
The Ashcroft route is the most desirable one to build a railway over, and
will receive its dues by the business
and well thinking men of the count ry.
I'lie coast merchants control the trade
of this part of the country, and what
will benefit the people of this district
and Cariboo, the merchants and many
others of thecoast will also receive their
bene lit
I'., show the interest taken in the
Ashcroft route, Mr Hosmer, superintendent of teleyraphs. after thoroughly
investigating all other ways to reach
the \ ukon with the telegraph line decided on Ashcroft as the shortest ami
easiest way to construct the telegraph
A railway from Ashcroft would benefit principally the whole of the interior
north of here���Cariboo. Omenicn. Peace
river and Cassiar���while from Port
Sitnpson it would traverse an unin-
hahited. barren and almost unknown
wilderness It is hoped that good judgment will orevail in the selection of a
railway to the north as it means much
;ir the welfare of the Province.
If the railway is not constructed at
once, why not Wild a wagon road from
Juosnelie to I^tke Teslin? This will
settle all questions as to trade with
;ho Yukon country Cse the Stickine
and Skeena river* for getting un large
liwmtities of supplies Build the section of road from Glenora to Like
Teslin at once and a good ftno, and in
sixty days wagons can be rattling over
ihe route Meantime have parties of
men constructing the road from Ques-
nelle to Hazleton and from Ha/leton to
Many parties are now on their way
with wagons as well as pack trains
from the States and the lower country
in general. More than BOO men are or
have been in Ashcroft buying horses
and outfits already, and more than 1,001
horses have been sold.   All goods sold
here come from the wholesale houses
of Victoria or Vancouver Build a
wagon roail and build it at once The
Government that votes a large bonus
for a railroad will, it seems to us. make
a mistake and a serious one. We venture the bold assertion that a wagon
road that could be built for 1250,000, or
even less, from Qmsnelle through to
! ake Teslin would be of more value to
the Province, as the ranchers in the
vicinity would be abb- to gat a market
it their door for their products ���Ash*
croft Journal
An attempt to cities the Al|��s in a balloon, starting from the Italian side, will
lie made next -unuuer. The intention is
to keep st a height of 15,000 feet as lonu
aa -vossible, and to take pbotog>aphic
views ami make scientific observations
��� luring the passage.
Brow n���Tom Jackson says he is greatly
troubled with cold feet.
Smith (surprised)���Tom Jackson?
Why, 1 always thought be was a bachelor.
Spokane, Wash.���Shipments of onyx
from the vast deposits in Stevens county,
this state, are now % being  made.   The
mines are the property of Charles Nor-
dyke and the stone is absolutely unique,
containing it is said, huge blocks of
every shade of green���a color which is
not even found in tbe celebrated onyx
quarries of .Mexico.
Mr. Nordyke, in speaking of the richness of his quarry, said that if necessary
Io could, uih>ii a f^w days notice, ship
1,000 ear loads of the material, and that
the extent of tbe ledge is so great that
it cannot be exhausted in a century.
Some of the material is valued by him at
$8 a cubic loot and other specimens, he
decisive, will bring from |3 to $5 for each
cubic toot. The ledge also eonteinsiarge
quantities of white and black marble, alabaster and state.
Mr. Nordyke obtained possession of
the claim two years ago, and tells an interesting story in connection with the
history of the discovery of tbe valuable
��� Two years ago," eaid Mr. Nordyke,
"I was a law partner, of Judge Wm. J.
(ialbraith and we had an office in the
little mininu town of Colville, Wash., in
the Huckleberry mountains. One day
we were sitting in the office and L. E.
Beach entered. Beach informed us that
his wife had deserted him and he was
desirous of obtaining a divorce. He
added that he had no money, but if we
would get him a decree be would give
us a half interest in an onyx claim he
had located in the mountain. We agreed
and soou after he got his divorce. Later
I purchased Judge Oalbraith's interest
in tbe claim and after organising a stock
company, started to develop the quarry
witb the present results. Since then
the former wife of Beach has married a
man who is a stockholder in the com-.
pany, yet Beach, the discoverer of this
wonderful ledge, is practically without
funds and occupies a loneiv cabin in the
hills." .
George Augustus Sala's widow has
gone into bankruptcy through taking
upon herself her late husband's debts.
An expedition in search of Andree is
about to leave Stockholm for Siberia, the
cost being borne by the Swedish Geographical society.
Sir Henry Irvine's eldest son has just
published a life of the bloody Judge Jeffreys, in which he tries to rehabilitate
that worthy'8 character.
A servant girl on a farm near Cam oral,
in Northern France, has lived 72 years
with the same family. She ia now 84
years of age ami still does her work.
Anti-Semitism has broken out in London. At an inquest on a Spitalfields
Christian small l*oy, killed by the throwing of a stone, it came out that fights
between Jews and Christians have been
going on in that district for some time
Subject to change without notice
Trains run on Pacific Standard Time,
l^avt* 8 IX) A.M
"   S M "
- ����at "
"    �� 51 ���"
��' 10 03 *'
" 10 IS �����
* 10 .18 "
Arr. I" fto
Truffle Mn
Kaslo Arrive, 3 5�� I\M
South Fork " 3 16 "
SpmuleV * j* i* ������
\\ lilWwato t CO ���*
Ucarljtke - 1 4S '
McUttitrtin * l 33 ������
Cody Junction " i w ����
For cheap railroad and Steatii��hlp tickets tc
and font all point**, applv t>
S.  CAMPBELL,      " Apent, Sandon.
'��� A-
*��. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, MAY 14, .(*&_
The following is a complete list of the
stining transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slofcan. Those of New Denve- were
aa follows :���
If at S���Blpon. Carpenter. Frank A Wells.
Mat 4-Creote, opp Mountain Chief, Walter L
Bragg and Frank Badcliffe.
Mat S-Lemolo,   Fennel!   creek,    Bruno
Dag-man, same. C M Larsen.
Qeilna, fame, Bruno Thomas.
Ten*, same, C M Laraen.
Delmonte, sama, B Thorn**.
Em lie, um, C M Larsen.
Triata, aame, mom.
Liltimoa, same, B Thoma*. I
Selma EractJonal, aame, C M Lanen.
Baby Jean, Four Mile. J A McKinnon.
Elba, Three Forks, P W Elite.
Mat 7-Keno, Carpenter, Malcolm B Merritt.
Max 9��� Agnes, Cody creek, J A Lade,
Arthur, Sloetn lake, near New Denver. Neb
Dewery, New Denver, GeoCrawfoid.
Bidden Treasure, WUson creek. Walter Smith.
Jumbo, Thiee Fork*. John Dockateoder.
Mat 10-Joaquln. Wilaon, A J Smith.
Barrett Queen, Three Forks, O U Murhead
and E B Stlen.
Fencbwick Fraction, New Denver, M E Brandon. Thoe Aviaon, Henry Sherran and Herman
Aran. 87��� Ego, Idaho Baaln, W B Home.
Mat 6-Bed Boae, Cody creek, Wm Callahan.
Mat S-SUver Star.
Mat 4���Prince Alexander, May Queen, Etna*
than, Abigail.
Mat 6- William, Mammoth.
Mat 7���Northern Pacific. Soho, Bed Croat.
Thistle, Republican.
Mat *���Silver  Crown,  Calleopa. Clarence,
Stiver Blossom, Apex, Kaalo, Alma No S, Oro.
Mat 10-Dora.
Mat 7-Elkborn. Humboldt.
MAT4-Denmark, 8 CHntzburger to Peter A
McDou��aU,May*7, W, '
SameJ, P A McDougall to Albert Haller, Oct
Baltic a, Bobt Kettaon to David Arnot, April >5
Maes-Hartney f, D D McGUlivray to Edward
Shannon. April��.
Besriei, Herbert H Knox to P W Elii*. Apr IB.
