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The Paystreak Sep 24, 1898

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K. J. Field  was up from
Alex Smith of the Surprise was in
town yesterday.
peered to arrive from Hamilton, Ont.,
| to morrow.   They will take op their
Kaslo' r��*a.i��l.*nce In Johnny (table's cottage
on Sunnyslde.
Eli Thompson   tuts  applied for a
I license tor a variety  theatre.   He
l was always   regarded as  a brave
Bruce  White   returned   Sunday mnix<   (ml   few   people   expected
from liis eastern tottr. ' ���i;assyM ot such bravery as this.
W. A. Jowclt, of the Kelson Miner, j    p. j
was in town Thumlay,
The K. A S. is putting in a cattle
cfirard at tlie Sunnyslde crossing.
\V. Kelvin, of Rcvel*uk��\ lelt over
ihe K. a S. fur Ttaoeito T*��urnday.
TheC. P. R. workmen   are grad
Robertson's building ia about
completed, and hia su��ck will be
moved over an soon as possible. An-
other car of furniture is expected to
arrive to-morrow and will be stored
in the new warehouse.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ating* in  South  Africa,   have now
���  turned their eves  toward  Canada.
A 'special  meeting: was held on In tact, one of their number, a British
Sept. 10th  to reconsider a motion member ot parliament went through
Montreal the other day on his way to
Rossland, and it is supposed that on
his arrival in the Kootenay unite a
number of properties will change
lug for the switch iu tlie BOW station. ; transcontinental
The first message over the Canadi
au Pacific Telegraph company's new
copver   telegraph
Montreal to
mmmBlalBwmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaamm.yW    lUilcS
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^aaaaaaaaaat .     * '** *��*"��-HA hnf * <uu><mi<I
.lav with his ''Kootenay llltmrated.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
vi    t. ii _    ij^ u �����.. ia #.     Mite Jean Terrv. graduate ol the
Ni* &,Nri.Jlir  MtTrlU.��^Vf*   New England  College of Oratory.
h Paul ,ii Thumday over the K. & ^^ Jy ^.^ ,��, yjT wffi
> give a recital in   Virginia.   Hall on
Urge insUllutent*of the Isantiful,Tuesday evening the27th insi.   Miss
arrived  on  the   higher  level* this Terr*.* waa recently a guest
adopted at a regular meeting of July
4th advising the license committee
that in the opinion of the council it
would be unwise to issue any more
new liquor licenses.
The motion was recinded and the
commissioners recommended to use
their own judgement in the matter.
A regular meeting was held on
Sept. 19th with all the members
present. Minutes of the last meeting
were rend and adopted.
An account of White & Cavanaugh
for 151.27 was accepted and ordered
t   M. Wilson went to
Monday to spend a few
Spokane on
���a-.*cks<*f a
holiday. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The ilanrllu-n Powder Company
��llipped in auother car uf t��J per cent
tin* W��*ek.
 . waa recently a curat at the
(>ajdi*nou��U Hotel and delighted her
friends with rer reading. Any who
have heard her will ntost heartily
recommend her as a splendid enter-
The sum of ���50 was donated toward the Brass Band.
Reports of the Police Magistrate,
Chief of Police, and Chief of the Fire
Department for August were accepted and fyled.
The Board ot Works was instructed to call for tenders for repairing
the fire hall and also to look into the
matter of building cells and constructing a bridge across Carpenter
(.'reek at Ivanhoe street.
The icanhoe.
The shipments of ore from July
1st, 1898 to date.
From Sandon.
Payne, : 4,430 tons.
Ruth, : 1095
Slocan Star, : 875
Last Chance, : 460
Sapphire : 18}
Coin ; 8*
Wonderful Bird : 1
Soverign : 604
Wonderful : 8
C M Wilson : 2
Treasure Vault : 40
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_  Tlie new bunk liouses, ore Irouses,
si ,     The tower tunnel on the Ajax is in Jetc.. at the Ivanhoe which were re-
itother  preacher up at ���,ai{fLr M
That,!  why   tire it��v.   ���" �����
Six Inches oi snow fell at the Reco
There is amain
the .Vlnune.
I. A. smllei^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mr and Mrs. M. L lirimmett are
expensed home from their bridal tour
shorn the 1st.
H\ron SUarpe will leave Sandon
nest week. He is going to take in
iIn- Fruit Fair.
A. .1. McVlchle returned  Monday
on Thumday night.
Work wa* commenced on Monday
on the Ajax Fraction.
The shipments trom the Star will
be much increased after this  week.
W. W. Wainer has commerced on
his contract on the Treasure Vault.
A gang of ineu was put to work on
The Noble Five is having a lot of
trouble with fail air in the lower
nrmiel. It is almost im|��osslb.c to
Work the machine.
The Blue Bird, which was recently
hondtd to Seta McDonald, D. C. Cor
bin   and   Others  is  showing up re
uiarkablv under development.    I wo
ears of ore have already been taken
J. K. Clark lias let a contract tor
i :��tVJ feet of tunnel on
Jenken Bros,
ing two shltst
pied  most ^^^^^^
The Wakefh Id. on Ft*r Mile, Is
renairlng the old trail and in places
Wilding a wr��one ^^.SffS
road.    An ore house is Itemg built at
the road and   preparations made to
make the property a heavy shlpptr
t,   * .�� , ilsaftiter    About .15 men are em-
Tenders are bdng invited tor mov    ''t^n tin- nine
'������JMhe Cameron Tmtldlng off the &<*<* ln llu m,m .
1 ��� P. R. twopertvto a location near     The Last Chance switch  on we
0. K. Farmers Union. K. A S.   has been ����P-fon H���
work *s now well under way on "���*���
Julius P. Black left lu the earlv *',,loa8C% The foundation has been
l��rtof the week for Cascade City JJJ. tn(l lnc frame work is being
where he will open a hotel. Mrs. ion8trttcte<l. The Umber to beta*
Hlw4t will spend the winter In Char SS In from Kaslo. Work on
�����tte, N.C. |Smwlll probably  be commenced
J��a Vallance and  bride are ex 'next week.
Ii' in a season's work iu the   l*acdo
Duncan country.
The American boy has three inches
^shipping ore where the lower ct*uss>
cut tapped the lodge.
One of Hammond Bros. hors��**got
killed in the new cattle guard   re
ccntlj put in by the K. & S.
Hallway rates go up o�� morrow A
rush for tickets has been on at the
l��*cal ofHce during tlie past tew days
D, R. Young has commenced   the
|"iI���!nation of   a    moth Is    mining
puper, tbe Kootenay Mining Stand
The Fruit Fair eiipons arc now on
tap at the K. A S. depot. They are
longer than a Pennsylvania search
Rev.-A. M, San ford and wife who
have iron spending a ten day's
vacation on the Columbia returned
^JPalmetto to
Thev are now work
and expect to l��e occu
of the
cently completed are among the
most' comfortable mine bulidings
in the district. About 20 men art*
now employed on the property. Al*
most all work being done on
the property is on development
and no ore is being shipped although then; is several thousand
tons of high grade stuff on the
dump. A. tramway is part of the
plans of the Minnesota Silver Company and when the Ivanhoe is put on
the shipping list it will very quickly
become known as one of the most
valuable properties in the Slocan.
The Sunshine.
From Concentrator Siding
Idaho Mines, :
Queen Bess, :
Prom Whitewater.
Whitewater :
7,435. tons
Total, : j
Shipments over the K. & S. for the
week ending September 23: Pavne
50, Ruth 105, Last Chance 'CO,
Slocan Star 120,   Treasure Vault 40.
Over  the C.   P.   R. for the  third
week  in  September;   Payne, 300,
Total for the week 675.
Society Netee.
winter on the
On the Sunshine development is
TOing ahead rapidly. In the upper
tunnel, which was run in on the
ledge for 365 feet, a winze was sunk
20 feet, showing good ore sil the wax-
in both tunnel and winze. A lower
crosscut tunnel which has bean started to run in under the bluff is in 50
feet,    H will tap  the  ledge at 100
feet jriving ��<�����!*������ <* ao�� feet-
On the Yakima a large amount ot
surtace work has been done. Open
cuts on the lead showed good ore in
manv places. On a sha t which
Parted with a 2 inch ore strrnger the
payatreak has widened to 15 feet
"African Circus"  Coming to B. C.