Mat 7-VloUJ, WmH Todd to Chaa BMc*
Viol* J. aame to John W Switzcr, Sept 16.
.Mar 7-Fairhaven |, N F McNanght to Joseph
-Brandon, March 1.
Corueracker t, F B Bartlett to satin-, April S3.
MATB-Sandow and Lone Star No 3. Shire
Mines, Ltd, to Tbe British Columbia Hold Trust,
Ltd, Feb M.
Boetof the Mountain \. Henry Fitzgerald to H
D Bretzlns, April 11.
B A M, John Carraher and H D Bretaina to
John McBobbie. May 2, tioo.
Hartney J, Ed Sbannou to John Gwttache,
May 6, m.
Lorna Doon Fraction. Francia J O'Reilly to M
B W Batbborne and Frank Culver. April 30
Lady Jane and Derby, Ju M Dunn to Arthur
H Buchanan, Mch ��.
Adirondack 1/9, Hugh Ntven to Wm Hunter,
April 1.
_Mat 5-Violet, Henry Salt; Okrvdon, J  H
Cary; Cuba Libre, Isadore Beanpre.
Mat 0-Bdtth, Harry Atcheflon.
Aran, to���Panther.
ArikL av-North Star.
MAT it-Lucky George, Inniafall, Beaver, Co-
Iambi* No 7. Ada, Q B.
Mat 3-White Sparrow. Creolo. Canadian
Star, Bed Wmg, Bound O, Miminjr Link.
*���ii^*rilM��*^onndBrit(htoa, MC
Hlllery to Elmer J Felt, HOW.
Aria SO-Bolssevalu |. Jno O Todd to Edward
Frederick and Copper ells' J, Stei*hen Powers to
Harry Low*.
Mat 4-Bother Fraction, E Parria to Wm
Harris,        __ 	
Mat 4-Rncket, Ktureiic Eyl.
Mat S-Sunbeam, Frank HVap* Lake Shore,
John Peterson.
MAY ft-Ceranton. Custer.
cSRrinoATR or wrxoveMKim.
May 3���Earl, Emerson.
May 4-BoMaii ii John Wright to Mike Mc-
Cicrado, same to same.
Mat fr-Mamoth, Sydney Stryde to D MeCrca.
Mat S-Locky Boh* B Davie* to K A McCrea
FnnkUiTgneNE'1 *��la**c W*Wron*
fSS&ft^tfcSon* to J AMMcbdi. m
Iron Mask, E C Johnson to PJT Jobtwoo.
Tho London Sunday Special, of March
6th, in its financial column* tolls the following truths which will undoubtedly
interest our readers:
The traffic receipts on all the Mexican
railways continue to be most excellent,
and Mexican securities of all kinds are
wonderfully firm in price, though the
whole Stock Exchange ��eem�� inclined to
weakness, snd the United States on the
one hand, and Cuba on the other, mirht
fairly lead to the expectation of Mexico
being adversely affected. But the truth
is that Mexico is extraordinarily prospci*
ous, thanks principally (as nearly all
financial writers agree) to her silver
standard of currency. In spite of all
temptation from outside to adopt the
gold standard, Mexico sticks to her stiver,
and no people in the country "go stronger" for silver than the conservative
bankers, who on the first sign of wavering would at once start a ".silver Standard Defence Association.'' And silver is
repaying their loyalty tenfold. The
value of the peso, once over 4s., has
fallen to 23d., and under the protection
of this low rate of exchange Mexican industry is forging ahead. .Some yearn ago
there were only six cotton factories in
the whole country; to-day there are 250
and more building. Staple sriicles,*u.ch
as paper, glass, umbrellas. <*hirU*T beer,
and Iiijuors, which used to be imported
from Europe, are now manufactured in
Mexico by the latest ami most improved
machinery and appliances. All descriptions of mining machinery are manufacture in the State of Chi'ahnaha, and
agriculture is flourishing, for the cultivators obtain eleven peso* for every sovereign', worth of exports, instead' of Ave
pesos as formerly, while within the country the purchasing power of the peso
remains unaltered. And there is still
plenty of room for expansion in Mexico,
since only about 5 per cent, of her 10,'
000,000 of square Kilometres is as yet
under cultivation.
It is no inconsiderable achievement
for a young Canadian to come to Ottawa
at the age of 25 years, and in less than
two years develop among1 his own people the popular strength which Is the
British Columbia Governments onlv
reason for calling* W. W. B Mclnnes to
its help.
Because he has tried to do right At
Ottawa, regardless of what hi* leaders
were doing, Mr. Mclnnes has become
strong with the people of British Columbia, and because he is strong with the
people of British Columbia, the Turner
Government wants him a*- an ally.
On the record of its leaders at Victoria-, the Turner Government is a
pretty rank political organization, ami
on the record of the British Columbia
Liberals at Ottawa, Mr Mclnnes excepted, the Liberal party of British
Columbia is decidedly no better Therefore Mr. Mclnnes will not be to blame
if he decides that he has a go,H\ chance
to serve the province bv Identifying
himself with the Turner Government as
by trying to work a nondescriptOpposition, which looks for Us inspiration to
British Columbia's cringing tribe of
Sifton worshippers at Ottawa ���Toronto
A   Kentucky   Story.
A traveller, topping over night in a
little Kentucky town, was given a room
just above the office. Through tin*
night the noise below was deafening.
There was the sound of the shuffling of
feet, and now and then a voice raised to
a wild yell.
Finally, coming to the conclusion that
TIMS   CUiLi*   BU-SltiAj,
H*h*4yUradlit* but fc*r��**,,,<��u
M* hat s*a*���� for h*r My*iiV3
III th* ponr l��y���, **,,! ���
And Um im* ante i**i,
���tt ��* ..���
gome sort of part* **���** gout* u.*, sad
the high voice was calling the dances,
he succeeded in dropping off to -It-op.
The next morning he sauntered into
Ihe office and found the negro porter
sweeping   what   he   supposed   were;
M-tlaga grapes from the floor Into a
dust pan.
������You must of had a swell party down
hero last night." he said, "to throw
twav Malaga grapes Ilk that
The negro stopped sweeping a moment tn look up at him.
Mnltt-ragram-*' he chuckled. "Uird.
deae hoah aini no Malaga gr*|K*��,
mister Dev done had a 111' light down
h.'.ih las' night, aud dese heah i* eye-
An American wotnau married an
Knglishman.aud her husband's relative,
an Kngltsh   BObleman,  came on  one
Ooesstoa t-- visit her    Of course, she fct- h-,4ttl- .-,-,*��� _.,��,��. ��
desired tt. entertalu him according to ^��TJ JS^^lV'i %!**"* <*r**
Bngfea etiquette, and at once ,..ii her ^,  * ^T   tl   ,      ,"<*,*cu ���
Irsh  servant   in   training.     She t��dd tne macs litiJi.   The fortw-r n����*t*j j^
Bridget to say, "My   l^ord, desccrndj taken a very decided riat in price ��������������.,
hreakfaal is swaiUna you y to an increae* io Uw�� deman-i   Th*��- ���
Brltlget was practiced time a ml again, ^^..i aim,^.,, u it ���  u T
until she coj  retieal  bar lines very r*���Jl**2Il" *��� ����'������^U*a
When   Milord came.   Bridget   ^".SJSSi,*TJ*      '��   Z?"**
9 m o'clock    ^.     l"*pil"rSto "*** "sarwdy >��*e�� ����**.
d mv. "Mv "*��� *V **!*r N**!f** ^ .**��* iilr' ���t
Ms alMdi ras* far. ai hnaat ��� ;.,-������,������
But al 4*w�� wVo th* Unl,,, ^ ....
si um in* *nSMM at * *ar��|���, ti, ,��� , y^t
"Ta^*��Srt*��s*lMa *Mu,<,Ji.
Am ia*y e*aj*4 him *ot i�� t,,, <�������
*-Ma*pra��fif*r a tOv,j uuU M...