A Montreal dispatch to the Toronto
World savs that Charles J. McCuaig,
nwmasv. _���,.   broken has
the  well-known  stock
returned  from  London,   where  he
spent three months.   He bring- fhe
noma that  the "African Circus^  has
Ulna naked to explain, Mr. Meunatg
Sid? $ means that Cecil Rhodes,
Bell and others who have been oper*
To the casual observer the sign
I. O. F. in Crawford's Hall means
little, but tlie to the Forester it has
two or three meanings���"Independent Order of Foresters," or ' Tm Orre
Forester," but the novel idea recently instituted in Court Sandon may
make it read to some members "I'm
Often Fined." At its monthly meeting held on Thursday evening tbe
new scheme worked admirably and
many faces seldom seen in many
moons were easily discernible. After
the regular business of the month
had been transacted several members gave songs, recitations and
readings which were enjoyed immensely. A fine programme has
been arranged for the next regular
meeting. Songs, recitations, instru
mental music aud phonographic
selections are Included in the re-
The following officers were elected
for the remainder of the year: Jas.
Willianiion, Vice Chief Ranger;
J. Richmond Dean, Recording Secretary ; John H. Cameron, Seinor
Presbyterian church���Regular services in Virginia hall morning and
evening at 11  a. in. and 7:30 p. ni.
Methodist Church���Regular services to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m.   Rev A. M. Sanford,   A.   B. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C.
The following ia a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during the
week m the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denve; were
aa follows:���
Sipt IS-Random, Carr inter, Henry Brown.
Gove Head FraeUon, McGulgan Sldimr, asms.
Labor Day, Silver mountain, Rnaael Donald
San It���Belmont, Fhmel creek IVter Grant-
Rodney, Eight Mile. Geo Parkinson.
Silver Cord. Four Mile. Paul Green,
Skit lS-FItt, north fork Carpenter. Alice
Trenery. ��� _    _ _ , _
Yorkshire Boy, SUverton, John R Roberta.
Nancy Lee, same, A L Roberts.
Prince, north fork Carpenter, Jaa Black and A
C Van Moerkeake. :" ''L".
Paaby, aouth fork Carpenter, Jno Dockstosder.
8kpt W-SUvertne, Dardanelles baalu, Johu
Swanson. ,   _. ., ���
Orient Fraction, Sandon cn*ek. G B Knowfes.
Maud N, Martin creek, Johu Bfe ..utln.
Maud M. aame, Joa B Martin.
Ella, Glacier creek, O l*mleux.
Elltoe, aame. John B Martin. .   w   .
Black Diamond, Four Mile,Norman McMillan.
Sett IS-Permlt to transfer work from Noonday to Grey Eagle and Fourth of July.
Skpt lS-Carrie, Ada   Bell, Treasure Vaul
Naoma. Allegash, Ajax.
Skpt M- Winton. Islington, Pure Gold.
Skpt 15-Drum Lummond, Valkyrie.
Skft 16-Cand K, Grey Fox, Legal Tender.
8kpt 17-Conder, Bay Stote, Produoer.
CKsriFicAXB op HPnoVBMKjrrs.
Skpt Ifr-Ocean.
SKPT 17-JIC. WHB. SUverton Boy. Crea
cent, Emily Edith, Jenny Jones Fraction, Arena
Skpt 13-Little Dora f, PChlsholm to Marlon
Lees, Sept 12.
Banshee. John Vntlnncn to Roufetto M ft M Co.
Skpt 15-Msnpun J. Randolph Saunders to
Andrew J Murphy. Aug 21.
Will*. Frank Watsou to The WiUaGold Mining
Co, April 87.
Skpt la-Bay State, Pergusoo Armstrong to
Nathan S Tucker. Sept 9.
Province 5/16. James 0 Ryan to David Sloan,
SKi*Tl7-Jebovas, Joseph B Martin to Arthur
Mullen, Sept U.SUS.S'i.
International. Thursdav Fraction, i in each, L
W Parkinson to John H Th xn.sxHi. Oct li.
Orenun City 1. International |. Thursday Fractional i, John H ThomiMou to JoTin a Whit tier
and David W Moore. Oct 13.
Shareholder i. W Ryan to Oliver T Stone.
Power of Attorney. R George to W B QnSfSJn.
July Si).
Skpt Id-Polo. Charlotte Henderaoii to T M
Banting, April 1. ��.��<��.
Black DUmoudi, Norman McMillan to H M
Walker, Sept 19.
March Bird and Snowflake, s In unch, J C
Butler to aame. Sspt 19.
SkptJ-Maggie. M A Kelly; Sharper Fraction.
I*  II WalshTMorniiig  Mine. H GrMBth; P,,rk
;..--    4 son          ,.
Hill, Alex Dodos;  Wishbone, Falrview
Owen: Cashier, H Griffith.
Skpt S-Columbia Fraction. D Angus: laura.
R A Cameron, W A Tillsd; Allan Joe C Kinxler.
hsvts lualltu Fraction, H C Th ���mllnson:
no(M.,n rracilon. Alice ���Tronery; Edith D
Tnnmev; Stdla May, T H McCowan.
Skpt 10-Skye, Chas Moore.
��� ?tnJ?-dLlir KaSt' '?ol*rt K*,**��r* **t��w��teln
Lion, P J While..; Bit*- Jay, p J Whalen and J
Swanson; .Colombia. J Swanson; Leapy. J
Casasza and P J Whaleu; Minnie, W H Bell-
Blue Bird, Afcx HufBllo: 8t Uwren�� Frarffi
J W LI.era; Harriett, CO Weese. Ainaworth.
Skpt W Jtaatjl Tom Fnu-Uon. Montreal a
Kpotenay Mlnlnc Co. Aln.worih: I X L. A K
LUtk-;  Rich Hill.   W M Wrliibt; Lsndymoun
R Williams: Eillna. M Hediilc; Br..>kllii. W
Luke.   R  Densmore.   R  Elllnu. W  H Vromr
Klrnariiock. T aKsmmsoni nmninltt. C Niiwhi
A mil*   Florence,  J   H   Flier; I'symasb-r, 4 J
Csaey, Rambler   J  J  <ja*y ami J   II   phj,.r
C^ufterville. S D Lindf k.r; Mountain (i..at   I
J Cassey; Poor Man, D WHarris;Cod.-.J H Js.k
so..;   Billy   Davis   S  P J��4��;   Hull r.   Homer
Dra|*r   Shvpi,   f   H  Jackson;  li .Id  Dust. S
Dsnoin ��; Victory. M Moulse.
Skpt 7-IJberty, Lucky Uiv. Mnnmret. D*rs,
tWi?*** - 'y,, "*?r' T��"'r'*������'������ Tl����r. Vender.
afJjfii^''.TT; ��Na,,��y . H������,,^,��� ^���"������Intstetl.
MollkiMursh, 11N I. Native silver. Wni.ni, Hill
Top, (Vrtnino'.wealth. Sultan, Republic.
SK�� r ��-Crowu JewrJ. Escnnar��,rfa��<l, Eaaex,
uadJ?ck��l,.M>I,J^ ���'mction. stVnitetuma nTi
Harris, Sliver Glance.
ApU'T*'z!'0?lAm$). *****l*l��. Faustina, Hope.
Aliwworth. Lake View. Queen Mall, Donglia
Panther, Khitdyke, N.rw *> I.
SKPTW-Mollle, Helen Mara. Dnlveeu. Hum-
meraer. glim May. Wandering Oost.
Skit lS-l'uy Ore Fraction.
Skpt P -Certificate of satisfaction of Gold Com-
mtasioner aa to work done ou the Bio* Bell to
count on Fraction No a for Crown grant aa well
aa on Heudryx No a.
Skpt 9-Fawstliin Mfrallte .. Henry Sl��ernn
to Wm Th mllnson, 1900.
SKPT 10-A lien and Zuul \, TP Lindsay to R
B Merritt rt,ot��.    _;
Agreement of Joa Werner and M M Gruthn to
���ell Valpariso and Government to|E J Matthews.