K 1*4 Um-" ��r*a uW Um *�� ��*�����
    ���' * twin !.����<.
I.OOKIXO   FflN   ttili-KK.
Ikssdwood, ��,!>. ��� iVm
wteni inqtjtriej
upstaifi At
wan told to gi
tap gently on hi* door am
descend; breakfawt   t�� awaiting
y<��u '"
Bridget tsougiu sue could act|tttl her-
h*'U with credit. However, **!��*��� grew
excited at the d��K��r, and kmH-k*--} *��
loud that Ihe orcit|Mint of tlo* r��>m
-���prang to the d<--��r ami asked:
���'Waat't the matter'
Bridi*"t ht>^$tn twi��tmg her hamls
nervously unable to think wh��t sue **s
to do, ami finally gn��|��ed out
"Mv God; come d��tri-<.{A-r*. to tweak*
As Sir Walter Seott wa*. riding wttha
friend near Abbeiaford h< rame t���� ��
Heldnrate. which an lri*ii beggar, who
happened to be near, ��jw*ted for%iai
Sir VValter was de��ir<ot* n(  r<-warding
iim by the nresent of
present  of  -��n(��.f,r.*. but     w
fbuud be had not so ���mail a coin tn h��*.'��*rn |��**ri��f�� are ftajan&etiec (-���' �����*>��+���
am! on Itogui Jim rrv*ek TJ.^ i>ammi
t��x mine at faetohi h��* aev��>r*| **!**���*.
Html  vein* of the   o����u)e*.-��M��*>l.  tr*
i*rwirtecve��k and n*ar -h--. U-  **kIi*
th*** rotsttletn asjidttanss, sit mik* %m
���js* KairtHirn, are tmmmom >vm4
oBpastsea. t.<redl��r*��a*��-ii ifHimftani
nsMns state.bui t* bivarMlat �� ���
#���������� other atetal. ��t����e ..< li^fewkai
mi or* that ha* i��nm wwio-! ���... �����������������.
lent * the Spokane, $mt' < :������- ��� ^|*
the mailSrffritH-til of S K Vomif Ik*
emptier dietrivte ha��e rwM |*en *niwr
ottgtdy proopnrterl a* tlwm !��**�� ,n*d,
��*��d hence Um* ��t��p$**r Io* ' - it* **|
a* jpprM*rally ttnth��r*tsw��i    * t*n-
ably *mk* m uroki pete����*>(tn��r). and sj *
ertHdt, go**l mining, h��* heonflw- a* ttitxti
of a cwrtato tiuatneae as f*-*M��u.< or stsdk
rattdnf.  It i�� UiwIeetW***! iU>i %>me��tsjt-
is a *hitling
ow��> 0M %>%.
"Here, my good fellow
for. y.oi. but. mind, vou
pence,  ��aid he
"God Uesi vour aesJOt, Mat vonr
honor live till 1 pay you, eMUtmodth*
Whiti-washing a mat. . . h *ra, t.-r d*x*��
not wash it white.
par wfnan in Castsr sn-aaty, si*     u��*
wewtern part of f%nnfngtor ouuntv
f^ptoye*r~ Tlt��p*dHmna,> .r, thwhrws
r*��|��t��f�� thai he saw tseal-odv ��aJttag
���bout in thia budding last >. ���
Night Watchman-uh' that ��*#.*ir
me,    I drank some wry ����r - ..;.*4��*ela>
f* re coming on duty. arnl awiil-*':   -���
that m���li'in -yes.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co-
A full Hoe of
always in Slock
pkoi-kktv Bouoirr. *-n��o
J. R. & D. CAMKItoV.
Dealer in
���*: AT
8i.orAN riTT THE PAYSTRKAK, SANDON, B.C., MAY 14, 1898.
Spain's Indebtedness.
The nearness of Italy to Spain and
he sympathy, a* well  a�� the coni-
niunitV of coiiiuierciHl  Interest*} eg*
Mting between ������ ����� two nation*-, lead
the Italian journal-, itnd especially
tho*' ol fhe industrial ceutte,** of tin
north to dev,*\e c -tHd-vable   atteU
lion to Spanish   affairs.   A   case  in
point   is an  exceptionally well in
formed article  mi  the tl.it n-nl eon*
dition or Spaiuju.t puik-ln-1 In the
(lazetw del H��pdo OT Tu.-lii. ��� The
Culmn D.*l>t, gita .lotfttl ii *:  by tie
! Cuban Cuskmi4,  and aftUOdiv by
Si*in, <d wnicn $mp st�� are puv ilde
in  gold,   aim lit*,   tt   no let* than
2,24H.40 ),0ftl, pe**ta -    Ilea rIy   t*��).
O00.QJO)  bear itg    iiu*va   to  the
amount of neurit 4' *, ijU,(W ) a year.
Most of the.*- l�� ��� .tl    are  in  Spanish
hands,   having;   been   acccp^l   in
great part by the honk of  Spain as
security lor advance* tutd.*  t�� the
government.      In    addition   t.,   the
above Spain is liable fa* net *lv i'2J,-
UOU.UU) in respect of arrears of pay
t   the armY and  ntvy  to  contract*
ors, and to pensioners, as well as the
... ., ��i.UJO,Ox)a   m ��Mt i  dun  to
M-n-imli UUnco for war ex|su,scs in
- uIm     lief ��re the  otuh'.sk   i��* tIs**
i resent    lU-utrrecMo't     the    annua:
eveutie   of Cuba   did m*t �������! lie ��� t>��
. over the sum*- tieeded   f-r litteeust
��� ml -mking fund to r.*apect *4 delnv*
previously c*��utracu*d   bv   tieg.iv-
t-rniuent ���/ the i*lan I. ami  i-iejvf ��n-
span-aid* were .vr e��*d t��ot> the debt ��
incurred in putting d rwa I <i* luettr*
rection mu4t be a*t*utiued   by  Spain.
When granting  tin-   recent ��� ul-ao
<   it-tttutimi,   however, f'ie  -.pani*. i
government left tn * pprittl ��l is^'h-d.
prdponillg   It-*   t*olnt����;l    tint I    111 > ���
'���caceful time*..    Tie   ,Sji��.ii��i  oH'4l-
t-niies art* therefore   tiHtfoited   hy
the following situ ttimi: ��*ub. camitrt
U-ai any   fUrtho ���   I��u den of debt,
and   Spain   is   not   in   a pwtio t i��.
;t**uine any furtner rinanc ai Charge,
since her re*>*.it I ml ��et *Imv  *tn*iw i
�� dehVit of tVtWeisi   i'..'.1��l ill)   and
1 lit 11,0 V a year. t��     de lei*   beflttl
chiefly due to" the Cl��"-.<U I tl u aitun
ally required for tin- Service of to
puoiiu uuut-a s,*��i��
I   Two minutes later it was an hour
to those brave defenders of their
country's honor -an awful explosion
rent asunder, oh with a thunderbolt,
the cloud of noise. A panic scattered the snbordinates. The General
���The man who quit* his post," he
threatened, "pays the forfeit with
his week's salary."
of sorrow and  the   spar  of fate. |
Verily, the Klondiker  is gradually
coming to his senses snd may in
time overtake them.
Hall Nines Smelter Closed.
The Goodenough,
American Han, tS.8n per day.
European Plan, *J.OO per day.
Strictly firat class.
The awful penalty   had  its effect. I
General operations at the  Hall MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
Mines smelter have ceased, only the   *Mmmmmmmummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I reverbratories now working.    The
1 ��� <��� .a a . . ���
When the returning aide stumbled
terroivetricken into the presence Of
bis chief, no man dared nioove.
"What is it ?" said the hero.
���it'sihe press-rooms, sir," he faltered. "Our starboard boiler has
I burst. We -we are helpless."
������Kumjh." tbe r> I tl ��r -ienerol replied. 'Kit itigh. Nay, too -loo
much, We must make peace with
Heinse's Chequered Coreer.
reason given for the shutting down
is the stringing of the new tramway
|rope, which-arrived last week from
Montreal. At the same time, the
supply of ore is exhausted. It is not
thought the works will be closed
down long.
The returns furnished by the Hall
Mines smelter up to April 30, which
covered 20 days and 10 hours, show
that 4,75i4 tons of ore were treatel.
This yielded 218 tons id' matte, containing 92 tons of copper. 71,4150 ozs.
silver and 2M ozs. gold.
The i'ortiiiefi ol War.
It was war   bloody war.  due had
only to see the feveii-b activity thai
prevailed about the Kditm* -M-Hcral**
department  to   reali-e   a*-  much
There squads of men were i-wuwle****
Iv engaged casting the heavily lead-
��� d bulletin in the hack  <�� lice, to U
hurried as **m as ready t<�� t:>��- ft-mit.
A separate  sutf |��*m��I<mI the rejuspis
which, on the ntorit.w wtiuhl startle
tin enemy iu iu ti*u*rinir  ttu-tress.
(oluiUU  "alter   c->lnino  was onleretl
I or ward a* quickly as the stair could
draft  ���hiiii.    The   exeiteil v.��ic4*s td
sub-editors, dictating their dispatch
es, mingled with the hurry of quick
feet   with   tbe  noise of many ham
un rs below stairs, pounding on the
metal plates -with tbe "war! war!'
thatec-tued  frosu  the newsboys on
-l reets.
An side rushed In u����on the clam
or.   "tleneral," he saluted, "we are
running short of supplies,"
"Of supplies?"
"ReductMl to our last r ��ll of |��aper,
"i!o," Hitld his superior officer sadly, "peel the walls."
He chased out with the order.   A
K. Augu-t H.inze, until recently
tin-head tit the Trail smelter, has a
peck of ti'tmbh* on his hands in Montana, .being lnieresu.il   at present in
n�� less t-ian H*"- lawsuits    In nearly
nil these it ia the M-miana  O.'e  Pur
chaaiug  'o.   vs.   the  rh*ston & Moti-
tana , 'o.   Tliere are ruiiiurs uf new
suit*, bvtweett tlie*-e rival  companies.
In certain pact* ����! the city of Hutu-
lltolh c-mipMitio are buying up lots,
���till though the  work   is la ing done
priva ,-lv and by meaiM  of outside
agenui, the  ruiuhlingsof future Iiti-
gati -ii enn plainly   lw   heard.    Tin-
tact Una tin-jv was no verdict in the
Michael  iH-vin case   in the United
Si'iu-se -tuts which c��st  the jtarties
at   h*a**l   |60,OUO, leaves  the wlwle
litofati ��u as yet in aim ait a   virgin
state, aud n ��� one a?   present can see
the end. Threatening Liwsuit**, how
ever, do   not   prevent   Mr.   lleiuxe
going  ahead   with   investments  in
unite;* in varitiu- (tarts ol the north-
aesk    ^v ���* o|a-ratingthe topper
King, near   XorUiporv uudeii IkmkI
ami lease, and that property isdevel-
oidug iu a remarkable inauuer.    Mr.
llein/a-   i��   atstt  investing  iu   some
proini-dug   K��u't  Steele   properties.
The aalc of his itaids and smelus* in
West K���� .u-iiay leave* him still own
ing a large amount of valuable land
their     Me. Heinxe's career has been
a reuiai k.Ude one.
DV. A. M1LL0Y,
The Central News Press Association of Lond *n, England, says : "A
prominent engineer, who has just
returned from Klondike to London
to government circles, states that he
has explored a new route to Klondike which will enable travellers to
get down easy-even to cycle to
Telegraph creek, where thev will
take the present route to Dawson
City." This is really good in the
wav of story telling--^'a cycle path
ti Telegraph creek." We shall hear
next from some imaginative pro
motor that there is a tine macadam*
ixed highway of easy grade all the
Will be at the Hotel Balmoral
one*- a mouth.
gradual quiet overspread the staff.
"Cheer up, my men," the Genera
said, "the enemy is ours."
They cheereXl   But the end seemed not far off.
The   Western   Mining World, of
[ Butte, is  still   whole  aoulcd   in Its
'.UiricMuasto the   Klondike country.    It* late** expre**it.u ol  doubt
runs as follows:
- y ,���,t4d author once wrote a Iwok
In which he snW tliore were sixty
,o���r.nilli.Misof|teopiein Anwlea--
'nTustlv *��*'* A *|��irk of vlta.lt>
l,|,��,H���uuHlihecoiiimrut inio a blaze
w|mu the KhuidikeexciUMiientripeii-
adlns^aomae, vMall the branded
at in the corral of civilization the
Kl ndikesui-rla the acme of uniu*
toltaotualitv. HettilcsHofthewaru.
\xSi75m iined down upon him the
Klondiker butted his senseless  pate
InlastSw decrees of fate and turn
;X Klnwa hand ot life to the. hour
who gmvevardi yawn and a gaping tropbet yearns for prey.
fl,KKl-hetliesas he   ��v��v*   r^'.
the northern breezes undei tin wnt|
fnan   Vancouver   to   Dawson I
A M Jstiter M >.iopMuj.
The gread cotton thread trust,
known as the Coates combination, is
reaching out from Great Britain for
tin* control ot the United Suites and
Canadian markets. The representatives of the several interested concerns refuse to discuss all rumors as
to negotiations, but it is persistently
announced that the scheme is progressing rapidly. The plan seems
to involve the amalgamation td all
American concerns, and the Coates
concern takes large stock, which
means that the entire market in
Great Britain, the United States and
Canada will be under one control. It
is said that the works at Willtmatic,
Conn., will be the m-tnufacturing
headquarters of the concern, and
that all other factories in the States,
with the exception of those which
make "six-cord thread," will be
practically abandoned. A similar
concentration may be effected in
n. L.GRinr\ETT
Notary Public,
SANDON, - .        B. C.
BONGARD & PIECKART. Proprietors.
The Sandon Hand Laundry and
Bath House is still in the lead for
(in --tarch work. Work called for
ami delivered promptly.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
��S.wi p*r day.
Special Rate* by the Week.
SANiysX, B. c.
He����lt|u*rtera for Minera.
Well stocked b*r in connection.
Firat claaa accommodation*.   Board by tne
And You Will
Smoke No
" "lfl
t :
P '
.   .':
��� *C|
, ���-!
*   iff-3
. it
!      fl
The following is a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during the
wepk in the several mining divisions of
the SlOtan. Those of New Denve- were
as follows :���
May 9-Ripon, Carpenter. Frank A Wella.
Mat 4 -Creole, opp Mountain Chief, Walter L
Bragg and Frank Radcliffe.
Mat 6���Lemolo,   Fennell    creek,    Bruno
Dagman, same. C M Larsen.
Oezina. same. Bruno Thomas.
Tena, same, C M Larsen.
Delmonte, sain.). B Thomas.
Entile, same, C M Larsen.
Trista, same, same.
Lillimos. same, B Thomas. I
Selma Eractional.same. C M Larsen.
Baby Jean, Four Mile. J A McKinnon.
Ellis, Three Forks, F >V Ellis.
May 7���Keno, Carpenter, Malcolm B Merrltt.
Max 9-Aa-nes, Cody creek, J A Lade,
Arthur, Slocin lake, uear New Denver. Nels
Dewery, New Denver, Geo Crawfoid.
Hidden Treasure, WiL��on creek, Walter Smith.
Jumbo, Tbiee Forks. John Docksteader.
Mat 10���Joaquin. Wilson. A J Smith.
Harvest Queen, Three Forks, G H Murhead
and E H Stlen.