Skpt lS-Augnst, John Blddell toO A Sutherland, ��I��o.    - _   ., __
Pay Ore Fraction. J McCue to Pat MrCue.
One of the most surprising and interesting developments of the past week
haa been the find ot rich gold quarts cm
Boulder creek, which promises to be
richer than anything heretofore found
in the district, says the Fort Steele
Prospector. The quarts is ot surprising richness, and small samples when
panned give large returns in .fold.
The location of the new discovery is
on the west side of Boulder creek, about
two and one-halt miles from Wild
Horse, and not over seven miles from
Fort Steele. The ledge is visible
for fcbout 400 feet ou tho surface,
and the ore chute has been followed for
a distance of 150 feet.
Some two weeks ago it was reported
that a large and rich strike of silver-
lead ore had occurred on the Sullivan
groop, and that the ledge was some 80
feet in width.   Mr. E. C. Smith, man
ager of the mine,  returned to Fort
Steele Monday, and during an intrr
view with a Prospector reporter, said
that the lead  was much wider, probably 109 feet at the least, that a horse
was encountered which at thnt timewas
supposed to be a wall, but (later explor
ationshave demonstrated that the ledjre
proper must be about 10U feet in width.
Tne Sullivan group of mines consists
of the following claims, Hamlet, Shy
lock and Hope, and were discovered hv
Messrs. Smith, Clever, Burchett and
Sullivan, in 189*2, who sold the property to Spokane parties. The new
companv is known aa the Sullivan
Group Mining Co . F. Mogan is pre-ii-
dent. Chas Wolf, treasurer, and F. L
William, secretary. On the directory
board are Col. Peyton. Col. Kedpath.
Major Armstrong, "Col. Turner, Frank
Graves, Judge Blake, F. Post, and V.
C. Smith. The Sullivan is stocked for
t2,VJ0,ou) and is controlled almost
wholly hy Spokane parties. Mr. E C
Smith retaining a 28th interest, in fact
we may sav that the Sullivan group is
owned aud controlled by the principal
stockholders of the famous Le Roi mine
of West Kootena v.
Hewitt aWstoek Looking far later-
salon A heat Hots.*..
Hewitt Bontock, M.P. for Kootenav-
Yale-Cariboo, isa/ainin Kootenay Mr.
Bontock has been in Trail for the past
few days,gleaning information concerning the local smelting industry, and
especially as regards lead reduction,
with a view to using the dnta tltn* ob
tained at the next session of |��rliauu<nt.
To the Kossland Miner, Mr. Boatoek
could nor say posiiiv.-lv when parliament would next assetubla, hut he an
tU-ipalen that the sessiou will In- earlier
than usual, probably commencing in
January. Mr. Bostovk was not prepared to say what would be the moat Important legislation introduced at the
hex*', session, but he expect* that considerable attention would Im> paid
to redistribution. Hi* referred to n
desire among prominent Liberals to reorganise the representation in the
House of Commons on a fairer basis
than was provided under Conservative
rule. He expects to see many poeket
boroughs that are considered Conservative strongholds wiped out. and greater
representation given to districts that
have increased largely in iKipulatinu in
recent years.   In this connection he ex-
poets that the Kootenay-Yale-Cariboo
district will receive favorable consideration He favored the contention that
the Kootenays should be organised ana
separate constituency, and this he will
do his utmost to secure at the earliest
possible moment, He aaid the division
of the district meets with the approval
of the Ottawa administration.
Speaking of the organiaing of the
Liberal partv in British Columbia Mr.
Bostoek admitted that a move was on
foot to thoroughly marshal the forces of
the partv for tne next campaign, iu
Provincial as well as Dominion politic*,
but ns to the details of the scheme he
was not prepared to speak at present.
As 10 Dominion party lines in Provincial |>olities, Mr Bostm*k expressed tbe
belief rhitt the next e'ections would be
fought out ou that basis
Plans   All   Knoohod   Ont.
The Spokesman-Review says the St.
Keverne bonding scheme is oil The
stockholders of tbe company were almost unanimous in favoring tbe pro-
po-ed plan wherehv John A Finett**WA*
to take a bond for t&),0iiu on the property and to admit such of the sUH-khold-
ersas desired to tierome interested with
him in the boskd iu proportion to their
holdings of stock The stm*kholders'
meeting wan held last week in Sp��kane
with >.<0,<aarof ihe WJhflto issued shares
of the com'Mtnv's stock represented Ol
these. Jr2��AOJJ were known to favor the
proposed deal. Nine* the meeting the
secretary hat received proxies tor .**>,���
oii> more share* also favoring the bond.
It was the small minorily uotrepreoxott
ed who upset the plan They were
eastern stockholders Neurit everv
share held in Spokane was reprenenfed
and all favored It
When the meeting convened Mr
Finch staled to the stockholders that he
had received several tellers and telegrams from small eastern stockholders
denouncing the plan as a high handed
proceeding aud had also noted an ad
vers** criticism in tbe Toronto Mail.
While he believed the plan W�� be a good
thing for the stockholders, large snd
small, he said he did not care to under
take the project if he was to be thus
bitterly denounced bv the people whom
he sought to help So fn spite of Ihe
fact that there was a great majority of
the stock present and ready to approve
the bond Mr Finch decline*! to enter
into the arrangement.
Caatnaiaa's On   Ton.
The Toronto Telegram is a strong
advocate of the principle of Canada for
Canadians. It tritely says: British
Columbia's new Government includes
four natives of Canada and one native
of England. British Columbia's old
Government was made up of four Englishmen and one native Canadian, the
Hon |) M Kberts, Attorney -General
I his change from an overwhelmingly
English in an overwhelmingly Canadian Government is Indicative of the
growth of the Canadian element In
British Columbia's population. Eastern
anada In tilting up British Columbia,
tad thet'nttadians in the new Government will have a chance to show thai
their supreuincv Is an improvement
Upon the domination of the English
Inirn rulers, who have been justly sun
planted "        J     V
The lower tunnel on the Whitewater
Deep ban twen closed and tbe men have
been put on tbe workings of the upper
The 15th nrrived and with it came pay
day, \ hich rejoiced tbe hearts of a Urge
number of Whitewnter cltisens.
Quite a few of our stores
in the acoetalene plants.
The Cosgrove minstrels performed
here rhursday and Friday nighta togood
aosfa or ths mystic.
Vathnr Ryan.
t wsttuMl oVwti th* Valley ,4 SUntr*-
The dark, vofcnkns v*fk<��- -*u,,-
And I Isksr nut ths fall of s f>��'(*!.<,.
Atoned ma, saw o��d s ������.��my <>��... ���
And the hneh of my heart a ss n u
As novcr when* annals have Sown l
Long ago wss I weary of voir***
Whan* ttMste my h**it r**��ld bos win -
Long a#>�� wa* I wrarj uf tun- ��
That frrtwd m�� suul with th�� it din;
��� nan was 1 waaa* uf pisr**s
-  I mmi hot lb* Immimi.   and ���:
I watlwd la th* snirkl with the ��  r:,.,
1 ewvs��*t want Uj- mwld mret eavs
And I said .   "In th* srurld ��sm-H It. .1
That shtiMt. Ilk. s Mar ��n lth>'�� wave.
Is nstsssl on tor BlMts* uf th   ii   ,i
And skwin* lla* a dfntn ii <% ��t*\t "
Ami stdi did I j4i��.- It* th�� IWc-t.
Ami sUU f'*ui��d th* false ��ttlh Om> Tru*;
1 nstyhi 'mid th* Hnnssu f...r H< *..
Uut *viu*f hi a men* j*����ni��** ������<* as nins.
And I w*e* whssi ih* t-l iJd�� <A th.- M *-ul
Vafted ��V��n that nftmiestt it,��, .��    , ��-��
And I ��*��U**dno. h***t-Ot��d <4 th* If i-..�����.
And t akssn*4 'wM iu* nunsw uf m<��
Till I an*M, kaor **-��, at an alUr
Aod 1 hrsrd a *.4*-* e^ai m*    Hlar* th. n
I want down th* VsJa*> *4 *m��t>rw
Thnt U��* lar l����*)��4 n��it��aJ ����m,
tmrjtm ask wh.11 f.a��ad in th* vslV* ���
'Tis say TrwOos; l*l*rw with lb* is.i.:w..