Fonehwick Fraction, New Denver, M E Brandon. Thoe Avison, Henry Sherran and Herman
Ai'KiL il���Ego, Idaho Basin, W R Home.
Mav 6-Red Rose, Cody creek, Wm Ctllahan.
May s-Silver Star.
Mat 4���Prince Alexander, May Queen, Elna-
tlian, Abigail.
Mat 6-William, Mammoth. i
Mat 7���Northern Pacific, Soho, Red Crosa,
Thiitle, Republican.
Mat 9���Silver Crown, Calleopa, Clarence,
Silver Blossom, Apex, Kaslo, Alma No a, Oro.
M*r 10- Dora.
ckktificatk of IMPRnVKUKjCre.
Mat ; -Elkhorn. HumiK>ldt.
May 4���Denmark, S Gtiitzburger to Peter A
MeDou��-all, Mav 27, v97,
Same 1. P A MeDouj-all to Albert Haller, Oct
Baltic J, Robt Neilson to David Anx.t, April *.���>
Mays-Hartney J,DD McGillivray to Edward
Shannon. April 25.
Bessie,, Herbert H Knox to P W EM.,. Apr 19.
Mat 7-VioU ,, Wm H Todd to Chas B Mc*
Viola J. aame to John W Switer, Sept 16.
May 7���Fairhaven J, X F Mt-Saujrlit to Joseph
Brandon, March 1.
Corucracker t, F H Bartlett to same, April ��.
Mat ft-Sandow and Lom Star No 3. Shirt-
Mines, Ltd, to The British Columbia t'okl Trtwi.
Ltd, Feb 14.
Bora of the Mountain $, Henrv Fitzgerald to H
D Bretzins, April 11.
RAM, John Carraher and H D Brt-tzins |o
John McRobble. May z. |lin.
Hartiiey |, Ed Shannon to John fiOfilHufM.
May 6, *75.
Lorn a Doon Fraction. Francis J O'Reilly v, M
R W Rathborne and Frank Culver. April SO
Lidy Jane and l��.-i-liv../.i-M Imiiiii to Arthur
H Buchanan, Mch ii.
Adirondack 1/9. Hugh Niveti to Win Hunter
April 1.
Clerado, same to same.
Mat 5-Mamoth, Sydney Stryde to D McCrea.
Mat 0-Lnoky Bob.K R Daviea to R A McCn-a
FrankllnJ, Eugene Eyl to Isaac Waldron.
Same, ECPe*��eto��am*.
KitiKSton i, W MaUiason to J A Mltcheil.fSDn.
Irou Mask, E C Johnson to P F Johnson.
The London Sunday Special, of March
6th, in its financial columns tells the following truths which will undoubtedly
interest our readers:
The traffic receipts on all the Mexican
railways continue to be most excellent,
and Mexican securities of all kinds are
wonderfully  firm   in price, though the
whole Stock Exchange seems boused t��>
weakness, and the I nited States on the
one hand, and Cuba on the other, mttht
fairlv lead to the expectation of Mexico
being adversely affected.   But the truth
is that Mexico'is extraordinarily pro#f*-i-
ous,   thanks  principally    as nearly all
financial writers agree,  to  her   silver
standard of  currency.   In spite of all
temptation   from outside to  adopt the
gold standard, Mexieosticks tohersilver,
and no people in the country "��0 Stronger"  for   silver   than   the   conservative
hankers, who on the first sign of waver
ing would at once start a "Silver Standard Defence Association.''    And silver i*
repaying   their   loyalty   tenfold.     The
value  of  the   peso, once over 4s., has
fallen to -3d., and  under the protection
of this low rate of exchange Mexican industry is forging ahead.   Some years ago
there were only six cotton  factories in
the whole country ; to-day there are NO
and more building.    Staple articles.sucli
as paper. k*lass,  umbrella1*,   shirts bear.
and liquors, which  used  to l*e Imported
from Europe, are now manufactured in
Mexico by the latest and most Improved
machinery and appliance*.    All descriptions of mining  machinery are manufacture in the State of Chiahuaha. and
agriculture is flourishing, for the cultivators obtain eleven |>esos for every sovereign's worth Of exports, instead of live
pesos aa formerly, while within the country the   purchasing power of the   -h-so
remains unaltered.   And   there  is still
plenty of room for expansion in Mexico,
since only about 6 per cent, of her ���.*���>.���
000,000 of  square kilometre* is a* yet
under cultivation.
tone sort of party was going en, and ;
the high voice was calling the dance*. .
be succeeded In dropping of Io iletp,
rii,. next morning be tesntered Into
Ihe office and found tlu* negro porter
���weeping what BO supprtwd were
M.-daga  grapes from the floor into a
dust pan , ,, .
���Vou Dtnsl of had a swell party down
here last night, he saitl. "to throw
a was Malaga graja** lik that
Th negro ���topped sweeping *�� mo-
int-i't f'  l",)k up at dm.
���Mnlagagrapcs! 'he chuckled. "1 "rd.
dess beah slot no Nabtta   gprapsa,
mister    Dej dona basis In hgbt down
beah Is   night, am  dass heali Is ays
An American woman SMI-tied an
Englisbuian,and lierhu��hand*> relative.
an English noUonsta, came on one
occasion to vt*.n her of en-orse, she
desired to entertain him aecerdins ta
English etiquette, ami at once , ����� her
!r-h  servant  In  training.    ������..<
TUB   CHILD   Binaicr|4j
He h*4 glartwt r<* hi. hmyha., u����
And Ol* poor tttU* erata w W����tw
-4*?1 *!1*^,t*_��rrlr !**���*��* ��i��fj nrrV
He ahdl rm It*, al W*t  i��� *��$? "
Hut al <t*vn Wbrw lb* Mr*J�� ��, r, *��afcl���
Wlih aw-*****��� al a aw*Jn<*4 ��^ u^*.
A frxttrtaiiHC t*j*|^*j to ,|K t'���,Mn     ^'
T��m a atrltur of bi* vi.Ji.... u ,
And that- hwntl hiui hu .,,    , >wj
������M��k�� r-oMtn lor �� iit**i utn   C\   *
M tt��d ib* - M wm a�� Um i.- ��u
lookix.   not
l****.lwmn|. S.l�� -|Vr��iM.-nt i^intt
are Iw-ittg t��*��le. mtwtfj- by t*a#ti��rtj <*m,
���lists, t����r sepner and i***.* nnaiiMnT
Bridget t*>  my     Mv   Ijorti,
breakfast ����� .*t�� dtlng ren *"
Bridjrei wn* practiced time a i daitala,
pfoipwrti n
�������!*!  U��e lttaclt Hills.   Tli* former m��t*tal j^
kw   nd    taken a wry dweided  n*,- m ytw ��*����
to an IsxataM in Ut* ��h*m**,i   TWt*��-,
���rim*}  hairict* in ttw��  Hills mWn\n^l
ra foaad   s��,i* ,m
*c rsoentlf }**^ami%.
n w5 on Iforftt* Jim crv��k rh* t*wm*n4
0% t&nstM l*s-ru��bi h*�� sr*>ral *HUlt*
fiiw*5 indrt* ol Uw* BMtal exposed o*
i^efatk arwi a*wr)Rier*Alaiiaadsi
t$>�� rotsnasn saa��hit��M��e��, ��.��. tnikatea
of K��!ir?'��rri, mv   ttum^.Ki- n*itcreaisl
osfeMriea, lj**awHa r��>*-��������;��� ��� �������
n*tiv<�� ��tatp.i,iii i* invarial i �����<��
mm,<* ��elwf mrial. tew* ,>< - . ft-a *��|
raiaes tlsst hat hassi wo ���    io*ayei<
nasi ** Ui# S|**kaor,  n��-a* -   .*   -
the matt��gro��t*tit ��*t **  I   v..   .    Hi
<-t.,p|*��r dtatnet* have i*.��t   ���      ����� ��� ....
xn.'biy Bfssnaasjsl as tbtkw i***t ,,
aod h**n��-** t!����* ,t��i��|��*r (orm       ��� ire eel
isgefieraily ui*-li*f*to��>l    ��� .i-
.." U m*k* a *��4��l pfoj**nt�� n��. a��v*f *�� i
rratilt, gold tiooiitff. hat * ��� ** mw*
tirf a tertaio lni*itH*��a *a ' g ot Mart
*����a��f*g.   It |*ttitd#ri*Uv��! that *''n**��im-
found he had - ���  anal) a Win tn hi* .*<����* partMS* arv n��v>��t��*Ut'C f-w **:nrmf>
|W*f [ |����*r into** in t'nator rv>oi<��,     ��� -   m Ut*
until-he ..uld   repeat   her Unci  very   .     . ��������� ^^  ^,
Lorn, descend] ��rrej*kfa*��t  i* swalUng
>oll '
Bridget though! she could aeonit her-
-M'ifwj-h eredlt. How#��eer, sae gresr
excited at the door, ami knedksd as
bod tiiat the *ccu|iaal ef the reosi
���prsng to the 0s ��? sad ashed'
"What'* She UUttOf?
Bridge! lv,-.-:t:i I**��*.tios* lor hand*
nervonsli nnahfs< think ��h,i5 /-***t
to do, and Rnaltt gs '- d nuj
"My God; coete downstair* t*> break
A-* Sir Walter Scott Aaariding *��tha
friend near Abbots/off) t.< mttteta n
Heid-tate, which tn If .<h beggar ��!�������
happened to be near, opwed f->r1��itn
nir Walter was '.. ��� ram ������' rewarding
bin bv th-    present   -f  *tt*<pem     bat
Mat 5-Violet. Henry s��u; (*arvd>ii, J II
Cary; Cuba Libre, fJadore Daaopr*.
MAS ft-Edith, Harry Atdutfoa.
April 20��� Panther.
Ai'iHL 30���North Star.
Mav ���*���Lucky George, Irinlnf.iii. Bearer. 0o*
luti)bia\o7. Ada.^B
Mav  .1-White   Sparrow, Ckvoto.    '.'anailian
Ktiir, Red Whir, Boood O, Mw��iin.' Link.
Ann, ��- Medina Fraction arid Brighton   M fl
Hlllery bi Elmer J Felt, fl/M0.
Aran, av-Bwewvata i, Jno 0 Todd to Bdward
Frederick and Copper Cliff '.St,-|.h*-n PowwitJ
Harry LOWS.
Mav 4
R��#th<T  Fraction, g   Parri*   to  vVi
Mav 4���1-bH-kct. BlUMoe Kyi.
Mav ��-SuiiUwiii, Frank  Heap; Lake Shore
John I'ctt-raon.
Mav .V-Ceranton, Ooater.
ositrrricATS or impkovumknth.
Mat 3   Kurl, Kinera-xi.
Mar!���Bobtail J. John Wright u> Mike m<-
M inun.
It is no inconsiderable athievfineiit
for a young Canadian to come to < Utawt
at the agt; of 25 years, and in len< than
two years develop smong Msownpeo
pic the ponnlar strength which Is the
British Columbia Oovernoienti onl)
reason lor calling W. W B Mclnnes to
its help.
Because he has trietl lo do ri^ht at
Ottawa, regardless of what bis leaden
w��.M*edoin#, Mr. Mclnnee baa become
strong with the people of British I olam-
bfa, and because he is etrong with the
people of British < Columbia, Un- Torner
uovernment want-* him a-an ally.
<hi the record of  its  leader- a'   Vie
toria, the Turner Oovemmenl i- ��
pretty rank political organisation, and
on the record of the British Columbia
Liberals at Ottawa. Mr Mclnnes excepted, the Liberal party .,f Brltiah
Ccuumbls Isdecidedlv no better Therp
fore Mr Mclnnes will not betoblarm-
if be decides that he has a food chance
to serve the province bv identifying
himself with the Turner Go vernmenl a*
by tryino; to work a nondescriptOpposl
tion, which looks for its Inspiration to
British Columbia's cringing tribe oi
siftoti worshippers at Ottawa ���Toronto
I ��'h*yratn.
A    Kentucky    *t|��,ry.
A traveller, topping over tight in a
little Kentucky town, wax given a room
juHt above the office. Through th.-
night the noise below was deafening,
There was the sound of tl���. ibuffllng, of
feet, ami now and then i voice raited to
a wild yell.
I   Finally, coming to the cnuciiihi.il, thai
i* a fthillrn?
owe me sis*
���< ut
w.litem }*��rt of iVnningtiu.
Km plover - TIk* t*d ansa ��� i   a 111H bat
T��{*ort��  th*t h*��  MM   tSSn ������     ��ailu��f
'Here, un   gjOOd   frji.,1
tor, v,,ii, but,  alnd, *.r��u
peine." aatil     .
'm;,m| biest year honor,   ^It*.
h>>n..r live tfl! J psyyou, exriaitttetl the *Unn ���� tens beildii-g u��t mghi
lri-.|iinnn. Tigtil Wttdhtsan   vh' Ifm ������o��b
me    1 drank PJiM *��*'��� *"    I       "  *
Whitewashh ^ a man'* rhar*M*y fa��+1 Jy.^ f-awtlaf nn ttnty. ��"������   ������
not wash h white. u��*t b> h'ro   est,'
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co-
A full line of
always in Stock
Dealer ti\ MKATS
MN,,,N'     B0S8LAKD, NVLBOK,   KASi.o,   VU.OT BAY  \M'
Spain's Indebbadnaea. I
The nearness of Italy to Spain and
Ihe sympettiy, m well  as the eoni-
inanity of (iouinet'ehsl interest* .ex*
���Sting between t u*   t..v������ natiiiiis. lead
the Italian journal-*, and ..specially
���those ot the IndQitrtal centers ,��f Un
fourth t<�� dev.��tt- c-u.dihvnhle   attctt
lion to Spanish   affairs.    A   case   hi
���point   i*  hm   exceptionally  well in
formed article un tin* dintitcial oon-
ditioii of Spain jn*t pu'iU-he I by tjie
Gasetta del Pop do or Tu.ln.' The
Culwiu l)d��t, gfia anierd  ii *:   by t ic
Cuban   Cast.mi*,   ami   *hc>i.II\   bj
Sixain, ot wiiicn iSHIp m* are pay iltfo
in  (fold,   am ��i its   ���<  no |e*M than
&24s\40J,OT.p*J***a-i   tmsfrly   I'M,-
[000,OJO)   bearng    i��u-vi   to the
ainotiiit of Henri) �� *, ��A)aM 1 a  vear.
Most of these i-i.d    arc in Spanish
hands,   having   been   ueeenfct' I   hi
great part by the Iwiik of Spain as
security for advance*  niteU.   i ��� the
government.     In    addition  t..   tin*
above Spain is liable f ��r ihm Iv CM,
000,000 la respect of airearsef pay
to the annV ami   navy   t,��   contract*
ors, ami t<i peu*��ioin*r*��. as wi-ll as tin*
-i.i .. t'.'.uD.oilH   in nit i  tine to
[Marshall ttlaucolorw.tr f-X|HM**\s iu
ulia.    jbt'oethi*  Miith.-ak  of ib.'
I resent    msturt-c'i-Mi    tin-    annual
evenue  of rube   did not m He ��� t>*
over tin-stun-,  it'-ed.tl   I" V  Interest
find sinking fund In fttyee* ����t delu*��
previously coin.*jo*t��*d   bv   t n- if.tv-
eminent-��f the i��land, ����nl **i��*;*��'f *r��*
Spaniards were a*; e��*d tfm- tin did it,
inenrred In putting tl rwn i ii* insur*
reotlon must bv .i*��*unii*d   b,   Spain.