Aod 1 �� B *t Us* l��*-t <*f ths iM..
And ��r*.at tns * *\<4e< ��i��l��l.   "ftv ai
At��4 ih��-os r***. Uwa thr�� AViOi <4 mi - I  t
Aa .*����������*���-' tf.,�� awart *ImJ1 U this* *
f*�� yoa sua how 1 lit* In ih* Vallf. *
I o-s*>* sod I dfv*��n   ���'�����' I a*ay,
ihti m* fsr-irs ��r* *s ��**�� t ���� ��Ss >W�� u������ ,<*
rthsi f ��U '���� osss. In U* ��� I
A 1*4 ��n�� Mt****��t lias a tmrtf'wn- frusw (>n��e/s
Asm��Mh *������ ����,*'l *���������*����� ����> l day
Im Ihr hash at Ih* VaUsr of SMWnrs
I drs i��<h alt rh* swon*. thst I stsn*.
Ami .1st mo*** S o���� loon Uso <W|> V nth��
Till r.*-h and* �� ��� *4 t r . <���> ig.
Ttssi |r. hvons. its��Os> t>��.*�� 4 ��h* IW***,
A aaSntSHIof |sss*o*b*y >*��� ������ w���  **
fan* far aa ta*dv#e U*-** ar* tnMapa,
T������e istvsr *t����ii br*.A on thr Wa* h
Aod I h��*�� h��Nir��r # -*��#�� *����� 0 ' n:l*t��*
Tho' a**** *h*H S *���� i ���������� *t��'***h ;
Aod I h*��* bsd Ba1s*o*M In lis* V 4b/
T ���������** hotly tm lsH.ta.ns i- rsorb
An*t I h��v�� nnm Ta sanhts Sn��v V Uh ���
ah * m*>, how mv nam *���.��* ����."������(
A'wl lh*y BSssf hofy v* b �����*�� ih<"ir for**,
Tbs*r is*,4s��*;o mo m imd* (����� h �� d
Th*.�� ,o*. Ihr JgJk Us�� V ��;���.-, .}��, Vi idsS,
l\s�� }*nr* for its* toorb "# a word
I>�� tun **h awtlo idsnt ��4 ttv N'.iV 1
V* hrarts tb ^t afl S��^v*��r��v4 otth r��r* *
ItlK.b ��f-���� i.ts-��s��*wWM
AftdOtst sod fit* ana*** sr* Uo-r*:
And oa* U in* dark nsaialato of awn.*.
And wis tbs brbrh! at *snui> <4 Prsvtf
ri'H    Alttt    ISM.  Kl.ttMl
"Iksod stuff," sajm man to money;
"ntull," narn actio
Eternity will show Isaifdove to ���'*��
been a horrible illoatoo.
Love aod money are dear sl***nt
friends that almost never meet
r.reed crucifies love dattv. not with a
groan, but with a chunkln.
To shift capital ia no ureal hardship
to shift without it is the rob.
Astronomical Instrumen's <��( flans
were used by tlte Chinese as surly as
2313 B.C.
Ajpiinakio. the Hdllipiune insunr*ni
leader, ts said to be a very h.iu>l*oiiio
Bank of England notes are nutnbernd
Ino-kwanl from 10,00\ hence ihe rtgures
Eve y man thinks himself taind lor
more than he is worth���and ho gem-mlly
thinks rightly.
love may be a dream, but, thank
God, it la a progressive and iwvolutlonary
dream. .
HoSoeilons of a atasUale**.
A Ifool Is a fool, and so are a good
many other ptnipln
To like to be right is laaacullnoj w
like to be thought right is feminine.
The oniv real reason why a girl ro-
fuses to marry a man Is because w
doesn't ask her.
Men will alwavn know that woman
arent angels a**'long as anv of tnsru
have anv sisters in their families 0��HT*
Tn, Horrors WltaiMis**. on th* Trail by
Andrew To oh*.
Andre* Tunks returned to New Den-
ver Sundny evening, after several months
siNwn.e, most of wblcb time he has
.pt-ntin the tar north, lis left early
tut nitniner with James McDonald
lor the Klondike. They went -is far
orvr the summit as Lake Bennett
^gather, and there, finding that It
nook! tn* i in possible for both to go
through, they separated, Melkmald ink
ingevery th i ng ho needed,and Tunks turn ���
Lag back. As early as it was possible
10osvignlo Ml tunks secured nnotliet
outfit and alone went over the summit
^n sod then went up the Stewart
nref, nhrre he spent several mouths
prasptcting, with little success. As was
iuioI l>*-*t week, McDonald mnnaged to
gvt through and made a small stake
s..rik:!..' �� lamch claim.
Mr funks is not etttliusiaatlc over tlie
Klondike'* prospect. While he does not
doubt thai gold ii very nice when you
find it. and that there tn lota of it w her*
it ;t hU-rslly deposited, Uie act of dud
;, ��� Ihene scattered deponitorien on the
benchrnaod in tlie creek beds is too
.���->���.��: an uiuiertaking for tlte ordinnry
Un his northern trip he witnessed
aimeof (be tii.ist pitiable scenes ima��rirt
ibW. < hi ths trail be saw hundreds ot
l-miej. hi arlcd men who hail become
phyakal wrecks Uirough their inade*
srtuns in trying to reach the favored
strrsms. Cn tbe trail men were glad to
:,���}.**���'��� A their outfits for tittle or noth-
ing; flt.ur could be bought for a did la r a
*. �� and sacks of beans, etc., were
strrwn si.iut carelessly arel could be
bmeH lot l.-n* than they cost in the
ai*��t cities. Man vrnre wild to g-t out,
u ���-. warn ready to do anything tu raise
the slur*withal to pay their psasayf
ha *. t��> tiviliaatiwu. Thousands who
Iiad ro-icr handled a pick in lltoir liven
Intor* and had nevm tsren in a mining
tamp, were met on the rratls, tno��r oi
>*! Paroi in a hruken heat I**! state.
"t. M��-aart ri%er he net a man and
tin* with two little girts. They wen*
trudgn.�� along under their heavy loads.
p>mg farther and farther away from
unTuaiioe snd nearer aod nearer to th.
truarn n-gtou from which, in all prob
ability, dtey will never return. And
��hu i�� only one case of hundreds ho wit
M**rd *n route. He says tins scenes ol
*>m>��. of wrecked humanity, nbnttered
'-;��.������ and Idnsted opportunities will
srter I** r rased from bin memory, and
I* hojs** ncvor to be placed wlmre he
post ��ititf-sn such suffering again.���Tbe
��aSf liKNVBas ITKMn.
IJsC.P R. tug boat wiU bs readv Kb
utm in a few weeks time.
H. (lever will erect a couple of dwel
"ns* houses here in the spring.
*"�� Aylwin HA for the east Wednea-
(l*.�� morning. He will spend SUtae
���ssthi ��ith relatives in Quion, Que.
Uh with inexpressible Joy Uial Nell
Waj the brief story ol his laying thf
���u'I��ly o| �� Umncing baby girl, born  lo
a daiighter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
��� A. u ilson on Sundav, and "Tonv" is
vunout neejman the happiest of happy
J* In the whole  of  the  big silvery
*'vera| cases of scarlet and typhoid
w am r.jmrted from Slocan City.  Tlie
���<* are w,.|)  K,un*w| MXI[  uken caw ���(
111"'"' is httle danger of It becoming
Weill |r. *
JJ�� l">��tmastfr of Slocan City was ad-
J"M��w to the hospital this week suffer-
hi!;,, i    . iv>V9r-     Anotlier   ease   was
Kl'i  m  on   the   train  Wednesday
n.r "Tv. M    M    Heckmnn  was dis-
^���-s^l Monday.
It win be. , nasaooj nf satisfaction to
he citizen* to learn that a company is
being formed to put in a svstem 0f
waterworks in ths spring, fine bv one
New Denver acquire* the accessories of
a modem metro|to!is.