When  granting   the   recent  �� (than
i Viu*.titutt*iii,   hoW��*v*T. rii-   Sj,-mi> i
CoVernillfUt h'rt U| | pmi|l   U'lv*A>li-d.
postpoolog its solution   not I   ni ��� ���
jx-awful times. T ic Sjbi i��i ot .��
oritie* are thrrei'orv etttfti it**tl by
the following �����itti itu��!i; * "lib i cannot
In-ai any furthe.- hu den ef ���t,*h ,
and Spam i*�� not in h p-e'tki.t t��
asaume any tu.tner limine ��i ctiarg***
linos her reer.it litl I i*'l�� b tv -h>\v <
a deficit of between ri.uniu and
Ct,000,OJOh >�����.*.'. Mi ��� -Ii- ici' heinu
chiefly due to tin* l*l��'��.lW Hill gltNU
ally required let the ttrelee ,4 th
puolic o< ot �������� S,s��l i
The .ort mes of Wsr
Two minutes later���-It was an hour
to those brave defenders of their
country's honor -an awful explosion
rent asunder as with a thunderbolt,
the cloud of noise. A panic, scattered the subordinates.   The Genera!
"The man who quits his post," he
threatened, "pays the forfeit witb
hi�� week's salary."
The awful penalty had it** effect.
When the returning aide ��tumbled
terror-stricken into the'presence ol
his chief, no man dared monve.
"What is it r" said the hero.
'it'sthe pressrooms, sir." he faltered. "Our starboard boiler ha*
burst.   We -we arc helpless,"
"r.inturb," the Editor-tJeneral re
plied.      "Ktiiiish.      Nay,   too -too
much.    We  must make jM-aice with
of sorrow  and  the   spur  of fate. {
Verily, the Klondiker   is gradually
coming  to  his senses  and may in
time overtake them.
Hall Mines Smelter Closed.
The Goodenough,
American Flan, fS.90 per day.
European Plan, ��2.00 per day.
Strictly first class.
Heinse's Chequered Career.
K. Atigast Ibinze, until recently
tin- head <��t the   Trail  sim-lu-r, has
peek uf t,ou I de on his ha tub ill Montana, Ininj*; inU'ft-stud   at uresetit in
u ��!��������;���* t tan 'hi lawsuits    In nearly
all t.te-M- it i�� the Montana Ore  Pur
eltttWtlg   'o.    VS.   the   Boston ifc Montana . o.    Tin-re are  rumors of new
suit*, between these rival compaaiee,
in certain part* of tbe city of Butt*-
! Is��tii c'Mtipanie-are busing lip lots,
an-1 lliuugb the  *v.*rk   i*.  I*iug done
privately and by uieaim  of outside
ao,-ui��. hm   rumblings of future Iiti-
gaii .ii can plainly   be   heard.   Tia-
laet I'latllieiv \va^  UO venlict iu the
diehatl  lK*vm  case   iu the United
S:.��tt�� c un t��� whicii c-wt the parties
ai   lca*.t   150,000, leaves  the Whole
Ittnzat. oi as yet in  aim tat a   virgin
stain, ami ii.��onc a?  present can see
the end. Thivaieuing lawsuits, hew*
ever, do  not  prevent   Mr,   lleiuze
��oing   ahead   with   iuvntiuicut*   iu
mine** iu various parts ot the north
west,   lie is* operating the Copper
Kim:, near   Kttrwneft, unden bond
ami lease, and that |*r����ja*rty bdeveloping in a remarkable manner.    Mr.
Hem/.,    at  also  luvettlng  in   some
promising   K��ij,t  Steele   proDerMes.
Phe sale of his roads and pntelterin
West Ko..k-nay leavt* him sail own
a large amount of valuable land
has turn
(Jeneral operations at the Hall
Mines smelter have ceased, only the
rcverbratories now working. The
reason given for the shutting down
is the stringing of the new tramway
rope, which*arrived last week from
Montreal. At the same time, the
supply of on* is exhaustt.il. It is not
thought the works will be closed
down long.
The returns furnished by the Hall
Mines smelter up to April 30, which
covered 20 days and 10 hours, show
that 4,734 tons of ore were treatel.
This yielded 218 tons of matte, containing 92 tens of capper. 71,4f>0 ozs.
silver and 264 ozs. gold.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
Dr. A. MILL0Y,
The Central News Press Association of Loud n, England, says :   "A
prominent engineer,   who  hss just
returned from  Klondike to London
to government circles, states that he
has explored  a new route, to Klon
dike which will enable travellers to
get  down  easy -even   to cycle to
Telegraph creek, where thev   will
take the  present  route   to Dawson
City."   This is  really good   in the
wa'v of story telling���*4a cycle path
o Telegraph creek."   We shall near
next,  from   some   imaginative   pro
motor that there is a fine macadamized highway of easy grade all the
wav   from   Vancouver   to   Dawson
BOOMS   10  a   tt,  VIRGINIA   BLOCK
Will l-e ��t th? Hot��l Balmoral
once a mouth.
It was war bloody war. Om< had
only to tae the feveri-di aetlvlt> thai
prevailed about the Editor iRt-nerat's
department t<�� realUe as much.
There mptadi* of men were eeaM-lcs-
iv engaged easting the heavily lead-
t-d bulb-tin iu the hack " dee, to U
hurried as soon as read) to the flruttt.
\ separate suiif loaded the report*,
whicii, on the morrow would startle
thf enemy lu it* t-*u��-ring Rtftrets.
loiiiiuu after e.��luiuu emsoj-deivd
Inward at t|uiekl\ Mthc start c����ubl
draft   Mn mi    The  t-xeitetl voices m
sab-edltors, dictating their dispatch
es, mingled with the hurry t��f *l"*ek
feet   with   the   noise of many ham
melt lielow staiiN pounding on  the
metal plates -with the' 'war! war I
thateouoed iVo.u  the newsboyten
An .title roahed iu U}m��ii the clam
or,     "tJeneral." besalutetl, "we are
: runnlnt short of supplies."
"Of supplies V"
"Keduced to ����ur last r ��ll ol pa'per,
"iJo." said his superior olllcer sadly, "peel the walls."
He chased out with the order.  VA
gradual quiet overspread the staff.
���Cheer up, my men," the General
said, "the enemy is ours."
They eheereil.    But the end seemed not far off.
tltciv     Mi. lleiuze* career
a ivniai kaidt- one.
Western   Mining World, ol
i>  still   whole  souled   in Its
�� *,m as to the  Klondike coun
Its latest expression of doubt
tki 11
follow* Bngu
"A itoti*d author once wrote a book
In which he said  there  were sixtv
ttmr millions of people in America
-mostly bt'ls'.   A spjirk of vitaliu
Idutsemcd the comment into ablate
when the Klondike excitement ripen-
til into a er-ize.   Of all the branded
cattle in the corral uf civilization the
Klondike steer is tbe aenie of nnin-
telleetuatity.    Btedlestof the warn
IngSthat raiuetl down upon him the
Klondiker butted  his senseless  pate
against the decrees o\' fate ami turn
t*d the mlnUte hand ot life to the hoar
when graveyard! yawn   and a gap
lag trophet yearns for prey.
"He tlies ot starvation, of lingering
disease, of snow-slides, of frost and
Hood���he diet at he lived, a tool,
worshiping the fetich of gold. We
pitv the restless humans who And
coinloit In that finicky testivtl of
ho|H�� that lures the greedy soul to
rum, yet marvel not at the reports ot
death and disaster that ride upon
A Miiistsr MxupMt).