Geo Williams new cottage is about
completed. It has the finest residential
location in town, overlooking the lake
at the prettiest point and at an elevation that precludes the possibility of the
view ever being cut off
Mrs. Amos Thorn j won leaves Saturday
on a visit r��i her eastern home She will
is* accompanied for most of the trip by
the Misses Kverett, tiritfiths, Parsons
siul Foster. Miss Parsons goes from Ten
Mite, where she ha* been visiting with
her sister Mr*. V. B. Taylor.tohei home
in Boston. Miss Foster, after spending
the summer with her sister Mrs. Kerr,
is returning to Smtland, and the Misses
Everett and OritBttsS return to their
homes in New Bams wick.
IX    AXI��    A HOI T   THE   SLOCAN.
Another shipment of 20 tons was nude
this week from the Bosun.
I'arri* a- Co. s store, Ten Mile, has
been temporarily closed do*,vn.
Considerable work wilt be done on
Ihe Edlpse this fall and winter Several offers for Ihe property have ben
The Boutin mine looks berter every
day. More ore is being taken out and
a greater quantity coming into the
Work ou the Sultana group, the pro-
psttj lately neqnir.d by \V. It. Sandiford
on Four Mile, has beau started, ami the
peoparty will be developed as tast as
Word hs# been received trom the new
Minster of Mines that work on a trail
from some point on theC.X.I'.Ry. to the
White Grease district will be commenced at once. %
A * agon road is being built from the
lake shore road lo the Bosun mine
Basel hundred dollar* will be expended
on it. The hauling for the mine will be
done by Win C E. Koch, who is also
doing the freighting for the Enterprise.
Kirk wood & Wells have just finished
erecting winter qnnrters on the Ohio.
Ten Mile creek, and will prosecute
work during the season The showing
on Ihe property is excellent, and by
spring the owners will have consider
able ore on the dump.
While the Comstock mine. Four Mi'e.
is fulfilling the most sanguine expecta
lions of it* owners, and thousands of
loas of ore are on the dump, and a great
area of it blocked out for future Stuping,
it is not now prwUble the concentrator
will ts* erecred there before next spring.
John McMullin was down from the
Wakefield Thumday, sfter putting In
several months without missing a shift.
He reports e\ervthing about the Wake
field fdlright, snd says Uie mine will
surprise the mine ojM>rators when it
srarts shipping in earnest, which will lie
in a lew week's lime.
The Bank of Montreal i- h'uildiiur ��
lUbstantia! stone structure in liosslniid.
A mark.sl improvemeni is reported
on the Jumbo The face of the lower
funnel is now coining into good looking
The Copper Wonder group, on Sophie
mountain, has been surveyed by  the
w-ners   A. G   White and Nicholas Ken
ler   Thepr.��|M.rlvcornpriseslhetopper
Wunder and the Copper thief.
Machinery has been installed on the
(ireen Mou.it.iin group. Red Moiint in .
Less than 80 days ��P�� thr��w��|��ra rtait
ad work  on the  property   ami in two
been installed.
The work of installing the new plant
on/tt ThU Park ta&bi %&$*
grsss   The blf uoilef is >�� P,at< """
the masonrv around it is berog constructed. The work of constructing the
foundation for the compressor is also
under way It is now certain that the
plant will be in operation bv the 1st of
New workings have been commenced
on tbe Enterprise, Ten  Mile.    No. 1
tunnel has been started 116 feet below
the No 2, and near the end line of the
Iron Horse.   No.  6  tunnel has been
commenced up  towards the Empress
r ration.   This is being run in to catch
the vein as exposed in the shaft sunk
during the summer,   (ire in these has
been carried from the surface, further
revealing the extent of this marvelous
chute of ore and enhancing its great
tatne. ��� In the upraise between No 2
and No. *8 workings, there is a solid
showing of three feet of ore.    Everv
opening on the property carries mineral
in place, all are in a position to be stop-
ed.   Two hundred men could be em-
ployed on the property with ease, but
at present the force is less than 20.
4AO Tons a Oay Prom th* t.�� Rol.
A Few Useful Hints on the Care of the
Organs of Sight.
Dr. L. W. Fox. professor of ophthalmology, Medico-Cbirurgical college, Philadelphia, formulates the following rules
for the care of the eyes:
First���Avoid sudden changea from
dark to brilliant light.
Second���Avoid the use of stimulants
and all drugs which affect the nervous
Third���Avoid reading when lying
down, or when mentally and physically
Fourth���When the eyes feel tired rest
them by looking at objects at a long distance.
Fifth���Pay special attention to the
hygiene of the body, for that which tends
to promote the general health acta beneficially upon the eyes.
Sixth���Up to 40 years of age, bathe
the eyes twice daily in cold water.
The Le lloi one day last week eclipsed all records ever made in the camp in
the way cf ore production During the
24 hours ending at fi o'clock at night,
the mine produced 19 cars of ore,
averaging 234 tons to the car, which j late at night,
made the total output barely less than
450 ton*. Of this. 200 tons came from
the dump, and the rest, about 250 tons,
from the underground workings of the
mine There are now 9Bt men at work
in the property, and they are operating
Seventh���After 50 bathe the eyes
morning and evening with water so hot
that you wonder how yon stand it; follow this with cold water, that will make
them glow with warmth.
Eighth���Old persons should avoid
reading much by artificial light, be
guarded as to diet*, and avoid sitting up
Ninth���Do not depend on your own
judgement in selecting spectacles.
Tenth��� Do not give up in despair when
you are informed that a cataract is developing;   remember in these days of
SS machines,   t ��f these, six are engaged I advanced surgery it can be removed with
in sloping and the remaining 20 are
employed in development work;, either
drifting, sinking, raising or crosscut-
The fiend who murdered the Austrian
Empress deserves the severest punishment, and an awful doom has been
meted out to him, worse than death
itself���it is solitary confinement for life
and never to see the sun again or hold
converse with his fellow man.
little danger to the vision.
Now that the railroads are beginning
to advertise their rates to the Spokane
fruit fair the people are commencing to
talk more about going and are making
their plans. The rate of two cents a
mile appeals to all as a great improve
ment over the rate of five cents. The
difference between $4 for the round trip,
for instance, and f 10 is worth considering.
Don't Wait
Come immediately and get the benefit of first
choice of the large stock of
just received at the POSTOFFICE STORE.
0M That cut rate shoe sale is not quite over yet, but it will not last
much longer.   Call and get a bargain. SANDON, RC.
Farm Produce, Fruits,
^ Vegetables. <>.�����.*��,, uke,
"   ^O W **^ P. O. BRUCE'S LANOtNO
For the convenience of the trade a stock is always kept on hand in the
Telland Building, SANDON. Mines supplied at wholesale rates. Cars
loaded with Produce, Fruits and Vegetables are run into the Slocan every
TEN DAYS, and order's can bo delivered en route. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, SEPTEMBER 24, 1896-
Ia Issued every Saturday tn Sandon, In the heart
of tbe greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     - ...     ��.ooayear
Strictly In advance.
Address: The Pavstkbak, Sandon, B.C.
  ���-��� ������ r**ja*.      ������o*
The Vancouver Province in commenting upon the disastrous fire at
New Westminster, said some things
editorially that were somewhat premature and entirely out of place. It
spoke of New Westminster as a city
of yesterday, and insinuated that its
citizens would not be inclined to rebuild, but would gladly take their insurance money and remove to Vancouver or some other more promising
city. All of this might be very true
ot many of the unfortunate sufferers,
but it is one of those truths that can
never be told without injuring the
tender chords ot humanity's heart,
and bringing curses upon the bead of
the well-meaning but hasty writer.
As a result of its untimely remarks
The Province is being shamelessly
assailed by its jealous contemporaries
and its editor called all manner of bad
things. This is the way he takes his
"A correspondent of the World
writes to that newspaper accusing the
editor of The Province of being a
"worm" and "a vacuous cur" and
various other unpleasant things, and
if it would make anybody feel any
better or happier the editor of The
Province will cheerfully admit that
he is tbe wormiest kind of a worm
and the most vacuous sort of a vacuous cur on earth. It does, however,
seem a pity that public questions and
matters cannot be discussed wi'hout
indulging in silly personalities of this
discription. Children doing it are
forgiven because of their youth, hut
human beings should surely look for
something better from themselves
when they attain maturity."
While tbe editor of The Province
"takes his medicine like a little man"
he does not miss the opportunity to
administer a just rebuke to that class
of individuals who seem to think that
the calling of a man a cur makes him
one. Every editor has been thus
branded at some stage of the game,
but most of them have managed some
how to survive, and it is not likelv
that the Province man will suffer the
agonies of hell because of It. A fool
can blaspheme his God, but it is a
wise man that makes and holds his
peace. -	
The London Spectator advocates a
plan which would have made the
statesmen ruling English affairs 24
years ago open their eyes with
amazement. It proposes the a broga -
tion Of the Clavt*��nTwlwer treaty and
Jn Its piece one whereby the two na
tlons of England and Amuriea guarantee for each other the. control of the
Suez  and    the    Nicaragua  canals
against al! comers. This would constitute a paet of invincible strength,
and the official discussion would
make the rest of the world squirm.
Stranger things have happened.
There is a custom in Japan that Is
ahead of anything we have in
Sandon. When a dog barks at night
there the owner is arrested and sen
tenced to work a year for the neighbors that were disturbed. The dog
gets off easier, being killed. As we
do not own a dog and have neighbor
ly neighbors, we are in favor of such
a law being put in ioroe right now
and here.       	
Down in Mexico they nave a
strange way of doing things. 1 he
farmers use oxen of one color In the
morning, and another color in the
afternoon. They do not know why,
but they know it must be right because their forefathers did it* We
can gather from this some idea of
where tbe custom tor morning and
afternoon gowns came from.
The Boasland Miner is endeavoring
to attach to that city's name the appendage 'The Golden City." No
harm in this and it looks well in print
so why not?	
An interesting controversy baa been
going on in Kaalo between the Root-
enain on one hand and  the   News,
supported   by   the   several    church
divines, on the other.   It was opened
by the Kootenaian taking occasion to
rebuke the local pulpit for its narrow
interpretation of God and Chbtiauity.
"Instead of  replying to  our argu
ments," says the Kootenaian, "the advocates of  ceremonial  worship  have
accused un through their organ, the
British Columbia News, of materialism.
Heresy haa been defined as 'the creed
of your opponent,' and  lest tbe pious
readers of the Kootenaian should get a
false notion of our religious platform,
we hereby present our creed. To begin
with, we believe.in God, but we deny
that He vacates the rest of the universe
on Sunday to go to church.   We do not
contend,  however,   that every  rampant  excursionist who  takes to the
woods and stream! ou Sunday is more
devout and nearer to the Great .Spirit
than the loud-voiced worship|ier at the
Mercy Seat.   For just as the Pharisee
may go to the sanctuary aud keep bis
heart at variance with the suasions ot
the Spirit, so tbe ruthless disturber of
Nature's sanctities can laconic au outdoor prot inatiou on the Sabbath or anv
other day.   The excursionist does not
necessarily find God at  Mirror lake or
Powdercreek.   It is in his own Mug
I hat man first gats behind the veil of
"matter" and finds a conscieus Spirit
There may   be  consciousness  in  tbt*
mountain and in the star and tho forest*
aud tlie wind may be vocal with eternal
messages, but man, until   he has first
found (iod   in  his own heart, cannot
commune with other manifestations of
God:   'Not  the  dear-sighted but the
pure-minded shall see God in nature.'
Once having found that he has a spirit,
man unconsciously is influenced by the
Sublime fact that Spirit is universal,
and he thus becomes attuned to the
harmonies about him    All  nature is
transfigured.   In the ��� iritv of his heart
he has seen God, and not as a visitant
but  an a  natural  expression of the
.human spirit   Man has not known that
what he found irtbls heart was the pre*-
, mice of the Infinite.   He has felt inspir
ed he knew not how. and with the light
ot the Spirit to illumine his way he has
looked, and lo! God was everywhere.
The song of birds waa divine, and the
whispers of the forest revealed infinite
secrets and the music of the spheres
waa no longer a legend.
"Thus man has found God in nature.
It is not the act of a dependent finding
God farawav. It is the God in man
standing revealed, and showing forth
that Spirit is allpervading and Indivisible, and that somehow iu the divine
alchemy of creation, God and man are
one. ,.   ,      ,
"The materialist banishes Ood and
worships Force; theevolunsionist works
our his science under the shadow of the
I nknowable; the theologian keeps hi*
(*od in a farawav laud preparing man
aioua for the elect But he who has
realised that his spirit ts God has already entered the 'kingdom of heaven.
To him alt things are possible
"Gradually this idea that man to find
happiness and freedom must wait until
he is transported to a Beulah land, will
become a part of the accumulating
Christian mythology. Here and then*
a spirit wil I discover the presence of Infinite power* tn its nature, and that the
place where If h to find i*ompteteoe*s is
not in a mystical region of rainbow*
and emerald a ud st rueta A gold When
man realises that he is divine, and that
he is surrounded by beauty and bar
mony, every homely act that before
seenied trivial will become noble. Thai
which seemed dull and "unillumlncd
commonplace" will he transfigured Man
will no longer dream o. au imag nary
drama, wherein he can ��tnlk In heroic
roles A cup of cold water given or
received in the name of love shrill he
come a benediction. He will no lestgar
prostrate himself before non-resident
gods. The world no longer a vale of
tears, will stand revealed a divine instrument, entirely at his disposal and
responsive to his touch, capable of producing infinite hamtonien.
too sKHiotw roft Jitar.
Just at this time a great deal of literary ������rot" Is being dinbed np by many NI
our contemporaries regarding the pro
hibitlon plebescile. Tbe freedom with
which many of the windy scribblers
have u<*ed biblical quota! tons to support
their argument, both pro cud con,
causes the Vancouver World to make
thin earnest remonstrance :
"The question is one that has been
threshed out for year* and the arguments to iw adduced for and against
cannot lie in consequence very original.
But we desire to point out that the
morals of the young boys, and indeed
girls, who are growing up among us,
and whom it is intended to guard from
the evils of intemperance, must be seriously injured bv the scandalous manner
in which the Book of Books is being
treated by writers In various sheets
If the newspaper columns are to be
thrown open to every Tom, Dick and
Harry who hastens eagerly to vlllfv the
Bible, to a-wntl the Master, to laugh at
���I her peoph- h<<4 auscthey believe Satan
���tists, to crush <��ul of the souls of the
tittle children growing up thai rever-
e tee for the (impel truths which has
made Britain the power she is in Ihe
world* it may well In* asked it Ihe ideal
wo are stri ving for can \m reached We
are ready t���� acknowledge that it is extremely difficult for a newspaper to
declii c the inirumhernhln armv of
��� ranks and faddists admission io im
valuable space, but Surely it has a per*
feet right to do >.o, just as much as tbe
merchant has to dismiss the hanger on,
or the policeman to order a nuisance to
his fellows to move along ii must not,
however, be forgotten that this is a preeminently (hristian country, and that
while the agnostic or the atheist has his
rights, he has not license to pervert the
youth of the land by bis almost criminal
sayings and writings The campahrn
and the consequent dtacuaions of this
turning problem have but commenced
o all decency let it, and kindred sub
ecta, he treated with thnt respect which
ts tremondoiiH imasibititUis Induce '���
an a* 1.1.  MARKT   HI .
Ah. Uta U*s very l>ri��tit ����� f- ���
Blno* 1 haw b. ant hut s*��.
WW. sworn, tsavomh,!* m ��|����ts
aha* It marry nt* sontr da* -
If I will civ* np amoklng;
If 1 willgv u.t-hunh ;
If f rut Ov Hub smi kv.
,.H* ��*!*���Irtlwl**������* **���*" l��n������>:
II I will i**%*r stay uot Ul* ;
not hasten loan* *t ni,,,.
If I wiU trt tur ban* b<, **.
*���**�������� fr .otov.! to 1* rnlmi 1
If t wttl wow U> Ktn.|i.Kt,,,i.
And wul a��v��r nntrh * r��n|
If I wlU'.twa.Vtl.*,,, >.,, �� ������     *
And Is lair loua* *��<{ haul
Tn bn/ bsr a*? u*n u��nu.