' **
The great!  cotton   thread   trust,
known as the Coatee combination, is
reaching out from Great Britain for
the control oi the United States and
Canadian markets.   The representatives of the several interested concerns refuse to discuss all rumors as
to negotiations, but it is persistently
announced that the scheme is progressing   rapidly.   The plan stems
to involve the amalgamation   of all
American concerns, and the Coates
concern  takes  large  stock,  which
means that the entire   market   in
(treat Britain, the United States ami
Canada will be under one control. It
is said that the works at Willtmatic,
Conn.,  will   be the mtnufacturing
headquarters of the  concern,  and
that all other factories in the States,
with the exception of  those  which
make   "six-cord thread,"   will    be
practically  abandoned.    A similar
concentration   may  be   effected   in
n. L.QRinnETT
Notary Public,
SANDON, - -        B. C.
B0NGARD & PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
Rwter.:   ��iUM**rday.
Special Rat**, by the W eek.
file Sandon Hand Laundry and
Bath House is still in the lead for
in itareh work. Work called for
ami delivered promptly.
SAXqpX, B. c.
He����lqH*rter�� for Minora.
Well stock."! I>ar In connection.
Fii-Ht class accommodations.   Board by the
And You Will
Smoke No
- ,��
�� '     1. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., MAY 14, 1*6.
Our Munificient Gooernment
British Columbia's resources are in
the control of gentlemen who know
how to distribute with the glad hand.
Sandon's City Council asked the
local legislature lor $000 to clear the
creek outside the city limits. An
answer was received recently through
OJti. Dennis, Assistant Commissioner, of Lands and Works, stating that
the government had no money on
hand and would not have any until
July. In other words, they would
not do anything for Sandon before
the elections. The appropriation
wtych was made early in the session
has all been spent. We understand
that Three Forks got some $50 of it.
Sandon people were promised about
all they cared to ask, nut up to date
these promises have failed to materialise. New Westminster, Nanaimo,
and other uncertain constituencies
are getting all kinds; of government
money. Some of the one-street towns
in solid divisions do not have to ask
f >r appi opriations. The progr essive
and active district of Slocan, which
pays more taxes in proportion to
population than any other country
on earth, Cuba, Spain and Armenia pot excepted, gets practically
Dan M:ittn and Bill Mackenzie get
3UKX),<M) for building a lath track
somewhere between hell and B >b-
caygeon. The same gang get another million or two for building the
V. V. & E. In all, the government
is giving away some live million
dollars for building railroads which
it should build and operate tor the
people ; and in most cases the roads
could be built for less than the bonns
anounts to. How this money is divided it is hard to say. There is a
large rake-off somewhere.
Our legislators could not find $110)
to improve Carpenter creek. Sandon
may be flooded out, drowned or
washed to kingdom come for ill they
care; or the citizens may do the
government's work and cash up for
it themselves -just as they like.
All this may not be edifying but it
is instructive. Our council is at
fault. They should change their
tactics. Let* them ask lor ^100,000.
not a paltry 3uU). By the time the
different pluggers^and cappers in
Victoria got their' rake-off there
would probably lie aliout enough
left to lix the creek.
The members of the local legislature are the gentlemen who are
asking for re election.
A Bad Barns in
Back on the Sonnd-Didnt   Knots?
he was Dead.
A letter received yesterday from
E. C. Bissell, who was supposed to
have been one of the victims of the
snowslide disaster on the Skagway
trail, says:
"I found on arrival at Victoria
Sundav that I had been killed in the
snowslide at Chilcoot pass, but I
flatter myself that mv bump of
caution is "too well developed to get
caught in a snowslide."
The letter is dated from Tacoma,
where Mr. Bissell intends to locate
lor the present. This final assurance that E. C. is still in the land of
the living will come as s considerable relief to his many friends in
Blood is Thicker than Water.
Says the Montreal Witness : "British people the world over who remember how the American sailors of
the United States fleet in the harbor
of Apia, Samoa, drifting to their own
destruction before the hurricane,
cheered the British sailors, who, inch
by inch, worked the great British
warship to safety in the open sea in
the face of the gale; who remenilw-r
how the American ahipH at the capture of Taku forts, at the mouth of
the lViho, could not refrain from
Joining the British in their fight from
pure brotherly feeling j who remember how, after the bombardment of
Alexandria, the American men-of-
war there sailed round the British
Victors and cheered them, will heartily rejoice over tbe success of their
American cousins."
Mackenzie & Mann will receive
$4,000 a mile from the Provincial
government for building the 3tick.een
Teslin railway. Hut the road will
not be completed before the end of
the summer of 181)9. The only redeeming feature of this iniquitous
grant is that a provision has been
made by which the Province shall
receive 4 per cent, of the gross receipts of the railway. It will be interesting to note what success the
government will have in collecting
this per ccntage. If no better re
Belts are obtained than so far have
been achieved in the arrangement
that the Province has for a share of
the gross receipts of the Nakusp snd
Slocan and the Shuswap & Okan*
agan railways, it will have been a
waste of time to make such a provision.���Miner.
For the latest styles  in Neckties,
call at the Post Office store.
According to the statements of
leading railway men, and they
should be able to judge, the war has
hot, as yet at all events, proved the
bonanza for Canadian trade which in
tome quarters was looked forward
to. The general trade is good in
Canada, but this is not due in any
way to the war. Mr. ii. M. bV��
worth, general freight manager ot
the Canadian Pacific, savs : "The
Canadian Pacific, and one might say
all the Canadian roads, of course, are
doing a verv large business at present. That is because this has been a
magnificent spring In Canada. If
not one gun had been fired in all
Cuba this would have been a busy
season for Canadian railways. But
if these guns had been fired up along
the Northern Atlantic test ma rd it
might have male litem still busier."
The internal    ditttnttont   which
handicap the Spanish government at
this crisis are in marked contrast to
the unanimity with which nil politic-
al parties iu the United States eon.
grass unite to vote millions for the
prosecution of the war. The Span
lard boasts of his patriotism the
American puts his hand in his pocket
and product's the evidence.
And Other Investments.
Every Representation  Guaranteed.
Sanson, B.C.
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C.
The onhj exclnaioe Wholesale and Retail Grocer* Hotss* in Sandon
Dealing in FIm, Fi*Mh mi Otmmm table sup*.
Plies suitable for Family, Hotel md Mining trade.
Special brands of Pure Tm�� a-ad Ooffooo.
Sole Agents for
Giant Powder Co.,
Tho famous Goodwin Gaadleo.
St. Charles Sterilized Croon.
Branch Stores tl KASM> and AIN8WOBTU
Merchants  Advertise In the
Paystreak Because It Pays.
Hamilton Byers,
Dealer In -^
Shelf and Heavy
Caps and Fuse,
Smithing Coal.
Jeeoop Steel,
Steel Rails.
|      Traux Ore Cars.
Bar and Sheet Iron.
Complete line of Mine
Hardware always
In Stock.
A Hill Line of Cittern, Tobacco*,
Plpft n.ol Smoker* Htmdrle*
III Stork.
Headquarter* lor Playmg Carda and
Poker Chips.
moo avt Ulmm
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
Ta* Nat **4 trnfmUt ttntH ***��*��
To Eastern 6t
European Points.
To Pacific Coast &  Far East
To   Rich   and   Active GoW
Fields of Klondike and the
H*ff*T��*r# Cheeked |��il>e..tlnstles
and Throufflt Ticket* lat****��
New Tourist Car Service.
Daily to .St. Paul.
1 ht 11 y fctfOfJ Tuea* hi v i* ���WaT*'
Canadian   and  I    >    ���'"inl*
To Main Use Point*, and. ttttttisf $u"*��?
To and from Nelson.
l>��ve Hnndon ArrU*
7:45 a. in. ������*���> *
Aarartaia   |rt��**��t   KKIUVKI' luTVS*^,
t.iii tanwetstlua ��������* ���Jfiwtng *****
Agent. l-fcndot.
I j COTLB,       w r am n***
hi.i !�����.. a���� .
Tr��v I'*-" *r
B����m teat ��..����� tfets*. *��** %i*'
('ANAlffAK  1-ACirU    ��*�����**'


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