Audtfvrwn* ted let. uf *���) ,v��
Ten* I way fee iltsi h*wn m,���
t'bs larky saau she l...*. ���.
If IU Iw always pssassnl.
And nnror, ��*�� :�����** ���������,��, i.
And ����������* ��*�����* h*f our** ax
And not grow cms* sad ��� ���������':
And slwsjrsst** n*��*M..��iki ��,- -
tan* rnVt rtaMtl only m.. ���
If I wan* an hi few* kinsl.
,     W"hy, wen few ntsrrWi, ?b*�� i
Tarn's why I am SB r��*j. *,
And nhr I ��*ttr<�� anem
rrt<-��tiv*>o* aod sbstrari**)
I'M* tl��Mr lit i iliwm
HTv i* sm awwrt *i����f urv'ty,
A����l *�� MHOrfSsft. In* . '
I w*w��fcr h��.W l*�� b-1 I ii-
I SSSrl tehsta if. Ira* I
���Luo��ini p si
Dent a*k a woman rfttortion* <,,*,���
her time an��l she It toil j u all you ��aut
to know.
Dont marry a girl wi����. [raid
of a mouse, or you ll I*? kept bus; r.
grettiiig it.
Don'I get the Idea late your bead that
a baby cuts teeth: it's tin* e ih that rat
the baby
Iktnl think tsecause a jrirl love* yoa
from the bottom of her he��rr thai rliers
Isn't ph*m> of room at the top. ig>t
���>_��...        .11.IM ��� I   K
To iuusgine that whatever - r*t��
causes one lo tent Imn e imlelr belt*���* *��
alcoholic stimulant*, breaaaaple, i�� .���������-1
lo lb*, synlntu without regard i> ue
nfter effects.
If you are���
Call avChe
Hotel Ivanhoe.
(a the Pioneer  House of th�� City
rtTK<mHAU> a i��av. rr.-i-'
 sIsnsfslMrrrs <��f sil-���
Kinds of CARW>NATKI> HK'^
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
���Vtrsaparilla, ICte., Ktc
fBetncton, BO
Patronize homo in-l"*")*
when ymi want the l><'st Smelter lor Cranbroob.
(Jul. linker, ex ���minister of mines,
it.ft( van brook last week for Knglsnd.
His mbaionio that country i* prin-
c pgiiv to close eirangemeiita for the
���orrriati"ii of a company to build ami
,.,,,!,. a smelter at Craubrook, a
mint: iv -rabiy situated owing t<i the
nearii. ����� of tlie Movie* North Star
and Milllvan grtuips of minis, and
the facts thai the Crow's Heat Paaa
coal llelda and coke works are but
rnmiles distant. Tbe eolorul said
when ilejiarting tli.it then* was no
d tub! of his rweeesw as the deal had
been under consideration In that
countrv for some time.   All oondit-
:i�� asked for by the syndiVau- con
leinplsting building the totelter had
ist-n fulnlleti. The recent survey
from iv.tnbrook to the St. Mary s
river lor tin* purpose of dvntonstrat-
ing rite feasibility ����f geooratiiiB
,i,riio power at that t*��int and
-ransmitling it so Cranbruok had
proveil thai 2,000 bone power net
can ����� deHvured ��t that point; and
tbt-. li'erpri* wl | soon la' a real im!
tact The cmtditlia,* for ��� atttelter
��ju< ��uch as elevation, water, dump
ing gouimR ate, bad been found
more f.ivoi*alde than ask.-d i"��r.
Craze op Pauedo Science.
Hugh Sutherland on the Lead Ore
tfueetl on.
Hugh  Sutherland   who has Urn
studying   the  development   of   the
silver lead ore ruin;**, savn thi* qttee
tion has lieen overlooked no tar by
the |n*opte of the east.   * \ anada gl Ul
tla- worst ��>f tin* United Stat*** duties
ou this das* of shipment**  Into the
United Slates," he says     '"There is
a duly of a cent and a half a pound
��*n alt silver lead ore which  is taken
into the United States from   British
flunitda  for treatment.   Tlte A��u��
its   ii Mindring **oiii}*inle��   who ex
|����rt this bad bullion   to a   toroigo
coutitry get a rehaU* fU*in the United
Stales government of 91) pef cent, of
this cent and a  half.   Therefore the
taiiadlan mine owner* are fchargvd
���vy duty  for the   privilege of
having their ore   treats! : Vet, as a
rub*, the  lead content** ������? Britlsli
Columbia ores pay all eiptsnaee, and
leave the silver eoutents clear profit
The mining men of British t otaiubkt
arc .matted to a degree tliat prom pi
iclon is.being taken t. rv��n*dv thi*
industry.   They  have   prepared  a
|��i��tion for tin* enlightenment of the
Canadian (euiuMomiaat the i.nw
l��c tonferewes*,  m|Qe*tiiijr tin -u to
<��* -i��ii influence to have the duty
removed*     I*a*ml smelting  ia   very
< xjviihIvc.   If wo smelt our own ores
we have  no  homo  market for the
l< atl ; aud if we ship it into the Suites
there la two cents a pound duty on
bullion lead to contend with.   The
government should   establish lead
W'-rks, Imy the lead ore from British
Columbia mines, smelt it and make a
market for it.   This would give era
ployment to thousands of men and
wv�� the? duty Ik ah ways.   The lead
that la now imported in  the  menu
factored  state would   then   be pro
'lueed and refined in Canada. Instead
of Ixuuising smelters the govorninent
should own the smelters and refine
the ore at some common polut.   The
���*'��d liuluatrv Ingoing to be so large
that If tbe gnvornment tails to get
���I" duty removed atthe Oueln*e ton
���arence, It should go In ami establish
tlif necessary works for the develop*
lm'"t o! this kiiduatrv on a purely
' tnadlao basis.   Tlie ilutv  on ore
""'V amounts to from 815 to 118 per
[<>", depending upon the quantity of
,,M<1 it contains."-11. C Critic
In^the September Century Daniel
(i. Briirton has an article on "Pnpu-
btr wtpcmitlfins of forope." Dr.
ltrinton Closes his article by saying ;
For some itrange reason there has
been a wonderful revival within the,
last decade of nearly .verv medieval'
Miperatition, under various guises, in
the moat enlightened centres in the
work*. The practitioners of this
modern scorcery, litatead of concealing, advertise their eialms, and urge
them upon the community under
MUedo-scieutriic names and jargons.
Palmistry, astrology, sympathetic
magic, the doctrine of signatures,
liierotlur.tpeuties, and all the ferr
agtt't fifteenth century thamnaturgy
Sourish to dav in Boston and New
York, in Paris and Chicago, to a degree HlfpsUaung anything known
three centuries ago.
There is reason lor this. Sorcery
is science seen npside down. There
Is a eonfuaed groundwork of truth, a
faltaeioiH method of viewing facts, at
the basis of these psoedo selenees.
Yet the truth ami the facts exist,
ami these explain the sucoeas of the
deoentkan. They dazzle and daze
minds not trained in s dind reasoning: and bow tew they are 1 The
sociuilcs for 'phxftical rtrscefCb" and
tbc^eophte tpecuiation iiegin with an
aeknowltittgeiuciit  ����f   the    possible
truth of gnrstt-eceiug  and uf com
in union with the  divine.   This \*.-*?���
stblt* gn und is seised by the chariton
as proved basis for his Uluaory edf
Stapetatitioris are at core the same
ever) wlnre and at all times, la-cause
they ant* Iwnnd on tlrnec deffarea and
that ignorance which are and will
ever be a part td mans u.trure. lie
Is dimly a ware of mighty, unu��ea��ur-
eil aUraea in fAtaeieas activity around
him controlling his own destiny;
the ominous and omni present portent
of death meets him at every turu;
dlrtsatisfaciinn with hia present on
dition, an iiiumie longing for a life
and joy which it can never offer,
goatj him U>fKek a knowledge which
weights and measure* are impotent
kiaecordhira Yet rmch restricted
knowledge is all that science can
supply, nremore he turns in de
spatr to the mvstics and the adepts,
the Cai^lontroB and the Humes, who
stand ready to beckon him into their
iliuaory urupUstt Ibliy,
Had a Trunkful.
l)i.l your sweetheart write to you
Atlantic Steamship   Tickets,
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Applv
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C. P. Ky
agnte  or
A. C. McArtTHUR,
C. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. 8TITT, Gen. S. S. Agt.,
You cannot find
any better goods
than toe can shoto
you. Remember
this tohen you
tcant a good suit
of clothes.
Dr. A. MILL0Y,
ROOMS  lo  &   18, VIRGDiU   BLOCK.
X i
fro i**a ff^ sto gguooMsrs nan i-p,ixaa-**a~ec��-cSi
B. C,
J. R. & D. Cameron.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
while VOU were awny
Write   to   tne
had   to -jive
��way my clothes an I could bring
her letters home with me."
Printer's Fault.
Watti ���'"How do vou understand
ttutt expression of Bbaktapeara "aro
*** ,    ,
l\.tLs-'itisinv idea that it arose
from the printers not knowing the
we pi the dash when his wxaita were
Brat puNwU'd."
Boom nun admire activity SOmueh
that thev could sit around nil their
Uvea watching people work.
The Sandon Hand Laundry and
Bath House   lias iwntly  added I
let of steam ilxtiim.fW��f "  t,,('
complete equipment ot a steam laundry Work called (or and delivered
promptly as promised.    IVst hath
rooms in the city.
Soo-Paciflc Line.
The Fart sad Stifxrwi Scrcice Route
To Eastern &
European Points.
To Pacific Coast &  Far East
To   Rich   and   Active  Gold
Fields of Klondike and the
Ilritfgnge Checked tu Destination
and Throtifsii Tickets Issued.
Tourist Cars
Pass Kevelstoke:
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily Kxcept Wednesday to Eastern Canadian and V. 8. POautt.
To Main Line Points, and, excepting Sunday
To and From Nelson.
Leave        Sandon Arrive
7:4.Mi.iu. 4:55 p. in.
.w.ruu<   insssal  RBDUCSD RATES snd
full infomtstion i>y suVtrsaarng sasisnt local
Agent, Sandon.
Will be nt the Hotel Balmoral
once h month.
n. l. QRinriETT
Notary Public,
Ht u<l<|imrter�� for Mincr>.
Well stccknS I'sr in couuectiou.
First class accommodations.   Boanl 1>y the
'lay ��>r week.
BONGARD k PIECKART, Proprietors.
out. Pass. AKt
Trav. Pass. Agt
ticket  resdr. via ths
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
Be Mire   that yoni ���.������..*.
I Rates:   ifi.W uer day.
1 Special Rotes by the Week.
���    '���
Rosaland'e Labor Dot].
At the Labor Day celebration at
Kossland W. Nickols won the British
Columbia drilling contest. He drilled 37 inches in 15 minutes. M.
Burns drilled 30| inches.
In the hose reel race Rossland won
the wet test in 29 4/5, with Trail
second, Kaslo third and Nelson
fourth. All teams ran in harness
and a racing' cart was used. One of
the Nelson team fell and was hurt
but not seriously injured. The time
beats the Pacific Coast record.
Nelson won the hub and hub race
in good style; Rossland second,
Kaslo third. The failure of Kaslo to
take any money waa a big surprise
party. *
Option Extended.
The Gooderham-Blackstock syndicate have obtained an extension of
their option on the Iron Mask property. The option consists of the right
of taking up D. C. Corbin's interest,
which amounts to 290,000 shares of a
capital of 1501003 shares at II per
share. This, if exercised, will give
the Gooderham-Blackstock syndicate
the controlling interest. Development work is being pushed on rapidly in the mine.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mlninc Division of West
Kootena/ District.   Where  located: On
Payne Mountain.
Tana nolle that I A. 8. Farwell,n��tin��as
s��snt for John Bouarh. Free Miner's Certificate No. UI14A, intend, sinty days from dste
hereof, tn apply to the Mir,in* Recorder for n
Certificate of Improvement., for the purpose
of obtsininc a Crown Ornnt  of the .hove
And further take notice thnt action, under
section 37. must he commenced before the
issuance of such Osrttficatn of Improvements.
Dated this faHh dny of September. 1*9*,
A. a Faswem..
Certificate of Improvements.
Boundaru Items.
Construction work is now under
way nearly the entire distance from
Robson to * Cascade City, and for a
considerable distance west of Cascade City.
All the sub-contracts for railway
work between Cascade City and
Grand Forks have now been let, and
work is being pushed ahead as rapidly as possible, the chief obstacle met
with being the scarcity of men.
Residents at Christina lake are
clamoring for the establishment of
postoffices at Brooklyn, Gladstone
and English Point. At present a
miserable mail service exists in that
An inspection of tbe K. & S. will
be made fur the new owners on the
10th of next mouth. Tbe Kootenay
Railway & Navigation Company will
assume control on the 13th.
Notk-R Is hereby given that nt the expira
tion of thirty days from date hereof the under"
signed will apply to tbe Licence Commission!
ers of the Ci.y of Sandon for s iioenca to anil
liquor by retail at bis hotel known ns the
'-Thistle" situated on Beco Avenue la the
city of Sandon.
Thos. Claiue.
Hnndon, September ��rd, ISM.
Situate   In   the   Stoc.n  Mintnn  Division of
We*t Kootenay district.   Where located:
On Payne Mountain.
Takk notice tnat I. A. S Farwell, actio* s*
sgent for John Bouarh. Free Miner's Certificate
No. 11114A, intend, sixty dnys from dste hereof, to apply to the Minin* Recorder for n Car
tificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining- �� Cmwh Ornnt of the above etoim
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced   before tbe
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Itatci this SOth day of September, inm.
A. S. K*** M.t..
The Goodenough,
Furnished Room*
Strictly First Claaa.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
And Other Investments.
Every  Representation Guaranteed.
Certifleete of Improvementa-
Situate In the Sloeun Mining Division of
West Kootnnny District. Whore located t On
Cody Creek.
Task notice thnt I Arthur 8. Fnrwell, n��nnt
for A. W. McCune, No. 117*7, W. L. "Ho��n, Mo,
SS0S4, E. V. McCune. No. Kan, ami James Graham, No. 140S6A, intend, sixty dnys groin onto
here%f, to apply to the Mining Recorder for n
Certificate of Improvements, for tbe purpose
of obtaining n Crown- Ornnt of the above
And farther take notice that taction, nnder
section 87. must be comment-* i before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvement*-
Dated this Uth day of September, Urn.
A. 8. FABWni.-.
fFilbert Cigar Store:
Just opened.
Net�� Goods,
Fresh Stoch,
Eoenjthing |
n n
* ��� ���
.igaro,    Cigarettes,    Tobacco,
[Pipes, and Smokers' Supplies
'ill hinds.
Drop in and  see us.
Jas. Williamson.
[Filbert Block      Sandon, B. C.i
H. Qie^ericha Sandon. B. C.
The only exctnsice Wholesale and Retail Grocsru House in Sendon.
Dealing in V\mmf Frmmh mmi CImm table sup-
Plies suitable for Family, Hotel md Mining trade,
Special brands of fhmrm Tms awi toffees.
Sole Agents for
Giant Powder Co.,
Th* f��mos.s 6ea#sVhi Gaadle*.
St. Charles Sterittzed Cream.
Stores at KASU) and AIXSWORTIi.
s. a. MietiTON
A Full Line of CI Mara, Totmrroa,
Pipes and Hniokem Handrim
In Stork.
Headquarters lor Ptsvini Cards and
Poker Chips.
Model Hand Laundry
Bath Rooms.
A Pirat Class LAUNDRY Service
At Reasonable Prices.
BATH HOUSE in Conncciion.
Plain Baths 25 cents.
Ladies Hours on   Tuesdays and  Fridays
from 6 a. m to 6 p. m.
Lady In Attendance.
An inspection ol the Premises invited.
Franklin S. Tremain.
in the Rear of the l-OXT OKFIt'K
H. Byersi Co.
Are Swln An******!****
Truax Patent
Improoed Automatic
Ore Car.
Ws Carry m Pall Une of
Steel Rails,
Strap Iron.
Caps and Fuse.
And all klna* *f
Mine   Hardware,
H. BYERS & Co.


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